Rifkin's Festival (2020) Movie Script

I actually don't know
where to begin.
I had to stop work
on the novel I was writing
and accompany my wife
to the San Sebastian Film Festival.
Sue had to go, for her it was work.
She represented several clients
who were there,
and did the press for them.
Now the ironic part was that
you know years ago
when I taught my film class
the thought of going to any film festival
would've been very exciting to me.
film festivals
are no longer what they were.
I mean it was no longer
what I was teaching.
I taught cinema as art
- the great European masters.
I only went
because I couldn't shake the suspicion
that she had
a little crush
on this bullshit movie director
she did publicity for.
In my new movie on an Eichmann trial
you would be perfect
to play Hannah Arendt.
You know tonight at eight o'clock
is a special screening
of an old "The Three Stooges" -
the director's cut!
In a movie,
were all of your orgasms special effects?
Oh look, there's Philippe.
Oh my God, I love his look.
He is so chic.
The idea of myself
and sometimes you know
the public gives you
the different idea of yourself.
Now remember, you guys met that time
with that screening in Universal?
You got into that stupid argument
over "Bringing Up Baby"
He loved it and you didn't. And he loved
"Some Like It Hot" - and you didn't.
He loved "It's a wonderful life" with the rest
of the world and you didn't. Do you remember?
And then he made that joke,
and he called you the Grinch.
I remember the joke.
Everyone in Europe loves your new movie.
It was a big hit at the screening
this morning.
"War is hell".
And you came out and said it.
You know some wars are good,
some wars are bad.
You know sometimes wars are justified.
Can you tell us
what your next film will be?
Well in my next film
I'm taking on the turmoil
in the Middle East,
offer some solution
for the reconciliation
between the Arabs and Israel.
It's a rumor you had an affair
with the French minister's wife?
I heard that same rumor, yeah.
The rumor is you made her pregnant.
- Can you make any comment on that?
- Okay, that's enough. That's great.
He has interviews all day tomorrow.
Three full days of interviews.
Thank you so much.
You have arrived just in time.
I'm so sorry about that.
You remember Mort, yeah?
Oh yes.
The Grinch.
Congratulations on your new film.
Everyone seems to love it.
Yeah, but it this day and age
any film that deals with the reality
the critics rave about as art.
Well war is hell.
I mean as far as insights go.
Okay, we should probably go unpack.
You know I'd really appreciate it
if you kinda watched yourself.
Your hostility is starting to show.
I can't say
I relish it
being refereed to as "The Grinch".
It's just that you put everything down
as low-brow.
I don't put his stuff down as low-brow.
It's middle-brow.
I think he's politically relevant.
I mean you heard him talk
about his next movie.
He's gonna try to reconcile
the Arabs and Israel.
Yes, I'm glad he's turning
to science fiction.
Philippe is so brilliant.
What is politics?
Politics is totally ephemeral.
- It misses the big questions.
- What big questions?
- The big questions!
- Like?
What's it all about?
Is this
everything that there is
or is there more?
I mean those are the questions
that really matter.
The things he deals with
are actually trivial.
Although he thinks they are so profound.
They are not.
I mean we could have an ideal world
politically and we'd still
have these very same terrifying questions.
Oi, my heart is starting to hurt me.
And here we go.
Yeah, I know, you think
it's all in the head.
You're not having a heart attack, Mort.
You just ate too many tacos on the plane.
Well those tacos were like barbells.
When I went to sleep that night
I had an odd dream.
Rose Budnick.
Rose Budnick. She died.
Oh my God! How?
She committed suicide.
Oh no.
She was such a brilliant woman.
An intellectual.
She was the Holocaust survival.
She left a note.
She decided life was meaningless.
She felt no point in going on.
How crazy. The judge life is meaningless?
Well, if you think about it, Max.
What does it mean?
You sound like one of my students.
Why are we all here?
It's a cosmic fluctuations.
We all got popped out into the being
out of nothing.
Believe me, if it were up to me
I would've done it differently.
Don't have this conversation
in from of Mort.
He has nightmares.
Come inside.
It's too cold.
I had a strange dream last night.
Oh, I don't have time to hear about it,
I'm running late.
Will I see you for lunch?
Nope. I have a lunch thing with Philippe
and a reporter from Pari-Match.
It is a work lunch.
I mean today is insane.
We are totally slammed.
We got interviews all day.
And you have to be at all the interviews?
Yeah, of course I do!
That's why we're here. It's my job.
I can't say I wasn't
a little uncomfortable
with Sue spending
the whole day with Philippe.
With his pretentious bullshit.
She thinks he's a genius.
Her whole life she was attracted
to brilliant men.
She even thought I was
a major intellectual.
When we first met, she was so impressed
with my magazine articles.
My think pieces.
She thought I had a novel in me.
When I showed her my first pages,
she said they were turgid.
Now it's clear -
she's starting to think she bet
on the wrong horse.
I didn't know where I was going.
I walked all morning,
I thought about my life, my father.
I disappointed him.
My brother was the bigger earner.
I thought about my book
and how tough it was to write
a really great book.
Not just another novel
but a masterpiece!
Shakespeare created masterpieces!
Michelangelo, Joyce, Chaplin.
Ah, Fellini!
I taught a course in Fellini.
I identified with his films.
Mort! When is your book
gonna be finished?
I'm working on it!
Mort Rifkin?
Oh goodness.
I thought you're living dream.
My God, Miss Weinstein,
my English teacher!
You showed great promise as a writer.
I wound up teaching film.
I had to make a living
but I'm working on a novel.
Just try not to make it... turgid.
Tell me, Mort.
Are you still asking those big questions?
God, death...
The meaning of life?
Rabbi Mintz! Yes!
They are the only questions worth asking.
The rest is all trivia.
You know I sometimes wonder
if you're a true Jew.
You don't absorb the Sabbath
you ridicule your religion.
You've never been to Israel.
What would God say
if you met face to face?
After what God's done
I have nothing to say to him.
Let him talk to my lawyer.
Only a Jew would think of suing God.
But a Jew would have a slam dunk case.
Hello, Mort!
Are you here for the festival?
Marcia Cohen!
You were the neighborhood girl
I truly lost my heart for.
You were the only boy
who read the Russians and Proust.
And took me to see plays
by Ionesco and Beckett.
My mother and father
fell in love with you.
Just not me.
Your parents would be disappointed in me.
I still haven't found myself.
Keep plugging.
And oh...
Happy Birthday!
Oh, don't remind me. The clock is ticking.
Mom and Dad!
What are you doing in San Sebastian?
We just came to give you
a piece of advice, son.
I was gonna have it put it
on my tombstone when I died
but your mother thought
it's was too vulgar.
And that advice is?
Money talks, shit walks.
Mort Rifkin!
- Toms! How great!
- How are you, my friend?
- So good to see you! What's going on?
- Wonderful!
How is your festival going?
Festival here is always a pleasure.
My company has a filming competition
this year.
You seemed like you were lost?
No, no, I just... I'm still jet lagged.
Got it. Got it.
It's great this year.
Mort, let me tell you.
I love this festival!
It's such a break from the real word.
For ten days I mean this...
Look at that.
Magical city,
and cinema is a king.
I feel it. I felt it
when I got off the plane.
I ran into Sue this morning, you know?
Ah, Sue... is up to her neck in work.
Well, she didn't look up her neck,
she was
just having a good time
walking in the beach
with that French director,
uh, Philippe Germaine. You know him?
She was walking in the beach with him?
Yeah. She did mention that there was
some interview that got canceled.
I was doing my morning jog
and I see this couple from the distance.
And at first I thought
I was interrupting something.
Until I realized it was your wife.
Sue and I go back ages.
From the times
we both worked at Paramount.
And she introduced me to this director.
And let me tell you something, Mort.
This guy is a real deal.
I've seen his film.
It's just... It's great.
Well, I know it's against war.
Yeah, but he has such a positive attitude.
I mean it lifts your spirit really.
And they were...
- walking on the beach together?
- Yep.
What's going on? You look pale.
You know, to tell you the truth.
I've been experiencing some chest pains.
Chest pains are never good, man.
Since when?
Since I left New York.
Oh, really? Left side or right side?
Sort of here.
Maybe you wanna have
that checked out, Mort.
Well, when I get back to the city
I definitely will.
How long are you here for?
For the whole festival.
Mort, if they persist
you should see someone really.
It's like a tightening?
Well I do feel in a way kinda tingling.
Radiating, right?
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy. That's not good.
I recognize the symptoms
from my cousin's coronary.
I mean without a warning
he just went... like that
How old was he?
Can you believe it?
Early detection is the key
to survival here, remember that.
Well I'm sure the hotel
would know a doctor...
You wanna get
some random hotel doctor, Mort?
No, this is your heart after all.
We're talking about your life here.
This head of mine.
I got a number.
A good doctor that lives here.
Yes. Gil Brenner gave it to me.
Not that I ever needed to use it,
but just in case. Dr. Joe Rojas.
Dr. Rojas is at the hospital
until this afternoon.
But can you come in tomorrow morning?
Oh my god, what a day, I need a drink.
You cannot believe
how stupid these questions are.
No breaks?
Not really.
I mean one interviewer,
they canceled.
So we had half an hour
to get some fresh air.
What did you do?
We went out...
and had a smoke.
I mean, you know - Philippe had a smoke.
Hi. Uh...
Vodka martini, uh ...
- Please. Gracias.
- A glass of red wine.
Red wine?
You're drinking red wine
because of your heart?
Well they say that it's...
you know...
Oh, there's Philippe!
I invited him to have dinner with us.
You did?
Yeah. I didn't think you'd mind.
Listen Mort,
he really respects your opinions.
I was looking forward
to having a quiet little dinner
just with the two of us.
I know, I know,
but he's here all alone
and it would be kinda rude
not to include him.
Hey you know I ran into
Toms Lopez today.
He said he saw you and Philippe
on the beach earlier.
I told you that...
The interview was canceled and...
we had a little breathing room
away from the madding crowd.
I don't understand anything.
- Hi, sorry. I'm late.
- Hi, no, it's okay.
I was talking with that critic
from some high profile magazine,
he thinks my film
should be mandate reviewing at the UN.
Any film that can do big box office
and also bring world peace.
You know, this is actually a great idea.
I mean can you imagine the queue,
the press queue
if we had the premiere,
the New York premiere at the UN?
It would be incredible, right?
Yeah. We put in quite a day today, huh?
You did. You were unbelievable.
Can I have one vodka and martini
please, sir?
With a burst of lemon, right?
Phew, you have good memory, yeah?
That's amazing.
Also. I have to say I thought you were
very eloquent with the guy from Denmark.
- Yeah? Oh yeah, the guy from Denmark.
- Oh my God, you should've heard
what he said about the world hunger.
You were against it I imagine.
I thought he was so smart.
He was definitely by far
- the smartest journalist there.
- Yeah, he was smart, yeah.
- And that woman. The one from Paris.
- Which one? Which woman from Paris?
The one who said she thinks you're
the greatest innovator of film since the...
- Nouvelle vague, huh?
- Yeah, actually she was very intelligent.
You know, from the very beginning
I was such a fan of
Godard and Truffaut,
and Claude Lelouch!
"A Man and a Woman"!
And the stuff you were saying to her
about the montage?
- Yes. Yes, the montage.
- She was eating that up.
I just thought she was gonna start
licking you all over the place...
But you know I miss something
because my influence is more
John Ford, you know.
Howard Hawks, you know? I miss that.
I just always loved "Breathless".
And "Jules and Jim".
"Jules and Jim" was such a masterpiece!
- And how indebted you are to Frank Capra?
- Yes, of course.
- The three of those...
- Yes, Capra...
From the minute it came out,
"Jules and Jim"
was an incredible influence
on other films!
You know what I like about
the American masters?
Is their sense of optimism.
Oh yes, yes.
You know? If you noticed I always try
to leave the audience with the sense of hope.
There's no doubt the American masters
were wonderful.
but gen...
generations of Americans were mislead
into thinking that Hollywood endings
were real and not make believe.
And then the Europeans came along
and movies grew up.
My view is less pessimistic.
In the end I believe art
makes it all worthwhile.
Art and love.
With the right person.
Romance, adventure, passion.
All these things make life
a positive experience.
But we had this conversation earlier today
- when we discussed passion and...
- Yeah.
How a few people
really understand the roots of desire.
Yeah, that was some conversation.
- Yeah, you recall, right? I like...
- You were amazing!
I like women with chief.
- Yeah.
- I find their energy sexy.
I think I'm gonna have the Dover sole.
Sue and I had a little tiff
which is not a good thing to do
before retiring.
I said it was a joke.
To compare Philippe to the French
New Wave directors.
Truffaut was absolutely dazzling
and Philippe was totally derivative.
To compare Philippe's work
to "Jules and Jim" was absurd!
When I finally dropped off to sleep
I had another odd dream.
When we first met,
she was not only a great beauty
she was so impressive.
Sarah Lawrence. Literature major.
She was absolutely brilliant
but very neurotic.
And then she found you what?
A genius in a rough.
We used to have
the most amazing discussions.
Books, the theater, serious music.
That summer in Newport.
And now, you and I
are both in love with her.
Mmm, what are you two talking about?
That we are both in love with you!
My first husband was so possessive.
Smothering, always accusing me
of things he was doing himself.
And then I met Mort.
He was sweet and brilliant.
But I still feel
like I've never really lived.
Loved passionately,
full of wild abundance.
And soon it's gonna be too late.
- Now we've met.
- Yes.
And yet you still love him.
I'm used to him.
Oh, I wish that three of us
could all move in together.
Well you two seem
to have hit it off quite intensely.
Mort, would you be up for mnage--trois?
If the three of us lived together?
Too bohemian for me.
I mean despite all my talk about
existential freedom and Dionysus,
I'm a middle class Jew from the Bronx.
Think about it.
Me, it's a very left think.
And you know you love everything Parisian.
Philippe and I can sleep in the bedroom
and you can have the pull out sofa.
What a powerful dream.
And it's true.
Sue would be up for anything -
she has no inhibitions.
She's curious to try things.
She has no fear.
Meanwhile I'm full of fears.
Because I'm so aware
of the fragility of life.
The doctor will see you now.
Thank you.
I'm Dr. Rojas.
Is something wrong?
Wrong? Is something wrong?
You mean my chest pains?
They were there this morning.
Tell me about them.
Have you ever had any heart problems?
No, although...
although I sometimes get heartburn
if I eat Indian food.
And how long have you had these pains?
Just since leaving New York.
Just a few days.
Uh-huh. You had them before?
Not really, no. I mean...
You are visiting San Sebastian?
Yes. I'm just here for the film festival.
Oh, I see.
I have these pains,
and someone gave me your number and...
I actually live in New York City.
Upper East Side, 72nd street.
Have you ever visited New York?
Yeah I... went to NYU for a little bit
you know, I stayed with my aunt and uncle.
They live on 5th and 72nd.
No! That's an incredible coincidence!
Yeah, I was going to practice in New York.
What brought you here?
My husband.
Is it sharp pain or pressure?
What? Oh...
It's actually not kicking in
at this very moment.
so I don't really know.
Are you a part of the festival?
No, no... But my...
Sue is my friend and...
She's actually my wife.
She has a film with the festival?
She 's...?
No, she runs a publicity firm, she has
clients here, she's actually managing
the Saturday night movie -
"Apocalyptic Dreams".
Can I be frank?
You didn't like it?
Very commercialized stuff
trying to pass as art.
But I seem to be in the minority.
Oh no, no. I'm right along with you.
I'm just gonna get a closer look.
You are married.
Are you under any stress?
What do you do?
Oh, I see you are a writer.
I'm working on a novel.
It's sort of my breakthrough attempt
and naturally I want
it to be a masterpiece.
Naturally. Yeah.
I mean I find myself just writing a page
and then ripping it up.
And then writing another page
- ripping it up
I mean...
I don't wanna write just
one more lousy mediocre novel.
Do you know what I mean?
My point of view is -
if you can't get into the big leagues
with Joyce and Dostoevsky,
I'd rather just take my ball and go home.
As far as I can tell
your heart is just fine.
Blood pressure is excellent.
I get the results of your blood test
in a few days or so.
If you don't hear from me
it means everything is fine.
Which I fully expect.
So try to enjoy
the rest of your stay here.
Take care.
Thank you.
Oh by the way
can I make a confession?
I didn't know you were a woman.
I mean, when he said "Joe" Rojas...
Well, you know some men can be shy
getting examined by a woman.
Oh, not me!
I mean I only showed you
a part of my chest.
Enjoy the festival.
Did I tell you I taught film?
You did.
There was a great period
of cinema classics,
and that was my specialty -
great classic movies.
Naturally I gravitated toward the
great European directors.
Fellini and Bergman.
I remember all those wonderful
Truffaut movies and Godard.
Seems that you know about film.
Not really, but you know
I spent a lot of time in Paris,
I lived there for a while,
and I used to go to the Cinematheque,
and the films were all classics.
And it was cheap.
Jeez, I wonder who's she married to.
What a charming woman.
She really put a charge in my day.
She said she'd call
only if my blood work
came back with the problem.
Talk about mixed feeling.
Too bad I already got my flu shot.
That night I had a dinner
with a whole cluster of movie people.
Very dull.
Lots of talk about
box office and grosses.
Don't think I didn't catch Sue and Philippe
exchanging knowing glances
And smiling at certain remarks
like they are the only ones in
on some private joke.
Hey, Mort!
I just saw you passing by.
How are you feeling?
Much much better.
So good to hear.
Just coming in for a drink.
So why don't you join us?
Come on!
- All right! Thank you.
- Mort, this is my friend, Ramon Robles.
And this gentleman here is Gil Brenner.
- Gil.
- Hello, Mort.
And Gil is the one that gave you
that doctor's name that I gave you.
- Oh thank you! Thank you.
- You are welcome.
So you saw him?
Joe is actually a woman.
Yeah, isn't she lovely?
Oh, yes, she is.
I saw her and it all turned out fine.
Oh, that's fantastic.
Have you known her for a long time?
Oh yeah, we go way back.
I think I've known her
since she was a student.
I've always thought she was so bright,
just, you know great.
She married her college professor in fact.
Yeah. A brilliant guy.
I mean just brilliant.
But a total asshole.
Oh no!
I mean so smart and so terrible.
Yeah, she picks bad men.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I mean I wish could tell you
she came to her senses and she dumped him,
but actually he dumped her.
And dated another college student.
- Oh my God!
- Yeah, I know.
She and I were in Paris together.
Around the same time.
And I was working for M-G-M,
and she was there kind of
you know for a year kind of recuperating
from a whole marriage fiasco.
And now she's been with this guy -
trying anyway for a couple of years.
He's an asshole, too.
- Could I have a scotch?
- Yes, sir.
What is this new guy do?
He's a painter. He's from Madrid.
I think they met in Greenwich Village but
he wanted to paint here, of course.
Why wouldn't he? It's so beautiful.
And he's good, he's talented,
but I hear he's a...
You know.
Well, Mort loves Paris.
Oh yeah? Really?
You were thinking
of living there once, right?
Well I actually lectured
and the Cinematheque.
In English, obviously.
About the influence
of Pasolini on Bertolucci.
So is she happy with this painter?
Oh, I doubt it.
I mean to me
she a glutton for punishment.
Well anyway,
to your health, Mort!
To your health.
I didn't hear anything
about the rare blood disease.
So I kinda gave up
on ever seeing the doctor again.
But I can't say she wasn't on my mind.
Only another hour and we'll be in Paris.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
I do.
I knew I wanted you
when you told there was nothing wrong
with my heart and it was just
Reflux is such a pretty word,
don't you think?
When you say - yes.
I just can't wait till we get to Paris
so you can start
me on librateur.
We'll walk the streets of Paris
and eat at Brasserie.
And you'll finish your novel.
Exactly, how high was my cholesterol?
But together we'll get it down.
I don't think she felt
you needed any follow up.
I know, but I have
a little bump on my hand.
That I'd love her
to take a quick look at.
Um... okay, let's see.
Her last patient is at six.
Could you come at 06:30?
Maybe she could fill you in
before she goes home.
I can do 06:30. I'll be there!
They have to look good.
Hey! What are you doing?
Oh, hi. Just going up
for a quick shower and shave.
Wow, where are going?
Nowhere. I just have been out walking.
We've got the screening to go to.
What screening?
You know they're giving Jean-Luc Godard
the Lifetime Achievement Award?
You remember? I know
Godard is your guy,
so we gotta go.
I have an appointment at 06:30.
With who?
The doctor.
What's wrong with you now?
Oh, just my hand.
Oh my God. First it's your heart,
now it's your hand.
What's wrong with your hand?
I have a red bump!
Oh my God,
Mort, I can barely see it.
It's a bug bite.
Well, I'd prefer to hear that
from a qualified physician.
I'm a qualified physician.
You are?
This is Dr. Klein.
He's only the biggest dermatologist
in the whole of Europe.
Do you mind if I take a look?
- Thanks.
- All right.
Yeah, she's right. That's just a bug bite.
- It is?
- Oh, it's nothing.
- Yeah.
- It'll be gone by tomorrow.
Great, so call your doctor and cancel
and we gotta get going.
I went through a lot of trouble
to get these three tickets.
Of course. Philippe is dying to see it.
He's seen it a million times
but he wants to make a remake, so...
I want you to try some.
You know doings on drugs
might liberate your writing.
You didn't use to have to dope up.
Oh Jesus, I'm not "doping up".
How long are you gonna smoke?
I don't know. I'm not getting
any kind of buzz for some reason.
Philippe smokes all the time
when he's writing his film scripts.
Judging from his movies
I get the feeling he smokes out of hand.
You just resent him
because he's found himself as an artist.
Well it's easy to do
if you're willing to settle.
But Chekhov didn't settle.
Stendhal didn't settle.
Stravinsky didn't settle.
Did it ever occur to you you may have
a slightly inflated self image?
It's just sad.
You're an intellectual, not a poet.
If you had to have a threesome,
who would it be with?
I don't know. What about you?
I don't know...
Ryan Gosling.
Tom Hardy.
What about you?
I don't know. I guess Doris.
Your brother's wife?
Well I met her first.
Why do you think she married him?
I don't know.
I mean I thought she loved me.
but you can never tell about these things.
Does you brother know
you lust after his wife?
I don't lust after her.
You asked about a threesome.
And I gave it some thought.
And why are we under these sheets?
I'm suffocating.
You are said to be a woman's director.
I have to tell you something.
I'm a romantic.
As the song goes:
"I fall in love too easily."
I appreciate women because, unlike men,
who find it weak
to show their feeling, you know.
Women, they never hide their emotions.
Is it true you just bought a sailboat?
Yeah. I've sailed whole my life.
I think the sea is the last place
the person can really be free.
You know I used to sail.
Oh, yeah?
It was my absolute favorite thing
in the world to do.
We had a summer home
in Newport, Rhode Island,
and my dad taught me how to sail.
It's funny because you know what,
my dad taught me to sail too.
- Really?
- Yeah. He was in the navy.
What an amazing life you've had, huh?
Coincidentally I thought
you answered that question
about love and passion,
this sort of thing, you know so great.
I hope I didn't make you feel uneasy.
No, I thought I was gonna have
to bail you out there for a second.
Is it because you sensed
I was talking about you?
You shouldn't say that.
Why not?
Because... You know..
I don't know...
I mean it's not that I'm not flattered.
Yeah? But Why?
I don't know.
I just think... I don't know...
For making me confront feeling
that I've been
pushing back on,
I don't know I keep going back and forth.
I'm just a little confused at this moment.
You know, sometimes
if the right person comes along
it helps decisions become much easier.
I have a lovely new boat
and I'm a very good sailor.
Would it be terrible
sailing with me to Koh Rong?
To Koh Rong.
It's an island in the South Seas.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
Oh God, you have this weird ability
to tap into my most personal fantasies
I'm a film director.
I think I understand the human psychology.
And I know when a woman
is dreaming about having a love affair.
- God, you're touching my face now.
- Yeah.
No. I...
Do you know what you are doing to me?
Oh yeah.
I have a little ringing in my ears.
And, and I just want to check it out,
to make sure I don't have a brain tumor
or an acoustic neuroma.
Usually, when I go to see a doctor
I'm terrified.
I always think they gonna give me
"One month to live"
and with my luck it'll be February.
But with Dr. Rojas
I wouldn't mind a check up every day.
Not that the thought
of anything happening with her is even
a remote possibility
for so many reasons.
But that's what I felt
when I first met Sue.
I bought a guide book to see
if there were any sights
I'd overlooked while I kill time
before my appointment.
I'd like to say whenever I'm in the church
It's only the aesthetic I respond to.
But I love visiting any house of worship.
I have great respect for religious faith.
I read the entire Bible cover to cover and
fell in love with Eve,
Job's wife and Delilah.
My shrink says I'm attracted to women
who will hurt me.
The New Testament is much more forgiving.
At least the Messiah shows up.
Jesus comes, dressed very simply.
He heals people, he does miracles.
Yet he's a regular guy.
A common working man.
That's why in my college thesis I wrote
he shouldn't have risen
from the dead on Easter.
He's a professional carpenter.
He should've have risen on Labor Day.
I certainly had it constantly
and intermittently.
And now I think you've made it go away.
That's so great. Good news.
And how have you been
since I last saw you?
I've been great. Yeah.
And are you still missing New York?
Yeah, sometimes
I miss walking around.
I like to stroll on window shops.
You should've practiced in New York.
They doctors there do very well.
The ironic thing is I came from the Spain
and traveled all the way
to New York to study
and winded up back in Spain.
With a Spanish painter.
He picked me up in Greenwich Village -
at the Minetta tavern.
I probably would've been too shy
to try to pick you up.
I mean I was never good at that you know.
To see a fascinating woman
sitting at the table in a restaurant.
And... No.
I probably would've just felt
my heart beating faster
and I would've just said to myself:
"Well, she is so amazing
that I'm sure she'll just brush me off
if I go up to her
and try to say something."
You never know.
Sorry. Your husband is on one,
and I'm going. I'll drop these forms off
in the hospital on my way home.
Okay, yeah. Have a good weekend.
See you on Monday.
Okay. Excuse me for one minute.
I can give you some
drops for you ears
but I really don't see it's necessary.
Tell me what was you favorite place
to hang out in Central Park?
I've always loved
to be at the sail boat pond.
Did you get to see
much of Shakespeare in the Park?
It was so great to go
on those summer night.
Yes, I did.
Could you please excuse me
for one more minute?
Sorry for that.
What were saying?
Central Park.
Oh, Central Park.
Yes. I...
I spent a lot of time at the Met.
And I loved sitting on the steps
even in the spring.
Did you use to eat at that crazy cafe
on Madison Avenue?
I'm sorry I think you go.
Well, of course I'll go.
But are you all right?
It's nothing.
I mean is there anything I can do.
I... I'll just...
And I've been always
in all of those coffee shops.
I loved them.
Look, can I buy you a drink?
No thank you.
You look like you can use a drink
and maybe someone to talk to
from the old neighborhood.
Yes, you know, we...
We bring our troubles in ourselves.
I'm not sure that's true.
Have a Kleenex.
Thank you.
Alcohol is not good for you
but sometimes it's the only thing that works.
Can I be the doctor for a minute?
Can I be the doctor?
Tell me your symptoms.
My marriage is a constant pain.
And why is it?
Why am I telling you this?
I should never drink.
Okay. Tell the truth.
Do you love your husband?
I don't know anymore.
And does he love you?
He has affairs.
And I accept it.
After all he's an artist.
And you can't judge an artist
by bourgeois standards.
He's creative and impetuous.
If you had agreed
to an open marriage...
I did.
And do you also have affairs?
No, I never have.
Because I've never met anyone
I want to have an affair with.
But if you're unhappy
why don't you leave him?
He needs me.
How long have you been married?
Five years.
And you?
Oh, much more than that.
And you faithful?
I have been.
Never looked at another woman?
Yeah, I mean of course I look.
I look. I drool.
But I have been faithful.
We are both faithful.
Another coincidence.
I mean to be absolutely honest,
my marriage has been, you know...
For a while now.
Paco has his charm.
Dramatic. Temperamental.
Hard to live with.
And if I say I'm gonna leave him
he weeps and threatens to kill himself.
Oh, he's bluffing.
You said he was dramatic.
How do you know he's bluffing?
Because nobody wants to die.
That even for love.
You wouldn't die for love?
I'd frankly prefer
not to die for anything.
And that includes sickness, old age,
or choking on a bagel.
My life here is not so bad.
San Sebastian is not New York, but...
you know, life here
is nice and beautiful.
This is a charming city.
Have you seen the city?
My wife knows it well,
and she's been here many times,
but she's too busy to show me around.
Would you like to see
some of the nice parts?
Yes... I would really love that.
Where are you staying?
At the "Maria Christina".
Okay, so I'll pick you up
tomorrow at 10:30
in front of the hotel.
Hey, where have you been?
Me? Where have I been?
I went out first
and then I stopped off
at the doctor's office.
What, did someone give you
a gift certificate?
I had a little ringing in my ear.
But it's all gone now.
It's like eight o'clock.
My God, how long have you been there for?
There was a line and...
I got fitted in at the end.
You kinda smell like alcohol.
Have you been drinking?
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
What is going on with you?
You are like in a daze.
I had a drink with Toms Lopez.
We ran into each other.
And I had a quick drink with him.
And that's why I'm a little late.
I tried calling you a few times,
but you never picked up you phone.
What's this?
It's a book on Ingmar Bergman.
The Swedish journalist gave one to
Philippe, but he already has it.
I know how much you love Bergman,
so there you go.
It's stunning!
Come on, come on.
We gotta go. Hurry up!
What, another screening?
No, a cocktail party.
If you hate it you don't have to go.
Is Philippe going?
Of course, Philippe is going.
It's in his honor.
I swear he hates parties too.
And yet he manages never to miss one.
I know. It's so silly.
He complains the whole time
but he really loves all the attention.
I swear to God,
he's just like a little kid.
Exactly. He's like a little kid
with a narcissistic disorder.
Yes, she's so happy.
She starts shooting in March.
Wow, that's fantastic. She got the money?
Yeah, it's an all-female version
of Lysistrata.
Ah, there you two are! Hi.
Did you hear about Philippe's movie
winning the big prize
in Cologne, Germany today?
Very exciting.
Wasn't Eichmann from there?
What? I hope you both are coming
to the Altxerri jazz club later, yeah?
Of course. I wouldn't miss it for a world.
Are you being knighted?
No, Philippe happens to be
a fabulous bongos player.
- And he's sitting here with the band tonight.
- Well, not fabulous.
Oh, by the way, those Swedish journalists,
who saw the movie this morning
- they loved it.
- Yes! Cool!
Yes! And they wanted to come
and see you play tonight.
Oh yeah, cool.
Isn't that exciting, Mort!
Not since Neil Armstrong
walked onto the moon.
I've never cheated on Mort.
But I came very close.
Once with a prominent architect
who fell in love with me.
And he wanted to take me away
to Africa on safari.
And I really wanted to go.
But at the last minute...
I just wasn't ready to have an affair.
The silence of God
drove me crazy.
Until one day he spoke to me.
And God said, "I've seen Mort...
And if I were you
I'd definitely cheat on him."
I am lost and confused.
I believe that God
punishes us for our sins...
But Sue and myself have no sins.
And Mort's only sin is -
Since coming to the film festival I have had
the strangest thoughts and dreams.
Well, you know what they say,
films are like celluloid dreams.
So you'll be busy
with all sorts of press stuff today?
Yes, Mort, I told you when you decided
to come I was gonna be very very busy.
And now here you are
with nobody to play with.
Oh no, I'm fine. I thought I'd get
a car driver and look around
outside the town maybe.
That's an amazing idea.
Hey! How are you? Ready?
- How are you, Mort? Hey.
- Hey.
How divine was Philippe
on those bongos last night!
Oh, thank you, thank you.
I hope I wasn't too loud with them,
I got carried away...
Oh no, no. I got some earplugs
on the plane.
And I got the chance
to try them out.
Oh, it's 10:15. We gotta run.
- Ciao, Mort.
- All right. See you later.
Let's get some chocolate. I love chocolate.
Oh, so do I! And I love bread
and chocolate together.
Oh, they always... Yeah.
Such a beautiful combination.
What about sandwich of chocolate?
Have you ever tried sandwich of chocolate?
A sandwich of chocolate?
Okay, so I asked you this
when you were drunk,
and now Im gonna ask you
while you're sober.
If you're having such difficulty
with your marriage why don't you leave?
I know.
I guess it's a little bit of empathy.
He loves me.
I can't help who he is.
The ordeal of starting over.
A second divorce.
And then lately I've been tempted
to give up my practice
and do something else.
And that desire scares me.
What would you do?
Anything! I don't know.
Write. Read.
Maybe just study, take classes...
Discover what I really want,
who I really am.
Maybe just be a dilettante.
Is it so bad?
Just to dive in with different things
to enjoy my life.
Not to have to do anything.
No more obligations.
To Paco, to all my patients.
It's amazing how few people
take a moment, quit their rat race
and try to learn what they want,
who they are.
Who they actually are,
and not who they think they have to be.
Do you know who you are?
You know, I thought I did.
since coming here
I've had some very odd thoughts.
At home I was totally preoccupied
with my book.
But then I came to the film festival,
my mind started playing tricks on me.
Now I'm beginning to question everything:
what I want; who I am.
Who in the world am I?
I think the problem with that is
the answers are not always
what you wanna hear.
I think I was probably the happiest
in my life when I was teaching movies.
You know the wine has made me tired.
The wine or...
my fascinating conversation?
Too much, right?
Yeah, that's great.
Just great.
This is nice, huh?
You know, I have been so looking forward
for this weekend. Friends.
Country side.
And I gotta say, it has not disappointed.
Thanks for having us up here, Paul.
Next year Doris and I are definitely
gonna rent the place here.
I grew up in here.
How about you, Mort,
you a beach or a countryman?
Paris is more of his fantasy paradise.
Doris said you teach film class?
That's true.
Must be fun?
It can be.
Most of the kids were just so so.
But I could always get
a small portion of them
who really appreciate the great cinema
classics, and that makes it all worthwhile.
When I first started dating Mort,
he took me to see "Red Desert"
and I was bored, and he took me
to see "Last Year at Marienbad" -
and I was bored,
and then he took me to see "Claire's Knee" -
and I was bored, so I married his brother.
Mort regards any movie that entertains
or shows a profit - as suspect.
Okay, Mr. Big Film maven,
Tell us what we should run
to watch up here.
"Chshingura" by Inagaki.
Who is in it?
Uh, Yz Kayama and Tatsuya Mihashi.
Yasumi wrote the script. Toshio Yasumi.
There's also "Kagemusha"
with Tatsuya Nakadai.
And music by Shinichir Ikebe.
- I love you.
- I love you.
I think your brother
still has a little crush on me.
It's understandable.
But it's his hard luck.
He met you first
you guys had a few dates,
and he had a shot.
He wasn't for me -
all that -- bullshit.
The big questions!
Give me a break! He'll never write
this alleged novel
- he struggles with year after year.
- I agree.
If it's not on the level with Dostoevsky
it's beneath him.
Did you hear him in there talking about
those Japanese movies?
Was he kidding? He's a pedant.
I know.
He writes and then he...
tears up the pages in frustration.
I predict he'll never finish
writing that book.
Because it prevents him
facing an unpleasant truth that maybe
literary greatness isn't for him.
He's afraid of failing.
He always was.
He equates failing with dying.
And you noticed his wife
didn't come this weekend.
Yeah, she had to be in Hollywood
for some press.
And he doesn't like Hollywood.
I don't know how she puts up with him.
He's like a walking smrgsbord
of neuroses.
She fell in love with his mind.
I called that one from the start.
She was coming out of a bad marriage
to some slick advertizing hot shot.
And she found Mort brilliant.
I don't know, if the gloves worn off
I get the feeling she's very unsettled.
She's hot, she's ambitious.
I never thought she's be happy forever
with a cranky little introvert
who's searching for an answer to whether
there's something rather than nothing.
Who knows? All I know
is that he was too cerebral for me,
not like his sexy brother.
I love you.
I love you too.
The day has passed oftly fast.
Can we stop by the market?
I need to buy Paco
a gift for his birthday.
Oh, that's very nice of you.
Do you like flea markets?
If you take me to a flea market
- I'm gonna like it.
- You'll come with me?
What do you think about
this old cigarette case?
It's Art Deco.
Yeah. Does he smoke?
No. But it's pretty, no?
Yeah, it really is, but
what about getting his something
he can actually use?
like pajamas?
Oh, he doesn't sleep in pajamas.
And I don't think he'd appreciate
a practical present.
He's too theatrical.
I always wanted an electric toothbrush.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking that it's so pretty here,
and I've never traveled much.
I've never seen
the Pyramids, or the Taj Mahal,
or the Grand Canyon.
I really don't have any interest
in seeing them.
Boulevard Saint-Michel in the rain
is the cite
that would make me very happy.
- What was that?
- Oh, no, no. I have no idea.
Do you think it's a flat tire?
It could be, yeah.
I'm gonna see if I can stop here.
All right.
Okay. Oh no!
I dont know.
Okay, let me just look, okay?
Can you change a tire?
Do you have any idea how to use
one of those automobile jack?
No, but I can type.
Oh my Goodness.
We have to be very careful.
One of us gonna be under the car
and it could be dangerous.
Let's get the tire first.
I don't wanna be under a car
that's gonna fall on me.
I mean that would put a crimp
in the afternoon.
Can you believe it?
There is no spare!
What do you mean - there's no spare?
There is no spare tire! Paco must have
used it and never replaced it.
Oh, and you never noticed it?
No. Normally I don't check the trunk.
- No.
- What can we do?
Okay, I'll call the garage, but it'll take
forever for them to come here
so we can walk.
I have another car at my house,
we are not far from where I live.
Also we could hitch a ride.
- All right.
- It's that direction.
It's like 30 kilometers or so.
It's not very far.
Twenty miles?
Twenty miles?
I had a great time today.
Me too.
I got you something.
Me? When?
When you were browsing,
I noticed this and I thought you'd like it.
I love it!
It's so beautiful.
How sweet of you.
Thank you.
It was fun!
I'm sorry about this. I'm sorry.
Is it safe to leave you with him?
Of course it's safe!
Who are you?
Just a friend.
What do you mean "is it safe"?
What kind of stupid question is that?
I can drive her back. I'm not drunk.
Maybe we could both
share a cab back to town?
Don't worry, I can drop you, okay?
I was drawing her
then couldn't resist.
I'm a human!
There is nothing more beautiful
than a woman with no clothes on.
And she has a perfect form.
Look look!
We have an arrangement.
Did she tell you that?
Basically we were sight seeing
and then we had a flat tire.
There was no spare tire!
Sometimes she thinks
she's my moral judge. Don't you agree?
Don't. Don't! Stop!
Stop! No! Don't get him into this, okay?
Excuse me! Sorry!
I'm sorry!
Forgive me!
I'm sorry about that.
It was inexcusable.
But it's all not your fault.
It's okay. Just don't let it
spoil the day.
Excuse me, I...
My English is bad...
Paco loves you so much. Okay?
Are you gonna be all right?
Oh hi.
Mort, right?
- Right.
- Toms introduced us.
- I'm Gil.
- Yes exactly. Hi.
So how's your health?
My health?
Weren't you seeing Dr. Rojas?
Oh yeah. Oh yes.
Much better, I'm much better!
Yes, Joanna is so great.
She's just great.
I know. But have you ever met her husband?
Oh yeah. He's a middle stone.
I mean I just can't believe
that she stays with that guy.
I know. You know he's kinda...
He's so crazy. I mean he's a wild.
You think he can pick her up
and throw her through the window.
I know. I know.
She rationalizes staying with him.
She says that if she left him
he'd be totally lost.
You're a writer, right? Since when
did relationships become rational?
The heart has its reasons.
How did the press conference go,
by the way?
What press conference?
The big press thing, this afternoon.
There was nothing this afternoon.
Unless you mean the thing
with the local government and Philippe?
The Spaniards are initiating
the Luis Buuel Award
to honor filmmakers.
And Philippe's gonna kick it off.
But not this afternoon, that's tonight.
There was no action today.
You should come,
it's gonna be a lot of fun.
Are you gonna come with this dinner thing
with me? I mean we gotta hurry.
So the...
press conference went well?
Yeah, it was fine.
It's a press conference.
The ask the same questions
over and over again.
Must've taken the whole day
all those journalists?
Yeah. It did.
You and Philippe.
You know you don't have to come with us
if you don't want to.
- I know you hate these things.
- Oh no. That's okay.
Philippe was being honored
with the Buuel Award.
I went out of respect for Buuel,
director I love.
But my mind was on Joanna.
Talk about picking the wrong man.
I left the dinner
while they were singing Philippe's praises.
I remember my dream vividly.
Dinner was wonderful.
While the truffles were exquisite.
My dear friends, there is no food greater
than the food at San Sebastian.
To the film festival, and to all films
that make cinema an art.
To the European cinema
in its golden years!
And to Philippe's film - a work of art.
And let's also hope a work of commerce.
And to Mort's novel!
A work of neither art nor commerce
as it remains thus far unfinished.
A work with no progress.
I predict - if he does finish this novel,
it would be mired with thoughts
All foreplay and no orgasm.
Well it's been a wonderful evening
honoring the talent
and the genius of Philippe.
And I wanna thank you all for coming.
Wait, wait, don't go!
Let's have another nightcap.
And Mort, would you do me a favor
and stop mentally undressing my wife?
I lift my glass.
It's been a great festival.
And I have to thank Mort
for the use of his wife.
I seem to have lost my shoe.
Would you be a darling
and go under the table for it?
Do you know what I have here?
A hip flask?
Why do you carry that?
If ever she leave me...
I put it to my head and pull the trigger.
It's a little extreme, isn't it?
Wouldn't a couple of Xanax do the trick?
A man who could not see himself dying
for love - is not a man.
Look at these people,
talking and exchanging
trivial opinions
and foolish insincerities.
Let's leave together now.
Put our whole complicated
life situation behind us
for once and for all
and start over.
That's the nicest offer I've ever had.
You can't spend your life
hostaged by Paco.
He's impossible to live with.
I've been waiting all my life
for someone to come and rescue me.
Let's go.
What's wrong?
I can't.
You can't what?
I can't leave. I want to go with you,
but I can't... I just can't.
I'm not sure what you mean?
It's funny I don't feel that I can leave.
What's wrong?
We are trying walk
through the door but...
- Just can't.
- It doesn't seem possible.
Just walk though the door.
What's going on?
I can't leave.
We're trying to leave, but ...
But I have to go home!
I think I left the oven on.
Oh what...
Hey! Mort! Wake up!
Hey, hey, hey! Wake up!
- Wake up, you have a nightmare.
- I am?
- Yeah.
- What time is it?
Jesus, 4 AM? Where have you been?
I was dancing.
At 4 AM?
With who? Let me guess.
With Philippe! He's a divine dancer.
You smell from diluted ethanol.
Diluted ethanol.
Yeah, I'm a little drunk.
I had a couple of vodka. So you know...
This is a perfect time to have this conversation.
Yes, I'm a little drunk
and so I have the courage
of the vodka. Listen.
Mort, I think we should break up.
What do you mean?
Come on.
It's like we've been hanging on
on the side of the sinking ship.
Our marriage is doomed. We both know it.
It's just... It's gonna take one of us
to make the first move.
Have you been sleeping with Philippe?
Except once.
Well, twice...
You know, if you count
the stuck elevator...
You know if we're gonna be honest...
three times,
the beach that...
But the most important thing is
is that I think we lay all
of our cards on the table.
How many cards do you have? 52?
I'm not a cheater, Mort. Okay?
The thought that I was a married woman
almost ruined all the sex for me.
I think you're probably right to
call a halt to
what obviously has become
a kind of charade
I'm upset.
it's upsetting.
And we've been together for so long.
It is hard, when you get used to someone
even though it's kinda obvious
that this has been over for a long time.
We just don't share anything
anymore, right?
And lately it just seems like we get on each
others nerves at the drop of the hat.
I don't know.
I'm sure it was amazing with Philippe.
You know...
With us there's just no surprises.
And with Philippe...
God, it's just like...
I just feel like a woman again.
Full of passion and lust,
and kinda feral animal, just willing to...
try and do anything.
So much for the missionary position.
Uh-huh. I really think it's better that...
And when we get back
then I move out.
It's a big apartment.
It will be empty without you.
I am not gonna take the furniture.
I'm just gonna take
my books and...
my clothes.
Philippe got a place, so...
I'm gonna move in with him.
Oh, you know I am gonna wanna keep
that Andy Warhol silkscreen.
And that little Rauschenberg print.
But I want you to keep that caricature
that the guy made for us
in Washington Square Park.
Orange juice for one.
Larry Hart got it right.
No matter how screwed up and unpleasant
our marriage had become
you don't just wash away a relationship
that once had such promise
without a little melancholy.
I picked him under the elbow
to the front door,
and it was there. I said: what are you doing?
And he: Taxi,
is T a taxi?"
Oh hi, Mort.
I'm so sorry.
Do you happen to have
Dr. Rojas's home phone?
I do. Are you not feeling well?
Not perfect.
Oh, I'm very sorry.
Does anybody have a pen?
You know I gotta say I feel so sad
that the festival's ending.
It's just been so great here.
I just love it.
It's been very enlightening experience.
There you go.
And I hope you feel better.
Thank you.
Hi, it's Mort.
Oh, hi! Hi, Mort.
In case you're wondering,
I got your number from Gil Brenner.
I don't want to bother you at home
but I just wanted
to make sure you're okay.
Yes, I'm fine.
How about you?
I'm okay.
I just want to say I had
a very nice time yesterday.
And I did too.
I'm sorry it had to end that way.
Yes, well, that's okay.
Are you free today?
I'm just gonna stay home and get
some things done around the house.
Catch up.
That's important.
I'm a bit of a neat freak myself.
the festival is just about over.
And I'll be heading back to New York.
Wow, I'm jealous.
Throw a penny in a sailboat pond for me.
And I so enjoyed seeing
all those cites that you showed me.
The time passes so amazingly quickly.
Yes, I mean it's hard to believe
it's fall already.
Fall is my favorite time of year.
Autumn in Paris!
But you're feeling okay?
No reflux?
No bumps?
No ringing in the ears?
I just love the way you say "reflux".
Are you sure you don't have any free time?
Um, no, I don't think
it would be a great idea.
I understand. Okay.
Well if you ever wanna have a...
hamburger at the Minetta tavern.
Who knows?
take care.
I was feeling low,
tired from my encounter with Sue
which left me sleepless.
Whenever I get depressed I always think
of my parent's friend Rose Budnick.
She finally gave up.
Why are you here?
To have our final chess game.
I don't have a chess set.
I never leave home without mine.
Why are you doing this?
To give you a chance to get to know me.
To come to terms with me.
I'll never come in terms with you.
Then you'll never be able to relax
and enjoy your life.
Why are you suddenly being so kind?
You're usually ruthless.
I'm not ruthless, I'm indifferent.
I just hate to see a poor schmuck
ruin his life over the inevitable.
Well, the way I feel this morning,
you could take me right now for all I care.
What's this morning?
I've had the chance to look at my life
over the last few weeks and...
I realized
I've made a lot of bad decisions.
Like what?
Maybe I really was a snob.
A sort of pedantic ass
who puts people off
with my so-called high-brow taste.
All I know is my wife and I have split
and my life has come up empty.
Your life isn't empty, it's meaningless.
Don't confuse those two.
It has no meaning for anybody
but that doesn't mean it has to be empty.
You are a human being
You can make it full.
There's work, family, love
- the usual bullshit,
but it's reasonably effective.
Even if you strike out -
trying is good for you.
Have you ever read "Sisyphus" by Camus?
Yes, and it gave me a bad dream.
I'm pushing that rock
up the hill, over and over, and it keeps
falling back, and then
I finally get the rock
up to the top of the hill,
and then what the hell do I have?
A rock on a hill!
You're starting to get me depressed.
Should I just chuck my book
and go back to teaching movies?
I would.
Unless you want to end up
with 500 pages of turgid whining.
And maybe I'm just not a book writer.
Maybe I'm a book reader.
Person who likes to think, a teacher.
My movie class was fun.
Maybe I was a little too rigid
in my approach.
I have to go.
A got a million house calls to make.
No, wait, wait.
Don't worry, I'll be back one day
and then you'll think it's too soon.
You'll be back? When?
Depends. Do you smoke?
The trick is to eat lots of fruits
and vegetables
and lay off the saturated fats.
I do. I'm very careful.
Good. Good.
Make sure to exercise.
It doesn't have to be intense
as long as it's every day.
You're fading out.
No processed foods and
don't forget your colonoscopy!
So it was quite a festival.
I finished with a marriage
that was running on empty,
and I got time to think about myself
and examine my own life.
And then there was Joanna.
A lovely dream
that didn't quite come true,
but for a while there
it got my adrenaline going.
So maybe Sisyphus was right.
So, do you have anything to say to me
after everything that I've told you?