Riff-Raff (1991) Movie Script

I want all that is decent.
We must fix these tubes.
And so on.
They want to keep them trim.
- Yes
- Okay.
- Will have to cover them.
- With tar paper or wood?
Do what you...
You cover. With wood.
The point is that if you come late,
go out soon, do you mean?
We pay the Thursday morning
and also said goodbye that day.
The containers are not there
apoyis for you in them...
but to fill them
and although it comes to story...
I do not trust
sobris that no unemployment.
Did not know you could do that.
You can not imagine what they do
the bastards like you.
- I no longer suck my thumb.
- What is it we do?
Stealing, collect unemployment
under any other name...
not to strike, loiter
and talk like ass.
And no pissing in the corners.
Prohibited. Is frowned upon.
- No toilet, right?
- It's a mess.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Go.
What is your opinion on
the ozone layer?
I do not care until it affects
at work. Anything else?
What progress?
We would be easier to see
to a legless cat...
burying shit
in a frozen pond.
I have been told to see Mr. Siddons
for a job.
Yes? I thought you were coming to give us
three wishes. What is that?
The blade of unemployment.
They said they did. "
I do not want. I do not know
none of your privacy.
Of course, taxes
the pay us...
but insurance is up to you,
you are self-employed.
To hell with all those leaves
unemployment. To work.
Come, come out of the hut
and teach you how to begin.
You see,
everything becomes easy and sympathy.
- Is there a possibility?
- What?
- Can you give me work?
- Watch and wait 5 minutes there.
You see those containers?
Then they have to be filled at 4.
- This sends Margaret Thatcher.
- Roger, Margaret.
Whatever is on the floor, you pass
lift out the window.
You two can start
for this corridor.
- It's decided, right?
- Yes, I like determined.
- You always know what to expect.
- Shut up. See what below?
Two dozen sheets of wall
precast. Upload them to the fourth floor.
- Your face turns red when you are angry.
- I got signed.
- And you, what are you doing here?
- Have not told me what to do.
Shall I tell you
when to go to shit?
Watch these manners,
could be your father.
- And who are you?
- Wilf.
- Wilf. Where are you, Wilf?
- Of Bristol.
How Bristol? Shepherd.
Go to Liverpool and make crumbs.
Hey everybody, do not want to see
without a helmet. Nobody is going without a helmet here.
All right, Scot?
Okay, Stevie.
All right, Scot?
- Where do you sleep?
- At the moment, with some friends.
What next?
I'll find something of mine,
I do not know.
- And a place to occupy?
- You know something?
Yes, we know something,
Do you, Mo? Mo!
Are not we can get
something to occupy?
No problem. Come Saturday
and find something.
You want one, son? There are thousands
empty sites in the area.
No problem.
We are in 1990.
There are millions of people
Do you know how many unemployed there are in this
country? Nearly 3 million.
And you know how many workers
construction? 250,000.
- Yeah, but half do not want to work.
- Nonsense!
There are millions of acres into disuse,
not counting the green belt.
are overflowing.
Nobody should be in the street
in the 90s. It's crazy, man.
- Now there is no God to stop...
- The City of Liverpool...
5,000 houses built
when they sent the Labor Party...
What happened to them?
I have taken. Across the country.
- He just wants a floor busy!
- Of all the municipalities.
He just wants a floor busy!
- The rest of the country...
- Sure, because votaste Thatcher.
- I did not vote for Thatcher.
- Yes
- I never vote, buddy.
- Yes
- Yes, votaste.
- Never.
- The votaste.
- He took 41% of the vote...
- But the other 59% voted against.
- He just wants a floor busy!
Sure, the Almighty Mo
I do not care, you have your house.
But if you just want the floor
occupied by the balls!
- What?
- They come for the floor of Pascal.
- Pascal's flat?
- Yes, it is empty.
Come on, put the leg, host.
You'll have to give a couple
of locks on the door...
and close well before
to go away in the morning.
- Pardon me, boys.
- There is no story for anyone.
Will you let me go, solete?
Do you mind passing?
You can not.
Come on, guys, I have children
older than you.
Lower your leg if you want
you break it.
- Hey, do not talk like that.
- That you cowering.
- Fuck you!
- Do not Mess with us...
- And nothing will happen.
- No need to talk like that.
- Come on, guys, calm down!
- You're all bastards!
- It's a shame.
- What floor?
They are angry with everyone except
with which they should be angry.
- Is the number?
- 39.
It's here.
- What about the crowbar?
- Here.
- Thanks.
- What do you think?
- Not bad.
- Home sweet home.
Dale, Shem, give strong.
Not bad.
It gives the south, Scotland.
It is ultramodern.
- Chain of music and all.
- It smells like piss.
No problem. Mo will clean it.
He is used.
- Always clean behind Larry.
- Come on, I'll give gas...
remove the timber
Consider this Part.
Here it smells of pee.
- It's settled.
- Fuck me with that.
- Okay?
- Perfect.
This shit was also ours,
until we stole it.
Well, that's it.
What, comfortable?
- Very.
- I hope the hammer...
- I have not woken up.
- I just remove all those tables.
Well, has not been in the news.
Wow, have not cut yet.
That also was ours.
Do you can explain why someone
have to make a profit...
whenever we
water to boil?
Or every time a child
drink a glass.
Or every time a pensioner
turn on the stove.
Before the speculators pulled
paste of the land and houses...
- Now take out the gas.
- Every time you open your mouth...
loose a fucking speech
Do not you get tired of hurting it?
- Thanks, but I'm not angry.
- But we do not want to hear.
You do not understand. Every day I
light cut more people, gas...
And give, and give!
You ever get tired?
The "lumpen proletariat", yes. Thought
you when they invented the word.
- Come on in...
- I'm serious.
- You're the perfect representative...
- And the suckling pig comes to us...
Bye, guys.
Can not you see we are working
down here?
- Stevie.
- What?
Get out, walking.
Let's shoot this thing.
Larry, lean back.
But what are you doing?
Do you not see that there are people going?
Do you not see that there are people going?
I tell you there are people, cocoons.
Do not you see?
Are you cranks or what?
- What?
- That there are people retarded!
- Come, jodis not the sow.
- We will not stand here all day.
- Backpedaling.
- Take off in the middle, come on.
Come on, Larry, do not be a bore.
The hell, you bastards!
Are you happy?
It gives me more to have broken
an intermittent.
You're going to have to currar about
few Saturdays to pay for this.
- Here it is, smart-ass!
- You are morons.
It could have been a kid.
Look at these lazy bastards.
Not work for anything.
The working class
not work.
It makes me laugh. Tell them to stay
sitting all day...
and are happier
pigs in shit.
- What? Already the time?
- For you, no.
There comes a burden
lime and sand this afternoon.
I want those empty flats
for Wednesday...
because we will begin to drop
the shutters on Monday morning.
I just passed through the dining room, Gus.
It is most hygienic.
This morning there
a pair of rats there.
Insurance also
are pointing to the strike.
Look! If you have even taken
a deck.
Eventually, they form a circle.
The uncle of the letters,
into the street.
- Who has got?
- Smurph.
Guileless, innocent, simple.
Seven letters.
- "In-ge-nuo. Maybe.
- Always good to have you vocabulary.
Before it was very like you.
Candido, simple... Innocent.
A lovely word.
Very broad.
- Come on, cut off the pace.
- That's it.
- It's going to get behind the stove.
- Be careful.
- Wait.
- There it is.
Here goes!
Not let him escape!
- Do not touch that. Leave it where it is.
- So we will see better.
Cut the jokes, Larry...
The Falklands
was easier than this.
- Come on, kill it.
- Dale fuerte!
- Have you caught!
- The rat bitch...!
- We did it, guys.
- You're in that hole.
- Give me the bill.
- I'll get him.
- Surely there is a nest.
- Insurance.
Thank you.
Come on, get out.
- Here, do this.
- Okay.
I see the nest.
There's the nest.
Here they all are.
- There are, whores.
- Rat Bastard.
Hell, there are a whole battalion.
The catch with his hands,
the bastard!
Fuck. Are dead.
- Mamonazo!
- Do not hurt me!
- I have done nothing!
- I'm in the shit like you.
If I see you again or the asshole
of your colleagues are dead.
- And now a shell, you bastard!
- Bud!
Screw you!
"Susan Miles?
I found your bag
near where I work.
I have water boiling.
Want some tea?
I could use.
Ok. Sorry,
but I thought you were the owner.
It awaits
from one moment to another.
- Ya.
- And I do not see him.
I'm here.
- Remove those things.
- Yes
Thank you.
Do you serve tea?
A penny.
- Did you read my diary?
- No.
- Really?
- Word of Scotland.
- It's green.
- What?
It's green.
Is green tea.
It contains no caffeine.
- Caffeine makes me nervous.
- Is there milk?
No, do not use dairy products.
Cholesterol, high blood pressure...
Are you a doctor?
Me? Doctor?
- I'm a singer.
- A singer?
I am working as a peon.
It is temporary.
- "Where you sing?
- Over there. At different sites.
Right now,
Are you gaining?
- What?
- Unemployment. If you charge...
- Is it an interview or what?
- Just asking.
No. I have the proof soon.
What sign are you?
- Aries.
- Aries?
Aries. The ram.
- Is that good?
- It is what it is.
- Want to know?
- Okay.
You have a peculiar view
on. How's that?
A flash, a spark, signal
a vibrancy and challenging.
How's that?
His eyebrows are very wide.
- I do not know.
- Not much.
A little, well yes.
The truth is that shooting
the "I Ching" every day.
Come on, remove that.
I lean more toward the commercial.
To that I get, you know?
- Yes?
- Pants...
colored socks
and so on.
- No, seriously.
- Sorry.
- It pays.
- Really?
- There is great demand in the market.
- Really?
- Yes I have big plans.
- Lots of money?
Just getting into the scene.
Just open a shop little one.
You know, maybe
sell from a van...
or setting up a stall.
The pawn
is temporary...
It's shit.
What of underwear
is better.
- "More tea?
- No. Thanks.
And where you are tested?
There is a test.
It's a concert.
- Singing with a group.
- Where?
- You will not go.
- Yes
- No, no way.
- I'll bring some colleagues, we will lump.
No way!
Maybe I'm not going either.
It's a big mistake.
Could be someone important.
- You never know, right?
- The Grapes of Wrath, Stoke Newington.
- I'll be there.
- You're not.
Why? It may be
your big chance.
I doubt it.
- Gus, we can not have that here.
- Somewhere I put them...
- It's raining cats and dogs.
- There are too many things here.
These prefabricated partitions
2 kilos worth, can not get wet.
How do you work? We must
hanging rails, using the lathe.
Well have to get by.
- If something sucks, I tell descontar.
- Gus!
- Speaking.
- What?
- The common-noun, on the phone.
- What common-noun?
- The Boss!
- What the fuck!
You two,
is not there.
- Over here.
- You know exactly where it goes.
I have told myself.
Do it.
- Damn, look what you've done.
- Sorry, sorry.
You, the top, move!
Benidorm you're not in Minnesota!
It looks like a bombing range.
Hey, boss, wait.
- Hello?
- Hello? Hey, Gus.
- Wait.
- Gus?
Sorry, boss,
was a false alarm, sorry.
- Hey, boss...
- This Brave Warrior...
Libby Crow Naked
Do you copy? Change.
Calling Brave Warrior,
"I get you? Change.
I'm busy,
wait a minute.
Say, boss.
Me cago en la leche!
Someone to talk to me!
The mother who bore me!
Too bad you do!
Do not come back here, baby!
Out! Out! Out!
Out! Out! Out!
Out! Out! Out!
Out! Out! Out!
- You hear the bottom?
- Neither desire!
"And who are you?
It was like feeling the music
deep inside...
everything was spinning,
was singing and I did well...
and was like...
Look, wearing my lucky egg.
The group is not very good.
I think.
- Have you seen the guy in the corner?
- Yes, I've seen.
- Well...
- Do you think a journalist?
- These guys never say anything.
- Never say anything.
- It's my stop. Sorry.
- Wait.
Do not go.
Do not say goodnight.
Hey, if I do not now
I'll tell a "good morning".
I want to be something better
this, okay?
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Shit, I must go.
Are you going?
If I leave now, I will lose
another bus. What time is it?
You can stay if you want.
- I do not think that's a good idea.
- Why not?
- Hardly know you.
- I've seen it all.
Not much.
Nothing personal,
I think it's the most personal thing
you can do.
I do not want to
complicate my life right now.
So far so good.
I thought all was not right.
Well, Mars is rising.
- Mars...
- Yes, Mars.
You're like a cowbell.
Okay, guys, let's see. Look at
Larry in Liverpool with his helmet.
Look at Larry in Liverpool
with a check by wearing a helmet.
Fiama also carries the helmet
and also going to charge.
You, will you charge?
Seth, put on your helmet.
Ishmael, Ishmael!
Fiama, are you going to the bank?
- How about you do you care?
- It checks, right?
- Are you going to charge?
- How much you give me?
Give it up your ass, man.
- Look, you bastard.
- I give you three pounds.
- Three pounds? Screw you, man.
- Three pounds or nothing.
- Fuck!
- Want to go to the bank...
and I miss the food
for only three pounds?
"You take 30 pounds
of the boys this week?
- I do not know what I asked.
- And how they charge, then?
No name, no surname...
Everything goes by nicknames.
What if the check has no funds?
I have a family to feed.
And how will not have funds?
That's impossible, man.
They take enough with taxes.
Not get in trouble for checks.
- Okay, five pounds.
- I like as ass.
If you want me to cash the check,
give me five pounds, okay?
- Four and a half.
- Five.
- Fuck! Thief of shit!
- Do you charge him, yes or no?
- No.
- Do you want that you collect?
- Five pounds. Okay, motherfucker.
- I'm doing you a favor, man.
"Three pounds?
Hey, I said five pounds!
Yes, but you have behaved
like a jerk and I give you three.
- Son of a bitch.
- I know it hurts, Fiam...
- But one day you'll thank me.
- You lied.
He's a liar. I take care
much of you if it was him.
- Here. Two pounds.
- I have five. Happy?
Guys, we made a deal.
I say five pounds each.
- I want five pounds!
- If you already have!
Hey man, I'm not mad at,
not mad at me.
And you, listen, guys.
I told...
when I went to the bank that you had
give me 5 pounds each.
And you told me so.
You said yes.
You tell me yes or no?
Have you told me.
He told me, right?
- My five pounds.
- Me? "Five pounds?
- Five pounds.
- Come, rest, lad.
- Hey, did you?
- Sorry, man, do not know what will.
You gave me your word.
Give me five pounds.
I took the money
my savings.
I ran a risk.
If the check has no funds, what?
I have a family to feed.
Do not give me shit.
- We all have family.
- No, uncle.
- You gave me your word.
- I was messing.
No, man, no way.
Come on, guys,
do not quarrel, for 4 pounds.
Look, this is not going with you.
Drink tea, walk.
But do not quarrel
by four pounds.
If I fight,
I just want my money.
I have gone to the bank
and I've waited half an hour...
and they should give me 5 pounds.
What they should do is amochar already.
You can not ask for five pounds
each one by going to the bank.
- Hey, buddy, do not get this.
- Neither Prince Charles would charge that.
You have not kept your word.
- Anda ya!
- You have not kept your word.
- It's terrible. Terrible.
- Come on, shut up.
- That is, place it in the background.
- Do you, who are already older.
Put it all in the bottom
rather snugly.
- That's it.
- These things make me crazy.
- Where you going with that girl?
- To get her inside.
I'm allergic to plants.
Here, and in passing the wear
the antiquarian to you the ices.
- I only have the truck until midnight.
- We have all the haste we can.
- We must go now.
- Okay.
Stevie, I'm not sure
that this is a good idea.
Sure, you're right.
Guys, you have to download everything.
- Do not be stupid.
- What?
I just want to make clear
that is temporary, right?
Do not want to commit or anything.
Is committed, but
should not be forever.
But I can not forget
touring anytime.
Yes, I understand.
I know that living with me
is an important decision...
but not be
forever. Yes or no?
You stay until something else turns.
No commitment.
Something comes up and leave.
Do not worry.
- Very nice!
- Bravo for the Scottish!
- Shame!
- "Love is wonderful. "
Be careful with that coat, driver,
is only half pay.
- Come on, Queen.
- Above, Molly Malone!
Is there room for a lady?
- In progress, Fitipaldi!
- Watch out for my plant.
- No one.
- Coming.
Gentlemen, pass.
- Where do I leave?
- Put them near the window.
- Yeah, leave it there.
- I have this up.
- Can you put...?
- Do you find it here?
Yes, there are fine.
Let's bring the rest, Mo.
- You can even help if you want.
- No, my doctor forbids it.
Leave it there.
- Well
- What? Well?
It's nice.
Guys, we have seen!
Fuck you.
- Where does this leave?
- On the beach...
And sit in it...
- I'll do
- Hey, you are stealing the truck!
Driver, hurry!
Return the wheel
Stop making the cocoon.
- Come on.
- Come on, man, is a joke.
- Shem, Shem.
- What?
- No! Fuck.
- Damn, if you've been all day.
- Look!
- My jacket and my radio!
- Come back here, you bastards!
- Well, since you do not hurt your back!
It will be the first thing you do
all day!
Give you too, son!
- Here.
- Thanks.
I was thinking that is very rare.
Because I got the bag
Not that. I went to a psychic
a couple of months ago.
He said there would be changes
important in my life...
improve my professional life,
that, at best, I moved.
Also something of a relationship.
Are not you surprised?
- And do not say where to put that ficus?
- I am serious!
He also said something about a trip
and one death.
Could you choose?
Oh, God!
- Did you ever get depressed?
- No.
Becoming depressed is to bourgeois
not to currantes.
Well, I'm depressed.
I once tried to kill me.
It's just that I long
that this works.
I want to work.
But there are so many things about me
do not know...
And others that you do not know me.
A call Barlinnie jail,
that almost killed me.
But I'm still here.
And you are still here.
We got it.
Furthermore, it has to work.
You have the furniture here.
Do not you steal?
- I do not steal.
- I do not steal.
I do not steal.
I do not steal.
- Is not stealing, I hope?
- What?
- That it is not stolen.
- Holy shit! To me!
- What are you doing?
- You called me a thief. I do not like.
I have to be careful.
I am a businessman.
- How much do you want?
- 50.
40 deal.
40 pounds and have a deal.
- Okay.
- Okay.
20 and 40, right?
Good boy.
- John, have you seen the hammer?
- No. Where did you leave?
Right here.
I went in for tea and it's gone.
Lucky you you did not
blown the truck. Here they steal everything.
- Ask him.
- How are you?
- They have only won the Kango.
- Here you steal my shirt.
To see that.
- Have you seen the hammer?
- No, I have not seen anything.
Got any change of 10?
Give me 20 and I owe you.
- Takes Mo, eight. I only have eight.
- Here, I owe you two.
- Give me one and we already ten.
- Now, I owe you one and two.
One moment, you owe me five.
So I'll take four.
- In peace, right?
- Yes or no?
But why only
I have 3 pounds?
- Because I had two...
- But why...?
- We need to settle debts, right?
- Is clear.
You owe me three pounds
So we are at peace.
The other day I paid for you, right?
Thanks, honey.
Okay, thanks.
- Thanks, Ben.
- Thanks, Ben, very well.
- Thanks.
- I wish...
That is, Caroline.
Do you mind waiting
until we finish?
Samantha, sorry, but...
Could not you sing
with a little more...?
We need a more American accent,
although the song is English.
- Yes
- Can you sing with more brazen?
It is what we seek. Try
sell it, with more effrontery.
Much worse.
Come on, tell him to stop.
- Thank you, Samantha, it was that...
- Thanks.
- Done.
- Yes, thanks.
- Yes?
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- The following, please.
- Susan Miles.
- Susan what? How?
- Susan Miles.
Karen, could not you...
put a little more
I want more agony and passion
in that song, please.
We want to see you live
and dying at once, okay?
- Yes, more bitterness, we want to.
- You know. Bitterness. Hardness.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Sell us the song.
- I try...
- Yes, try try.
Thanks, Karen... Susan.
Do you mind waiting a moment?
I speak to you.
- Excuse me?
- Aplaudidla.
- This is a test.
- A fucking applause.
- Bunty!
- What's this?
Show it some respect.
Do not hesitate and applauds!
- Bunty!
- Applause, dammit!
- Stronger.
- Bunty!
What the hell have you done?
These people are important.
- We were ignoring.
- Yes, they are great people.
Now what the hell you say
my representative?
It would be better than delivering newspapers
instead of looking for work.
- Shut up!
- A little respect.
Will you shut up?
Shut up, you have no idea.
This business is full of assholes
who have no respect for anybody.
- What things do you do!
- We care as if you were my wife.
- Yes Will you marry me?
- What?
- If you marry me.
- Well, maybe.
- Maybe?
- I do not know, maybe.
- Just maybe?
- I put on the ropes.
Listen, Scotland.
This offer is limited.
Next week,
where famous...
will need to kill three people
just to shake my hand.
Oh really?
- Forget it.
- Come on. It's nothing personal.
Nothing personal. I reject
and say that is not personal.
Forget it. Forget it.
Forget it!
I said maybe.
I did not say no.
Hey, Joe,
How is Africa?
- That what is Africa.
- Well, there are sites like this...
where people live well
and in others not so well. Why?
Because I'm thinking about going there.
- How to go to Africa?
- Yes
- Why?
- I do not know. It attracts me. I have to go.
- Want to know your roots?
- Yes, and more.
It is so easy, friend.
What can you do? Are you an engineer?
- No.
- Accounting?
- No.
- Can you do something?
- No, but I can learn.
- It's not so easy.
- Want to know his roots.
- Man, Africa is a good place.
- Sure it is!
- He loves the holidays.
- I love the holidays.
- You can tell that you like a fun time.
- And always with a smile on.
- Why not?
- And what you eat?
- You see, I went to a party...
Two weeks holiday!
Man, I slept like three hours a day.
During the day you go to the beach.
- I like that.
- Always fun...
A beautiful, man.
- Africa is the best in the world.
- But you have to eat.
And the women!
Hey, not to be
with many aunts and many parties.
I've seen him in action
and is very good.
- But, what will live there?
- What are you talking about, guys?
- What is the roll?
- From Africa.
He wants to go to Africa.
- Yes, I want to go.
- To Africa?
- Were not Millwall?
- Yes, but I want something more. Africa.
But if you go, stay
without half of the members...
- This team plays fatal.
- Best to leave with him.
- Que vuelva Cameroon!
- Cameroon!
- Cameroon!
- Cameroon Fuck!
- How was it?
- You all right, Kevin?
- How are you?
- But what happened?
- That he almost fell.
- Who almost fell off?
- Kevin.
- The scaffold is unsafe.
- No double closure.
- He just supported.
Do you support? It means that they must
supported. Why?
- We ran out of materials.
- Without materials?
- What? Are you resting?
- We're out of wood.
Come back to work.
- It down and take tea.
- Come on, man, do not go.
You and you, put on your helmet.
Him down and take tea.
A helmet will not save lives.
- In this book we are treated as black.
- You can say that.
- You okay?
- Yes
Will you raise?
Do you get up?
Damn, Susan, did not go to the appointment
yesterday. Nor will you go today.
- It's not right...
- Shut up, "please.
Shut up and set the alarm
within ten minutes.
You can not give another camp.
They're going to delete from the list.
You lose trust,
and that's not cool.
You hear me?
- Get up.
- Fuck you!
- Fuck me more, will you?
- Come, come...
- Asshole!
- Come...
I hate you!
And you what the hell do you care?
Did not you say you were going to call
a guy last week?
- I do not know Elton John.
- OK, I said yes.
I told you I knew a guy who
was a roadie with him, nothing more.
You could call it.
Or at least try.
"Sorry, Elton, do not know if you remember
of a drunken few years ago.
I'm a friend of his
and this is my girl.
Can you become a star before
Friday? Unemployment is running out. "
Jerk. At least sleep
more than just underwear.
- Last night I did not think.
- You disgust me.
Why does it always
reduces everything to sex?
At best, I can not.
But at least I try, dammit.
Susan, live
into a fucking bubble!
You must do something
Yeah, what of his shorts,
for example...
And colored socks.
Shorts and socks.
If you want to shatter my dream,
at least do it right.
How do I smash my dream?
You never encourages me with mine.
Do not say crap. I'm listening
I encourage every night and always.
I'm tired of listening, Susan.
You just talk about yourself.
Hell, it's time to talk about
otherwise. Time, soccer...
I do not like football!
That is, every time we start
thou speak long.
- Fuck.
- Like every morning and not because I want.
- Fuck you! Do not go!
- Remove.
- Away!
- Come on and give you!
Fuck you, asshole!
Stevie, do not go,
- Did you see how is this?
- You do not want to use?
- I used to. If not, where do I go?
- God...
Shem, the fool
keeps going to the john.
- No one uses it, right?
- I do not.
- And someone cut the pipe yesterday.
- And where it is assumed that fucked?
- Or do they expect us caguemos above?
- Wear a cap.
Larry, you are stupid. You know
go. On the fourth floor.
The apartment shows. You enter
by scaffolding. There we go all.
Stupid ass.
This building is heritage.
Our company rehabilitates
these beautiful old buildings...
trying to keep all
original building as possible.
Look at the lighting.
As you see, has all kinds
And there's a bathroom
you will love.
- Who are you?
- I was checking the pipes.
I think everything is working.
- Here, it is yours.
- How's that?
- You want a sandwich?
- No, thanks, buddy.
I've done that.
What? I've done that.
God! Who has degraded
and the color has changed you?
I just went through an experience
terrible. It was horrendous.
He was on the show floor
taking a bath...
and presents three Arab girls.
I have attempted to link...
and they said that was better-looking
Yasser Arafat.
To the Arabs,
I will go.
For if they will progress,
to you were of pearls.
So they molas
to these aunts.
Man, is not there
where they do not eat sausage?
Nor do I believe that your wife
eat a lot around here.
And what did she say? "Will you leave behind
ear and then I smoke it? "
- Secure!
- Listen, you tell a joke quickly.
He is a guy from Liverpool and his wife
that are strolling down the Casbah...
and an old Moorish
has on a poster...
"Magic shoes. 10 pounds
the pair. Improve your sex life. "
So the woman says
"Buy a couple"...
Liverpool and says "Give me
a couple, you sure they work? "
"Efendi, Master of Thousand Camels
purchase these shoes...
and you'll see how it works
the device... "
So you put them, grab the Moor,
check it on the counter...
and starts to beat you there dale.
And the old man yells...
"Effendi, Effendi
standing is wrong! "
- Jo, hey...
- Give me a sandwich of these, Mo.
They say that yours are
living in huts, no?
Yes, look, my father's
has two floors, with carpet...
- And I study law, if you like.
- No, I'm serious...
I'm thinking about going back.
- What I am saying.
- Now he wants to go to Africa...
- But if you've never been.
- So what? You either.
- There has been no in Liverpool.
- I do.
You go every fortnight
to sign the arrest.
- I mean in West Africa.
- Come on. Really?
Lagos, Luanda...
Kabinda Matardi, Kalabar...
with the Merchant Navy.
- It is not true, Larry.
- Four years on the Mayflower.
I've seen these cities in the atlas.
What are they?
Matardi is a paradise, man.
- Matardi is fucking bullshit.
- If you only have stayed in Nigeria...
- Come on, shut up...
- No, man, I've been Matardi.
And speaking of shit, this volume
yes that is fucking bullshit.
Notice that there is no security,
no protection...
- No nothing.
- It's true.
We live here. We must talk with
office and require security.
- What?
- That's what unions, right?
- Why, Larry?
- Without them, we would have nothing.
- Yes
- What we have now?
- We still have nothing.
- Hold on, let's see...
If tomorrow he falls from scaffolding
and loses an eye, do not give anything.
If you fall and kill yourself, do not pay the
Funeral to take you to Liverpool.
At least if you are a union
cobras when you're low.
We must make a common front.
If not, no security measures.
I agree
with the union...
but you do what instructed
the Conservatives. A search of work.
Man, what remedy?
He's from Glasgow. We,
Liverpool. He, of Bristol.
We come from all over the UK.
And we fought for four jobs...
and above
have no problem...
while we may fight
and leave them alone.
We get to come
the Union of Construction.
And of Metallurgy. Should
UCAT call and get organized.
And then there's not a damn
safety equipment at work.
Half of the machines lack
safety devices...
and know that you hit a scare in
the scaffold, nearly broke his back.
Missing half of the boards
and the railing on the top floor...
and when the concrete drill
jump scattered everywhere...
and can give someone in the eye.
Give glasses, even plastic.
We are studying...
But is that every time we use
hammer, gives us a download...
cables are not covered,
enough a bit of duct tape.
If it starts to rain.
All this will blow up.
Everything will be resolved on Thursday.
Yes, because if the inspector comes
close them all this.
Do not worry, Thursday
will be all fixed, right?
- Well...
- Well, I can not do more, right?
- No, it's true.
- On Thursday, I promise.
- Okay, thanks, bye.
- Thanks for coming.
- Bye.
- Come on.
Larry Reilly.
- What does this mean, boy?
- Exactly what it says.
"As of today no longer
employee of this company. "
What is written
is what it means.
- What street?
- Right out.
Another of Liverpool in the street
not change anything.
Of course I can always
back there...
and warm the seat
in the unemployment queue.
Come, take care, bye. And you
do not miss it, and try putting it on.
Are you OK, Larry?
- Larry, man, you okay?
- I'll see you, son.
Hey, Larry...
Are you okay?
- Yes
- Larry, what happened?
Who helped me, uncle,
I have taken.
- Why?
- By opening the mouth. It never fails.
But that's not fair...
- Hey, trunk...
- Do you pee yourself in the stairs?
We never happened before.
We tried that this is clean...
- Furthermore, the worst is your landing.
- Hey, when are you going to move?
This is beginning to stink.
Happy birthday, Stevie.
My God.
Excuse me, did not want to upset you.
- What?
- I never had congratulated well.
- Are not you going to blow out the candles?
- Yes
Think of a wish.
This is for you.
Read it, go.
- And this, too.
- A gift?
Do you like?
What time is it?
Sadie, I'm Patrick.
I heard on the radio.
Yes, and now again.
- It's the funeral of my mother.
- I know.
I have to go.
Already, all say that again
and not see more.
Can not you come back tomorrow?
Can not you come back tomorrow
with the train?
Can not you come back tomorrow?
Stevie, do not go, please.
Do not go, please.
Stevie, please do not go.
Do not go.
Come, do not go, please.
Sometimes, you should have
more faith in people.
A Billy Connolly
You want the ashes?
He believed that Ellen wanted.
She thought you wanted them.
Perhaps like Robbie.
I think not.
That is the snorts.
If you want,
have to buy an urn.
- What do you think?
- I do not know.
It is an added cost.
4 pounds of plastic for one thing
that is conserved throughout life.
- What, plastic?
- The urn for the ashes.
I do not fit in the bag.
We are not wrong. Robbie and I have
completed as of methadone...
- That's good.
- We will go to service orientation...
Yes, we'll manage
to leave Canada.
- To Canada?
- In Canada.
To start a new life.
Right, honey?
Yes, he can find a job
security agent.
- There are very sought after.
- Yes?
- Yes
- And I caught a home and a job...
- Yes, a house and garden.
- With a garden and everything?
- Not bad, huh?
- Superb.
It is very peaceful, this. In fact,
is one of my favorite sports.
- Here?
- Yes
Sitense here, please.
Let's spread the ashes.
- Do we put a pebble or something?
- We will put your name in a book.
Well, if you lie about me,
scatter the ashes.
I would rather do
us, thanks.
If you like this...
But beware.
- You want to do you?
- How?
Looks like a crop duster.
How do I do?
Squeeze the lever gently
and spread.
Did you move it?
- Squeeze the lever...
- I can not, do it yourself.
It would be better
I do so.
- No, no.
- What?
It would be better than I did.
You have to pull the lever.
- Squeeze it, Jake.
- Ya. I have heard.
Then do...
I'm a welder,
this is work of plumbers.
- The man says he...
- Take it and lower the lever...
- I do.
- He's trying.
Quiet. Calm.
- I can, not down.
- It will be better than I do.
- Leave it.
- Stop, uncle, I do.
Leave it.
- But if there is no way.
- Move...
- Shut up, already do.
- You're covering your mother!
Do not shake so much,
the wind carries it.
Apart that.
- De puta madre. Thank you very much.
- Holy Virgin!
- Shut up.
- Think of where they are...
- Be so kind as to go out.
- Great, now we check the colleague.
- Will that have spread throughout?
- What about that?
Everything is planned, yes,
do not worry.
Do not forget where they are.
The ceremony is over.
Thank you very much.
- Sorry, honey.
- Watch where you go...
- Yes, sorry.
- Thanks. Here, take it.
What the hell are you doing?
Still, I know what I'm doing.
I want you out of here
tonight, okay?
All right, Stevie?
Where the fuck you been
these last 4 days?
My mother is dead.
Your mother is dead.
Okay, okay, change
and I see you in five minutes, okay?
- Fix the rotting wood.
- Okay, I do.
No, man...
- Have you seen Stevie?
- Just go there.
You are here, sweetheart.
I want to talk to you.
Nothing to say.
Sorry, what did you say?
I want to talk to you.
Nothing to say.
All to say.
I am a human being
and deserve respect.
He belongs to 50%
of this relationship, do not forget.
My God, do not give an inch,
Right? Okay, so what?
I occasionally peak,
but not the end of the world.
- I know what I'm doing.
- You have no fucking idea!
You are dazed, as if any
time out to get the party started.
- I...
- Do not tell me what you are!
My brother was
counselor junkies.
One day he went to see a couple who
were in a methadone program.
We were trying.
Or so he thought.
When he arrived,
were on the couch...
surrounded by towels
soaked in blood...
they had no veins in her arms,
that did not stop the bleeding.
He had seen things like that.
I did not want help.
But I had to.
"You can not turn you and go"
he said.
So we helped them...
Les chutes in plants
It was the only place
veins were not click them.
Can you imagine?
It's a fucking nightmare.
And it will never better.
You're a junkie.
I'm not, dammit!
That's not what you decide.
You do not choice.
You have no choice.
Never going to stop being so.
You have no idea,
no fucking idea.
So far, nothing,
because you love other things.
What will happen when
everything starts to get bored...
stuff yourself at all, to sell
furniture and selling it all?
What you get for ass, motherfucker.
I do not know, dammit.
I do not know.
I do not know, dammit.
I would never hurt you,
I've done everything
to make you feel good...
to put a smile
in your fucking face.
It is you who should have some
more faith in people sometimes.
Hey, this couple...
were my brother and his wife.
- Comes someone.
- The Scottish puto.
You still here,
Scottish shit?
Que os den!
Now, now...
- Later, dude.
- See ya, guys.
Look at that.
Look, look.
Love hurts.
- What happened?
- A fight.
He says it's a fight.
That's a bite, kid.
- It has been furious with the missus...
- Is not that a bite?
- No.
- Yes it is.
You wanted to go out dancing
the ballroom, Steve.
"You took the first prize
or the second?
They took
three second prizes.
I think going with women
you do not agree, boy.
Bscatelas elsewhere.
IF SOMEONE urinated on the floor...
"Well, we piss on your face. "
The Sacred Host, Online Shopping.
I have enough problems here.
You could move a little there,
have to work here.
Sure, it is not, wafers,
that is what touches his nose.
- How the overlapping ye here?
- A 75-mm.
Leave him four inches,
if not wasteful.
How come you have not
anything here? Come on.
What happens then?
You'd be better with a knife
sharp, you know?
What the hell is cooking there?
What's happening here?
- No rolls.
- I know!
Is that why you retrasis?
Who is in charge there?
- Who is in charge there?
- Here are people with nothing to do.
There are people
with nothing to do!
Let me.
Since I got it.
I think what is happening.
- What's here?
- We have roll, Gus.
Why do you think you yell?
Of course there's rolls.
- Where are the scrolls?
- They have not brought.
Why not have brought them?
I saw it was the fucking truck.
Came and went.
Is that if not done the paperwork,
No rolls.
What paperwork? All paperwork
is done, host.
- Look, it has left the phone.
- What?
It has left the phone.
- Throw it away.
- Only after calling mom...
Will be happy,
years that do not call.
Hello, mother.
Yes, I'm Seamus, Shem.
Not yet.
I'm fine.
Take the fucking bike
and find it, hosts!
Above is all standing
because of you, useless!
- I'll fix me, dammit.
- Here we stand...
go to catch the guy
rolls, man.
- It's me, the foreman.
- You have an attitude problem.
- I am a top, just fine.
- Shem, Shem...
Are you kidding?
- It's a local call.
- And a local jerk...
- I do not like wise guys. Mick!
- Tell me.
- That, pinching the roof.
- Do not be like it was a joke.
I've been wound to
you hanging and you have.
- I give you 10 pence.
- And a prick! Take, now!
My phone!
What have you done?
Call the police.
Nice shot.
- Had long been seeking him.
- Champion.
- He should have been stronger.
- Yes
- Shem!
- Take it easy!
Police brutality!
There are many ways
to skin a cat.
- It joderemos them.
- Yes
- You and me.
- Yes
- What time is it?
- Time to go. Call DES.
- Dessie!
- Dessie!
- Dessie!
- Damn, he's gone.
Come on, Dessie, dammit...
- He's gone.
- You think?
Fiam, arrived over the weekend,
I expect these kinky!
Saturday Night!
Saturday Night...
Are not the Des brochures?
Something wrong.
Steve! Mo!
- Steve!
- Dessie!
Dessie! Shit, Mo!
- Take my arm.
- I can not!
Hell, wait... Mo!
Hell, Steve,
please hold me.
- Mo!
- Come on!
- Come on up.
- I'm slipping.
No! No!
- Shit.
- Fuck.
Ambulance! Now!
Hurry up, dammit!
Do not touch.
- Wait, Des, man. Crap.
- The medicine cabinet.
A whore ambulance.
- What? What?
- An ambulance.
- Check.
- He's alive. He's alive.
- What happened?
- Do not touch the head.
- Does anyone know...?
- It has fallen.
Step, please...
Okay. Thank you.
Excuse me, how is
the boy with whom I come in?
Yes, your full name?
Why do you want my name?
- Well, is you a relative?
- No.
- Okay, so what the name of it?
- Desmond Haynes.
- Desmond Haynes.
- That's it.
Are you sure?
This puts another name.
- Yes
- Leroy Winston. Do you name?
- Yes
- Okay.
- Okay, so what's it called?
- Winston Leroy Desmond Haynes.
- Winston Leroy Desmond Haynes.
- But we call him Desmond Haynes.
And I have to say your name,
too. If it looks good.
His name?
- Hit patadon one at the door.
- What?
- Patadon.
- If I have a fucking key here.
Fucking thief.
- This?
- Yes
- Okay.
- Did you miss?
Ok. Basta.
Quiet, very well.
Come on, baby...
Come on.
Stay there.
Stay there.
Stay there.
No problem.
Come on, nothing happens.
Stay. Brownie!
Dog idiot.
With firefighters.
No. They're attacking.
The police, no! It's my dog
which is attacking me.