Ritam zivota (2007) Movie Script

Shall we?
- What?
Paint, for God's sake!
I can't.
Why not?
I've got a hard on all
night long. It drives me crazy.
What drives you crazy?
A hard on. Haven't
had a wink all night.
How come?
I picked up a brilliant babe
last night. Just when I thought
she was mine she slammed
the door into my face.
Since that moment I've had a
hard on strong like a fortress.
Wouldn't fall. Like a defense
line around Sarajevo.
That's tough. It's not healthy
to have a hard on like that.
I can't help it.
I see her everywhere.
Even on the wall
we need to paint
I see her.
I can't see a thing.
How can you say that?
Enough of that - Let's work.
Still hot.
Pour some water over it.
It wouldn't do. I tried
to put some ice but it melted.
I can't. I'm stuck.
It hurts.
Should I call an Ambulance?
Call whoever you want,
just help me!
They are across the street.
They will come in a minute.
If you keep on talking, they
won't be here in an hour.
Hallo? Emergency?
My friend got stuck.
He's got his thing in the wall
and can't get it out.
No, he is not bleeding.
We are in the white house across
the street, painting the garage.
Please, hurry!
They are coming.
You do the talking.
I get embarrassed with strangers.
OK. You keep quiet.
I'll deal with it.
Thanks. - You are a true friend.
Here they are.
- Fast, aren't they?
What the hell is this?
We thought someone got hurt
at the construction site.
My friend got stuck,
he can not get it out.
We tried everything.
These fuckers will cause my death.
Is he a piece of work or what?
Can you help him?
We need to paint this.
I am going to retire
in two hours.
How about a beer?
Yes, please.
- Yes, please.
Why did this trouble
have to happen today?
You know, a nutcase like this
one almost made me quit my job
a short while before
my retirement.
He used to get stuck
But not in the wall.
Let me tell you that story...
Up the hill, by the graveyard
there is a famous restaurant
with the sign:
Good evening!
Look at her! She looks
like Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn was invented by
American Administration so that
President can screw around.
They invented the likes of them
as well to screw the whole world.
Get out!
Get out! I do not want
to see you here ever again!
I do not welcome politicians in
my restaurant nor do I welcome
talking about politics.
Get out!
Sorry! We got carried away.
You can get carried away
somewhere else. Get out!
let us grab a bite!
My empress.
- Love birds...
Mammy's beautiful girl.
Come! Have dinner with us.
I am not a child any more.
Don't bug me.
You are always going to be
our child.
Fine, then your child should
buy some new cloths.
No problem,
but first a bite.
"Today is my lucky day-
fertile day, fertile day!"
Wait a minute!
We need to talk.
Not later. Now!
It's important.
This is more important.
No! Now.
If you are good now
I will tell you a story later on.
What? What is going on?
She is coming! Down!
- What?
Get down!
The temperature is ideal now.
Let me first finish this car.
It can wait. I can't.
- Let's go to the bedroom.
I want you here and now.
Wait! I am dirty. I should
take a shower first.
I want you just like that.
Majo, h-h-hi.
- Hi, Nedim.
I w-wou-would like t-to ask
you so-some-something.
Some other time.
I am tired now.
N-no p-pro-problem.
Hi, there.
Good morning.
I'm Maja. And you?
I'm Medlin Albright.
Got some money?
What for?
I want to eat.
For sure?
I swear on my bread.
How did you get your name?
- After Madeleine Albright, of course.
Come with me to eat.
Good morning.
- Morning, dear.
Can I get some coffee?
Who is the young lady?
- Madeleine Albright.
I see now why she looks so
What would you like to drink?
- A cup of coffee for me, too.
Isn't it a little early for
you to have coffee?
No, it isn't.
It is a morning.
Of course, coffee is the best in
the morning. Coming right up.
What is wrong?
You look upset.
I am just tired.
Sure? Everything OK?
You worry too much.
- I have to.
Tell me frankly, when was the
last time you had a decent meal?
All you have are 2 liters
of water in the morning,
half a banana for lunch and
after 6 o'clock you eat nothing.
I have lived quite a life
but have never met
a hungry...
- But happy person.
Coffee with milk for Medlin
and black coffee for you...
But you should first
eat something.
Could I once have my coffee
without you mentioning the food?
But you must eat.
Mammy, please...
- I know.
I can eat!
Well honey, this is for us
and happiness that awaits us.
This is so nice.
- Of course it is.
I never tried...
- You will try it all with Muharem.
Now you are mine and should
never worry about anything,
You hear me?
Now, look! You do it like this,
and then like that...
Now, you do it!
I will make you the happiest
woman alive.
You will be happy and you will
know nothing else but happiness.
You know?
Muharem has something
else for you. What is this?
A napkin.
- This, what is this?
I hope your answer is a "Yes".
I planned our wedding.
I feel like I'm dreaming.
I'm dreaming...
Here are the sausages.
- I'm going to bed.
Don't go anywhere.
Aunt Uma is coming.
You know how much
she wants to see you.
So we are going to hear more
stories about witchcraft
and magic. Is there
anything real in her life?
That is how she is
but she is the family.
It is so nice to
see you all together.
Good to see you, Daut.
- Come on, sit down!
You always know when the love
of your life is about to come!
Didn't you say you
would take a few days off?
I don't know where to go. I feel
the best here. When is she coming?
You have no idea, do you?
- I don't, I swear.
Let him be. He comes for
a drink and you bug him.
I was just saying how nice it is
that they have been divorced
for 12 years but Uma and he love
each other more than many married
couples ever would. Isn't it so?
Pour us a drink.
- Let him be.
I only say the truth.
- I am used to his teasing.
Cheers, lover-boy!
I could do this everyday!
Then comeback tomorrow!
Stop it, Muharem.
Stop it!
Muho, what is this?!
I want you so badly!
You should not have...
We could've gone to your place.
Honey, with all the money we've
got, we may go wherever we want.
We shall go to our apartment,
but after the wedding.
Stop it!
Why should I?
Maja was a real beauty.
I wonder what she saw in him.
He is a crook, thief,
smuggler of cars...
You wouldn't believe how
sexy she was!
All his other girlfriends were
lovely too.
I stayed under that stupid
car like an idiot.
Why is this happening to me?
Calm down!
What do you mean?
Do you love me at all?
I don't understand how
can you humiliate me like this?
When we met I was married,
it didn't bother you then.
What do you want me do to?
Leave my wife? No way!
That's it?
- That's it!
You, women, think that you
are the center of the world!
If you can't take this as fun,
we can stop seeing each other.
We definitely could!
And we will. It's a promise!
Emotionless bastard!
Reseller of stolen cars!
How could I be so blind?
You will get over it.
It will be OK.
You' re a good person and can
always find someone nice.
What's wrong with you?
Nobody died.
Excuse me, I thought
you were not feeling well!
Why? It's not as though
I was running a marathon.
I only broke up
with Damir.
I am furious! He should've
not treated me the way he did.
M-m-majo I w-w-would like t-to
ask y-you s-so-some-something?
Not now! Later!
N-no pro-problem.
It's almost ready.
No one makes grilled
meat like you do.
It's all about the balance...
getting it right...
... and cooking time.
I keep saying: the right balance
is what life is all about.
Isn't it, Daut?
- No, it isn't.
Only with love the balance
doesn't matter.
You talk wisely.
Let's have a toast.
The girls are coming.
I am off.
My little girl!
Come here!
Auntie, you never
Let us eat now!
- Thanks but I really can't.
An inevitable topic in this
house is always food.
Damned be those who treat
it with no respect.
Stop fooling around!
Food means life.
It means high cholesterol,
diabetes, digestion problems...
You are telling me prisoners
in concentration camps
are tortured by being forced
to eat and not to starve.
Enough, you two!
Who wants to eat, shall do so.
It is crucial that we
get together.
- So, what?
Isn't there a handsome someone
ready to buy a ring?
Why would I need
a ring?
To hurt me when
my hands get swollen?
There must be someone.
Is something worrying you?
You should talk to me.
No, auntie. Where
did you get that?
You know that I see it all.
Enough, you two!
She will get married
when the time comes.
Why aren't you so liberal
when it comes to food?
Uncle Salih, you really need
to lose some weight.
No way.
I eat what I want. You'd better
be careful with your diets!
Let's go while they are
enjoying their food.
What's the deal
with Salih, Maja... that
restaurant and food...?
Bear with me. I will explain
it all.
In life all things are connected,
the point is in the balance.
There is a cause and
consequence to everything.
If you listen carefully and bear
with me, at the end you will see
it's all about balance.
Here it is.
You should sit next to me.
My ex...
... and the future...
- We shall see about that.
What is it in those men
that makes us suffer?
We are more subtle. In
chromosomes we are
more beautiful
and more attractive.
He is not going to
get away that easily.
My body is more tempting
than a hairy one of man.
How come we reach orgasm
only when they slobber over us
with their sweaty bodies?
Our skin is softer.
Feel it!
One never knows if it is a day
or night in here.
I thought you might want
to eat something.
This was really good.
You are right. It is time
for Maja to get married.
When did you start thinking
of your princess getting married?
It doesn't matter when?
From now!
What's got into you now?
- What's wrong with you?
It is time for her to get married,
to have a family.
What is wrong with that?
Nothing is wrong.
But you've
never mentioned it before.
It was not the right time.
Now it is.
Excuse me, could you come
for a second?
Good afternoon.
How can I help you?
Hello, do you have venison?
We do serve it, Sir.
Is it fresh or frozen?
How does it look like?
Bad, it looks
extremely bad.
What do you mean?
Well see, she was first hunted
down by dogs.
Afterwards, hunters shot her
with a bullet. Wounded...
... she tried to get away, but then
the dogs caught up with her,
the hunters slaughtered her and
butchered her skin.
I bought one leg and the ribs.
So, now you think for yourself
how bad she is...
Bad, really bad.
What should it look
like after all?
Where have you been?
Everyone let me down but I
was hoping I would see you.
How about something to eat?
- OK, boss.
That's my girl.
Uma let me introduce you to
our Medlin Albright.
This is Uma.
- Glad to meet you.
So am I. What grade
are you at?
None. - What do you mean?
Don't you go to school?
No. I have a job.
Give me your hand!
What sort of a job?
Well, I beg on the streets.
I have to.
Who told you that?
You have to go to school.
None of us go to school;
neither Hilary, Clinton
... nor Monica.
Your hands are so cold.
Daut, is the meal for
our girl ready?
It is coming.
I've never seen such a nice
wedding procession.
Such great cars were never
seen here...
Would do anything for my Hana.
- Hush now!
You probably find it awkward
arriving to Sarajevo in a van,
but I wanted to make a statement
entering Olovo,
do it with a style.
I could've hired drivers. No big
deal. But, it is better this way,
more family oriented and friendly.
- You are right.
I asked some friends to wash
the cars before we leave
for the City Hall...
It is not right to
arrive there in dirty cars.
You can rest here
for a second.
Give me half an hour...
even less.
Where did you find
these imbeciles?
Every time one imbecile dies,
two new ones are born.
- Everything OK?
They drove the cars away and
never suspected anything.
Even if anyone did,
it's too late. Let's go!
Tell me what's
bothering you?
What time is it?
Get up, we need to talk.
- Can't it wait?
There is no time.
Life is too short to
spend it sleeping.
What's so important?
- You are.
Who is he and what happened?
What happened?
You know that
I see everything.
I read that the trouble
is caused by a man.
My dear auntie.
Don't worry!
All I want is to help you.
They are not coming.
Look what time it is.
So, he is a married man.
We can ruin that marriage
and bring him back to you.
No, I want him to suffer.
- Suffer? How much?
A lot.
I want him never to find joy
again but to feel only pain.
Are you sure,
my dear child?
Yes, I am.
Come here.
A gentleman - you said?
A charlatan!
I knew it from the moment
I saw him.
He embarrassed me
in front of my whole family.
How to face them now?
- Something has happened to him.
What could've happened to him?
My God. Let's go.
With all those cars, one could
have had a flat tire!
Get up! Let's go!
Let's wait a few more minutes!
- Get up, I said!
What did I do wrong?!
Don't worry! He will get
what he deserves.
You'll be mine!
I will be yours if you
don't kill me.
Now you will see
what Lajla knows.
You are an intellectual?
Aren't you?
No intellect needed here!
Get up!
It hurts!
I can't!
It hurts!
Take it out! It is killing me!
Wait! Stop it!
Hallo, Emergency?
Remember when we saw
him for the very first time?
How can I forget?
I cursed that day
thousands of times.
When someone is ill,
that is one thing. But this...
... he got a hard on and we had to
carry him around. Even worse,
we had to carry two persons.
The stretcher almost broke down,
my back as well.
I was so embarrassed I could not
wait to put him in the vehicle
and finish with it.
I thought it was an accident,
but no.
Where is Maja?
Did she eat?
No, she is in her room
with Uma.
What are they doing?
- I have no idea.
Get them. Dinner is ready.
Salih asked you to join
us for dinner.
What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Making the setting right to
better enjoy aunt's stories.
Since when do you like
her stories?
They are interesting.
I am hungry.
Let's eat.
Common, while they are
still hot.
I want some.
We've got talking and I lost
a track of time.
I feel like I've not eaten
at all.
So, are you finally going to
buy a TV set? I miss 20
episodes of my favorite soap
opera every time I visit you.
We are the only family in the
21st century without a TV set.
As though only politicians are
shown on TV.
I don't want to see them
anywhere, let alone TV.
They tricked me once...
and never again.
I was waiting for you.
That's it?
I'm tired. Please, don't!
- Just relax.
What's this?
Wait, wait!
It hurts!
We didn't have a decent
break, we barely left him...
when the phone rang again.
It is an emergency!
My wife and I got stuck!
No, not in the elevator.
With one another.
Hurry up! It is an emergency!
Address? Defenders
of Sarajevo #7.
Now everything will
return to normal.
Is this moron ever going to score
without us having to...
... know about it?
God only knows what he's
got between his legs!
It's the second blond today.
It's again up to us
to carry him around.
Give him that and let's finish
with him.
Stay put! I will ask Maja
to come down.
You will taste my specialty,
the mixed grilled meat for four.
You were in the
concentration camp?
True but I survived it.
I was abroad.
I mean smart.
Here is my dear
When she gets married daddy
will take care of everything.
Very good, very good.
- Dad?!
- Cheers!
It's not my fault. It just
happened. Sometimes it does.
I am not saying it's
your fault or anyone else's.
It's better if we stopped seeing
each other. That's all.
I am off now.
I am off now!
Such a nice young man! Nothing
wrong with him. Well brought up...
Leave her alone.
Why are you pushing
her to get married?
It's high time she got married.
He was so nice.
Besides, he is a man.
What do you say
about a cake?
Why not!
You are my darling!
Hi, Nedim.
I-is M-Maja home?
Yes, she is.
Still asleep but she will
come soon.
Sit down.
Something to drink?
C-co-coffee, p-please.
In a second.
A stronger drink, perhaps?
I w-wan-wanted to ask
Ma-Maja s-some- so-something...
All right, I'll make some coffee.
- Ok.
Maja, wake up!
Nedim is waiting for you
in the restaurant.
Nedim, who?
What does he want?
Have no idea. He is in the
restaurant waiting for you. Come!
I sa-said it aaa-ll, op-penly
to h-his fa-face.
I said it a-all.
This poor gentle boy, seems to
be from another planet.
He looks so unreal,
because of his kindness
and wandering around grave yards.
What are you looking at?
Nothing. Nedim was waiting
for Maja all morning long...
While you were drinking.
No, we were just talking.
I was keeping him company.
I wonder what you were
talking about...
I have no idea.
He speaks like a politician.
Can't understand a thing.
Wi-will you m-ma-marry me?
What are they doing?
- Nedim is offering a ring to Maja.
Do you think that
marriage is a joke?
Nedim is leaving.
She pushed him away.
...- Bye
Why didn't she
explain it to him kindly?
Are you Serif's children?
- Yes, we are.
Where is he? Will you
ask him to come out?
I am Serif.
You are?
- Yes, I am.
Listen, we need to talk. OK?
- OK.
What is it?
Tell me.
He'll certainly stop thinking
of women for a while.
Where is Lajla?
I don't know. For some reason
she's been avoiding me lately.
Good for you.
I know she likes Damir.
Then let her see
what a harsh intercourse is.
Everything seems so sad
and empty. Relationships
and friendships. It is all
based on pure interest.
That's the way it goes.
Did you see what papa
did to our bathroom?
I am not sure that such
a relationship and love exist
anywhere else.
- And it's getting stronger.
Here is coffee.
- The bathroom is finished.
There you are.
- Thank you.
Everything is done according
to your sketches.
Let me then pay you and we're
all happy:
me with your work, you
with your payment.
Count it.
- It is OK.
This is the first time I did
something like that.
Good afternoon!
No sound, only motion!
Free choice for everyone.
- Right!
We lived a happy
life together.
Nowadays, the youth hardly
knows how to love.
Do you remember
our wedding?
I do.
You know how much
I've loved you?
Now it is a hundred times more.
Not a hundred -
a thousand times more.
If I could only put in words
how much I love you?
I know my dear,
I know.
It doesn't matter.
Good evening, my ladies.
I will be your waiter
Bring us everything and some
home-made brandy for me.
I'd like to order as well:
some grilled vegetables and
a glass of red wine.
You know what I need.
Good evening!
I am laying in bed next to Daut
but my eyes are wide opened.
At that very moment I felt like
I was laying next to my brother.
I thought to myself it's
become too much of a habit.
That is how the two of
us got divorced.
I wonder who showed them
the way?
Just what we need -
the medics coming to our street.
It might be something
Remember when we carried him
by the restaurant?
Yes, and that vehabi walking
behind us in his slippers.
And that madman of ours
dressed like a women,
got into action.
Someone is being carried away.
Aunt, that's Damir.
Didn't I tell you that he will
get what he deserves?
What are you two whispering?
Hush, now!
Nothing Mammy, nothing.
I remember that poor women
below him weeping in pain,
all those people around
the fences staring.
I wanted to castrate him.
That was all I could think of,
I swear.
Hello there! Why don't you
join us for a drink?
My dear Fatir, it's all about
Thank you for your kind words.
Are you sure you don't
want some?
No, thank you.
It is a sin.
I really do not know what
to say.
My late grandfather used
to say
all sins come out of a mouth
not within.
You said you wanted
him to suffer.
His desire makes
him suffer.
To your health.
We can call his clinch also
the "mixed meat"
But this is for
two persons only.
Without aunt's intervention,
we would've not carried
that maniac around.
Frankly, he deserved it.
It was good that someone
got to him as well.
No! Don't! I have some cars
to take care of.
Stop. Stop it!
- What's wrong with you?
I'm scared. I'm tense.
I'm not ready yet.
Look, the Ambulances and stuff,
it's all so humiliating.
I don't want you to go through
that all over again.
Don't worry.
Everything will be OK
Please, I can't.
I am not ready.
I promise you, everything
will be fine.
I wish I could prepare mixed
meat for four, gather the four
of us around the table and eat.
- What four?
The family - you, me, Maja and
a husband of hers.
You'd better start making
it for two persons.
No way.
The recipe is for four, so four it is.
Look who is coming!
Everything is as we agreed.
All kids are going to school.
You see that good will
can do miracles.
I can't be late.
- Wait a second!
Here is some pocket money
for the pupil.
Give me your hand. Goodbye!
- Goodbye!
You know, everyone has a right
to a decent life,
children and adults alike.
It is not fair that some
children have it all, while
others haven't got even a hope.
Finally, it is not fair
that I spend my last working
day pulling a maniac
out of the wall.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
How can I help you?
I need, you know...
- Vibrators?
Penises with
the strip on.
I'd suggest something like this;
silicon with adjustable
Hard enough?
- It is.
That's what I need.
Here is a rabbit bunny, it is
trendy - this piece rotates
this one vibrates.
Look at this,
panties included and
There is also a silicon one...
vibrating with slips.
Hard enough?
- Yes.
You have this one
with slips.
That will be enough.
- This one, adjustable.
Wrap all of these for me, please.
With all that, you get
a special cream for longer
and harder erection,
free of charge.
No, thank you.
Just a little bit more,
a little bit more.
Stop! Don't move!
Stop right here!
For God's sake what's that?
The phone rung. It's
him again.
He gave us the address,
we got there... surprise...
He vanished.
What has become
of that man?
He is now trying
to trap us.
Where is Maja?
- She is asleep.
Would you, please,
wake her up?
Let her sleep. You know she
never eats breakfast.
I would like to have her with us.
What's wrong, my darling?
What is it, my love?
I envy you. You're
gonna retire.
I deserve it.
I really do.
I've seen enough of other
people's misery.
Far too much!
Didn't I tell you how bad
it is when the Ambulance finds
its way to the street.
- Hush!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Please, go away from me.
Honey, let me help you.
- I need no help from you.
Just get away from me!
Come to get a shower!
I need nothing! If I stink
get out. Leave me alone!
Maja went to talk
with the doctor.
She will be back
in a minute.
It will be all right.
Everything will be fine.
What happened?
Everything will
be fine.
I know.
What is the diagnosis?
Get me off of this machine.
Book a grave lot
and buy a coffin!
Coffee, anyone?
I thought you
already finished.
Don't worry, Madame.
We'll take care of it.
What do you mean by that?
I certainly don't intend
to demolish this wall.
Madame got confused.
You are so beautiful.
You are not going to
leave without me.
My princess, you are not
going to be sad.
Imagine if we never met...
But we did and
we will never grow apart.
Dinner is ready.
- Great.
I'm going
to get them.
No, I don't
want to go.
Is he heavy?
I had enough. This fucker
will make me quit, I swear.
I do not understand that
woman's mind.
She suffers because of him.
I don't know what's on her mind,
but he something else!
I'm happy. This is the way
it should be.
Who else could follow the recipe
so well but your own child?
That other child must get
the necessary education, too.
The Medlin Albright - illiterate?
It can't be.
To have a kid with no education
in 21st century would be a shame.
This makes me happy too.
My own child ate all the food.
My dear butterfly, let's
go to our bedroom.
You are not leaving
without me.
What happened
to the madman?
Bear with us. We'll tell you
all about it.
His brain got to
the size of a pill.
A pill can cure but no one
had any use of his brain.
It is a lucky day,
fertile day, fertile day.
They are dead!
It is a lucky day,
fertile day, fertile day.
What a love story!
If you haven't seen this
you haven't seen it all.
It is easy to die. That is
the easiest thing to do.
What about us? What
are we going to do?
I did not expect
this from you.
But so be it,
so be it...
Don't, Daut! It is easy to lose
pride, as they both used to say.
Let's go home, child!
He had enough.
- Yes, he did.
Tell me!
Cute, handsome,
the best.
When are you going
to get a new job?
This one is too risky.
It is risky but it pays well.
You don't expect me to apply
for a job with the Employment
Agency at this age?
I want to hear more?
- Cute, handsome, the best...
Come in.
Come in. Aunt and I can't
eat all that food by ourselves.
I am not offering a cruise
tour to you. It is only dinner.
What are we going
to do with Leka?
With whom?
- Him.
As far as I am concerned
I am officially retired.
Are you?
I know what we should do.