Riffraff (1936) Movie Script

Stinko again.
Is that a way to talk to your father?
Where was you all night?
I was looking for a job.
What was you trying to do?
Sneak up on it in the dark?
Gee, if you ever was to get one,
I'd drop dead.
Say, Lil, how about a cup of coffee?
You just get your own coffee, Pa.
Pete'll be home pretty soon
and I gotta get Hattie's breakfast.
She's gonna be late for the cannery
seeing she ain't even up yet.
Hat, wake up.
Wake up, Hattie.
What did you bring me from
the Fireman's Ball, Aunt Hat?
What did you bring me?
Yeah, Hat, what did you bring us?
What makes you think I'd bring anything
to a couple of roughnecks like you?
Aw, you're a fine sister.
You said you'd bring us something.
Why are you always going places
and never bring us anything?
Why don't you bring us anything?
I found it. It's cake.
Cake? Oh, you didn't forget us,
did you, Hat?
Oh, some mug just slipped it
in my pocket for a gag.
Come on, now, you give me that cake.
I will not. Aunt Hat's my aunt.
And I'm your uncle so I get the cake.
Come on, give it to me.
Get up, Hattie! Get off your rocker!
Hey, Lil, your kid's got my cake.
What's she got there?
Let me see, Rosie. Give me that.
Oh, why ain't that nice.
Hey, Lil, Hat brought that to us.
Here then, take your cake.
Give her her half of it, though.
Get out of here, take her downstairs.
Get out.
Come on, Hat, get outta there.
Have a good time at the ball?
Oh, I made out.
Take a squint at that.
What is it? An advertisement?
No, I was elected Miss Hook and Ladder
Company #7, that's all.
Real sateen.
What did Dutch Muller say?
That false alarm? If h'd come near the place
they'd have turned the hose on him.
He's going out with the fleet this morning
for the tuna.
Yeah, I know.
I'm gonna throw my arms around his neck,
put my head on his shoulder
and tell him to go jump down a whale.
Makes you feel better,
don't it, honey,
running a guy down when
you're stuck on him.
What, Dutch Muller, that big I am?
I don't mean nothing to him
and he means less to me
so that makes us both happy.
Well, I don't know why you want to keep
his pictures stuck in the mirror for.
Why don't you throw it away then?
Leave it there. Reminds me not to like him.
Lil, Hat.
What's the matter, Pete,
the cops after you?
Put down that cornet.
You wanna cut yourself?
Lil, Hat.
The cops are after Pop,
the cops are after Pop.
Hiyo, the cheerio...
Lil, Hat.
Hey, Lil, Hat...
What's the matter, Pete?
The fleet ain't going out.
the fishermen are going to strike.
They're milling around the docks.
The cops, let's go
or we'll miss all the fun.
I'm going, too.
I gotta see you.
Well what do you want?
Loan me two bits.
Nothing doing.
Go ask the government.
Hattie, come on!
Come on, Hat!
I'm coming.
Well, what was you doing?
You're doing all you can
to get a higher percentage on your haul.
You are doing all the work
and somebody else is taking all the profit.
Looks like somebody is making a speech.
Gee, I hope there ain't gonna be trouble.
Is that what you're working for?
Where are you going? I'm getting worried.
Listen to him.
I ain't got time.
I ain't had my breakfast yet.
How can you think about eating breakfast?
The guys are talking about going on strike.
You might lose your job.
All right, you worry about it, Lew,
while I get outside of a stack of wheats.
Wish I could see something.
Maybe I should've brang a box.
Gee, Hat, can you see anything?
Hiya, Dutch.
The usual, girls, and don't forget
you got big hearts.
We missed you at the party last night.
We'll have to have a real one when you get back.
Yeah, I hope it's as good as the last time.
Remember when I threw Shorty...
Hi, Dutch.
Hello, squirt.
What's going on outside?
Go on with what you were saying.
Remember when I threw Shorty out the window
and he busted old man Murphy's fence?
What a toss that was.
It wasn't so hard. The window was open.
I just asked you something.
Don't you ever wash your ears?
What kind of a crack is that?
Didn't I say "hello, squirt" nice to you
when you came in?
What are you always making wisecracks
at me for?
Keep away from me, will you,
go on back to the firehouse.
I didn't mean to wisecrack.
What's all the excitement about?
What's the men gonna do?
Get outta here.
I'll be itching for a party when I get back.
I'll dig up Lew and a couple of gallons of vino
and we'll put it out.
That's a date.
Hey, what is this?
Get outta here.
Those cakes almost ready for punishment, baby?
Coming right up, Dutchy.
You big ape, don't talk to me if you don't wanna.
Get outta here.
Come on, put your finger on 'em,
make 'em sweet.
I've been looking all over for you,
I nearly went out of my mind...
I lost Jimmy.
What was ya doin' in Towman Tony's?
I wanted a cup of coffee.
Oh, Jimmy's lost, I know something's happened
to him in all this mob...
He'll break a leg or get killed...
Lil, take it easy, we'll find him.
Jimmy! Jimmy!
Here I am!
Oh, there he is.
Thank goodness he's safe.
Come on, Lil, we can see everything
from the fire escape.
What do you got to show for your work?
What do you do with the dough
they give you for breaking your back?
You buy just enough bread
to keep going on.
Hello, Flystrap.
Hey, boss, boss...
The men are milling around, the men are milling...
What'll I do, what'll I do?
What do you think for that,
my friends?
High tone stuff, eh?
A fix Nick bought for the sweet mamas.
You got something special there, boss.
That's keen.
Keen? She's a A number 1 genuine
red spotted platinum fox.
Cost a lot of bucks, but she's worth it.
Hey, look, Flystrap.
Whatcha think, huh?
Some class.
Will I get a gun, will I get a gun?
You want me to smoke 'em, smoke 'em?
Hey, boss.
Look at the long soft hairs.
I tell you, she keep the babies
plenty warm, huh?.
Hey, boss, the men are gonna attack.
Whaddaya say, whaddaya say?
What's the matter with you, Flystrap?
You crazy?
Sit down, you get on my nervous system.
Boss, boss, we gotta do something,
do something...
The men are gonna strike, strike...
The men are strikin'.
No, grazie.
Look for Flystraps.
No brains.
They want for to strike. That is good.
You want 'em to strike, boss?
What's the matter, boss?
Are you screwy, boss, are you screwy?
Are you all right, boss?
I'm got a little sunburn,
but I feel pretty good.
Are you dumb?
Whaddaya mean, am I dumb?
Look, Flystraps, look.
The men sign a five-year agreement with me
to work on certain percentage
without pulling walkout, didn't they?
Well, well, what about it, well?
Now they want for to strike,
it breaks the contract.
It's plenty tough for Nick, poor fellow.
So what is he gonna do?
Nick is going for to bring in cheap labor
and catch the fishes at half this price.
Buy plenty more platinum fox for
his sweet babies.
Poor, Nick.
Oh, I get it, I get it.
Hey, you're smart, boss, you're smart.
You're okay, gee, you're smart.
Hiya, Brains, just having a little snack
before we shove off.
How about a little more Java, toots?
No telling where its going, Dutch.
Things are pretty tough out there.
The men won't listen to me.
They don't care whether I'm head
of the union or not.
Don't let that mob get you.
They never do nothing but yap.
Come on, have some coffee.
I'm worried.
We ain't got dough enough nor
pressure to strike.
In a few weeks we'll all be starving in the streets.
Nick wants the men to walk out.
He wants us to break the five-year agreement
we signed so he can bring in cheap labor.
He what?
The men don't understand.
But you can see that, Dutch.
You know Nick Louis.
Why, the dirty double-crosser.
He can't get away with that.
He will if the men walk out.
I think you oughta talk to 'em, Dutch.
They'll listen to you.
Sure, Dutch, you tell 'em.
You can make 'em eat dirt and like it.
If they strike, my name ain't Dutch Muller.
What do you want me to say to 'em?
See you later.
Just what I told you.
Don't let them play into Nick's hands.
Get 'em to go back to the boats and make 'em
stop listening to Belcher,
he's a red if I ever saw one.
That gasbag, I'll break him in half.
I'll show them dumbbells.
No violence, Dutch, just talk to 'em.
Appeal to their reason.
Yeah, no violence.
I'll appeal to their reason.
Yeah, me and Dutch'll fix 'em.
I mean, Dutch'll fix 'em.
Wait a minute, just a minute.
You take those boats out to sea
and our cause is lost.
Aw, shut up and get off of that barrel.
Where do you think you are, Russia?
No, I wish I was.
Well, swim over there and see how ya like it.
Now, why did he do that?
Now listen, fellas.
Who put you up there?
Yeah. Yeah.
Wait a minute, I'll tell you why I'm up here.
It's because you won't listen to Brains.
But you ain't got the nerve
not to listen to me.
Oh, my, what a man.
When we was kids,
we used to fight like wildcats.
But if an outside gang came in we stuck together
and threw 'em out.
You bet we ran 'em out.
Brains says that Nick wants us to strike.
Yeah, you get that,
he wants us to strike.
He thinks we're suckers, but we ain't.
We ain't gonna fight.
And I'll sock the first guy in the puss
that says we are.
You ain't gonna sock nobody.
Is that so?
Come on!
Let 'em have it.
Come on, Dutch!
Break it up, break it up!
Aw, let me go. I'm trying to establish
law and order.
All right, wise guy, come on.
Gee, Hat, what are you doing?
Never mind.
Watch out below, it's a bomb!
All right, you dumbbells, get aboard your boats
and let's catch some tuna.
He catches my goat, that Dutch Muller.
He smart guy. He settle my strike.
Maybe someday I settle for his hash.
Nice work, boy, much obliged.
Nothing at all, nothing at all.
Any time you got a tough nut to crack
just call on me. I'll be glad to oblige.
Yeah, sure.
Only next time you don't have to tell
me what to do. I'll handle it.
I can always get the gang to do
what I want them to.
Okay, Dutch.
I was in it.
Yeah, yeah, you look fine.
Get aboard.
Step on it. Back to work.
All right.
Jimmy, come on down the roof, now.
The strike's over.
All right, sis, I'll be right down.
That's right, Jimmy.
He's such a good boy.
Come on, Lil. I'm gonna tell the big lug
who saved his skin.
Gee, Hat, you'll get canned.
Mr. Muller, will you say something for the
Metrotone News while we take your picture?
You mean the moving pictures?
Sure, how about getting me up on our boat?
That oughta be good, huh?
That'll be fine, come on boys.
Hi, girls, did you see the big show?
You was marvelous.
How about a kiss good-bye?
Sure, after a while. These newsreel guys
want to take my picture.
Stick around, don't go away.
How about up here, huh?
That'll be fine. We'll be ready to shoot
in a minute.
How's this?
Okay, all ready to shoot.
Gee, Dutch, you were marvelous, I...
Hey, get off my boat.
Can't you see they're taking my picture?
Who do you think you're giving orders to?
Get off of here.
Hey, wait a minute. If it hadn't been for me
you would have got pinched.
What do you mean pinched.
The bomb it was a can of fish and I threw it.
What are you talking about?
All set, Mr. Muller.
Shove off.
You dirty woman beater.
Gee, Hattie, are you hurt?
You beast.
That big ape couldn't hurt me.
I'm gonna take a sock at you some day,
Dutch Miller,
that's gonna split that swell
head of yours wide open.
What do you want me to say?
Just a few words about how you
stopped the strike.
Well, you see, it was like this.
This guy that we work for, Nick Louis,
is strictly a heel.
But I was thinking things over and I decided
that this was no time for a strike.
He decided? Listen to the big I am rave.
The big slunge.
Well, what I done was no more than
what anybody woulda done
who used their brains in the
same situation.
And I wanna say that I don't...
Now kiss him good-bye.
Hey, when did you sneak back to work?
Why, I've been here all the time.
The boss wants to see you.
What for?
You're gonna get the gate, that's what for.
We'll see about that.
Go on.
Step on it.
You gonna give me the air?
Who me? Oh, no.
Nick only give you something
what you like.
You know, I liked how you dumped
that Muller guy in the water.
That was pretty good.
He needed a little cooling off,
that Dutch fellow.
I congramulate you. Put 'em there.
I sure did hit him in the munch with
that mackerel.
Hattie, you're smart girl.
You know Dutch is no good for
a swell baby doll like you.
But, honey...
you got what it takes for Nick.
He like to do something nice for you.
What are you working up to?
Oh, Hattie, don't catch me
on the wrong side up.
Nick only want for to send you
to night school.
Make you his private stenographer...
and you work in nice clean office.
No, thanks, Nick.
I'll stick to the fishes,
they ain't got hands.
Please, for to wait a minute, Hattie.
Nick's got a little surprise for you.
I don't want it.
What is it?
Pretty, ain't she?
Genuine A number 1 platinum fox.
Boy, that's keen.
That's a fur piece.
Nick puts it around your necks.
It's all right, kid, Nick's not gonna bite you.
You like it, you keep it.
It make Nick very happy to buy
that fox's piece just for Hattie.
Well, seeing as how you want me
to have it so bad...
How about for slipping your Uncle Nicks
a little kiss?
Oh, strings to it. No, thanks.
What for you always want to get mad?
Nicky's just kidding a little bit.
Come on, you keep the fur.
Maybe Nick get his kiss for Christmas, huh?
He take his chances.
Well, you ain't the only one taking chances.
Hattie, you got what drives me cuckoo.
Don't he never do nothing you want him
for to do?
No, no, you keep the fur.
Make Nick very happy.
No strings. Just clamps
so you don't lose it.
Okay, you ain't such a bad guy, Nick.
Boy, look at that haul.
That'll make Nick pay through the nose.
Yeah, and he still takes all the gravy.
When are you gonna quit
belly aching, Belcher?
You think you help the men, Muller,
you hurt 'em.
What do you mean?
You could do a lot for them.
They look up to you and
I don't blame them.
You could be a big man if you'd listen.
Listen to what?
Haul it. On boats.
Wages are not the working man share
of a commodity he has produced.
Wages are the share of a commodity
previously produced
of which the employer buys a certain amount
of productive labor power.
That's right ain't it?
Huh? Oh, sure, sure.
All right...
The wage worker sells labor power
to capital.
Why did he sell it?
Because he's a sucker, that's why.
Now look.
Is work an active expression
of a man's life?
No, you dope!
There you are.
We need you, Muller.
You're a born leader.
What're you gonna do?
I'm gonna show you a little trick.
Come to the bar, baby doll.
No, there's a table over there.
Shut up! Shut up!
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
if you'll be quiet for a few moments
I'll show you the newsreel pictures
of how Dutch Muller stopped the recent
tuna fishermen walkout.
Angry fishermen ready to walk out
for higher wages
greet owner of the Sea Queen
Tuna Packing Company
as he arrives at his office.
However, Dutch Muller, number 1 tuna fisherman,
quickly persuades them to reconsider.
Muller, a strong, silent man, reluctantly offers
his own modest comments
on how he stopped strikes.
Strike one.
Well, you see, it was like this.
This guy that we work for, Nick Louis,
is strictly a heel.
Hey, boss, hey, boss, you want me
to knock his block off?
Leave him alone. He's full of escaping gas.
Well, what I done was no more than what
anybody woulda done
who used their brains in the same situation.
You photograph like a million bucks.
And I wanna say that I don't...
Strike 2.
That don't bother me.
Come on, let's go to the bar.
So, I'm strictly a heel, huh?
It's a nice way for you to talk
about your bread and butter.
Why don't you fire me?
I'll tell you why. Because I bring in the biggest
haul of anybody in your whole fleet.
You can't get along without me.
Come on.
Why waste time with this riffraff?
Hey, look what's calling me riffraff.
A cheap little tuna tinner
trying to red apple the boss.
Well, it looks to me like
them red apples is sour grapes to you.
Where did you get the skunk?
Why you wise guy, you ain't never seen
enough dough to buy one of 'em.
Oh, no?
Well just take a gander at that, tootsie.
Hmm... big sport, huh?
You feeling pretty cocky, eh, my friend?
Making a big splash.
You know, all that dough
is not so good for you.
Then why don't you try taking it away
from me?
Go on, call his bluff.
It's okay by me, baby.
Get those glasses out of there.
What do you wanna shoot, heel?
Anything you want.
Nothing less than a dime, you know.
Twenty bucks.
Tough luck, my friend.
Maybe you ain't living right.
Yeah, maybe I should live on a corkscrew
like you, eh?
Aw, let him roll 'em once more.
Roll them for what, toothpicks?
He's got no more dough.
I didn't ask you to put your oar in.
I'm just sorry for any dope
that's as dumb as you are.
Roll 'em once for me, Dutchy.
Yeah, come on, Dutch.
Okay, baby.
Oh, taking dough from dames, huh?
Shut up. Keep away from me, will ya?
You're poison.
I'm poison, huh? Well I'll poison you.
Why you...
Dutch, that's enough.
You better not.
Why, what would you do about it?
Come on, come on, roll the dice.
Come on, Dutch, throw them out.
Well, look at that.
Yeah. Hey, Hat, you know,
your spit ain't so unlucky.
I told you I wasn't through.
Come on, I'm gonna clean you out.
Come on, honey, wet that whistle.
Why should I?
Just because I asked you to.
Come on.
You better go downstairs, honey.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Hey, who are you ordering around?
I wasn't ordering you, honey.
I just want you for to get away
from this cheap cracker.
I'm staying right here.
What'll you have now, heel?
Nothing. That's enough.
You got plenty dough.
Come on, Hattie.
Come on, Dutchy, let's dance.
Here's your dollar back. Thanks.
I'd like to do something for you.
You spit lucky tonight.
How about a little dance?
Gee, you're big-hearted.
You don't mind, do you?
Just a little twist.
No, no, Nick is good sport.
Come on.
Hi, Roy.
Hi, Chuck.
How's it?
That's a swell stink you got in your hair.
Like it?
You know, this isn't hard to take.
Just coming to life, huh?
Hey, is that what you call dancing?
Take your hands off her.
It's you should take your hands
off her.
Come on, honey, we go home.
This place is too crowded with cheap people.
Stop tellin' me what to do.
You ain't running no cannery here.
Atta girl. That's the way to talk.
Say, listen, big shot,
a little more respect out of you
or I'll tie up all your whole
dirty waterfront.
He's talking who?
I'm talking me.
And one word out of me and the
gang's with me, too. How about it?
Yeah! Yeah!
You hear that, don't ya?
Pipe down, Dutch, this ain't the place.
Leave me alone, I got a right to talk.
Tell him where to head in, Dutch.
You're heading for trouble, Dutch.
You mean he is...
you got an earful of what he said,
didn't ya?
Everyone will be sober in the morning
and they'll spit in your eye.
Is that so?
Look out, Dutchy, he's got a knife.
Watch this trick, Rosie.
Beat it, Dutch, the cops!
Come on, squirt.
You okay, boss? Feeling all right?
You okay, boss?
Yeah, I'm all right.
But I don't feel so good.
The cops'll never find us here.
It's a lucky thing I seen that knife
or you might've got hurt.
Who me? I'm so tough you couldn't
get a knife into me.
Hurt yourself?
Don't worry about me.
Nobody's ever got the best of me
on this waterfront and nobody ever will.
Look at the sky rockets.
Pretty, ain't it, huh?
Not bad, not bad.
Well, I guess the cops's left.
I gotta be going.
What for?
Well, I...
Look at it, I lost my tail.
What of it?
Well, it's ruined.
Let me see it.
Hey, whatcha doing?
Let go of it.
Give me that, you big lug.
Not a chance, not a chance.
Oooh, ouch, you little mule.
Go on, keep it up, keep it up, I love it.
I love dames with spirit.
Dames and fishes.
Take your hands off of me.
Let me go.
You ain't really gonna get sore at me,
are you, honey?
You bet I am.
Them was the only furs I ever had.
You don't have to take nothing
from that big ape.
You know, there's other guys
can buy you furs if they wanna.
Yeah, well I don't see 'em doin' it.
You know, I know a lot of dames
who would rather have a guy's arms
around them keepin' them warm.
Sure, anybody can buy a dame
a fur piece.
How's that?
How's it to you?
Not bad.
I gotta be going.
You ain't goin' no place.
That stink is driving me screwy.
Wanna slip me a little kiss?
Looks like you and me
have been wasting a lot of time.
Well, it's taken you a long while
to find that out.
Hey, what's Nick to you, anyway?
What do you mean?
You know what I mean, what is he?
Nothin'. Nothin' at all except
he wants to marry me.
Marry you?
Who are you gonna marry now?
Huh? Who are you gonna marry now?
Yeah, you're gonna marry me, ain't ya?
Dutch. Oh, Dutch.
That's better.
What are you blubbering about?
I can't help it.
I've been crazy about you all my life.
My whole life.
Did you think I didn't know it?
We ain't never gonna fight anymore,
are we?
I'll say we ain't.
Come on, shed off the tears, baby.
You don't wanna marry me
just because Nick wants me, do you?
What do you think?
No, I mean it.
You didn't dream about getting married
till I told you about Nick, did you?
Aw, don't be screwy.
I wanna marry you 'cause you spit lucky.
Oh, no kidding. Tell me honest.
I gotta know.
Well, I'll tell you, honey.
It's like this with me.
I always sort of sidestepped getting tied down.
I seen too many guys
that were going along great.
Get saddled to a wife,
pretty soon kids come along.
Then the first thing you know, the guy's nose
is changed into grindstone and the jig is up.
They lose their, what do you call it...
their personality.
Yeah, that's it, you get me?
Yeah, I think I do get you.
Of course I may not amount to so much
right now
but I gotta be free
when my chance comes along.
I don't want no family or no brats
holdin' me down.
But with you and me it's gonna be different.
Just a couple of crazy kids
having fun together, huh?
Besides, you brought me luck tonight.
I don't know why you shouldn't
keep right on doin' it.
I see, so that's the reason, huh?
Sure, you're gonna do all right with me.
Come on, slip us a little kiss.
Hey! What's the idea?
What a big swell-headed lug.
What do you think I am?
Just an old rabbit's foot to bring you luck?
Sure, why not?
I don't have to marry you
nor no other guy to bring him luck.
There's plenty of them goofy about me.
I see you've been reading them
true love confession magazines, huh?
You ant one of them oily guys
that drools at the mouth.
Say, listen I don't ever get gabby
about the way I feel
and I do all right.
Let go of me, Dutch Muller.
Quit your kidding, you know you love it.
Take your hands off of me.
I hate the touch of you.
I suppose you like the touch
of that dressed-up can of tuna, huh?
Nick's a bigger shot than you are
or than you'll ever be.
All right, then why don't you marry him?
Well, maybe I will.
Go ahead and tell him it's
with my compliments.
Because I wouldn't marry you now
if you was the last dame on the waterfront.
Is that so? Well I wouldn't marry you
if you was the last guy in the whole world.
All right, that suits me right down
to the ground.
Good-bye, "Mrs. Strumsberry's Pies".
Do you, Harriet take this man
to be your lawful wedded husband?
I do.
Do you, Rudolph, take this woman
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Rudolph! Hahahaha.
Please say "I do".
Sure I do, what do you think I'm here for?
I now pronounce you man and wife.
Aw, Hattie, you're all married.
Hattie's a dear girl.
You're both so lucky, Dutch.
Thank you, Mrs. McCall,
it's a great break for Hattie
but she's a good little kid. She deserves it.
Good luck.
Hey, hey, I'll break this up.
Hey, everybody go to the bar.
The drinks are on me.
Well, kids, you're on to the big picture.
That's right, Brains.
In high gear and right through
the stop signs.
I don't have to tell you to be happy.
I wish you the best of everything always.
Thanks, Brains.
That's what you need, responsibility.
Make a bigger man of you.
You're the best tuna fisherman
of the fleet, Dutch.
Stick to it and some day you'll own
your own boat.
What kind of three for a dime
talk is that?
I ain't gonna be wrestling tuna all my life.
Hattie and me are headed for big things.
I'm a man that nobody can stop.
You're all right just as you are.
You don't need to go talking so loud
all over the whole place.
Who's talking loud?
You are, gabbing about yourself.
Who cares?
That's my business.
Thanks, Brains, for all your good wishes.
Keep your nose clean.
Jimmy, you look after Rosie.
All right.
Hat, here's your fur.
So long!
Good-bye, Lil.
Thanks for everything you've done.
Good-bye, Hat. If anything happens
you can always come home to your old sis.
What kind of a crack is that?
Don't, Dutch.
Nothing's gonna happen, Lil, good-bye.
If you ever lay a hand on my sister
except in kindness, Dutch Muller,
you'll hear from me.
All right, that's enough of that kind of guff.
Hey, you lay off Lil.
I told Hattie if she married you she'd get
what's coming to her.
Save your breath, will ya.
Lil drew you in grabbag.
She's got the same kind of bad luck
ever since.
Stop quarreling, children.
I'm not gonna stand for their wisecracks.
They don't mean nothing.
They don't...
I suppose they're complimenting me.
What kind of a gang do you come from anyway?
Now, I'll ask you to stop
that kind of talk.
Oh, will you keep your big red nose
out of this, you old rum hound.
Don't you talk like that to Pops.
So you're on their side, huh?
Turning on your husband and the ring
ain't even cold on your finger.
Will you shut up, Dutch,
you're spoiling everything.
I'm spoiling everything
with this mob ganging in on me?
What did I do, marry you
or your whole tribe?
So long.
So long.
Here we are.
It's yours, squirt. All of it.
Come here.
Come on.
I got the whole works in pink
'cause I knew you liked pink.
Look at the kewpies holding up the light.
Pretty, ain't it?
And pink bedclothes, too.
Look here.
These are genuine artificial roses.
They never wear out.
Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute.
You ain't seen half of it yet.
Take a gander at this.
Everything in here is electric.
See? Electric icebox.
Electric stove.
Electric washing machine.
That's so you'll never look
like your sister Lil.
Gee, that's a...
Step out of it.
Come on look here.
Of course this isn't a real dining room,
it's a...
it's just what they call a dinette.
But I guess it'll do in a pinch
for the two of us, huh?
Gee, Dutch, it's wonderful, I...
I just can't believe it's ours.
That's all.
It's ours all right.
With all the dough you spent
on the wedding and everything,
I don't see how you had enough...
Don't worry about that.
You didn't go into debt for this,
did you?
No, no, no.
I bought it all on the installment plan.
And the first installment is paid
on everything.
You mean we gotta pay every...
Aw, only once a month's worth that's all.
I had to have a place where I could
sort of hold meetings.
Meetings? For what?
Well, the gang want action,
and they want it quick.
We've been stalling around here long enough,
letting this guy Louis get away with murder.
You mean a strike?
Yeah, yeah.
And they want me to lead it.
The other night at the meeting you should've
heard them cheer me
and did I get a hand when I stepped up
on the platform.
What did Brains say?
He don't know anything about it.
We ain't told him yet.
Brains ain't the big shot in the union
no more.
The guys are licking him out
and electing me their leader.
But, Dutch, Brains is such a swell guy.
Sure he's a swell guy...
he's the greatest guy I've ever known,
but he's too old, he's too soft.
What they need is somebody with nerve.
What they gotta have is a guy who's a
natural born leader, like me.
But if you go on strike
how are we gonna pay for all this?
Because we'll have more dough,
we'll win.
Against Nick?
Yeah. Why not?
He's got enough dough to hold out
for years.
Not against what I'll cook up for him.
He's got swell lawyers...
And I'm dumb, is that it?
I didn't say that.
Then you're afraid I can't take care of you,
is that it?
If that's all I wanted
I would have married Nick.
What's sticking in your crawl?
I don't want you to be a mug and go
lose your job.
I can't lose my job.
Well, Why can't you?
Because I quit today.
We're all walking out on Nick tomorrow.
We're tying up the whole fleet.
Nice goin'.
Oh, now, don't tell me you're sore.
Sore, why should I be sore when you call
a strike in honor of our wedding?
Aw, come on, squirt.
Don't worry about the strike.
Let me worry about it.
It's my business.
You just look after your wifely duties.
Take off your gloves, Mrs. Muller, and stay awhile.
Stay in line, one portion apiece.
Extra! Extra! Scab fleet brings in tuna.
Extra! Extra!
Oh, no. You gotta have Nick,
but Nick no gotta have you.
Listen, Nick, those scabs ain't fishermen.
Fifty percent of the load of tuna
is spoiled already
because they don't know how to pack 'em
in ice after they catch 'em.
You think so, eh, Brains?
You need the men.
They're real fishermen.
You never lost a pound of tuna
out of the catchers yet.
Well, maybe there is something
to what you say, Brains.
Nick, he always like to play fair.
You and me talk percentage
and maybe I put men back to work.
Hey, listen, you wanna talk percentage
with anybody talk it with me.
I'm the guy that's running the union.
And you keep out of this, Brains.
I don't care whether you're running the union
or not. Our families are starving.
Brains, you wanna talk deal for men
with me, it's okay.
But you and me fix, not Muller.
Oh, you won't deal with me, huh?
Listen, Dutch, forget that, will ya?
If Nick wants to talk to me about settling,
let him. I can handle it.
Oh, no, you won't.
Yes, I will, Dutch. It's for the men.
All right, I'll show you how much you will.
I'm gonna call a meeting right now.
This thing is gonna be run like I say.
Wait, men, wait. Listen to me.
Sit down, Brains, I'm runnin' this union.
Then run it right. Play fair with the men.
Have you told them Nick Louis
wants to take us back?
Shut up, I'll tell them what I want.
Nobody's tellin' me what to do.
I think for myself.
Aw, shut up, Dutch. You're in the wrong.
Pipe down, we wanna talk this thing out.
None of you got a right to think.
I'm thinkin' for ya.
Get out Muller. Brains is right.
I vote for a new leader.
I nominate Brains McCall.
Those in favor yell Aye!
I don't want none of ya.
I'm walking out for good.
Here, take this bed, Mat.
There you are.
Get in those tables.
They got a lot of nerve taking our stuff.
It's the last time I'll buy anything
from that installment outfit.
Sorry, gotta have this chair.
Hey get your mitts off my fur piece.
That ain't paid for neither.
Hey, stop the car.
How much is she doing that fox's piece?
I don't know, it ain't my department.
Well you tell the Great Western for
to send it to me right away with the bill.
Nick Louis.
All right, Mr. Louis.
Thank you.
Hey, scram.
Well, you're in a fine pickle now.
What made you shoot off your mouth
like that at the meeting, Dutch?
I was hoping you'd stop him, Hat.
How could I stop him?
What are you talking about?
You know what I'm talking about.
I seen you there at the window.
Oh, so you were snoopin', huh?
Why did you make believe you wasn't there?
Why was you lyin' for?
I didn't wanna hurt you.
Didn't wanna hurt me?
You talk as if they licked me.
I walked out on them, now get that straight.
I didn't say you didn't.
Yeah, you walked out
and the hell of the door opened.
Yes, just about the size of it.
You shut up, Pete.
Dutch only done what he thought
was right.
We all make mistakes,
like Lil when she married you.
What do you mean, I made a mistake?
Listen, you for-eyed sap, don't try
to make a mug out of me.
Got to take your chair.
Well, it don't look like you
was gonna be very comfortable here.
We can always make room for you
in our shack.
What kind of a crack is that,
you old souse bag?
Don't you talk to my father like that.
Oh, shut up.
What did you come here for, anyway?
We was goin' to the zoo,
but this was nearer.
Cut it, cut it out.
Oh, hello, Frank.
Well, I'd like to talk to Hattie and Dutch
alone a couple of minutes.
Oh, of course, if we ain't in water.
Come on, children.
We'll be over to see you later.
We will not!
Look, Dutch, what's the use
of gettin' sore?
What's done is done,
and you ain't the kind to squawk.
I've been talking it over with the boys
and they're willing to forget the whole business.
They want you to keep your union card
and stick with them.
Ain't that nice of them.
You can't get along without the union.
Come on, take the bitter with the sweet.
Don't make it so hard for yourself.
Come on back to work with us.
Sure, you want me to crawl,
don't you.
Well I ain't no yellow snake
like the rest of you.
Don't talk like that, Dutch.
I'm a guy that calls a shovel a shovel.
Yeah? Well you get it wrong with the union
and you'll see what you'll be doing
with a shovel.
That's my business.
It's my business, too. If you listened to Brains...
How can I listen to anybody
with you poppin' off your face?
Sorry to bust in on you, sorry to bust in,
but I got a present, I got a present for Mrs. Muller.
A present, from Nick Louis...
from Nick Louis.
It's all paid for... it's all paid for.
Get outta here!
Get outta here before I break your neck.
I'm goin', I'm goin'.
How do you like that?
Makin' a play for Hattie. That's the guy
you want me to work for.
Where are you going?
Where do you think I'm going?
I'm gonna bust him wide open.
Nick don't mean nothing to me,
you know that.
Cool down now, Dutch. A smart guy knows
when the game is over.
You're coming back to work with us.
Back to work, back to work...
Are you still peddlin' them fish?
I got bigger things in mind.
You got a screw loose, that's what you got.
Is that so, well get this.
I'm out of the union for good.
Fred's gang wants me to be
their state leader in Frisco.
Don't run before you learn to walk.
Come on back. Have the fun you used to.
The good times you and Hattie
started out at.
Get this, get this once and for all.
I ain't comin' back!
You gotta, Dutch.
Ain't it time you forgot your conceit and stopped
thinking you're bigger than anybody else?
You're no leader,
you never was and never will be.
Now will you get out of here
and quit telling me what to do?
I watched you grow up, Dutch.
Ever since you was a little kid.
And I thought as much of you
as if you were my own boy.
I figured you'd forget your conceit
when you got older
but I guess you'll never be anything
but a swell-headed fool.
I give you up.
Can't you see, Hat, can't you understand?
I gotta make good.
I know everything rotten happened
to you today
the scabs came in and then turned against you
and the furniture was moved out
But don't let it throw you.
We'll start all over again, having fun.
We'll both get back to work and before we know it
we'll have back the furniture back.
No, Hat, I can't do that.
I can't let you go back to work for me.
Everybody'd be laughing at me.
They'd say I flopped.
I can't go back to that union.
I gotta show them I was right.
Dutch, look at me.
I love you, honey,
I'd do anything in the world for you.
I want you to be happy,
and I wanna be happy with you.
I don't care whether they think
you're right or wrong.
But I care.
Can't you swallow your pride? Just for me?
No, Hat, I can't.
That's just it, I can't do it,
not even for you.
When I just think about going back
with the men...
I can't stay here, I tell you,
I can't.
But what can you do if you go away,
I love you...
but I gotta make good,
and if I make good I'll send for you.
And if I don't you'll never see me again.
Never, Hattie.
Is that your idea of love?
Don't you want a home like other folks,
and kids?
Kids? What are you talking about?
You're not...
No, honest, Dutch, I ain't...
'Cause that couldn't make no difference neither.
I can't let nothing stop the big things
I gotta do.
Nothing knowing how much I love you,
knowing how I'd be willing to work for you
even to starve with you,
you're still gonna walk out on me?
I gotta, Hat, I gotta, don't you see...
Oh, you gotta, huh?
Well if you walk out on me now,
you can keep going and never come back.
All right.
If that's the way you feel about it.
Swell party, Nick, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas... I mean, they're coming.
Hattie, they're here.
They're here!
Merry Christmas!
Hey, baby, so you're late.
We had to make a few changes
on Hat's old wedding dress.
Why, look, some class, eh?
Guaranteed to kill at 20 yards,
you wanna take a chance?
Where can a thirsty man get a drink?
Of water.
It's right over there, Mr. Tuttle,
help yourself.
Don't mind if I do.
Will you excuse us while we rest
our wraps?
Sure, in there, go ahead,
make yourself comfortable.
Gosh, ain't it wonderful, Hat?
I ain't never seen nothin' like it.
I guess nobody has.
What's that?
Gee, I don't know.
You suppose Nick knows what it is?
Hattie, is all that perfume real?
Well, it sure smells like it.
Here, give me some.
He's got so much he'll never miss it.
We should've brang an empty bottle.
What do you care?
It's all gonna be yours anyhow.
Aw, gee, I know, honey,
but he's nice and kind.
Aw, don't be like me, I married Pete for love
and look at what I got.
Two kids and a lumbago.
Now you're gonna be smart
and forget all about Dutch, ain't you, Hat?
Aw, take the crape off your chin.
I forgot him a long time ago.
You a pretty smart lawyer, huh?
You think you can fix up this divorce,
eh, my firend?
Oh, sure, sure, but first we must review
the grounds.
Now, you say the treatment of Mr. Muller
to his wife was shameless?
Oh, my God, yes, the poor helpless thing.
He scorched her, he blackened her eye,
he hurt her arm, he gets drunk...
give her nothing for to eat something.
Now he's gone away,
she don't hear from him 3 or 4 months.
Isn't that terrible?
Oh, that's enough.
We don't want to send him to the electric chair.
As your attorney, Mr. Louis,
I have to ask you these answers.
Are you are give due considmeration
to your marriage to Mrs. Muller?
Due comsiderations? I give three comsiderations.
She marry me this time or I finish with her.
No more, no more.
Ah, but this Mrs. Muller, how is she's feel?
She's grand, she's marvelous.
Ah, cromprose yourself, my friend,
I'm don't be solicitation about her
personal healthy.
I am refer to the divorce action.
How is she's feels against it?
You leave me for to handle that, Mr. Markis.
I speak with her.
What do you use for your hair,
olive oil?
Oh, no. Plain goose grease.
Oh, that's very much nice.
Well, you wait here.
Make yourself comfortable.
I apprissmeate that.
We need to get alimony for you,
of course.
No, I don't want nothing from him.
Hattie don't need money from nobody.
If your ex-husband try to make
trouble for you,
don't you worry.
I can send him to prison on Section A, paragraph 8
for inciting riots unfit and undesirable.
You lay off of Dutch.
There's no need running him down.
Please, Mr. Markis, just give her the papers
for the signature.
Your James Hamcock right here,
Come on, honey, you sign and everything's
gonna be hunky dory.
There, now get the divorce.
Shoot away, bust the whole thing wide open.
Ain't that just great, Hattie.
Congratulations, Nick.
I propose we drink to the bride
and groom.
Wait a minute.
I'm getting a divorce but that don't mean
I'm gonna marry Nick nor nobody else.
How do you like that?
Well, why you have me to...
That's all right. She's just a little bashful.
I am not bashful. You just take it easy.
Why, Hat!
Well, let's drink anyhow.
Ahhh, calm yourself.
Always try to use a little restrength.
Mr. Markis.
What for is the matter with me?
I don't know, Mr. Louis.
Maybe is the goose grease.
It's a waste, my boy.
I should own that Louis house.
I was on my way when I was young.
But you forgot to go to work everyday.
Never mind, Pops, you're kinda cute
at that.
I'd have had much more fun
if you'd let me bring my cornet.
Hey, what you got there, Pete?
Give me that.
Hm, ain't that nice?
Good night, children.
Good night, Pa.
Lew. Where did you come from?
What's up?
Nothing, I just come ashore.
I've been workin' on a swell yacht.
Thought I'd drop in and say hello.
Yeah, what's that yacht carrying,
a load of coal?
Oh, that er...
I fell down as I was coming off the waterfront.
I must have got a little dirty.
Where's Dutch? What's he done now?
He's fine.
Saw him a couple of weeks ago.
Hey, Hattie...
Could you lend me $5.?
Quit stalling, Lew. I got to know about Dutch.
Is he working?
Well, he's been kind of laying off
since he was sick.
Oh, I spilled it.
Tell me, Lew.
All right, Hat.
But he'll kill me if he finds out
I told you.
He's in a hobo camp south of Sacramento.
If you give me the $5, I'll take it to him.
Hey, wait a minute, what are you gonna do?
What do you think?
Don't, please don't, Hattie.
He don't want no part of you.
He'll blame the whole thing on me.
Give me the fiver, will you,
and let me shove off.
Five bucks ain't gonna do him no good.
I'll get some dough from Nick.
That barracuda ain't gonna give you no money
to go to Dutch.
No? He'll do anything for me.
He said he would.
Oh, Hattie, please don't.
Dutch'll kill me, I tell you.
I hope they bury me in a casket.
We're coming to 'em now, Miss.
Them jungles you been askin' about.
There they is, out there
where you see them fires.
I tell you the public mind is incapable
of understanding
that there's a revolution going on right under their very noses.
In 7000 small towns throughout America
right now there are meetings being held.
Aw, shut up.
What's the use of kiddin' ourselves?
You and me ain't gonna pull off no revolution,
and you know it.
That smoke's rottin' out your brains
and your insides.
Well, that's my business.
If I wanna drink it, I'll drink it.
You ain't foolin' me. Muller, you're a flop
if you don't get off your mind
what you're thinking about all the time.
I ain't thinkin' about nobody.
Don't you worry about me being a flop.
I'll show you and I'll show everybody
in my own way and in my own time.
Now go on and get out of here
and leave me alone.
Do you know Dutch Muller?
A poker voice beneath a bough.
Hey, would you mind tellin'...
Why, hello.
Where is Dutch,
I've been looking all over for him.
Near one of them fires.
Is he alone?
Will you tell him I'm here.
Tell him I gotta see him alone.
I'll meet him at the passenger shed
at the junction.
All right.
Well, I guess we can kiss you good-bye.
Your wife's here.
Bumped into her over there
looking for you.
She wants to see you
over by the passenger shed alone.
Yeah, well tell her you couldn't find me.
Tell her you don't know where I am.
Dutch, here I am!
Dutch! Dutch!
Wasn't that Dutch on that freight?
Didn't you tell him?
I tried to but he left in a hurry.
I see. I suppose he had a date with
a bank president or something.
The big dope. Didn't he know
I was trying to help him?
If you've got anything for him
I can get it to him.
I'm gonna meet him up north
day after tomorrow.
Here. Give him this.
And tell him to buy himself a hat
if he can find one big enough to fit him.
Hello, Hattie.
We almost lost you.
Come on.
Come on?
What for?
There's no use playing innocent, Hat.
Nick's burning up.
You'll get plenty for this.
Let's go.
Wait a minute, Bert.
I1ll pay him back. I asked him for the dough
but he wouldn't give it to me.
That's why I took it.
I left him a note, didn't I?
I had to have it.
You'll have to explain that to Nick.
You know how I feel, but I'm just
a dumb cop. Come on.
Oh, wait, Bert. There's something...
He can't stand me up. There's a reason.
I know, Hat. There's always a reason.
Would I have said where I was going
if I'd meant to steal that money?
He can't send me up, he mustn't.
There's a reason, I tell you.
Sorry, kid, it ain't up to me.
To think of my grandson bein' born in a jail.
And such a crummy jail.
In these surroundings,
I always feel like a fish out of water.
Hi, Mr. Tuttle.
Oh, hello, Sadie.
Who do you want to see?
They told me to come up here
and get my sister's baby.
You're Mrs. Butts.
Well, wait in there.
I'll send for your sister.
You are my lucky star
I love you...
Come on, Hattie. Your sister's here.
Don't you think the warden...
You see, he's so little.
I'm afraid not, Hattie.
Come along.
I'll take your things.
Come on. kid.
You know, it ain't nice for a guy your age
to be hanging around a ladies' jail.
If Hat gets lonesome, I got an awful nice girlfriend
in here that's doin' life.
Hattie, darling.
Hello, Lil.
Hello, Hattie.
Hello, Pa.
You look fine, Hat.
Let's see him, huh?
Oh, my, he's the livin' spit of Dutch.
Aw, the poor little kid.
He is a fine boy. He's got my nose.
You're gonna take good care of him,
ain't you, Lil?
Oh, sure, kid, don't you worry.
You gotta wash him every day, all over.
Sure, I'll polish him up.
Don't give it a thought, hon.
See that he gets sun and plenty
of good air.
I'll take him out on the boats.
No, he's gotta be kept quiet.
I'll throw Pete's cornet
right out the window.
And you gotta keep him warm
and scald his bottles and change his shirts...
I got it all wrote down for ya.
It's all right, Hat.
I got two of my own, you know.
I got some notion of bein' a mother.
Now don't you worry, Hat. He'll get
just the same as little Oscar and Rosie.
Yeah, I know,
that's what I've been thinking about.
You tell me what's wrong with
little Oscar and Rosie?
Now, Lily... now, Harriet.
Oh, Hat...
Oh, Lil, I'm sorry.
I know you'll take swell care of him.
Gee, I hope he don't miss me.
He's used to me singing him to sleep.
I'll do that, too.
Yeah, Lil, but you got such a rotten voice.
You think he'll notice the difference?
Come, Hattie. Time's up.
Good-bye, little fellow.
Now, Lil, you keep mum if Dutch shows up.
He never wanted no kids.
He'll never show up, the big blowhard.
You have to leave now.
Good-bye, Hattie.
Good-bye, Hat, don't you worry none.
No, no, you can't take him away.
Oh, don't, he's mine.
Okay, okay.
Good-bye, little Dutchy.
You won't let him forget me, will you?
Ow, he'll remember you.
Look at him laughing.
Oh, no, I's not gonna do nothing
with this parole board, Mr. Muller.
What has Nick ever got
for trying to be nice, huh?
A laugh in his face.
A kick in his pants.
What you think I am, a foolish?
Nick has had his lesson.
All right.
You could get her out quicker,
but I see you're too much of a sorehead.
Now look...
If you do something about this,
I'll tell you what I'll do.
And I wouldn't do this
for anybody else in the world either.
I'll even go back to work for you.
Oh, no. Sincerely, thanks.
You don't work for me, Mr. Muller.
All I get from you is trouble,
I don't want no more, I don't want you around.
Well, I'm gonna be around, see,
whether you like it or not.
You don't want me to work for you, huh?
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm going over to that union
and I'm gonna make 'em take me back.
Then I'll be working for you
whether you want me to or not.
Am I in, is it over?
Not yet. They're gonna vote on you in a minute.
Listen, they're laughing. That's a good sign.
Think so?
Sure, it's in the bag, Dutch, it's in the bag.
They got a lot of nerve
keepin' a guy like me waitin'.
Who do they think they are?
All those in favor of reinstating Rudolf Muller
in the Fishermen's Union
local number 14,
signify so by saying "Aye".
All those not in favor signify by saying "No".
No! No!
Well of all the...
Come on, Dutch, let's get outta here.
Look, Dutch, I got a date
with a swell mama tonight.
Here's the address.
You go on and keep it, will ya.
She'll be crazy about you.
No thanks.
You're a swell kid, Lew.
They ain't told him about the kid,
have they?
No, it's entirely up to you.
Never thought I'd see him again.
Hello, Hat.
I'll let you see Mr. Muller alone, Hattie.
Thanks, Mrs. Morgan.
Well., here I am.
Right in the nick of time.
What are you gonna do, stand there
and wisecrack to everything I say?
When I come to see you nice like this.
Oh, excuse me,
I hadn't thought about that.
Aw, don't rub it in, Hat.
You don't know how I've been thinking
about you.
I ain't slept nights with thinking.
Yeah? I don't sleep so good neither.
I didn't know till a couple of weeks ago
about you taking the rap for me.
And ever since that,
I've been planning and thinking...
trying to dope some way
to get you out of here.
And I got it, Hat. It's a cinch.
You ain't gonna be in here
very much longer.
And then you and me will be together again.
Just like we was.
No kiddin'?
I guess I sort of blew my top
the last time I saw you but...
I'm gonna make it up to you, Hat, honest.
I've been working my head off for you.
You're working? You're back in the union?
They give you a boat?
In the union? No, nothing like that.
I figured out a way
for you to get out of here.
I got in with a guy in the construction gang
who's fixin' the drain pipe in the prison yard.
It runs clean outside the prison wall.
There's nothin' to it.
The first night it rains, all you do
is sneak into that culvert...
I see. And if I get out, then what?
I'll swipe a car and be waitin' for ya
at the bottom of the hill, It's a cinch.
That's swell, Dutch.
Simply swell.
Sure, sure.
Then we'll go to Mexico, we'll live in the soft.
There's nothin' to it.
All you have to do down there
is grab the stuff off the trees.
A couple of gypsies bumming our way.
You don't trust me. That's been the trouble
between you and me from the start.
Trust you? When did you ever do anything
to make me trust you?
You wouldn't come up here
with a sensible idea, would you?
You wouldn't go to the union
and try and get your card back
so you could get a responsible job
and get me out on parole.
Breakin' out of the pen, getting caught,
losing all my good behavior.
Pipe down, will ya.
Take your hands off of me.
I'm not going with you.
I don't ever wanna see you again.
I'd rather stay here the rest of my life
and rot.
Mrs. Morgan!
Pipe down...
Mrs. Morgan...
Get him out of here and don't ever
let him come back.
Gee, I didn't mean to make her sore.
I guess I said something she didn't like.
Could you get her? I'd like to tell her...
over the river, lady.
He gonna take you out?
Sure, he's got a 14-room house
waiting for me with 3 automobiles.
What did he come up for then?
Aw, nothing, he just wanted to help me
break out of jail.
Break out, kid? How?
Through that drainpipe in the yard
on the first rainy night.
He'd taken time planning for me, he said.
The dizzy dope.
What's the use of kidding myself.
I'll never get over it.
What a sap I was sending him away.
Maybe coconuts wouldn't have been so bad
after all.
Oh, why do I keep on thinking about him?
What do you do to forget a guy like that?
I cut his throat. That didn't do no good.
Brains will be down.
He's washing his hands for supper.
Thanks, Mrs. McCall,
I'll only keep him a minute.
Hello, Dutch.
Hello, Brains.
Sit down.
Have something. Have a piece of fruit.
Oh, no, thanks. I just had a big sirloin
over at Towman Tony's.
Well, what's on your mind?
Well, I'll tell you, Brains...
The more I think about it
I guess there's a lot of things
that ain't exactly like I thought they was.
And uh... and uh...
So I decided that uh...
for the time being, anyway,
maybe it would be better if I come back
to work here.
That's why I showed up at the union.
The men weren't really serious, I know...
What do you think?
I'm sorry, Dutch.
The men...
that's the way they feel about it.
But, Brains, I gotta go to work.
I don't care what it is. If it's the lowest,
rottenest job on the waterfront...
It's for Hat, Brains.
I gotta get her out.
It's my fault that she's up there.
It's me that done that to her.
Me, the fathead.
Don't you see, Brains? I gotta make it good.
I love her.
Even if she don't love me no more.
There's an oil tanker coming in tomorrow.
And they need a watchman
to tie it up to the dock, you know.
It ain't much. But it don't call for a union card.
I could put in a word for you.
Oh, gosh, would you do that for me, Brains?
Would you?
I'd be glad to.
I'll be glad to do some little thing
for you sometime.
That's all right.
I think I can swing it.
I'll get on it first thing in the morning
Well, I guess I'll run along now, Brains.
I don't wanna keep you from your supper.
Sure you won't stay and have some supper?
Sure, Dutch, we got plenty.
No, no, thanks, honest,
I couldn't eat a thing.
Wel, then, have an apple.
Go on.
Okay, I don't mind if I do.
it's been stickin' in my crawl, but...
about that time when I...
well, I've always been sorry.
That's all right, Dutch. Forget it.
Sure is raining.
It's gonna rain till morning...
Stop intriguing.
On your toes, girls,
the animal's getting nervous.
Watch your stuff, kid,
don't lose your nerve.
Look out! A rat!
Get goin'.
Bring the clothes?
Yeah, here they are.
Okay, Dutch, take her over.
It's been tryin' to rain all evening.
Bet it's pouring up north.
Looks like they'll be teachin' them rats
to swim tonight.
So long, Smokey.
Stay away from them wild women, now.
Who's that?
What kind of a puss is that?
If you think this puss is funny
you should'a saw your puss.
Go on, get outta here.
Say, you're a swell nightwatchman.
I coulda set the tanker on fire...
and burn up the whole waterfront.
Where did you get that?
I borrowed it from the guy that sells them.
Yeah, you borrowed it.
You'll borrow yourself right in to reform school
one of these days.
So am I.
Say, don't you get tired of doin' this?
You've been doing it for the past two nights.
Why don't you get yourself a good job?
Hey, what are you trying to do?
Make a mug out of me?
Go on, get out of here. Go on home.
I ain't going home.
I'm gonna catch me a sanddab.
Do sanddabs run at night?
Yeah, sanddabs and fresh kids like you.
If I catch one I'll fry it on you.
I got you hot enough.
Who's that?
Hiya, Dutch. How's everything?
Where did you think you were going?
Now, don't get excited, Dutch.
Just thought you might be a little bit lonesome
around a job like this,
I was just gonna come over
and talk to you.
We got nothing to talk about.
I hear they gave you a pretty raw deal.
I was talkin' to some of the boys about it
they say those guys oughta get down
on their knees
and crawl to you
to get you to come back with them.
Hello, Dutch.
Hiya, Dutch.
You remember these dudes, Dutch.
Joe and Ed.
Oh, yeah, yeah, sure, from the jungles.
We think it's the rottenest deal
that's been put over on anybody in a long time.
Don't we, boys?
That's what it is.
It's persecution.
And we're with you
if you wanna do anything about it.
Yeah, well, what do you think we could do?
Now you're talkin', Dutch. Let's get up on deck
where it can be private, huh?
No. They might see us up there.
Let's go over behind them bales.
All right.
So, they ain't gonna let us work,
we ain't gonna let them work.
See what I mean?
Hey, that's a great idea.
That'll blow up the whole joint.
The union and all.
Sure it will.
Let's get up on deck.
Sure, let's go.
Fellas... Hey, Brains.
Listen, I just seen Dutch and a couple of mugs
talking to Dutch...
They're going on the oil tanker.
Maybe they're gonna blow up
the whole waterfront or something.
I told you you couldn't trust Muller.
I'll bet they are.
Come on, let's go.
There's the guy.
And there's Dutch.
Gee, I got it all wrong.
What happened,
are you all right, Dutch?
Me? I'm okay.
You better get them guys to a hospital,
Here, take care of this.
They were bringing you a present.
A time bomb.
Throw it in the water!
Shorty, get Dr. Berger and bring him
to my house right away.
Come on, get a hold of him.
Ready to go?
I think I'll stay home.
I got a little headache.
You wouldn't fool your old man,
would you, Ma?
You're thinking Hattie might show up here,
ain't you?
Well, I'm gonna see if Dutch is ready.
get that paper out of the way.
Poor Hattie. Goodness knows
what's happened to her or where she is.
She might get shot or something
and never see Dutch again.
It ain't right, Brains, keeping this from him.
Yes it is.
And if she ever needed Dutch...
she needs him now.
Dutch can help her in only one way.
and that's by keeping his feet
on the ground.
He's straightened out now,
and he's gotta be kept that way.
The whole waterfront knows it.
Somebody's sure to tell him.
No they're not. I talked to them
and everybody's gonna keep it quiet tonight.
The boats leave for tuna
the first thing in the morning
and Dutch is gonna be on one of them.
Now you let me handle this my way.
All ready, Dutch?
Let's go.
Oh, my suit fits you, don't it?
Sure, fine. Except I ain't got quite
as much in here yet as you got,
but I'm catching up.
What are the gang giving this shindig anyway?
Oh, I don't know.
Kinda goes out of what you did.
A celebration.
The freighter would've gone up in smoke
and our jobs along with it.
I think Dutch is too weak to go.
How would you like a good week sock right
on the point of your bowsprit, son?
Go on, get outta here, will ya?
Say, look here, Bert Scanlin...
Keepin' your door locked all of a sudden, huh?
All right, where's Hat?
You think Hat's dumb to come here?
She's probably across the border by now.
Fred, you stay outside.
Search down here, Hank.
Say, listen here, now.
I don't know nothin' about Hat.
I tell you not to turn my home upside down
looking for her neither.
Bert Scanlin, if you wake up my kids,
I'll crown ya. Hat ain't here.
I'm from Missouri.
Aw, Mom, turn out the light.
Just a minute, honey,
we got a very important visitor.
Aw, kick him out!
I wanna go to sleep.
Well, you satisfied there ain't nobody here?
Oh, yeah?
What's this?
That's Oscar. He likes to sleep that way.
Keep your paws off of him!
That ain't Hat neither.
Now if you get outta here,
I'll thank you, if you'll be so kind.
You ain't fooling me.
Why aren't you gettin' dressed for the party
the boys are givin' on the Fairy Queen?
With you hanging around here?
This ain't no back-to-nature camp Mr. Scanlin.
Ma, I'm scared,
I heard a noise.
Don't be scared, honey. You just heard
two big flat feet from Missouri.
And if you think she's in the kitchen stove,
keep away from that oven door.
My bread ain't raised yet.
Nothing, huh, Hank?
All right, post the men outside.
We're going to have a little talk with Dutch Muller.
I gotta find Dutch before they see him.
I gotta, Lil.
I don't know, Hat,
he's either at Brains' place
or at the party at the Fairy Queen.
Gee, Hat, I thought you were bein' straight.
He's gotta know I've come.
Listen, get Pete up here...
No, not Pete...
he'd have it all over town, you can't
trust a man that blows a cornet.
Now let me see...
You can find Dutch, can't you?
Sure, Hat.
Well find him and tell him
to come here and get me.
Tell him I broke jail like he said
and we're beating it to Mexico.
You understand?
Mexico? Sure, sure, I'll tell him.
Jimmy, the cops are out front.
That's right, I'll go down the back pilings.
I'll go down and get rid of Pete.
Then you'd better come down to my room.
Just a minute, Dutch.
What do you know about this?
Search me. The guys are giving a party
and I feel like going. Are you going too?
I suppose you're gonna tell me in a minute
that you don't know Hattie lambed out of jail.
She broke out? When?
Night before last.
I suppose you guys read the funny papers
and just listen to weather reports on the radio.
Now come clean. Where was you
today and yesterday?
He's been at my house ever
since the fight.
He's always been tellin' you
he's too smart for you.
What are you talking to me about Hattie
breaking jail for?
She means nothing to me. I told her off
so long ago I forget what she looks like.
You oughta know that.
I thought cops knew everything.
I was hoping you wouldn't find out
about Hat.
Gotta keep your head, Dutch.
Promise me you won't do
anything rash tonight.
Post your men along the dock
and around the Fairy Queen here.
I'll tail Muller myself.
Mr. Louis you give me your promissory.
This was very good idea.
This make you popular.
If you try to make the friendship of Dutch Muller
then everybody's try to make your friendship.
The power of the promissory is always greater
for the success than the machime gum tactics.
He's still pushing me,
but you're right, Mr. Markis.
What is past is gone out and overdone.
Besides, Hattie, she don't interest me.
Look, Mr. Markis.
Hiya, Dutchy.
There is Dutch Muller now.
Please, excuse me.
Oh, Dutch, my friend,
we was waiting for you.
Oh, come on, I got big surprise.
Stop the music. Stop the music.
Hey, everybody, he's here!
Dutch Muller!
What is this?
It's all right, Nicky's your friend. I show you.
Is not necessarily, I hope...
for me to's tell you
what this Dutch Muller has done
for us all.
He saved me my ships.
He saved your jobs.
Maybe he saved our lives,
who cans tell?
For cause he do this,
he's give me gorgeous pleasure.
to present to this big hero
this $100
from Nick Louis.
his great friend, in apprismitiation,
I's thank you.
Quiet, everybody.
Everybody here knows what's in this
but you.
So, open it, and God bless you.
You mean...
Sure, it's your union card.
I don't know what to say.
Say it with a drink, Dutch.
Come on, we're buyin' Dutch Muller
a drink.
Atta boy! What are you havin', Dutch?
What are you gonna do
with all that money, Dutch?
Maybe I'll buy a taillight for you
to hang on Hattie or something.
Here's how, boys.
That's the way to go, Dutch.
Hey, Dutch.
What do you want?
I don't know, I just thought...
Go on, beat it.
You think I'm in the dough again. You're sulking around
for more nickels. Go on home, beat it!
Be ready for another one
in a minute boys.
So, what have you decided, son?
I never thought she'd do it.
I didn't expect this.
What're you gonna do about little Dutchy?
You can't go traipsin' all over the world
bein' chased with him on your hands.
If Dutch changes...
You'll take care of the kid,
won't you, Lil?
We'll send for him as soon as Dutch
gets his break...
You seen him?
You seen him, Jimmy, what did he say?
Is he coming?
He's laughing it up over at the Fairy Queen.
But he's coming, ain't he?
You told him, didn't you?
Yeah, I told him, Hat, but...
He just told me to beat it and get out.
Then he started drinking with the rest
just like he was a big shot again.
Well, there's your Dutch for ya.
Hard like a harpoon.
No. If he knows I'm here, he'll come.
He's gotta come.
Hey, Dutch, listen
Aw, shut up.
Hello, Dutch.
Hey, Dutch, what's the idea?
Oh, he's crazy.
Where'd he go?
Out the window.
So that's it. I bust out of jail for him,
now he's a big shot again
and he won't come near me.
What does he think I bust out of,
a cracker box?
Him and his fine spiel about
grabbing breakfast off them trees.
I knew he wouldn't come.
Of all the big welchin', swolen-headed,
low lifes that I've ever...
Take what you need from my closet
and I'll watch out for the cops.
Oh, I knew you'd come, Dutch.
Hello, squirt.
Hello, squirt.
Oh, I dreamed about you sayin' that.
Like you used to when I woke up
in the mornings.
Yeah, that's right, squirt.
Hey, what happened?
Who done that to you?
That's nothin', that's nothin'.
Gee, we can't stand here talking,
we gotta go.
Bert's wise, I took a powder on him.
He's liable to...
Well, then they're after you.
Come on, they'll be here in a minute.
Wait a minute, squirt.
There's something I gotta tell ya.
Tell me later. You got some dough?
We gotta have dough to get out of here.
Oh, yeah, I got some dough,
Nick gave it to me, a hundred slugs.
Look, I got my union card, too.
The fellas gave it back to me.
Kinda funny now, ain't it?
Listen, squirt...
You won't need no union card...
That's what I wanna talk to you about.
What are we gonna do there?
Anything. Who's gonna stop you?
If you wanna, you can start a revolution
or something.
Get to be a general, or even a president.
But it's awful near here, squirt,
they might catch us and bring us back.
You ain't trying to pull a powder on me,
are you?
Oh, squirt, don't be daffy.
While I was resting my chin on them bars
up there...
you wasn't doin' the same
on some dame's neck, was ya?
So that's it. You went and got tied up.
Oh, shut up, squirt,
it's been you all along...
Yeah, me lost in the back of
that big square head of yours...
Listen, I'm goin' with ya, you understand?
Now quit your hollering 'cause there's
something I gotta tell ya.
I just want you to know that...
that ain't the big shot
I thought I was, see?
Belcher kept tellin' me I was Trotsky
or somebody, but I ain't see?
I couldn't be a general, or even president.
I know what I am now.
I'm just the best tuna fisherman
on this coast.
And I'm still knock the nut off of any guy
who thinks he's big enough to say that I ain't.
And that's all.
Oh, that's enough.
Well, I just wanted you to know what
you were going away with, that's all.
That's all I want.
I ain't goin' away with ya.
What did you break out for?
'Cause I love you, Dutch.
And I'd have followed you
to Mexico or Timbuktu, right or wrong.
But now it's a cinch.
But Hat, we gotta get outta here.
What's the matter, have you gone crazy?
No, I...
Listen to that, I tell you, we gotta hide.
No, 'cause I'm going back to jail.
Hat, you're stir crazy, what's the matter...
Will you shut that kid up.
I never knew Lil to have a brat that didn't squawk
at the wrong time.
Don't you touch that baby!
But we gotta...
Because he's mine and yours, you big chump.
Little Dutchy.
That's what I went up north to tell you about
that time when you ran out on me.
And besides, you said you didn't like kids.
Who said I didn't like kids.
I'm nuts about 'em.
And you can start teaching him to be
the best tuna fisherman on the coast, Dutch.
Gee, he's pink.
He's awful pink.
And all electric, too, eh?
Gee, I never seen such a good-lookin' kid.
He kinda looks like me, too, don't he?
Oh, please, Bert, you ain't gonna...
You heard what she said.
She ain't runnin' away.
But I gotta, Lil.
Aw, gee, not now.
Well, can you put me up for the night?
Sure, Pops ain't never home.
I'll put you in his room.