Rider on the Rain (1970) Movie Script

The pit was very deep, or she fell
very slowly, because while she fell
she had time to look around and to
wonder what was going to happen next.
Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland
Is that the bus
from Marseille stopping?
Yes, mother.
I don't think so. It never stops.
What are you looking at?
Is there a traveler?
Did he come on the bus?
The hell he did.
That bus never brings anybody.
The rain must have brought him.
Tuesday, October 10, 5 PM.
That's the third in 10 minutes.
I smoke so that
you have something to say to me.
I have to go and find my dress.
OK, I'm through.
There's 5 to be repaired.
What's wrong with that one?
It turns over.
The hell it does.
It's you that cannot get anything right.
Go ahead, say that I drink too much.
You drink to much, mama.
I drink to forget.
Forget what?
That men are pigs.
When will you bring
my cars you're getting fixed?
Day after tomorrow.
Why not tomorrow?
Tomorrow I have to attend a wedding.
Why don't you admit that your husband
doesn't want you to see me.
He doesn't want me to come here,
that's not the same thing.
you're also invited to the wedding.
Mine was quite enough for me.
Good night, mother.
Good night, daughter.
Astronauts can go to the moon,
to Mars or wherever...
but since
there's nobody there, why bother?
Did you get my bread?
It's over there.
You think this dress is too short?
Let me try it with your shoes.
You husband doesn't like short dresses?
Not on me.
Does he come back tomorrow?
He's supposed
to bring me a record from London.
Wait till you hear it, it's...
How's that, a bestial record?
I'm flat broke
I want the police station, please.
Your number please?
18, Cap de Pins.
A moment please.
Police station.
Hello, speak up.
Who is this?
Is it number 18, Cap de Pins?
Did you talk to the police station?
Yes, thank you.
Don't hang up...
you have a call from London.
Hello? Go ahead Sir.
It's you, Toni.
Of course it's me.
Tell me, do you come back tonight?
Yes, we're taking off
in 20 minutes, I'll be home around 11.
Is something the matter?
No, nothing.
Doesn't sound that way.
Can I pick you up at the airport?
No, a friend will pick me up.
Toni, let me come.
I said no.
But why?
You driving's pretty bad.
Listen dovey,
I assure you it's not worth it.
Come quick.
Are you angry, dear?
Come quick!
See you soon, dear.
Get out!
I won't tell anybody.
I won't press charges.
You heard me on the phone.
I didn't say anything.
No one will know.
just go away!
Police, road check.
Your papers, please.
Is that you, Mellie?
It's Mrs. Afou.
I went to school with her husband.
Are you alone?
And where are you going?
To the airport, to pick up Toni.
The reason I ask is,
we're looking for somebody...
a real nut.
I wouldn't want you
to run into him, that's all.
You didn't see anybody on the road?
OK, be careful.
Good night, Mellie.
Is that you, Mellie?
It's me.
Do you know what time it is?
Where were you?
Toni, please.
I'm asking you where you were!
I went to see mother.
She went to see mother...
I went to see mother!
It's true I went to see my mother.
But I had problems...
with the car.
What kind of problems?
With the starter.
You wouldn't even know
what is a starter.
A driver fixed it for me.
He told me.
On the sea road.
Your mother
didn't see you on her way over.
I didn't come that way.
Do you know what my father...
would have done, if my mother...
would have left the house
just once at this time? Just once?
He would have
given her a head like that!
For sure!
Le habrede fatto la testa cossi!
I never saw
my old man cook, touch a pan or what.
an egg...
Do you see it?
She would never
have left him even break an egg!
She's have been ashamed!
Your mother was a saint.
You can say that again.
Mellie wasn't that lucky.
Is that your dress for tomorrow?
Yes, I wanted to show it to mama.
What do you think of it?
I'll wash it... it's easy.
Besides, you lost a button.
Now where are you going?
To check the furnace.
Wednesday - Noon
Give each other the right hand.
I declare you man and wife,
in the name of the father...
the son and the holy ghost. Amen.
Hear us,
oh Lord who made heaven and earth.
Lord, hear my prayers.
May my prayers reach thee...
Bless oh Lord these rings
which we bless in thy name.
So that those
who wear them may live in faithfulness.
May they live in peace,
obeyant to the will of God...
and may they
live with everlasting love.
For the will of Christ our lord, amen.
Why did you kill him?
What will I get for a correct answer?
Nothing, but I will win time.
Not a very profitable game.
Does it have anything to do with math?
With what?
With mathematics.
I'm a wiz at math!
It's only an American watch,
that's all.
What did you think?
That you're an American.
That's all.
Are you afraid of Americans?
No, of watches.
Where do you live when you're at home?
My home is everywhere.
Why didn't you stay there?
Ah you know, same old urge...
'Chercher la femme'.
Are you with the police?
Me? No.
Then you are out of luck.
I've already got a man.
Sorry, I have to go.
I don't have a car.
I'm told you might take me back.
Take you back, where?
We're going to Cap de Pins.
That's exactly where I'm going.
My name is Dobbs, Harry Dobbs.
Have you been here long?
Since this morning.
Where are you staying?
In the Palm Hotel.
The Palm Hotel is closed.
Not for me.
I have a nice room,
light, with red curtains.
Are you here for business?
You could call it that.
What kind of business?
But... there's nothing to hunt here.
That depends on what you're hunting.
You never found that lost button?
I'll ask Nicole for another.
end of the line.
It's still far to the Palm hotel.
We are not going there.
Not enough?
When will you be back, Toni?
Saturday at noon.
You travel with a lot of money.
That's my business.
And where are you going?
And then where?
Cairo and Rome.
What's Djibouti like?
Like the rest.
What's the matter, Toni?
The guy who fixed your car
last night, was it Harry Dobbs?
The American.
You never saw him before?
Why are you like this, Toni?
Why are you so jealous?
A man who is not jealous...
is not a man.
Now, what have I done?
I saw you dancing with him.
You know what my father used to say...
to my mother?
If somebody watches you, tell me.
If somebody touches you...
I'll kill him.
Give me, I'll brush it...
and I'll never
dance again, with anybody.
I promise.
I want to drive you
to the airport tomorrow.
Thursday, 11 o'clock
I bet I can beat you, what do you say?
I've never done any bowling.
Who was talking about bowling?
How did you get in?
Through the door.
First I went to your house.
But there was nobody.
Where were you, Marseille?
You had just driven
your husband to the airport.
And another thing...
It took you
45 mins. too long to come back.
I can also tell you why...
You were reading all the newspapers.
Too bad
there was nothing about the body...
they found
on the beach yesterday morning.
What do you want from me?
We have said it all,
yesterday at the wedding.
Yesterday I had not seen your house.
It's really fancy.
Your husband is a pilot...
with Air France, isn't he?
He is a navigator.
Tell me...
A navigator must do pretty good.
How much is he making?
What do you want to talk to me about?
Let's talk about the man
you saw get off the bus, right here.
Your mother told me.
I saw a stranger get off the bus.
But I hardly noticed him.
But you saw him again later on.
That's not true.
You were undressed,
in a dress shop, to try on a dress.
He was on the sidewalk,
in front of the shop window.
His eyes fixed on you.
A peeping Tom.
Your friend Nicole told me this one.
You know Nicole?
I've met many people
after arriving here.
You told me you weren't a cop.
Why are you so interested in that man?
You told me you were great at math.
This man is very interesting.
Not to me.
I didn't know
they were going to kill him.
Or come around asking me questions.
Or anything.
True, naturally,
but please make a big effort.
When this man was there, looking at you,
wasn't he holding something in his hands?
You know very well what.
All you do is lie.
You really forgot about the red bag?
You really don't no what happened to it?
I don't even want to know it.
What do I care about this man?
You were the last person who saw him.
I've asked everybody in the village.
So what!
There's only one explanation.
You took him home in your car.
Because nobody goes anywhere
around here without wheels.
You do!
Ah, but I've got a car.
Yesterday you didn't.
I said that I didn't have one.
It's a red one.
I really like red.
Hey, that cost me money.
I'll give it back to you!
I'll find that red bag, Mellie.
There are not
too many places he could have hid it.
If the bag is not at your home...
it's maybe...
in a locker at the railway station.
Leave me in peace.
Not without getting hold of that bag.
Not one minute before.
Believe me, Mellie.
Better I find it before the police does.
Are you leaving, Mellie?
I saw your car outside.
I want to ask you something.
Well... it is about...
the poker game we'll play at your home
when Toni comes back on saturday.
I've lost a lot this winter.
I'd rather talk to you about it,
because Toni will listen to you.
Besides, with you it's easier..
You see...
what I need is a kind of loan.
If it doesn't bother Toni,
I don't want to bother nobody.
No problem, I'll tell him.
And I'm sure he will not mind.
Thanks, Mellie.
The man
they found dead yesterday on the beach,
he used to be a boxer...
Bruno Sacchi.
Didn't you know about it?
I saw the papers yesterday.
Today there wasn't a word..
Not one word
until they get the murderess.
they already know that it's a woman.
They've got ways, I'm telling you.
OK, till saturday Mellie, and thank you.
Everybody's lying.
Me, when I speak, I'm never
sure if I really mean what I say.
I was just looking for you.
No kidding.
You said you'd leave me
in peace, when you've got the bag.
Well here you have it!
Very well.
The owner of this bag
went to see you at your home, Mellie.
That's not true.
Oh, I can't leave you alone now.
That is you address, isn't it?
Give me back that photo.
It's worth a lot of money to me!
I'm hungry, Mellie.
Invite me for breakfast.
Is that for me?
Americans feed on ketchup and eggs...
I'm a wiz at cultural geography.
Mellie is the diminutive of what?
They wanted
to call me Melanie, after my grandma,
but when my father went to register me,
he said:
no, no, not Melanie, don't put Melanie.
So in order not to have to erase
anything, they called me Melancolie.
Eat, or it will be cold.
I like your father.
He left when I was 9.
He never came back.
An what's that?
A present.
From friends of Toni's,
from Hong Kong or wherever.
Toni must have
friends all over the place.
When was this picture taken, Love Love?
Give up, and I'll tell you.
I think it was last year.
But that doesn't mean
Toni knew this Bruno Sacchi.
You seemed to know his name alright.
I just heard it.
I don't think
he was a friend of your husband.
Otherwise he wouldn't
need a picture to identify him.
Impeccable psychology.
I'm a wiz at psychology.
Only in some matters,
you don't need that insight.
Neither seen nor heard, that's perfect.
Sacchi didn't come here by chance
last tuesday, he came on business.
That's for sure.
Whatever happened
when he found you at home alone,
that's for you to tell me.
Would you like coffee... before leaving?
I have no intention of leaving.
I have all the time in the world!
You don't think...
you're going to stay here, do you?
Where would you like me to go?
To the police?
Why are you doing this to me?
A man's gotta make a living.
And what would you gain
if I saw 2, 3 or 4 Mr. Dobbs?
You'll choose
one of them as your confessor.
Drink, Love Love...
There are people in the next house,
they'll hear if I scream.
Go ahead.
I checked this morning, there's nobody.
Just like
tuesday night, when you killed him.
That's not true.
I don't want to drink!
Who tells you to drink?
Better tell me
what happened tuesday night.
Drink, Mellie,
I hate to repeat myself.
If you do that again,
just one more time,
I'll spike your bottom.
You... what?
I'll turn you over my knee
and spank your bottom real good.
All of it.
Nice place here.
Toni know how to live well.
Marines and aviators,
they got it pretty good.
A girl in each port and...
I know Toni.
And I know Sacchi.
Come on, ask me to talk about him.
That'll make you thirsty.
That's an interesting case
for a psychiatrist...
Liar, thief, sadist,
and a sexual maniac...
He has his good points, though.
The trick with nuts, for instance.
He taught me
some things about nut throwing.
Take a chance.
You're in love... Love Love
When the pane breaks,
means you're in love.
Get out.
Toni had nothing to do
with any Sacchis, or Harry Dobbs's.
There's a name for what you're doing.
Assisting a murderess?
I'm the one who will tell the police.
Do you hear me?
I will go to the police.
To the police, right.
What was Bruno Sacchi's racket?
I am not an information center.
Please, answer me Mr. Dobbs.
All Toni brings from his trips
are things for the house.
Or records, for our friend.
You can't hide anything
in a record jacket, can you?
Ah, it's you Mellie, one moment please.
What's the matter, Mellie?
Double crosser.
What's your racket with my husband?
I'm happy that you know,
because I want us to stop it.
True, I've slept with Toni.
You know... I was his one night stand
for 2 nights, that's all.
But it never
meant a thing to Toni, nothing.
It was my fault.
I don't know what happened to me.
I said only 2 times!
What did you learn
from your friend Nicole?
Nothing of interest to you, Mr. Dobbs.
Toni cheated on me with her.
But I don't care.
So what's the money for?
Because I'm not sure
of anything anymore.
Please, give me that photo.
It's all I had in my account.
I have household money
at home, I'll give it to you.
I've bought a bottle.
It's only fair that you pay for it...
since you're the one
who's going to drink it.
Do you like it?
My mother says it helps you to forget.
Forget what?
That men are liars. She knows.
Nobody know more
about alcohol and unfaithfulness.
It was she who cheated on my father.
Come on Mr. Dobbs, pick it up.
At such friendly price
murder is cheap, Love Love.
I pay for my husband's
peace of mind, that's all.
You're kidding.
What he's got to worry about?
Until he comes back,
I won't know a thing.
I'm buying time, Mr. Dobbs.
Here, pick up your money and keep it!
You think I want
your housekeeping money?
I don't understand.
I am not a blackmailer.
So... who are you?
I'm your partner, Love Love.
For more than a week
I've been chasing Sacchi.
I searched all over the country
and big parts of Germany to find him.
To kill him.
Imagine my surprise
when I arrived here yesterday morning.
The job was already done for me.
Obviously... is was an amateur job.
Me, I would have
grabbed the everything he carried.
Do you have any idea
what our partnership is worth?
Name a figure, Love Love.
60,000 dollars in bills of 10 and 20.
Look, that would
fit in a bag of this size.
But, the police...
didn't find the money on the body?
No... and it wasn't in the bag either.
And I know that you don't have it.
So you will tell me
exactly how you killed him.
I'll take care of the rest.
I've never killed anybody.
I've wasted too much time
with you, enough of this!
It's almost 6, you have
until the clock's last stroke...
to tell me that you killed him,
or else I will kill you.
I swear... I'm telling the truth.
So am I.
I don't believe you.
Same here.
you saw that it wasn't loaded.
You really deserve a drink, Love Love.
On the rocks.
How did you get to Cap de Pins?
I talked to the bus driver.
And why did you go to the wedding?
Your friend Nicole
told me you'd be there.
She's not a friend.
She's a drum.
A what?
When I want to say
a dirty word, I say drum.
Perhaps Sacchi didn't carry
the money when he arrived here?
He paid the bus with this.
That doesn't prove anything.
Take your glass and follow me.
I want to show you something.
There is a box in this drawer
with 2 cartridges missing.
That's news to me.
I searched the house while you were out
and 2 cartridges are missing.
That's strange?
You bought another box
and put it in here.
Finish your drink.
It's easy to see
that this rifle was used recently.
An expert would say
the day before yesterday.
Come on, tell me that it's not true.
It's true.
You admit it!
Day before yesterday,
I shot... some rats in the cellar.
Come here, come Love Love...
Rats, right?
You shot rats, this high, and this high?
They were jumping.
Listen, Love Love,
even for the dumbest
cop that would constitute a proof.
But I'm not a cop,
I'm a future millionaire.
Tell me the truth.
What are you doing?
Shooting a future millionaire.
And I won't wait
for the stroke of the clock!
Don't move!
Don't move.
Give me you pistol please, Mr. Dobbs.
I did not kill Sacchi.
Now, where is your proof.
Pull up your shirt.
Pull it up!
Who did that?
Toni hit me... last night.
Toni? Why?
He saw me dancing with you.
Toni comes back tonight,
he'll kick your face in.
He knows how to fight.
So do I.
Toni is far away and won't be back
until the day after tomorrow.
You won't last that long, Love Love.
The day daddy left,
I found a coin on the floor...
the door was bolted,
so we got a neighbour to break in.
His room was a mess...
dad had even taken
the mattress cover with him.
Yes, the mattress cover.
It's true, Mr. Dobbs.
But why did he leave?
Because I saw my mom
sleeping with another.
I kept quiet.
But my father started to ask me
questions and questions and questions.
I couldn't stand it anymore...
So I told him.
Then he left.
Since then,
no one has called me Melancolie.
Yes, I know.
It's my fault.
I get it, Love Love, you confessed
one time and it didn't work out.
That's why you won't confess anymore.
If I would have killed that man,
I would have told the police.
No, not after what he's done to you.
Women who undergo this
don't go to the police.
Is this psychology?
No, statistics.
Who's coming to save me?
Don't know, don't move.
Mellie, I know you're here.
You have to listen to me.
I'm sorry.
I thought you were alone.
Mellie is busy tonight.
This house looks like my life.
2 days ago, everything was in order.
Now, we break doors,
shoot guns in the cellar.
Drink bottles.
Do you know why I kissed you, Mr. Dobbs?
Because you're in love with me.
You're going to say
you kissed me to bother Nicole.
That's partly true,
but there's something else.
You don't want anybody else
to stick his nose in our story.
Or that somebody else knows about it.
Love Love?
Friday, 10 o'clock
Did you take my cars for repair?
My cars.
I forgot.
Where are they?
In the trunk.
I'll take them today.
Forget it, I'll so it myself.
Is this yours?
Do you collect them?
United States Embassy, Confidential
I let women in my room
for only one reason,
and I decide who.
You searched all of my house.
Yesterday you took a photo of my husband
and put it in that bag.
Besides, that bag is yours,
you left in the station locker.
You set it all up,
Toni never had anything to do with it.
But if you know that,
it means you found the other red bag,
the real one.
No... I just figured it out.
Now I know who you are.
Colonel Dobbs.
A cop.
Not a cop.
Let's say I run
a parallel investigation.
In the army nobody asks why.
I have to find out the truth,
and send a report.
That's all.
And the truth,
you're going to tell me here.
I'll make it easy for you.
I'll tell you what happened.
Tuesday night a stranger...
attacked you in your own home...
his face covered with a stocking.
You tried to defend yourself,
but all of a sudden...
he hit you like this!
You see...
And now I'll tell you what he did.
He always stays in the house afterwards,
I know that guy, I've read his file.
You found him in the cellar
and you killed him. I have proof..
You called the police station...
but that night
you hang up without a word...
they told me at the switchboard.
To get rid of the body you
went with the car, but at the highway...
you were stopped by the police.
They told me at the police station.
You told the police you went
to get your husband at the airport.
But that wasn't true.
Your mother told me this.
my mother never tells anything.
I'll ask you something, Mr. Dobbs.
If you know everything
and have all the proof...
why are you playing this little comedy?
So there must be an important thing
missing from your puzzle.
Which one, Mr. Dobbs?
I didn't kill him, Mr. Dobbs.
Would you let an innocent
woman take the rap for you?
They arrested Sacchi's mistress.
That's not true.
It is, right now they are at the beach,
where they found the body.
Go and see.
If she's innocent, she's not in danger.
Don't you bet on it!
Even her best friends are after blood,
and you know why?
Because they think
she's got the 60,000 dollars.
What beach?
You think the body swam far?
I don't think anything...
I know nothing.
A place they call "The Wig".
I want to tell you something.
Sorry Mellie, wrong time.
That woman, who is she?
The mistress of the victim.
She lived in a house up there,
her name is Madeleine Le Goff.
But she doesn't live here anymore.
No, they brought her
from Paris last night.
She was a waitress
in the restaurant of the Eiffel tower.
And why did they arrest her?
She was here at the moment of the crime.
Say, Mellie,
this affair does interest you, hey?
Go... don't stand there looking at me.
Did you hear me? Go .
Our of the way!
Mrs. Melancolie Mound,
coming from Marseille, Marignan,
please proceed
to the information desk.
I have an appointment with Tania Le Goff.
I know. Your bag and your coat.
No, I'll keep them.
Do as I say.
Follow me.
Tania Le Goff?
Are you the one who called me?
How did you find me?
I went to the Eiffel tower, then to
a photographer who gave me your number.
But I have little time,
I've another plane to catch.
You went to great lengths to see me.
Last night your sister was arrested...
and I know that she's not guilty.
Why... so?
She's your sister.
So what?
I want... I want her
to go free, do you understand?
I want her to be set free!
My sister is very lucky.
I don't understand a word you say.
Sit down.
OK, tell me more.
Give me your hand.
Do you know what it means,
when a girl bites her nails?
Come on, it's not a sin you know.
I didn't come here to get rid of that.
When people bite their nails...
it's not what you think.
It means they haven't quite grown up...
and have more imagination
than is good for them.
Where was your sister Tuesday night?
She was here, as usual.
In Paris?
Why didn't you tell the police?
You think the police
ought to know about this place?
Answer me.
First, I need to know where I am.
With whom
did your sister spend Tuesday night?
With people.
I want to see those people.
That's easy.
Here she is.
It's like I've been playing dolls..
These days, they make talking dolls.
What does this one say?
She asks questions.
Ah, where were we...
Her dad left, taking the mattress cover.
So she took a plane
with 60,000 dollars in an envelope.
Where is that envelope?
I mailed it.
Who did you send it to?
Well, to myself.
To Cap de Pins.
Oh, that's too rich!
Did you come to Paris by plane...
to send yourself mail to Cap de Pins?
Only for that...
The Americans were on my heels in Orly.
I had to get rid of that money.
Why did those men follow you?
By order of Harry Dobbs.
Harry Dobbs.
May I know who is this new personage?
An American colonel.
What I didn't get is
what he could have in common...
with Sacchi.
Could you explain?
He was a big shot.
Is that all?
Bring me my coat.
I'll show you something.
If the pane breaks,
it means you are in love.
He said that.
Follow me, please.
Where is she?
Where is she?
Don't know what you're talking about.
Tell him to drop it.
That's enough.
You guys leave me alone,
I'll leave you alone.
Really glad to see you, Mr. Dobbs.
Me too, Love Love.
Now that you really exist, Mr. Dobbs...
could you perhaps
explain this game to me?
I haven't seen
Mr. Sacchi for over a year.
What did she come here for?
It's all a misunderstanding.
I'm responsible for it.
Anything else, sir?
No, thank you.
Yes, bring me coffee at 8.
Yes, sir, thank you, sir.
You have to be home
before your husband arrives, Love Love.
I'll take you there.
Can you hear me?
Saturday 8 o'clock
You should eat a bit.
I heard what you said.
That's my business.
Do you always live here?
I live in Germany...
but all places look like this room.
In your suitcase
I saw the photo of a small boy.
Is he yours?
Are you married?
No, I'm single.
Are you really so sure
of winning, Mr. Dobbs?
You shouldn't use that word.
I didn't kill him.
Thank you.
Are you able to dress yourself?
Were you waiting for me?
I wanted to talk to you...
before you'd get back...
I've had a quarrel with mama.
A horrible quarrel.
We even broke a door.
A door?
And why?
Because of my father.
OK, a door can be fixed.
I have to go again tonight.
Oh, no.
But yes.
Good morning.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- See you.
Come out.
I follow.
Me too.
Nice to win, four aces.
You're sending mail to yourself.
your name, Melancolie.
I've always liked your name,
but I've kept it,
for when you'd grow up.
What are you saying?
Here, this came for you.
It's a letter, right?
What time is it?
You slept all afternoon.
Is this the door that I broke?
I see that I'm strong.
Did you tell Toni that it's not true?
What do you think?
Besides, you are very forgetful.
What is it again?
Toni's friend the policeman
asked you to talk to him about a loan.
I completely forgot,
is he mad?
No, tonight he's in a good mood.
The woman who was arrested
has confessed everything.
Hello, Mellie.
It's warm, right?
I'm really sorry.
I completely forgot.
Don't worry, I'm winning today.
Thank you.
She didn't look guilty.
Listen, Mellie...
She killed her lover for money,
and buried him at The Wig...
and that's it.
Buried him?
But when?
Last year.
But colonel Dobbs said...
I must have misunderstood.
This is another case.
Dobbs is looking for a demented guy who
escaped from a German military hospital.
He was condemned three times for rape,
and this time he took the cash too.
You got more beer?
Are you going to investigate?
Investigate what?
Dobbs is convinced that this loony
was around here and got himself killed.
But there's no complaint, nor a body.
I made a bet with him
that he's still around here.
Alright, is there beer or not?
I'll get it.
Funny, these Americans,
looking for a recent body,
asking for dogs from Toulon,
and they find an old one.
Ain't that funny?
I was right, Love Love.
He was hidden in your car...
but you didn't know about it.
I hate you.
You're a liar, and a cheat.
You had nothing on me!
You dreamt it all up...
with that feline smile of yours.
It's you who has caused the confusion.
When I saw you stare
at the newspaper in the church,
I knew I'd win.
You've led me to MacGaffyn.
Your victim.
His name is MacGaffyn.
I'm sure he's there.
I'm gonna have the bottom dragged.
I want to get a bit of air.
Even if he's found here, it's no proof.
Love Love.
And that bag you are holding,
isn't that proof?
What bag? I have no bag.
They're leaving.
I can stay here tonight, if you like.
I'm a bit tired, that's all.
What have I done now?
Nothing, my dear.
What's the matter?
That's Tousain leaving.
His siren is stuck.
I'm leaving tonight for London.
Do you want to stay with her?
No, because she's going with you.
With me?
What's the occasion?
I know a Melancolie.
She'll find an occasion
before I get to the gate.
She's a wiz at it.
I'll honk at the gate.
Listen dovey... that's crazy!
Sure, but take me...
I want to be with you.
I have things...
to tell you...
in London.
He was caught on the rocks,
wouldn't have surfaced for months.
I've won our bet, colonel.
If he wanted to rape some girls
from here and they killed him,
you are in a bad situation.
he cannot talk...
and who knows what happened.
You'll know when you read my report.
Did you finish your job?
I have the money, I have the body,
I have enough for my report.
You can't have it all, don't you think?
Besides, nobody is
interested in recycling this story.
MacGaffyn has taken the truth with him.
And stop biting your nails, Love Love.
Bye bye.
Mr. Dobbs...
a while ago,
my mother has called me Melancolie.