Riders of Justice (2020) Movie Script

Good evening.
My niece would like a bike for
It's nice, but I don't like red. Do
you have it in blue?
- Do I have to order one of these?
- Can I have one, please?
Nothing in life is shown.
Christmas is a long time. Maybe I'll
give you one. Maybe you don't.
- I think I'll get it.
- God willing.
We'll see.
It's Dad.
- Hey, baby. Is everything OK?
- Everything okay. Mathilde left?
No. She's had her bike stolen at the
station, so I'm going to take her.
- But now the car won't start.
- Oh, it.
- Do you want me to call you a little later?
- She's missing the first hour anyway.
- What's going on?
- Well, they've asked me to stay.
How long?
Three months.
Isn't he coming home?
That way we won't have him sitting in
the barn staring.
Came. Let's go down to the train. Put
the phone away.
Came. We're going to take a truancy
The algorithm concluded unequivocally
- that lowest income group drove Kia,
Fiat and Hyundai.
The middle income group drove larger
Toyotas, Ford and Volvo.
- while the top group predominantly
chose Mercedes, Tesla and Audi.
- And how did it do that? The.
- Otto, I'm going to stop you right here.
How long have you and your team spent
on this algorithm?
Uha. It's hard to tell.
- 46 weeks.
- A lot was going on in the evening hours.
One year and four million on an
algorithm that shows
- that the poor drive Kia, and the
rich Mercedes?
What's interesting is that the
algorithm itself found and juxtaposed
- 82,504 registration certificates
with tax returns in 46 municipalities
to form the statistical basis.
Are there contexts that are
interesting to us?
Yes, yes, but that's not the goal.
You need to think bigger.
This algorithm will, when we get
enough processing power,
be able to predict events.
Can you explain it? Incidents such as?
All events are the product of a
series of prior events.
We most often have insufficient data
and categorize it as coincidences.
But it's not. If a drunk driver
crashes in a snowstorm,
- we don't call it a coincidence as
we have data to conclude.
But imagine that the error was
discovered before it happened.
What is macrodaktyli?
That means club foot. My father's
sister in Horsens suffers from it.
The algorithm has examined links
between club foot and hearing?
- It's one of my big.
- Let me do the talking.
Here, the algorithm collected 41,534
patient records from 1912 to 2020.
The earliest it found was...
Was there a connection between being
lump-footed and hearing badly?
Context? No. No, not at all.
- I thought it was nice.
- Well, that's nice.
Don't you want to sit here? There's a
single seat.
No, I don't have to. I'm fine.
No, at last. I need to stretch my
legs so that it...
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Good work, boys.
I'll meet you in the tent for debrief
in 05.
Police are still carrying out
All train traffic on the line has
been suspended.
The police ruled out the
possibility of terrorism.
- And right now, there's no indication that
this is anything other than an accident.
The accident happened at 3:31
- when part of a parked freight
train collided with the S train.
There is mainly damage to the right side
of the train in the front three carriages.
The death toll now stands at 11,
and it's confirmed-
- that the rocker Johan "The Eagle"
Ulrichsen and his lawyer are dead.
The eagle was to testify against his
old brethren in the Riders of Justice.
- among them the group's
president, Kurt "Tandem" Olesen.
The case he was supposed to testify in
is the murder case from Kaalundsgade.
- where four Turkish men were
Are we going home now?
I don't know, I don't know. Not yet,
I think.
We are talking about four phases. The shock
phase you're in now. The reaction phase...
- I'd like to see my wife.
- I strongly advise against that.
I'd like to see her.
- You are perfectly entitled to...
- I'd like to see my wife.
I've been dealing with probability
calculation for 26 years.
- and there is too much to suggest
that it is not an accident.
Such as?
The likelihood of a crown witness in
a biker-related homicide case-
- and his lawyer are killed in a train
accident before he has to testify.
- is according to my calculations...
What does it say?
Too large a number to ignore.
It's extremely unfortunate, but
there's no indication that
that it is more than an accident.
The numbers never lie.
It would require someone from riders
of justice to know-
- in exactly which wagon and where in
the compartment the Eagle sat.
It doesn't make any sense.
That's your job. I'm just saying,
it's too big a number.
We are very grateful for that. We'll
take a look at it.
We thank you for today.
The problem is, I saw an extremely
suspicious man get off the train.
just before the accident happened.
Yes? What was suspicious about him?
He boarded a Joe & the Juice
sandwich and a big juice.
- but he ate only a small bite and
did not drink at all from the juice.
All of a sudden, he gets up, throws
out the whole sandwich and the juice,
and get off the train.
Okay. Yes.
A Joe & the Juice sandwich costs
65 if it is with extra filling, and a
large juice costs 54.
Nobody throws out $11.99 juice and
sandwiches like that.
- We'll take a look at it.
- Thank you for your help.
- I'll be in in a minute, baby.
- It's okay. I want to go to school.
I don't think you should. If you want to
get out, we can go for a run together.
I want to go to school.
Have you stopped running?
- No.
- When was the last time you ran?
I don't know, I don't know.
Then you don't run the three times a
week we agreed.
- It's for your own good.
- You're such a jerk.
Mathilde! Why don't I drive you then?
It wasn't an accident, it was an
assassination, but I can't prove anything.
If you can hack us into Fitness World's
servers, there is a possibility.
- Fitness World? The fitness chain?
- No, the stonemason, Lennart.
- Speak nicely, or I won't help.
- Sorry. But would you be able to?
A blind child can do that with his
I have hacked Fitness Worlds servers
plenty of times.
Have you hacked Fitness World's
- So Emmenthaler can go to pilates.
- Do Emmenthaler grow pilates?
Not. See how little you know about
your team.
Emmenthaler has had back problems for
three years. I can't believe it!
- What do you think you can find there?
- Eagle.
The eagle trained every day. He was
Can we prove that he used the same
- He probably chose the same train
seat every time.
- And then they would have known
where he was sitting.
- Okay.
- Thank you, Lennart.
I still need to renew my crossfit
When miracles happen, we often
attribute a divine character to them.
Conversely, when lightning strikes,
when tragedy is a reality,
- Then we'll have a hard time putting
a sender on.
- and we therefore call it
How can a merciful God share in such
a cruel tragedy?
- like the one who tore away your
beloved mother and wife, Emma?
But if it's all coincidence, isn't it
obvious to feel...
that everything doesn't matter?
Where do we go with all our grief?
- all our anger, all our fear and
- What's up, baby?
- I can't sleep.
Just try to close your eyes and count
down from 500, okay?
- Why do you think Mom died?
- There's no point talking about that.
- You think it was just a coincidence?
- Yes. Came. I'm going in.
- What if it wasn't a coincidence?
- What else would it be?
I don't know, I don't know.
- God?
- Stop.
The priest didn't get half his own
So. Now you're just trying to close
your eyes and sleep, baby.
- Grandpa believed in God.
- Yes. He wasn't too smart either.
Didn't you do that when you were
I believed in Santa Claus, too, but
when you grow up,
- one must be able to distinguish
between reality and fantasy.
The priest was sure that God had a
reason for mom to die.
Look how crazy that sounds. That's
what insanity says.
It's just that I miss her so much.
I can't bear to think she's all alone.
I understand that.
But she's not alone.
She's nothing now. She's gone.
- It's so unfair.
- Yes.
When people die, they're gone
forever, baby.
And you might as well learn that now.
Because unless you die early,
- You're going to put most of the
people you love in your grave.
If you have to torment yourself every
time with false hope,
- About souls and angels up in heaven,
you're going to go crazy up in your head.
Now try to close those eyes and sleep.
Count down from 500, baby. It helps.
- Yes?
- Markus Hansen?
Good evening. My name is Otto
Hoffmann, and it's Lennart.
I was on the same train as your wife
and daughter.
Is your daughter okay?
- How did you find my address?
- It wasn't hard.
I told you to call first.
It's just that I was standing next to
your wife and your daughter on the train.
What do you want from me?
I think you have a right to know that
it wasn't an accident.
Are you aware of who the rocker Johan
"The Eagle" Ulrichsen is?
- Can I...?
- Here you go.
- Just... I'm going to take these.
- That was quite a barn.
It is disproportionally large
compared to the main house.
- Do you know what year it's built?
- What? No. What's all that?
These are status certificates from
the Eagle's doctor.
His records, criminal record, bank
telephone lists and text messages.
- Where did you get that?
- Lennart is good at finding things.
Yes. And it's not illegal. Or it's
illegal, but not much.
This is the same penalty as building
a bathing jetty without permission.
Why do you say it wasn't an accident?
The surveillance footage shows-
- that he was not only habitual, but
suffered from OCD,
which his medicine card confirms.
He was given citalopram and diazepam,
which are given to OCD patients.
In addition, on his criminal record there
are six cases of hand-wringing on trains.
At the end of November of this year,
- Where he kicks a retired landscaper
in the face,
- when he refused to give him his
We have the statistical abnormality.
We know riders of justice knew-
- that the eagle, due to its OCD,
always sat in the second carriage, row two.
And then we have him here.
- Who is he?
- We don't know yet.
He rushed off where your family was
standing just before the accident.
- I guess a lot of people did.
- Yes.
But this guy threw out a whole
sandwich and a full juice.
The night before, the same man was at
sterport Station at 10:14 p.m.
- where there was free passage to the
freight wagons that later hit the train.
- Did you tell the police about this?
- We can't show them this.
But we've been to the police three
times. They don't give a.
They just think we're over-gifted
But this one's the key. We just need
to find out who he is.
We're on it, but it's not easy.
We have fierce disagreements with our
face recognition expert.
Are these any disagreements you can
resolve and try to find him here?
We need to bring Emmenthaler. We need
Never in life! That was a great barn,
don't you think?
It was the kind of one we had in
- Are you sure you should back down here?
- Yes. There's a lot of room.
Stone. There's a rock there. Be
The shock phase is individual. Some
want care, contact and conversation.
Others just want to be alone. Both
are perfectly okay.
We offer you cognitive therapy,
individually or together.
Thanks. I'll let you know if I have
We can offer a child and an adult
psychologist who will visit you.
- That's a great idea.
- I don't want that.
- Why not?
- Often you're not yourself...
We're trying to get our lives back, so we're
not going to have people running around. Came.
yes, it's Dad again. It's 4:00,
If you don't call me in five minutes,
I'm going to go look for you.
- Buster and Gustav were annoying.
- They've never spoken to me before.
Mathilde! It's 7:30. Why don't you
answer the phone?
- Sorry. We were at the movies.
- You have to tell me something like that!
- Don't be out at 11:00.
- Mom and I agreed at 11:00.
- Go home with you. Into.
- No need to raise your voice.
- What did you say?
- I'll drive.
But the tone towards Mathilde may not
be what she needs.
What the fuck are you doing, man?
You're sick in the head!
- Honey, open the door.
- No!
You can just kick it in, you fucking
mugging psycho!
Mathilde, I didn't mean to hit that
I shouldn't have hit.
Who was he?
Are you dating?
I don't know when you just him up!
Yes, it was also...
I didn't know he was your girlfriend.
You don't know anything. You haven't been
here. You don't know anything about me.
You don't know me at all!
Would you please open?
I've gone to bed.
Sleep well. I'll see you tomorrow,
won't you?
- What do you want from me?
- This is Otto and Lennart.
I can see that. Go away.
Come on, Emmenthaler. We need you.
We're unraveling a murder case.
We brought pizza.
I've got him. Aharon Nahas Shadid, 38.
Works as a clinical dental technician.
Nazlet al-Seman al-Kebli 21.
- Nazlet el-Semman, al-Haram, Cairo,
- Then it's not him.
- The.
He is the only match above 99.12% on
the biometric markers.
Stick to matches at Danish addresses.
Have you followed me? There is no
nossefucking match in Pisdanmark.
What is the highest match of one in
I haven't looked at that. There's
nothing above the 99.12% limit.
No, but I'm thinking, for example, if
you lowered the limit,
to, for example, 95%?
We can do that, but it doesn't make
any sense.
When you need to qualify for the Olympics
in high jump, there is a requirement...
I don't know if I want to hear that
Olympics story for the third time!
We get it, but now we're asking you
to change it.
- so we don't just find people in
fucking South America and Africa.
I think we're just fucking shitty
stuffing here.
I'm not going to put up with that dick.
Take the pizza and leave the apartment.
- You ate that, you fat pig.
- So. So. Relax, both of you.
Emmenthaler, try listening sometime.
The two surveillance footage we have
was taken from high angles.
- so any match will still be subject
to some uncertainty, right?
The. We don't have enough biometric
data for a 100-% match.
No, so now we're asking you to show
us what you found in Denmark, right?
Okay, but it just doesn't make any
There's a 95.84% there. Can we see
him? Please?
It's him. It's him.
I know him from the train.
Palle Olesen. Look at that.
Good morning, baby. Are you hungry?
- I bought eggs and rye bread.
- I don't eat eggs.
Spend less time saving empty cans.
- and empty the ashtray. It's
What do I have to do to make it up to
Do you want me to call him? Talk to
his parents and apologize?
He's said he fell because he doesn't
believe in revenge.
He could have turned you in to the
police. You gave him a black eye.
What if I make spaghetti meat sauce?
Then we can eat here, and then I can
say I'm sorry.
Spaghetti meat sauce? You think we're
three years old?
Then takeaway. Just tell me what you
Come on, Mathilde. I'm doing the best
I can.
I'll ask him.
There's the barn, Emmenthaler.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's Emmenthaler.
Have you found out who he is?
Everyone's been looking forward to seeing the
barn, so why don't we go over there and talk?
His name is Palle Olesen.
He is a trained electrical technician
specializing in train components.
And he's the one who got off before the
accident and hung out by the freight wagons?
It's getting better. He's a brother.
- to Kurt "Tandem" Olesen, president
of riders of justice.
- The one the Eagle was supposed to testify against.
- Shut up. He knows that.
So they are simply brothers.
Everybody's in on the fact that we're on
our way to a psychopathic biker, right?
No. He's an electrical mechanic
specializing in train components.
"Possession of drugs, violence,
aggravated assault,
- theft, complicity in manslaughter,
illegal possession of weapons,
- horse theft, drug possession,
possession of weapons..."
Then he's an electrical mechanic who
moves in an inflamed environment.
- And who stole a horse.
- Who at one point stole a horse.
- That still doesn't make him a rocker.
- Let's talk to him.
See how he reacts, and then we go to
the police.
- Take a ride. He's not ready yet.
- Dav. My name is Markus.
It could be. He's not ready. Take a
- My wife was on the train.
- He was there, too.
- We know you were on the train, too.
- What the fuck is going on?
- We would like to ask you...
- You have to get out of here now.
- If I may...
- All you have to do is shut your ass right now.
Are you going to have a bullet
between your eyes? Get out of here.
Bring your three little pigs. Get out
of here, I'll tell you!
At least we got it sorted out.
Markus. No, no, no. Markus.
Is he dead?
- Yes. Do you want me to call the police?
- No, we can't.
- It was in self-defense.
- No police. Let's get out of here.
If we don't report it, we'll at least
have to remove the body.
Forensic evidence traps the
perpetrator in 87.4% of all homicides.
Markus' DNA is all over him.
Emmenthaler, come in here and help.
- Now! Before anyone sees you.
- We can't take him with us.
It's overly illegal. I don't want to
be a part of that.
It was a mistake.
I shouldn't have done that. I made a
- We're leaving now.
- He deserved it.
He deserved it.
If you knew how many times these have
been after me.
You're not so cool anymore, are you?
See if you can bully now, you.
Who's a little pig now, you fucking
pussy dick?
- Emmenthaler. So, then.
- Cock!
- Pussy!
- So, Emmenthaler. Okay?
- Well. Let's go.
- What about him?
We can't bring a dead man.
Let me see if there's a DNA-degrading
Find something that contains sodium
hydroxide or hydrogen nitride.
- Benzylsulfamide is the best.
- Stop chemistry class.
Thanks! Get in the car and wait, and
I'll take care of it.
Have you killed anyone before?
At least it looked like it wasn't the
first time.
I'm sure you've always worn a uniform
when you've done it.
Let's just be quiet, Emmenthaler.
I understand how you feel, Markus.
When I was little, I loved playing
- How does that correspond to...?
- Let me speak out..
I played in tivoligarden in red
uniform and black bearskin hat, -
- But when I turned 17, you couldn't
be in it anymore.
Yes, then you were alone.
I tried to play a couple of times.
- But it was as if me and the uniform
had played together.
And I couldn't do it alone.
Why don't we put some music on?
Yes. That's it.
- I'm not going all the way up.
- You want him to take a cab home?
I don't want to back out. Last time I
bumped into the fence.
- Go all the way up to the house,.
- Are you paying for the record work?
- Hi. Sirius is here.
- Yep.
- Hey, Sirius.
- Hi.
- And I'm sorry.
- Don't apologize for that.
This is a difficult time for you.
Yep. Okay. Fine.
There is a link between people's
professions and crisis management.
A yoga teacher meditates on his
An athlete will add an element of
competition and so on.
And violence is a big part of your
work and your everyday life.
It's a part of you, Dad, and it's
probably been for so long.
- that it is the only option you know
Do you understand what we're saying
to you?
Yes, I think so.
What if you're a baker?
How do you resolve conflicts if
you're a baker?
You cannot use the model in all
Well, it's such a model.
- So, what else have you been up to today?
- You need help.
Have you talked to anyone?
- Yes.
- With whom?
With you. We'll talk.
Sirius meant a professional. And no,
we don't.
I think so.
My mother is a psychologist and is
available if it finally is.
Come on, Mathilde.
- What do you want me to do?
- You need help, Dad.
Let the crisis psychologists come here.
That would be good for both of us.
I can't, baby. Not right now. I can't
figure that out.
Today, a verdict was reached in the
case of the Kaalundsgade killings.
Two riders of justice members were
sentenced to 16 years in prison.
- while Kurt "Tandem" Olesen, who
is seen here leaving the courtroom
- with Kenneth "Turbot" Jensen,
was acquitted on all counts.
Of course we're disappointed, but
without the Eagle's testimony,
- We were standing on the
A brief statement?
It's a great day for my brothers and
I and for the legal consciousness.
There's not much to celebrate, is there?
Now I'm thinking about your brother's death.
He wanted us to celebrate the
victory of justice.
So we do. Today we're going to
party, drink and.
- Thank you for coming.
- What are we going to do?
I'm going to ask you to find everything
you can on riders of justice.
How many members they have, what they
are punished and suspected of.
Names, addresses, family
relationships, everything.
Is that something you can do without
it being traceable?
- We understand it's easy for you.
- It's easy for me.
- What are you going to do with it?
- I want to avenge my wife.
Are you going to kill them?
- I'm in.
- No. Make sure I get close.
- I'll take care of the rest.
- We want to do it all.
In fact, we have talked about
something similar. I'd like to help.
We haven't talked about killing
No, but you'd empty their accounts
and join associations.
There's a leap from that to killing.
We want to avenge it. If you deal
with this deal,
- It will be Markus who is responsible
for the very illegal part of it.
Otto, they're bikers. We're not going
to bomb a crche. We're in.
We collect information on them, but
we don't kill anyone.
- I knew it.
- You're a bad leader.
That's how we do it. You get information,
and I'll take care of the rest.
- You just call me if it is, right?
- Yes.
I'll see you.
- Hi.
- Why are you home so early?
It's Wednesday. We're off at 2:00.
What's going on?
The one who was on the train. Him and
Mom, they talked.
That's right. It's Otto. He was on
the train, yes.
- What's going on, Dad?
- Yes, it's because he...
I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
We've had a confrontation between
your father and Otto.
Otto feels guilty that he gave your
mother his place.
- It's been very rewarding.
- Really rewarding.
Yes. That's what we're doing,
No, Dad. Thanks!
I was hoping you'd let them come. I'd
like to talk to them, too.
Yes. Who do you want to talk to?
With the crisis psychologists. You're
psychologists, aren't you?
You have to say we are.
- Are you a child or adult psychologist?
- Adult.
Dr.med., PhD Lennart Horsens...
Mr Davs, Member of the Commission. And that's my
colleague, child psychologist Ulf Emmenthaler.
Ulf Emmenthaler, crisis child
Hi. I'm kind of in between. What
would you advise me to do?
Therapeutically, you're an adult. I'm
the one you need to talk to.
- You can wait, too.
- No. That's what we're here for.
It's good to break down the first
barriers right now.
Come on, Mathilde.
Lennart's capable.
He's been with over 25 psychologists
in the last 40 years.
He is personally in contact with
virtually all diagnoses.
The other day, Sirius and I saw a dog
get hit by a car. It screamed and bled.
- You're afraid of being run over.
- No.
I felt no pity. I didn't feel
anything when I saw it.
Maybe it's because you lost your
I'm not buying it because my mother's
dead, and I'm in mourning.
- so I can't feel anything for anyone
That's not what I was going to say,
but it doesn't matter now.
I'm afraid I look like my father.
I'm sorry every morning and I don't
care about everything.
Of course you look like him. You
carry his genes.
If I have children, they'll have
those genes, too.
- and becomes indifferent to others
and violent and cold in the ass.
- You can't say that.
- Statistically, they will.
Statistically, you can drown in a
But you don't walk around and you're
afraid of that.
So much shit has happened that it's
unlikely that more will happen.
That's not how statistics work. A lot
of terrible things can happen.
There will most likely be. But there
will also be some good ones.
- and we should try to focus on them
Remember the first time you saw
something terrible on TV?
Yes. Yes, we once saw footage from
Auschwitz at school.
- There were dead people in piles.
- Yes, yes.
- Did you get so upset about that?
- Yes.
Or I got more scared, I guess. But I
wasn't that big back then.
Yes, I was big.
But I wasn't very old, I mean.
Quiet. If there was one thing I
learned in Horsens, it's-
- that people lose feelings about
We're not laughing at the same joke
for the third time.
You stop crying when you're abused.
- time and time again by his father
or by all his uncles -
out in a barn for example.
My point is that emotions arise when
we are surprised or stimulated.
There's death and mutilation on
YouTube or on TV.
- and therefore you do not feel
- You think that's just it?
- 100 %. You're not callous.
But you're fat.
- What?
- Yes. You're a little fat salge sausage.
Does he speak Danish, that one?
Do you speak Danish? What did you
tell the police?
Nothing. I don't see anything. I
don't hear anything.
- I'm like a little potato.
- You see this?
Maybe you remember a little better,
too. Do you remember your name?
Bodashka Litvinenko.
No, it's not going to work.
Your name is Jens-Ole. It's easier
for us to remember.
Yes. It's a lot easier. Thanks. Thank
you very much for your new name.
Bon apptit. If you don't remember now,
I'm going to break your little fingers.
And the last thing you hear, this is
the one saying bang!
- Let me hear it.
- I only saw one man.
He was well dressed. Handsome man.
He kind of looks a bit like the guy
with the guitar in Queen. Rockband.
But I hear them shouting a name.
One name. Rectums.
- End of the world?
- No, no. Rectums.
Like the cheese sandwich. They shout
it many times.
- Ellemtaner?
- Or emmentaler.
Okay. It's the last of them.
- Do you want me to help with the wires?
- No. Get off the wires!
Go away. Away.
Yes, I'm sorry, Markus. I'm going to
be furious about bad resolution.
Look at a solution Lennart's driving.
We're going to have a sore eye.
You're very close to the wires.
Please step away.
Get off the wires.
All right, one more. A proper sip.
And one more.
You can take more.
- What are you guys doing?
- Drinking coke upside down. Impossible.
- Lennart, Otto, come with me.
- Not in the middle of a session.
And then it's the ice. Just go to the
ice. And eat. Eat. Lots of ice cream.
- Don't eat all that shit.
- Don't listen to him. Eat.
- Lennart, come with me.
- Don't give orders.
- Lennart knows what he's doing.
- Spit that shit out.
This is where you're speaking out.
Dad, I'm not afraid to be fat.
I'm not going to look like a starved
sled dog.
- because you're afraid of having an
overweight daughter.
It's cognitive therapy. Not graduated
exposure, but flooding.
- Mathilde faces his demons.
- Lennart!
- Working on a Core i9?
- Yes.
Are you a pisidiot? How am I supposed
to track something on a processor?
Somebody's got to drive in and get my
servers and my monitors right now.
- Otherwise, I'm not going to get
started on this. computer.
God, if you don't mind listening to
that prima donna! You fat pig!
As if your equipment is better! I'm
not going out driving that trailer!
Pee-wife screens!
- What's going on, Dad?
- Yes...
MBT, right?
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
That's a good look, Sirius. It's exactly MBT.
- What is MBT?
- We'll have to take that later.
- We're going to Emmenthaler's.
- Mentalization-based therapy.
You use role-playing to get an
emotional response.
- That's a simplistic explanation.
- Lennart!
- I'll tell you something.
- Fuck you!
Something's wrong.
It works, Mathilde. View.
Your father interacts. The most
important thing is the result.
He's acting weirder than ever.
What are they doing with that
computer in the barn?
Don't say anything more to her or do
anything else. Understood?
She's afraid to gain because you're
after her.
- We're just helping.
- She doesn't need any help.
I've had over 4,000 psychology classes.
I know a little more about it than you do.
And you think those 4,000 hours have
Says the guy who breaks people's necks
but is afraid of coke and ice cream.
Be careful.
You need help, too, and there's
nothing embarrassing about that.
The important thing is that you also
start working with yourself.
- Why can't she believe in God?
- Stop.
- She's just trying to understand.
- I said stop.
Well, that's not how it works. Once
you've agreed to therapy,
- Then you can't say stop when it
I'm going to you both up if you don't
shut up.
One more word...
No, I'll tell you what...
- No! No, I'm sorry!
- What the hell are you doing?
- No, no, no!
- Hey, don't do that.
- Would you please not?
- Hey! Don't do that!
I'll be nice. I'll be nice! No, no,
Don't do this! Don't do this! No, no,
I'm sorry!
Sorry! Sorry!
- No! No!
- Oh, it.
- I...
- We don't have to talk about it.
- I'm not from Horsens.
- I don't want to hear any more.
I've been lying all the time.
I'm from Randers.
- Is that them?
- Yes.
Let me see. Could it be this one?
- Look at them. Is that them?
- Yes. yes, it's him. It's him.
Down, down, down.
No! No, don't kill him!
Don't kill him.
He's seen us. We'll just take him
with us.
- Are you going to kill me?
- No, nobody kills anyone here.
Well? Easy does it. What's your name?
Bodashka Litvinenko.
But a lot of people call me Jens-Ole.
You'll have to, too, many times.
No, why would we? We call you... the
first one there.
Do you have a cell phone?
If they know who I am, I can't go
Then you'll have to stay here and
sleep. For now.
- Isn't it safest for everyone to stay?
- The.
We need to get guns now so we can
defend ourselves.
- Can you work on Lennart's equipment?
- Yes, but not light-beneled.
It would be the happy madness not to
give us weapons.
I don't want you to have guns.
It's one thing for me to smash my
eyes in a cold barn.
- and find a massive amount of data
on a little computer,
- But if I can't even take revenge
- Then I don't know if I want to be a part
of it. This is crying out for revenge.
I'm not going to touch a finger if we
don't get gun training right now.
Okay. Get the equipment up and
running, and I'll train you.
But find everything you can on every
member and focus on Kurt.
Okay. And we can just shoot some
birds in the first place.
Or a fox. Can't we shoot one each and
then no more?
- The. Just get on with it.
- What about Bodashka?
My mother gave our au pair extra because
she thought the pay was too low.
But it depends on how much Bodashka
has to work.
I guess just the normal. 37 hours,
right, Markus?
- 30 hours is max. for an au pair.
- 37 hours is really good for me.
How much did you work in the last
- 10-12 hours every day.
- People are pigs.
- And how much did they pay you?
- So...
I make about $135,000 a month.
but I only keep 2000.
Shall we say 30 hours a week? If you
work more, we'll pay extra.
- Don't you want to stay, Dad?
- Let him go, Mathilde.
It is important that he is allowed to
- Do you play chess, Mathilde?
- No.
But we can play the Star of Africa.
We've played that a lot.
I had a colleague called the Star of
He was strangled on New Year's Eve by
a core customer.
- Lennart?
- Yes?
You want to fuck my ass before you
sleep so you can sleep rough and well?
No, thank you.
No, we have a really long day ahead
of us. Otherwise, thank you.
Ok. Goodnight.
Lennart? Thank you for saving me.
And thank you for not fucking my ass.
You're welcome. Sleep well, my friend.
- Good night, Emmenthaler.
- Good night, Otto.
Hi. Where's my dad?
- He went to morning therapy.
- In the barn?
- Yes.
- Okay. But then say hello and good day.
You need a little button here.
I'll sew that tonight.
Wait a minute.
That's it. You're very, very
- Remember the packed lunch. Have a good school day.
- Yes. Thanks. Hey, hey.
Kurt "Tandem" Olesen. Death sentence.
Kenneth "Turbot" Jensen. Death sentence.
Noah "Abe" Frandsen. Death sentence.
Isn't it easier to say those who
aren't doomed?
Anker Trier, Tim "Tonser" Petersen
and Vitus "Pork" Clausen walk free.
- They have children.
- Aren't those harsh punishments?
- That's 22 homicides.
- They tried to kill us.
They know who we are and don't stop
unless we kill them first.
- So now we're going to do what we agreed.
- So far, we've defended ourselves.
When they find out it's an attack,
it's going to be harder to reach Kurt.
It already is. He always has 10 men
around him.
Why don't you kill one of them like
it was an accident?
- And then kill them all at the
There are women and children at a
funeral. We can't do that.
- What about their clubhouse?
- Lennart?
Get out of here! Away!
Even though the resolution is poor on
these monitors,
- then you can faintly see how the
clubhouse is monitored -
- 24 hours by the police and PET.
That's impossible.
But I have a handle on where they are and
have track on their mobiles and emails.
Then we'll have to wait for me to get
a group where Kurt's in.
- Five or six people max.
- If the group is bigger, we can help.
Especially when we soon get the massive
weapons training we've agreed upon.
The M10 is an old model.
It consists of a trigger housing, a
flask, buffer, spring,
- steering frame, a pipe, optical
sieve, bottom piece, impact bolt,
- charging handle and magazine. We
start by placing buffer in spring.
- I can't get it in.
- I don't think it's easy for you.
- Put the spring into the flask.
- Finished.
Where did you serve military service?
I don't have that anywhere. Look at
- How can you do it so fast?
- There are few components.
- It kind of gave itself up.
- It's crazy.
Can you do it again?
- I like to collect things.
- Such. Finished. Second.
I don't understand this. When are we
going to need to collect a gun?
Our lives may depend on it. But
handsome, Lennart. What's it called?
It's called Fuck You, Emmenthaler.
If I wanted to collect things, I'd
probably have gone to IKEA.
They found the Ukrainian bush's cell
phone at exit 51.
We need to focus our energy around
exit 51.
- Focus?
- Find the Ukrainian and we'll find them.
Ulf Emmenthaler, he has two friends.
They were all fired two weeks ago.
These. Lennart Gerner Nielsen and
this one, Otto Hoffmann.
Otto Hoffmann has a schmuck arm.
Don't you think it's a little easier
to find them?
- than sitting at exit 51 and waiting
for a Ukrainian gay?
Yes, yes.
- Then find me that schmuck arm.
- Yes, yes.
Look at that.
It's like pizza and yet it's not. Is
that too much?
- Still a little too much.
- I just thought...
- The Queen is the strongest, isn't she?
- Numerically, she is.
But strategically, it's the farmer.
It changes from party to party.
All pieces may turn out to be
Chess is a game in which chance and
luck are not a factor.
No dice, no jokers, no hidden items.
Everything's in front of us.
- and it is only your own actions
that determine the outcome.
Then there's snacks.
- Can't you take a picture of us?
- Obviously. Move to the couch.
- Can it be a video?
- Like this?
- We're at it.
- I'm just going to get him here...
Noller and a group of seven are meeting
tonight at antorini restaurant.
It's down in the harbor area.
Turbot confirms kurt's going to be
here tonight at 7:00. Noller gives.
They'll be 12.
Can you take that many? Otherwise, I
can come with you.
And Lennart and Otto hit a lot in the
woods, too.
We could take them when they get out.
Catch them in a crossfire here and there.
We're not going to get a better
chance, Markus.
You're coming with me.
Neutrons are a bit heavier than
If it were the other way around, atoms
couldn't exist. And without atoms no life.
- We have to go.
- Okay. What are we going to do?
- I'll explain that in the car.
- We're doing our homework.
- Emmenthaler, this is it.
- There's therapy for everyone. Come with me.
- What the hell are you saying?
- Don't grab him.
- Why do you always have to...?
- Shut up!
Don't interfere. Let's go.
You can't talk to your daughter like
that. What's that?
- Weapons? What are you doing?
- Markus explains in the car.
What are we going to do with the
guns? Isn't that too dark?
- Don't shoot anything.
- All we have to do is crossfire.
You're not going to get anything out of it
other than getting shot or going to jail.
- What about Mathilde? Don't you care?
- Shut up.
- Otto, I wouldn't.
- You're not going to get your wife back.
I'm going to break your nose.
Why don't we just get this over with
and come home and get banana cake?
I'm just saying she's dead.
- Don't we need crossfire now?
- What's his problem?
He's got a lot of people. But right now,
he's lying unconscious on a bike path.
His daughter died in a traffic
- so he can be touchy on behalf of
other father-daughter relationships.
But don't feel bad. That was many
years ago. He crashed into a tree.
That's how he got the withered arm.
It was January 12, 2002.
He had a blood alcohol level of 0.92 and was
disqualified from driving conditionally.
Was fined DKK 28,342.
- Are you hacking your own friends, too?
- No, no, no.
Otto told us.
Or at least he's mentioned it a few
And then we've just read up on the
He has a picture of his wife and
daughter standing up.
Then you ask for it yourself when you
flash your privacy like that.
Get ready.
- On the right. Lennart, you stay here.
- Isn't Lennart going?
What kind of girls are these girls?
It's just a lie. Didn't you tell me
they were alone?
That's what they wrote. Then someone
must have brought ladies.
So let's go home and have banana cake.
We'll wait a while.
- You stay here.
- What's he doing?
What the hell are you doing, man?
Ouch for... Fuck, man!
Sorry. I couldn't. I'm not good at it.
- You're good at it. I'm not.
- It's okay.
No, it's not.
They're dead now. He's dead.
It's not easy to kill a human being.
Especially the first time.
No, no, I can't...
I don't want to be a part of this anymore. I don't
want to be a part of this anymore. Never again.
You're not going to either. But try
to remember why we do it.
Why are we doing this? What if he
hadn't been with...?
He has! Shut up, he has! They all
Try to think about what they've done.
Think about how many lives they've
Oh, my God.
Emmenthaler? Do you want me to put
some radio on?
Would you like that? To hear a little
quiet radio?
- Father?
- Not right now, baby. We're working.
Okay. That's just what you said with
that Otto guy with a schmuck arm.
- I'm going to...
- Yes.
- Who is Sirius Zen?
- Some homo I follow.
I don't know him. He makes great
- Reporter: Good morning.
- Good morning, baby.
Reporter: Good morning.
What happened, Otto?
You're the one who did that? You're
You're the fucking one who should be
dead, not Mom!
I just want to say that it wasn't
your father who did it. I fell.
Don't lie to me. You're about it.
- You all are.
- Don't get mad at your father.
He may not be doing the right thing
all the time, but he's really trying.
Then he's bad at trying.
We can agree on that. But he's not
doing so well.
No. I know, I know.
Are all the incidents leading up to
the accident?
And it started with your bike being
Yes. If my bike hadn't been stolen,
it wouldn't have happened.
Then my mom wouldn't have to drive
me, and then it didn't matter.
- that the car could not start,
and then we would not have taken the train.
How does it matter that your father
He said he wasn't coming home.
My mother was so disappointed that
she suggested we take a truancy day.
and drove into town.
All these incidents have their own
individual course.
What do you mean, you don't know?
I got fired that day, so I took an
earlier train than usual.
But you have to go back to when I
learned you give the seat to a woman.
The man who taught me, he wants his
very own course.
Everything has threads that weave themselves
into other events and life into one...
Not infinity. In a very large
Not even the world's largest
computers will be able to
- to process all the data, and even
if you're a smart girl,
- your human brain will never be able
to process a fraction of what
- and you will therefore never be
able to draw a useful conclusion.
It's never going to make sense.
It's a waste of time.
I know that, too.
I've rewinded everything a million
times to find a reason.
- But there isn't one.
- Yes, that's it.
There are centillions.
But you can't use any of them for
I sometimes dream of finding the guy
who stole my bike.
I see him cycling off on my bike, and
then I run after him.
and catch him.
But I also know it's not his fault.
It's nobody's fault.
It just makes a little more sense if
you have someone you can...
... get mad at.
My mother had seven children, but the
little ones were hungry.
And thin as matches. And we froze,
and winter came on the way.
- So my mom's selling a baby.
And then Palle came and took me to Germany.
He rents me out...
I'm like a city bike.
that anyone can just come and ride.
But then we go home on vacation, and
I meet you.
We'll be here just three days before
you kill him and save me.
No, it can't be. No, Palle was on the
train the week before.
No. No, no, no trains. We're flying
But not three days before. You must
have come back from Germany earlier.
No. Well, we landed Monday.
- And you're going to kill him
There's something I need to check.
Did I say something wrong?
No, no, no, no, no. Oh, no.
My lovely children.
It's a beautiful country. Green and
flat as flatbread.
But the food was the biggest
- Dad had the worst sandwich in the world.
- Worse than Grandma's?
The tuna was old and wet. The bread
was dry as desert sand.
- and I got a juice that tasted like
I threw it in the trash and went to
3.28% was missing.
It's unlikely that anyone looks so
much like Kurt Olesen's brother.
I told you. The biometric limit value
was not met.
You wanted it to be true.
No. He is a qualified electrical engineer
specializing in train components.
- It's close to impossible.
- It was a coincidence.
There's no connection. You created
it, Otto.
You said you recognized him from the
That's what I thought I could do.
I must have looked blind.
So it was just an accident.
- I'm so sorry, Markus.
- Then who is it?
If it's not him, who is it?
Then who is it?
You told me it wasn't an accident.
But it's him.
It's him. It's him.
- Markus. Markus.
- It...
Markus, Markus. Markus.
- Breathe quietly.
- What's going on? What's going on?
- Don't worry about it. yes, that's it.
- I'm scared.
- What do you say?
- I'm scared.
I understand that. I understand that.
I understand that very well.
Look me in the eye. Look me in the
She's dead. She's gone.
Yes. She's dead. Take a breath. So.
Come on, here. Came. Come here. yes,
that's so good.
It doesn't matter.
There is an old Ukrainian legend of
It's about Ljubaba Vasilkovna from
A beautiful princess.
which goes bear hunting the morning
after the first full moon of spring.
A giant bear comes and attacks her
and bites her finger off-
with her beloved diamond ring on.
Very sad for her. But then, exactly
10 years later,
- the morning after the first full
moon of spring,
- in the same thick forests in the
same precise place,
She goes hunting again.
And this time, she shoots a big old
And when they open its belly,
There wasn't a ring in there.
Well. Now it will be really exciting
to see if the water boils soon.
Why did you come here anyway, Otto?
Because the police wouldn't help.
Or I came because we switched seats,
I think.
Because I was the one who should have
Then I saw Mathilde in the hospital,
and she looked so helpless.
And Lennart and Emmenthaler, did they
just follow?
They don't have many friends.
I think people with problems tend to
get together.
Like fat people,
- so they look less thick when they
are together.
Then it's all a little easier to live
You also have some things you need to
learn to live with.
I don't know if I have anything to
learn to live with.
You have to learn to live with the
death of your wife.
Why do I have to?
You're going to have to get some real
Nothing's going to help.
- It doesn't matter.
- Yes, but...
- You have Mathilde.
- We should never have had her.
Before she got here, at least I was
hoping that she'd be able to do it.
- That once we have kids, it all
makes sense.
Well, you have a responsibility to
your daughter.
Yes. You were so fucking responsible
to your daughter yourself.
I wasn't.
Because I was an idiot.
I didn't think of anyone but myself.
But not a day goes by when I wouldn't
... that I just once more...
... be allowed to find her hairbrush
for her-
- or discuss with her if she could
have a dog.
Or get tired of her not figuring out
how to put the milk in place.
I don't have anything to be proud of.
But you have.
And I look at you and Mathilde, and I
wish I were you.
Then it may not all matter.
- but that's all you don't have a
relationship with.
You don't know Mathilde. That's why
you can't understand her.
But you have to understand that it
takes time for it to make sense.
It costs time.
But you have it.
Then use it.
I'm sorry if I got angry and raised
my voice.
It's okay.
I'm sorry about the nose thing, too.
- Hi.
- Sirius.
- Is that you?
- Yes.
No, it means "we'll be called."
- Give me your hand.
- What? No!
Listen to me. I'm going to break your
- And then you tell me where you took
that video of Otto Hoffmann.
Where, when...
I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
Don't break my finger.
- I'm going to break two because you broke off.
- I'll tell you what I know.
I'm going to break three because
you're a little gossip.
There it was four because you're a
crying prince.
It's just a finger.
That sounds great. Very precise. It's
a really good job.
Maybe you could break it up a little
Get in the room. Hide under your bed.
No matter what, you stay there. Is
that clear? Get on your stomach.
- Is anyone hit?
- In the foot, I think.
- Shoulder. Since.
- I'm unstricken.
- I'm unstricken, too.
- Emmenthaler, down. Down, down!
I just had time to duck.
Lennart, I need help. Come here.
The bag with M10s is at the end of
the stairs. You're faster than me.
Do you see it?
- Why the hell did you take them apart?
- It doesn't matter. Throw them up.
Oh, hello.
Soldier boy!
Come out into the light.
Soldier boy, come out into the light!
Come all the way out into the light,
or I'm going to fucking blow her head off.
Get down on your knees and throw that
shit away from you.
That one on the panty line, too.
Then we're going to kill that fool.
Oh, my God, this is aummer, man. What
the hell did we do to you?
Don't be afraid, darling. It's going
to be okay.
We'll take care of you. Came.
I'll call you with an ambulance.
Don't be afraid.
Are you in pain?
I'm just freezing a lot.
They're coming, Dad. They're coming.
I should have just listened to you.
I think I need help.
I want you to... They'll be here in a
minute. You just have to keep talking.
Sorry. Sorry.
What's this?
- It's chess. Thank you so much, Mathilde.
- You're welcome.
- I'm glad you did.
- Otto's turn to find a gift.
Let's see what's here. It's this one.
"To Emmenthaler from Markus and
- Team...
- What the hell is that?
It's a horn.
Can you conjure it, Emmenthaler?
No, I don't think I can. What am I
supposed to play?
It's awesome. Play something!
But what?
yes, just play something random.
Hell, if I can sit and listen to it
on Christmas Eve.
So, then. Take a breath. Take a
- You're wearing a uniform. We're in Tivoli.
- Yes.
- We're standing on the Lawn.
- Yes.
So. I know you can.