River King, The (2005) Movie Script

Jeez. Come on.
Dull day.
Look, there's Doreen Barker.
What the hell are you doing?
She's gonna think that was me.
Like that's an awful thing.
She's got a great rack on her.
Abel, we just got a report from 2
kids I think you need to check out.
So what happened last night?
It's not gonna work out.
We want different things.
You can tell all that
from a first date?
You know, all she wanted
to do was talk.
That doesn't mean you have
to set a wedding date.
I live vicariously through you,
Abe. Sad but true.
And you ain't getting
enough sex for me.
Take it up with your wife.
My wife, she's got me
running ragged.
Take a look right there.
I see it.
What do you think
we're supposed to do with him?
I don't know.
Shall we yank him out?
No, we should probably
get a picture or something.
Why don't we get Kenny on the radio
and get him over here with his camera?
The Fotomart doesn't open till 10
and Kenny doesn't have a cell phone.
Keep pulling him, come on.
- Can you believe this?
- No.
You recognize him?
He's gotta be one of the kids
from the Haddan School.
What do you figure
we're supposed to do now?
I don't know. We should wait for
Forensics to come in from across county.
Probably right.
What the hell is that?
Is that blood?
Right, that's weird.
What the fuck is that?
I have no idea.
I don't know,
something doesn't sit right.
This could be a homicide.
I got a feeling.
It could be that
or, you know...
You see that?
A kid...
in the woods over there.
I could have sworn
I just saw a kid...
You okay?
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
This place gives me
the creeps. Always did.
I think you'll be okay, Joey.
You got your gun with you.
Murder, betrayal, revenge...
ghosts, witches, sex...
drugs and sword fights
with a few jokes thrown in.
If you can find something with
all of that, that is fine by me.
They found a body
in the river this morning.
Saying it's Gus Pierce.
They're saying
he killed himself.
Who are?
I'm just telling you
what the dean told me.
A bright boy,
no doubt about it.
But he'd been behaving oddly
these last few weeks.
In what ways?
He wouldn't change
his clothes.
Wouldn't go to classes,
stayed in bed day after day.
He was in Chalk House,
you see.
Well no, actually,
we don't see.
What exactly is
the significance of that?
Only that it's our most
venerable boy's house.
We have four.
Sharpe, Otto, Denton
and Chalk.
Everyone wants to be
in Chalk.
Gus was there because of his
perfect scores in his aptitude tests.
There are distinct advantages
to being there.
They have a maid,
for instance.
A maid?
And their own parking area.
So they can have a car on campus.
It seems to pay off.
Chalk boys always graduate
top of the class.
I'm guessing that Gus wasn't
the typical Chalk House boy.
Bit of an outsider, really.
God, you know, I just feel...
terrible I didn't see
how depressed he was.
So moody sometimes, but...
I never thought
he'd commit suicide.
- We're not talking suicide.
- No-one mentioned anything about suicide.
We don't know how
this boy died.
If it's all right with you, we'd
like to take a look at his room.
Yes, of this course.
Are you trying to burn
the place down?
- Not a bad idea.
- Where's Kenny?
He's not coming.
He's over at Fotomart.
- What?
- No photographs? Why not?
Word from the Chief was: "Don't bother him.
Don't take too much time with any of...
- Come on, we need photos.
- That's what the guy said.
What a dump!
Who would have thought it?
And this is with a maid.
Excuse me.
Is this
August Pierce's room?
- Is it?
- Yeah.
Was he a friend of yours?
So, this must be the dead
kid's room.
Does that mean
she knows something?
So what do you think we're
supposed to be looking for here?
I have no idea.
Nothing. Don't touch anything,
leave it all to me.
Calm yourself down, Farris.
We're not gonna break anything.
I'm not gonna break
You know, it's a little weird.
Dean says that this kid was a mess...
and yet he kept his room
real tidy.
Here we go. Bingo.
A little bit of the weed.
Now, do you think the kid smoked the wacky
tobacco, went out for a walk and drowned.
We got a possible homicide, and you
wanna go with the accident theory?
Well, you heard what the man
said. The kid was a loser.
He said he was a loner.
Loner, Joey, big difference.
Excuse me, miss.
I'd like to ask you a favor.
You know, Abe, maybe if you want I
can get her phone number for you.
I don't know, Joey, you're
the one that seems interested.
I can take that roll of film
off your hands now.
I develop my own. But if you
wanna take it, take it...
No, why don't you just drop it
off at the station house and...
make sure you include
the bill.
So, what do you teach here?
Photography and English Lit.
- Did you go to school here?
- No, no.
Nobody from town goes
to Haddan.
We actually don't even like to come on
to the property. Gives us the creeps.
I guess it can be
kind of pleased with itself.
Yeah, a little bit.
You know, I...
saw August Pierce last night.
Where was this?
In the woods. He was with another
student, Carlin Leander...
and they were arguing.
Were the two of them dating?
I don't think so.
- Anything else?
- No.
I just thought you should know.
Well, thank you.
Be careful with Carlin.
She's a good kid.
Yeah, I know, I said
I'd be there, but I can't.
You've gotta make
other plans.
Mary Beth, listen, this is huge,
it's a department thing.
It's everything
we've talked about.
The promotion, the pay grade,
the whole nine yards. Yeah.
Tell your mother I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
Is somebody in there?
No, I hear you.
Yeah, okay.
We'll be there in a sec.
Chief wants us back
at the station right away.
Great, you guys are back.
Abel, I need you to head out
to the airport right away...
pick up the kid's father and
take him over to the Haddan Inn.
I wanna see him.
All right.
Gus's things are all up
in your room.
Thanks for seeing me.
Since you don't know me
or anything.
I'm happy to meet
any friend of Gus's.
He always made out that...
he didn't have any.
I just wanted you to know...
he fell.
It was an accident.
I'm sure.
I'm so sure.
The coat is still damp.
Probably just fall apart.
He got it
at a secondhand store.
We had a fight over it.
Naturally, he won.
He would.
Thank you.
Hey, Carlin.
Are you okay?
You wanna ride back to campus?
No, thanks, I'll walk.
So, tell me about Gus.
What's to know?
It was all my fault.
How do you figure that?
We had a fight.
I was horrible to him.
We called each other names.
I was so mad I let him walk off.
I didn't even go after him.
- You didn't see what happened, did you?
- No.
Well, then we can't be sure,
can we?
He left me notes all the time,
for no reason.
If he'd meant to do it,
he would have written to me.
And this coat, he would have left
on the bank, neatly folded.
I know he would.
He was running away from me
and he fell.
Is that what you told
his father?
Why should he have to think that
Gus killed himself when he didn't?
I just wanted him
to know the truth.
And you're sure
that's the truth?
Just drop me here.
I have to go round back,
it's after curfew.
All right.
Hey, it's me, Harry.
It's only me.
- Jesus Christ!
- What the hell are you doing out here?
- You scared the shit out of us.
- I scared you? Who did you think I was?
Two of the guys
thought you were a bear.
What's that on your face?
That's blood.
It's all right. It's only mine.
We're just messing around.
Having a house meeting.
Look, I have to swear you
to secrecy on this, right?
Yeah. Sure, I swear.
Your coat's all wet.
Is that Gus Pierce's coat?
- Is that a problem?
- You can't wear that.
Are you telling me
what I can and can't do?
Better get back to Robbie
and your boys.
See you tomorrow.
Mind if I sit down?
Those idiots from the
Haddan School in the next car...
are driving me crazy.
That's where I'm going,
the Haddan School.
Yeah, but you're not an idiot.
That's the difference.
I'm August Pierce.
Born on the 7th day
of the 7th month...
and cursed with bad luck.
Choose a number between 1 and 20.
And don't tell me what it is.
Go on, choose.
Was I right?
I was right, wasn't I?
Yeah, you were right.
Simple probability. Most people
go for either 3 or 7.
I'm not most people.
And we might as well
get this over with, okay.
I'm not interested
in flirting...
in you.
Why would you be?
What did the Chief
wanna talk about last night?
He said that the kid probably
fell in the river upstream...
floated down
to where we found him.
He's basing this on what?
He was there?
Look, the kid, between September
and November of last year...
had been to the nurse's office
5 times...
for extreme migraines.
He was on his third
He was inattentive,
he was surly...
he was isolating
from his class mates...
his grades were suffering
Where did you get
this information?
Last night,
Glen showed me the kid's file.
You should get one of these, Abe.
Makes a very good cappuccino.
- You want one?
- No, thank you.
What's this about the Pierce
kid's death being an accident?
Who said anything
about an accident?
Based on the kid's medical records,
it looks like suicide to me.
You don't think there's a possibility
somebody had a hand in this?
There's nothing to suggest
foul play. Nothing.
Come on, Chief,
you don't really believe that.
Yes, I do.
And so do the folks
at the Haddan School.
I'm sure they do.
Let it go, Abe.
You know, I don't wanna be the
amateur psychologist here, but...
do you ever stop and think that
all your concern about this...
might have something to do
with your brother Frank?
Do you mind if I ask, were you
and Gus seeing each other?
No. Harry's my boyfriend.
I can't talk to him about this,
though. He's jealous.
Gus and I used to come here
all the time.
To read or smoke cigarettes.
Talk shit
about other students.
Now that he's gone,
I feel like half a person.
I was hoping to spend
the Christmas holidays with him.
We were gonna go to the city
and see three movies in a row.
Eat too much.
How did Harry
feel about that?
He didn't like it.
I guess I didn't care.
Well, do you mind
if I ask you something?
What did you and Gus
argue about that last night?
Could be helpful.
Some stupid mid-term party
he wasn't invited to.
He disapproved of Harry.
Although... Harry could be
a bit of an ass sometimes.
Have fun at your orgy?
Hardly an orgy.
Just a keg of beer...
and some assholes
dancing around a fire.
Are you sure you're allowed
to even talk to me?
What do you mean by that?
Won't your boyfriend
see us together?
Bad girl.
You know,
you'd better watch it.
- He's a monster.
- Who, Harry?
Thought you were smarter
than this, Carlin.
But you're just like
everyone else.
Well, I'd rather be like
everyone else than be like you.
No-one will even sit next
to you, you're so disgusting.
Why don't you wash?
It's pathetic.
Everyone says
you're such a loser.
I didn't mean that.
Yes, you did.
You meant every word.
Maybe we should just not talk
for a while.
For both our sakes.
Maybe we should just...
take a break.
If I thought
he killed himself...
that would be the end.
Hi, I'm...
Yeah, we'll take care
of that immediately.
I brought you
those photographs you wanted.
Thank you.
I have something else
I'd like to show you.
What, you mean
this smudge here?
Yeah, I just thought
it was weird.
It looks like a face.
Could it be maybe
a mix-up of some sort?
Maybe there was an image
already on the film or...
Like a double exposure?
- Yeah, like a double exposure.
- Maybe.
If it's okay, I'd like to have our
guy at the lab take a look at these.
Of course. Look,
I hope there's some mistake.
I can't get it out
of my head.
It's giving me the creeps.
You don't think
he killed himself, do you?
- What makes you say that?
- Don't know, just sense it.
Let's just say I'm keeping
an open mind. What about you?
I hope not,
for Carlin's sake.
Look, I hope this
isn't inappropriate, but...
how would you feel
about dinner?
No big deal,
just food on a plate.
I'm getting married
on June the 17th.
The Willow Room at The Inn.
Sorry to hear that.
If you can think of anything else
that might be helpful give me a call.
That's my card.
It's got my number right there.
Will do.
Most amateurs use a standard
stop bath in their tank.
If the solution's
too cold...
it can cause the emulsion
to smear or crack...
especially at this time
of year.
You think maybe she made a mistake
when she was developing this?
You should have brought it
to me.
You see that?
What does that
look like to you?
Not much.
It says that there was faecal
matter found in his lungs.
- Are you saying it was human waste?
- Human as can be.
And I remember
when you were Chief...
wasn't there an environmental study
done on the river a couple of years back?
The town put in the strictest
sewage laws in the country.
The folks
over on Main Street...
they had to install
completely new septic tanks.
Cost a fortune.
Been running clean
ever since.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
So, how are you doing anyhow?
How's the leg treating you?
The leg's fine.
I was thinking about maybe going
to see Frank this weekend.
I haven't been there
in some time.
That's good, son.
I was wondering, do you ever
think about him at all?
Listen, I got something
on the stove.
We'll talk.
Yeah, dad. Take care.
Hey, kid.
Hey, wait up a second.
No footprints.
Do you ever wonder
what comes next?
Share of the department,
a university position.
I meant after death.
Well, luckily...
we can both be buried
in the Haddan School cemetery.
How did you know
I was the one for you?
What made you so sure?
What do you mean?
What sort of a question's that?
You just sort of know,
don't you? I just...
I just feel happier.
makes me feel happier.
Here it is.
The water's clean and clear with only
trace amounts of fish eggs and algae.
Nothing more. You could
practically drink the stuff.
Thank you, Matt.
Oh, one other thing.
I found this Haddan School scarf
down by the bridge.
Probably nothing,
but why not run a test on it?
Yeah. Okay.
Take a look at this.
Human excrement.
Found in the boy's lungs
but not in the Haddan River.
So does that make
any sense to you?
Mary Beth wants me to work
weekends as a security guard...
to bankroll a trip
to Disney World.
That makes any sense?
The kid didn't commit suicide, because
he didn't drown in the Haddan River.
So you think the kid
drowned some place else?
And then was dumped
in the river.
The kid drowned in the river.
Suicide. End of story.
I'll handle it.
- Can you believe this?
- Yeah, I know.
Let's grab our civvies
and go for a beer, okay?
I thought you said
we were gonna go get some beer?
Hang on here for a second.
Here, have a chocolate.
You have to fucking be kidding me.
Now you're taking pay-offs too?
This town gets plenty from
the school. Why shouldn't we?
Because we're cops.
How about that?
They treat us like their own
personal security department.
We should at least get paid
for our services, Abe.
What are those services?
Don't go digging around
when they tell us not to?
Come on!
You heard what the Chief said.
It's out of our hands.
It's a done deal.
Maybe for you.
You don't have three kids,
do you?
You don't have a wife barking up
your ass every day...
for cash.
It's fucking mind-blowing.
That doesn't change anything, Joey.
Now do me a favor and stop the car.
- For Christ's sake, don't get all...
- Stop the goddamn fucking car!
I brought you something.
Can I come in?
Yeah, be my guest.
What do you think
about these?
Do you think maybe Gus
is trying to tell us something?
Either that
or we're both crazy.
Why come by to show these
to me tonight?
Why not wait till morning?
Because I couldn't wait.
Come on.
Well, folks, we got
a quick weather warning here.
A cold front has really come down
and it is cold out there.
Hi, it's Carlin,
Gus's friend.
Can I see you?
They have some stupid
'hazing' ritual.
Part of a secret society.
It's based on the doctrines
of some 16th century French guy...
called Martin de Pasquale.
They call themselves The Order
Of The Elect. It's pathetic.
And your friend Gus,
was he a member of this club?
Harry said Gus
was a mistake.
He used to have this nickname
for him. Faker.
Because you just didn't know
if he could be trusted.
Nathaniel Glass...
and Gus Pierce.
One hateful exploit...
will bind these two young men
to us...
they're brothers...
This night...
you must kill a rabbit
and drink its blood.
What if I don't wanna kill
a rabbit?
There is only one way
to avoid initiation...
and still retain membership
with full privileges.
And that is to perfect the trick
that our illustrious founder...
Doctor Howe insisted
his wife execute...
in exchange for her freedom.
All you have to do is take one
of the white roses...
that grow
by the girls' dorm...
and before our very eyes
turn the bloom red.
Turn a white rose red?
It's winter, they aren't
in bloom at the dorm.
Any white rose then.
As long as you turn it red.
I wouldn't try it, Faker.
It's easier to kill
the rabbit.
You see, Gus liked that.
He could do tricks,
his father taught him.
And he was desperate
to get one up on Harry.
- You in there?
- Come on in, it's safe.
- You ready?
- I'll just get my coat.
Why are you taking pictures
of empty rooms?
Do you think it's weird?
What's weird?
The smudge.
It's a thumb print,
isn't it?
Yes. It's a thumb print.
Now come on,
we're gonna be late.
Mr. Pierce,
thank you for speaking with me.
No problem.
How can I help you?
I'm just trying to collect as much
information about Gus as I can.
I was told that he liked
to do magic tricks.
Yeah. I taught him some.
I used to do it on weekends.
Kids' parties,
that kind of thing...
when I was younger,
when I taught high school.
Was Gus any good?
He had a gift for it.
Sleight of hand, card tricks.
Why do you ask?
What about a trick where
he could turn a white rose red?
You mean change its color?
It's not an illusion that I ever
taught him. I haven't done it.
Does he have any brothers
and sisters I could speak with?
he was an only child.
I'll give you a call
if I have any news.
Thanks again for your time.
I should never have sent him
to that damn school.
I'll give you a call
when I hear something.
- Mr. Herman's office?
- He's in there, sir.
- Eric Herman?
- Yes. Can I help?
Yeah, I'd like to ask you
a few questions about Gus Pierce.
This way.
I'm curious if Gus ever mentioned
The Order Of The Elect?
- The what?
- Order Of The Elect.
A secret society
at Chalk House.
Is it?
No, I've never heard of it.
He did pay me a visit
at one point.
Began to spin some far-fetched
tale about his mistreatment.
He had some bruises,
granted, but...
I felt that they could
have been self-inflicted.
So you just assumed
he was lying?
We felt that he was unstable, that
his work in class was wretched.
His behavior was anti-social.
Frankly, I didn't think
he'd last the semester.
Well, he didn't, did he?
I didn't mean it like that.
That was a stupid thing to say.
Perhaps I could have been
a little bit more sympathetic.
You have some responsibility
to these boys, don't you?
Isn't that what teaching's
all about?
No, education
is not just about learning.
It's about learning to live.
I always take the Spartans
as an inspiration for this.
- The Spartans?
- Yeah. You familiar with them?
Citizens of Sparta,
4th century BC.
Yeah. I know who they are. I'm just curious
as to what they have to do with Gus Pierce.
They taught their young men...
that individualism
is highly overrated.
You're stronger as a whole.
I like to think that we try
and achieve that here...
in some small way.
Thank you, Mr. Herman.
I am so sorry. I made a terrible
mistake the other night and...
I got carried away.
It was rash and...
I've started something that...
that I can't finish.
I understand.
I'm sorry.
No, I can't.
Why? What is wrong?
I can't do this.
I can't lie to him.
Well then, don't lie to him.
Just tell him the truth.
Tell him about us.
I don't wanna screw things up.
I like my life here.
I like my job.
means everything to me.
I don't know what one
has to do with the other.
I'm not asking you
to quit your job.
I can't.
Why aren't you packing?
I'm not going.
You don't wanna come skiing
at my dad's?
We've made all the plans.
They were your plans,
Okay, I'm selfish.
I want you there with me.
What's wrong with that?
I changed my mind,
that's what's wrong with that.
Well fuck you.
I'll take someone else.
Take Nathaniel or Robbie.
You prefer their company anyway.
Hey, Carlin.
You didn't wanna go home
for vacation?
I wanted to stay with Gus.
Won't your parents miss you?
They won't even notice.
We'll have to find you something
more stimulating to do...
while you're here.
I'm fine.
What are you doing
out there?
It's okay, it won't crack.
I wouldn't be so sure
of that.
It won't.
Gus'll protect me.
Okay, young lady.
That's enough.
What do you say we get off
the ice right now?
I can feel
the water move beneath me.
And if the ice breaks
and you go in the water...
I may not be able to save you. So
what do you say we get off there?
I told you.
Gus'll protect me.
Carlin, Gus is dead.
Working late?
Make the rest of us
look bad.
It's a little too late
for that, isn't it?
Abe, I made a huge mistake. I should
never have brought you along.
I should have kept you out of it.
Like everyone said.
I thought your mistake
was taking the money.
You want me to say the kid
was murdered?
Fine, he was murdered.
And maybe Frank was too.
Maybe what you wanna somebody shot
him. Is that what you wanna hear?
No, it just doesn't...
feel right.
You know, nobody wants
to take it any further.
I don't know what to do.
Glen Tyson seems to know
what he's doing.
Dad, the boy's own father
doesn't think he killed himself.
I mean, is that...
how you felt
when Frank died?
I can't remember how I felt.
Yeah, well, maybe that's
what people do, right?
They don't wanna accept it.
You know,
you never said why...
you thought
Frank killed himself.
- I don't know why he killed himself.
- But you must have given it some thought.
Did you think
it was an accident?
Were you surprised? Was Frank capable
of doing something like that?
Did he ever mention anything?
- It was a long time ago.
- Jesus Christ, dad.
Now look, I just wanna talk to you about
this. You never talked to me about it.
I don't hold with all
this emotionalism.
It's best to let things lie.
Let things lie?
There's no point stirring it up.
The past is the past.
He was your son, goddamn it!
I just wanna know
how you felt?
I felt ashamed.
That's how I felt.
He was weak!
And I felt ashamed.
What the hell's up with you?
Are you okay?
You look
a million miles away.
Get off me, man!
- Get off me!
- Relax, relax.
- I fucked up, Joey.
- Asshole!
You fucking...
What's your problem?
Who's there?
Anybody there?
I wasn't gonna give you this,
but then I realized...
Gus can't get into trouble.
I found it hidden
in his coat...
but I really don't think that
it's his. He wasn't into coke.
What makes you think
it's coke?
What else would it be?
Aniline crystals.
- Aniline crystals?
- I knew it wasn't heroin.
Could have been cocaine cut with baking
powder. But no, it's aniline crystals.
The same as the residue we found
on the kid's chest and clothes.
The red stuff on his chest?
- It was all in the report.
- Not in the report I read.
Let me ask you. Where might someone
get these aniline crystals?
Any pharmacy.
Simple but effective.
My little brother
is driving me crazy.
Well hey there, stranger.
I like your hair.
No you don't.
Should have come with us.
We had a blast.
I have something for you.
Come to my room later.
This better be good.
Who sent those?
I bought them.
But now I want
red roses instead.
Turn them red,
why don't you?
Gus could,
couldn't he, Harry?
If you're implying
that I had something to do...
with what happened to Gus,
you're wrong.
I wouldn't have wasted
my time on him.
I just don't think he was a great
loss the way that you obviously do.
I think you'll find
that's my desk.
- Is there something you wanna tell me?
- Nothing to tell.
Are you trying to hide
It's a Haddan kid's scarf.
Yeah and it says right here that they found
traces of human blood and faeces on it.
Did they match it
to the Pierce kid?
And what about these initials
"NG"? Did you check that out?
What difference
does it make?
It's over.
I called earlier
about getting a list...
of all the Chalk House
- How are you doing?
- All right, I guess.
I wondered
when I might run into you.
How's the investigation
Actually, there doesn't seem
to be much of one any more.
Excuse me.
Tasty burger?
It's okay.
Nathaniel, right?
Nathaniel Glass. Initials N G?
I was hoping you could answer a few
questions about August Pierce.
I don't have anything
to say about that.
Nathaniel, you know
we found your scarf.
Near the bridge,
near where Gus's body...
was pulled from the river.
Had traces of blood on it and faeces.
Do you wanna explain that to me.
Yeah. My scarf, I lost it.
Nathaniel, this boy is dead.
Now tell me what happened
that night.
Like they say...
he jumped in the river.
Then you'll come down to station house
first thing tomorrow morning...
and you'll make a statement to that fact.
And you'll sign it.
If you wanna talk before then
here's my number.
Feel free to call.
I wanna talk.
You're doing the right thing,
Nathaniel. I'm listening.
I didn't do anything wrong.
As long as you know that.
Who's there?
- Grab him!
- Nathaniel?
- I didn't say anything!
- Nathaniel?
- Excuse me, you know where I can find...?
- Jenkins.
I think you're
in the wrong place.
I'm here to see
Nathaniel Glass.
Out of luck.
He's in the hospital.
Accident this morning.
Fell down the stairs, actually.
Landed very badly, apparently.
They all come running down here as
if they're being chased by a bull.
Perhaps now they'll be
a little more careful.
You had to push it didn't you?
Couldn't take my advice.
We got a kid
who was severely beaten.
Accident. Boy, he isn't
saying any different.
Because he's terrified.
You wanna go and make out that
the Pierce kid's death...
was some kind of 'hazing'
gone wrong?
You'll make the school
look bad.
Is that what we're concerned about?
Whether or not the school looks bad?
Did you know that the Haddan School
has made a contribution...
that's gonna let us start work
on a medical centre?
There's gonna be a party
to celebrate next weekend.
I couldn't give a shit.
There's my gun.
There's my shield.
I'm done.
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
I'd say you have a couple of minutes
before that ice cracks and you go under.
Stay right where you are. You're not
going anywhere until you do some talking.
Once you're in the water, it's
frozen all the way down-stream.
I figure you'll be dead by
the time you hit the town limits.
I can feel it cracking.
Then tell me what the hell
happened to Gus!
Gus was an asshole,
who cares about him?
- He would never have amounted to anything!
- And how the hell would you know, huh?
Now tell me the truth.
What happened?
Grab him.
- Downstairs.
- Hold him.
Let go!
Let go! Let go!
No, no, let go.
Look at the big shot now.
Don't let him up!
Keep him down.
Let him go,
he's not fighting back
- That's the whole point.
- He's drowning!
Shut up!
When we left him there,
he was still alive.
you have to believe me.
Look, I didn't do it,
Look, it's the truth.
Please, I didn't do it.
You're lying.
And I'm gonna make you pay
for what you've done.
There's no easy way to say this,
Mr. Pierce, but...
I know who killed your son.
You do?
And my problem is that's made me
a little unpopular back home...
and I've left the Force.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So, I can't bring this boy in,
but you can.
How would you feel about bringing
a civil case against the boy?
His name's Harry McKenna.
And he drowned your son.
We can get him to confess.
There were other witnesses.
Let me show you something.
I've been putting off going
through his stuff, and then...
when you called...
I found this.
It's a... it's a Chinese box.
Magicians use them
to make things disappear.
You'd have to know what you
were doing to find something.
It's a...
suicide note...
to Carlin...
I know you wanted things
to be different, and...
God knows, so did I.
But there it is.
I guess
she should have it now.
When we left him there
he was still alive.
Look, you have
to believe me.
It's the truth!
Oh my God.
I should have known.
You faker.
I need you for something.
Frank, shall we go fishing?
You can't come with me,
Don't be telling nobody
I got this gun, you swear?
Don't tell nobody.
You swear?
I swear.
I swear, Frank.
Good boy.
- I want you to have this.
- Your arrow head?
You swear?
I swear.
I swear, Frank.
That's my boy.
Get on home now, you hear?
I'll see you later.
I've just cleaned out
the garage...
I had an extra one of those,
thought you might need it.
How about a cup of coffee,
No thanks. I can't stay.
You know,
it's funny when you...
you look back and...
you see these things
that you thought were clues and...
you realize they weren't.
That morning
I remember Frank got early...
and made a big breakfast.
French toast.
Then he was out front
washing his car.
You know, I...
I went with him
to get the gun, dad.
He told me he needed it
for target practice.
I did it.
I even climbed through
the window to get it for him.
That was wrong of him.
You heard
what I said right, dad.
I mean... I got the gun.
I helped him do it.
Oh, he tricked you.
I knew that there was
something wrong that morning...
because he hugged me.
And he never liked
being hugged.
Even when he was a baby.
It wasn't his way.
They're kicking Harry
out of school.
They're saying he beat up
He had something to do
with Gus's death?
Is that why they really
are kicking him out?
Harry didn't have anything
to do with it.
Gus just had an accident.
No-one's to blame.
And certainly not you.
How do you know?
they checked the riverbank
where Gus used to go and smoke.
Found a rock with traces
of his blood on it...
near his footprints.
Seems he just slipped
and hit his head.
Look, I'm sorry.
Hello everybody and thank you
so very much for being here.
It's my pleasure to welcome you
to the inauguration...
of the Haddan County
Medical Centre.
Remember me?
Sure do.