Riverhead (2016) Movie Script

Good job.
I'm going down now to
get another one.
Will! Come down
give me a hand.
Grab on to this, la!
Turn that around this way.
Drag 'er up there by
Jer, alright?
Ye got 'er?
We're like a crowd a women.
Nice young feller.
Yes sir, buddy.
We'll keep you on b'y.
There you go. No, I'm
not good with that.
I just rattle to the ground.
Like your head?
Yeah, pretty much like the head.
Like a light.
Whoa, man. That is
a hot cup a tea.
Good job, buddy.
Never enough wood
cutting, though.
Me back is shot.
Pay for that one in the morning.
Shoulda took a break earlier.
Put that in the back.
Shoulda had me on the
saw, ya cripple.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Put it in the back,
b'y, behind the seat.
Behind the seat.
Are we good to go then, or wha?
Yes by. Just havin'
a puff before we takes off.
Right on. Listen, thanks for
comin' down, buddy.
And if you need some help now,
in the next couple a weeks,
hauling yours down, I can
give you a hand, you know.
Just picking away at it. I haven't
really burned through much yet.
Good b'y.
Alright then, buddy.
Have a good week.
Yes, you too, Jer.
Yessir, man.
Is Emma back?
Myself and the young fella are goin' in
to pick her up in a few days, I dare say.
Right on.
Listen, want a few
turrs, or what?
Myself and the brother-in-law got
a couple a dozen last week or so.
I'll drop some down to you.
You gonna be around?
Yes, I'll be around.
Right on.
Alright b'y.
Take'er easy buddy.
Yes, you too. Say hi
to the missus for me.
Jesus, I'm
dyin' here with the heat.
Was I telling you I got
my moose license?
Yeah? Out yet?
No, never got a chance yet.
Get out soon, now before
the season closes.
Should be fine, shouldn't it?
Job to say. They're a bit
skittish this time of year.
It's gonna be hard
to get close to 'em.
We should go out now, soon.
My area's not far from
here. We'll go out for the day.
Yeah, for sure.
What's your license for?
Bull. Well, bull or a calf.
But I never takes a calf.
Really? What's wrong
with a calf?
Nothing wrong with a calf.
I took one, one time,
thinking it was a cow.
I snuck right up on it.
She didn't know I was
in the world.
After I shot 'er, I realized -
wasn't scared of nuttin' yet.
Fuck it. I'd take it anyway.
Meat is meat. As long as
the freezer's full.
I s'pose. Broke me
heart, that's all.
Yeah, I always wanted to go with
Dad when I was a kid-
Up seal hunting.
But I thought I'd feel
too bad doing it.
Plus mudder'd kill me
if she knew.
My mudder was the same way.
My father used to go out at it,
though. Every spring.
He come back this one time,
though, with seal hand.
That's when the b'ys are gutting' the seals
and they cuts their hands up with the knife.
And the blood and the blubber
and stuff gets in the cuts.
Causes infection.
Dirty old stuff.
Could kill ya.
I never went at it myself.
Who knows? Maybe I'll
end up on the Mainland.
No seal in sight.
Christ b'y. You'd be better
off with the rot.
It's Emma's idea, sure.
Maybe just for the summer.
I know. I know.
By the way, now.
You coming to town with me
on Thursday to pick up Emma?
After she's finished
her test or whatever?
I might be working.
I'll see.
Alright then, b'y.
Let me know, alright?
Here, la. Take this.
No, no.
Don't be at it
b'y. I got my job.
No. For giving
me a hand today.
I didn't come here
to get paid, b'y.
I don't care. Don't
you be so silly.
Here. Give it to
your mudder.
She won't take it from
me anyway.
Nobody knows how to take
out that garbage, or what?
Shush, Dad.
I coulda swore that I
showed you how to take out-
Dad. Stop.
How are you, honey?
You got everything?
That was good?
You want a piece of pie?
William's mother sent
one over yesterday.
No. I'm good.
I had him out cutting
wood the other day.
He's pretty good at it too.
He's a good worker
when he wants to be.
He didn't mention it.
He didn't cut his leg off
or anything, did he?
No. He's the best kind, sure.
Seemed to really enjoy himself.
Sure, you and he goes in the
woods, all the time, don't you?
Yeah, but we only go for walks.
We don't go hunting or fishing
or anything like that.
I think he said his dad used to
do stuff like that, though.
But he was too young
to be at it.
I'll make a
woodsman out of him yet.
I'd figure you'd be over there like
a bullet, soon as we pulled up.
I don't know.
I haven't been talking to him much
this past week with my exams and stuff.
Is that it?
He's rotted at me because I
wanna go away for the summer.
It's only to Halifax
or something.
It's not like he
can't come with me.
I don't know, honey. You
got to talk to the poor fella.
He's fine.
I think there's people getting
together on Saturday at Kelly's.
So I'm sure I'll see him there.
Are we going to Nan's Saturday?
No, I told her I'd take you
over Sunday morning.
Rather than being across
the highway Saturday night.
Come on. I know you want to.
I'm gonna go watch some TV.
Are you sure you don't wanna
help me skin brace of rabbits?
I would rather not.
Throw the kettle on for me,
will you, my luv? Please?
You all right, then?
You don't seem it.
I'm fine.
You were barely there an hour
before you wants to go.
You hardly even talked to me
the whole night anyway.
There was a lot of people
to see. I don't know.
I haven't seen you
for three months.
I knew it.
I knew you were gonna
get on with this.
You're the one who flipped
out at me on the phone.
I didn't flip out.
You ignored my calls for a week.
I had to hear from you dad
that you were coming home.
Had to beg you to see me, and
now you won't every talk to me.
Why wouldn't I get on with it?
You're being a fucking idiot!
My son, you better get
under fuckin' control
before she has the fuckin'
harbour woke up.
Christ man, I almost
took a run at yay.
Yes, I'm sure.
How are ya b'y?
Me younger brother, Robbie.
What are y'at?
What are you fellas out making a
racket for tonight, anyway?
B'ys, this is Emma.
I used to know Michael
from high school.
Emma who?
Your fadder Paddy Whelan, den?
A real arsehole.
What's that?
Our fadder knew her
fadder quite well.
I was just tell 'em that
he was an arsehole.
I s'pose after the pen, you'd know are
arsehole better than anybody, b'y?
That's alright.
Well, getting on now.
Heading back home
from Kelly's thing.
I s'pose my invitation
was lost in the mail.
I'm sure he didn't ever know
you were around, honestly.
Well don't worry about it, b'y. Was up
with the cousins for a spell anyway.
Trying to get this queer
on the hard drink for once.
Frig off!
Heading on, now.
Where to?
Bringing the missus home
before she's froze, yeah?
i can't believe you're fuckin' chasing
skirts from up the fuckin' way.
Couldn't get your tail
around here, did ya?
Had to go fuckin' chasing the skirt
down to the other end of the harbour?
No need for that.
Take a joke, b'y.
Didn't sound like
a fuckin' joke.
Come on. Let's just go.
Come on.
You should listen to her.
She might be rotten. But
she sounds half smart.
Fuck you.
Right on.
You fuckin' walk that bitch home
while you still got time.
You're right tough now,
after HMP, are ya?
I think all them inbred pussies from
up the shore got you turned soft.
Get off him!
Get off! Jesus!
Get off of him!
Get off of him!
Get off!
Come on.
Get your arse in gear.
Your grandmudder 'll have me
crucified if we're late this morning!
Jesus Christ! I'm gonna beat the
face right off that little shit.
No. Dad! Stop!
No! I'm not gonna stop!
Stop. It wasn't Will!
Dad! It wasn't Will. Okay?
Listen to me. I wasn't Will.
It was a couple of b'ys
that Will knows.
We were just walking home form
Kelly's and they started up on us.
What do you mean,
started up with ya?
They just started saying
shit to Will about me.
Going out with me, or whatever.
Anyway, one of them
started fighting Will.
And I tried to break it up.
Where were you to?
We were just over to Riverhead
coming back from Kelly's.
And what? I came home! I mean,
Dad, it's not a big deal, okay.
It's just a bruise.
I'm not hurt.
Who were they?
Winsor brothers?
I think?
Where are you going?
Jesus Christ!
Dad! Stop it! Dad!
What the hell?
Arh! Fuck b'y!
You likes hurting women, do ya?
Fuck off! Hold off before
you're fuckin' crippled.
I hears tell that either one of you
lay a fuckin' hand on one of them-
I'll chop 'er right off.
s that so?
Yeah, it is! If you so much
as fuckin' look at 'er.
You're her fadder then?
If she keeps to her own crowd, there
won't be any problems, now will there?
Yeah really?
You can take your little fuckin' brudder,
and you fly the fuck out of it, somewhere.
I'm fuckin' warning you.
Yeah? What are you gonna do?
Back off!
Your fuckin' breed. Your poor
mudder's be sick at the sight of this.
You deaf b'y?
I said go home out of it.
This is me fuckin' home.
We're not in your shitty
little cove now, b'y.
You don't come around here
telling people what to do.
Throwing punches around without
any sort of consequences.
You done enough of that
for one lifetime.
This is fuckin' nonsense.
What nonsense?
The same nonsense your
old man got on with.
Shoulda know ye'd
take after him.
You stay clear this side of
Riverhead. You hear me?
If I sees you around here again,
I'm gonna fuckin' kill ya.
What about Will?
I don't mind that piece a shit.
But right now you best make
yourself scarce.
I'll do what I fuckin'
well likes.
If I sees you around here again, I'm gonna
send you back to your cove in a wooden coat.
That's a promise.
You're a big fuckin'
man, you are.
Get in the car.
Fuckin' asshole.
Jeez! I can't
fuckin' believe that!
It's fine, b'y.
It's not fine! It's
not fuckin' fine.
Calm down.
This fuckin' fella
comes right to our door.
Hauls me out, for fuck sake's.
That's low, man.
That's fuckin' low.
Just forget about it.
We showed him how it was.
He'll take the hint.
He's too fuckin' thick to get
out of his own way, now.
I dunno. He-
That's right. You don't know.
The fuckin' crowd out here, man.
Some fuckin' retard down from the arse end of
the shore comes down and tells me what to do?
You better believe I'm
gonna be fuckin' rotted.
He's frightened half to death,
b'y. It'll be fine.
Are you serious?
Since when do you give a shit about
Paddy, or anybody from the Cove?
What? You got buddies
up there now, or what?
Stop it! I just means you got
better things to be at, is all.
Drunks. On the fuckin' dole,
every one of 'em.
Jesus, always kicking
up a racket.
You saw it just now, sure.
You don't remember our fadder.
Paddy and those fuckin' Micks are the
reason you and me are half orphaned.
Don't you fuckin' forget it.
We ought to put the fear in 'em.
Make him realize he should keep
to himself out of it.
Let him know he beat on the
wrong fuckin' door.
Come on.
Okay. I think he's there now.
So I'll call you back, alright?
Okay. Bye.
Nan just called. She want's to
know when we're coming up.
Give her a call back. Tell
her we're on the way, okay?
What happened, then?
Nothing, honey. It's fine.
Just call your grandmother back.
And I'll warm up
the truck, okay?
Okay. Hey, can we see
Will on the way there?
We're late as it is.
I'll drop you off at his mother's
on the way back, alright?
I'm gonna drop
you off here, okay?
I thought you said you
were gonna take me over to Wills.
- I will. I'm just gonna
check something off first.
I won't be long.
- Nothing's even open.
- I went down to see those two
little shits this morning.
- What the hell,
Dad! Why?
Are you kidding? You know
friggin' well why.
-Well you coulda told me.
-I didn't know what else to do.
I said it wasn't a
big deal, Dad.
Well it's a big
goddamned deal to me.
This is bullshit.
Watch your mouth.
You don't know these fellas.
You're making me look foolish.
I told you, I can
take care of myself.
Real well, by the
looks of your face.
Thank you.
Look, there's nothing
foolish about it, honey.
You're my daughter, aren't ya?
We takes care of our own.
Those guys said that
they knew you.
Or that their dad did,
or something?
He was just as bad as they were.
Starting fights.
With fellas from our
end of the Cove.
After school. After a hockey
game. Whenever.
Ended up in prison up the
Mainland. Got himself killed.
Tangled up with the
wrong crowd, I s'pose.
Yeah, he got shipped off.
And this racket we were all
tangled up in was laid to rest.
More or less.
People likes to pretend
it never happened.
I can't say I blame 'em.
Better than fighting
flat out all the time.
Okay. Fine.
Fuck sakes!
Careful now, old man.
- I only had it give
up for a year.
You wouldn't know but I
had virgin lungs again.
- Sounds like it.
- Fuck, it's nothing
but shit at the pen.
I figured I'd wait it out.
- Should give it up all
together now, b'y.
- Yeah, well, nobody said
I was sensible.
- Nope.
- You saucy bastard.
- Give 'em to me if you're
not gonna smoke 'em.
- Yes. Fuck sakes.
Charity case.
Still good to go around for
a poke, then, or what?
Still good to go around for
a poke, then, or what?
I'll tuck you in, my son,
don't you worry.
Now gimme them keys.
Fuck off.
B'y we're just gonna go give
'em a good scare, like.
Frighten the shit
right out of 'em.
What if we gets caught?
You fuckin' wimp, man.
This fuckin' fella comes
to our door, right?
Fuckin' hauls me out on the lawn
and punches me in the face.
And you're over there sookin'
like a woman over nudding?
That's not what I meant.
It is what you meant.
You're always fuckin' like it.
Friggin' breed out here, man.
Just build a wall.
Keep to yourself.
Can you remember that year they stopped
having that big Boxing Day parade?
Father was right in
the middle of the street.
Making a big fuckin'
racket about it.
Uncle Roy was there too.
And a bunch fuckin' Micks from
up the fuckin' way come down.
Caused a big old fuss.
Blocked off the street.
A fuckin' shit show.
Place went up.
Fuckin' Paddy was there with a
whole crew of b'ys form the Cove.
Some friggin sight.
I remember seeing
Fadder that morning.
Gettin' hauled off.
Paddy? Paddy got
to keep on livin'.
It's not fit man.
Not fuckin' fit.
Now gimmie the fuckin' keys.
You droppin' into the house?
No, mudder wants me home.
-She don't mind.
Come on. Das it! Let's go!
Let's get outta this.
Come on.
Get in the truck!
Jesus! No! William!
Fuckin' shit!
William! Help!
Help! Somebody!
Jesus Christ, Mick!
Shut up.
You fuckin' hit 'em! You fuckin'
dropped em! Is he dead?
Is he fucking dead?
Jesus b'y! Calm down
and shut up!
First Sorrowful Mystery.
The Agony in the Garden.
Our Father who art in Heaven.
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done.
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this dayour daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses.
As we forgive those who
trespass agains us.
Lead us not into temptation.
But deliver us from evil. Amen.
Our Father who art in Heaven.
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done.
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses.
As we forgive those who
trespass agains us.
Lead us not into temptation.
But deliver us from evil. Amen.
Our Father who art in Heaven.
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done.
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our
daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses.
As we forgive those who
trespass agains us.
Lead us not into temptation.
But deliver us from evil. Amen.
Hail Mary full of grace.
The Lord is with Thee.
Blessed art Thou among women.
And blessed is the fruit of
Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners.
Now and at the hour
of our death, Amen.
Hail Mary full of grace.
The Lord is with Thee.
Blessed art Thou among women.
And blessed is the fruit of
Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners.
Now and at the hour of
our death, Amen.
Hail Mary full of grace.
The Lord is with Thee.
Blessed art Thou among women.
And blessed is the fruit of
Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners.
Now and at the hour of
our death, Amen.
Are you gonna come out?
I'm sure it would mean a
lot to Paula if you did.
You can be mad at me
all you like.
But there'll be a time that
you'll regret not coming out.
Let me grab my jacket, Paula.
I'll give you a ride home.
No, no. It's okay.
Are you sure? I don't mind.
No, no. Really,
I'd rather walk.
Get a bit of fresh air.
Might do me a bit of good.
If you say so.
You should let me pack up some of
that food for you, now, for later.
No, Paddy.
Don't be so foolish.
You keep all that for yourself.
I'm trying to fatten you
up for the winter.
You done so much now, as it is.
I've hardly done enough.
Will was like family to me.
I wouldn't have treated
one of my own any better.
How's Emma making out, then?
She'll be okay.
Poor thing.
You know, I don't know if I'd feel any
better if they end up catching who did it.
Especially if it's
a familiar face.
What the Jesus am I supposed to
think when I sees their family?
I'll be thinking that I
just had to bury my boy.
And I couldn't even
open his casket.
You should let me give
you a ride home.
You'll catch you death
of cold, me love.
Do you remember growing up?
The way they used to display the
caskets right out in the living room?
It scared me at first,
when I was little.
But after I lost Mom,
I realized I liked it.
It was like I was saying
goodbye to somebody.
Like I was sending them
off on a trip.
I wish I coulda done that today.
What is it?
You're wanted at the door.
Who is it?
Jesus b'y. Tell
'em I'm not home.
What's you tell 'em?
I'm not gonna lie to the cops.
Just go talk to them.
You're lucky we're blood.
Hey Burt!
I wanted to talk to you.
I know.
I got your calls, Paddy.
But I told you. I can't say
anything about any of it.
I know. I'm just getting a real bad
taste off of all this, you know.
B'y a young fella shot
dead in the street.
It's gotta be the only way
it tastes. Sad truth.
Well, listen. I wanted to
tell you earlier-
Will wasn't caught
up in anything bad.
Or nudding like that.
He was a good kid.
There's nothing like
that going on.
It's just a bunch of lies
going around, that's all.
The last thing we needs now, is a
town divided down the middle again.
Yeah, you're right.
But don't bother with it,
Paddy, I'm telling you.
Young Mike, there,
the other day-
Jesus, give it up b'y.
You gotta let it breathe.
That little shit was threatening
to put me six feet under.
He had a goddamned rifle
pointed at me and everything.
Paddy, put that away.
Look, I'm sure these fellas got
a real romance in their heads
about all the shit their
father got on with.
All of that.
Divisions. It's all about
divisions with this crowd.
Pack a garbage, the lot of it.
They don't have a friggin' clue what
went on between me and their old man.
And you knows goddamned
well, Burt. Come on!
That's my goddamned
point, Paddy.
Mick Winsor got a real hate
for you on principle.
Doesn't matter what you
an his father were at.
Look. The younger fella got a
moose license the year, right?
What am I supposed to do?
Go up and arrest him because
he own's a rifle?
Lord Jesus, half the young
fellas on the shore got a rifle.
You got a rifle, don't ya?
Yeah. Same size, right?
Yeah, well the more you pokes
around, the worse it's gonna get.
Because it's god-blessed
tense now, as it is.
Just let us all do our jobs.
Unless he got a rifle barrel shoved down
your throat, I got better things to be at.
Stop rocking' the boat.
Little shit! He's the spit of
his fucking fadder!
Jesus Paddy!
Do you remember how much
of a nuisance you were?
Smarten up, b'y.
You remember when his old
man got shipped off?
Well, you're lucky he didn't open your
god damned throat right here in the road.
And you're lucky he didn't
make it back home.
'Cause he probably woulda
tried it all over again.
Now you keep out of trouble.
Jesus Christ. Whether you think that this
crowd had anything to do with it or not-
They're not the ones to
shag with, right?
You look after Emma.
Focus on her.
I'll focus on all this.
Okay, Burt.
Paddy, I'm sorry.
About Will.
Jesus, about everything.
There you are.
I dropped by to see Paula today.
See how she's doing.
She sent you over
a whack of stuff.
She must have been baking
all week over there.
That's good, though,
to keep herself occupied.
Have you been by to see her yet?
No. Not yet.
Emma, That's a sin. She'd love
to see you, you know.
She's going through a hard time.
We all are.
Look at me!
What have you been
doing all day?
Nothing really.
I tried to read my book.
Couldn't really focus on it.
I can see how you woulda
got preoccupied.
Forgot to put a
light on or put a junk it.
Wait. Wait.
Look, I feel like you've hardly
said two words to me all week.
I'm not in the mood, okay?
I know.
i just wanna
know that you're okay.
I'm not.
You know what I mean.
And I'm not.
I'll put supper on, then, and
throw a junk in, I s'pose.
I'm not hungry.
No? Of course you're not.
Morning Luv.
Burt around?
Okay, I'll try him there then.
Yes, thanks. You too.
Yeah Burt. Paddy Whelan
here. How are you?
Yeah, I'm alright b'y.
Yeah, the missus was saying you
were up and gone early this morning.
Right on, b'y.
I won't keep you.
I was just wondering if you found
anything about the Doyle boy.
Yeah, yeah. I know.
I knows.
It's just that - a lot of people
talk and everything, you know Burt.
B'y, Will's not caught up
in anything. Listen.
The young one - Michael Winsor.
The oldest fella. Yeah.
It can't be a coincidence, b'y.
And the fellas from his end of town,
now, getting on with all kinds of shit.
Making him out to be some
kind of saint or something.
I bet he's still got that rifle in the
trunk of the car, for Christ's sake.
At least look into it, alright?
Alright, yeah.
I'll be around.
Fuck sakes.
Who was that?
Nuthin. It's nuthin.
I heard you.
They still don't have a clue.
They're trying to say that Will had been
caught up in some sketchy people or something.
That's bullshit.
I know, honey.
Well, did you tell him that?
What did you say?
What do you think I said?
Why don't you go check out
them two savages?
Why would he talk to them?
I bet you they still got that
gun in the trunk of the car.
They won't listen.
Still doing the investigation,
or whatever.
Won't tell me anything anyway,
even if they do talk to him.
Why would they have
a gun in their car?
They got one.
A rifle.
How do you know that?
That morning I went
over to talk to 'em.
We got in a big of a scrap.
It broke up but I noticed
one of 'em had a gun.
Just this old hunting rifle. And
they were pointing it at me.
What? Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you say anything
when you got home?
I obviously didn't
think anything of it.
I was gonna tell Burt so
he'd keep an eye on it.
Well, it's a little too fuckin'
late for that now, isn't it?
We don't even know if
it was him, Emma.
It's just suspicious,
that's all.
I can't believe you!
Somebody points a gun at you and then
that night you're getting shot at?
That's a little bit more
than suspicious, Dad.
It doesn't take very much
to connect those dots.
Yes, but -
Why didn't you tell anybody?
Will might not be dead now.
I know honey, but -
Do you know how
fucked up this is?
I do!
I'm gonna go back to town.
Just listen!
Fuck sakes!
It seems like all
this stuff started happening
before I was even born.
And here I am getting
the worst of it.
It's not fair!
Everybody around here
knows about you.
And about the Winsors.
And about how you're all a bunch
of fuckin' mental cases-
trying to beat the shit out of
each other for twenty years.
Listen -
I don't want to hear any more about
it, Dad. I'm sick to death of it!
You're sick of it?
Those people have been fucking
with me my whole life.
And over what?
Being a Catholic?
Or being from the wrong
side of the goddamned bay?
I'm sorry I don't have the
stomach to be talked down to-
by a bunch of entitled
little pricks.
My fadder didn't. My brothers
didn't. And I certainly won't.
Yeah, but Dad.
It's hurting me now.
Can't you just try to
swallow that?
Will's dead!
I know he's fuckin' dead. It
coulda been me, remember?
Yeah, well maybe
it shoulda been.
At least all this stuff
will be over then.
Hey Paddy.
What are y'at, Jer?
This and that. Little dessert
after supper, you know.
Yeah, same here.
Listen, I heard about
Paula's son 'n that.
That's unreal, man.
I couldn't believe it myself.
Yeah, thanks. Rough week.
You can say that again.
So how are ya?
Good b'y, you know.
Few of the b'ys are saying that-
you had the wake down in the Cove
at the Catholic Church 'n that.
That's a bit inappropriate,
that's all.
What do you mean?
Well, you know. With everything
that gone on before.
You know, people feeling a little
tense about it. That's all.
I grew up with his father.
Did you know that?
He was the best kinda man.
Carried his casket
and everything.
Long before you got tangled
up with Will 'n that.
You know, maybe
he woulda liked it-
if his son went through the same
church as he did. That's all.
Me 'n Will tangled up.
You knows what I mean.
No b'y I don't. So for fuck
sakes, spit it out.
It's a fuckin' whole lotta
good it did him!
That's all.
That's what I means!
What? Are you trying to tell me
it's my fuckin' fault, or somethin?
No, Jesus.
He just never shoulda been
there in the first place.
And it's 'cause of all the shit
that you got yourself caught up in-
that he got killed.
Nobody got a fuckin' clue what
went on, or who done it. Nudding.
But I bet you got a few
ideas, don't ya?
I was down to the
wife's family that night.
So I'm only going by
what I been told.
And I hear tell that you
got a big mouth.
And I hear tell that you
and the Doyle boy
ran into a few of the b'ys from down
my way a few nights before that.
Yeah. I did go over and see that
little Mike Winsor shit -
On account of Emma saying he was
giving her a hard time, that's all.
Lost me temper, I s'pose.
Nudding b'y.
Just steer clear of it,
that's all.
'Cause I knows what you're like.
You'll be fuckin' poking around.
You stay the hell out of it.
That little angel Mike Winsor was poking
around my house after the funeral.
Tell me that's not
instigating something.
I dare say the poor fella was
just trying to pay his respects.
And he didn't feel all that comfortable
doing it down at your house.
And I would say, all things
you can probably
understand that, right?
Oooh. Sounds like you knows
exactly what's going on then.
You watch yourself, now.
'Cause I don't know if you
remembers, but I knew his father too.
Not that well. But I never had
nudding ill to say about him.
Carried his casket too, did you?
No. But I knew him a lot longer,
and I was alright with you.
So just stay clear of
'em, that's all.
'Cause I don't wanna hear tell of you
giving him shit, or giving him grief.
I never took you for one to be
drawing lines in the sand, Jer.
Well, I guess you got to
sometimes, I s'pose.
Well. I gotta get going.
S'pose I'll be alright, will I?
You're not gonna shoot me in the
back or nudding, are you?
You or one of your buddies?
You can go fuck yourself!
Hey Winsor!
The lies you been telling
I hope you're
keeping them straight.
'Cause you're gonna
be found out.
You had a few, did ya?
You mind yourself,
ya little shit.
Drop over any time, old man.
I'll fuckin' flatten you.
I hope you feels real goddamned
good about yourself, Michael!
Ya fuckin' snake!
What was that?
You heard me.
I sees you around my house
again, I'll fuckin' kill ya.
Get inside! Go!
Got me window fixed.
She looks real good?
Just go the fuck home out of it.
Fuck off!
Are you sure you can drive?
Or should I give Burt a call?
Come on!
Bathroom! Come on.
What, you fuckin' fag now?
Get up!
Fuck b'y!
Shut up and listen!
Are you serious? I got no
time for this bullshit.
What did I just say?
Are you fuckin' retarded?
Now you're gonna
straighten up, alright?
Look, he came to me first.
I don't fuckin' give a shit.
The only answer that I
wants from you is yes.
That's all.
A fuckin' god damned yes.
Now you're gonna straighten up.
And you're gonna tell your
brother to follow suit.
'Cause there's only so
much of my fuckin' neck-
that I'm gonna put on the
line for the likes a ye.
Paddy came to me first, man!
He came to me! What
am I supposed to do?
I don't give a fuck
what ya does.
As long as you don't let it bleed
over into other people's lives.
Keep your fuckin' bullshit to
yourself. Contained.
Listen. Paddy is very lucky
right now. Because -
I don't give a fuck
what ya done. Alright?
It's a good fuckin' thing for
you that I knew your fadder.
Now if you keeps walking around
acting like king shit -
Well there's gonna be more than
fuckin' Paddy gunning for you.
I'm trying to fuckin'
take care of you.
But you gotta fuckin' stop
drawing the heat into yourself.
Now go finish your
fuckin' drink.
I'm gonna have a fuckin' piss.
Where's the car?
I left it.
Where to?
A friend's.
What did you do that for?
I can't find the keys. I s'pose
I left 'em up to John's.
I was gonna use
that this evening.
That's too bad, now isn't it?
Can you go get 'em?
Jesus Christ b'y. Lay
the fuck off. You got legs.
Go get 'em yourself.
What's your problem, man?
Where's the gun?
Do you wanna tell the whole
It's not in the car, is it?
Never you mind where it's too.
I will mind.
Cops were here. Again.
Burt was asking for you. This
whole thing is fucked, man.
I was there too. You
gotta tell me what's going on.
I'm sick of worrying.
And I'm sick of lying.
Don't make me tell you not to
say anything again.
Now, what did you tell 'em?
I said you were out.
Right. Some fuckin'
useful for a change.
Like you been so
fuckin' useful all locked up.
What's that?
You done nudding for me.
Or Mom or this family for
years and you knows it.
Is that so?
All the time going on about family. Here
you are barely anything to do with one.
You trying to say
we're not blood?
Let go a me.
Let me tell you, if you're not blood,
I won't treat you like we're not blood.
So where were you?
When I was alone with mudder
when she was coming apart?
Don't fuckin' talk
to me about family.
You're making a scene.
You're always making a scene.
It's all you're ever fuckin' at.
You were there too.
Don't forget it.
Hey! Winsor!
Man, have you lost
your fuckin' mind?
Where's that arsehole
brother of yours?
I got no time for this, man.
You're lucky you're a little fuckin'
runt, or I'd beat the face right offa you.
Now, your brother was waving a
gun around that very morning.
You remember.
Chasing people down
in the street?
People already thinks
you're mental.
You're not doing yourself any
favours, you know.
You knows if they get you, they're
not gonna try you like a child.
They're gonna ship you
right off to the pen.
Up to Dorchester somewhere.
Maximum security
with the savages.
Are you done?
You don't have to pick
up for your brother.
You don't know him.
Or the shit that he's getting on
with, or the likes of your father.
Man, you better watch yourself.
Poking around with Michael,
or whatever.
You saw what happened to Doyle.
Sober today, are ya?
You go no mouth today, or wha?
I got nuthin' to say to you.
I heard you had plenty
to say to Robbie.
He told me you two had a
grand chat the other day.
Just keep going b'y.
I figured you might wanna talk to me yourself
instead of playing Chinese whispering.
Maybe something got
lost in translation.
He can be a little
retarded all the same.
Jesus, I said just keep
going, will ya?
If you wants to talk to me,
you talk to me. That's all.
I can barely stand
the sight of you.
Yeah, you better.
A wonder you can stand
the sight of yourself.
I'll let you get going then.
You fuckin' geezer.
So how long are you gonna be
able to lie about it all?
You should get the
fuck away from me.
I've done fuckin' around you.
The only thing I sees when I looks at
you is that stupid fadder of yours.
And the bullshit that
he got on with.
No problem to tell you're
his fuckin' breed.
s that so?
You'd think having him locked
up your whole fuckin' life,
you'd have better sense
to stay clear of it all.
Do something with yourself.
No reason for you
to be involved.
It's no wonder he never
liked any of ye.
Your fadder never liked nudding.
He was a poisonous piece a shit.
Sat around cock eyed at
everybody, collecting welfare.
Jesus, even if I lived next door to you,
I'd still hate you for what you done.
I'd still want to see
you buried.
- Well that's a fuckin' sin.
That is b'y.
That's a waste of your life,
if you ask me.
Waste of my life. And a
waste of your fadder's life.
You mention my fadder
one more time-
I'm gonna put you in the ground right
next to Will, you understand me?
Yeah, well you better not
fuckin' hesitate.
'Cause I'll cut your fuckin' miserable heart out
and shove it right down your fuckin' throat.
Will was like a son to me!
You know that!
I hope you get your fuckin' face beat
in, just like your fuckin' father.
You hear me?
Piece a fuckin' garbage!
You can't be fuckin' serious?
Fuck! Get the fuck out
before I fuckin' kill's ya.
Where's the fuckin' gun?
Ya fuckin'-
Now here's the fuckin' gun?
Fuck you old man.
I knows you fuckin' shot Will!
Get off him!
Fuck! Get off!
Ya fuckin' breed!
You want your
fuckin' knife back?
You want your fuckin'
knife back?
Paddy! Stop it!
You're not gonna shoot me.
Now you tell me what fuckin'
happened to Will.
Or I'll fuckin' gut
this little fucker.
Fuck, it was an accident, b'y.
He was just trying to scare ya!
He's nudding but snake in the grass,
Robbie, running right the fuck around you.
He's not.
Hey, Robbie!
How are you, Sweetie?
I know.
Everything's sorted now.
Don't know yet. I'm
at the station now.
I just spoke with him.
Yeah, I'll call you as
soon as I know.
I'll see you when you get
out then. Friday.
And everything is sorted for Sunday,
so don't you worry about a thing.
You just take care of yourself.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, you be good.
You too Sweetie.
Want a lift home?
Naw, that's okay.
I'm just going down to Paddy's.
I was gonna walk.
Jesus no, woman.
I won't sleep tonight, knowing I
left you out in the cold.
Hop in.
Not allowed to smoke in
the house anymore.
No, the woman had 'er painted.
And put her foot
down, as they say.
I says to 'er, listen-
If I can't smoke in my
own friggin' home,
well, I'm, you know, smoking
in the car and that's it.
Me own little sanctuary,
and nudding else to it.
And what did she say
about all that?
Well, I s'pose I'm gonna have to build
a goddamned shed to have a draw in, now!
'Cause she doesn't want the
car stinking of smoke.
Smart woman.
Yeah, well, you knows.
Anyway, my dear, I just wanted
to tell you I'm sorry.
It's a sin what
happened to Will.
Thanks, I appreciate that.
B'y, it's been such
a friggin mess.
A real kick in the guts.
We had to wait to piece the
whole thing together, you know.
Jesus, Paddy was on me,
all like flies in shit.
And I couldn't say anything
about any of it.
Feels like it's my fault
or something.
Don't be so foolish.
It got nudding to do with you.
We'll all keep going.
Yeah, s'pose we will.
And the Winsor boy?
- Not a clue.
City crew got that now.
Not enough manpower out here.
But they got him.
They got the gun and all that.
I don't know how it'll all play
out, but Mick will be gone for good.
It's not that much of a surprise,
now, with the likes of them.
They's nudding but trash,
the lot of them.
Well, the young fella had
his hand forced.
I can't let myself believe
they'd such spiteful things.
Well, Jesus, forced or no,
he pulled that trigger.
Now he made his bed, he's gonna
lay in it a long while, I'd say.
And over what?
Settling a score nobody
else was keeping?
All seems so pointless.
I don't know what to make of it.
You gonna need a ride later?
I'm gonna keep cleaning.
Go through a few things.
Try to get as much done
as I can before the funeral.
I'll be here a few
hours at least.
I don't mind.
How's Emma keeping?
I don't know.
She's a tough girl. She'll have
time to bounce back from it all.
But I dunno. It's a lot
to take in, I s'pose.
She'll be home Friday if you
wants to come see her.
Yeah, I will.
Thanks for the ride.
You gonna be alright?
I really don't know.