Ringu 2 (1992) Movie Script

- Get the corpse from the well.
- Yes, sir.
Mr Yamamura.
Don't. I haven't seen her
since she was a child.
The well was on Dr Ikuma's estate.
It was sealed when they
sold the place 30 years ago...
...and it was never opened after that.
But that is Sadako.
There's no record of a "Sadako", not
in Dr Ikuma's or the mother's family.
What happened to Dr Ikuma?
He died right after
the place was sold.
I'm the only one left alive.
Burn her! Dispose of the ashes
wherever you want.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
It's a very strange case.
One of the people who found her
is dead, and the other's vanished.
And there's one more thing...
The time of death.
According to the autopsy
she died only a year or two ago.
That means that she was alive
down there the entire time...
For 30 years.
Everyone's talking about
this "video curse".
What happens in it?
I've heard that it's a creepy woman-
- who tells you that you will die
in one week's time.
They say she appears if you watch TV
late at night. Then the phone rings.
TV? What channel?
- Some localstation in Izu.
- Izu?
Do you really want to use this?
Why not?
You die if you don't
show it to someone within a week...
We'll have to get someone
to say that on camera.
- Still no word from Reiko?
- No.
The police called about her.
Is Asakawa Reiko here?
No, not at the moment.
Everyone's talking about
this "video curse".
What happens in it?
I've heard that it's a creepy woman-
- who tells you that you will die
in one week's time.
Excuse me!
Do you know what this is all about?
We haven't heard from her.
- A man named Takayama Ryuji died.
- Takayama?
Ms Asakawa's ex-husband.
The police have been here, too.
She's been gone for days.
- Have they been inside?
- No. They never asked.
Go ahead.
Ms Takano...
What's that?
A videotape?
Forgive me, father!
I had to save Yoichi.
Are you okay?
She asked me about a video
when I saw her...
She's a single mother, so they
don't assign her important stories.
That's right! Her boy!
He was in school...
- Ms Asakawa?
- She's not here right now.
This is the police. Ms Asakawa's
father was found dead this morning.
- Where's Mr Kadokura?
- Over there.
- Sir?
- Yes?
- Omuta, Shizuoka Police.
- Thanks for coming.
- Have you found the daughter?
- No.
- The woman in the well?
- We're reconstructing the face.
We're going to make a model
and ask around the area.
He found the body.
Hang on...
Do you want to see him?
People don't usually die like that.
- Are you recording something?
- Yes.
We're wondering if it
has anything to do with this note.
Reiko, I got rid of the tape.
There's nothing to worry about now.
He's been absent
more than ten days.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
Why are you looking for Reiko?
I want to find out
why Professor Takayama died.
I'll check around.
I'll call you if I find anything.
- Yes?
- It's the police.
I know it's late, but I'd like to ask
about Takayama Ryuji.
- Ms Takano Mai? First on the scene?
- Yes.
Can I come in?
That's right... Professor Takayama
taught math, didn't he?
- And you are...?
- His assistant.
Have you ever heard of
Yamamura Sadako?
- No.
- Her mother Shizuko?
- No.
- Ikuma Heihachiro?
Takayama Ryuji and Asakawa Reiko
were looking for something, right?
- I'm afraid I don't know.
- I see.
Asakawa Reiko's father
was found dead today.
In a similar state to Professor
Takayama. Do you know what I mean?
Go away, please.
They'd found a corpse in a well.
A woman who died a year or two ago.
But that well was sealed
30 years ago.
It's hard to imagine, right? Almost
30 years down there in the dark...
Neither of the hands had nails.
They were found in the sides
of the well, where she had tried...
Go away!
All right.
Call me if you hear
where Asakawa Reiko is.
I'm sorry.
It's just such a strange case.
What's the "video" all about?
I don't know.
- Do you live around here, Professor?
- Yes.
I can concentrate better here
than in my apartment.
- We're rolling.
- Pick up where we left off.
Three seconds...
You have to copy it and show it
to someone within a week.
If you don't, exactly one week later...
So there was an original video
that people copied?
Where did it come from?
It was just there.
Everyone has tapes
that they don't know what's on.
One had this weird stuff on it.
- How can you tell that it's that tape?
- You'll know.
- Does anyone have this tape?
- I know people.
They're scared, so they're all
showing it to each other.
Have you seen it?
Can you get me a copy?
Excuse me.
Work out a price.
She was probably after these four.
They all died exactly one week
after they watched the tape.
It's hard to believe, right?
This is Tomoko.
She was Ms Asakawa's niece.
There was a friend with her...
Kurahashi... Kurahashi Masami.
What happened to her?
She can't speak.
She's in the hospital at the university.
The doctor can't talk about
a specific patient.
- You can only ask about his research.
- All right.
This way, please.
Ms Kurahashi?
How are you feeling?
Would you like to
sit outside for a while?
The doctor said the air
would do you good.
Are you still afraid of the TV?
I'll bring a partition
so you won't have to see it.
They're here, Doctor.
Myname's Kawajiri. Have a seat.
We put photos of our patients
in their files.
- Do you know why?
- In case they run off.
That's right.
Illness can change people to the point
where their families don't know them.
So we always take pictures.
But when we photographed
this patient...
...using an ordinary camera...
...we came across something strange.
It's called "spiritphotography".
Something in a person's mind affects
the light. There have been many cases.
Is that what's happened here?
We tried just having
her hold the film...
Do you see the character?
You probably think I'm crazy.
The entire university does.
Did you know Takayama Ryuji?
Yes. He was the only one
who would listen to me.
He studied medicine
before he switched to math.
Do you know he's dead?
It was a real shame.
Then why didn't you
attend his funeral?
You can't see it, right?
There's no need to rush.
Just take it nice and easy.
What's wrong?
Are you feeling ill?
Ms Kurahashi...
Get her out of here.
Help me...
Help me...
Restrain her!
Help me!
They said that was
the first time she has spoken.
Are you going to proceed
with Ms Asakawa's story?
I wouldn't do that.
Why not?
I just wouldn't.
Did the girl tell you anything?
I'm sorry.
Don't tell anyone.
The power you have now
won't save anyone.
Are you Yoichi?
Where do you live?
Can't you talk?
Go in there.
It's not much of a place. Have a seat.
I want to go to school.
I'm hungry.
Do you remember Masami?
She was with Tomoko when she died.
She passed a TV set at the hospital,
and something strange appeared.
What was it?
A well.
You could only see it for a second.
Was that it?
You've seen it too, haven't you?
You'll be all right, if that's all.
But I wouldn't look at it again.
Masami can't speak either.
If Yoichi goes on like this...
So what should I do?
Lock him away in some hospital?
What's it got to do with you?
I'm sorry.
Please leave.
Can I come back
and see Yoichi sometime?
You got it? We said 20,000, right?
I watched it last night.
Mr Okazaki,
you'll watch it too, won't you?
Sure. There's no point if I don't.
Do you promise?
Of course. Trust me!
Hang on. The money...
Don't forget.
Nice catch.
Here it comes.
Are you studying that already?
Why were you at the station
the other day?
Was your mom angry?
Was there someone there?
The woman with long hair.
Let's eat.
Go and wash your hands.
I think Yoichi won't speak
because he blames me.
That's not true.
After we left my dad's place, the TV
would come on when Yoichi came near.
Could you talk to Dr Kawajiri?
If he's like Tomoko's friend Masami...
You've seen Asakawa Reiko.
- I didn't call him.
- A reporter asked us about a patient.
He'll be here soon.
We're going to try an experiment.
It might help the boy, too.
Come in.
This way.
What are you going to do?
This is tap water.
The paper can absorb...
...about that much.
Just like before.
Concentrate on the water.
That's good.
The water has changed.
Some kind of energy
has gone from her to the water.
We can explain the film
the same way.
It's energytransfer. In time
all the energy should be transferred.
We're going to try that now.
Have a seat.
- Are you going to record this?
- Yes. Just like with the pictures.
- But you'll see the well.
- A well?
- Everyone who sees it dies.
- You're still alive.
Hayashi... - Mr Okazaki.
This is a blank tape.
Can you set it up?
Masami! This is dangerous.
If everyone sees it...
There's something in my head.
Quick! The tape.
Even if we get it on tape,
videos don't kill.
Fear can kill. Prove that,
and the energy will dissipate.
- You can leave if you want to.
- No.
Just like with the photo film.
Relax and look at the camera.
What's that sound?
Who's that?
Ms Kurahashi!
What are you doing?
Some girl called for you...
She said that it's been a week.
Was it the girl with the tape?
Right. I'll give her a call.
Good night.
- Sawaguchi.
- Is this Kanae?
- Yes.
- It's Okazaki.
- I've watched the tape.
- Great! I was really scared.
Don't you trust me?
It was almost time...
You know that strange woman...
The one in the mirror?
- Hello?
- Yes, that's the one.
Didn't it look like she changed
into a child for a second?
Just before you could see the well.
Where's the tape now?
I got rid of it. It's too dangerous.
Nobody else should see it.
But you have to show it to someone!
You have to, Mr Okazaki.
I don't want you to die.
All right.
See you, then.
The woman in the mirror...
Reporter Dies Witnessing Psychic Test
The test destroyed the reputation
of a certain Dr Ikuma Heihachiro.
The Fatal Demonstration
Yamamura Shizuko and Dr Ikuma
You can't just will someone dead.
Dr Ikuma spoke about
how intention is a living thing...
...and how energy of thought
could take physical form.
30 years in a well...
30 years of concentrated thought...
...wanting revenge.
We've all seen it.
Did Takayama and Ms Asakawa's
father see it before they died?
Why the father?
Did her boy see it?
Him, too?
Just like the girl.
This can't go on.
Where's Ms Asakawa? Tell me!
- Kanae!
- Come with me.
We just want to ask a few questions.
Don't worry.
Just a minute...
Get away from here!
Can't you hear me? Run!
What's wrong?
- Freak!
- Murderer!
Yoichi! Yoichi!
We didn't save Yoichi?
Your child isn't Yoichi anymore.
Stop it!
Why won't this erase?
Who did the story start with?
It never really starts with anyone.
People get anxious,
and rumors start to fly.
What's wrong?
Let's go.
Does it look like her?
Yes... just as strange.
We'll take some pictures.
That's good.
Sadako! Why did you leave me alive?
I was the one who made you
and your mother into a freak show!
Do you want me
to return you to the sea?
Is that it?
Do you know
the Yamamuras in Sashikiji?
There are lots of Yamamuras
around here.
A woman named Shizuko lived here.
Oh, there...
This way.
- I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?
- No.
- Can you promise me something?
- What?
Don't do that again,
no matter what happens.
It's really scary. Okay?
Are you on my side?
Of course I am.
I put Sadako in the sea.
It's the only thing I could do.
That's what Shizuko did with her.
She went off alone
when she went into labor.
She came home with a flat stomach,
saying she'd put the baby in the sea.
But the next day she came back,
and the child was with her.
What's that sound?
It's the cave where Sadako was born.
"The River of Offering".
Unwanted children were put here,
so the tide would take them.
Who was Sadako's father?
- Yes?
- Is Ms Takano Mai staying here?
- Well, at least you have vacancies...
- Sir!
You're dead!
You're dead!
You're safe!
Do you remember what you
dreamt about last night?
Okay. Think of your mother.
That's good.
Can I speak to you?
The thing that controls him is anger.
His anger summons her.
He can't control it.
My equipmentis on its way.
I'll try to make Sadako disappear.
There are no ghosts, no next world.
Despite what Takayama said.
Will Yoichi be strong enough?
What's your suggestion?
What if the police show up?
He can channel the energy.
He's the best medium.
I'll do it.
- Are you as strong as Takayama?
- Yes.
That doesn't mean
you'll be better than the boy.
What if I saw the video?
All right. All we need now is water.
Sea water doesn't permeate as well.
We need fresh water
to absorb Sadako's bitterness.
Guide the energy into the water.
It will dissolve there.
And Sadako will disappear...
- All right?
- Yes.
Take your places.
Remember that I'm on your side.
Close your eyes.
Remember what you saw.
What did you see?
Yes! Your father and mother are dead.
You're all alone. What did you see?
It's that woman's fault
your mother died.
She betrayed your mother.
That's right. It's my fault.
Good! Just like that.
Dr Kawajiri! What's that?
I can see into the next world.
Take me!
Take me...
...and put an end to this!
Are you okay?
Don't let go.
Let me fall.
Grab the wall. I can't hold you.
Grab the wall!
Ms Takano...
It's all right. No more!
Take him.
Yoichi, give me your fear.
Give it to me!
Give it to me!
Climb the rope!
Don't look back.
Help me...
Why are you the only one saved?
Are you still scared?
- No. Are you?
- Me?
A little bit.
How's Okazaki doing?
- He's still in the hospital.
- The hospital?
Where's the key for this?
Isn't it this one?
Mr Okazaki. I need to take
your picture. Can you look this way?
Mr Okazaki? Look this way.
There you go.