Road House (1948) Movie Script

Hmm. Better luck
with your shoes off?
You waiting to see me?
- Okay. Who are you?
- I'm Pete. Pete Morgan, the manager.
Good. Can you manage me
a room in a hotel? I'm tired.
Well, uh, it's kind of tough.
But, uh, I have a little place upstairs
while you're waiting, if you're tired.
What did you say your name was?
- Pete. It's a tricky name.
- Pete what?
- Morgan.
- Well, Mr. Morgan, I'd be very happy...
if you'd just get Jefty for me.
Oh, well, Jefty
is a little busy right now.
I usually, uh, handle the details.
Is that so? Well, I'm Lil Stevens,
new entertainer from Chicago.
Right now I'd like to sleep.
Oh. The new equipment.
- What do you do to entertain?
- Oh, didn't Jefty tell you?
No, but I can guess. I know Jefty.
Isn't this small stuff
for a good performer?
Not at the money I'm getting.
- Small town, small pickings.
- Well, I got a small voice.
- Besides, who said I was good?
- What'd he promise to pay you?
Too much. About twice
what I usually get.
And how much is that?
You son of a gun.
I wanted to surprise you.
- You did. You surprised me.
- I did?
Well, what do you think of Lily?
- Was I smart to get her?
- Very smart.
- Come on, Jefty. How about that hotel?
- In a minute, honey.
- She'll be a knockout in the bar, won't she?
- Oh, sure.
I'll get you a place.
But first, uh, have a drink.
Meet the help.
I kept the bar open for you.
Okay. I could do with
a little cooking sherry.
Come on, Pete.
Let's celebrate.
Here it is, honey-And it's all Jefty's.
Oh, Susie, come here.
I want you to meet Lily Stevens,
our new entertainer.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Take her over to Sam
and introduce her to the bar.
- I'll get you a room.
- Fine.
You know, you two
are gonna like each other.
Yeah, we already have
something in common. Same barber.
What do you do?
Sing? Play the piano?
Mm-hmm. Something like that.
Sam? This is Miss Lily Stevens...
our new attraction from Chicago.
Jefty says give her
anything she wants.
- Always is a long time. Glad to know you, Lil.
- Same here, Sam.
- What'll it be?
- Scotch.
- Soda?
- Straight. Got a cigarette?
- Yeah, sure.
- It's quite a deal you've got here, huh?
Yeah, nice bunch.
Bottoms up.
- How's Chicago?
- Okay.
- Got a nickel?
- Yeah, sure.
The name is Miss Lily Stevens.
That's right.
She'll be over in a little while.
Okay, kid. Thanks.
- I got Lily a room.
- Antlers Hotel, room 12, large double.
- Same old room?
- Aw, now, Pete.
- Don't you ever learn?
- But this gal is different.
What's the matter with the hometown talent?
They're easy to handle.
Last year those entertainers from Kansas City, St. Louis
- Remember the trouble?
- Now, wait-
- Okay, you're the boss.
But don't ask me to dump 'em
when you're tired.
Pete, you don't understand.
I can't get anywhere near Lily.
- How much do we pay her?
- Two-fifty.
Two-fifty? And I'm supposed
to make this place show a profit?
- There goes my percentage.
- But if she don't deliver, she goes.
Yeah, boy she must
have been hard to get.
- How many weeks?
- Six.
- But as I said, if she don't deliver, she has to go.
- Six weeks.
Oh, come on, now.
Stop spoiling my fun.
I know I shouldn't mix business with
pleasure. That's why I've got you around.
Hey, come on.
- Hey, Jefty.
- Yeah?
- Miller wants to see you in the poolroom.
- Okay.
Go on inside and get friendly.
You made a bad impression.
Hey, Art. Get Jefty's station wagon
around the front.
- Ah, ah.
- Got to cheat a little, Sam.
Your troubles are over, Miss Stevens.
Gonna be all taken care of.
- The Antlers?
- Yeah, Antlers Hotel. Nice, big room.
Antlers? Guess this
is a moose trap all around.
"Moose trap. "
- That's good.
- That's terrific.
- Thanks, Sam. See you later.
- Good luck.
Oh, Miss Stevens,
I'll see you out front.
- I'll get your bags.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, Susie, what do you think
of this one?
She's something, isn't she?
If you like the sound of gravel.
Uh, tell me. Think I'm gonna like
this rattrap we're going to?
The Antlers? You betcha.
It's a swell place.
It's got a dining room,
plenty of class- Everything.
And besides that,
it's the only hotel in town.
That does it.
- Where's Lily?
- Pete took her to the hotel.
- Took her to the hotel? What for?
- I don't know.
I really don't know.
I just work here.
Gimme a brandy, will ya, Sam?
She's pretty nice, isn't she?
I'll say she is.
What, are you talking to yourself?
I don't get it.
I don't get it at all.
- What happened?
- Search me, boss.
This is something new-
Pete being nice to an entertainer.
- What's this?
- The depot.
- Yeah. That's where I came in.
- Yeah, that's where you're going out.
Now look, Miss Stevens,
let's not kid each other.
As I said, it's small pickings in this town.
Now, here's a couple
of hundred bucks and some extra.
I think that'll square us
for your trouble.
Yeah, that's better.
You see, every time
Jefty leaves town...
he gets drunk and brings somebody back.
Oh, he does? Does he know
you're going to all this trouble?
No, but he'll find out
it's for the better, and so will you.
- Supposing I don't want to go?
- Yeah, but you will.
You see, Jefty gets tired easily...
then it's up to me
to do the dumping.
I don't like it, but if I have to
I can get rough.
Oh, you can? Huh.
Well, this should really
buy me off, shouldn't it?
I thought you'd be
as smart as you look.
Listen. When I want to leave,
I'll let you know.
I came out here with a contract.
I needed the dough.
And I'm gonna collect
every nasty little cent of it. Maybe more.
Who knows? Before I'm through,
you might be running for the depot.
Don't try to borrow two bits
from me when you shove off.
Now look, baby,
I'm not trying to rush you.
Silly boy.
- So that's Jefty's new attraction.
- Not so bad.
- When's she supposed to give out?
- Pete says tonight.
She reminds me of the first
woman that ever slapped my face.
- If she sings like she looks- - You
wouldn't let me wear a dress like that.
How's the take tonight, honey?
- We can use Lily if she's good.
- She'll be good.
Oh, Pete, look, uh-
I wanna do this right.
Give Lily a break, you know what I mean?
- Lights out, spotlight. Okay?
- Give her the works.
Okay, good.
Folks, uh, I'd like you to meet...
our new entertainer, from Chicago-
Miss Lily Stevens.
# It's quarter to 3:00 #
#There's no one in the place #
# Except you and me #
#So set 'em up, Joe #
#I've got a little story
you ought to know #
#We're drinking, my friend #
#To the end of a brief episode #
# Make it one for my baby #
#And one more #
# For the road #
# I've got the routine #
# So drop another nickel #
# In the machine #
#I'm feelin'so bad #
# Wish you'd make the music #
# Dreamy and sad #
# Could tell you a lot #
# But you've gotta be
true to your code #
#Make it one for my baby #
#And one more for the road #
#You'd never know it #
# But, buddy I'm a kind of poet #
#And I've got a lot of things to say #
#And when I'm gloomy #
#You've simply
gotta listen to me #
# Until it's talked away #
#Well, that's how it goes #
#And, Joe, I know you're
getting anxious to close #
# So thanks for the cheer #
#Hope you didn't mind my #
# Bending your ear #
#This torch that I've found #
# Must be drowned #
# Or it soon might explode #
# Make it one for my baby #
#And one more #
# For the road #
#That long #
# Oh, that long #
# Long road ##
Is she good?
She does more without a voice
than anybody I've ever heard.
Honey, you were wonderful.
- Terrific.
- Oh, you're crazy, you know that?
Come on, give 'em
another one, huh, baby?
- Well, wise guy, is she good?
- She's good.
And little Jefty did it.
Don't forget that.
She'll be the biggest hit we ever had.
She'll double our business in the bar.
Well, come on. Admit it.
- I admit it.
- You know what I think I'll do?
I'll knock out that wall in the back,
and I'll double the bar.
- Now, wait a minute.
- We'll have the swellest joint west of Chicago.
- Don't lose your head, Jefty.
- Two-fifty? Ho, ho.
She's a steal.
You know, I'm beginning
to get interested in this business.
Lily, how about a double,
on the house?
- No thanks, Sam. Bad for my voice.
- You were great.
- Surprised?
- To tell the truth, I was.
Oh? So was I.
You're a terrific tonic
for lonely people, Sam.
- Good to talk to.
- Yeah.
Everybody's lonely.
Now, there's a guy
comes in here every night...
takes that stool at the end of the bar-
Miss Stevens, you're good.
You're a hit.
- I don't have to tell you they like you.
- Fine. And you?
- Best we ever had.
- Think I'm worth the money?
I've got to admit, Jefty's got
the top end of the bargain.
Still want to rush me
out of town? Hmm?
Now look, I said I made a mistake.
- I'm sorry.
- Okay. Think nothing of it.
Come on, kids. Let's laugh it off.
Sam, bring us a special, huh?
No, thanks. I gotta count up the profits.
I love that guy. He's a great kid.
- Don't get him wrong.
- Oh, I don't.
Well, who do I get my weekly check from,
you or bashfulJoe?
- You know, he's not gonna like that.
- So what?
Tell me, Jefty, what do you do
around here between songs, hmm?
Anything you like to do, honey.
Just name it.
Oh, I don't know. For laughs,
how about me learning how to bowl?
- Sure.
- Who's the coach?
- Coach? Susie.
- Oh.
Honey, I've got the greatest coach
in the world for you.
You know, I'm going to love this.
You just leave it toJefty.
You're a million laughs, you know that?
#Again #
#This couldn't happen #
#Again #
#This is that once #
# In a lifetime #
#This is the thrill #
#Divine #
#And what's more #
#This never happened #
# Before #
#Though I have prayed #
# For a lifetime #
#That such as you #
#Would suddenly be mine #
#Mine to hold #
#As I'm holding you now #
#And yet #
#Never so near #
#Mine to have #
#And the now and the here #
#Disappear #
#But then #
#If this doesn't happen again #
# We'll have this moment #
#Forever #
#But never #
#Ever again ##
You sore about something, Pete?
You hit 'em like you mean it.
Well, Jefty's bound
to find a singer once in a while.
- Not bad. Not bad at all.
- Donna, what do I have to do to beat Fred?
Fair, anyway. I don't like her.
That's the first time I ever interrupted
a game for anything.
- I like it.
- There's still no excuse for that dress.
What did you say her name is?
You see that mob, kid?
I told you she'd double
our business at the bar.
Don't tell me I didn't make a good deal.
Did you?
How you doing?
I can wait.
May be a long wait.
Got nothing else to do.
Maybe. Oh, honey.
Pete, got a grand job for you.
Lily wants to learn how to bowl.
And here's the boy
who can teach you.
Best bowler in the state.
And the best instructor.
- Oh, I'm afraid not.
- Why not?
I've got too much work to do.
What are you doing now?
Keeping the alleys warm.
- Don't bother. So I take up knitting.
- Wait a minute.
Pete, I asked you to teach Lily.
For me.
I don't ask you much.
This is something I want you to do.
- Now, look-
- Am I that hard to take?
I didn't say you were.
Okay then, it's all settled.
I knew you would.
Anytime when you're not busy.
Around noon?
Okay. Around noon.
Fix her up with a pair of shoes,
will ya, Pete?
And, uh, you need slacks.
Something like that.
I know how to dress.
You kill me.
#Again #
Form is important in bowling,
like in everything else.
There are three kinds of rolls.
The straight roll-
Keep the thumb straight.
- Fascinated?
- Oh!
I was just watching.
Don't break your glasses.
You aim down the right
side of the alley toward the center.
- You try it.
- Okay.
Well- Nothing to it.
- See what I mean?
- No, you've got the idea. Now there's the backup ball.
The backup ball is thrown to the Brooklyn
side of the pin, and backs up into the pocket.
- You get it?
- Oh, yeah, sure.
Try it.
Well, here we go.
Backup ball.
That was great, wasn't it?
- If you say I've got the idea again-
- But you have got the idea.
Now we'll try to throw a curve.
That ought to be easy for you.
The curve is thrown like a hook.
- May I ask you a simple question?
- Yeah, if it's simple.
Why don't you stop fighting me?
I won't bite.
Who's fighting?
You're fighting the ball.
- You're overdoing it, that's all.
- Give me the ball.
- Kid lives dangerously, doesn't he?
- You know any other sports?
Never mind.
Come on. Try it again.
All right.
Only this time, would you mind
grabbing me when I throw the ball?
I have a knack of going
halfway down the alley with it.
You should have worn
the shoes I got you.
How was that?
You need a rest.
I'll get a drink. Some water.
- Hi, Susie.
- Hi.
- Sleep well?
- Beautifully. And you?
After those hamburgers?
Straight water so early in the day?
Was this what you had to do
that was so important?
I didn't say it was important.
Oh, thanks.
Uh, she comes to work early, doesn't she?
- She's a hard worker.
- Mm-hmm.
She looks tired.
This one's going to be a straight ball.
Okay, coach.
- Straight.
- Straight.
I think I get the idea.
- Good morning, Miss McGuinness.
- Hello, Jimmy.
The only trouble with your cabin, Jefty-
It's too close to Canada.
You shoot 'em and they
beat it for the border.
And besides, when that
fog rolls in from the lake-
- Where you going?
- I'm having breakfast upstairs.
Wait for me.
Maybe she won't think it's so romantic-
7:00 on a Sunday morning.
Who is it?
What are you doing here? Get out.
Wait a minute, Lily. Don't get sore.
- I brought you breakfast.
- You heard me. I said get out.
What, do you think
you own this town or something?
I don't like people
busting in my room.
I wasn't sure what you like,
so I got the works.
Here. Smell this coffee.
Mmm! What a way to start the day.
Breakfast in bed.
Listen, Jefty, you better read
our contract again.
There's nothing about
breakfast in Lily's room.
- You know, you smoke too much.
- I know. So what?
This is the first time
I ever did this for a girl.
Thought you might like it.
What you all dressed up for?
- I'm going hunting.
- Oh.
That's, uh-That's what I came
to tell you, Lily.
I'll be gone most of the week.
Come on. How about eating something?
- It's good for you.
- Yeah.
I'm still asleep.
What time is it?
- 7:00.
- 7:00?
I think you got
a screw loose somewhere.
7:00, and I didn't sleep well.
Oh, that feels good.
Lily, we'll have a real
party when I get back.
I don't like parties.
I, uh- I wanted to tell you something
before I went away, but-
Now I don't know how.
It's just that-
Well, you're not like any girl
I've ever met before.
I don't know how to handle it.
I don't know how to say it either.
It's just that-
Well, you're different, that's all.
Uh-huh. How different?
Maybe I can prove it to you someday.
- Prove what?
- The difference.
Why didn't you tell me bowling
could make you this sore, huh?
Don't you like bowling either?
No. Not yet, anyway.
- Maybe you'll learn.
- Uh-uh.
Well, so long.
Sorry I busted in on you.
Aw, that's all right.
Thanks for the breakfast.
And the flowers.
I could have said something
about the flowers, couldn't I?
Forget it. Bye.
I've just been spoiling
all your alleys for you.
How'd you get in?
Simple. I used to pick locks
when I was a kid.
- Did I wake you up?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry. Go on back to bed.
Come in.
Are you decent?
Uh-uh. Nobody's ever
accused me of it.
I thought I'd dig us up
some breakfast.
Hey, that's a nice outfit.
- But you'd better add to it
before you go to church.
- What have I done to deserve all this?
- Nothing.
Just goes to prove
what a nice kid I am.
Yeah, it smells good.
Mmm. Tastes good.
Tell me, uh, what do you do
around here on a Sunday?
Go for boat rides. Swimming.
- Oh, you got a boat?
- Jefty's.
Fine. That solves all our problems.
- No, it doesn't.
- Why not?
- Look, do we have to spoil this nice breakfast?
- What do you mean?
You ever lived in a small town before?
What's that got to do with it? What's wrong
with going out on the lake in broad daylight?
Nothing. It's wonderful, and I'm going.
But you're Jefty's girl,
so you're not going.
Oh. What did the two of you do,
flip a coin and decide that?
He set you up at the
Antlers. He's paying for it.
Got it all figured out, haven't you?
You know something? You're stupid.
Now, look.
Doesn't it ever enter a man's head
that a woman can do without him?
Listen, all I wanted to do was just hang
around with somebody on a dull Sunday.
I get that low sometimes.
So you just skip it.
Hop in your little boat. Paddle off.
Me- I'll go back to the alley.
Hey, legs.
I'll pick you up about 11:00, okay?
Okay. I'll make some sandwiches.
I'm good at that too.
- Surprised?
- I'm surprised at nothing.
- Better make plenty. I get awfully hungry.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hmm. Ready?
- Sure.
- There's a basket.
- Let's go.
What'd you say?
That's why I said to make plenty.
Susie's always hungry.
Yeah. You could figure her
for a big appetite.
- Well, hello. This is a surprise.
- Hello yourself.
Hey, that's a nice outfit.
Going somewhere?
Sharp, isn't she?
- Come on. It's all yours.
- Oh, thanks.
- Got your suit?
- What kind of suit?
Swimming. You know, splash, splash.
- We got ours under the rags.
- Oh. We going swimming? I thought you said the boat.
- Want me to run upstairs and get yours?
- No. Haven't got one.
Would you care to borrow one of mine?
No thanks. Don't think it would fit.
Anyway, I don't like swimming.
Come on, girls.
Too nice a day to argue.
Hey, Pete, I'll race you.
I did it!
Hey, Lily. Build us a castle in the sand.
You go build your own castle, kid.
Hey! Hey!
How is it down there, eh?
Two can play at that game.
Oh, no, you don't.
- Fresh!
- Here. I'll get you for that.
Here you go then- No, sir.
Oh, Pete!
Not again. Oh, Pete.
You're much stronger than I am.
It's not fair.
Oh, Pete.
- Don't take it out on me.
- Will you behave yourself? Will you be good?
- Hey, Pete.
- Huh?
The girlfriend's gone.
Hey, look what she did
with a couple of half hitches.
Can I have some fun too?
I thought you said
you couldn't swim.
Oh, I didn't say that. Did I, Pete?
Just said I didn't
like swimming, that's all.
Why don't I drown myself,
now that the water's handy?
Don't trouble to get out.
I don't know when I've had more fun.
We must do it again soon.
- Next time, don't bother to dress. Just come as you are.
- Aw.
- You know something, Pete?
- What?
Lmagine bringing a girl all the way
from Chicago to wear me out.
#There's only one kind of lovin' #
# One kind of kissin' #
#The right kind
Oh, the right kind #
#There's only one kind of lovin' #
#That I've been missin' #
#The right kind #
# I'm tired of too many guys #
#With casual eyes #
# I know their line
from "A" to "Z" #
# Oh, I want a man
who is my kind of man #
# Daddy-o, where can you be #
#There's only one kind of heaven #
# Breakfast at 7:00 #
#The right kind
Oh, the right kind #
#There's only one kind of livin' #
#Worth all the givin' #
#The right kind #
# I got the word from my heart #
# I heard from my heart #
#And I find that we agree #
#There's only one kind of lovin' #
#The right kind of lovin' #
#Your kind #
# My kind #
#That's the kind of lovin' for me ##
Aw, get out of here.
- Hi, baby.
- Hi. Hi.
- You ain't goin' anywhere.
- Don't you think we're being just a little intimate?
- Hey, what's the idea? Take it easy.
- Sam!
- Aw, let her alone.
- Listen, we hardly know each other.
Give me the police.
- Get out of here!
- Do something.
Get out! Get out of here.
Get over there!
Go on! Get out.
Get out!
Pete. Pete!
Trouble in the bar. Quick!
Everybody out! Get out.
Pal, you need a drink.
Look out, Pete.
Pete! Look out, Pete.
Dutch- Playin' bad boy again, huh?
- He's just a little plastered.
- Who'd he murder?
- Nobody. Wasn't because he didn't try.
- You're lucky.
Come on, get out.
Don't forget I got a big blackjack here...
- that just loves that thick skull of yours.
- Thanks for coming.
- Hereafter, whenever he shows up, call first. Don't wait.
- Okay.
- Pete, you all right?
- Yeah.
- Here. Let me take care of you.
- No, that's okay.
- You're okay, Pete.
- Nice work, bud.
Goodjob, Pete.
- Thanks.
- How do you feel?
- Oh, like I got a seagull
with a broken wing in my head.
- Mind if I go up and rest?
- No, go ahead. It's open.
Hey. You know, you were terrific.
Gee, Pete, you almost
took that bottle neat.
Let that be a lesson to you.
Stay on the wagon.
- Oh, boy. You better get that fixed.
- Yeah.
Come in.
- Oh, hi.
- How's everything?
Okay. Here, let me look
after that for you.
No, that's okay.
Fix us something, will you?
- Straight?
- Straight.
All right.
- Is everybody all right?
- Fine.
Not me.
I feel as though I'd fought
the good fight myself.
- Can I join you?
- Sure. Here we are.
- Thank you.
- Susie, Cash.
I think you're being paged, honey.
My hero.
Susie? Susie, Cash.
"Susie, Cash. " It's the story of my life.
- Hey, how did it start?
- Oh, simple.
Just came over,
lifted me and the piano.
Nothing to it.
I guess my old man wanted
me to sound like that.
He used to say to me,
"Lil, someday you're gonna sing at the Met-
Heavy opera. "
He called it heavy instead of grand.
He played the foot organ.
Won it in a poker game.
But he'd say to me,
"Lil, you gotta practice.
Study hard, day and night. "
So in the daytime
I worked in a factory.
At night I'd study-
Practice while he played
the foot organ.
Well, by the time I got good enough
to sing Madame Butterfly-
What do you know?
I lost my voice.
We're not kidding ourselves
anymore, are we?
What brought this on?
It was worth it.
- Hiya, Skipper.
- Hi.
How do you feel?
I feel good.
- What are you thinkin' about?
- Oh, nothing much.
I was just thinking that all my life
I've been on the go-
Living with the smell of stale smoke...
lot of drunks breathing down my back.
Always on my own.
- What about your old man?
- Oh, him? He was great.
Only trouble was, when he was sober
he hardly recognized me.
But I loved him.
Yeah, one day he blew.
My mother died. I was alone.
And a friend took care of me.
I love you, Lil.
How long have you known Jefty?
Oh, way back before the war.
Jefty and I were pinboys together.
Only Jefty's father owned the place.
Well, why did you
come back here after the war?
No ties.
Jefty, the roadhouse-
It was home, that's all.
Are you gonna let him
run your life always?
Oh, you don't understand.
Jefty needs to have
somebody around. He-
He needs a friend.
Nobody's all good.
Nobody's all bad.
I'll never forget
the look on his face...
when you said
you wouldn't teach me to bowl.
It was just as if
he could have killed you.
He's just a spoiled guy.
Is he?
So am I, Pete.
I want you to need me.
Have you ever really
wanted anything?
- I mean- I mean besides Jefty
and the roadhouse? - Yeah.
I've always wanted
to own a fishing boat...
somewhere off the Portland coast.
You know, it's cold up there.
The wind bites your face.
Fishing boat.
Bowling alley sounds a long way off.
Aw, I'll bet you think I'm crazy.
No. No, I don't.
I'd like to be in on
that fishing deal with you.
Ten to one I'll make a rotten sailor though.
I'll take that bet.
Sorry, Mr. Robbins.
She doesn't answer.
She doesn't?
Well, when she comes in, have her call me
at my house right away, will you?
Yes, sir.
When did she go out?
I don't think she came in at all
this evening, not while I was here.
Okay, thanks.
Hi, Jefty.
- Hi, honey.
- Just get back?
- Mm-hmm. Where's Lily?
- I don't know.
- The place is closed tonight. Monday, remember?
- Aw, yeah, that's right.
- And you haven't seen her, huh?
- No.
- Pete and I were at the movies.
- Oh, yeah?
- Did you get a moose?
- Mm-hmm.
Three. One for each of us.
Another year, another moose head
in the bar, another Lily.
- When are you gonna grow up, Jefty?
- Oh, I'm a big boy now.
- You driving back to the place?
- Mm-hmm.
- I wanna talk to Pete.
- Can I go with you?
- Sure. Come on.
- I wanna check up on something.
Okay. Slide in.
Hey, baby, Jefty's here.
You took me to the movies tonight.
We saw a Western.
Thanks, kid.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
- Hi, Jefty.
- Hi, kid. Good to see you.
Hey, who told Sam to lock up?
I've been drinking sherry.
Aaah! Take me upstairs
and give me a drink, will ya?
- Why didn't you go up? My place is always open.
- I don't know.
- I must be too wacky to remember.
- Wacky about what?
I'll tell you. How's Lily?
- Fine.
- You two still fighting?
- How's her bowling?
- No, we're not fighting.
- Any luck at the cabin?
- Yeah.
But my mind wasn't on it.
I, uh-
I've got something
to show you, Pete.
You're gonna think I'm crazy, but I did it.
Did what?
The last thing I ever thought I'd do.
Well, it happens
to everybody once, they say.
I went away to make up my mind...
and I did.
What made you do it, Jefty?
I don't know.
Do you love her?
All I know is she makes me
think about things...
I used to laugh at.
You didn't know
I could feel that way, did you?
Well, neither did I.
But I'm tired of fooling around, Pete.
Tired of living alone.
I want-
I want Lily.
Anything wrong in that?
- That depends.
- Yeah, I know.
It depends on the way I want her.
Okay. I want to-
I wanna make things good for her.
I want to take her out of dives.
I want her for my wife.
You seem awful sure
she'll accept, Jefty.
Don't forget, she's a funny girl.
- Independent.
- Yeah, she's independent.
But all gals want
the same thing, Pete-
a guy to take care of them.
I can take care of Lily.
I want to.
Where is she?
- Did she go out?
- With whom?
That's right, with whom.
Well, I gotta hurry. I told her
to call me when she came in.
You better find yourself a gal, kid.
You're next.
Lily? Why didn't you call me?
I've got news for you.
I told you I'd prove
how I felt about you.
We're getting married.
I've got the license
right here in my pocket.
Jefty, you're kidding.
You must be out of your mind. L-
- I never told you that-
- I knew you wouldn't believe it.
Just a second, Jefty.
Hello, honey.
Pete, it's Jefty.
He's got a marriage license.
- Yeah, I know.
- What right has he to-
Hello? Hello?
Yeah. Yeah, go on.
So, uh, I thought we'd take the boat
and go up to the lake tomorrow.
You know, a little celebration.
We could have lunch at the Swede's.
Sure. Sure, okay.
Hello? Lily?
Operator? Operator?
Miss Stevens hung up.
Do you want me to call her back?
No. One thrill at a time.
Yes, but how can we tell him?
It isn't that simple. I know Jefty.
He won't just smile
and slap us on the back.
But I've got to tell him, honey.
It's a rotten job to tell your best friend
you've cut him out.
But you haven't, Pete.
He has no right, no right at all.
All I ever did was put him off
from the beginning.
Oh, baby.
All my life, I've been fighting for this.
I don't want it to be spoiled.
Let's pack and leave right now, huh?
Oh, I can't do that, Lil. Don't worry.
I'll go and tell him,
and I'll be right back.
- Let me go with you.
- No, it's better alone.
Be careful.
I'll be back.
- Hi, Pete. Come on in.
- Thanks.
What's the matter?
Uh, I've got to talk to you.
Sure. I'm glad you woke me up.
Every time I sleep on that thing,
I get a bad back for a week.
- Cigarette?
- No, thanks.
What's the trouble, kid?
Well, this isn't easy, Jefty. L-
Something happened while you were away
that I never figured would happen.
I never wanted to happen.
What? Somebody
offer you another job?
I- I wish it were as simple as that.
I'm in love with Lily, and she's in love
with me. We're gonna get married.
I would have
told you before, but-
- Married?
- I'm sorry, Jefty, believe me.
But Lily isn't just another girl for me.
It's my life and hers.
- Jefty, we know each other too well. L-
- Do we?
I don't know you.
Get out.
Get out of here.
I don't want to see you.
I don't want you around.
- It's her choice.
- Get out!
Get out. Get out. Get out.
I got tickets to Chicago.
We'll decide from there.
Remember the last time we were here?
I wouldn't even give you
two bits to get out of town.
- Smart, wasn't I?
- And I was a couple of hundred bucks smarter.
Pete, are you sorry about Jefty?
Well, just that a guy likes to wind up
a friendship with a handshake.
- Are you Pete Morgan?
- Yeah.
- Will you come with us, please? You too, miss.
- Well, why?
- What's it about?
- Routine investigation.
Pete Morgan, Captain.
- What's all this about, Captain?
- Sit down.
You too, Miss- Stevens, is it?
Mr. Robbins.
Mr. Robbins here claims
that the week's receipts...
ofhis roadhouse were taken
from his safe tonight.
You were at that safe.
Here's your note.
I took $600 coming to me, that's all.
I don't say that you took anything, Pete.
All I know is that
the week's receipts...
should have been there,
and they're not.
- We bank tomorrow.
- How much money is there usually in the safe?
I don't know.
Pete and Susie handle the money.
Pete. Lily. What happened?
- Miss Smith?
- Yes.
Sit down.
- You're the cashier at Mr. Robbins'roadhouse?
- That's right.
How much money would you say
was in the safe tonight?
Well, the week's receipts.
$2,600. We keep the overage
in small bills in the bar.
How do you know
there was 2,600 in the safe?
Because I checked
the weekly receipts on Sunday...
and gave them to Pete- Mr. Morgan.
You gave Mr. Morgan 2,600 in cash?
Yes, in an envelope
sealed with my name on it.
What's wrong?
Who else knows the combination to the safe?
Only Pete and myself.
- You know I didn't take that money.
- Just a second, Morgan.
You'll get a chance to speak.
Miss Stevens, were you
with Morgan at the roadhouse...
when he opened the safe?
- No.
- Pete's always been careful with the-
Just a moment, please.
Did you take the rest of that 2,000?
- I told you, no.
- Mr. Robbins knows he hasn't.
- Where were you going when you were stopped?
- I don't know.
- Chicago first.
- Mr. Robbins had discharged you tonight?
- That's right.
- You plead innocent and can't produce the money?
I don't plead anything.
I'm telling you, I didn't take that money!
I took $600 coming to me, and no more.
I'll have to hold you, Morgan.
Pete didn't take that money.
Why, he wouldn't-
This complaint
doesn't name you, Miss Smith.
Nor you, Miss Stevens.
You're both free to go.
- All right, Morgan.
- Wait a minute.
Jefty, what good do you think
this is gonna do you?
Don't just walk out
and let him frame you. Don't, Pete.
Tell them why he's doing it.
You no-good swine.
You dirty little swine!
You framed him.
- But you're not gonna get away with it.
- That will do, Miss Stevens.
What do you mean, that will do?
Why don't you search him?
You'd do anything, wouldn't you?
Anything to get even with Pete.
Take it easy, kid. You're upset.
You don't know what you're saying.
Don't give me that!
You know what I'm saying.
But you haven't worked out
the finish yet, have you, Jefty?
You haven't worked out the end of it,
and that's what's going to hurt- hurt hard!
Lily, honey, come on.
The cops don't know.
You're a bad loser!
But I'll get a lawyer to fight you, Jefty.
- I still can't believe it myself.
- You never know.
You sure don't.
Pete was my best friend.
Oh, we had fights, sure,
but it never came to anything like-
like stealing.
Maybe he was drunk, Captain.
Did you check that?
Mr. Robbins, I deal
with situations exactly like this...
day in and day out
five times every day...
thirty-five times a week.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess you do.
"Verdict Awaited in Roadhouse Theft Today. "
Has the jury reached a verdict?
Yes, Your Honor.
The jury finds the defendant
guilty of grand larceny.
The clerk will record the verdict.
The court will pronounce sentence
at 2:00 this afternoon.
And when the war was over,
we came back home together.
Home was the roadhouse...
the only home Pete's ever known.
I'm all the family he ever had.
And what did I do for Pete?
I had the money. He had nothing.
I couldn't have run
the place without Pete.
Yet, all I gave him was a salary
and a small percentage...
after 10 years.
Don't you see, Judge? I should have had
enough sense to know that there was-
there was something
burning inside of him.
Well, he got to feeling
worse and worse.
Started drinking, taking my girls.
You can't blame him.
Then one night he gets drunk...
decides to clean the safe.
What about this girl- Miss Stevens?
She's nothing to me.
I haven't anything against Lily.
What do you want, Mr. Robbins?
I want you to give Pete a chance.
Give me a chance to show him
that I'm a decent guy.
Parole him to me.
- It was your charge that put this man in jail.
- Yes, I know.
I- I lost my head. I was hurt.
But I was all wrong, Judge.
I ask you to parole him to me.
Come to order, please.
Everybody rise.
Be seated, please.
Is the defendant ready for sentence?
We're ready, Your Honor.
Peter Morgan...
for the crime of which
you stand convicted...
you are hereby sentenced to serve
in the penitentiary of this state...
for a term of not less than two years,
nor more than 10 years.
Sentence suspended...
under the following conditions.
It is the duty of the law
to temperjustice with mercy...
when the situation warrants.
The complainant, Mr. Robbins...
has come forward with an unusual
and most generous offer.
It is Mr. Robbins'opinion-
and the court...
after listening to
the evidence, concurs-
that the crime at worst
was the impulse of a moment.
The defendant has a clean record.
He's a friend and employee
oflong standing of Mr. Robbins...
who appealed to the court for mercy.
The defendant is therefore
put on probation...
in the care of Mr. Robbins...
for the period of
his suspended sentence- two years.
The normal conditions
of probation will prevail.
If Morgan violates his probation...
ifhe tries to leave the state
or commits another crime...
this court will sentence him
to the limit of its power...
and remand him
to the penitentiary...
for the full term ofhis sentence
as provided by law.
Mr. Robbins has agreed
to restore Morgan to his old position...
and deduct the amount
of the theft in question...
over the period of probation.
Court adjourned.
A nice thing to do would be to go over
and shake hands with Robbins.
Oh, you don't have to.
He's coming over here.
Come on, kid. We're going home.
- Nice going.
- Clear the court!
- That Jefty's a good egg down deep.
- Pete!
Pete deserves it. Anybody can
lose his head over a gal like Lily.
Well, this guy- Let me see.
What was his name?
Oh, yeah, Chubby. Chubby Shell.
Well, Chubby gets sore, and he decides
to put a 50-buck bet on the strike.
He shoots and he leaves a pin.
Of course, everybody yells,
when all of a sudden...
when the ball's dead
and the frame is over...
for no reason at all the pin drops.
- What happened?
- No kidding. What did Chubby do?
Let me tell you. I found
out about it afterwards.
The pin boy had a piece of the
fifty-buck bet, and he nudged it over.
- Did they let it ride?
- Why, sure.
For 50 bucks, it was a sympathy strike.
- Honey, I'll take this. You relax.
- Oh, by golly.
I'll never forget
Mike Travis up at the cabin.
Hey, Pete, remember the time
we put that stuffed moose head...
up in the cabin in the bush,
and Mike kept shooting at it?
- Tell them about it.
- No, you tell them, Jefty. I need a refill.
- Okay.
- Pete, how do you feel?
- I don't know yet.
- Mike kept blazing away at it.
But the moose head only nodded to him
because we had it tied in with wire.
And the sorer Mike got-
Oh, baby.
I don't get it, Lil.
Why did he do it?
I don't know.
There's something wrong about it,
but I just don't know what.
Maybe we're crazy, honey.
Maybe the guy's had a change of heart.
Maybe a million things.
But we're together. That's the main thing.
- I'd like to believe that.
- Well, that's what we're gonna believe.
And we'll get married.
Will you marry a guy on probation?
What do you think?
Hi, kids.
Having fun?
Thought you were gonna refill?
- So I was.
- Swell party, huh?
- What a day. Perfect.
- Almost.
- Almost? Anything wrong?
- You got Pete free.
Why don't you go the rest
of the way and find the money?
That's all it takes, Jefty.
I don't want a prison record.
Kids, I wish I could.
Jefty, we've all done something
one time or another we were ashamed of.
You're no exception.
But to make it good-That's what counts.
- Forget it, Lily.
- You know you can.
- Cut it out, I say.
- Anyway, what difference does it make now?
We're just one big happy family.
Lily singing in the bar,
Pete living upstairs.
Just the way it was.
We're twins from now on, kid.
Where I go, you go.
And just suppose I was mean.
Suppose you tried
to marry Pete and leave town.
Or suppose you got mad
and tried to slug me.
One word to the judge,
and that's all, brother.
Ten years in the pen.
Oh, what a setup.
What's the big joke? Let me in on it.
They'll tell you.
They'll tell you all about it.
What's eating him?
So that's what it was.
That's what he planned all the time.
Someday, I'll choke that laugh.
#Again #
#This couldn't happen #
#Again #
#This is that once in a lifetime #
#This is the thrill divine ##
That new stuff for the alley's
poolroom's coming in tomorrow.
Think I'll get the place painted, do it up.
In the meantime,
we'll take a little vacation.
My cabin. Lily and you and me.
Something's wrong with Lily.
Her voice doesn't sound the same.
Susie, how would you like
to spend a few days at my cabin...
with Lily and Pete and me?
- I can't go, Jefty.
- Why not?
I don't see any sense to it.
You don't see any sense to it, huh?
I told you, where I go, you've got to go.
You're tied to me.
- How about you?
- Sure.
Okay. We'll use my boat, climb
to the cabin on the other side.
You be at the dock at 8:00 tomorrow.
Lily, Jefty just arranged for
the four of us to go away tomorrow.
His cabin. You better
go talk to Pete. He's upstairs.
- Don't let him-
- What's wrong?
I don't know.
But don't let him make a break.
You're the only one
that can stop him.
- Pete.
- Get your things packed. We're leaving.
No, baby. We packed once before,
and where did it get us?
Look, I've had my stomach full. I'm going.
- Now, you're coming with me, or I'm going alone.
- Sure. Go on alone.
Now, look. The Canadian border's
only 15 miles from here.
Whatever happens,
it's better than this.
I tell you, Lil,
if I stay here another day, I'Il-
Kill him, huh? That's great.
So that's what you've been thinking about.
He can even make you
do that to get back at you.
- Don't be a fool. He won't stop at anything.
- You're not making any sense.
You're drunk. Either you're coming
with me, or shut up and get out.
Pete, I know what I'm talking about.
You're letting a crazy man
likeJefty ruin our lives.
Leave me alone and get out!
Sure. I'm sorry I left
a good drink to come up here.
You're not worth it.
I hate you, Pete.
Hate you for making me
need your help.
I was crazy for ever
banking my life on you.
Oh, baby.
I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, baby.
You're right, Lil. This is what he wanted-
to make us hate each other.
For me to make a break.
Well, how cozy.
What's the help doing now?
It was like a morgue downstairs.
I was bored.
Really? So are the customers.
Why don't you go down and make
some noise. Try a little song.
Pick up the grub from the kitchen
and put it on the boat, will you?
- You like the way I'm stringing along, Jefty?
- Very nice. Very nice.
That's the way it's supposed
to be, isn't it, kid?
I don't know. I don't know.
I'll tell you one thing
for sure, Jefty.
If I am stringing along,
it's because I want to.
And don't go too far, Jefty.
Don't go one inch too far...
because I may wanna do something else.
Man, what a life. What a life. Hey, Susie,
get me another bottle on the shelf, huh?
Yes, sir, this is livin'.
Real livin'. Didn't I tell you?
Now you're talkin'.
Set it right down here. That's it, Susie.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
What's the matter?
Nobody drinking but me?
Come on. Join the fun.
Mmm. Ahh.
Lily- Pete- Pete, I want you
to see something.
I want you to see something.
I want you to take
a look at this map. There.
Now, you go through
about a couple of miles...
of the prettiest woods you ever saw.
Then two miles of peaceful river.
And what have you got? Canada.
It's even prettier over there.
The smell of open fields and flow-
By golly, I just remembered. I still got that
little outboard motor on the river for fishing.
Remember, kid?
Where you going?
- Outside, get some air.
- Air.
Okay, let's all go out.
How's the moon?
Beautiful. Let's do a little shooting.
You ever see me shoot?
I'm good. Very good.
You don't want to shoot now, Jefty.
You're better at talking.
- Why don't you tell us the story
of your life? - Uh-uh. Uh-uh-uh.
That moon's too good.
Can't miss a shot.
Remember, baby, I promised
to teach you- Never mind that.
Okay, beautiful.
On second thought,
you wouldn't like Canada anyway...
not enough to spend
the rest of your life there.
Not even if they let you.
Not even with Pete.
Lay off, will you, Jefty?
Have a heart, or give us a rest.
Now, Susie, you shouldn't
talk that way to me.
Everybody out! Jefty's gonna shoot.
Come on. Outside.
You stand over there.
Hey, Pete, how much did we pay
for this tomato juice?
Well, it's gone now.
Too bad. Too bad.
Too bad. Too bad. Too... bad!
Hey! Fifty feet. Fifty feet.
I won't miss it.
I'm the best shot in the world.
And when I get drunk, I'm a better shot.
I'm a better shot.
The drunker I am, the better I get.
Now, you just get a load of this.
Watch it.
Now, just-just imagine
that's a little duck up there.
A tiny little duck...
waitin' for its mama.
Thought I was kidding, didn't you?
Well, now you know.
That was a good shot.
Pretty good shot.
Oh, that looks like blood.
Blood, huh? Blood. Yeah.
We better try somethin' else.
Let's see. What'll we try?
What'll we try-Ah, my hat.
Here, hold this.
I'll buy myself a new one.
We'll put the hat
up on the branch like this.
This is bigger, but it's tougher.
Pretty hard to see.
Go on, try it. See if you can hit it.
Go ahead, baby, try it.
That's it. Go on.
Take a crack at it.
Over. Over more.
Over more. No, over.
What's the matter?
Couldn't you see it? Huh?
What'd you grab it for?
There wasn't anything in it.
Do you think I'd be silly enough
to give her a loaded gun?
Let us go back, Jefty,
or I swear I'll kill you.
Kill me? You'd kill me, baby?
If I get the chance.
Please, let us go back. Let us go back!
You know, it just comes to me.
I think you would like to kill me.
Oh, what a great couple you make.
A thief and a murderer.
A thief? What did you do
with the money?
Buy the jury? It costs a lot to frame
your best friend, doesn't it?
- You no-good, dirty little-
- Shut up!
I won't! You stole the money,
and you know it.
You know it.
And you know something else, Jefty?
Your mind's gone.
You're crazy, Jefty.
You'll go to the pen
where you belong.
- Pete!
- What's the answer now?
Make a break.
Ground fog's rolling in now.
- Get over the border, okay?
- Yeah, I'll go with you.
- Oh, don't do it. Use your heads.
- That's what I'm doing.
- It's all over now.
- Look, I can swear he hit you first.
What good'll that do? Come on.
Don't let him do it. Don't let him do it!
I don't care anymore. Even if we're caught,
brought back, it's better this way.
- It's a chance.
- What chance will you have if they bring you back?
Now, wait a minute.
- Watch it, Lil.
- Okay.
I'll get rid of the other gun in the brush.
Come on. Let's go.
Not me. You don't want any
excess baggage where you're going.
- Susie, you can't stay here with him.
- Oh, don't worry.
- I'm not gonna stay.
- Kid, you get going now.
Thanks for everything.
You've been swell.
- Good luck to you, Lil. You got a
wonderful guy. - Susie, you've been-
- Go on if you're going.
- So long, Susie.
Thanks, I will.
- Better let me go first. Stay right behind me.
- Yeah.
There's a kind of path here
if we can hold it.
Don't worry about me.
Keep going fast as you can.
- Where are they?
- Gone.
- Where?
- Don't bother.
He broke your other little toy.
You're stuck without a gun, mister.
- Where'd they go?
- I don't know.
Don't lie to me!
Where'd they go? Where'd they go?
The border. That's where they'd go.
I'll get them.
- I'll get there before they do.
- That gun won't do you any good.
- They've got a long head start.
- I know these woods like a book.
Even if you catch them,
it won't do any good.
You'll be the one
who goes to jail, not Pete.
There's the proof.
Give me that envelope,
or I'll kill ya!
Susie, come back here!
Come back!
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- Can you keep on?
- Sure.
Wait a minute.
- What is it?
- Could beJefty.
Do you think he could possibly-
Yeah. He'd figure
we'd make for the boat.
Let him come.
Maybe he found the gun
in the brush, huh?
Listen. He's trying to cut us off.
We'd better hurry. If he gets to the river
before we do, we're finished.
Okay, let's go.
There it is. The boat.
Pete! Pete!
Jefty's coming.
Here's the envelope.
The proof.
Jefty's not coming. He's here!
- Susie, are you hit?
- Just my arm.
- Get going!
- Keep talkin' Susie.
It helps.
Unhitch it.
Hurry, Pete. Hurry.
You won't get very far
without that engine. Paddle in!
I'll help put your fire out.
I'll put all your fires out!
All right, I'll take that envelope.
Give me that envelope!
The party's over.
- The party's over. The party's over.
- Stop it, Jefty!
Get away from him.
Get away from him!
Let go ofhim, Jefty.
Let go, or I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
You wouldn't kill me.
You- You can't kill Jefty.
You can't, Lily.
Oh, don't, Jefty.
Don't come any nearer. Don't!
- Give me that gun.
- No.
- Give it to me.
- No.
Jefty, stay away.
Stay away, or I swear I'll shoot you.
- Don't you understand? Please, I don't want to.
- Give it to me.
Keep away from me, Jefty!
Please keep away! Keep away!
Keep away!
I told you she was different.
It's all right, honey.
We'll send back for him.
Thanks, Pete.
I'm pretty heavy.
I guess it couldn't be helped.
It was always Jefty or us.
Come on, Lily.