Road House (2024) Movie Script

[blues rock music playing]
[crowd shouting]
- [man] Come on, man!
- [grunts]
[crowd cheering]
[woman] Hi, excuse me.
Yeah, I'm looking for Carter Ford.
Do you mind pointing him out to me?
I hope he's not the bald one.
Guy with the ink.
He's takin' all comers.
[rock music continues]
[crowd shouting]
[both grunting and straining]
[crowd cheering]
Come on!
[announcer] A little
back-of-the-envelope arithmetic says
that's six in a row
for the illustrious Carter Ford.
Who wants to get in there,
make it seven, huh?
Who wants to do it?
It's winner-take-all tonight, y'all.
It's just a bunch of money in a bucket.
Carter Ford's got six.
Who's gonna get one?
I'm gonna tape you. Arms flat.
- [announcer] Someone step in.
- No?
Let's get this goin'!
Now, who wants to see another fight?
- Fucking guy.
- [corner man] You ever done this before?
- Who the fuck is this?
- [corner man] All right, a superhero.
Close it up! Come on.
[crowd shouting]
[crowd murmuring]
Jesus, Carter. You know who that is?
Nah. Nope.
I'm not fightin' that fucking guy.
No fuckin' way!
No fuckin' way. There's no fuckin' way.
Yeah, fuck you.
I don't give a fuck. I'm not...
- He's that fucking guy.
- You ain't gonna fight for your money?
Why would I fight that guy?
- Keep your fuckin' money!
- All right, get outta here.
I don't want your fuckin' money.
- You know who the fuck he is?
- Let's go.
I'll fight any fuckin' one of you.
I'll fuckin' beat your ass.
You fuckin' fight him!
- [corner man] Get your ass back in there!
- I'm not fightin' that fucking guy.
You can all go fuck yourselves! Fuck you!
[corner man] Come on.
Fuck you!
Fuck you too!
- Fuck that shit! Bullshit!
- Get out! Get out!
There you go. Here's your money.
- No! Come on.
- I don't make the rules, honey.
Hey! Dalton!
Where you goin'?
You just lost me 500 bucks, asshole.
You sure you thought this
all the way through?
Hey, where you goin'?
You're not gonna take your knife?
[Dalton] Shit.
Excuse me.
It's a nice little scam
you got goin' on in there.
All you need is for the opponent
to know who you are...
Where is it?
[woman] Know your history,
and then they'll be too afraid to fight.
- [laughs] That's fuckin' brilliant, man.
- [Dalton] Yeah.
Yeah, well, beats workin'.
[woman] You know, it actually
took me a second to recognize you.
Oh... Oh, God.
Um, do you need a ambulance
or something?
[woman] You know you got
a big-ass knife stickin' outta you?
Can you hold this?
It's gonna bleed when I take it out.
[woman] Oh!
Oh, shit!
And voil.
It's gonna leave a nasty scar...
but it's easier this way.
- Wow, it seems like you do this a lot.
- Huh?
Patience and a keen interest
in the result...
that's all it takes.
So listen, I own a roadhouse.
Out in the Florida Keys.
[Dalton] A roadhouse, huh?
Hemingway used to drink there.
You know... Ernest Hemingway?
Good for you.
[woman] It's always been a rowdy place.
People come to blow off steam.
But lately it's been attractin'
the wrong clientele.
Come in every night. They trash the place.
The cops are no fuckin' help.
All my fuckin' bouncers have ran off.
Hand me that.
Anyway, I finally decided
I needed some outside help.
A friend of mine suggested
I come talk to some guy named Carter Ford.
Yeah, well...
Carter seems good with his hands.
No, you'd be better.
I can pay you good money.
5k a week... just for a month.
And I can put you up.
I'm all booked up. Sorry.
[woman] 'Scuse me? I mean, it's 20 grand.
And judging by your car,
you need that shit.
Well, I like my car.
Okay, that's gotta be more
than you're makin' for...
whatever the hell you call this.
Try Carter.
Look, at least let me text you my number.
I don't have a phone, so...
Well, hold on.
I'll write it down on a pen and paper,
just like our ancestors did.
I'm Frankie.
Think about it.
You have a good night, ma'am.
[knocks on window]
This ain't the Holiday Inn, pal.
I'll move it. I'm movin'.
[commentator on radio]
He's movin' and a shakin'.
Benjamin gets blocked by Calvino
with 30 seconds down.
An overhand right landed by the challenger
with a straight
left-left-right combination.
And Benjamin is lifting up the champion
and pushing him away!
There's 16 left to go in the round.
And now here comes Calvino.
He lands a right.
Couple of shots landed by the challenger.
Benjamin landing some lefts and rights.
Calvino hits high.
And a left on the challenger,
bringin' the thunder.
And a knee to the body by Cal...
[brakes squeak]
...right hand, and then a knee
to the body by...
[train horn blaring]
[horn continues blaring]
Maybe not.
[engine cranking]
[train brakes screeching]
[engine starts]
[funky music playing]
[man on radio] WYBS 106.4
for the Florida Keys...
parts of Havana, Cuba,
and the vessels at sea...
and 102.8 in Key West.
[funky music continues]
[woman] Did you see Fred on your way in?
What's that?
Fred, the tree on the bridge?
Not the main bridge,
but the old one beside it.
The historic Seven Mile Bridge?
He grows right in the middle of the road.
Did you see him?
I can't say that I did.
You know, that whole bridge is closed.
You can't get to it...
but big old tree just
kinda pops outta nowhere.
Well, that's Fred the tree.
got a book on him, if you're interested.
It's full of local color and all.
It's great for tourists.
I'm Charlie, by the way.
Hey, Charlie.
You run this bookstore all on your own?
I am one of the owners, though.
What brings you to Glass Key?
I'm here to work at a bar.
- Bartending?
- No.
What other job is there at a bar?
Well, the owner's havin' a little trouble,
I guess, and I'm...
just here to clean it up.
That kinda sounds
like the plot to a western.
"Local townsfolk send for a hero
to help clean up the rowdy saloon."
You know that crap?
Charlie, leave this poor man alone.
Yeah, I'm sorry. She gets excited
about sellin' books and trees...
and Fred and all that... Hi, I'm Stephen.
- Dalton.
- Mmm-hmm.
[Charlie] Oh, he's here
to work at the Road House.
- Uh... Really?
- See, the owner, uh, Frankie...
she told me it was a roadhouse,
but she never told me the name.
It's just the Road House.
Oh, so no name?
Ah, well, no, well, yeah.
Kinda. It's the Road House.
It's just up the highway,
past mile marker 77.
Well, thank you for the book but...
- I'm on a budget.
- No, no.
Keep it, please.
It's on us.
Thank you.
Welcome to Glass Key.
Thanks, Stephen.
[blues rock music playing]
[blues rock music continues]
[man 1] But just like five more minutes
till they get here.
[man 2] I can't wait!
- [man 1] You guys wanna go now?
- [man 2] Yeah, yeah, let's do it.
[woman] No! Every single time. Every...
- [man 3] He's bothering you?
- [woman] Yeah, he wants free drinks again.
[man 3] You're not
gettin' free shit, Reed.
You gotta fuckin' pay
like everybody else, man.
[woman] If you... Okay.
This is the last one, I swear.
- That's it.
- [Reed] I appreciate you.
- [woman] Last one, though.
- [Reed] Last one.
You're not gettin' any more for free,
I swear to God.
- Swear to God, this bum.
- [man 3] 17.
- [woman] Okay.
- [Dalton] Hiya.
I'll get a black coffee.
Oh, uh... Yeah, we don't have that. Sorry.
What're you drinkin'?
It's, uh, Cuban coffee.
It's... very different.
- Yeah.
- Can I have one of those?
Sure. Okay.
[band sound checking]
[man 3] Hey.
I know who you are.
Elwood Dalton.
Big fan, man.
[band member 1] What you doin'?
Just keep it cool, man.
[band member 2] When am I not cool?
[man 3] Hey, I'm a big fan.
You didn't know who he is.
[bartender] Here you go.
Thank you, ma'am.
- I really like that.
- [bartender chuckles] Good.
Yeah. [chuckles]
Nice place you got here.
[band playing blues rock]
You don't have to be blind
Fuck you, motherfucker!
Fuck you, you piece of shit!
I refuse to give up now
See all the trials
And tribulations through
If you can do all these things
[men grunting]
You don't have to be a king
Get out, man. Go. Get the fuck out.
Get the fuck...
- Hey!
- Fuck you!
You're fuckin' out, man. Get the fuck out.
To know right from wrong
[slow rock playing]
One of these days
When you hear a voice say, "Come"
Where you gonna run to?
You're gonna run
To the rock for rescue
There will be no rock
[motorcycle engines rumbling]
Walkin' down the road
With your pistol in your waist
Wow, it's like a morgue in here.
[glasses shattering]
[Dalton] Hey.
Cleanup! Aisle four.
[bouncer] Get the fuck outta here, bro.
Hey, asshole.
You've been playing long enough.
Give me a turn. Give me a turn.
Oh, hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Just let go.
- Hey, get me a drink.
- Let go!
- I'm not holding you.
Hey, hey, hey, come on! Chill out.
Chill out! Chill out!
Oh, Billy. [making kissing sounds]
You're that stupid?
- Stop.
- You didn't learn, did you?
We'll whoop your ass.
You didn't learn?
You want another black eye?
- I'll give you another one right here.
- No, I don't want another one.
- It's Billy, right?
- Yeah.
There's some thirsty customers
waitin' for you.
- I can handle these gents.
- Okay.
Who the fuck are you, Mr. Smiley?
- Mr. Smiley?
- Yeah.
You've had this idiot grin
since I walked in.
So, are you happy?
Are you stupid?
Or get punched in the face too many times?
Honestly, it's probably
the punching thing.
Can I talk to you guys outside
for a second?
Nah. I got some work to do.
Another one.
Those are your bikes out there, right?
Yeah. Mine's the red one on the right.
- Wait, what the fuck?
- Wait up.
Hey, asshole!
Stop right there.
I just wanted to get you outside
so I could ask you
and your friends respectfully...
to leave the premises.
Oh, we'll leave.
After I fucking kill you.
[Dalton] Sure.
Uh, before we start...
do you have insurance?
Like, you have medical insurance?
Your coverage good? Like, you have dental?
Oh, ha-ha! Yeah. I'm not the one
that's gonna fuckin' need it.
- Hey, Frankie?
- Yeah?
Is there a hospital nearby?
Literally, who gives a shit?
Shut the fuck up and fight, asshole!
Is there a hospital nearby?
- Is it like, too far? Is it close?
- What?
About, like, 25 minutes, I'd say.
Like, depending on the traffic,
what time of day and stuff.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Right.
Hey, what's your name?
- Dell.
- Dell?
You don't have to do this, man.
I... You don't...
You don't have to lose, you're gonna lose
in front of all your friends.
"In front of"?
[thugs laughing]
Oh, they're not here to just watch.
Oh, well, that's hardly fair.
Life's not fair. [grunts]
- I just slapped you. Are you all right?
- Shit. What?
- What?
- What the fuck?
Damn! Damn!
Fuck him up. Come on, do it again!
Fuck him up!
Oh, shit!
- [grunts]
- [exclaims]
Let's call this a draw.
What the fuck's a draw?
It's kinda like a win, man.
- Like, I win?
- It's a tie, Dell.
Yeah, like, we win together, you know?
Fuck you!
Fuck, man.
I'm gonna kill you!
Holy fuck.
[Dalton] Oh, come on. It's not that bad.
I think you broke my arm.
I definitely broke your arm.
But the good news is
the hospital's only 20 minutes away.
Okay. I said 25. Okay?
God, I don't think I can
ride like this. Fuck!
Hey, Frankie?
- [Frankie] Yeah?
- You got a car I could borrow?
I do, yeah, but not for them.
Come on.
These guys need medical attention.
[Frankie] Oh, yeah? I don't give a shit.
[Dell] I'm gonna sue you.
["Kokomo" by The Beach Boys
playing on radio]
- [car bumps]
- [thugs groaning]
[Dalton] I think he's probably
got a concussion...
and then he's got knee damage,
possibly a dislocation.
And then the one, that one,
I think needs...
Thanks for the ride, man.
Is that one a friend of yours?
Uh, no, I just broke his arm.
Before you go, I really wanted to say
thank you for all the new patients.
Um... you're welcome.
I just love when my ER's packed
full of irresponsible idiots.
That way, the normal people with
real emergencies have nowhere to go.
But that's not something
you'd care about...
being a rage-filled dickhead
who likes to hurt people for fun.
[Dalton] "Dickhead"?
Well, technically,
I hurt people for money.
And how is that better?
I guess it's not. I'm just clarifying.
You know I'm supposed to call the cops
on guys like you, right?
Well, you definitely should.
Only, I don't think they really care about
rage-filled dickheads around these parts.
You're bleeding.
Oh, shit.
Oh, uh, no, that's just... It's fine.
Let me see it.
All right.
So, you like to fight?
[winces in pain]
You ever win?
No one ever wins a fight.
Then, why do you do it?
It's not infected,
but I'll need to suture this.
Oh, no, no, no. Thank you.
Why not?
It's my fault. I wanna pay for it.
- Can I?
- [laughs]
[woman on PA] Someone left their car
in the emergency area.
Please move it. License plate...
Oh, no,
I don't need anything for the pain.
It's an antibiotic.
Do the full cycle.
Hey, doc, thank you.
Sorry for all the trouble.
Tell it to my staff. They're the ones
with all the extra work tonight.
Hey, what are you whittling?
A stick.
Yeah, but what's it gonna be?
A smaller stick.
Is that him?
[Dalton] You have a good night, ma'am.
Again, I'm sorry for the trouble.
Yeah, that's him.
That's the guy.
He threw in little bits of everything.
What? The Krav Maga...
judo, jujitsu, you know, like, the slap.
What's that? Subak? Right?
[Frankie] Hey, slugger.
Here it is. One week's salary.
In cash, as requested.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Thank you.
Got a beautiful spot here, Frankie.
You bet your ass it's beautiful.
I mean, look at this.
Imagine having a drink right there
with somebody special, you know?
Hell, you could even get married here.
Divorced, too.
Then you can come back
and drown your sorrows.
I mean, it's a whole
"circle of life" thing.
Oh. That's one hell of a sales pitch.
Look, I know the Glass Key
ain't what it once was.
I think this place could be
something really special.
Can I ask you a question?
Why is it called the Road House?
What do you mean?
Isn't roadhouse one word?
Yeah, that's the joke.
It's a roadhouse.
But it's called the Road House. Get it?
Still unresolved.
[laughs] Well, I don't know.
My uncle had a unique sense of humor.
Hey, so, there's this cute hotel in town.
I mean, it's the only hotel in town
but luckily, it's cute.
Well, you know, I saw that there was
a houseboat for sale at the marina...
so I thought maybe
I'd go check that out, but...
That old tub?
It barely floats.
You know it?
Yeah, I know it.
It's mine. It came with the bar.
Listen, you are more
than welcome to stay there...
but I highly advise
you sleep with a snorkel.
- Okay.
- Also...
watch out for the crocodile.
- The what?
- I shit you not,
it killed Shantsie last year.
The dockmaster's Pomeranian.
Oh, um... and heads up...
My uncle named the boat, too.
[man] You're the poor soul Frankie's
got bunkin' on this frying pan?
Uh, yeah, I am.
Yeah, well...
you best watch out for that damn croc.
[crowd cheering]
[announcer] Welcome to the undisputed
UFC middleweight
championship of the world!
Introducing first, the challenger...
- Elwood Dalton!
- [cheering continues]
[woman] Dalton. Dalton!
There's no doorbell.
Probably 'cause it's a boat.
I should put something on.
Don't worry about it.
I got brothers.
I figured you wouldn't
have a chance to get breakfast, so...
I brought some food.
Love what you've done with the place.
Help you unpack?
Uh, no, I just have this suitcase.
Let's see, we got tostadas.
Breakfast burrito.
And empanadas.
- Ah. Thank you, ma'am.
- Yeah.
Uh, look. So um...
We've been through a lot of you guys.
You know, there's Arthur.
And then, Bennett, and...
this guy, Chris, who, like, I thought...
might last a little while...
but he's ex-Marine, just, huge guy.
But, um, total idiot.
Lasted less than two days.
I was gonna leave after that...
but now you're here.
I'm hoping you're different.
Maybe it'll get better.
Thank you for the food.
Good morning, Dalton.
[woman] Hey, Dalton.
How you doin'?
Hiya, Charlie.
Um, what can I do for you, partner?
Kinda wondering if maybe you had
a computer around these parts I could use.
Mmm-hmm! Over there.
Not gonna lie, I was kinda worried
you came here to return Fred the Tree.
Why would I do that?
How else am I supposed to learn about
the Keys' famous six-toed cats?
Good point.
And I have some good news.
I found your life story.
I don't know if that's good news.
Death at the Double X by Martin Holly.
Paperback western from the 1950s.
- Oh, right. A western.
- Mmm-hmm.
"The intrepid Wade Waco
never met a scoundrel...
"he couldn't bring to justice.
"But then again...
"Wade had never
stepped foot in the Double X...
"a saloon, red-hot with rustlin',
"cheatin', robbin', and murder."
You're intrepid, right?
Honestly, I couldn't tell ya.
It's four zeros.
Yeah. That work?
- [man 1] Bring those back!
- [man 2] Shut the fuck up!
[man 1] God damn it! I'm sick of this!
[man 2] Shut your ass up.
- Bring those back or pay for them!
- Get back in there!
[indistinct shouting]
[man 2] Whatcha gonna do, huh?
Go back in there!
Big talk. What a fuckin' loser.
Get out of here, all of you!
Why don't you go find your daddy?
[Charlie] Now!
[man] Yeah, okay.
Go on.
Oh, shit.
All right. Let's see it.
Fuck you.
What're you doing with that bat?
I hate those a-holes.
Where's your dad?
He's just at his other job.
It's kinda hard to make
a living on selling books.
The bookstore was actually my mom's idea.
And where's she?
She died last year.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Shit happens.
Only here, it always happens
on a beautiful day.
[blues guitar playing]
[woman 1] Hey, you working tomorrow?
All right.
Yeah, a little bit more on the monitor.
- [man 1] Yeah, no, it sounds good.
- [woman 2] Make it work?
[man 1] Yeah, no, I got you.
[woman 1] Hey,
can you cover me next Thursday?
Thursday, that's...
[Frankie] Hey, there he is.
How was your first night at sea?
[Dalton] I think I liked it.
Yeah, but I did have some strange dreams.
Boat dreams.
It's the rockin' of the ocean.
It'll mess all your sleep patterns
and shit up, I swear to God.
- It's fun, right?
- [Dalton] Yeah.
See you, Frankie.
Hey, Dalton.
[Frankie] Smell you later, Carl.
- Uh, Frankie?
- Yeah?
[clears throat]
Was there, like,
a town meeting or something?
- How does everybody know my name?
- Yeah, uh...
that's just how it is around here, man.
I mean, it's a gossipy sort of island.
[man] Mr. B. Sorry, we're late.
Yeah, not at all. Glad you're here.
Because if you're here, that means
you're not somewhere else fucking shit up.
You, let's finish this.
I got half a fucking shave.
Mr. B, maybe you should hold off
on that shave till we get to shore.
- It's pretty rough.
- Relax.
Captain assured me
it's gonna be smooth sailing, right?
- Smooth sailing?
- Yes, boss!
Smooth sailing.
Also, what the fuck do you care?
Anyway, I don't know what you heard.
What I heard is that you're all
a bunch of fucking pussies.
That's what I heard.
Scared of some bouncer asshole.
That's what I heard.
Actually, sir, it was Dell.
He wasn't sure how to handle it.
Okay, let me talk
to this genius, Dell, then.
You can't.
And why is that?
He's still in the hospital.
He's got a concussion.
Son of a bitch!
I'm sorry.
It's fine. It's fine. Okay. Okay.
Let's keep the wrist nice and loose, okay?
- Sounds good? Perfect.
- Okay.
You can go ahead.
Can someone just tell me or remind me
whose idea was it to hire
these dumb fucks in the first place?
- Yours, boss.
- Here's the fucking thing!
You're all supposed to have
this job done by now.
I still think we could scare 'em off.
Are you, I... What did I say?
I said keep it loose, okay? Hands loose.
I get it. It's a little bouncy,
but keep it nice and loose.
That's all you have to do, okay? Easy.
You, tell me about this bouncer.
Oh, uh...
Yeah, uh, I don't know, man. He's um...
He's kinda strange, you know?
What do you mean, strange?
[Moe] Yeah. I mean, you know, he's...
He acts all nice and shit,
like he's Mister Rogers or something.
But then, man, he hauls off, he hauls off.
He beats the living shit outta you.
So, really interesting guy overall.
That was a brilliant analysis.
Sam, throw these dum-dums overboard.
Well, maybe if you just told us
why you want to tear down the Road House?
Great idea!
Let me bring you in
on all my business dealings.
Get the fuck outta here.
Go to the house.
Enjoy your fucking selves.
I'll be in touch.
Well, maybe it's time
we get your old man involved.
Captain! Let me talk to you for a second.
Hey, everybody.
I know we're at a bar right now,
but do y'all mind
if I take y'all to church?
Praise the Lord for southern women
Hemi engines, crispy chicken
- Praise the Lord for East Atlanta
- Yo.
Yo, what the fuck kinda music is this?
Praise the Lord that I got everything
Yo, play some fucking Stones or something.
Get off the fucking stage!
Yo! This ain't fuckin'
high school garage band!
Get off the fuckin' stage!
The fuck is wrong with you, bro?
Sit the fuck down, you drunk motherfucker.
The fuck you're gonna do about it?
Mind your fuckin' business!
Praise the Lord
This fuckin' music sucks!
That guy's got a knife under his shirt.
The one in red.
I ain't fuckin' scared of you,
- Sit the fuck down.
- Sit your ass down.
Do you wanna handle it?
No, just sit your ass down.
I ain't fuckin' scared of you.
- Back the fuck up.
- Get the fuck out.
Back the fuck up outta of my face, bitch!
When he takes it out,
you just take a big step back
and pop him in the face.
You can do it.
Okay. Okay.
Hemi engines, crispy chicken
I said, "Hey!"
Hey! All right, hey!
- You're fucking out, man.
- Get the fuck off!
You're fuckin' out, man.
Stay the fuck outta this!
What now, bitch? What's up?
He rockin' with me
That's for sure
Praise the Lord
Ahh! Fuck!
- [bones snapping]
- [screaming]
Billy, chair.
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord
He rockin' with me
You brought a concealed knife in here
and that is a no-no.
- Billy.
- Ow! Fuck, man! My arm!
You got him.
Chill. Chill, dude, chill.
You fucking chill.
Don't fucking ever do that again.
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord
[man] Get off of me.
Get the fuck outta here, man.
Get the fuck outta here.
- Jesus, what the fuck, man?
- Get out.
- I will fuck you up!
- Oh, fuck!
You know, I think I'm getting
pretty good at this.
You're a natural.
Don't forget to lift with your knees.
Lift with my knees.
Pool table. Guy in green.
Hey, back up. Back the fuck up.
It's a good thing he can do that.
'Cause, you know,
he's a pretty crap bartender.
[Billy] It's cool.
Everyone relax.
Don't fucking do that.
[blues rock music playing]
- Hey, you're Reef, right?
- Yeah.
You were quick to back Billy up
the other day.
Yeah, I mean, I don't like bullies, so...
Those scars on your knuckles there?
Old habit. Used to box some in college.
Still hit the bag?
Every now and then. Why?
[upbeat rock playing]
Last night
- Get the fuck off me!
- I got loaded
On a bottle'a gin
On a bottle'a gin
Last night
I got loaded
On a bottle'a gin
On a bottle'a gin
Yo, ladies, get off the table.
Well, I feel all right
I feel all right
I feel all right
You know I feel all right
Hey, man!
What are you doing?
On a bottle'a whiskey
Get up! [grunts]
Last night
I got loaded on a bottle'a whiskey
Back the fuck up, man! Hey!
Back away!
But I feel all right
You know I feel all right
I feel all right
I feel all right
I feel all right
[saxophone soloing]
[shouting and straining]
Hey, you was right.
That was mad therapeutic.
Yeah, but remember, lift with your knees.
- Always lift with your knees.
- Sure.
Hey! One for the road.
Yeah, I think even the road
is drunk at this point.
- What?
- I'll call you a cab.
- No, no. Boo!
- Yeah.
Hey! No.
- Fuck, no!
- Just one. One!
Hey, there, again.
Uh... Nope.
We've, um, never met.
All right. Watch your step.
Pick these up in the morning, Jim.
[motorcycle engines revving]
[Dell] Later, Dalton.
We'll be back.
[announcer] First fighter to the scale.
The challenger, Elwood Dalton!
Man, this guy makes me laugh,
'cause he's a fucking joke!
- [fighter] You fuck!
- Just a little slap.
You're fucking dead.
- You're fucking dead.
- Wow.
- [growling]
- [grunting]
Fucking boat dreams.
[upbeat music playing]
Ahh! Hey!
[Ellie] Thank you.
You're here.
I am. Best conch chowder
in the Keys, so I've read.
Sorry, what?
It's conch, not con-ch.
Nice haircut, Ellie. Really suits you.
Oh, fuck you, Frank.
I should've let
that burst appendix kill you.
My hairdresser.
I cut my own hair now.
People seem a little aggressive
around here.
Look, I should warn you.
I grew up in Glass Key
and people have a certain way
of getting things done around here.
Loyalties, family ties run deep.
Even the cops aren't always
as helpful as they should be.
If you cause trouble to the wrong people,
you could get hurt or worse.
None of this is covered
in my Fred the Tree book.
You sure?
You read the whole thing?
You know that conchs produce pearls?
And that they have ornate spiral...
Shells. Yes, everyone knows that.
That one in every 15,000
produces a pink pearl.
Sounds romantic.
Unless you're a conch.
Because what actually happens
is the conch gets a bit of
grit inside its shell,
which causes extreme irritation.
"Extreme irritation"...
that leads to something beautiful.
How is that not romantic?
Enjoy your conch chowder.
I like your hair. Did a nice job.
Fuck Frank.
[rock music playing]
Yo, well, life is too short
So love the one you got
'Cause you might get run over
Or you might get shot
Never start no static
I just get it off my chest
Never had to battle
With no bullet-proof vest
Take a small example
Take a tip from me
Take all your money
And give it to charity
Love is what I got
It's within my reach
And the jelly style
Is straight from New Orleans
It all comes back to you
You're bound to get what you deserve
Try and test that
You're bound to get served
Love is what I got, don't start a riot
You'll feel it when the dance gets hot
[music continues in background]
[Frankie] That's my uncle.
Just kidding. That's my uncle.
Funny one, huh?
Yeah. I mean, I didn't get the dude.
I don't know. But now that I'm older,
I think I'm startin'
to appreciate him more.
I mean, he was a tough bastard.
You know?
He had to be to do what he did.
Build this place...
in the '60s in the South?
That dude didn't fuck around.
I wanna be worthy of that.
Hey, want a ride?
No. You have a good night, Laura.
- I'm gonna walk.
- Okay.
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
[woman] Damn it, Dell!
- [Dell] Shut up. Just shut up!
- [woman] My fucking truck!
[Dell] Come on,
get the fuck off this truck!
It sucks! I can't drive this shit. Move!
No, no!
[Dell] Forget about the truck. We got him!
[woman] You're really an asshole.
[Dell] Yeah, I haven't
heard that one before.
Come on, let's get the fuck out of here.
You're a real pain in my ass.
I was hoping tonight
would look more like an accident.
Drunk driver. Less questions that way.
- [laughing softly]
- But...
I'mma just shoot you.
Can I ask you a question?
Why all the fuss?
I mean, I'm just some guy.
Oh, hell, it ain't you.
It's the Road House!
- [grunts]
- [gun fires]
[both straining]
[gun fires]
[Dell] Come on, man!
[glass cracks]
[glass shatters]
Fuck! Help.
Fuck! [sputtering]
So, you're gonna kill me now?
Why would I kill you?
Well, that was stupid.
I'm just gonna go right back up.
[water bubbling]
Oh, shit!
Help me! Fuck!
[Dalton] Hang on! Hang on.
Hang on, I got you! I got you. I got you!
- Fuck you!
- Hold on. Hold on.
[Dell screaming]
Won't find the body.
Crocs hide their food.
I didn't know that.
That's why no one believed me
about Shantsie.
My dog.
Damn croc got him, too.
Hey. What'd that asshole
want with you anyways?
Must've got in the way of his business.
Oh, yeah? What's his business?
[Dockmaster] Hell, I don't know.
Drugs, probably.
I mean, that's all we got around here.
Why do you think they call it the Keys?
Deliveries by boat to the back
of the Road House. And...
- No, it's... You're... No.
- Can you... zoom?
No, you...
- I don't know how these things work.
- No. You wanna zoom in?
Okay, there. Zoomed.
But Glass Key's here.
Okay, just wait.
That's... Right there is the back deck,
right? Of the Road House?
So, if you wanted to get
deliveries by boat...
Then you'd be plumb out of luck.
Because of the reefs.
You see, this area by the Road House,
it's just not deep enough.
Boats would run aground.
All right. So, you can't
get deliveries and...
it's close to the highway,
so there's no privacy.
This is kind of sounding more like
a mystery-western...
instead of a straight-up shooting-western.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, it kinda is.
Is that a good bookstore?
Yeah, I like it.
Yeah. Sure looked like you and that girl
were having a grand time in there.
Get in the car.
Boss wants to have a word with you.
Who's your boss?
Yeah, Ben Brandt.
And he's waiting.
So, you're gonna get in the car or not?
- I don't think so.
- Hey, stop. Stop!
You did see that I have
a fucking gun, right?
Yeah. You made a pretty big point
of showin' it to me.
Okay, so get in the fucking car!
You don't understand
how this works, do you?
Yeah, I do.
But you have a gun,
tucked in your waistband.
So, it's really
not that intimidating, is it?
What the fuck are you talkin' about?
I mean, all I have to do is break
your index and your middle finger
and you wouldn't be able to hold that gun.
Technically, you'd be able to hold it
but you wouldn't be able to fire it.
So it's really not that big of a threat,
is it?
Fuck this.
- [bones snapping]
- [screaming]
Fuck you!
You cocksucker, motherfucker!
You broke my fucking finger!
You see what I mean? It's really painful.
You're not like a piano player
or anything, are you?
Fuck you.
You don't have a gun, too, do you?
I think I left it in the car.
Tell your boss, if he wants to talk to me,
I work at the Road House,
and I'm there every night.
- Damn it!
- Okay.
And your friend
is gonna need a doctor now.
But the good news is, there is a hospital.
It's only 25 minutes away.
- Hi, guys.
- Hey, Frankie.
Holy shit. You scared the shit out of me.
That was kind of my intention.
I heard about Dell.
Are you okay?
I... Yeah, I'm fine.
Listen, Dell was a piece of shit.
Okay? He and his friends
terrorized us for months.
And I know we shouldn't
be happy that he's dead
and the fact that I am happy
is a huge problem.
And it's something I'm gonna work on.
I don't know.
[Dalton] I just don't get why he was
so focused on the Road House.
What do you mean?
I mean, you just said he terrorized
this place for months.
Shit, man. I don't know.
I mean, some of these guys,
they get real territorial.
Who knows why these assholes
do what they do?
But if I were you,
I wouldn't read too much into it.
So, you think it's nothing?
Put it this way.
I hope you didn't lose any sleep over it.
Well, I did.
Uh, a little.
[Brandt] What happened to your fingers?
He broke them. The bouncer.
He broke your fingers?
Yeah, when he took my gun.
Okay. [chuckles]
That's great. Great work.
At least you didn't
get eaten by a crocodile.
[both laughing]
You find that funny?
You find this fucking amusing?
I'm not amused.
Put that fucking down! It's expensive.
This fuckin' bouncer...
is standing in the way
of my fuckin' dreams.
He's fucking killin' me.
And you're here laughing
as everything I've been trying to build
is going down the drain.
[phone ringing]
[automated voice] Hello.
This is a prepaid call from...
[man] Say yes, shithead.
[automated voice] inmate at
Florida Correctional Institution.
This call is subject to
recording and monitoring.
To accept charges, say yes.
Go get my phone.
[upbeat music playing]
[man shouting in Italian]
[arguing in Italian]
[upbeat music continues]
- [woman in italian] My love!
- [in Italian] Goodbye!
[woman pleading in Italian]
[phone ringing]
[automated voice] Hello.
This is a prepaid call from
an inmate at Florida Correctional...
- Yes.
- [man] Knox? It's Gerald Brandt.
Where are you?
Clothes shopping.
What the fuck do you care?
I got a serious fucking problem
in Florida.
Hang on.
- Uh... Ohh!
- Mmm.
- [man speaking Italian]
- Huh?
[rock music playing]
[Gerald] Knox! Hello? Knox!
- So, what do you need?
- [Gerald] Knox...
- my idiot son is fucking things up.
- Yes?
- Yeah.
- [Gerald] I need your help.
I'll leave right away.
[man shouting in Italian]
[Ellie] Ahoy.
Nice boat.
But I know where he hides the spare key.
I'm kidding. He lets me use it.
He's a cop.
Feeling brave?
[gentle music playing]
Where are we going?
We're here.
In the middle of the ocean?
Uh, you need any, uh...
[Ellie] Come on.
[Dalton] Wait, why are...
[Ellie] Come on, grab the cooler.
All right.
They're not gonna find that guy's body.
Crocs hide their food.
Do they teach that
in kindergarten around here?
[chuckles] They do.
This is why I warned you.
You obviously stepped on someone's toes.
[Dalton] Some guy named Brandt.
[Ellie] Who told you that?
[Dalton] Why?
Do you know him?
He comes from one of those
old Florida families.
They built most of Glass Key.
So, where are you from?
Where in Montana?
Is it a nice place?
Look, I think maybe we should head back.
We just got here.
Let's head back.
I was just asking simple questions.
I just didn't think this through.
I didn't realize this was a date.
What's wrong with you?
You're a nice person.
You don't wanna know me.
Don't tell me what I want.
You think we don't have
the Internet out here?
I know what happened.
And you know this is a date.
- [engine revving]
- [hip hop music blaring]
[engine revving]
- [tires screeching]
- [objects crashing]
Who put those fuckin' bikes in me way?
Who the fuck are you?
Thank you, God.
I'm fucking famished.
Jesus. He knocked
all the fuckin' bikes over.
Now you got a big-ass problem, bucko.
No shit.
First off...
I'm gonna need more than three sandwiches.
I wasn't done talkin'.
Actually, that's where you're wrong, lad.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Pull up.
Are you fucking kidding me?
What the fuck are you doing?
Hey, Mr. Brandt.
Just putting up a hammock.
It's my father's house.
It's not a goddamn Airbnb.
Right, but you told us to enjoy ourselves.
- No, I didn't.
- You did. On the boat.
And if I fucking did, I didn't mean it.
Where are your idiot friends?
They went to make some food.
In case you're hungry.
Clean this shit up! Who are these people?
Get out of here!
I'm sorry, who the fuck are you?
I got a message for you.
From your father.
A message? My father? And what...
What is this "message"?
You're Ben, right? Jerry's son?
This is where I'll store my stuff.
And that master bedroom up there is mine.
[Brandt] What are you talking about?
Who are you?
Your da says you've been
fucking things up.
He asked me to lend a hand.
How would my father know?
He's in a prison, rotting in a cell.
Don't be silly.
Your father has spies everywhere.
Well, you can tell my father...
I don't need your fuckin' help.
- I have it all under control.
- No, you don't.
Yes, I have people out there right now...
cleaning up this final issue,
and that's all...
Whatever you say.
- So, where's this bouncer asshole?
- Okay.
Can we just take a minute?
You can't go and shoot this guy
in the middle of town fucking square.
You understand that, right?
This is a delicate situation.
So, if we're gonna kill this guy...
[laughing] If? He's already dead.
Once Knox is on the job, it's over, baby.
It's just a matter of when.
[chuckling awkwardly] Yeah,
you're right. I'm sure.
I'm sure you're amazing. Amazing.
Um, I'm gonna try to do this
the easy way one more time.
- Is that okay? Yeah. Thank you.
- You do your thing. You do your thing.
- After that, you can set it all on fire.
- My man. My man.
- Wonderful. Yeah.
- God bless, God bless.
Who the fuck is...
[Ellie] I'll be seeing you soon.
I know where you live.
Mr. Dalton.
We have a few questions
about the other night.
Need you to come with us.
Sure. Why not?
[man 1] Is that him?
[man 2] Elwood P. Dalton.
Most people call me Dalton, sir.
Most people call me Big Dick.
I'm not gonna do that.
Your name reminds me of that
Johnny Cash song.
Yeah? Which one?
"A Boy Named Sue."
Dad gave his son a girl's name...
so he'd grow up tough.
Are you tough, son?
Your deputy says you had
some questions for me.
Listen up, Elwood...
I'm the sheriff of all of Monroe County.
But Glass Key is special. Do you know why?
I'm stumped, sir.
My children were raised here.
All the people that live here now
are like family, you understand?
Yeah. So, you like Glass Key?
I'd like you to leave here, my friend.
You don't want to be my friend.
Well, in that case...
there are a few ways this can go.
I can arrest you.
For what?
Doesn't matter. We'll lose the paperwork.
We'll find you someday.
Likely, the very same day
you get shanked in the yard.
That way, it will be ironic.
It will make a good song.
Elwood doesn't really
rhyme with much, but...
I mean, if it's a catchy tune.
Get him out of the car!
Get out of the fucking car!
- All right. All right. All right.
- Get out!
You have a death wish, son?
What the fuck do you think you're doing?
Come on, Dalton.
He's my father.
My mom died and I moved away
from the Keys...
changed my name, took her maiden name.
I don't know why I ever came back.
The man you talked about, Ben Brandt...
His father is Gerald Brandt.
My dad used to work for him.
He put a lot of money into Glass Key.
Owned a fleet of charter boats
that ran tours.
And drugs.
Until he was gone.
He's in prison now.
And I guess, now my father works
for his fucking son.
You have to leave Glass Key.
It's kinda sad, you know.
I bet this was a nice town once.
Nice towns are overrated.
And how much damage
are we supposed to do here?
Enough to make sure he gets the message.
Charlie, out the back. Quick!
Out the back!
[blues rock music playing]
I'm gonna go downtown
Gonna find me a bar
Drink and drink till
the sun comes up tomorrow
Oh, baby
I'm gonna spend my money
On jukebox songs
I'm gonna dance the night away, baby
You got me singin' whoo whoo whoo
I don't know what I'm gonna do, baby
My baby
- Hey, what's going on?
- Hey.
Ellie called twice.
Said I needed to text her
if you showed up.
Also, you're late, which...
is a first.
Had a little mix-up...
with the sheriff.
A mix-up?
What are we talkin' about?
Yeah, what are we talking about?
I'm curious, actually, to hear
what you were gonna tell her.
Hey, Laura.
Can I have a vodka neat, please?
I'm Ben Brandt.
you must be Dalton.
- Let me guess. It's your turn now.
- My turn?
You know, to threaten me.
Tell me to get out of town.
Like your buddy, Big Dick.
No. No, I get the impression
that you can't be threatened.
I wish you could be, but...
I'd even bribe you,
if I thought money would work.
Really? How much we talking?
You're funny. You're funny.
See, I can't help but wonder
what an outsider like you...
thinks you're doing here.
I don't know, Ben.
What are any of us doing here anyway?
Well, I belong here, you know.
I helped build this town.
My father helped it grow.
You know, created schools...
repaired parks, paved streets...
That was before he went to prison,
I'm assuming.
It is a complicated story.
But I'm not here to talk
about my family's history.
I actually have a question.
They keep taking this off YouTube,
but I tracked it down.
You know, anyhow,
it is the fucking Internet.
And I keep watching it
over and over again.
And there's just one thing I don't get.
Here you are, fighting this guy.
He's your friend, right?
That's what I heard,
that he was your friend.
And then this happens, right here.
Yeah, he's done.
Everybody can see. Thank you.
Right here.
See that last hit? That's the one...
In my opinion, that's the one...
that did it.
That was definitely the one that did it.
It was.
So, I guess my question is...
Right? It can't be just
some competitive thing, you...
you've won the fight.
You can back off now.
But you... you don't.
You just keep...
punching and punching and punching.
So, why?
Why don't you just stop?
I'm gonna go out dancing every night
I'm gonna see all the city lights
I'm gonna do everything
With silver and gold
I've got to hurry up
Before I grow too old
You have a good night.
I'm gonna take a trip
All around the world
I'm gonna kiss all the pretty girls
I'm gonna do everything
With silver and gold
I've got to hurry up
Before I grow too old
Make it hurt as much as possible.
You can burn the place down.
Hey, nice suit.
You look like a shitty pimp on Easter.
Then again, you always had bad taste.
Thank you. It's Cleopini, Frankie.
I went to Italy to get it fucking fitted.
It's a long way to go
to still look like dog shit.
- God.
- What are you doin' at my place?
None of your goddamn business.
What are you doin' at my place?
Anything I fucking want.
- That's the truth.
- Oh, really?
All right, lads. Let's go.
- Get out of my goddamn window!
- Fuck you!
It's been a while
since I've been clubbin'.
Yeah, come on
Come on, boys
I love ya, I love ya
Just what I thought.
This roadhouse is mine.
One shot for my get on boy
Roll up the pork chop
Hey, fellas.
Looks like you're havin' a smashing night!
One lick for my get on boy
Pork chop got sick
Yeah, two lick for my get on boy
Hey, beautiful.
- I'm Knox.
- Howdy.
Let's dance.
Hey! That's my fucking girl, bro.
What are you doin'?
Fuck, man!
I love this song, baby. Don't you?
I guess.
When you turn on your radio dial
It's just the drink in me
Bring back the 45 vinyl
with the double-A flip side
One shot for my get on, boy
What's up with pork chop
I hate this song!
- Hello, band.
- Back up.
Hey, calm the fuck down!
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Man, why don't we
just take it outside...
[grunts] Fuck!
Hey, hey, don't do it!
[all grunting]
[people exclaiming]
Bar fight!
Bar fight!
One lick for my get on boy
Pork chop got sick
Two lick for my get on boy
Oh, my God!
[Knox] Dalton!
All right.
Oh, hey, man. Good to see you.
It's about fuckin' time.
That's what!
You know, I got sent here special.
Just for you.
But you brought all your friends with you?
I thought you might miss
havin' an audience.
I was trying to be thoughtful.
Like on pay-per-view.
25 quid.
Watch me pulp your face!
Well, I guess I'm gonna lose, then.
Don't be like that.
Here. I've got a tip for ya.
Don't let no one get this close.
[both grunting]
There he is.
The world's most
notorious fighter, Dalton.
Put'er there.
- [yells]
- [grunts]
[both grunting]
[people exclaiming]
I got it, I got it, I got it!
[yells, grunts]
[yelling and grunting continue]
[people exclaiming]
There's something wrong with you.
Me, too.
Dex, this is serious!
Are you a cop or what? We need help!
I sent two cars already, El.
It's the best I could do.
Dalton. Dalton.
Hey! Are you okay?
Ellie! Billy's really hurt.
- Come on, it's okay. Sit down.
- Fuck!
He fucked him up really bad.
- I'm here. What happened?
- Hit him with the golf club.
That Irish fuck broke my back.
[rock music continues]
Hey. What, are you leaving?
You're a funny one, Frankie.
Okay. I mean, yeah...
I know I wasn't totally
honest with you, all right?
Brandt wants to take
the Road House away from me.
You see that? All up and down the highway?
Brandt owns all of that.
And he wants to level it and...
build some bullshit resort
for a bunch of rich assholes.
And he needs the Road House to do it.
But I'm not gonna let that happen.
I'm the last holdout, man.
You should keep holdin' out.
Hey. Brandt's out of money.
And he's borrowing from shady guys.
And when he doesn't pay them back...
they're gonna fucking end him.
All right, well, fuck that guy.
So, what? You're leaving now?
Frankie, I told you from the jump...
you should've hired that other guy.
They scared you off?
Are you really that afraid?
Yes, I am afraid.
More than you could ever understand.
[lightning crashes]
Things didn't exactly go to plan, Mr. B.
Knox didn't kill the bouncer.
Most of our guys are pretty banged up.
Also, the wrong cops showed
at the Road House, so...
Big Dick can't help us there.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to get me
another bottle from the galley.
[man] Hey, it's not safe in there.
Where's the little girl?
That little girl and her father.
Ambulance took 'em to the hospital.
Now get out of there!
[dance music playing indistinctly]
[indistinct chatter]
I didn't hear a car.
Yeah, well, I walked.
From the bookstore.
So, you got our little message?
I sure did.
Was that your idea?
Yeah, she's a cute girl.
She's kinda stubborn.
Bit like you.
You know...
the funny thing is...
I was already leaving.
We finally scared you off, huh?
Uh, not exactly.
Just as long as you're scared.
I just broke the hyoid bone
in your throat.
Probably also collapsed your trachea.
Either way, you won't be
able to breathe anymore.
You know, it's strange. Somebody else
asked me if I was afraid today.
I am afraid.
I'm afraid of what happens
when somebody pushes me too far.
Somebody just like you.
'Cause I know what happens next.
Oh, fuck. Okay.
Hey. Hey, man.
Wow, he looks heavy.
Good for you. Um...
Hey, man, I was just...
I was just leaving...
you know, for good. [stammers]
Turns out these guys...
not as nice as I thought
they were initially.
I just like riding motorcycles, man...
but it's really hard to do
in South Florida without a group.
Hey, man.
You're not gonna kill me
or anything, right?
Where's Brandt?
Okay, I'm gonna be honest with you, man.
They don't tell me much. You know.
Kinda the last one
to find out about everything...
which is kinda weird position to be in.
But I overheard some of
Brandt's guys talking and...
I guess there's a meeting at Harvest Key.
Brandt's getting some of the money
that he needs for something.
It's at 5:00 a.m.
Which I think is early for a meeting.
Am I right?
I'll see you.
Thank you for no more violence.
Good luck with the guy.
- [snarls]
- [crowd cheering]
Let him go.
- Fuck off!
- Stop!
That's enough! Stop!
[helicopter whirring]
All right, all right, we're good.
You wanna count it?
- Hey!
- [grunts]
Oh, hey, you're awake.
My boat.
Yeah. You're gonna be
short one sheriff's boat.
- Jesus! Did you just kill him?
- [gunshots]
Oh, no.
He's already dead. I killed him hours ago.
Is that my gun?
Yep, sure is.
Wait. You don't have to do this.
Oh. [sighs]
I wish I didn't.
But I'm angry.
It takes a lot to get me angry,
but when I am...
I just can't let go. I wish I could...
but your boss and Brandt
really pissed me off.
They'll know those bullets
didn't kill him.
It'll just confuse 'em.
I'll tell 'em it was you.
Oh, okay!
You know what though?
There's a real possibility
you won't remember any of this anyway.
Wait, wait, what?
When you've been fighting
as long as I have,
you know the power of a concussion.
- Wait.
- A real whack can really knock...
the short-term memory out of ya.
Something about how it takes a memory...
a couple of minutes to get to
the long-term part of your brain.
I don't know. Anyway, you and I have only
been talking for about a minute and half.
I don't understand.
What's that over there?
[on phone] Hello, this is Coast Guard
Chief Petty Officer Williams.
How can I help you?
Yes, hi. I just thought you should know
that there's a dead body...
and a suspicious sheriff's deputy
stranded on Harvest Key.
Excuse me?
Yeah, you'll need to get there quick
'cause I already called the local news.
Can I get a name and callback number
just in case we get...
I just wanna talk.
Are you here to arrest me again?
Dalton, listen. It's Ellie.
They have her.
Brandt's got her.
Wants his money. The money you took.
I didn't take any money.
My deputy told me.
You were talking some shit
about short-term memory.
Yeah, I did take it.
You need to give it back to him.
Right, you told him I took it?
It doesn't matter. He blames me anyway.
He thinks I'm lying.
It was my deputy in charge
of the goddamn money.
If my daughter means anything to you,
you'll help me get her back.
Dalton, listen.
He wants the money by noon,
or he says he'll kill her.
I believe him.
Please help me.
Oh, thank God. Let's get the money...
It's not here.
How long will it take?
I don't know. I hid it.
It's gonna take a while.
Where should I meet you?
I like polishing my boat.
Nothing makes me happier
than to see it all shiny and...
Oh, hold on, I'll call you back.
Shit. Hey!
Fuck you doing, man?
- That's my boat, buddy. Get off!
- Great, you're here.
You must be the ex-boyfriend.
I'm just looking for the key.
Ellie told me to come get the boat.
Here they are. Bingo!
You're that bouncer asshole, aren't you?
Yes, I am that "bouncer asshole."
You see this right here, pal?
I'm a cop, you idiot.
Don't worry. I'll bring it right back.
No. Hey, you're not goin' anywhere, man.
You're in trouble. Back it up.
It's fine. I'll be back
in a couple hours, all right?
Nothing is fine about this.
Okay. Okay. You got two hours.
Bring that back without a scratch
on her, you got it?
Not one scratch.
Come on, it's water.
How am I gonna get a scratch on it?
All right. Let's see what this is about.
Where the fuck is everyone?
Thank you, sir.
Come here.
Money's not on the boat,
if that's what you're looking for.
Oh, yeah?
Man, you were supposed to
bring the money with you.
Brandt's gonna be disappointed.
That's okay.
I'll just tell him you took it.
Oh, yeah?
Let's go.
Oh, this guy.
Nice boat.
- Looks expensive.
- Yeah.
It used to be my old man's.
I got it when he went away.
Along with all his obligations...
all his debts.
So, yeah.
It's fuckin' expensive.
Speaking of which,
where's my goddamn money?
Oh, I gave it to him.
- You fucker!
- Hey, calm down.
Why do you keep wasting my time?
Honestly, you were told
the girl's life depended on it.
So, where's my fucking money?
I don't see Ellie anywhere.
And this guy looks
pretty comfortable for a guy
who just had his daughter kidnapped.
There's no kidnapping, dumbass.
Ohh! A double-cross.
You actually believed that
Ben took my daughter?
We are partners, idiot.
Yeah, about that. I did kinda take her.
- What?
- Another double-cross.
What the fuck, Ben?
I wouldn't do that.
Big Dick, sit down.
Sit the fuck down!
How was I supposed to know
I could trust you, huh?
Once I get my money, you can have her.
Son of a bitch!
Boys, do you want me to give you a second?
- Hey...
- Stop.
Just stop!
I'm trying to build somethin'.
You keep on pushin' me
and just pushin' me.
And I just... Fuck, it's funny.
It's like... I'm just like, "Fuck!"
- He's noisy.
- Yes.
He is noisy. He is.
Now I'm gonna have to have
Sam here hurt you.
- Oh, no. Please.
- Oh, yes.
- Please, no.
- Don't look at me like that.
Now, if that doesn't work,
I'll have to get Ellie.
And shit will get real crazy, real fast.
- Hey, wait, goddammit. Wait!
- Stop. Sit down.
[boat approaching]
Oh, my God, this fucking psycho again.
Do not let that maniac on the boat.
I do know one guy who's gonna be pretty
pissed about this whole betrayal thing.
And who is that?
Oh, just some asshole cop.
- [clicks]
- What the hell is he doing?
- Shit.
- [clicks]
What the fuck is he doing?
- [beeps]
- [explosion]
[sound ringing]
[distorted] Motherfucker!
Ellie? Ellie!
Abandon ship!
Hey, dickhead!
[glass shatters]
[man] Get off the boat!
- Hey, asshole!
- Watch out!
You're gonna die!
Go, Ellie, go.
I'll be right behind you. Go.
I'm gonna fucking...
Oh, fuck.
You got shit taste in boyfriends, El.
- Don't fucking move!
- Fuck you!
I'll just destroy
the fucking Road House myself.
There ya are.
Let me help you.
Lookie here.
- Our own little octagon.
- What?
Who taught you shapes?
Your fucking boyfriend!
Let's pick him up.
[Knox snarls]
You motherfucker!
- [grunts]
- Fuck!
[Ellie] You trying to kill us?
No. Get off!
- Ellie! You always...
- [grunts]
You're such an idiot!
Dalton, come on!
[traffic passing]
[car honks]
[tires screech]
Wait here.
Oh, God.
[speargun fires]
Fucking fishing spear?
I'm done! I'm done!
Let's stop.
Oh, come on.
I'm done.
You broke my fuckin' nose.
Everything I fuckin' worked for...
all gone because of a fucking bouncer!
[rock music playing from car radio]
[both grunting]
Looks like I fucked up your leg.
You're a shit driver.
Wrong side of the road.
[both grunting]
Be nice.
[drumset clatters]
[piano slamming]
This piano is out of tune.
Sounds pretty good to me.
[both grunting]
You gonna kill me now?
I thought we had to be friends first.
Kill him!
Fucking joke.
Do it!
Do your fucking job!
What does it take to shut you up?
[neck snaps]
[both straining]
[both grunting]
I'm sorry.
It's time for you to go, Dalton.
You were never here.
I got you covered.
You have to go.
It's not so bad.
Yeah, no, it's fixable.
- Definitely.
- Yep.
It's fixable. This is...
- "Fixable"?
- Yep.
There's a truck in the bar.
That is correct.
But as soon as this is clear and we...
Little elbow grease.
It's gonna be good as new.
Watch out for the pufferfish, please.
- Come on, move it.
- Hey.
- Yeah?
- Are you guys open today?
Yeah. We're always open.
Let's go.
Swing around.
Let me get this.
[Charlie] Hey.
So, this is it? You're just gonna...
You're just gonna
ride off into the sunset?
That's always how the story ends, right?
[Carlie] No, not always.
Sometimes the hero stays and...
makes his own little homestead.
I don't think I'm the hero
in this particular story, Charlie.
So, maybe you're not the hero.
I got news for you.
You ain't the villain either.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- Shut up, man.
- You better stay on your toes.
- Don't matter if he gone.
- Shut up.
[upbeat music playing]
Come on, you pussy!
[nurses and doctors
shouting indistinctly]
Stop that man!
[blues rock music playing]