Riphagen (2016) Movie Script

- Good evening.
- Mr. de Wit?
Mrs. de Wit?
My name is Andries Riphagen.
I'm from the Devisenschutz.
This is my colleague, Joop Out.
You don't happen to hide Jews
or Jewish property, do you?
Me? Oh no.
Nice house you've got.
You live here by yourself?
Just us two.
What do you do for a living?
- - - - - I used to be a carpenter.
- Oh, nice.
So was Jesus.
- - You know who killed him, don't you?
- The Romans.
We have nothing against Jews.
We just follow the law.
So if you're hiding anyone,
you'd better say so.
We have nothing to say.
They send them to work in Germany.
What's that to you?
- We hear different stories.
- People parrot each other and exaggerate.
Well, shall we go upstairs together?
We've known her for such a long time.
- Where is your money?
- My husband had our money.
- And where's your husband?
- He is caught already.
Would you mind turning around?
I believe I can help you.
But then you mustn't lie.
I want to congratulate you.
Amsterdam is almost free of Jews.
Has the police anywhere else
done their job as well...
as you here in Amsterdam?
You can be proud.
But of course there are always a few
who slip through the net.
Can you send the last Jews
on transport as well?
From today on a bounty will be paid.
7.50 guilders for every arrested Jew.
A bit late.
They've all gone into hiding.
- Frits.
- Hey, Jan.
Heil Hitler.
You can throw all ID cards away.
They're introducing new ones.
They use a new sort of ink.
Lages has set a bounty.
- Jan, if you want to stop...
- Do you have more people on the force?
Well, then.
The Germans also need a new supply.
I can find out when they'll be ready
for transport in The Hague.
This house has been requisitioned
by the Devisenschutz.
It will be put up for sale,
but for now you're safe here.
And how can I thank you?
Just wait till this is all over.
Men, I've heard Lages will pay you
7.50 per Jew. That's absurd.
I'll raise it by ten guilders
out of my own pocket.
Ten bucks for every tip
you bring to me personally.
And can we keep
the Jews' belongings?
No, Jewish property
gets requisitioned by the Devisenschutz.
- But you already knew that.
- Do you know that as well?
Can you take a photo of us?
Gentlemen, come stand next to me.
A family.
I was going to give them to Lages.
But for 40 guilders extra they're yours.
Do you have a light?
I don't smoke.
Ten guilders is a lot of money.
- We have to help one another.
- Out of your own pocket?
- What do you get out of it?
- Nothing.
Why would you do that?
I try to help them.
Maybe later.
When I know which side you're on.
Come with me.
Any successes these last few days?
- Only false leads.
- Only false leads.
No Jews in hiding,
no cash, nothing at all?
Wery, Elizabeth. 'Betje'.
Got arrested at the railway station.
Jewish mother, half-Jewish father.
- Willing to talk if we spare her family.
- What do I have to do with it?
I'm not happy with your results.
If we want to stay friends,
you'll have to do better.
The false leads
can wait, can't they?
I expect results.
So tell me, you filthy traitor...
why should I not send you and your family
to Mauthausen?
Point them out. On the map.
Jews in hiding. In Amsterdam.
I'm from Rotterdam.
She doesn't know anything.
- Then put her on transport.
- I know someone. With the resistance.
He brags about raids and stuff.
- Go to that man.
- And my ID card?
- I'll hold onto it.
- But if I get arrested?
You won't get arrested.
You'll be watched.
Come, they're upstairs.
Good afternoon, everyone.
Pretty smart, hiding in your own house.
- And now?
- I believe I can help you.
But there must be mutual trust.
- You're new.
- I've been working here for years.
I've served you many times before.
Sorry, I couldn't resist it.
I'm covering for my sister.
Oh, the other red one.
I think she doesn't like me much.
She found you in bed with another girl.
And you asked her to join them.
- Not a good first impression, I guess.
- I was curious, actually.
Copy Valuables
don't you worry and brood
that will just spoil your mood
be calm, be more pragmatic
life is not so dramatic
don't you worry and brood
that will do you no good.
It's safe here.
keep calm but be prepared
no point in being scared.
Choose whatever you like.
It's not completely kosher.
Before I forget.
Here I have your receipt.
From the SD, for your diamonds.
- You gave them to the SD?
- Not all of them. Ten, to be exact.
I have to give them something
or they'll notice.
The rest I'll keep till after the war.
Then you'll get them back.
I can write out a receipt for them too...
but if that falls into the wrong hands,
we're both doomed.
Why are you doing this for me?
I lived in Germany before the war.
I was married to a Jewish girl.
I don't want to go into the details,
but I wasn't able to save her.
Look, I have the perfect cover.
The Germans think I work for them...
but in the meantime...
It's just very difficult to know
who you can trust.
Here you go.
- Sorry, pal, but I didn't order this.
- Ari did.
- Ari, why do I get a beer from you?
- Dries, Kemp is bothering me.
Kemp? What does he want?
I have two Jewish friends.
Kemp will betray them if I don't pay him.
I'll be right back. Kemp.
- Get out of here.
- But I didn't do anything.
He's not welcome anymore.
I'm sorry you had to see this.
Well, we have to help
one another, don't we?
We sure do.
- Ari, can you take a photo of us?
- Of course.
I have friends you can trust.
And relatives.
No Jews allowed.
- You are here for?
- None of your business.
Obersturmfhrer Kessler, SD.
There's a suspicion of fraud.
Where's your safe?
Go on, I don't have all day.
The keys.
Yes. Yes.
Yes, that's correct. Yes.
- ID.
- Excuse me?
Now, come.
- What's going on?
- I can't tell pending the investigation.
I'd like to make a phone call to check.
You're not a suspect yet.
Keep it that way.
Did you leave your post?
Who's guarding the entrance?
We need those papers
for further investigation.
Do I have to carry them by myself?
- So this is Dries.
- How do you do.
He has to give a small part to the SD,
there's no other way...
but the rest is safe with him.
I've known them for 35 years.
You can trust them.
Ari, can you take a photo?
Finally, I said to him:
'And don't leave your post again.'
Almost 10,000.
Well done.
10,000 men and women won't go on transport.
Is that worth the trouble or not?
It's Charly, with the new messenger girl.
- Is there a party here?
- Good work, Charly.
Jan. Fritsie.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- I'm Jan.
- Bella. Bella Tuerlings.
- Hello, Bella Tuerlings.
- Hello, Jan...
- Van Liempd.
- Hello, Jan van Liempd.
- What's there to celebrate?
- That's a secret.
But you'll have a lot of work
as a messenger.
I wanted to keep it small.
But my wife wanted a grand ceremony
with all the bells and whistles.
- A woman deserves that, doesn't she?
- Yes.
I worked double shifts for years
to pay for it all.
How about you?
- Are you married?
- Yes.
But he passed away.
- I'm so sorry.
- Don't be.
You didn't know.
What was it like?
He was the love of my life.
I want to go home.
Is your sister not here?
Well, what have you got?
Do I really have to tell you?
I have to bring these to Utrecht for them.
They call themselves the 'ID Card Centre'.
The leader is called Gerrit van der Veen.
I see. And how many of these
do they have?
- How much do they make with these?
- Nothing.
They don't do it for the money.
Go back and keep an eye on them.
- How much longer?
- Till I say that you can stop.
- Who is it?
- Andries Riphagen. From the guesthouse.
My sister isn't here.
I'm not here for your sister.
I'm here for you.
It's not a good time.
- For me, really?
- Yes.
- What's going on?
- That always happens when he's drunk.
- Open the goddamn door.
- No.
Open it.
- Shall I...
- Filthy whore.
What do you want, asshole?
Did you call me an asshole?
Did you?
On your knees.
Well, go on and hit him.
- No.
- Either you hit him or I will.
And now it's your turn.
He won't do anything.
You won't do anything, right?
Any plans for the rest of the day?
I believe I'm not in my right mind
I'm continuously lost in thought
suddenly I've become a different person
my heart beats like a set of drums.
I sing my Westerbork serenade
along the railway tracks
shines the silver moon on the meadow.
I sing my Westerbork serenade
walking with a pretty lady on my side
and my heart burns like the boiler
in the boiler house.
I never felt anything like this
when I was still at home with Mom.
I sing my Westerbork serenade
walking with a pretty lady on my side.
I sing my Westerbork serenade
in between the barracks
it took hold of me on the meadow
this Westerbork love romance.
Are you really as dangerous as they say?
- You work for the Nazis.
- No I don't.
- What's the matter?
- You lie. I don't like that.
I work for the SD.
I can't say much about it, but I don't
work there to help the Nazis.
- Who then?
- I'll tell you some other time.
Hey, I'm from the same place
you're from.
But there was no one to help me.
Just look into the lens.
I've thought about what you said.
That you were willing to help us.
We're afraid we'll lose our house.
So maybe we can do it this way.
We have to help one another,
don't we?
- Two more whiskies.
- Thank you.
My pleasure.
And if you think very hard?
No, I've already referred to you
everyone I trust, Dries.
Some people think you're my lover.
They see us together so often.
Well, if I'd been born 20 years earlier...
You said you could help me
get to England by way of Antwerp.
- True. Eventually.
- I think it's time.
I'll take care of it.
is for you.
Saint Christopher,
the patron saint of travelers.
- Is this not more for Catholics?
- As long as it works.
It brought me to you.
I hope it will protect you too.
Thank you.
Go pack your bags. Tomorrow
I'll personally bring you to Antwerp.
- Albert.
- Jan.
- Can I have a word with you?
- Yes.
Two lists.
Jan, we're going to make a few bucks.
- Why us?
- Orders from the SD.
Alright, go on then.
Well, there it is. Number 26.
- No.
- Yes.
Esther Schaap?
- No.
- Come on.
No, that can't be.
- Where are the previous owners?
- Emigrated.
- And I paid them dearly for this.
- Dries.
Sweetheart, they're safe.
I put them on the boat myself.
I was promised protection.
Did Dries Riphagen
promise you protection?
Of course not.
This address comes from him.
- You make me so happy, Dries.
- Do I?
Stop! Stop it.
- I feel safe with you.
- You are.
Do you really work for the police?
And for the SD?
The SD? No.
But I saw your SD pass in the car.
That was fake. That was for
the raid on the State Printing House.
Why won't you accept it?
The Germans have won, haven't they?
You can't change the world all by yourself.
And you know what?
These people asked for it.
Who hurled the world into a crisis?
The Wall Street bankers did.
They're Jews, you know.
We arrest normal families, not bankers.
- Then why don't you quit as a policeman?
- They'll send me off to Germany. Then what?
- You could go into hiding.
- I can't.
Why not?
That's what the Jews are doing.
Think, Jan. Think hard.
Riphagen, come with me.
You can pack your things, Mr. Riphagen.
- Why?
- Your license has been revoked.
You're under investigation.
You thought you could take
what belongs to Germany?
- Nonsense.
- What's your current address?
- You had me followed?
- Does that surprise you?
You live in a house that belongs to
the Devisenschutz and therefore to Germany.
The investigation will reveal
whether that's your only offense.
Pack your things.
Be here tomorrow morning at 9.
With your wife.
Gerrit van der Veen.
- Does he trust you?
- Why?
I'm going to deliver him and his group
to Lages. And you will help me.
- Why didn't you come to me before?
- I...
I've only just found out.
- And Miss...
- Wery.
will tell us everything about this
Gerrit van der Veen...
and the raid
on the State Printing House...
- If the investigation against me stops.
- Sure.
We can also take our info to The Hague,
where the raid took place.
If you'd like to see me go... But let's
keep it within the family, shall we?
Heil Hitler.
Ciao, Bella, Tuerlings.
This is much better.
Not as dark as the Stadhouderskade.
- Can we get the key by next week?
- Yes. I don't use this room anyway.
- You want to see the other room as well?
- Yes, please.
Hey, don't I know you?
I'm not going to betray
any more people.
I can't.
Do you want to go to Poland
with your parents that badly?
It's all gone wrong.
They took Charly, Eline and Toos
to the police station.
Can't we rescue them?
You're a policeman, aren't you?
- Morning.
- Morning.
- You're early.
- Yes.
I have to go back.
- Why?
- The staircase leads to the cellblock.
- Jan.
- You're early.
- Yes, so are you.
- Yes.
- I had some administration to do.
- Sure.
You don't want anyone to see, of course.
Did you think I'd forgotten?
With regards from Riphagen.
What's going on?
A cigarette?
Well done.
Well done.
Did no one follow you?
It went well.
- Did you hear anything about Riphagen?
- I never hear anything.
I don't even know what he looks like.
I'd walk right past him.
- I'll find him.
- How?
If they see you, they'll
send you to Germany.
Connie's husband is already there.
- And Ans and Peter's boys.
- I won't let them catch me.
Forget Riphagen.
A man like him will get his just reward.
Mark my words.
- A restaurant? On the train?
- Yes, a restaurant on the train.
- I can't believe I'm sitting here.
- Why not?
- I love you, Dries Riphagen.
- And I love you, turtledove.
hello, sweetie pie, hello, honey pie
hello, darling little girl
you're so entrancing, I'll take you dancing
please, can you spare some time?
every time I see you I'm delighted
but why must my love be unrequited?
hello, sweetie pie, hello, honey pie
please, can you spare some time?
I speak French and Spanish and Italian
I was top of my class, no less
but the girl I love the most of all
to me just won't say 'yes'
to her Portuguese sounds like Chinese
she thinks algebra is balderdash
a diploma from a school
proves to her I'm just a fool
hello, sweetie pie, hello, honey pie
please, can you spare some time?
you're so entrancing, I'll take you dancing
please, can you spare some time?
- Will you fill up the tub, darling?
- Of course.
- Don't be afraid, I come for Dries.
- How did you get in?
- I had nowhere else to go. I'm Bella.
- Dries.
- Go to the bathroom and close the door.
- Who is this?
- Lages threw me out.
- Not my problem.
- I need my ID and go to Rotterdam.
- Get out of my house.
What more do you want? I've betrayed all
my friends already. Hit me. Knock me dead.
Shall I tell your wife
what we have together?
You wait here.
Who is she?
- Sorry, darling, she shouldn't have come.
- Who is she? And don't lie to me.
She worked at the SD,
but she's been fired.
- So she just breaks in here?
- I know, I told her the same thing.
She's a bit confused.
But now she has to leave.
- And my parents?
- I'll take care of it. Here.
Money for the train.
And if I see you ever again,
I will kill you and your parents.
Get lost.
- When is she due?
- What do you mean?
I hope your baby will be born dead.
Dries, isn't it about time
for a slight change of course?
- What do you mean?
- Don't you think it will all end soon?
- After Normandy?
- It can't do any harm to spread your bets.
I'm renting some rooms
to people in hiding...
Harry helps with food coupons.
So that if the tide turns one day...
Gee, Dries.
I'm on a death list
and you want me to join the resistance?
Dries, listen...
Thanks to me you've done well
by the Germans.
If I fall, I'll take you with me.
Now that the Allied Forces
have crossed the Dutch border...
I want to extend a warm welcome
to our allies on Dutch soil.
- Has everyone gone crazy or what?
- Dries, listen.
This is serious. We have to go.
- Where did you want to go?
- Germany?
- They're already in Rotterdam.
- You expect me to flee my own city?
- Is that your car out in front?
- Yes.
- The keys. Now.
- Why?
Martial law.
We need a vehicle to go east.
- What about me?
- The keys.
In my coat.
- Albert.
- Jan? Are you still in town?
I'm looking for Andries Riphagen.
I want his file from before the war.
Who he worked with, where he lived.
Names, addresses.
- I'm your superior, remember.
- No.
You've been working for the Nazis
for four years, and their game is over.
Here, his last known address and those of
friends, firms, houses, places he frequented.
- Where's Riphagen?
- Probably he went east with the SD.
I'm looking for Andries Riphagen.
No idea.
We're closed, gentlemen.
Dries, Joop.
We're taking that red ride.
- If you ask politely you can touch it for a bit.
Am I speaking Spanish, smart ass?
We need that car. We have to leave town.
Give me the keys.
- How much?
- We'll pay you later.
- That won't happen, Joop.
- How often have we done you a favor?
All those German customers
we sent your way?
Joop and Dries, running away for
the English like two scared boys?
Shut up.
Maybe it's time to admit
you chose the wrong side.
- Be sensible, really.
- Joop.
Jesus, Dries.
There's someone here.
- Drop it.
- Who are you?
- Drop it.
- Who are you, goddammit?
- Drop it, now.
- Don't shoot.
Jan? Jan van Liempd?
You're still alive.
- I thought I was the only survivor.
- Frits.
I was in hiding.
- Why did you shoot him?
- He was already dead.
- Do you know him?
- No.
- Then what are you doing here?
- Looking for Dries Riphagen. Who's he?
That's Wim Sanders, head of this group.
- We collect information for the resistance.
- Why are you looking for Riphagen?
The city is full of traitors.
What makes him special?
- He betrayed Gerrit.
- No, Bella Tuerlings betrayed Gerrit.
At Riphagen's orders.
It was his idea.
- Can you prove it?
- No, but he will talk if I find him.
- We're taking these.
- Here. He's a regular customer.
Let me know if you find him.
Is Dries at home?
Can I come in for a second?
I'm a colleague.
I hardly know any of his colleagues.
- How well do you know your husband?
- How well can you know someone?
I feel for you, Mrs. Riphagen.
And for your baby.
- You have a tough time ahead.
- I have faith in Dries.
I won't beat around the bush.
- It's Hatchet Day.
- Hatchet Day?
Today we settle scores with traitors.
Dries is on top of the list.
That's why you're here.
If not today, then tomorrow.
And if not me, then someone else.
- Turn him in now you still can.
- Dries is no traitor.
And he works for the SD
so he can help Jewish people.
No, that's a lie.
Prove it if you can.
You know Gerrit van der Veen
and his group?
- They were friends of mine.
- So?
Do it for your baby.
I trust Dries.
Dries doesn't lie to me.
I want you to leave.
- If you change your mind...
- I won't.
'Dear Dries,
Thank you for your lovely letter.
I miss you too.
I hope you are safe in the east.'
'Of course I am not angry.
You were right to leave.'
'The news about the liberation was false.
They now call it 'Mad Tuesday'.
Most of the Germans are back
and act as if nothing ever happened.'
'But something has changed.
The city is about to explode.'
'Nobody knows who's in charge anymore.'
- Let's vote.
'Toon and Harry are terrified.
Even if you have done nothing wrong,
you're not safe here.
There are no rules anymore.'
I am fine.
No Jews allowed
'It's not fair that we can't be together.
You just wanted to help people.
Please stay there
while Jan is looking for you.
It's safer and our baby needs a father.
I think it will be a boy.
He's as tough as you are.
He kicks harder by the day.
Will you write me again?
Or send me a photograph?
I will wait for you in Amsterdam.
Bye, my darling Dries.'
Marie-Antoinette de Mol,
widow of Barthold de Mol.
No criminal record. But there
were arms droppings near her farm.
- And?
- We haven't found anything yet.
- Good morning.
- I'm so glad, a Dutchman.
As I told your German friend...
I'm sorry, I don't want to do this.
But otherwise he'll send my wife
and child to Poland.
Please, if you know anything...
Maybe I can win time or warn people.
He will force me to go on till you're dead.
If you know...
If you talk, I may be able to help you.
- Where are the weapons?
- I don't know about any droppings.
Those were my husband's affairs,
I don't know...
Calm down, calm down.
Breathe deeply. Easy now.
Please, help me.
Frits. Guys, come, wake up.
Jan, we have to go.
Hands off. It's all categorized.
- What's in those cabinets?
- Information.
About everyone who was on the wrong side,
before and during this war.
Dutch Nazis, collaborators.
- When were you going to tell us?
- So.
Who betrayed us? Jan, we were
at your hiding place. Who knew about it?
No one.
Fact: two times a resistance group
you're part of gets betrayed.
Ours and Gerrit van der Veen's.
- What do you have to say for yourself?
- How dare you?
Gerrit was my best friend.
I'd have given my life for him.
But you didn't.
Can you prove you're innocent?
Can you prove I'm guilty?
Riphagen betrayed Gerrit.
What are you doing here?
What if someone sees you?
Who did you tell where I was?
- What?
- Who did you tell where I was?
No one. What happened?
- Did you betray me?
- Why would I, Jan?
- You're the only one who knew where I was.
- Stop.
Are you crazy? I'm your wife, Jan.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
What is it?
- Albert.
- Albert?
He came to the door a few times.
He was looking for you.
- Why did you go to Lena?
- I was worried about you.
You, worried?
- Was he alone?
- Yes.
Maybe he followed me.
I know where Riphagen is.
I'm prepared to tell you,
but then you must swear...
you'll never forget I'm helping you.
Jesus, man. You collaborated
with the Germans the entire war.
Alright, then I won't tell you.
Will you please stay with me tonight?
I swear.
Weapons found in Assen
He's in Assen, with the SD.
What if you find him?
- No.
- What?
- My money.
- I'll wait outside.
- Come with me.
- Where to?
You're going to confess to the resistance.
Confess what?
- You know very well.
- Sorry, I have no idea.
- Where's Bella?
- Bella?
Bella Tuerlings. Or whatever her real name is.
- What's this about?
You forced Bella to betray
Gerrit van der Veen.
I didn't do that.
What did that girl tell you?
If you believe that,
why don't you shoot me?
So you come all the way to Assen...
They suspect you, don't they?
You didn't do anything stupid, did you?
You two betrayed Gerrit van der Veen
and you want me to take the blame?
- No.
- I think you do.
I saved your life at the police station.
I helped a damn traitor.
Your own group.
Do you want sugar
or apple syrup on your bread?
You open the door.
My name is Lapian.
Personal secretary of Mr. Einthoven.
Mr. Einthoven would like
a word with your husband.
- What about?
- These are our references.
The Secretary of Her Majesty the Queen.
Gerrit van der Veen spoke highly of you.
Terrible that he's dead.
Someone will have to
take charge after the war.
We'll have to bring war criminals
and collaborators to justice.
And there must be a security service,
against future attacks.
- From the Nazis?
- No, from the Communists.
That's where the danger lies now. They're at
the Elbe already, a couple of hour's drive.
You worked with Sanders, right?
Wim Sanders?
From Louis Einthoven.
Requesting that for state security...
I turn my archive over to him.
- What about Sanders?
- Wim Sanders has an archive.
About tens of thousands of Dutch people,
but he refuses to share his information.
- It's his information.
- In the wrong hands it's very dangerous.
Do you know how much information I have
about that man? And he wants my archive?
Over my dead body.
- You know Sanders is a Communist, right?
- Sanders?
'The Red', they call him.
A new Netherlands.
Honest, strong, democratic.
And social.
- I don't see Wim anymore.
- So I've heard.
Get in touch with him again.
His archive contains subversive secrets.
It's our duty to keep that information
out of Communist hands.
I want all war criminals to be punished.
If you're prepared to fight the Communists,
we can mean a lot for each other.
Take your time to think about it.
Are you coming?
They say the Canadians will be here today.
The door was open.
the death certificate of Dries Riphagen.
Come on.
- Let's go celebrate.
- I'll be right there.
He's been killed.
The murderer wasn't caught.
There was a girl.
Bella Tuerlings.
Maybe she left town,
but find out what you can.
Bella Tuerlings?
What about her?
- She'd infiltrated with us.
- No more, Jan.
- She and Riphagen betrayed Gerrit.
- I found Riphagen. Look for her yourself.
Hey, gorgeous.
He's beautiful.
- Is he healthy?
- Everything is fine, Dries.
We have to go. Pack your suitcase.
Some clothes and jewelry. Go on.
- Why do you want to go?
- Just do it.
First you tell me why.
- I can't be seen here.
- Why not? You did nothing wrong.
- Will you tell that mob outside?
- Darling...
Toon and Harry talked to a man
in the Marnixstraat and are safe now.
What man?
- Some resistance leader. Sander, I believe.
I can't risk it. They think I'm
dead and it's best if it stays that way.
And where are we supposed to go?
- I'll call Verbeek. I have known him for years.
Dries, get a move on.
Hurry up, Dries, goddammit.
Hey, Verbeek, you're still alive.
Filthy traitor. You have betrayed
your country. On your knees.
For the Queen.
Of course, we're family now, aren't we?
I'll set up a camp-bed
and we'll see for Robbie. Alright?
- We won't stay long.
- Oh no? Where will we go?
- Abroad.
- What?
- You said he didn't do anything wrong.
- I didn't.
I worked for the SD to help people. But those
heroes outside don't care. They'll shoot me.
- Why do we have to go abroad?
- Fleeing is confessing guilt.
Talk to that resistance man.
Toon says he just wants information.
They explained everything to him
and were able to go.
Einthoven asked me to talk to you. He offers
you a position at his Security Office.
Don't you see what he's up to?
He wants my archive.
Yes, he wants your archive, I know.
- I'm starting my own office.
- What? By yourself?
Wim, his office will be the official
service. Einthoven has connections.
- Even with the Royal Family.
- The Royal Family.
They were in London during the war.
Use him. Demand that
you'll be Head Investigator.
That you'll work independently
and keep your archive.
What do you get out of it?
He's offered me a job as well.
I know you think I'm a traitor, but
someone can testify to my innocence.
And I'll find her.
And Riphagen?
He got what he deserves.
- That was Jan van Liempd, wasn't it?
- Yes.
- That bastard.
- Why?
He's my murderer.
He came to Assen,
like a thief in the night, to shoot me.
Because I know too much about him.
- He's going to work for Louis Einthoven.
- Then Einthoven swallowed his lies.
I'm prepared to tell the truth, about Jan
and all those SD informants.
But I'll only tell you.
You'll stay at Frits' house.
Nobody will come near you.
- Frits?
- That's me.
Why must my husband stay?
He did nothing wrong.
- We'll see about that.
- Toon and Harry didn't have to stay.
They didn't have such
important information.
Your husband will officially
remain dead for now.
- Sorry, I thought you could come home.
- It doesn't matter, turtledove.
Don't cry. Hey...
I don't expect it'll take long.
It'll protect you.
Hey honey, come on.
- Take off your shoes.
- Sure, wise guy.
It's this way.
You can stay here
till we're done with you.
- Why this room?
- It's the only room that can be locked.
- Yes?
- The woman Riphagen worked with.
I'd like to use your archive
to find her real name.
- No, the archive is mine, remember?
- Would you look for it then?
No problem.
Submit an official request.
A phone call for you.
Yes, Toon Kuijper speaking.
- Toon, it's Riphagen.
- Dries?
- Dries Riphagen?
- I need your help, urgently.
- Is this a joke?
- No. I have no time to explain.
You have to find a girl for me.
Betje Wery. Grab a pen and paper.
- I am writing it down.
- Betje Wery. Wery with a 'y'.
Jewish girl, late twenties, widowed.
Probably in Rotterdam.
During the war she used the name
Bella Tuerlings.
But her real name is Betje Wery.
Make sure she disappears.
- Toon?
- Is this really not a joke?
Toon, I mean it.
- How long will he stay?
- Depends on him.
- It may be a month, may be a year.
- A year?
No one must know we have him.
Einthoven least of all.
- He worked for the SD.
- He's a storehouse of information.
If we tell Einthoven,
he'll be executed within a week.
Why would we trust him?
According to Jan he betrayed Gerrit.
Exactly, according to Jan.
Only two people from Gerrit van der
Veen's group survived: you and Jan.
And then we were betrayed
at Jan's hiding place.
Execution remains an option.
First we need to find out the truth.
Interrogation of Bernardus Andreas
Riphagen, born September 7, 1909.
Present are Frederik Kerkhoven
and Willem Evert Sanders.
You know why you're being interrogated?
You want me to betray people.
- I wouldn't put it like that.
- I understand.
First question: What do you know
about Jan van Liempd?
Jan betrayed Gerrit van der Veen.
Unfortunately, I found out too late.
There was nothing I could do.
Mr. Riphagen hands us a photo,
taken during Gerrit van der Veen's arrest.
Jan van Liempd is seen with an unknown
woman and Willy Lages, head of the SD.
- Where did you get that photo?
- I had an inside contact.
Did Jan work alone?
I think together with that girl.
She also worked for the SD.
- I believe she was Jewish.
- Bella Tuerlings.
- Oh, you know her.
- Is that her real name?
That's the name she used then.
She probably won't use it anymore.
No, probably not.
Handsome Karel, Halvemaansteeg. Owns stolen
Jewish property. Paintings, I believe.
Black Gerrit and Black Bob,
both worked for the Gestapo.
Italiaander. Thank you.
Gold, jewelry, anything he could get.
Kees Crowbar, as we called him.
His real name, Kees van de Bergh.
Maybe the worst of them all.
Also worked for the Gestapo.
Kemp, from the cafe on the Amstelstraat.
Was an informant of the SD.
Freddy van Nuenen had lists of
addresses of Jews in hiding.
I'm looking for a woman.
She went by the name of Bella Tuerlings.
Don't know her.
- Think carefully.
- Why would I remember a Jew's name?
Could Riphagen just hire informants
without you knowing?
Of course not. Everything was documented.
And I ran a very tight ship.
- You could take it as an example.
- But the archive was destroyed.
- Not the entire archive.
- So where is it?
Why would I help you?
I'll be executed anyway.
Maybe something can still be done.
- And you can do that?
- Do you have a choice?
In the basement.
And her name was Betje.
Her last name I don't know anymore.
We've looked all over Rotterdam.
Not a trace.
If she talks, everything will be in vain.
We did all we could.
Put Toon on.
- Wim, where's the SD archive?
- It's being processed.
I want access to it, now.
- Reason?
- I don't have to give you...
Jan is looking for the real name
of an informant, alias Bella Tuerlings.
- Why didn't Jan submit an official request?
- I did. Waiting time 13 weeks.
It's very busy. A lot of traitors out there.
- I'll do it myself.
- No, it's my archive.
- We know it's your archive.
But the SD archive isn't.
- So you've looked everywhere?
- It took us two days.
- Also on the Hofplein?
- We searched the entire Hofplein.
Hofplein was bombed to bits, Toon.
You didn't go anywhere.
So what?
You can't expect us to
shoot people in peacetime.
We're through with Dries Riphagen.
You're on your own.
Get lost.
No one has to hand the archive over.
I just want to have a look. Is that okay?
A waste of effort.
I've gone through it already.
- Riphagen's informant isn't to be found.
- According to Lages her name is Betje.
Excuse me?
Her first name is Betje.
Betje is her name.
According to Lages.
And Jan is going through the SD archive
on his own right now?
Wasn't it destroyed?
Betje. I'll be damned.
Betje, from Rotterdam. Betje...
Betje Wery, with a 'y'.
And you say Betje and Jan
betrayed Gerrit van der Veen?
Yes. You belonged to that group, right?
You guys raided the State Printing House.
- You stole hundreds of ID cards.
- Ten thousand.
Ten thousand? Gee.
That must have been worth a fortune.
What happened to it?
- I have no idea.
- Well, I do.
That guy won't stop at anything.
If he finds Betje Wery before we do,
he will kill her.
She's the last witness.
- And?
- Both her parents survived.
They are in Rotterdam.
Here's the address.
- You think we'll find her?
- You'll see for yourself.
- What? And Dries?
- He can't go anywhere.
Elisabeth Wery.
Widow of Frans Tuerlings.
- And if I find her?
- She can't go to the Security Office.
We have to keep her away from Jan.
- Do you trust Dries more than Jan?
- I don't trust anyone.
But Dries cooperates
and Jan just keeps thwarting us.
Elisabeth, 'Betje'.
If I can unmask Jan
together with Betje Wery...
Einthoven will fall too,
and then I'll be the boss.
Then we'll go to the very bottom.
A new Netherlands, Frits.
It's just around the corner.
- She was taken away an hour ago.
- What, by whom?
She knew him. I don't know why
you're looking for my daughter...
but let me say one thing:
Without her we'd have been sent to
Poland. We'd have been dead now.
Whatever she did, she did it for us.
The man who came for her
was also from the Security Office.
Have a seat.
I have to make a phone call.
You don't know me.
You've never seen or talked to me.
- Blame everything on Jan.
- Alright.
If you mention my name,
I'll shoot your parents.
You betrayed the group, together
with Jan van Liempd. Understood?
I have nothing to lose.
Yes, alright. See you shortly.
Are you alright?
My boss is on his way.
Someone picked up Betje Wery
in Rotterdam.
They're waiting for you.
Jan, I was just saying
that Mrs. Wery has a story...
that will interest you
and Mr. Einthoven.
I want to interrogate her.
This is my case.
One suspect interrogating the other?
Excuse me?
A reliable source has told me that Gerrit
van der Veen was betrayed by Betje Wery...
together with Jan van Liempd.
No, she worked together with Riphagen.
- I'm not a traitor.
- Mrs. Wery claims otherwise.
- It's impossible.
- We'll have to see.
- Did they treat you well?
- Yes, thank you.
You were registered with the SD
as informant number 196.
- Is that correct?
- That's correct.
As such you infiltrated
Gerrit van der Veen's group.
I knew Charly Hartog.
- How did you find her?
- He took me along to the Stadhouderskade.
That's my job.
I was fond of them.
They were my friends.
Jan as well.
But on June 30, 1944, four friends of
the group were arrested in your apartment.
- One of them was killed.
- That's correct.
Were you involved in this arrest
as an informant?
Did you pass on information?
To whom?
Did you work together with Andries
Riphagen? Or with Jan van Liempd?
I didn't work together with anyone.
I passed the time and location
on to Lages and that was it.
I received 1000 guilders for it and...
to me that was worth it.
You know that if you acted alone,
you'll be hanged.
Maybe I deserve it.
- Why is she doing this?
- She's protecting you.
- You were involved with her.
- No, she's protecting Dries.
Why would she protect a dead man?
- She's protecting you.
- Betje Wery. How did you know her name?
How did you know
you had to look in Rotterdam?
I told you, it's my job.
- Only Dries knew her real name.
- What are you driving at?
He's still alive.
- You talked to him.
- You don't know what you're saying.
Yes, that goes without saying.
I understand.
Yes, got it. Bye.
Wim is still working on it.
Has Jan been arrested or not?
Wim can't come here for now.
He's afraid he's being followed.
He... He has to avoid this location
for the time being.
- How long?
- A week.
So now it'll take another week. Dries.
He told you everything he knows.
Dries is innocent.
I want to go on with our life.
The war is over.
Frits, does Jan know I'm still alive?
- Can I trust you?
- Yes.
No, can I trust you?
I have a safe in Luxembourg.
The people I saved
entrusted their valuables to me.
- Why did you never tell this?
- I didn't know if I could trust you.
It's not just some earrings.
- Greet, what's in those lockers?
- It really concerns a lot of money.
And that's what Jan is after.
It's not about me.
It's about those innocent people's money.
If Jan finds me, those people
won't ever get it back.
It will all have been in vain.
I can't let that happen.
Wim won't be here for a week.
- I can't just let you go.
- Then you go in my place.
Go to Luxembourg.
I'll pay you for it.
I can't... I've never been there.
Greet, will you go to Luxembourg
with Frits?
- Are you going to follow me day and night?
- You know where he is.
You've seen his death certificate.
You shot him yourself.
What will happen
if Einthoven finds out he's still alive...
and you knew all along where he was?
I'll find him.
And then you'll hang.
- Sanders.
- Wim, Dries speaking.
I'm at the Club. I needed a change.
If that's a problem, you know where I am.
Do you have money on you?
- Where's Frits?
- No idea. Maybe off to see a girl.
I was just stretching my legs, okay?
Getting used to life as a free man.
I'll be free soon, won't I?
So Betje didn't mention Jan's name?
And Einthoven?
He doesn't know I'm here, does he?
Put that thing away.
You can't kill me.
- I have to.
- Oh yeah?
Then you'll have to kill my wife too.
And Harry Rond.
And Lame Toon.
And ten others who know I'm here.
What did you think, dirty little Communist?
Shall I tell you something, Wim Sanders?
I played you like a violin.
Betje Wery did exactly what I told her.
I betrayed Gerrit van der Veen's group.
It was me. I was there when
they shot Badrian's brains out.
- You're lying.
- Yes, I've been lying to you for weeks.
But you didn't realize it, did you?
Einthoven is laughing his butt off.
You'll be the laughing stock
of the office.
And to think of all those people
I had you round up and execute.
Go ahead, shoot me.
No, I'm not going to kill you.
You're going to help me.
Will you give Dries the suitcase?
This is also part of it.
Why are you protecting Riphagen?
Have you seen him?
- Frits, your brother has a hearse, right?
- Why?
Call him. Tell him Wim will pick it up.
And I want a coffin inside.
- What's going on?
- I'm crossing the border tonight.
Call your brother.
Where is he?
Did he threaten you?
Frits, he's never been here.
If I talk, he'll kill my family after all.
- Tell me where he is.
- He won't stop.
When I find him, I'll make him talk.
He's playing everyone.
I'll get him to confess he forced you.
He has to die.
Otherwise I won't talk.
I promise.
He's at Kerkhoven's.
I'll call you when I'm across the border.
I have two more names for you:
Harry Rond and Lame Toon Kuijper.
Pimping and laundering.
Addresses... on the kitchen table.
- Where is he?
- You're too late.
He's been here for months,
and you helped him.
He betrayed Gerrit.
- Where is he?
- He's crossing the border tonight.
Which border?
I don't know.
All borders must be closed.
- German and Belgian.
- Jesus, what a mess.
If we find Riphagen,
you'll have Sanders and his archive.
- No.
- What?
I'd have to admit
that my own people deceived me.
I can't get Sanders
without incriminating myself.
- And Riphagen?
- He's officially dead.
- If he's smart, he'll stay dead.
- Then Betje Wery will pay for it.
We have a confession.
It's a clear-cut case.
- Betje Wery is guilty.
- Is that justice?
- Then what are we here for?
- The Russians are halfway Germany.
That's what we're here for.
The Dutch-Belgian border.
He said he helped these people.
We're too late.
I have to make sure
Greetje is ready to leave.
But I want her to stay.
- She didn't go with him?
- He'll call when he's across the border.
I have to bring her.
Dries has escaped.
With all the goods.
- You want me to betray my husband.
- If he's innocent he has nothing to fear.
- He only helped people.
- Oh yeah? These people?
Yes. He saved their belongings
and will return it when they come back.
Those people won't come back.
They were sent to Poland to be gassed.
That's not Dries' fault.
This is Esther Schaap.
Dries protected her.
As long as she turned all her friends
over to him.
When no one was left,
she had to disappear.
- I don't believe it.
- She killed herself right in front of me.
Nice necklace you've got.
Hey, sweetheart.
I'm glad to hear your voice.
I'm here. I made it.
Sorry, it suddenly went so fast.
I'm glad you were able to get
everything back from Luxembourg.
- Are you ready to go?
- Dries...
We have no choice.
We'll be back again in a few years.
- Remember that necklace you gave me?
- Yes, what about it?
- It's in one of the photos from your safe.
- Oh, you have those photos. Good.
That woman gave me that necklace
when I helped her flee from the SD.
- So she's still alive?
- Yes, absolutely.
She's safe and well in Antwerp.
I drove her there myself.
- Are you still there?
- Yes, I'm here.
Grab a pen and paper. You have to
cross the border at Kalmhoutse Heide.
Follow the signs to the monastery.
I'm sleeping among the friars tonight.
Darling, tomorrow we'll go on together.
- The three of us. Yes?
- Yes.
- Really.
- We'll go on together.
And turtledove, I love you, you know.
And I love you, Dries Riphagen.
- I know where he is.
- He's still alive?
In Belgium.
- The war is over.
- Someone has to stop him.
Will it be over then?
- Jan.
- Dries.
- Where's Greetje?
- In Amsterdam.
Are you detaining her?
No, I showed Greetje
who you really are.
You shouldn't have lied to her.
Stop right there, Dries.
This is the end point.
Do you have a light?
On your knees.
- On your knees.
- You'll get 20 years for murder.
On your knees.
Jan, this is exactly what they want
you to do. Einthoven and Sanders.
That you kill me
so I take all secrets to the grave.
Shut up.
No, I won't shut up.
I can tell them things.
About Sanders.
How I hoodwinked him.
How he helped me escape.
The people he killed.
I can tell them
about all the Jews I betrayed.
I don't want anything from you.
On your knees.
I can tell them about Betje.
I'll tell them that I forced her
to betray Gerrit van der Veen.
That it was my idea.
She's innocent.
If you shoot me, she will be hanged.
No one will believe her anymore.
I'm the only one who can save her.
Maybe it's better this way.
I'll be able to watch Robbie grow up.
I wouldn't count on it.
- Why not?
- I left Greetje with Frits Kerkhoven.
- So?
- I think Frits may grab his chance.
Which father would Greetje rather have
for Robbie?
A resistance hero
or a war criminal?
Walk, Dries. Walk.