Road (2002) Movie Script

"As long as we are on the road..."
"As long as we are on the road..."
- Thank you!
Queen Elizabeth finally arrives!
It's almost 3 and
the show begins at 3!
Laxmi, you always do this!
Arvind, what's the matter?
You look handsome today.
Don't flatter me.
Why are you late?
If you listen to that story,
you'll miss the story of the film.
What a boring film!
You should thank me.
You're watching less of it
thanks to my delaying you.
Now we know it's boring.
Don't make excuses for your mistake.
Did I tell you that
you look cute in a temper?
5 thousand 6 hundred and 56 times.
I see. That's why
you're always in a rage!
Now I know...
- Me? There's a limit...!
Please let us watch the film.
- Sorry!
- Who was late last Saturday?
I had a punctured tyre.
It was a genuine problem.
Genuine problem?
I purposely come late.
I can't have a problem
but yours is genuine...
Romeo Juliet...
go out and fight.
Sorry boss. Shut up.
No, you tell me...
I can't have a problem.
Only you can have a problem.
You are the problem.
I'm the problem?
So what should I do?
Sit down! Let us watch the film!
Sorry, boss.
This is a great system.
You make the mistake
and get angry too!
I made the mistake?
- No, we did.
We're disturbing you guys.
Speak louder.
What are you saying?
Look at me and tell me
what are you saying?
Nothing, good god!
The truth is you
love to make me wait.
And don't smile.
- Of course.
Waiting is another word for love.
I might end up waiting all my life!
Stay angry but wasting 3
hours for this stupid film...!
I'm wasting your time?
Who asked you to come?
Who bought the tickets?
Did I buy them?
I did for you.
I'm being traumatized...
- Is that my fault?
I don't want to see it!
- No, we'll see it again.
Cut this movie.
Their story is more interesting.
"I sniff you on the roads."
"Life warns me, I'll
waste my time wandering."
"Is this love?"
"Is this love?"
"Yes, it is love."
"Yes, it is love!"
"I sniff you out on the roads"
"I waste life wandering around"
"Is this love?"
"Yes, it is love."
"Is it love?"
"I sniff you out on the roads"
"I waste life wandering around"
"Is this love?"
"Yes, it is love."
"You are incurably sick"
"Because you run far from love"
"Let those watching us rouse"
"Let bygones be bygones"
"We are prepared"
"I sniff you out on the roads"
"I waste life wandering around"
"Is this love?"
"Is this love?"
"Is this love?"
"Is this love?"
I love this... yumm...
I want to get married.
Who is stopping you?
Is somebody stopping you?
Stop joking.
I mean your Dad.
Hi, Dad!
I'm with Arvind, eating ice cream.
The one whom I love.
Ok Dad.
What did he say?
- He said he loves you and hi.
You are joking again!
What else do I say?
You know how he is.
Your Papa...!
Just because he's a cop
he bullies everyone!
He looks more like an underworld
Don and less like a cop!
Laxmi is a kid.
Show him your birth certificate!
Kid! I don't understand
what I should do!
- You said this 48 times.
I am talking about our future.
Can't you be serious for 2 minutes?
Thinking about it is making my head
ache and it doesn't matter to you!
Don't you know how much I love you?
Answer me.
- Yes but...
Nothing else matters to me.
When we know Papa wont' agree...
What's the point talking about it?
We have to take the decision.
But what the hell is to be done?
Shall we elope?
Go straight to Jodhpur. Get married
and take the photograph to Delhi.
To your Dad.
He will be hopping mad
The Jodhpur heat will cool him off.
Anyway you...
- When?
"The strength of a storm."
"The roar of lightning."
"We have to tear apart the clouds."
"We have to sacrifice
everything for love"
"We have the passion of the sea"
"We can ignite you"
"We have to bring
the moon down to earth"
"We have to sacrifice
everything for love"
"Wiping our tracks"
"We have to get ahead"
"On the way, we'll change the world"
"We have the survival of a storm"
"The flight of birds"
"We must reach the skies"
"We do not fear anyone"
"Accept it there's none
like us in the world"
"We are strong as rocks."
"We have the determination"
"We have to meet the challenges"
"We have to make all
sacrifices for love"
"The strength of a storm."
"The roar of lightning."
"We have to tear apart the clouds."
"We have the passion of the sea"
"We can ignite you"
"We have to bring
the moon down to earth"
"We have to sacrifice
everything for love"
"Though our house is 426
years old, it's beautiful"
"One your Dad sets eyes on it,
he'll forget everything"
Many famous people have lived in it
When George the 5th first
came hunting to India...
What are you doing?
The first lesson of driving.
Never sleep sitting next to the driver
Accidents might be caused
I told you not to sleep. But you can
keep your head on my shoulder
Won't this disturb
you while driving?
Disturb...? Makes it easier.
- Yes.
I'll see only if you get up.
You're crazy!
That was close!
Hey, which road leads to Rajgarh?
- What?
No... I want to know
the road to Rajgarh.
I want to go to Bandipur.
He looks like your relative.
What can I do if you
want to go to Bandipur?
I want to go to Rajgarh.
Do you know the road to Rajgarh?
- Yes.
Go straight...
- Straight from here?
Yes. Then turn right.
No left... you'll see a temple.
- Temple?
From the temple, go down...
You'll see an inn.
Don't stop there.
You'll see a well there.
With no water.
It's dry.
From there travel down.
You'll see a field.
No water in the field too.
- Dry, is it?
You're a thief.
You steal water.
You stole my water!
Why did you steal water?
- Is he mad?
Tell me, why!
You stole the water!
Whose car is that?
- I'll ask.
- The car or the road.
Where's the driver?
Can't see him.
I wonder...
I'd just kept him here.
- Come on.
Come on, let's go.
You're as dry as this place.
From where can I get water?
Go away.
Arvind, leave me.
Now who is this?
- Bunty. My childhood pal.
You ask such funny questions.
- What's he doing in this wilderness?
Asking for a lift?
Shall we help him?
Are you mad?
I don't think so.
Who else will he
find in the wilderness?
Come on, let's take him.
- Okay.
- Hi.
I'm exhausted.
My car had a breakdown
We saw it.
Come on in.
Get in.
- Thank you.
"On every crossroad..."
"one finds a killer road"
You saw the spot my car broke down?
- Yes. Quite a solitary place.
Solitary? No sign of humans.
Just camels, no men.
My name is Babu
Arvind, Laxmi.
- Oh, hello.
Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
Trying to go.
- We're a little lost.
- Where are you coming from?
- Husband and wife?
Not yet.
Love can be great
in this wilderness
What say?
- No, I don't smoke.
Please don't smoke.
Laxmi has a problem.
Do you have a problem?
- Sorry, allergy.
No problem. I'll open the window.
Switch off the air condition.
- What are you doing?
I told you she has a problem.
- I'm blowing the smoke out.
- You've come out..
Enjoy the breeze.
- I'll blow out..
- Look...
Feel anything? You...?
- Okay, smoke on.
Thank you.
- It's okay.
"Once you're caught,
you're in deep trouble"
Put that off!
What are you doing?
Put something else.
I don't like this.
But I like it.
You like it?
- No.
She likes old K L Saigal songs.
Me too.
- He won't let us hear.
One has to bear
anything in love.
I'm tolerating him for 2 years.
- Then why don't you leave him?
Did anyone tell you
you speak a lot?
Yes, my friends' girlfriend.
These days she's in
the mental hospital.
You should have gone along.
- I'll use your car to get there.
Terribly famished.
Excuse me, feed this poor man.
I'm very hungry.
- What can I do?
You're driving such a big car.
You must have some food.
There are biscuits in the
packet behind, eat them.
Am I a dog?
- What?
Dogs eat biscuits.
Do something.
Okay, stop at the motel up front.
I'll grab a bite.
I'll drop you off and we'll proceed.
You were to take me to Rajgarh.
- But we're getting late.
You are late?
I want to smoke but
you have a problem
I want to hear a song
but you have a problem
I am hungry.
Again you have a problem.
What are you saying?
- A man walks for miles...
You saw it..
- Is it my fault?
And you say, you can't
stop for me to eat.
Arvind, stop.
You can have coffee.
Stop Arvind.
- I'm stopping.
Great, I got a company.
Come on. Join me.
No. It's alright.
In private. With the girl friend.
- Sir is calling you.
Yes sir?
- What can I get?
Whatever you want.
- One Qutub Minar with cream.
Can't get that.
Then why did you say,
whatever I want?
Sorry sir.
One chicken, 4 baked bread.
- Okay sir.
One buttermilk.
One coffee and for sir..
Ask him. Go on.
- Okay sir.
Did I ask you to give him a lift?
- I had no idea he'd be so obnoxious.
Dig in. Great chicken
Delicious, I'll
pay you 2 bucks extra.
Sit down
Take your bags out of my car
We're going to Bassi not Rajgarh.
Was the coffee so bad?
They are in different directions.
You don't follow
We're going to Bassi not Rajgarh.
Our plan has changed.
Take your bags.
- This is cheating.
- This is cheating.
I have eaten lunch. I am stuffed.
Now I can't walk.
And you say, you're
going to Bassi not Rajgarh.
Look, I am leaving now.
Take your bags and ask
somebody else for a lift.
I see... it's about the car.
Since my car broke down
I have to obey others.
Let me tell you, whether Rajgarh
or Bassi you have to go straight.
Right? Drop me off there
I'm leaving now. Ask
somebody else for a lift
I am requesting you.
Why don't' you understand?
This is a desert.
There's only sand and camels here
Just stones.
No sign of human beings.
My car broke down.
Now what do I do?
Who will help me?
There are no shops here.
Tooth paste and tooth brush
aren't available here
It's been 24 hours
since I brushed my teeth
The people here store water
but don't bathe in it
For months they drink it
Hello... excuse me
I'll drop you at the next turn.
Come on.
What about this?
The chicken is yummy
Please..I can't leave it.
Give me two minutes.
Get me some buttermilk
Boss wont' wait for me.
A lotus in a pond.
Dream girl
Somewhere I'll find her.
Soon in the future.
What are you doing?
Sit straight.
I'm praising her beauty.
- What?
Your girlfriend is pretty
Man, you're so lucky!
You bastard! What a babe!
What? What did you say?
What did you say?
- Didn't ask you to stop the car.
Get off!
Why are you getting angry?
I asked you to get off.
- What? What is wrong?
Get off!
- If I don't..?
- If I don't..?
Got you!
Now who gets off here? You!
Laxmi and I are leaving
Laxmi, sit in the
driver's seat. Hurry.
Move back
Talk to me. Don't look at her.
- Arvind, don't do anything!
Talk to me.
- Yes. - Obey him!
I'll manage it.
- But he has a gun!
Just shut up!
- Everyone quiet.
Now only I will speak.
Babu will speak
What do you want?
- Don't you know what I want?
Can't you understand?
This is a gun.
Not a toy.
It shoots bullets not water jets.
And the body turns into a dead body
Laxmi, sit in the driver's seat
Listen to me..
- Nobody will speak
We're getting late.
We must leave
Drive the car
You've got the car
If you want money, it is in the bag..
- Did I ask for it?
I am bad at heart but not for money.
What do you want?
- A driver.
I can't drive.
But you said, your car
had a breakdown behind...
It's a long story.
Let us first know and
understand each other.
Let me go. We'll give
you whatever you want..
Don't be scared.
I won't rape you
Why are you getting in?
My wife has been kidnapped
- I can't help you. Get off!
A hood kidnapped my wife!
Now will you help me or not?
Don't try to escape
For miles there's
no place to hide.
The bullets in this...
Quietly... silently...
If you disobey it...
I am sorry.
Just a minute
How much fuel?
- Want to be an actor?
How... how do you know?
Fill the tank.
- Yes sir.
How did you come this way?
For a film shooting
What do you do?
I'm a director
Which..movies have you directed?
I am Devdas
But Sanjay Leela
Bhansali directed it!
That's me.
Yes..the beard...
- When did you see?
On TV.
- Everything changes with time.
- Removed the beard from the side
and shifted it to the centre
New look
New heroine
New hero.
- Whom have you taken?
The new heroin is in the car
I'm looking for a hero
I only work for the money.
I love acting.
My friends says
I resemble Shahrukh Khan
It's very good that
you're working with newcomers.
I can dance.
Shall I demonstrate?
"The moon is hidden under the veil."
"Yet her radiance spills forth."
Clean the car while dancing.
"A zealous onlooker
might be left awestruck."
"A zealous onlooker
might be left awestruck."
Yes madam? What is it?
- Why? You're the heroine
Sir, don't beat me.
That's not right.
Will this do?
- It's not his fault.
I called him. He did nothing...
I've seen enough of
canons and guns
This is not good
Babu leave him.
I'd warned you..
- We are Rajputs
We fought many
battles with the Mughals
My name is Bhanwar Singh.
I have a double barreled gun at home
Then get it
This is bullying!
I won't let your shooting take place
What film is this?
Shooting in the petrol pump!
It will catch fire!
I don't want the role!
Never wanted it!
Just go away
Don't smoke...
Inhale. Now exhale through the nose.
I'll show you when you return!
Listen to old songs?
This is Kishore Kumar
What's wrong?
- I don't want to talk
Shot bullets!
Are you drunk?
- Shot me but I escaped
Are you drunk?
- No!
Who shot?
- Sanjay Leela Bhansali. - Who's that?
Film director.
- Was a girl with him?
The heroine was with him.
She signalled to me so I went to her
Whipped out a gun!
- Where did they go?
That way.
- Sure? Let's go!
- You're not drunk?
Ask him why he shot at me
And make him pay for the fuel
I'll never see his film!
College love is no love
Merely time pass
I too was in college.
For 2 years. In the first year.
I know the Arvind type well
Clinging on the motor cycle.
Braking suddenly to get the current
A new release...
Let's go watch the film
Another film begins
in the darkened hall
A certificate
The moment you can get
a friend's vacant room...
Say, I love you and
have the honey moon.
The next day, no memories.
Stupid rascal!
Tell me...
If I too had been in college...
Whom would you pick?
Him or me?
I love Arvind.
- No... you don't get it.
When you fell in love with Arvind,
I wasn't there.
How would you know if
Arvind is better than me?
You had no choice then.
Assume you entered college..
and saw both of us.
Whom would you choose?
- what are you saying?
Confused you.
Thinking about it
when it's time to make a choice.
It's a matter of choice.
Hey, come here.
What's going on?
That's what I'm asking
myself for the past 3 months
What is going on?
- How so?
How so?
- Yes. The truck?
Yes, I'm not talking about myself.
- You mean my truck?
When I bought the truck
from Kartar Singh...
He said it would run straight.
- When he said that..
Then how so?
- His words don't matter
The axle broke in the first month.
Then the oil problem
Axle breaking, oil problem..
But how so..?
- Have you ever driven a truck?
Got hurt! My hand is injured.
Don't listen to him!
Pick the gun!
Don't! Get inside!
Where is he?
He's run away!
Get inside.
Stop rogue!
Where are you running?
You okay?
- Yes.
She's Laxmi.
- Hello
No... start calling me Sunny Singh.
Sunny Singh?
Of Gadar. Didn't see it?
What are you saying?
The villain kidnaps Sunny's wife
Here the matter remains in India
But what did Sunny take?
- That's right
Got it?
- Yes
Inder. No. Sunny.
Thank you.
Henceforth don't give anyone a lift.
And do invite me for the wedding.
- Definitely.
"Lost a little, gained a little"
Everything happened in a moment.
"The rain and warm breeze.."
"The crazy wanderers are on the road"
He wanted to know whom I'd
choose if you and he were together.
I didn't know what to tell him.
Points a gun and asks anyone...
- That's not right
I was actually thinking
- What?
When I met you,
he was not this Babu.
Now I have a choice.
You or Babu.
True. Difficult choice.
But I killed my
desires and named you!
That's not right.
Did you spare a thought for Babu?
He must be so hurt.
I didn't think.
He must be hurt.
What shall we do?
Turn back and apologise to him?
Yes. Good idea.
Given a thought to yourself?
- I'll be rid..
- Yes.
That is why you screamed
before the entire college
Laxmi, I love you.
I made one mistake and
I'm still paying for it.
What do you mean?
Madam... I too didn't have a choice.
I have come!
I'm back.
Oh god!
Be careful.
Arvind, drive fast!
I'll kill him.
Drive fast.
What happened?
Hurry up.
Laxmi, just shoot him.
That was Inderpal's truck.
But Babu was in it...
Did he..Inderpal?
There's nobody here.
Wonder where he is...
Maybe both of them were together..
- Who?
Babu and Inderpal.
- Are you nuts?
I met him in the middle of the road.
He gave me a lift.
He's a truck driver.
He helped me.
If Babu had killed him,
we'd find his body.
Babu too isn't here.
We have nothing to do with them.
Let's go to Rajgarh.
All right.
But let's file a complaint.
What is it?
- Is this a police station?
Railway station. Didn't
see the board outside?
I want to write a report
What about?
We were on our way from Delhi..
- Me and my wife
Where is she?
- In the car
So? - We were going to Rajgarh.
- What are you doing here?
That's what I'm
trying to tell. May I?
- We were going to Rajgarh
We met a man called Babu.
His car broke down
We gave him a lift.
- And he fled with your car
No, I have my car.
Now will you please listen?
He kidnapped my wife!
This is a police
not railway station.
- No, police station.
Then I followed them in a truck.
- Truck? How?
I took a lift.
- Where is he?
Will you listen to me?
Then the truck driver
helped me rescue my wife
Then Laxmi and I left.
Suddenly his truck followed us
and Babu was in it!
But you said you hit him
and he ran away...
How do I know? We'd left!
- Saved your life and fled.
I did go back to look for him.
But he wasn't there. Got that?
Guest have come.
How was the marriage?
- Great.
What great food!
So, why you go?
Ratan Singh ate 2 chickens!
And he ate 2 dozen sweets
And sir...
- Sir.
Now will you write the report?
Write his report.
- Yes, follow me.
You're laughing?
I'm only finding
loonies on the road.
Finally when they returned
they were talking of parties
You're laughing?
The police station is like a zoo.
All cops are the same!
- What?
No, some are good.
Like your respected Dad.
Forget this. Now what do we do?
What can we do?
It's almost night.
We'll leave early in the morning
Welcome to hotel 5-star.
5 star?!
It's the name of the hotel.
Can we get a room?
If not a room, will you
get a camera in a hotel?
What would you want?
A/C or non?
- Single or double?
- Meaning trouble
Arvind Chauhan.
Are you from
Prithviraj Chauhan's family?
Just joking.
Your name?
- The Queen of Jhansi
Write it.
- Shall I lock it?
Got the key to unlock?
- Good joke.
What are you looking at?
Is this teak?
I'm looking at...
I'm thinking...
what material has God made you?
"A delicate satiny body.."
"is stealing my peace of mind"
"The one who created you is great"
"You are incomparable"
"The night is silent"
"We are together"
"There's a look in your eyes"
"..that will make us do wrong"
"Don't show me your passion"
"The journey of the night is great"
"Your eyes raise tumult in my heart"
"Red hot passion"
"I leave you to yourself"
"Don't torment me"
"Your words hold no water"
"You may try as hard as you please"
"I won't get taken in"
"A delicate satiny body.."
"We've found solitude in solitude"
"what's the point?"
"You are so graceful"
"Angels too would lose control"
"You don't lose control"
"Be a little patient"
"My heart is not in my hands"
"How long will I have to wait?"
"Don't torment me"
"Play these tricks elsewhere"
"The one who created you is great"
"You are incomparable"
"The night is silent"
"We are together"
"There's a look in your eyes"
"..that will make us do wrong"
So you're leaving?
- No, coming.
Good joke.
On behalf of the
managing committee...
I'd like to know how
you found the hotel.
Sure, write.
- Very cool.
And room service?
Your service was incomparable.
Very efficient, very good.
Fabulous. Very good.
And the beds?
- Excellent.
Wasn't it great?
- Very comfortable.
The food?
- Very tasty. Isn't it?
We liked everything.
- There was no problem.
Anything you didn't like?
- You!
Thank you.
Madam, madam.
What are you upto?
I'm mad about you.
I love you! I love you! I love you!
Enough. I'm still alive.
I'm not so evil
and I'm still waiting.
Stop raving
If I wanted,
I could've killed him.
He isn't human, he's a beast.
- Bastard!
Stop the car
I won't.
- You won't?
No. what will you do?
Want to shoot?
- Stop the car.
No Arvind...
- Go on, shoot.
Pulling a gun on a girl?
Go on, shoot! Coward!
Shoot! What are you waiting for?
You want to let him kill you?
Instead, let me kill you.
I'm sorry, Laxmi.
Put that gun down.
I'm stopping.
Put the gun away,
I'm stopping.
Stop the car.
I'm stopping.
Out... out
Out. Get out.
Get out.
Good. Cry it out,
lightens the heart
Wouldn't know, but I hear.
So give it a try.
No? You know why? Because
you're crying over the wrong guy.
You're crazy!
Why won't you let me go?
I'm not going anywhere,
do whatever you want.
Nice weather, clear skies.
Wait until nightfall...
until we can light a bonfire
and talk to our hearts' content.
Dinner might be a problem,
but we can always live off biscuits.
By which time, surely
what's his name Arvind...
he will surely come looking for you.
Not that we're far from him...
so I won't have to go
looking for him.
Shall we?
Instead of watching TV...
if you'd listen to me,
our woes might be over
I watch TV to escape you.
- What did you say?
Ever since I married you.
have I ever had my say?
What did you say?
Who the hell are you?
What are you upto?
- Stop it.
Why don't you drive faster?
- Government vehicle.
You're lucky it moves. Stop worrying.
The checkposts have been alerted.
What if they jump the checkposts?
- Can't. I have alerted them.
Our men will apprehend
any black Safari
What about bivouacs?
- None. This is the only road.
Please! Faster please
When the cops stop thinking,
Babu starts thinking.
There's only one way out.
What they haven't considered is...
there's traffic on this road
Car coming
- Why?
Got to take advantage
of the woman in you.
Sunflower? In the desert?
And not a gardener in sight?
Do I pluck the flower?
Want to be taken somewhere?
I mean, can I drop you somewhere?
Not that I ever drop anyone...
I always give a lift.
Lift, the gift, meant for
girls like you.
Are you expecting someone?
Or were you expecting me?
Weird cackle, no?
- I think so.
Who are you?
- Today's hero. Want a name?
What? Is he with you?
She with me. Me with her.
You not with us.
This sumo is with us.
Out of your mind?
- Whacko. Wayward.
How about a tour?
- Hands off.
Sorry. Sorry.
Like this?
What's this?
- We're going for a ride.
Come on.
- I was joking.
Spare him!
- I only offered an honest lift
Honest when she asks for a lift?
Not when I ask for one? Come on
Go on, take the car.
- Spare him.
Sister! Save me!
- Sister...? Shall we?
Laxmi, where are you?
Where are you hiding?
Will you leave me pining?
You know, I hate these games.
My love... where are you?
Got to get home
before nightfall.
Looking for you... everywhere.
Something happened?
Why did you kill him?
Necessity. If I spared him,
he would've gone to the police.
And when the police found us...
I would have to kill
a dozen cops
To save a dozen lives
... kill one
You dig?
No Safari...?
- We've been holding vigil.
No Safari passed.
- What...? Look...
if they left before us and they
aren't here yet, where did they go?
Hey, I drove all the way with you.
You policemen...
- As if we kidnapped your Laxmi?
Stop talking like a moron.
- But you don't call me a moron
Did he change cars?
- Change...?
He has a gun! He can snatch any car.
- Possibly... but I didn't...
Stop thinking!
Inform the next checkpost
Hello ...Yes..
You said the car was empty.
- Which car?
- What's your problem?
There's a corpse in that car.
- Corpse...?
Didn't you say it's empty?
- How would I know? Ask Babu
Where's Babu?
- Why are you asking me?
No Babu, no baby, no car.
Just a corpse.
You come to the police station.
- Police station? Why?
You'll get to know. Come on.
- Listen to me...
I'll listen in the police station.
- Are you suspecting me?
I'm being reasonable.
- We got to save Laxmi
Smart enough. Now get in
You won't listen?
- Are you mad?
You won't listen? Get in.
- One minute...
- Don't get excited
Drive. No one follows.
Run, run as far as you can!
I'll impale you...
I'll hang him upside down
across a camel...
else I'll commit suicide.
Two lovers on a road...
robbers and cops
robbers and cops
Babu, who are you?
- You mean...?
What do you do?
- Heard of Don Mazhar?
Used to work for him
Underworld don?
- Same.
Big name, small heart.
We boys took all the risks,
he made the money.
For Don Mazhar, kill.
For Don Mazhar, extort.
For Don Mazhar, threaten,
for Don Mazhar, go to jail.
For Don Mazhar, I worked 5 years.
And guess what I got in return?
Saw it on the ear.
First time, I see it there.
Pathan and I, my partner,
we decided enough...
it was unbearable. There was 10 million
in the office. Extortion money...
our money, not as if we stole it.
Dumped it in the car, drove out.
Pathan was right about one thing,
never trust anyone.
Not that he understood what he meant,
but I got him...
so I laid him out
on the backseat
what's it called?
Ring... yes, earring there,
ring there
Beautiful, lovely.
Life's a strange road. Never know
when you come across whom
I never expected to run into you.
- What do you want out of me?
Haven't yet decided
You are very beautiful.
"Sometimes I'll do it on the sly,
sometimes openly..."
"but I'll always transport you
into another world"
"Love me on the sly,
love me openly..."
but always give me ecstasy
"Some romance, some hassle,
some toughs, some fags..."
"Matter of time,
you're in a fix, I'm in a fix"
"We're together
till we stick it together..."
"you and I and I and you,
but it's a trick of the eye"
"If you know it, try and escape"
"If you know it,
try and escape"
"Love me on the sly,
love me openly"
"But always give me ecstasy"
"Some romance, some hassle,
some toughs, some fags"
"Matter of time,
you're in a fix, I'm in a fix"
"We're together
till we stick it together"
"You and I and I and you.
- But it's a trick of the eye"
"If you know it, try and escape"
"If you know it, try and escape"
Yes sir.
Sorry sir.
Just send over the photo.
Okay sir.
What happened?
- Guess whom Arvind has kidnapped?
Daughter of Assistant Commissioner
Prabhat Singh
In my 15 years of service,
no one ever fooled me like this.
"The ace is trumped,
trumps are aced"
"No one knows
who has the last card"
"In a world of trumped aces,
who knows who has the last card?"
"Win and the world is yours"
"Lose a pawn and you're dashed"
"Wonderfully dicey game,
bit tricky, bit crafty"
"If you ken, you know,
life's a laugh"
"If you know it, try and escape"
"If you know it, try and escape"
"All I ken..."
"it's only a matter of a wink,
your life or someone else's"
"All I ken..."
"it's only a matter of a wink,
your life or someone else's"
"Small tiffs happen all the time"
"Yet love happens"
"Love makes life happen"
"Cent percent true,
but I've broken through"
"If you ken, give it a try"
"If you know it, try and escape"
"Love me on the sly,
or do it openly"
"But I'll always give you ecstasy"
"Some romance, some hassle,
some toughs, some fags"
"Matter of time,
you're in a fix, I'm in a fix"
Come here.
- Yes Inspector sahib?
City boy came here?
- City boy?
Wears a stubble.
- No, but why?
If you see him, inform me right away.
And no getting smart...
or I'll take up your old case.
I won't come again
You needn't. I'll tell you
if I ever see him.
Do that.
- Sure.
Who are you?
I'm not fingering you.
It's for safety
"I told you, I won't do anything.
- But to the world..."
we got to show how much we're in love.
- I'm hungry, let's eat.
What will you have?
- What's available?
On the grassy side?
- Peas, lentils, cheeses
Peas and potatoes.
Two diced cheeses
Two lentil soups.
How many breads?
- Seven breads.
Make it quick.
- Okay sir.
Everyone's eyeballing you
and why not? You're pretty.
Talk. Else people will wonder,
why people together don't talk.
Now I get it. You needn't tell me
about cops. I know what they are.
Keshub-bhai, I got to save Laxmi.
What a tragedy!
Where have you been?
- Arvind.
We went looking for you!
- He got into the truck...
then he hit me, he hijacked my truck!
I'm not sparing him.
Inderpal, you got to get him
before you spare him.
Let's call the eating joints
in this area.
That bastard will surely
stop somewhere
Food must be enjoyed!
The cheese was the best.
Shall we?
Bill, sir.
- How much?
- Keep this.
It's a 500.
- Keep the change
Thank you sir.
They just left Allur's joint.
I thought you'd use
the cop's presence to make a getaway
You could've taken a chance.
- There were others.
I didn't want to endanger
their lives.
So nice, so naive.
I like you.
What do you think...
about me?
What I think...?
- Am I good? Bad?
Speak your heart, I won't mind.
- Good or bad, I don't know
But you're trying to save yourself
And you got no problems with that?
- No.
Wonderful! But this is going
to become a problem for me...
you're beginning to understand me.
And I'm beginning to like you.
You're beginning to understand me
like no one ever did.
Lights out
Move on.
Give me the torch.
- Hello
What's up?
- A search. Open your boot
What's that?
- This...? Wife
I told her I didn't like dinner.
She didn't like it, gave me this
You're married?
- No.
Smart guys like you needn't marry.
Whom are you looking for?
A criminal.
- What has he done?
Kidnapped a girl.
- I see.
Miserable working hours for you;
the criminal has made his getaway.
And here you are, on a cold dark night
looking for him.
How will you identify him?
- He cannot escape.
We have photos
Can I take a look?
- Here
That's the girl?
The criminal's?
- Yes.
Seen him somewhere?
- First time.
Can I go?
- Yes, go on.
Okay sir.
Is it dangerous ahead?
- No, clear. Go on.
Thank you sir.
Let him go.
- Okay sir.
A word of advice?
- Yes?
Never marry.
- Move. Let him pass.
You wouldn't have to
bear such trouble.
Everything okay?
- Yes sir.
So you were eloping?
We were together.
- Whose idea was it?
- Guessed. Bloody coward.
Seduced you with a story.
Guess what I'd do in his place?
I would've faced your Daddy,
told him...
I'm in love with your daughter Laxmi
and I want to marry her.
So what do you say? Yes, Fine.
No? I'll still marry her.
You're lucky all this happened.
Else, you'd live a life with a coward.
Ever thought of that? Laxmi, that's
your problem, you never think.
Or someone else will start
thinking for you...
which might be very painful
and in pain you might start thinking
But by then, you would've lost
the time to think. Think
So think before it begins to hurt. As
for me, when I think, I hurt others.
Get down
Get down
Paying me off?
- Licence
Did I ask?
Show me your truck.
- Nothing. Empty truck
Taking your empty truck for a tour?
- Trucker. Got to hit the road.
Show me the truck.
- Nothing there.
Stop talking rubbish, show the truck.
Hey, go take a look inside.
Check his truck.
Its empty sir.
Nothing in there.
- Next truck.
Seen Gadar?
- Get out.
Hurry up..
Clear the road
Get them off
You're tired.
Relax, let me drive.
Got thinking? So while I relax,
you drive to the police station?
Hang on, we'll find a hospital.
A house... whose is it?
- Anyone who lives in it.
Living it up
in the middle of a desert.
You got me scared.
- Who are you?
Tell the boss Babu
and Laxmi are here
He won't be back before Tuesday.
- Hey, what day is it today?
- I forgot...
he won't be back before Tuesday.
But you can take care of us
Let us in
Never saw you before.
- First time we're here.
Come on, open the door.
Look I don't know you
I don't know you either.
You could be a thief
What are you saying?
- What's your boss' name?
Dinesh Chauhan.
- You know Mahesh Chauhan?
Ramesh Chauhan? Ganesh Chauhan?
Your boss' brothers, Mahesh's sons.
Dinesh Chauhan is still
trying to get a son.
Ganesh Chauhan has a son.
Babu Chauhan. That's me.
You can't know all about
the Chauhan family.
Because you don't know my American wife
you won't let her in? Guess who she is.
Guess who? Your boss' daughter
from his second wife.
This stays between us.
Get it? Open the door.
- I'm a poor man.
If anything goes wrong,
I'll lose my job.
No! No!
I've given you family history.
What more do you want?
The boss tells me when to expect
guests. - I'm your boss.
Maybe you're a big man.
- Should I get a minister?
Talk to my boss.
You don't know anything.
When I was a kid, Mummy would say
before a thrashing...
what takes a kicking
takes no reasoning
She was right
Who is it?
- Sir, I'm Jaydev speaking.
Yes, Jaydev. Tell me.
They boy was right.
- Who?
Arvind. We found
the Safari he described
We found a corpse behind the car.
- Whose?
No idea. But I found a photo.
Arvind and some girl
Come over. Bring the photo.
Huge place. Must've spent lots.
What a kitchen!
Must be really well off
Where's the bedroom?
Was there any need to kidnap her?
- Why would the Commissioner lie?
If your daughter eloped,
would you say she has eloped?
So what the boy said was true.
- Here's the car, here's the girl.
Perhaps Babu is here too.
Nice, no? Sleep here.
Even a wardrobe full of dresses
He fancies this too?
May I have a little? Please?
Wonderful stuff.
Guess what? I never got a chance
to take a good look at you
You're very pretty
Very pretty
So different...
never saw anything like you...
you're so pretty. Really
so pretty.
You could've done anything
you wanted.
I told you before,
I won't rape.
If you don't mind,
can I sit a while?
I never expected
you'd turn out like this.
You kill, you rob,
yet you have some principles.
Maybe you're even more honest
than we are.
If you chose this to be this way,
maybe you were compelled.
But Babu...
you are so good at heart
Thanks! Thanks!
Like I asked earlier,
I'll ask you once again.
Whom would you choose
between me and Arvind?
Good night.
I'll shut it... for safety's sake.
Good night.
Good night.
Why look at me in anger?
I know, I hurt you in the head.
I'm hurt too, deep down.
Ever been in love? I thought it was
pointless, I could never be in love.
But I'm in love.
Babu is in love.
I even daydream about her.
What a girl.
Just like a fairy maiden.
You know what it was at first sight?
She was afraid. But now?
Look... see the look she gives me?
Look... she's smiling at me.
And what a look.
"At first sight, she was scared,
now she's apprehensive?"
"That sharp intake..."
"That sharp intake..."
"is that desire?"
"I told her the story about the gun
that destroyed me"
"It was killing, I was aching"
"There were tears in her eyes
when she heard"
"Then our eyes met"
Thanks, Babu!
Babu, thanks!
"She said thanks..."
"She said thanks..."
"and Babu was floored"
"I loved cash,
I loved faces in masks"
"I loved bloodstains,
I loved ghosts"
"I loved hell-fires"
"Babu! where are you?
Look, he's taking me away! Help"
"Our love story
has hit the road"
"First she was scared,
now she's apprehensive?"
"I was my own enemy,
enemy of my own dreams"
"I was the enemy of the Sun,
I was the enemy of joys"
"Homeless, nameless,
I was miserable"
"Babu, you're my man"
"Your world is mine"
"We're in love"
"Swear by the road,
never leave the road"
"First she was scared,
now she's apprehensive?"
"That sharp intake..."
"That sharp intake..."
"is that desire?"
"I told her the story about the gun
that destroyed me"
"It was killing,
I was aching"
"There were tears in her eyes
when she heard"
"Then our eyes met"
Thanks, Babu!
"She said thanks..."
"She said thanks..."
"and Babu was floored"
Nothing will happen to you.
Police is behind us.
Get a doctor!
He has been shot
Go away.
- Take care.
Now where will you run, kid?
Come on!
Hello. Police station!
Yes... what...?
Watchman...? Where are you?
Stay put. I'm coming.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Come on, faster.
Funda about the egg is...
do you like eggs?
Don't be shy, we're bosom pals,
you even know my love story.
Keep an eye out. I'll be back
after I serve breakfast.
Funda about the egg...
Funda about the egg...
Good morning!
Babu-cook at your service.
Pure vegetarian omelette.
My Mummy is going to love you
Not nice?
No, okay.
You've got it all wrong.
Tying me up gets you nowhere.
'Ratansingh Yadav, come in.'
"Ratan Singh, sir.
- We made a big mistake about Arvind"
He's innocent. We've found Babu.
The gravel path past the village
On one side of my village, a river. On
the other side, a canal. Also a pond.
Take your pick.
Bathe in the river or the pond
You are my friend.
Leave me!
Babu... let her go
Hello, sir.
You're getting me wrong,
we're in this together now.
I can see.
Don't try to act too smart.
Whatever Arvind said was true,
now the story is different.
Laxmi, tell him.
- Have you gone mad?
Am I mad? Are you mad?
They never teach you cops to listen?
Don't talk rubbish.
- Yes, we started out with problems.
We had problems about smoking,
music, tastes, the car, all sorts...
now it's all changed.
Now she's my girlfriend.
For the last time...
- What do you mean?
You want to hear the girl?
Okay, I didn't use any force.
Laxmi, did I force you to do anything?
See? She's in love with me. Tell him...
Babu! Let her walk.
- We're girlfriend-boyfriend
Let her go. Or I'll shoot you.
- He's waiting to hear from you
Men of the law.
Can't reason with what
takes a kicking, remember Mummy?
This way.
Unwilling to listen
You got to kill even when
you don't want to kill...
one moron after another.
Challenging Babu...?
Don't kill him, please.
- Then I won't.
Wrong one. Sorry
Please, let me kill him.
I got no choices left.
Arvind, go away.
Never leave score unsettled in life.
Take my word, settle this score.
I know, falling out of love
takes time.
Are you hurt.
Lone last bullet.
No options left, dig?
You betrayed me.
He has no bullets.
Sure, no bullets. But a kilo and
a half of steel can split this skull.
Laxmi and I are walking.
Stop, stop right there.
Didn't hear?
Back off.
One more step...
- And...?
I'll kill her.
- Kill her.
I've had enough of this chase.
Now no more.
Want to kill her? Split her skull.
After you're done...
I'll carve you up
into countless little pieces.
Are you insane?
I'm not joking.
- You think I'm joking?
I'll kill her.
- Don't talk. Just do it.
Got the nerve?
Kill her.
I give her up.
I know the compulsions of love.
Even I was in love.
Enough! Must you have murder
on your hands?
you're rotten worse than I am.
"At every crossroads..."
What happens to him?
- I broke his legs.
Not a drop of water around
and no one around for 50 miles.
Hey Babu, try asking for a lift.
"At the crossroads,
you'll find many a lover."
"You never know what happens
at moment's turn..."
"on the road,
life and death travel together."
"At every crossroads..."
Pathan, you were right.
Never trust anyone.
And never trust women.
"Long lonely nights."