Rip in Time (2022) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.
[thunder rolling and crashing]
[calls] Henry?
Hey, Dad, have you seen Henry?
I'm here!
I'm getting the pigweed
out of the ground,
like you said!
You're pulling up
the root, too, right?
Yeah, I'm getting the roots.
What am I, six?
Good! Now go grab me
that big jar of pennies
from the kitchen, okay?
And wipe your muddy feet!
He wiped his feet!
Okay, I want you
to take these pennies
and line them up...
just like this.
- All right?
- 'Kay.
We need to go all the way around
the broccoli,
the onions, the cabbages,
and the tomatoes, okay?
The whole thing?
- "The whole thing."
- [dramatic sigh]
You wanna know a secret?
These are not vegetables...
they're space pods.
- What?
- Oh, yeah.
The tiny astronauts
that colonized this area,
they built them.
But now...
their colony is under attack by
these hideous space monsters...
- Ew.
- So...
the only way for you
to save the day
is to take these...
microelectron converters
and form a force-field
all the way around the colony.
Give me a break.
Actually, if you want
to know the truth,
the chemicals in slugs
react to the copper in pennies,
and it keeps them away.
Do I look like a child to you?
Well, I guess not.
[Sarah chuckles]
Dinner's in the pressure cooker.
20 minutes, all right?
He's done
with the Space Invaders,
and went on to the pterodactyls.
Chicken coop.
Oh. Right.
I don't remember you being
this quick to grow up.
- Sign of the times.
- [Calvin chuckles]
What's this?
You need some help?
Fresh Rite order.
Nope, I'm done.
All right, I'm gonna wash up.
Sounds good.
No need to shove, ladies.
[clucking and rustling]
- [gasping]
- [thud]
I'm unarmed.
Are you a robber?
I assure you,
I'm a man of honor.
[footsteps fleeing]
Oh, sorry.
- Yeah?
- You know how we're supposed
to keep critters
out of the barn?
But what if the critter's a man?
There's a guy eating turnips
in the barn.
I think he's homeless.
He said he's not a bad guy.
You spoke to him?
Only a little.
[groans] Oh. Dad!
Who's in here?
I've got a gun!
[man] No, please. I yield!
How did you do that?
Are you a witch?
She was, last Halloween.
I told you to stay inside.
Please do not shoot me, witch.
Keep calling me that.
Give me a reason.
What are you doing in my barn?
I'm sorry. I...
seem to have confused things.
I've hit my head.
Was that before or after
you robbed a costume shop?
I wonder, may I speak
with your husband?
- No, you can't.
- He's gone.
- Henry.
- Oh.
My condolences.
Keep 'em.
Oh, you're a spinster!
Forced to wear pants
and look mannish,
to protect your family?
Okay, now you're pushing it.
I pray you are not offended?
Do not come any closer!
I am not a spinster
and I am offended.
Go get Grandpa. Go!
And leave you here alone?
Henry, now!
You live with your father?
My mistake.
Do not move any closer.
Stay right there.
Don't move.
Honest mistake.
You have pants on.
Didn't you hear me?
Hear what?
I was calling you.
Dinner's ready.
There's a homeless guy
in the barn.
Why didn't you tell me?
He seems a little off.
I think he hit his head.
Is that gun loaded?
No, I didn't have time.
But I think he's harmless.
I think I need a first-aid kit.
[Calvin groans]
This is so cool.
We'd better get Ted out here.
I think he's just
lost and confused.
And hungry! I mean,
how hungry do you have to be
to eat raw turnips?
[gulping and chomping]
Mm! This is quite possibly
the best stew I have ever eaten.
The man clearly
has a refined palate.
The man's probably got a name.
Who are you?
Rip... I believe.
My Christian name is Richard...
but everyone calls me Rip.
Got a last name to go with that?
It is...
that's odd.
Well, I'm Sarah,
and that is my father, Calvin,
and Henry.
You don't remember
- your last name?
- Henry.
Since I woke,
it's as if I'm in a fog.
I just...
I remember bits and pieces.
I'm not sure
from whence I have come
or where I am going.
The countryside...
the landmarks, they all...
seem familiar, yet...
they're all sitting strangely.
Well, where are you from,
[stammers, muddled]
[more certain]
I would say here.
Did you ever meet the Harrisons?
They had the next farm over.
They sold it about...
mm, a year
before your mother passed,
then those developers came
and built all those ugly houses
all over the property...
[clears her throat]
The Harrisons had a boy,
would've been about his age.
He was in the service,
if I recall.
Were you in the military?
[realizing] Yes, ma'am.
25th Infantry regiment.
I remember, we...
We saw considerable skirmishes
during the war.
I served in the Navy, myself.
- [Sarah] Great.
- [police siren yelps]
[Henry, sighing]
Aw, that'll be Ted.
[Calvin] Come on.
What's going on?
Everyone okay?
[Sarah] Nothing to worry about.
Everything's fine.
[Henry] Except we have
a robber living in our barn now.
You. In the house. Now.
In the barn?
Uh, j... just wait a second.
Um, do you remember
the Harrisons,
who used to live down the road?
So Dad thinks he remembers
maybe they had a son
who was a veteran...?
I don... I don't know,
but this could possibly be him.
I mean, he may have PTSD,
but I really don't think
that he's...
I'm not dangerous,
if that's your concern.
You are from
the local constabulary?
The... the what?
Oh, I'm...
Deputy Ted Kohler with the...
Doolittle County
Sheriff's Department.
We think Ted can help you
figure out how you got here.
You would like me
to go with him?
He has
the resources to help you.
Whoa. Hey, hey, hey.
Uh, Ted.
That's not necessary.
This is a strange carriage.
You have... no horses?
Oh, yeah, I got 380 of 'em
right under the hood there.
They must be tiny.
Yeah, they're real small.
Why don't you, uh,
get in the back here,
and we'll talk about it?
And you, yeah,
you want to watch your head
as you get in there.
Good. Nice.
Yeah, you can...
You can just get in.
Good luck, Rip.
Good job.
Hey, watch your fingers, okay?
Is he, uh, some kind of surfer
or something?
Sounds like you're jealous.
Why? Should I be?
Yeah. It's been a whirlwind.
We met an hour ago
and we're already engaged.
Is that right?
Henry found him in the barn.
He fell, he hit his head,
I gave him an ice pack,
but he doesn't seem to remember
who he is or how he got here.
Or what a car is. Yeah.
Okay, well, I'll run him
by the hospital
after I fingerprint him
and get him checked out.
Thank you.
Oh, hey.
Actually, while I'm here,
I didn't...
I don't know if you heard,
but there's a new restaurant
out in New Haven.
Everyone's raving about it
and I was thinking...
You were thinking you'd leave
a man with a concussion
in the back of your squad car
while you make a date?
Fair point, sir.
I'll call you. Okay?
All right.
[Rip] Your carriage
makes strange sounds.
Well, that's that.
At least you didn't
offer him the apple pie. Hmm?
[siren yelps]
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Easy! Easy! Easy! Easy!
- Easy.
- What kind of place is this?
Nothing to fear,
it's just a hospital.
[siren wailing]
They got those,
where you're from?
Nothing to be afraid of.
D-Did you see that?
I did. Yeah.
I'm just gonna go speak
with the Deputy for a minute.
Are you gonna be okay in here?
[PA announcement] Dr. Bensen,
please report to room 314.
Dr. Bensen to room 314.
So, there's no signs
of concussion
or any other head trauma,
but he's definitely confused.
I asked him the last time
he'd last seen a dentist
and he said he wanted
to get his hair cut.
Yeah. Sounds like our guy.
Yeah, his fingerprints
didn't register
in any of our databases.
Says his name's "Rip."
- Hmm.
- I don't know.
That's normal.
At this point, I guess
we've got ourselves a John Doe.
Okay, well, we are required
to keep him overnight
for observation,
but you'll let me know
if you find out anything else?
Will do. Thanks, Doc.
[alarm sounds]
Oh, dear.
Now he's up.
Hey! Uh-oh.
- [rifle shot echoes]
- [gasps]
- [pail clangs]
- Oh!
Apologies, madam.
I did not want to startle you,
but I couldn't think
of what I should say.
Um... "hello"
is always a good way to start.
Yes, of course.
- Yeah.
- Hello.
Are you all right?
I stayed
at your hospital last night.
They told me should rest,
but then a woman
in a white uniform
kept coming into my room
every two hours
and waking me up,
asking me if I was sleeping.
It was not restful.
Yeah, um, hospitals
are a little weird like that.
So... here you are.
Yes, um...
I had a question.
So you came back.
for the intrusion again.
Actually, I wanted to ask
if I could work off the meal
you so generously provided
last night.
Yeah, do you want to pull
pigweed out of the fields?
Henry! That's your job.
But he wants to help.
That is not necessary.
Are you sure you're all right?
The carriages and doors
and lanterns
all work by themselves.
Am I dead?
Is this Heaven?
If this were Heaven,
I'm not so sure he'd be here.
I am a lucky man
to have a funny daughter.
Are we gonna talk all day
or do you wanna pull some weeds?
Henry. Go finish
your morning chores
before the bus gets here.
- [groans]
- Thank you.
I think I have something
you could help with.
Come on.
[milk squirting]
Shouldn't we tell him
he can use the milking machine?
He's doing a better job
than the pump.
[loudly] Um...
well, I was about
to go make some breakfast.
- Mm!
- Eggs and bacon? Real pork.
- What else would it be?
- Vegan?
I don't know what that is.
No animal product.
Meatless bacon?
Or some people use turkey.
[aghast] But that's not bacon.
Why would you do that?
Oh, I like this guy
more and more.
I notice the apple trees
are in want of trenching,
to help the roots absorb water.
And I wondered
if you have considered
pruning out the center branches
to help avoid the blight?
Yeah, that's something...
We would've normally
done that by now,
but it's a bigger job
than the two of us can handle.
Our farmhand, Errol,
he left last winter.
Well, then, I feel obliged
to offer my assistance.
That looks pretty good.
Well, I guess you already know,
but your mystery man
wandered out of the hospital
this morning.
Yeah, he showed up here.
What'd you find out?
I wish you would've called me.
I ran his prints and mugshots
and nothing's come up at all,
so I sent his prints
over to the military archive,
see if we can find
his service records.
So far, nothing back
from them, either.
We really have no idea
who this guy is.
I think it's best
if I take him off your hands.
If he is a veteran
who has some sort of trauma
or PTSD,
then the last place for him
is jail.
No, I'm not talking about
jail necessarily.
There's no warrants out,
unless you want to swear
on a trespassing complaint?
No. No.
I definitely
don't want to do that.
I didn't think so.
But I do think it's fair to say
that he needs
further evaluation,
you know, at a psych hospital
- or something.
- Really?
What else is there?
I mean, I guess it wouldn't hurt
to let him stay
in the farmhand house
for just, like, a day or two.
Just until we figure out
what's wrong.
I mean, someone could be
worried sick that he's missing.
Sarah, we don't really know
who this guy is.
He could be... Norman Bates.
Or he could be Forrest Gump.
I mean, what if he was
your family, huh?
Would you want him
You are a good person.
Lock your doors.
I mean it.
First sign of trouble,
you call me.
Of course.
Um, you never did give me
an answer about this weekend...
The new restaurant?
Oh. Right, right.
- Oh, you're asking. Now.
- Yeah.
Um. Yeah. Yeah, sure.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Okay, well, um,
I will pick you up
on Saturday at seven,
and in the meantime,
anything odd happens...
You'll be the first one I call.
Thank you.
All right.
- See ya.
- See ya.
Um, so, I was thinking
that once we finish up here,
maybe we can try and find out
a little bit more
about your chest...
Your... your past?
Your... your... your pa...
I'm gonna... I'm...
Look, uh, why don't you take
these things into the barn?
Go right on in.
Uh, so, the Harrisons
that lived down the road,
they do have a son,
and check out this article
that I found on him.
"Local Man
Receives Purple Heart."
Does that sound familiar to you?
Were you wounded?
Did you receive a medal?
I-I was wounded in battle
a-and I was awarded
a commendation.
Well, with all that hair,
how can we tell if that's him?
How would you feel
about a haircut and a shave?
All right. Chin up?
So... what are
we in the mood for?
Mm. Something
a little more clean-cut.
[clippers begin buzzing]
[clippers shut off]
What is that thing?
Normally, only little kids
get scared of the clippers.
[Sarah] You're fine.
Really, it's okay.
Yeah, just...
just, uh, sit down...
There you go.
All right.
[buzzing resumes]
That is not the same guy.
Who are you then?
You said
you were in the military
and that you were wounded.
Was it Iraq?
Do you remember anything?
I don't know of those battles.
Our regiment
never got south of Delaware.
[chuckles] Delaware?
Who were you fighting
in Delaware?
The British.
[door bell jingles]
Hey, Waylon.
Just finishing up here.
Afternoon, Bud.
Hello, Sarah.
I never saw you at the VFW
the other night.
Well, it was storming, Waylon.
Some of us have property
to look after.
Or I suppose some of us are
just more dedicated than others.
[Waylon chuckles alone]
I'm, uh, Waylon Finster.
How do you do? I'm Rip.
Uh, Rip was just telling us
how he was fighting the British
in Delaware.
Aren't you the funny one?
Well, that's not really true.
Because that would be crazy.
The farthest south
we had battles was New Jersey.
Yeah. Yeah.
Oh. You know...
I'm a Revolutionary War buff myself.
I'm quite an admirer
of that period.
[aghast] We waged war...
often against former kinsmen.
It was a terrible
and grueling time.
Are you saying
that you enjoyed it?
I think it's time for us to go.
- Dad?
- Yeah.
Nice seeing you.
Uh, thanks, Bud!
Uh, Mr. Rip?
Good luck.
Thank you.
You eat it.
- Eat it?
- Yeah. Mm-hmm. Let's go.
Good seeing you, Waylon.
I fear I may have offended
your friend.
Who? That guy?
Ha! He's a know-it-all
who thinks he invented
the American Revolution.
To hear him talk,
he was leading
the troops himself.
How absurd.
He bears no resemblance
to General Washington.
Okay, come...
Come on, Paul Revere.
This way.
Gotta get to the car that way.
What are you doing?
You give these to children?
You have to take
the wrapper off.
That outside part.
Oh... all right.
[Calvin snickers]
[saw cutting wood]
We're fixing the holes where
the raccoons are getting in.
He, um, he does seem to know
his way around a farm.
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
We are not paying him
a nickel a day to work here.
Well, I guess not.
But I was thinking of something
a little more long-term,
if we could work it out.
Well, I guess we could ask him.
Hey, Rip.
so, what would you think about
coming to work for us
as a farmhand?
We can't pay much,
um, but it'll be fair,
and I promise
you'll be well-fed.
You could even stay in
the farmhand house.
It's old and drafty,
but the roof is good
and it'll keep you dry.
So, it's small but cozy.
Errol lived and worked here
even before we bought this farm.
Are you all right?
I promise, it's not that bad.
This is where I grew up.
I-It's all coming back
to me now.
This is my house.
Maybe it just looks
like your house?
So this is it.
This... This isn't right.
Everything is new.
No. No, it's actually not new.
You might...
actually want to sweep out
some of these cobwebs.
I'm most certain
about this place.
Indeed. Do you see that?
[Calvin] See what?
Right there in the wood.
Well, those markings
are from before our time.
What does it say?
Roman numerals?
Those... are initials.
My initials.
"Rip Van Winkle
the Second."
[chuckles] Rip Van Winkle?
Like the story?
What story?
I was eight...
I was eight when I carved these.
And by mother was so upset
that she...
She took the switch to me.
So what are those numbers then?
Oh, that's my birthday.
The eighth of April, 1758.
[Henry, snorts]
Gimme a break.
What would you like me to break?
So you'd... you're, like,
a thousand years old.
More like 250,
but he's just joking.
No, I'm... I'm 31 years of age.
So you were born in, like... 1991.
1991? Now you're the one
who's being funny.
No, 1758!
It's 2022.
No, it's 1789.
No... 2022.
How is that even possi...
[Calvin] This is what happens
when you hire a guy
who's willing to work
for five cents a day.
[Henry] Is he dead?
- [Sarah] No.
- [Calvin] No.
Oh... I'm home.
How are you feeling?
I was having
the oddest of dreams.
I... I somehow found myself...
In the year 2022?
- Oh...
- [whump]
This could go on all night.
Okay, just-just relax, okay?
Get your bearings.
Welcome back.
I've got something for you.
I knew I had this
on the bookshelf somewhere.
Take a little bit and read that.
[Rip] "The Sketchbook
of Geoffrey Crayon"?
Read the story
where the bookmark is.
We'll just, uh, be here
until you've had a chance
to take all that in.
[fire crackling in hearth]
[Sarah] You all right?
This story...
it's about my father.
It's an old folk tale.
It's not real.
No, this Washington Irving...
I-I know him.
He's a boy who's always
lingering about the tavern
which my father frequents.
So, you're saying
that Washington Irving
took your father's true story
and passed it off as fiction,
is that right?
It's clearly preposterous.
- Thank you.
- My father
is a liar and a drunk.
His story was absurd.
You're not from ancient times.
That's impossible.
I was born in this house
on that date I carved.
I was christened
after my father,
Richard Van Winkle, Senior.
He was
a man of minor ambition,
which did not sit well
with my mother.
She was a woman
of flaring tempers,
with ample wind to fan them.
Considering the harsh state
of my parents' union,
it should not have come
as a surprise
when my father
disappeared completely...
and yet I keenly felt
his absence.
The burden of the farmwork
fell to me from a young age.
His abandonment
became like coals
from a low-stoked fire.
It fueled my determination
not to be like him.
When I was 17,
the storm that had been brewing
began to blow,
even into this tranquil valley.
And thus,
I found myself fighting
in that grim and bloody conflict
which would make of this
a free nation.
[distant arms bombardment
Our independence was won
at great cost.
I was wounded,
but even in that,
I was luckier than most.
Times were hard,
but the farm was constant,
and we still had the land
to provide for us.
As time passed,
my mother passed on to her maker
and my sister married.
I was left to tend the field,
and fight the gnawing sting
of my father's abandonment.
And so, it was with
quite some astonishment, then,
that, one day,
a strangely familiar figure
appeared as if an apparition
from the mountains.
After 20 years,
my father had returned,
and to excuse
his craven desertion,
he concocted
the most outlandish tale...
He claimed that he had
gone hunting for game
up amidst the local hills.
After trailing
much farther than planned,
he came into a high dell.
Here, he found a stash of brandy
in a curious cave.
After helping himself
to that brandy,
my father claimed
that a fearsome thunderstorm
roared across the valley.
And it was here, he stated,
that he must have
fallen asleep...
for 20 years.
Of course,
it was a preposterous claim,
and I determined to prove
that there was
no mineral-laden cave
as he described.
after a prolonged journey
up past Katterskill Point,
nestled along the eastern ridge
of the mountain,
I was forced
to temper my disbelief
when I came upon such a cave.
[heavy rain falling]
My timing was fortuitous,
for, at that point,
the dark rolling clouds
which had been pursuing me
laid to,
as if the heavens themselves
were rent.
To my surprise,
there was a flagon...
Just as my father had told.
And as the chill of the storm
settled upon my bones,
I was obliged to warm myself
with a swig from that brandy.
And as the storm raged,
I fell into a deep slumber.
[thunder crashing]
[thunder rolls]
When I awoke,
I became aware
of a ravenous hunger
and set down the mountain.
But I found myself
in a strange
and altered landscape.
Where mighty pines had stood
just hours before,
there was now brush and bramble.
And prolific streams
had turned into rock
and impenetrable woods.
It was though I was looking
upon the world anew,
and I understood not why.
My mind was cloudy,
as if I had been through
some dream.
It was shortly after that,
I encountered all of you
in the barn.
[sighs heavily]
I know
how far-fetched this sounds.
[words catch]
You're the son
of Rip Van Winkle.
You decided to disprove
your father's story...
that Washington Irving had
turned into a work of fiction...
but you wound up falling asleep
in a cave in the mountain,
just like your dad,
and then you woke up here...
in 2022.
It appears so.
That's crazier
than Grandpa's alien story.
You know what?
I think it is time
to get you to bed.
What do you say, Dad?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Um... I hope you will find
the house more comfortable
than a hospital.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
[locking door]
That's a good idea.
I'm not afraid.
I-I just think he's confused.
But, um, Ted said
to lock the doors, so...
I'm getting to an age
when I will take "interesting
with a side of crazy"
over sane and boring,
any old day.
Goodnight, Flash.
Goodnight, Grandpa.
Can we keep him?
He's kinda cool.
Okay. Time for bed, you.
Look, I'm gonna talk to Ted
and we're gonna figure
all this out, okay?
Ted ruins everything!
Ted does not ruin everything.
He'll just take him away.
Look, I just want to make sure
that that man gets
the help that he needs. Okay?
All right. Goodnight.
I love you.
Bye, honey!
[background chatter, indistinct]
Hey, freak.
My uncle Waylon says
you and your grandpa
aren't the weirdest people
around town anymore.
Shut up, Wiley.
Says that you got
a freak living with you.
I'm not surprised.
Freaks like to hang together.
I'd rather be a freak
than a Neanderthal!
All right, yes.
I will, uh...
talk to him
about keeping his dog
off your lawn.
Yes, absolutely.
Mrs. Kaufman,
let me call you back.
Okay. Yeah. I promise, I will. Bye.
- Sarah.
- Hi.
What a pleasant surprise.
I wasn't expecting
to see you today.
Yeah, I was just
picking some things up
and decided to say hi.
Well, I'm so glad you did.
- Yeah.
- [sighs]
Sorry. Um...
- Have a seat here.
- Oh, thank you.
- Um... oh.
- Oh!
[chuckles awkwardly]
[overlapping] Um...
So, yeah.
Yeah, uh,
I-I was wondering,
have you heard more on Rip?
W-What's wrong?
Did he do something?
No. No. Not at all.
I knew this was a mistake.
No! No. He's polite
and he works hard.
I was just curious
if you heard back
from the military
about an I.D. for him?
Nothing yet. No.
Maybe it's time
we call in some help?
What would that entail?
Uh, well, we could
have him committed by the county
under a 5150,
I mean, just until they get
a sense of what's going on.
Look, Sarah, I know you think
I'm going overboard here,
but if this guy
is really unstable,
he doesn't belong anywhere near
you or Henry or your dad.
We need to be prudent.
I can't protect you out there.
He's harmless.
Well, I-I-I hope so.
I hope so.
But, I don't know,
what would you like me to do?
You know what?
Never mind.
I'll just, uh,
I'll figure it out
and I'll let you know.
But, in the meantime,
would you mind letting me know
if the military
gets back to you?
Yeah, okay.
Thank you. See ya.
See ya.
Hey, I left you a snack
on the counter
and then I want you
to come out here
and help me load up
for the farmer's market, okay?
Hey. Would you
come here, please?
Honey, what happened?
It's not a big deal.
Well, it looks like
a big deal to me.
Mom, just... let it alone!
Permission to approach
your castle, Sir Henry?
It's just a rock.
when I was your age,
rocks were hardly ever
just rocks.
More often, they were
watchtowers or ramparts.
There used to be
two big boulders
right over there.
That was "Fort Duquesne."
What's that?
It was an outpost
in the French and Indian War.
Oh. More ancient history.
Things did not go well
at school?
I hate Wiley Shump!
Who is Wiley Shump?
Just this kid.
He's really big.
I wish I could kick his butt!
See that wall?
I built that.
Some of those rocks
were nearly as big as me,
but I learned to use leverage
to move them.
I moved those stones
onto that wall.
rocks, soldiers, scoundrels,
There are ways to use
their size against them.
You mean...
you could teach me
to beat up Wiley?
I have seen a lot of combat.
It's awful.
Fighting is a terrible thing
and it should be avoided
if there is any other way.
But if you find yourself
with no options,
I can teach you ways
to defend yourself.
- Thank you.
- Here we go.
Oh, and don't forget
to saut those beet greens.
They are delicious.
Yeah. Have a good one.
Those ladies are back again.
Would you ladies care
for another sample
of our homemade apple butter?
Maybe you would like
to take some home.
It's only five shillings...
- Dollars.
- Dollars a jar.
I'll take a bottle.
I'll take two!
Very well.
He certainly seems to be able
to make friends very easily.
Are you gonna keep making jokes
or are you gonna
go help the customers?
I'm gonna go help the customers.
Hi. That's Five apiece.
Pardon me.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
You're not disturbing me.
There was an errant chicken
who decided to roost
outside my window.
I was helping her
find her way back to the coop.
You seem to be
enjoying your evening.
Just enjoying
a rare moment of quiet.
Henry's asleep
and Dad's at the VFW.
Apologies for the interruption.
I shall take my leave.
I mean, you can stay,
if you want.
I'm just playing a game
on my phone.
Here, come here, I'll show you.
Only if you're sure
I'm not disturbing you, ma'am.
The only thing disturbing me
is you calling me "ma'am."
Propriety would require...
Okay, it's not
the 18th century anymore.
I am unaccustomed
to any woman over the age of 20
being unaccounted for.
an incredibly pretty one.
Um, apologies.
I've... I've overstepped.
Trust me. I'll let you know
when you've overstepped.
All right, come here.
Let me show you this.
That is quite an object,
your flashy thingamajig.
My phone?
Yeah, I guess it kind of is.
how does it work?
That, I don't know,
but I can show you what it does.
All right.
So, this game...
is really just a fun way
of knocking things down.
See? Yeah.
I'm sure you had games like this
when you were a kid, no?
We had skittles, nine pins...
That sort of thing...
But mostly
we just made our own toys.
Like what?
That's amazing.
You have to show me
how to do that.
[toots a lively tune]
[stops tooting as Sarah laughs]
What are you two doing?
Hey, show him.
Do it again, do it again.
Listen to this.
[begins tooting the tune]
[laughing as Rip continues]
[stops and chuckles]
But I'm tired.
I'll see the two of you tomorrow.
Oh! Um, Dad,
will you carry Henry to bed
for me, please?
- Sure.
- Thank you. Goodnight.
Okay, come here, you have
to show me how to do that now.
- Certainly.
- I want to know the trick.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You hold the blade of grass
between your two thumbs,
- like so, quite taut.
- Mm-hmm.
And then you just blow.
Sounds like a duck call.
[Rip] Morning.
All right, so, are you ready?
Yeah? That way? Okay.
[Rip] Do you see how I did that?
By using momentum.
Now you try.
Okay. What you got?
You gonna come at me, Rip?
Watch the strike.
Transfer, walk, grab,
step behind.
[loud rumbling]
[sword-sticks clacking]
[groans theatrically] Oh!
Ah! Yeah!
[Rip laughs]
[chuckles] No.
I didn't know the pilgrims.
How old do you think I am?
Uh, according to you,
really old.
Well, the answer's still no.
Thank you so kindly
for the meal.
You're welcome.
Hey. Homework.
[Henry huffs irately]
Thank you so much
for everything you've done.
Really, I didn't think
we would be able
to get it all done this season.
It has been my pleasure.
May I?
Ah, yeah, of course.
You must be missing
some of your friends and family.
There are a few people
I miss very much.
You married?
I never found much time
for courtship.
Well, we're still young.
We are?
[laughs] Yeah!
My girlfriends in the city,
they put their career
before marriage and kids.
I mean, they won't even
think about it
until they feel like
they've really
established themselves.
I admit, when I first arrived,
I have found myself...
amazed by
these new societal constructs.
[laughs] No doubt.
Women wear trousers and vote,
and labor at men's jobs...
Mm. Yes, we do,
and just as well,
thank you very much.
As ably as any man could.
- Yep.
- And yet still,
with no less than the perfect
essence of womanhood.
It has stirred in me
a-a realization...
There once was a man
named Thomas Jefferson.
He was a great statesman
and philosopher.
[chuckles] I know
who Thomas Jefferson was.
Well, of course.
The noble Mr. Jefferson
stirred our people to freedom
by declaring
that all men are created equal.
it seems quite evident to me now
that his declaration was flawed.
Had he known Sarah Majors,
he should have included women
in his proclamation.
Thank you.
So, um... ahem.
There's a...
there's a doctor
at New York College
of Medicine and Technology
who I contacted.
I told her about you.
And she's very interested
in your story
and very curious to meet you.
[sighs] I know, I know. Homework.
I want you to have this.
It's a toy.
You can play with it,
and then you won't have to be
afraid of the real tractor.
That's very kind.
And then maybe you could think
of everything like that.
Tractors, trucks, helicopters...
Like they're all just big toys.
I would like, very much,
to talk to your expert.
It's been a long time
since I've been to the city.
Okay, on that,
I just want to warn you,
New York has changed
a little bit.
Is Broadway still there?
I once walked
all the way from the Battery
to Greenwich Village.
Are those places still there?
Through Lispenard's Meadow,
past the Manhattan well...
I know it will look different,
but I'm prepared.
Okay, I just don't want you
to freak out.
"Freak out"?
So this is what I meant
by freaking out.
- I see.
- Mm.
As I count backwards,
your eyes will become
heavier and heavier.
After I reach one,
you will be in
a deep hypnotic state.
Do you understand?
Thank you for bringing
his case to my attention.
It's quite fascinating.
[Sarah] Can you help him?
He does seem to have
gone through a war.
But the most intriguing thing
is that,
as a coping mechanism,
I think his brain has created
an elaborate delusion
which places his trauma
to a war almost 250 years
in the past.
I believe this makes it
somehow safer for him.
Is this common?
I mean,
have you seen this before?
No. It's quite unusual.
Especially for a patient
to maintain
such a complex delusion
under hypnosis.
We'd like to do
a few more tests.
Yeah, sure.
Not sure what
this foreign object is,
but we could remove it simply,
with a local anesthetic.
[Rip] Remove it? Now?
Are you all right?
I need a leather strap
to bite on.
Please don't start yet.
Uh, actually, we're almost done.
How did you do that?
I-I suppose I'm fine, then.
What do you think that is?
I was shot.
That is
a "Brown Bess" musket ball.
They stopped making those
in 1820.
Where, uh... [chuckles]
Where'd you find it?
It was pulled
from this man's leg.
I mean, I've heard of these
"re-enactors" going pretty far,
but you, my friend,
you take the cake.
[Rip] How can this even be
the same place?
I know,
it looks different to me,
and I only left 10 years ago.
You lived in New York City?
Yeah. Yeah. Until Simon left.
Your husband?
No. Baby daddy.
"Baby daddy"?
Yeah. [laughs]
We weren't married.
I know that sounds unusual
to you,
but it's really not
that uncommon anymore.
He left, uh,
right before Henry was born.
I'm sorry.
There is nothing less honorable
than a man abandoning
a woman with child.
Yeah, well, that's something
we both can agree on.
Anyway, but really,
I'm fine now.
So you left the city?
Uh, so, my parents
had just retired,
and I admit I was feeling
a bit overwhelmed,
so I took a hiatus
from my advertising job.
I thought it would be temporary,
but then,
my mom got Alzheimer's,
so I stayed.
Um, Alzheimer's is a disease
where you stop being able
to remember things.
Like me?
No. Not quite.
Anyway, it was
a difficult couple of years.
But you know I realized?
People need healthy food...
Not food filled with chemicals and...
that's where I feel like
I'm really
accomplishing something.
[Rip] Why is it called "Edge"?
[Sarah] I'll show you
if you're up for it.
Come on.
Walk straight.
You've got to walk straight.
Are you sure it's safe
for us to be up this high?
Okay, you see that building
right there?
That building is still standing
and it was built 90 years ago.
Come on.
Oh, my.
Yeah, it's pretty impressive,
isn't it?
I wonder if this is
what Heaven must be like.
Yeah, I have to admit,
it still takes my breath away.
Who'd have dreamed we'd be
capable of such edifices?
[Sarah] Humans seem intent
on always wanting more,
going bigger.
It's reassuring to know
we got it right.
The architecture?
All of this.
When we battled
for our independence,
it was really just a theory... democracy.
At the time,
it seemed
like a grand experiment.
We didn't know if we'd survive,
as a people,
as a country.
It's good to see
that we managed
to figure it out.
I don't know
that we figured it out.
I mean, not by a long shot.
After all this time,
we keep trying.
I think that's what's important.
at the very least,
it's good to know
that the ideals we fought for...
They have definitely
amounted to all this.
When I look around,
I see something grand
and marvelous.
It does seem to allow people
to take liberties, I suppose.
Well, it is pretty romantic.
When we run out of
probable explanations
for your story,
then perhaps it's time
to consider improbable ones.
We've had a request
for you to discuss all of this
with Dr. Silver.
He teaches quantum theory
in our physics department.
You see, we've run different
combinations of elements
though our computer models
in order to formulate
an equation that would account
for certain types
of quantum anomalies.
Is this a commonplace mysticism
for you?
Because I understand this about
as well as I do your tractor.
I have no idea
what he's talking about either.
No, no. I'm sorry.
I may have gotten
a little carried away
in my excitement.
You see, you, sir, may represent
the living embodiment
of this theory.
What exactly is the theory?
Well, let me explain it
to you another way.
You see, quantum physics
is a science
which examines
physical phenomena
usually along a subatomic scale.
Now, here's an example.
We've recently taken
trace amounts
of new uranium particles
and placed them
at the Bikini Atoll.
Where the nuclear bomb
was tested?
Yes, that's right.
I don't know
what any of that is.
That's fine,
but here's what's significant.
Now, we've noticed disturbances
in the present-day
uranium particles
similar to what
we would expect to find
after a nuclear blast,
even though that event
took place over 70 years ago.
You see...
there seems to be a connection
between the particles
that exists across time.
How does that apply to Rip?
let's imagine that
this is the history of America,
from the establishment
of the colonies
all the way
up to the present time.
Now, we have always assumed
that time moves us
at a consistent pace,
just one way, along this line.
But the behavior
of the uranium particles
suggests that great energetic disturbances
create wormholes.
Now, this would explain
how a person such as yourself,
from this point in time,
could end up
at this point in time.
If the cave that you mentioned
had high amounts of
lead, zinc, molybdenum,
and trace amounts of
a radioactive element
like uranium, or radium even,
and it was subject
to intense jolts of energy...
Like the lightning strike
that you described...
It would effectively
create a wormhole.
And that wormhole
would result in a fold,
or a tear in time,
landing you, my friend...
in the future.
So you're saying
his story is real?
Do you think I could
get back to my own time?
The answer to both
your questions
is, theoretically... yes.
Yes, it's possible.
[Rip, distracted]
Grand and marvelous.
What's that?
Thank you.
For what?
For taking me here.
And for taking my story seriously.
And for taking me in.
When you found me in your barn,
you were very gracious
and trusting.
I don't pretend
to understand this new world,
but I believe
I've learned enough to know
that it was an unlikely
and generous thing.
You're welcome.
[chuckles softly]
Do you think what the doctor
told us is true?
I wish I knew.
I... I don't know.
Some days on the farm,
I feel as if
there's no place I'd rather be.
But then,
there are times like this,
this trip into the city,
where I worry I might never
fit into this new world.
But it sure is something.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Is something wrong?
No, I don't think so.
Does something need to be wrong?
I just haven't seen you
in a little while.
Right. I'm sorry.
I've just been...
I've just been really busy.
- I thought so.
- Yeah.
You know, I was thinking,
"Sarah must be so busy..."
and "Sarah must need a break."
So, I was thinking we, uh,
grill up some steaks...
And I brought a nice bottle
of that red that you like...
Good evening, Deputy.
Um, it's daytime, but...
Um, Ted... Ted was just
stopping by to say hello.
Yeah. Hello.
Y-You know, I was hoping
that I could just have
a little moment with Sarah.
Just the... two of us.
I'll get back to loading
the carriage.
Uh, "truck."
Thank you.
Yeah, tha... that one. Thanks.
Good day!
Good day.
How's it going with him?
Giving you any trouble?
No. Not at all.
Okay, well, listen.
While I'm here,
I actually got a response from
the National Military Archive,
and there's absolutely no record
of your guy ever having
served in the military.
His name is Rip.
Yeah, pretty sure
that's not his real name.
What are you trying to say, Ted?
Well, people in town
have been talking about
this crazy story of his
and we're all more than
a little concerned,
and you know, I've heard of
situations like this before.
Really? You've heard of
situations like Rip's?
Situations where
a con artist comes along,
and tells a wild story
to some easy marks, yeah.
Oh! Oh. So I assume
that Dad and I are
the "easy marks" in this story?
Sarah, come on.
I'm just worried that he might
be taking advantage of you.
Ted. I-I can't
do this right now.
I'm so sorry.
I-I'm just, like,
I'm really busy.
Can we talk later?
Um, what about this weekend?
Look. I appreciate the offer.
I am just so slammed right now.
No, I mean the festival.
You're gonna come, aren't you?
Right. Yes. The festival.
Of course. I-I-I will be
at the festival.
Okay, then.
And maybe another time
for the steaks?
[chuckles awkwardly]
Sure. Sure.
Uh, don't work too hard.
- Thanks.
- All right.
[festive chatter and buzz]
Mom, they have candy apples!
You'll be
on a sugar-high all night.
He'll be fine!
Come on. I see Bloom's
hard cider stand over there.
Go easy, both of you!
Does that bother you?
No. It rather delights me.
Don't worry.
No one's thinking
any the worse of us.
And even if they were,
I wouldn't care.
Why does that not surprise me?
So what about you, Rip?
What do you want to do?
At the moment,
I should like nothing more
than to accompany you
to wherever
your heart may fancy.
Ooh, you better be careful.
You don't know what
you're getting yourself into.
Oh, dear.
Let's go have some fun.
[rock music thumping]
It's loud!
Where are the musicians?
How have they secreted them
inside this box?
No, that's a speaker!
You're not supposed to stand
that close to it.
It's just a recording.
You see that guy?
He's playing the music.
This is rock music!
What do you think?
I'm not sure I can think at all.
Good! That's the point.
You're just supposed to dance!
It's okay to let yourself go.
Just listen to the beat
and let your body do the rest.
Maybe a little more fluid? Yeah.
Whoa. Whoa.
Or maybe more like this...
Yeah, yeah, there you go.
[Sarah chuckling]
That was good.
Pardon me, kind sir.
I-I don't imagine
you would be able
to play something a bit, um...
Perhaps a... a gentle ballad
to which one can dance?
- ["Crazy" begins playing]
- Well... that's an improvement.
I'm crazy for feeling
So lonely
I'm crazy
Crazy for feeling
So blue
I knew
You'd love me as long
As you wanted
And then someday...
Mind if I cut in?
...You'd leave me
for somebody new
- Hi.
- Hi.
Why do I let myself worry?
For I'm sitting there
What in the world did I do?
Hey, freak.
What are you doing?
Leave me alone, Wiley.
What do you got there?
I'm hungry.
Oh, yeah, I just remembered...
I hate candy apples.
Oh! You gonna cry?
Come on, freak. Stand up.
That is a genuine
Colonial farming tool
which was found
near this thresher.
Well, look.
It's Calvin Majors.
Now, have you been telling
more of those
incredible stories, Calvin?
Don't tell us.
You came to America
on the Mayflower?
you're a pompous blowhard.
Well, maybe.
But at least I'm not nuts.
[Waylon snickers]
Now, as I was saying,
this thresher here would've been
used by the local farmers
to harvest their barley
and, uh, other grains.
I beg your pardon.
It's the O.G.
The crazy man himself.
But what I find really crazy
is how much this man is charging
for items for which
he is clearly misrepresenting.
Well, now, just a second here.
This device, for example.
This was not used
for threshing grain.
It is a "flax break."
If you will allow me...
You will notice...
this hole.
There's a wooden peg
which is missing,
on which this handle hinged.
When the flax was harvested,
they would draw it
across these wooden slats
while bringing this handle
down repeatedly.
It would break up
the fibers of the flax plants,
so they could be carded,
and spun into thread,
then woven into linen.
And that item
you are about to buy, madam,
is not a farming implement,
as he stated.
[Waylon chuckles awkwardly]
It is a child's toy...
And it is broken.
Uh, if you'll excuse me,
I can hear my phone ringing.
Hopefully it's someone who
knows what they're taking about.
You obviously don't.
Oh! That was amazing!
I have never seen Waylon
so embarrassed.
[deep breath] Oh...
I don't think
I needed that last cider.
Or the one before that.
- Oh, yeah.
- Let's get you to bed.
[Calvin blows air wearily]
"It's a flax break."
"Oh, I think
I hear my phone ringing!"
[sighs] Ahh...
You don't have to do that.
I don't mind.
Your father...
you're lucky to have him.
I should say goodnight.
[rain hammering]
I'm a man
of old-fashioned principles.
I can't.
Goodnight, Sarah.
[rain pounding]
Can I come in?
Is everything all right?
Were you expecting someone else?
It's a nice farm, isn't it?
She's made a good life here.
And the business...
it's taking off.
She's really made something
out of this place.
Yes, I have
a tremendous admiration
for Sarah
and her accomplishments.
Excuse me.
I bet you do.
I suppose
you're probably thinking
things are going
according to plan, huh?
I'm sorry.
I'm not sure I understand.
Look, uh...
it's just you and me here,
so can we drop
the whole innocent
"I don't know anything
about anything" act
and just talk?
'Cause you know there's no way
I can let a con man like you
take advantage
of good people like this, right?
I assure you,
that is not
what I am doing here.
I have tried to behave
in only
the most honorable manner.
- Honorable?
- Yes.
Let me tell you what I see.
You come along out of nowhere,
acting innocent and confused
and helpless.
And somehow
you get them to go along
with your ridiculous stories
and maybe eventually
they feel sorry enough for you
to keep you hanging around.
How am I doing so far?
So now what?
please, enlighten me.
Well, you're not really
gonna stick around.
We both know that.
You fooled these people
into thinking you belong here.
But you do not.
And in the end,
all you're gonna do
is break their hearts.
I would never want that.
I hope that's true.
Because I love that woman...
and I will not see her hurt.
I want to give her things
you never could.
I mean, what do you really
bring to the table?
Aside from silly stories
and zero prospects?
I think I have
something to offer
that men of this time
have long forgotten.
I gotta give it to you, man.
You are good with words.
I mean, this whole...
this whole thing...
It works.
But listen up, Rip.
If you truly love Sarah,
just do the right thing.
Your presence here
is doing damage
to her and her entire family.
I can't even imagine
what you mean. I...
Well, that's the problem,
isn't it?
Because she's not
gonna tell you.
She's too kind.
Too good.
But she is becoming a joke
in this town,
and I won't have it.
Her son is being bullied.
Her dad is being mocked.
All because they have
a guy living with them
who claims he knew
George Washington.
I know how it sounds.
But it's the truth.
A real man
wouldn't do this, Rip...
even if
he is delusional enough
to think he fought
in the American Revolution.
I'm telling you right now
there is no future for you here.
And if you stay a moment longer,
you might not have any future
left at all.
There's those words again.
[rain pouring]
[door bangs shut]
[radio reporter] ...This is
your current traffic
and weather on the hour.
Sorry, folks,
but it's a real nasty...
Coffee's ready
and I'm about to go
fix some eggs.
[reporter] ...Road closures
along the 202.
There's also a report
of a downed electrical line...
[Rip] Good morning.
My tongue feels like
it's wearing a sweater.
Major precipitation
is expected throughout the day
and a travel advisory
has been issued
along the entire
Hudson River Valley.
We're running
a little bit late this morning.
The storm temporarily
knocked out the power,
so my alarm didn't go off.
Mom, do I have to go to school?
This is gonna be some storm!
Get your butt into gear.
All right, don't forget,
we have to batten down
the chicken coop
and check the latches
on the barn.
Find yourself a fire
and snuggle up with a good book,
or, if you're like me,
get caught up on some sleep.
This one has the potential
to develop into
one of the biggest
electrical storms
we've seen in decades.
I think I've almost gotten
everything in order.
Well, I brought you
a sandwich and some apple pie.
That's very...
you're very kind.
It's the least I can do.
It's never the least with you.
Well, uh, Dad and I
are gonna run to the store,
just to pick up some things,
in case we're stuck here
for the next few days
with this storm.
You'll be all right?
I hope so, Sarah Majors.
I very much hope so.
Are you... Are y...
Are you okay?
About last night?
You just seem...
You seem a little, um...
No, last night was the most
wonderful moment of my life.
We should make sure
to put extra tie-downs
on the barn doors and shutters.
Yeah. Getting right on that.
[rain hammering]
[thunder rumbling]
I can't find Rip.
He's not in the orchard
or the barn.
You check the farmhouse?
Hi, honey!
How was school?
We practically
didn't do anything today.
I totally could've stayed home.
Oh, yeah? Why?
I don't know, everyone was just
talking about the storm.
It's from Rip.
"My dearest Sarah,
Henry, and Calvin.
I must sincerely apologize
for my sudden de... "
[words catch] "...parture."
[overlapping with Rip]
"I fear that if I were given... "
[Rip] "...weeks or months",
and the world's
greatest volumes,
I still would never find
the proper words
to express my gratitude
or convey
the depth of my feelings.
And thus I will depart,
much as I arrived...
With no fanfare or warning.
This storm seems like
my best chance
to return
to where I indeed belong.
I'm sure it will be
for the betterment of us all,
"since I have no desire... "
[overlapping] " cause you
anymore distress."
"It is with a heavy heart"
and all of my fondest affections
I bid you farewell.
Yours most truly and always,
Why would he say that?
He's going back to the cave.
I have to stop him.
[tearfully] What if he does
get back to his time
and I don't even get
to say goodbye?
- I'll find him
- Where?
Up along the eastern ridge,
He said "Katterskill Point."
I think he meant Eagle Peak!
It's starting to get
really steep!
You go on.
We're just slowing you down!
Are you sure?
Yes, yes!
We'll be fine.
Go on!
Don't worry.
She'll find him.
- Okay, Grandpa.
- Come on.
[calling] Rip!
What are you doing
out here in this storm?
Are you mad?
You're the one trying to go back
two and a half centuries
in time,
and I'm the one who's crazy?
I left you a letter.
You said you were
causing us distress?
What does that even mean?
Ted enlightened me.
What does Ted
have to do with this?
I'm ruining your reputation.
I have nothing to offer you.
What... I decide
what you have to offer me.
Well, now's the chance for you
to get back.
I am a man who may forever be
out of the right time and place,
but I will
gladly forgo my chance
to return to where I belong,
if you would do me
the unimaginable honor
of giving me
your hand in marriage.
We don't have
to get married yet.
But how about we go out
for a date or two?
[thunder crashing]
My pack! It's gone.
[Sarah] Come on.
[thunder crashes]
[Rip, writing]
April 12th, 2022.
As I finally consider
the strange occurrences
which have befallen me,
I am loathe to admit
I have spent the better part
of my life
consumed with bitterness
towards my father.
Truthfully, through
no fault of my father's,
my life has been quite lonely.
I now deeply regret
such animosity.
all of that has changed.
The house I have always lived in
has finally become a home...
and it's only taken me
a few centuries to find it.
I have discovered happiness
with a remarkable woman
and her son and her father.
They have opened my eyes
to true love.
I only wish I could share
such a gift with my father.
I am not certain
where my future lies...
or if I will ever return to him,
but I pray somehow
that he will know his son
does love him well.
I have learned about such things
from a remarkable woman
who wears pants
and who gives me hope
that, in the future,
all things are possible.
I wanna live my life
With you there by side
And I wanna
wake up from a dream
To see you sleeping
I wanna be with you forever
Lookin' in your eyes...
Tryin' to see you
Feelin' nothin'
Nothin' but lovin' you