River Road (2022) Movie Script

(ominous music)
[Travis] I could tell
you about the first time
I committed armed robbery.
Put your hands
on your fucking head!
I'm not fucking with you!
Open the register!
Get the money, get the money!
I'll blow your fucking head off!
(ominous music)
Things didn't get bad
until I started doing heroin
with her.
I think you mentioned
her at a meeting.
What happened with her?
Fuck. You just never think
it's gonna happen to you.
Do you?
That things could get that bad.
That dark.
You're my sponsor, so I guess
I'll just tell you everything.
(intense music)
(suspenseful music)
[Travis] I'd just got back a from three
month North American tour with my band.
(energetic rock music)
Partying hard
in a different city every nigh.
(upbeat house music)
I was burnt out.
(light music)
My aunt had just retired and
moved to Mexico for a year.
She let me stay in her
cabin while she was gone.
Just off the Fraser River,
with the endless farmlands
of the delta to the south.
I thought it'd be a great place
to dry out after the tour.
This place is the shit.
[Travis] Cole was
the first friend I made
when I moved to Vancouver
for high school.
It's all fuckin' trees!
Yeah man
I think I'm gonna hold back on
the partying
for a little while.
This tour was intense.
Going fucking crazy every night.
Way too much blow.
Yeah, I haven't been
drinking much lately
now that I'm in training.
If you wanna come by
the gym sometime
and get back in shape
just let me know.
Sick, yeah.
Yeah, I might do that.
Hey, did Jonesy come back
into town with you guys?
I texted him but the prick
never got back to me.
Jonesy actually picked
up a roadie gig in Boston
so he's touring the
States for a few months.
Good for him.
Oh yeah, I might be having
a little get-together
here next week.
Nothing crazy, just,
you know, just chill.
But I'll let you know
what night.
Nothing crazy?
Sounds good, sounds good.
[Travis] I started getting
up early.
Eating only healthy foods.
I had a new routine.
After my morning smoothie,
I'd meditate for half an hour.
Then I'd go for a run.
(upbeat music)
Some days I'd train
with Cole at his gym.
Then I'd spend the rest
of the afternoon reading.
In the evenings I'd
go down to the lookout
on the dock with my notebook.
(light music)
Write lyrics and
watch the sunset.
You're in my spot.
Am I?
'Fraid so.
Well, I guess that's
too bad for you.
I haven't seen you before.
You live around here?
Maybe I do.
Maybe I don't.
Oh, I see how it is.
Okay, well if you don't,
maybe you should get the fuck
off this lookout.
Locals only.
Well maybe...
you should go fuck yourself.
Maybe I will.
Okay, have fun with that.
Oh, it's gonna be a blast.
Oh shit, you're
reading Bukowski?
I have that exact same edition.
He's, like, one of my all
time favorite writers.
You know, for an asshole,
you have pretty good
taste in authors.
I'm actually not an asshole.
My name's Travis.
Nice to meet you.
What do you got there?
This is a notebook.
Yeah, I usually come out
here every evening alone,
chill out and write.
What are you writing?
Mostly song lyrics.
Read me some lyrics.
You never answered my question.
Do you live around here?
No, I don't.
I actually live in the
United States of America.
Shit, you're American?
So, what are you
doing in Canada?
You know, how 'bout let's
play a little guessing game?
Either A, I'm here to
legally marry my lesbian lover,
B, I'm visiting a friend,
or C, I'm here to pursue
my career in porn.
First impressions, I'd go with
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
But I'm gonna go with
B, visiting a friend.
Is that your final answer?
I would like to lock that in.
I'm just visiting a friend
who lives up the road.
So, what part of the
States do you live in?
Right now I'm in Brooklyn,
but I travel a lot.
Yeah, me and my band
were just playing a show
in New York last month.
(phone chiming)
Oh shit. Sorry, one sec.
Hey, what's up man?
You're here already?
Yeah, yeah, I'll be right there.
All right, bye.
Sorry about that.
Me and my buddies
are actually planning
this little
get-together tonight.
Hey, if you're
not doing anything,
do you wanna come by?
Um, I don't know,
I'll have to see
what my friend is up to.
You can bring your
friend if you want.
I mean, you did promise
me you'd read me
some of your lyrics, so...
You gotta show up first.
We'll see.
I live three
houses up River Road.
It's the big cabin
there on the right.
Come by any time.
(phone chiming)
Fuck, I gotta go.
I'll see you later?
Hey man, what's up?
Yeah, yeah, just come by.
No, no.
I told you, we're
not having a party.
It's just gonna be a
chill get-together.
'Cause I'm taking
it easy right now
and that means don't bring
any fucking cocaine.
(upbeat hip-hop music)
Let's get fucking weird!
(party goers cheering)
It goes round and
round baby upside down
Runnin' runnin' round
all around this town
Never been lost and
you'll never be found
Just wanna get up she
don't wanna come down
Round and round
baby upside down
Runnin' runnin' round
all around this town
Never been lost and
you'll never be found
Just wanna get up she
don't wanna come down
(people chattering)
You're up.
Thank you.
Good to have you back.
It is good to be back.
Oh, that is some fire shit.
- ZOE: Hey.
Oh, shit.
I didn't know if
you were gonna come.
Here I am.
I tried to get my
friend to come by
but she's not feeling
very well tonight.
Oh, it's all good,
I'm just glad you came.
Oh, this is Zoe.
Oh hey, Katie, nice to meet you.
Me and Katie went to
high school together.
He was a little shit disturber
when he first moved here.
Oh, I can see he
hasn't changed at all.
Oh, I like this girl.
You have to be careful with
these rock musician types.
Especially the guitar players.
Whatever, you used to
date a hip-hop producer.
Yeah, and it was fucked.
No, we're still
good friends though.
Have you heard of Cash Dirty?
He has a couple
songs on the radio.
I don't think I have.
Hey, do you want a
beer, vodka, wine?
Vodka's good.
Vodka it is.
Do you take soda or...
Shit, okay.
Straight from the bottle.
[Katie] Holy shit.
Dang, you're a champ.
[Travis] Power stance.
(people cheering)
Oh shit, what's up?
Hold on one second.
Sorry, I'll be right back, okay?
- Okay.
[Travis] What's up, man?
You want a line?
Fuck yeah.
So, what do you do in Brooklyn?
I just graduated from art school
and so now I'm taking a
year off and traveling.
Where have you been so far?
I was in Europe
a few months ago,
and kind of went all over.
Nice, I love Europe.
I think Croatia's my favorite.
It's so beautiful.
Yes, absolutely.
Hey, sorry about that.
Oh, hello.
Hey, let me introduce
you to a few people, okay?
(hip-hop music)
Hey Laz, what's up man?
Trav man.
Wicked party bro!
Laz is a DJ, he plays keyboards.
Gimme some skin.
Hey, Zoe.
She's visiting from Brooklyn.
Fuck yeah.
View the world, man.
Yeah we met... how did we
At the smoke pit at that
Tragically Hip concert, man!
Got inspired, started a band.
The rest is history, baby.
[Laz] The rest is history, man.
Take it easy, brother.
- What's up, how you doing?
- What's up, man. (laughing)
Fuck, I missed you.
[Travis] I missed you too, man.
This guy is fucking insane.
Tell me about it.
Okay, when he moved from Ontario
this guy would drink in the
middle of the fucking day.
One time he ran naked
fucking holding a
fire extinguisher
running through the school
with the fire extinguisher
above your head
and everybody just stopped
and they just fucking
looked at you.
Recreate that tonight maybe?
Yeah, tonight is the night.
I like her.
(upbeat music)
Destroyed it!
Destroyed it.
Drink up.
Oh, what's up, dude.
What's up, man?
Hey, this is Jason, he's
the lead singer of our band.
This is Zoe.
- Hello.
Oh, hey Zoe, how's it going?
She's visiting from Brooklyn.
So this is, fucking, a
bad-ass guitar player.
I just want to let you know.
Although he's kind of
the looks in the band.
Like, we're the talent, I'm
the talent, he's the looks.
- Right.
- Even though I write
all the lyrics?
Okay, his lyrics are pretty
fucking good. What can I say?
He's got the talent
and the fucking looks.
What can I say?
Alright, you guys
have a good night.
Cheers, I'll talk to you later.
- Yeah, see ya bro.
- Are we gonna rehearse
a bit later?
In like a month?
- Yeah, a month.
You gotta recover from
the tour you motherfucker.
(upbeat music)
Yeah, so those are the
guys I was on tour with.
I wish you could meet my
best friend, Jonesy, though.
He's our roadie.
He's on tour with
another band right now.
You guys must be
doing pretty well
if you have a roadie
who tours with you.
Yeah, we're not doing too bad.
Our label let's us put
out whatever music we want
and we have enough fans
that follow us around,
so yeah, we're doing okay.
Speaking of music...
I think it's time you read
me some of your lyrics?
Yeah, my notebook's
in my bedroom
if you wanna go check 'em out?
Bedroom, huh?
Moving a little quick
there, rock star.
No, I didn't mean that.
I'm just fucking with you.
Let's go.
You are trouble.
Come on.
What's up, guys?
Oh, shit!
You need the room?
No, it's all good.
Just grabbing
something real quick.
Oh, okay, great.
This is Zoe,
she's from Brooklyn.
Hi Zoe from Brooklyn.
- You kids have fun.
- We will.
Hey, I've got some blow
from a friend of mine
if you want some.
Yeah, I'm down.
I wrote something
you might like.
"Under the surface
we're skin deep.
"Like twisted ivy crawling
up our hands and feet.
"Do you feel like a
fortune you can't steal
with a golden remedy?"
You like that?
Are you gonna grab my tits
or just be a little pussy?
It's supposed to be
really good shit.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What the fuck?
That's not blow.
Shit, it's H.
Fucking heroin?
Yeah, it must have got mixed up.
It happens on the east coast.
All the time.
It's okay.
I've done it before.
You just have to embrace it.
Don't try and fight the high.
(ominous music)
It's okay.
I've done it before.
You have to embrace it.
(distorted voice)
(etherial music)
[Travis] They always say
that the first time
you try heroin is the best.
After that, you're
just forever chasing
that initial feeling.
It felt like all
of my best friends
were hugging me at once.
And for the first
time in my life
everything was gonna be alrigh.
I was in love.
[AA Sponsor] With Zoe
or with heroin?
(etherial music)
I'd never met someone so alive.
Great sense of humor.
Always fucking with me.
She was so free and unafraid.
At night, we'd drink
wine and make love.
I didn't really think
about where it was heading.
There was a chance
it was temporary
because she was just visiting.
We were living every
day in the moment.
What about the heroin?
It didn't even come up again
until after a couple weeks.
Hey, so my flight back
to New York is for Monday.
Can you stay longer?
I don't know.
I don't know if I can stay
with my friend anymore.
She has someone
moving in with her.
Stay with me.
- Really?
Come on, you've been at my
house almost every night anyways.
Yeah, but it's different
when you live together
and there's no where to
give each other space.
And I don't know if
you can handle me.
I'm a passionate, vivacious
woman who doesn't take any shit.
Oh I can handle it.
Can you handle me?
'Cause I'm a fucking wild man.
Did you like it that
first night we met?
The heroin?
Yeah, it was fucking amazing.
I wasn't really planning
on doing it again.
It's the last of
it from that night.
Maybe just a little bump.
(light music)
When we finished up Zoe's stash
we had to find a new dealer
'cause her friend said
she couldn't remember
where she got it.
So who'd you go to?
Well I had never been
around much heroin.
But I knew one guy who had.
Sorry I couldn't make it
to your get-together, man,
I had some shit going on
I couldn't get out of.
How was it?
It was dope.
Yeah, it was more
of a full-on party.
I met this girl.
I fucking knew it
when you rolled up today
looking all smitten and shit.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, she's fucking
awesome, man.
She's American.
Oh, shit.
Well, that's a whole
different ballgame.
She's a bit wild.
A bit wild, hm?
She's American.
But she's so much
fun to be around.
Well good for you.
Hey, I was gonna ask you,
we're looking to get
a little weed tonight.
What's up with that dealer
you used to work for?
Who, Fresno?
Could I get his number?
Nah, I don't talk to
that guy anymore, man,
after I quit dealing for him.
Some shit went down and things
didn't end well between us.
And you don't wanna get
involved with him, man.
He's a pretty fucked up dude.
I met him a couple times.
It'll be chill.
No, fuck all that, man.
Why don't you just
go to a dispensary?
Yeah, I'll probably
just do that.
One on every
fucking corner, man.
- Hey.
- Hey, what's up?
That party was fun.
You still seeing that Zoe girl?
Yeah, it's actually
going really well.
Yo, Travie!
How you livin', dog?
What's up, man? How
you been?
Yo, I'm just killing it.
When's the last
time we kicked it?
We were partying at that
music festival in Montreal?
Right, man, you had some
hell a hot groupies backstage.
Like, all over your dick.
I'm talking next level puss.
You know, Cash,
not everybody just
hooks up with
groupies backstage.
Why you hatin'?
That's how I met you, isn't it?
Fuck you.
Yeah, that's why we're
not together anymore.
You can't keep your
dick in your pants.
Why would I wanna do that?
Can't contain this
beast, it needs to feed.
Mm, okay, yeah.
I'm just gonna let you guys
do whatever you gotta do.
We totally had sex earlier.
Fed the beast.
But what's up with you though?
Yeah, so I'm playing
with this Irish band
and they're looking for some H.
Told them I'd get 'em a hook-up.
You sell any of that shit?
Nah. I only fuck
with blow, dog.
H is Hell's Angels
and Triads shit.
And I aint white and I damn sure
ain't Chinese neither.
But you know what?
My Boy, Fresno, is
affiliated with H-A.
He slangs that shit.
You know, I'll just
give you his number.
Yeah, I got you.
I got you, I fuck with you, man.
Yo, you want some
waffles or some shit?
Where the fuck is the syrup?
She be hiding the
syrup on me and shit.
Big T in the
motherfucking house.
What up, bro?
- What's up, man?
Man, I was real touched
you hollered at me.
Come on in.
You want a Freezie?
No, I'm good. Thanks.
[Fresno] You still in that band?
Yeah, we just got off
tour about a month ago.
We're gonna start recording a
new album here pretty quick.
Fuck yeah, man!
Cole took me to a show you
guys played a while back.
Those songs were
catchy as tits, y'all.
This here Travis.
He a rock star.
Hey, what's up guys?
Well, where you
living at these days?
I'm back in Delta at my
aunt's place on River Road.
You right on the river?
Yeah, close, it's
like five minutes
from Pike Lookout.
Hm, I know the spot.
Yo, you wanna chill
out and smoke a bowl?
We gonna put on a Bruce
Lee movie or some shit.
Maybe a little
of that Chuck Norris.
Nah, Patrick Swayze, "Road
House", motherfucker.
Put that shit on repeat.
I would, I actually
gotta head out though.
Do you have the stuff
we talked about?
Oh, it's all ready
for you, homie.
(snaps fingers)
And just for your peace of mind,
we only sell clean shit here.
We the only
motherfuckers in town
who don't cut our
shit with fentanyl.
We like to keep it safe.
For the wellness
of the community.
Thanks, man.
Appreciate it.
Peace, homie.
(light music)
How did you end
up so fucking rad?
Tell me about your parents.
You wanna have the parents talk?
I wanna know more about
you, where you're from.
I don't really talk
about it that much.
Us Canadians like to keep
everything bottled up.
Maybe you should go first.
Fine, I'll go first.
My dad is actually
pretty square.
He's just a businessman.
Traveled a lot for work.
My mom is a full-out hippie.
I guess you could say
she was pretty cool.
I don't know how they
ever got together.
They were so opposite, but
they divorced when I was 12.
My mom kinda went
crazy for a bit.
Shit, I'm sorry.
It's okay though.
It was hard for
me in high school.
I turned inwards,
I got up in my head
and started acting out.
Typical weird teenager shit.
What about you?
Are your parents really
friendly Canadian folks?
My dad was your average,
Ontario, blue-collar drunk.
Got hammered every night and
was pretty much a real dick.
One day when I was eight,
I came home from school
and my mom told me he
just packed up and left.
Wasn't coming back.
Being that age, I didn't
really understand.
I didn't believe her.
Then after a few days when
he still didn't come back,
I ran out of the house
when mom was sleeping
and I snuck down to the bar
that he'd usually hang out at.
I walked in the door
and he was sitting
at the bar drinking a beer.
Laughing with his friends.
When they saw me the
laughter stopped.
I asked him if he was
ever gonna come home.
And he turned his
head and looked away.
His friend, Jimmy,
told me, "Go on home.
"Go on home to your mom."
And I started crying
and freaking out.
So Jimmy and this other friend
dragged me outta the bar.
My dad never even looked back.
They took me home.
My mom gave me shit.
And after a couple days
I went back to the bar
and he was not there.
I haven't seen him since.
Oh fuck.
I'm sorry that I asked
about your parents.
I'm a fucking idiot.
No, it's all good.
You didn't know.
I think the hardest thing
I've had to deal with is,
you know, the one question.
Why didn't he ever
wanna see me again?
It fucks with you.
Did you ever try to
track him down again?
No, I was so fucking pissed
at him for years after that.
I wanted to smash
his fucking head in.
So then how did you end up here?
When I was in my early teens,
I started drinking and hanging
out with a rough crowd.
We skipped school
and we vandalized.
We stole some shit.
Caused a bunch of mischief.
And apparently, my
mom couldn't handle me
so she sent me to Vancouver
to live with my aunt.
It was probably for the best.
My aunt's cool.
She taught me how
to play guitar.
And I channeled all that
crazy energy into music
and here we are.
Here we are.
Just two fucking losers
with mommy and daddy issues.
That's right.
We're the perfect couple.
(suspenseful music)
[Travis] As soon as I'd get high,
all my worries would float away.
It seemed like those moments
you only felt as a child.
Care free, no stress.
No guilt.
It was everything you'd
imagine the feeling
of real happiness to be.
And you wanted to feel
that way every moment
of every day.
(suspenseful music)
I started waking
up in cold sweats.
(lighter flicking)
Hey, I think we should cut back
on this for a little bit.
I'm kinda running low on cash.
You wanna stop doing it?
I can stop if you want to.
I don't really have any cash.
Can't really work in Canada
as an American citizen...
I'd have to get a work visa.
No, we don't have
to completely stop.
Just... maybe slow
down a little bit?
I do know a way we could get
more out of it.
What's that?
Well, when you smoke
it, you're wasting...
you know, half of it.
Even more sometimes.
We could shoot it.
Are you serious?
I can't put a needle in my vein.
That's like,
that's like full-out
junkie shit.
No, no, no.
You don't have to
stick it in your vein.
You can stick it
into your muscle.
It's not that bad.
It sounds pretty fucked up.
That's how Keith
Richards used to do it.
How do you think he stayed
alive for all of the 70s?
It's just like
getting a flu shot
or you know, a vaccine
when you travel.
You know, it's...
I just don't
think I can do that.
(ominous music)
Turns out I could.
(upbeat music)
I met her down at
the record shop
She was into new wave
and old punk rock
This is sounding pretty good.
Dude, that's sick.
Let's pop to the chorus.
I just wanna make sure that
kick is fully locked in
with that bass.
She said come just
a little bit closer
Heart beats a
little bit slower...
Oh, hey man.
What's up?
Hey man, you're like
two hours late, dude.
What's up?
Yeah, sorry man, I
just got this crazy flu.
I'm sick as fuck.
Yeah, you look like shit, dog.
Shit, are you all right?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm good to go.
Dude, check out
these synth parts
that Laz just laid down, man.
It's so dope.
Oh yeah, you gotta
check this out.
Have a listen.
We drove into the night and
then I saw her...
It's good, right?
Yeah, that's great.
Listen to that swell.
The light of the moon and we
parked beside an old street sign
That's where you're
gonna pop your guitar in
for the pre-chorus.
You got that part, right?
Yeah man, let's do it.
Yeah, you can plug in right here
we've got the amp mic'ed
and set up in the other room.
Just give me a second here.
Wanna give me a
little bit of level?
(guitar strumming)
Nice, that's sounding good.
That tone's tight.
We good?
Awesome. You ready?
You ready to crush it?
[Travis] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, here we go.
(upbeat music)
One sec, it's uh...
Do you remember the part?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it.
One sec.
It's all good, man. We'll just
do that again.
Here we go.
(upbeat music)
- Fuck.
- No, no, no.
Dude, it goes:
(sings guitar part).
- Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah, like you played
in rehearsal.
- Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, just feel it out, dog.
You got it.
Yeah, no, I got it, I got it.
Yeah, you're just warming up.
Let's try it again.
Let's do this again.
Here we go.
(upbeat music)
Why don't we just
stop for a quick second.
And do you wanna just
rehearse it a couple times
before we start going?
(picking guitar)
Dude, dude, so check this out.
Check this out, it goes:
(sings guitar part).
So that ending, when
it hits the change,
you gotta hit that
(sings guitar part).
Yeah, yeah, that sounds right.
I got it.
(clears throat)
- No worries, man.
All right, let's
just try it again.
Here we go.
- You got it, dude.
(upbeat music)
No, dude. Dude.
This is your part.
Like, you wrote it, man.
I thought you were
ready to record.
You called me to set up this
Yeah, I know.
So we could record the part.
Yeah, I know.
Gimme a second, okay?
I told you...
I'm sick today.
Just one sec.
- All right.
- Let me figure it out.
- Okay.
(picking guitar)
Here, let me have
a look at that.
You remember...
what he played in rehearsal.
You were there.
Yeah, I think I got an idea
of what you're doing, man.
So it's something
like this, alright?
(picking guitar)
See that's it.
Travie you got this, man.
You got it.
Oh shit!
What the fuck?
This is my fucking bedroom, man!
Oh, fuck!
Go use the toilet
if you gotta puke.
Uh-uh, nasty, dude.
Oh my God, guys. Get
your shit together.
Come on, let's go.
Here, man. Here we go.
Right to the bathroom, dude.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm just (clears throat)
feeling like shit today.
Dude, don't even worry about it.
You just gotta go home and
you gotta go to bed, man.
Like, I can work on
my vocals tonight.
We'll record your
guitar another time.
Thanks, man.
It's all good.
Oh yeah, I was wondering
if I could get some
of the advance for the album?
Yeah, of course, man.
We should be getting it from
the label in a couple weeks.
Actually, I was wondering
if I could get it tonight.
Well, I mean I
don't have it yet.
And we just got
paid from the tour.
Yeah, I had to pay off a
credit card and some debt.
Some bullshit.
Maybe you could
front me the advance
and just take it out of my
cut when you get the cash?
Dude, are you sure it's the flu?
Or have you just been
partying a bit too hard
with the nose candy?
We've all been there, man.
Like, after the tour
I stayed in bed for
four days straight.
Lived off coconut
water and cheese.
Yeah, I'm all good, man.
I just woke up sick.
Yeah, I was just
fucking with you, dude.
Can I get the money?
Oh, yeah.
Um... let's see what I got here.
Here's 100.
I could transfer you,
like, another 100 tonight.
would be awesome
if that's possible.
500? Um...
Yeah, yeah, it's all good man.
I'll send that to you.
Thanks, man.
You gotta just take it easy.
Get some rest. Alright?
Yeah, will do.
(ominous music)
[Travis] We needed to be closer
to downtown where the dope was.
So I messaged Jonesy...
and asked him if I
could stay at his place
while he was away.
I lied to Katie.
Got her to lend me some money..
But it went quick.
Soon, I pawned all my guitars..
And we still needed more.
(sirens blaring in the distance)
We started doing petty crime.
By this time, we
were using every day.
(phone vibrating)
Hey what's up, man?
You're 20 minutes late, bro.
What the fuck?
Oh shit.
It's Tuesday.
Yeah, it's Tuesday, bro.
What the fuck's been
going on with you lately?
You don't even know
what day it is?
Oh, sorry man.
I just, I passed out last night.
I was up really late.
I'm heading to you right now.
Alright, I'll be waiting
here but hurry the fuck up.
I'm going dirt-biking at two.
(phone vibrating)
(ominous music)
On the days we didn't
have enough to score...
it got bad.
Well, what the hell
took you so long?
I had to book it from the cops.
So what are you saying?
I couldn't get any.
I just told you, I had
to run away from the cops, okay?
They saw me breaking into a
fucking car.
What the fuck!
What the fuck, Travis?
I've been here dying
all day waiting for you
and now you tell me you couldn't
even fucking get anything?
What do you want me to do, Zoe?
Okay, I've been out there
busting my ass all day.
We probably would a got
some if you came with me.
I told you I was too
sick to go out today!
What the fuck do
you want me to do?
Let's sell the TV.
That is Jonesy's TV.
Well, you can pawn it
and get it back tomorrow
when we have some cash.
Are you crazy?
Okay, I'm not gonna start
pawning my friend's shit.
I need it fucking bad.
So do I Zoe.
You're gonna be
fine until tomorrow.
I promise you, I will get
you some shit in the morning.
- I need it fucking now!
- Fuck, Zoe, calm down!
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I'm just so fucked up right now.
Hey, hey.
It's okay.
I'm feeling rough too, okay?
We're gonna get
through this together.
I love you so much.
[Travis] I love you too.
We'll be okay.
(ominous music)
Yo, Travie, my guy.
What's up, man?
Hey yo, you end up getting
that shit from my boy?
Hell yeah, we can talk business.
Bro, I love business.
I'm not a businessman,
I'm a business, man.
So yo, check this out.
I'm doing this thing in the
studio tonight, you know?
Cranking out bangers
like a fucking pimp,
'cause that's what I do.
So, why don't you come through,
let's say around eight?
And we can talk all the
business you want.
Alright cool, I'll
see you tonight.
Alright, peace.
(hip-hop music)
Oh yeah!
Yo, this shit is a
fucking banger, Buggs.
This is a motherfucking banger.
Oh, you did it again, baby.
You did it again.
You're a fucking genius, bro.
(knocking on the door)
Oh shit!
We got a rock star in the
motherfucking building.
Yo, what's up?
- How you been, man?
Yo man, livin' large
like Biggie Smalls, man.
Yo Buggs, turn that track down.
I said turn down that
motherfucking track
you deaf ass bitch.
You know I'm just
playing with you, Buggs.
Yo, this is my boy, Travie.
He's a dope-ass,
guitar-playing motherfucker.
Yo, Travie, this
is my boy, Buggs.
What's up?
Hey, man.
Oh shit, hey.
Yo, you wanna do a line?
Yeah, sure.
- Ah-ha-ha.
Yo, that's the rock
star I remember.
Yo, this guy has hell a-hot
groupies snacking on that D.
You ever get your D snacked on?
Yo, this guy gets his D
snacked on like Pac-Man.
(imitates Pac-Man munching)
That's him getting
his D snacked...
You got it, you got it, Buggs.
Yo, I got a question for you.
How come every single time
I hang out with your band,
it's almost always just
white girls backstage?
You know I mean? Like, I get
It's mostly these
college white girls
that like this indie rock
stuff but like, I'm saying,
it's just white girl,
white girl, white girl.
You gotta switch
that shit up, man.
Get some new flavor in
your life, you know?
Get some more
color around there.
Like, have you tried Chinese?
Yo, have you tried Caribbean?
Spicy, bro.
I don't know what
to tell you, man.
I got a serious
girlfriend right now,
so I'm kinda out of that scene.
Yo, I get it.
Yo, I respect that,
you know I mean?
I feel you, I feel you.
But I'm just saying...
have you been with
these new white girls?
Yo, in the bedroom
they get freaky, bro,
and I'm freaky as the next guy
but the shit they say to me?
Bro, it's damn near
fucking disgusting.
I get offended sometimes.
I'm like, "What?
"Bitch, you say that shit to me?
"Where the fuck did
you learn that shit?"
All that profanity?
Unappealing bro.
It's motherfucking unappealing.
Maybe it's 'cause it's
the first generation
that grew up with online porn.
Yo, I never even fucking
thought about that shit.
Yo, you are one genius-ass,
motherfucking rock star,
you know that?
But here's the thing...
now, if I was to bring a
girl home to meet my mom,
and moms ain't with us no
but if I did bring a girl
home to meet my moms,
it damn sure wouldn't be
no freak-ass white bitch.
It's all I'm sayin'.
Oh yo, play that beat
we made for Drizzy.
I wanna play it for
Travie right here.
I know Drake is gonna
throw down heavy on this beat.
You got Drake on
one of your tracks?
I'm from "the 6ix", man.
Yo, I knew Drake back in his
Degrassi wheelchair days.
You know?
So every time I go back to
"T-Dot", him and I kick it.
We go to parties, we
club, all that shit.
[Travis] That's sick, man.
(hip-hop music)
Yo, this the wrong-ass
fucking beat, Buggs!
Man, if this was the
90s on Death Row,
you would get your
ass stomped out.
Yo, Dre would say...
that if the engineer rewound
the track too far back,
Suge Knight would beat
his ass personally.
You lucky we digital Now, Buggs.
You lucky as fuck!
Oh, Buggs.
I can't stay mad at you.
(smooth hip-hop music)
What's this business you
wanna talk to me about?
So, me and my
girlfriend just moved
into this new pad in East Van.
Sketchy as fuck.
There's crack-heads
and junkies everywhere.
I'm just looking for
a gun for protection.
I thought you could hook it up?
Yeah, you came to
the right place, bro.
What do you need,
nine, Glock, Magnum?
Something small,
that'll get the job done.
Yeah, no problem.
But here's the thing, man.
I only have, like,
100 bucks for it.
Yo, Buggs, cut the beat.
Cut the motherfucking beat!
You know, if there's one thing
I fucking hate in this world,
it's a motherfucking low-baller.
Yo, I invite you to
my fucking studio.
I give you blow.
I let you listen to
unreleased music.
And you low-ball me?
Travis, what the fuck?
Hey man, I didn't
mean any disrespect.
This is worse than disrespect.
This is low-balling,
pussy-ass shit.
You know what I do to bitch-ass,
motherfuckers like you?
Do you know what I
fucking do to them?
Hey man, you do
what you gotta do.
Holy shit, yo!
I'm just fucking with you, bro.
Holy shit.
You are one tough rock star
motherfucker, you know that?
Oh my god, you
didn't even flinch.
Hey man, that's fucked up.
Yo, I'm just playin'.
I'm sorry, yo.
Holy shit, you're tough, bro.
Yeah, of course.
Of course I can
get that for you.
Yo here, yo, don't even
worry about the money.
I'll give you a piece, right?
And you just play some fucking
guitar on my next beat.
You know, lay down some
fucking vocals.
Yeah, I can do that.
Yeah, hey, here we go.
Here, yo, you know what?
I'll fucking get it
for you right now.
Yo, yeah.
Yeah, what's up?
Remember that
Smith and Wesson piece
we picked up like a month back?
Yeah, bring that shit
down to the studio.
Yeah, I need it for my boy.
All right, hey, and yo.
I'm looking around this place
and I don't see no
motherfucking snacks here.
I need some chips and dip.
Yo Buggs, what kinda
dip do I like?
Oh, I'm good with
just a root beer.
You know, you're one
useless-ass piece of shit,
you know that?
Yo, just get me cool ranch.
I want cool ranch chips
and I want cool ranch dip.
What the fuck?
Hey, yo Travis,
what kind of snacks you like?
Oh, whatever man.
Alright, yo.
Pick up some vegan shit
for my boy, Travis.
Yo, pi...
Listen, 'cause he's
a fucking white boy,
he likes white boy shit.
So pick up some
fucking vegan crisps
or some fucking celery.
Yo, what do you
fucking people eat?
Yo, get some like
Kraft... get Kraft Dinner
and chop up some hot dogs in it.
That happens, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, and cheese, you guys
like a lot of cheese, right?
Yeah, get like cheese and shit.
And also...
I'm looking around over here
and I don't see no bitches.
And you know I like bitches
in the studio by nine o'clock
or my ass starts getting lonely.
And when I start getting
lonely, I start getting sad.
And if I get sad, I
start fuckin' people up!
Oh, and make sure that they're
freaky, white-girl bitches
that talk dirty and, like,
with profanity and shit.
Yeah, that's the shit I like.
Alright, cool.
You're my boy, dog.
Alright, see you soon.
Just like that.
No fuss, no muss.
Turn that track up.
We celebratin' tonight.
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
[Travis] Put your hands
on your fucking head.
Oh Jesus.
[Travis] Put your hands
on your fucking head.
I'm not fucking with you.
Open the register.
Open the fucking register!
- I'm trying.
Hurry the fuck up, let's go!
Get the money, get the money.
Hurry, hurry.
Gimme your wallet.
Oh, come on. You got
all the money,
what do you need a wallet for?
I'll blow your fucking head off!
I know where you
live, motherfucker.
You tell the cops I
had an Indian accent
or I will come to your house
and I will fucking kill you.
(suspenseful music)
Holy shit, that
doesn't sound amateur.
You got away with it.
Yeah, we had enough money
to last us a little while
without having to hustle.
But soon after that,
that's when I found out.
Found what out?
Something that would
change everything.
(ominous music)
At this point we
were mainlining.
It was 10 times more intense.
(birds chirping)
(phone vibrating)
Jonesy, what's up man?
How are you, buddy?
Just getting some groceries.
Ooh, domesticated.
How's the place
working out for ya?
Oh, we love it.
Yeah, the apartment's so great.
Good man.
So, I'm just calling
to let you know
that the last show of
the tour is on Friday.
So I should be coming
home early next week.
Yeah, that's cool man.
We'll just move our stuff
out over the weekend.
Right on, man, we gotta
chill when I get back.
I still need to meet this
new girlfriend of yours.
Yeah, yeah, she's really cool.
Oh, she better be if I'm
gonna allow her into our lives.
Hey man, you should
send me a pic right now.
I wanna see what the hussy that
locked you down looks like.
Yeah, one sec.
(phone chiming)
You get it?
(phone chiming)
Oh shit.
I didn't know it was Zoe
from the Manhattan show.
No, I met her in Delta
by my aunt's place.
Dude, I met her
backstage at that show
at the um... at the Mint club.
(ominous music)
No man, you must...
you must be thinking
of someone else.
She wasn't at that show.
She would a told me that.
Trav, what the fuck, man?
That was 100% her.
She was backstage
'cause she knew the guys
from one of the opening bands.
We hung out, we smoked a
joint in the alley, man.
We fucking talked for a bit.
Nah, it wasn't her.
Yes man, I fully remember.
She asked me what you guys
were doing after the show
but you had already left.
Fuck, dude.
Now that I think about it,
she was asking me a lot of
questions specifically about you.
(dramatic music)
(high-pitched ringing)
You alright man?
I gotta go.
So tell me.
How did you first meet Travis?
(suspenseful music)
(light music)
[Zoe] I was at a friend's
show here in New York.
Travis's band was on
tour from Vancouver.
They were headlining, but I'd
never heard of them before.
The moment I saw him on stage,
I knew that he was
someone... special.
There was something about him.
When you first see someone,
you can just tell if you're
meant to be together.
(suspenseful music)
I tried to meet him backstage
but he'd already left.
Over the next few weeks,
I listened to his
music all the time.
I knew that I had to meet him.
All of my instincts were
telling me that he was the one.
(suspenseful music)
So you flew all
the way to Vancouver
to see someone you never met
or communicated with before.
I know, it sounds crazy.
Zoe, it's okay.
I'm not here to judge you.
I know how powerful
infatuation can be.
It wasn't just infatuation.
It was something more.
And yes, it was nuts
to fly out there,
but I didn't care.
I just had this strong,
overwhelming intuition
that we were meant
to be together.
It sounds fucking
crazy but I was right.
We did fall in love.
(light music)
I knew it was fucked up to lie
but I also knew he
wouldn't take me seriously
if he thought I was
just some obsessed fan.
Did you end up
telling the truth?
I was planning to
but he ended up finding out.
What the fuck, Zoe?
Why didn't you tell me
you'd seen me in New York?
I was going to but I
figured if I told you,
you would a thought I
was some crazy groupie
who stalked you
outside your house.
That's exactly what
you fucking did!
I can't even believe this shit.
Zoe, you...
So everything we had
was built on a lie?
No. It isn't.
I-I knew we had a connection
and I was fucking right, okay?
You can't deny it.
No, Zoe, this is fucked up.
you were at my show in New York.
Why didn't you just
come up to me then, huh?
We could a started off like
two normal fucking people!
You want normal?
I'm the last thing from normal
and you fucking love it!
This is fucked up.
Oh yeah?
How many sluts message
you while you were on tour?
I bet there's all sorts
of groupie whores
that try to fuck you
after your shows.
Just like what I
did to be with you.
So, is that what you do?
You just stalk bands and you
fuck their guitar players?
How many musicians
have you fucked?
How the fuck could
you say that to me?
You're just the same as
all those other musicians
going from town to town
fucking anything that walks
and then you leave.
And you go to the next
town and you do it again
and it goes on and on and on.
Zoe, what are you
even talking about?
You fucking know.
It's because you're so
insecure with yourself,
you need constant validation.
Okay, I know you're
fucking type.
You're fucking insane,
do you know that?
You're fucking crazy!
- Fuck you.
I hope you get a disease
from some dirty bitch
and your fucking dick falls off.
What about the
fucking heroin, huh?
You tricked me into
doing that on purpose?
Oh shit.
Oh fuck.
You tricked me into doing
it so I could get fucked up
and you could control
me, didn't you?
You're actually a
fucking psychopath, Zoe.
You're actually a
fucking psychopath.
The shit has taken
over my fucking life!
I just, I just wanted
you to feel it, okay...
to see the beauty in
how we could be together.
It was only supposed
to be one time
so you could have the experience
and it was fucking
amazing, wasn't it?
(suspenseful music)
Just get the fuck out
of my house.
Just get the fuck
out of my fucking house!
Fuck you, you fucking asshole!
(suspenseful music)
And... that's when you
got into the program
and started getting sober?
Not quite.
(suspenseful music)
After a fight like that, the
best way to cure the pain
is to take a hit.
We said it would be our last
but once you're high,
there is no pain.
There are no worries.
Everything is beautiful again.
(high-pitched ringing)
(slow heart beating)
(suspenseful music)
The next time we ran
out of money...
is when we did the
dumbest thing ever.
Cole told Travis, Fresno
kept his stash in the oven.
Oh, Big T!
What up bro?
- What's up man?
- What up man?
I ain't seen you in a while.
You must be buying straight
from my homies off
the street, huh?
And what do we have here?
This is my girlfriend, Zoe.
Oh damn, T, you never
said she was this fine.
I've heard a lot about you.
It's a real pleasure
to meet you, mama sit a.
My name Fresno.
Come on in.
(hip-hop music)
A'ight, listen up you
motherfucking degenerates.
This here's Zoe, Travis's girl.
What's up?
She's the one that locked down
the motherfucking rock star.
You're one special lady, huh?
You got the shit?
That depends homie,
looking for the usual?
(snaps fingers)
Don't you fucking move!
- Get on the fucking ground!
Ah shit, you're
rolling with a piece now.
[Travis] This aint
a fucking joke, Fres.
Get on the fucking ground!
- What the fuck?
- Now motherfucker, now!
This shit for real?
- Shut the fuck up!
- Whoo!
You know what
you're fucking doing,
you fucking junky bitch?
- Shut the fuck up!
Bit T, stepping up.
Ha-ha-ha, this shit
is fucking funny, dog.
Shut the fuck up!
(gun fires)
Ow, motherfucker.
He fuckin' shot me!
You skinny-ass motherfucker.
I'm gonna fuck you up real good.
Move again and I'll blow
your fucking head off.
(Fresno laughing)
Oh, oh I like this one, T.
You found a real
bad-ass bitch, huh?
(suspenseful music)
Oh, motherfucking
piece of junkie shit!
Shut the fuck up.
Travis, get the shit and
let's get the fuck outta here!
Hey yo, T?
Maybe you don't understand.
I'm having fucking
fun right now.
Shut the fuck up.
Ooh, I love this shit.
Here's the thing, bitch.
I don't give a fuck.
I'm having fucking fun right now
'cause I know you aint
gonna kill my ass.
- Travis!
- Whoo!
Oh fuck.
Oh fuck.
Want a Freezie?
Yo, T!
Here's the one thing
that's for real.
You just shot my boy which
means I get to hunt you down,
I'm a kill you and
I'm a fuck your bitch!
Shut the fuck up!
Oh yeah, and I'm
gonna love fucking
that little junkie bitch
too and so will my homies.
And we're gonna take
turns on that ass
and you know what?
Oh, she probably gonna
come back for more
'cause I'm a treat
her real good.
I'm a give her all my best shit.
Shut up!
And the next time
she's fiending,
she knows what she has to do!
She just gotta
take all our dicks.
All of 'em.
And you know it's true, T.
'Cause that's what
junkie bitches do.
Slanging day to day gets boring.
Let's go, let's go.
I love this shit.
I owe you, T!
And I'mma pay you
back real soon!
(engine starts)
(engine revs)
Let's go get these
junkie motherfuckers.
(suspenseful music)
Holy fucking Christ!
(Zoe laughing)
Holy shit.
Babe, you were fucking amazing!
You were fucking amazing.
Oh fuck, okay.
Alright, they're gonna
be on our fucking asses.
Let's just, let's
fucking concentrate.
We gotta stick to the plan.
You gonna make the call?
Fuck, I just hope
he's up for it.
(suspenseful music)
(guns cocking)
Travis, just come with me.
When we sell this shit,
we'll have enough money.
We can go wherever we want.
I don't wanna always
be living in fear,
looking over my shoulder.
Okay, this plan
is too dangerous.
We can leave together right now.
I gotta do this, okay?
You know where to go.
I love you.
I love you too.
Go, go.
(boat engine revving)
I'll be there.
(suspenseful music)
(tires screeching)
(gunshots firing)
(glass shattering)
(intense music)
(tires screeching)
(engine revving)
(gunshots firing)
Shoot me, motherfucker?
You wanna shoot me?
(gunshots firing)
(intense music)
I got somethin' for your ass.
Yeah, I see you.
(laughing) I see you.
Yo, T.
You little PC, rat
skinner, motherfuckin' goof!
Oh, you fucked up now, huh?
T, come on baby,
this is fun for me!
Get on out here!
I'mma take you...
I'mma take you to
Chuck E. Cheese, bitch!
Got some chicken
nuggets for that ass.
I know you hungry!
Come on out, homie.
I got a fucking
kiddie meal for ya!
Yo T!
Get the fuck out here!
Come on baby.
(suspenseful music)
You're only making it worse,
you little pussy.
I can smell that fucking
man-Gina from here, bitch!
This shit is fun for
me, motherfucker.
This shit is fucking fun.
I'm having a motherfuckin'
happy meal day, bitch!
What up, T, you scared?
Ha-ha-ha, you fucked up now.
Come on out.
Come on the fuck out!
Just making it harder on
Come on, T, You scared?
You scared, T?
Ha-ha, you fucked up now.
Come on out now.
You hear me?
I said come on the fuck out!
What, you scared?
[Man] I'm not
scared of you, Fres.
What up, Fresno?
Oh, you know, a little
of this, a little of that.
What the fuck are
you doing here?
I got a call from Travis.
He said you two
weren't getting along.
So he lured my ass here, huh?
Little bitch.
What the fuck is this?
Me and Cole, we're gonna
have a little catch-up.
Why don't you go on and drag
that junky faggot back here?
(dramatic music)
(bike engine starting)
(engine revving)
Been a long time.
Yeah, it's been a minute, homie.
How's civilian life?
It's got its ups and downs.
You siding with this junky now?
Oh yeah, you always
were a little soft, huh?
That's why you couldn't
handle the game.
Maybe I just grew up
and got a conscience
like a normal human being.
Didn't wanna end up like you.
(laughing) A conscience?
I got a conscience all
motherfuckin' day long, homie.
I provide a service
for these people.
If not for me,
they'd just buy it
off some other
motherfucker and OD.
You think 'cause
you sell clean dope,
you're providing a service?
You're fucking delusional, bro.
Why do you give
a fuck what I do?
You left the game, aint
none of your business.
It became my business
when you threatened my boy.
(scoffs) Threatened your boy?
He tell you he rode up on me
with his little junky bitch?
He shot my homie
and stole my shit?
Yeah, I know what he did.
Well, then you know
what's gotta be done.
Those are the rules, homie.
Yeah, but it's not gonna happen.
You are gonna give him a pass.
A pass.
See, now I know you're the
delusional motherfucker
if you think he's
gettin' a pass!
Then we'll handle it right now.
No guns.
With pleasure, mother fuck a.
(bike engine roaring)
(car engine roaring)
(suspenseful music)
(tires screeching)
What you did to Dewey
never sat right with me.
That's some old-ass shit.
You know how many chances
I gave that retard?
It wasn't right, Fres.
He was your homie and
he was Marcus's brother.
You know, Marcus
has been after you?
Oh, you think I'm scared
of that pussy-ass Marcus,
you don't know me at all.
You wanna know
why I left the game?
No, but I'm sure you're
gonna serenade me about it.
(dramatic music)
Every time I sold
some shit to a junky,
the moment they take
it outta my hand,
I'd look in their eyes and a
part of my soul would leave me.
That is some poetic shit.
But I don't think
that's what you gotta
be worried about right now.
I think what you gotta
be worried about is,
even though you
won a few fights,
are you really as good as me?
I guess we're gonna find out.
(suspenseful music)
Come here, baby.
That's it.
Hoo, hoo, hoo.
Keep your elbows in.
Keep your elbows in.
(hits landing)
(Cole grunting)
Come back to daddy,
You aint shit.
I fuck kids bigger
than you in the pen!
Come on, Fresno loves you baby.
Shake it off.
(hits landing)
(Fresno grunts)
(engine roaring)
(suspenseful music)
(hits landing)
Yeah, bitch.
That's what's up.
Aw, you can do this.
Come on.
Come on, I got something
real special for your ass.
Come here, baby.
(hits landing)
(both grunting)
(Fresno growling)
(Cole grunting in pain)
Go to sleep.
(Cole grunting strenuously)
(hits landing)
(Fresno spits)
Are we fucking done?
Is that good for you, Fres?
Does this settle it?
Are you fucking done?
Hey, we said no guns.
Things change, motherfucker.
You're fucking scum, man!
I am a fuckin' legend!
That's what the fuck I am.
It's a real shame.
I always liked you, homie.
(gun cocking)
(gun clicks)
What the fuck?
I didn't load mine.
Like I said, I
found my humanity.
Your gun feels heavy.
You're never gonna
stop this shit, are you?
Fuck no, bitch!
I thought so.
(shots firing)
(Fresno screaming)
(Fresno groaning)
Do it!
Fucking shoot.
I'm not gonna kill you,
but what Marcus does with you,
that's none of my business.
Ha-ha, you couldn't
shoot, you fucking pussy.
You killed his brother.
And those are the
rules, right Fres?
You stupid bitch.
- Marcus.
I got somethin' for you.
(bike engine roaring)
(car engine roaring)
(tires squealing)
[Travis] Don't do it!
(punch landing)
- Fuck!
(groaning) Fucking pussy.
(suspenseful music)
Look at the back.
She never showed?
(light music)
No text, no call.
Nothing on her social media.
She just disappeared.
And then about a month
ago she posted this.
Lewis ton, New York.
It's upstate.
I guess she's in treatment.
So why do you think she
never showed up at the beach?
The money?
I don't know.
I'm actually glad
she took the dope.
It gave me the chance to get
I gotta go.
Thanks for sharing
this with me, man.
How 'bout we do this
again next week?
And if you need anything,
you give me a call alright?
As I drove away from the dock,
all of a sudden I
felt this relief.
The last few months with
Travis were so intense.
I sold the heroin.
I used the money to fly
out here and pay for rehab.
I needed a change.
And without him, I
knew I could do it.
Have you considered
contacting him?
Perhaps getting some closure?
[Zoe] I've thought about it
but we might just end up
right where we started.
Sometimes I think about
if we could ever get back
to the way it was when
we first fell in love.
(suspenseful music)
(light music)