Rings (2005) Movie Script

This is the very first message
from the very first ring.
By the time you hear this,
there will be more of us.
I'm from a ring in Oklahoma,
and I just got this tape...
I'm from the ring in Orange County...
-I'm one of the rings in Ohio...
-Someone to be our tail...
-It is our responsibility as its viewers...
-The Minnesota ring...
This is the last time
I'm posting on this website...
We checked out the tape...
Understand the consequences...
See things
very few people have ever seen...
Did it happen to anybody else?
Document everything you see.
-You're at the frontier, man.
No one's ever recorded
day seven before.
Eddie, I don't wanna be here, man.
If nobody watches my tape,
I'm going to die.
Are you recording?
Eddie, man, you gotta
help me get out of this, okay?
I said, are you recording?
-You'll find somebody.
Whatever happens,
you keep that camera on.
Keep it on... For the rest of us.
Remember, Jake, you came to us.
You wanted to know, to be a part of it.
To see what we'd seen.
Thank you. You saved my life.
Well, that's it?
I thought there was a scary part.
This is the scary part.
11:00 p.m., that's our boy's time.
You see, all together we make a ring.
Vanessa watched my copy,
tonight you watched hers.
And when it gets too intense,
you make a copy for Timmy here.
Timmy's your tail.
-When what gets too intense?
-The tape.
Look, this is me on day five, man.
It's like a window
into a whole new world, man.
Eddie lasted six days.
I made it to five.
They say no one's ever
made it past seven.
So let's see how close
to the sun you can fly, my friend.
The only thing you have to do
is make a copy of your tape
and have Timmy watch it.
As long as you get it done
before day seven, you're fine.
What happens at seven days?
You die.
Just remember,
document everything that you see.
Hey, Jake.
Did you do anything cool this weekend?
Yeah, I went to a party up at PSU.
Wow, really?
You went to a college party?
Emily, do you see a ladder here?
Jake, are you okay?
-You don't see anything?
Nobody else can see this shit but us.
- I know.
-It all has to mean something.
Right? It's like a secret dimension.
You know, a whole other reality.
And only we know the way there.
Follow it, Jake.
Follow it all the way.
I got the tape
from my friend, Vickie, and...
May 16th, day three.
Starting to see rings everywhere I go.
It started out...
Upload your experience.
I woke up this morning,
heard this creaking in the hallway,
I didn't know what it was.
There's people
whose TV's start bleeding.
I've started seeing them everywhere...
It's like you're Alice in Wonderland.
You're going down the rabbit hole...
I think everywhere you see a ring,
it's like a doorway.
A way into her world.
Heaven, hell, whatever it is,
but only if you can see it.
How am I supposed to go back
after so much has changed?
And why would anyone want to stop?
So don't.
The following recording was posted
by a site visitor
from Swiftwater, Pennsylvania
on August 6th, 2003.
He died the very next day.
Who's out there?
Little girl, are you lost?
Rachel? Is that your mommy?
Are you lost?
Oh, shit!
Hi, Jake.
Hey, Emily.
You said I'd see things!
Okay? See them.
You never said the shit
would come after me.
I never said it wasn't going
to be dangerous, okay?
-It's all part of the trip, man.
-It gets worse, though, doesn't it?
-Yeah, it gets worse.
-Jake, the further that you go,
-the more we're going to understand.
-Yeah, about what?
Rings and circles and spirals
are everywhere, who cares?
It's trying to tell us something
about the other side.
That's what no one else has ever
recorded before. Don't you get it?
What? What is it, what do you see?
Her, man.
-Who? Who?
Did you guys see that?
Is she still there?
-I'm sorry.
-Damn it.
Timmy'll save your life.
Timmy's your tail.
Hey, Tim!
Tim, it's Jake Pierce, man, open up.
-It's your turn. I made a copy.
-Leave it by the door.
No. No, man, I need to know
that you've watched it, okay?
Tim, man, open the goddamn door!
It's okay. It's not that scary, I promise.
It's cool.
-Jake, I can't watch that tape.
-Let me in the door, man!
-No, stop!
-You're watching the tape!
Let me in the door!
Open that door, you son of a bitch!
Let me in, you promised!
You promised you'd watch my tape!
Damn it!
I told you, Timmy...
Hey, Tim, open the goddamn door, man!
...we're finally gonna see a day seven.
Open the fucking door, man.
Is Chris home? He's not home?
It's Jake Pierce.
I got your number from Eddie.
Is Mike there?
I need someone to watch my tape.
Would you tell him I called? Jake.
Yeah, from school. Okay.
-Don't ever call here again.
Hey, hey, wait, wait!
Come on.
Hey! Get off me, man! Get off!
No, let go of me.
Don't ever bring this shit in here.
My name's Jake Pierce.
I need someone to watch my tape.
Hey, Jake.
Hey, Emily. It's Jake Pierce from school.
I don't know if you got plans tonight, but,
I'd really like to get to know you better.
Are you asking me out?
I'm just...
I'm just asking for a little of your time.
Where is she?
Oh, God.
Show me.
One more hour.
-Okay, so I've thought about it.
I need you, Emily.
More than you know. Okay?
say something.
I'm on my way.