Rio, Zona Norte (1957) Movie Script

What is it, Mr. Figueiredo? I am here.
Hey Esprito! Start the samba!
People are there and
it seems that the samba is dying!
What's the matter, Mr. Figueiredo!
I'm coming...
Attention, folks...
Since the great Aladr da Costa can't come...
...I bring you the radio star ...
Mauricio Silva!
..who'll speak for him...
Thank you, my friends.
The great Alar da Costa can't come... our friend here has said.
But Aladr
But Alaor told me to give all a big hug.
And me, I am always side by side with the real samba musician.
I am here cause the "samba" must always be
And long live the Samba School
"Unidos da Laguna"!
I went to see her, but she
And sent me to school for me
learn the ABC
I answered her
Brunette come teach me
Brunette come close to me
Brunette come close to me
Come on Brunette
Come teach me
the verb to love
Here I am
Come on Brunette
For your love...
Sing the "Dama de Ouros
Queen of diamonds...
My faithful card
I dont want another woman
to own my heart..
Drink this.
Are you..
Not a big deal. Nobody liked your "samba".
Como over here, please!
Yes! Yourself!
Is this "samba" yours too?
It's my pleasure to meet you.
I'm Espirito da Luz Suave
at your service.
Your sambas" are fabulous!
I'm a composer also.
We're colleagues.
Sit down..
Have you ever recorded?
Me neither.
My concerts and symphonies are still in the
Brazilian music has no luck.
Yes, it is true
But you have a lot of merit.
- You're amazing!
- No, no...
who wanted to weave
left me here on the hill
left me suffering, mercilessly
my tambourine, I drilled it
my guitar, I broke it
I cant count the tears
I have shed so many
my poor shack
it is almost falling
the well is dry
the creation is running away
the furniture is dusty
in the bedside table
i see her faded portrait
went away
did not return
without her
there is no more samba in the hill
it is all over for me
it was her who wanted to leave
it was her who wanted to go down
left me here on the hill
left me suffering, mercilessly
my tambourine, I drilled it
my guitar, I broke it
I cant count the tears
I have shed so many
my poor shack is almost falling down
the well is dry
the creation is running away
the furniture is dusty
in the bedside table
i see her faded portrait
went away
did not return
without her
there is no more samba in the hill
its all over for me
All that's yours is good, you know?
Right, Helena?
Yeah, it's got a lot of heart in it.
Sing another one.
Have you some more?
He can sing all night long, there's plenty of
Enought now, Moacyr,
I'm so tired!
What do you do for a living?
Can we know?
I work
here, there
some gigs
To earn my living I do worse...
I play violin.
Anything the people ask for.
Twenty years of study to become that!
A violinist!
Starting to be dramatic?
Isn't it rue?
Is it or not?
Yes, it is.
If you need me, you can count on me.
Your music...
You've a fortune in your head, boy.
Must take it out from there.
Count on me.
Your musics...
How is this "samba"?
Just a minute.
This is going to be a hit.
This music gets into everyone's head.
Espirito sing from the beginning, come on!
It was her, who wanted to leave
In spite of "to leave"
try "to scape"...
It was her, who wanted to run away
Right there.
Instead of "parting" sing "running away".
Try it this way.
See? Much better that way, right?
Car is leaving.
To those staying, good night.
So, we are agreed, right?
I'm at your service.
You drop by tomorrow.
All right.
I'm humbly at your service.
Thank you very much, Mr. Moacyr!
Good night.
Good night.
Look, Esprito!
Come to the radio-station tomorrow.
I've a something for you.
My brother!
Good night.
If you want
we can walk along with you.
There's no danger anymore.
Lets go.
I see you guys tomorrow!
See you tomorrow.
You didn't notice,
but when you were singing...
...he kept staring at you.
He liked your sambas very much.
Didnt he, godfather?
All right, Gracinda
All right!
I'll go there tomorrow right away.
I'll ask Mr. Figueiredo to give me free time and...
Will he introduce you to Angela Maria?
He surely will.
And she'll be recording
all your sambas, right?
Look, "I don't want to die now"
is right for her voice.
Is it you, Pa?
I was taking some measurements.
Tomorrow I'm gonna saw some planks at the
It's growing up. Right, pal?
I think that in about 5 sundays more...
...we'll cover the first floor.
Your place.
Espirito's small bar
We must find a name for the shop.
No, my goddaughter.
What I need is
to arrange money to buy goods.
Nonsense, pal.
Mr. Figueiredo has promissed to advance
And there's a guy in the "samba school...
...who said he's gonna help godfather.
He'll introduce him to Angela Maria...
He'll record many "sambas...
and make big success and big money.
Calm down, sweetie.
Business is not so easy.
Anyway, our little shop is gonna work.
I'll be even able to take Lourival out of the
It will be a life-start for him... take care of the shop during the day.
Right, Honorio?
I think so, pal.
I think so, pal.
Now the Judge can't say... haven't a profession.
Good night, pal.
See you tomorrow, Honorio.
Blessing, godfather.
God bless you.
Can I stay here today?
Then the wound grew in size.
It was a very small sore in the beginning.
But I know a guy...
...who lost bog legs
in a train accident.
Did I pick up everything?
There's one on the other side.
There, look.
You could pick that up. Might be some
Let me see.
Without it there won't be no more samba on
the hill.
It's all "samba" lyrics
Don't touch anything.
This is mine.
At what time did he fall?
More or less at 6.
It was past 6 when he fell.
We got there quickly and took him away from
Now we're waiting for the ambulance.
What else?
I've advised the station agent.
Help is coming.
I'l go check.
These are the papers he let fall.
Put them back in the same place.
Patrol 85 calling Central.
Please insist sending
ambulance to the site.
Someone is seriously injured.
Hello, Souza Aguiar Hospital!
Hello, Souza Aguiar Hospital!
We reinforce our request for an ambulance... help a seriously injured man.
Hallo, attention.
Here is ambulance 11-76 speaking.
We're leaving in a few seconds.
Just give him plenty of milk.
Nothing else?
And there's no danger?
Don't give him milk no more.
He has a bad liver.
Victim identified yet?
No documents.
Central calling patrol-car 85.
Petrol-car 85 listening.
Assistance will be finished at the site...
...if Central agrees leaving the case to the
Okay, agreed. Patrol-car 85 move on to next
Roger. Patrol-car 85 will proceed.
Stop with the bad omen, lady, forget the candle.
May we two come in?
Is that your only luggage?
This was all that son-of-a-bitch left me.
Little doll, come to daddy, come.
Come to daddy.
He's so cute!
Oh, he's so cute, Adelaide!
So cute!
Seems you never saw a kid.
This one is beautiful.
What happened to your family?
My wife died.
She was a good companion.
Died when Lourival was born...
I've been single for 15 years.
Who most suffered was Lorival.
The Judge decided I couldn't keep him.
Actually I really could not, you know?
I had to leave him
everyday in the back yard.
His back yard was in fact
the whole hill-side.
I bet he is a big rascal!
And this one here
what's he'll be?
I'm late.
And the landlady will have a fit if I take this kid
You won't need to take him.
Poor thing.
What's his name?
But he hasn't been baptized yet.
Not yet?
We'll take care of that.
We'll take care of that.
Come here.
See that?
In a short time I'll have a new house.
My mate will live upstairs
and I'll tend the bar
and have two rooms downstairs.
There'll be plenty of space free.
If you want to, Adelaide...
Well, what did t bring the "luggage" for?
Gracinda, you'll take care of Claudio, okay?
Why this look of amazement?
Your godfather can't get married again?
Let's go.
What does he eat?
Anything will do, ok.
Mr. Figueiredo, I...
Yeah, I know what's up. just happened, you know.
I'm married again.
Well, Mr. Figueiredo
I've a little problem...
Can I make the payments tomorrow?
Well, one more thing...
I'll leave my work for tomorrow...
...but I would need the payment for it today.
Could you advance me some?
This will do?
Yes, Mr. Figueiredo.
It's just to go down and "work" my "samba".
Then, ride down in the truck.
Wows I'll surely do that.
See you tomorrow. Thanks.
My friend!, is Honorio here?
In the back. Come in.
Just a second, please.
This wont work, Esrito.
He is used to getting a beating.
Bless me, pa.
He wants money to go to So Paulo.
He should go back to the asylum.
In So Paulo he can get a job,
my friend.
I can't come back!
Son, why did you run away?
Your time was nearly over.
I had to run away with the gang.
Put this on.
All I have is $500.
The money for the boards.
How will you live in Sao Paulo?
I'm going with some mates.
He's a grown-up now.
Needs to learn to live.
It will delay building the new shack a bit.
But thats ok.
If it's to straighten Lourival's life...
I'll try to raise some dough.
I'll drop you downtown.
Mate, let me tell you...
I've married again.
It was about time.
Congratulations, mate.
Stay here, pa.
It's better I go alone.
Go eat something before you get the bus.
If you need anything, write me.
Bless me, Pa.
God bless you.
Go with God.
Coming next in our program
we proudly present...
...the singer whose success is on the rise!
He is Aladr da Costa!
Than you.
Hi, Espirito!
How are you?
Marching along.
Brought any "samba" for Angela Maria?
I came to speak with a friend.
I brought her one she's gonna accept on the
If she records it, I'll sit pretty.
She's terrific.
I am terrific, She is much more!
she's much more than that.
She adds weight to our music.
She interprets a song with her heart.
She is..
Oh, good afternoon, Angela!
How are you, honey?
It was great!
Angie, just a minute, please...
Miss Angela, please..
Mr. Moacir!
- Ah! You have come.
- Yes, I came, sir.
Wait a sec, we must have a talk.
What have you come to do here?
I don't want you around here.
What's your phone number?
Note down Mr. Figueiredo's
grocery number...
I'll give you a call, one of these days.
We must talk.
Okay, Mr. Moacir.
why didn't you come in?
I was waiting for you.
I was out here with Mr. Moacir.
He got you anything?
We must have a talk.
Everything's settled.
Go sing the "samba" to him now.
He records it and it will sell big.
It's a hit for Carnival.
there's only a snag...
I've promised him partnership.
But don't worry.
He's a success in record selling.
And this partnership, you know...
Main thing is that the dough comes to us.
This thing of a "samba" by three...
Keep cool.
He's the only singer who still has free one side
of the record.
It's take it or leave it.
You're needing cash?
Take this.
My partner!
meet Espirito.
It's a pleasure!
I liked the melody.
Hello girl!
Want to hear, Alar?
Esprito, show us the little samba!
I went to see her But she did not care
And sent me to school
for me to learn the ABC
Here, son.
Drink in honor of your godfather.
As the twig is bent so grows the tree.
To my pal and future competitor!
So, pal...
Can we hear a bit of music?
Of course.
Don't worry, Adelaide, the house is ours.
Right, pal?
In "New Voices" we present
Alar da Costa
written with his partner,
Maurcio Silva,
the samba "I teased her".
They didn't mention you nor the partners.
because there are too many partners
I think...
No money nor fame.
Complain, Espirito! Don't let this go by!
I'll talk to Mauricio.
That guy is a second-rate singer.
You are right!
He has no rhythm.
To make it worse
he sang it like a bolero.
A "samba" of highest class!
Be quiet, baby.
Quiet baby...
In a "samba" of high class
one has to have "bossa".
I went to see her, but she
did not care and sent me to
school for me
to learn the ABC
What about that other one, godfather?
Are you giving it to me?
That one he wouldn't sing.
Leading a calm life
Doesn't think about work
Who feeds a trickster is a deep dish
Im not a girl's leg
For you to pinch me, Im not...
Get down, get down!
Who's got the dough?
I've got it.
Give it to Mr. Figueiredo.
I'm gonna fetch the group.
Come in.
Want to eat?
By the looks of Mr. Figueiredo the shop is over.
Why didn't you come to me?
I don't know father
I was ashamed.
But you didn't need to do that.
And even worst, with Mr. Figueiredo!?
To steal from him it's like stealing from your father.
Why did you mix up with those guys?
They're my friends.
They ran away from there with me.
But they're no good Lourival.
You didn't need to.
Listen, you'll stay here with me.
Tomorrow we'll talk to Mr. Figueiredo and...
Nol! He's not gonna stay here cause.
I want no problems with the police.
He'll stay here with me, I said!
What for? You think I'm gonna cover a thief?
Lourival isn't a thief.
Isn't it?
He's a victim of bad companions.
He's no thief and is gonna stay here with me.
He's my son.
I won't let my son thrown out in the street.
Atention! Ambulance 192's Driver
please attend the booth entrance.
Dr. Fernando Braga Lopes
attend to the telephone center
Skull fracture.
Besides profession, address and so forth, don't fill in.
He fell down from the train.
We have, to operate immediately.
Check bones.
Dr. Souza is gonna operate. Let's lift him up.
Fine. I don't want to miss this.
Dr. Souza will operate.
Isn't duty time over?
Yes, but Dr. Souza will operate.
Who is it?
Is Lourival in?
There's no Lourival here.
I'm his father and...
Get out of here!
You're Lourival's father?
Where is he?
I also must talk to him.
I see him once in a while.
But I havent seen him.
Is he living at your house?
He was there yesterday but disappeared.
I will tell him.
Where do you live?
Down there. Near the rock where a small bar is
being built.
Down there. Near the rock where a small bar is
being built.
Don't forget, ok?
My uncle has been thrown out. He didn't have
anywhere where to go.
Farewell little bar.
Where are you going?
Leave me alone.
I owe you no explanations.
You only give promises.
If I don't work I'll starve to death.
Well, you don't need, to work anymore.
Fine! I'l be supported by your son's thefts!
Could only be. Cause your "sambas" and your
It was very well done.
He had to support his folks.
I don't need the bar
my samba will be recorded for Carnival.
Then another one, another and another.
I'm a composer.
I can easily support you with my musics.
...and make you happy if you want.
This is what I live from.
You've disappeared, didn't look us up.
It's always difficult to talk to you.
Why didn't you go to my house?
You didn't give your address.
- Let's go there now.
- I can't go now.
Write down my address, OK?
OK. Let me get some paper.
Write it down on this.
Haven't you sung this "samba" to me?
No. This one isn't a song.
It's sort of agitated.
I went to see her, but she
Did not care and sent me
Bring me all this paper.
I'll write your tunes down so they won't
Go to my house.
How are you, partner?
I was looking for you cause...
Good. We must have a talk.
Be here tomorrow.
The matter is going well.
I'm working out a new singer for next semester.
He'll be a hit!
But I'm out of dough.
Can you lend me some?
I'm penniless too.
Drop in tomorrow and we'll see...
Just a few nickels, Mauricio.
I haven't a cent, I told you!
Are you going that way?
So, see you later.
I'll walk along with you.
But I'm in a hurry!
I only wanna know when
will we sign a contract.
Well, listen...
The "I teased her"...
Aladr told me...
Well, I think you shouldn't
go to the recording.
The "samba" has been recorded?
It's going to be.
Hell, Mauricio, I haven't even signed the
Right, but you live too far away.
I was going to advise you.
Cool, partner.
Wait a sec, Espirito
you'll have to understand one thing...
You have to renounce the song.
What do you mean?
I've put Waldemar as a partner.
He's a diskjockey, you know
and can easily "work up" the song.
tell you...
...but dealing with the recording, editors etc...
You're a composer too, you know how it is.
I don't know anything, Mauricio!
The "samba" is mine
and I want my name on it.
Wait a minute, I own it too! It's a fiftyfifty
Besides, you'll be better off if you renounce
you risk nothing.
Look, let's do something...
I'll give you one grand now
and later on you'll get more.
I want to sign a contract!
Listen, I've already signed the contract.
Don't make a fuss now, Espirito.
Look, take a grand and later on
you'll get more.
- The music is mine!
- Why the hell raise a fuss now?
It would be difficult to prove.
And then the song will root in a shelf, nobody
will work it.
Take a grand
and I promise...
...I'll give you more as son as selling begins.
This money isn't even mine.
Look, to make it legal...
..let's do one thing.
Write here...
I have nothing to do with this composition.
Now date it and sign it.
Sign it.
My partner!
Wanna watch the recording?
No, I must go home.
What do you want?
The dough and Lorival.
I don't have the dough and don't know where
Lourival is.
Leave me!
I want the dough now.
I'll get Lourival later.
He must pay for this too.
Just a moment.
Moacir, your friend Espirito had an accident.
I tell them you are not home.
I'll take it.
Nonsense! Why bother?
Tomorrow you pay a visit.
Yes, I know him.
No, he's no relative of mine.
Wait for me
I'll go right away.
You're the only one
who can tell us about him.
We only got his name and address. Thanks.
Thank you.
Wait there boy!
Since Lourival gave the stolen money back to
its owner...
...the gang's leader didn't belive his good deed
and attacked him...
...being repelled by him with a jackknife.
This brought up the wish for a vengeance...
...which took place at night...
...when the whole gang killed Lourival...
...with knives and stones
in front of his father.
Let's sit down.
My condolences.
Too bad, partner.
It's over though.
I have to talk with you.
You must go talk with the recording director.
You have another document to sign..bureaucracy...
It's for the middle of the year?
Let me see.
It will be a hit.
We'll launch this bomb right after Easter.
Let me see.
Not this one!
Not this one! This "samba" is mine!
Only mine!
I'll have it recorded myself.
And it will be sung by Angela Maria.
I've brought a samba to show you.
I'll love to hear it.
Let's do it this way.
At the coffee-bar, while I drink a coffee... sing me your "samba". OK, dear?
A coffee, please.
Sing your "samba".
It's fabulous!
Music is mine...
Bring me the written music
I'll have it arranged and sing it.
I've a friend who can write the melody for you.
No, it's not necessary.
You mean you write music?
but the fact is I have a friend too.
Is Mr. Moacir there?
I'm Espirito, from the Samba School.
Ah, yes. Come in.
Allow me.
Finally you have come.
Sit down.
I bring you a samba cause...
...I need the music written.
We'll do it now.
This is the best "samba" composer alive.
He has some fabulous sambas".
You must listen.
Sing a little, sing.
Which is the last one, Espirito?
It's this.
How does it go?
Sing it.
Deep melancholy.
It's not syrupy.
Right. It's not.
Amazingly he has hundreds of "sambas".
Amazingly he has hundreds of "sambas".
Just as good or better than this one.
They all are genuine.
Rich in melody.
I'd like to make a ballet with his musics.
And I still will.
I lack a little more intimacy with the themes.
I fear stylizing them.
Stylization is always needed. It's the only way to
Espirito's "sambas, have nothing to do with
They are authentic creations...
They reflect what Espirito has seen and felt.
Have you watched Adalberto's play?
What a flop, my God!
What a bad choreography.
Adalberto tried what you're aiming at.
It was okay.
It has new qualities.
Ain't you just being kind?
The truth is it was a tremendous disaster.
Yeah, Adalberto was too ambitious.
Tried making a Brazilian Opera.
It ended up with a weak choreography.
Nothing to do with ballet
nor cultural tradition.
Adalberto promised much and came up with
Kept promising the whole life
and paid for it.
Is it true he's gonna leave Cidinha?
Yes, he now wants to dedicate himself solely to
What is it, Espirito?
I must leave now, Mr. Moacir
Good afternoon.
Do you need anything?
No, thank you.
If you do, just say.
Good afternoon.
For the music you've asked me for...
...come around tomorrow morning, okay?
Yes, all right.
Bye, bye.
Today we'll ride seated.
That one will leave first.
I'm in no hurry.
My deal is the "samba", and it only begins when
I arrive.
Boy, you've missed a great party.
We've waited for you.
Making Carnival?
Even if they steal my wallet
I'll make my samba.
It's gonna go big.
This year is ours.
Samba of mine.
Which is of Brazil too...
Which is of Brazil too...
Samba of mine.
Look! The other train goes first!
Samba of mine.
Which is of Brazil too...
Samba of mine.
Which is of Brazil too...
They're wanting to turn you...
...into a poor despised wreck.
But the world hasn't forgotten you.
To us the "samba" hasn't died.
in Mangueira and Portela
In Salgueiro and Favela.
You are representative.
As long as there is
on the yard a new generation.
In each of them you'll never leave theirs hearts.
My samba
that is brazilian too
They want to make you
a despised
John Doe
Only one world did not forget you
For us the samba is not dead
Let's take him to the pharmacy.
I'm late, I can't.
I'm late, I can't.
Do you know Espirito's "sambas"?
A little.
Sir, if you want...
Don't call me sir.
If you want, we can go up the hill.
Many people know some of his "sambas".
Three or four.
The best of them.