Rings on Her Fingers (1942) Movie Script

46. Where are you?
In the middle.
Come on, give me, you?
They do not have what I want.
And I give a party today.
I do not want what she has.
I thought I could not get it out.
I was going to call the fire department.
Go have some face,
asking for a 38.
I could have gotten it,
but it would have burst.
You know what it says:
"Do your best".
How, the best?
You may like this brown suede n.
Do not have anything more colorful?
Something with a touch?
Sure, here he was.
It goes well with your
suit and your bracelet.
Jade, Shanghai.
I knew it, the good is noticeable.
Do you want to try them on?
I just looked at him. Thank you very much.
That's me in 10 years.
Hello, Miss Purdy.
That's me in 30 years,
trying to do the best.
I wish they buried me and
everything was over.
Wow, you are very depressed.
We were born from the bad
side of the counter, Peg.
It's funny, what you want
without being able to get it...
There goes "Champagne pink."
I would give a lot to go to
places dressed like that.
Well that would lead to that...
with luxury shoes...
in the hair an emerald...
and the most beautiful
rings on my fingers.
Perd, pray. Good afternoon.
Warm afternoon to wear that.
I need something for tonight.
We send it to you?
No, put it here.
He will take it to the ch fer.
- Does Miss Miller help you?
- Thank you.
?What size do you want?
I would like a 28 but
I will take a 34.
Come to the tester, Mrs.
The last one is "Delicated Lady".
You will not even notice it.
You are very optimistic.
Over here.
Is Mrs. Worthington?
It is not employed here.
Is a customer...
I'm sorry, I pray. Perd n.
It is there.
In that tester.
- May.
- Warren?
S . I have terrible news.
I could say even horrible news.
- About the party?
- About Lillian. It is not there anymore.
- How?? Sick?
- Of love.
I called home. Get married today.
He's on a wedding trip
on the way to Catskills.
I knew what would happen.
How do you like it?
I take it without tasting.
I also need a panty.
S . Right now.
Oh, forgive n.
We're already aparing.
Who was that?
The employee, of course.
Did you think I was an actress?
There is not much difference.
Come on, let's not get loaded.
It is a really beautiful creature.
Here I am.
Maybe you're right.
I'm sure, do not think about it anymore.
You should not.
Did you find what you were looking for?
For me, yes.
But I want something for my niece.
Today we have a party.
It will come late and badly dressed.
It's only 17...
,What thing! I would say that this
is oritated use the same size.
I use the 14.
We need something
summery for the party.
Would you like that suit?
I'm sure you'll love it.
We also need pants,
slippers and underwear.
I wish it were a nephew!
If they wear the same size,
they can measure it with it.
He is right.
I'm sure everything will fit...
but I do not know anything about
young people. Could I...?
Yes, Mrs. Worthington.
Miss Miller will accompany you
and everything will be fine.
Very friendly.
I hate to keep your afternoon.
Does not bother anything.
I'll find the underwear.
Peggy, call me.
I'll be able to see the
other side of the counter.
Are you t, Susie?
Where were you so late?
I had a great time.
I went to Mrs.
Worthington's party.
?What? What happened?
I'll tell you tomorrow.
Now I want it to be.
?Ms. Miller?
A man with a letter to
deliver in his own hands.
?Ms. Miller?
From Mrs. Worthington.
, A 100 dollars bill!
, 100 dollars!? Why?
"Happy birthday, dear.
Do to Maybelle Worthington."
Hey, it's not my birthday...
Hey, pray.
It is gone. I have to return
it, it's not my birthday.
For me, it would be mine.
Let me just touch it.
How soft it is.
I'm going to return it right now.
Better you think about
it, do not rush.
I do not see why.
I see 100 reasons.
Oh, the perfect American!
There's nothing better than
galloping in the morning.
How does the horse see it?
Mr. Clayton came.
We had a good breakfast
at Club H pico.
What kippers!
Perd, pray.
Ms. Miller wants to see her.
Good morning, pray.
I do not want to interrupt...
It is a pleasant surprise.
If it happened, I can not stay.
Today we have inventory.
,Oh it is so funny!
? Az car?
Two pieces, please.
Do you mean "clods"?
She's very kind, Mrs. Worthington,
but it's not my birthday.
?Do not? It's the same, dear.
Guide it until it is.
So you will wait with pleasure.
I should not.
They have already been very generous.
The shoes, the suit and everything.
They barely know me.
Give it to me, or it will bother me.
Take a bun.
They are good with butter.
Thank you very much.
With my little finger out.
Last night you were phenomenal.
You succeeded.
?I had it? Go!
Do not say "go". It says "what
good" in the upper class.
Well, it's not mine.
It may be.
Go for the room.
- I do not understand.
- Go, go, go.
Come on, last night you were better.
The back, back.
- ? You like to travel?
- I've always wanted it.
We like to travel.
Christmas in Buenos Aires,
January in Florida.
And we also like hunting.
Fishing in Lake Placid,
yachts in California...
diamonds in Johannesburg.
Maybe it's something silly but
I do not understand anything.
You will understand, my dear,
if you follow our instructions.
Keep going, dear.
Go with your nose to the
air, as if you smell fire.
It will have to work the details.
You only need to polish something.
The est, inside.
Hey, are you really
Something seems to be missing.
Only the millions. They can not throw
us out because of a technical failure.
Nature took our hair.
We should have been born with blue blood.
So we dedicate our lives to
correct this biological error.
But, what do they do...?
If they are not, what are they?
A tax against excessive profits.
Criticizing us is anti-American.
Only we are bees...
taking nectar from the
flowers that overflow.
And you can also take it out.
I'm leaving here.
Dear dear.
What have we said?
I will continue in my honest work.
Do not you think for a moment
that we do something illegal?
You will not believe that we
ask you to do something bad?
And what do you want from me?
What does the world
want of a rose?
My dear, in these ugly times...
simple beauty achieves a lot.
Your role is to be beautiful
and unattainable.
Nothing more., The queen bee!
?Who is she?
Calling Mr. Wheeler.
Calling Mr. Wheeler.
I feel pale and without interest.
Plida? You look like chocolate
I wish our account
had your health.
Do not worry, you'll
find someone.
You always get it.
Here, no. Without clothing, men
seem financially the same.
Calling Mr. Wheeler.
Wheeler I'm here, boy.
There was a handsome young man.
It is very white. Like having
been inside, making money.
Yes, he has the skin of Wall Street.
Here, I pray.
Do not touch it.
Dry your hands, wet you
can electrocute yourself.
Yes, let's wear it.
Se or McKay.
Yes, I just saw your ship.
I swam to take a look.
It's not what I'm looking for.
I need a big yacht.
Do you have something else?
Something with pure lines...
A ketch?
? "The Aurora"?
A big big stick? I see.
I like the work.
Good stuff.
Yes, beautiful and well preserved...
soft and beautiful
Oh, I saw it, yes.
The projection is good
for speed and stability.
It has slender stern, is not it?
Its dimensions?
54.9 in length
14 tons, it does not look like...
And his legs?
Anchors, anchors...
And his mainmast?
61 long.
Line of the motor, 38.
OK, very good. I will do it.
Do you want paper and pencil?
No, I'll remember.
? Yes?
Thanks for saving my life.
You're welcome. Saving lives
is normal for us, sailors.
We can not call ourselves
"sailors", mother.
We want to buy a boat.
? Yes?? That look for?
Gulet, ketch, sloop?
That's why we did not get it.
We confuse jibs and approaches.
If I can help you with something,
my name is John Wheeler.
Wheeler?? We do not know eachother?
The party last night, yes.
I have arrived this morning.
We are the Worghington,
mother and daughter. Haunted.
Is it a Wheeler from Bedford?
They were always on boats.
No. Finance, New York.
Funds and investments.
Oh it's pretty.
He will be very busy, will not he?
Not anymore.
Well, for a time.
If we stayed sitting,
looking for where we met...
we need to eat You accompany us?
Very nice but I'm going to
swim until that mooring...
to see the dimensions of the
boat that they sell to me.
Will you swim with a meter in your mouth?
Simple mathematics. Knowing
the height of the mast...
I'm going to bore you.
Not boring. It is wonderful.
How do you do it in your mind?
Yes, how do you do it?
Mathematics has been my
trade for so long...
which is already elementary.
It's a weird mix, Mr. Wheeler.
Something dry like mathematics and
something romantic like ships.
In truth they are inseparable.
Without maths you
could not navigate...
Do not even take out
"the boat dock".
Well, I want to get
to that mooring.
Why do not you go, dear?
There may be something that we like.
Yes, it would be a pleasure.
I want to observe this
matter of mathematics.
Be careful, dear.
Do not try too hard.
Start soft
I will take care of it.
Warren Worthington, please.
Warren? I think we have exactly
what you were looking for.
He wants a yacht with
many beautiful candles.
A kind of romantic fool.
And another thing, do not try to
deceive him with the numbers.
He knows how to count.
I'm glad you came.
It gives a sense of security
to go with a sailor.
Captain Beasley can
have something we like.
There you are.
The "Sheherezade".
It seems to come out of the
One Thousand and One Nights.
Is not it wonderful, mother?
Do not you think so, Mr. Wheeler?
"Wonderful" is little to say.
?You see? And he knows about boats.
It does not suit us, it's a sailboat.
Let's look at it.
Look at it
I confuse the sexes
of ships and trains.
- Captain Beasley?
- I am and I will be.
We want to look at it, if possible.
Worthington, from New York.
And Mr. Wheeler.
Hi. They are welcome.
I should be better but I
have so much to do...
and with only one leg.
It makes you want to go to the sea...
to hunt whales or
to catch pirates.
For the time it takes, I
could buy the Queen Mary.
Well, it's done.
Here is the receipt,
Captain Wheeler.
Do not worry, I'll
take it to customs.
Thank you.
My check is 15,000 dollars.
That I put on the receipt.
I owe him 500 dollars.
I'm going to look for them and Mr.
Blanchard will confirm it.
I'm not at all late.
My boat is fast.
There is beer in the snowfall.
Go ahead.
Come on, let's take another turn.
No thanks.
It is a great event.
My feet do not know it.
He seems crazy with joy.
I am.
How do you feel about
getting what you wanted?
I do not know if I can describe it.
I do not know, it's like a Sunday.
That's. And I'll feel like that
7 days a week.
Every day will be Sunday.
It sounds pretty good.
I believe that time will change.
On Friday there will be
a storm to prove it.
,Storm! Will not it come out...?
Yes, there is nothing better.
You'll see when it happens.
The wind blowing hard,
the sky bursting...
the waves crushing you,
fighting not to fall.
You grab the tim n.
You can not breathe or
see, the salt blinds you.
In the end, you go
home shattered.
Yes, it's wonderful.
What a fuss is this?
What is happening here?
, Pick up those bottles!
Wait for your boyfriend?
What are you doing here?
The ship is mine.
They were mistaken for a ship.
- A pedante, huh?
- I'm calling the police?
Look, it's not funny.
Who are these bigmouths?
Call the police, Harvey.
This is very silly.
Mr. Wheeler bought the ship.
- What bought it?
- To Captain Beasley.
I am Captain Beasley.
They are false.
I will teach you the true ones.
I bring the papers.
The ship is mine. They have ripped him off.
? Timado?
? Timado?
,That awful!
We started to buy that boat.
Why do not you stop it?
Chill chill.
It must be easy. It's lame.
Write down the description.
Limp on the right.
No, from the left.
No, the right.
Remember when he was walking away.
Yes, when it approached
it was the left.
- So he limps.
- Yes.
And it's very high, 1m. 80.
It is not higher than you.
He has black eyebrows.
Pulling brown n.
Something bald and...
Sam, I sent this description.
He is a tall man, short,
bald and with hair.
Brown, black eyebrows...
and limps both legs.
Thank you, you pray,
thank you very much.
It will do the maximum, right?
Yes, that's what I'm for.
Thank you very much.
Do you mind if we leave?
They are already more than 5.
Uncle Warren arrived at 4.
He will be restless.
I stay if I can help.
No thanks.
I already wasted your afternoon.
I'm sorry it happened like that.
Not for the money, but
because it was so beautiful.
There are other boats in the world.
Lets go beautiful.
Can I call her tonight?
I would like it a lot.
Maybe we are not. Warren will want to
Go to Florida, you already know him.
If we are not at the hotel,
we will be on your island.
When you have a boat, come.
We will see each other again.
We go to New York a lot.
I guess we will not see
each other for a while.
No, I suppose not.
I suppose not.
I'm sorry...
Nothing happens.
I will not think that I'm used to...
I will not think anything like that.
Thank you.
Well, goodbye, Mr. Wheeler.
Adi s, Miss Worthington.
Do not worry, Mr. Wheeler.
We will find you.
Does not matter.
I'll find you.
But today, tomorrow.
Or in a week or in a year.
When I get it, I'll
flay it into pieces.
I will find him, I will find him.
One is oritated.
I played as a little princess.
See how it falls.
The donkey of the gentleman.
I danced in the harbor.
On your knees, by the way.
After a while.
The gentleman fell...
What a bad thing Popeye did!
I was missing the tattoo.
What chorizo you are.
One day it will be your loss.
What happens to our Lorelei?
I do not like how we cheat you.
It was too easy.
How to take candy from a baby.
Oh, on purpose...
Do you keep these
licorice bars, dear?
Just in case...
We never went that far.
This was pure theft.
Mr. Fenwick is coming.
I was in the pool.
Johnny, how are you doing?
All right. Nice to see you
I called you before the city.
Connecticut is more rested
and now I want to rest.
Is it true that you
have left business?
It is foresight.
You know about Chicago, right?
?What happens?
You are going to preside over
a meeting tomorrow, at 9.
I will not do it.
You do not lose this one.
According to Cripps it is important.
It's your first meeting in 1 a.
One more.
Paul, I'm going to Chicago
tonight, on the plane at 8:30.
Why does not the
factory go alone?
We have everything ready.
First look at the changes.
Cripps thinks you should
buy Western shares.
At 2% I will soon be the
owner of half California.
According to Cripps, you went there.
?How are you?
I stayed a little to find out.
I do not know if I got the
brown and the green well.
The trees are so evasive.
How beautiful you put it, Phyllis.
It seems like a tomato surprise.
I can not believe what I see.
- I can not either.
- This is not what I expected.
Did you already know?
And he told the girl:
You go out, dressed or not.
Either I enter and...
And so...
And he threw himself into the water.
Mr. Wheeler takes care
of Tod's business.
I thought you would be sailing.
No, I had to change plans.
Warren told me a joke.
Let me tell you acting.
And at the end he throws
himself into the water.
Linda, are you serving us?
Let my son come for tea.
What a shame, Warren in his room!
S . No tea, no dinner.
Tom too sun.
Yes, it's so pale.
It is a real pity.
He had "foie gras" for him.
- Maybe I can upload it.
- I would not try it.
You need a good drink.
Paul, tell him to come down.
No, it would be bad for him.
I'll go see Uncle Warren.
I have to make up.
We'll see how it is.
If you have a fever...
Hot or cold, let it go down.
A good drink will fix it.
Well, I have to go.
- How soon are you leaving?
- How long will you stay?
It's only a few days. Adi s, John.
Take care of all the numbers.
We call by phone.
Linda, it's not a good
time or a good place...
but you do not know what I feel...
Perd n.
We must hurry or lose the plane.
Carlie, before I left, I...
You know what I want to tell you.
Will you think, Linda?
We'll talk later.
We have little time left.
- What did he want?
- I'll tell you.
- ? Who?
- I'm May.
During dinner he felt the
breath of the police.
You have to leave here.
If we get a rope...
The old fool wants to
hear your stories so hot.
It will go up right now
so you can go down.
Think of something.
- With the empty stomach?
- Forget the magician.
I'll take Mr. Wheeler away.
He leaves at 10.
I will separate you for 1 hour.
That's. Keep him busy
until the train time.
How about the "foie gras"?
Feel the night breeze.
Have you been busy
since you came back?
S . Also trying to
find Captain Beasley.
Have you not been caught?
No, but you will get it.
I have detectives looking for him.
It is good news.
Oh look.
Truth that is cute?
Yes, and something sad.
A family relic.
It must have been very beautiful.
Long ago we could travel
in the moonlight.
Why do not we do it?
Look, there's the candle.
Wait, let's see if she's alive...
Everything was simple a long time ago.
People did not run,
they enjoyed it.
Nobody wanted to be the
owner of the world.
They had pleasure
with small things.
Also the songs were
more beautiful.
Put on the old gray hat.
The one with the blue ties.
We'll put the old horse
in front of the car.
Through fields of clovers
we will reach Dover.
On our golden wedding day.
See what songs women
inspire today:
"Hit me, man, nothing of them."
?You know? There is something
I wanted to ask you.
? Yes?
What would you think of someone
who pretends to be someone else?
Well, if there was good
reason for that pretension...
Anyway, he's still
an impostor, right?
I guess I know.
But you can not condemn him
without hearing his version.
Well, I do not know.
And when it comes to explaining...
you can not find
a single excuse.
"Perd n" is a small word.
Even if it is small, I say it.
I tried to sneak where
it does not belong.
I'm not a millionaire. I'm an
accountant, at 65 dollars per week.
I have 2 suits, a hole,
and a clock that delays.
There are another 30 million equal to me.
Will you forgive me?
Forgive you?
Are not you angry?
Not me...
But the yacht and the rest?
You're kidding, it's a joke.
65 dollars per week.
And you wanted to buy a yacht?
Look, you only live once.
It's my life and I will not
live my best in offices.
People put their money in
safes, without using it.
They do the same with their lives.
I do not. I take the time to live.
You have no money, so you
retire to buy a yacht.
That makes no sense.
Has it. I can be like the
others, struggling to climb.
And I'll have a yacht at 65,
I'll be too old to enjoy it.
I want it now.
How do you get the money?
Where did you get the 15,000?
- You stole it!
- S ...
Of my salary. For 11 years...
I kept half of the
checks and bonuses.
And you have lost everything?
Thanks to Captain Beasley.
I borrowed to go back.
But with 65 dollars per week,
how much did you save?
It can. You clean your things...
you eat cheap No movies or clothes.
I felt like navigating.
I have sailed on boats
since I was little...
but they were always from others.
I thought you were J.
P. Morgan, son.
I was going to tell you, but I...
I thought that by having the
boat, everything would be fixed.
He could have taken money out
of transporting merchandise.
I had it all planned.
It can not be justified. Out of love
I would have pretended anything.
?What am I saying?
I can not compete with
men like Fenwick.
Who saw a bad horse win a race?
I know.
We should not do this.
We do not even know each other.
I know. We are crazy.
I guess I know.
I feel all weak.
The same thing happened when
kissing me in California.
But I thought it was silly
to feel like a stranger.
Like a sick feeling?
Yes, it was terrible.
The same happened to me, exactly.
How did you notice your stomach?
Vac o.
Mine too.
Do you notice it empty now?
A n more empty.
Well, you're in love too.
Is that how you feel?
That's how it feels.
I guess I'm in love.
I guess I know.
Did you manage to keep him busy?
Where did you go? Does not matter...
What I want to know is how it
went with the young Fenwick.
May, I'm so happy.
He asked for my hand.
,Did! Dear, let me be the
first to congratulate you.
It will be the mother and the father.
Hi, Miss Worthington.
I thought I was on the
10 o'clock train.
Well, mother...
This will be the opportune moment.
I'm not a millionaire. I'm an
accountant at 65 dollars per week.
I know I do not deserve
it, I offer it my love...
but I will try to make her happy.
What are you talking about?
Of the wedding with his daughter.
There must be an error.
No. I told you his proposal.
? L?? L?
, Go away from here already!
, Impostor!
I'm ready now.
, Lunatic!? What does this mean?
I'm going with him and
nothing will stop me.
Have you gone crazy?
What's with Tod Fenwick?
You can not leave just when
the fat guy touched us.
We were going to earn a million.
Interestingly, I'm not interested.
I have what I want.
Listen, Peter Pan.
If that shaved hair...
He knows that he cheats him...
you end up in the jail or the store.
A fool neither forgives nor forgets.
I'll worry when I touch.
Now ay give me with the suitcases.
We arrived in New
York in 45 minutes.
?What is that?
How to maintain a wife and yacht
with 65 dollars per week.
Savings: 32 dollars. Food: 15
Rent: 15.
Other expenses: 4 dollars.
It's for clothes, the doctor
and any small urgency.
And in 10 years, we
bought another boat.
I left 10 per week for Acme.
The detectives behind the thief.
It is necessary expense.
If they catch the rat with the
money, we would not have problems.
Yes, that would be fine.
Now it does not seem so good...
a girl like t
renouncing everything...
and saving to buy a boat.
It was fine when I was alone,
but it is not the same anymore.
But I want it to be the same.
I do not want to spoil anything.
We should save to buy a house...
with nice curtains and
not playing cowboys.
We are not practical.
?ls not it wonderful?
Maybe your mother is right.
You leave the sweet for the sour.
Unable to take a taxi,
drinking from broken cups...
patching your shoes.
It is a world you never knew.
You will not try to scare me, eh?
If it were not for that thief,
we'd have it all tomorrow.
We can. I have my own money.
Just 15,000 dollars I
saved from my pay.
I was afraid you would
do something like that.
Why not share everything?
After all, it's as much
your money as mine.
Accept it, it's the only way.
It will be your disco expenses.
You make me feel like a waiter.
I will not be a man maintained.
There is self-love.
And also the pig's stubbornness.
Listen, I will not touch
a penny of your money.
It's better to know.
You will live on my salary.
You have to answer: Yes, no.
I will eat and live with you.
In the Pensi n Clancy?
If you live there, me too.
I will do everything you do.
I want to be as much as you, that
we will not be two, but one.
And one spends less than two.
I'm glad it was fixed.
But why do not you
accept the money?
A man is invited to a fine
and cheap restaurant.
If you put your hat on and
it does not take long.
Do not you prefer a
"homemade" meal, as they say?
Do you also know how to cook?
?Prepare the dinner?
With my own little hands.
It is incredible.
So it will be in the ribs.
I have a triple threat woman.
Class, beauty and domesticity.
You did not told me.
I could not place a banner
on my bathing suit:
"I also know how to cook."
Good thing not.
Many would have trampled on me.
Hello, Mr. Kellogg. Between here.
Dinner. I do not want to interrupt.
Kellogg of Acme, the detective agency.
Miss Worthington.
Good afternoon.
Do you want to sit, Mr. Kellogg?
Can you repeat the last name?
I like to retain the names.
The names are my trade.
Mr. Kellogg, was there luck?
A very elusive group.
- ? A group?
- I'm in it day and night.
And the case is costing us 10
times more than what it pays.
Group... Did you have others?
Exact. It was the victim not of
one, but of a party of scammers.
Apart from Captain Beasley
I did not see anyone.
Ah, he is wrong.
- A group of three.
- Where are you?
Easy, Mr. Wheeler.
Rome was not built in a day.
I did not see anyone else. And t?
No, but we do not know if
there were more people.
Was Miss Furtherton?
Worthington. Yes, I was.
I should have told me before.
The essential thing is
if you can catch them.
?if we can? Acme never sleeps.
I hope to catch you with the money.
Quiet. Next week he
will pay me the reward.
I give Mr. Kellogg 10%
of the recovered.
And so I build a
house to hunt ducks.
I know it's exciting.
To the water... Dead duck!
Good, good...
Speaking of money, better
pay me what's due.
Do not want to wait until Monday?
I do not like delays.
Do not worry, at any
time we stop them.
I have a hard time waiting.
Thank you.
Well, we'll see each other soon.
Good girl.
It may seem silly, but
it is the best agency.
If someone catches them, it's Kellogg.
In no time you will fry
eggs in your kitchen.
For me, as soon as possible.
Yes, as soon as...
,The ribs!
I am sorry.
What is a dinner in front of
the many that will follow?
I keep my invitation. Grab the
umbrella and change the tie.
Before forgetting, will you
give me a morning assignment?
Until the moon and return.
Deposit a money that I have.
Clear. In what bank?
I closed my account
Has no sense...
open another one under Worthington
when I'll soon be Mrs. Wheeler.
And you deposit it in yours...
as a common account.
Just a moment.
- Just a moment.
- ? What happens?
You know, do not be innocent.
You are making a plot.
Good trick.
Trying to place your money...
hidden in my pocket.
We already discussed it. I do
not want to talk about money.
Ok, there's no reason to be angry.
What do you think I am?
Let's be clear: I will not let
you buy me a subway ticket.
Voucher. You can run behind.
Am I forgiven?
A n no.
I want to get angry for a while.
Without that face of yours,
the fights would last longer.
Married we can fight more.
Now let's celebrate our
courtship outside.
Voucher. Lvate the face.
Let it go.
?Beautiful? Where have you been?
Colonel, I'm in a hurry.
I need a favor. Will you do it?
Oh, you are very kind.
It's this: I want you to give
15,000 dollars to someone.
I am sorry.
There must be a bad contact.
I thought you would give
someone 15,000 dollars.
?Are you okay?
Yes, I promise, although
it is out of my bouquet.
You're a sweetheart.
His name is Wheeler. You give it
to him, believing he wins it.
A lucky streak...
Like a fairy tale.
It will be something historic:
We give away money.
Ok, I'll send a message.
Where do you want to start?
It must be by stages easy.
It is quite conservative.
Better start with Nick.
Hey, man, speed up that march!
Go for monkeys. It is not a
place to celebrate courtship.
It is the cheapest.
But not very romantic.
If I ask for a waltz, they kill me.
Do you fancy a beer?
I will have to
marry a drinker...
I'll wait for you here.
Are you Nick?
No, I'm Chick. Nick is sick.
Call the Colonel?
Yes, everything is ready.
Do you want me to win?
Maybe I have not heard well.
You have done well.
You must be crazy.
It is not necessary to say it.
Ah, it comes with beer.
You will not say I did not try.
You did it very well,
nobody would get it.
You can take from me.
A prize.
Oh, rings!
It's official.
You should not do it.
I did not want to spend
too much but it was nice.
, From Tiffany!
Just what I always wanted.
The stones are small but
the whole is beautiful.
I feel lucky.
Let's try a machine.
,Come on!
According to the calculations,
you must avoid betting.
5 cents. Today we are lucky.
Luck does not exist.
It's just mathematics.
Or there is a trick, and you do not win.
But luck does exist.
If there is anything I understand,
they are the numbers.
Apply the law of probabilities.
There is a possibility over 500,000.
Why spend 5 cents?
There are no laws against luck.
Even Mr. Einstein could be
touched by the fat man.
Half a million times does not happen.
Ok, I'll show you.
?You see it?
I told you we were lucky.
That does not prove anything.
It was coming out, that's all.
Show that you are lucky.
What a nonsense: Luck!
There is the answer.
You surrender, Mr. Wheeler?
We are a lucky couple.
It is a mathematical coincidence,
it can not happen again.
- How many machines are there?
- 35
27 million against 3 that I
do not touch the fat one.
- We have a teacher.
- A great genius.
Science does not admit luck.
Well, it's col.
This is fantastic.
They are damaged. It's mechanical chiripa.
They went crazy.
Although it is the latter, I will
prove that they are mathematics.
Luck is the most foolish...
Nobody ready something...
Win the 7. Again...
Win the 7
, 4 times in a row! I'm in.
- We left it like that?
- That's it.
Come on, lucky!
I'm not. It's kind of bizarre.
I can not get another 7.
We keep winning.
How is that called?
I do not call it luck.
The dice have 12 sides.
There are 530 possible combinations.
Only because it comes out
several times does not mean...
Well, but it can not be...
Win the 7.
These dice have a trick.
Now we play roulette.
Do you know what possibilities there are?
Boba, you can not win.
Come, just once.
Ah, the 15 is a good number.
Carl, do not do it.
18, red, pairs.
, Pairs!? Do you believe Me Now?
Place your bets.
23, red.
Place your bets.
6, pairs, black.
I won.
?You see it?
I can not understand...
, Or maybe yes!, Maybe!
You can start believing in luck.
Two odd in a row, a couple,
is De Morgan's theory.
"In series of numbers, the
frequency of appearance...
it is related to the
possibilities and the results."
That happen. I said it: Mathematics.
Whatever it is, go on.
I have found a good formula.
I'll try it with the numbers.
Have fun, will you?
I present to Colonel
Prentiss, the owner.
I congratulate you for your honesty.
Otherwise, mathematics would fail.
I warn you, I'm going to win everything.
Thanks for the warning.
What numbers have won?
17, 11 and 5, be or.
I need paper.
I go. T plays.
And a pencil.
Bring paper and pencil to
the man in the gray jacket.
Two specials, Jim.
Place your bets.
Number 15.
He's very nice, is not he?
Writing numbers as a student.
I see that you like it better.
It's okay, yes.
, 19!
He is a nice boy.
It has a system, huh?
The 19 wins again.
, The 19th, my number! I knew it.
Warren has nothing against
this "cleaning", right?
I hope none of these
15,000 were yours.
No, this was a private matter.
Thank you. I will take it.
Win the 8, pairs.
, I got it again!, I win!
It is miraculous.
I've left the frequency
of errors, which is...
I believe you, dear.
Do you change them?
Not yet.
I won and I can win.
Well, follow. You will win a boat.
And provisions for 6 months.
It is a pity to leave it now,
when there is little left.
I feel dizzy.
I can not think anymore.
Well, a nice amount...
I must be dizzy.
I have not figured so much since
I've been working with Fenwyck.
Roulette requires
intense concentration.
We must consider each of
the 37 possibilities.
Lemonade is good, huh?
Especially rum.
Ah, he has. 14.103 dollars.
It's 900 from the ship.
Come on, try again.
Now I could not add 2 and 2.
We're going home.
Is not it wonderful to earn so much?
?Wonderful? It's just the work
of the old scientific mind.
"Wheeler, you have mathematical
sagacity."? Who said it?
Patrick Henry?
No, my teacher.
Who was the best in the class?
- The teacher.
- Not me.
I showed that it was not luck, huh?
It's the old sagacity.
I do not bet on the fool.
Yes, you can not lose.
You are at my mercy.
I could make any
system, I'm sure.
We will not have a boat.
We will have one of 60 meters,
with 2 diesel engines.
Come on, it's time to sleep.
You're welcome.
Good morning.
- Enter one minute.
- It's too late.
I will scream and wake up everyone.
Okay, just one minute.
Good evening, honey.
It's better if you sleep something.
Hi. Is it the Priest
Whitehall Company?
? Certified Public
Accounting and Investments?
I'm John Wheeler.
Slave for salary number 65.
I will not go this morning.
I will never go any further.
I'm out.
And you're all fired.
What are you doing here?
I have good news for you.
Tod Fenwick sent his request.
And we accept in your name.
The wedding is next Sunday.
Well, I hope all 3 of
you are very happy.
I will be, because I will not go.
Linda, be sensitive. You know
what it means for Warren.
Tod Fenwick is his biggest dam...
If you do not play with Warren,
he is capable of anything.
May, you waste your time.
I have made the decision.
We'll see what happens with Warren.
Well, if you get stubborn...
Remember that I warned you.
Good luck, wrist.
Thanks, May.
Hello, Mr. Kellogg.
Your mother is lovely, is not she?
That's the general idea.
Did I come back from work?
A n has not returned.
?Something important?
I wanted him to sign a
paper to stop someone.
I better see.
I tell him I just watched.
It does not arrive before 5:30.
Now it's 4 and 15.
Why do not you come back in 1 hour?
I will wait.
Do you want to come in here to wait?
Please sit down.
Is it going somewhere?
I'm changing it from the floor.
Well, how was it?
Last night I could not sleep.
Following people.
Well, go Do you want warm milk?
That would leave me stunned.
Look, are you nice...
But in my job you can not be
sentimental and hunt ducks.
I hope you understand me.
Good morning, Miss Worthington.
Where do you go on tiptoe?
We're leaving, Mrs. Clancy.
They have to pay for the week.
This is enough for both of them.
Thank you.
Did not pick up a nice dish?
It does not have much grace.
Why does he whisper?
I have asthma.
Do not enter there.
It's my room. I paid the week.
I do not want to use it.
Leave your new address below.
Hi, honey.
31. I did it again.
Carl, I won 225,000 dollars
in the last half hour.
Imagine what I will do in the Chukka.
Tomorrow I will be the owner.
A casino does not take
you to South America.
Come on, honey, get ready.
Why so much hurry?
I know a brig that I
can buy for 120,000.
Tonight we fly to California.
We planned it last night.
? Yes? I do not remember, honey.
?You do not remeber anything...
What happened last night?
He was the happiest
man in the world.
Last night and right now.
Good morning, Wheeler prayers.
Hey, it's going to sound good.
Linda and John Wheeler, I like it.
They are names to the old.
It looks like a couple of pilgrims.
Are we going tonight?
You promised. I'm ready.
What's the rush?
Do not you see what I have?
I appreciate what we have already.
You do not understand. Every man
has his moment. This is mine.
I've waited a long time.
It is not time to leave.
?Do not? We have what we want.
Wait 2 months. I'll buy Rhode
Island and put candles on it.
The systems are like folding beds.
They can catch you.
They rain 5-dollar coins and you
do not want them to pick them up.
You do not realize that there are
50 other sites like the Chukka.
I will empty them all.
Do not worry.
I will go to California; We'll go.
But we took half of New York.
John, we're leaving now.
It's funny, it sounded like an order.
It did not sound to you.
You do not sound like you either.
Decide what you will be as you grow up.
I see it very clearly.
, Middle New York, Rhode Island!
You sound like a real estate agent.
What happened to the dreams of
blue lakes and golden afternoons?
Now that you can have them, why
tie yourself to a roulette wheel?
You know I do not want that.
?You know you want to?
It's time to decide.
So I can also decide.
I am decided.
Where do we go first?
Well, first we eat.
Then, the last purchases.
No, that's not me.
Then to buy the tickets.
- ? I have everything?
- Yes.
The law of probabilities
has been good to me.
Among 130 million people, you
did not come to my door.
I hope you always see it like that.
I have to pay Mrs. Clancy.
I have already paid.
?You did it?
?What happens?
Mrs. Clancy is expecting a baby.
?What? Yes, it's a widow...
Well, everyone does
what they want.
Why do not we take another plane?
It seems a matter of life or death.
It's only because I want to go.
Maybe there are no tickets.
Yes, there are 4 daily flights.
Meanwhile, I will go to buy.
I'll be right back.? Want something?
- Shaving cream and a kiss.
- ? In front of everyone?
You'll think we're saying goodbye.
The newspaper, pray?
cari o.
I'm so happy.
I do not know what to say.
I do not know either.
I called your mother, Sunday
seems very soon. Not to me.
Come. I have to tell you something.
What, dear?
I have to explain something to you.
Do not bother about
the preparations.
?What happens?
I forgot to call mother.
I'll be right back.
- We call her later.
- No, I must do it now.
If you want to leave, take the exit.
Go to Jersey City, but without me.
What joke is that?
Take 20 dollars.
Nobody reach you.
For 20 days, not my wife.
And he does not know her...
Do you see that second taxi?
Let it not escape.
, John!? How are you?
, Tod! How's Chicago?
- All right. We started another factory.
- That's fine.
I have n better news.
I get married on Sunday.
I congratulate you, it's wonderful news.
That you needed.
What everyone needs.
And t? Do you retire again?
I also marry.
Love caught us at the same time.
It seems.
- Be happy.
- Same thing.
Maybe we'll see each other soon.
S . When I return I will call you.
That. The girls will
have things in common.
Hey, you know my girl.
Perd, do not stop the line.
Go for your tickets.
Happy honeymoon.
Two for California at 7.
The 7 o'clock is full.
I give you two at ten?
Do you have the tickets?
Yes, at 10.
The 7 o'clock was full.
It was the best possible.
I just saw Tod Fenwick.
- He also gets married.
- ? What did he say?
I could not tell you about you
We are going to surprise you.
We will see you when you return.
We had dinner at the
Chukka and then 2 hours...
of the Wheeler system.
We will go to California in archery.
I just remembered
something horrible.
I did not say goodbye to my mother.
I have to do it.
Yes, we should do it. Come on.
Are you still looking bad?
No, honey, it's not that.
Yes, that's it.
I'm sorry I lost the
7 o'clock plane.
We stayed in that
door at least fourth.
- I'm afraid to let you go.
- ? Why?
You will try to give up, I know.
Do not worry, I'll be there.
?You know why?
It's a secret but I'll tell you.
It's because I love you.
Will you remember that?
I'll try.
Take off your suitcases.
Here you are.
Come on, over here.
What did you want to tell me?
Look, it's about...
, Tod!, Beautiful! Hi, honey.
There was a lot of traffic.
We've just arrived.
Linda came here first.
Where were you going these days?
Not being a girlfriend, you do
not see how much there is to do.
And the headache?
You made me lie
Mo was waiting for you...
but I'm happy that
it happened to you.
Do not be, it is not.
?What do you say?
I do not intend to continue with this.
Come on. I have reserved
a table in the tavern.
Hurry, man.
Go ahead, I have an
issue to finish.
?He can not wait?
I'm afraid not.
I've been delaying a long time.
Then I reach you.
Follow that taxi.
Something bothers you, dear?
My headache again.
You'll have to excuse me, Tod.
You will see how history is
made in the next 2 hours. 17.
There are 900 dollars.
May I win it in stages.
? In stages?
Win 500, lose 200.
Win 300... you know.
Someone is looking for you, Harry.
Go, the same walrus.
With the fangs gives
ados, thanks to you.
I explored this
conspiracy against me.
Conspiracy? Do you mean
Linda and the boy?
He told me it was his business.
Giving away 15,000 dollars
of my hard-earned money?
But Linda assured me
I did not have to see you.
Do you have to believe every
word of an employee in love?
I see why they threw
you out of the army.
Let's leave personal matters.
And whatever the situation,
I approve of what he does.
Go, go. Who speaks like that?
A sentimental, maybe.
It's good, leave it alone.
I can not afford it.
And no more, not t.
If you throw my business,
I'll throw yours.
I want to recover my 15,000.
?And good?
Anyway, Warren, you
always step on my feet.
I do not know why.
Maybe it's because I know where
you buried your victims.
Make sure it is clean.
Give this to Jack.
It hurts me to think what
this will do to her.
Win the 8.
Well, we started again.
Place your bets.
Number 9.
It was 9. You had the 7.
I had it?
It's fun, it's the third time
it happens: I was 2 nmers.
?What happens? Was he wrong?
Yes, I put the X in a bad place.
That's. Now play when I
win everything again.
No more bets.
Win 15.
It can not be, it can not be.
Win 11.
I knew it! Species of traitor...
And t, t...
You know, it's very clear...
that you are not up to the task.
I should have expected it. You
are a womb, you have no heart.
Do not be impertinent.
It's for your good.
Number 3.
, Pralo! You have to hear me.
You are the only human here.
You're stealing his life,
11 years of deprivation...
saving cents, without living.
, He did not do anything to you!
How can you do this to him?
How can you do it to me?
March when your presence...
He gave me everything he wanted.
Warren, you can find another one.
When Lillian left, you found me.
There are many Lindas
in other stores.
Unfortunately, Tod Fenwick
loves you and not another.
You can be nice if you want.
You do not want to do this.
You are bitter.
Say it, you do not need it.
You're looking for big money.
For you, 15,000 is just what...
- Food for chickens.
- Clear.
And if I give it back, what?
You will go fast with him.
There is the problem.
It takes my goose that
lays the golden eggs.
Okay, I lost everything.
We do not need it, we
will leave without money.
What will you say when you discover
that you stole your savings?
And it will look like
you did it twice.
You will not tell him. You do
not dare, you will not risk it.
What risk? I was innocent.
I'll blame you all, I
know how to do it.
I will not believe you.
Believe the croupier
that, let's say...
You bribed to
sabotage your system.
I will deny it.
A poor accountant, who has
lost 30,000 dollars...
He will not listen to the woman
who runs to him in cold blood.
, You will not believe it!,
You will not believe it!
, Return your money!
With pleasure. I'll be happy to
give you your little boat...
in exchange for my house.
?lt's not fair? Do I ask too much?
No exit. We want to help you.
He wants a ship.
A dream fool, unrealizable.
That's what he wants
and we give it to him.
You're very smart, Warren.
You have closed all exits.
I wanted one thing more
than nothing in the world.
Maybe he was stupid and maybe
it was unrealizable...
but I took it off and
I'll give it back.
, Give him your money!
Harry, what about that?
Say it to Fred.
I hate to get hard, but if you
marry Fenwick on Sunday...
Wheeler will have to
leave today without you.
A small note, short
and direct...
It will perhaps be the
quickest and the simplest.
Place your bets.
You can take what's left, I do
not know what happened to me.
No more bets.
Win the 8.
I knew it would work.
"I was foolish to think
that it could work."
At the beginning I expected it...
but there are barriers
that are insurmountable.
"We live in different worlds."
Yes, short and direct.
This will take him out of the way.
Win the 6.
Win 10.
- How much do you do, professor?
- Fair 16,000.
Follow, you will win everything.
I have no time.
Do you give me 16 browns?
Okay, but I know what I would do.
35 times a thousand make another 35,000.
Go Go.
Well, once more.
No more bets.
Win 5.
Ok, I needed it 15.
I will tell you a secret.
I have discovered something.
My system is not infallible.
In addition I have to catch an airplane.
Calling Mr. Wheeler.
Flight 7. Your plane waits.
From Miss Worthington.
Calling Mr. Wheeler.
Your plane waits.
Did he give it to him?
S . Is there a message?
Is there a message?
No, no message.
, Calling Mr. Wheeler!
Your plane waits.
,Mr. Wheeler!, Mr. Wheeler!
,Mr. Wheeler, it's just a minute!
Only one minute. Where is it going?
,I waited!
I'm breathless.
At last I found him, I looked for him.
?What are you talking about?
I was going to Jersey City, she escaped
but I found it.
The plane is going to take off.
?Does not hear me? Are you deaf?
I found the bandits.
The plane can not wait.
Adi s... I found them?
Do you know this guy?
, Captain Beasley!
Yes, it's him.
, Nothing of Capitn! He is the boss.
Do you know this pumpkin?
Yes, she is the mother
of Miss Worthington.
Mother, nanay!
He is the buddy of the fat man.
?Sidekick? It's not possible.
I know Mrs. Worthington.
Ah, yes? Here comes the best.
It's Linda.
, Linda nothing!
Look, his last name is Miller.
Susie Miller.
Susie? Is not wrong.
No, it's your doll.
They were all in the garlic.
?She too?
What if he was? It was the bait.
And you have been another
of his dead ducks.
I don't believe it.
Two hours ago I almost
caught her, but she escaped.
?Two hours ago?
"We live in different worlds."
It was a well-assembled number.
And there were dozens before:
Mary, Dolores...
Is not she upper class?
He comes from Brooklyn, he
went to public school n. 18.
Suspended in math...
He left the school, he
went to sell belts.
It was picked up by these two
bandits in the spring...
Wait, what do I do? Call
the police, stop someone.
- Where are you?
- Together, surely.
She will warn you. That casino
is your refuge. Come on.
Do not come. I will do it my way.
Be careful, they are dangerous.
Maybe they'll kill him or something.
I'm not afraid of them.
The plane takes off
and Mr. Wheeler walks away.
Drink for the end of the
fight and for Sunday.
Baby. You will not wake up
until you cross the threshold.
Threshold for all of us.
,Hands up!
Nothing to look for guns.
A false move and I
send you to heaven.
We meet again, Captain Beasley.
I've been waiting for this for a long time.
It must be an error, friend.
,Hands up!
Hello mother.
He did not accept me, huh?
, Quiet! The story is over.
I may seem foolish, but I know how
to defend myself. We will play all.
You have taken my hair, okay.
But you leave it, huh?
Get behind me.
Get behind me!
Open the door.
If you do not want them,
you do not follow us.
,Oh my God! Have you ever
seen something so shabby?
So the pill, huh?
And the others?
They are yours. You are inside.
Watch it well.
It is very elusive.
So. This will hold her back.
Let it not escape.
What will you do?
Marry you, of course.
I'm as guilty as them.
I know, you did not know
what you were doing.
Come on, the last plane is going.
We do not have the key.
What do we want it for?
Sorry, I'm an agent.