Ride Your Wave (2019) Movie Script

How nostalgic!
These are the waves!
What were you making for dinner tonight?
She's back
You know her?
That girl... Is my hero.
Yes, Mom?
Hinako? Have you cleaned your room?
Eh? Yeah, I've cleaned it!
Have you eaten?
I made rice omelette!
Hah, what a coincidence! Your brother said he was craving it so I made some too
How's University?
It hasn't even started, yet!
Gosh, what a major you've chosen...
Ah... I love the sea, after all!
And that's enough for you to keep up with the program?
I'm telling you it's fine!
Ah, I'll call you later!
Oh, alright, bye then!
Jeez, am I really gonna be alright...?
Squad 2, you're up!
Open up!
Put your legs into it! Don't falter!
Increase the pressure!
Hold steady!
Woah, the hell are you doing!
Pick it up!
Shut it off!
Sorry, are you alright!?
I'm so sorry about that!
I'm wearing a swimsuit under this so it's ok
Um, here, it's an extra
Oh, no, I'm fine!
Thank you very much...
You can keep it
Our house gets sent these every year at new years...
so I'll give this one to you
Nevermind that, I'm a bit lost here
Where are you headed?
I'm trying to get home but...
I've just moved recently
Do you have the address?
Uhh, I do remember the building name!
It's called "Sunrise Katamiya"
The one by the building that's under construction!
That's the one! How did you know?
That's amazing!
Kawamura! Go show her the way!
Sorry, I'd love to do just that, but I'm currently on duty...
Ah, that's okay! I'll be fine with just some directions
Uh, then, just go straight from here,
Turn right at the white apartment,
Then make a left after two blocks,
And then you'll see the school, so it's a right after that
Right, left, school, right
Kawamura! Clean up the hose!
See ya!
Take care!
Don't get lost now, Miss Hero!
Where was this again?
It's burning up!
It's a fire!
It's a fire!
Run for it!
Report from 43 Sagamiya block
ongoing fire in the apartment next door
Protective gear, check!
Your Miss Hero is at that building!
Boots, check! Pants, check!
Collar, check!
Coat, check!
Collar, check!
Protective gear, check!
Clothing, check!
Cause of fire seems to be a large amount of commercial fireworks
Uhm... Phone!
Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire!
Ah! My wallet!
Open up!
Initial attack! 6th floor outer stairs!
5th floor hose connection! Teams 2 and 3 move out!
Ah wait! Eh?
Open up!
We are confirming evacuation by apartment unit here, please gather!
I forgot my dolly!
No fires at core of building, residents are evacuated on first floor!
One female resident unaccounted for!
Teams 2 and 3, confirm location of the missing woman!
One resident confirmed on rooftop, head over!
Are you okay?!
Are you alright?
Any injuries?
Keep calm!
I'll get you to safety!
Can my board come too?
Of course!
It's a tight fit, so please crouch down after boarding
Resident number 21 confirmed! Please lower the crane!
Good work!
Good work!
Unlicensed use of fireworks, not to mention trespassing?!
Everything's fine now
Thank you very much!
No, thank you
Hinageshi! You know you're not supposed to bring belongings with you down the ladder!
...Sorry about that!
That board's important to you, right?
I've been using it since I was a kid, so it's been through a lot!
Please show me again sometime
How you ride the waves
I can see it from the rooftop
From our fire depar-
Hinageshi, move out!
Haha, see ya!
Ah, wait!
Well, uh
If you're interested...
wanna try sometime?
Riding the waves!
Ohh, seems you've already taken the bait
Come on!
Just a bit more!
You got this!
Use those legs!
Keep at it!
You can do it!
Keep going!
Keep calm!
You got this!
Keep at it!
Good work today
Maybe I'm not cut out for this...
Even if you failed today you can still improve next time!
It's not that easy!
Seems like I picked the wrong career...
Have you seen Mr. Koba's map?
He can get a full grasp on the best routes and plan like it's second nature
It's not easy to get to that point
It's only the ones that keep up the effort all the way to the end
who can be like that
You've got a good build, so I'm sure you'll get better than me!
See ya later!
You seem pretty happy
I'm gonna go catch some waves!
Was I a bit early?
Huh? No, I'm not sleepy at all...
Huh? That's weird...
Haha, it's fine to sleep until we get there
Cleaning up must have been tough
It was just moving everything from the 8th to the 2nd floor, so it's all taken care of!
The building material on the balconies there are pretty flammable
So it spread up through the balconies real quick
Please be careful
Got it, I'll keep that in mind!
But that was pretty rough huh
They were messing with fireworks in that half finished building right?
Having to deal with people like that...
I really with they'd give us a break too
Seems like it's some sort of trend to upload videos like that online
I used to live around there when I was little,
But we had to move for my Dad's work...
I've always wanted to come back here
So I decided on the university here
Umm... And what was your name again?
Ahh, I'm so sorry! I had no idea how pronounce your name...
It's Hinageshi
Eh? So this is read as 'Hinageshi' huh
Hinageshi Minato
'Minato' is right. My first name isn't read as 'Kou'
Speaking of, my name is pronounced 'Mukaimizu'
Though people always get it wrong as 'Mukoumizu'
I see. By the way, during a fire it's best to head for lower ground if possible
Is that a finless porpoise?
That's right! Not a beluga!
I thought so! You really do like them don't you!
Your car has its face after all!
I love them too!
It does look kind of like a Barchetta doesn't it!
Note (): I'm assuming this is a made up car brand based off of the Barchetta ()
Should I put on some music?
Got any requests?
I'd like to hear one of your favourites
Hmm, well then
Ah, this song really brings me back!
It was used in a recent movie, so it's become pretty popular again
As you gaze at the water's surface
It sparkles like a billion stars
And as the colours change bit by bit
The light shines on and on
I see you've bought yourself a board
I felt it'd help me improve quicker
Also, I kind of wanted to try acting cool unloading a board from my car
Full wetsuit
In peak summer
Lookin' good!
You're gonna be a natural!
Throw out your chest!
Paddle paddle paddle!
Paddle paddle paddle paddle!
Breathe, ready, and stand!
Paddle paddle!
You've caught it! Now just stand!
Paddle paddle paddle!
Alright! And stand!
Split the wave!
Are you alright?
Until... Cool...
I'll... Try harder!
I'm putting in the coffee
Starting from there?
That smells pretty good!
I brought a blend that goes well with sandwiches
It's freshly ground, so it expands puffs up quite a bit
Why is that?
When you brew fresh grinds, it releases carbon dioxide
Seems complicated!
I'll be making egg salad sandwiches
You really can do anything huh, Hinageshi
Are you a super human? Superman?
That's Amazing!
I thought so back when you saved me during the fire too
That you were basically like a hero, ya know?
Not at all
Also, I'm fine with you using my first name
I'd also prefer to just call you 'Hinako'
Sign: Beware of Black Kites!!
They target moving things, swooping in from behind.
Their sharp claws may cause injury to people.
Caution is advised.
It got me!
Paddle paddle!
Good good! You can do it!
Lookin' good, lookin' good! This time for sure!
Even though you went and came to a place with easier waves just for me!
Even if you've failed this time
You can still ride the next waves that come!
It's thanks to coming here that I got to enjoy a great cafe like this
I've been interested in this shop for a while now
It's great they have enough fire extinguishers too
Hehe, if I'm with you, Hinageshi-
I mean Minato, I'm sure you'll come to my rescue
I'll come save you, no matter what!
Ah, it's probably time we head out...
Ah, yeah
I can take care of that
Oh, no it's fine!
Ah, wait up!
I'm so sorry!
It's fine, don't worry about it!
It's old manually operated machinery after all
You from Tokyo?
From Chiba!
Oh my, you don't say!
An old employee of mine opened a shop there
Please check it out if you have some time
The machinery there is a bit more modern
It'd be great...
If I could open a store like this someday
Sorry for being all flustered back there!
Do you want to...
Catch some waves again...
Though I can't really catch them yet at this point
Have some coffee again..
And go someplace new again with me sometime...
As you gaze at the water's surface
It sparkles like a billion stars
And as the colours change bit by bit
Who's this?
The light shines on and on
Sometimes fate will point us
Towards an arduous path
And we grind to a standstill
But if we could just get through the pain
That's right, the moment you open your eyes
It's the start of a Brand New Story
By taking that first step forward
Your path will open right up
All so we can head
To that promised place
The times of tears
Are sure to number
Countless more than laughter or smiles, you know
But you see,
The thing with tears is
They'll always dry up eventually
The same wave will
Never come washing up again
Let's hold on tight and face it right
The fact that we are here right now
That's right
Take your imagination
Make it shine as a Brand New Story
And so as the seasons go on
You're quite the looker, Mr. Flower Shop!
No, I'm a customer here...
We'll take these growing feelings
Eh? Where are you from?
We're going to see the fireworks after this...
And hold them inside my heart
Wanna come with us?
Just kidding!
Forever and on
Sorry, I've got some plans today
The memories from those bygone days
Will never ever disappear
Within our ever glowing
Inner hearts
So let keep on facing forward
And hold a bit of courage
That's right, the moment you open your eyes
It's the start of a Brand New Story
By taking that first step forward
Your path will open right up
All so we can head
To that promised place
One, two!
My Brand New Story
Just do this
And try eating it this way
You're right, it's great and not too sweet!
You lovebirds are already sweeter than anything else here!
Sorry about my sister's sharp tongue
Don't just go apologising about me, bro!
Quite aggressive too
But I feel like we'll get along well!
My friends are also aggressive and has a sharp tongue!
Scorpion Jun and Cobra Ai
What's with those nicknames...
Then I guess Youko would be a Blue-Ringed Octopus?
An octopus?
Small but has spit full of deadly Tetrodotoxin!
You really seem to know her well, big bro!
I'm leaving!
I only came to observe what kind of girlfriend you got after all
And I think I've learned quite a bit already!
About what?
That love is for stupid people like you!
This Blue-Ringed Octopus Youko has too much poison in her spit so
she'll be taking her leave!
See you again, Youko!
My immune system's pretty tough so I'll be fine!
That part about you really helps me out
She's like that after all...
So it seems she doesn't make many friends
And she wasn't going to school for a while
She's finally going again recently
That so...
She may be like that, but please be her friend
Of course!
It's Mt. Fuji!
You can see Mt. Fuji!
A message for Ms. Mai Uchida from Mr. Shou Namiko
Merry Christmas! From now on, I want to be with you forevermore...
Marry me!
That's amazing! How wonderful!
It seems you can reserve a message to be played for you in advance
Shall we head on up?
A message for Ms. Yoshiko Kamiichi
Mom, thank you for everything you do... Merry Christmas!
So pretty!
Think we can see our area from here?
Oh my...
Shall we write one too?
Nah, I wouldn't know what to write anyways
Yeah, I bet you don't know how to write my name either
I can too!
[Mukaimizu Hinako]
[Mukaimizu Hinako]
[Hinageshi (Spelled phonetically) Minato]
Your last name's way too hard!
What are you gonna do if it becomes yours too!
What was that?
Seems they're lining up for pictures
Yes, looking great!
What a great couple!
Hinako, over here!
Come here
Key to the heart...
It's snowing!
Ahh... I've got the morning shift tomorrow...
Even though it's Christmas...
Did you know that after it snows
We'll get some nice big waves
And there's a legend that
If you can catch those waves, your wishes will come true
But I still haven't gotten a single chance to try it
That's amazing!
How do you put it on so cleanly?
If you fry the outside well
While keeping the inside runny
It becomes nice and springy, making it easy to put on
Like this
Want to try putting it on?
Don't rush
It's still fi-
Even though it's Christmas
You really fine with eating rice omelet in a place like this?
When I was a kid rice omelet would be my favourite treat
Besides, I wanted it to be just the two of us
Isn't it hard to eat with your left hand?
No problem!
I've been practicing!
So that we could keep holding hands even when eating
I want to stay connected with you whenever we're together
Then how about we live together?
I'm moving out of my parents place
If you say that I might really take you up on it!
Fine by me
When at?
That's still a bit...
When I can ride my own wave
Right now I'm relying on you for everything...
But I want to be steady on my own two feet as well
And find my own calling, like you have, Minato
You have great talent, Hinako
So I'm sure you'll find it in no time
There wasn't really anything I was good at
Is that sarcasm?
When I was little, I almost drowned
and I've always remembered how I was saved
I also wanted to become stronger
But I couldn't do it not matter what I tried
But by chance one day
I saw some newly hatched sea turtles
Sea turtles?
They hatch on the beach
Heard of them?
Woah, what's this?
When I saw them desperately crawling their way towards the ocean
I felt that I needed to work hard like that too
I started going with my grandpa on his coastal patrols
And gradually started to find my current career path
I wanted to help others through my work
That's what I thought
You're amazing!
Forget helping other people...
I've already got my hands full with my own stuff
And I'm always the one being saved too...
I'm sure you'd be able to easily get over any hurdles, Minato
I definitely can't ride the waves
like you can, Hinako
Just think of other things like you do the ocean
Swim, rest when you're tired
Then just keep swimming
I'll be your safe Harbor
Note: His name, Minato () in Japanese literally means 'Port' or Harbor'
When you need to rest...
Just call for me whenever you need me
How long will I keep getting your help?
10 years, 20 years...
Even if you've become a grandma
Until you'll be able to ride the waves yourself...
As you gaze at the water's surface
It sparkles like a billion stars
See you soon
Be over after catching some waves
No way!
George... George... George! George!
Jeez Minato!
Ignoring me to keep surfing!
The person you are calling is unavailable
Or may be out of reception range
Please leave a message after the beep
Hello, Hinako?
Are you okay?
Please call me back when you're feeling up for it
I'll be waiting!
The current call was received on: The 16th, 2:42 PM
Excuse me!
You're there, aren't you!
Please open the door!
Sorry for coming over all of a sudden...
This new place is quite far from the sea, huh
I felt that here, I wouldn't have to look at the sea much...
Here's the stuff left at my brother's place
Is there anything you need here?
I'm... So sorry...
Bringing over these things all of a sudden...
It must be bringing back the pain, huh...
The hell are you doing crying in someone else's home
But you know...
I never thought Senpai would...
Disappear like that...
That's so like him...
To pass away...
Saving someone's life!
You're wrong!
It was me...
I told him that good waves would come after it snows...
Stop that.
No matter who you blame my brother's not coming back!
I'm... Sorry...
My brother's phone
I'm leaving everything here so do what you want with it
You can throw it all away if you want!
It's better if you do!
Ah, uh... Here's my contact info
Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help...
Is that a finless porpoise?
This is an app for getting info on the waves
There's something like that?
I'll install it on your phone as well!
The person you are calling is currently unavailable
Or is outside of reception range
Please leave a message after the beep
Why can't you make yourself available and get in reception range!
Didn't you say that you'd always be by my side?!
Eat up
Have some coffee too
Oh yeah...
Guess you're reminded by everything you see huh
It's fine
Can't help it
You two are both so nice...
Even though you'd always call us dumb love-birds
A bunch of clouds for brains
Or damn normies can go explode...
Our bad
Just us and our sharp tongues
Is that...
Your boyfriend's?
There's a passcode so I can't check inside...
Even though we always went together...
Why did he have to go overnight by himself?
I just want to know...
So this is a blue-ringed octopus...
And what about your birthday, Youko?
February 3rd
My bro definitely wouldn't have remembered something like my birthday...
Note: A National Holiday in Japan, cause you know, oceans are a big deal there
When is Marine Day this year?
July 15th
What about Disaster Preparedness Day?
September 1st
It's not someone's birthday...
Not the day of the fire, or the day we went surfing...
None of these dates are working...
Shall we try asking Wasabi?
You've met him right?
The one who carried the cardboard box to your place, Mukoumizu
His last name's Kawamura?
By the way...
My last name is pronounced 'Mukaimizu'...
Let's call him out for tea or something!
He should be off duty today
This is the place we came to last time huh
It seems they have a main store in Chigasaki
It'd be great if I could open a store like this one day
There are all sorts of ways to enjoy coffee
No kidding...
I'll have a strawberry soda!
Ah, sorry to keep you wait-
The hell are you doing?!
Are you alright?!
Sorry about that...
Stay right there!
I'll go get a dishcloth!
Ah! I'm so sorry!
That expression!
It's gonna ruin the taste of the coffee
I wasn't supposed to be such a crybaby...
A baby at this age needs to grow up already!
Sorry for having a sharp tongue
Well, that's just fine in it's own way
You should just be yourself
As you gaze at the waters surface
Ah! This song...
It sparkles like a billion stars...
And as the colours change bit by bit
The light shines on and on
Sometimes fate will point us
Towards an arduous path
And we grind to a standstill
But if we could just get through the pain
Was there...
The hell are you talking about?!
Hey! Are you alright?
-the moment you open your eyes
Its the start of a Brand New Story
Hey now, listen up!
My brother's never gonna come back!
By taking that first step forward
It's about time you face the facts already!
Your path-
As you gaze at the waters surface
It sparkles like a billion stars
And as the colours change bit by bit
The light shines on and on
Sometimes fate will point us
Towards an arduous...
Why is he... Inside the water?
If I... Sing that song...
As you gaze at the waters surface-
Uh hey...
What's up?
Am I weird?
In the head?
Or face?
It's weird to be seeing hallucinations right?
You haven't been taking some strange pills have you?
That's bad news! You were already weird to begin with!
I haven't been taking anything...
Can you see it? Minato in the water...
As you gaze at the waters surface!
It sparkles-
What? Hey! Wait-
He's making a shaka sign towards us!
Note: The Shaka Sign aka 'Hang Loose' is that hand gesture Hawaiians/surfer dudes make
You've definitely gone strange in the head somewhere...
How 'bout going back to your family for a while?
It's best not to push yourself too hard, Hinako
There! There!
Look look!
It's definitely Minato... I'm sure of it
His ghost?
Was he not able to rest in peace properly?
He died in the water...
So his spirit comes out in water or something...?
Am I seriously trying to take a ghost photo right now?
As you gaze at the waters surface
It sparkles like a billion stars
And as the-
As you gaze at the waters surface
It sparkles-
-like a billion stars!
As you gaze at the waters surface!
Didn't I promise to always be ther for you?
What a weird feeling...
Sure is
How come? Does this mean you weren't able to pass on?
I wonder if that's the case...
You still had lingering regrets?
My wish might have actually come true!
I see you've moved
Eh? Yeah...
Haven't been surfing?
Looking at the sea is...
A bit painful...
Sorry, it's because of me isn't it
Oh, no no!
Forget it, we've finally got to see each other again!
It's like I'm dreaming, being able to meet and talk to you again
Minato, you'll come out of the water whenever I sing right?
I don't really understand it myself...
But give me a call whenever you need me!
Ah, Youko's doing well!
Wasabi too!
Yeah, I caught some glimpses of them
I see...
It seemed like those two couldn't see you though
Am I the only one that can see you?
Having you see is more than enough for me!
Ah, that's right!
Tell me your passcode
What are you doing trying to look through my phone at this point?
That day...
I want to know why you went to go surfing by yourself without telling me
That was...
Because I wanted to practice in secret, to surprise you later!
It's true!
I don't remember raising a girlfriend who would go and look at other's phones without asking!
Ah, I got soaked earlier so I'm gonna take a bath!
Just stay there alright!
What's this, I'm living together with Minato?
Moving in together? Marriage?
Hinageshi Hinako?
As you gaze at the waters surface
It sparkles like a billion stars...
Eeek! You pervert!
Haha sorry!
But you sang...
My bad, I was just startled...
I don't really mind though...
Are you alright?
That was surprising!
Ah, sorry about that!
Where you from?
Um, from Chiba
You mean here? What a big pal you're bringing along there
Something wrong?
Ah, yeah...
I was just thinking how I can't even hold your hand like this...
Or help you up, like that guy earlier...
Oh? Could this be jealousy?
No way
I won't ever cheat, you're the only one for me!
I said that's not it!
This must be our first argument!
Cheer up!
One more
Oh, how greedy!
Will you forgive me now?
One more
Will you do one more thing for me?
What is it?
Take me to the sea
I want to see you surfing
Just one more time
I should be sorry...
Saying that without thinking about your feelings
I used to live around here as a kid...
I was always surfing, and could catch the waves whenever I wanted
But now...
Whether it's the sea or anything else
I have no idea where I should be rowing towards...
Now matter how small the wave
It had to power to come in from far away
Right now you're just having a bit of trouble against that power
I'm also one wave out of many
You need to prepare yourself for the next wave too
You're saying some pretty depressing stuff
I'm good with you, Minato!
I'll be with you for the rest of my life!
I'm here to help, and I'll be cheering you on too
Until you're able to ride your own wave
Huh? What's up?
I heard from your mom that you started working here
I wanted to talk to you about something
Manager, I'll be taking my break!
Well, drink up
What brought you all the way here?
It's alright!
You're fine just going your own way, Wasabi!
My brother told you so too, right?
Cheer up!
No, see...
It's not about failing at work or anything...
It's not?
It's about Hinako...
Oh, that so.
She's been acting strange
Ain't she always?
She keeps talking to the water inside a bottle
And taking Minato's Finless Porpoise doll around everywhere
And well...
It's like she thinks Senpai's in the water or something
You were following her the whole time?
Ah... I was curious...
I wonder why...
Senpai was always looking at her surfing from the department roof...
And as I looked as well...
It just kinda...
But, she was Senpai's girlfriend, so...
Ah no, that wasn't what I was trying to say...
I was, worried about the current Hinako
And I just couldn't get her off my mind
Stupid Wasabi
If your so worried about her then why don't you actually go to her?
Just say it to her directly
You like her don't you?
Why are you coming to me?!
I'm telling you now, but love is for stupid people!
Manager, I'm done with my break!
Ah, I'm sorry!
Um, here, I never got a chance to return this
You're the firefighter from that time?!
You never noticed...?
Ah, sorry about that!
No need for the towel right now, it's not too bad
Here for flowers today?
Ah, yes
I hope she'll like them!
The person you're giving these to
Ah, she's someone who likes the sea
So I got them in blue and white but...
Is that a bit too boring...?
Not at all!
They're wonderful!
That's good
You... don't have it with you today?
The things you're always walking around with lately
Like the water bottle filled with water
I'm working so...
Or that plastic finless porpoise
Eh? How do you know about that?
Ah, well...
I noticed when you came to the department
and in other places as well...
though it was hard to call out to you
It was like... you were talking to Senpai in the water bottle-
Ah, sorry, that was just me talking to myself!
Ah, you should hurry and send these over, before they dry up!
Um! These are for you!
Then the person who liked the sea...
I was also, always looking your way!
Am I not good enough?
Am I not able to cheer you up?
I want you to be happy!
Because I like you!
Ah, B-b-b-b-but that...
Eh... I'm sorry!
As you gaze at the waters surface!
What's wrong, Hinako?
Wasbi's, Wasabi...
What about Wasabi?
He said he likes me!
And how about you?
How about me...?
You're the only one for me!
I can't even hold your hand, Hinako
I can't hold
Or even kiss you...
He's a good guy
Even I feel he's honest, and kind...
Why would you say that...?
I'm fine with how things are now!
I can meet you whenever I sing
Even if I can't hold you hand, or hug you
You'll still be by my side from now on, right?
I'm fine with just that!
Calm down, Hinako!
Talking to the toilet like this'll makes you look crazy!
I kinda panicked...
Listen, Hinako...
New waves will keep on coming
They won't all be good ones, so there will be farewells too
If you stay dived under the surface
You'll never be able to ride them forward
Call 911!
It's an accident!
The person in the small car can't get out!
It's no use, there's no saving him!
But he's still inside!
It's dangerous!
Minato! If Minato were here he'd definitely save him!
As you gaze at the waters surface!
It sparkles like a billion stars!
And as the colours change bit by bit
What's wrong?
Can't you hear it? Minato's voice...
Minato's gonna disappear!
Minato's gonna disappear into the smoke!
Hinako get yourself together!
I don't want to say this but Senpai's already gone!
There's no such thing as ghosts!
You might not be able to see him!
But Minato's there! In the water!
He'll come out when I sing!
I can see him!
He's... Definitely not gone!
Minato! He'll always be with me!
Certainly, Senpai loved you so much it wouldn't be weird for him to come back!
I think even he wouldn't want for you to become like this!
He told me...
That you were his hero...
Weren't you able to smoothly ride the waves all by yourself!
Why are you now...
I know...
I know but...
With you like this Senpai will never be able to pass on!
As you gaze at the waters surface!
It sparkles like a billion stars!
I'm so sorry Minato!
Because I kept asking for your help!
I kept calling for oyu over and over!
What do I do...
What'll I do if you disappear...
I'm so sorry!
As you...
Please have a seat wherever you like
Our specialty is the many ways to enjoy our premium blend
I especially recommend drip brewing
Please try not to make the mistake of ordering only strawberry soda
That's amazing, Youko!
You come to make fun of me?
No way!
I heard that you were working here, so
From Wasabi?
Did he mention anything else?
No, not really...
I actually wish I was a blue ringed octopus!
I seriously want to bite that guy!
It's nothing
Why are you working here, Youko?
I decided to open a cafe
It was my brother's dream to have a cafe
So I will realise that dream
That's why I'm learning the ropes while working here
Did you know?
The reason it puffs up so much when you make drip coffee is because of the released CO2!
That gas is slowly released after roasting
And continues to be released after grinding
Making it puff up
Puffing is a sign of freshness
After graduating high school
I'll be going straight to the main store in Chigasaki to train
The owners there might retire any day after all!
This time you're visiting my home? Seems a bit belated
I'm sorry
I still couldn't take it all back then
And I've yet to pay my respects...
Your parents?
At work
They've finally gotten themselves back into it
So thinking about my brother would...
Sorry for the trouble
My brother's room has been left as is
You want to take a look right?
My brother always had that cool look on his face
Which made it seem like he was someone who could do everything from the get go
But he was someone who really put in the effort
Both our parents work, so he'd make us dinner
And he was absolutely horrible at first
But he read books
watched cooking shows and stuff
And at some point he became great at cooking
With studying too
Even after he became a firefighter
He'd say that if he didn't keep working hard he'd sink down like the blockhead he was
We were like night and day
After he passed away
A whole bunch of people came to pay their respects
Saying how he'd really helped them out
My brother
Made it his goal to become someone who could help others
And what made him think that way
Was that when he was little and was saved from being drowned
the one that saved him was a girl even smaller than himself
He felt that if he worked hard he could do something like that as well
He had his life saved by that girl
So he wanted to work to save others as well
His life was saved by a hero
So he wanted to use it to save others
What? What now?
Coming home all of a sudden, what's the matter?
Have I ever saved a boy from drowning at sea before?!
The thing that was put on the front page right?
Just wait one second
Here it is!
They said you were a hero!
As you gaze at the waters surface
It sparkles like a billion...
You did great, girl!
When the ambulance arrives guide them over!
I'm turing you on your side, bring your knees up!
Great work!
Way to go!
You were saved by this little girl here!
His life was saved by a hero
When I was little, I almost drowned in the ocean
I've always remembered how I was saved back then
I wanted to help others through my work
That's what I thought
It was used in a recent movie, so it's become pretty popular again
Thats right take your imagination
Make it shine as a Brand New Story
And so as the seasons go on
I found my raison d'tre
Well take these growing feelings
I rode the waves after a snowfall
and landed an air reverse 360
You said that with this my wishes will come true, right?
My wish is
That you will be able to ride your own wave
That I can be by your side forever and ever!
When I saw them desperately crawling their way towards the ocean
I felt that I needed to work hard like that too
Jobs for saving people
Are you interested in lifesaving?
We get surfers, as well as people who can't swim but still want to try
It's important to be able to save people at sea of course
The ultimate goal is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place
The people who get qualified do all sorts of sports
The ratio of guys to girls is 6 to 1
In the summer we monitor the sea during our summer camp
And we participate in competitions as well
You run when you're off duty too?
The locations of fire hydrants can change quite a bit if you don't keep yourself updated
And so I started going on runs, though it's not really my job to know all that...
My brother was also always going around town checking for hazards
He said that prevention was the best way to fight fires
Senpai really was amazing
No matter how hard I try I'll never...
Well of course you'll never ever reach him
Am I not good enough?
Am I not able to cheer you up?
Why did you want to become a firefighter, Wasabi?
Huh? Why, you ask...
Isn't being a firefighter pretty cool?
If you can drive a firetruck, isn't that just awesome?
You say that like it's the most obvious thing, but that's it?
There's sugar over there
Yeah. Maybe I was a bit naive in choosing my whole career
Want some?
I was pretty confident in my physical fitness, but it really demands a whole nother level
No matter how much effort I put in I'll never become like Senpai
I'm definitely not suited to be a firefighter
Something as outrageous as saving other people's lives
Is impossible for me...
The sugar!
Your brain really is full of sugar!
Ah sorry, I put in too much
I don't really have a very developed palate like Senpai
You can shut up about Senpai this Senpai that already!
There's no need for you to become like my brother!
You should just do your best, in your own way!
Yo-Youko, you really know how to cheer me up
Idiot, those were the very same words you said to me before
When I wasn't going to school and my mom
was being all disparaging about how different I was from my brother
You said that it was fine for me to just be myself
I couldn't put amazing effort into everything like my brother
And I was bad at dealing with other people too
But thanks to what you said
If it was fine to do things my own way...
That took a huge burden off my shoulders
I was able to start going to school again!
I was saved by you, Wasabi!
With my words...
I was able to save someone as well huh...
Thanks, Youko!
I think I can keep going after all!
I've got work so I'll be going now
You can finish your drink, just return the tools to the cafe after
Ever since then
I've always liked you!
Moreso than anyone else!
Do your best! You idiot!
When duty calls, we contact the emergency services, as well as bring an AED
Firstly you check for a response, by calling out to the victim
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can yo hear me?
No response. Confirm if they're still breathing
Chest compressions. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
Put two hands together, and utilise your body weight to push
For adults, do at least 30 compressions about 5 centimeters deep
Time your push so that the chest fully expands before pressing down
29-30! Raise the chin and pinch the nose to secure the airway
One second intervals between breaths
One more time
Check to make sure the chest rises when doing this
After that return to doing chest compression
5-6-7... And repeat 30 times
Well then, please give it a try
Miss Mukaimizu
Ah, you might be pressing too hard!
The ribs have fractured
About 5 cm, pushing further is also dangerous
Let's also give mouth to mouth resuscitation a try
Miss Mukaimizu?
Miss Mukaimizu!
As you... Gaze!
It's no use!
They'll shoot out from the building like the new years fireworks in Taiwan or Shanghai!
Can you do that?
We messed up last time, so this time we got some real professional fireworks!
We'll need earplugs though
Sounds fun!
Minoru got arrested, but this guy actually ran away!
Ah, how unfair!
We're only able to have a reunion this year because I didn't get arrested!
Honour your great leader, dumbass!
Haha, you're fine with just being honoured?
There's a great abandoned building!
The Oste? Isn't that the famous one with the world's largest tree inside?
That tree's stil there?
That's crazy
They fly great from up there!
Amazing! Sounds awesome!
Ya'll on board? We going?
How about we head on over
I can't wait!
This is a first for me!
The sounds louder than anything!
You won't be able to hear anything!
Anyone got earplugs?
Got everyone's right here!
Hello, Youko...?
Way to go!
Manager, I'll be heading out early today!
Did you know that there was a fire in a half finished building a year ago?
Yup. I lived in the apartment where the fire spread to!
Eh? Really?
Well it seems these guys were the culprits
They were talking about going to set off fireworks again
They said they were gonna do it at the abanded Oste building
The place that had the world's largest christmas tree!
It's no use, Wasabi's not picking up!
Seems they're planning on waltzing right in
Illegal trespassing this time as well
Youko, this is bad! Let's contact the police!
Youko, I'll call 911
It's useless without proof! I'm gonna go get their pictures!
That's huge...
Though it's all dried up...
Youko, wait!
There's a pool...
Nice view!
Happy time!
The scenery at night's the best!
So high up!
Jeez, you scared me!
I'll be going all out tonight!
Then us too!
Ah hey wait, what're you ahh!
Stop that, it's way scary!
The hell are you doing!
Alright, let's kick off the fireworks! Take em take em!
Not getting their faces...
It's too dark!
It's already plenty!
I'm gonna catch them when they start the fireworks
I wonder what the fireworks'll be
Hey, that's dangerous!
Put it out, put it out!
Shit's bad!
Eh? What?
What happened?
It's a fire!
Ah, let's go!
You guys! Don't you know better than to set off fireworks in an abandoned building!
Whaat? Can't hear you!
Like I care, dumbass!
Ouch! I got injured in that blast earlier!
Youko let's get down from here!
The way down's blocked! We've got no choice but to jump!
That seriously hurts!
Mr. Yamashiro! East of Oste, due to the construction of an apartment the water line's been moved 30m to the south!
You sure?
The girl I love is in danger!
What's that supposed to mean?
The ladder can't get close enough over there either
If the timber inside catches, it'll basically be an incinerator!
There it is!
No mistake, it's burning up!
Fireworks again?!
Take the hose, and find a way to get up there!
There's no elevators here!
Confirm the 252 on the 15th floor!
Note: 252 is a code used in the Tokyo fire department to signify a person in need of rescue
The front entrance is closed!
Get access with the cutter!
It's a piece of work!
Entrance established on east side through ladder!
Entering through there now!
Is there anyone there!
Please call out!
At the thirteenth floor! The fireworks are spraying everywhere, cannot proceed!
Cannot proceed, over!
Secure your masks!
Captain, the water's not coming!
I'll go check it out, wait here!
The two civilian's safety unconfirmed!
The 14th floor interior and 15th floor stairs are ablaze due to fireworks!
The 252 in the upper floors has not been found!
The responsible parties include over 10 people, according to the source inside the building
Investigation ongoing!
Don't worry! I called, and the firefighters have already arrived at the building
They'll be here to save us soon!
If I called for Minato right now, he might just disappear
I'll never again...
Just call for me whenever you need me
If I rely on him he'll...
Big Brother...
With you like this Senpai will never be able to pass on!
What Minato would want...
Until you're able to ride your own wave
Just call for me whenever you need me
As you gaze at the waters surface
It sparkles like a billion stars
Thank you for calling me
My... wish came true, and brought me here
My wish was, that you would become able to ride your own wave
Until you... Managed to ride your own wave...
...managed to ride my own wave...
You've become a splendid firefighter
I'm proud to have had you as my junior
It's just the two of them above here, leave it to me!
The blaze from the fireworks have been quelled
A large mass of water is putting out the fire of the tree while moving upwards
The reason... Is unclear!
We'll be going into the water for a bit but it'll be alright
Your brother is here too
You working hard, little Blue-Ringed Octopus?
Take care of mom and dad!
Youko, get on this!
We're going under again, hold your breath!
Once this water puts out the fire at the top, it'll fall back down like a big wave
Once we're outside, ride that wave!
Hang on tight to the board, Youko!
As soon as we're out!
Almost there! 1, 2, 3!
Hinako! Paddle paddle!
Here we go!
Ride your wave!
Thanks, Youko!
Thank you, Hinako
You are my hero
Thank goodness!
Sorry have you out during Christmas
It's to celebrate your life saving certification!
But, was it really fine to just have omelet rice to celebrate?
Omelet rice has been how I've celebrated since I was a kid!
I've never really been able to make it well myself
I've been able to make this kind of omelet rice pretty well recently!
Wow, that's awesome!
Omelet rice and your lifesaving license
Hinako, you've really been riding your wave huh!
You're right, I suppose I've only graduated from surfing in the sea
I'll be riding all sorts of waves now!
I'm sure my brother would be delighted
Ah, right, look!
Seems they've been caught!
Let's not have any more reckless stunts
I know already!
Thanks for the meal!
No problem, congratulations on being certified!
Inside port tower, there's a holy site for couples you know?
What's that about?
You write a message on a heart shaped card!
Sounds lame
That's pretty romantic huh
If that's what you'd want, I don't mind trying it out...
You two should go do it!
Eh? Really?
No, but...
I've got something after this, so
I see...
Well then, we'll be off!
Let's get to it, Wasabi!
Ah, well then, see you later!
Have a good new year, Hinako!
Merry Christmas, Hinako!
Not being in love is for stupid people you know!
As you gaze at the waters surface
A message for Ms. Hinako Mukaimizu from Mr. Minato Hinageshi
It's been a year since submitting this huh!
Merry Christmas, Hinako!
Let's spend all of the coming Christmases together!
Always, always... Always!
There'll be waves coming up here so be careful!
It's Hinako!
Seems there'll be no more waves for today
Let's head back
As you gaze at the water's surface
It sparkles like a billion stars
And as the colours change bit by bit
The light shines on and on
Sometimes fate will point us
Towards an arduous path
And we grind to a standstill
But if we could just get through the pain
That's right, the moment you open your eyes
It's the start of a Brand New Story
By taking that first step forward
Your path will open right up
All so we can head
To that promised place
The times of tears are sure to outnumber
Countless more than laughter or smiles, you know
But you see, the thing with tears is
They'll always dry up eventually
The same wave will
Never come washing up again
Let's hold on tight and face it right
The fact that we are here right now
That's right, take your imagination
Make it shine as a Brand New Story
And so as the seasons go on
We'll take these growing feelings
And hold them inside my heart
Forever and on
The memories from those bygone days
Will never ever disappear
Within our ever glowing
Inner hearts
So let keep on facing forward
And hold a bit of courage
That's right, the moment you open your eyes
It's the start of a Brand New Story
By taking that first step forward
Your path will open right up
All so we can head
To that promised place
My Brand New Story