River Runs Red (2018) Movie Script

KID: Daddy, who
was Muhammad Ali?
DAD: Oh, he was the greatest.
The greatest?
Yes sir.
He was daddy's first hero.
KID: I thought
he was a boxer.
DAD: Well he was,
he was a boxer, but,
he was so much more.
See, he stood by
everything he believed
when it cost him
everything he worked for.
KID: Well let's
say it, Daddy, say it!
DAD: (laughing)
all right, you ready?
Float like a butterfly,
KID: Sting like a bee.
BOTH: Rumble,
young man, rumble!
KID: I got something for you.
DAD: Ooh.
Somewhere in here.
Here it is.
Just for me?
Uh oh.
You drew this?
Not bad, kid.
Who's that?
That's me.
Okay, is that mommy?
And who's this?
All right, good stuff.
Oh hey, daddy.
Are black people
better than white people?
Um, yes and no.
See there are good white
people and good black people.
There are bad white people
and bad black people.
It's the same for both.
Do you get it?
How do you know?
How do I know?
Uh well, you don't really.
You don't know
until it's too late.
Oh, here comes mommy.
Listen, let's not worry her
about what happened today, okay?
It can be our secret.
Hey mommy.
Mr. Coleman?
Mr. Coleman?
Would you summarize U.S.
versus Johnson please?
I'm sorry Miss Maxwell.
I had to watch my son last night
so I didn't make it that far.
That's funny.
Because that was the first
case on the assignment.
You know what, since you
seem to have forgotten
that this is law school
and not grade school
where your parents
check their homework,
come on up.
Come on up.
Come on.
I want you to read
the case out loud
to all of your classmates.
Just like you did
in grammar school.
WOMAN: Charles?
Charles, it's ten till!
Are you okay?
Quiet this morning.
Oh, I,
just got a lot on my mind.
It doesn't matter how
many blessings I count.
You're at the top of every list.
I know.
'Cause I'd hurt you if I want!
Is that CJ? Does
he still have a key?
Hey, he's still our son.
Hi baby.
Hey y'all.
Hey y'all?
That's all we get, huh?
Hey mom, hey pops.
Love you, morning.
Thank you so much for
letting me raid your fridge
even though I don't
live with y'all no more.
Hey dad.
EVE: I'm running
late, I gotta go.
All right, see you mom.
Cool beans.
That's not cool, mom.
See you later.
Love you.
Be careful.
EVE: Bye guys.
Big day today, huh?
Yeah man.
About time too.
I'm proud of you.
Uh oh.
That look.
What look, what are
you talking about?
Why you tripping?
Dad, you know what
look you give me.
I'm not giving you a look.
So you're telling me
that there's nothing
on your mind right now?
There's nothing on my mind.
What's on your mind?
Why you picking on
me this morning?
I don't got any,
- I mean, okay.
- You got a hot seat.
Come on dad, I know you.
I know you, I know the look.
Oh you think you know me?
CJ: I know when you make
that face, what it means.
You know me.
What are you, 20, 21, 22?
You know I'm 23.
- You're 23 okay.
- You know this.
All right, you think
you're ready yet?
Dad, don't do this.
Come on put that knife down.
Let's see what you got.
- You feeling lucky today?
- I don't need luck for this.
Oh, you don't need luck.
Come on, lock them hands
and do the countdown.
All right.
Don't be upset with me
when I hurt your feelings.
I was gonna say
the same thing.
Right, all right.
I'm gonna count it down, ready?
Three, two,
Come on, man.
Get off me.
CJ: I told you I ain't
no little boy no more.
You're getting too old for this.
I wasn't even warm yet.
You're getting too old to
play these games with me.
Oh, keep talking.
CJ: Hey pops.
What's up?
Since to the
victor go the spoils,
why don't you let me take
the Beamer out just one time?
Say what?
Come on man,
just this one time.
(LAUGHING) You'd like
that, wouldn't you?
So, I dropped off
Brie for her first day
of her last year at
high school today.
Oh wow.
How's she doing?
She's better.
Her counselor told
us that the stealing
stems from emotional issues.
She was frustrated.
I was like yeah, we
fucking know that.
Because of the divorce and,
Baby, yeah.
Kids are unpredictable.
No matter how much
we do for them.
What's going on, man?
CJ's first day at the academy.
He's a good kid,
he's gonna do fine.
Yeah, yeah.
He is.
Um, I know this
goes without saying.
Then why are you saying it?
I'll look after him.
Baby one day you look at me
You will see no ghetto
No, no
When you hear this,
don't listen wrong
I dearly love my people
So many great men
we'll never see
If we do not lose
this mentality
Till there ain't no ghetto
Till there ain't no ghetto
I could bring Carter out here.
With these kids?
They'd love it.
Pick somewhere better.
Better kids than
this for Carter.
You're an asshole,
you know that?
Yep, I know.
Let's go.
You're a good father, Von.
Thank you.
How's your dad?
You see him?
Thank you counsel.
Sir, do you have
anything to add?
Your honor,
some people say they're sorry
when they get caught up.
Some don't even say sorry
when they do get caught up.
So saying sorry really
don't mean much.
You know what I'm saying?
But what I can say
is you don't ever
have to worry about me
stepping foot in
this place again.
It's on my word.
I just,
I just need that chance.
I appreciate your
candor, Mr. Jackson
and I've seen your improvement.
That being said, I can't
give you probation.
I just can't.
Especially your
sentence being 10 years.
But that does not mean that
you are without redemption.
So the court orders you to
house arrest for 12 months,
followed by two years
probation defense.
Notify pretrial services,
we are adjourned.
Check one, checkmate
I think I bagged
and not on top
But I'm on the lad,
and let them be mad
Don't even matter,
I make the cake
Mix up the batter
Show up, show out
Blow up, blow out
Nothing but winning,
it's the beginning
So proud of you.
You have made us
proud beyond belief.
Today is the first day of
the beginning of your career,
your life.
You have the best
of me and your dad.
Not much we can ask.
I remember when you were nine
and you wanted to
be a garbage man
to keep the streets clean.
Now you are doing so much more.
Remember every day that
even though you are grown,
even though you can't see us,
and that we aren't
there to scream at you,
we love you, always.
Show up, show out
Blow up, blow out
Nothing but winning,
it's the beginning
I told the owner
don't let up a minute
The picture section
there ain't enough women
I need a goddess,
goddess not a stop
Goddess up in the past,
I was triple last stop
is who we alter a lot
We dissect, we
all miss a lot
We beat eleven a boy
Son of a bitch
just flipped me off.
Light him up.
Come on, Carter.
Light him up!
My name is sub
I'm in my bag
You and your fellas
You think you're stags
I'm knowing me, yeah
Get it got it, flip
it try (BEEPING)
VON: No reports.
No warrants on driver, Coleman.
I've got a feeling
about this one.
VON: You're
overdoing it, Carter.
I got a date with a Cuban
and you gotta go
protect my namesake
and his beautiful mother.
Hey, is there a
problem, officer?
Enjoy flipping an officer off?
What are you talking about?
RORY: Well this is what
happens. Registration.
So what was going on, sir?
I mean I wasn't speeding,
my seat belt was on.
Did I ask you anything else?
No sir.
Sir, until you tell me
why you pulled me over,
I really don't have to...
Sir, are you refusing
a lawful order?
No sir.
Gun, gun, gun!
Carter, you good?
Yeah, you?
We're clear.
There's no weapon.
The fuck did you say?
VON: No gun.
Three street walk.
We'll fix it.
It's all right, we'll fix it.
This is my son!
This is my son!
WOMAN: I will need a
positive identification, sir.
Yeah yeah yeah
It was just the other day
When you said to me
You gotta be strong
You gotta move on
You gotta keep your
mind on the Lord
Lord yeah
Now you're gone
And I'm all alone
Wondering why I'm on my own
Who can stop this sadness
When I'm deep in
this zone of pain
Now that you're gone
Gone away
I've only seen
Lonely days
You said I'll see you
You again
Charles, are you coming out?
Yeah, yeah, be right out.
But now you're gone
And I'm all alone
Wondering why
We can both live
off of my salary.
I can't quit.
Eve, I've worked too hard.
I'm the only black judge
this town has ever seen.
If I quit, they win.
Do you think I don't care?
Do you think I don't care?
I get sick to my stomach.
Like literally sick.
Every time I turn on the TV
and see another
black boy killed.
It makes me,
but then I remember.
I came from the
streets, and I can't,
I'm a judge now.
I have to be different.
I have to do my job better.
I have to make them see me.
I can't quit, I have
to be different.
CJ was different.
Yo, Javier, Javier!
They shot Diego!
What the fuck, man?
What happened?
He crossed over
to Parramore, man.
To see some broad.
I told this dude, man.
Diego, you know
better than that.
The truce stops at Parramore.
Javier, it hurts
man, it hurts.
Come on man, he's leaking.
Get him to a hospital.
Mmm-mm, Mmm-mm!
Warrants man, I can't
do it, I got warrants.
Okay homie, listen.
You wanna go to jail
or you wanna die?
'Cause I can't fix that.
Okay, all right.
I'll get you a lawyer now.
Cop your bail and
everything, okay?
Just, J, just don't die on me.
Get him to a hospital.
Don't die.
WOMAN: Hi yes, I'm Karen
White standing outside city hall
where you all recall there
was a terrible tragic shooting
by State Police last week.
And what happens now is
that an anonymous source
has indicated that
this city will meet
with Judge Coleman today
regarding the death
of his son Charles
Coleman Junior.
The city has been
divided by the shooting.
Black lives matter has
shown up, it's been...
Why did you do that?
CJ's not a cause.
He's our son.
Rory Carter, Von Clements.
I remember them.
They say CJ had a gun.
HORACE: That's what they say.
Do you believe them?
I don't.
You say that like
it's a question.
Just telling you what I know.
Why are they even
meeting if they think
CJ did something wrong?
Kids are unpredictable.
No matter who their parents are.
But they're our kids.
We gotta believe them, right?
I know he didn't have a gun.
You okay, kid?
Heard you got a meeting
with Brock today.
You got it.
I put enough time
into my job that I
thought it was easier that
I just pick up my pension
instead of going through
another investigation.
Hey Rory, listen, I,
It's okay.
You don't have to thank me.
No, that wasn't
what I was gonna say.
Are you gonna say
something that's gonna
cost me my pension?
Yeah, after I saved your ass?
Come on.
Yes, I saved your ass.
For some punk ass kid.
Is that what you're
gonna say to me?
No, man.
You killed the kid.
You killed the kid
and you planted
a fucking gun on him, Rory.
Oh fuck.
It's done.
It's not done!
It's done.
And there's nothing
you could say,
today, tomorrow, that'll
bring that kid back.
I know.
I fucking know.
He should have known better.
He stuck his hand
inside a bag, Von.
How are you supposed to know
what he's gonna pull out?
Now just think of this.
If he did have a gun,
if you hesitated to
shoot, then what?
He didn't have a gun, Rory.
The official report
says he had a gun.
He just reached for
his fucking wallet.
I've covered you in the street
and I'm asking you now.
Cover me.
What's this, a showdown?
200 calendars ago, the
fastest draw would walk away.
Today, we both do.
My son doesn't
get to walk away.
I uh,
You can't even bring
yourself to apologize?
I don't apologize
for doing my job.
You don't realize,
that kid you killed,
he has a father.
A father with resources.
A father who's gonna use
every single resource he has
to make sure you
never forget the day
you pulled that trigger.
That box, that's
only the beginning.
Like I said, I don't
apologize for doing my job.
And you feared for your life?
That's when you began to fire?
Is there anything else
you would like to add?
Son, anything else
you'd like to add?
Mayor Johnson should
be here shortly.
Thank you.
Good morning judge.
I apologize for the tardiness.
I found myself on the wrong end
of a fender bender this morning.
And then the guy that
hit me had the audacity
to try and flee the scene.
Now you know my motto.
Action don't happen
until I act on.
So I chased him
down, blocked him in,
called our finest
and booked his butt.
Good to see you too.
You know everybody here.
DOJ Hinkle.
Chief Mallard, Deputies.
Gentlemen, our Mayor,
I thought we were having
this meeting in private.
Yes, of course.
But being as this
is a public entity,
I'm bound by my open
meeting laws to be open.
Very well.
Sir, I know you finished
the investigation.
I'd like to know
what you plan to do
to the gentlemen
that murdered my son.
And I'm assuming you've
landed on a punishment.
Uh, judge.
I'll speak plainly.
As an institution, we
have to trust our officers
unless we find evidence
to the contrary.
You've seen the defense
lawyers attack them in court.
If we lose that deference,
then every slick
lawyer in the country
will be walking shysters
down the street.
Based on everything our
investigators found,
the officers involved
in CJ's incident
would not be disciplined
or charged in any way.
The Fed reviewed our
findings and signed off.
The Federal government agrees?
Unfortunately, yes.
Chief Mallard, the Department
has signed off on this?
Judge, I know this
must be hard for you
to understand right now.
But whenever there's a
doubt of what happened
on the field, we have
to rely on the testimony
of our officers.
As a former officer
and as a judge,
you must understand this.
If you're on the
wrong side of this,
where are people like me?
Or better yet, people who know
a lot less than me to turn
when the gatekeeper
keeps the gate closed?
I hold you in the highest
esteem, highest respect.
I mean, you've been on
the bench for 10 years.
Raised by a single mom
in one of the most dangerous
cities in the country.
And in spite of all
that, you did things
people would deem impossible.
We recognize that.
So I went to bat for you.
I was able to convince
our City Council
to do what we felt was in
everybody's best interest
to make a gesture
of good will to you.
Honey, what we have
here is a tragedy.
There is no course that
will make things right.
But in my power, I
can offer you that.
Say yes, Charles.
Well, you know
what we have to do.
CHARLES: It didn't go well.
You were right.
They said CJ pulled.
They killed my son,
left him in a river
of his own blood for no reason.
And Eve, she's not the same.
And she's not gonna be
until I get some answers.
- Bring a civil.
- No, I can't do that.
If I do that they'll
take me off cases.
I can do more good on the bench.
But Eve, man.
I mean you were IA, you know.
You have access to all
the internal files.
Look, you had my
back back in the day.
I won't forget it.
Let me see what I can do.
Detective, you
can't go up there.
That's not good.
Check your email.
Wasn't from me.
Good evening.
My name is Judge Coleman.
I'm looking for Javier.
Javier is not at home.
He's not in trouble, is he?
No, no, not at all.
This actually is
an informal visit.
I just wanted to,
he and I have,
I just wanted some
advice from him.
You're a judge, and
you need his advice?
No you don't need to
say nothing to anybody.
Hey, Javier is at work.
It's the auto shop
down the block.
Take a left, two lights,
a right, Ralphie's.
Thank you.
Hey, um.
I'm sorry for your loss.
About what happened to Ralphie.
Hey, fellas, is there a prob...
Why you coming around and
asking questions about Ralphie?
Wait, wait, hold up, hold up.
Hold up, who are you?
Who is this guy?
Hey, what do you want?
What is wrong with
you, are you crazy?
You need to roll, man.
You need to get out of here.
Hold up, I'm looking
for Javier Garcia.
You went to my house
asking my wife first
about my son?
Is it you, are you Javier?
Listen, I'm a judge, all right?
I'm Judge Coleman.
I didn't ask, I
didn't ask your name.
Look, this is my son, okay?
I just need a
moment of your time.
I need your help, I need
to ask you a few things.
What happened to the photo?
How did you find your
way to this side of town?
My son got shot by the
same officers who shot yours.
I don't really discuss that.
The report says
that your son ran
and he pulled a gun, and
it said you filed a report.
I got your address that way.
Not me, my old lady.
I know better than that.
Can you hand me that
hammer right there, please?
It's the hammer you're next to.
You know better than
that? Better than what?
Okay check it.
When I was coming up
we lived by a code.
You take mine, I take yours.
You never snitch on your homies.
Police play by the same rules.
You shoot a cop, you're
lucky to make it out alive.
So you say you're
a judge, right?
Yes sir.
How many times you
see a regular kid
with a complaint against a cop?
How many times a cop
snitch on another cop
and still around to tell?
That's my point.
I don't need to go to
law school for that.
My bad about your window.
Be ready in a few minutes.
But you know what,
I got no more
words for you, man.
You know, CJ's mom got
pregnant when we were 17.
Everybody thought we'd
end up on welfare.
But not me.
Her father thought that
I'd either end up in jail
or in hell, and he hoped
that I wouldn't
drag her with me.
And now I'm a judge.
What'd he say to that?
I don't know, I don't care.
Look, I never had to beg
anybody for anything in my life.
Now I've already asked
you for help once.
That's all I'm gonna do.
So you're a judge,
you come down here
and want me to help you?
Help you to do what?
Sue the city.
Think about it?
I don't need to man, I'm good.
All right.
WOMAN: CDI, Officer
Petty is on the line.
He wants to know if the
information released
has been confirmed.
Heavy is the heart of the
hero that protects the city.
Tell him yes.
WOMAN: Yes sir.
I'm gonna head home
now, it's almost day.
All right, Anne,
have a good night.
Stop, stop.
Come on, talk to me.
I can't.
Come on.
You don't sleep anymore.
You're drinking so much.
You don't spend any
time with your son.
It was my gun, Marilyn.
My bullets.
That kid didn't even have,
He didn't have what?
Oh my.
VON: Rory did it for us.
Oh my god.
Did you tell anyone?
Oh my god.
My god, you killed that kid.
You need to tell someone.
VON: No.
Yes, no, what do you mean no?
No, you are not living in my
house with my son with that.
That's, no.
This is my house.
No, no.
My husband was not a coward.
Was not afraid to
do the right thing.
You are, you are not my husband.
I am doing the right thing.
Rory was protecting us.
It's us and them, Mary.
It's always been us and them.
It's not.
It's right and wrong.
And not being a coward
to do what's right.
I wasn't, I,
I was trying...
Don't, don't.
Just don't touch me.
Yes, Marcy.
My name is Judge
Charles Coleman.
I was wondering if we could
speak about your son Jaylen.
So thank you for
coming to see me.
I wanted to talk
about your son Jaylen.
You know, Mr.
Coleman, I came to peace
with this mess years ago.
And nothing now is
gonna bring Jaylen back.
So you're just gonna
let them get away with it?
They won't.
Whatever hurt you
have in your heart,
this gives comfort.
It's helped me to
forgive those men.
And it's in God's hands now.
We can get justice.
Real solid justice.
We can make them pay
for what they did.
Justice is nothing
more than a fancy way
of saying you get
what you deserve.
I disagree.
Justice restores balance.
Okay, it's legal.
Revenge does not,
revenge is illegal.
You mean an eye for an eye?
What makes it okay
to take one man's eye
and yet the very same act
of taking another
man's eye illegal?
We don't take an eye
for an eye anymore.
We don't live in biblical times.
No judge, you take years
for stealing a two
dollar loaf of bread
or prisons forever for
one felony conviction.
I actually think the eye for
an eye is more equitable.
Okay, well, uh,
thank you for making the trip.
I'll let you know when
the DA begins prosecution.
And uh, you can decide then
if you want to pursue it.
Judge, if you fixate
on getting justice,
you'll forget how to live.
And living is the best
way we can honor our boys.
Could I ask you,
never mind.
No, what were
you going to say?
Why do you live where you
live, in that neighborhood?
What did you expect?
Gold teeth and improper
verb conjugation?
I'm sorry.
I made one of those
mistakes we discussed.
17, riding in a stolen car.
We didn't have money
for a real lawyer.
So I took a plea.
And you know what he
forgot to tell me?
That I'd be a felon.
Not allowed to vote.
Not allowed financial
aid for school.
So I graduated valedictorian,
couldn't go to college,
couldn't get a job.
So here I am, a woman, a felon.
That's my future for one felony.
So is that justice?
Where are you going?
Oh, uh, nowhere.
To Ralphie's.
Ralphie's closed.
Not tonight it's not closed.
Are you sure?
You know,
how can you stand to
look at me every day?
The cops killed our son
and I didn't do anything.
I mean we just,
went on with our lives
like it never happened.
I miss him.
God knows I miss him.
But Ralph made a choice.
He chose a life
that we were trying
to protect him from.
You say that, but
babe, there's a ghost
that's always here,
always around.
No matter how much we
smile or how much we live,
how much we go on,
there's something
that floats around
and finds its way between us.
You know, you pretend
that you don't feel it
but I know that you do.
The only thing I wanna feel,
that I wanna see is you
coming back to me every night.
I'll see you tonight.
Oh, there you are.
I got this.
What's all this?
Where's your phone?
Charging, good,
well leave it there
because I am treating
my wife tonight
to a Chinese gourmet dinner.
From Hai Cheng's?
Don't let the boxes fool you.
Should have told
you I love you
Could have told
you that I care
Would have told you
I'd be there for you
But I didn't
'cause I was scared
These words I could
have said to you
I know you would listen
As god as my witness
I shoulda coulda
woulda but I didn't
Shoulda left you
from deception
Coulda kept you away
Woulda kept you
from all the lies
But I was never there
If I had kept close to you
I woulda made it through
What am I supposed to do
Shoulda coulda
woulda but I didn't
Shoulda never
let you walk out
And leave my side
Woulda told you
how I really felt
But I didn't
because of my pride
I could have easily
swallowed this
Now to sleep I have to cry
And I can't lie
I shoulda woulda
coulda but I didn't
I shoulda told you
WOMAN: Where are you?
Have you seen the news?
They said that CJ had a gun.
They're saying he
was a street kid.
Please call me.
They're calling CJ a thug.
Telling everyone that
our son was a criminal!
And he deserved to be killed!
I know, I know.
I'm handling it.
You left me.
Like you don't care, alone.
It's been over six
months, Charles.
You've done nothing!
I'm trying, I have tried.
Since when do you try?
You always do.
You wanted to get a
high school diploma
despite me being
pregnant and you did.
You wanted to finish
college, you did.
You wanted to be
a lawyer, you did.
A judge, you did.
A great father you were.
So forgive me Charles.
If you really wanted to be a man
and gain justice
for CJ, you would.
You wouldn't try!
Eve, it's not that simple.
Our son, your system,
Mr. Charles Coleman
Senior, our protector.
Thank you so much for
gaining justice for my son.
You are slave.
You are not the man I married.
I don't know what
you need me to do.
Mr. Mayor.
Do you have a minute?
Hey judge.
Big city council
meeting tonight.
Have to improve the city
revitalization project.
Right, I understand.
This'll just take five minutes.
I'm sure you could use a break.
All right.
We'll pick up in 15.
- Will you get me a cup of joe?
Two cream.
You see the news this morning?
Unfortunately, I did.
And I promise you, we're
hunting down the leaker
like the dog they are.
How about this, you seen this?
I curse the day
the gun was made.
But we find ourselves
in need these days.
- How about that?
- Another angle of the gun.
What's the point?
These are two completely
different crime scenes
two years apart.
The same gun.
Okay, Ralphie Garcia,
Charles Coleman II.
How did you find this?
Rory Carter was
at both scenes.
The same style of gun.
Where did you get these?
These are two black guns
with the serial
number scratched off.
There are thousands of
those in this city alone.
What are the results
of the fingerprint test?
Did you end up checking
the gun for CJ's prints?
Charles, just
leave this alone.
This is bigger than me.
It's not bigger than you!
Your cops shot my son.
How is that bigger than you?
That's not what I'm saying.
What am I supposed
to tell my wife?
I made her a promise that
I would take care of her
and my son.
My son is gone.
She's all I have left.
What am I supposed to tell her?
Answer me!
Wake up, man!
This is the best we got.
The city tried.
We offered you money,
something as a token.
You said no!
Token sounds right about now.
All right.
Get me the number
to judicial ethics.
Yes sir.
are people like me,
better yet, people who know
a lot less than me to turn?
HORACE: They're our kids.
We gotta believe them, right?
MAYOR: We offered you
money, something as a token,
you said no!
Lost again?
We gotta stop this, then.
JAVIER: Stop what?
No more.
No more, it's done.
What are you talking about?
No, look, this is real.
This isn't some fake
made up gang beef
over who owns the block!
This is my life!
Listen man, you
don't know nothing
about what goes on out here.
Why don't you go back
to where you live,
Fancyland, wherever that is.
You think I've
always been a judge?
'Cause you don't know me.
You have no idea what I've
had to do to get here.
So don't play me like that.
Go home.
You can't even look at
a photo of your son.
Then you're gonna name
a building after him
hoping that it makes
you feel better.
Well how's that
working out for you?
You feel better?
Listen, judge or
not, you're pushing it.
CHARLES: I'm pushing it?
- Yeah you're pushing it.
- CHARLES: What am I pushing?
You're pushing it!
I'm not pushing you!
You let them.
You let those
people kill your son
and didn't do a thing about it.
If that doesn't push you,
I don't know what will.
As a courtesy, I'm
gonna let you leave.
Don't ever come back here.
Go home.
Did you?
Did you even see the
crime scene footage?
This is what happens
when you get a gangster
who's wearing that
silver on his chest.
The thing is, your
son didn't have a gun.
The gun that they said they
saw at your son's crime scene
is the same gun they said
was at my son's crime scene.
I just saw my son die.
I'm so sorry.
I just saw my son die.
Why would you show me that?
CHARLES: I'm sorry, I, I,
JAVIER: Why would
you show that to me?
- Why do you wanna shoot me?
- Why would you show me that?
You're a judge, man,
you let that happen.
I'm not a judge anymore.
Right now I'm just a father.
I'm a father who let
his son down too.
Why shouldn't I
shoot you right now?
Why shouldn't I drop you?
You could.
Or you could ride with me.
You're a gangster?
For my son, I can be.
I have to make this right.
I can't be in this hell anymore.
How do we make this
right, law school?
I thought about this.
I've tried their way.
I gave the system a chance
to respond and they didn't.
So we have a choice
just to let things stand
or do something to
make them take notice.
one killed my boy.
I've done worse
for less, I'm down.
Who's playing?
confront them, his men,
force them to face us.
And I know where they are.
I've watched them, study them.
The older visits an old
man and takes him cigars,
the expensive kind.
And goes home, drinks, alone.
The young one puts his kid to
bed and watches TV all night.
We go in, redeem our sons.
The response time in that
neighborhood is two minutes
in and out.
While they're distracted, we'll
catch the other one at home.
So to answer your question,
how do we make this right,
we have to do something
You purchasing a
bundle now we count rex
You for everybody that hang
What you think bout that
Young nigger I would say
Young nigger I would say
Young nigger I would say
Young nigger I would say
Spin it spin it on
the low if you want it
Get it out of mother
Get it out the conner
Spin it spin it if
you really want it
You gotta get up
You gotta get up on it
Young nigger I would say
Young nigger I would say
Young nigger I would say
Young nigger I would say
We won't speak
of this to anybody.
No wives, no
doctors, no priests.
You all right?
Your hand is shaking
like Freddie Roach.
I'm good, I'm good.
No, you don't look good.
Don't want you shooting me
with that shaky ass hand.
That's not funny.
It's not funny, I
don't wanna get shot.
You come in my house,
my place of peace!
Come on!
Get up!
You done fucked up!
Where do you think you're going?
Might as well have a seat now.
So who's our guest of honor?
JAVIER: You killed my boy!
So how about I kill you too?
Sounds like Rory's.
Judge Coleman.
Didn't expect to see
you here like this.
I'd say your out
of your element.
You should have
expected to see me
the day you killed my boy.
See now you've
put us on a path
where only one of us
will walk away tonight
and tell what happened.
I'm not telling anybody.
And you're taking
this to your grave.
Oh, fuck.
My daddy didn't teach
me much in life.
But he did teach me two things.
How to enjoy a Cuban cigar.
I'm not taking about
that fake shit.
Leaves grown from Cuban seeds
in Central American soil.
If it ain't Cuban
soil, it ain't Cuban,
he used to say.
See it's the soil
that breathes it life.
And two, always pick a side.
When you do, you fight
like hell for it.
Which side am I on?
When you're on the
bench, you're on mine.
I would have died for you.
But for the record, if
I knew it was your boy,
it would have went
down differently.
Yeah, but it didn't.
No, it didn't.
Guess we better
get this over with.
Now look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me!
I told you you're
out your depth.
Talk about a justified killing.
Not only am I gonna
get my pension
but I'm gonna get
myself a medal of valor.
God you guys went
from sugar to shit.
Go ahead and kill me, man.
Fuck, I'm already dead, fuck.
The day you killed my
son, you killed me.
You all right?
What happened to your mask?
I wanted him to
know it was me.
How do you feel?
I don't know, I,
I stopped shaking.
You think our boys
will be proud?
I don't know.
But they would know
that we love them.
Come down bad man,
there's no need
To die tonight
Water tonight
Come down brown and there's
no need to cry tonight
Find out who called 911.
COP: Officer
Anderson for dispatch.
Mother fucker killed
a cop on his own house.
Black suped up car pulled out.
Two males, one
black, one unknown.
What you got, boss?
We need to find Von Clements.
Officer Clements?
You need to come with us.
Why, I'm on leave?
COP: Horace
Stevens needs you.
Stevens, I never
said anything to him.
You gotta clear
that up with him.
We need to go.
- I can't leave my son.
- We'll have an officer here.
We need to go now.
Okay, let me
just grab my fare.
Hey, when was the last
time you saw Charles?
- Do you know where he is?
- No.
A cop was killed.
They found CJ's ID there.
He wants to do
the right thing.
Is he okay?
I don't know.
RADIO: All point bulletin.
Suspect identified as
Charles Coleman Senior.
Black male, 26.
Records say he's a judge.
Seen fleeing in a
black sports car
with unknown male
with him, both armed.
Scene double zero reported.
2039 Fidelity drive,
air support requested.
Yo man, where we at?
Um I don't know,
some neighborhood.
No, no, no, this
ain't no neighborhood.
This is Parramore, man.
I can't be out here.
Why not?
Is it our side?
Be careful.
MAN: Hey, look,
look, look, look.
I think that's them.
We should pull them over.
We ain't gonna be cowboys.
Let's just get back
to headquarters.
If it's them and we
don't pull them over,
we'll all be fined.
They look a little nervous.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!
I'm calling for
backup, stay here!
Stand down, stand down!
You want some more?
I told you to stand down!
Damn, law school, that's,
that's all right.
I told you I'm gangster.
my eye's swelling.
Who the hell was that?
Who's shooting!?
WOMAN: Officer Washington,
you're under arrest.
Where are my partners?
They're alive, they
didn't kill our boys.
Our beef's not with you or them.
Listen, we're gonna
walk out of here
like this didn't happen.
Okay, we're walking out of here!
Which way?
Keep straight.
It's in the bottoms.
You said nobody
knows what's happening?
COP: You haven't heard?
Heard what?
Rory, someone took him out.
Wait, that's him,
that's him right there.
That's him.
JAVIER: Wait a
minute, are you sure?
Yeah, turn around.
Glad this isn't over.
This is much bigger
than our boys.
JAVIER: Damn right.
About an hour ago.
Black male, all we know.
Why is Stevens bringing me in?
For your protection.
Protection from what?
The killer.
You could be next.
All we know.
Sure, that's all you know.
He's good.
What are they doing?
Should we fight
or should we go?
Fuck it!
down, suspect is down.
1050, all men under the
Plain Street bridge.
JAVIER: You all right?
Get out, get out.
You got me?
MAN ON RADIO: Suspects
located, suspects armed.
1033, I repeat, 1033, we
need backup immediately.
Let's go, go, go!
Officer Von Clements.
You are now being
tried for the murder
of CJ Coleman Junior.
And Rafael Garcia,
time to pay your penalty.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Fuck that.
It's too late for
your fucking sorries.
I have a son.
I have a son, he's
six years old!
CHARLES: I had a son.
I know.
I'm afraid, Charles.
I want you to know that
CJ didn't have a gun.
I'm sorry, judge.
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
MAN: I see them!
Can I talk for a minute
Will you listen oh yeah
Said if I had a dime
For every time that man died
Said I'd be or I'd
be a billionaire
And as long as it's wrong
And I'm a captive
in my own home
Still I wonder what
freedom truly means
Yes we pride and we throw
And we put on a great show
Entertain other people
around the world
But I'm more than a case
So much more than
much I did face
Still I wonder what
freedom truly means
How I wonder
Still I wonder
Will all mankind be free
Oh I wonder
If there's one love
Is there love
for you, for me
Oh with all my heart
I'll always do my part
To love mankind is freeing
And I'll never stop until
our voices are heard
When to my brothers,
my brothers all we meet