Ripple (2023) Movie Script

I'm not going to hurt you.
Someone else will die tonight.
A million viewers... and she dies.
Hello. My name is Lotus.
Welcome to DIE,
Denmark's true crime podcast,
sponsored by Baby Boom.
"When life starts with a bang."
Use the code "DIE" and get 20% off
your first order. That's my gift to you.
You know my voice, and tonight
I'll reveal my face for the first time
in a special edition of
Head on the Nail,
hosted by the legendary Erik Hammer,
who I've always wanted to meet.
I've saved some of the most horrific
murders for the occasion
and only 100 of you true fans
are invited to see it in real life.
Death will come closer than ever before.
Are you ready? Because I am.
Hello! Tonight, our special guest is
my biggest idol,
the woman behind the podcast DIE.
You heard me! It's going to be
thrilling, so remember to tune in.
I can't wait!
- Marrit?
- It's open!
- Hello, Miss.
- Good evening, sir.
I brought a screw,
so we can hang up your frame.
I can't breathe in here.
Why don't you crack open a window?
I like it like this.
I've got your cup, by the way,
and I cleaned it.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Here you go.
Marrit, it's time.
Don't worry. I'm good to go.
- It looks like a warzone in here.
- Sure, tread carefully!
Maybe you ought to ease off
those energy drinks.
- Energy is good.
- You don't say.
It gets the blood pumping.
- I'll drop by later with...
- I need to get started now.
Don't worry about it. I'm good.
- See you!
- I'll check in with you later.
Is the mic good?
I changed my clothes. Marrit?
Tell me who you had to murder
to get your show back.
- The neighbour's dog.
- That's messed up. Breakfast?
- Yoghurt, pineapple and porridge.
- Sounds disgusting, Erik.
- Please take a seat.
- All right.
We're done here. Let's pack up.
Someone will be here
to remove the graffiti tomorrow.
If you're done staring
at the mackerel...
I'm coming.
You can borrow my tie for
the press conference, Erne. Time to go.
No one eats an Oreo
with the cream side facing up.
Calm down, biscuit minister!
You wouldn't eat an ice-cream cone
upside down now, would you?
You need to buy yourself
a bag of Oreos,
find a bench and process
that blasphemy alone.
Please put your phones away.
We have work to do.
Chill, bro! You got this.
- What I've got right now is pressure.
- It's your lucky day, babe!
- Diamonds are made under pressure.
- Okay.
Come on, I'm just kidding! You're coal.
But that premium-quality,
high-end barbecue shit.
I had a sit-down with the board.
If your ratings are good today,
you'll get another season.
You're on.
Coal my arse.
Cue live teaser in ten seconds.
Five, four, three, two...
Good evening to the nation.
Today is a special day.
We've got a big logo behind me for this
special edition of Head on the Nail,
starring the creator of
the Danish true-crime podcast, DIE.
Join us as we bring you
the three murder cases.
I'll see you at 8 p.m.
Thank you, Hammer! You've still got it.
I blinked.
Maybe it was a little too corny.
Not my style, but all right.
- Marrit, you need to...
- Yeah, I know.
- You need to pull...
- I said I know, Kata!
If you weren't
the best sound engineer out there,
I would've fired you ages ago.
Then I'm happy that I am the best
there is, and that you haven't fired me.
Please leave our private life
out of this.
- Marrit here will get you a mic.
- Hello.
I'll be back soon.
Let me know if you need anything.
- The lights were supposed to be fixed.
- Time for the briefing, Katarina.
Can I take your phone for a second?
I need to get your mic on.
- Sure...
- I'll put it right here.
There we go.
I'm going to put it right there.
I'm a big fan of yours.
Your podcast has helped me a lot.
My sister, she...
- I'm Marrit.
- What a beautiful name.
Thank you.
Let me place this on your back.
Are you afraid of what everyone will say
once they put a face to your voice?
Good evening. My name is Erneeraq...
Well, maybe a little.
I just don't want to hide anymore.
Amalie was reported missing
three days ago.
You know the feeling?
We're ready for you, Lotus.
- Please follow me.
- I hope you kill it.
If you have any information
that might further the investigation,
please call the police at 114
or 40 13 14 48.
- Any questions?
- Are we talking kidnapping?
As of now, Amalie is reported missing
and we assume
that we'll find her again.
We don't presume there's
any criminal act involved at this point.
This isn't the first time you assume
you'll find a missing person.
Some relatives are still waiting.
We can't get into that now. Thank you
for coming! We'll keep you updated.
We're holding our breath,
hoping that she's in good health.
Right now on the channel,
we welcome back Erik Hammer
for the all-time classic
Head on the Nail.
He'll finally put a face to the true
crime personality, Lotus Sylvia,
host of the successful podcast DIE.
Hammer, we're ready for you.
- I'm not the topic of this evening.
- Stand by, ten seconds.
Stand by, ten seconds.
In five, four, three, two, go.
What a playboy, eh?
Can't be helped.
Old pig, dirty old pig.
Thank you all!
But I'm not the star
of tonight's special.
Instead it's a very fortunate lady,
whose voice is well known and loved
by many people across the country.
She's anxious about death,
and in processing it
she's managed to create the most
successful true crime wave to this day.
She's planted a seed in the soil
of burials and watched life sprout anew.
Did he just say that?
"Planted a seed in the soil of burials."
Well, he's not wrong.
What happened at the press conference?
Was it that question about
the old case that threw you off?
People never forget her. They only see
the one mistake I can't undo.
You've got to get past that, Erne.
Ellen, she's gone. She's dead.
- You need to close that case now.
- I can't, now that I'm suspended.
She said, "Take a few days off."
That's what she told you.
Well, I have to get back now, or she'll
tell me the same thing she told you.
All right?
Any news about Amalie, you let me know.
You'll be the first to hear.
Now get out of here.
See you in a few days then.
- What are you doing here, Martin?
- Hi, Vivi.
You were fired months ago. If Conrad
sees you after what happened...
I'm just here as a guest.
Give me that.
Just beer, nothing stronger than that.
If it's not on tap, you don't drink it.
- And give me a hand with the dishes.
- Thank you, Vivi.
There hasn't been anyone here for years,
so I've got no idea if it works or not.
Just throw the keys in the letterbox
when you leave.
Thank you.
- It's almost time.
- Have you seen my phone?
- I'm sorry?
- My phone.
No, I haven't seen your phone.
I'm sure I put it here somewhere.
I don't get it.
They're live right now.
- All set.
- Right.
The entertainment continues.
Please welcome Lotus Sylvia!
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
You're right here.
You're here.
Right here.
Here with me.
It's all for you, Eva.
- She's so hot!
- What did you expect?
I didn't expect anyone with
that voice to... Just look at her!
Look at those Black Panther donuts!
She's like a warrior queen.
So you can't have
a nice voice and look good?
What you need to understand
is that she's my free pass.
- Your free pass?
- That's right. She and I...
- In what world could you get with her?
- I could get with her any day!
- Solvej...
- Supplies coming up!
Come look at this. I mean, look at her.
- Is that Lotus? She's so beautiful.
- Yes! Right?
- Thank you!
- Why did you buy wine?
We were supposed to have
one beer and head out.
I don't want to watch that talk show.
It's not just a talk show.
Tell her, Susie.
- Apologise, Vivi.
- Like you mean it.
Would you look at that!
Please, have a seat.
Wow, I don't think we've had a standing
ovation since the royal family was here.
- All right then. Welcome, Lotus!
- Thank you so much.
Well, if you can't find the words, I'll
mention a few of your accomplishments:
113 episodes, five awards, and yours was
the most streamed podcast last year
and it seems you'll take
the top spot this year as well.
Thank you! It sounds so...
Give a little clap, clap tonight.
Open up and shut them tight.
But what's the price of winning?
I warned you not to go live,
Lotus, but you didn't listen.
So now our little friend here
will pay the price.
I chose to breathe life to death,
you know?
So my answer to that is...
- Katarina?
- What is it, Marrit?
Death is a random...
We're in the middle of TV show.
Are you all right?
Yes, everything's fine. I'll fix it.
Well, then tell us
about the first murder.
The year is 1996, and we're in Hjrring.
I had the pleasure of visiting
there once, and it's a lovely town
as long as you don't get murdered.
It's a dark, beautiful autumn evening.
The buzzing day lingers in the air as
the ferocity of night makes an entrance.
This night should have given hope to...
I'm just having a hard time...
moving on.
Could you tell me more about that?
Not really.
I think it's time for you
to go back to the bar.
If you can't tell me
what happened that night...
...maybe you can tell yourself.
Hello. I think I'll have
three home brews, please.
- You got it.
- Thanks.
Do you need help?
Don't you think you're too moody
for a place like this?
Don't you think you're too young?
Lotus. I'm 23.
- Come on!
- Martin.
- Hello, Martin.
- Hello.
Would you look at that!
It's a quarter past you and I dancing.
I don't dance.
Come on.
It's just dancing, nothing serious.
I don't dance with strangers.
If I tell you a secret,
will you tell me yours?
- Who says I have secrets?
- Don't we all?
Stop it!
Your turn.
Don't tell a soul!
There you go.
- That's 13 euro.
- Thanks.
Prove it.
- What's this?
- Don't, Vivi!
Ready to lose again?
My name is Lotus.
The evening should've been a celebration
for 22-year-old Ariel Chereau.
She was ecstatic when she jumped on
her bike three kilometres out of town.
Call me some other time.
I'm not in a good place right now.
Please just listen to me.
A woman has been kidnapped,
and I just saw it on a live stream.
- I thought we were past this.
- I'm looking at it right now.
It's exactly what
they're talking about on air.
- We need to talk about your sister.
- "One human's death..."
What did you just say?
It said, "One human's death
is another human's bread."
Hello! Marrit, are you there?
Please respond.
We've got noise in Lotus's signal.
- Can you fix it?
- Right. Let's fix it during the break.
- Are you still there?
- Yes, you have my attention.
I need you to repeat
exactly what you just said.
We've heard those words before.
- Okay.
What a crazy place, Martin,
the perfect spot to kill someone.
For instance, I might kill you,
right about now.
What actually happened here?
I wasn't supposed to be there at all.
Just one random mistake, easy to miss,
but when you're surrounded
by water in the darkness...
Maybe we ought to go back?
Death always weighs on us.
It is to be respected,
deliberated, feared.
I think I've had enough death
and subs for one day.
- You can't leave.
- Let go of me!
What's the matter with you, Martin?
- You light up the room.
- No more than you. Thank you!
Do we have an IP address for the video?
Have you heard from IT?
They can't pinpoint the signal
due to the football match.
The area is too large
for us to locate her.
Do we have a warrant?
Can we shut it down?
You know we can't just shut down
some talk show, Erne!
Stay home, and let us do our jobs.
Do you hear me?
We're back again.
There's a new video. Check your phone.
An undertaker dressed in velvet.
Would you also like an undertaker
dressed in velvet?
You think you're so funny, don't you?
You're hilarious, Hammer.
Would you like me to put nails
in your head, my little friend?
It was absolutely irate,
which is very unusual for a Labrador.
This dog walker discovers a body part
poking out of the ground.
Soon after, the area is surrounded
by investigators
who conclude that these are
the remains of Manja Banksel.
Manja was a 34-year-old...
- She's totally killing it.
- She was reported missing in...
That guy is nothing compared to her.
Katarina, get the editor to focus
on Lotus. She's the star.
Okay, but we can't ignore Hammer.
It's his show, isn't it?
He'll have to swallow it.
He's not selling any tickets.
Rami, focus the main camera on Lotus.
They drove west towards her home,
but Manja never made it back.
Evidence sent detectives far and wide to
where her body parts had been scattered.
But within short, the police found...
- Marrit.
- Who's there?
- I've got your light tubes.
- They'll have to wait.
- Not now!
- There's nothing more for us to do.
How about I drop by
for a game of cards then?
- Don't give me that attitude!
- Just listen.
He's cutting her open for Christ's sake!
I sent you home for a reason,
and you need to stay there.
Or you can swing by and hand in
your badge. Do I make myself clear?
It's all connected. The TV show.
We should look into it.
- The studio is 10 minutes from here.
- I told you no. Go home.
We're about to hit 750,000 viewers.
It's amazing.
- It's off the charts.
- It's never happened before.
Congratulations. Keep up the good work.
...and down her back,
cutting off flaps of skin.
He takes the victim's arm and buries it
in a popular forest for dog walkers.
- Get make-up on standby.
- Yes, ma'am!
Rex, have make-up
touch up Lotus in the break.
Thank you.
- 750,000!
- It's a lot.
- It's incredible!
- Good job.
He's back.
He's back. He's online.
Who's going to die today?
Are you watching this?
Come find us.
Everyone is watching this.
A million viewers, and she dies.
I'm going to need your help.
Yo, Malik?
I need you to check your phone.
- No, Rex, I can't do that.
- Please just do it.
- When exactly did you lose your mind?
- Shut up, and do it now.
I don't want Katarina to shove
my phone up my bum when she...
What do I need to see?
- What the fuck is this?
- He's watching our show right now.
What does Katarina say about it?
- This is messed up.
- Katarina?
...sentenced to 16 years in prison.
Well, that's quite something,
even though 16 years in prison
doesn't seem like a fair trade for...
- Are you there?
- Yes. I'm backstage now.
- You have to stop the show.
- I'm sorry, what?
- You heard her. My hands are tied.
- I'm going to lose my job!
You're the only one who can save her.
At one point, a florist looked out
her window and saw her ex-husband.
From then on, he came in
to buy flowers, day after day.
Then one day, he enters the store
with a hammer, hits her in the head...
I think I know why we have
so many viewers.
- What the hell is that?
- It's live.
Some psychopath kidnapped a girl, and
he's doing to her whatever Lotus says.
Who is that?
He's urging people to go watch our show.
Katarina, we've got to do something.
Thank you.
- There's a video...
- I know.
No cause for panic.
I just talked with our lawyer.
- What about the girl?
- That's out of our hands right now.
...scratched it down her face,
and placed a thank you card on her.
- What the hell is going on?
- "From me to you."
You need to stop the show right now.
Erik, he's putting nails in her!
Holy sh...
Yo, Rex, can you fix that?
- Please just listen to me.
- The timing is off, admittedly...
One success upon another and another.
This show has never been bigger
because of me and you... but mostly me.
Camera three, close-up on her.
- Why isn't anyone reacting?
- Lotus, one moment.
- Please sit down.
- You need to stop the show.
Can you get a mic on her?
We're about to go
to the commercials that pay the bills.
- You need to round off and get her out.
- This isn't happening.
Do you want me to get a mic on Marrit?
Get that under control now, Katarina.
She's unbelievable!
Rex asks if he should mic her up?
That's a go, Rex. Mic her up.
Here's your mic.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Rex, you need to help me
stop the broadcast.
There you go. All set.
Marrit, you've lived through
a very tragic incident.
- Sound is good.
- Please tell me your story.
We were nine years old, my sister and I.
- Marco?
- Polo!
- Marco?
- Polo!
Found you!
She was never found again.
- Just hold it, Hammer.
- What a story.
We're all deeply moved by your story.
- Last comment.
- You're very brave to...
Thank her for her story,
and send it to commercials.
- Go.
- Let's all applaud Marrit.
We'll be back after
a brief commercial break.
Are you all right?
No, what are you doing?
Hammer, you have to stop the show.
She's going to die!
Right. We'll be back in a minute
after the commercial break.
No, Lotus, we're going to stay put.
There's live music when we come back,
and then we're on again.
- I just need my phone.
- No, stay there.
When we come back,
we'll be in the background.
Well, congratulations.
You just proved why I put you in charge.
But get your private life
off the premises.
Ready for live performance
in three, two, one...
Hey, what's going on?
- Did I do something wrong?
- No.
Then why do they all act
like I'm not here?
- Martin, you're a radio telegrapher.
- I know. So what?
I assume they think
you're kind of useless.
- And who's the last one?
- That's Sren.
- Then it's Sren's job.
- It's not.
- Screw Sren.
- You're just the cleaner!
How funny.
- It's up to you now.
- Two sixes.
- It's a globe.
- It is?
- Royal visit.
- Hi.
I washed your cup, sir.
And I brought a bottle of rum.
That was very thoughtful of you, Martin.
- Have a seat.
- Thank you.
- Weren't you supposed to fix...
- I did.
- Welcome to Agnes.
- Thanks, sir.
- You're the substitute?
- Yes.
You got good grades,
and you're a geek, right?
Yet you're socially adjusted
and doing well across the board.
That's great.
I've got a huge issue with you, Martin.
Do you understand that?
My issue is...
You're not a soldier, Martin.
Nobody gives a fuck about a radio
telegrapher when there's no signal.
We're at the bottom of the ocean,
and you're utterly useless.
Sren, however, knows how to cook.
That is useful.
So what about you?
Throw him in the engine room.
- Martin!
- Calm down, Sren.
He's going to spend the night there
in his underwear.
We've all been there.
Tomorrow, he'll roll the dice with us.
- He can't do it.
- It's not that I don't like the kid.
Let's taste this crap.
It was thoughtful of him, right?
At least you're not alone.
Cheer up.
- Please let me go.
- Let you go?
- We're in a submarine.
- I just want out of here.
Anybody there?
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
- Are you leaving me?
- What are you talking about?
You're not leaving.
Martin, I don't think you and I
can hold out for much longer.
You need help.
At least you're not alone.
You're dancing.
You're dancing with me!
If I tell you a secret,
will you tell me yours?
Don't tell a soul.
- Who says I have secrets?
- Don't we all?
Here you go.
Prove it.
My name is Lotus.
My little sister, Eva...
...was murdered.
Why did you have to die?
You need help.
We're back again
with Lotus Sylvia on the show.
Lotus, you also lost your sister.
Please tell us more about what happened.
Take us to the core of that story,
the foundation of your podcast, DIE.
I'll take it from here.
Good luck getting him to talk.
Martin, you were in the navy?
I read about the tragedy
on that submarine.
Is it in or on the submarine?
You were only there as a substitute
and yet you were the lone survivor
on the HDMS Agnes.
Lucky draw.
Whoops. The battery died on me.
How about we trade secrets then?
All right, I'll start.
Long ago, I made a promise to a girl
that I couldn't keep.
I can't find my sister.
Promise me you'll find my sister.
I should have just told her the truth
instead of giving her false hope.
She never truly recovered from her loss.
We had nothing.
At least she had hope.
As the years went by,
her calls became less frequent
and once in a while,
I almost forget that I failed her.
My guilty conscience is eating me alive.
That's what you and I have in common.
Listen to me.
I know you killed Eva.
I also know you have PTSD, and probably
a bunch of colourful diagnoses,
hidden in that goodie bag of yours.
I also know you have a conscience.
- I can't do this anymore.
- No.
Meetings with social workers,
cheap coffee and biscuits...
- I just want to be free.
- Right.
- We have to release him.
- I'm not done here.
- I didn't do anything.
- Give me a minute.
- There's no evidence.
- One minute!
It will only get worse, Martin.
Every day, your conscience
is going to gnaw at you.
The truth will be at the tip of
your tongue, waiting for you to cry out.
Once you're ready to tell the truth,
I'll be right behind you.
I'll set you free.
This time, I'll keep my promise.
Martin, you're the last man on deck.
The code is 1414, all right?
Peace out.
It's getting hot.
You need help, Martin.
- What the hell?
- You need to help...
You messed things up.
Don't do the same to me.
Show yourself out.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- I thought it was very brave of you.
- Thank you.
People shouldn't profit off
of other peoples' deaths.
You know what they say,
"One human's death... another human's bread."
I need to get started now.
I'll drop by later
with the new light tubes.
Don't bother. I'm good.
You're very persistent.
I'll drop by later.
I really want the job.
- Welcome aboard.
- Thank you.
Make yourself at home.
- Marrit.
- Who's there?
- I've got your light tubes.
- They'll have to wait.
- Not now!
- All right.
- We're about to hit 750,000 viewers.
- 750,000 viewers?
- It's amazing.
- It's off the charts.
It's never happened before.
Congratulations. Keep up the good work.
Excuse me, mate.
Stand by for touch up on Lotus.
People love us.
It will all be over soon,
my little friend.
There. Let's give them the grand finale.
Erneeraq, he's here now.
He's right here.
It's all ripples in the water
on a day like this.
Marrit, are you there?
Hello? Who's this?
If you only knew how many times
I've held the card you once gave me
alongside that empty promise.
You're just like those people
in the spotlight. You're all talk.
- Your talk won't help anyone.
- What did you do to her?
No more than you did to Lotus's sister
or that precious Amalie
who you're so desperately
trying to find.
You won't make it here in time,
Erneeraq, and it's going to haunt you
like the promise to Marrit
you couldn't keep.
History repeats itself,
because people want death.
Death, death, death.
Somebody has to die, don't they?
Let's not disappoint all those viewers.
I guess one thing we've learned today
is that life is precious.
How brilliant! Life is precious!
Is that our caretaker up there?
Martin? Is this open mic night,
or what the hell is this thing?
There's another guest?
- Shut it down.
- No, keep rolling.
Do I look like I'm playing around?
We're breaking records.
For some reason this is
your lucky day, so do your job!
"Life is precious."
Who graces us
with their presence this time?
Agnes and...
- You can call me Martin.
- Is that Vivi's brother?
Martin, would you please find your...
Shut the fuck up!
You're not the star of tonight's show.
Is that a knife?
- He's threatening her.
- What the hell is he doing?
What a life you've got, Lotus.
Everything was fine
until you brought her back.
Excuse me?
Did you remember to thank her?
- Send in security, Malik.
- Rex, we need security on stage now.
- Right now!
- I'm on it.
Give a little clap, clap tonight.
Open up and shut them tight.
Her final breath paved the way
to your empire of success.
Although it does look smaller
in real life.
One human's death
is another human's bread.
- Please stop.
- And what a feast you've got.
- Shut down cameras.
- I told you no! Keep rolling.
Have you lost your mind?
Keep rolling.
You're psychotic!
- Close-up on the knife.
- She's fine, Lotus.
She's been with me all this time.
She looks healthier than you do.
Was it you? Did you kill my sister?
- It was you.
- No.
I'm sorry!
I killed Agnes!
Eva sacrificed her life,
so that we could live ours.
And we did live
until you fed the starving nation
with death and destruction!
Stop. Please stop.
Death and destruction
is what they'll get.
- No! What happened?
- He killed her.
Where's my picture?
Turn the cameras back on!
Lights are off. We can't do anything.
The cameras are off. No one's watching.
There's no reason for you to do this.
Look, someone in the audience
is livestreaming.
It's beautiful.
He doesn't want to kill her.
She's not the one who's going to die.
- So, how did things go the other day?
- What do you mean?
- Your date!
- Vivi?
Do you think we could convince
your brother to set up the TV,
so that we're ready for tonight?
- You got it.
- What a wonderful boy!
A very nice boy. He really is.
Martin, how did your date go?
- It went as planned.
- Did you write a script or something?
- I made that pasta dish.
- I told you it was going to work.
- I have to go.
- You just got here!
- Great coffee! It's set up.
- Thank you!
- Love it!
- Love you!
They say we die twice.
The first time is
when we take our last breath.
The second time is when people
stop saying our name.
Anna, Mary, Nina...
Helen, Ida, Jane...
Sophie, Patricia, Mary...
Beverly, Marie, Joann...
and Mary.
In 1962 and the following two years,
these 13 women were killed by a man,
known as "The Boston Strangler".
A 1968 film was made
inspired by the events
which grossed USD 18 million
in the box office.
In 1969, the woman we call Eva was
strangled to death by a former soldier
who had watched The Boston Strangler,
which allegedly inspired him.
50 years later, that story was featured
in a popular true-crime podcast,
going out to 10% of the nation's population.
In 2023, the name is featured in a new
adaptation of The Boston Strangler.
The question is,
when will the ripple effect end?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
You're here.
You're here.
You're right here.
Here with me.
Thank you so much for listening
to my story this Friday.
You might think this is it,
but there's more coming your way -
every Friday for a long time to come.
I'm Lotus Sylvia, and on this channel
at 8 p.m., you're in good company.