Risk (2016) Movie Script

Thank you.
Do you want to cheers?
Um, most people have
Very strong principled stances
Don't survive
for long, actually.
We all want them
to survive for long,
But they don't survive for long
And do much at the same time.
And do much at the same time.
- There are many times in
wikileaks' evolution
Where I've had
to be ruthlessly pragmatic,
So it is, to...
Understand the medium-term
Or the long-term goal
in principle,
But in fact,
not corrupt your principles
In the short term,
but be quite willing
To balance one for another
In order to actually survive
the moment.
Egypt. You got it?
- Yeah.
- Zimbabwe.
All they can see
is that we've put it
On the web,
which looks irresponsible.
- Have you got
the u. S. Embassy yet?
- No.
- Well, please do that.
Are you recording?
- Yep.
Oh, hello. Can I please speak
to hillary clinton?
I'm calling from the office
of julian assange.
It's very important.
Yep, so julian assange
is the founder of wikileaks.
And all of the u. S. Department
Of state cables-
We have intelligence
that they are about to be
Put on the web unredacted,
not by us,
And I would like
to speak to her about this.
You need to call me back?
This is an emergency.
You're the emergency line
and it will take a while?
Okay. Well, do you want to do
that right now, and I'll wait?
He would like to speak
to her about that.
Okay, well, let me start
by giving you phone number.
One moment, please.
he's not doing it.
More details other than
the entire unredacted
Cable set is about
to go on the internet?
I mean literally
it's about to happen.
I don't understand...
Why you're not seeing
the urgency in this.
- Just put him on anyway.
Who is he?
- Okay.
- Who is he?
Good day, chad,
this is julian assange.
To try to make it clear,
we don't have a problem;
You have a problem,
And we are trying to help you
solve your problem,
Because we are indirectly
connected to your problem.
I would like to speak
to the most senior person
Available who can execute
an action quickly
To send someone
to location here in norfolk.
- I understand. Thank you.
Thank you for your call.
- Okay.
Okay. Thank you. Bye bye.
- Hello.
- See you tomorrow.
- Are you off?
- Bye.
- Dinner's on the side.
- What's for dinner, sue?
- Lamb chops, roast potatoes,
Crme brule and raspberries.
Thank you.
Very grand.
- Thank you.
- See you tomorrow. 3:30. Bye.
Production journal.
I had a strange dream
about julian.
I was moving between
two spaces.
One, doing an insider expos,
The other at a hidden location.
I didn't tell julian what
I was working on in the dream.
The anxiety
must be a fear of betrayal,
And my worry about
how julian will react.
With this film, the lines
have become very blurred.
Sometimes I can't believe
what julian allows me to film.
Ego, yes,
but also brave.
He is managing his image,
but also being vulnerable.
It's a mystery to me
why he trusts me,
Because I don't think
he likes me.
- Hello,
is this ms. Harrison?
- Speaking.
- Hi, ms. Harrison,
This is the state department
operations center.
We spoke yesterday.
If mr. Assange is available,
I have one of the secretary's
lawyers on the line
Who has been asked
to return the call
On the department
of state's behalf.
One of the secretary's lawyers
to take the call.
- Good day, cliff.
Thank you for calling back.
Um, have-have-
have you been briefed?
Um, I believe so.
We had understood that
you and perhaps sarah
Had been trying to reach out
both to the department,
And that there
had been some calls.
Yes, so the situation is,
We have intelligence that
the department database archive
Is being spread around,
and our view is
That it's more
your problem than it is ours,
But what we want
the state department to do
Is to step up
its warning procedures,
Which it was engaged
in earlier in the year
And late last year to, um-
To state department sources
That are mentioned
in the cables. I-
- Well, surely
you can understand that
When you're talking about
this volume of material,
That even with the best efforts
Of the United States
That we are able to protect all
Or even a significant amount
Of source equities in them.
There's also
national security material
the classified cables
That also causes us harm.
I mean, as you know,
mr. Assange, we had
In our public statements,
tried to dissuade wikileaks
From doing its releases
on the same ground,
And it would-
I don't know why
we would fare any better
- Well, I mean...
- Than we did with you.
- Well, I understand you need
To make that statement
for legal reasons,
And you will understand
that I need to make
The following statement also,
that, um,
We make sure that there is
no harm to the interests
Of the United States,
and rather the news benefit
Is paramount
in everything that we do.
I have to say,
from our perspective,
A lot of this happened
as a result
Of the, um,
overbearing pressure
By the United States.
This is an example of
When you push people
into a corner,
They stop behaving
in a step-by-step
And methodical manner,
Because of the threats
that they are under.
Yeah, exactly.
- I was stopped
at the border again.
My detentions have become
more aggressive
Since I began
filming wikileakes.
The u. S. Agent at heathrow
wouldn't tell me his name
Or who he worked for.
At jfk they collected
all my electronics
And asked if I had
any hidden usb drives.
When I got home,
my apartment door was open.
Did I forget to close it
Or are they sending me
a message?
Can we start?
You need to be able to talk
about exciting projects
Without giving anything away.
Those of you who can,
'cause some of you
want to be sort of covert.
- Cover stories
for various people.
- That's what he means.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- So joe and sarah are already
very publicly visible.
They go as joe and sarah.
- I want each person
to give their story,
And you can correct it,
because then we hear it
From them,
and then if other people ask us
Who they are,
we've heard it in their voice.
Who are you?
I'm a swedish journalist,
And I'm a good friend.
- Okay.
- Renata, what's your name?
Are you renata?
- I'm renata,
I'm from guatemala.
I'm lawyer and I have been
researching the last years
About freedom of information,
human rights issues in general,
And many of the issues
I work with
Converge with the issues
of the organization.
- But are you a lawyer
for julian?
Are you a lawyer for wikileaks?
Are you-what?
- What should I say?
I don't know.
- I think you should say that
you are...
A lawyer for wikileaks.
- Okay.
- Ediza?
Uh, my name is ediza.
- I would like
to introduce jacob appelbaum,
The speaker of wikileaks.
He's an independent
security specialist.
- Thank you so much
for having me.
I really appreciate it.
I guess I'd like to start off
By saying that
the best indicator
For telling the future
is to look at the present
And to understand
how the past informs
On the present.
So, for example,
A major security threat
is internet filtering
And censorship,
and several people
On this panel represent
companies that
During the revolution,
they censored the internet
Quite heavily.
Most respectfully,
Te data blocking twitter.
I was actually accessing
computer networks
From the United States
that were located here in egypt,
And now you look
at the pamphlets around here,
You see that
the companies at ict,
And I mean this
with all due respect,
Are saying that they powered
the revolution.
What they actually powered
was the regime,
And now that the regime
has fallen,
They want to exploit
the revolution
For corporate profits.
- Jacob,
can you define censorship
In your terminology?
- Absolutely.
So, censorship in this case
restricting access
To a particular website.
I had a list of all of
the servers that twitter runs,
And all but two of them
were blocked by te data,
And this meant that twitter
was not able to be used.
But specifically,
I have data...
- It's extremely dangerous
to talk with
Inaccurate information
in such matters.
Oh, I have accurate data.
So, I mean, we could also talk
about the propaganda
Sms sent by the mobile
phone providers.
We can get to that later.
I have data-
Independent data from egyptians
and I gathered myself,
So while it might be dangerous
to have this conversation,
I'm happy to talk about it,
because it's truthful.
For example,
did someone hold a gun
To the heads
of your engineers and said,
"block these sites"?
Because noor
did not do this blocking.
The noor isp did not do this.
So why did te data collaborate
with the mubarak regime
And block these sites
and try to stop the revolution?
- Jacob-
- you want to build the future?
Will you agree to stand
against all censorship
Will you abide by
the egyptian constitution?
- I ask you-wait, wait.
I ask you right now,
since you're here.
Every person-
vodafone, nokia,
Who collaborates
with the iranian dictators
And apparently mubarak
for a year.
So I'd like to know,
will you all agree to stand
Against censorship
on the internet
And to abide by
the egyptian constitution?
Will you do it? Vodafone?
Is that a yes?
- Just a minute, please.
- Will you agree
to stand against censorship?
- I will come back-jacob,
will come back to the panel.
- He's got the microphone.
I'd just like to ask-
- Jacob, I will come back
to the panel.
- It's okay.
He can say "yes,"
Because he believes in the right
of the egyptian people.
- We'll come back to the panel.
We have a question there.
- These remarkable
trove of documents
That have been released
in the last year.
The iraq war logs,
The afghanistan war logs,
And the u. S. State department
Why does it matter so much?
- It has been
my long-term belief
That what advances us
as a civilization
Is the entirety
of our understanding.
What human institutions
are actually like.
And at the moment,
we are severely lacking
In the information from big,
secretive organizations
That have such a role
in shaping how we all live.
the most powerful institutions,
From the cia
to news corporation,
Are all organized
using technical young people.
What does that mean,
when all those
Technical young people
adopt a certain value system,
And that they are
in an institution
Where they do not agree
with the value system.
And yet, actually, their hands
are on the machinery.
Light them all up.
Come on, fire.
- Manning is being held
in solitary confinement
And is stripped naked
each night before bed.
- Ultimately, the treatment
of private manning,
Who has yet
to be brought to trial,
That are now making it up
to the president.
- With respect
to private manning,
I have actually
asked the pentagon
Whether or not the procedures
that have been taken
In terms of his confinement
are appropriate
And are meeting
our basic standards.
They assure me that they are.
Hi. How are you?
Did you see the news?
I'm just actually in the car
with dan ellsberg and laura.
I'll put you on.
Julian, hi.
It's outrageous that
this court-martial
Is continuing given
the president's proclamation
That he's guilty already.
It's impossible to get
a fair military trial.
Here you go.
Did you get all that?
Oh, my god, we're driving
past the pentagon.
- Just in brief, they said
that they found an al-qaeda
Operative in afghanistan's
computer that had
The wikileaks afghan documents
downloaded onto it.
They showed a video
of al-qaeda's media service
Showing an al-qaeda leader
talking about jihad
And how they ought
to use wikileaks
In their efforts towards jihad,
And the argument
they're making is that
Manning has-by providing
information to wikileaks,
Has materially aided
the enemy, because
By posting it on the internet,
Wikileaks is providing
information to the enemy,
To terrorist organizations.
It was unbelievable.
The whole-
it was just-
We were sitting there thinking,
"are they serious?"
And it even says,
"the free internet
Is a tool for jihad. "
- The authority said they had
concerns about his safety
And the fact he might
commit suicide.
Now, there's been condemnation
from around the world,
An investigation
by the un's torture investigator
Into those conditions,
But the military
and the u. S. Government
Is continuing
to press this case.
The most serious charge
is one of aiding the enemy.
Now, prosecutors in this case
have said they
Won't seek the death penalty,
so if found guilty,
He would face
life in prison.
there he is.
He's smiling.
- When I was 20,
my first court case,
My two co-defendants
both ratted me
Out to the police
under pressure.
And they both became, um...
Crown witnesses.
And I refused,
under principle.
And-but it's not that
I didn't think about it.
Um, I don't believe in martyrs,
I don't think.
Some very rare exceptions,
that people should be martyrs,
But I think people
should certainly take risks.
Understand carefully
what the risks are
And what the opportunities
for the situation are,
And make sure these
are in balance.
Um, sometimes, the risk
can be very high,
But the opportunity
can also be extremely high,
And by opportunity I mean
For things that you care about.
Wee need to keep things
in perspective.
I mean, there's-
- I mean-
- The risk of inaction
is extremely high,
And every day
you live your life,
You lose another day of life.
What's the risk
of just sitting there?
I mean, you just lost a day.
You just died a day.
You don't have that many,
If you're not fighting
for the things
That you care about,
and every day is disappearing,
Then, I mean, you are losing.
that's your machine.
It's up here.
It's up here.
- Pick it up so it
doesn't go somewhere else.
And then you just rip that-
Pick it up
and press the green button.
- Yes,
you called on this box.
Julian assange.
No, I was in the house.
- It's about you getting
your mind into
Not using language
that sounds hostile to women
Or to suggest that in general,
Women are absolutely entitled
To bring cases
against men who rape.
Your position is,
"I'm not one of them. "
You know?
So you have to sort of
Find the language that,
you know-
That helps you
to explain that,
Other than sounding as if
you're somebody who thinks that,
You know, this is all a mad,
Feminist conspiracy.
I don't think
that's helpful to you.
- No, to say it publicly
is not helpful.
- I know,
but I'd like to persuade you
That it isn't true as well.
- Privately, it's-
- it feels like it to you.
- Privately,
it's a social democratic party
Plus general influence
from the government.
It's just a thoroughly...
Tawdry radical feminist
Political positioning thing.
It's some-some stereotype.
- And you stumbled
into this nest of-of-
She started the lesbian
nightclub in gothenburg.
- I mean, you know,
but what people would say is,
"well, you know, what's her
setting up a lesbian nightclub
Got to do with the price
of fish?" you know-
- No, I know.
She's in that circle-
That circle of-
- she's-you know,
The fact that somebody
is a feminist,
And even a radical feminist,
doesn't mean-
- You know the krens?
The police woman I have
Been running as a tag team.
- But, julian, you see...
- They go to krens.
- I want to stop you using
That kind of language of saying
"they were running
as a tag team,"
And so on, because,
you know,
It's making it as if-
- not in public. I just say-
Yeah, but I mean, of course-
An actual court case.
I mean, it's going to be very,
very hard for these women.
They'll be reviled forever
By a large segment
of the global population,
And so...
I don't think
it's in their interest
To proceed that way.
If I was them, I would go-
They need to save face,
so they would do something
Like we'd do a deal where,
I would apologize for anything
That I did or didn't do
To hurt their feelings,
And they would say,
"enough is enough.
"we didn't want-
"we obviously didn't want-
We didn't intend
to file a complaint,"
And that's publicly agreed,
and this is too severe.
Part of the problem in this case
is that there's two women,
And the public just can't even
keep them separate.
So if there was one,
you could go,
"she's a bad woman," okay?
I think that would have
happened by now.
"this person
is a bad character-
Bad faith,
and here's the evidence
That points for it. "
Because there's two,
it's much harder.
I thought
I'd try and look as much
Like the judges as possible.
- Yeah.
It works?
Here we are.
Here we are.
Julian. Julian!
- Sir, sir! Sir!
- How do you feel?
- A man who's been involved
in exposing
The crimes of the u. S. Empire
is under threats,
Or potentially being extradited
to the United States.
It seems very likely to
be a malicious
Prosecution against him,
and that's why I'm here
To show my solidarity.
- If he assaulted the women,
then that's a different case,
And it's important
that he answers to that,
And he has to answer to her,
but at the moment,
I don't know,
and whatever he did there,
I still support
what he's doing with wikileaks.
- How confident are you
of a win?
- Step back, gentlemen.
Give a little space.
I shall be released
any day now
I shall be released
I shall be released
Production journal.
This is not the film
I thought I was making.
I thought I could ignore
the contradictions.
I thought they were
not part of the story.
I was so wrong.
They are becoming the story.
So click save.
You're in a region
that is extremely valuable
To wiretap,
and you are almost certainly
Being monitored.
In tunisia, we know
that this is happening.
- Yes.
- So that's true for all of us
Right now, no question,
and if you look,
You can see that this
is the case, because
Some websites are blocked.
- Yes.
- In syria, they use devices
called "bluecoat. "
They record everything
that goes in and out of syria,
So every time
you send an e-mail,
They record the entire thing.
Think about it in terms
of safe sex, right?
And this is the same thing.
People are practicing
unsafe computing;
Sometimes, in some places,
the result of that is death.
So you have to make
those choices and know
That there are options,
but just like condoms,
Well, they could break.
- Yeah.
And you're in a world of hurt.
That's maybe not the greatest
And most culturally
appropriate analogy...
- Well, I'm glad one of you did.
That's awkward.
Good times.
- Technology can always
be used in two ways.
Isn't the internet
just an infrastructure?
One that can be used to spread
the idea of freedom,
But also to control people.
- Yeah, of course.
The infrastructure
as we build it today...
- In a way that has
never been possible before.
- Well, I don't know.
I mean, it depends.
I think the scary thing
is the control thing.
- Mm-hmm.
- There's control that is
Afforded now that
is unlike anything else
That has ever happened.
At the same time,
the avenues for communication
Are everything we had
before plus this.
Maybe that allows for us
to build new alternatives
That previously were not
possible without the internet.
I think that that is the case.
That's what we think
That we're doing with tor.
- Don't you give bad guys
a hideout?
- No.
I mean, not any more than,
For example, roads help
terrorists to travel...
- Yeah.
- Or trains or something
Like that, or airplanes.
I mean, what we do is we ensure
That every person-
not one person excluded,
Has the right to read
and the right to speak freely,
With no exceptions.
- So what happened in egypt,
they did use all these
Completely insecure
communications mechanisms...
- Mm-hmm.
- But they did it quickly,
So they were able
to communicate quickly
Because they use insecure
communications mechanisms.
And so you whip-
a political situation
Was whipped up
and evolved much faster
Than their opponents
could see it,
Understand it,
and act on it.
- So, I think that
the general principle
You have there is true,
But I don't think
that it actually
Is the case that,
in the long run,
All of those
insecure technologies
Will actually benefit them.
In tunisia, we were told that
people in syria were killed.
- How many people are you
willing to sacrifice
In order to get
the political gain,
Or if you were
one of those people,
How much of your own life
are you willing to risk
In order to get
that political gain?
- Well, part of-
- and that actually-actually,
You might be willing
to risk rather a lot,
And if you slow
everyone down such that
You're not going to get
the political gain at all,
Yes, you might protect people,
but on the other hand,
You're not-
are you protecting people
By permitting a situation
to continue where you have
20,000 political prisoners?
That's not protecting
people, either.
It's just that I'm not clear
If they understand
what will happen.
I think most people
don't understand data retention.
- I don't think it works
like that, actually.
I think that you have
a short-term crisis,
And you decide that the ability
to activate quickly
And en masse is more important
than preventing
The internet from forming
a long-term profile on them.
People just don't understand
the threat model.
- And there's two
different threat models here,
'cause there's one
where they know who you are,
And they're going to spend
a certain amount of resources
On targeting you
And following you physically,
And the other is they don't
yet know who you are.
So as long and as long
as you keep your anonymity,
You don't end up
in this first category.
And once you're in this
first category, it's very hard.
I'm in this first category.
You're in this first category.
- Yep.
croatia, albania
somewhere near romania
- keep your head forward
So I don't cut your neck.
- it's euro and nato
- Do you wanna do that?
- We'll just trim-
why the hell do we go?
- That's mine.
- head for macedonia
I'll race ya
- somewhere far overseas
Little rat tail there.
there's a place-
- Could you look for
the occupy london photo?
And make sure the sound's up.
- No. I don't want to cut it
too short in the back
- you look sensational
in that dress
you look sensational
in that dress
- Julian,
you just need to wash it.
Cut it extra.
- you look sensational
in that dress
- Three guys arrive,
and they approach him,
And they say, "fbi. "
- They asked about my-
- about your name
And his involvement with you,
and they said,
"you were involved
with wikileaks, right?
And we have been
following you. "
They admitted that they
have been following you-
"and we are contacting you
because we want to ask you
Some questions, and-
- like what?
Well, very general stuff,
Like, "we want to know
your relationship
With julian assange. "
general stuff like that.
No. Shh.
It's two guys.
- Shall I continue, or...
- Go have a look at it.
- Huh?
- Just have a look there, laura?
- This question
about communication
With manning, for example,
That's clearly the most
important question...
- Yes.
- I've heard so far, but...
- I said,
"did I mention jacob?"
And he said, "no,
they didn't mention jacob.
They just mentioned julian. "
Because they mentioned
you again.
Wikileaks and julian assange,
because of the manning case.
- In the car?
- In the one-
The three spooks.
- Yeah.
- When they were trying
To make him
answer the questions,
Because the metro was closed,
that what they could do
Is give him a ride on the car
To the house
that he was staying at,
Because he-
and he said to them
That he was staying alone
in the house.
he is such a fucking idiot.
Get into a car
with three fbi guys.
Yeah. All right. Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah.
And said,
"what you have to do now
Is to call this and this and
this and this and this person-
- Go on.
- That's his security-
- I bumped into four people
I knew in sweden.
They all say the same thing:
That wikileaks has lost ground
because of you.
Doesn't matter when you go
"yes, but you know,
"wikileaks is him.
It's all his ideas,
and all that,"
That almost puts them
off even more.
You-I mean,
you're toxic there.
They all say, "apologize. "
I'm not telling you
this is what I'm saying.
I'm just passing on
what they-
- so-
- I'm just passing on-
- 500 days of detention
without a judge.
The only person
who put it differently
Was thomas olsen,
who said,
You need to address
the issue.
And he said what you do
is you need
To address the girls, say,
"I'm sorry you felt that way.
"I wasn't disregarding you.
Da-da-da. "
that sort of thing.
- Well sure,
just fly her over,
I'm sure she'll be happy
to have a private meeting.
- Usw?
- Yeah.
- You being sarcastic?
- No.
Um, if you can demonstrate
That due process
hasn't been followed,
That will really
upset the swedes,
'cause they're a stickler
for process.
- What? No, they're not.
- No, I know they're not...
- They're not
a stickler for process.
- Because every time-
- they're a stickler
For pretending
that there's process.
- Yeah,
but you've got to-
- We have been demonstrating,
again and again
And again, that their due
process hasn't been followed.
- Yes, I know.
That's why I said I disagreed.
And I said, "well, you know,
here's why-
- That's why they hate me.
- Anyway, then they-
- Yeah, I'm sure they
much prefer to fuck me
And have no whimpering sounds.
- This is my debrief,
so can you keep quiet?
- Go on.
- Because every time I say,
"well," they're like,
"he should just come back. "
And say, "and get the-"
- get into that prison cell.
Hi. I'll put him on.
Yeah, of course.
Well, you need to say that.
That these are weasel words.
No, fuck that. You don't need
to worry about that.
The u. S. Is having-
has an active grand jury
With fbi agents detaining
people at airports.
- Oh, no, they're not.
That's a lie.
No, it's a grand jury.
It's secret.
All you have to do
is quote-no, no.
No, no, no.
All you have to do is quote
What was in
"the sydney morning herald"
From the australian
government's own material,
Which is, "it cannot
be confirmed on the record. "
le, it can be confirmed
off the record.
Witnesses who have been
dragged in have
Released their subpoenas,
have been on the steps
Of the grand jury.
- Julian runs the organization
like an intelligence agency:
Using code names,
denial and deception,
He's teaching me things
about secrecy
I didn't realize
I needed to learn.
I don't know
what he's planning.
I'm only able to see
one step ahead.
How's it going?
- But don't-don't-don't tell
that journalist,
And, um-yeah.
Any journalists.
Yeah, well,
tell him to bugger off.
- Those who support
julian assange believe
That his extradition
is only the beginning
Of a very long process
that could land
The whistleblower
in a u. S. Prison.
- In the last few moments,
the uk's supreme court
Has dismissed the appeal
of julian assange,
Effectively paving the way
for him to be extradited
To sweden
within the next ten days.
He is not being charged
with any crime.
At this stage,
he is only wanted in sweden
For questioning in relation
to some sexual allegations
Of which mr. Assange denies.
Assange was not in court for
that judgment to be handed down.
We understand he wanted to be
but was caught in traffic.
He was not in court,
Although he may well be
watching it here on television.
I'm fine.
- Well, we're told that
he is inside this embassy here.
We're not getting a lot
of information on the ground.
His supporters even were caught
by surprise by this move.
- Yes, we considered
many countries.
However, on our analysis,
Ecuador was the most likely
to agree to the asylum.
A lot of support in iceland,
And iceland was moving
in that direction,
But, unfortunately,
they were
Simply not far enough.
Well, we say that my activities
are protected
By the first amendment, but
it's all a matter of politics.
Laws are interpreted by judges.
In any event, we require
that the United States
Guarantee that it does not apply
The death penalty
in my extradition.
However, it still could
be life imprisonment
Or 30 years of imprisonment,
And the conditions
might be very severe.
- Well, there's still
an awful lot of people here,
Not just supporters of assange,
But also passersby wondering
what on earth is going on.
Of course, as I'm sure
you can imagine,
There's a lot
of media here too.
The uk previously sent
a letter,
Which has been
interpreted by ecuador
As a threat
to storm the embassy
And get assange out
by any means necessary.
That didn't go down very well
with the ecuadorians at all.
They said that it was an act
That was not fitting
of a civilized nation.
And even in a state of war-
Even if the uk was at war
with ecuador,
They do not have the right
to go into the mission.
- The news that julian assange
has been granted asylum
By the ecuadorian government
is slowly spreading
Through a large,
substantial crowd
Here outside
the ecuadorian embassy,
But the british government is
insisting it changes nothing.
How pathetic is that?
- A press conference
with all of the london media,
Who hate us,
And doing it live
to the world.
It'll be fine.
I'm fucking terrified.
I'll read it to you.
- I'm so scared.
You'll be fine.
Thanks for coming.
I'm going to talk a bit
about today's release.
Then we'll key
through our interface.
Then I'll take a few questions
at the end.
Just now, at 11:00 a. M. Bst,
Wikileaks began publishing
the syria files.
Over the next two months,
groundbreaking stories-
- No.
You have to look up.
- But you're doing
really well otherwise.
- Over the next two months-
- no.
- Ah!
- Don't-
Just read it
in your head, so buffer up.
Go, "get the first four words
into my head,"
Then look up and speak them.
- Okay.
So here we go.
Wikileaks founder julian assange
cannot be with us today,
But has given this comment
on the syria files:
"the material
is embarrassing to syria,
"but it is also embarrassing
to syria's opponents.
"it helps us not merely to
criticize one group or another,
"but to understand
their interests, actions,
And thoughts. "
- We don't just be
pissing off assad,
We'll be pissing off
his enemies as well.
- okay, give
me a couple of questions.
The one
that I'm most nervous about...
Is the typical one,
the girlfriend one,
And I just give a funny look,
and joseph says,
"that's enough on this topic. "
- Just imagine that they're
a piece of shit on your shoe.
A piece of dog shit.
Don't look at all scared.
Just look, "what?
Oh, please. "
- ridiculous question right now.
- No, no, no, just,
"oh, please. "
- Yeah.
- Do the feminine thing.
"you've assaulted my femininity.
How dare you?"
thanks for coming.
Just now, at 11:00 a. M. Bst,
wikileaks began publishing
The syria files.
More than 2 million e-mails
From syrian political figures,
And associated companies.
This extraordinary data
set derives from
680 syrian-related
entities or domain names,
Including those
of the ministries
Of presidential affairs,
foreign affairs,
Finance, information,
Transport, and culture.
- We'll take a very
limited amount of questions,
But I know julian is
very newsworthy at the moment.
Can we just keep the questions
to do with the release?
- Does this mean wikileaks
is back on top
And able to continue
publishing new data
After quite a hiatus
of not doing so?
- Can you give us
any headlines from this?
Anything that we can
take away from this
Before going through
the interface,
Just the latest on mr. Assange
and what he's feeling
There in the ecuadorian
embassy right now.
And mr. Assange?
As my colleague said, we-
- Can we just keep
the questions-
This isn't about mr. Assange.
And this is another-we did
the gi files earlier this year,
And then this is the second
large release of this year...
- That's good.
- That we are continuing.
I don't know if there
a rebranding.
- We're up to, like,
150 tweets a minute.
Production journal.
I had a nightmare
that hung with me for days.
Julian was being detained
at a u. S. Military base...
I'd been off the radar
since I started editing.
I should check in with sarah
so they don't freak out.
- See, my profile didn't really
take off until the sex case.
- Oh, it was pretty-
- no, no, it was very,
Very high among media circles
And intelligence circles
and so on,
But it didn't really,
really take off
As if I was a globally
recognized household name.
That wasn't until
the sex case.
So I was joking
to one of our people,
Sex scandal every six months.
- I think that was me
you were joking to...
Is the way to-
- And I died
a little bit inside.
Is the way to-
"that's gonna keep our profile,
isn't it, sarah?"
Big grin, and I was like,
"please, please, please don't.
I will kill you
on every level available. "
Come on. It's a platform.
You have a platform.
Oh, they didn't move.
This is incredible.
Those are the guys
I encouraged to let you go.
So, you know,
please don't share this
With anybody-
not a single soul-
But, you know, let's talk
about it and figure it out.
This is clearly a man
in the middle, right?
We tried to connect to tor
project's web server;
It says that
it's five hops upstream,
And then it closes
the connection.
I'm gonna give you
a whole bunch of stuff, which-
- I have no idea.
So if you prepare me-
- What the fuck is that?
You can't even-
You don't even have
a bathrobe that fits you?
Do we need to go
shopping for you?
- Shh, shh, shh.
if you prepare me-
- Does that say "boss" on it?
- Yeah. If you-
If you prepare me, um,
A bootable usb
or external drive
With an onion server
that goes to a shell,
Then you can get
on this network,
And you can do the tests.
- Give me your computer,
and I will give you that.
- We should build that with-
- No, we should build now.
- Please get in the shower.
You have ten minutes.
It's like you're in college.
Where do you sleep?
- Other side of the bookshelf.
- What?
- Yeah.
- This is your room?
- Yeah.
- Not mine, his.
I get to go home at night.
I want you to look like you
just took your shirt off,
And you're at home,
you know?
You should just be in your-
In that-
like something like that,
Like a dirty fucking t-shirt
like a rebel.
Not in that suit.
- With a stain on it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- What's your
favorite kind of food?
- Well, I went to malaysia-
well, first of all,
First of all,
let's not pretend for a moment
That I'm a normal person.
I am obsessed
with our political struggle.
I'm not a normal person.
- Right.
I just would really like
For you to tell me
how you feel,
Because I've been
trying to get that out of you.
- But, okay,
why does it matter how I feel?
I mean, who gives a damn?
I don't-see,
I don't care how I feel.
- Do you ever feel
like just fucking crying?
- No.
- Never?
- Never.
- Even when you're happy?
You love your mom?
- Yeah.
How about your dad?
- Uh, my dad is
much more abstract, so...
- No.
Nothing like you, then.
I'm just kidding.
Who-who is after you,
mr. Assange?
- Formally, there are
more than 12 United States
Intelligence organizations,
investigative organizations,
That are...
- What are they?
- After us.
So, I mean, those include,
Most importantly,
the fbi,
The department of justice,
The central intelligence agency,
The department of defense,
And the subsets
of the department of defense,
sections of the u. S. Army,
Including cciu,
The u. S. Army's computer crimes
investigative unit.
Those include, in australia,
- It's a series of institutions.
- So there-
And, of course,
the state department,
The diplomatic security service.
within the united kingdom,
The home office,
the extradition squad,
The serious organized crime-
- So basically, a whole bunch
of fuckin' people in america.
Now what about the rest
of the world?
- So, in the rest of the world,
The australian government
started up
What you call the "whole
of government" investigation
That included the internal
intelligence agency,
The external intelligence
agency access
the attorney general-
- Okay.
- The department of-
- So we've got
the u. S., australia-
- The australian
federal police...
Where else?
- The swedish
prosecution authorities.
Swedish prosecution.
- That includes
the foreign ministry run by-
Built some aspects of the-
It's become
a national issue now.
- So a lot of people.
- Well, there's more.
A lot of systems.
- I mean,
there's the scientologists.
- There's a lot of friends of-
- the scientologists.
- There's a lot
of friends of friends-
- There's people in kenya.
There's people in-
- A lot of friends of friends
doing things
To put you in this position
that you are now in, correct?
seven, six, five,
Four, three, two, one.
Seven, six, five, four,
Three, two, one.
Good. Quicker.
Good. Quick.
That's good.
- I've been contacted
by an anonymous source.
He claims to have documents
about illegal nsa spying.
I wonder if the fbi is trying
to entrap me, jake, or julian.
Julian would be
the likely target.
I haven't told him
about the source.
- Okay. Um, I need you to move
the camera and stop filming.
Give me that bag.
29-year-old edward snowden
Blew open those secrets
by leaking
Unprecedented details
of top secret
- Julian contacted me
after I published the video.
He said snowden isn't safe
in hong kong.
I told him I can't assist
with ed's asylum.
The risks are too high.
When they investigate
this leak,
They'll create a narrative
to say it was all a conspiracy.
They won't understand
what really happened.
That we all kept each other
in the dark.
Breaking news this hour.
Wikileaks claims
one of its legal advisers
Accompanying snowden after
the whistleblower organization
- Reportedly has snowden
scheduled to land
In the russian capital
within minutes.
- As you may have heard,
there is a cia agent
Who has revealed
a lot of information,
And he is now trapped in the-
The airport in moscow.
We've managed to get him
out of hong kong,
But when he landed
in the moscow airport,
The american government
had cancelled his passport
To try and grab him.
We are trying to arrange
a private jet
To take him from moscow
to ecuador
Or perhaps maybe venezuela,
Or maybe iceland-
Countries where
he would be safe,
But there isn't much time.
This is the problem.
We need to raise
the money for the jet.
Well, there are quotes
coming back at somewhere
Between $120,000 and $300,000
For the private flight.
And one of our people
is accompanying him.
- Today, we've had information
from the official
Russian news service,
That at the moscow airport,
edward snowden applied
For asylum there with the help
of sarah harrison.
- The british national says
that her lawyers
Have advised her
not to return to the uk,
Because she risks arrest under
the terrorism act.
- Not guilty
on aiding the enemy,
But specification 1, charge 2,
on wanton publication guilty,
Afghan war diary on espionage,
Spec 8 on the gitmo files,
Which is ten years max;
Cablegate, guilty-
ten years;
Reykjavik cable-
two years max, guilty.
It goes on.
10, 20, 30...
90, 100.
102, 112...
Yeah, so far,
142 years,
Maximum possible sentence.
- I spoke to julian
for the first time in months.
He is furious
and feels betrayed.
He wants me to give him
nsa documents,
And accused me
of dividing the community
By not publishing
with wikileaks.
I tell him
I can't be his source.
I don't tell him
that I don't trust him.
He's still yelling
when I hang up the phone.
- Testing, testing.
Okay, so, um, there's a
filmmaker named laura poitras.
Laura poitras is known
through the defense community
As a documentary filmmaker
who is anti-u. S.
So she's known in the
wiki community, the anti-u. S.,
When we were pursuing snowden,
we went balls to the wall
To try to get this guy.
We were able to revoke his visa
The day before he boarded
the plane for moscow.
So they get the guy
on the plane
And he ends up in moscow.
And therefore, then,
at that point,
We realized, you know,
we lost him,
We're probably not
gonna get him back.
- nachste station,
How's it going?
- Mm-hmm.
- It-it looks
almost certain now
That it's gonna be
hillary versus trump.
- Yeah.
- Basically it will be-
Will be hillary versus trump
unless one of them
Has a stroke or is assassinated.
- Yeah.
- Uh...
So that's quite a bad outcome
in both directions.
We have-we have
a definite warmonger
In the case of hillary,
who's gunning for us.
- Yeah.
- Uh, and in the case of trump,
We have someone
who's extremely unpredictable.
- Yes.
- I've discovered quite a lot
Of interesting stuff
in relation to hillary.
- Unfortunately for trump,
There's not so many known
interesting documents.
And you'd think with his
business ventures all over,
There must be
a whole bunch of stuff.
- After something like this
happens in your community,
It kind of tears it apart.
You know, tor is just
kind of the epicenter
Of this particular instance,
but I think there is
Kind of, you know,
a degree of sickness
Within the community that allows
these things to happen.
And so I think
we are still uncovering
And-and trying to make sense
of what actually happened.
Like, how did it persist?
What-you know, what were
the mechanisms by which
It was covered up or hidden
or enabled?
- I have some comments,
but I would like
To actually not be on camera.
I'm a programmer,
and all I would like to do
Is to be able to contribute
to radical projects,
But I knew that I wouldn't work
with tor ever
Because of jacob appelbaum.
And I was never
directly affected by him,
But I just knew so many stories.
- Jake often asked me,
what decision would I make
In the prisoner's dilemma?
Would I stay silent,
or betray him?
Jake sent me a text after
the website went live.
We had been involved briefly
in 2014.
After I ended things,
he was abusive
To someone close to me.
Jake was now worried
about what I would say.
I asked to interview him
for the film.
He said no, he wants the film
to have a different ending.
So do I.
- Wikileaks published a trove
of hacked stolen dnc emails
And voice messages indicating
efforts by party officials
To hinder
bernie sanders' campaign
And assist
hillary clinton's campaign.
U.S. Government sources
strongly suspect
That russian
intelligence agents
Were behind the data breach.
- The grand total of emails
pushed out there by wikileaks
Is now well over 10,000.
Progressives concerned
that she was taking
All of this money
from goldman sachs and others.
- Assange has given a series
of interviews
In which he says that there's
no proof whatsoever
That the emails
that he's already released
Came from russian sources.
Of course,
wikileaks likes to create
Maximum ambiguity about where
its information comes from.
It's very hot
on the protection of sources.
- Does that not trouble you
at all,
If a foreign government
is trying to meddle
In the affairs
of another foreign government?
- Well, it's an interesting
speculative question, uh,
That's for the press
and others to perhaps-
- But does that not-
that doesn't bother you?
That is not part
of the wikileaks, uh, credo?
- Well, it's a-it's a meta-
it's a metastory.
If you're asking
would we accept information
From u. S. Intelligence
that we had verified
To be completely accurate
and would we publish that
And would we protect our sources
in u. S. Intelligence,
Uh, the an-the answer is,
"yes, of course we would. "
Donald trump will be
The 45th president
of the United States.
- Assange is obviously back
in the headlines
After wikileaks released
thousands of emails
From the democratic party
in the lead-up
To the presidential election.
The department of homeland
security says the emails come
From russian hackers
backed by the highest levels
Of the kremlin.
What are you expecting?
What do you hope
to achieve today?
- Sorry.
Could I get through?
- The swedish prosecuting
office will make a decision
As to whether to carry
the investigation
Or possibly bring charges
against julian assange
Or perhaps drop
the investigation altogether.
Coming through.
I have been authorized
By the department of justice
to confirm that the fbi,
As part of our
counterintelligence mission,
Is investigating
the russian government's efforts
To interfere in the 2016
presidential election.
And that includes investigating
the nature of any links
Between individuals associated
with the trump campaign
And the russian government,
And whether there was
any coordination
Between the campaign
and russia's efforts.
Thank you, mr. Chairman.
I just wanted to follow up
with a few questions.
Um, director comey,
are you aware that roger stone
Played a role
on the trump campaign?
I'm not gonna talk about any
Particular person here today,
mr. Schiff.
- I'm gonna continue to ask
these questions
Because I want to make sure
you are aware of these facts,
Whether you're able to comment
on them or not.
Are you aware
that mr. Stone also claimed
That he was in touch with
an intermediary of mr. Assange?
Same answer.
- This question I think
you can answer.
Do you know whether the russian
intelligence services
Dealt directly with wikileaks
Or whether they too used
an intermediary?
- We assessed they used
some kind of cutout.
They didn't deal directly
with wikileaks,
In contrast to guccifer 2.0.
- There is evidence,
is there not,
Of a break-in
of the democratic headquarters
By a foreign power
using cyber means?
- Yes, there was.
- And there was an effort
By the russians
to cover up their break-in
By using cutouts like wikileaks
to publish the stolen material.
Isn't that right?
- Certainly to cover up that
they were the ones releasing it.
- A woman who-who knows that-
that I'm doing this, they-
They want to know why.
The motivation.
- So if we actually-
if I don't try
And make an excuse,
but rather-
Or a sound bite or anything.
But, really, why?
- If I don't-
Maybe close that door.
Um, I don't feel there's even
a choice in the matter.
I was in a-
a lucky position that-
That the-that the new thing
that is-it is-
That element which is really
causing the world to globalize,
That element which is producing
most of the changes that we see,
Including the bad ones, um,
I was an expert in.
If you...
Uh, see the global problems
That we have
as a global civilization,
If you actually see them
and understand them, um,
Then acting locally
is completely inconsequential,
Relative to what you understand.
So that the only way
to then act...
To make the world
the way you want it,
To remove those features
which you do not like,
Is to act globally.
'cause I think-
'cause the features
That you are concerned about
Are a global phenomenon.
- I-I understand what you're
saying on a tactical level,
But, like,
really the motivation.
- That is the motiva-
it's-it's-I mean, it-
- But isn't it also something
about power?
let's say your perception
Was limited to your garden, hmm?
And so you spend
your time going,
"well, I-I don't like, um-
"I don't like to have weeds,
"I like to have flowers
in my garden,
I like my garden to be healthy,"
Then you spend your time
doing that.
If-if your, uh,
Perception has been globalized,
Then, um...
That this perception
of your garden-
I mean, perhaps I have
a god complex, right?
But the perception
of your garden,
My perception of what
my environment is,
Um, the area that I care about
is the-the whole world.
- Julian texted me after
I showed him a cut of the film.
He said, "laura...
"I ask that you cease
putting into press releases
And interviews
that we have fallen out. "
"after the screening,
we will continue
"to find a path
of mutual interest.
"however, presently,
"the film is a severe threat
to my freedom,
And I'm forced
to treat it accordingly. "
- Efforts are now
well under way to prosecute
The founder of the group
that candidate trump said
He loves so much, wikileaks.
The justice department
preparing charges
Against julian assange.
- The attorney general said
he is focused
On prosecuting leaks,
and the justice department
Is taking steps to do that.
- We are going to step up
our efforts on all leaks.
Whenever a case can be made,
We will seek
to put some people in jail.