Ring the Bell (2013) Movie Script

Decker Sports Agency.
Please hold.
Decker Sports Agency.
Good job in New York.
Sign 'em and dine 'em, baby!
Stevie, give me a sec.
Heading to my office now.
Hey, Rob.
Not now, mike.
How's the Boston deal?
Closed it.
Yes, love it!
Money in the bank!
Good morning, Rob.
Good morning, Mr. Decker.
Peter, hook it up in a few?
You got it, buddy.
No, no, no, no, no.
I did not say that.
No, I would never say that.
Of course, I'll run it by him.
I'm his agent.
That's my job.
Well, if we don't talk tonight,
I'm sure you'll wake me up
tomorrow with a real offer.
Yeah, that's funny.
- What?
- Schedule.
You have a 9:00 a.m.
Conference call,
lunch downstairs,
and your mother called.
You do remember
your mother, don't you?
Hold on.
Do you want to call her back?
Not now.
How old is your mother, Rob?
75-76, I think.
Well, then, by all means,
take your time getting back to her!
Claire, time is money.
Mom ain't makin' us money today.
Next and talk faster.
You have a haircut.
Eighth of an inch. When?
45 minutes ago, but your
midnight text told me that
you wanted to see Peter
first thing this morning.
I do.
I actually just saw
Peter in the hallway.
He should be walking in
right about now.
How are the kids?
Well, they're great, thanks.
Ask me how my kids are.
My clients are my kids.
Only better.
They make me money.
This is the next
Decker Sports superstar.
Shawn Hart?
I don't...
I don't think he's going pro.
Why not?
Why not, Peter?
Well, he just signed
with Stetson University.
That's a darned good program.
No, he did not!
He did not sign!
He committed.
He verbally committed to Stetson.
He's not going pro yet, because
no one has convinced him to.
- I know, but what I think...
- Peter, there'd better be a way.
You've always been my go to guy.
You can get it done.
Now, I've cleared your schedule.
Leave today.
It's a three hour drive.
Do not come home until you sign him.
I'm sorry. I can't.
There's confidence!
You're saying you can't sign him?
No, I'm saying
I can't go out of town!
My kid's got his first
baseball game.
You're kidding, right?
No, I'm not kidding.
Look, Rob, I work really hard,
and there's more to life than work.
Look, Rob, I've seen a lot of young guns
burn out real fast in this business.
They backstab each other
right out of a job,
and that's because the only
thing they have is their career.
Now, I've stayed at the top
of my game in this business,
because my clients know
that I value God, my family,
and I value them.
Rob, there's some things
you just don't get back in life,
and I'm not missing
my kid's ball game.
There are definitely things in life
you don't get back, like your job.
Are you firing me?
- You're firing me?
- He's not firing anybody.
Get on out of here.
Rob Decker, you and I
need to have a talk.
About what?
About Shawn Hart.
You go sign the kid.
Yeah, you.
It's been a while since
you've been out in the real world.
Let's see if you've still got it.
And you might think about
your priorities along the way.
My priorities?
Yes, your priorities.
If you'd just stop long
enough to notice,
you'd realize that Peter is right.
Oh, Peter has gotten old and soft.
You are 35 years old, Rob.
Take a look around, honey.
There's a lot more
to life than this.
You know what, Claire, darling?
I think I will go sign
this kid myself,
because this is my life,
and I don't need more than this.
In your light is where
I'll find who I am
No more sadness
No more running from your plan
All I need is your sweet love
'Cause you cleanse me deep within
All I ever want is you
'Cause you are mine,
and I am yours
Your love is all I could
ever hope for
Just one touch
And I will never be the same
Never be the same again
Onstar, how far
is the nearest gas station?
Only one gas station
in the immediate area.
Phil's gas station,
ten miles ahead.
Your love is all
I could ever hope for
Just one touch, and I
will never be the same
Never be the same again
Turn right on Junk Yard Road.
Do you fix cars?
- Do you fix cars?
- No.
You don't fix cars here?
Well, I can't say that I do.
Well, does he?
No, he definitely
don't fix cars,
but he plays a mean flattop.
I'm just looking at all the signs.
Does anyone here fix cars?
We drummed up some
business for you.
Can you fix my car?
What's wrong with it?
Well, it's smoking.
Let's see.
The engine in these is in the rear.
Don't worry. Once he finds
the engine, he can usually fix it.
Can you leave it with me?
It's smoking.
I have to leave it with you.
Which way to town?
Can I rent a car?
You don't need one.
You just walk 15 minutes
in either direction,
and, well, you're out of town.
Good afternoon.
I'm Steve.
I'm the pastor here at the church.
Rob Decker.
Hey, Rob Decker,
nice to meet you.
So, are you lost or hungry?
Well, a little of both, I think.
I could smell it a mile away.
Well, you've definitely
come to the right place.
Welcome to Middletown.
This is small town USA.
We are complete
with your hot dogs,
your apple pie, and we're
known best for our baseball.
Oh, that's what I've heard.
I also hear you've got quite
the ballplayer in Shawn Hart.
Oh, yeah, Shawn is a great player,
but even more, he's a great young man.
We're really proud of
him here in Middletown.
He's heading off to
Stetson University.
He's going to play for Pete Dunn.
Is that so?
Come on, right on,
can't do it again, baby!
Come on, Shawn, do it again!
Best pitcher of all time, Nolan Ryan.
Not a chance!
Greg Maddux, the professor.
He could put the ball
anywhere he wanted.
The Ryan Express threw faster than
anyone, seven no hitters.
Mad Dog, four straight CY Young's,
18 gold gloves,
plus he was cute.
Coffee, Mr. Johnson?
Is it decaf?
This is decaf.
I have to have decaf.
I can't take that regular stuff.
I only put decaf in the orange pot.
You know,
I went into the city once,
and a guy told me, he said that
in the orange pot was hazelnut.
Well, I don't make hazelnut coffee
here, Mr. Johnson.
I only put decaf in the orange pot.
- I'll take decaf.
- All right.
What's good around here?
Fried chicken, potato salad,
you name it.
It's all good.
Daisy's being modest.
The best thing around
here are the pies.
She makes the best pies around.
We have apple or lemon.
Tough choice.
Well, like I say, when you have a choice
like that, take one of each.
Some offers in life,
you just can't refuse.
Come on, dragon!
No more, you're done.
Give the ball to anyone else.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
That's not still in the deal.
Stop right there!
Okay, now I'm ready.
My name is Maggie.
- Can I help you?
- Checking in.
What's the name?
Decker, Rob Decker.
- And you have a reservation?
- Yes.
- Could it be under a different name?
- No.
And you're sure you called
and made a reservation?
No, my assistant did.
Oh, you have an assistant?
That is quite impressive.
Well, it looks like we don't have
a reservation under that name.
Just get me a room then.
Say please.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It looks like we're sold out.
Sold out?
There's not another soul around.
I'm sorry.
We don't have anymore rooms.
I'm sure my assistant
made a reservation.
Can I use your phone?
- Is it a local call?
- No.
Unfortunately, it does not
dial long distance.
That is ridiculous.
Look, I have to have a room!
How about this?
How about now?
Oh, this is just too funny!
She said you were going
to try to do this!
Who's she?
And try what?
Claire, your assistant.
And she said that first you were
going to try to bribe me,
and also to look out,
because you might
try to throw your phone.
Claire, Claire.
You talked to Claire?
I really like her.
She is such a hoot.
She helped me plan out
this whole scheme
when she called and checked
you in this morning.
She is such a hoot!
What on earth is that?
That's a high five.
Well, I know what it is.
I just didn't think
anyone did it anymore.
Oh, you don't know.
Okay, I'm gonna teach you.
One, two, flames,
then you pound it, explosion!
But you have to make
the sound effects, like...
it's the Middletown meltdown.
Everyone knows it,
so I would start practicing.
Where's my room?
If you go right up these stairs,
it's the first one on the left.
Thank you.
This is quite a town.
Quite a town.
See you tomorrow, Mr. Decker!
Oh, I can't wait.
Good morning, Mr. Decker!
Good morning, Maggie!
It is, isn't it?
Do you rollerblade?
Where's the high school?
Well, you're really dressed up
to be going to high school.
Is Kermit going to the prom?
Maggie, I'm going to the high school
baseball practice.
Well, it's just straight
down the road that way.
Oh, and you're going to
want to look for
the really big sign that
says high school.
Thanks, Maggie.
Oh, and don't forget
to practice the handshake.
Everyone in town knows it!
Try page 122.
That's it, that's it.
Now go to table C.
Man, there's a lot
to these things.
You've got to be kidding me.
That's the one.
Shawn Hart!
I'm Rob Decker.
I don't want to bug you
at practice, man.
Can I steal five minutes
of your time?
I'm a straight shooter, Shawn.
I just want to let you know that
I know the best when I see it.
You are it!
You are the best;
and lucky for you, so am I.
You an agent?
I'm not just any agent.
I'm the best of the best,
and I only represent the best.
You don't know who I am?
No, sir.
Well, you do now!
Check out my website,
deckersportsgroup. Com.
We're also on Facebook and Twitter.
Got lots of friends and followers.
Hey, who's this?
What's your name, little man?
So, Shawn, I believe this is yours.
Thank you, but I can't take that.
Don't take it.
Catch it, man.
Good hands!
Big league quick hands,
hands like that,
first round draft pick.
I'm talking millions of dollars
just in the signing bonus.
This isn't mine, sir.
Of course, it is.
It has your name on it.
Possession is nine tenths of the law.
Not NCAA law.
I can't accept gifts from agents.
It would make me ineligible.
I already told Stetson
I'd accept their scholarship offer.
How about you, little man?
You committed?
You told them, right?
On the phone?
Yes, sir.
So, you haven't signed
your official letter of intent yet.
Same thing.
No, no, far from
the same thing, actually.
Mr. Decker,
it was nice to meet you.
Me and PJ gotta be
getting home.
Okay, sure.
I'll catch you guys later.
Get some rest.
Coach walker!
Rob Decker.
Man, it is a pleasure to
finally meet you.
- Sit down and have a talk?
- Yeah.
Now, I know a lot of agents
came through here,
but I want to
start fresh, blank slate.
Blank as...
as this envelope.
That's for you.
A little something from all of us
from Decker Sports Group.
You know who we are, right?
Oh, absolutely.
Who hasn't heard of Rob Decker
and Decker Sports Group?
Apparently, Shawn Hart.
You do know what I'm
talking about, right?
You know where I'm coming
from and what I want.
Yeah, you want to
represent Shawn Hart.
That's right.
He should not be going to college.
He should be going
straight to the pros.
Can you help me?
I can't take this, man.
I love what I do.
I love these kids.
I don't do it for the money.
Hey, I didn't mean it
like you think.
I just thought this,
this might help you out, maybe.
Yeah, Rob, I've got
everything I need, man.
Seems to me you might be the one
that needs a little help here.
Will you help me?
Well, look, I mean,
I can see both sides.
I coached the kid for four years.
I know he can do it all.
Personally, I don't think
you've got a shot;
but if you want to go for it,
he lives right down the road
at Cooke boys ranch.
I suggest you talk to
Miss Cooke first.
- Thanks, coach.
- You got it.
Excuse me.
Is this the Cooke boys ranch?
This is it.
Daisy, right?
That's right.
Rob Decker.
We met at the spring festival.
Yes, we did.
Can I help you?
Yes, I'm looking
for someone, Shawn Hart.
He one of the boys here
at the ranch?
Shawn lives here.
Could you tell me where
I could find Miss Cooke?
Well, that would be me.
Oh, wow.
This is my lucky day.
Oh, well, I'm flattered,
Mr. Decker,
but you might not want
to get too excited.
I might not be telling
you what you want to hear.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I'm pretty easy to please.
- Is that a fact?
- Yes, ma'am.
How do you know what
I want to hear, anyway?
Everyone knows
why you're in town.
Well, hear me out
before you shut me down.
Can you do that for me?
I'm just a poor, dumb city boy
trying to survive in this cold,
cold world.
Just a lost boy with a Benz.
This is gonna be good.
I like your style, Daisy.
I'm here to do what I do best.
I'm an agent,
the best sports agent,
according to some.
Most, actually.
I'm here to bring good news,
to bring riches.
Do you realize what a five million
dollar signing bonus is?
What could be done right here
with his instant wealth?
The boys could have
iPhones, iPads, iTouches.
Well, I, I, I...
You're kind of like Superman.
- Come on.
- You here to save the day?
I'm just here to make sure
you consider all the options.
I think we have.
Shawn has a lot of
gifts beyond baseball.
Do you know that
he's got a 4.0 GPA?
He's the senior class president.
He writes incredible poetry.
He even competed
in a state math competition.
You know, baseball will end someday,
but a college education,
that'll be with him for
the rest of his life.
Poetry, really?
Hey, I know it's a tough choice.
Life is all about choices, Rob.
Shawn's thought this decision
through thoroughly.
He's researched it.
He's asked the right
people the right questions.
And this might not mean much to you,
but he's prayed about it a lot.
Do you ever pray, Mr. Decker?
I can do that, yes.
And I will, but first I just
want to make sure...
Mr. Decker,
when you're in a hole...
Yeah, I know, stop digging.
No, look up and pray.
And Mr. Decker, try and let God
do some of the talking.
I feel like you
might've won round one.
But I've still got
a little gas left in the tank.
Oh, how ironic
for a man without a car.
It's a tradition.
What does it mean?
I'm not sure right now is the right time,
but this is a big deal.
I'll talk to you another time.
Mr. Decker!
Hi, Maggie.
Well, you haven't given up,
have you?
You know, the handshake.
Good job!
You almost have it.
Very impressive.
Thank you, Maggie.
Is that mink?
Good night!
Claire, it's me.
Any calls?
Yeah, but I've
got everything covered
until you get back from
your mission.
What's it like there?
Well, it's kind of like Mayberry,
except Andy's a professor, and
Goober and Gomer are Mac and Phil.
Well, how's the hunt
for Mr. October?
Very funny.
You sign him yet?
Claire, this...
it's a tough one.
Come on, you've seen it all.
There is something going on here that
I have never had to deal with before.
And Claire, they asked me to pray.
You should pray.
Thank you, Lord.
They sound like my kind of people.
Good morning, Mr. Decker!
Yes, it is!
Well, let's see it.
Wow, you've got it!
Was there ever a doubt?
I think you're ready
to try it on your own!
You know, I can see you, Fes.
You're reflected in his eyeglasses.
Willie, you've been watching
way too much Texas hold 'em.
Your move, Phil Ivy.
Let's see, 16 down.
How many letters?
Oh, five.
Five letters.
Across or down?
Are you gonna help me now?
Across or down?
Down, and it ends in Y.
Hello, there.
Hello there, Beck.
I need a haircut.
We can do that right here.
Trim, clean it up,
neck right around the ears,
take up the sideburns
an eighth of an inch, just an eighth.
I get a trim every
Tuesday and Friday.
Maybe you ought to take a trim
to that car of yours.
How do you know about my car?
Small town.
You know, the word travels fast
and a lot faster than your car.
How is my car coming, Fes?
Oh, Phil and Mac
are making some progress.
How about yourself?
Oh, I'm making progress.
I went up to the boys ranch,
talked with daisy.
Now, that Daisy, she's pretty
protective of those boys out there.
You're lucky you came
back with your skin on.
She was actually cordial.
I'll tell you what, man.
The boys ranch is a special place.
The Cookes out there
give them boys hope
and, man, that's something they don't
get a lot of, especially Shawn.
Hey, have you ever seen
Shawn play in a game in person,
or is tonight going to be
your first time?
What's tonight?
Tonight, the alumni game.
The whole town is going to be there.
Will Daisy be there?
Oh, yeah, she'll be there.
Well, then, I'll be there, too.
Well, you're either
very brave or very stupid.
He is no fool.
Hey, Rob.
What's that about?
Well, you know us preachers.
We're always looking for the catchy phrase
to get people's attention;
but, actually, this comes from
a quote from a guy named Jim Eliot,
and he was a missionary
back in the 1950's.
He went with four other guys
to the remote jungles of Ecuador
to try to take the message of God's love
to a very dangerous tribe of natives.
All of his friends, of course,
thought he was crazy
for going to such a dangerous place.
He was a young guy, bright,
had a great future ahead of him.
In fact, he was a great athlete,
as a matter of fact.
As the story unfolds, he and the four
missionaries with him were,
in fact, all attacked and killed
by the very people that
they were trying to help.
So, it looked like a pretty tragic
end to that story,
but then amazing and pretty
miraculous things started to happen,
as a result of those five
men's deaths.
Many of the people in that
tribe actually became believers
and followers of God,
and some of the very men
that killed those missionaries
became missionaries themselves,
if you can believe that,
and the whole tribe
really became a very
peaceful and kind people.
So, how do they explain that?
Well, that's a great question.
Even the anthropologists that
had studied this tribe for years
couldn't believe it
and couldn't explain it.
So, anyway, after he died, this quote
was found in Jim Eliot's journals,
where he had written these words:
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot
keep to gain that which he cannot lose."
So, he is no fool.
Well, I guess there's more than
one way to define foolishness.
I actually have been feeling a little
foolish ever since I got to town.
You know, you and everyone else
knows why I'm here,
but I'm actually not a bad guy.
I feel I really do know what's best
for Shawn, but I'm getting nowhere.
I guess I just need to spend some more
time with Daisy and get close to Shawn.
Well, Mr. Decker, I don't think
you're a bad guy at all;
and, in fact, I think
it'd be a great idea for you
to spend some time
with Daisy and with the boys.
And here's an idea.
You should go to the game tonight.
Everybody's going to be there,
and you need to come
to the concert tomorrow night.
What concert?
Oh, yeah, big concert going on
at the Athens theater, a very cool band.
I think you might like it.
And, I bet you Daisy
and the guys will be there, also.
Pastor, thank you so much.
All right, Rob.
See you later.
Strike three!
Strike three!
Hey, buddy, scoot over.
Can I sit here?
It looks you are sitting here.
Hey, mister, you want
to buy a raffle ticket?
- No, thanks.
- Come on!
- How much?
- One dollar.
You can win a pie.
- Win a pie.
- Two pies.
You're kidding, right?
Do I look like I'm kidding?
Last chance to buy tickets
for tonight's raffle.
The winning ticket can get two pies
from the kitchen of Daisy Cooke.
Kid, kid, kid,
how many you got there?
I don't know, about 50.
Give me all of them.
Strike three!
And that's strikeout number six for
our alumni team hometown heroes.
This is unbelievable.
Well, you can't stop him.
Just try to contain him.
Strike three!
Hey, officer, how fast was that?
92 mile an hour curve ball.
Strike three!
Who is this guy?
He's throwing bb's.
This guy is really in a slump.
He hasn't had a hit in three weeks.
Let's give him one.
All right, squat.
Tell him I'm gonna groove
this one right down the middle.
Do it.
- Here we go, boys.
- Right on.
Swing level, big fella.
Coming right down the middle for you.
Who is he?
He's Scooter.
That's his name?
Yeah, Scooter.
Well, does he have a last name?
And here are the winning numbers
for tonight's raffle.
The winner gets two homemade pies.
And the winning ticket
is 9-1-2-1-3.
Hey, psst.
Check your ticket.
Who has ticket 9-1-2-1-3?
That's me!
We do have a winner here.
This is your lucky night.
Ooh, you have no idea.
Hello, Rob.
Listen to me.
Drop everything.
Drop everything for what?
I need you to call some of my guys
and tell them I might need a favor.
What kind of a favor?
It's just a hunch.
What is going on out there?
If I told you,
you wouldn't believe it.
Well, I can call the big three.
I'll call you tomorrow, and I'll
tell you possibly when and where.
Good night, boss.
Is this Steve Wales, general manager
of the best team in baseball?
Rob Decker.
Get off the treadmill, my friend,
'cause you're gonna need
to sit down for this one.
You're gonna feel like it's Christmas
morning when this one's done.
Rob, I'm working here.
Stevie, look, I want to let
you know I called you first.
But I'm not gonna lie.
As soon as I hang up, I'm calling
the rest of the league.
Now, what do you need
more than anything else?
Pitching, right?
An ace?
Who doesn't?
Especially you.
And not just a number one starter.
I'm talking a strikeout pitcher.
Yeah, what am I
gonna have to give up?
Nothing, it's not a trade.
Who is he?
Free agent.
Is he in a league?
Unsigned, an unsigned gold mine.
Look, if it's that kid from Cuba,
I've already seen him.
He's American,
and you haven't seen him,
I guarantee it, 'cause if you did,
he'd be playing for you.
Where'd he play
his college ball?
He didn't.
What is he, in jail?
Steve, trust me.
You'll want him.
His fast ball jumps like the wind.
His curve ball, whoosh,
falls off the table.
So, what do you want?
How much is it gonna cost me?
I want you to work him out,
a tryout.
Okay, bring him to California.
How soon?
Let's make it the
middle of the week.
We're looking at a catcher from Jersey,
and they can work out together.
Can you get him here by then?
I'm Rob Decker.
I can do anything.
And, Steve, I guarantee you'll make him
an offer before he hits the showers.
Rob Decker, have you even
signed this guy yet?
Steve, come on,
that's the easy part,
all in a day's work.
Fellas, this looks like
a good sign.
Guessing my car is done.
Nope, but we're making progress.
Hey, were you at the
alumni game last night?
No, we were here
working on your car.
What's the dog's name?
Okay, I'll check back later.
Fellas, fellas, fellas!
What you need, another
eighth inch cut off of there?
That's good, there you go.
I am talking miles,
miles per hour.
So, tell me about Scooter.
What's the deal?
What do you want to know?
What do I want to know?
I want to know everything.
Where does he live?
What's he do?
How old is he?
And that can't be his real name.
How does someone get
a name like Scooter?
If you think he can throw,
you ought to see him run.
So, what's his real name?
Danny Cooke.
Danny Cooke.
That's Danny Cooke?
The Danny Cooke?
Man, we were hearing
about him when he was 16,
and then he just disappeared.
That had to be about
ten years ago.
Do you know where I can find him?
Not a half day, Mr. Decker?
Just getting started.
What are you doing?
Practicing going to the beach!
You're wearing pants.
You're amazing, Maggie!
Good game last night.
It's kind of like our first date.
I wish I would have known.
You could've at least
bought a girl a hot dog.
I see you're still on foot.
Taking this what would
Jesus do thing seriously?
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
Get it?
He walked everywhere?
That's you being funny.
It is amazing how much thinking
you can do while you're walking.
I'm starting to notice things
all around this little town
I might've missed otherwise.
Wow, big city sports agent
being wooed by our little town?
Now I've seen everything.
Thinking of giving up
the Benz for good?
Oh, I have no idea
what's going on with my car.
Phil and Mac...
Ah, Phil and Mac,
they can fix anything.
Well, Phil can.
But if you say Phil can get it done,
that's good to know.
I do need to get back at some point.
I can't stay here forever.
Would that be so bad?
I'm just a fast-paced guy.
I love the excitement of
the big city,
energy, the bright lights.
But I do admit, there are some things
I've become quite fond of here.
Heads up!
Speaking of baseball...
I've never seen anything
like last night.
That pitcher for
the alumni team, Scooter...
I'll be honest.
I did some homework this
morning at the barber shop,
which is the hub
of all local information.
They told me Scooter's
real name is Danny Cooke
and that he lives here
on Cooke ranch.
You're Daisy Cooke.
I said Daisy Cooke,
Danny Cooke.
Obviously, they're married.
The boys got quite
a chuckle out of that.
They didn't let me know otherwise.
Well, Mr. Obvious,
Scooter is my brother.
It's a good thing you're an agent
and not a detective.
Your brother is really good.
He might actually be the best
I've ever seen.
And I bet you want
to talk to him, don't you?
You okay with that?
In fact, take as much
time as you like.
I'm going to enjoy this.
Get out of here.
Scooter, this is Mr. Decker.
He thinks you're the best ever.
Please, call me Rob.
I see someone's met Maggie.
Well, not bad, Rob.
Hey, y'all run along.
I'm going to talk to Mr. Decker
real quick, all right?
Please allow me to formally
introduce myself.
I am Rob Decker.
I'm from Decker Sports Group.
We represent the top athletes
in all professional sports.
Now, of course, I'm proud to say this,
because the agency is actually mine.
I founded it, I'm president,
and I'm CEO.
Congrats on that.
Yeah, word spreads
pretty fast in this town.
I heard you were looking
for Shawn, right?
Yes, that's right.
I came here to sign Shawn Hart.
No, he's going
to college, Stetson.
I heard he was
interested in college.
He wants to be a doctor.
Can you imagine that?
He's a great shortstop.
He's even a better kid.
I'll be honest.
I think he's a first round draft
pick right out of high school,
millions of dollars just
in a signing bonus.
Now, I know you don't think
you're the first agent
that's come around here
offering big money, right?
No, no, of course not,
but I just want to point out...
Listen, Mr. Decker...
Look, I just want to
save you some time.
I know the sound of a huge signing
bonus and a nice car, a big house.
Now that's going to turn the head
of any young teenage American boy,
but that is not Shawn.
He knows God's got a path for him.
Now, maybe that path is
paved in dollar bills or not.
I don't know,
but he knows where it leads,
and God knows
where Shawn is going.
And with all due respect,
Mr. Decker,
I don't think you know
where that boy's been.
Okay, what do I need to know?
That young man you're looking at,
not the same boy that showed up here.
He was ten years old, harder than
any kid ought to be at that age.
He was angry, broken.
Dad left him the day he was born.
His mom had her troubles.
Yeah, he probably doesn't have
a memory of her coming around sober.
So, by the time she was
killed in that car wreck,
the kid was far too used to having
to take care of himself.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, he hated those words.
Tired of hearing I'm sorry
for this and that.
Couldn't hardly say them himself.
It's sad to see a kid like that.
So, we just had to let him know
he was loved and valuable.
Taught him to trust in God
as a good father.
That wasn't an easy road.
So, when he rang that bell...
that was something.
So, the tradition
of the bell is, is what?
Accepting God?
Yeah, well...
it's kind of our tradition,
you know, but it's more than that.
It's about accepting that
God has accepted you.
So, yeah.
Yeah, Shawn discovered
baseball here real quick.
God smiled on him with
that, as you can tell.
Now baseball is going to
give him an opportunity
to reach far beyond
that outfield fence.
He's going to get a good education.
Mr. Decker, he's going to make
a real difference in people's lives.
I'm asking you,
Mr. Decker, move on.
Don't interfere with
Shawn's decision.
I can't believe I'm saying this.
I think you're right.
Baseball, huh?
What a game.
It's a great game.
Who'd you watch growing up?
Man, I used to love the Cubbies,
but I will say my favorite team
of all time,
the '93 Phillies when they went
to the world series, misfits.
Who do you like, today?
I like Tim Tebow.
Well, he doesn't play baseball.
Could if he wanted to.
Can we talk about Danny Cooke?
How'd you get the name Scooter?
Earned it, of course.
My dad gave it to me.
Stole just about every base
from here to the Dominican.
Ooh, so you're
worldwide, Scooter?
Nah, it's not like that.
My parents were missionaries.
Traveled all over, mostly third world
countries, spreading the gospel.
I grew up stealing bases.
Watching my parents
live out that gospel.
You were on everyone's radar,
and then you just disappeared.
That all depends on whose radar.
See, I played all through
the mission fields.
The thing is, Mr. Decker,
you could throw
a ball 100 miles an hour;
you're going to
get people's attention
when you bring them
something more powerful than that.
Did you ever think
of the platform
you could have standing on
the mound in Yankee stadium?
Of course, all the time.
I still do.
All I have to do,
though, is look out there.
See Joey, Shawn, PJ, and little red.
Those guys know I didn't disappear.
I saw you here the other day,
heard Joey ring that bell.
He made the most important decision of
his life right here in my own back yard.
Mr. Decker...
this is my Yankee stadium.
Look at PJ.
Right beside Shawn
every step of the way.
Little red, this is his last stop
after six failed foster homes.
He doesn't want to leave.
They all came here with
a lot of hurt.
There's still plenty of
that to go around.
But what we can give them
is a lifetime of love and prayer.
There's hope, Mr. Decker.
They find it right here.
And that, my friend, is a hope they can
take with them the rest of their lives.
We don't pretend we can fix them.
We just want them to know
they've got a good father.
This father is never going to
leave them, never forsake them,
a father who's never going
to forget them,
Jesus Christ.
He's a father to the Fatherless.
I told you Shawn Hart's
off the table.
I'm not going to say
the same thing about you.
I would love to see what you can do
against some of the greats.
Not unless they show up
in my backyard.
You let me know how that
goes for you, all right?
I'm sorry.
There was no time to call.
We didn't know what else to do.
We were just sent to pick him up,
and his mom was in a car accident,
and there's no father,
no siblings.
We're trying to figure out
if there's any extended family.
What's he been told?
All he knows is that
there's been an accident.
What's his name?
He's 14.
Hey, Jason.
I'm Scooter.
You hungry?
Come on, let's go inside.
I think I've got a cheeseburger
with your name written all over it.
We'll take it from here.
All right, I'll call you later.
Is there anything I can do?
The Casting Crowns concert
is tonight, and...
Scooter and I are not going
to be able to leave.
The boys were looking
so forward to it.
It's probably best
if they're not here right now.
Is there any way you
could take them?
Yeah, of course.
All right, you boys be good.
Thank you.
Have a good night.
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Let my life song sing to You
Are you ready?
Let my life song sing to You
Let my life song sing to You
Let my life song sing to You
I want to sign your name
to the end of this day
Knowing that my heart was true
Let my life song sing to You
Can you shout glory?
We want to sing to You
Amen, give the Lord praise.
Leave it all behind
Leave it all behind
Leave it all behind
Just leave it all behind
I have all you need,
but you keep on searching
I've done all the work,
but you keep on working
When you're running on empty,
and you can't find the remedy
Just come to the well
You can spend your whole life
chasing what's missing
But that empty inside,
it just ain't gonna listen
When nothing can satisfy,
and the world leaves you high and dry
Just come to the well
Yeah, yeah
And all who thirst will
thirst no more
And all who search will find
what their souls long for
The world will try,
but it can never fill
Just leave it all behind
and come to the well
So bring me your heart,
no matter how broken
Just come as you are when
your last prayer is spoken
Just rest in my arms a while
You'll feel the change, my child
When you come to the well
And all who thirst will
thirst no more
And all who search will find
what their souls long for
And the world will try,
but it can never fill
Just leave it all behind
and come to the well
Leave it all behind
And the world will try,
but it can never fill
Just leave it all behind
And now that you're full
of love beyond measure
Your joys going to flow
like a stream in the desert
And soon all the world will see
living water is found in me
'Cause you've come to the well
How many of you guys believe
Jesus is the well tonight?
Let's sing it out.
And all who thirst will
thirst no more
All who search...
And all who search will
find what their souls long for
And the world will try,
but it can never fill
Just leave it all behind
and come to the well
Leave it all behind
and come to the well
Sing this with me.
Leave it all behind...
Leave it all behind
Leave it all behind
Leave it all behind
You guys sing.
Leave it all behind
Leave it all behind
- Your pursuit of perfection
- Leave it all behind
- Your fear of rejection
- Leave it all behind
- Your temporary pleasure
- Leave it all behind
- All your earthly treasure
- Leave it all behind
- Dried up empty religion
- Leave it all behind
Just leave it all behind
- Leave it all behind
- Chains of rejection
You can leave it all behind
Leave it all behind
- All the guilt that weighs you down
- Leave it all behind
Just leave it all behind
and come to the well
Yeah, God is good.
So, I want you guys to know
that before you got here, tonight,
all the tour, all the bands,
all the crew, we all gathered in here,
and we walked through these chairs
praying for you before you got here,
praying that this would be more than just
another Christian family fun night.
Because some of you know
as good as I do, you know,
a song might change your afternoon,
but it's not going to
change your life.
It's going to take something
way more than feeling good
and feeling better
to change your lives.
I can't live by what I feel, but I live
by the truth God's word reveals.
And when I stand before God one day,
he's not going to ask me how I felt.
He's not going to ask me
what church I went to.
He's not going to ask me
how many good things I do
and how many bad
things I stopped doing.
What he's going to ask me
is what did I do with Jesus?
Because we're all
in the same boat down here.
No one's here any more
of a train wreck than
the guy standing up here
with a microphone right now.
We're lost, we're broken, we're fallen,
and we can't fix ourselves.
So, don't come to a concert
and hear this, and then think,
"I need to go get good and come
back to God," because you can't.
It's way too late
to get good. Yeah?
I've gotta realize I'm broken,
and I've fallen,
and I need Jesus.
And God says in his word
that if we confess with
our mouths that Jesus is Lord,
and believe in our heart God raised him
from the dead, we'll be saved.
Listen, confess with my
mouth that Jesus is Lord.
Lord is not a nickname for Jesus.
Lord means King.
To be his is to confess
with my mouth that Jesus
is the Lord and King of my life forever,
and I will follow my King forever,
and I believe in my heart
that the same God
that raised Jesus from the dead
can raise me from the dead.
That's so much bigger
than trying to be better.
It's realizing,
"Lord, I need You."
I'm desperate, and I lay
my life at Your feet.
I turn from the sin in my life,
and I'm following You, to be Yours."
That's good stuff.
You can do that, tonight.
If you feel like you're still
on the outside looking in,
when it comes to
a friendship with God,
Jesus himself said, "No one comes to
the Father unless the spirit draws him."
So, if it's even on your
mind and in your heart,
right now, to take a step
towards the Father,
please know this is very personal.
He's not waving his hand
over a crowd right now.
He's calling you right now,
and you can lay your life
at His feet tonight.
Can we just pray together?
Let's just bow our heads
and close our eyes.
There's nothing magical about it.
We're just getting
our mind off everybody else
and asking God to show
his truth for us.
Father, if anyone in here needs You,
they already know it.
You've been moving in their lives
long before they got to this room.
So now that we're here,
it would be a tragedy to come this
close to the well and go home thirsty.
Lord, if anyone needs you, let them
lay their life at Your feet now.
Draw them to You.
Guys, if you're here, and you want
to know Jesus, just tell Him.
Say, "Lord, I'm Yours.
Take my sin, take my junk,
take all the garbage.
I lay it at Your feet,
and I'll follow You."
If you're here, tonight,
and that is what your
heart is crying out,
I want to pray with you.
There's some pastors in
the area that have been
praying for this event
long before you got here,
and they'd love to meet
you down here in the front,
just pray with you before you go.
Because as cool as this moment is
in here, life isn't like this,
all quiet and tidy,
while we get our thoughts together.
We've got to leave this
building and know how to live,
and we need to walk with Jesus
in a church that will love us.
I'll meet you right down here.
As the pastors come forward,
you come down.
Meet us down here,
and let us pray with you guys.
You come.
If you want someone to come with you,
you bring them with you.
Just come down here with us.
Father God, thank you
for being so real to us.
Thank you, God, that you didn't need
any of this to go on to talk to us;
but, Lord, you've used
this moment to draw
some brand new brothers
and sisters to You.
Lord, thank you for what
you're doing.
God, I thank you that
You are the reformer
and the reshaper,
the transformer of our lives.
We love you, and we thank you.
In Jesus' name, amen.
You run
You run as far as
you can run from love
You run to the ends of the world
To the ends of the world
To the ends of the world
To the ends of the world
Hey buddy, did you have fun?
How was it?
How is he?
Great news.
His mom's going to be okay,
and they located his uncle
in the next town over.
That is good news.
Thank you so much.
Come on, let's go.
I told Daisy I would pray.
God, I...
I know you're up there.
I know you're real...
because I've seen You.
I've seen You here...
in this place.
Thank you for letting me see this.
Hi, mom.
No, I'm fine.
Everything is okay.
I will.
I just called to say hi.
No, no, I'm not laughing at you.
I will.
Yeah, I know.
I know you're praying for me.
That's what moms do.
I will.
I love you, too, mom.
This is Rob.
Rob, where are you?
- What?
- The guys are waiting for you.
- What time is it?
- It's 10:00 in the morning.
Did you just wake up?
Maggie, I need
to borrow your bike.
That's not a good idea.
No, really, Mr. Decker,
that is not a good idea!
Bring it back, Mr. Decker!
No, stop that!
No, no, no! Come back, come back,
come, come back!
Thanks, Maggie!
It doesn't have any brakes!
Oh, boy.
- Are you kidding?
- This isn't going to end good.
Are you kidding me?
You all right, buddy?
Rob, look who
showed up in my backyard.
Mr. Cy young over here,
Rick Sutcliffe.
Remember the '93 Phillies team
I was telling you about?
This is Jon Kruk.
Mr. All star over here,
Ben Zobrist.
Man, the performance
was great, but,
the dismount and
landing was terrible.
Kruky, what do
you think about that?
A couple of things.
With the bike, first of all,
are you kidding me?
Did you sleep in the clothes?
Well, at your age Sut,
you wonder why our careers
are in the toilet right now?
That's what represents us.
Yeah, you can all laugh,
you can all laugh.
If you're gonna eat,
you'd better eat quick,
because I'm here to see some of that
Florida heat I've been hearing about.
Go get 'em, Scooter.
All right.
Sut, it's on.
Oh, not me.
I'm the pitcher.
Obviously, he's not going anywhere.
Go get 'em, Big Ben.
It's all up to you, buddy.
I'd love to.
All right, batter up!
Let's go, Ben.
How you doin' Ken?
All right.
We're gonna die.
You want to take a few first?
I'm good.
I love it.
That's not good.
You kidding me?
You might need that, man.
I'm gonna take you up on that one.
A little practice.
Heads up.
- There it is.
- Oh, my.
There it is.
That's pretty good.
Better you than me.
What did I tell you guys?
Uncle Charlie is in the house.
You didn't swing and
miss that much last year.
All right, I've got this.
Time to get serious, fellas.
I am so glad I'm old.
What's he doing
out here in this pasture?
Take this stuff to the show.
I'm trying my best.
All right, you guys are gonna want to
step behind the screen for this one.
Oh, wait.
I've got you, buddy.
All right.
I think somebody
is a little upset.
I'll tell you what.
This all started out as
nice fun and games.
This is serious stuff
right now, son.
Come on, Ben.
Show 'em where you live, baby.
And the mighty Casey has struck out.
Game over.
All right, boys, this is it.
Bottom of the ninth, two outs,
full count, bases loaded,
and you know
you're down by three.
I've got him.
With Kruky hitting behind you.
You'd better go deep,
or this one's over.
Oh, baby.
What just happened?
It's a tradition.
When someone accepts
Jesus into their heart,
they get to ring the bell.
I have Jesus in my heart,
and I never got to ring the bell.
Well, get up there!
Come on!
Guys, make some room!
That's what I'm talking about.
Ben, thank you so much
for coming out, man.
I really appreciate it.
Rob, thanks for
bringing us out here.
Yeah, you're welcome.
You know, I really think
you've found something here.
Yeah, thanks, man.
Fellas, thanks for coming.
Don't ruin his career.
He's got some future.
I love the confidence, man.
Sut, thank you so much
for coming out.
I had a great time.
Good luck.
Thank you, guys.
See you, Rob.
- See you later, Rob.
- See you guys.
And all who thirst
will thirst no more
And all who search will find
what their souls long for
The world will try,
but it can never fill
So leave it all behind
and come to the well
You're amazing.
I mean it.
Thank you.
You could have a real audience.
I do have a real audience.
your head's down,
and you're so focused, but...
you can miss a lot that way.
Sometimes what you're looking for
isn't what you're looking for.
Just admit I was right, please.
About what?
About Scooter.
He is that good.
I'm not crazy.
You saw it.
You heard them.
You have to admit he'd be
an unbelievable pitcher in the bigs.
He'd be more than unbelievable.
He'd make the hall of fame.
What did you say?
Scooter would be the best;
the best ever, maybe.
- I never thought you'd ever...
- Why would me saying that surprise you?
I know my baseball.
If I managed the Yankees,
he'd be my Rivera.
He's got a fast ball most people
haven't seen since...
Since never?
God gives people incredible gifts,
some more than one.
Maybe they have to choose.
For Scooter and I, that choice
felt more like a calling.
Scooter was only 17.
He had his whole life
ahead of him, but...
we grew up watching
my parents help people.
Whoever, wherever...
all the time.
My parents were missionaries,
even here.
This place was their dream.
I didn't know that.
You couldn't have known,
just like Scooter and I couldn't have
known how one moment,
one phone call would change
our lives forever.
In an instant, we went from
helping orphans to being orphans.
My parents died in a plane crash,
and what could have destroyed
our hope in God
only taught
us to trust in him more.
- I wouldn't have known what to do.
- We didn't either...
but we learned.
We had to.
This, this place...
felt like our calling.
We're home.
Shawn's home.
And that bell,
to hear that bell ring and to
know what that sound represents,
to hear what just happened
to a heart,
to know something that that person
can't keep to themselves,
I don't think I could ask
for anything more.
This place...
This place is amazing.
How do you even get by?
By faith.
We walk by faith,
and we pray a lot.
We pray, and we share
whatever God provides.
And He does provide.
The people in this town,
they really come through for us.
They support us.
And, you know, you can't be around
these boys and not be inspired.
And that inspiration comes
from watching you and Scooter.
And our inspiration comes from God.
Maybe that's what it is.
That concert last night...
I felt something there that
I've never felt before...
like I didn't want to stay
where I was or how I was.
You don't have to.
That's God, Rob.
He's at the door of your heart.
All you have to do is
open the door and invite him in.
I wish.
I wish it was that easy.
I've got a lot of stuff.
We've all got stuff, Rob.
God knows we've got stuff.
That's why Jesus came
to free us from all that.
Don't hold on to the stuff.
Lay it down.
I want to.
I want what you have, but...
That is what I have, though, Rob.
Beautiful, undeserved
grace and forgiveness.
It's yours, too.
Whatever your stuff,
it's yours, too.
All you have to do is invite him in
and ask him for forgiveness.
I don't like asking
anyone for anything.
That's not who I am.
That is who he is.
You're going to have to
do the asking this time.
You know, there's strength that
comes from asking for help.
Accept his gift of grace.
Invite him in.
His hand is outstretched.
All you have to do is
reach out and take it.
Looks like your car is ready.
Well, here she is, good as new.
What do I owe?
A lady named Claire called
and took care of everything.
Well, thank you.
I guess this is it.
The first time
I didn't get my man.
Do you mean Shawn or Scooter?
I'm okay with that.
Well, I can hear
the big city calling.
I don't hear it.
Goodbye, Rob Decker.
Goodbye, Daisy.
Do you ever pray, Mr. Decker?
This walk is hard
I feel the weight is wearing down
And I can't do this on my own
But in this darkness I can see,
your light is shining down
And now I know which way is home
Ring the bell
Let them hear what you've done
Look up and pray.
Oh, I'll ring the bell
Show the prize that I want
And I won
It's the sound
of my heart breaking free
It's the sound
of your voice singing over me
Ring the bell
Let them hear what you've done
What you've done
Oh, I'll ring the bell
Show the prize that I want
And I won
It's the sound
of my heart breaking free
It's the sound
of your voice singing over me
Ring the bell
Let them hear what
you've done to my heart
You feel like I'm not even
listening to you
And you feel so alone
Your heart is broken
in a million pieces
And I see where you are
You're not alone