Road to Happiness (1941) Movie Script

Yeah. Yeah just...
yeah just a minute
Second please.
Who is it?
- Jeff Carter.
Way, Jeff my boy!
- How are you, Charlie?
Pizzicato, pal,
pizzicato, come on in,
you're a sight for sore eyes.
how do you feel?
What's going on in Europe?
Anyway... - Everything in an
uproar huh. Come on tell me all about it.
Funny thing you know, I got in
the habit of doing my eating between meals
had a little trouble the hotel and
moved in here just get closer to business
Well how is business?
- Oh sensational but it'll get better,
but let's talk about you, you know,
you're a stranger in these parts
you might at least a sent a guy of course
the cards saying have a wonderful time
wish you were there exploits my room
Charlie I been and Lisbon
trying to get a boat home
but I don't want to talk about that.
I'm home I know how
to sing not and want a job
but right now I want to know
where Millie and Danny are.
You better have a drink.
- Charlie where is Millie?
I expected her to meet me at the Bulls
with Danny but she didn't. Why not?
If you know tell me don't stall.
Well, uh, how long has
it been since you heard from Millie?
Boy, I heard from her right along
not often because the
mayor's were slow where I was.
What's this all about Charlie?
You better take a drink.
- What happened?
Oh Jeff, Millie
divorce Jade. - What?
All the time she tried on
answering my letters.
Not much about her
step is all about Danny.
Come on, take a drink, take a
drink. - Any idea where she is?
Yes. She's at the Morrison
on Park Avenue.
Penthouse, you know Millie,
she always wanted that.
Well, she's married again
to a man named Sam Rankin.
A Wall Street broker.
You were just a
step on our way up.
Jeff. Jeff wait!
Well take that
Rick for you.
Women, women.
Yes sir what is it?
- I want to talk to mrs. Rankin.
You see expecting
you sir? - No.
Well, Millie. - Well, Jeff.
- Don't try to act.
You don't know how, you never did.
Charlie was right. you knew what
you wanted you got it. Congratulations.
Where's Danny?
Yeah - What's the matter? Doesn't
your new husband want him around?
He wouldn't be had to hear
we entertain too much. He's school.
My husband can support him
very much, better than you can
ever could or ever will.
- That's fine.
We'll let him support
you Mellie is for the job.
I can support my
son, thanks. Where is he?
I don't have to tell you.
- I think you'd better.
The cook gave me complete custody.
Danny has everything now.
- Everything but a mother.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
You can't bully me, Jeff.
I'm not afraid of you.
I've done nothing wrong.
- Maybe not according to your code.
But I could cause quite a scandal by reopening
the divorce case. You wouldn't want that, would you?
Get on that phone will then
call the people who've got Danny
and tell him I'm coming after.
Go ahead Millie.
After all I am Danny's mother.
wisma sure hated you.
Hallo? Colonel Gregor please.
He's abroad can rock to military academy.
Hello, Colonel Gregory?
This is mrs. Samuel Rankin speaking.
I'm calling about Danny. His
father Mr. Carter is coming to see him.
To take him home with him.
Go ahead Millie, say it.
To take him... home
- Thank you.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Mrs. Rankin boy. Were you
having with you long?
I don't know Colonel I... I haven't
seen Danny for such a long time...
we've sort a have to
get acquainted all over again.
I see. We like the board.
And I think he likes the school.
Come in.
Sergeant Carver reporting sir.
Steady, son.
- Hi, soldier.
Oh, you've been gone away so long.
- Yeah, too long, but I'm home now to stay.
You must get packed
because you're going with me.
We're dad?
- Home.
Oh? - Yes say goodbye
to Colonel Gregory.
Goodbay, son.
- Goodbay Colonel.
Thank you very much Colonel Gregory.
Come on, son.
Is this home?
- We'll soon find out son. Come on.
Well Jef Carter of
all people on this wider.
Oh mrs. Price I wasn't sure
you'd remember me.
and why should I forget
you and this grown-up young man
in his soldier suit.
- This is my son Danny mrs. Price.
How do you mrs. Price
- How do you do.
Well I never would have guessed
it, and look at the size of him.
Will you folks come to
stay with me for a little while?
Excuse us a minute
son. - Yes, sir.
see I I've been over in Europe
studying voice I just got back today
and to tell you the truth I'm
flat broke. - Where's the wife?
She divorced me remarried.
- How'd you do?
She did all right.
Married a million.
Now about the room.
well I'm all set ready to work
I think I'll get a job in
a few days. - After? - Yes.
Do I get passes the night you open. - Aren't
you bet your life you're doing for your hair.
I load you to that now,
as for the room.
I trusted you and Millie
a long time ago, Jeff
and I'll trust you in the
boy now. - Thank you.
Come on, get jou settled.
- All right. Come on son.
Where's the rest of your bags, Jeff.
- Why I left them down to Charlie graders office
I'll pick them up a little later.
. Oh, all right. This way.
Well, does it look like home Johnson?
It's very nice
thank you very much.
He certainly got his manners.
But when you hear the supper
bed, you'll know what to do... and to think.
When I first saw you,
you're no bigger than that.
Thank you mrs. Price.
Danny I guess this will be
your bedding here son.
You may start unpacking things now.
- Yes sir. Shall I change there?
No you look great,
just as you are.
Sort of different from where
you've been living, isn't it son?
Yes sir.
Well you'll get to like
it here. Nice people. - Yes, sir.
I mean, sure dad.
- Oh, that's better.
Now look. Soon as we get organized
we've got a lot of big things to do together.
Still like the movies,
don't you? - Oh, sure, dad.
Little later wi'll... start looking
for a car so we can... so we take trips
go fishing. How is that, son?
- Fine. - Oh, what a soldier.
Thanks, dad.
Every time I'm a half hour late
dinners always an hour left
Come on Jeff.
Come right in.
Folks, meet Jeff Carter...
and the young soldiers his son Danny
Hi. Sit down.
- Make it as home. (?)
Watch this son.
See? - So that's where all
my good silverware goes.
Oh that's nothing.
Get this one boy.
here's when I slayed them with.
It never miss. - The Boy wonder.
Just eat your supper son, and pay no
attention to these weird characters.
Yes, ma'm.
My friends. As this seems
to be a special occasion,
I shall now give you the reading
that has made me famous.
My impression of
the immortal boots.
Boots. Will put love
logging over Africa.
Fine, that's fine but
that's enough go on
with your supper post.
allentown Laurie you
shook and pound the ivory.
Yeah, yeah. Hey Jeff, how about second one of
them I tell you the songs
you learned over in Europe
pierced if I'd love to
hear you sing something.
All right. I've sing
my favorite song.
Danny Boy the pipes the pipes are holy
and all
it's you must go
and I must bay
once I was in
I love you so.
Will you excuse as?
Com'n son, it's time for bed.
Good night.
- Good night.
Gee, dad, you sing great. - Thanks.
That's... the best review i'll ever get
Danny what time you're
supposed to be in bed, son?
We have lights on
at eight o'clock at school.
you better be getting
undressed then. - Yes, sir.
- Yes, son?
Don't I have to go to school
anymore? - Why shouldn't you go to school.
I just wondered. - We'll
find your school tomorrow.
You see I don't want anybody
to say we let a thing slipped,
just because you're
living with me now.
But you gotta help
me out nine then. -How?
Well tell you the things
to do in case I forget. - Cool.
I'll try very hard. - Oh
that's good enough for me.
- Yes, son?
Could I ask you something?
Well, I don't see why not.
Can't mom be with us
too like she used to be?
I'm afraid not son
Why not?
- Look, Danny.
Things like this happened
a lot of married people.
You see, sometimes they
find out they're happier living apart.
Why dad? - When you know
your mother's a beautiful lady.
Oh, sure. - And she
loves beautiful things
but daddy hasn't been able
to make enough money... so far
to be able to buy
those beautiful things far so...
well mother wasn't happy
living in the loose condition.
You see... I guess we just
have to do the best we can.
Understand Danny?
- I guess so.
It's kind of mixed up, isn't it dad?
Sorry. - Dad, you have their
in your eyes. - No, not me son
I'm just just happy to see
you again, that's all. - Me too dad.
Dad, will get things straighten out
home won't we? - You bet your life will.
You run alone get undressed.
You know Charlie, Pacella
told him you'd hire me
when I had enough
European study on in my belt.
I've been studying plenty.
- Well don't worry about a thing,
leave everything to me it's a
cinch but Shelley me or just like that.
How do you do.
Read it. Representing
Mr. Jefferson Kadhi
to see signora Patelli.
- What about? - What about?
He's hiring singers any well I
got one the best, go on tell him.
Senior Pacelli never interview
singers. - When I was he get.
he sends for them when he
walks well I'll be Charlie
I cyprus in Europe
Italian number years ago
in the meantime I've been in Europe
Would you be kind enough to give
my name, please? Carter. Jeff Carter.
Tell him if he don't grab mr. Carter
quick I'll take him somewhere else.
I got a dozen opera companies
crazy to get my man right now.
Senior Pacelli.
- Oh, what is it that?
What is it? Oh, where is
list of singers?
Right here, senior Pacelli, right here.
Early the name is quickly.
- A Minifiori. - Next. (?)
Guillermo. - Never wasp in.
- Armanda. Oh, mi, mi, mi, mi. Oh, flat
Phooey. Why, what no
more, no more, please.
Why does it
happen to me? Why?
It's a conspiracy senior Puccini.
- Always the same, always the same.
Why are there no new voices,
some way on this earth then
must be a man whose voice is new,
but I find him no because
he come to me no.
Senior Pacelli there's a man
out there says his name is great, but...
Can he sing? - I don't
think so. - So, way you tell me?
He represents a singer. - Who?
- A man by the name of Jeff Carter.
He says you heard
him saying seven years.
I don't remember.
His memory is not good. (?)
It is not good, Ii ain't
no good to me. (?)
I go to the baseball game.
- What I shall tell Mr. Grady?
Tell him you to tell us
sing it to go get a reputation. (?)
Didn't pass a little century.
you sure Pacelli knows
you? - Oh, sure sure.
Come on.
Well, is mr. Pacelli
ready to see us?
Signore Pacelli is going for the day.
Gone? I didn't seem go?
- Nevertheless he's gone.
A new kind of
show business, huh?
Let me tell you something. For every
10 minutes that guy keeps me wait
he is going to cost him just that
much more to get mr. Jefferson Carter.
Come on Jeff.
And don't forget it.
Mrs. Price.
Well, it's time you
were getting home
Don't tell me you didn't
see Pocelli today either.
After two weeks? Why what's
the matter with that man?
Let you in on a secret
Mrs. Price. Pacelli hate singers.
I want to pay some rent finally.
How much I own you so far? (?)
Am I asked for?
- How much, please?
Well, make it ten dollars.
Two weeks boarding
room four ten dollars?
Oh, don't do that
to me mrs. Price.
Is bad enough anyhow.
Here - That's your watch.
Oh, I left it to
be bad. - Yes. - Yes.
Put this in your pocket.
The time and place for pride, but
this ain't it. Here. - Is Danny upstairs?
Hi, dad.
- Hello, son.
I take this for
you. - Thank you.
Did you see senor
Pacelli today? - No.
She dead. What's the matter with him?
Don't he know who you are?
- Senor Pacelli is a busy man,
very busy son,
there's a lot of work to do
running a big opera company
hundreds of musicians dozens of singers.
- But no one can sing like you, can they?
I don't know son.
Having trouble with your
homework? - Oh, no sir.
I'm Peto voice the kids
in my room. - Mmhmm.
Yeah. What happen to your coat?
Dad, I had a fight today.
What about?
- Oh, nothing much.
Kids said something about...
well kids I go to military school
he said they were sissies.
So I had to... well... I guess
you don't think I'm a sissy now.
I see.
Dad. - Yeah.
- Have you seen mom?
I guess she's awful
busy, don't you? - I guess so.
Do you know her new
husband? He's kind of a nice fella.
And he's awful rich
too. - I know.
You wanna see
where mom lives now.
Would swell.
- I know.
I kind of like to
see mom sometime.
Son. - Yes, sir. - How'd you rather
be with mother, then here with me?
Not if you
weren't there too.
Well, if you ever change your
mind they shouldn't let that to know.
Better run along down wash up, mrs. Price
will be ringing the dinner bell in a minute now.
All right, sir.
Find out if my son is here,
and if he is, tell him to come
and see me. - Yes, Mrs. Rankin.
Look. - Yes, what is it?
- Have you ever given my name
to senor Pacelli?
- But of course, every day.
Is he ever going to see me? - I'm
sure I can't say. - Which means no, doesn't it?
Doesn't it want any new singers?
- I'm afraid I can't speak for senor Pacelli.
I see. I'm sorry to
have disturbed you.
Gee mom, you look fine.
- You're surprised to see me?
Oh kind of. - That's where's your father's
being telling you I didn't want to see you.
Dad don't talk me about
you much. - Oh, I see.
You see, dad's been very busy.
Oh? Doing what?
- Picks him to sing at the Opera.
Oh, Gee mom can't dad sing?
- Yes, yes he seems very well.
Don't you miss
military school Danny?
Some. Sometimes there's
more fun living with dead.
Mom would you get med
fight if I ask you something?
Well what? - Would you suppose
maybe there's any chance
of you and Dad and all of us
could be back? - No, I divorced, Danny.
Yes, I know.
You are not mad
'coz I asked, are you mam?
How did you tell your coat?
I got in a fight at school.
Mrs. Price fixed it for me.
Fine, Danny.
Arthor, 5th Avenue, please.
We're going shopping.
- For what, mam?
I'm gonna buy you
some nice clothes. - Oh.
Hi, dad.
- Hi, soldier.
What's all this?
- Presents from mom.
We've been chopping
all afternoon, all over.
You must have quite a day.
- We had a great time.
Mom got me a new suit and
shoes and all kinds of stuff.
I wish mama are in your
home. You know what, dad?
Mom's got a new car
limousine. Whush! Goes like that!
How is your mother?
- Oh not the same.
You know what dad?
I'm sitting the shovel with
a car to give me saturday.
I get to go over her house.
We're gonna have a party. Just for me.
Saturday? - It's my
birthday did you forget it?
Of course not son. I...
I think that's fine of your mother.
Oh yeah we should
be there too dad.
Oh you'll have a wonderful time
and that'll be thinking of you.
It's alright to call it, isn't?
- Oh I think it's great son,
I think it's great. Well come
on, let's see what you got here.
Hi Charlie
- Hi Jeff. - What's new?
Another thing. I don't know, I've tried
everything, but nothing seems to break
I'm all right with tap dancers and
acrobats but for you...
well I guess I'm
just not the man.
If you can't get me a job,
nobody else can Charlie. I know that.
I'm glad you feel that
way about it, but...
for once in my life I'm
just about ready to quit.
Well I'm getting sort
of discouraged myself.
I want to ask you a question that
I should be able to answer myself.
Do you think I should let
the boy go back to his mother...
that are put him back in military school?
- You're gonna get mad if I say yes
- Well, Jeff that's it.
Look, up Ellen your place can't
afford to carry any extra weight.
I know it hurts
to give the boy up.
But I know and you know
that you're no spot to do
the things for him she can.
That's right. This is his
birthday. - That's all. - Yeah.
His mother's having him over
for the day, she's giving him a party.
I suppose we'll be present.
Well, I asked you, you told me...
That's that. - No,
wait a minute, Jeff!
You've got a great voice, there's a
market for it. They're simply got to be.
I'm not quitting and I
want you to quit niether.
Come on, let's just keep plugging
a few days longer and see what happens.
How's that okay with you?
- Okay Charlie. Thanks.
Where's my mother?
- She sent you this note.
Danny child, what is it?
Dear Danny, mother is very sorry
but she won't be able to
have you come to see her today.
Oh, Danny, oh.
What a mother.
- Something wrong mrs. Price?
I can't believe a mother
would do such a thing.
She would, and she
did. Poor little fella.
All he gets for his
birthdays is a broken heart.
I'll go upstairs and see
if I can cheer him up a bit.
I doubt if anyone can
do that. - At least I can try.
Oh, so you're back
here again, huh?
Yes I want to borrow
some money on my music.
My friend, I'd like to do business with
you, but what good to me is music?
Now look, you've got my watch,
you've got a suitcase full of
my clothes, and my overcoat.
You might get
stuck with those,
but this music this means
everything in the world to me.
I couldn't get a job
without this.
Look, I sang this role in Europe.
This one too. - Classy time.
Well I'm sorry they no
market for that stuff.
How much is that radio?
- Visual? Ten dollars.
Pactically new. - Look my
musics worth a lot more than that
little bit oh my music, and let
me have the radio, will you?
What are you all with a radio?
I have a son 11 years
old this is his birthday.
I've got to take him something.
Well, how you gonna make a
living you haven't got your music?
It's a lot more music in
that radio and there is in me now.
Well, I'm sure I can't
do business like that.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Take the boys radio,
I hold you music fold.
Thanks. Oh, thanks so much.
Oh, I will back
for him, don't worry.
How, how, how, how
the bullets in your bandolier...
your eyes drop and get a top of yer...
boots, boots, boots, boots
moving up and down again
there's no discharge in the war.
Hello mrs. Price.
Is Danny got home yet?
- Why, he never left.
What you mean? - Poor little fella.
He sat out there on the steps for hours
all dressed up, and his shoes polished
so you could see her face in him.
And then this note came.
Why didn't even think Millie
would pull a thing like that?
Just don't ever let that woman get near
the child again, after what she did to him today.
It's something he'll never
forget as long as he lives.
Refer to you about
his price. - Oh yes, I know.
If you had any microphone
experience? - I'm afraid not.
Just stand there
and don't talk too loudly.
And when I give you
the go-ahead, read this.
All right, go ahead.
Me, Red Deer, me good Indian...
- With more feeling, please.
Me not want to kill
nobody... never no time.
But you heard laughing cowboy Red
here, he have to kill you. - That's enough.
That's enough.
You'll do Chris Colfer
z11 first performance saturday.
Fifty dollars a show. - But... don't
you want to hear me sing?
This isn't a singing job.
You're the new Red Deer.
What? - You're playing the part of
Red Deer in the "Laughing cowboy program".
The American stove off. - But, look, I'm
a singer. I don't get this Indian business.
Do you want the
job or don't you?
Yes. I want it.
Thank you.
Hi, dad. - Hi son.
- Gee, you home early.
You see Mr. pracelli
today? - Nope.
Mom called. - Is it?
- Yeah, she's expecting me saturday.
I get this come and stay the whole
day, isn't that swell? - Oh, that's wonderful.
That's like saturday is gonna
be a great day for both of us.
Way, dad? - Son did you ever hear a radio
program called... Red Deer, "Laughing cowboy"?
What? Why sure dad. Lots
of times, all the time.
When I was a military
school he had a radio.
Do you like it?
- Oh, it's great.
Do you like Red Deer?
- Red Deer the brave Indian?
Way, wasn't for Red, the laughing
cowboy never get out of anything.
Oh, handy fella.
- Oh he's very handy.
Well... Danny...
- Yes, sir.
There's going to be a new Red
Deer - He isn't gonna be killed Izzy.
Son... meet the new Red Deer.
Huh? You are Red Deer?
- Mm-hmm. Look here, son.
You know... your dad
used to be an actor
before he tried to be an opera singer,
so you're just going back to acting while
playing the part of Red Deer the brave indian.
But, dad, honest?
- Honest.
On the radio, all the time?
- On the radio all the time.
Hi, ho. - When you start
being Red Deer? - Saturday.
Can I tell my kids
at school? - Sure.
Is Red Deer gonna sing now?
- No. Just going to be an Indian.
A swell Indian.
- Oh, thanks son.
Say, what kind of a
fella is this Red Deer?
Oh, he's a wonderful fella. - I know,
but... how does it talk, how does he sound?
You're a Red Deer expert,
I never heard him. - I did.
Want to be Laughing cowboy?
- Me? - Sure.
But... he's an actor.
- And so are you.
If you're not there a lot of
generations have gone to waste.
You know, your granddad played Shakespeare
30 seasons, sometimes good, sometimes bad.
As a matter of fact, your dad
wasn't the worst actor in the world.
Your mom acted too. - But...
mom was a dancer. She told me.
Actors blood.
Just the same. Come on.
You right there.
Now, I talk, you talk...
and I talk, maybe I got
set for the rehearsal.
Sound cute horses who's waiting on.
- Now, wait a minute, wait a minute.
You don't play all
the parts, you know.
You... you just read the lines
where the laughing cowboy talks.
Oh! I think cowboy cold skin.
Stay where you are.
Don't nobody move a finger.
I got you covered. Jump those guys! - Hey,
I want to smile when you say that partner.
I'm sorry son, I guess I'd
better stick to the script. Go on.
Sound on coming news.
Here comes right here now.
Come on, you talk
now, dad. - Oh, yes.
Uuu, uuu, u.
What's the metter?
- Isn't a very good warm.
What's wrong with my
waugh in? - Didn't scare me!
Oh, I see. Look, son. As actor
to actor, I'll tell you a secret.
Only ham actors resent
criticism. - What's with him? (?)
I certainly hope I'm not one.
You see, acting is just pretended.
For example, you pretend
to be somebody who aren't, or...
to mean something that
you don't mean it all really.
The audience believe
you, this is acting.
They don't believe you,
then you're not an actor.
That's the secret,
understand? - Yes, sir.
But if you act whether
you need to act or not...
then you're a ham.
See? - Yes, sir.
Right. Listen... if you ever catch me being a
ham you let me know, and I'll let you know to.
Oh, all right.
Take it now, your turn.
- Oh. Stay where you are.
Don't nobody move.
I got to come drop them,
Benson, don't hesitate.
Uuu, uuu, uuu!
We surround it now.
What's the matter, son?
You don't sound like
Red Deer. - Why not?
Well, well Read Deer
kind of scared him here.
Well, give me rough idea.
- What, me too?
Son, the critics know
like... Red Deer nieder. (?)
Come on, give me
that war. Come on!
Uuuuu, uuuu, uuuu!!!!
I see what you mean, all right.
Uuuuu, uuuu, uuuu!!!!
For mercy's sake, what's going on.
- It's all right, Mrs. Price
Just a couple of actors rehearsing
that's all. - Rehearsing for what?
For a job. - Did you get it?
- We're all set. - Oh.
I back in a minute, son.
Come on I'll tell you all about.
Mrs Price I finally quit
kidding myself about Pacelli.
From now on, I'm going
to be an actor again.
I'm gonna play the part of "Red Deer
and the laughing cowboy" program.
What do you mean? I sent over
there so they could hear you sing.
I'll never hear me
sing on this program.
After all it's a job,
and that's what I need.
Not mean you're going
to give up your career?
What career? - After all you've
gone through to get to be an opera singer.
Look, I lost my wife, I almost
lost my son trying to be a singer.
From now on all I want
is a job, a steady job,
so I can keep my son.
Now don't you worry about.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Well, I beg your pardon, sir.
- What, what is it, people?
Aren't you Rafael Montes.
- Yes, I am.
Alis Almonti. But
they were high when I (?)
autograph bit. Please
are they waiting for me.
Yorkist every... - I just wanted to meet
you a senor. I've heard so much about you.
I used to listen to your
records a lot what I was studying.
You singing?
- Yes I am, well that is I did.
The greatest voice at opera,
and Pacelli is crazy to get him,
the kind of voice they
ought to have an opera
instead of some of those has
bins they've been hiring like.
You're speaking to
Almonti! - Well, so what?
Meet a real singer.
- Yo chiming salted, go away!
Senor... - Go away! - I'm terrible...
- Ha, ha, ha. What's the metter with him?
Nice work, Charlie?
- What I do?
Almadio only gets a
thousand a week on the air.
Read the paper. This morning
Pacelli signed him up for another season.
What do you mean?
That guy? - That guy.
You mean that's kind of
opposition you're up against?
Mr. You're a cinch.
- No Charlie,
Almadi is still a big
name and he's got the job.
You're not gonna worry about that
kalaya? - Nope I just wish I was him, that's all.
Forget about it. Look son.
Mr. greater we got a cab and
take you all with your mother.
I've got to get inside this
rehearsal is gonna be plenty tough.
To tell you the truth,
Charlie, I've got stage fright.
05:15 is going to be
a big minute for me.
You'll be all right.
I'll bet you're gonna be
the best Red Deer they ever had.
I study with a great
teacher. - Thanks dad.
I'm gonna listen to the program.
I'm gonna ask mama she won't listen to.
Have a good time soon. - I will did.
- I see it home tonight, huh? - Yes sir.
Good luck. - That's my sentiments
to. If you've got to be an Indian,
be a good Indian, and I
know you will be. - Thanks Charlie.
- So long, Jeff.
Come in.
Sam, what are you doing home?
- I decided to take the day off.
Take away this.
- Yes, madam.
I did a little shopping on the way
home. - Oh darling, now don't tell me
you've been buying more
things for me, really you shouldn't.
Oh, these are for Danny,
for his birthday.
Sorry I'm a week late,
but you didn't tell me.
Sam I think it's
very foolish of you.
I don't think so.
I like that boy.
Was she like me. Incidentally,
he's due here any minute.
Shouldn't you be dressed
and ready when he gets here?
I will dress in a minute?
Mary, I'll try that stop
now closed tonight. - Ui, madam.
Oh, how do you do,
master Denny? Come in.
Thank you. - Hello Danny.
- Good afternoon, sir.
Is... is my mother... - She'll
be with us in a few minutes.
How are you? - Oh, I'm fine,
thank you sir. - That's good.
Let's go sit down there
What are you doing with yourself
these days? - Nothing much. - Here we are.
How school? - All right,
thank you. - Playing any baseball?
No, sir. - Why not?
Don't you like baseball?
Well... you see, I
don't have much time.
Right after school I go
home and help my dad.
Helped your father do what any Denny?
Well, he says I'm a very
good audience. - For what?
From today on, dad's
Red Deer on the radio.
He's what? - He's an actor.
- I thought your father was a singer.
Oh he gave that up.
This is much better.
He's Red Deer now.
Red Deer, the brave Indian.
Yeah dad me rehearse together
so he'll do read you're just right.
Then I'm learned that too. This
is I got actors blood in my veins.
Don't you ever listen
to "The laughing cowboy"?
No, I don't think so
Danny. What is it?
That's a big swell radio program.
It's on every Saturday afternoon 05:15.
Today's dad's first
time in the show.
It'll be all right if I
listen to 05:15, Mr. Rankin.
Well, I don't see why not.
Well, you see, dead the brave Indian
the toys rescuing the laughing cowboy.
Then everybody. You
don't want to kill anybody,
Hello Danny. - Mom!
- Um, just in time, Millie.
Now we can open
the presents. - Presents?
Yes, your mother and I
thought better late than never.
Didn't we, Millie?
- Yes, of course.
Ah, you see over there Danny?
I see. - Now you open this
one... and I will open this.
What supose all this stuff is?
Oh, Gee! - Don't you
say thank you, Danny?
Oh, yeah. Thank you mr. Rankin.
Thank you very, very much. - Forget it.
Now let's see what else we have here.
Oh, look!
That's one of the real actor.
Hey, Jeff. - Hej, you back?
- Yeah and with money on my mind.
Follow with a touring opera company was
waiting my office when I got back there.
Look Charlie, the big boss
mr. Trimble just listen to the rehearsal,
he thinks I'm okay, so he's gonna
give me a contract for 39 weeks.
and they pay every wednesday, so that
takes care of the touring opera company.
Yes and it takes care
of you Jeff the wrong way.
You want to be an Indian
all your life? You don't.
I've got this fella steamed up to
where he wants you. You and nobody else.
He's got to give you this
season three now on monday.
Well, tell him to get
somebody else. - Now, wait a minute.
You're giving up the greatest
chance you'll ever have it, for what?
The most important
thing in my life.
Oh, you're wrong Jeff.
I've you've seen that boy when he went
over to his mother's how tickled he was.
He'll come home with these
arms full of presents, you know that.
now suppose you do get 50 bucks a
week for playing Indians the rest of your life.
You can't do much for
the boy with that.
I think we can get along all
right, Charlie. Come on, I'm thirsty.
But, yeah, please... (?)
Here's where I spend
a month fishing every summer.
You and I can have
a lot of fun up there.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Reagan? - Yes?
- What time is it?
05:12. Way?
Oh, that's right. You wanted to
listen to that radio program, didn't you?
I'm glad you reminded me.
You don't have to listen
if you don't wanna Mr. Rankin.
What? I'm anxious
to hear your father.
I'll get your mother. Now, you tune
in the station, and I'll be right back.
But mom said she
had a headache.
Well, perhaps she's
feeling better now. I go see.
What is getting late and I
thought someone might drop in.
We already have
a guest, you know.
Well, it's time for
Danny to go home.
Does it bother you
having your son around.
What's the matter
with you Sam?
Far as I know nothing, I'm trying to
understand what's the matter with you.
I don't know what you
mean. - You oughta know.
Well, I think it's a looking ridiculous
for us to argue about my son.
It's worse than ridiculous.
I having to entertain the boy alone
while you spend the
afternoon in your room.
He wants to listen
to his father on the radio.
Well, I don't. - It won't hurt you any.
It might make the boy feel better.
I think you'd better join us.
All right Sam. If you insist upon
making an issue of it. - Thank you.
Evens, we're not at home
to anyone. - Very good, sir.
Oh, let's all about
a drink. - Yes, sir.
A lot of drink.
- Very good, sir.
We didn't expecting guests.
Quite an occasion
finding you home, Sam. - Yes.
What does a girl have
to do to get a drink around?
Already told Evans to get some.
I'm quite sure he will take care.
This requires the hands of an expert.
And the cabinet. (?)
- And coctel to everybody. (?)
Not for me, thanks. The last
one I had at Toms was terrific.
I'll take whiskey
Chaser bar. What about you Sam?
Nothing for me. - Think I
know what you want Millie.
Oh, thank you.
- This is what's really good.
Your finest machine again.
Did you get your
station Danny? - Yes, sir.
It's on the air well. - There's
another radio in the kitchen, Danny.
You listen right here.
- Millie, is this your little boy?
Cute. - Hi, fella.
- Hallo, little boy.
What's your name, honey?
- Danny, you say how do you.
How do you do. - Danny wants to listen
to a program called The Laughing cowboy
And so do I. - Laughing
what? - The Laughing cowboy.
My dad's Red Deer,
the brave Indian.
No, wait a second. Let me get this
straight. Your dad is an Indian?
No, Danny's
father is an actor.
He plays Red Deer on the
program he wants to hear.
I help my dad rehearse.
Today the day Red Deer
rescue the drowning girl.
Her father owns a Lazy w
ranch, but there's gold mine.
And snake long this
game what the ranch.
So they well cast store...
kidnapped Nancy Lincoln... took her a prisoner
but yeah but she comes
in a river trying to get away...
but she can't swim. And Rent
and the laughing cowboy
can't rescue because they got
him tied up in dead man's cave.
But Red Deer comes
to the rescue you. Listen.
05:15, and the American stole
our presents the laughing cowboy
and his friend Red Deer,
the brave Indian.
Hej, look out.
Scatter take cover.
There comes the engine.
Don't let him get the girl.
Start shoot, kill out in.
- Here comes my dad.
Me, Red Deer... - Whach this...
Uuuu, uuu, uuu! - That's awful.
You have to listen to that?
Get the ug. (?) - Turn
it on! - Get some music.
We wanted to dance.
- And it did fix you.
I don't know the rest of you,
but I'm not drunk enough for this.
He not want to kill nobody.
Get out! - Sam.
- What did you say? - I said get out!
Get out before I throw you out.
And don't come back. - Sam,
you're talking to my friend.
Yes, I know. But I'm
also thinking about your son.
Well, if that's the way
you feel about it... we'll go.
Come on dear.
Where are you going?
To talk to Danny... if he'll talk
to me... after what's happened.
Where are you going?
Well, mr. Rankin... what I...
I want to see Dad. (?)
Long walk here how's Danny. (?)
How'd you better get in the cab,
and let me take you home?
There's a radio. We can listen to
Red Deer on the way if you want to.
No, thank you.
I just walk... rather.
Hi, dad.
- Hi, soldier.
Home brother late,
aren't you?
Is it late? - It's
almost dinnertime.
Yes, I was enjoying myself so
much, I didn't notice the time.
So, haved a good time, hmm?
- Oh great. - That's fine. Did you...
hear the program
today? - Yes, sir.
And you were swell.
Hi, Jeff. - Hello, Charlie.
- Hi, Danny.
Helloo Mr. Grady.
I gotta see your
dad on business.
Not what? - Well, that that opera
company fellow was over to see me again.
Look Charlie, I told you I'm
not interested, and I'm not.
Yeah, but you will be,
now listen of this now.
You're the father of four weeks pay in advance
100 a week, and a percentage on the cake.
Why he'll star your Jeff
photos, billing and everything,
guarantee of buildup lets you
pick your own roles,
it's a chance for your life,
and never get another one like it.
Jeff, be what you was born to be. Take
this job and go places for your own sake,
yeah, and for the boys sake to.
Charlie, I'm going to keep on doing just
exactly as I'm doing now. Thanks. Just the same.
Dad? - Hmm - Do you
like being Red Deer?
What? - Do you really
like being Red Deer?
It's a good job son, easy working the checks
don't bounce back. - But, do you like it dad?
Why, don't you?
- Oh, yeah.
I guess I'm not as interested
in the life and cowboy as much
as I used to be.
- Wise.
I suppose you heard Charlie
Grady talking to me just now.
Does talk pretty
loud, doesn't he son?
- Danny...
you know that job that
Charlie was talking about?
That's not for me. You
know what I'd have to do?
I have to travel all
the time, sleep in hotels
meet nothing with strange people...
and I'll have to stand out on the stage
with grease paint all over my face...
and lights shining in my eyes. I'd have to
sing my silly head off, whether I liked it or not.
stand out there and
bowels like a jack-in-the-box...
waiting for the people to applaud.
- Oh, Gee, dad wouldn't that be fun?
Fun? Denny, that's hard work.
For what? - Mr. Grady
says, a 100 $ a week
That's a lot of
money, isn't it dead?
More than you get
for being Red Deer.
But expenses would eat it all up? - But you'd
rather be, a singer than an actor, wouldn't you?
I'd rather be Red Deer.
Take my word for it, son.
I'd rather be Red Deer. Now
don't you worry about a thing,
everything's going
to be all right.
Hej, there's a dinner bed you
better get dressed. Now hurry up!
Mr. Carter. - Yes. - My
name is Rankin. Sam Rankin.
We got some presents for you boy
today he forgotten leptin at my home.
I thought I'd bring them over.
- That's very kind of you.
Oh mr. Carter if you don't mind,
there's something I'd like to talk over with you.
All right. Just a second.
- Thank you.
What is it mr. Rankin?
- Danny's a fine boy, I think so.
I haven't known him very long
and I haven't had the opportunity
to know him very well, but...
I've grown to like him as
much as if he were my own son.
You've been very good to
Danny and I'm very grateful.
I hope you bear no ill
feelings toward me mr. Carter.
I've nothing against you.
- Thank you.
I trust you won't
mind my saying so, but
I believe Danny's future
matters as much to me
as... as it does to you.
- Possibly, but... he is my son.
Granted but I... I wonder if we
couldn't make some arrangement
that would make things
better for everyone concerned,
especially for Danny.
What sort of arrangement?
I can give the boy
everything he wants and needs
the finest education money can buy,
a real start in life just a man illustrated.
Did his mother send you? - No.
She doesn't even know I'm here.
This is just between you and me.
I'd like to adopt Danny legally.
I think the boy will be better often.
You'll be free to follow your career.
I don't think the arrangement
will work Mr. Rankin.
As a matter of fact I know it.
But I can't believe that you'd
ever have left Danny to go to Europe
and study if singing was the
most important thing in your life.
I admire you very much Mr. Carter...
for sacrificing a career and playing
an Indian on a mediocre radio program
in order to support your son.
Well... I appreciate you
interested my son mr. Rankin,
but I have made
plans for Danny and me.
I personally going to
work out somehow.
Well... if you ever need any help...
don't hesitate to call me.
Thank you.
- Good night, Mr. Carter.
Good night.
I thought I heard somebody
Oh, hi dad.
- Hi soldier.
Gee, I thought I
heard somebody turkey.
Mr. Rankin was here to
brought presence you forgot.
You can open them in
the morning. - I'd rather now.
Oh! Oh, Gee!
And camera to make pictures.
And some rooler scates.
And... and such a glower.
Oh, and this...
what is this?
What is here?
Look at this, dad.
Oh, Mr. Rankin give me a
lot of presence, didn't he?
He did.
- Oh, would have escaped.
bearings and everything
.... (?)
I will turn light, so
you can see everything.
Son, should get so excited.
- Oh, I can't help being excited, dad.
You know what mr. Rankin
said to me? - What, son?
He said if I was his boy,
and live his place with him...
he gave me Cameron way out
west he got no more about oh my own. (?)
Head of a car yeah... and...
it'd be all my all of that stuff
certainly it bigger not gonna
kind when I grew up and...
and and he has a big
house way out in the country...
and I can have horses and
all the dogs I want to it, and everything.
Son, look... it's all right.
It all sounds fine.
Let's talk things over
me. Sit down
Now there's one thing between
you and me, now and always.
We're always going to be
on the level with each other.
They have something on our minds we're
going to come right out with it man to man.
That's right, it's?
- Sure, did. - All right.
I want to ask you a question.
I want you to ask me right out
Don't worry about hurting
daddy's feelings, because...
the only way you could
hurt them would be to want
something I hate to tell him.
Would you... rather go and
live with Mr. Rankinn and your mother?
Well, Gee, dad.
Would you?
You can if... you if you want to.
Well, it isn't much
fun alone here.
Mr. Rankin got a big place to live in...
and I'd have a
room all to myself...
and all I have to do is push
a button up I wanted something.
Oh, wait on me. Of
course I like it there.
I'd like it much better,
who wouldn't? I like it.
Oh, I'm cry, I'm cry.
- Yes son, you cray. excellent people believe you... (?)
you know, good you're
just a hair make sure...
I give them just
take him. I know, son.
The greatest acts in the world...
rehearses a long time before
he plays the biggest scene in his life.
Didn't you know that?
Everything takes time.
But we were all right, you and I.
Oh, dad, I love you so.
Lady is a bad news for Latin cowboy.
Red Deer see killer Regan wait in ambush.
I've been cowboys stay
away from Last chance river.
Oh did, you get
Ned better all the time.
No wonder, look who's coaching.
Look son, soon as
the broadcast is over,
Red Deer and small
Papa's go places. Hmm?
I always did want
to go to Coney Island.
Well, that's where you'll be
less than an hour from now.
But I gotta get in, you now,
can't hold up rehearsals.
That's very wrong when an actor holes
up rehearsals, isn't it? - You do but it is.
Red Deer go!
- But Red Deer better come back.
- Ok, soldier.
Oh, you had me worried, you
know, we go on the air in five minutes.
What's the matter?
Don't you see?
I'm sick I've been sick all day.
I thought when I got here...
I might feel better but it's
no use. You gotta call off the shore.
I could not sing. I must lie down.
Please, please, that evening.
Please. - No, wait a minute
Almani. You got on stage. - I can't!
Hey Mr. my dad
can take his place.
He's greatest singer in
the world. He is. - Run along.
What do we do now?
I'm going in and talk to him. He's
got to go on. That's all there is torn.
Only one thing to do men,
kill the laughing cowboy.
That's what I've
been saying all along.
We got to get that engine too.
He's bad medicine that Red Deer.
I'll take care of him.
Leave him to me.
Oh wait a minute folks.
Let me see that last line.
Kss! Kss! Kss!
Hey, dad! - ...and projectors
wife's on unity and...
You shouldn't come in
disturbing personals like that.
But dad, I gotta talk to you.
I got it. Terribly important.
It's owful important. - Mr. Trimble,
excuse me. I'll be right back.
Okay, make it snappy.
- All right, should we go again?
What is it son? - Senior
Almanimoney can't sing on the air.
But you can take his place. You
can sing better senor armani ever could.
What? Wait a minute.
- You can't wait not a minute, dad.
Just as you said.
The show must go on!
Nobody said that. - They
just know about you, that's all.
Well? - No go. You'll
have to make that announcement.
Hej mister. Mister, I
got a single for you.
Better than your Almani ever was.
- What are you talking about a little boy?
Oh my dad. He's our
great singer.
He singing in Italy,
France and pull all over.
Is that right? - Well I sing
the usual baritone repertoire.
Have you ever sang
Herodian? - Many times.
I'll take a chance. Come on.
- I'll be listening dad. I'll be listening.
Aaaaa! What? - Yeah,
Almanican't go in the air.
And he is gonna take his place
right away. - Okay, okay. I'll take care
of it, go to Pacelli.
Yes, sir. - Go one.
One minut.
We're on the air in one minute.
I'm counting on you, Carter.
Good luck. - Thank you very much.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
the five o'clock and once again
gold and silver music
hour is on the air.
Enoch body America for me (?)
yes and also tribal EVR merci mocha
I must see Mr. Pacelli.
My man's on the air. He's gonna listen.
Senior pacelli is gone home.
- Look fella, once and for all
I'm gonna find out if
there isn't Pacelli.
You can't go in there. - I'm going
in even if I carry you on my back!
Com'n, com'n.
- Do on two hours later. Go to
on what it do my nigga plastic demands i
wind up get out. Listen!
Listen! My singer is on the air.
Don't touch radio!
Who is... who is this man?
He's my boy.
- Where was he all the time?
Right outside your door
and he couldn't get in!
Why did you do this to me?
I fire somebody, I do something.
Right now I listen.
- That's a good idea.
the apocryphal power is harder
Gina my me by
not my me Prices
Sarah Morrissey some Latin
He's my friend.
Com'n, let's go!
- Yes.
Oh, gee, dad! - Did
sound all right? - All right?
You were dinamit. Sensational.
Mr. Gredy says...
oh she did, you were great.
Thanks. - You're earn some
more money here, aren't?
Almani will back, we go
to the next program.
And you? - Son, your dad
has just begun and finished
the shortest singing
radio career in history.
I've got to get back to Read Deer now.
- Can you fix this already and could sing now?
The Laughing Cowboys public
probably isn't ready for that yet, son.
Say Carter, you did
a great job.
Hey, Carter! - Wait.
Wait foe me. Wait for me.
This is Mr. Pacelli.
- I'm Pacelli, yes.
And you? You are... - Yes,
I've been telling you Jeff,
you're the guy that couldn't get
anything bother coming to you.
It makes a lot of difference
when y'all need guy like me.
Please, please, we no talk
about money, we talk about art.
Hold on. I'll look for you. Think you're
not there. Now I find you. I discovery you!
As a matter of fact
Pacelli, I discovered him.
You discovery him?
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Because my office will make you famous.
What? Charlie my
program... - Forget it.
I'll get up another
Red Deer in five minutes.
Goodbye. Have a good time.
What about Miss Millie?
Oh, dad... - Look my
contract with senior Pacelli.
Can you believe it?
Oh, Gee, dad, does that mean
you're gonna sing it opera now?
Sure he will. What I tell you?
When I discover a guy
he's in goes right to the top.
No Charlie, here's
my discovery. Oh soldier...
from now on we going to do everything
we're known, have a lot of fun doing it too.
No more Red Deer. Pacelli is
fixing it up for the radio people.
Oh, that's wonderful. Now,
can we go to the Coney Island?
Can we? Com'n Charlie,
we going to Coney Island!
Jeff, you might be
first I have anything...