Rise (2022) Movie Script

[mother] Please, take care of him.
[humming continues]
[singing in Yoruba]
[muezzin on speaker recites prayer]
[in Turkish]
[in English] Turn off the lights.
[clamoring continues]
[water running]
[police radio chatter in Turkish]
[in Turkish]
- [screaming]
- [officer speaking Turkish]
[whispers in English] Come on.
[officer speaking Turkish]
[clamoring continues]
[horn honking]
[speaking Turkish]
["Jamm" playing]
[Cheikh L singing in Wolof]
[in English] I think your girlfriend
wants sunglasses now.
No? Sunglasses for the beautiful woman.
Can you take care of Thanasis?
[in Nigerian Pidgin]
[in English] Please.
- Yes, of course.
- I need to go to hospital.
[workers chattering in Greek]
[woman on PA, indistinct]
[baby grunting]
- Is he okay?
- Yes.
He is healthy and all clean.
He's perfect.
Is there any way
to contact your husband, Veronica?
Uh, he's working in rgos.
There's no telephone.
He's going to get a surprise.
[chuckles] Yes, he will.
I just need some more information for the,
uh, Universal Health Service paperwork.
I can never remember it.
It's okay.
I will take a copy of your residency card.
It's at home.
I was at work when I went into labor.
[Veronica humming]
[singing in Yoruba]
[Veronica, in English] How was your trip?
Very long.
How have things been here?
Oh, uneventful.
[baby coos]
[baby coos]
You only have to think about
what's in front of you.
Vera, I have another son.
[chuckles] Thanasis Rotimi,
look at your baby brother.
Look at your baby brother. Look.
Friends come and go, but family's forever.
You hear me?
- [chuckles] Huh?
- You will never be alone.
[friend] What shall you call him?
Giannis. In Greek, it means "John,"
like the apostle.
And Ugo in Ibo means "a crown."
A crown that God has given,
nobody can take away.
- Amen.
- [friend 2] Amen.
- [father] Amen.
- [friend 2] Amen.
Sorry. You misspelled our last name.
- There's too many letters.
- "Antetokounmpo."
[chuckles] Adetokunbo.
- Adetokunbo.
- [secretary] Excuse me, Ms. Pantazis?
Tell them I'll be a minute.
Are you sure we got it wrong?
Our translators are usually very good.
We know our own name, Ms. Pantazis.
It's Adetokunbo.
It's a very proud Yoruba name.
It means "the king from across
the seas has returned."
Okay, I'll make a note of it.
Uh, did you bring your education history
and proof of current employment?
Oh, yes.
Uh, so, this is a letter
from the temp agency that gets us jobs.
This isn't enough.
You need to prove you're working legally,
on payroll.
If you file
a residency application like this,
it will be rejected on the basis
you entered Greece without permission.
But we didn't choose to be illegal.
Our passports were illegally confiscated
by the European police.
We couldn't go back
because we had spent all of our savings.
We had to cross the border.
You understand?
Now, our boys are Greek.
They need the rights that go with that.
Stay hidden while we work this out.
Excuse me.
[father] Wait, Ms. Pantazis?
The longer we stay hidden,
the more likely we get caught.
We just want to do the right thing.
You can file for asylum status.
No, no, we are immigrants, not refugees.
There was no war where we came from.
If there was, we'd be refugees,
but there wasn't.
Then find legal work.
Stop using temp agencies.
Find a job that puts you on payroll
and gets you a Social Security number.
That will qualify you for a work permit.
You can open a bank account.
We can take all that and present
a strong residency application, hmm?
Ms. Pantazis,
no one will give us a payroll job
without legal residency.
And no one will give us residency
without a payroll job.
[footsteps departing]
Maybe sunglasses.
[speaking Greek]
[in English] Watch your brother, eh?
You're not buying for you, Gianni.
I know,
but how will I know people will like it
and want to buy it
if I don't like it first?
[Veronica] You're absolutely right.
You have to believe in what you sell.
But how about you keep this one
for you, huh? [chuckles]
We buy only what we can sell.
Sunglasses are good. Watches and...
Alex, Kostas,
these rosary beads sell very well.
["Black Man's Cry" playing]
Hi, would you like a...
Excuse me?
Anyone? Anyone?
All right.
They won't stop for me.
They won't even look at me.
Let me teach you something.
The direct approach
might not work for you.
You're not as handsome as me.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
Trust your big brother.
You can't accept no.
No means maybe.
You're not selling this.
You're selling you.
You have to find out
what each person is interested in.
My brother sells
the best sunglasses in Greece!
For you, two euros. Just two euro.
Alex, Kostas, stay closer.
- Look at this.
- Where did you get all of this?
- We sold all our stuff.
- All of it?
- Yes.
- Where's your hat?
- I sold that too.
- [clicks tongue] Oh, my goodness.
Mama, police!
[shouting, clamoring]
- Ugo, leave it.
- We can't leave all this!
Rotimi, grab Kostas!
[Kostas whimpering]
Ugo! Rotimi!
- [crowd cheers on video game]
- I am winning!
[Kostas] Right. You click it now.
Mama, I can't see! Thano's going to score!
Sorry, Ugo.
[Kostas] He's gonna score anyway.
[Thanasis] Over there!
- My boys!
- Papa!
- [father] Oh, yeah?
- Papa!
Four to one! I will defeat you all.
I will defeat you all.
Oh, no! I grossly misjudged the situation.
Okay, let me go and say hello
and goodbye to Mommy.
[children shrieking, chattering]
- [father grunts]
- [Kostas] Oh! Ow.
- [Alex] I need the ball! Now!
- [father] Mommy.
Oh, no.
You bought a soccer ball?
Eh, the old one burst.
I need to buy groceries.
We also have to pay rent.
Bamidele wants it today.
Ah. Don't worry. I didn't spend too much.
I promise.
- [grunts]
- [children chattering]
Are you going to tell them
they can't have it? Hmm?
- [Thanasis] Pass it.
- Pass it. Pass it! Pass it!
- [Thanasis chuckles]
- Pass it!
Pass it! Pass it!
- I'll shop smart. We'll be okay.
- [Alex] Pass to me! Pass to me!
I have to go to work now. I'll be late.
- I'll miss you.
- [Alex] Pass to me. Pass it to me.
- Ow!
- [Veronica] No ball in the house, Kostas.
I made plantain and yam for the boys.
Bye, my babies.
["Inferno" playing]
Yeah, hey, yeah
- Hey, hey, hey
- Tonight, music
Rewind, selector
Thano, I'm open!
- Control it.
- [Kostas] I'm open!
[father] Now, Thanasis, pass to Giannis.
Pass it. Pass the ball!
See? Should've listened to your coach.
I could have scored!
Is it called Thanasis-ball?
You have a whole team! Huh?
Ugo was in a better position to score.
If one man scores, the whole team scores.
It doesn't have to be you.
Thank you. Eh?
Listen to your teammate.
One man scores, the whole team scores.
Are you ready to go again?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, hey, hey
- Yo
[father] Come. Let's score.
Where's your team? You ready to score?
Go over there.
- [Alex] Let me score!
- Score, score, score!
Goal! [laughs]
Brought up the mikes
At the party, your place
Ah, ah, ah
Yeah, hey, hey
Call the police when I enter the place
Pretty girls start to
Wind up their waist
Brought up the mikes
At the party, your place
Ah, ah
Yeah, hey, hey
Call the police when I enter the place
Pretty girls start to
Wind up their waist
Brought up the mikes
At the party, your place
Ah, ah, ah
Yeah, hey, hey
Call the police when I enter the place
[players speaking Greek]
[in English]
Alex! Kostas! It's time for a break.
There you go.
You want plantain? Hmm?
[players speaking Greek]
[player, in English] Foul! Foul!
[players speaking Greek]
[player speaking Greek]
[player, in English] Hey!
Do you hoop?
- Hoop?
- Basketball.
Sure, we'll play.
- What about Papa?
- He can see us.
[players speaking Greek]
[player, in English] Come on.
- [player 1] Stop, stop, stop.
- [player 2] That's a travel.
- You can't do that. That's traveling.
- It's what?
Gianni, you got to keep bouncing it, bro.
Keep bouncing it?
[Thanasis] Mm-hmm.
[Giannis] Okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
The basket, man.
- Go put the ball in the basket.
- [Thanasis] Bro. Ugo.
[player] Put the ball in the basket.
- Over here.
- [player 2] Shoot!
[player 3 groans]
Hey, hey, hey! Pass it.
[player] Tag.
[father] Giannis. Thanasis.
Oya, second half now.
You should come down to the gym and play.
Youth club. It's free.
[host] Welcome back to
the top ten African basketball players.
And at number two from Cameroon
and now living and playing in Greece,
Sofoklis Schortsanitis,
known as Baby Shaq.
- [cheering on TV]
- Whoa.
Man, he's like,
"Is somebody here the Hulk of basketball?"
[host] And at number one is
the first pick of the 1984 NBA Draft.
Hakeem Olajuwon from Nigeria.
He was a soccer player and didn't start
playing basketball till five years ago.
Look at the footwork from Olajuwon.
Fake, baseline and he scores.
Hakeem the Dream, what a move!
- [Veronica] Oya, boys. Time for bed.
- If he was the only player on the court,
I could watch him play all night...
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive
those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil. Amen.
[all] Amen.
- [sighs] I love you. [kisses]
- [Giannis groans]
And you. [chuckles]
And you.
[kisses] And you.
Oya, go to bed.
[Giannis sighs]
- Good night.
- [Thanasis] Good night, Ma.
- [Alex] Good night, Ma!
- [Kostas] Good night, Ma.
I wanna play again.
You couldn't even bounce the ball.
- Ooh!
- [Thanasis chuckles]
And how would you know?
Every time I looked over there, you were
stuffing your face with plantains.
- Ooh, true.
- We could see you.
The ball kept rolling through your legs.
Well, you saw they didn't get the ball,
did they?
- [Thanasis] Yo.
- [Giannis] It's called defense.
is one hour, 20 minutes away.
We'll have to ride to get the bus,
then change to the Metro.
I don't know. Papa won't like that.
And who's going to tell him?
- Why are you looking at me?
- [chuckles]
Listen, go after school tomorrow.
Get home before he's back from work.
Yeah, and we can get back home
before he even knows what happened.
And I'll come
to make sure you get there safely.
No, bro. Too little.
I'm growing.
since this is a top-secret mission,
me and Gianni have to scope it out first.
If it's safe, maybe we'll take you.
[Alex] I just grew.
It'll change to "maybe not"
if you don't go to sleep now.
- I grew more!
- Sleep.
[Kostas scoffs]
You too. Sleep.
Papa always talks about opportunity.
What if this is it?
The boy said it's a big club.
If we're good,
maybe they pick us for their team.
Basketball players can make money.
We can help Mom and Dad.
- You think you're that good already?
- [chuckles]
If it's to help our family,
I will get that good.
[protestors chanting in Greek]
[speaking Greek]
[rock hits window]
[speaking Greek]
[protestors chanting]
[whispers] Gianni.
[basketball players shouting]
[coach] No wonder we're in last place.
We're terrible. Completely 100% terrible.
[players chattering]
Who are these guys?
You know these guys?
They're tall.
What... What are you guys doing here?
Uh, we're... we're here to play basketball.
At the, uh... the... the free youth camp.
Yes, we need it to be really, really free.
Do your parents know that you're here?
Uh Our mom dropped us off.
She'll be back later.
She wanted us to do the... the free...
The free youth club. Yeah, I heard that.
But we're gonna need her signature
before you can play.
But she doesn't know we're here.
Gianni. Man.
- Where are you guys from?
- Sepolia.
Wait here.
Why did you have to tell him
we're from Sepolia?
What did you want me to say? Ireland?
All right, you can play for today, okay?
Go and line up over there.
["MC's Act Like They Don't Know" playing]
[coach] Move your feet!
[KRS-One rapping]
Goin' out to the hard-core hip-hop
Goin' out to the hard-core hip-hop
Of course we don't flip-flop
[coach 2] Pass the ball! Pass the ball!
Goin' out to the hard-core hip-hop
Goin' out to the hard-core hip-hop
Of course we don't flip-flop
[coach] Giannis, listen.
Relax, man. Not too tight.
Relax. Relax.
I won't win a Tony
Just let it... let it fly.
Like, like [grunts]
Break it.
Check the time as I rhyme
It's 1995
All right, never mind. Never mind.
No, no, I try again. I try...
Flow with the master rhymer
As I leave behind the video rapper
You know, the chart climber
Down goes another rapper
On to another matter
Punch up the data, Blastmaster
Knowledge Reigns Supreme
Over Nearly Everybody
[players cheer]
Guaranteed to rip a party
Flattop, braids, bald heads
Or knotty dread
There once was a story
About a man named Jed
But now Jed is dead
All his kids instead wanna kick rhymes
Off the top of they head
This is what you waited all year for
[players cheer]
The hard-core
That's what KRS is here for
The tables turned
As the crosses burned
I don't have any work. I'm sorry.
Well, if you ever need any work done,
please call me.
- [shouting]
- [scream]
Keep your head down, huh?
This neighborhood, it's not safe.
[clamoring continues]
Where did you get that?
We went to play basketball after school.
What basketball?
They have a youth camp there. We...
You went across town
without asking me or your mother?
- [Thanasis] Papa
- To play basketball?
Filathlitikos is one of
the best teams in Greece.
The camp feeds the men's team.
It's free. No questions asked.
Papa, the coach gave us this.
They said if you sign this,
we can play every day after school.
What if they had reported you?
You disobeyed your father
and took your younger brother with you.
- Papa, wait...
- We did it together, Papa.
If we were in Nigeria,
you both would've been beyond grounded
- [Thanasis] Papa
- for a week.
Mama? [stammers]
[father] My friend, leave that basketball.
Let their punishment be a lesson, eh?
Promise me never to disobey your parents.
- We promise.
- [father] Good.
[chuckles, sucks teeth]
Can you imagine?
These boys are gonna kill me.
Why are you reacting so crazy?
It's just a couple of hours after school.
When they are at school,
I know where they are, okay?
They come home, they're with us.
We sell, we sell together.
this is only going to jeopardize that
and distract them
from getting an education.
Shebi, we always said we wanted to protect
their childhood.
With coaches we don't know
giving us papers to sign, eh?
- Now strangers watching them play?
- [door slides open]
[Veronica] Don't you remember
when you used to play football?
We should let them play.
They need to have fun
like normal children.
Vera, we cannot take this risk
until we are all safe.
I'm trying to keep this family together.
I think about all of us too.
All of the time.
Vera, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Let these boys be happy.
["Cobrastyle" playing]
[shouting in Greek]
Me press trigger
Me no press people button
[player shouting in Greek]
Ten are for you
So forget the next dozen, fool
[player shouting]
[Thanasis grunts]
Come face me with somethin'
Like how mi have 22
Inna mi somethin''
You have to concentrate on this, man.
I know!
Anytime you're ready
Punahussy start war
See who now fi
Spread it out more 'pon the tar
Gianni, stay back! Get back!
Bom di deng
Di deng digi digi
Da rude bwoy no play
Di deng digi digi
My style is di bom digi bom
Di deng di deng digi digi
Da rude bwoy no play
With di bom
Di deng digi digi
[coach] Bring it in, guys.
Team Red, grab a ball.
You're gonna do it
from basket to basket, guys. Okay?
Team Gray, you follow them,
and I'll time you.
- Eight seconds.
- [Thanasis] Eight?
Basket to basket.
From defense to offense,
under eight seconds. Okay?
You leave the opponent no time to react
when they turn the ball over.
[whistle blows]
Mi press trigger
Mi nuh press people button
Nuh bodda chat
Come face me wid somethin'
[coach] Giannis, pass the ball!
Like how mi have 22
Inna mi somethin'
Claim seh dem a friend
And dem badmind deh friend
Anytime you're ready, fool
Anytime start
[blows whistle] That's rubbish!
Speech from nuh guy
Pass and move!
Digi digi
Da rude bwoy no play
With di bom di deng
[coach] Go, go, go!
Bravo, Thanasis!
My style is di bom
Good, Thanasis! Good.
Good job. Bravo.
Da rude bwoy no play
With di bom
-Di deng di deng digi digi
Relax. You'll get it.
Don't worry.
[line ringing]
[computer beeps]
[person] Veronica, you are late tonight.
I'm sorry. I was at work.
Hello, Francis.
[sighs] Stop crying.
We haven't even said "hello" back yet.
I can't help it. I miss you.
Don't use all the water, Ugo.
You always shower
as if you're washing all of Greece.
[Giannis grunts] I'll be quick.
[water running]
[water stops]
- [Giannis] Hey! The water's gone.
- Uh-uh.
I thought they gave us an extension
to the end of the month.
There's no water?
I'll call the water company.
["Saa Magni" playing]
[seagulls squawking]
[chattering, laughing]
[coach] Good! Good! Good!
Good! Good! Good! Good! Go, go, go, go!
Bravo, Thanasis!
[crowd cheering]
Easy. Take it!
[buzzer sounds]
[person shouting in Greek]
[Thanasis laughs]
He has put in a lot of effort, huh?
So what do you want for them?
I, uh I want them to be
the best they can be.
Thanasis could play in the A-league.
Teams are asking about him already.
The national team maybe
National team?
Yeah, why not?
Who knows where he'll end up?
And Giannis, uh [chuckles]
He's getting better.
Takis, I know how this game is played.
Football, basketball, it's all the same.
If you want to go pro, you start young,
and you hope the gods
are smiling down on you.
And they don't often smile.
And if they do,
our family will be exposed.
[players shouting]
[Takis] Way to go, Gianni!
[player speaking Greek]
[players shouting]
[whistle blows]
Feeling good today. [chuckles]
[player 1] Hey, Thanos. [speaking Greek]
[player 2] Look at them. Lookit.
Hey. Show them who we are.
Who wants this more, eh?
[player shouting in Greek]
That's an advance for my signature.
Panarios, another C-League basketball club
here in Athens,
they saw Thanasis play, spoke to Takis.
They want him to switch clubs
and play for their men's team.
Is... Is Takis okay with this?
No, he wants me to stay.
But he says it's our choice.
He knows we need the money.
I told him I'm taking it for us.
I'm so proud of you, Rotimi.
Ugo, Ndubuisi, Emeka,
your brother is leading by example.
When one person in the family scores,
the whole family scores.
That's not how Papa says it.
When one person in the family scores,
the whole family scores.
That's not how I sound.
Early mornin'
Even the sun don't get up
Before me
Coming for everything
Giving you warning
Wanted, wanted
'Cause Mama said
"Boy, go and get your money, oh"
Money, oh
This ain't one life, no rewind
No, no
So this is the life I designed
Yeah, yeah
If you don't like it
I don't know
Makin' no play with my time
No, no
Makin' no shade in my shine
Yeah, yeah
No matter how hard the road
My light will glow
Yeah, yeah, yeah
One day, one day
One day
I'll be somebody
[computer beeps]
Sorry, sir. This check's no good.
No, no, no, that can't be right.
Sir, this is an official check
from a basketball club.
Please, try it again.
I did, sir. It's no good.
[teller clears throat]
[Charles] Yeah.
What happened?
Takis says the club found out
about our status and withdrew the offer.
Rotimi, I'm sorry. I really am.
Tell Mom and Dad I'll be out in a minute.
I'm okay.
They can knock us down.
They can ignore us, insult us.
They can tell us we shouldn't be here
and call us names.
But they can't stop us
from getting back up.
[reporter on TV] National news now.
Entry into Greece
remains the preferred path
for thousands of refugees escaping war,
trying to find safety in the EU.
The Greek government is unable to curb
the flow of these illegal immigrants.
It has led to a rise
in anti-immigrant protests,
and violence directed towards them.
The government is now convening
a special council to decide...
[Veronica] I was going to do that.
[Giannis] I can help you.
[Veronica] It's okay.
[water running]
[dishes clattering]
Why did you leave Francis behind?
[water stops]
He was too young for the journey.
It was one of the most difficult decisions
of my life.
I'm still not sure
if we did the right thing.
[no audible dialogue]
We wanted to go to Greece
in search of a better life,
but we couldn't get
our Greek visa in Nigeria.
So we had to find another way.
But it took many years.
By then, Francis had been born.
Your father and I
spent many weeks discussing it.
We couldn't take Francis because we'd
heard stories about the European police
treating even legal African travelers
like they were criminals.
The journey would've been too dangerous.
So we made our choice
to leave him where it was safe.
To bring him over
as soon as we were settled in Greece.
We stick together.
But sometimes we need to sacrifice
for the family.
[Giannis] Don't cry, Mama.
Everything will be okay one day.
I promise.
God makes no mistakes.
Give it your all.
And then let God do his work.
[birds chirping]
Charles Adetokunbo with the ball.
He fires.
Oh! It's a goal! It's a goal!
The mathematical Charles Adetokunbo
just scored again.
Charles the man.
- He did it.
- [sighs]
He did it!
[whistle blows on TV]
[announcer on TV]
Thunder now to inbound. Up five.
Trying to work the ball inside.
Nothing there.
The dish off the down screen to Durant.
And he hits it.
[both chuckling]
[Charles] I got this for you boys, huh?
Since you wore out
the pair you were sharing.
Thank you, Papa.
[Giannis] Thank you. [chuckles]
You worked hard.
You've shown commitment.
You earned it.
- Let's go break them in.
- [chuckles]
Let's go.
[Charles] Uh-uh. In this rain?
[both] Yes.
[thunder rumbling]
Four, three, two...
It's okay. We'll go again.
Chin up, huh?
That's why we fall.
We fall to get back up.
[both grunting]
It's okay. It's okay.
Shake it off, huh? Come back.
It's not where you start.
It's where you finish.
The company has put me on the payroll.
They're sending me checks every week.
And they're making
Social Security contributions.
Which I can't claim until I'm legal,
but, uh
This qualifies for work permit, right?
You're a janitor?
Yes, I'm the janitor.
This isn't something we can build
a residency application from.
You said "payroll job."
I meant a real job.
[scoffs] Ms. Pantazis, this is a real job.
Something that requires skill.
I thought it'd be obvious.
I'm sorry, Ms. Pantazis.
What exactly is it you do here?
You sit there and... and you...
y-you give us advice,
and nothing ever gets done.
The government is never going
to give us residency, are they?
They are more concerned
with keeping people out.
Keeping people out.
Ms. Pantazis, did you know that the Greek
civilization has its roots in Africa?
Oh, yes.
Zeus and Shango,
the Yoruba God of lightning and thunder
they are the same.
We can't mess this up or you'll end up
on the government's radar and deported.
["OBAGO" playing]
[players shouting in Greek]
[Takis] Giannis, you're starting today.
I need you to step up.
[buzzer sounds]
[crowd cheering]
[Takis] Pass, pass, pass!
Hey, move! Easy.
Come on, man.
[player shouting]
Pressure. Pressure.
Hands, Gianni! Hands!
Man, man.
[crowd cheers]
Give it up, blackie. You suck.
- Papa.
- Hmm?
Why do they hate us so much?
Ugo, racists are ignorant.
Afraid of anything and anybody different.
this country has given us free education.
Jobs. Freedom.
The rest we'll sort out for ourselves.
- [sighs]
- Okay?
[announcer on computer]
Did he make a miraculous shot? Yes.
Has he ever done it before?
You bet he has.
Will he ever do it again?
Time and time again.
[computer beeping]
["Soubour" playing]
- Now, we'll get the rest to you next week.
- [Bamidele] No.
[in Nigerian Pidgin]
Shebi work has been slow.
Or you been spending all your money
on your boys' basketball.
I get plenty people who will want take
this place from you, and they pay on time.
[Charles laughing]
[speaking Nigerian Pidgin] Is that you?
Huh? Huh?
[speaking Nigerian Pidgin]
Okay. I know that face.
Don't say one word.
- I can explain.
- [car door closes]
Okay. Stavros's cousin owns a garage.
Okay, it just need a new battery.
Brake pads, oil change, carburetor. Hmm?
- I fixed it.
- [sighs]
We can't afford to buy a new car.
We need to pay this month's rent.
Vera, listen to me.
We only have 500 euros.
But with a car,
we can go out of town, huh?
Sell to tourists.
We'll be the only ones there, huh?
Why don't you take me for a ride?
["Hypnotize" playing]
[Takis] Yeah.
Well, at least he can hit a jumper now.
All right.
We're gonna be good this year.
- [crowd cheering]
- [Takis] All right! Go.
Watch out! Good!
Thano, bud, go!
Thano, keep your feet light.
All right! That's why we're working
all week, man.
That's why we working.
Thanasis is a star.
[Takis] Yeah. Good, good, good, good.
Go. Go, go, go. Nice.
Hands! Hands! Hands!
Thano. Pressure. Giannis, pressure!
- Hands!
- [cheering]
Block it!
Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
And look at Giannis.
[crowd cheering]
- Yes!
- Yeah!
He has potential.
[Takis] Pressure, Giannis, pressure!
Go, go, go, go.
He's leading the whole team.
[Takis] Go, go. Come on. Two.
- [shouts]
- [whistle blows]
You guys were hitting the ball,
now this happens. Okay?
Watch a little bit what's going on!
- [referee] Calm down.
- [Takis] Calm down? You calm down!
It's okay. It's okay.
Are you okay? Are you...
[Takis] Stop, stop, stop, stop.
It's okay.
- [crowd clapping]
- Easy.
Gianni. Go.
This is your chance.
Lead the team.
A king is born
I told you before
A king is born
I told you before
A king is born
Oh, yeah
No, no, no, no, no
I'm a legend
I'm a legend, legend
'Cause I been down so long
And my crown ain't gone, it's destined
Ain't no one like me
I'm a legend, legend, legend
A king is born
[crowd, players cheering]
[buzzer sounds]
[scout] They are as good as anyone, Paco.
And still, they have room to grow.
No GM's gonna take it seriously.
These guys are never gonna be able
to play legally in the A-League.
- They don't have papers.
- [scout] You can get them papers.
Look. I said I'd come as a favor
to Mr. Gianakos, and I did. Okay?
They're illegal immigrants, Haris.
Teams will get fined for signing them,
and they'll get sent back
to wherever they came from
the moment it's public.
They were born here.
You don't say.
Hi. I'm Haris Eleftheriou.
That's Haris with one R.
And Eleftheriou also one R.
We scout players from the lower leagues
to the A-League.
Very few are good enough,
but Giannis was incredible today.
He has really turned the team around.
Your friend didn't seem to think so.
- Paco?
- [Charles] Mmm.
He's not my friend.
H-He is one of the most powerful
general scouts in the league.
He can influence anybody and get
any A-League team to pick up a player.
But he is not my friend.
If you think he's good,
why don't you call the teams yourself?
I'd have to rep them first.
Excuse us, Haris.
[Charles] Boys!
Oya. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
[Charles whispering, indistinct]
Sports agent.
[whispering continues]
So, you want to be my agent?
If you'd have me.
Thank you.
You won't regret this. I promise you.
I-I will break my back for you.
I'm going to start making calls
right away.
Hey, um, h-how many clients do you have?
You're the first.
[seagull squawks]
[Charles] Those are selling out.
- Oh, yes.
- [laughs]
[keys jingling]
- How far?
- It's not working.
Let me see.
You could have called us.
Uh-uh. [in Nigerian Pidgin]
- We live here.
- Oh, yeah? Pay the rent.
This is back rent,
this month's rent and next month's rent.
Bamidele, look at those boys.
They should be in bed.
You pull this again
I will not be as civil.
Next time, I will call the police.
They'll handle you. All of you.
My key.
All the teams said no?
Paco was right.
Nobody wants to take the risk
on undocumented players.
But there is a regional tryout
we can sign them up for.
There will be major teams there
and scouts from European teams.
[sighs] I can't try out like this.
But Gianni can do it.
European teams means international stage.
Everybody will see you.
I guess this is it.
But if we want the prize,
we're going to have to take the risk.
Are you sure?
[Charles] I'm sure. [sighs]
You know I had a dream once too?
But it wasn't meant to be.
I'm going to do everything I can
to make sure you have a fair chance
at your dream.
["Scatter" playing]
Tell me are you ready, o
Are you ready, o
Sho ready la ti jo
Listen to the
Do re mi to fa so la ti do
Fa so la ti do
Energy o
Tell me are you ready o?
Go, go, go, go
Do re mi to fa so la ti do
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
- [music stops]
- [whistle blows]
[players shouting]
[player] Hello! Hello!
[player speaking Greek]
[player 2] Defense! Defense!
Crossover dribble. Come on.
[player 3] We're on the last play!
I can't watch.
I'm going to wait outside.
Come and get me after.
[whistle blows]
Come on, Gianni.
[player] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
[whistle blows]
Shoot it now. Shoot it.
[Thanasis] Papa!
What happened? Is he okay?
[chuckles] He did it, Papa.
He dominated.
He was amazing.
We have one offer,
but it's a little complicated.
[sighs] It's always complicated.
Basket Zaragoza wants to sign him.
Zaragoza? In Spain?
[Haris] The Greek clubs are still a bit
worried about his lack of papers.
The Spanish,
they are more business-minded.
They are willing to take the risk.
Haris, how on earth
are we supposed to move to Spain?
We're not even supposed to be in Greece.
They'll secure a Spanish visa for Giannis,
so he can relocate to Spain.
Also, they'll make a 10% advance
on a contract so you can have some money.
What about my family?
Will they get visas too?
Uh, I can try to negotiate it.
We have to all be together.
I will not leave my family behind.
[footsteps departing]
[Charles] How long should it take him
to convince them?
[Veronica] It will happen when it happens.
[Charles] Ugo.
Mr. Adetokunbo.
How can I help you?
[Paco] It's 5,000 euros just for you.
No questions asked.
I can also get you Greek passports.
All I need is for Giannis
to come with us to the office,
talk to a couple of major Greek teams
I got lined up just for him
and forget about Spain.
What about Haris? Our agent?
We don't trust him.
Neither should you.
Look, Zaragoza has already made
their final offer.
They're not taking your family.
Haris is on the way,
and he's gonna bring you that deal
and try to get you to take it.
[Veronica] How do you know that?
Because I'm the number one scout in
this country, and I have eyes everywhere.
I made a mistake with you,
and I'm here to fix that.
You're good.
Giannis, you're very good,
but Zaragoza will not make you great.
I will.
This will guarantee your residency.
Playing in Greece keeps
the family together.
It makes sense.
Haris has to be part of the deal.
You heard him. They aren't gonna
make a deal with Haris.
[Giannis] But we don't even know this guy.
[Veronica] He's right.
I don't trust him either.
We can't just abandon people
who've worked so hard for us.
[Charles sighs]
Thank you for your offer.
You should reconsider.
I can make sure no one signs them. Ever.
You think you can give us 5,000 euros,
and we will sign any piece of toilet paper
you give us?
[dogs barking]
You know,
we can get you all sent back home.
This is our home.
[engine starts]
[car door closes]
Let's go inside. It's cold.
That was a lot of money.
[vehicle approaches]
Guys! Guys!
- Haris?
- [Haris] Guys, I did it.
[Haris laughs]
I did it. This is big.
We're going to Spain.
Yeah! I mean, no. No.
They... They won't take the family.
[chuckles] You are going to the NBA Draft.
The NBA. [chuckles]
If you are risking it all,
why not risk big?
I called a US agent I met last year,
showed him the reel.
He thinks Giannis is good enough
to be considered by the NBA teams.
So I put an NBA buyout clause
into the Zaragoza contract,
and Zaragoza agreed.
The moment Giannis signs the Spanish deal,
he becomes eligible for the NBA Draft
in New York City.
I don't understand.
If an NBA team wants Giannis,
they can draft him for a fee.
- And he never has to go to Spain.
- [Charles] Wait. Wait.
But to go to America, he needs a US Visa.
I mean, the Greek authorities
will know his status.
How exactly is this better
than going to Spain?
An NBA team will reunite the family
in America.
Why didn't we go right to the NBA before?
There are only two routes
to the NBA Draft.
Play for an American college
or sign a contract
with an international pro team.
The Zaragoza contract means
Giannis is eligible now.
What if he doesn't get picked?
We will be exposed.
And Giannis will be without us in Spain.
But what if I do get picked?
[person] How did you get into the country?
Um, w-we were born here.
We both were.
We've been up and down
this building for weeks.
Forms, duplicates, countersignatures.
- Now, someone said to me that...
- Is that...
Is that your son?
[clears throat]
He looks like he can really play ball.
He's captain in his high school team.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
What position does he play?
- Forward? [chuckles] I'm a forward.
- Mm-hmm.
Small forward,
but I can play point guard too.
You know, only the best players
are chosen to play forward.
Yes. You really have to show up.
The way he's positioned, holds the ball,
he looks like he really works hard.
- What do you think, Thano?
- He looks like the real deal, man.
You can tell all that from a photo?
All we do is play basketball.
That's all we do.
You must know how difficult it is
for us to get to this place.
All we need is a temporary visa,
so we can return home to our family.
Only one of you has been selected
for the draft.
My mom says he can't go without me.
He's young. He needs a chaperone.
[pen clicks]
Why don't you stop marveling at that
and help me pack?
They spelt my name the Greek way.
Is that okay?
Don't worry.
We will always know our own name, huh?
No matter how you spell it.
They will know our name.
Haris, look after my boys, huh?
I will.
[woman on PA, indistinct]
[Charles] You are your brother's keeper.
I'll pray for you. Good luck.
- [Thanasis] Bye, Ma.
- [Veronica] I love you.
Come here. I love you.
[man on PA, indistinct]
You're gonna come back, right?
I'll bring us together.
Francis too.
Come on.
["I Feel Good" playing]
[Kevin] Haris!
2 Chainz
Whip cold, get dough, different flows
I killed the last beat
I'm out on parole
You know the code
Point scene, money gone
You know what I'm on
Pass the Styrofoam
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
[mouthing words] Wow.
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
[horns honking]
Why does everybody honk all the time?
- Maybe it's their way of saying, "Hello."
- [honking continues]
I love New York.
[person] Let's take the subway.
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
[person 2] I got one right here!
- Wow.
- [person 3] Hey, my man!
It's so big!
- Good morning, my neighbors!
- [laughs]
[both laughing]
I got a fresh pair
Step and get fresh air
Put my order in
This is Corvette gear
In the T top with her knees cocked
Bang, bang, this is the treetop
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Phone is here.
But don't use it if you want to call home.
It'll bankrupt you. Use the Wi-Fi.
If you get hungry, just call room service.
They'll bring you whatever you want.
I'm in the room across the hall.
Knock if you need anything.
We've got a busy day tomorrow.
We'll go through our plans,
and then we have a dinner with Nike.
- Nike?
- [Haris chuckles] Yeah.
Like shoes-on-my-feet Nike?
Yeah. [laughs] We're discussing them
paying you to wear their stuff.
- What?
- [Haris] Yeah.
Get some rest, boys.
[Giannis chuckles]
So, what you going to do first?
Think I'm going to take
the longest shower
[grunts, sighs]
of my life.
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
Oh, I feel good
A big night. A lot of angst, Jay.
A lot of anticipation
for the 14 lottery teams,
and the big question, of course,
is who is gonna end up
with the number one pick?
[Jay] I've got Ben McLemore
as the number one overall prospect.
[reporter] Nerlens Noel of Kentucky.
[Jay] Another guy who could very well be
the top pick, if not the top prospect.
What about Oklahoma? Twelfth?
They said they love his tape.
Yeah, but they said that they also wanna
send him back to Europe
for a few years to develop.
Now, we could go top ten
if we went that route.
No, they have to keep him in the US
- and bring the family over.
- Okay.
Mystery man in the draft.
Giannis Antetokounmpo.
- Bro, that's you.
- That would be great alphabet soup.
But what he is, is 18 years old...
Can you put him in an NBA game now?
Probably not.
And if he drops below 17, the likelihood
of him getting picked is slim.
He's most likely going back to Europe.
That's how I see it.
[Kevin] So out of the 30 teams,
our best shot is anywhere between the 11th
and the 16th pick.
That's Philadelphia at 11. Boston, 16.
Oklahoma, Dallas, Utah, Milwaukee
between them.
- So any team above 11 and below 16...
- [Giannis] They're saying I'm not good.
Giannis, don't believe everything you see
on TV, okay?
What about this?
They're saying
I'm not even getting picked.
Listen, this is the NBA Draft.
Anything can happen.
Tomorrow, we work the floor.
We meet the teams.
How soon can I get money for my family?
If Nike take him,
they can make an advance.
Yes. They will get the money
to your family immediately.
- [sighs]
- All right?
So it's important
that you sell yourself to them tonight.
How am I supposed to sell myself tonight?
The other players on TV, they're famous,
from big college programs.
That's what Nike's looking for.
What do I tell them?
[Nike representative]
If Nike was to sign you,
what do you think you would bring
to our brand, Giannis?
Other than your game,
what sets you apart
from every other player tomorrow night?
Tell them who you are.
I used to borrow my brother's sneakers
because we couldn't afford a second pair.
I would sleep on a mattress in the gym
so I could wake up and begin training
without losing any time.
We've seen our parents forced
to leave a child behind in one country
to build a future
for our family in another,
not knowing
if they would ever see him again.
We have hidden from the police
our entire lives because we were illegal.
Always from the outside looking in,
in the country where we were born.
We work harder.
We run farther.
And we are hungrier
because we know the meaning of sacrifice.
God has been watching over us.
And God will reunite our family again.
I just have to play my part.
did you like him?
We'll talk after the draft.
Good night, Haris.
[footsteps departing]
["Ante Up" playing]
- That Euro step was something else.
- [Giannis chuckles]
You've got a lot of potential.
You, my friend,
are gonna have a heck of a career.
The 76ers don't need a small forward.
Well, he's also a guard.
He'll need work
to get himself strong enough for that.
I need someone I can throw in immediately.
You're not giving us access?
Guarantee you won't send him back
to Europe, and you'll meet him.
He's not ready for this league,
and he's got no papers.
- Utah doesn't think that.
- Utah's yanking your chain.
They don't want him. We do.
How about I pick him at 12?
And there's nothing you
or Utah can do about it.
Could you take me through
what you're doing here in the transition?
[Giannis] So, we're supposed to turn
defense into offense in eight seconds.
But if I turn and power out,
I can do it in five.
Our forward would've been intercepted here
by their guards,
so I went with our center.
Faked a pass and switched up the rhythm.
You know anything about Milwaukee,
No, sir, but I would love to learn.
Great. Good. Let's go.
Well, thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Best of luck.
You too.
Thanks, gentlemen.
[Kevin] John. John. John, listen.
So what do you think?
We have a shot at 15th?
Yeah, he's a brilliant mind.
The best I've seen in a long time.
But he is far from finished, okay?
Um, it could be all season
before he makes the team.
And his undocumented status,
that's a concern, to say the least.
I'm not gonna lie to you guys. It's risky.
Have a good day, gentlemen.
Milwaukee would have kept him
in America, right?
[Kevin] Yeah.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna call Utah and Atlanta,
see where they are.
This isn't just some kid
getting drafted, Kevin.
I know.
He might never see his family again.
- [hip hop playing on speakers]
- [chattering]
Is there a chance
I might not get picked at all?
Hey, people come here all the time
and don't get picked.
Dwight Buycks. Diante Garrett.
JaMychal Green.
They all made it to the NBA.
It's not where you start.
It's where you finish.
Excuse me. Sorry, sir.
Excuse me, please. Thank you.
[announcer] The 2013 NBA Draft preview.
- Kostas, always running, running, huh?
- [reporter] Now it's time.
Fifteen minutes
until the Cavaliers go on the clock
- You won't see anything like that.
- and start the NBA Draft 2013.
[Veronica] Okay, I'll watch.
Orlando and Washington
sitting just behind.
He has all the power
of his mother's prayers with him.
He's his father's son.
He doesn't know when to quit.
[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the 2013 NBA Draft.
Please take your seats.
[Haris] Noel is gonna go first?
[Giannis] He's definitely going first.
No. No, he's too skinny.
No offensive game.
Gianni, thank you for having my back.
Family always sticks together.
It's starting! It's starting!
It's starting!
[NBA theme song playing]
[audience cheering]
Here to do the honors for 2013,
the commissioner of the NBA,
Mr. David Stern.
Good evening, and thank you
for that enthusiastic Brooklyn welcome.
Tonight is the culmination
of years of dedication and hard work
for the best young players in the world,
as well as the family and friends
who support them.
And I know the young men hoping to hear
their names called tonight
cannot wait to join the NBA family.
So let's begin.
The Cleveland Cavaliers select
Anthony Bennett.
Welcome to the NBA Draft, gentlemen.
[announcer] Anthony Bennett.
You saw the disappointment on Noel's face
that he wasn't selected number one.
[Stern] The second pick.
The Orlando Magic select Victor Oladipo
from Indiana University.
Otto Porter Jr. of Georgetown University.
Nerlens Noel
from the University of Kentucky.
Ben McLemore
from the University of Kansas.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
from the University of Georgia.
Trey Burke
from the University of Michigan.
CJ McCollum from Lehigh University.
With the 11th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft,
the Philadelphia 76ers select
Michael Carter-Williams
from Syracuse University.
What even is a 76er?
Seventy-sixes cannot play basketball.
It's okay. Don't worry.
We have five more picks including Utah.
All the way down to Boston at 16.
Oklahoma's next at 12.
[Stern] With the 12th pick,
the Oklahoma City Thunder select
- Steven Adams from Rotorua, New Zealand
- This is crazy. I can't take this.
and the University of Pittsburgh.
The Dallas Mavericks select
Kelly Olynyk from Kamloops, Canada
and Gonzaga University.
The Utah Jazz select Shabazz Muhammad.
It's gonna be okay. Keep hopeful.
What if nobody picks him?
Maybe they can find a first rounder
who can help lift their spirits a bit.
Fifteenth overall.
Bucks, of course,
having to rebuild their roster just a bit.
What about Milwaukee?
Milwaukee hasn't called me back yet.
[announcer] We see the clock has expired
and David Stern
about to announce the selection.
[wind blows]
[Stern] With the 15th pick
in the 2013 NBA Draft,
the Milwaukee Bucks select
Giannis Antetokounmpo.
[person] Yeah!
[cheering continues]
I told them! I told you! I told you!
[chattering, chuckling]
Yeah, man! All right!
- [person] Yeah, Kevin!
- Whoo!
[mouthing words] Oh, man.
["All I Do is Win" playing]
[announcer] Antetokounmpo.
A very special night for him.
His parents from right to left.
Mother, Veronica. Father, Charles.
"Brother, Alex. And sixteen-year-old,
6'7" Kostas Antetokounmpo!
I want to thank my dad.
Obviously, you know,
my dad is not here with me, but, uh
- [applause]
- [sniffles]
Every day that I step on the floor,
I always think about my dad,
and that motivates me
and pushes me to, you know, play harder.
I want to thank my amazing brothers.
You know I love you guys.
I want to thank my amazing mom.
She's my hero.
When you are a little kid,
you don't see the future, right?
And if you have a good parent,
your parent sees the future for you.
And she always saw the future in us.
She always believe in us. My true hero.
[announcer] That is an awesome shot.
Kostas Antetokounmpo!
Another three from Alex. Got it.
I'm so proud of him.
- We love you so much. Congratulations.
- We're proud of you. We love you.
We're extremely happy for you
for bringing the first ring home.
Let's get more rings, man.
Let's get more rings. Come on.
[announcer] Shot blocked by Antetokounmpo!
What a block from Giannis!
Giannis. Slam it! How about that?
[announcer 2] Only the seventh player
in the history of the Finals
to have a fifty-point game!
And that'll do it!
The Milwaukee Bucks
are NBA champions once again!
[announcer 3] Finals MVP,
Giannis Antetokounmpo!
[audience chanting] MVP! MVP!
[chanting continues]
[chanting stops]
[slow music playing]
[music ends]
[drum music playing]
[music ends]
[slow music playing]
[music ends]
[upbeat music playing]
[music ends]
- [person 1 laughs] Let's do it again.
- [person 2] Whoo!
[person 3] Yeah.