Rise of the Footsoldier Part II (2015) Movie Script

On 6th December 1955, Tony Tucker,
Pat Tate & Craig Rolfe were murdered in
Workhouse Lane, Rettendon, Essex.
This is the story of the
man who was left behind.
I want to die in dignity.
In an execution in my world,
there are no parades.
No music, no march.
A horrible death...
... no guilt, no remorse.
That's how it always was.
Now death is facing me.
Why should I accept that?
I knew the murderer of Tony and the
boys could still be out there.
With every day, my anger
and frustration grew.
Until the paranoia
slowly suffocated me.
Essex has changed.
It has become darker.
The time for pills and acid
house parties was over.
The coke had taken over.
Sometimes I could smell the
crack in the pores of her skin.
Where is the substance?
He said he has already sorted
out a package for you.
I was with your buddy.
Now I am here... where is the material?
Here comes a call from someone...
ask the.
Oh yes?
I do not have it in my pussy!
Shirt up!
And what is that?
Stupid asshole!
You are a stupid cunt!
Did you hear me?
What is this?
You shit!
Come down!
Chill out.
- Crap! -
Chill out!
Okay... calm down! Clear?
Forget it and just cut it off.
Chill out.
Just go home.
Lick me!
- You got my message?
- But I am here.
Why do not you answer the phone?
Had someone there...
I did not hear it.
Your face is full of blood.
Turn that off.
Handkerchiefs are
in the glove box.
- There are only paper clips in it.
- As I said: Someone is there...
There must be handkerchiefs in there.
- No idea why you care.
- Is just the way!
You can also get AIDS from
your little polo girlfriend.
You never know where
the pussies were.
- Do you think she is awake?
- Do not think so.
The bitch has screwed up
and is with the cops!
Stupid wanker.
- All the damn traitors!
- How much did she have?
You sound like her already... what?
Do you want something?
Must go early and visit George.
I know where he works...
I'll get the coal.
- Just hope he has her.
- He has!
It drives around on a Saab 900.
If he wants to fuck
you, just take it.
Here, do not lose!
Oh shit. You do not have...
I go in.
Before she hung the window.
Until tomorrow.
What shoud that?
What do you do?
- I wash...
- Are you kidding me?
Just go to bed!
- What's this?
- What?
Are you deaf and blind?
What's this?
- What's that on your hands?
- Nothing. Go break!
Fuck off!
I'm sick of you.
You bore me!
Damn it! You are so
repellent, Carlton!
... found a Range Rover
on a farm near Essex...
... the names of the
victims were announced...
... it was Tony Tucker,
Pat Tate and Craig Wolfe.
Mum! Mum!
Come quickly!
You're welcome!
You sick pig!
I can not stand this anymore!
You're sick.
Come! I take the girls with me.
I go to my mother.
I call the cops, if you follow me!
Come on! Go!
He comes in, totally wild...
... and pulls her out of bed.
Did you see her face?
- No... - Blue eye! She tries
to cover it up with make-up.
Looks shit.
Could have let her.
Hi, girls.
Man! He's getting bigger and bigger.
- Have you been here for a long time?
- Just arrived.
- Lick me...
- Take a seat.
- All right, Shawn?
- Then buy a new one!
- Already ordered?
- Not yet.
What belongs to Mum?
She called this morning.
What did she say?
That you are an asshole.
Nice, right?
Shut up and listen...
... you know how that works.
Lick me!
Order what you want.
Does he also eat something?...
Do you have children's menus, buddy?
He has already eaten.
- Otherwise he just shits everything full again.
- Are you eating something, dad?
No, not hungry.
I only take a
whiskey and a coke.
Do you drink something?
Cola Light.
So two Cola Light
and another tea.
Lick me!
- When do I get a grandchild?
- Crap!
- problems?
- Benny wanted to call you.
- For that I need a nice man.
- There are many here.
- What is? - The Saab belongs to
Benny's wife and not George...
... she bugs him and
Benny wants him back.
It is not my problem.
This is Benny.
Come down!
He wants to talk to you.
Listen... and do not yell!
George has been avoiding
me for two weeks.
I do not care if it belongs to your wife...
I want money!
If she wants him back,
you have to find George.
It is not my problem.
Here... I get a headache.
What did you say?
You can not find a husband?
Once they know who my daddy
is, they lose interest.
He owes us money.
Do not we get the coal tonight,
Let's send George to the
bottom of the Thames.
Give us another moment?
I do not understand the problem.
He comes to us with this thing,
which can not be
resolved in court.
We did that.
Should we send him an invoice?
People think they can
do whatever they want.
Why is George driving
around in Benny's car?
Did he borrow the
car for a date?
That puts me in a mood...
- How late?
- Exactly one.
What did you agree?
Is Benny coming?
He sends his nephew.
- Good!
- I can not stand the bum.
Thanks, I already had.
All right, buddy.
I thought you had turned
away from us, Dave...
... have honest work now.
What is? Are you
missing the action?
Must pay my bills.
Like us all.
So? Have you reached him?
I'll try it...
No Answer.
How much would you
give me for the car?
I can not afford it.
Just accepted...
... how much?
Or 6,000? Is that going to happen?
Fits roughly.
If I offered you the car now...
... for 3,000...
... only 3,000...
that would be generous, right?
Why are these pussies
not here then?
No idea. I called three times.
That's shit!
That does not work with me!
What idiots are I dealing with?
I do not think they are coming.
- These wankers!
- I do not think they are coming.
Did I talk with you cunt?
Did I talk to you?
Shut up!
I'm leaving!
- Go away!
- Nobody talks to me like that!
Lick me!
And you? You fucking wanker.
Your stupid pussies!
Why do not you pick up?
I called six times!
I try to clarify who
is at the door today.
I have already made.
What does this mean?
I clarified that with
the duty roster.
The management has
also stuck in there.
There was too much action.
Now I have the door.
You are out.
I'm sorry.
Are you saying that
you have taken over?
Without me, you would not be at the door!
I helped you, you cunt!
I'm sorry. I only
follow my orders.
Open the fucking door!
- Hello?
- Hello!
- Is Denny there?
- Went out.
Hey? Alright?
Listen, you have to pick me up.
I can not stay here.
Otherwise, I'll go through.
George is dead!
If he wants to fool us,
let us make an example of him.
You do not put us in!
Drink one more!
What do these pussies think?
I always helped those.
And no one thanks!
Where is my stuff?
Did you see my stuff?
- Sweet! Come here...
- There it is!
Could you relax my
friend a little?
I thought we had lost you.
But you come again.
If you guys fall...
that's up to me.
Cocaine and hypothermia...
I'm sorry, that's
the result of a...
... excesses...
It is... it was...
... he is not always.
Are you feeling better?
How nice.
Your ass jumped out
of the window...
... if you hurry,
you'll catch him.
It's nice to see you.
How are you?
Quite well.
I hoped you would come after
everything that happened.
Its a long time.
Was busy.
Charlie was a good boy...
... they were all.
But they have taken a lot out.
Good that you stayed out of it.
I hope their families are
experiencing justice.
How is yours?
Denny has moved out.
Do you know how many types a
soldier can kill in combat?
before he goes crazy?
If you do not get them
out then they go crazy.
What happened to you?
- Am okay...
- You're trembling.
You've been at the front for so long...
... but in our world,
nobody pulls you off.
I'm looking for work.
You have to pull yourself up.
You have become unpredictable.
They say...
... you have become a burden.
Here please!
Two bundles...
to you!
Put it out for
coke, if you want.
Or find yourself and
come back to training.
Get off the carousel...
... let me know
when you get back.
Throws you the
underworld a lifeline...
... then you take them.
I was not ready to die.
I was not ready to
throw in the towel.
No I dont know.
A few gypsies.
That's fine...
put that away.
Reg sends us.
These pussies should
stop hammering...
Where is Geoff King?
We want to talk to him.
In his office.
Is completely finished.
- Did something happen for the
first time, or what? - Yes!
He has not had the
store for so long.
He is a nice guy, but...
... he has no idea.
What you do not say.
That's why I'm on board.
I know the rules of the game.
Follow me.
Come on.
- A drink?
- Yes do.
Sweetie, two coke light, please.
Even without ice.
They kicked me...
... damned animals.
They told this jerk something
of "anniversary"...
- Who was that?
- Two girls came in...
... because of the 50th
Birthday of the mother.
The names?
Tina was called a...
the other... no idea.
- Do not you have your data?
- He screwed it up.
Did not know that
they were Gypsies.
It would have been even clearer
if they had sold you herbs.
They always send the
women in first.
They seemed okay.
Did not know that
hundreds of them turn up.
Was a wedding.
The women stood on one side...
... the men on the other.
Then they played around with
the fire extinguishers.
Was a wedding.
We were on a few.
- They tapped their own beer...
- When I wanted to talk to them,
they just turned around.
Where were the doormen?
Stricken unconscious.
Two are in the hospital.
What did the cops say?
That they come again and again,
if they like them where.
They will.
I will not pack that again.
Let's see what I can do.
We apologize.
What do you think?
That's a bastard.
A big mess.
Could be a big club.
What do you think of him?
And only idiots work for him.
Shit on the.
We have our own idiots.
We could take over the store.
He owns the property...
... he belongs to us.
I hate clubs. And you would
start to cough again.
I'm in debt.
I am not a bouncer.
It also takes a lot of time.
What about the work?
Thou shalt not stop the
torture and abductions...
... I just say: If we do it right,
the shop will run by itself.
Should I fall to
my knees or what?
I just want my family back.
We'll fix this here...
... then we make plenty of coal.
That's what Pat
and Tony thought.
- Everything is different, right?
- Is that it?
Betting, you have nothing
edible in the house.
I have milk in the fridge.
- Who does the laundry? - Me!
Do you think I do not grab this?
But you wash them in the laundromat.
Maybe not the best
dad in the world...
... but I can wash.
- Should I come by?
- No, I'm fine.
Did you see the
posters of my club?
- no? You do not have a club!
- And whether.
Tell Denny that I'll have
a lot of money soon...
Tell her I'll choke on money.
Tell her that.
Remember: Jodie has her
birthday next week.
You're really awful, dad.
I know when she was born...
... I just do not
know what day it is.
Next Sunday.
Alright, so...
... I'll get her something nice.
I know today is the
opening ceremony...
... but why does the
bouncer carry a stun gun?
This is Mad Jack... I
tell him to put him down.
Hello my sweetheart.
Does grandma bake you
a birthday cake?
Will you pick me up a piece?
... of course I have one.
Can I speak briefly
to your mother.
Give me the phone...
I'll get mum.
Mum! Mum!
- What did you tell her? - Nothing!
Thanks... bedtime is now.
What are you going to do tomorrow?
No idea... I have two
howling children here...
- Is everything fine? - Hurry up!
The gypsies are in the majority.
Move, you cunt!
Get off me!
Die, you lousy gypsy cunt!
What the hell...
Give him your hand...
- Jon Jon! - Long time no see.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm here for a wedding.
I apologize for these guys.
They can not tolerate beer.
He's my son.
My youngest.
N / A? Alright?
Guys? Bock on a drink?
Thanks man.
Sweetie, bring these
gentlemen into the VIP area.
See you!
Are you crazy?
They are good friends
of mine, of course!
He is one of the best bare
knuckle boxers in the country.
Take care of him.
Do you see... is not so bad!
Crap! I love you, dude.
I love you!
Get down! Get off me!
Get lost.
Do not worry, he does
not bite as hard as me.
Your neck looks like you
have been mistreated.
Thank you.
I would say that I'm sorry...
but it does not.
What's My Name?
I do not know.
That's great, right?
- Lorraine?
- no.
Come over! We go for a walk.
A cup of tea... Carlton?
You have a new message:
Hello? Dad? Mum and I
make sandwiches...
... come to my party please.
Now listen...
- What will she say? - Who?
Your wife... when you get home.
How long have you been together.
You really wanted to stay here last
night until everything is clear.
Now may I not even
ask you something?
If you think you were the
first guy in this bed...
... then you are stupider than your wife.
Do you think she knows about us?
Otherwise I would have died long ago.
I can shut up.
Who is this in the photo?
What does that have to do with you?
- Hello, Thelma.
- What do you want?
Are not you dead yet?
What now?
I just wanted to congratulate
my daughter on her birthday.
Just look at it.
- There was trouble at the club.
- I'm not interested.
Are you coming in or something?
- Dad!
- Hey!
I brought you a friend.
do not let it fall.
- How do you say?
- Thank you...
Do I get a kiss... thanks!
He will piss everywhere.
You know that my mum hates dogs.
Do not you want to
take off your jacket?
No, I have to go again. Work.
I want you and the
children to move in again.
As I said: I do not do that.
That's what I wanted to
talk to you about...
- What? - Let's go inside.
Fuck the secret.
Good... I'm moving out.
It's unfair that you're
here with the girls.
- Where do you want to go?
- To a friend.
And stop coming over.
Take that.
Thank you.
You remember Carlton?
He was once a close
friend of the family.
Then he got problems.
You are too young.
How is the rest of the family?
Busy, as always.
Good to hear.
- Do you want a drink? - No!
He is a good boy.
Like his father.
- How is gambling going?
- Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
How was it going lately?
- How much?
- Two vices.
We broke one up...
he is gone.
The other stands
in a barn in Kent.
- were the same people.
- This has happened more often lately.
Really naughty to
kidnap a stolen truck.
These are dark times, my friend.
Tipping or schnapps?
Vodka from France.
And the driver?
Has resisted...
... is probably dead.
The other luckily escaped.
That's why we also know
where the vice is.
Someone has to bring it back.
What do you think?
I think we should get him.
Yesterday an old woman fucked.
After six minutes I splashed it.
She begins to complain:
"Are you worried about
me now, selfish wanker?"
So I stifled her.
- That's a joke! - No!
- Does he have to be there? - What?
She's definitely
alive, the fat bitch.
Hold your stupid mouth
and keep away from me.
I will not have any
orders from you, oil eye.
We are not in the army here.
What are you doing here anyway?
I drive the crappy car.
Forgot that you love each other.
Just ignore it.
I do not like idiots...
they bring you to the grave.
Okay, Actionman...
now it's on the face.
- I'll kill you!
- Stop the shit!
Always with Tranquillity.
Okay... let's go.
On the floor with you!
Immediately to the ground. Get down!
Stupid Pisser!
Where are the keys?
- Speak English!
- Put the keys down!
Have you!
Change the number plates.
Nobody moves.
Down, her pussies!
What the hell is that?
Was that the driver?
What do we do with him?
Pick him up...
he comes with you.
How is the driver?
He will live... but never
work for us again.
Good job, Carlton. Thank you.
If you are interested...
I still have a job.
I hear!
You need your passports.
- What does Tenerife sound like?
- Nice.
We have a club there that
makes a lot of money.
When everyone pays,
everyone is happy.
But some individuals
ignore that.
That's a problem.
It's easy: If someone wants
to work, they have to pay.
We can take care of it.
In any case.
Why not!
Excuse me for a moment...
Do you know Tenerife?
Not my cup of tea, but Carlton
trained there for a fight.
- So, why not...
- Good!
Fuck! Are you on Viagra?
- You make me so horny.
- I can not anymore.
I fuck you, you bitch!
Fuck me, you bastard!
Look at this...
... stunning.
Women, what?
Let breasts and noses make.
Dental Bleaching, crop tops...
... liposuction,
intestinal rinses...
... Botox, earrings...
... piercings in the
nipples, in the navel...
... and in the clitoris.
Plucked eyebrows,
all waxed,
Shaved shoulders,
Lip tattoos...
... diets, sports...
... but do not want
to get it in the ass.
Because that hurts.
- You are a sick cunt! - Yes.
Crap! Is that Tom Cruise?
The belly of Brixton...
Alright, my friend?
Good to see you.
Man, what happened to you?
Look like a lizard.
Here it is also hot.
- It's raining at home.
- You're right.
This is Stan and Bob.
Take a seat.
Sweetie, some Long
Island Icetea for us.
- We take two cokes.
- You do not drink?
We have known each other for a while.
We were bouncers together
at the Ministery of Sound.
Good old times.
Do you still remember when
that wanker wanted Lenny in?
Luckily I did not have
to shoot the wanker.
I did not want to mess
with this 500kg monster.
You will love the Demirkan store.
Is right next to the club.
I have the hottest stuff on the island...
Rocket fuel.
I bet!
The stuff is awesome.
I love the smell.
Since you turn off completely.
The sister of this wanker...
... hid the coke in her hamper.
As a result, the fabric
bangs even more.
In any case.
Here is Denny...
leaves a message.
They blow their heads away.
Did you reach her?
She does not answer.
Tony and I had a lot of fun here.
Side by side...
have paid attention to us.
We were invincible.
Should have stayed like that.
Was not your fault.
I have disappointed people.
That's how I do it.
I left my son.
Now I'm doing the same
to Denny and the girls.
- I will lose her.
- No you will not.
- Do you mean?
- For sure.
I can not end up like Tony.
You know, I will always
be there for you.
I know.
Let's go... maybe Mad Ass
already had a heart attack.
How's Mickey Steel and Jack?
- waiting for the process.
- Do you think they were?
What I think does not matter.
That does not bring Tony back.
What if they were not?
- Then the killer is still running around freely.
- That's why I will not come back.
The ends is a bastard.
Anyone can get you there.
If the yardys do not get
you, then the Nortons.
I'm not going back to Essex
until everything is calmer.
Since you can wait a long time...
... it will never settle down.
Too many people.
And that's good.
As long as you do not fool anyone.
Nice to see you, Big One.
- You too, man!
So... let's see to the door.
Come down when you're ready.
We take care of you.
That's you.
Guess you're right.
Guys... it's late! Come on!
Good evening.
Who are you paying protection money?
Who are you, then?
I am Carlton Leach...
answer my question.
We pay the club.
The thing is... the owner of the
club is a good friend of mine...
... and he disagrees.
Comes with...
is okay.
I do not hurt you.
Just a little business conversation.
These men are among us.
But they were greedy.
From now on, you pay to Demirkan.
Roger that?
- Hey, all right?
- So far...
- What are you doing?
- Not much.
Denny said you're in Tenerife.
Yes, had work there.
Maybe I'll fly there
with the girls.
Let me know. My buddy
has an apartment there.
There you can stay.
- Great! Thanks, dad.
- All right.
Who is the?
My new guy.
- He's only 12?
- Be quiet.
- Why is he standing there?
- He has stayed behind.
Are you kidding me!
Yes... Nick...
you can come here!
I just want to say...
You are a legend!
What a slime!
Come on! Let's go.
Call Denny!
She misses you.
What ever.
We do not have that much money.
We only have a small business.
The apparently different...
We do not have 100,000.
Sitting down... that
makes me nervous.
Please, sit down.
These men want to help.
I would not be so sure...
Who are these people?
- No idea.
- His name is Matthew Taylor.
Who is that?
Do you know that?
Should I look in the yellow pages?
If we do not give him the
money until Wednesday...
He burns down your warehouse.
I'm aware.
These are any idiots who try.
I'm sure.
What do you think?
At least it got through to you.
All right.
We can not afford that.
Wasting our time
costs 10 giants.
Are we still getting bread?
Where is the money, you cunt?
Everything is here.
There is no money.
What are you doing here?
I represent the interests
of these gentlemen.
How well do you know yourself?
Jungchen... that's my job.
Really? What are you?
Are you somehow mad?
The game has changed, old man.
Do you see... this, it's
none of your business.
So, why do not you piss off?
You do not want to end up
like your friend Tony.
Who were they?
Did you know them?
Who was that?
You make mistakes.
- Fuck you! - You get sloppy.
- Do your job!
Do your homework!
Do your damn homework!
Let us disappear from here!
... your old friend Tony...
You are disgusting.
- Hey, girls...
all right? - Yes.
Are you taking us with you, dad?
I have to work.
I do not want to run.
- I'm sorry, I have to work.
- What are you doing here?
Wanted to see how you are.
We're fine.
You look like shit.
Was a long night.
Maybe you should sleep.
- Come on! Go to school.
- We want to see Dad.
I am tired. I cant walk.
You've turned the place upside down.
Did not recognize him.
Where is Shawn?
Is he free today?
Do his own thing.
You are a strong team.
Yes it is.
- People know that. - Good!
Nobody should think
that I am finished.
Denny moved in again...
it's good.
How do you know?
I saw the girls when I
drove past the house.
Good that you live together again.
I do not live there.
I'm sorry...
thought you live there.
Maybe you should think about it.
You are exposing yourself to danger.
I will...
I was only busy.
Do not take over.
Then it will not be too complicated.
- Do you want to tell me something? - Yes...
... just do not do it too fast.
Slow down.
- Do not worry about me.
- I will not do this.
If someone shoots the turnip,
is that just a fucked
wannabe, right?
That does not give me
any sleepless nights.
Do you want a drink?
I'm sick of people
grabbing my ass.
You get money.
Running around in high heels and
serving perverts is hard work.
Where is your problem?
You `re full...
give me the keys.
Come on! I drive.
I do not want to argue.
Give me the keys!
She is really beautiful. No
idea why you fooled her.
Not heard yet?
I am a pig.
After all, you are honest.
Stupid wanker...
Why are you going in
the wrong direction?
- Duck you.
- What?
- Down!
- What's happening?
Drive me home.
We have to stay active...
I do not slow down for anyone.
That's why we do it!
His name is Davis. He was to
pick up 70 giants in Spain.
He did not come back.
The wanker is
unbelievable for years.
Then that makes us look good.
He hides in Portugal.
We find him.
How do I know the wanker?
The bald monkey used to
be a bouncer in Kudos.
- kept letting minors in.
- That's right.
There was this bubble party.
He let all the teenagers in.
The fucking pervert.
Will be a pleasure to kill.
I'll put on some water.
- Do we still have beer? - no.
As long as we are
sure he is there.
No, I wanted to send a ghost hunt...
Of course I'm sure!
I know where he is.
In Villa Morta.
Villa Morta?
70 giants... all the bitches?
There will be nothing left.
Do you have a dustbin?
Yes, with the fridge.
If you are already there...
give me the milk.
Do you want a cup?
Yes gladly.
Is he really a pervert?
The guy you want to find.
No idea.
I do not care.
I treat everyone the same.
I do not know how you do that...
... I could not hurt anyone.
What if you kill him?
- Do not we...
- Where do you want to get that from?
I just do not do it.
Do you remember
your first record?
Yes, "I feel love"
by Donna Summers.
On the way home you were so
excited and could not wait.
Then you were at home...
... you took it out and put
it on the turntable...
... dropped the needle slowly...
... and then you just stood there.
Have the breath stopped.
Waited for the beginning
of the music.
Then she played.
You wanted Donna Summer to
continue singing forever.
That's how I feel
when I edit one.
Killing them would
spoil everything.
No sugar in my tea.
- Remind me to get Chanel.
- Dumbass!
My old woman gets
chocolate and is good.
Not that she is fat...
... but when I climbed yesterday,
I had pressure on my ears.
- Hello?
- Carlton, where are you?
Here is a guy in front of
the house all morning.
What? Who is this?
What does he drive for a car?
A silver golf.
I never saw him, I have no idea
what he wants. Where are you?
At the airport.
I do not like it.
He scares me...
he looks in my direction.
Come home immediately.
- Take care of that.
- Alright, alright...
- I'm coming!
- Immediately!
Close all doors and windows.
I am on the way.
Are you okay?
All right, girls?
That's him!
Go upstairs! Immediately!
Go up with your mum.
Just go up with mum.
Do what she says.
Are you Carlton Leach?
And who the hell are you?
I'm sorry if the timing
is unfavorable...
... but I think you are my dad.
... then come in.
This is my wife Denny.
This is my son.
This is Matt?
Well, buddy.
What's his name?
Good name.
- What is your name?
- Jaime.
- Is also a nice name.
- Thank you.
- Here please.
- Thank you.
Jodie, say Matt hello.
Who are you?
The son of your daddy.
Your brother.
I do not have a brother.
Yes, you have.
Where have you been?
On holiday.
Did the sun shine there?
- Yes!
- You are not brown at all.
Do you like boxing?
I saw the fight on TV.
Was really hard.
Nigel Benn is a legend.
I was there.
Me and my buddy Tony
came in with him.
Maybe I saw you.
Was not overlooked.
I was 15 pounds heavier.
Were you there when
everything escalated?
Tony and I were in the middle of it.
Total chaos... fists everywhere.
- Who is Tony?
- He was my best friend.
He died last year.
- I'm sorry.
- That's fine.
- You are West Ham fan? - Yes...
... somehow. If they let me in
And you? Are you from Watford?
Are you more often
in Vicarage Road?
No, I'm Spurs fan.
Lick my ass!
My son is a trashcan.
- So that's my punishment.
- Let's be good.
Are you staying for dinner?
I'm sorry... the work.
What exactly are you doing?
I am at the security service.
What are you doing, Matt?
I am a trainer in a gym.
Carlton trains a lot.
I do not have time for that. I have
to get the kids ready for school.
Says my wife too.
One more beer?
Thanks, I have to drive.
Just stay.
- You can sleep on the couch.
- That would be great. What are you saying?
It's a long way to Watford.
That would be great, thanks!
Are you two sisters? - Yes.
Who is the elder?
- Guess what.
- What do you think?
I do not care.
Who is the dirtiest?
Are you getting together?
Well, I bet that!
Get rid of them.
Ladies, it was a pleasure...
Now fuck you!
Girls! I'm so sorry.
See you later in the club, yes?
Carlton is not coming.
Had to take care of
a family matter.
We should grab the
greedy wanker tonight.
I have a towel and a
toothbrush for you.
Thank you.
... my son...
... there is something you
do not know about me.
I can not tell you
everything about my world...
It is only...
Waiting in the car.
The work that I follow...
... it's better if you
do not know about it.
I understand that.
Thank you.
... go to sleep.
See you tomorrow morning.
I'm so sorry.
Don `t need it.
Good night.
Good night, son.
Come here.
Hey sweetie! How are you?
Is everything alright with you?
Yes, I'll have a drink...
hey! I'm sorry.
Not my type.
Do you call me gay?
Come guys...
no stress!
Hey sweety!
Take your sweet tits in!
Both? You greedy cunt!
- Maybe...
- Where are your friends?
Where are the sisters? Get her!
They are really sisters!
See you!
Hey boys!
Good Morning.
Slept well?
- Very good. - The couch is comfortable.
I often slept on it.
No sugar, right?
No thanks.
- Tomorrow! - Tomorrow!
Hey buddy.
What's going on?
Who was that?
What about Shawn?
Do you have a pen that writes?
Do you have a pen?
I hear...
Stay there...
I'm on my way.
- Carlton...?
- Your toast burns.
Pack your stuff, there is work.
I will soon be there.
- I have to go to the airport.
- What's happening?
Can not talk.
I call when I'm there.
- Should I drive you?
- No, everything is OK.
I'm sorry.
- Where is he?
- In there.
The cops ask a lot of questions.
- Who was that?
- No idea.
There were too many.
Came from nowhere.
Mad Jack was attacked...
I wanted to help him.
I'm on the ground,
taking cover...
... they shot me.
I wanted to fight.
They kept stabbing him.
The thing is serious.
He had to be reanimated twice.
- Did you find her?
- Nobody saw her.
I talked to everyone,
turned every stone.
Maybe they left the country.
That was my fault!
I should have been here.
I did it again...
I let him down.
- He dies, I'm fucked.
- Pull yourself together!
I know you want revenge.
You have to stay calm, otherwise
that will finish you.
Back in the regiment,
I lost a lot of men.
We never saw the culprits.
I have to live with that.
Exactly like you.
Concentrate on Shawn.
Focus on Shawn!
You have to pull
yourself together.
I finally found my son.
But I almost lost a friend
to this world again.
To survive, you have
to fight to the last.
No idea if I still have it.
How can I teach the mate?
How can I expect him to bury his
father, whom he never knew?
I should disappear as
long as I still can.
Incredible that he has fired
himself after five days.
He does not like nurses.
When he could breathe
again, he left.
How is he?
His back looks like
a human whetstone.
But otherwise okay.
- Do you think the cops find him?
- No chance.
- You can see that you are siblings.
- Half.
Then just half siblings.
You have his nose.
Better than his mouth.
How charming.
And you're together
again, or what?
Carlton, good evening!
How is the food?
Is really good.
- Thanks for the invitation.
- With pleasure.
Nice to see you, Denny...
as beautiful as ever.
- He's really lucky. - Yes.
Human! Carlton...
... she looks like an
independent woman.
Not so fast. She can
also stop her hand.
- Can I borrow your husband?
- Can you have him.
There is a reason
for the invitation.
I did not want to give you food.
We Turks settle our
business peacefully.
In my country we say:
1,000 friends are not enough.
And an enemy is
already too much.
Get out of it...
who annoyed you?
Not me...
you, my friend.
I want to be honest with you.
You upset a family.
They have put a bounty on you.
Which family?
- The Nortons? - Yes.
I wanted to vouch for you.
I'm so sorry.
What will you do?
I want a meeting.
Tell them that I come alone.
Could you do that for me?
Everything okay?
Yes everything allright.
From the outside everything
seems like a lawless lifestyle.
But the society of criminals
is like any other.
There is an infrastructure.
A hierarchy to respect.
The Nortons are the governors.
If they have a problem with me,
I'm fucked.
But I do not run away.
I can only protect my family
if I accept what is coming.
How did you come up?
- Stairway.
- Are you alone?
You should rest.
One day you'll break your neck.
The DJs are annoying.
Why do not you answer the phone?
The message sounded urgent...
what is there?
Wanted to know how you are.
Why did not you ask
that over the phone?
If you catch, I'll do it too.
You died on the way
to the hospital...
- Do you remember? - no.
- I say yes!
- I do not remember anything.
- Maybe it's just that...
- What?
Nothing... and that was it.
That's our destiny.
Well... there was no
golden heavenly gate.
- Did you make a will? - no.
I leave nothing behind.
What about Kanya?
Well, she is...
... she is with her mother.
And with the family.
So do not worry.
Ever thought of throwing
everything to be with her?
Yes, all the time.
But in Thailand she is better off.
Also, who should
take care of you?
Have some money on the side...
for the children.
What's this?
A locker number.
It is not very much, but...
... that's enough for a
while, when I'm no longer.
- Is everything fine? - Yes.
I just thought about something.
Can you take care of it for me?
Why, surely.
Thank you!
- Morning, girls!
- Father!
But you look pretty.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to say hello...
can not I?
You do not want to go back to Mrs.
Feather annoying, right?
Alright... see you soon.
Be nice.
You too, great...
You are here... good.
My brothers will not be able
to afford us society today.
They send greetings.
They sent me...
the weakest of the pack.
Take a seat.
Do you like scotch?
- Yes.
- Me too!
Strange but true:
Half of Asia too.
The fact is... I had
this stuff last time
at the Ritz Carlton in Bangkok.
Pretty funny.
Bottom up!
A boy from Essex, what?
But you are not one, right?
You are from the East End.
You know...
... the problem with those is
they take the South End literally.
I mean Paris, Geneva...
... Monaco, Milan...
... that's why my
brothers like you.
Because you understand her.
... if someone asks if we
can take care of you...
... then this is somehow
for me and my brothers...
... disturbing.
Who is it?
If you had asked yourself
this question before...
... and made your job cleaner...
we would not have the problem.
But instead...
... did you blind someone who
belongs to one who belongs to us?
Because of your complacency,
the family feels...
... uncomfortable.
I did not know it.
You did not know...
now you know!
A good single malt.
He's like a complicated woman.
He has to be taken seriously.
The boy had no respect.
No respect for the death
of my friend Tony.
If I see him again, the
other eye is on it.
That's why we like you.
But you have to control yourself.
You have to control your anger.
Violence does not take you
further in this world than here.
A murder order was awarded.
You can not dissolve that.
Something has to be done.
For us... right?
If I am to do
something, I do that.
We know that you are a leader.
What if you turn around
and no ICF is there?
No company, no army?
Only you?
With all your fear.
And the self-doubt.
- They will not let you sleep.
- I do not need anyone.
Because you're still driving
alone to Rotterdam today.
You deliver something.
To a dangerous,
unpredictable person.
The name is Lars Becker.
He shoots too much
for our taste.
Here you have to be tomorrow at 22:00.
Someone will meet you.
Prove us that you have
your demons under control.
And maybe...
... your little
problem disappears.
Anything else.
You should not be there
when he opens it.
Otherwise you will not come back.
I always thought Tony's
death was a trap.
Maybe he had no choice...
like me.
But I will die with dignity.
Where are we going?
You will see.
Get out.
Finally we meet.
The general of the ICF.
The best man in West Ham.
A pity that we never faced
each other in the stands.
FC Feyenoord welcomes
you to Rotterdam.
How is the Yid Army doing?
As with Ajax...
... a pack of pussies.
I think you have
something for me.
We went the same
way, you and me.
From the outsider on
the grandstand up.
That's it.
No more.
I go home.
I have fulfilled my duty.
Can one of them take
me to the harbor?
You miss a lot of money.
The Nortons do business
in Thailand, Cambodia...
... they need men like us.
To keep us in control.
My own family is more important to me.
This is a game for young men.
- I'm out.
- Retirement is a fantasy.
You chose this life.
Now it has chosen you.
Look into the eyes of these men...
they accepted it.
All lives of borrowed time.
But they enjoy fear because
they understand it.
I lost so many friends.
I can not do that.
It's over.
Take him to the harbor.
Do not open!
Do you think you saved my life?
The fact is...
... you saved yours.
Welcome in the family!
- Hi! - How are you?
- You do not go away...
- No, see you soon!
You stupid cunt!
Play it!
- Where is Cambodia?
- By Thailand, you idiot.
Without the ladyboys you
would not know that.
When does it start?
Not at all.
I told the boys about our plans.
Speaking of... where is your boy?
Did not know that
you have a son.
Sorry, my mistake.
Probably in a Spurs game.
A family makes you vulnerable.
Lars was right...
I chose this life.
And now it had chosen me.
And the carousel keeps turning.
I can only leave this life,
if someone takes it from me.