Road (2017) Movie Script

- Tell me that you're down
for me
All the way down for me
Oh you say money
got you round for me
Oh you say
money got you down for me
Down for me, I got
Heaven looking down on me
For what I'm about
to do to you, do to you
For what I'm about to
put you through
I'ma show you something new
I'm a show you something
brand new
She love the way
my niggas roll
My niggas roll, see them
riding round the town
We got the pedals
all the way down
All the way down,
I heard them say yeah hey,
I heard them say yeah hey
'Cuz we come up in the place
Yeah it's on, yeah it's on
You betta watch your chick
Oh she gone,
oh she gone for real
This is nothing brand new
To us
Tell me that you down for me
All the way down for me
Oh you say money got you
'round for me
Oh you say money got you
down for me, down for me
I got heaven
looking down on me
For what I'm about to
do to you, do to you
For what I'm about to
put you through
I'ma show you something new
I'ma show you something
brand new
- Brand new
- Brand new, brand new.
- Oh, yeah, man.
- Yeah that's the plan boo
- Yeah!
- But if you 'bout the money
I'ma switch the plan too
No gold diggers
for mo figures
- Wha!
- It's best you press out
both: 'Cause how you fucking
with your niggas see
- Yeah I want it like that
Get a shorty like that
- Yeah.
- Who can party like that
- Wha.
- Making naughty like
- Yeah...
- Nah I ain't asking you
To join the torch
- Torch.
- I just need to know
you down
The full on jet
- Full on jet!
Tell me that you down for me
All the way down for me
Oh you say money got you
round for me
Or is that money got you
down for me
- Tell me that you
down for me
All the way down for me
Oh you say money got you
round for me
- Or is the money
got you down for me
- Big tune, big bumbaclot tune,
Roll out!
- Put your...
Fucking hands up.
- Officer, what the fuck is...
Going on, man?
- Are you fucking mad?
Well, put your hands up, cunt.
- Where's...
The stuff?
- What stuff, man?
- Don't fucking...
Lie to me.
- Don't you fucking move...
A muscle!
- Business. Look over here.
- Don't fucking look
over there, cunt.
Thuggy, check that box.
- Don't fucking move.
- Will you fucking
look over here cunt, all right?
- Don't fucking move!
Come on quickly Thuggy,
get the fucking box.
- What have we there?
- Don't fucking move!
- What have we got?
- Naughty.
- Yeah?
- Grade A.
- Bag it up.
- Good fucking result.
- Hurry up, you lot.
- Done.
- Cheers
for the gear, lads.
- You don't know
who you fucking with.
- Hey, boys, we don't
know who we fucking with.
- We what?
English, please.
- You all dead.
- We're all dead, yeah?
Well, seeing as we're all
dead, well, guess what?
We might as well go out
in style then.
- Yeah.
- Ladies,
I'll be seeing you later.
- Ciao.
- Fucking result.
- I'm coming mum,
Mum, do you know where
my bag is?
I can't find it anywhere.
Cheers, Mum.
Yes, Mum.
- Okay, Mum.
- I love you, Mum.
- Are you ready?
- Of course I'm ready, bro.
- Just make sure you work hard.
- Excuse me, mate, can you stay
behind the police tape please?
- It's all right, you see,
he's my little brother.
- I couldn't care less, mate.
You need to be behind the tape.
- Officer look, I just want
to know why this happened.
I want to see if I can help.
- Listen, he had it
coming to him.
Maybe you should have told
him to stay in college
rather than running
around playing gangster.
- Watch your fucking mouth!
He was only a kid!
- Mind your language.
To be honest, it's one less
Paki drug dealer on the streets.
- Yeah. Yeah!
Zero five one two,
we've got an Asian male,
30 years old
dressed in a blue shirt heading
west on Dayhenson street.
- Received, bravo thirty.
Chasing suspect.
- Right. Asian male.
Mid-thirties, short hair.
Proceed with caution.
Suspect's heading north.
Stay clear four five eight
- The same suspect...
Circulation all units...
Suspect heading east
on Bisley road.
- Overtake him
and cut him off.
- Get your arms up,
get your arms up!
You are so nicked!
- What did I do?
- You assaulted a police
Get him down.
- Get down on the floor!
- Get down on the floor!
You're under arrest
on suspicion
of assaulting
a police officer.
You do not have to say anything.
It may harm your defense
if you do.
- Do you understand?
He's cuffed.
- Yo, what the fuck, man?
Get the handcuffs off me.
They're hurting me.
- You need to calm down.
- Get them off me.
- Name, please?
- Shakil.
- Shakil...
- Khan.
Take them off!
- Stop pullin'.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Stand still.
- What's the reason for arrest?
- This gentleman's been
arrested on suspicion of
assault on a police constable.
- Khan, pop your shoes
on for me, please.
Follow me, thank you.
Where is my pizza?
- Mr. Khan, have you got
anything to say?
- Just get me out of here.
- It's 08:10 and I'm
concluding this interview.
Now, Shakil...
or should I call you
I'll be honest with you.
We know who you are
and what
you've been involved in.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- See if you recognize these.
Carlos, Mexican arm dealer.
Three brothers--
Spikey, Ronald, Sharky.
These three guys
control the drugs
on the east side
of the city.
Then you got Crow who
controls the north side.
Maybe this guy, Diesal.
He controls the west side.
- Shokka, you know
what Frank's gonna say.
- And what about Frank?
The drug lord?
Who's importing large amounts
of cocaine into this country.
You can't just leave.
- I don't recognize
any of them.
- So this isn't you then?
Mr. Khan, we've got
substantial evidence
leading you to Frank.
Do you understand an assault
on a police officer...
it's a serious crime?
You're looking at
five to 10 years.
- So what's your point?
- The point is we are going
to get these guys eventually.
Now we understand that
you've left that life,
so we're here to give
you a chance, one chance,
to walk away
from this assault charge.
If you agree
to become a witness,
with the crimes that
these guys have committed,
we'll drop the charge on you,
and you can walk free.
- I already told ya,
I don't know anything.
- Shakil I don't think
you're looking at the
bigger picture here.
Your mum...
has no one out there.
She's all alone.
You are the only family
that she's got.
How do you think
she's going to cope
on the outside, when you're
doing 5 to 10 years?
I suggest you think about it.
- Boss, the top heads
have called for a meeting.
- For fuck sake,
what do they want?
- I don't know boss.
- Tell them all
to meet me at the mansion.
- That's for my sins.
- Thank you.
You are blessed.
God is with you.
- Yeah, sure.
How you doing, Shokka?
- I'm good.
Frank, I need a word.
- Yeah, I know.
You want out.
- How did you know?
- Because I've been in
this game 40 years.
I've seen the best
and the worst
that the road has to offer.
- It's my little brother.
I don't want him
following in my footsteps.
- I've had brothers
killed on the road.
But you can't just leave.
- Listen, I've got police
on my case,
watching me 24/7.
I can't deal with the law
You're forgetting
I am the law on the road.
You'll be back.
They always come back.
- Naughty.
Crow, my man.
How's it going?
- Good, man.
- Sweet.
Five boxes of top shelf,
the usual.
- Yeah.
- Sweet.
- Wicked, wicked.
- Where's the cash?
- Look, you're going to have to
give me another week, bless.
You're taking the piss, Crow.
- I know, I know.
But I'm a little short.
lost me a lot of money.
You know I ain't
let you down before.
- It's not even me.
It's Sharky and Ronnie.
They don't actually know
I'm dealing with you.
And you know what they
can be like as well.
- Give me until Friday,
And I'll drop ya another
20 extra on top.
- Interest, 20 bags yeah?
- Defo.
- Make sure.
- 100%, man.
- Sweet.
- Bless.
- cool.
- Oy, yo check
the number plate, Chris.
Who's that, dog?
- How you doing boys?
- Yeah, we're good, man.
- You, come here.
- Who, me?
- Yeah, you.
How you doing?
- Yeah, I'm blessed man.
Who are you though?
- Let's just say I'm a good
friend of your brother's.
- Yeah, so what's good then?
- Well, it's none of your
You tell him you saw Frank
and when he's ready
to come and see me,
you got it?
- Yeah, I got that.
- Good.
You look after yourself, kid.
- So what's your name again?
- It's Frank.
- You look after yourself
too, you hear, Frank.
- Bumbaclot tart no!
- Yo, Dredd.
Has he spoken yet?
- No, not yet.
- Listen, you and me know
that Diesal put you up
to this shit.
Now I'm asking you nicely.
This man over here
ain't going to talk.
Fuck you.
And fuck you too.
Fucking deal with him, man.
- What a bumbaclot.
- Poor simple boy.
- I'm gonna call Frank.
Yo, get me Frank.
- Boss.
It's Crow.
- Crow?
- Yo Frank,
how many times
I got to tell you
about this bitch ass
Diesal stepping on my toes?
- I really haven't got time to
be sorting out this bullshit.
- It's not bullshit, man.
what are you on about bullshit?
I caught the guy who
killed two of my boys
and guess what?
He's Diesal's rat.
So you gonna do about that?
- You meet me at the
container base in an hour.
- All right, listen.
You better get this shit
sorted, Frank,
or else there's
gonna be fucking war.
- I said...I'll sort it.
- All right.
Go get the Rolls.
- Yo, Dredd,
you deal with that.
You come with me.
- Tails say you're dying.
- Oh, yeah,
Shokka que pasa, man?
I been waiting for you,
- Same, Carlos.
You good?
- Sorry to hear about
your little brother, man.
I heard that Lavatta was
peddling some dope in the hood.
- He wasn't peddling no dope.
Whose dope was that?
- I don't know, homie.
So what can I do for you?
- You know what
you can do for me.
- So you know who killed him?
- Yeah.
- You're gonna shoot up
- Frank.
- Frank.
- Going for him.
- You loco, man.
You fucking crazy, man.
Frank is gonna cut
you up into little pieces
and feed it to his pigs, man.
Orale. But I don't want
no problem with Frank
coming back to me--
this stays between me and you.
Okay, follow me.
So what you looking for,
ese, a grenade tank?
RPG...rock the whole
- I don't need that,
you know.
- You don't need that.
I got something
that come in this morning.
An AK74 ese, 20 men.
- It's too big.
- Okay.
I got a MP5K.
- That's nice, you know.
- It's nice.
It take out 20 men.
- You got nothing
- Something lighter?
Okay, this only 'cause
I like you, Shokka.
Something special for you.
High power.
- That looks nice.
- You think?
- Can I try it?
- Check it out, homes.
- Orale!
- What are you saying
on this one?
- I'll take care of you,
But I don't want
no problems, huh?
I want nothing
coming back on me, ese.
You know how I get down,
James Brown, homie.
- You got my word.
- Orale!
- Shakil, how are you?
- I'm all right.
- Come in.
Shakil, take a seat
and I'll go get H, okay?
- All right.
- Yo, what's up, bro?
Been trying to
get hold of you
since morning, man.
I tried calling you
and everything.
Where you been?
- Forget that.
Listen, I need your help.
+- I'm here, bro.
What's the matter?
- I found out who killed Tukka.
- What?!
Have you told the police?
- They think it's a joke, H.
I have to deal with this
- Bro, just talk to me, man.
There's always other ways.
We'll deal with them, man.
Just talk to me.
- I'm outside in the car,
- I'm not fucking happy.
It's late, and it's short.
- We've got a problem, Frank.
Security's out of my control.
- You got a bigger problem.
It's me.
- We got a new shipment
coming in
from Afghanistan tomorrow.
- I want the remainder here,
and I want it fucking now.
- I've never let you down
before, have I?
- Fucking make sure you
don't let me down this time,
you got it?!
Give him the fucking money.
- See ya, Frank.
- You never late, ese?
- I'm a busy man.
Let's see the toys.
- Mira, you ain't seeing
till I get my money, homes.
- Carlos, how many years
have we been doing business?
Do we look like a pair
of fucking idiots to you?
- Hey, Spiky,
transfer the man
his money.
- You sure?
- Yeah, do it.
- Yeah, it's done.
- All good?
- All right, ese.
Check it out.
- Here, have a look.
- MP 9 mm.
It's naughty.
- All good?
- Well, yeah, Sharky,
I wanna talk to you, ese.
- Yeah,
what are you saying?
- Alone, ese.
- Hey, Spikes,
go sit in the car, yeah?
Go chill out.
- In a bit.
- Mira, what's this
bullshit I'm hearing
about Spikey, ese?
I heard the cops
are on to him.
You better take care of it.
- Yeah, listen, I'll deal
with my brothers, yeah?
Leave them to me.
- You know I don't like
no problem.
You better take care of it,
or you're gonna have
a problem with me.
- Look, we don't want no
problems, okay.
I'll sort it out.
- Andele.
- Yo, where's Diesal, Frank?
- He's on his way.
He's late.
- See, this is what I'm
talking about, Frank.
You can't even control your
own fucking dog, can you?
- What seems to be
your problem, Crow?
- My problem is this, man.
Diesal's gone round
robbing my mans
and making me lose
a lot of fucking money
on road.
- I've got it all
under control.
- Under control? Pff!
Man, you ain't got fucking
shit under control.
- You pull a gun on me,
you better have the balls
to pull the trigger.
- Fuck, man, Frank.
I just want this shit
fucking sorted.
- How much does he owe you?
- Fifty fucking big ones.
- All right.
I'll have it delivered
to your place tonight.
But here's the thing--
you don't set foot
on this turf again,
you got it?
- Just make sure I have
my money, Frank.
- You'll have it.
You ever pull a piece
on me again,
you'd better pull
the fucking trigger.
Now fuck off.
- All right.
- Where's this prick Diesal?
- Boss, let's just fucking
lift him.
- You're late.
- I'm here, innit?
- You owe me 50 grand.
- What do you mean
I owe you 50 grand?
50 grand for what?
- I've just paid Crow.
- What do you mean
you paid Crow?
- Listen, I'm getting enough
over this petty bullshit.
If you can't handle your ends,
you might wanna retire.
- What do you mean
handle my ends?
I'm a big man, you know.
See, I run my team.
- Listen, you dumb prick,
don't forget
who you're talking to.
I've got a meeting with
the top heads later today,
and if I hear any
of your bullshit,
you're gonna be owing me
a lot more money.
Do I make myself
fucking clear?
- Yeah, you make
yourself clear.
- Good.
- Let's get out of here.
- Think you know me,
think you know me
- Smile, man.
- That's it, waggle.
- Sit right there, bad girl.
- Someone feels
happy to see me.
- Yo, what the fuck's wrong
with Myman?
She's fucking moving hot
in the club?
- Don't watch him.
You know he's always
been like that--fuck him.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what's wrong, bro?
- Do you know you and me
go way back?
Got enough love for you,
you know that.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm done man, I'm out.
- Hey, come out of there.
Come out of there.
What do you mean you're done?
- Can't deal with this life
no more, fam.
It's getting way too hot.
Police are watching us.
- What do you mean too hot?
This is the thing we do, bro.
You know
how the ting runs, bro.
- No, this is it fam, like.
All right, I made my money.
It's setting a bad example
for Tukka.
I can't do that, man.
Need to move on, fam.
- Shokka, you know
what Frank's gonna say.
- I know man.
- You wanna leave
all of that?
You're fucking crazy, man.
- Yes, just the fucking man.
- Where are you?
- What's going on?
You're never going to fucking
believe what I've bought.
- What the fuck
have you done now?
- Now listen, I've fucking
bought a tank mate.
- What? An actual tank tank?
- Yeah, a fucking tank.
I'm sitting in it right now
with a fucking AK,
sitting in a tank like
fucking Cockney Rambo, mate.
- You need to fucking
calm down.
- Calm down? Fucking bastard
you weren't saying that
last week when you were
fucking flying around
in a Lamborghini,
were you mate?
- Just get your ass down
to the casino.
- All right yeah,
I'll see you there.
- He's bought a tank.
- What?
- He's bought a tank.
- An actual army tank?
- I can't do this, bro.
- What do you mean
you can't do this?
- Listen, I'm not taking
no one's life,
and I can't do it.
- Thought you were
- I'm not family, bro?
If I wasn't family,
I wouldn't be standing here.
- You coming with me
or not?
- Listen, so what's the
between you and him?
You should have shot him
- No, you're right.
You might as well do it
than any--go on.
Pull the trigger.
Go on!
- Come on, bro.
You've lost the plot.
You've lost the plot.
- Don't show me
your face again.
- Bro.
- Are we doing a cash
or a finance deal today?
- Well, brown sexy.
- Sorry about that.
Are we doing a cash
or finance deal today?
- Both.
- A bit of both.
Okay, if you give me a minute,
I'll get the figures
and papers put together
for you.
And I'll be with you shortly.
Just take a seat first.
Sorry about that.
- Cool, yeah?
- What the hell
are you doing here?
You're supposed to be
in college.
You know,
college, man.
Chilling on the road
with the manager, get me?
- Road?
You know this road's
going to end your life one day,
- You always say
the same thing bro.
Give me lectures.
- I'm not giving you lectures.
I'm just telling you
'cause I know.
- All right, cool.
Yo, bro, this old chap
pulled up in a sick whip,
you know--Frank.
- Frank?
- You know him?
He was talking about you
the whole time.
- What did he say?
- Nothing, he just like,
"Tell your brother
to come see me."
- Don't lie to me man.
Tell me, what did he say?
- Bro, I'm telling you.
He said go see him
when you're ready.
Listen bro,
listen to me, yeah?
Stay away from that guy.
You understand?
- Yeah, I got it.
- He's not a nice person.
- Okay cool bro,
I heard you the first time.
You're loud,
all that anyway.
I came for a favor bro.
- Yeah, what is it?
- I need to lend some money.
- Okay.
I'll tell you what.
Work with me for five days,
and I'll give you a grand.
- How's that fair?
Work here like a dog?
- Watch your mouth.
I'm your elder brother,
have some respect.
- Respect, cool.
- I'm not dumb you know.
I know what you need
this money for.
- Go on then, tell me big man.
What do I need it for?
- I'm not paying for your drugs
- Talk to me about drugs bro?
you used to
be some big time Shokka
back in the day.
- Tukka, that was back then.
I left that life.
I left it because of you.
Because I don't want you
following them steps.
You don't want to
live that life, bruth.
Watching over your shoulder
every day.
Worried about your family.
You're either going to get
locked up,
or you're going to die, and
there's no two ways about it.
- Look, cut the long talk yeah.
You gonna give me the money
or not?
- I'm not gonna pay
for you to ruin your future.
- Yeah, you're a wise man bro.
- Tukka listen to me
- I'm gonna go to Frank then.
- You stay away from Frank.
- So it Franklin's knife,
was it?
- We've got to get it sorted
today guys.
- It's gone on
far too long now.
- That's why we're here.
- Sorry I'm late guys.
Had a bit of shit to deal with.
Right, we're all here.
Let's get it sorted.
- Frank,
I don't know
about everybody else,
but right now, I am not happy.
I've had enough.
The other night,
two of my boys outside
Antonio's restaurant,
they get shot
by your people.
- Eh, and Crow.
He's in danger.
These are my familia.
- I've had a word with Crow.
And Diesal.
And I can assure you,
it won't be happening again.
- Well, Frank, let me tell you
If I see Diesal on my manor,
I will personally
cut his balls off.
- You won't.
- Okay.
- Listen guys,
I've got
this all under control.
- Yeah,
but it doesn't feel like
you got it under control
- What about the police
My boys can't go through
the door at the moment
without falling over coppers.
You're supposed to have
the police pinned down.
- Yeah.
- What's going on?
- Lenny, listen to me.
We've got the police
right where we need them.
- Well, it doesn't feel
like it, Frank.
- You cost us money, Frank.
- Frank, what about the gear?
Nobody wants it.
- Can't sell it Frank.
- It's substandard.
- Frank, let me explain
something to you.
The transportation, the first
lot that comes through
is proper gear.
This second lot--it's been
stamped on, it's cut.
- And the merchandise
is always late.
- I've had a word
with the military.
The gear...won't be late.
The gear...will be A grade.
And it won't be stamped on.
And it won't be cut.
Trust me.
- Shokka.
- Sit down.
- Oh lads, calm down.
What the fuck are you doing?
- Do you know
where to find out
who killed my little brother?
- Shokka, get that gun
out of my face.
- I'm not gonna
ask you again.
- You know me.
Shokka, you know me.
- When I left,
I knew you had it in for me.
So you got my brother.
I knew you wanted me dead,
- If I wanted you dead,
you'd be dead a long time ago.
I wouldn't need to kill
your little brother.
- So what was it
with the message?
- That was for you to
come back and join me.
- Don't lie to me Frank.
- I'm not lying, Shokka.
You left me.
- You better tell me
before I kill you.
- If you was gonna kill me,
you'd have done it already.
I told you, I don't know.
- I just wanna know who
killed my little brother.
- You go look on the road.
You'll find your answer.
- Fam, yeah.
- Does Shokka know
you're here?
- Fuck Shokka man--don't
need to know about nothing.
- What do you mean
fuck Shokka, bro?
If he finds out, me and him are
going to fall out, you know.
- Relax man, he's not going
to find out about anything.
- What do you mean relax,
- How's it going bossy?
Everything good?
- Nah he's all right.
You're all right, innit?
- Yeah, I'm blessed.
- He's blessed.
- Watchin' I you.
Remember that.
- You think I need a bossy
little man like you
on my team?
You're not like us.
- Now come on Diesal, man.
Can't we make some serious
money now man?
None of the small gun change
with it.
You gonna help me or not?
- What are you doing now?
- Just about to drop off
some grams still.
- Why don't you go fuck off
and drop off
your little grams then?
- Come on Diesal.
I'll do your thing
first, obviously.
- "Do my thing--do my thing.
do my thing first."
You know what?
I'm going to help you
because Shokka's you're
little brother, and I like you.
- Yeah, come tell me
what you want me to do.
I'll do it now.
- Ninja,
let my man do the thing.
- Take this. fuck up.
- Are you listening?
- Yeah.
- You know Oldbury, yeah?
Gonna cross over the
little motorway bridge
and you see them in
the little white building.
No fuck-ups, though.
- There won't be
no fuck-ups, man.
- Ey.
No fuck-ups.
- Yo, who's that?
- Yes, Thuggy, Shokka.
- What's going on, Shokka bro?
Long time. man.
- A lot's been happening, bro.
- Yo, I heard.
Sending my condolences.
- Yeah, I know.
You know I'm going to find
out who did this, innit?
Any news?
- Yeah, mate,
I know something.
- Well, listen then.
Meet me by the riverside
in ten.
- All right, cool, cool.
- Are you still stressing
over Shokka?
Come on, if you was
in his shoes...
- What do you mean
if I was in his shoes?
- Well what would you think?
- The fuck do you know?
I don't know, innit?
Thuggy, I swear bruth,
I need to find out
who killed my brother.
- So what, the police
don't know nothing?
- They're saying
it's drug related.
They haven't done
- Tuk weren't no drug dealer.
- Even I know that.
You know the road.
Don't make any sense
to me.
Just before my pops
passed away,
I made him a promise.
- What was that?
- I told him I'd take care
of my family
and make sure
they're always safe.
I've messed up, man.
I've failed.
- You and Tukka
are like family to me.
So what do you want to do
- Find them.
Get them.
And kill them.
- This is what
we're gonna do, yeah?
Every drug dealer in the city,
no matter if they sell
a five pound drum
or a metric ton.
Everybody's gonna get
the fucking shake up.
- That's what I'm saying.
- What?
What's with all the serious
- A tank.
- Relax mate,
what's wrong with ya?
- How am I supposed to relax?
You making us fucking bait.
- Fuck off.
- I know you want to
raise some pulses,
but what are we going to
do with a tank anyway?
- What am I going to do
with a tank?
I'm going to blow some
fucking shit up, baby.
- I like it.
I want a ride.
- Let's do it, man.
- Come on man,
let's go to the casino.
- Yeah, come on
and make some money.
- Boom...boom...
boom, boom!
- Boy lad.
- What the fuck you want?
You for come outside.
- Yeah,
I'm here to see Crow.
- No you don't need to
see Crow.
What you need to do
is take you
and your pussy homeboy
and calm the fuck out.
- Yo big man, who the fuck
you talking to?
- What you say, boy?
- Yo, who the fuck's this?
- Yo Dredd, I ain't
come for no beef, yeah?
I'm here to see Crow,
and that's it.
- Listen, I ain't fucking
telling you again, yeah?
If you're still here by
the time I reach three,
I'm blowing
your fucking heads off.
- You and whose fucking army
big man?
- One...
- Huh?
- Two...
- Yo!
Hey, yo Dredd, let the man
through, man.
- Lucky.
- Yo, what the fuck are
you clowns doing here?
Watcha, Shokka, thought
you was out of the game.
- Yeah, I am. Just want to
know who killed my bro.
- So you think I killed him?
- Come on, Crow.
I know you had something
to do with his brother.
Stop taking us for fools.
- Listen to me,
you fucking tramp,
you're lucky I'm even
letting you stand here.
You know my boys are so
fucked off with all the
bullshit petty moves
you've been making.
- So what is it then, bro?
- Thuggy.
Crow, I never
said you killed him.
- So why the fuck
are you here?
- I just want to know
if you heard or seen anything.
- Listen, you've got some
fucking balls
coming up into my place,
disrespecting me like that.
I tell you what, I ain't got
fucking time for your shit.
Now go and get the fuck
out of my building,
don't show me your
fucking faces again,
you little fucking bitches.
No point looking at each other.
Get the fuck out, man.
- Now what the fuck?
Yo yo, Shokka, man,
yo, Thuggy man,
let's work this out man.
Yeah come, let's--
We can work this out man.
- You the tramp now pussy.
- Let's get this party started.
- Here, calm down will you?
- What's he doing?
He's got it all over the table.
He's sicking it up.
- What's up, bro?
I'm chilled.
- Chilled?
Chilled? We've got the police
watching us all,
yous two always
having gear on you,
you and Spikey taking
girls back to your place,
having house parties
all the time.
Pack it in.
- Give me a go of this.
Just calm down.
- Don't worry about crack heads.
I'm dealing with
the crack heads.
- Look, I'm not getting hoarse.
It's all under control.
- You should calm down
mate, what's your problem?
The kid's just having a line,
you know what I mean?
The gear's coming in nicely
It's moving.
We're making the money,
you know what I mean?
- Look, I'm telling both of you
I'm not getting caught.
- Crow has been killed.
- What?
Are you being serious?
No, don't take the piss.
Sack him, I never liked him
anyway, mate.
- Fuck.
That stupid fucking cunt.
- What have you done?
- Nah what is it?
Is there something you
want to tell us mate?
- I may...
- May have what?
- Have lent him
seven boxes of pure.
- Are you being serious?
Are you taking a piss, mate?
- He's been smashing it.
- Nah, what have I told you
about messing with that git?
- Mate, he's been turning
it over every three days.
- Listen, I'm telling you
both, everything,
everything goes through me.
Do you hear that?
- What do you mean
both of us, mate?
It's this little clown
shoving shit up his nose
every single night.
- You what?
- You do too much gear, mate.
It's getting to your head.
- What, and you ain't been
doing it?
- Listen brother,
you need to pack it in.
- Look,
both of you calm down.
You're both brothers.
- You better sort him out.
- I made more money
in the last month
than you two have
in the last year.
- Who are you talking to
like that?
Get out of here.
- Whatever, brother...
- Where you goin'?
- I'm gonna find myself
a naughty little party.
Spikey style.
- Do you know he just lost us
five boxes?
Five boxes, mate.
It's not small change, is it,
you know what I mean?
- Whoever killed Crow
has got that gear.
- Who's killed him though?
That's what we need to find out.
- Choice, I heard Sokka's
young 'un was killed.
Find out if Shokka's
behind this.
- Shokka's brother?
- I've got a funny feeling.
- Right, listen let me make
a few phone calls yeah.
I'm going to deal with that.
Listen you just leave it to me,
all right?
- Yeah.
Try and find out where it is.
Beer buddy.
- All right girls,
I got clean habits.
Here's to a good night, right.
Going to be racking them up,
snorting lines off tits.
Finger blasting.
It's going to be like
ancient Rome.
Here, pass that.
Put that down on the side
for me.
Cheers, mate.
Cheers, girls.
- Cheers.
To a good night.
- Naughty.
- 22nd floor.
Doors opening.
Doors closing.
- Yo.
- Yo you yo, hold up.
- What the fuck was that?
Get out, out.
Move, come on!
- Thuggy, the man's dead.
- That's what I do bro.
- We spoke about this man.
Yo Thuggy.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Shoks, what the fuck
are you doing?
You come to rob us.
No one fucking robs us.
What the fuck.
Carlos that fucking stupid
Mexican cunt.
- It's a real one.
- Go on then.
Do it.
Fucking shoot me.
Be a pussy and pull
that trigger.
Or, throw down.
Fight me like a man.
- Thuggy stay out of it, yeah?
Fight yeah?
- Fucking have it.
Oh yeah?
Fuck me yeah.
- Fuck you both.
- Yeah are you going to
see him again tomorrow?
- No
He was like oh can I have
your number?
I was like, I don't think so.
To be honest with you, his
breath smelt a bit like poo.
Yeah, I heard he was a dog
- Oh yes he is.
All right, do you want it
curled inwards?
- Yes, just underpinned.
- Shakil what the hell are you
doing here?
- I need a word.
- Look, you can't be here.
Just leave.
- I haven't come here to leave.
- What do you want?
- You want me to leave you and
H alone forever, don't you?
- Yes please.
- I promise you yeah,
from this point,
I'll leave you both alone.
And you won't ever hear
from me again.
But you got to do one
thing for me.
- I'm not doing anything
else for you Shakil.
- Then I ain't going nowhere.
- Stop it, you're scaring
my clients away.
- Just hear me out then.
- What do you want?
- I need her help.
- Look harassing me
is one thing,
but harassing the workers is
a completely different story.
- I'm not going to harass her.
Just a few questions,
and I'm gone.
- You've got five minutes.
- Cool.
- Tash, can you come
here for a second please?
- Yeah.
- I'm so sorry, this is Shakil,
my husband's cousin brother.
He's the one whose brother
got shot.
- I need your help.
- Help with what?
- Ronnie.
I need to see him.
- Okay, about what?
- He knows something
about my brother's murder.
- Ronnie?
- Who's Ronnie?
- My step-sister's boyfriend.
- You're going to have to
organize a meet for me.
But it's got to be a random one.
And he can't know I'm there.
- What?
I can't do that.
- Talk to her man,
I'm not going to hurt him,
I promise.
- Tash please, for his
sake and for my sake, please.
- Hello Amy.
Yeah, um are
you meeting Ronnie tonight
at your apartment
after work at five?
I'm just asking.
Okay, bye.
She's going to be at Sunrise
Heights tonight at five.
He'll be there.
What was that about?
- I'll talk about it later,
just get back to work.
- Yeah he's just left now
you know.
He don't know nothing.
- Is that my man's car?
- Yeah.
Heard he paid 210 for it.
- 210 straight?
- Straight like the cocaine
you're sending him boy.
- Yeah?
So what are we saying then?
- You drive, I'll do the rest.
- You're going to have to
block him off you know.
- Make sure you get
close enough.
- Come on let's do this.
- Yo fam, hold that gat down,
The police are about, man.
- Suspect
one Caucasian male driving
a Lamborghini orange
other suspect...
- Look at his tires.
- Watch what's behind you.
We've got visual.
We've got sights on the
vehicle at junction two.
- Pull up to him yeah.
Can you see his window open.
- Shots fired.
- Watch what's
going on in front of you.
- Shit.
- I told you I got your back
for life, Ese.
- Control
receiving from Impass 236.
I believe we have visual
on the suspects.
All local units,
please be advised,
suspects are heavily armed
and dangerous.
- Well go bro.
- I just got a text saying
she's in there with him
right now.
- You saying you heard
from your boy Diesal.
- He informed me.
Must know about Tukka as well.
And you heard nothing?
- It's your people.
- Yeah we're all boys bro.
- If you want to call it that.
- Yo.
That's my man there.
- Three down, two to go.
- Yeah well fucking never mind
all that.
Did you find out where
that coke is from Crow?
Well fuck you better
tell me something about
this Shokka kid,
I'm telling you now.
You fuck...
- You looking for me?
- Fucking looking for you,
you cun...
You fucking cunt.
- Yeah Ronnie.
I've got both of your
brothers yeah,
and now it's your turn.
- You fucking better kill me,
you cunt,
because when I get hold of
you you're fucking dead.
You fucking little cunt.
- You think it's so good
for my little brother yeah?
- Fuck off you little cunt!
You fucking black cunts you...
- Get the tank.
- Fucking hell.
Fucking get me out!
Open the fucking boot!
Fucking hell.
Fucking open it now!
- Let's go and have a chat
with your mate Diesal.
- Yo, fam. I'm not feeling
it you know.
- What do you mean you're not
feeling it?
- Them men never had
nothing to do with Tukka.
- Listen to me, you wanted to
go and see all the dope boys
and that's what we did, innit?
- Is that why you took the yay?
That weren't part of the plan.
- It was on the table
and what the fuck
do you think I'm going to do.
- What do you think I'm
doing this for a raise?
- Calm down.
Remember who phone,
who's phoning.
- Look, I just want to know
who's behind killing Tukka
and that's it.
- Man that's what I'm here
to do.
Help you out bro.
- What, by rubbing people out?
- Listen to me, without me
you'll never find out
who killed your brother.
- What do you think I need you?
- Yeah I do.
You ain't been on the road
a long time you know G.
Shit's changed bro.
- And I did that for Tukka.
So this day wouldn't come.
- Well let me tell you
something yeah,
maybe if you'd stayed around,
Tukka'd still be here.
- And I'm done with ya, yeah.
- How'd you know I was here?
- Come on bro, you had
these rows boxed up fine.
What happened G?
- I can't keep cleaning
your mess up no more mate.
- Shhh.
- You've gone legitimate.
I'm still out here in
the streets friend.
I got to eat somehow,
someway innit?
- I understand all that,
but right about now,
all I'm concerned about
is Tukka
and what happened to him.
- We'll find out everything
we need to find out.
I got issue that's on all 24/7,
if anybody knows anything,
I guarantee he will.
- Are you sure he ain't
another little raise?
- Come on bro, give me
the benefit of the doubt
at least, man.
- So what's he ready now?
- Come bro.
- Good seeing you brother.
- What's going on, G?
- Good bro.
- Good dogs.
- You remember that youth that
got shot over there?
- He remind me from up there.
- This is his big brother
ain't it.
- Okay, okay.
What's going on friend, we cool?
- Do I look cool to you?
- Who the fuck you talking,
hey talk to this geezer,
make him learn manners bro.
- Who the fuck killed my brother
- What the fuck
- Don't fuck me bro,
I'll burn ya.
- Calm down.
We came here for information.
He's got info in him.
- Well right now to be
blunt, it was Diesal innit.
He looked down
- You best not be telling shit
you know.
- But you think I need
to lie to you, dickhead.
- Listen, I'll fuck you...
- Slap this geezer!
- Go on, innit!
- Calm down man.
My brother, well that's
something innit?
- Rebound to me.
- You know my life's turning
shit innit Thuggy?
- Hold on.
Tukka phoned me on that day
you know.
He said he bought two ounces
of coke off Diesal.
- Tukka phoned you.
And you're telling me this now.
- I'm just putting it together,
- Thuggy, what the fuck bro?
- Yeah all right then.
I know where Diesal is
right now.
Let's go and handle our
business bro.
- Diesal.
All right listen,
we'll go there yeah.
Until we don't know it's
official, we're not doing
nothing, listening.
- All right.
As soon as we find out it's
official, we murder him.
- What's going on out here,
Seen any of them fat boys?
- No, but there's a bag of mans
in there.
Diesal's lost his head
you know?
He thinks Shokka can
come around here.
- Yeah how are we doing this?
- As the big man makes a move,
make sure you grab him.
Don't worry about nothing.
I've got this.
Can I get a ten shot?
- Oy!
- Back off.
- I just want a ten shot doll.
- Move you little crack head.
- I just want a ten shot.
Can I just get a ten shot?
- See if my man don't put
a bullet to your head.
- Please can I...
- You think you're going
to get away with this?
I'm hearing niggas telling
stories about my team boy
Somebody's chicks are
worried getting honey
Off the trampolines boy
If that was true
anytime he wants his money
In my jeans boy
If that was true any
time he wants his money
In my jeans boy
There's money in my jeans,
in my jeans
Rocky start to the year
Soaps do it here
Who's up in the kitchen
Making the birds disappear
Tempo's over here but text
gone where
Feds looked in my flat
they don't really care
Hitting lit,
shitting bricks
Tell me what you want
You can get a rule
- Yo.
- Hey Shokka what the fuck
are you doing man?
- You know why I'm here.
- Why the fuck have you
come for me?
- What the fuck are you doing
- Don't tell shit to me D, I
know you dealt with Tukka...
- What do you mean dealt
with fucking Tukka?
I helped out your little
'cause you weren't fucking there
- Helped with what, he's dead.
- Listen to me man Shokka,
he put your little brother
into the game.
- Don't listen to this
fucking snake, bruth.
- So why I left the game I got
my little brother involved.
- Listen this guy getting
in your fucking head.
- Fuck all this.
Thuggy what the fuck?
- He's always been a snake.
And always will be a snake bro.
- My heart's telling me
it weren't him in it.
We fucking put in time.
We all grew up together.
Rolled together.
Have you lost your fucking mind?
- Yeah I have.
And right now I'm about
to burn this bitch down.
So stay here if you like.
- Why the fuck don't you listen
to me?
- Get the fuck out of here man,
Go, bro.
- You know what, do what
the fuck you like yeah?
- I made the phone call.
I'm sure, and I'm certain
that I heard gunshots.
- Gunshots?
- Yes, gunshots.
- Now this is serious.
Are you sure it was
gunshots you've heard?
- Yes, I'm sure
it was gunshots.
- Where did you hear them
coming from?
- From the factory
in Grove Street.
- Grove Street?
- Yes.
- We need to call this in.
- This is PC Bruce
number 10026.
We've had reports of gunshots
fired at Grove Street.
I repeat, we've had reports
of gunshots
fired at Grove Street.
Requesting an immediate
armed response unit.
- Thank you for your help.
We're going to need a statement
from you.
- Who's that Tukka?
- Guess what blood.
Man just picked up a k of
coke still.
- Saying you've got a full one
- You know how it is, cuz.
Making movements, you get me?
- So who are you working for?
- Yo, you know that Diesal,
- Diesal.
Man know you're working
with Diesal or not,
is this serious, brother?
- Nah bro, don't get it twisted.
He's cool like that, trust me.
- If it's different then
bring me in on it.
- I hear that still.
I'm just going to go in about
two hours
to that Albury place yeah.
I'm going to meet you there
if you meet me.
- Yeah, make sure you know.
- I heard that family yeah,
cool, peace.
- Yo Trims, it's a little move
Don't fuck it up
and grab the burner
and go meet the shoot by the
Albury luxe at 6:00 o'clock.
Right, cool.
- Hey what's good bro?
Oh where the fuck's the food
- But I ain't got no food!
- What the fuck you on about,
I know you have food on you,
where is it?
- Back off man!
- Like I say if you don't back
it out,
I'm going to sink one right
in your fucking skull.
Back out blood.
Fucks, back it out bro.
- No fuck-ups.
- Fucking Diesal.
- See from this date onwards,
any needle substance
sold in the city
will come from our camp.
Do you want to know why?
Sometimes in business you got
to eliminate
the competition, and guess
what we've done.
Eliminated all the fucking
- Right then fam, it's a
fucking takeover, bloody mad.
- Let me ask you something
Why the fuck did you kill Tukka?
- What the fuck do you mean
why the fuck
did I kill Tukka blood?
After the man tried to
drop me from behind fam,
are you fucking mad?
Listen I'm glad I sinked one
in the dickhead's head.
- Listen to me, this
problem little use innit.
I gave you simple instructions.
I says to you, take the burner,
back it on him, scare him,
and take the drugs.
- Look whatever bro, whatever.
- Let me tell you something,
I eliminate problems, innit.
So you see, if this situation,
or you, become a problem,
remember what the fuck I do,
- Blood so you gonna lit me?
So what the fuck about Shokka?
- Shokka can get it to and it.
Fuck everybody B.
- You...
You supposed to be my boy,
- I am your boy, man.
- So why you got my little
brother killed?
16-year-old kid.
- Remember we was young.
We had to do what we had to
do to survive, innit?
There's consequences
and repercussions,
and Tukka's no exception
to them.
- That's my brother.
That's my brother you know.
- Your little brother's
fallen in love with the road,
isn't he?
He lived by the road,
you die by the road,
'cause that's what
the road brings, innit?
- You know what?
- Are you okay?
- Oy!
- You're the fucking boss man,
- I told you, I'm king
of the fucking roads.
Do you want to play some more,
do ya?
Come on Shokka,
come out to play.
- King, yeah?
- What are you going to do,
shoot me?
- Why mate?
- His shooting was an accident,
- Accident what Thuggy,
you followed that boy as
an accident?
- Didn't mean to kill him, bro.
- Brother, you know I do
everything for you.
- You left me a fucked fam.
- So why's this about money?
- The principle, B.
- What principle have you got?
But you've got no principles.
- What are you going to do?
Kill me, huh?
Shoot me then, bro.
Shoot me!
- You're not worth it.
You not worth it.
- See you in hell.