Ring of Deception (2017) Movie Script

I'm sorry Mr. Brown,
but we have
a strict no return policy
at Stevens & Smith.
All sales are final.
I'd like to speak to the owner.
We are the owners.
Look, I don't like this
thing anymore, all right?
It just doesn't work.
You're saying it's broken?
Maybe if you tried
it in another room?
Somewhere with
different lighting?
Look, I bought it for
my girlfriend okay,
and well, she's no
longer my girlfriend.
So please, just take it back
because looking at
it just pisses me off!
We understand, but our gallery
cannot be held responsible
for dissatisfaction when it
comes to matters of the heart.
Have either of you
two ever been in love?
A long time ago.
And did he leave you
- I assume it's a him?
Did he leave you,
or did you leave him?
He left me.
So you understand
where I'm coming from.
Her husband died of cancer.
Just take the damn
painting back!
We can't give any refunds,
but if you'd like to exchange it
for something else
in the gallery...
Something theexact same price.
Go to hell!
Hey buddy? Why
don't you back off?
I won't forget this.
Have a nice day.
Just keep repeating,
I love my job.
I love my job.
I need some air.
And a coffee?
And a coffee.
Make that two.
A real art lover, huh?
Without the love.
Thanks for stepping in.
That was about to get ugly.
I'd say he already was.
Can I help you?
Possibly. I'm a buyer,
you're a seller.
Maybe we can help
each other out.
Martin Hale.
Julie Stevens.
I'm new in town.
We're renting the house
over on Sea Pine Way.
Nice area.
And you're looking for
artwork to help decorate?
Yeah, that was the idea.
Well, I was just
stepping out for a minute,
but my partner,
Liz can assist you.
I could really use a coffee.
Do you mind if I join you?
No, not at all.
Great. I'll get
the door for you.
So, what brings
you here, Mr. Hale?
My daughter actually.
We've been traveling through
Europe for the last few years
and she wanted to come
home, live a normal life.
Can't say I blame her, but I do.
[Car speeding away]
Are you alright?
How about you?
Who the hell was that?
I have no idea.
Maybe the guy from the gallery.
Well, welcome to our
sleepy little town.
Thanks. Thanks
for saving my life.
Any time.
I hope your daughter is
having a less exciting day.
Me too.
[Bell ringing]
I am so sorry.
It was my fault.
Are you in this class?
I hope so.
I mean...
actually yeah, I am.
After you.
Despite what you just saw,
the gallery is actually
doing pretty well.
I can afford to
buy my own coffee.
Coffee is the least
I can do to show
my appreciation
for saving my life.
My daughter would
thank you as well.
Not your wife?
She's not in the picture.
Kind of like your situation.
I overheard the conversation
with the irate customer.
Oh, right.
Yes, James has been
gone for three years,
two months, and 16 days.
But who's counting?
It's just Charlie and I now.
Oh, you have someone else...
Oh no, Charlie's my son.
He's graduating
high school this year.
I'll take that to
mean I look too young
to have a son in high school.
Not that he's too dumb
to be graduating, right?
I tend to give compliments
instead of insults.
First impressions and all.
[Camera snap]
[Camera snap]
[Camera snaps repeatedly]
Well, I really need to be
getting back to the gallery.
I have some things
to attend to as well.
Thank you again for
the coffee, Mr. Hale.
Martin, please.
Actually, I prefer Julie.
So do I.
[Camera snap]
I don't know you.
We just met outside
of English class.
No sorry, I mean...
you're new.
I am. So I take
it you're old?
The name's Charlie.
As your jacket clarifies.
Yeah! It proves
I didn't steal it.
Why would you say that?
Sorry. I'm just...
trying to break the ice.
Yeah, right.
I'm running out of
meaningless expressions.
How about your name?
Dana. Dana Hale.
It's nice to meet
you, Dana Hale.
So the ice is officially broken.
So, what happened with Mr. Tall,
Dark, and Flirtatious?
He had to run, but I have
a feeling he'll be back.
I think he's interested.
Interested in the
gallery or in you?
Liz, I told you, I'm just
not into the dating thing.
It never works.
Yeah, you're right.
Dating never works,
especially when
you never go on any.
Guaranteed failure every time.
You sound like my son.
Because we just want
to see you happy again.
Art is always better when
you share it with someone.
I have you.
I'm taken.
And who sent you?
Tony said you're the
best guy for dealing
with this kind of merchandise.
Fifty grand cash.
Fifty? It's gotta be
worth ten times that.
And I'm sure the
mark you took it from
is having a conniption
fit as we speak.
Would you like to
return it to her?
What makes you think it's a her?
I've heard of you
too, Mr. Mitchell.
Or is it Brody? Or
perhaps Valentine?
It's Hale, actually.
For the kind of money
I paid to cover that up,
you shouldn't know who I am.
200 thousand.
75, final offer.
Say, you wouldn't know anyone
who deals in art, oils mostly?
No, why?
See you next time.
There'll be no next time.
I'm out. I made a promise.
Really? You're
going straight?
Straight to hell,
I would imagine.
Do you sell guns?
For protection.
I'm going to be M.I.A.
for a little while...
I don't know.
Days, weeks...
I've got some personal
scores I need to settle.
I'm sure you can handle
it yourself David,
just run the company.
I'm going to be fine.
I just need to take
care of this one thing
and then I'll be back
to my regular self.
Taking somebody's
life apart bit by bit
is a delicate process...
So, tell me about her.
What's she like?
She's lived everywhere:
London, Paris, Rome.
Rio, Tokyo, Hong Kong.
It's kind of amazing.
You think she's amazing?
She's a girl, Mom.
But she's pretty cool and smart.
And pretty?
She's all right.
Sounds like you like her.
I don't not like her.
Well, I'd love to meet her.
Why don't you invite her over?
Maybe we could have a
barbecue or something.
I found out her mom died
when she was pretty young.
Her dad never remarried,
so maybe we could
have them both over.
Uh huh.
Don't think I don't know
what you're doing.
I know, it's just...
it's been awhile since Dad.
Well, for your information,
I met someone today who
was pretty interesting.
A guy?
Yes, a man.
At the gallery.
All right, Mom.
We're not double dating, okay?
So, no barbecue for
Dana and her dad?
All right, you can
invite them over.
It's not like I'm not
anti-social, I'm just cautious.
Hey sweetie, welcome home.
What do you think?
I'm surprised.
No security systems.
You must really feel safe here.
They're getting
installed next week.
You know, it's better to be...
...safe than sorry.
I know, that's our mantra.
When you're paying $8000 a
month for rent on a house,
it's a damn good mantra.
Well, I didn't pick this house
or ask you to spend
that kind of money.
Only the best for
my little girl.
But, speaking of money,
I didn't quite get
what I wanted for
the Joyce emerald.
I don't want to know about it.
You promised when we
moved here you would stop.
No more jobs, remember?
I do and I am.
From here on out,
I'm on the up and up.
Cross my heart.
Hope to die.
I hope you live.
That's why you need to stop.
Word of honor.
Do you even know that word, Dad?
That's very funny.
Come on, sit.
Eat your dinner.
So, how was your
first day of school?
Not bad at all.
You met a boy.
Yeah, half the people
at my school are boys.
But this boy is special.
Are you keeping
tabs on me again?
I knew it!
Fine, you got me.
His name is Charlie and
he just invited me and you
to a barbecue at his
place tomorrow night.
With his parents?
Well it's just him
and his mom now.
Are they rich?
You're incredible.
You can't stop, can you?
Force of habit.
That's not good enough.
Fine, if you don't want
me to go, I won't go.
I've got better
things to do anyways.
What kind of things?
Well, if you must know,
I too met someone special.
Another mark?
No, a woman.
It's all the same to you!
What am I going to do with you?
She said yes.
They're both coming.
I haven't had
company here in ages.
You're going to have to
help me clean up a bit, okay?
No problem.
You can start with the garbage.
Hello? Can
I help you?
Charlie! Who are
you talking to?
There was a car parked here.
What kind of car?
I don't know, it
was a black sedan.
I couldn't see
his license plate.
I think he was
checking out our house.
Come back
inside. Now.
Who do you think it was, Mom?
I'm not sure but I
have a pretty good iea.
Sounds like the same
car from this afternoon.
This afternoon?
I'll tell you when
we're inside, come on.
Liz, I'm not being paranoid.
It sounded like the same
car from this afternoon.
And I've had this feeling that
someone's been watching me
all day ever since that
guy left the gallery.
I don't know, maybe he's
unstable or something.
Do you think I should
call the police?
I mean if he knows where I live,
who knows what else
he might have found out?
If James was here,
he'd know what to do...
Okay, you're right.
Everything will be
better in the morning...
All right, thanks, Liz.
Good night.
Happy... happy...
You take from me,
I take from you...
Well, how did I do?
Just under 20.
Ah, not my best.
Well thanks for sharing.
Thanks for motivating me.
I was trying to impress
you the whole time.
You ever run?
It feels like I've been
running my whole life.
That sounds exhausting.
It is. That's
why I bike now.
You still coming
over for dinner?
I can't wait to meet your dad.
He sounds really cool.
Your mom seems way cooler.
I would love to work at
an art gallery some day.
Do you paint?
No, but I write.
Short stories and stuff.
I love anything artistic.
My dad says that my
mom was like that too.
I just wish I could
remember better.
You know, I don't really talk
to my friends about this,
or anyone really.
But when I lost
my dad it was hard.
And it wrecked my mom.
They were soulmates.
He used to make her so happy.
Sounds like he was a great guy.
Yeah, he really was.
I just wish my mom could
feel like that again.
What about your dad,
is he happy here?
Yeah, he's working on it.
I think this place
will be a great
change of pace
for the both of us.
[Camera snapping]
I'm sure glad you came.
[Car accelerating]
What the hell?
I don't believe it.
That's the same car
from last night.
What? Who would do this?
Some nutcase from my
mom's art gallery, I think.
Are you sure?
I don't know, but
I'm gonna find out.
Well, I'm glad to hear that
Charlie found someone new.
Now, what about you?
Did you hear anymore from
that guy who came in yesterday?
The psychopath in the car?
No, not that one.
The interesting one.
Is everyone in this
town a matchmaker?
Enough already.
Next subject.
All I'm saying is maybe
it's time to take a chance.
Just keep an open mind.
Oh good!
Back to work.
I love that piece.
For me, the blues and purples
have a wonderful calming effect.
Actually I prefer something
a little more stimulating...
This is a nice surprise.
I told you I'd come back.
Well... welcome.
So how is my savior doing today?
Just... just fine.
So, Mr. Hale,
are you looking for something
specific, or just browsing?
The walls of my house are
still looking a bit sparse.
I was hoping to liven them up
and that you could
you help me with that.
Are you thinking
in terms of color,
subject matter or investment?
Actually, all three.
That's the sign of an
intelligent collector.
Thank you.
Well, let's take a look!
I know. I know.
I'm late.
What's that?
Just a little something
to liven up the house.
Give me two minutes,
I'll be ready to go.
You know, someone ran over
my bike at the park today.
Really? Was
it an accident?
On purpose. Is there
something going on, Dad?
I'm sure it's nothing.
I've covered our tracks.
We're in the clear, we're safe.
I don't want to move again.
I really like it here.
We won't have to, sweetie.
Now let me get ready.
We don't want to be late
for your first date, right?
Hey, I think they
just pulled up.
Perfect timing.
What do you think?
You look like my
mom. Only better.
Thank you.
I just want to make
a good impression.
Remember, this is your
date and you look great.
[Doorbell ringing]
Just give me a
couple of minutes.
Yeah, sounds good.
You know this is my date, right?
Don't worry, sweetie.
I'll be my usual charming self.
That's what worries me.
Hey, guys.
This is my dad, Martin.
Dad, this is Charlie.
Pleasure, sir.
Dana tells me you have the
state record in cross country.
I got pretty lucky.
Luck is for losers.
A real winner
does not require luck.
Thank you sir.
You're welcome.
Come on in, we're
set up at the back.
Very nice.
Behave Dad, you promised.
Can I get you a
drink, Mr. Hale?
Yeah, you got any vino?
Let me check. Hey Mom,
we got any wine?
Yes, I'm here. Sorry
to keep you waiting.
You must be Dana.
Hi, Mrs. Stevens.
You know each other?
Yes, we met at the
gallery the other day.
And you saved my life.
I didn't know Julie
was Charlie's mother.
What a small world!
Too small.
This is quite a coincidence.
I don't really believe
in coincidences.
Fate, perhaps?
I'll go along with that.
Your father bought one
of my favorite paintings
at the gallery today.
And I also bought
something else.
Burgundy. It's
a great year.
My favorite vice.
How did you know?
It was a lucky guess.
I thought luck was
only for losers, dad?
Should we eat?
Dana, your manners?
I guess they're
in my empty stomach.
Steaks are almost ready.
Okay, let's open this bottle.
Sorry about her...
I don't think this
was a good idea.
Are you kidding?
I haven't seen my mom
this happy in years.
And your dad is super cool.
We should probably just
keep an eye on them.
You think we need to
chaperone the adults?
Well, one of them.
Don't worry. My mom
can handle herself.
I'm afraid my dad
can handle her too.
Maybe I should take
some lessons from him.
Don't you dare. I like
you the way you are.
Excuse me, Andre?
Sorry, we're
closed for the night.
Come back tomorrow.
But I've got some items I'd
like to part with immediately.
I only conduct business
during normal business hours.
Well I assure you that
this is not normal business.
Well, maybe we should
take this inside then.
Follow me.
Thank you.
God, I'd love to travel around
the world like you, Martin.
All the places you've been,
the things you've seen.
What do you think, Charlie?
Sounds like a blast.
It gets old pretty fast.
I don't know how.
Seeing all those magnificent
pieces of Renaissance art.
The international cuisine.
Mom majored in
Renaissance art in college.
Well, the next meal
that we have is on me.
I make a pasta with
pepper sauce that is...
To die for.
Well it is!
Well, here's to a
wonderful evening.
And to our lovely,
considerate guests.
I'll go along with that.
It seems I've had
a bit too much vino
and am in need of your lavatory.
Really, Dad?
You know in the states,
they call them bathrooms.
I'm perfectly aware of
what they call them here,
and I'm in no need of
a bath, Dana. Thank you.
Well you could've fooled me.
Would you like me
to show you the way?
No that's fine. I've got an
excellent sense of direction.
Be nice!
So, who's up for some desert?
Good to know.
This is top of
the line merchandise.
Do you mind if I ask how long
you've had it in
your possession?
Need to determine the
temperature of the items.
How you acquired them.
I've had them since
I purchased them.
That's a good one.
You don't believe me?
If you were the true owner,
why would you come to me?
I could never pay
anything near what it
would be worth on
the open market.
I came to you because I believe
that you're in possession
of some other pieces of jewelry
that also belong to me.
Pieces that were given to you
by a man named Evan Grable.
Never heard of the man.
How about the names
Douglas Webb?
Kenneth Brody?
Nicholas Valentine?
Yeah, I've been
tracking him for months.
So does that jog
your memory now?
Martin is everything
okay in there?
Martin, are you back here?
I'm sorry.
I've been trying to
restrain myself all day.
I came back here hoping
you'd come looking for me.
I think you've had
too much to drink.
I think we both have.
You're right.
I guess we should
get back to the kids.
Forgive me?
You're forgiven.
There! That is what
Martin Hale gave me.
I paid him $75,000
for it. Take it.
Where is the bracelet?
I don't know anything
about a bracelet, lady.
Don't lie to me!
Just calm down, okay?
You don't understand.
He loved me and gave me that
bracelet and it belongs to me.
So where the hell is it?
Look, look.
I have some really beautiful
bracelets right over here.
Take a look. Any one you
want, just pick one.
Right over there...
A perfect evening, huh?
A little too perfect.
Look, I know I don't
live with the guy
but aren't you being a little
hard on your dad tonight?
I like him, and I
think my mom does too.
That's what worries me.
I don't get it. Why
is that a bad thing?
My dad has a history.
Yeah, everyone has
a history, Dana.
There's history
and there's history.
And believe me, you
do not want to hear his.
People can change, can't they?
I'd like to believe that.
Hey, where's your mom?
And my dad?
Who's ready for something sweet?
Thanks for the tour, Julie.
You have a wonderful house.
What have you done to me?
What do you mean?
I can't take my eyes off you.
You're irresistible.
I've never met another
woman like you ever before.
I don't believe you.
It's incredible.
My grandfather gave
it to my grandmother
on the day he declared
his love for her.
I want you to have it.
Oh, Evan.
Once again, thank you
for a wonderful evening.
The pleasure was all mine.
Not all of it.
Come on dad, let's go.
I've got homework to do.
All right, until we meet again.
Keep winning.
Yes sir.
Nice family, huh?
What'd you think of Dana?
She's lovely.
And I think Martin
is pretty great too.
Okay, what is it?
You haven't said a word to
me since we left their house.
What did I do now?
You know what you did.
You did what you always do.
You made Charlie's
mom your mark.
No I didn't!
Sweetie, I had no idea that
Julie was Charlie's mother
when I met her
at the art gallery.
I was just checking out
the town like I always do.
You said this time
would be different.
It is different.
She's a nice lady, dad.
And I really like Charlie.
You know that.
Why can't you just respect that?
I do respect it.
I like Charlie too.
He's a great kid.
And, I know you're not
gonna believe this,
but with Julie I think...
there might be a
connection there.
Oh, please.
I'm serious.
Don't ruin this for me, Martin.
Not this time!
Love hurts, Evan.
You'll see...
Step one: put yourself
back out there.
Step two: meet someone
new and interesting.
Step three:
let's get physical.
And the body of a jewelry
exchange dealer, Andre Nesbitt,
was discovered earlier this
morning at his downtown offices.
Police are still investigating
what has been deemed foul play.
Sorry, I almost ran into you.
It's okay. Almost
is the key word.
Well, it's really
beautiful here.
It is. I haven't been
up here since before...
Before I stopped.
Work, family. You know,
the usual distractions.
Right, I can understand work.
Family, not so much.
But men, I can
certainly talk about them.
It's really beautiful here.
It's my first time.
Oh, another newbie, huh?
Helen. Helen Wells.
Julie Stevens. I have
an art gallery in town.
Stevens & Smith?
I stopped by the other day.
You've got great taste in art.
Well, I better keep running.
Have to get back
to the gallery soon.
Don't want to miss
anymore potential customers.
But I hope to see you
around, Mrs. Wells.
Oh it's Miss Wells, by the way.
Never married.
Well, they say there's
someone for everyone.
I'm sure you'll
find the lucky guy.
Oh, I have.
[Bell ringing]
There you are.
What's up with you today?
What do you mean?
It feels like you've
been avoiding me.
I didn't see you in
English this morning.
I thought maybe you avoided me.
That would never happen
in a million years.
The reason I wasn't
in English is because
I went to my mom's gallery and
when her partner wasn't looking,
I found Stu Brown's
address in their records.
The guy who totalled your bike.
I know where he lives.
What are you planning?
Strike back. The
guy's a real jerk.
I mean, he buys a
painting from my mom,
then almost gets into a
fist fight with her about it.
Then he almost runs her and
your dad over with his car.
Wait, when did
all of this happen?
A few days ago.
I heard mom talking to Liz
about it over the phone.
She almost called the cops.
Did she?
No, but she should have.
The guy's obviously mental.
I mean, after your bike stunt,
I think we should
do something about it.
Like what?
Well, we know he owns a car.
How about a little payback?
Drop it, okay?
Look, I know some
girls like bad guys
but I'm just not one of them.
I just thought you'd want to...
Charlie, I'm going to ask you
a really important question
and I need you to be
completely honest with me.
Are you a good guy or a bad guy?
I'm... good?
Yes, you are.
Look, I gotta go,
I've got a free period
and an errand to run.
Hey. You really know
how to fly that thing, huh?
Yeah. Takes some skill
and practice though.
I bet you can't fly
it around that house
without hitting anything.
Oh yeah?
That's really good.
Can you see through the windows
or is that too tricky?
No sweat.
How's that?
You win.
So, did you kiss him
or did he kiss you?
Yes, Virginia,
there is a Santa Claus!
It was a mistake.
We were drinking wine,
there was a full moon
and one thing led to...
His lips!
It happens.
You're single, he's single.
I don't see a
problem here, Jules.
We both have kids, remember?
Does Charlie have objections?
No, Charlie seems fine with it,
but I don't think his daughter
likes me very much.
I could tell she
was uncomfortable
the whole evening.
You're projecting.
You're feeling guilty for
enjoying yourself for once
and you think people
are shaming you
for having a good time.
Thank you, Dr. Smith.
How long have you been writing
that Dear Abby column?
15 years of marriage.
12 years of therapy.
You learn a few things.
Well, that's why your
marriage has lasted so long.
Damn straight.
Well, it was a nice night
but I'm not going
to rush into anything.
Hey ladies!
Liz, I was wondering
can I steal Julie
away for lunch?
I've made something
in my kitchen
and I think you're
really gonna enjoy it.
You cooked?
I promised.
Nice place.
I like it.
It's not much further,
I promise.
And here we are.
Let me get this for you.
Pretty confident I was
going to come over, huh?
I like to think positively.
Now make yourself at home
and I'll finish the meal.
Here we are.
Mmm, looks good.
More wine?
No, not a good idea.
You having regrets
about last night?
No, not regrets.
Just concerns.
You think we're moving too fast.
Don't you?
When I see something
or someone I really like,
I like to act on it.
You're not afraid of being hurt?
Of course I am.
Everyone's afraid of being hurt,
I just don't let fear stop me from living.
Dammit Dad, where are you?
What about Charlie?
He's a great kid.
He's almost an adult and
I'm sure he'll understand.
And Dana?
She seemed to have some
reservations last night.
Dana gets uneasy when it
comes to me and other women.
Ever since her mother died...
I's complicated.
She's protective of you.
That's understandable.
Yes, but I think she's
gonna need a bit more time.
So maybe we should
keep it discreet.
You want to hide our
relationship from her?
All I want is to give ourselves
some more time and space
to explore what this might be.
That makes sense.
But what do I tell Charlie?
They seem to really
like each other.
I was hoping we could
keep it from him as well.
But that is entirely up to you,
I wouldn't tell you
how to handle your son.
In fact, I wouldn't
force you into anything.
Thank you.
You know, you may
be the perfect man.
Not even close.
Dad? Dad?
Dad, are you up there?
This is nice.
It really is.
Excuse me.
Do you need to get it?
This has been amazing,
but I should really
be getting back.
I understand.
I want to thank you for
a wonderful afternoon.
You're thanking me?
I haven't met someone like
you in a really long time.
You're generous, kind,
strong, independent.
It's refreshing
in my line of work.
You know, I still don't know
what you do for a living.
To be perfectly honest,
I'm in between jobs right now.
I haven't decided
what I want to do next.
Really? I'm surprised.
You seem like
such a decisive guy.
What's this?
Open it.
Is it for me?
It's incredible.
But Martin, a gift like this...
It's too soon.
I want you to have it.
Thank you.
Well, I guess we're
officially dating.
Whoa, let's not get crazy.
Dana, what's going on?
He's doing it again!
He promised!
Who's doing what?
We moved here so I
could have a normal life.
And that's all I wanted.
To live in a nice house
and go to a cool school
and meet a boy...
Hey, hey. Don't I qualify
in the boy department?
Yes. Yes, you're great.
It's my dad.
He's... He's...
Can you just hold me?
Yeah, I can do that.
It's okay.
I've got you.
Okay, Dana. When are
you gonna be home?
Please don't be like that.
We need to talk, it's important.
I'd say so.
You home alone now, or
are you expecting someone?
I'm not expecting anyone.
Of course I'm alone.
Okay, see you soon.
Hi, Dana.
Could you give me a ride?
Honey, when you get back, we
need to talk about something.
You want me to come in with you?
No, that's okay.
My dad and I need
some alone time.
Yeah, I understand.
Just remember, I'm
always here for you.
We shouldn't start
something we can't finish.
I'll see you tomorrow?
Count on it.
That's my line.
Honey, I don't understand...
I ran home this
afternoon to warn you
that someone might be onto us
and I see you doing
your old tricks!
The bracelet?
Again? Really?
It's not what you think.
Was Julie Stevens
your mark from day one?
Is that why we're here?
Is this whole thing
just another con?
Then maybe.
Then no.
It's different.
So what does this mean?
You two are an item?
Well I wouldn't
say we're an item,
but we do like each other.
I see.
So, how do you feel about that?
Be honest.
I just want you
to be happy, mom.
That's all I've ever wanted.
And when you're around
Mr. Hale, you seem...
You seem happy.
Thank you, honey.
That means a lot to me.
I just don't know what
Dana's gonna think about this.
Well, hopefully she wants
her dad to be happy too.
Don't be ridiculous.
I mean, are you
even my real father?
Did you ever love
my real mother?
Yes, I am your real father!
And I loved your mother more
than anything in this world.
In fact I've never cared
for another woman, until now.
Don't play me,
Dad. Not me!
I'm not playing you.
None of the other
women meant anything.
They were a means to an end.
That doesn't make
you Robin Hood.
You stole from the rich and
you kept it for yourself.
No Dana, I didn't keep it for myself.
I did it for you!
So you could have a good life.
Go to a good college.
If anything ever happens
to me, you are protected.
I've covered my crimes.
I'm not gonna jeopardize that...
I'm turning over a new leaf.
The problem with you is that
both sides are exactly the same!
I want a normal family!
I'm sick of constantly
being on the run
and constantly looking
over my shoulder!
So am I.
Believe me, it's over!
No more cons.
And I'm supposed
to believe that?
Yes, because it's true.
Look at me.
You know when I'm lying,
you know when I'm not.
You're the only person that
can see right through me.
So that bracelet is hers?
For real? No more stealing
it in the middle of the night?
It's hers.
No, no, no, no, no! No!
That bracelet
belongs to me, not her!
I'm going to bed.
You thought someone was onto us?
Stu Brown.
Here's his name and address.
I don't know Stu Brown.
Well he better not know you
or else we're in trouble.
Stu Brown...
You don't know what
suffering is, Evan.
But you will...
you will.
I'm glad you came in early.
What's up?
Someone's waiting for you.
Yeah, sounds like
she wants to buy a lot.
Insisted on talking
to you and only you.
So, go do your thing!
Hello, Mrs. Stevens.
Remember me?
Of course, Mrs...
Miss Wells, right?
Exactly correct.
So how can I help you today?
I'm here to purchase
some works of art.
Well, you've come
to the right place.
Morning. I made
some breakfast.
No thanks, I'm
good with an apple.
I should get to school.
Did you want me to drive you?
No, Charlie's on
his way to pick me up.
Hey listen...
I really think we need
to talk about last night.
No, Dad.
You need to talk to Julie
and tell her
everything before I do.
I mean it.
Do the right thing
for once in your life,
before it's too late.
I really care about her.
Prove it.
No argument there.
Did you get my text last night?
You didn't respond.
I didn't know what to say.
What do you think of all this?
My mom's on cloud nine
and I don't have a
problem with that.
I do.
Look Dana, whatever's going
on between you and your dad,
just remember:
we're not our parents.
I've never believed any of that
apple doesn't fall
far from the tree crap.
Any time.
I'm seeing movements in the starlight
And it takes me, it takes me high
And this is a Haskel original.
You know, I couldn't
help but notice
that stunning bracelet
that you're wearing.
Oh, thank you.
I just got it.
Looks like you found Mr.
Right for the second time.
It's just a bracelet.
How did you know I was married?
Oh, an unwed woman sort
of senses these things...
[Phone ringing]
Ah, could you excuse
me for a moment?
Hey, I'm just with a
customer. What's up?
Julie, I need to speak
to you. It's important.
Okay, when? Is
everything all right?
The sooner the better.
I can meet you at the gallery.
No, I'll come to you.
I'm so sorry.
Something came up and I
have to leave for awhile.
Liz can help you.
She knows even more about
the catalogue than I do.
Indeed I do.
Is everything okay?
Everything is a-okay.
I'll be back later.
And it was nice seeing
you again, Miss Wells.
Really dad, no response?
You're not going
to do it, are you?
Do what?
Nothing, that's the problem.
Hey, I'm gonna cut
for a few hours.
Can you cover for me?
Dana, you need to
tell me what's going on.
Whatever it is, I'll understand.
I need to tell your mom
something about my dad.
She has to know.
Okay, I'll drive you.
No, you can't get in trouble!
No one else can get in trouble.
Dana! You need to tell
me what this is about.
Fine, I'll tell you and
your mom at the same time.
I can't do this twice.
Okay, let's go.
Hi, thanks for coming.
After that ominous call,
how could I not?
Right. Come on in.
I made us some food.
That's the car.
The one that's been following
me the last couple of days.
Do you think that
Stu guy is here?
There's a damn good possibility.
I'll be right back, Miss Wells!
So, where are you parked Stu?
Just right here.
I'm so glad you guys were
able to work it out.
She's gonna love this one.
I'm sure she will,
thank you so much.
That's not his car.
Great, thanks
again. Bye!
Charlie? Shouldn't
you two be in school?
We have two free
periods on Thursday.
This is Dana.
Dana Hale.
So you're the girl who
stole Charlie's heart.
I don't steal.
I mean, um...
Would you like to come in?
Is my mom around?
Oh, you just missed her.
She had to run.
Something to do with...
Charlie, we need to go.
We need to go now!
Yeah, we uh...
we gotta go!
Please, you haven't
even touched the food.
I'm sure it's delicious,
but I didn't
come over here to eat, did I?
It's just I'm better with
food than people sometimes.
Talking can be tricky.
Well, you always seem to
know exactly what to say.
Not this time...
Julie, I've had
some indiscretions.
Especially when
it comes to women.
Martin, we all have our share
of skeletons in the closet.
You're not alone there.
Yes, but my closet looks
more like a graveyard.
How many women are
we talking about?
You know what? I
don't want to know.
What's past is past.
I think it's time for both
of us to move forward.
And I hope it's together.
You are an amazing
woman, Julie Stevens.
An amazing woman who had
a little too much coffee.
Your lavatory?
Right upstairs.
Hi, honey.
You miss me?
Well, aren't you
going to let me in?
I strongly suggest you say yes.
Just take it easy.
Welcome to the party, Julie.
Miss Wells, what's going on?
What are you doing here?
I'm setting things right.
How did you find me, Sloane?
Through the wonders of
modern technology, Evan.
Martin, who is this and why
is she calling you Evan?
Julie, I'm so sorry. I
was about to tell you...
He took everything from me!
My money, my future, my heart
and he just gave it to you.
But now you need to
know what it feels like
to lose everything
that you've ever loved.
What makes you think
that I love her?
She's just another mark.
You gave her my bracelet.
Your bracelet?
I gave that bracelet
to dozens of women.
It was the cherry on the con.
Here, take it!
No, that is not what you
told your daughter last night.
You said you turned
over a new leaf.
Now I'm going to destroy you
the way you destroyed me.
I was lying.
Sloane, she means nothing to me.
This is between you and me.
I'm the one you want.
But she's the one you want.
Not me!
Not me!
I don't want her!
Please, just put the gun down.
Why don't we settle this
the old-fashioned way?
Let's see how you really feel
about Julie, shall we?
He loves you...
He loves you not.
He loves you...
he loves you not.
He loves you...
oh what a shame!
It looks like he loves you not!
Wake up!
Go ahead.
Put me out of my misery.
You're not worth it.
Wake up, wake up!
Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah I'm okay.
But I think I might
need an ambulance
and you might want
to call the police.
Thanks sweetie.
[Police sirens]
[Police radio chatter]
He said I got lucky,
it's just a flesh wound.
Well, you took a bullet for me.
I guess you really do love me.
Yeah, I guess I do.
Hey... what's gonna
happen to us Dad?
We're gonna be good.
Well, I looked you up and I
didn't find a criminal record
on a Martin Hale or Evan Grable.
Like I said...
You're clean, not even
a speeding ticket.
I guess we'll never know.
Heads up!
Come on! Thank you.
So, any more secrets
I should know about?
Yep... how much
time you got?
For you? Maybe years.
How about decades?
Let's not get crazy.
Let's just take it
one decade at a time.
Cheers to that.