Riot Girls (2019) Movie Script

Potter's Bluff.
What's left of it.
Population... decimated by
a deadly wasting disease.
It all started with a weird
black gut rot,
and always ended the same way.
In just a few weeks,
all our parents were gone.
Us East Side kids,
we stuck together
and tried to pretend
everything was normal.
But it didn't take long
before the town split in two.
Poor kids on the East Side
of the bridge,
rich kids on the other.
The West Side is now
Titan territory.
It's just us kids left now.
And we're just trying
to stay alive.
Fuck, yeah.
Oh, my fucking Jesus Christ.
I'm in here.
Ready to go?
Uh, yeah, basically.
Cool, 'cause I want
to show you something?
Is it gonna make us late again?
I guarantee you it's worth it.
It better be.
Whoa, hold up.
Oh, my God.
That is fucking disgusting!
Man, put it down.
It's loaded.
I thought there was something
you wanted to show me?
Follow me.
Hey, hey!
You all right? You okay?
Oh, fuck.
You think you can stand up?
Yeah? I can help you up.
I'll help you up.
What the fuck you doing
all the way out here?
Hey, hey, hey.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
They were chasing me.
Oh, fuck!
Okay, look, I got to
be somewhere right now,
and you can't stay here.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
She's friendly, too.
Oh, Jack will never
let us keep him.
Fuck Jack.
You always say that.
Where are we going?
I got to make a delivery.
Hold on.
It's gonna be safer
if you stay in here.
But I thought you were
just making a delivery.
What the fuck?
Get the fuck out of the van!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
There was only supposed to be
one guy.
There's only ever one guy.
Oh, fuck.
Come on.
Look what I got.
Last one, right?
Last one.
Hey, Luce.
Why would they send two guys
for a bunch of water?
Unless there's something
important in that van.
Something else valuable.
Worth protecting.
Then, you got to go back.
I know.
Thanks, Luce.
It's not too deep.
You'll be okay.
There's some water tanks
outside. You'll see them.
Thank you.
What the fuck, Jack?
You can't just keep bringing
random people in here.
It's not safe.
Sunshine, I hit him
with the goddamn truck, okay?
You weren't there,
but I trust him.
And you trust me, don't you?
You're not going back
for that van, though, okay?
All right.
No, seriously, I mean it.
You're not going back, promise.
All right, I promise, baby.
All right?
The board's all set up.
Wanna see it?
You're damn straight I do.
Hey, sorry, we missed dinner.
Yeah, sorry.
Where were you guys?
Over at the elementary school.
Yeah, the elementary school.
What was that?
Uh, what was what?
Fuck off, what was it?
Where's Jack?
Seriously, guys?
Again, you can't
keep doing this.
You don't have to tell him.
Sunshine, have I ever told you,
you are the coolest person
that I know?
I respect you.
Learn from you every day...
Yeah, okay, just get it out
of here before he sees it, okay?
Before he sees what?
Yeah, right, you bunch of liars.
I need to have a look
at you, too.
How much of this blood is yours?
Beats me.
Hey, what's that?
Was that a scratch?
What should we name you,
little guys, huh?
You're so cute.
That's a cute dog.
Who the fuck are you?
I'm Sony. Jack brought me here.
Let me guess,
you needed help of some kind?
He hit me with his truck.
Fucking typical.
You're Nat, right?
Yeah, why?
What did my asshole brother
say about me?
I mean, nothing bad.
Just that you guys
were staying here together,
which is cool.
It's nice to meet you
and you should feel
welcome here.
Truth is,
we all found this place
because Jack helped us
in some way,
brought us together,
but let me make you a promise.
If you tell Jack about this dog,
I'll fucking kill you.
I will knife you in your sleep.
Is that clear?
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
You are Titans in training,
all of you.
And when you're ready, I want
you to come and work for me.
But in order to do that,
you have to keep training hard,
doing your very best.
No matter how tough it is,
no matter how much you want
to give up,
you can never accept defeat.
Because quitters can never
become champions,
everyone knows that.
And to be a Titan,
you must be a champion.
Something's not right.
Van's a no-show.
The van's a no-show.
What did I tell you?
Someone around here
has a really big mouth.
I'll take care of it.
If it's not back by
the morning, you got to go.
Shut that shit down.
I can go, too.
No, Devon, you stay here.
There's something else.
Distribution of herbal
contraband? Again?
I guess, if you say so.
Don't be smart with me, Madge,
I'm not in the fucking mood.
How much was it this time?
Half a quarter.
Big fuckin' whoop.
Hey, what do you have to say
about it?
Wasn't us.
Well, that's shitty,
because you're the one who's
going to have to pay for it.
For a half quarter,
you can't just let us go?
I mean, you've done it before.
So, I've done it before,
that doesn't mean you can do
whatever you want
and I'm just gonna look
the other way.
I thought you were the nice guy.
Guess I was wrong.
Look, guys.
Selling that amount of weed
without Jeremy's approval
is an automatic two-month
offense, you know this.
Okay, but this time, Madge,
here's the deal.
You get to go home, walk out
that door free as a bird.
See, that's me being nice,
'Cause Fish here is gonna do
your time for you.
So, that's your two months
plus his two months.
Four months detention?
Come on, it wasn't us.
Sucks to be you.
Go. Get out.
You can't be fucking serious?
Go back to Caine and tell her
this is what happens
when she thinks the rules
don't apply to her.
Don't fucking touch me!
Where you going?
Nowhere, just go back to bed.
Fuck you.
I got to go back, all right?
I got to go see what's
in that van.
What if there's
medical supplies?
See, I've been thinking,
and there's an open window
right now,
and it's not gonna be dangerous
if I take it right now.
All right?
No one even knows that
the van's there, no one.
Except the dead guys inside,
that's about it.
You make me so fucking mad,
you know that?
I'm not gonna be gone for long.
Eventually, something's
gonna happen to you,
and when it does,
what happens to the rest of us?
Nothing's going to happen to me.
What the fuck do you clowns
We were thinking if you boys
need some extra help,
we can provide some firepower.
Have a friendly proposition,
if you will.
Uh, yeah.
I think we're good.
Just fucking do it already.
Chill the fuck out.
No flinching, man. Come on.
Don't be a pussy, Kyle.
For fuck's sakes.
Lucy! What are you doing here?
I feel bad, I wanna help.
This was kinda all my fault.
Did you follow me here?
Stowed away in the back
of your truck.
Well, get back there.
It's dangerous out here.
I almost fucking killed you.
I still feel bad.
Holy shit!
Who the fuck are you,
and how did you know
about this truck?
Hey, guys.
Calm down.
It's totally okay.
I can explain everything.
Get the fuck out.
You're coming with us.
All right.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's taking a fucking drive.
I told him not to go back.
What? What's going on?
The Titans took Jack.
Yeah, he went back to search
that goddamn van.
Scratch and I'll go find him.
No, no, no way.
I don't want you guys
risking it,
and I can't lose you two,
as well.
We have to do something.
No, you're not going.
Well, what other choice
do we have?
Yeah, we can't just abandon him.
Okay, I said no!
Well, you can't stop us.
What, are you going to bribe
them with whiskey?
It's worth a shot.
He's my brother,
I can't just do nothing.
Just don't do anything
extra dumb, okay?
You know I can't promise that.
Just take care of him, okay?
Seriously, please be careful.
Welcome home.
Good news.
I got him.
He's being taken to the
gym, as we speak!
Great work, Todd.
Really, great work.
Hey, it's gonna be okay.
We'll find him.
I know.
Come back with Jack,
or we come back dead.
Deal? Deal.
Wait! Hey, wait! Wait.
I want to come with you guys.
I want to help.
No. Why?
Look, he saved my life.
I owe him.
Fuck off, dude,
we just met you last night.
Yeah, I think we're gonna do
this on our own.
I'm from the West Side.
Okay, I can help you guys.
Motherfucker, I knew there was
a good reason I didn't like you.
Hold on.
Seriously, when was the last
time you were on the West Side?
What does that fuckin' matter?
It matters.
Do we even know
where we're going?
Or where they took him?
We'll figure it out.
Come on, I think
we might need him.
You guys know you can't bike
the whole way there, right?
Relax, I know a guy.
We are Titans.
We are champions.
Our motto is strength,
power, respect.
We are Titans.
We are champions.
Our motto is strength,
power, respect.
We are Titans.
We are champions.
Our motto is strength,
power, respect.
We are Titans.
We are champions.
Our motto is strength,
power, respect.
We are Titans.
We are champions.
Our motto is strength,
power, respect.
He's ready if you want to get
him, bring him to the gym.
So, this is the guy who killed
two of my Titans.
Trying to steal my batteries?
He says no.
Of course he does.
I didn't do anything.
Don't talk.
Do you know who this is?
Not you.
Do you recognize him?
Well, you should.
Because this is
the guy who's responsible
for telling
East Side shitheads like you
where and when to take my stuff.
No, Jeremy, that's not true!
I didn't do anything!
I'm loyal to you, you know me.
Sean, you're the head
of my transport operation
and your department
is leaky as fuck.
Now, whether it's you
or someone who works for you,
I don't know,
but it's got to stop.
And it stops today.
Sean, you seem stressed.
Aww, it's okay. It's all right.
Remember, what do we do
when we feel weakness?
We breathe.
Say goodnight.
You feel me, bro?
So, what do we do if he doesn't
have what we need?
He will.
He owes me.
Hey, Bacon! You here, buddy?
What's up, Scratch?
What's up, buddy?
I want to cash in, is that cool?
Yeah, that's cool, absolutely.
What ya looking for, exactly?
Some wheels, some gas in
the tank, something with kick.
Yeah, I think I got something
for you. Come with me.
I don't like being fucked with,
Scratch, what are you talking
about? I ain't fucking with you.
Ow! Ow! That's all I got!
I swear!
Bullshit! I know you're lying!
I don't have anything else!
Come on, Bacon!
Ow! Ow! I don't have anything!
Okay, it's in the barn!
Fuck, my nipple!
Holy mother of fuck.
Whoa. What's in here?
Stuff. Don't open it.
Is this really necessary,
Yeah, it's really
fucking dangerous out there.
Just for emergencies then, okay?
Don't say a fucking word, okay?
Don't try anything stupid,
all right?
This is just so you can eat.
What's on this?
Hey, guys, turn the music off.
Okay, we're coming up to a Titan
toll booth. So, just slow down.
What do we do?
We're just going to stop the car
and do what they say, okay?
No way, fuck that.
Scratch, seriously.
They're not going to
just let us drive on through.
No, they will.
Look, I'm with you guys.
Just let me talk to them,
That's the whole reason
we brought him here
in the first place, isn't it?
To help us with shit like this?
Look, if we
blow past these guys,
we'll have the entire
Titan force looking for us.
Thank you.
Hey, how's it going?
Everyone out of the vehicle,
It's totally okay.
They just wants everybody
to get out and stand.
Where're you headed?
I just live over on
Fanshawe and Royal Palm.
So, we're just headed
to my place.
What were you doing
on the East Side then?
We were just, uhh, looking...
My brother. He's gone missing.
You find him?
No, not yet.
Okay, well, you can go.
Hope you find your brother.
Really? We can go?
Okay, cool, well,
have a great day.
Just give us a minute.
You're going to
have to come with us.
Yeah, you just said we can go.
You can, just got to ask her
a couple questions.
What the fuck?
Hey, hey!
Let me go!
Hey, hey, leave her alone!
Shut the fuck up.
Fuck off.
Fucking bitch.
Off! Get the fuck...
Keep fighting.
Fuck off! Get the fuck off!
Shut the fuck up!
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Open it.
You know, you're really going to
regret pulling shit like that.
Smooth move, cheese dick.
It's so... Clean.
Who are they?
We're out of gas.
Fuck, okay, we should get out,
right now, come on.
Go. Go.
Those are varsity bikes.
I thought only guards
have those.
Are you fucking kidding me?
We seriously thought
you were dead, dude.
Who are they?
This is Nat.
And this is Scratch.
They're from the East Side.
The East Side? For real?
So, that's where you've been
for two days?
Yeah, couple of Titans caught
me trying
to cut across Main Street
and chased me for miles,
before her brother picked me up
in his truck
on the other side of the border,
saved my life.
It's good to be home though.
Where's Fish?
Is he... Is he inside?
They pulled us in again,
total assholes.
Okay, so, why are you here
and he's not?
Devon wanted to send a message.
We got it, loud and clear.
I thought we were done
with that shit.
We are. We talked about it.
Okay, you know what, Sony?
You fucked up
and crossed Main Street.
And I fucked up and got caught
with a baggie. It happens, okay?
You say that like you have
no control over it though.
Okay, shut up, both of you.
You guys want some food?
Look, we've got another problem.
They'll be holding him at the
high school,
no doubt about it, most likely
in their "A" block.
It's heavily fortified because
it's Jeremy's headquarters,
literally overflowing
with Titan guards.
I've been held there a shit ton.
And I promise you
the trouble's not getting in.
It's getting out.
But luckily for us, by now,
she's got
the floor plan memorized.
So, do we go now?
No, I got people on the inside.
Put the word out we're looking
for him, see what I hear back.
Until then, just relax.
We'll find him, promise.
I got a really bad feeling
about this.
Why? You heard her.
They're going to help us.
Yeah, and in the meantime,
we're supposed to
sit around and relax?
I don't fucking think so.
You see, the thing is,
you know that I'm right.
You do fuck up, all the time.
I fuck up sometimes, yeah.
I can't believe
you just now admit that!
Sometimes, Madge, sometimes.
Okay, so, Nat, first time
to the West Side since...
Well, you know,
what do you think?
I don't know yet. Super weird?
Yeah, let me tell you,
lot of rules on the West Side.
In here though,
we do our own thing.
Caine wants to take down
Jeremy and the Titans,
which is totally cool.
But me? I just want to get high.
Okay, for real though,
can we talk
about the East Side
for a second?
'Cause I have some questions.
'Kay, what have you heard?
Let me tell you, nothing good.
So, Todd told me
what happened this afternoon.
Here's the thing.
To be a Titan
means to be something special.
Would you agree
with that statement?
And what do we have
that others don't have?
That binds us together?
Strength, power, respect.
So, when someone
sees you wearing
this varsity jacket,
it means you are a Titan.
And you demand respect.
I do. I agree.
Do you?
Because I put you in charge
of "A" block
because I thought
it was something
your weak ass could handle.
But now you're just
making me look bad.
Jeremy, I swear to God, okay,
he wasn't moving.
He looked like he was dead.
I need you
to understand something.
It's all connected.
Someone only tries to escape
from "A" block,
to take a risk like that,
because they see weakness,
weakness they can
take advantage of.
They don't respect you
because they can see your guards
don't respect you,
not really,
certainly not enough
to keep the jail door locked
or the prisoner inside,
which is literally
their only fucking job!
I know. I fucked up.
I'm sorry.
the only reason
you're not dead right now...
is because you're my cousin.
Now get out.
You heard him.
Get the fuck out of here.
We have something significant
to report.
I can't help you guys.
There are three
stolen varsity bikes
and three dead bodies
at the toll booth,
stolen bikes
that can be tracked back
to Caine's grandmother's place
just over an hour ago.
How would you like us
to proceed?
remember how to play asshole?
Just deal the cards.
Wait. That's my job, okay.
Come play.
No, I got to talk to you.
Okay, about what?
Are you that fucking high
you forgot why we're here?
I haven't fucking forgotten.
Keep your panties on.
I've seen the same bike
pass here three times now.
I really think we should be
changing locations.
No, look, bike patrols
are pretty routine in this area.
It's seriously nothing to worry
about. It's totally normal.
No offence, Sony,
but after this morning,
I could give even less of a shit
about anything you have to say,
which includes what you think
is totally normal
and nothing to worry about.
So, why don't you do me a favour
and fuck off, okay?
Nat, come on.
No, I'm playing
a fucking harmless card game.
There's no one outside.
Why don't you bring it down,
for once,
from, like, a twelve out of ten
to maybe a four? Jesus fuck.
There's people out there looking
for us. They want to kill us.
Yeah, and who's fault is that?
That guy was...
He going to rape you.
No, I had him.
Nat, I was there.
You did not fucking have him.
Yeah, well, you didn't have to
kill him and the others
like you're some sort of
fucking psycho.
"Fucking psycho"?
No, I just... You scared me.
You acted before you even
thought about the consequences.
And that's just what you do,
Scratch. You don't think.
I was thinking about you,
like I always do.
Well, you don't have to,
you know?
I can do things by myself.
You're not my boyfriend.
Fuck you.
Go away.
Fuck off.
Listen. I just want to say
that I'm sorry.
You're right.
What happened at the toll booth,
that was... that was...
Are you fucking kidding me
with this right now?
I want you to know
that we're both here
because we want the same thing.
Scratch, we're on the same side.
What the fuck?
They've got Fish.
I want the people who killed
the guards at the toll booth.
I know they're here.
It'll be easier
if you just hand them over.
They're here for us.
We should...
We should go out there.
No fucking way.
He's shit out of luck 'cause
I haven't seen you in days.
And I've never met
these two before.
Go. Your parents' place
isn't far from here. Go there.
What about Fish?
I'll handle Fish. You go.
How are we supposed to
get out of here?
Come with me. Come on.
You're running out of time
for this to end well!
Time's up!
Okay, okay,
let's just all take
a deep breath.
Devon, I'm sorry to tell you.
But your intel's no good.
There's no one here.
Let's make a deal. Let Fish go.
And you can have
anything you want.
Don't try that.
If you respected me, you would
have handed them over by now.
Devon, they're not here.
Don't make me do this.
Hey, man, you don't have to do
anything you don't want to.
You're not like
those other Titans.
You're different. I know.
What do you fucking know?
Please enlighten me.
I know doing this,
it's not going to
make you feel strong.
Fish, Fish! Fish!
You fucker!
No, no!
Devon, what have you done?
Come on. Come on.
Fish, Fish. Fish, please.
Just breathe, Fish. It's okay.
Get her. Get her!
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
Get off me. Get off me!
They were there.
The bikes were there.
After you.
You're still out, dude.
What? What do you mean, "Out"?
I mean Jeremy doesn't want
to see your face any more.
And there's no fucking way
you're getting in,
not when I'm here,
'cause I don't give a fuck
who you just arrested
or what you just did.
You're still
just a fucking loser,
like you always have been.
And Jeremy, he finally sees it.
But I just killed two people.
Like I said, you're still out.
Harbouring fugitives,
what the fuck were you thinking?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Just tell me one thing.
Why can't you just
do what you're told?
Is that so goddamn hard?
Don't you see how good
you have it over here?
Can't you be grateful?
For what?
The pleasure of serving you?
No, thanks.
The West Side rules.
The West Side sucks.
Ring the bell.
You know I didn't really mean
that stuff I said earlier,
Come on, Scratch.
How do you know my name?
The propellers were supposed to
spin on their own.
But this one didn't work
for some reason.
Sony, I'm so sorry.
Sony, I'm not...
Okay, yeah, no, I know.
That was really stupid of me.
I'm sorry...
No, no, it's okay.
It's not a big deal.
Okay, cool, cool.
Can... can you not tell Scratch
that I tried to kiss you?
I shouldn't have said the things
I said and acted the way I did.
No, I'm serious.
You're not a psycho.
I wouldn't be alive
if it wasn't for you.
I wouldn't be able to go on,
to keep living in
this fucking hell hole,
if it wasn't for you.
And right now, I might
be scared of so many things,
but more than anything,
I'm scared
that you're never gonna
stop being mad at me.
And I'm going to have to deal
with all this shit without you.
So, I'm sorry for what I said.
But more than anything,
I'm sorry for making you
feel like I don't love you,
'cause I do.
I love you.
It's okay, I understand
if you're still mad.
You guys should come inside.
We're gonna blend in,
then we're gonna break 'em out.
But we got to motor.
You know where we're going?
It's called 'A' block.
It's made up of classrooms on
the north side of the school.
That's where they'll
be keeping him.
I can make it work.
Let's kick it.
They'll be here.
What if something
happened to them?
Sony knows where we are.
No bags, backpacks,
purses, or totes!
Hands out of your pockets.
And be prepared to be searched.
Hey, I said no bags. Hey...
Hey, go after them!
This way, this way.
Oh, shit! Go!
Come on.
Shouldn't there be a guard here?
Is he in there?
No. We're too late.
Yeah! All right! Go, Titans, go!
Go, Titans, go!
Go, Titans, go! Go, Titans, go!
Go, Titans, go!
I can't hear you!
Go, Titans, go!
Go, Titans, go!
Go, Titans, go! Go, Titans, go!
Go, Titans, go!
Is that coming from the gym?
If Jack's anywhere,
he'll be there.
Then, let's go.
Okay, look, you guys go ahead.
I'm gonna go this way,
take this one with me.
No. No, no, no.
It's fine, it's fine.
Go to the gym, now.
Good luck.
Hey! Come on.
Hey, motherfucker,
you should... oh!
Oh, fuck!
No, little girl.
I don't think so.
Get the fuck outta here!
Come on.
You did good. Come on.
Go, Titans, go! Go, Titans, go!
Westsiders, put your hands
together for...
the one, the only...
It is so good to see you all.
Thank you for coming.
When we come together,
as we have throughout
these difficult times,
I have noticed
something incredible...
That's that there's
nothing Westsiders can't do.
We are strong.
We are powerful.
And we are... champions!
Look at them.
Two pieces of garbage, who think
that the rules
don't apply to them,
that they can take
whatever they want,
whenever they want it.
But here on the West
Side, our home,
you can't go around
acting like that.
So, I thought it'd be good
for us to see what happens,
to people who think they can
live outside our system,
who think they don't need us.
Let's see what
happens to those people.
I want you to watch.
And remember.
Okay then.
Let's begin!
You're up, Caine.
Me first.
Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit.
What do we do? What do we do?
No! Stop!
Stay here. Watch my back.
And use it if you have to.
No, no, no, no, wait!
You like that?!
Hey, fuckheads!
Be cool!
Everyone be fucking cool!
Hey! Don't! Don't touch me!
Don't you fucking touch me!
Hey, you too, buddy.
Back the fuck up.
Jack! Come on!
Hey. Hey, come on.
Caine, let's go.
Back the fuck up!
I will shoot this,
I promise you.
Just let us walk out of here.
Sit down, fucko,
and your buddy here
doesn't have to die.
Jack, wake up! Let's go!
There is no way
I'm letting you
just walk in here,
make demands,
ruin my pep rally
and then just leave alive.
There's just no fucking way!
Jesus fucking Christ!
Todd, kill this stupid bitch!
What are you all looking at?!
Don't just stand there!
What the fuck is happening?!
Ah-ah-ah! Hey! Hey!
Stop. Just... Nobody move.
Get out!
Hey. Hey, come on. Get up.
I'm in charge now.
Things are gonna be
different around here.
A lot different.
- Dude...
- Need a ride?
Get in.
Any time.
You know, Scratch,
you're one badass motherfucker.
You know that?
You too, man.
Okay. Okay.
All right, let's get
the fuck outta here.
I guess you guys
can keep the puppy.
You did it.
We did it.