Ripoux contre ripoux (1990) Movie Script

My New Partner II
What's the difference
between horses and us?
Horses don't know what they're
running after and neither do we.
Stop at that bar for a moment.
Just a moment.
I'm listening, my son.
-206, guaranteed.
She's never won a race.
He held her back.
Tonight's her night.
-I'll bet my work permit.
Since when do you work?
-It's hard without a permit.
To all cars.
Look for a white BMW.
He loves it.
The 206! Bet everything, Ren!
Catlina! I'd be surprised.
Stop for a moment.
I want to get out.
I've almost got him.
Old idiot.
A win for 210.
-Bet this.
210, chief.
-You'll lose.
I'm not a chief,
but I'll lend you 50 bucks.
A win for 206.
Not the 206.
210. The info was wrong.
Marie, you gave me the 206.
I wanted the 210.
The 210.
In the second race,
Cactus is off to a good start.
Catlina has never won yet, but...
Casse-tte and Cactus are coming equal.
Catlina's coming last.
100 meters before the finish
Casse-tte and Cactus come first.
She hasn't lost yet.
She could still catch up.
If that happens, I'll ask for a transfer
to Lourdes. I don't think so.
Catlina's ended last.
I've won, chief.
You'll win it back in the next race.
I have a tip.
802, a real TGV.
-Yeah, sure.
Put everything on 802.
-But I'm broke.
How much do you have?
-100 bucks. All I have.
But if I give it to you
how do I place a bet? No way.
I knew you were good,
but now you've surprised me.
How much do you want?
I already paid my bit.
-This isn't about your monthly payment.
I'm asking for a loan.
I would have loved to,
but I just lost a lot.
Don't talk bullshit.
-I'm a poor bastard, Ren.
And the bastard doesn't care about you.
-Your mouth is a bit too big.
You don't scare me.
We only pay you because we pity you.
You're history, Ren.
We'll soon drop you.
Like a piece of shit.
Take this. For the cable-lift.
At your age, you
shouldn't use the stairs.
Don't forget to give me
back the change.
You should play outside
in this weather.
Maybe there's a way
to get you out.
No, no, forget I said that.
What do we have to do?
Sergeant, come here please.
Open it up.
Do you want to interrogate them?
-No, they're free to go.
But you arrested them today.
-A mistake.
And 802, Bye-Bye-Money,
is coming first.
802's making us rich.
How much did you bet?
50 m from the finish.
Bye-Bye-Money still leading...
...followed by Bella-Marie and Seigneur,
battling over 2nd place.
And 802 wins without a problem.
-Fucking asshole!
What happened?
-You're fucking us over.
What's with the noise?
-Give them local anaesthesia.
Didn't I let those two go?
-Straight away, they assault a receiver.
Albert Le Fourgue. Do you know him?
-By name, like everybody.
Luckily, Franois was around
and he arrested them.
Is Franois in his office?
Young people need their
8 hours of sleep.
There's nobody left.
Did he write a report?
You should dry your tears
and go home.
I have work to do.
-You take your job too seriously.
Well, that's me.
Come with me, everybody.
Good evening.
This one.
She's Franois' fiance.
-I'm glad you recognized her.
We would have made a big mistake.
Take her with you.
This must be a mistake.
Are you crazy or is this mid-life crisis?
-I'm not crazy at all.
Franois will beat you up.
-I'd like to see that.
What's wrong with you, Ren?
-Just a bit of malaria.
Aren't you asleep?
I can't sleep alone.
Why did you take her in?
I'll swap her for my dudes.
Ren, we can't continue like this.
True, we have to talk.
At 12 at Fernand's, like always?
Do you want to order or wait?
-I told you I'm waiting for Franois.
Ah, dear Franois. Sit down.
Let's have it.
-I already had lunch.
In a cheaper place?
-I don't want free meals anymore.
At your age, I also had a crisis.
A dip.
I'm still young.
No more crooked stuff.
I want to do honest work.
-Are you leaving us?
No. When I'll have kids,
they should be proud of their dad.
Funny, I'm no longer hungry.
Don't get angry, Ren, but...
What's wrong?
Why should I be angry?
-It's just...
What is it, damnit?
Out with it.
I'm working on something.
Working on a deal?
-Not what you think.
What are you working on?
The chief's exam.
Oh well. Not such a bad idea.
With you as chief,
we'll make a lot of money.
You don't understand.
You could even send
Natasha out on the street.
Natasha's not a whore.
-No, she's a hostess in a whores' bar.
I'll get her out of there.
-Will you buy her a business?
On your chief's salary?
I'm sure there will be a bank
that gives you a 100 year credit.
You don't believe in anything.
-The Racing News is my bible.
And the holy trinity is getting
numbers 1 to 3 right.
Life's not just about shady deals.
Yeah right.
If you go straight, people will
be pointing the finger at you.
You'd be the only straight one
in the whole rotten city.
Give me a break.
-There's not an honest guy to be found.
And I can prove it.
See those stairs?
We arrest the first person
who comes down those stairs.
After half an hour of interrogation,
he'll confess.
Sure. Confess to what?
-How do I know?
Police. I'm taking you in.
Get in.
Listen, this must be
a mistake, because...
I knew we'd find you
sooner or later.
You didn't make it easy.
-You're mistaken.
We know everything.
-But I'm a banker.
Ah, that comes in handy.
200,000 for 100 years,
what's that per month?
I'm Michel Blanchard.
People know me here.
-You're mainly known in our files.
Come on.
Out with it.
-What do you want me to say?
-Everything what?
Everything we already know.
But in your own words.
I'm Michel Blanchard, banker.
I run the BNC branch in the
Rue Lamarck.
How many lawyers do you want?
Even with three top lawyers,
it looks bad for you.
It's over, buddy.
-He's not a bad guy.
But he thinks that everybody's
a murderer.
Leave us alone.
-Oh no!
I'll make him talk.
-That's too easy.
The moment they're alone with you,
they start to talk.
Is it my fault that I'm
very convincing?
If the phone book's not enough,
we use modern means: the monitor.
You'll see. I'll...
You have 10 seconds.
Let it go.
Isn't it enough?
If he's connected,
we'll be in trouble.
It's not a bad thing that
there are honest people.
Bad luck. I found the only
honest guy.
Why did I do it?
Why did I do it?
I had no choice.
I didn't want to do it.
I can't stop myself.
I have no choice.
I swear.
I knew that one day... No!
Get out. Shut up.
-I confess.
I don't want to know. Shut up.
-I'll tell you everything.
I have to explain.
-Get lost.
You won.
-I'd rather have lost.
No more sleeping pills.
You promised.
I can't sleep.
-Count horses.
When I fall asleep thinking of
horses, I have great dreams.
But when people show up,
I wake up.
Do you have a problem?
-Yes, Franois. He lives with a whore.
So do you, Ren.
-But he wants to make her decent.
You never thought of that.
-Time made sure of that.
Thank you.
No, I didn't mean to hurt you.
Simone, these young people...
All this effort to educate them...
Franois was a hard case.
I often almost gave up.
But I was patient.
And now he wants to be a chief.
You'll find a new one,
who's more grateful.
I placed all my bets on Franois.
He was my last one.
Going after the girls
won't make you a chief.
There are no miracles.
You have to work hard.
Get your book out. Get it out.
Becoming a chief is harder
than becoming a pimp.
Mugging in the Rue Norvin.
Assailant wears a blue jacket.
Running towards the Rue Gabriel.
Let's get him. Go!
What are you doing?
-Time for the new generation.
You're right.
You're over the hill.
And you want to be a chief.
-Give it here.
You have a lot to learn.
-Give it.
Where do you want to go?
-That way.
Will the chief please
follow me?
Our assailant from the Rue Gabriel
will take the stairs in the Rue Drevet.
Wouldn't you do that?
At the bottom of the stairs...
...he runs down the Rue Vieuville.
There's a guard post there.
He goes into the Rue des Martyrs.
There's always a police car there.
Ah yes.
He tries the Rue Yvonne Letac...
...but there, school's just out.
He ends up on the Place des Abbesses,
which is crowded.
So what does he do?
-He keeps going?
He runs like a hare
into the building site.
He runs through the trees.
Jumps on the roof of
the restaurant kitchen.
And there he is.
Get lost.
-No way.
Let him go.
Get lost.
-We caught him red-handed.
I caught him.
I do what I want with him. Go!
Can I?
Fifty-fifty, as always.
Where are you going?
I'll return my share
to the owner.
Are you crazy?
-No, just honest.
Here, chief.
It's easy being honest.
-You leave me no choice.
If you return your share,
I can't keep mine, can I?
Come on.
-No, I have better things to do.
Hello. Inspector Lesbuche.
We found the thief.
-Unfortunately, he escaped.
But before he did, we got
what he stole.
It's all there.
Do I have to sign something?
If we start that,
we'll never finish.
The money would be stored
for a year and then...
...not everybody's like me.
But if you want...
-No, that's alright. Thanks.
I'm just doing my job.
Goodbye, madam.
You knew the woman.
-You weren't born yet.
Tell me about your past.
I only remember winning at the races.
I forget everything.
You're really a big prude,
aren't you?
Oh! I won the double.
I'm going to cash in big time.
That's a nice surprise.
This will be a happy memory.
Let's drink to it, Franois.
Yes, yes, yes.
The same, please.
We've got somebody who
looks like your thief.
Yes, that's him. It's him.
Do you believe in God?
Yes... definitely.
And you?
Especially between 2 and 4 in the morning.
Still sleeping problems?
It gives me time to think about God.
-And does he exist?
I used to think
the chance was 100:1.
But now...
What now? 2:1?
Don't exaggerate.
I also think of you at night.
You do? And?
I can't blame you for wanting
to change your life.
Don't become like me.
-Why do you say that?
Look at me.
Do you want to end like this?
I'm living with an old whore.
I only read the Racing News.
I have no future and no dough.
And how do I hide this mess?
By pretending.
I pretend. I pretend.
Stop it. It's not that bad.
Do you want to become like me?
Well then.
So work to be a chief.
You're good. You'll do it.
And if you work really hard...'ll be superintendent.
And maybe one day you'll be the
head of police of all of Paris.
You taught me so much
about the streets, the people...
You've got the practical experience.
What you need is theory.
And you only learn theory from books.
-I've got mine.
The exam is hard.
-I'll memorize it all.
But I know a few tricks.
Maybe you can pass with distinction.
What the hell's he doing there?
Let him go. The case is solved.
-The chief is looking everywhere for you.
I'm disappointed.
I'm sad and disappointed.
What did we do?
-You caught a thief.
We didn't arrest anybody.
-We almost arrested him.
The one who fought like crazy
and got away?
That's not what he says.
-He's lying.
He even got him...
Feeling better?
Yes, yes, no.
The old man's still standing.
And the money?
-It fell out of his bag.
We gave it back to the owner.
Do you have the return form?
-Who asked you anything?
Ren! Mr. Guichard,
Director of Criminal Investigation.
In order to avoid red tape, we
returned the money straight to the owner.
That's not what the woman's saying.
You didn't...
...keep the money?
-I returned it to her.
This is her signed statement.
No mention of returned money.
That's impossible.
She even thanked me.
Did these gentlemen give
you back the stolen money?
She's lying. Say that
I didn't return it to you.
You didn't give me anything.
I'll show this bitch...
No, careful... Franois!
It's not true.
Franois, calm down.
I'll get that bitch...
Lock him up.
While his stuff's being searched.
-He had a model career.
Put those rotten cops behind bars..
They're not rotten cops.
-That's an order.
Take... take them away.
I had an old bone to pick with you.
-That was 25 years ago.
Ren, a woman doesn't forget.
Who's this bitch?
-She's not a bitch.
She wanted a child
and thought I did too.
And then I met Simone.
They had lunch every day.
If it had been a simple meal...
... I wouldn't have minded,
but with an entre...
Did they threaten you?
-They visited me every month.
Tried to get money from me.
Without success.
Once, twice, 500, 1000.
I'm broke.
I'm not going to give them that...
And I was afraid for him.
Albert, nick named The Fence.
I've got a second-hand shop...
I do a bit of business...
I know.
I've had it.
I'm exhausted.
I'm starting to cry.
Often. Only the highest quality.
Only the best.
They made me bleed.
I couldn't say a word.
Those assholes.
I'm going to...
Your little game is over.
Over and gone.
I'm going to...
That asshole.
That's why I prefer
horses to people.
Or dogs.
Crime doesn't pay,
but neither does honesty.
You have a special relationship
with inspector Lesbuche.
I've known more men than cops,
but he's a bad one.
-He uses his looks to make girls talk.
Isn't that disgusting?
Everybody knows that you have
a relationship with Boisrond.
Sexual, purely sexual.
Besides, he pays for it,
like all the other cops.
Would you like to see the list?
I'll miss you.
While we wait for
their verdict...'re suspended...
while the investigation lasts.
To make sure you don't
pressure any witnesses... have to leave the neighbourhood.
I miss you already.
Oh, damn.
I thought somebody
stole it.
The biggest win of the year.
All 20 correct.
I never got the money...
...because I lost the
piece of paper.
This is your desk.
Your replacement.
-That didn't take long..
I'm very sensitive to smells.
Smells a bit rotten, doesn't it?
Ah yes. Can we disinfect the place?
-Let it go.
I used to love this city.
Now it's making me puke.
I'm going to a buddy
in the countryside.
And Simone?
-She stays here.
I don't want to be charged
with being a pimp on top of everything.
In your case, it's different.
Natasha isn't a whore,
but better stay away from her anyway.
I'll see. I'll follow
my instinct.
This is the address of my buddy.
In case you miss me.
Bye, Franois.
-Bye, Ren.
Ren, my friend.
I'm very glad to see you.
-Me too.
How bad is the shit you're in?
That depends on the verdict
of the Disciplinary Council.
You'll like it here.
You'll forget about everything.
First, let me introduce you
to an old friend.
Do you remember Malouloute?
That's Malouloute? No kidding.
You cost me a fortune.
A real beauty.
The little one doesn't have a name yet.
Dear Ren.
I'll call him Dear Ren.
If you want him to have a future,
better call him Dear Franois.
And remember that horse that
you completely misjudged?
The way it failed at the water jump.
Damn jockey couldn't swim.
A terrible sight... poor horse.
Did you miss me that much?
-You were right.
They were waiting for me at Natasha's
-Good that you're here. Come in.
You can stay as long as you want.
I'll pay you.
-Absolutely not.
It's also thanks to you that
I'm a house owner now.
When I was a policeman,
Ren and I did some good business.
In gallop.
Right. Sit towards the back.
Follow the movement.
Sit towards the back.
Well done.
Good, no?
I bet they don't want the bill.
Of course they won't pay.
The bill, please.
Gentlemen, it's on the house.
We're not like that.
An official bill with a stamp.
Things will change
in the neighbourhood.
Go. Go.
Good, exactly, take it easy.
Franois, did you get hurt?
Franois. Say something, man.
What an idiot.
-It was convincing, wasn't it?
Hold your bids.
All bets are closed. Police.
Don't touch anything, please.
Put the money back.
Thank you.
Since when has this
been going on?
I pay for lunch
every day.
It's terrible.
I'll pay you 1000 per week.
Didn't we tell you
we're not like that?
1200 then.
I can't do that.
I only have one evening per week.
Organise more evenings.
-Impossible. Not enough customers.
We'll send you customers.
His license is perfectly alright.
Make your bets, gentlemen.
May the best man win.
Excuse me. For the staff.
Paris is great,
but this is something else.
Although there are no women.
You're really hooked
on Natasha.
Have you ever thought
about rehab?
You wanted to go straight.
That's impossible in Paris.
There's too much temptation.
Those guys who replaced us
are supposed to be good.
We'll see how long they last.
Look at all those little
working hands.
Hey, Thnardier! Do your
illegal aliens have their papers?
Listen, I have always paid.
-We don't want your money.
Do you want to close me down?
-No, we want you to expand.
Are you joking?
No, there's a shop next door.
-But it's not empty.
We can solve that problem.
-How then?
We can do it the other way around.
Your neighbour buys you out.
No, no.
I'd rather expand.
You hire somebody else
and we go fifty-fifty.
That's fair, isn't it?
You'll make a lot of money,
because he'll sell cheap.
Alright, let's go next door.
Do you ever leave your desk
to catch thieves?
Because your predecessors...
-I hear they were a bit...
They only went outside
to drink wine.
-Yes, but I...
...never paid anything.
They weren't able to
get a cent from me.
Not from me.
-Another little signature.
Are you insured?
-Of course.
And you pay the highest premium?
Do you know why it's so expensive?
He pays without thinking.
Because in 50% of the cases,
the owner did it himself.
What's that supposed to mean?
-We'll have a look at your place.
What's that?
Well, have a look.
There. What's that?
-Whose is that?
That's impossible.
That's not true.
You're fucking me around.
-Asshole, let go of me.
10 to 1 that we'll
have visitors.
The countryside agrees with you.
I don't need a lot
to be happy.
Horses and grass.
-Vincennes, Auteuil, Longchamps.
It's like at the races here.
Except without thousands of idiots.
And without a million
worthless betting tickets.
Instead of a cop,
you could have been a poet.
I was always a poetic
kind of cop.
Are those cops giving you
a hard time?
A bit at first,
but it's getting better.
The girl's not bad.
-That's what her customers say too.
We're a poetic couple.
Insurance fraud and
insulting a public servant.
That doesn't look good.
-Yes, yes, I understand.
What's the yearly
insurance premium?
100,000 francs.
-Not bad.
That's extortion. You pay
and what do they do for you?
Do they go after the thieves?
We're doing all the work.
And what do we get? Nothing.
That's not normal, is it?
Something's wrong with the system.
Alright. How much?
This is better than looking
after heads of state...
...who go straight from
a memorial to a brothel.
I've heard some cops are so
stupid, they hide in garbage bins.
Yes, sure.
How are the two new guys doing?
They're so bad,
people are starting to miss you two.
They got what they deserve.
They won't see me again.
-Or me.
See you soon.
That's Nadurel.
His race is on Sunday.
-In Longchamps?
No, a little race track.
3 races per year.
Does he have a chance?
-Not at all. He's slow.
But I'm getting him ready
for next season.
Do you know why his name is Nadurel?
Because he's a natural!
Do you have something
up your sleeve?
I have to go to the city.
Can I borrow your car?
I'd rather drive you there.
-That's nice of you.
But, maybe it's my age...
I prefer being alone.
No problem. I'll take the bus.
Here, have my car.
-No, I'll take the bus.
But you can have my car.
-Since you insist.
A white wine and a phone.
Don't you have a booth?
-Over there.
Where's my car?
I was in a bistro.
When I came out...
My BMW stolen?
-It's also your fault.
If I had taken the bus...
-Shit, it's not true.
BMWs get stolen more
often than buses.
Did you report it?
-And get the cops after me?
What if it's used
as a get-away car?
That's enough.
I'm calling the cops.
To report a stolen car.
Thank you.
-Franois, your car...
I sold it.
You sold my BMW?
But it wasn't that good anymore.
Monday, I'll get you a new
one with all the extras.
You sold it, asshole.
-Calm down. I'll explain.
The 2nd race starts in 5 minutes.
You can still place your bets.
We have 2:1 for the favourite:
nr. 2, Reine d'un Jour.
And 80 :1 for the outsider:
nr. 7, Nadurel.
What about the tests?
Did you think of them?
We're not in Paris.
Everything's really easy going.
With my trick, Ben Johnson
would still be an Olympic champion.
Here, if we both place a bet,
it'll be less obvious.
Take that and go
to the other counter.
200 francs.
-Thank you.
Reine d'un Jour, nr 2,
is going to win for sure.
For sure?
-She'll win.
Bet on her.
-Yes, yes.
-Yes, I'm coming.
Reine d'un Jour.
20,000 on a win by nr 7.
A win by Nadurel.
-A win by Nadurel, yes.
100 on nr 13.
-Thank you.
Please hurry,
betting will end soon.
But Franois!
-I'm not playing along.
No. What you're doing
isn't fair.
Play along.
Nadurel takes the lead right away.
Nadurel's the outsider.
We still have a long way to go.
Reine d'un Jour, the favourite,
in second place...
...followed by Jolie Nana,
than Morgane.
Nadurel's still leading.
He's accelerating.
He's way ahead now.
Behind him comes Reine d'un Jour...
...but she can't catch up with Nadurel.
Nadurel's breaking away.
Nadurel 's about to
win the race.
The big outsider, unbelievable!
See? Because you didn't place
the bet, we lost 20,000.
Don't look at me like that.
I didn't place a bet.
He wins before Reine d'un Jour
and Morgane.
Now he doesn't want to
go back to the stables.
The jockey's requested
to stop the horse. Thank you.
The race is over.
Nadurel's leaving the track.
Jockey, please come back.
The race is over.
Attention, please.
The owner of Nadurel is requested
to appear for the test immediately.
-The test, sir.
You'll have to wait.
We can't pay just yet.
A bit too much doping.
Start of the 3rd race.
In the last bend, Indien
leads before Loup Noir.
The horses have some energy left.
The rest of the field stays behind.
They'll have to go until the end.
The victory is for one of these two.
But there's Nadurel again.
Coming through the bushes.
I hope he won't be in the way
of the competitors.
Oh no, he's overtaking them.
jockey of Nadurel...
...stop your horse.
Please be so kind.
I would bet on him for every race.
He's an addict.
-Excuse me.
He's crazy about you.
So you don't have to
feel so alone.
I'd better go.
Ren, I came here in a BMW
and I'm leaving by train.
We have to go our own ways.
That was just bad luck.
We seem to have more and more
bad luck.
As long as you don't ruin your
chance to be a chief.
Don't worry.
Without you, I'll be able to do it.
Yeah, right, so will I.
Sometimes, it's better to
just stay in bed.
Can we talk?
-Is it urgent?
We represent the shopkeepers
in the neighbourhood.
Which neighbourhood?
Ours, Montmartre.
-Who do you represent?
We all miss you.
-I'm not surprised.
The new ones are worse than you.
-You mean you gave in?
-They're really worse than us.
Especially more expensive.
-Ah, I see.
I thought your guilty
consciences were...
...keeping you awake,
but it's about money.
We thought...
you could help us.
You're pulling my leg.
-What can we do for you?
Come back and arrest them.
Complain to the police.
-The mechanic tried that.
I bet they found
two stolen cars on him.
He can get two years for that.
Why would we help you?
We regret making those
statements against you.
We could make you look clean.
That sounds interesting, Ren.
I'm not interested.
Not at all.
Everything comes at a price.
-How much?
Too risky.
And there's a zero missing.
Considering what the others cost us...
name your price.
Alright, that sounds fair.
When will it happen?
-We can take you to Paris right away.
Not so quick.
Bus and train. Less conspicuous.
Try to convince him.
-I'm an adult.
I don't need him.
A Perrier, please. Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Why? Isn't Paris just for the elite?
I thought you weren't
interested in their proposal.
I'm not.
I'm not going to Paris...
...but to Longchamps.
Buy me a drink, chief?
Does Simone know you're coming?
-Yes, she's waiting somewhere.
I don't like that.
None of the shopkeepers should know.
Get used to it. This was nothing
compared to what they'll do.
Take them in. Come on.
Spread your legs.
Didn't you like Normandy?
We don't have to say anything.
-These gentlemen are just doing their job.
We could hear the grass grow.
-You were supposed to leave the area.
We did.
Longchamps isn't Montmartre.
You can't do that.
-Don't tell me you never did it.
We're not like you.
-Why did you come back?
There's a good race
in Longchamps today.
An old guy ruins the future
of a young one. Disgusting.
Come with us.
We have a few questions.
Why me?
-You're lucky.
What about him?
-Who? Is there anybody else here?
Have you been here for long?
I looked everywhere for you.
I was at the wrong platform.
Do you think you're
at the flea market?
Did Franois stay there?
Cut it out.
You were here and
you saw everything.
Where are we going?
To the police station?
We like the neighbourhood a lot.
-Nice, open people.
I know. I know them.
Work with us.
It would be a shame if all
your experience went unused.
And what would I get?
If we work well together,
you could be reinstated.
Ren as well?
-Give us your answer tomorrow.
What about Ren?
-Who's that?
Here, drink this.
You'll be in shape again tomorrow.
Only you and the 5 idiots knew
which train we'd take.
Somebody betrayed us.
-Stop it.
Who says you're getting old.
They wish they were like you.
Are you going?
Won't you spend the night here?
Are you sleeping
with somebody else?
I love it when you're jealous.
I'm not leaving. I'm going out.
Ren? Don't you think
we age well together?
Yes, but still.
I have to find the kid.
How are you?
-Have you seen Lesbuche?
-Can you ask?
Of course.
Headquarters? Have you
seen Lesbuche? No.
Don't you like it?
-I do.
What's wrong then?
I have to sleep. I'm so
tired my breasts are sagging.
I love you.
I love you too. But why aren't
things the way they used to be?
Won't you be angry?
Do you have somebody else?
Yes. But it's you.
When you'd come over at night,
you'd put your gun on the table.
That turned me on.
I miss that.
Are you expecting somebody?
-Are you crazy?
It's me again.
Any news from Franois?
No, I'm so worried.
If he happens...
just happens... call or something, tell him
I'll have lunch at 12 at Salla's.
I will.
I'd like to order, Salla.
Will you eat alone, Ren?
-I'm afraid so, yes.
Hello, I'm looking...
...for friends.
I thought you weren't
interested in our problems.
Franois convinced me.
We'll save you from those
two rotten cops.
But it will take time.
So we need an advance.
And where's Franois?
-He's on a job.
We never stop.
Come, I'll show you something.
-The show...
You'll be surprised.
Can you explain that to me?
So what?
There's nothing to explain.
You want us to arrest
those 2 cops.
I have my ways.
You don't need to understand.
You mean Franois is with them...
-No, no.
I didn't say a word.
This is too complicated for me.
About the money...
Come back later.
Why do you hang out
with that scum?
What game are you playing?
-Go back to your horses.
No, I won't let you go,
You let me go
when I tell you to.
You may be suspended,
but you're still a cop.
In bed with a whore, great.
She quit a long time ago.
-Are you sure of that?
A cop who sleeps with a whore,
is a customer.
A cop who lives with a whore,
is a pimp.
Come on, get dressed.
We're taking you in. Go.
You're really an old man.
Touching to see an old colleague
at the end of his career.
Do you see the subway?
Our station's behind it.
So don't show yourself
there anymore. Understood?
And forget about Franois. Alright?
Get lost.
Ren, what are you doing here?
I play in a bar.
My cousin picks me up every
morning. Cheaper than a taxi.
What's wrong?
Did you become a racist
or are you in trouble?
I'm in trouble.
The cops don't come here.
Apart from going out to eat,
you have nothing to fear here.
Makumba, make a good breakfast
for my friend the chief.
My room. You can sleep here.
And you?
-I work at night.
I don't understand.
I don't understand
what he's doing.
Did you ask him?
He's not talking to me anymore.
Do you want us to follow Franois?
He'd notice right away.
When you're black in Paris,
you could die in the street...
...and nobody would notice.
People just don't notice
a black person.
I don't like to see you
like this, Ren.
He could have made it to chief.
-It's not your fault.
Do you remember Cathy?
The little girl from the Rue Lamarck.
I taught her to pretend
she was enjoying herself.
But she really enjoyed herself
with her customers.
But Franois could
have gone straight.
That's true. Like a perfect
piece of fruit that's rotten inside.
And he was rotten way before
you started looking after him.
Isn't this what you wanted?
The gun and the money are on the table.
You changed, Franois.
You're hallucinating.
I don't know what you're
doing with those 2 assholes...
...but they're out of your league.
They'll kill you.
-I'd like to see Ren.
Don't know him.
-But Simone said he's here.
He's not here.
-But he must be.
He's not here.
-I have to see him. It's important.
I don't know him.
-But that's not possible.
He did a complete 180.
Do like me.
Try to forget him.
I wanted him to make it to chief.
-Me too.
I would have made him work for it.
We would have done it.
But now we look like idiots.
We have to save him.
He's getting in deeper and deeper.
I know. I have my sources.
You have to do something.
We have to get him out of there.
It's too late for that.
We can't do anything for him.
We can, but you don't care.
Because you don't love him.
I do, but I can't do anything.
But do what?
-Electroshock. You're the only one.
I see.
You go to the parking at
Porte de Clignancourt.
You take a car.
-Do I steal one?
No, we have the key.
The registration's on the note.
What do I do next?
-That's also written on the note.
And where do I go?
That's all we can tell you.
-Do as we say.
You don't trust me.
-We don't trust cops.
I'm no longer a cop.
-Even more reason.
Why do you distrust everybody?
There he is.
I've been looking
everywhere for you.
Your friend...
Yes, he's...
What about him?
-He was shot.
Is he dead?
Where is he, damnit?
-Follow me.
What's he doing?
Follow him.
What a little asshole.
I was right not to trust him.
He's going to set us up.
Hello, headquarters, Brisson here.
-Headquarters here.
Give me the chief.
Yes, Bloret.
Up there, on the roof.
Ren, are you hit?
-No, but touched that you're here.
You're tickling me. Stop it.
I'm fine.
What, you're alright?
-I just wanted to see you.
Ren, asshole.
You're fucking with me.
Let it go, Franois.
-I'm screwing them. I'll get them.
No, they'll get you.
By the balls!
They'll break you.
-You don't understand a thing.
You're too old and too stupid.
We've been following them
for a week.
Search the car.
Look, chief.
-One day, you'll thank me.
Maybe not today though.
You don't look too good, chief.
-You're making me sick.
Clear all this up,
but discretely. No scandal.
I've had it.
Everything hurts.
But he made them tell me
he'd been shot.
That's why we were together.
Tell them that's the truth.
Ren, damnit, tell them.
I swear that's the truth.
I'll continue to work with you.
That's possible.
But we need a scapegoat.
I'll tell you everything about him.
If you like lousy biographies,
you're in for a good time.
Nobody'll mind if you
exaggerate a bit.
No need. The truth
is good enough.
The list of all the people
he extorted money from.
Corresponds to the phone
directory of the neighbourhood.
The rates?
-You'll get those too.
What do you know about his private life?
-That he lives with a whore.
He says she's an ex whore.
-He doesn't mean ex-whore.
He means old whore.
She only does it three times
a month for her cigarettes.
Has he tried to bribe you?
For instance?
-He eats for free in a restaurant.
The few times I was
there with him...
...he didn't want me to pay.
What was the name
of that restaurant?
Chez Fernand. In exchange for
free food, he'd turn a blind eye.
Tell us more.
He'd place his bet after
they threw the dice.
And he'd get 100 francs.
-He's a small fish.
You've seen this happen for
5 years...
...and you never reported it?
Not just in the interest of the people,
but also for our reputation.
I've tried, but...
...I'm living with a foreigner.
A student. He threatened me:
if I report him...
...she'd lose her residency permit.
He's already got one
foot in the grave.
Are you coming to close
the coffin?
You ruined my life.
I want to stay with the police.
Do you understand?
-Sign here.
Don't move.
Ren, tie him up.
Asshole. I'll kill you.
You're a dead man.
Two cops. And here!
There's 120,000
of us in France...
Come, get out of here.
-And quickly.
You made up a bit, asshole.
-Hardly anything.
Great, you two solved the problem.
Yes, it was a strategy... get to the big guys.
Now, we're pretending
we're fleeing.
So they think we're in it
to our necks.
Great. Was that your idea?
No, the new guys, geniuses.
We'd never be so...
I'll go congratulate them.
I wouldn't trust you
to write my biography...
...but you've got what
it takes to be a chief.
What do we do now?
There's only one answer.
We have to hide our women.
But we don't know where they are.
Simone celebrates her birthday
here every year. On the same date.
Without you?
-Women only.
Quiet, please.
We've thought of a gift.
It's just a small thing.
I hope you'll like it.
What did you do now?
He's great. Plenty of money.
He's your last customer.
No, I am.
Come, Simone. You too.
Franois's waiting in the car.
Come, we have to go.
Simone, your gift.
Don't let it get stolen.
Is the Marabou here?
-The police were here.
They took Marabou
and his brothers.
Why do you do this to us?
Let's not hang around. They're
already on the phone to the cops.
We need to hide somewhere.
-Bravo, chief.
-With one of the shopkeepers.
Which one?
-Doesn't matter.
One of them will give us away.
How else did our friends
know we were arriving?
Do you suspect anybody?
-It could be any of them.
But we can find out who it is.
I'll teach you
something, chief.
Let's expose the traitor.
Paper and pen.
We'll call the jeweller.
We'll tell him
we're at 18 Rue d'Orsel.
The one to the left there.
Then the second-hand shop.
We'll say we're at 18
Rue des Trois Frres, across the road.
Then we'll call
Cesarini from the strip joint.
We'll tell him we're at
18 Rue Dancourt.
Then we'll call the two others,
Albert and Fernand.
We'll give them both a street
name and then we wait.
If the cops go to the Rue d'Orsel,
the jeweller gave us away.
If they go to the Rue des Trois Frres,
it's the guy of the second-hand shop, etc.
Not bad, old man.
-It's still working up here.
We're at 18 Rue d'Orsel.
Rue d'Orsel. The jeweller.
The asshole. He looked so honest.
-He did.
That didn't take very long.
Now we can go to the others
without a worry.
Ren, there's some more.
Rue de l'Atelier, Albert Le Fourgue.
So two of them
told the cops on us.
Not just those two. Look.
Rue des Trois Frres,
the guy from the second-hand shop.
And there, Rue Dulin. That's Fernand.
That leaves Cesarini.
-Yes, Cesarini.
I was 100:1 against him and he
turns out to be the honest one.
Doesn't matter.
At least, there's one we can trust.
I was going to come over.
I found a hiding place.
Better that we come over.
Traffic's bad there.
Soon we won't be able to
drive in Paris anymore.
The key to the place and money.
-A bit of money.
A little advance.
-Very little.
Who's paying you?
-The guy from the second-hand shop.
He controls everything.
The cops go to his place tomorrow.
And what do you do with the money?
Let me show you your
hiding place.
Let's go.
Shit. The wrong keys.
I'll be right back.
Never judge anybody
on the way they look.
Funny that he's the honest one,
isn't it?
Even funnier that he took
the wrong keys, no?
Who did you call?
-The hiding place, to confirm.
Isn't that a beautiful phone?
With all these keys.
One especially.
The redial key.
To repeat the last number.
Great, no?
Hello, police station.
-Cesarini here. I just called.
Yes, but the inspectors are
already on their way.
Thanks anyway.
They were giving us such a hard time,
that we decided to do it.
I was against it.
-They'll be here soon.
We have to go.
Quick, the money.
All of it.
I swear I was against it.
-We'll take him with us.
-You'll have to earn him back.
No, no, not him! Michou!
Guy, you're not going to shoot,
are you?
Get down, Ren.
Don't act the hero.
At my age, you don't
know if you can get up again.
If cops shoot once every
6 months, they'll never learn.
I've always said that.
I told you to stop. Shit!
Still scary, though.
can you look after him?
I already have 10, Ren.
-Brigitte Bardot has 15 of them.
No, don't kill me.
And what about my dog?
What did you do with him?
-He's being looked after.
If you want him back,
you have to behave really well.
Invite us to your place.
-You've had men over before.
So cute.
We'll be fine here, the three of us.
Always judge people on
how they look.
Do we tie him up?
If he wants his darling back,
he won't do anything stupid.
He'll take his sleeping pills.
Two, three, four, here.
-A bit of water, maybe?
Works better than handcuffs.
Come on, take them.
Hello, Madame Brisson.
-Hello, I'd like to go to my safe.
Follow me.
That's smart.
Give the money to the mother,
who puts it in the bank.
If her son gets into trouble,
she has time to clean up.
We've got them.
We'll tell the police about
their little deal.
No, no.
A couple of thousand in an envelope...
That's not enough.
We have something better.
What then?
-Think about it.
Franois, I don't just
want you to be chief..
...but also the best chief.
So think.
No, I don't know.
-Franois, think.
But I don't know
what you mean.
We've got them.
Mr. Director?
I knew you'd arrest me
one of these days.
Don't be such a pessimist.
Do you regret what you did?
-You bet.
You won't do it again?
-No, no.
But you do still have
to pay back society.
And that doesn't
necessarily mean jail.
Do you want money?
-Such big words.
Do you want your doggie back?
-Where is he?
Just do as you'll be told.
-I'll do anything.
You'll get a phone call tonight.
Do as the man says.
Correct code.
Madame Brisson has the 223.
You promised me. No.
Tie him up, Franois.
Come here.
Come on.
-That's it.
Car 27, respond.
Car 27.
Car 27 here.
A Mr. Cesarini is waiting for
you at the station. Something urgent.
Understand. We're coming.
They're robbing a bank.
They've got the manager
and they're taking everything.
Which bank?
-The BNC in the Rue Lamarck.
We wanted to tell you because
this time they're going to far.
Go, get lost. Get lost.
Do we take some men there?
-Are you crazy?
We're going to do a lot better.
And we blame it on the two idiots.
-Go there if you like.
Don't be assholes.
There's money everywhere here.
Do you want money?
-No, we only need your money.
The rest is for you.
Do you hear anybody talk?
I don't.
Shit. No.
Who is it?
-It's us, chief.
Ren and Franois.
Couldn't this wait until tomorrow?
-We have a hot tip.
Two men are robbing the bank.
-We have to go there right away.
Inform everybody
while I get dressed.
Hey, we're part of the family.
That's the limit.
We can explain, chief.
-You mean you didn't do it?
Ren and Franois did it.
-Lock them up.
Chief Le Guyaver.
Gentlemen, follow us please.
Gentlemen, follow me.
Gentlemen. gentlemen.
You forgot this.
Sit down.
Could you announce me?
Chief Le Guyaver is here.
You can go in.
The superintendent.
Chief Bloret
has given us his report.
The accusations made against
you were false.
I'd like to congratulate you
on what you've done.
As a result we've been able to
arrest these two dangerous men...
...who were damaging the
reputation of the police.
That is why I have decided... allow you back into
our large family...
...and to give you a promotion...
...and make you part of the Department
of Criminal Investigation.
From now on, you'll be
"beef and carrots"... they say in our jargon.
Thank you very much, Superintendent.
I'll prove myself worthy and
serve the police force well.
And to prove that we're
making a new start...
...I'll be right back.
This is the symbol of a past
that I want to forget.
Racing News
Bravo, young man.
You have decided to stop
betting at the races.
That's good. Very good.