Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954) Movie Script

A wave of riots
has swept US prisons.
Within 20 months,
riots have occurred in 35 states.
It began in New Jersey and moved
quickly to Jackson, Michigan.
Here at Michigan penitentiary for
five days the world's largest
walled prison is torn to pieces
by a maddened convicts
who destroy everything
they can put their hands on.
Damage is estimated at $2.5 million.
Then, in Pennsylvania, inmates
seize five guards as hostages
in western state penitentiary.
Damage runs high
as we can see in this in view inside
one of the wrecked cell blocks.
At almost the same time,
231 convicts carry out
a similar rebellion in
New Jersey at the state prison farm.
Here, bed sheets
scrawled with slogans
are hung from broken windows.
The convicts hold out for 4 days
before submitting to authority.
In Chester, Illinois
state police are called.
Ten guards are held as hostages,
three by prisoners in
the psychiatric division.
Here the inmates insist on
speaking only to the Governor
about their grievances.
These riots, costing millions
and millions of tax payer dollars,
have aroused great public interest.
Mr McGee, what in your opinion
is the reason these riots occurred?
I'd like to paraphrase the report
of the American Prison Association
on riots and their causes.
The recent widespread
occurrence of prison riots
is almost always the direct result
of the short-sighted neglect
of our penal institutions, amounting
to almost criminal negligence.
Who's responsible
for this negligence?
Public leaders such as Governors,
legislators and others who must share
the responsibility for prisons as well
as for other branches of government.
And that neglect
includes the public?
Yes, indeed. In the final
analysis, especially the public.
One final question, do you look
to further riots in the future?
I abhor riot and disorder
but until something is done it to
correct the situation we'll not
see the end of prison troubles.
Thank you, Mr McGee.
All over America,
prison officials wonder
where will the next riot occur?
Mac, you ever been
in the punishment block?
Keep your nose clean
or we'll leave you in there.
How is it doing after
a couple of weeks?
I like it. I still can't help
but feeling sorry for these guys.
You'll get over it.
OK with the crosses.
What's so different
about these guys?
X marks the wild animal.
Must be Thursday.
Are you going to feed or ain't ya?
You know what
you can do with that garbage.
- Take it!
This is Auto Tower,
folks, bringing
you the greatest value
in used cars.
We're actually
giving these cars away.
If I'd a-knew that,
I wouldn't be here!
I want you to rush right
down here to 27-30 Main Street.
Get that? 27-30 Main Street.
Right away.
I'm a-comin', boss!
"Don't wait. The right car
for the right price for you."
I've got to find out about my kid.
- Put it in writing to the Warden.
Colonel? Colonel?
Yeah, Frank?
You're up for
parole consideration, aren't you?
That's right.
Do me a favour, when you get out,
find out if my little girl
is still sick.
I'm not out yet.
I got to find out.
I ain't heard in almost two months.
Your wife will write you.
She wont write.
It's the reason I'm in here.
I thought I told you
to take that bush off.
Yes, sir.
Er... 63.
Barrett speaking.
Block 11. 238.
Hold it a minute.
Go ahead.
'Block 11, 238.'
11, 238. OK, you're in.
Barrett, go ahead.
'Block 4, 637.'
4 block, 637. OK, you're in.
Go ahead, 5.
'Block 5, 433.'
5, 433. OK, you're in.
Oh Lord, God of my salvation, I've
cried day and night before thee,
let my prayer come before thee,
incline thine ear unto my cry,
for my soul is
full of troubles, and my life draws
nigh unto the grave, I am counted
with them that go down into the pit.
I am as a man that hath no strength,
free among the dead like the slain
that lie in the grave,
whom thou remembers no more.
Thou hast laid me in the lowest
pit, in darkness, in the deeps...
Dummy up, will ya!
Knock it off!
- Somebody slug that creep.
Monroe, 48!
Yeah, what do you want, Schuyler?
They're moving me to a new cell block
tomorrow and I've got a present for
Gator. Would you give it to him?
Yeah, sure.
How d'you make it?
- I got Monroe.
Good, now for the others.
There's four screws tonight,
we've gotta grab them all.
Snader's mine.
No cutting, Carnie. We're going
to keep them alive. That's my plan.
Open your trap and we'll
cut you a new one.
You're not supposed
to have this, Snader.
Right, drag him out.
Hey! Monroe! Snader!
Hey! Monroe! Snader!
Go ahead.
Schuyler, keep that screw
away from the phone!
Grab his feet.
Hurry up! Let's go!
I want out!
- Let me at the screws!
Open up the cells.
Let me out, Dunn!
Let me out of here!
I can't believe it's happening!
All right! Let's go!
Let's kill those screws!
Where's the screws?!
Barrett speaking.
This is Dunn. We've got 11 block
and four of your guards.
You've got what?
Get the Warden down here or we're
gonna to kill every one of them.
Riot in cell block 11.
What's that?
- What's the sirens for?
I don't know, but I bet it's 11.
I'm sure it's the guys in solitary.
It's a break!
Those guys got guts
enough to try anything.
Well, here we go again.
Yeah, and all for 50 bucks a week.
Doctor Barrett? I've got your open
line to the Governor's office.
Yes, sir, I'll monitor
all calls from 11.
Here's the officer.
Armoury, how many men have checked
Second watch is coming in now.
Good, speed them along. Now here's
the way I want them dispersed.
'Two in one block,
five in three block,'
two unarmed in four block, those
to be armed get rifles and tear gas.
And tell them not
to get itchy fingers.
All right boys,
come on, hurry up.
Watch those itchy fingers.
Captain's orders.
Get me through to Barrett.
Well, cut in on him.
Hello. Hello, Barrett?
This is Ambrose, what's up?
A riot in 11 block.
The Warden's on his way down.
I'm at the gate,
I'll wait for the Warden.
Right, I'll meet you in the yard.
All right, take it easy!
That's enough! That's enough!
Dummy up! Shut up!
Knock it off.
All right, cut it out.
Quiet down.
Pipe down.
If we're going to win this,
we gotta have discipline.
Carnie and me are running the show.
We all know what's wrong here.
We're gonna ask for changes,
just like they did the other prisons.
If they don't give it to us,
we'll make them a present
of one dead guard.
Or maybe four!
It may take all of them.
But they'll listen.
Me and some of my friends are only
in here because there ain't
no room for us in any other block.
Now we don't want no trouble.
Lay off!
You're either in or out. OK?
You all covered?
Yes, sir.
All posts covered?
First thing I did.
Doubled up in your building?
- Yes, sir.
Who did they grab in 11?
Snader, Acton, Monroe...
Monroe? Who assigned him
to that block?
It was my suggestion.
That was a mistake.
Figure him pretty green.
That block takes six guards.
He's tough enough to take out four.
You know how short we are.
All right, Dunn, I'm here.
I want your word, Warden,
that I'll have safe conduct.
I promise you no harm will come
to you during this conversation.
These are my instructions.
Dunn is to be allowed to
come out into this yard and to
return to 11 without interference.
How about it, Dunn?
Sure, Warden.
When he's ready, 16, open the
Want me to go with you?
Just Snader.
I gave you my word, Dunn.
Hold that gate.
I believe you, Warden,
but I don't trust your screws.
You going to open up?
What do you want, Dunn?
I want the press here tonight.
- Inmates never win a riot,
Dunn, you know that.
That's my worry.
Release the hostages,
I'll get the press.
Look, Dunn, I can't bargain with you
as long as you're holding these men.
I wouldn't stand a chance
without hostages, and you know it.
Give me your word you won't harm the
hostages, and I'll get the press.
I can't hold my boys too long.
- A couple of hours.
Attaboy, Dunn!
Good work.
How's it going, Carnie
We're waiting.
We ain't sleeping.
Tony, make a list of all
this stuff here, will you?
Hey, Dunn, I can use that wire.
What do you want to do,
blow us through the roof?
Hey, I've got something to show you
that's terrific, come on.
Hey, what's that?
Learned how to mix that cocktail in
Now watch this
This is a real beauty.
Hey. That's all right.
Crash that through the bars of the window,
it would knock their brains out.
Make some more of them.
There we are. It's finished.
How does that work?
- Here, lend me your neck a minute.
Slip it over the screw's neck.
How does that feel, screw?
That's right, Governor, I need
authority to bargain with Dunn
and to send for the state police.
I warned you we were due for a riot.
I've even got them sleeping
in the corridors of block four.
You're always talking about
overcrowding, old plant,
insufficient personnel.
I don't want to argue that now.
Right now I've got
a riot on my hands.
Give me the authority to act
before this things spreads.
Warden, I can't let convicts
dictate terms to the state.
I'll send Haskell right away.
Yes, sir.
I don't know what that politician
will do here, these men can't vote.
Monroe's wife.
Yes, Mrs Monroe.
Is it true my husband
is in block 11?
That's right, he is in the block.
He'll be killed.
We're not going to let
anything happen to him,
I promise you he'll be all right.
Tell the operator not to put any
more of the guards' wives through.
Tell them they'll be OK.
I got four guys on the front gate.
Two on the roof.
The yard's all clear.
Captain Barrett's got nothing on you,
You working out demands?
Well, we got a pretty good start.
We should get the colonel in on
I've been thinking about that.
We could sure use him.
Well then use him.
Hey, Colonel.
You're the only guy here besides
me who could lead this riot.
You gonna help us?
I had to hit that boy to
show these gonzos who's boss.
On the street, they think we're
wild animals, tonight you proved it.
What chance do we have if we don't
stick together?
This place is bad enough,
don't you make it worse.
We're trying to work up some demands.
I'm asking everybody for their beefs.
What's yours?
The same as everyone
else, the whole setup.
The bloody cages, the idleness,
but this riot won't change it.
Well, what will?
- Maybe nothing.
We're forgotten.
Colonel, you've got education,
medals, you're used to handling men.
Help us with the demands.
Count me out.
I don't get it.
There are a lot of reasons.
For one thing, I'm up
for parole consideration.
You're strictly for you.
All right, you control the boys,
I'll help frame the demands.
Hey, Carnie!
Monroe here wants a cigarette.
Sure, whats the difference?
Give him the lighted end.
Take it, it's all right.
What are they doing? They're not
going to kill us, are they?
You'll be OK for a while.
It's not me, you understand, it's
my wife, we're going to have a baby.
How can you afford a kid
on your salary?
I got two jobs,
this one and one in town.
If I could only get
in touch with her...
Now you know why the boys
fuss so much over letters. let her know I'm all right.
They've got wives, too.
You got a family?
- Sure. Wife and a kid.
It's tough any way you look at it.
I figure too good. I figure all
the time that it don't add up.
I'm an accountant, a good one.
Nah, robbery. I'm out for while and
then I take something I don't need.
Grocery, department store,
it doesn't matter.
You mean you don't need the stuff?
- No.
Just gotta, that's all. Like some
fellas have to take a drink.
You belong in a psycho ward. You
shouldn't be here. You're different.
Take Ray in 26. Armed robbery.
You think all that happens is
he says, "I want something",
and then he goes and gets it?
Nah, it's not as simple as that.
Something wrong with him, too.
You mean they're all nuts?
Including the guards.
Whose side you on, Mac?
Course I...
I need glasses to see.
But not to think.
But I can't put you
through to the Warden,
Mrs Snader, the press just arrived.
Tell him I've got to talk to him.
All right, Mrs Snader, I promise.
No, I'm sorry, the Warden's
with the press, I can't cut in.
What's a rookie guard
doing in the hole?
We don't have enough men
and they're not good enough.
Most of them have to have other jobs
in order to make a living.
Any idea why this started?
Who's this Dunn?
Armed robbery, third offence,
murder, second degree.
Medical report says he's homicidal.
Dangerous and unbalanced.
He should be in a hospital
under psychiatric care.
When do we get to see him?
We're waiting on Commissioner Haskell.
He's on his way here.
Here's another one.
Crazy Mike Carnie. In for life.
This is Dunn's pal.
Transferred to us
from the state mental hospital.
I've been trying to get him
transferred back, with Dunn. No luck.
Are they all psychopaths?
We've got all kinds here.
Good and bad, just
like on the outside.
Here, this guy is known around here
as the Colonel.
He is a colonel, too.
Brilliant war record.
Got drunk,
fight in a bar, manslaughter.
He's up for parole consideration.
Should be out soon.
These men aren't here forever.
95% of them will be released.
Not men like Dunn?
He'll be living around
you and your family.
And 65% of them will
break the law again.
65%? Thats a pretty high figure.
It proves we're not doing the job.
Isn't that the same speech you gave
last summer?
It's the same speech he's been
giving for the last nine years.
Hello, Warden, hello everyone.
Hi, Haskell.
Let's get going, boys.
Hello, Ryan, how are you?
Hi, Jack.
- Nice seeing you, Bill.
- Mr Haskell.
It's a fine mess you've gotten us
into, Reynolds,
let's clean it up fast, huh?
All right, Dunn, here's the press.
Let me see your hands.
These are used on the inmates.
Drop them or you can't come out.
Come on, Dunn,
hold up that chain.
Now look fierce.
- Show a screw with the chains.
Come on, Dunn,
show us how the chain works.
Sure, on you!
I'm coming out.
All right, 16, open the gate.
Alright, Dunn, are you gonna give us a
statement, or do we ask questions?
What about it?
- We've got a lot of beefs
we want to bring to the
attention of the public.
There's no work programme.
Most of the guys are just sitting
waiting for their time to run out.
You're asking for work?
- Yeah.
You think the public cares?
- They ought to, it's
costing them a lot of dough.
Your paper gonna print this?
You know what we're interested in.
Mad dogs running wild.
This place is badly organised.
Everybody's all jumbled up together.
Mental cases with kids.
We understand from Warden Reynolds
that you've threatened to kill
the guards if your demands are not
met. Is that true?
You heard right.
Isn't that murder?
In prison or out?
This state will be
responsible for their deaths.
We understand all the guards
are married. Some have children.
So have we.
You're not being killed.
We're rotting to death.
You know, Mr Haskell is here.
He's the Governor's representative.
If you and he can get together
tonight, will you call off the riot?
If we can get together.
You heard Dunn, Mr Haskell.
I'd appreciate reading
something like what I've said.
I heard.
His charges are without foundation.
Isn't it a fact that the federal
government says that prisons
of over 1,500 men are unmanageable?
This prison was built
to house 4,000 men.
It cost the taxpayers $26 million.
What do you want us
to do, tear it down?
What's the cause of the
riots, in your opinion?
I'll give you a full statement
after I've talked to Dunn.
In a case like this,
either the cons run the prison
or the prison runs the cons.
I wouldn't try to prove it tonight.
Are you gonna get the state police?
- If I need them.
We gotta feed that Haskell a guard.
This is just the
beginning. Take it easy.
Reynolds, this thing can spread.
We can't let it.
We have to settle it tonight.
OK, Haskell, what you got?
I want you to release the guards.
I bet you do.
What do you want?
You tell me, what are
you gonna do for us?
I'll tell you what
I'm gonna do for you.
If you don't give up I'll see
that every one of you hang.
Haskell, get away from me!
Haskell, come back!
There's our statement, boys.
That's real brilliant, Carnie.
You gave them just what they wanted!
So far, the guys are behind me.
But for how long?
Some of them look up to you,
and they'll follow you, not me.
You throw in with me
and we sew up the block.
I told you I would help organise the
demands. That's what I'm doing now.
I want you to do more than
just fix up the language.
I want you to check with the men so
they'll know you're for the demands.
All right, I'm for the demands
but I'm against the riot.
Maybe that's because
you used to be brass.
I don't think so.
Look, Colonel, every newspaper and
radio in the country is watching
this riot. We'll never get
a chance like this again.
Yeah, I know.
If we just get across that
anyone could land in prison,
just like that...
I'm just gonna serve
my time and get out.
And never come back?
- Yeah.
And never come back.
You still think you're
different, don't you?
No. But once you put this uniform
on, you not only look like a con,
you feel like one.
Yeah. Even if you don't come back,
you'll always be an ex-con,
so why not come in the whole way?
I can't, Dunn, it's like mutiny.
I just couldn't go through that.
Maybe if you only had three stinking
years on the streets
since you were
14, maybe you'd know how I feel.
We're wasting time.
I'll do the best I
can on the demands.
Let's hope we can win some of them.
Some of them?
We've got to win them all.
Eleven can make it, so can we.
Don't rush it.
Yeah, I know, we're all tired.
The guards will have to stay at
their posts until further notice.
Warden, this is Mr Russell of the
New York Sun. He just flew in.
Hello, Warden.
How's Haskell doing?
It's a flesh wound,
he never was in danger.
Excuse me, Warden,
kitchen crews have reported
they're ready with breakfast, no
Feed the blocks one by one.
Start as usual. Right now
Were trying to feed 4,000 men.
Pardon me, I have to check the yard.
Bring him up to date.
- Sure. How about some coffee first?
Yeah, what about the leg irons and
It's all covered in number three.
You'll see it when it's finished.
Finished yet, Colonel?
That's another thing.
Kids should be separated
from guys like that.
Kids should be separated from what?
You heard me - from guys like you.
Get your nose out of my businessl
Don't get too big for
your breeches, sonny!
Drop it.
Commissioner, how do you feel?
All right, thanks.
What's going on?
We've fed one, two and three.
Let four go, Barrett.
Yes, sir.
Delmar, Barrett speaking. Send four
Isn't it kind of risky, letting
those men go past block 11
on their way to the mess hall?
It is.
The only other way to do it is try
to feed 4,000 men in their cells.
That has dangers, too.
Don't know if I could spare enough
guards for an operation like
that and still maintain security.
OK, keep moving.
Barrett, 18.
It's Dunn.
Yeah, Dunn.
we'll be ready in about 15 minutes.
Hold the phone.
Dunn is ready to bargain.
Tell him you'll call him back.
- I want to get this thing over with.
I'm not going to jump
the minute he's ready.
Let him stew awhile.
Time is on their side.
The longer we let this thing go,
the more explosive it's going to get.
Tell him you'll call them back.
I'll call you back.
Just don't take too long, Warden.
He'd better not take too long.
Seven's still in business.
Sure wish I was with 'em.
This slop is rotten!
Attention all towers.
This is the Warden.
Listen carefully. Don't do any
shooting unless they hit the wall.
Cell block five.
- Yes, sir.
Have they started yet?
- Yeah, they're on their way.
Well, get them back.
Block four has broken out of the mess
hall. Get yours back whatever you do.
Yes, sir. We've got to get
them back in their cells.
All right.
Back in your cells. Come on.
Come on. Get a move on in there.
Grab a cell. Into your holes.
If they lock you in now, you're
They'll shoot you in your cells.
- Let's go!
X14 to 1734. Ready now. Come in.
State police, come in.
This is Lancing.
Hello, Captain.
This is Warden Reynolds.
Standing by, Warden.
We need you right now.
As many men as you can spare.
- Yes, sir.
How soon can you get here, Captain?
I'm on my way.
Have you put any guards down
in the yard?
I already have every man
placed on 24-hour duty.
They're going crazy.
I'm getting scared.
Everybody's scared.
The tool house is on fire.
Fire Department.
Fire in the tool shed.
Fire in the tool shed. Let's go.
It's Roberts, cell block five.
- Lifer.
- Yeah.
You can get death in the state for
leading a riot.
I've done 20 years
of hard time, Warden.
You tell those guys on the
gun walk to lay off.
We'll bring these guards through.
You tell him.
Warden, these men mean to kill us.
Gun walk.
Gun Walk. Don't do any shooting
when the men come out of five.
The men are coming out of five.
They have hostages. Let them go.
They want me to open
up and let them into 11?
Yes, sir.
Hey, state police are coming.
Why didn't you bring the army too,
you bunch of freaks?!
Yellow bellied rats!
Lousy dogs.
Scram, you lousy cops.
This is the Warden speaking.
The state police have orders not to
shoot if you go back to your blocks.
Go back to your blocks!
I appeal to you, for your own sake,
get back into your blocks, men.
Get back into your blocks.
Give the OK, Warden, and we'll
break this up.
Take over, Captain.
Lieutenant Wilkinson,
proceed with plan B.
Dunn on the phone.
Yes, Dunn?
Warden, I'm giving you fair warning.
If any inmate is killed,
one guard for each inmate.
Pick up the man who was shot.
Break them up into two groups.
Damage estimated at over $1 million.
That includes the mess hall,
a fire in the tool shed...
Once they arrived,
it didn't take long.
Nobody killed, quite a few injuries.
State police handled
themselves well.
The Warden's policy
is to avoid bloodshed.
No, it's far from over.
11 still holding out.
Now they have nine hostages.
Five guards from block five.
No report on any of them.
Presume they're still alive.
Haskell seems to be the boss in
Yard's clear, Warden.
Barrett, 18.
Warden, Bacon's dead.
Let's have the doctor hold
his report for 24 hours.
We won't release this to the press.
There's 11 again.
Yeah, what is it?
- Warden, I hear Bacon got it.
It was an accident.
- Give it to me straight.
He's dead.
OK, it's like I said.
One for one.
Carnie, get one of the
screws and bring him here.
- Snader.
It's a pleasure.
- Dunn!
Listen, Dunn, are you there?
Like I told you, it was an accident.
We didn't kill him, one of
the state policemen did.
We're sticking to our end of the
Yeah, but Bacon's dead.
Our deal was one for one.
They're going to kill Snader.
Hold it, Dunn,
I'm coming right down.
We're ready to
listen to the demands.
OK, Warden, I'm ready.
I want to talk to the whole prison.
First, let me see Snader.
Have a good look.
We of 11 block
know that we represent
the entire inmate
population in these demands.
We are bargaining for all of you.
Here goes.
11 block must be remodelled.
Give us room to breathe, and
more light to see with.
The nuts are to be separated
from the rest of us and put
some place where you can
do something for them.
Get rid of the leg locks,
and brutal guards like Snader.
Teach us a trade,
so that when we get out of here,
we'll be able to hold down a job.
Are you sure you didn't write
these demands yourself?
The whole thing sounds
exactly like your yearly complaints.
Remodel block 11...
The State Commission condemned
that block two years ago.
Inmates read too.
And last,
no reprisals against any ringleaders
or participants of this revolt.
That is all.
You may let them get away with
it, Reynolds, but I promise you,
I'll have these men
brought to trial.
If it weren't for those guards,
I wouldn't sign anything and you
know it.
Warden, what do you think?
Those demands are awfully
sharp for a bunch of cons.
These are intelligent men.
Dunn in particular.
If he's so smart,
what's he doing in here?
He's also a psychopath, like a lot
of brilliant men on the outside.
Are you going to recommend
acceptance for the Governor?
In the main.
After all, most of them have
been my demands for a long time.
Looks like this time
you might get them.
I want you to sign
and I want the Governor to sign.
I'll sign. I don't know
about the Governor.
When will you know?
Give me six hours.
Sure, Warden.
Put him in one of the cells.
Carnie! Carnie!
No. No.
No, no.
Dunn! Carnie, that's enough of that!
He tried to take over.
Throw him out.
Gator, Get me Barrett on the phone.
Take care of him.
Come on, men,
put him in a cell.
Easy with him, Al.
Oh, leave me alone.
As far as
I can tell, nothing broken.
My neck's stiff.
You're lucky that
pipe just glanced off your shoulder.
You don't look so hot yourself, Al.
I figured you were on Mickey's side.
You figured wrong.
- And you figured wrong when
you put Carnie in charge.
If you want the job, it's yours.
Then shut up!
We're throwing Mickey
out the front gate.
All right. I'll send a
stretcher for Mickey. Who's this?
Mike Carnie.
Where's Dunn?
I'm in charge now.
That was Crazy Mike Carnie.
He's taken over. They've
almost killed one of the inmates.
What happened to Dunn?
- He won't say.
Crazy Mike, who's he?
- Crazy is the nicest thing you
can say about him.
- Yes, sir?
Send a stretcher to 11 block gate.
What's the matter, Snader?
Don't think I like you, huh?
You're wrong.
I'm gonna do you a favour.
Wanna say goodbye to your wife?
I'll let you write
her a farewell letter.
All the other screws
are writing letters.
How would your old lady
feel if she don't get one?
Of course, if you don't want to...
I'll just leave the
pencil and paper.
Change your mind, just rap on
the door, Schuyler'll pick it up.
Wait till the wives get those letters
and start to phone the Warden.
You'll see some action.
What a lot of tripe...
"Goodbye for ever."
Get me operator.
This is Carnie.
I want to talk to Mrs Monroe.
The operator says
Carnie's calling Mrs Monroe.
Told them to put the call
through, I'll monitor it here.
Put the call through,
we'll cut in.
Find out what this guy's up to.
- Yes?
Mrs Monroe, this is inmate Carnie.
Mike Carnie?
I've got a farewell
letter from your husband.
- No, no, he's not dead!
'Not yet.
"Dearest Sue,
"I feel responsible for
Get me the Governor.
Operator, get the Governor, urgent.
"They tell me I've got to say
goodbye to you and the children.
"I don't know how, because I can't
believe it."
Just a moment, sir. Ready.
Governor, have you signed yet?
No, I haven't.
These men's lives
really depend on it.
You can't trust Carnie.
Governor, if you're going
to sign at all, will you
please do it right away?
I must consider it very carefully.
If I sign, it'll be an open
invitation for the inmates of every
prison in this state to grab a few
guards and dictate their own terms.
Governor, I don't want you
to take the responsibility
for the murder of nine men.
Every minute counts.
He hasn't signed?
Not yet.
What happens if we
break into 11 block?
That block is as hard to break into
as it is to break out of. Harder.
Some of my men will be killed.
Suppose we blast a hole in the
block, only inmates get killed?
Casualties will be high.
Including the guards on the inside.
Haskell, the moment you give
the order to blow up that block,
you're in complete charge.
I'll have to take that risk. All
right, captain, let's get started.
Hold your head up a little.
Colonel, do you think us guards
should be killed? We haven't done
Hold quiet.
I never treated the men bad.
No, you just lock up
the cages and help throw
the food to the wild animals.
I never hit nobody.
Didn't play no favourites.
Yeah, you treat us all the same.
A bunch of cons. Each man in here
feels different inside.
We all fight for our identity.
And you help destroy that.
That's the prison.
I'm just a guard here!
Yeah, I know. That's what
we've got against you.
Get me Snader, we'll start with him.
I thought I told you...
- Take off.
And keep your eyes open.
I don't think we should kill 'em. I
don't think God would approve.
How's Al, Tony?
Feeling better.
Talk to him.
See if he and his friend
will stand up against Carnie.
I don't want trouble.
- You can't have it both ways.
If you don't want the guards killed,
you have to put up a fight for it.
Go on.
Hand them over, Schuyler!
What do you guys think you're doing?
I'm willing to let you run this riot,
But you can't kill Snader.
- Gator! Boys, come on!
Wait a minute!
Let's let Dunn decide this.
All right. Get him.
What's the matter?
You guys going chicken?
I want to see Dunn.
- Carnie said no.
I said, I want to see Dunn!
Dunn. Dunn!
Hey, take it easy.
- Carnie's going to kill Snader!
What for? What happened?
- Nothing. He's crazy.
If you don't stop it,
we'll all end up in a bucket.
I told him, no party!
All right, break it up! Break it up.
Break it up.
Break it up. Break it up!
They're going to blow up the block!
- I was standing guard and I see these
cops coming across the yard.
They're not planting flowers.
- Where?
Down by the end of the block.
Lock Snader in a cell.
All right, dummy up, dummy up.
It's a double-cross. They're going
to blow a hole in the block.
Carnie, get the screws.
We'll tie them up here.
Right, Gator, you three, come on.
Will you wait for
the Governor to sign?
And if he won't sign?
Reynolds, we've tried your way,
it's no good. It started with
four hostages, now they've got nine.
Tomorrow it may be 20.
You've never tried it my way.
The legislature's never
given me the money I need.
If they had, maybe I wouldn't
have a riot on my hands.
I disagree. I think this riot is
a direct result of your policy
of compromise with the convicts.
That's why I'm against
the Governor signing.
I'd never sign if it were up to me.
Your way would only make
this place hotter to handle.
You'd get thousands of
angry, desperate men,
and they'd take it out on the
public when they're released.
Well, they may be angry, but they'll
be scared too.
They'll know we mean business.
They'll think twice
before they riot again.
You'll never stop riots by
treating the prisoners worse.
You'll stop them by
treating them better?
Get back in your cells!
Get back in your...
Popped his buttons!
I'm calling the Warden to tell
him we're giving up!
I'm running the show, Colonel.
They blow this cell block,
it'll not only kill the guards,
we'll go with them!
Get that bum in there!
That's what anybody else
gets who tries to sell us out.
You all set?
- Say the word.
This is Dunn. What's up?
- The Warden's on his
way down to the yard.
Yeah, but what about the dynamite?
- Nothing's going to happen if you
release the guards and come out.
The Governor just signed the demand.
Hey, the Warden's in the yard. They
say the Governor signed the demand!
It's a trick, Dunn.
- No, I'm gonna find out!
I've signed it, so has the Governor.
You wouldn't be
playing tricks, Warden?
Like maybe planting a little
All the reporters here?
- Yes.
OK, let's give them their headlines.
All right, Dunn.
Start filing out, one by one.
After I see the morning papers.
They'll be here at 7.30.
We did it!
All right! Let the guards out first.
I gather, from what you say, Dunn,
that you feel you've won a victory?
That's right.
- Congratulations are in order.
I'll say they are.
I never thought I'd see you again.
Hey, Colonel!
Yeah, Dunn?
I can't understand why
we haven't heard anything.
What do you think they're doing?
Well, it's only two weeks.
Yeah, but nothing's happened.
They're in no rush. Sure, you
forced them, but they don't like it.
They signed it,
it's still in the papers.
What's in the papers?
That you lead a riot? That you beat
up a guard and destroyed property?
Yeah, and the headlines say I won!
Yeah, well don't expect any medals.
All right, Dunn, the Warden
wants to see you.
It's about time.
I hear the Warden's got the
blueprints for the new 11 block?
There he is now.
Wait outside.
What's it all about, Warden?
Dunn, you're going to stand trial on
charges of leading a riot,
and kidnapping guards.
But I don't get it.
No reprisals. The agreement.
There is no agreement.
State legislature repudiated the
Governor's signature and mine.
They what?
- Cancelled it out.
Said we had no right to make
an agreement with convicts.
But, Warden, you signed it.
You give us your word.
I don't like it, Dunn.
That's what happened.
What will I get?
If you're found
guilty, probably 30 years.
- 30 years!
And for what? For nothing!
What will Carnie get,
and the Colonel?
Carnie is being sent to a state
mental institution,
where he
should have been a long time ago.
I'm signing the Colonel's parole.
And I get 30 years.
Warden, you know I didn't do it to
bust over the walls.
I did it just so people would know
what it's like in here!
But 30 years!
I was never able to
transfer Carnie before.
The colonel may not have gotten his
parole, even though he deserved it.
Try to realise, Dunn, that good does
sometimes come out of evil.
That's awful little good for
30 years.
Well, the public has learned more
about the inside of a prison
in the last few weeks than they did
in all my 15 years of making
Why do you think that is?
Because we got in the papers.
And you're still news,
with or without an agreement.
Haskell wants me to resign.
There's going to be an investigation.
This time, the public will listen to
my side of it.
And they're your only hope. They're
the only ones who can help.
I sure hope so.
I've been in and out of these
joints all my life. And who cares?
That ain't right, Warden.
In other states after their riots,
changes were made. The inmates won.
Yeah, I won...
30 years.