Rituals (1977) Movie Script

(atmospheric orchestral music)
(plane whirring)
[Woman] He's booked
for the next three days.
Even if you increase
the blood flow by 10%,
you'll nearly double the sensation,
and with the proper setup,
you can do 25 of these a day within a year.
It's viable and it's strictly therapeutic.
You sure there'd be this kind
of demand for it, though?
Are you kidding?
It's a goldmine.
It's the same setup as a hernia clinic.
You just, in, out, snip, tuck.
It's no big deal, no added costs.
This is a simple bypass.
You've used these Teflon arteries before.
- Yeah.
- You'd be better off
with an organic graph, wouldn't you?
What do you think, Harry?
- Roe, that's for you.
- Have you done anything with
- lab animals?
- Thanks.
[Mitzi] There's nothing here.
[D.J.] What do you think?
Is it ethical?
Hey, the plane's here.
What kind of Mickey - Are you guys ready?
Mouse question was that?
Jesus Christ.
He's tired, D.J.
He's been laying numbers like that
since he got here yesterday.
What the hell is wrong with him?
He's tired.
Well, that doesn't give him the right
to treat me like shit.
I mean, if there is -
Hey, Donnie, take it easy.
A demand for it, what the - Let it ride.
Hell's wrong with filling it?
[Mitzi] Get an extra cup of coffee?
You know, you might be
able to franchise out this.
This operation.
You need a name for it if
you're gonna sell franchises.
Something catchy yet tasteful.
Well, not too tasteful.
I mean after all, you wanna sell the thing.
And how are you gonna advertise
a little thing like this without
offending public decency?
It's a word of mouth kind of thing.
It'll sell, don't worry, it'll sell.
[Marty] Are you really sure?
Sure I'm sure.
Listen, who wouldn't pay for a bigger dick?
(dog barking)
(pilot chuckling)
[Mitzi] Come on,
we're not all these angels.
You haven't seen the man since last year.
Take it easy on him.
He went to a lot of trouble
organizing this thing.
Have you thought about the offer yet?
The institute.
Come in with us, Harry.
That way at least I'll get to see
your ugly puss once in awhile.
I never see you anymore.
No one sees you anymore.
Look, we've been all over this before.
Lakeview lets met run neurology my way,
and that's the way I like it.
So don't start.
Who's starting?
Who's starting?
If you wanna work your guts
out for peanuts, be my guest.
But let me point out a
few things to you, sir.
A, Lakeview is well known snake pit
not fit for human habitation.
B, you're a first class surgeon.
C, they need you.
D, one of these mornings
you're gonna wake up
needing them and then F,
they've got you by the balls.
And what have you got to show for it?
A lot of worthless glory.
Those bastards at
Lakeview don't give a damn
if you burn yourself out, Harry.
They'll just get another genius
with an inflated ego and burn him out.
I'll take my chances.
Like Marty,
he cracked up doing what you're doing.
Well, Marty had other problems.
[Mitzi] He was one of the
best surgeons I ever saw.
He still is.
He's a juice artist, Harry.
A juice artist.
About all he does these days
is reduce hernias and
sign death certificates
at that steel mill he works at.
Well, at least he tried.
Now where did you,
how far do you say it is
from here to the rim again?
- The Cauldron?
- Yeah.
Oh, mile, mile and a quarter.
Stay west of this ridge.
What about black flies?
- They're in.
- Hey, D.J.?
- Yeah?
- You didn't tell us
it was black fly season.
Oh, for Christ sake, Abel,
they are just little black flies.
Well, are there many of them?
[Marty] Millions.
Well, golly.
[D.J.] Alright, men, we're on our way.
- Alright.
- God help the natives.
(plane whirring)
[Abel] We wanna know why
we can't land on the river itself?
What's that?
The river, why can't we land on it?
Because there's not enough water.
Because there's not enough water.
[Abel] There's not enough water.
We're 225 air miles
from the nearest cathouse.
And there ain't a place to land
except two piss holes on
the rim of the Cauldron.
That's one hell of a trek you fellas
have got yourself headed on.
It's only 15 miles.
Yeah, 15 miles of loon shit, bear shit,
moose shit and every other
kind of shit shit. (Laughing)
That river's in the middle of the Cauldron,
and the Cauldron's in
the middle of nowhere.
(camera shutter clicking)
Hey, you two fellas brothers, hey?
Holy Mexican Jesus.
Two doctors in the same family.
I'll bet your folks find
you pretty damn handy.
We're indispensable.
It's a little early for that, isn't ti?
- Hey, look, I got something...
- Jesus.
(plane roaring)
Just pull it back a bit, Doc.
I got something I want you fellas to see.
Hey, now, ain't that something else?
That's a winner alright.
Thank you.
Of course.
Looks like somebody tried
to pull your asshole
out through your armpit.
(pilot laughing)
(atmospheric orchestral music)
(plane whirring)
Six days from today around noon.
See you then.
Good fishing.
[Abel] How about the
same place in a year?
Once a year.
(plane whirring)
(plane roaring)
(atmospheric orchestral music)
(birds chirping)
[Marty] Oh, wow.
(men sighing)
It's called the Cauldron of the Moon.
See the Indians believed the moon
bumped into the Earth here,
and made this huge imprint
called the Cauldron.
[Abel] What, were the Indians on peyote?
Doesn't look as if the moon
bumped into the Earth to me.
[Abel] Okay, now hold it.
To the Indians,
this whole area is good medicine.
Well, here we are.
Five little medicines
on their way to the one big one.
- Okay, stand by.
- Is this a take?
- Yeah, it's a take.
- Terrific.
- Cheese.
- Cheese.
- Cheese.
- Cheese.
(shutter clicking)
[Mitzie] I'd like this other way.
[D.J.] No,
once we get beyond the next row,
it's clear sailing.
[Mitzi] Alright then, Abe, you alright?
[Abel] Oh, yeah.
Just tough to get around here.
[Mitzi] Is this the only way to
come, for Christ sake?
[D.J.] It's not far now.
(water splashing)
- Oh, sh...
[Mitzi] That's that spot.
[Harry] You might as well hold on,
you're afraid he'll trip us.
- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
- You good?
- Yeah.
[Abel] You wanna do that
again, I didn't get a shot of it.
Oh, Christ.
Lost the watch.
Too late for that, I've got my camera.
- Ah, Jesus.
- To the left.
- Jesus.
- Now where are you at D.J.?
[D.J.] It's shallower.
[Abel] Nothing's shallow.
- Did you give up?
- It's shallower.
(Mitzi screaming)
- Here.
- Fuck.
(men laughing)
Frig you laughing at?
Ah, wait a minute.
(men laughing)
Hey, thanks a lot.
Look out.
- Give me your...
- Get ahold of yourself.
- Give me your, your hand.
- We're dangerous.
[Mitzi] Oh, shit.
[Abel] Is it deep there?
[Harry] Yeah, it's deep,
watch your camera, will ya?
Oh, shit.
Hold the camera.
Hold my camera.
Ah, Christ.
[Harry] Where's your tripod?
(men laughing)
- Okay.
- Might have lost
- two of my men.
- Here, take my camera.
Alright, you guys, take the camera.
- Grab it by the handle.
- What am...
(men laughing)
You can handle it.
And my binoculars.
- Alright.
- I can handle this, this
is okay.
Ta-da. (Laughing)
(water splashing) (insects buzzing)
[Marty] What was the name of that dive
in Puerto Rico you took us to last year?
[Abel] Oh, it wasn't a dive.
[Marty] Oh, come on, Abel,
they were pissing in the streets.
[Abel] Well,
that's because they drink a lot.
[Marty] How does that make sense?
[Mitzi] Who's turn is it next year?
[Marty] Mine.
[Mitzi] And where are
you taking us, Marty?
[Marty] After this there's only
one place left, Boston.
(Mitzi chuckling)
(birds chirping)
[Marty] Where's the bloody campsite?
It's all bush here.
We clear the bush.
We clear the bush?
(insects buzzing)
We clear the bush.
And then what?
Then we eat.
Then we sleep.
That's it?
What did you expect, Martin?
- Isn't it funny?
- The Biops report said
sarcoma, the X-ray said sarcoma,
what the hell was I supposed to do?
What did the kid say?
What do you mean, what'd the kid say?
The kid was prepped and under
by the time I got there.
[Marty] Every legend has its origin.
[Harry] You never seen him before?
- No.
- Wouldn't it be funny
if this place really is a magic place.
[Marty] Why would it be funny?
If the moon did bump into the Earth here.
- Why no one noticed it...
- I'm not saying it did,
but if it did,
then this place really is magic.
Tiers got no middle.
It does?
It doesn't.
It's got a beginning and it's got an end,
it's got no middle.
Yeah, but in this theory,
[D.J.] A simple procedure...
the beginning and the end overlap.
And that's the middle.
(atmospheric orchestral music)
(branches rustling)
(men chattering)
(insects chirping)
(water splashing) (men chattering)
[D.J.] I'm not a goddamn intern.
Are you calling me incompetent?
[Harry] Hell, no, words like that
can ruin a man's reputation.
I'm doing 10,
sometimes 15 operations a day.
I'm just trying to make a living.
What the hell is wrong with that?
What's wrong with making sure?
[Mitzi] Why are we yelling?
We all make mistakes.
- Give us a break, will ya?
- We work with people
who make mistakes.
Here. (Doll thudding)
- Jesus.
- So why don't we
put all our mistakes together,
and see if we can't get
a rebate on our premiums.
(Marty chuckling)
[Harry] What the hell does that mean?
[Mitzi] Let's just say that people...
And what rough beasts.
[Harry] You missed the point.
This'll all come around at last.
[Harry] But the surgeon is ultimately...
[Abel] Slouches towards
Bethlehem to born.
[Harry] Everyone in
that operating theater,
if someone speaks up and
takes responsibility.
No one else need's to be directly involved.
[Abel] Once, Yeats.
[Marty] What's Yeats
got to with the moon?
[Abel] The moon is magic, right?
[Mitzi] I suppose you
never made a mistake?
[Abel] And Yeats, wasn't he into magic?
[Mitzi] Answer the question.
[Harry] Well,
then let me just say some mistakes.
[Abel] Yeats was into the moon.
[Mitzi] It must be nice to
know you got God on your side.
[Harry] Yeah,
well sometimes you're better off
with the good Lord.
you're self-righteous bastard sometimes.
You find nothing wrong
with his procedure?
[Mitzi] Tell us about
some of the basket cases
you keep going, Harry. (Branches rustling)
[Harry] Oh, come of it.
No, really, I'm fascinated.
When they wake up blind or paralyzed,
does Harry sometimes wonder if maybe
he shaved off just a little
more brain than he should have?
- You, you...
- Wait a minute,
I've seen some the wonders you keep going.
90%, flubbing 10%.
What the hell does a man have to turn into
before you call it quits?
You think I should pull a few plugs?
Oh, hell no, you wanna see how long
you can keep them going,
that's your business.
- See, my theory does work.
- No it doesn't.
The world lost a great clown
when you gave up neurology.
Why is it all pediatricians
suffer from premature senility. (Laughing)
I think it's the kids. (Marty laughing)
[D.J.] Harry.
(creepy groaning)
(ominous orchestral music)
Mother of pearl.
[D.J.] Don't go home.
[Abel] Mother fucker.
[D.J.] Help me.
Stop you devil.
I'm dying.
- Don't do that.
- Shit.
(men laughing)
- Don't,
Don't laugh.
Put me back together again. (Men laughing)
All together now.
Put them back together again.
(men laughing)
[Mitzi] Come on, Harry.
Use the ole foxtrot.
[Group] Put them back together again.
Put them back together again.
Put them back together again.
Put them back together again.
Put them back together again.
Put them back together again.
Put them back together again.
Put them back together again.
Put them back together again.
Put them back together again.
(creepy orchestral music)
(branches rustling)
(fishing reel rattling)
[Mitzi] Watch your hooks.
[Harry] Mitzi, get out of there.
[Mitzi] Alright, I'll get out of the way.
(water splashing)
For Christ sake, Abel,
you'll scare the fish.
What fish?
Well, if you use your wrist,
you might catch one.
With the wrist, always with the wrist.
(reel rattling) With the wrist.
(lure plopping in water) (Mitzi laughing)
[D.J.] I said use your wrist.
[Marty] Where are the boots, you guys?
[Abel] I'm using my wrist already.
[Mitzi] They're by the fire, I think.
[J.D] You're using your elbow.
[Abel] I can live with it,
D.J., I can live with it.
You're not, you know? (Pans clattering
[Abel] What's he yelling about?
His boots, he can't find his boots.
[Abel] They're by the fire.
[Mitzi] I told him that.
[Marty] They're not here.
[Abel] Check the tent.
[Marty] I've checked the tent.
No one's boots aren't here.
[Mitzi] Where are you going?
[Harry] To help him look for the boots.
[D.J.] Take the bottle away
from him while you're at it.
- Ah, shut up.
- Hey, everybody's
boots are gone.
[J.D] Sure they're gone.
I'm telling ya, D.J.,
I'm not kidding ya.
They're not here.
[Harry] Well, where did we leave 'em?
- Where did we leave 'em?
- I don't know.
They're not here now.
[Harry] Well,
they must be here somewhere.
No, I've looked
everywhere, they're not here.
Why I looked in the tents,
I checked the woods.
They're not here.
(insects buzzing)
Is anything else gone?
I don't think so.
It's just the boots.
[Mitzi] Have you found them yet?
- No.
- Somebody has stolen
the goddamn boots.
Why would anyone steal
five pairs of boots?
[D.J.] Because they're
worth 40 bucks a pair.
There's a lot of other stuff around here
that's worth much more.
[D.J.] Maybe whoever
stole them is a boot freak.
I don't know.
Don't you think we should
discuss this a little?
Discuss what?
The alternatives.
[D.J.] What alternatives?
You figure maybe the bastard who stole "em
is going to bring them back?
Start a bonfire.
This area must be air patrolled.
A plane can't land on the river.
Look, we've got maybe 12
hours of daylight left.
If I leave now,
I can make that dam by tonight.
A helicopter can get in here.
They charge you for silly rescues, Mitzi.
And if you start a forest
fire, they throw away the key.
We're sitting in the middle of a tinderbox,
and you wanna burn it down for
a lousy five pair of boots?
Jesus Christ.
You know all the goddamn answers.
Well, this dam's 27 miles upriver
and the lake's only 15.
What do you want me to do there, Abel?
Grow roots for six days?
Look, just let me take care of it, okay?
D.J, , I just don't
know what the rush is.
I just told you.
And besides, six days of you clowns
hobbling around and
bitching, who needs that?
How do you know they'll
be anybody at that dam?
They don't put beaver dams
on government maps, Harry.
It's a hydro-dam and operations that big
don't run themselves.
They'll be someone there.
Well, I sure hope they have boots.
And I don't like the idea of
you going up the river alone.
(bird squawking)
I wouldn't have to go up the river alone
if you clowns had brought extra shoes.
We wouldn't be in this jackpot.
Get off it, D.J.
Look, two months ago I sent everyone
Xerox sheets of what I would supply
and what you would bring.
You were to bring extra
shoes and your toothbrushes.
I supplied everything else.
I had everything organized.
All you had to do was follow orders.
(speaking in foreign language)
What Xerox sheet?
[D.J.] You know, Abel,
there are people who
for as little as $50.00,
will break both a man's legs.
Gee, that's terrible.
(bird squawking)
(insects buzzing)
(ominous orchestral music)
- What?
- Gotta pee.
- Go, Abel.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, do it outside, huh?
- Oh, shit.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Oh, I'm sorry honey.
There, you go back to sleep.
Little horny devil.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
(urine trickling) (bird singing)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(Abel screaming)
[Marty] What is it?
- Marty?
- What is...
- Oh, boy.
- Jesus Christ.
- Is he alright?
- Yes.
- No.
- No, what?
[Marty] I need a drink.
(bottles clinking)
Harry, the snake
How many people know that symbol?
Who stole the boots,
and why were they stolen
in the first place?
Go ahead, Mitzi, say it.
Say it, you think D.J.
put that there, don't ya?
[Mitzi] I don't know who put that there.
Come on, take it easy.
Look, Harry, somebody's
playing a very sick game with us,
and ll wanna know who and I wanna know why
before it's gets any - My brother
- goddamn sicker.
- Would never do anything
- like that.
- He's stuffing
- amphetamines.
- He's only playing
- with them.
- What else does
he play with?
My brother's done a lot of things,
but he wouldn't do this.
I'll take you word for it.
(bird singing)
(pans clacking) - What are you
doing, Marty?
[Marty] I'm going upriver after him.
- It's too dark.
- I don't give a shit.
[Abel] D.J.'s at at the dam by now.
- How do you know?
- That's 27
He's out there alone,
you - miles, alright?
- Know?
- We know that.
He did not do that.
[Mitzi] No one said he did,
now shut your goddamn mouth.
Where are my boots, goddammit.
Where are my boots?
They were stolen this morning.
Hey, Mitzi, this animal
has only been dead for a couple of hours.
The blood is almost fresh.
[Abel] We'll find D.J.
in the morning, Marty.
- When it's light.
- As soon as it's light.
Do we have anything we
can use as a weapon, Harry?
(ominous orchestral music)
Just the hatchet.
It'd be almost childish
if it weren't so horrible.
(water splashing)
[Abel] D.J.?
[Marty] D.J.?
(ominous orchestral music)
[Abel] D.J.?
[Mitzi] Christ, slow down,
my feet are Killing me.
[Harry] Let's try it up there.
[Marty] D.J.?
[Mitzi] You know how far we've come
in the last three hours?
A mile.
Just over a mile.
I've been counting.
Counting what?
[Mitzi] Our steps.
We should get back to the river.
We might have crossed him.
[Harry] We won't pass him for days.
Ah, now move a little closer.
Why do you want this now, Abel?
[Abel] For Sheila and the kids.
Oh, God.
How old are they now, anyway?
Ah, one's 11, one's 12,
and ll don't know how old the other one is.
Do you know it's name?
Oh, sure.
Um, now try and look like
you're enjoying yourselves.
I feel like one of the goddamn monkees.
See no evil.
[Harry] Hear no evil.
[Mitzi] Speak no evil.
Well, I like it.
[Mitzi] Today, Abel, today.
(branch cracking)
(bees buzzing) (dramatic orchestral music)
- Ah, no!
- Jesus Christ.
[Harry] Get out of here.
Come on.
Let's go, let's get outta here.
[Marty] God.
Come on, come on, Abel.
(body banging into tree) Oh, shit.
(Mitzi screaming)
(Mitzi screaming)
[Marty] Ah, you guys!
(bees buzzing)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(bees buzzing)
(water splashing)
(dramatic orchestral music)
Hey, Mitzi?
Martin, come here.
Come here!
Oh, God.
[Harry] Hold his head,
I'm gonna roll him over.
[Marty] Easy, easy.
- What is it?
- Oh, Jesus.
Hey, wait a minute.
[Harry] Easy.
[Marty] Oh, my God.
(Marty blowing)
He's dead, Martin.
(Marty blowing)
Marty, he's dead.
(Marty blowing)
Who was up there?
- What?
- Who was it, Marty?
Was, was someone up there?
[Mitzi] I heard him yell, D.J., Harry.
[Harry] Marty?
Look, was somebody up there?
[Marty] Yes, but it wasn't D.J.
[Harry] Then why'd you yell his name?
[Marty] It wasn't D.J.
Harry, I swear it wasn't D.J.
[Mitzi] You don't seem
too sure about that.
I'm sure, goddammit,
what do you want me to say?
I'm sure.
Abel is dead, Harry.
We're just, just,
just trying to find out what happened.
He broke his goddamn
neck, that's what happened.
[Mitzi] Or someone broke it for him.
Was it a man?
I don't know, it was just,
it was just a movement.
Those bees were no accident, Harry.
They were no accident.
We should have waited.
[Marty] What about my brother?
If we'd have waited,
Abel would be still be alive.
Waited for what?
Waited for help.
We're in the middle of nowhere, Mitzi.
No one's gonna help us.
[Mitzi] Maybe we should go back.
[Marty] To what?
To the goddamn camp site.
- Well, what about...
- We can still
go back to the, to the lake.
Well, what about D.J.?
[Mitzi] D.J. can take care of himself.
We'd never make it
- back to the lake.
- You son of a
- We don't have a compass.
- Bitch.
In that bush, we'd be walking
in circles in half an hour.
Then let's stay here.
Goddammit, Harry,
we'll start a goddamn fire.
Something we should have done yesterday.
There's three of us, we can fight him.
Jesus Christ, Mitzi, fight who?
We don't know if it's one man or 10.
What the hell do we do?
We keep going till we reach the dam.
Get the hell outta here as fast as we can.
You were such a boob.
Such a gentle boob.
Well, couldn't we say something?
Say what?
He's dead.
(ominous orchestral music)
(birds chirping)
[Mitzi] Wait a minute, hold on.
How far do you think we've come?
[Harry] We're maybe halfway there.
Halfway, terrific.
Come on.
He's not gonna make it any further.
Better find a place to make
camp before it gets dark.
Take it easy on the sauce, Marty.
Talk to him, Harry.
Give me the hatchet.
I'll check up ahead.
[Harry] Yeah, be careful.
Ah, Jesus.
(birds squawking)
Bet this must be like
coming off a double
shift at the steel mills.
[Harry] What do you do there, anyway?
It works.
Thinking of getting into
that end of the business?
I'm interested.
Are you guys alright?
I sit in a small office
with enlarged scales
and 80 cartons of
industrial safety posters.
It's was D.J.'s afterwards.
Tried getting my head in shape.
Why is that?
Harry, it wouldn't matter
one spec of bite dung
if I never picked up a scalpel again.
I'm 38 years old,
and I'm an independent alcoholic
who's last serious boyfriend
is now a borderline psychotic
teaching karmic fascism in the mountains.
Didn't you once say that self-sacrifice
was alright as long as
you could pay the rent?
Was I drinking at the time?
You were never a drinker, were you?
Yeah, four years nonstop in Korea.
I can even remember when
I gave it up and why.
Because of a bridge over the Imjin River.
I was drunk and bored at the time.
God, was I bored.
And I flew under it
with an English Captain.
There was only six inches of clearance
between the wingtips and the piers.
Pretty stupid, huh?
We'll find him, Martin.
Don't worry.
- Like Abel?
- Hey, you guys?
Look what I found.
It's D.J."s rope.
I found it.
- What?
- I almost missed it.
There was nothing up here, just the rope.
- What?
- Just the rope.
[Harry] That's all, huh?
[Marty] D.J.?
(dramatic orchestral music)
Why would he tie a
rope across here, Harry?
Maybe he wanted to use it
to pull himself back?
Hey, hey, watch it, watch it.
Those rapids look like murder.
Hey, Martin.
[Mitzi] Marty,
you can't get across there now.
Jesus, you're to weak.
He could be just across there hurt.
For God's sake, let's get over there.
[Mitzi] For Christ
sake, you goddamn drunk.
- Harry.
- Get your...
- Harry?
- Let him go.
- Get your hands off.
- Alright, asshole,
kill yourself.
When we go across
Martin, we do it together.
- Yeah.
- In the morning.
I knew he was just over there somewhere.
We'll make a fire, Martin.
Don't worry, D.J. will see a fire.
I don't think we can risk a fire.
It will be dark soon.
What the hell are we gonna eat
if we don't have a fire?
You have to boil this freeze-dried shit.
You wanna risk a fire?
Alright, what have we got for din-dins?
Other than this little delicacy.
Harry, doesn't want a fire,
so we'll see what we can eat.
That's no good.
Oh, that's not good.
No good.
Rice, no good.
Ah, powdered milk.
And in here,
what have we got in Marty's pack?
Ah, mine's no good to ya, scotch.
Toilet paper.
I see you came prepared.
Anyone for dates and powdered milk?
Well, I guess there
are worst things in life
than powdered milk, I suppose.
(rain pattering) (branch snapping)
Over here, D.J.
Where's the flashlight?
- Not the flashlight.
- Not so loud.
I'm serious. (Thunder rumbling)
See anything?
Where are you, D.J.?
(dramatic orchestral music)
[Mitzi] Alright, Harry?
[Harry] Yeah, I'm alright.
(Harry groaning)
- Harry?
(Marty screaming)
[Marty] Oh, God, my leg, my leg!
My leg, my leg!
Aw, my leg!
(Marty groaning)
(Marty screaming)
God, it fucking hurts.
(dramatic orchestral music)
Oh, god, take it off.
My leg!
[Mitzi] Take it easy.
Hold on.
(Marty screaming) Jesus Christ.
- Pull him up.
- Take it off my ankle.
Pull up.
(Marty screaming)
Help me.
Oh, God.
(Marty screaming)
Get it off, get it off my leg.
(Marty screaming)
(chains jangling)
(trap snapping)
- Come on, get down here.
- Oh, God, he got me.
That wasn't an accident.
Somebody set the traps.
(Harry groaning)
What is going on here?
What has happened?
Oh, my...
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna die.
I was thinking...
[Mitzi] I left my pack in the river.
Get a sleeping bag around him.
How bad is it?
[Harry] There can't be any fibula left.
What's happened to the artery?
Harry, make sure the artery's alright.
Yes, it's alright.
Give me a drink.
Let's give him a shot.
I need a drink.
Harry, D.J. did this.
The river was full of animal traps.
D.J. didn't do it.
It's like a minefield out there.
Who then?
Why is he hovering around us?
(dramatic orchestral music)
God damn you.
(trap clanking)
(atmospheric orchestral music)
[Mitzi] A lot of very careful hatred
has gone into this thing.
All I'm saying is
that if anyone of us,
if anyone of us knows something,
then he should tell the others.
Now's the time.
Goodie, goodie, goodie, goodie.
Nothing like jolly self-incrimination.
We're doctor's, Marty.
It's not inconceivable that one
of our mistakes is the
reason for all of this.
Shall we start with our own mistakes?
All the mistakes we helped with,
all the mistakes we participated?
How about just our worst mistakes?
Our very worst, best mistakes.
After all, if you want to proceed
in turning it into a witch hunt.
It was just a simple question.
All you have to say is no,
I'll take your word for it.
But he can't stop.
It's possible we're all paying
for something one of us is responsible for.
It's not outside the realm of possibility.
Yeah, but it's one hell of an assumption.
Then tell me, Harry,
what in god's name this clown is after?
The biggest stag?
You're getting drunk, Mitzi.
Spare me the temperance lecture, Harry.
Martin's the one who's
supposed to be getting drunk.
Just because your old
man was a juicer, Harry,
it doesn't make the rest of
us candidates for skid row.
I know what I'm doing.
Hey, after you could find out
which one of us it was.
We could throw the rascal to the wolves
for the sake of the team.
You better, old buddy.
How are we gonna move him, Harry?
[Harry] Build a stretcher.
It's gonna be murder
carrying him in this shit.
Why don't we float him?
Now, do it now.
[Harry] Better drink the rest of that.
I'm drunk enough.
[Harry] Are you sure?
[Marty] Ah, Christ.
What difference is it gonna make?
[Mitzi] That'll work.
Okay, easy.
(screaming) Jesus Christ.
You goddamn asshole.
You wanna do the honors?
Which way do you want your instep?
Facing front.
Be gentle.
(Marty screaming)
(birds squawking)
(atmospheric orchestral music)
[Harry] I'm gonna show him down.
X Paddy whack X
It's too goddamn deep.
X Give the dog his bone X
[Harry] It was your idea.
X This old man goes floating home X
[Mitzi] For Christ sake.
[Harry] Stop pushing.
(Marty mumbling)
Anyway, he told me once,
how to train a chimpanzee to salute.
So what you do is you chain the chimpanzee
at the end of a large tent
or a large hall, it doesn't matter.
And at the other end
you chain a dog or a cat
or an armadillo.
(ominous orchestral music)
Now this is really interesting.
Where was I?
Oh, yeah.
So then you let the people in.
Let all the people who wanna advance
their education - Alright?
Of the chimpanzee.
But they know the chimp
and they concentrate on the dog.
Now they circle around
the dog and shout salute.
And the dog just stands
there like he didn't hear.
And so they break his hairy little leg.
Men, halt, halt.
X Knick knack, patty whack,
break a doggie's bone X
X Knick knack patty whack X
X Break a doggie's bone X
X This old man goes floating home. X
Anyway, I'm jumping out to day two.
[Harry] Too much rocking.
- Which is then...
- No!
(Marty mumbling)
Around that rock.
(Marty mumbling) No, no, no, this way.
- Salute.
- It's this way.
(Marty mumbling)
The chimp (mumbling)...
Go straight through here.
[Mitzi] You gotta know where stepping.
Is watching all of this very carefully.
Dog, he's just lying there,
he's just lying there howling.
Wait a minute, I can't hear him.
(Marty mimicking howling)
Wait, I gotta get
my legs here.
[Mitzi] You're like the worst date,
will you make up your mind?
X This old man he played five X
X He played knick knack on his X
X Knick nack patty whack X
X Give the dog his bone X
X This old man goes floating home X
Comes the day of judgment.
The people come in,
stand in a circle around
the howling armadillo,
jaw, shout, salute.
(Harry groaning)
This time, still breaking another leg,
they bring out their clubs
and they beat the little bugger to death.
Before you can praise the Lord,
the whole Mexican Jesus,
they're up at the other end of the tent
gathering around the chimp.
(Harry screaming) The chimp jumps up
in the air and what does he say?
Oh, it works.
The enterprise is a little patience.
Jesus Christ.
(water cascading)
Wait here, I'll check it out.
(water rushing)
[Marty] Give me a cig?
It's my last one.
[Marty] Thanks.
We're sitting ducks down here.
Your goddamn brother and his bright ideas.
Do you really believe there's a madman
out there who wants revenge?
I don't know.
[Marty] Do ya?
I don't know.
There's a certain kind of
- What?
- Unholy precision
to this whole thing.
Nothing's been left to chance.
Our boots were stolen
- What are you talking about?
- To draw us out.
To draw out D.J.
My leg was broken to slow us down.
How do you know that?
The rapids.
Well, perhaps.
It all seemed to come
together at the same time.
That rope was put there
- to draw us across.
- Hey, Mitzi?
- The stag's head, the snake.
- Shut up.
[Marty] Location, precision.
- And the ceremony.
- Harry?
- Harry, wait up.
- The ceremony.
We're being drawn
deeper and deeper, - I said wait up.
Into a kind of demonic
- ritual.
- Harry?
We're being used, and this thing,
which is seminiferous force
Over this way.
We can get through.
Knows that if it performs
certain accidents, - How do we
in certain order, - get through?
[Marty] certain other things
- are bound to happen.
- I'm not going up
- there, Harry.
- He knows he really has us.
[Harry] What are you,
we have to go up there. (Marty mumbling)
[Mitzi] We'll lose him if we go up.
[Marty] An be appeased the path...
[Harry] What's going on?
What's going on here?
I was just invoking
a bit of the old demon
for ole' Mitz, here.
- Shut up.
- Hey, Mitzi,
what the hell's going on?
You bastard.
I've been beaten up in toilet fight,
- better men than you.
- I said, shut up.
Jesus Christ.
You son of a bitch.
I've busted my ass all
day for that little faggot,
and he turns around and
plays head games with me.
(Marty laughing) Well, here's a head game
for ya, carry your own carcass out of here.
How quickly we forget our
manners, hey, Mitzi?
Shut up, the both of ya.
Don't tell me to shut
up, Harry, you owe me.
I owe you nothing.
[Mitzi] I carried your old man
when you were busy kissing
ass, don't forget it.
I'm warning you.
- You don't know.
- You're a right
son of a bitch, you were fast for director,
old man dying of cancer.
(Harry screaming)
(dramatic orchestral music)
Hey, hey, you guys.
Hey, you guys, stop.
I'm busting a leak here.
Hey, you guys, stop.
Help me here.
Quit tumbling around, you're insane.
You guys?
Come on, help me, you guys.
[Mitzi] Harry, Harry,
we're gonna lose him.
[Marty] Harry, help me!
Help me!
Oh, my God
Help me, come on!
Oh, my God, I'm going over.
Help me!
(dramatic orchestral music)
[Mitzi] Is he conscious?
[Harry] He's still responding
to external stimulus.
Partial dilation of the left cuticle,
but he's responding.
I don't understand his fever.
It looks like endotoxic shock.
- Christ, Mitzi...
- I didn't say it was,
I said it looked like it.
[Harry] I think it's a subdural hematoma.
Let's hope it's that.
Marty, Martin?
(flies buzzing)
- What?
Don't leave me.
I'm sorry I said what I
said about your old man.
Who cares?
I'm trying to apologize,
Harry, can't you accept that?
I'll take it into consideration.
Don't be too proud, Harry.
We still need each other.
Poor old, Andy.
You should have seen the
shit hole he was living in.
I saw it.
It took them a week to find the body.
Sitting on the toilet in his room.
So they wouldn't leave a
mess for anyone to clean up.
He wasn't that different from my old man.
You never met my old man, did you, Harry?
Just a couple of silly old dreamers
who couldn't handle the sauce.
Hey, remember the time,
remember the time were he got...
I don't remember.
You never saw him again
much after that, did you?
[Harry] I never saw him again.
(atmospheric orchestral music)
(birds chirping) (insects chirping)
Hey, Mitzi?
Mitzi, come here.
[Mitzi] Huh, what is it?
Is it the dam?
(flies buzzing)
Jesus Christ.
It looks like a fire.
(ominous orchestral music) A long time ago.
(leaves cracking)
(birds squawking)
(ominous orchestral music)
(leaves cracking)
[Mitzi] Look, do we have to carry him
all the way down this river?
We'll take the ridge. (Branches rustling)
[Mitzi] Yeah, yeah,
we'll be out in the open.
Hey, what the hell?
(ominous orchestral music)
He's back, Harry.
(dramatic orchestral music)
It's a gun.
- A what?
- A gun.
For service medal.
He was in the Pacific.
In the Army in World War ll.
Leave us alone, you bastard.
(ominous orchestral music)
Maybe we're going in the wrong direction.
Jesus Christ, maybe we're
going in the wrong direction.
[Harry] No.
[Mitzi] Where the hell is this dam?
(wind howling)
[Harry] It can't be far now.
[Mitzi] I can't even remember how long
we've been carrying him
up this goddamn river.
Hey, Marty?
How long have we been
carrying you up this river?
You've been keeping track, Marty?
He doesn't answer, I think
he's taking a nap, Harry.
Gotta sign off now, Marty.
Now hold, whoa, steady.
Oh, jeez.
Oh, God, goddamn.
Oh, God.
Why don't you,
why don't you watch where you're going?
[Mitzi] I can't see a
goddamn thing back there.
Now how about letting me
take the front for awhile.
His ass weighs a ton.
[Harry] So does his front.
[Mitzi] Not as much as his ass.
[Harry] (groaning) What
difference does it make?
[Mitzi] It makes a hell of a difference.
You try it back there for awhile.
[Harry] Alright, alright,
you take the front.
If you think it's so much easier, take it.
[Mitzi] Now you're being petty.
[Harry] Mitzi,
if you wanna take the front,
take the front, it doesn't matter to me.
[Mitzi] Well, it matters to me.
It's a hell of a lot easier
when you can see where you're going.
[Harry] Then take the goddamn thing.
[Mitzi] I will.
(wind howling)
Now these poor bastards
used to scrounge gasoline from my regiment.
We could never figure out
what they wanted it for.
This is right after the landing at Incheon.
Each one of these Korean regulars
were issued two week rations of rice.
But nothing to cook it with, see?
Nothing to cook it in.
Well, one afternoon,
I saw these, three of 'em in a rice paddy
with a barrel of our gas.
Now they reshaped the sides of the paddy
into a small pond.
Most of these rice paddies
were composed of human and animal waste.
So, they soaked the sides
of the paddy with gasoline
and lit it.
And then they poured the
rice into the paddy water.
And when it boiled, they ate.
They ate it. (Chuckling)
They had it with minor
ingenuity, the poor bastards.
[Mitzi] You told me this before, Harry.
What's the point?
Well, the point is either self-evident
or there isn't any.
Jesus Christ.
(atmospheric orchestral music)
He's not gonna make it, you know?
He'll make it.
If he lasts the night,
are we still going carry him?
Don't tell me it hasn't
crossed your mind, Harry.
That thing out there will come for us.
And when it does, we won't be able
to do a damn thing to stop it.
We'll be too weak.
That thing out there is a man, Mitzi.
A man.
He could have killed him this afternoon
when he pinned that goddamn
medal on him, Harry.
He's not after him, he's after us.
He's using him to grind us down.
As long as we're carrying him,
he has us just where he wants us.
We've got to start thinking like him.
He expects us to carry him.
He's counting on it.
I don't think so.
If anything,
he wants to see if we'll leave him.
He wants to degrade us first.
Hasn't he already?
Jesus, he hasn't even started.
He wants our faces in it.
He wants us crawling.
(bird squawking)
When we're dead, who's gonna know
whether we crawled or not?
We will.
[Mitzi] We'll be the only ones.
(atmospheric orchestral music)
Look Harry, he'll come after us.
He can get him anytime he wants.
Our only chance is to make a break for it.
The sooner we get to the damn,
the sooner they'll come back for him.
It makes sense.
We're the ones he has to worry about now.
[Harry] We can't just leave him here.
Now what bloody difference does it make?
- Look at him.
- Hey, leave him alone.
For Christ sake, Harry, he's had it.
Even if he survives,
what are we going to have?
Another vegetable?
[Harry] Why don't we just wait and see?
Why are you doing this, Harry?
You're not that softhearted.
You left your old man, why not him?
It's our lives.
You wanna risk our lives for that?
Bring it up again and I'll
smash your goddamn head in.
He was a drunk and an
asshole and I wrote him off.
I made a mistake.
I don't need you to remind me.
(bird squawking)
I don't hold it against ya, Harry.
[Harry] Yeah, of course you don't.
(wind howling)
We survived a lot together, Harry.
We can survive this is we use our heads.
If we leave him.
Who's going to know, Harry?
I am.
You romantic schmuck.
Son of a bitch could kill me,
but I'll be goddamn if
I let him degrade me.
'I be damned if I let him do that.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners
now and at the hour of our death.
It's just a matter of time.
Just a matter of time.
[Harry] Hey, this is ready.
(ominous orchestral music)
(wind howling)
(bird squawking) (wind howling)
(Mitzi groaning)
(Mitzi yawning)
(bird squawking) (wind blowing)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(Mitzi vomiting)
(Mitzi gasping)
- What?
[Mitzi] Look, Abel.
What the?
Jesus. (Screaming)
(dramatic orchestral music)
God, what is this?
What kind of maggot mind does that?
He could have cut our throats last night.
I was tired.
You were drunk.
Don't talk to me like that, Harry.
(wind howling)
That thing's never gonna
let us out of here.
- What butcher did this?
- What?
It's an Army X-ray.
We're paying for something
that somebody else did.
This was made in 1945.
Now we have some idea of
what we're dealing with.
Let's go.
(rocks pattering)
(bottle clinking)
(bird squawking) (wind howling)
I'm not carrying him, Harry.
I'm not carrying him.
I'm not carrying him.
I'm not carrying him.
Jesus Christ, he's a vegetable.
You'll get us killed.
That maniac doesn't want him, he wants us.
You'll get us killed, leave him.
Leave him.
Stupid bastard.
You'll get us killed.
I wanna live, Harry.
I wanna live.
He'll get you killed, Harry.
Hey, Harry?
You forgot something'.
(wind howling)
(rocks pattering)
(water rushing)
(Harry groaning)
(rocks pattering)
(Mitzi groaning)
(water rushing)
(bird squawking)
Goddamn, hero.
Goddamn stupid hero, bastard.
(atmospheric orchestral music)
(Harry groaning)
(Harry panting)
(Harry groaning)
(Harry groaning)
(Harry grunting)
{(mumbling) You son of a bitch.
Get out my goddamn way.
I don't, I don't wanna be...
Better get a move on it.
Better get, better get a (mumbling).
Get on the stretcher.
Get on there.
Right there.
Okay, oh, God, okay.
(Harry groaning)
Jesus, fucking, Jesus.
Oh, God.
(flies buzzing)
(Harry groaning)
(footsteps pattering)
(dramatic orchestral music)
Fuck it.
You'll get us both Killed.
(ominous orchestral music)
(wind howling)
(water rushing)
(atmospheric orchestral music)
(Mitzi crying)
Where do we go now, Harry?
What do we do now?
Oh, shit.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(water rushing)
(ominous orchestral music)
Hey, hold it.
(X-ray rustling)
(ominous orchestral music)
(dramatic orchestral music)
Let's get to him, Harry.
[Harry] Oh, my God is it...
What is it?
Ah, it's traction.
He's put him in traction.
A medical discharge.
Matthew Crowley.
Come on, he's dead.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Come on.
He's going to do to us what
those Army quacks did to him.
He's going to butcher us.
[Harry] Come on, help me get him down.
Let's just get the
hell out of here, Harry.
Come on.
(chains jangling)
[Harry] Ah, Jesus.
(D.J. gasping)
He's alive?
Is he alive?
(D.J. gasping)
What are you doing, Harry?
Come on, let's get out of
here, for Christ sake.
(wind howling)
We can't leave him like this.
What are you going to do, Harry?
Kill him.
You're crazy.
You hear me, you're crazy.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(D.J. gasping)
(D.J. choking)
(dramatic orchestral music)
Hey, Mitzi?
Goddamn it, Mitzi, where are ya?
Hey, Mitzi?
(water rushing)
Hey, Mitzi?
(wind howling)
(water rushing)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(Harry crying)
Gone, Marty.
I can't carry ya any further.
I'll come back for ya.
I swear.
Please, understand.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(Harry sighing)
(ominous orchestral music)
(insects chirping)
(water running)
(bird singing)
(Harry groaning)
(flies buzzing)
Oh, God.
(flies buzzing)
(Harry sniffing)
Mm, uh, uh, good.
Oh, God.
(pans clacking)
(chest lid squeaking)
(atmospheric orchestral music)
(ominous orchestral music)
(dramatic orchestral music)
[Jessie] Where are ya?
You in here?
(flies buzzing)
You're a Nazi. (Pans banging)
No more Killing, no more.
(glass shattering)
No more. (Pots clattering)
You're not going to kill us.
(glass shattering)
No more. (Ax whacking into chest)
(Jessie groaning)
[Harry] Come on!
- I'm not Matthew.
- Come on, you bastard.
[Jessie] It was Matthew.
(Jessie groaning)
You're blind.
[Jessie] Uh, who's that?
Who is that?
[Harry] Oh, Christ.
[Jessie] You one of them doctors?
- Yeah.
- I tried to stop him.
I tried.
(match striking)
(lantern clacking)
The others, where are the others?
They're dead.
(Jessie groaning)
I'm sorry.
No, it weren't you.
It weren't you.
(Jessie groaning)
What's your name?
Jessie. (Groaning)
[Harry] I'm gonna get you on the bed.
Here you go.
(Jessie gasping)
Ah, jeez.
I'm sorry.
Easy now.
(Jessie groaning)
It's not safe for ya here.
My brother ain't the same as us no more.
But he hunts good.
And he provides.
Go, son.
Go now.
[Harry] I don't know where to go.
(coughing) Now.
(ominous orchestral music)
(bushes rustling)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(leaves cracking)
(knife scraping)
(knife squelching in
flesh) (Harry screaming)
What the hell?
God, come on!
(rifle clacking)
Come on!
(Harry groaning)
God, help.
Oh, shit.
Oh, God.
(Mitzi groaning)
(Harry blowing)
(Harry sighing)
(glass shattering) (Mitzi groaning)
(ominous orchestral music)
[Mitzi] Help me.
Help me.
[Harry] Mitzi?
[Mitzi] Harry?
Oh, God, is that you?
Is that you?
[Harry] Where are ya?
[Mitzi] Help me, Harry.
I'm hanging from a tree or something.
I'm tied up, Harry.
Matthew, I got a gun.
Huh, you've got a gun?
- Hey, where is he?
- Behind me.
Somewhere behind me.
Help me, for Christ sake.
Where the hell did you go?
I came back for you.
- Ah, you bastard.
- I wouldn't have
left you there.
(match striking)
I swear.
Now come on, help me.
You got a gun, he's, he's not armed.
(Harry screaming) What is it, what is it?
- What the hell is it?
- Goddamn it.
[Mitzi] Answer me.
[Harry] My artery is severed, Mitzi.
The popliteal.
[Mitzi] Jesus Christ.
Help me.
You gotta a gun, - Ah, shit.
You gotta a gun.
Come out and get him.
Kill him now.
I'll count it off for you.
The kind of reach you got.
[Harry] Mitzi?
Don't show panic now. (Match striking)
- Let me help you.
- Does he speak?
- Please.
- Does he understand language?
I don't know.
[Harry] Here I come.
No panicking.
Harry, don't think.
Don't think.
He's behind me, building a fire.
(logs clacking)
Harry, he's going to burn me.
Shoot him, use the gun.
Use the gun.
I can't see him.
Help me, for Christ sake, help me.
Harry, he's talking.
He's trying to say something.
[Harry] What? Repeat it.
[Mitzi] I can't make it out.
Jess, something.
Jessie, it's his brother.
- You got him?
- He's in here.
Bring him out, for Christ sake.
(fire crackling) What's
the matter with you?
He wants his brother, Harry.
Trade him, Harry, trade the fucker.
[Harry] Shut up.
Or I'll leave you there.
Okay, alright.
(fire crackling) Whatever you say.
I'm sorry.
Just hurry, for Christ sake, Harry.
I swear I wouldn't have left ya, Harry.
I was coming back and I...
He's bringing more wood
- Matthew?
- For the fire.
No, Jessie says, no.
(fire roaring)
- Help, fire!
My, God, you won't try.
Get out here, you bastard, get out here.
- He's, he's burning me.
- Shut up.
(fire roaring)
- Get out here, you bastard.
- Let me handle it.
[Mitzi] Get out here.
Help me!
Help me!
(fire roaring)
You son of a bitch.
- He wants his brother.
- I'm not bargaining.
I can't hear you. (Fire roaring)
- I won't panic.
- Bring him out!
[Harry] No time.
- Bring him out.
- There's no time now.
Oh, I'm gonna cauterize it.
- What?
- I'm gonna
cauterize it.
- Harry, how?
- Just fine.
- How?
- Black powder.
What about burn shock? (Fire roaring)
Harry, let me do it.
- Come on out and I'll fix you.
- Shut up.
Jesus, Harry. (Fire roaring)
Bring him out.
- War, this is.
- I'll help you.
[Harry] War, this is.
- Your brother's dead.
- No!
[Mitzi] Get out, you gutless bastards!
Get out!
You're killing me you son of a bitch.
You'll burn in hell if you leave me here.
You're killing me, you son of a bitch.
- Shut up.
- You're killing me.
It's burning oh, God, help me~
Shut up, shut up.
- Let me talk.
- You gutless
- Mathew, I killed Jessie.
- Bastard!
[Mitzi] He killed your brother.
He killed your brother.
(dramatic orchestral music)
He killed him, Matthew.
(Matthew screaming)
Matthew get out,
Matthew, no!
(Mitzi screaming)
No, (screaming), no, no! (Fire roaring)
(Mitzi screaming) (Matthew screaming)
Get him!
Help me!
(Matthew groaning) (fire roaring)
(Matthew mumbling)
(fire roaring)
(Matthew groaning)
(dramatic orchestral
music) (Matthew screaming)
(objects clattering) (fire roaring)
(metal clanking) (objects clattering)
(Harry panting)
(objects clattering)
[Harry] (screaming) Come on, goddammit.
Get away, get away.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
(gun firing) Come on!
(Harry panting)
(atmospheric orchestral music)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(gun firing)
(insects chirping)
(fire roaring)
(birds chirping)
(footsteps pattering) (Harry sighing)
(stick scraping)
(stick clattering)
(atmospheric orchestral music)