Rise of the Footsoldier 3 (2017) Movie Script

(Pat) 'It was the start
of an era.
'But before the murders,
before the doors,
'the pills,
and all the agg and Tony,
'before all of that,
there was Marbella.'
( TEARS FOR FEARS: "Everybody
Wants To Rule The World")
Welcome to your life
There's no turning back
(Pat) 'Spain was my first taste
of the proper big time,
'the next level and it's
where it all began for me.'
Acting on your best behaviour
Turn your back
on mother nature
Everybody wants
to rule the world
Oi! Oi! Kenny boy.
- Here you are, son.
- Hello, mate.
What's the matter with your
fucking face? You look ill.
Don't start, mate.
I been out all fucking night.
Do yourself a favour.
Have a little bit of that.
Liven yourself up.
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most
of freedom
And of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants
to rule the world
Fucking hell, you want
to slow down, don't you?
That's about ten lines
in four minutes.
- Is that his?
- Exactly the same stuff.
- 100%?
- One hundred percent.
So what can I do for you?
We got a bag
full of readies here.
What sort of readies
you talking about?
- Ten large.
- What you want, pills or sniff?
- Pills.
- China Whites, Doves or Burgers?
- China Whites.
- Now be careful of them.
They're a 24-hour buzz
and you'll be out your cunt.
Yeah, that's
what we fucking want.
Listen to me,
I'm not being rude here.
It's a fucking beautiful boat
but I don't even know you.
We go up them hills
with the bag full of fucking...
Pat. Don't worry,
I can vouch for this geezer.
He's known my dad a long time.
He's a top fella.
Thing you need
to know about Harris,
he's got a lot of muscle
wrapped around him,
but his gear is fucking kosher.
Don't fuck him over or
you'll be in a lot of trouble.
- (Pat) You've got a deal.
- Nice doing business.
Cheers, boys. Good health.
(Pat) 'Terry Fisher.
He was the middle-man
'for some of the top firms
in Marbella.
'Nothing, and I mean nothing,
'came in and out of that port
without his say-so.'
(Pat) Listen this geezer
we're gonna meet,
I don't know
the full strength of him,
so let me do the talking
and sound him out.
Keep schtum, you got me?
(Kenny) Fuck me,
who does this cunt think he is?
- Pablo Escobar?
- (Pat) Fucking thinks he is.
Nice to meet you, Frank.
You've got a beautiful home,
I gotta say it.
It's Mr Harris.
You're the two hard men
I've heard about.
Nice to meet you, Mr Harris.
He looks like he's off
for a game of tennis.
Mr Harris, don't worry about us.
We can handle ourselves.
I'm sure you can.
You're the luggage then, eh?
Right, yeah.
Eric and Carl will take
care of the details.
I've got to catch
a flight for London.
Make yourselves at home.
Mi casa es tu casa.
You're Harris's bird, then?
No one owns me.
Well, maybe me and you can, uh,
creep out for a few drinks.
What do you reckon?
I don't think
you can afford me.
Well, let me let you
into a little secret.
I'm fucking moving
up in the world.
Well, let's have that drink
when you're up.
Pat, all sorted.
Come on, let's fuck off.
(Pat) I mean it.
See you around. Maybe.
Tell you what, if that gear
is half as good as they say,
we are gonna make
a fucking fortune,
knocking them out
on the door of the club.
Fucking right, mate.
How'd you fancy
a little cheeky one?
Yeah, go on, then.
Have that and we'll have
another one before we go out.
- Cheers, son.
- Cheers.
(Pat) 'Pills got me up,
'but I needed the charlie
to stay sharp.
'The powder kept me alert, keeps
the anger at boiling point.
'Just where I need to be.'
Oh, for fuck's sake.
What are you fucking doing?
What's it look like
I'm fucking doing?
Alright, calm down.
Just wanna know what
we're doing tonight. That's all.
I'll tell you what
we're fucking doing tonight.
You know what we're
fucking doing tonight.
You see that? Fucking pictures
of the fucking queen.
One prostitute. Two prostitutes.
Three prostitutes.
Four prostitutes.
Five fucking prostitutes.
Pat, I can't fucking do
five prostitutes, mate.
I ain't interested in you,
you cunt. I'm talking about me.
What I wanna fucking do.
Now, go get me a fucking pill
and liven your fucking self up!
Ken, I love you
but you're driving me
fucking mad, you cunt.
Straight up now tell me
Do you really want
to love me forever
Or am I caught
in a hit-and-run
Lost in a dream
I don't know which way to go
Fuck me, Pat.
How do you feel?
I just want a big
pair of tits in me face
and a G-string in my mouth.
A fucking million brasses
in here. Just a matter of time.
Oh, mate. I'm fucking
buzzing out my cunt.
Hello, girls. Fucking hell,
perfect timing.
What I have there
is the magic partner.
Make you want to do things
you don't want to do.
- (Woman) Yeah..
- (Pat) Oh, yeah!
(drawers opening)
You won't find what you're
looking for in here, darling.
- It's in my room.
- (speaks Spanish)
Think I'm fucking stupid?
Now do yourself a favour
and get the fuck out of this room.
Get the fuck out now!
Fuck off, you little slag!
Pat, Pat, come on, mate.
Wake up.
- Come up, mate, get up.
- Oh, mate.
Dirty cunt. Oh, she done me
with a proper pill.
Come on, mate. You alright?
I'm alright, I'm alright.
Listen to me.
Go and get them fucking pills.
Give me two minutes to get
changed and have a wash.
Get them fucking pills.
What the fuck do you lot want?
Let me guess, you want
your drugs back and all, right?
That's how we do things in Spain.
Pat, stop, stop!
You're gonna fucking kill him!
This is how we do things in Essex.
- Jimmy!
- Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.
(Jimmy) Ladies!
Look at these two.
Alright, boys.
- Fancy a drink?
- What do you fucking think?
- Where's Joss?
- Joss couldn't make it.
- Why not?
- What can you talk to him about
- you can't talk to me about?
- Money?
I thought we were here
to talk about drugs.
Well, the two go hand in hand
last time I checked.
We've just acquired a second club.
Gonna need some product to fill it.
So far, we've been happy
with you, Jimmy,
so if you fancy the gig, it's yours.
Terry here'll talk about
the wheres and the whens.
- OK?
- Alright.
No, I'm not fucking alright.
You know why?
Because you guys haven't paid me
for that last batch yet.
I thought
we explained that to you.
You're investing in the club,
bricks and mortar.
It's way better than cash.
So you want me to take
a couple bricks to the bank,
try and pay my fucking rent
with them, yeah?
We told you that this was long term.
Do you want my fucking product?
Cos if the answer's yes,
then you better pay up
for the last batch.
Meet me and Terry
at this address
at 8:00p. m. tomorrow.
We'll need seven bags
and we'll bring you the money
for the last batch we owe you.
- OK?
- OK.
(Pat) 'The world was changing.
'Essex was changing.
And drugs were changing.
'Punters wanted a buzz
that kept them up all night,
'and puff was fucking old news.
'Even knocking it out wholesale
you'd only double your dough.
'Charlie and pills were
the order of the day.
'Jimmy G. was
a new kind of dealer.
'He was young, a grafter
with all the right contacts.
'Another geezer we used
to knock about with
'from time to time
was Tony Tucker.'
Controlling the doors.
Control the doors
and you control the drugs.
That's where
the fucking money is.
The club itself is
fucking no use to anybody.
So, what you're actually saying
to me is you want the door
- to our club?
- No, I'm not saying that, mate.
What I'm saying is,
I want to work with you.
We can take over the clubs,
take over the doors.
If anybody doesn't like it,
we just fucking smash them.
I know, Tony,
but it's a lot
of fucking dangerous mad
people we got to deal with.
Yeah, but I'm a madder,
I'm a fucking maniac.
(Pat) 'Tony fancied himself
as half a businessman.
'Me and him had done a bit
of debt-collecting together.
'We must have been
fucking good at it,
'because every cunt paid up.'
Is your name Jack?
What's going on? No, my name
is Ralphie, this is Joe.
Is this some kind
of homophobic attack?
- What'd you say?
- Is there a Jack here, yes or no?
There's a Jack
who lives next door.
We buy pills off him
every once in a while.
I'm really sorry.
We got the wrong address.
This is the wrong gaff.
Let's go.
- Sorry about the vase.
- Don't go.
For an extra 20,
I'll give you a blow job.
- Whoa, whoa...
- See you.
Listen, Pat, I was gonna
ask you for a bit of a favour.
I'm doing a bit of business
with that Joss and Luke.
I was wondering if you might
be able to come along
- as a bit of security...
- No, no, mate.
But it's not that big a deal.
Just need you to sit in the car
so they can see I'm not alone.
It ain't about that. I gotta
be really fucking careful.
I got that fucking Happy Eater
thing hanging round my neck,
I don't know how it's gonna go.
- What's that all about?
- You don't want to know.
I was out all night on the thing and...
Kate dragged me
into a fucking caff
for a fucking coffee
and a bacon sandwich.
I ended up bashing up the waiter
and stabbing the manager
with a fork.
Get in the car now. Move!
Well, you don't have
to stab anyone with a fork.
I'm literally just dropping off
some gear, picking up the money.
- Come on, then, let's go.
- Cheers, man.
( Techno music on radio)
(sirens blaring)
(Officer) Evening, gentlemen.
Going out?
Yeah, why?
Can you step out of the car,
please, both of you?
(Officer) You mind telling us
what's in that bag?
Yeah, it's my gym gear.
Alright well, you won't
mind me taking a look.
Dear, oh dear.
What we got in here, then?
Got any other bags of magic in there?
Look, he's got nothing
to do with this, alright?
I was just giving him a lift.
He's fucking clean.
Well, you can both tell us
down at the station.
Come on, then.
Ha-ha! Busted!
Was he speeding as well?
Get a fucking proper job,
you pig!
You fucking stitched me up,
you Welsh cunt. Didn't you?
You weren't the one
who was set up.
I was the one who
was fucking set up.
They didn't even know
you were even gonna be there.
I've squared this with the Old Bill.
I told them
I would stand up in court
and swear that you had
no knowledge of the gear.
Why the fuck
would they stitch you up?
Because they owe me
so much fucking money, Pat.
I'm the one who's being screwed over.
I'm warning you, Jim.
Mate or no fucking mate,
if I find out
you're fucking lying to me,
I will come after you
and I'll fucking hurt you.
I wouldn't do that, Pat.
I'm not that fucking stupid.
"Let Me Love You For Tonight")
(Pat) 'The way I run my doors
was with zero fucking tolerance,
'and all of my doormen knew
'that anyone throwing
their fucking weight around
'and making themselves busy
causing agg
'had to be dealt with lively.
'Because this is my livelihood.
'You try and put your hand
in my fucking pocket
'and I'm gonna
fucking tear it off.'
(Pat) That'll do. Get him up.
I fucking told you before, didn't I?
You do not sell drugs
in this club because we fucking do.
I see you in here again,
you're fucking dead, you got me?
You got me?
Ken, rub him down,
take any gear, any cash
he's got on him, any readies.
I'll see you at the bar after
for a booze.
Yeah, no worries, Pat.
Apparently, according to them,
the young kid slipped, fell,
hit his head on the pavement,
that's why he's ended up
in the hospital.
(Pat) 'Sam was like
a criminal mentor to me.
'He was old school, pulled me
up by my bootstraps
'and went out of his way
to show me what was what.'
So what did happen?
The usual.
Just pikey cunts
selling drugs in the club.
We give him the slap,
took their gear.
- Pikey, you say?
- Yeah.
Well, at least he ain't
gonna say anything,
so the Old Bill are fucked.
If he's a traveller,
they tend to wanna sort
their own problems out.
Sam, forget about it.
You don't understand what
they're like, though, Pat.
There's hundreds of them. They
stick together, they're tribal.
"Playing With Knives")
(Pat) I'm gonna have this and fuck off.
Yeah, sweet, no worries, Pat.
See you tomorrow, yeah?
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Alright, mate.
Oi, Pat.
Here we go, fucking pikeys.
Pikey, fucking pikey cunt!
(Woman) Ah, fucking hell!
(Pat) 'Half a dozen stitches,
two weeks of fucking work,
'and half of my firm
tucked up in the hospital.
'Now that was the kind of agg
I could not afford.'
I don't fucking like it, Sam.
It's not my way and all it does
- is show fucking weakness.
- Calm down, it's the only way.
Now, I've negotiated it.
It'll be OK, I promise you.
Listen, I can take an army down
in the blink of a fucking eye.
It don't work that way
with these people.
I've told you before.
There's hundreds of them.
It doesn't matter
how many of them you beat,
they keep coming back.
It's endless.
Now go down there,
shake the geezer's hand
and that'll be the end
of it, alright?
Hello, Pat.
How are you, buddy?
What, you want me to come
down there, start playing music
and bring the pipes of peace
with me, eh?
(horn honking)
(Kate) Tell your mates to
keep the fucking noise down!
Shut up moaning!
Gypsies! (laughs)
(Pat) 'Tony brought his pal along.
'A dangerous little cunt
called Craig Rolfe.
'He was one of them geezers
'who always fucking opens
his mouth at the wrong time.'
- How's the boy?
- He's OK.
He's out of the hospital.
He's not dead, you know.
(Pat) 'Now, this could go
one way or the other.
'Hopefully, we're gonna shake
hands and walk away unscathed.
'If not, this could turn out
to be very, very nasty.'
Well, listen,
I just want to say I'm sorry.
No one meant to hurt him.
It was an accident.
But you gotta understand, they
were selling drugs in our club.
Usually we just take the gear
and give him a slap.
He went over
and he cracked his head.
This is our fucking living.
It's how we earn our money.
Look, I'm here today
to make peace.
Let it be gone.
Honours even.
Listen, on my boy's life,
I shook your hand.
It's forgotten about now.
It's water under the bridge.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, we don't want
any more visits.
(Pat) 'Cunt.'
Who the fuck is
this little sausage?
He's just along for the ride.
Take no notice of him.
Fuck off.
You trust those fucking pikeys?
Sam said,
once they take your hand,
they never ever go back
on their word.
Did he call me a sausage?
He did, and you know
why he called you sausage?
- Why?
- Cos you look like one.
"Angel Divine")
Hello, Sammy.
(Pat) 'Joss and Luke.
'You dip your toe in the drug game
'and you gonna find these cunts
hanging off the end of it.'
Well, well, well.
And to what do I owe
the pleasure?
We're here to buy you out.
- That right?
- Yeah, that's right.
We'll offer you a fair price
for the business,
and you can step aside.
- Can I?
- Yeah, you can.
Or where do you think you're
getting your fucking drugs from?
Cos ain't you heard?
Jimmy's gone.
He got lifted by the Old Bill.
Careless bastard.
My business is worth 300k,
and you two ain't got
a pot to piss in.
- So what are you offering me?
- Don't you worry about money.
We're offering you
the chance to walk out of here
with the use
of your fucking legs.
- What's this?
- It's a contract.
For this place.
Just need your autograph
and then you can fuck off down
the red carpet out of here.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
"Hallelujah Club Mix")
We're coming
back here tomorrow
with this contract signed
or you are a fucking dead man.
'Finally had my day in court
'for that Happy Eater turnout.
'Crown Prosecution Service
wanted to put me away
'for a 10-stretch.
'And to be honest with you,
'if I didn't just smash
that half a gram of charlie,
'I'd be fucking shitting myself.'
Kenny boy.
What you fucking doing here?
- Got some bad news, Pat.
- What d'you mean?
Thought I'd tell you
in case you went down today.
- Sam's in a really bad way.
- Sam?
He got beaten up badly
last night and he's in hospital.
Who done it?
I think it was that Joss
and Luke and their lumps.
They was banking on
you going down today
- so they made their move.
- Pair of cunts.
So, what are you gonna do now?
There's not much we can do
without you, Pat.
Listen, look, don't worry
about anything. I'll sort it.
- I ain't banged up just yet.
- Alright.
- (Woman) Pat Tate?
- Yeah?
I'm Miss Pritchard.
I've been sent to represent you.
Mr Jameson can't make it.
You're fucking joking me,
ain't you?
How old are you?
Do you know what you're doing?
I can assure you, I'm extremely
qualified and experienced.
At what?
Getting people banged up?
We need to talk now.
I need something so that
I can plead for your defence.
You are looking at
a custodial sentence, here,
and if I have something,
then I can plead
for a suspended sentence.
Look, I was out all fucking
night drunk, on pills.
I was on a comedown.
We slipped in there
for ten minutes.
She got excited,
put her hand down me trousers
and got her hand
around me chopper.
If that mug don't come over
and interrupt us
and make himself busy,
then he don't get slapped.
It's as simple as that.
High on drink and pills does
not constitute as a defence.
The sex isn't too much of a worry.
It's the violence
that's the problem,
and you have got previous.
Look, I'll tell you what, yeah?
You go in there
and you do your best for me,
and if you get me off,
me and you will slip out
for a cup of coffee
at the Happy Eater, alright?
So, what the fuck happened?
Oh, mate, he went fucking
mental in the courtroom.
Started smacking everyone.
Coppers, officials.
Then he jumped on the back
of a motorbike and fucked off.
I did tell him about Sam
before he went in.
I reckon that's why
he flipped out.
- Where is he now?
- Fuck knows?
(Pat) 'I was getting
the fuck out of Essex.
'Just had one little stop
to make first.'
Sam? It's me, Pat.
Hello, Pat.
Are you alright,
how you feeling?
Well, I been better, mate.
Don't move, keep still.
He fucking stamped on my foot.
That's your Sunday football
out the window, innit?
Don't make me laugh.
What happened?
He wanted me to sign
my club over to him.
I wasn't gonna sign
my club over to him.
Yeah, don't worry
about that now.
I'm about
and I wanna sort it.
That Luke...
- And Joss?
- Yeah, and two other lumps.
(Pat) 'Anyone who puts
their hands on a friend of mine
'is gonna fucking get hit.
Where's your fucking cunt?
He's not fucking coming out tonight.
He's at home.
- Where's he fucking live?
- As if I'd fucking tell you.
Where's he fucking live?
(Woman on TV) 'Oh, yes!'
You took a fucking liberty
with Sam, you cunt.
You are so predictable, Pat.
Shame you got
fuck all up there.
You're going away
for a very long time.
(sirens blaring)
You dirty, fucking wrong'un cunt.
- You alright, mate?
- Stay with him.
(yelling, sirens blaring)
No, I'm still at the office, honey.
Get out!
(chattering on police radio)
(Pat) 'So, where do you go
when the Old Bill are onto you
'and you've got
no one left to turn to?
'Where do you fucking think?'
Well, here it is.
Apart from the fucking junkyard
and the freezing cold pool,
it ain't half bad,
you'll be alright.
Listen, I gotta be
honest with you.
It's fucking absolutely perfect.
I love it.
Get your nut down and
I'll come see you a bit later.
- It's not bad. See you later.
- See you, son.
Don't forget about me, Tel.
- Help!
- Down here, right?
- Oi, oi! Alright, son?
- Well, there he fucking is.
- What's the matter with you?
- What's the matter with me?
For starters, you wanna
fucking slow down on that.
What you now,
the fucking sniff police?
You have a fucking problem here or what?
I mean, fuck me.
Problem? The only fucking problem
we're gonna have, Tel,
and I mean this now,
sitting here fucking looking at you
and you looking at me with
them silly fucking bins on.
The only fucking problem
we're gonna have
is the fact that I've
been fucking pugged up
in this cunting gaff staring
at a fucking scrap metal yard,
goats and old fucking bird next door
and that pissy cunting pool.
Tel, you're killing me.
I'm walking around fucking
sniffing, drinking and wanking.
That's all I'm fucking doing.
I begged you
to fucking put me to work.
You're taking
the piss out of me.
What d'you want me to do?
You fucking flopped to me.
I'm fucking trying my best.
Listen, cop for that.
You start tomorrow.
Come on, son. I get it.
I'm sorry, alright?
We'll sort it out.
What have you done
to my fucking pool?
Come on and see me
I'm a bad man player
It's gonna take more
than a foot in the heart
If you're ever gonna
kill this soldier
Actions speak
a little louder than words
I don't suffer fools on Sunday
I'll probably defer until Monday
You can say what you say
Just me as it's use
Well, did I forget to tell you
Let me tell you now fuck it
You're so unpredictable
Hey, have a look
at these shit cunts.
Morning, mate.
Your name Hans fucking Gruner?
- Yeah.
- You look like a fucking shrunken Adolf.
Where's that cunting money
you owe?
Momma gonna feed you
some soul food
Put your bread on your butter
Spend some time on his heels
- Let's get pretty funky
- That's him there.
Stop singing the blues
Rats don't like water,
you gerbil cunt.
Did I forget to tell you
Let me tell you now
Stop it
You're so unpredictable
And tell your fucking posh mates
down the fucking port selling pills
with no fucking permission,
every bit of money they've had
for the last fucking 18 months
we want.
You seem like a lovely kid
but give me ten fucking lengths,
you fat cunt.
You can say what you want
Trust me as a tune
Did I forget to tell you
Let me tell you now
Fuck it
You're so unpredictable
I'm a bad man player
I'm a bad man player, baby
I'm a bad man player
Oi! Oi!
What's up, you bollocks?
What are you fucking doing?
I been calling all fucking day.
In bed again with a brass
and fucking coke!
Who you talking to?
Where's my fucking money,
you cunt?
Who are you talking to,
you cunt?
You talking to me like
I'm some type of mug?
One of them silly cunts
that works for you
down the fucking port?
Coming in here...
Fuck off, you cunt!
That fucking money
that I fucking earned,
that money's mine.
It's nothing to fucking do
with you, right?
We're supposed to be
working together, mate.
I'm not your fucking mate.
Get out of my room.
Don't fucking talk to me again.
I fucking eat geezers
like you at home.
Fucking eat them!
- Get out, you cunt!
- (Woman screams)
You want your money?
There's your fucking money.
But the rest is fucking mine,
you cunt.
Now fuck off. Fuck off.
What do you mean? Listen.
You ever tried looking after
a fucking 6'4" psychotic yeti?
Mate, listen,
the cunt's gotta go.
I can't have him
wrapped around me.
He's a fucking liability.
Oi, remember me?
Hello, Pat.
You fucked me.
You and Frank set me up.
We had a blinding thing going
and you had me over.
We had nothing to do with it.
We wouldn't do
a thing like that.
Frankie was really mad when
he found out what happened.
- Is that right?
- Yeah, of course it is.
Look, why don't you
come with me,
we can unwind,
then have that drink.
Frankie gets back tomorrow
and you can straighten it all out.
What do you take me for?
Some kind of cunt?
You really expect me to trust you?
Come on, Pat.
Make yourself comfortable.
I'll be right back.
Give me a kiss.
You're a fucking prick tease.
Ain't you?
Fucking hurry up.
Pat, the fucking hard man.
Smashes a teenage kid
half to death in Happy Eater.
Makes you a big shot, eh?
Gives you respect.
Well, let me tell you,
here's different.
This is the big league.
Somebody misbehaves here,
we don't slap them around.
We kill them.
You are very ambitious
and that'll get you killed
quicker than anything.
Look, Frank, I'm not trying
to kid you, here.
I came here to make up.
I can tell
you're not interested,
so get one of them mugs outside
drop me back down the port
and we'll forget
everything ever happened.
No, the truth is, Patrick,
you fucked around
with a couple of my blokes
and that all turned
really fucking nasty.
Them pair of cunts
fucking asked for it.
We bought the fucking drugs
and they tried to nick them back.
Are you fucking stupid?
Right now here you don't exist.
You're an alien.
And as far as the fucking
Spanish Old Bill is concerned,
they love it when gangsters
start killing one other.
They don't even bother to investigate.
They couldn't give a flying fuck.
Listen to me, you stupid
fucking arrogant looking cunt.
How about I kill you?
Like you said, I'm doing
Old Bill a fucking favour!
Welcome to Gibraltar, cunt.
(Pat) 'Friends in Spain?
Friends in fucking Spain?
'Don't talk to me about
fucking friends in Spain.
'Don't make me fucking laugh!
'As far as I'm concerned,
'the whole country's a fucking
no-good cunting shithole
'and anyone who's in it is
a fucking no-good wrong'un cunt.
'Because what
you don't understand, see,
'what you don't
understand is loyalty.
'Loyalty and friendship
means more to me
'than some fucking sunshine
'and cheap, cock-sucking
slaggy brass.'
- Hello?
- Charlotte.
Who do you think it is,
you silly cunt?
You fucking had me over.
Put Harris on.
Here's not here.
Don't give me that fucking bollocks.
Put Harris on!
Why don't you call back
when you've found your manners?
Listen to me...
Back off, wait!
You tell that fucking
soapy muggy cunt
I'm coming out there
and I'm gonna fucking get him.
I can't wait
to see you too, darling.
What you say?
Fucking hold on a minute.
I'm terribly sorry they put you away.
I wish you were here.
You fucking liberty-taking shit cunt.
Don't fucking talk
to me like that.
Woman or no fucking woman,
I'll fucking tear
your cunting face off!
I told you to wait, you cunt.
(Pat) 'As shit as prison life is,
it does have its perks.
'No booze, no gear.
'Nothing to do all day apart
from lift fucking weights.
'I was getting clean,
back to my fighting weight.'
Alright, Lewis.
Message from Mad Dog.
He says you ain't
king of fuck all no more!
Stay out of this, Pat.
This is none of your business.
You start killing people in my gym
it's my fucking business.
Your fucking gym?
Who says it's your fucking gym?
I fucking do.
- Cunt, cunt, cunt!
- Enough, enough.
You'll get us fucking nicked.
(Pat) 'Lewis Hexell was a face.
'He had half the screws
on the payroll,
'and he even had the governor
in his back pocket.'
- Lewis.
- Pat.
- Thanks, Pat.
- No worries, son.
I'm not in the drugs business
directly as such.
I can't be dealing with the filth
that control
the in and out of the game.
Well, there's a lot
of money to be earned.
If you're willing to demean
yourself a little bit more,
but I'm talking fucking bundles.
I think of myself
more as a facilitator.
What the fuck's a facilitator?
I put people together.
The right people,
if it's in my interest.
Pat... Cop for that.
- How good's that?
- It's pure.
- Are you earning with it?
- I get a lot of money, Pat.
Listen, give me a chance
and I'll get you a fucking lot more.
Hey, Lewis. How you doing?
Heard you had a bit
of a problem? You alright?
I'm alright.
Thanks to my new friend, here.
- Pat, Mickey.
- How you doing, Pat?
(Pat) 'Mickey Steele.
'He was one of the biggest
importers of drugs in Essex.
'He was also the eyes and
ears of the Hexell brothers.'
Any friend of Lewis's
is a friend of mine.
That's good to know.
Listen, thanks for taking
the time to come and see me
in this fucking shithole.
It's nice to see you.
It's been a while.
Tony, let me ask you something.
Do you know
the Hexell brothers?
Of course. Heavy duty.
Well, I'm in here with Lewis,
the older one.
He's just finishing off his holiday.
I got a little bit
more bird to do,
then I'm out and then we can
go to work, seriously.
- What kind of work?
- Drugs.
The best fucking quality
you've ever laid your eyes on.
And once this shit is
peddled in the Southend,
no one's gonna go
anywhere else for it.
- Ecstasy?
- Yeah, but not normal ecstasy.
- That is pure gear.
- I doubt it.
I'm telling you. Try one.
"Everybody Be Somebody" on radio)
- Well?
- We need a fucking guinea pig.
What for?
Pat Tate wants us
to go into business.
What you think?
I mean, he's in fucking prison,
so it ain't a good start.
- Fuck it, I'm gonna take one.
- What the fuck you doing?
We know nothing
about those fucking pills.
Fuck's wrong with you?
How you gonna drive the motor
when that shit kicks in,
you silly cunt?
Fucking ecstasy, Tone.
It ain't fucking scag.
I could take this
and fly a fucking plane,
with me balls getting sucked
at the same time.
Everybody wants to be somebody
Needs somebody
Everybody be somebody
Oh, fuck it.
- (Tony laughs)
- Argh.
- Wanna chip?
- No.
No, fuck the chips!
- Fucking Jesus.
- Want some cheese?
You're some sort of cunt,
ain't you? Talking to me?
You're off your fucking nut!
It's kicking in then, yeah?
I don't even wanna
fucking come down.
Fucking have it!
Serious. No, listen to me.
Educate me, Mick, please.
I wanna know about
this fucking drug running game.
Well, Jack here,
he organizes all the permits,
the paperwork
that gets us into Holland.
'Looks after the boat,
makes sure it runs sweet.
'All the bits
and pieces, you know?'
- I'm the details man.
- Yeah.
Without details, Pat, you end up
all at sea, literally, right?
Turns you into
a weather-obsessive,
cos it can turn from a millpond
into a Force-8 just like that.
Hold on a minute.
- Jimmy fucking G.
- Fucking hell, Pat.
What are you doing here?
You remember that fucking thing
with that Joss and Luke?
Well, it turns out I was fucking right.
They set me up.
So how long you got to go?
Two months, three weeks,
couple of days
and a few naughty hours.
You got a fucking result, mate.
You'll be out
before you know it.
Hey, look.
I don't know if you know,
but that Joss's firm,
he's looking at taking over
all of the fucking clubs on the strip.
They're gonna
monopolize on everything.
Yeah, but that just depends
on one thing, doesn't it?
How much muscle they got
wrapped around them.
Well, they're pretty fucking
heavy duty by all accounts.
That's fixable.
What cell you in?
On D wing, last cell
at the end on the ones.
Listen, we got some agg
down in Southend.
A couple of geezers making
theirselves fucking busy,
trying to muscle in
and ruin the party for everyone.
This is gonna
affect us all, Mick.
Yeah, well, the loud ones
never last, Pat. You know that.
(Man) Fucking blown.
Joss, some geezer wants a word.
- You alright?
- You look nervous. What's up?
My boy, seems he stole some drugs,
a bag of pills or something.
I don't know, I don't
understand all these things,
but I do know
he shouldn't have.
Look, mate, I understand your
problem with kids these days.
I mean, we deal with it
on a daily basis, right?
- Where is he now?
- He's outside.
Just wants to come in, say he's sorry
and try and sort this out.
Go get him in. Relax.
It's in my interest
to sort things out, right?
I mean, I'm the one
who's out of pocket.
Ask and it shall be given to you.
Seek and you shall find.
Matthew, verse seven.
Move your arse.
Here. Sit down.
Look, son.
I've listened to your dad.
And the fact that
you've come here
to face up to it,
well, that bodes well.
But stealing?
Well, that's a crime.
I mean, the law says so,
and fuck me if Jesus Christ
doesn't say so, too.
But stealing from me,
well, that's the worse crime
you could commit.
Now, I could've finished him off,
but Jesus said thou shalt not kill.
Every time you look
at your fucking hand
you'll have a little reminder
never to steal again!
- I come bearing gifts, boys.
- Where the fuck did you get it?
Come on, Patrick.
What do I do for a living?
Get in here and shut the door.
Make sure we're good.
Fuck me, double prepared.
What a beautiful sight.
That's a fucking line.
No, no, no, Pat.
Not my poison.
Now, if that was
a Jameson's over ice,
break your arm off for it.
I'll tell you what,
that is fucking good.
- That's fucking beautiful.
- Oh.
That's fucking quality.
That is quality.
Quality? I'm gonna go
and get some quality food.
I'm hungry.
Mick, that's the last
fucking thing I want to do.
Look, finish it up.
I'll walk with you.
Wait, wait, wait.
You know the funny thing is?
I nearly knocked that shit
on the head.
I've had a sniff
two or three times
in maybe fucking two years.
- Fair play to you.
- Whoa, whoa. Hold on a minute.
- What's up?
- (clears throat)
That is a real creeper.
I'm gonna go back
and have a wank.
Tell me, how are you, OK?
- No.
- What's the matter?
It's always tough
seeing you in here.
I know it is,
but did you bring the money?
- I don't know...
- Kate.
Listen to me.
Did you bring the fucking money?
- Yes or no?
- Yeah, yeah.
Slide it through under the table.
You're gonna follow me
through that door over there.
(Pat) 'Me and Kate had
been together for years.
'She knew what I was
and what I am,
'and always had the good
sense to look the other way
'whenever I fucked about.
'She never seemed to care,
but she was a party girl.
'I mean, a proper
fucking party girl.'
Right, you got ten minutes.
Don't hang about.
We won't.
What're you doing?
- What the fuck's it look like?
- I thought you were clean.
Kate, have you got any idea
how long the fucking hours
take to pass in this place?
- I know it must be hard.
- Hard?
How would you fucking know?
You're not doing the time.
See this gear?
This gear seriously burns
into the fucking hours.
It's like a fucking time machine.
And I set the clock to 1994.
I'm gonna be out of here
- before you fucking know it.
- Not a good idea.
You were doing so well.
Yeah, well now I'm doing
even fucking better,
so have a line
and get on the cunting plane.
I can't, Pat.
It's not for me no more.
This is fucking good stuff.
'When a stone-cold
fucking cokehead
'refuses a fat line of gear,
'you don't need to be
Miss Cunting Fucking Marple
'to realize there's something
fucking seriously wrong.'
You know I tried to get off of this.
I tried.
You look good.
Get up.
Get up.
Get out of them knickers.
Keep your legs together
and stick your bum out.
Stick your bum out.
That's it. That's it.
Don't look at me like that.
- I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
You have any idea,
any idea what it's taken me
to fucking organize this?
Have you?
Now I look at you and you've got
that fucking look on your face.
You're ungrateful.
You're fucking ungrateful.
(Pat) 'That was the first shag
I'd had in years,
'and she was about
as lively as a fucking corpse.
'I'm telling you something now.
'You ask me, this girl has got
her mind on something else.
'Or someone.'
Feel better?
- Taffy!
- Hey...
Tell Pat that's nothing
compared to what he's gonna get.
Alright, alright,
I don't want no trouble.
You fucking prick!
What are you lot
fucking staring at?
- So who's this fucking Mad Dog?
- Haven't had the pleasure yet.
I had a row with a couple
of the geezers
he's got wrapped around him.
I don't why
I've been brought into this.
What'd you think?
They saw you with me.
- So you're now a target.
- Oh, fucking great.
Look, Jim, no matter
how you look at this,
we've now got enemies
on both sides of the fence.
- So what are we gonna do?
- Time will tell.
Please, God, no.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- And it's mine?
- What do you mean is it yours?
Of course it is.
Kate, we was only together
one fucking time.
That's all it takes.
You look me in the eye
and tell me you ain't been
with fucking no one else.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.
It's just this fucking place
is doing me nut in.
You don't have
to worry about me, OK?
- Where you going?
- I've organized the room again.
- No. No thanks.
- What?
You serious?
About not being bent over a table
and fucked for ten seconds?
Yeah, I am.
I don't understand.
I'm not the same girl I was
when you got put in here.
I've changed, I've had to.
And you have to too, Pat.
I didn't realize
it upset you that much,
going back to that room before.
I thought you liked it.
Well, clearly you've lost
your manners in here, Pat.
We're having a baby
and you're gonna be a father.
So act like one.
I will.
- Present for you.
- What is it?
Steroids, the best.
Just what I needed,
much appreciated.
- That fucking gear you gave us.
- I told you, didn't I?
That shit fucking hit
the nostalgia buttons, mate.
I ain't had gear like that
for five fucking years.
There is one thing
I need from you.
- Always is.
- And it's a deal breaker.
That Joss and that Luke,
that little firm has gotta go, mate.
You don't wanna sort it out?
Not in a million fucking years.
Me and you wanna put
Southend and Basildon
on the map, in the big time.
Them pair of cunts don't
figure in the bigger picture.
So why should I risk
all this for you?
Cos I'm gonna make you famous.
That Mad Dog and his band
of cunts ain't fucking silly.
They're doing exactly
what I'm doing.
They're playing
a fucking waiting game.
Listen, I'm out of here, Pat.
Day after next, I'm breathing
free fucking air again,
so if we're gonna hit them,
we need to do it now, tonight.
(Pat) We got to fight this
on two fronts.
I need you on the outside.
You're gonna get a chance
of getting them cunts back
who put you in here.
Believe me when I say
Joss' little firm
has had its fucking day.
All his mates
are out now, gaffer.
Don't be too fucking sure about that.
Gotta do him.
Make him pay.
So, you finally decided
to show yourself.
I mean with a name
like fucking Mad Dog,
you been pretty mellow
up until now.
I been in fucking solitary
thanks to your new mate, Lewis.
- Where we going with this?
- Meaning?
I mean we really got to go
through this whole bollocks?
He was bang out of order what
he did to Cokey and Steamboat.
It's gotta be paid for.
Listen to me, Jimmy's paid
a fucking heavy price.
He's lucky that silly cunt
didn't kill him.
Got your attention, didn't I?
Look I'm here,
I'm standing in front of you,
I'm putting me hand out.
Let's just fucking move on,
let bygones be bygones.
- I'll think about it.
- What's that mean?
It means I'll fucking
think about it.
- I need an answer.
- No, you want an answer.
So, you'll have to sweat
a little bit longer, Pat, eh?
But you'll find out soon
enough, one way or another.
"Loose Fit")
- Is that him?
- Yeah, that's the cunt.
Come on,
let's fucking get him!
Don't make me run, you cunt!
Where you going,
you fucking mug?
No, Tony. Put the fucking
television down!
- My fucking television!
- Shut up and sit down!
Get this piece of shit
out of here now.
- (Tony) You fucking cunt!
- No, please.
- Get up.
- What?
I said stand up.
Listen, I'm sorry
about that, alright?
Take that.
And keep your fucking mouth shut,
you understand?
Give us one of them
Wilbur Smith jobs.
Now you're fucking Dead dog.
Told you to fucking let it go,
didn't I? Eh?
But you won't fucking listen.
Here's Tony!
Fucking come here.
Fucking stay there, you!
I left you till last.
Come on, Kate, you can do it.
One more push, one more push.
(Baby cries)
It's a little girl.
I don't know what the fuck
you think you're doing, Tony,
but you ain't gonna
fucking get away with it.
I know people, yeah.
You don't have a fucking clue.
Yeah, I do, you fucking grass.
You're coppers' best friend.
"I'll grass everyone up
as long as you leave me alone."
Let me tell you something,
you cunts.
You won't be telling anybody
fuck all!
You got the wrong idea.
We can sort it out, alright?
I mean, you know
I've got connections.
We could do stuff.
You could work on the clubs
and then we could...
We could, I could...
You could run the doors.
I mean, we could be a team.
This sounds fucking great,
boys, doesn't it?
But you know something?
I'd rather take up roadsweeping
than work with you,
you fucking cunt.
We know what you said,
you fucking grass.
And you know something?
We got some important friends.
And they don't fucking like you.
They said it's only
a matter of time
before you drop us all in
the fucking shit and move on.
- Trust me, Tony.
- Trust you?
I wouldn't piss on you
if you were on fire.
- No, you got it all wrong.
- Here, Tone.
My boys are gonna
fucking rip you apart.
Who? Terry and Andy?
No, mate,
that's where you're wrong.
They've switched sides
to the winners.
Thing is, Joss, you think
you're top dog around these parts,
Pat Tate banged up,
Old Bill in your pocket.
Anyone that comes up against you,
you just grass up anyway.
You little fucking rat cunt.
I heard that you even quote
the Bible, talking about Jesus
as you're fucking up some kid,
ruining his life.
Maybe you think you are Jesus.
We all know what happened
to him, don't we?
Very reminiscent
of a Caravaggio.
I've got three statements
naming you.
- No, you don't.
- They named you.
All three of them.
You don't know
how it works, do you?
I mean, not from
that side of the desk.
Well, perhaps
in your worldly wisdom,
you can enlighten me.
The only way
to survive in here,
and I mean
the only way to survive,
is to never, ever grass.
But somehow you expect me
to believe that not one,
but three inmates
broke that sacred law.
- Get the fuck out of my office!
- Yes, sir.
What's up, Sam?
Why the secret meet?
You look lovely.
Take a seat.
Well, thanks for coming.
We need to talk.
Before Pat went away,
he asked me to look after you,
make sure you was alright,
keep an eye on you.
Well, I have.
I understand, Kate,
I really do.
You're an attractive young woman
and you have your needs,
but think of the consequences.
If not for yourself,
then for your lover.
If Pat finds out,
and he will, they always do,
he will kill him.
Bye, Sam.
Finish it, Kate.
(Pat) Look, Kate,
you don't understand.
They're fucking me about all day.
They're talking about
fucking six o'clock.
If it's six o'clock,
then, you know...
Listen to me.
I ain't got the hump.
Just fucking slow down
a second,
listen to what I'm trying
to say to you.
I don't know.
As soon as I know, you'll know.
Of course I'm excited
to see you. Yeah.
I love you, too.
I'll see you tomorrow.
OK, I'll see you then.
(Pat) 'Prison definitely changes a man.
'All those years inside
and you realize
'what's important in life.
'My new baby,
cos I swear to God,
'no more fucking distractions.'
- Oh, fucking hell.
- Come on, get in the car.
Listen. Don't take this
the fucking wrong way, but...
it's lovely to see you but
I've got someone picking me up.
- Cocaine.
- Brasses.
Get in the car.
In the car!
You cunts, it's fucking raining.
Come on, then go.
(Tony) Oh, here we go!
Fuck it!
You're gonna see Daddy
today, baby girl.
Free to feel good
Everybody's free
Fuckin' love you.
- Can I help you, love?
- I'm here to pick up Pat Tate.
He left.
He signed out, sorry.
Let me say something to you,
and I mean this, seriously.
- I love you two.
- I love you, too.
You're my best friend.
And we are gonna fucking
take over this fucking town.
Everybody's free
To feel good
Everybody's free
To feel good...
Oh, come on, I love you.
Tone, listen to me. Oi!
What the fuck?
Gonna slip off with that bird.
Pick me up in the morning.
(Woman) Oh, look at you,
you dirty fucker.
Good luck, mate.
You'll fucking need it.
Call me later.
Go on, mate.
- Fuck off, Pat.
- Kate, Kate!
Just let me fucking explain.
Don't fucking walk away from me.
Just fucking talk to me.
What do you want, Pat?
It's over.
You couldn't even wait for me
and your daughter
at the prison gates.
So you can fuck off
with your mates,
getting high, drinking,
whatever fucking else.
You've had years in prison, Pat.
You're no different now
to when you went in.
I, like a fucking idiot,
thought you might fucking change.
You're fucking seeing someone,
aren't you?
I can tell by your fucking face,
the way you're acting.
Concerned, are we?
As it happens,
I was seeing someone.
For a short time,
didn't amount to much,
because like a silly cow,
I ended it.
Because I had a husband in prison
who I wanted to wait for
and I thought I loved.
What's his fucking name?
Who is he? You fucking tell me.
Why? So you can find him
and beat him to a pulp?
Make you feel better?
Just go. It's over.
I'm sorry, alright?
You're right
in what you're saying.
You're right and I'm wrong.
I brought all this on myself,
I know it.
But listen to me,
I'm begging you.
Kate, I need your help.
I've got nowhere to go,
Please just let me stay
for a few days. I, uh...
I'll sleep on the armchair.
I'm begging you.
Listen, I won't come near you,
I won't touch you, I promise.
And I know that
I don't deserve this.
Please, can I hold
our daughter for one second?
Here's your dad.
She's beautiful.
That's your beautiful Mum over there.
See her?
See, see?
I'll make some tea.
Hello, Pat. It's Tony. Yeah.
I'm just gonna put you
on loudspeaker, mate. Hang on.
- Where are you?
- What do you mean, where am I?
I'm at home.
Where do you think I am?
- Where's Kate?
- She's out with the kid.
What, you think I strangled
and buried her in the garden?
You and her are sweet, yeah?
I thought she'd have fucking
killed you, mate, to be honest.
Well, my feet are under the table,
put it that way.
But listen, mate.
She was seeing someone
while I was away
and I need
to fucking find out who.
Yeah, erm...
I know, we knew,
but we're gonna put a stop to it.
What d'you say?
You're telling me you cunts
fucking knew about it
and no one told me?
You were inside, mate.
I mean, what was the point?
Anyway, it didn't go anywhere,
so why not let
sleeping dogs lie, eh?
How did you find out?
She told me when
she was throwing me out.
- Brave girl.
- Listen to me carefully.
You find that cunt.
And when you do,
you let me know.
(phone ringing)
- Pat, we got hold of him.
- What's he fucking look like?
Don't know, mate.
Pretty fucking ordinary.
Looks like fucking nonce to me.
What do you want done with him?
I'll tell you what I fucking
want done with him.
Cut his cock and bollocks off
and put them in his mouth.
So he don't fuck
no one else's bird.
What's your name?
- Adrian.
- Adrian.
- And where you from, Adrian?
- London.
London? Ooh.
Now I want you to listen to me
very carefully, Adrian.
We've all pulled birds before.
But you...
You've been very unlucky.
You see, Kate's husband,
our friend, is a psychopath.
I've seen him
cut off a man's face
just for looking at her
the wrong way.
In fact,
do you mind if I borrow
that a moment, Tone?
Not at all, Sam.
Be my guest.
- Thank you.
- Pleasure.
He wants us...
...to relieve you
of your testicles
and send them back to him
in a little box.
Now, what do you think
I should do, Adrian?
Please, I beg you. Please.
You know what?
I think today's your lucky day.
Now I suggest
you go back to London
and never come within 30 miles
of Southend ever again.
Do I make myself clear?
So you sorted out
that cunt, then, yeah?
Yeah, I sorted that cunt.
You'll never hear from him again.
That's all you need to know.
Now forget it.
Listen, thanks,
I appreciate it,
but it fucking kills me.
Kills me.
The fucking thought that she'd
even fucking fuck about on me.
We don't know
that she has, mate.
You've been away
for five fucking years.
What d'you expect,
Mother fucking Teresa?
She's a good girl, that Kate.
If it was me,
what would you fucking say?
I'd say get over it.
You little fat poof.
- You fucking cunt.
- I'd say get over it!
You fat poof!
Boys, the garage, sugar, now.
I'll just talk to him.
Excuse me?
Can you move, please?
- Traffic is terrible...
- I'm late. I need petrol.
Excuse me. What do think
you're doing, parking like this?
What you talking about?
I ain't even fucking driving.
Fucking selfish. Other people
need petrol, too, you know.
Who are you? Do you fucking
live around here?
(Woman screams)
Dad, oh, my God!
Cunt thinks he's a fucking
traffic warden!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
You animal!
I'll have you locked up!
Pat, you animal.
Fucking silly old cunt, anyway.
"The Age of Love")
(Pat) 'Me and Tony took over
Joss and Luke's old club.
'And the world was at our feet.
'We had the doors, we had the drugs,
we had the muscle.
'And it was all going perfectly.'
I caught him pushing pills.
You know the fucking rules.
Empty your pockets,
all the drugs and the cash,
then you can go.
But you ain't getting back
in here again, understand?
Now fuck off, you little mug!
Fuck off, yeah!
Fuck off! Fuck off!
Come on, you fucking cunt.
Come on!
'Then that soppy cunt Kenny
'had to go and rock
the fucking boat.'
Fucking hell, Ken.
He's fucking out of it.
We need to call an ambulance.
Get rid of that, quick.
We was inside,
heard a scuffle,
come out and this is
what we found, alright?
But when he wakes up
he's gonna say something different.
He ain't saying fuck all.
He's dead.
Fuck him.
(Pat) 'Dead bodies
made a lot of noise.
'The last thing we needed was
the Old Bill sniffing about.'
The Old Bill are swarming
all over the fucking club.
They're interviewing
the customers, the staff.
- It's a fucking nightmare.
- How does that affect us?
It's their club
and we run the fucking door.
The real problem for us
is that fucking spade who died
is wrapped round
some fucking firm from Brixton.
This is bad.
Got the fucking Yardies
onto us now.
Fuck them.
We go down there first
and we nip it in the bud.
We get new doormen
and we go down there firm handed
and we fucking smash them.
That's what we do.
You'll never learn, will you?
You lot wanna slow down.
Think of the business.
That's exactly what
I'm fucking doing.
(Pat) 'You don't get points
for backing down in this game.
'Sam just didn't have the vision.
'The reason I'm gonna last
forever in this business
'is because I'll take on
the fucking world if I have to.'
So, Mickey...
More problems
round your way, I hear.
Another dead body.
Pat Tate and his mates
need reeling in a bit.
Get it stopped, Mickey,
or I may have to step in.
(Tony) If those Yardies
are doing drive-bys,
I say we stay well
clear of them.
That's a shame, because I got
myself tooled up with a gun.
A what?
A fucking gun?
Craig, you know the drill.
We don't take a gun
anywhere, mate.
You take a gun somewhere,
you're gonna end up using it.
I ain't got any bullets.
We can still get a tug
from the Old Bill, Craig.
But I've had
the firing pins taken out.
Hold on a minute,
let's get this fucking straight.
You've got a gun
that's got no fucking bullets.
But if you was to get hold
of some bullets for the gun,
the gun still ain't
gonna fucking work
because you got no firing pin.
There's something fucking
wrong with you, you silly cunt.
(Pat) You're not well.
- You alright, Mick?
- Alright, lads.
What's so important you couldn't
talk on the fucking phone?
I've been in some meetings
in London
with some very serious people.
They asked me to bring back
a message to you.
Things are getting
a little out of order down here
and you need to tone it down.
Don't know what you mean.
We run nightclubs not Sunday schools.
You're gonna get aggravation
from time to time.
I understand that, Tony,
but what you don't understand is
the Old Bill are getting
involved in a big way.
They've got a fucking
great big fat fuck-off file
with your names on it.
- You're in the frame...
- Fuck the Old Bill.
We're not interested.
Look, Mick, I know they have
to play it by the book,
but we're fucking
protected round here.
This is our area.
No one's grassing on us.
- Yeah, no one grasses on us.
- Shut up, Craig.
Alright, well...
I've done myjob. I warned you.
I heard you.
Yeah, right, OK.
Look, whatever way you cut it,
everyone's got the needle
with us and they're concerned.
But we're making money.
We're getting hold
of bundles of dough.
So, I say,
fuck them cunts in London,
and we crack on as per usual.
(Pat) 'Mickey Steele was fucking right.
'The Old Bill were fucking
crawling all over us.
'And with those cunts Joss
and Luke out of the picture,
'Southend was becoming
like the fucking Wild West.
'Every cunt was fucking
robbing each other.
'We had to put a stop to it,
and show these cunts
'who was the governor running
the fucking show around here.
'Even fucking Jimmy G.
turned us over, the dirty cunt.
'Nothing's gonna fucking stop me.
'It's like I said...
(Tony's laugh resonates)
'I'll take on the fucking
world if I have to.
(gulls cawing)
Bleeding heart of mine
Flows like claret on a tray
Different times
and different people
Alright, Kenny?
George, get Kenny a drink.
- You alright mate?
- No, it's not alright.
It's gone fucking mad
out there, mate.
- It's getting scary.
- Tell me about it.
I just been chased
by two geezers with guns.
Listen to me, Kenny.
It's all gonna end in tears.
Do you understand
what I'm telling you?
What you think I should do?
I got a pal in Glasgow,
owes me a favour.
He'll look after you.
Get you some work
on the doors, eh?
But you keep your nose clean,
He'll protect you.
I'll make the arrangements.
Thanks, Sam.
Really appreciate it, mate.
There she is.
You know something?
We must never, ever forget
this is where it all started.
Let's have a little reckon-up
here. It's gotta be...
To my knowledge, it's gotta
be eight to ten clubs
we now got
the fucking doors to.
Yeah, we got the whole
fucking area sewn up.
Fucking dough's rolling in.
Long as we keep getting
the gear, we're fucking sorted.
Don't worry about that,
cos Mickey Steele's got
a fucking big consignment
coming in from Amsterdam.
Boys, we need to get into
the rave scene. It's gonna be big.
You're right, Rolfie,
it's gonna be massive,
I'm already making plans.
I've always said this.
We are gonna earn fucking millions.
And you know why we're gonna
earn fucking millions?
- Why?
- Cos we're the fucking bollocks.
And no cunt can touch us!
Motivating rhythm of life
with a healing rhythmic synergy
Motivating rhythm of life
Motivating rhythm of life
with a healing rhythmic synergy
It may be that
the shooting has occurred
over higher drugs dealers
trying to find
a greater position of power.
Heaven knows
what life may bring
There could be blue skies
through the rain
And I know
I must find my way
So come on, help me
to release my soul today
Won't you help me
Help me through this pain
Cuts like a knife,
burns like acid rain
Come on, help me
Help me to release my soul
Nobody knows which way,
which road to go