Road to La Paz (2015) Movie Script

It's very bright.
In summer you have
natural light till 8 pm.
The kitchen.
It's tiny but
it's very well laid out.
You can fit a fridge,
a microwave and a washing machine...
This is our home.
It's perfect.
I'm having a little trouble
picturing us here...
If you want,
I'll finish showing you the house
and then we can discuss
all the other matters.
Should I pick up?
Leave it.
Have you seen the courtyard?
It's roomy, bright, silent, 5x4.
You can even build here
if you want to.
It's a great opportunity.
Just a sec.
Try this mustard.
It's a real luxury.
You don't like it.
Don't answer, Honey!
Don't answer!
What for?
No, this isn't a car service.
No, no idea.
Why don't you just turn it off?
I'm waiting for a call from the office.
The office?
At this hour?
No, there's no car service here, sir.
This is my house.
Of course I'm sure.
No taxis, either.
No cargo service either, sir.
What part of it can't you understand?
Ah, you think that's funny?
What are you up to, man?
All right.
No, I can't,
I have something to do.
Are you free?
Yes, Magellan Agency,
good evening.
I sent a car more than
an hour ago, ma'am.
It should be at your door now.
It's a champagne color, the car.
Yes, like a light, metallic beige.
What's the matter?
Did you go to the phone company?
I don't even know
why do I bother to ask.
I thought we had other plans,
you and me.
Magellan Agency, good evening.
Hi Mateo, I'd like to transfer calls
from my landline to my cellphone.
Hey guys, do you have a pen?
Good afternoon.
To 1212 Pereyra.
- You know where that is?
- I do.
- Do you mind if I smoke?
- Yes, I do.
What if I open the window?
I freeze to death.
You're filling the car
with garlic smell, sir.
Can you pull over?
Sorry, what?
Please pull over.
I need to pee.
Why don't you wait, grandpa?
We're almost there.
Do you want me to pee in here?
Can you give me a hand?
It's stuck.
- What's your name?
- Sebastin.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You want a cone?
No, I'll eat from the container.
Sorry I was nasty.
I wanted to call you all day,
but I thought you were pissed,
and you wouldn't answer.
I texted you, did you get them? -Yes.
Yes, Magellan Agency.
Of course.
Yes, the kids on Laprida St. at 8:00.
I'll be there. Bye.
What was that?
I think I got a job.
You're going to work
as a car service driver?
Here, about?
- How long is that
- 1.50.
Try 2.
- 2 meters. Can you tell me what we're doing?
- That's better.
What's up?
Did you make decent money driving?
I don't know how much they make.
I made something, yeah. It's relative.
Today, Mica overheard someone
from human resources.
It looks like they're going
to fire Mabel.
And if they fire Mabel,
I'll get a promotion.
Good, Honey!
That's great... Fantastic!
And if I get a promotion,
I'll get a raise.
And if I get a raise, with what
I'll make, we'll be able to get a loan,
and with what you make,
we'll be able to start the baby's room.
What baby, Jaz?
What baby?
If you burn the seats,
you're dead, you hear, you goofs?
Magellan Agency, good afternoon.
Of course.
1212 Pereyra?
Yes, I know where.
Which driver?
I'll send him as soon as he's done.
So long.
To the Torn Hospital.
Do you know the way?
- Yes, I do.
- You'll have to wait for me a while.
How long is "a while"?
Half an hour.
Maybe more.
I can't wait that long.
I have other passengers.
How much for an hour's wait?
I'll pay you double.
I'm not sure.
I'll have to inform dispatch.
Hi, it's Sebastin, Unit 17.
The passenger from 1212 Pereyra
requests a half-hour wait at destination
and then return to departure point.
OK, great. Thanks.
No problem.
What's wrong, Honey?
Let's go.
You OK?
Let's go.
Come on.
Tell me what's wrong.
I got fired, Seba.
They fired us all.
- Good morning
- Good morning.
Come in, Sebastin, please.
- I'll wait in the car.
- My husband wants to see you.
He wants you to come in.
- Is there something to carry?
- Come on.
Would you mind taking off your shoes?
Just leave them there.
- There?
- You can use the slippers.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Come in.
How are you?
Sebastin, my name is Jalil.
This is my wife, Habiba.
I called you because
I need to take a long trip
and I want to take it with you.
No agency.
This would be between you and me.
For certain reasons I have
to see my older brother.
Because of health issues
I can't travel by plane or bus.
It has to be by car.
Where is your brother?
Try one of these.
They are makmur.
The folder, please.
Here are the maps with
the itinerary I want to follow.
The stops and every other detail.
Where does your brother live?
In La Paz.
You mean Carlos Paz, the suburb?
In the city of La Paz.
I'll make it short, Jalil.
I'm not interested. It's a big pain.
It's 3,000 kilometers there
and 3,000 km back. It'll fuck up my car.
I'm not interested.
I don't need it, either.
Yes, that's my final answer.
Ok. Yeah.
I have another call.
I have to hang up...
Thank you very much.
And best of luck to you, bye.
Honey, are you awake?
Are you better?
Don't call me Honey anymore.
Jalil accepts your offer.
Want some tea?
No. I'd like to know
when he wants to leave.
I have get organized and all that...
Ok, I'll be right back.
Can't you leave Monday or Tuesday?
I don't know what his hurry is.
He wants to leave tomorrow.
Sebas, I'm not sure I want to be
alone right now.
Jaz, it's a lot of money.
I'm doing it for you.
Let's go.
You're not forgetting anything, are you?
Let's go.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Can you stop?
I need to go to the bathroom.
Me too. You go first
and I'll look after the car.
What happened here?
We already listened to your tape.
You're wrong sir.
This car is mine.
The stereo is mine and
the music we listen to here is mine.
Is that clear?
Let's do one yours, one mine.
I can't believe it...
I can't believe it...
Is it all your music like this?
Sebastin, I ask you not to change
lanes and to respect the speed limit.
So why don't you drive?
Because that's what I'm paying
you for.
We have to stop.
Where do you get all this pee?
It's not normal. Have you seen a doctor?
You can't eat here, sir.
You can't.
For the crumbs.
How many times a day do you pray?
- Are you an Arab?
- No.
I'm from Mendoza
Do you have to pray?
What happens if you don't?
- Sebastin, you worry about...
- Fuck!
Oh, God!
For the mother of Christ!
What are you doing, sir?
What are you doing?
You broke its leg.
We have to take it to a vet.
- In my car? No, no...
- I'll pay you 50 pesos.
I don't take animals in my car.
- The hair, fleas, the smell... Let's go.
- A hundred pesos.
I'll give you a hundred pesos.
A hundred plus the cost of the light.
A hundred.
The light is your own responsibility
for being distracted while driving.
Thanks, man.
Allah doesn't let you eat meat?
Yes, Allah lets me.
- Ah... So you're a vegetarian.
- I have a chronic kidney disease.
That's why you go
to the toilet so often.
That's because of my prostate.
That's why I eat salads.
To get rid of salt and potassium.
Otherwise, what happens?
I die.
- Super?
- Yes, sir.
Apart from Winston,
is there another vet?
- Not that I know of. Fill it up?
- Yes.
- Don't you want to go to the bathroom?
- No.
Do as I say.
Use this chance, please.
You worry about taking the right road
and not hitting more dogs.
I'll look after my bladder.
What'll we do with the dog?
The vet's is closed.
Go to the drugstore and buy
disinfectant and bandages.
I wrote it all down.
- Perfect.
- Take my things to room 33.
To which room should I take my things?
I take your rook here.
Get off.
I'd rather you rested.
We leave at 6:00 in the morning.
What is that machine?
It is a portable dialysis system.
Do you have to sleep with it going?
Every night.
Nighttime volume, please.
Irma. A pleasure.
I'm going to visit my brother.
I'm from Comodoro.
If I go by bus, it costs a fortune.
Jalil, this is not how it works.
We didn't talk about this.
- It's on the way, Sebas.
- Don't fuck with me.
This wasn't the deal. Not the dog,
not the crazy machine and not...
- Irma
- Not Irma.
- I'll pay for Irma's trip and for the...
- Enough, enough! I've had it with you!
Who else do you want to get in here?
I'm going back. Enough! That's it!
We can't go back, Sebas.
Can't, my ass. I'll leave you
all in a bus and turn around.
Get out, please, dear. Let's go.
I'm serious.
Hold on, Irma.
Hello. Honey.
Sorry. I meant "My love".
Yup. A bad time.
I know, I know.
Good attitude.
What is it?
You got a light?
I need to take this trip.
I didn't know it was
going to be like this.
That car is the only thing I have
that's all mine. The only thing.
My dad took care of it like a son.
It's all original.
The stereo, carpeting, mag wheels,
absolutely everything.
I don't let strangers into it.
The car service pays you to take
people from one place to another.
They are all strangers,
just like Irma.
I'll pay what the meter shows
from here to where she goes.
Can I drive for a while?
Forget it.
You're a jerk.
You don't lend out
your car or your wife.
Mubarak, let's go.
On the blanket, please.
This is great.
- I'll take this. They're asking.
- Yes, it's ready.
- I'll be there in a bit.
- OK.
We thank you Lord for this food
that has come to our table
through your generosity.
Give bread to the hungry
and hunger for God
to those who have bread.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Salad?
- A bit please.
Do you like soccer?
Yes, when I was younger
I played for Godoy Cruz.
- What position?
- Right wing.
They called me "the bolt".
Were you very fast?
Like an arrow.
I played all through high school.
- Really?
- Yes.
- You had girls' soccer there?
- No, I played with the boys.
- I was number 3, he was 5.
- They called her Hector Enrique.
Back, kiddo. Go on.
I brought salami.
This is beef salami, not pork.
I bought some cheese too.
It looks good.
- Will you be staying long in La Paz?
- One day.
Are you coming back with me?
No. I continue on with Nazim
to Mecca.
Who is Nazim?
My brother.
- Is it a long journey?
- Pretty long.
Does he drive?
He's got a car?
He's older and blinder than me.
He hired a cab from
La Paz to Lima, Peru.
In Peru?
Where is Mecca?
In Saudi Arabia.
Watch the road.
How will you get there?
By ship.
Three weeks.
How are you?
Good trip?
- Pardon, hello.
- Hello, your name is?
- Sebastin.
- Sebastin.
- Have a seat, please.
- Excuse me. Hello.
The character is formed by the sum of
repeated thoughts that a person has.
The tripod on which his
false personality rests.
Which is composed of fear,
laziness and self-importance.
We're all afraid of one thing
or another.
We're scared of getting sick.
We're scared of being robbed.
Then sloth, the laziness
of not going deeper.
The laziness of not investigating life.
The laziness that keeps us
on the surface.
The laziness of not wanting
to know more about life or death.
I'm in Cordoba. I'm fine.
I'll call you tomorrow, bye.
- Coffee.
- Thanks.
Have you got a light?
Of course.
What are they doing?
He is telling a dream to Abdul-Rahman,
and he interprets it.
Like a psychologist?
No, it's different.
Are you going to Lima?
To La Paz
I wish I could go.
To La Paz?
- To Mecca
- Of course.
What are they going to do there?
It's the Hajj, the pilgrimage
that we Muslims make to Mecca.
It is one of the pillars of Islam.
Ok... But what do you do there?
We worship God.
The pilgrimage is like a death.
The dhikr is about to start.
- What?
- The dhikr. Come.
Be careful, it's hot.
Thank you.
Go to bed, Sebas.
How are you?
Are you going to call a doctor?
Abdul-Rahman is a doctor, Don't worry.
- OK.
- He'll be fine.
- Get some rest.
- Thanks.
I think you'll like this.
Do you want me to change the music?
No, thanks.
I'm starting to like it.
Why do you eat garlic?
- Want some?
- I'll pass, thanks.
When I was a kid, on the corner
lived an old man named Tomasone.
He had chickens.
My mom used to send me once
a week to buy a chicken and eggs.
I didn't like to go because...
the man made me pick a hen, and
then he'd wring its neck.
Tomasone lived by himself.
He didn't have a wife or children.
He would eat 3 cloves of garlic a day.
He lived to be 102.
- In what direction is Mecca?
- That way.
Are you going to pray here?
Can you?
Today I can.
Pray in peace, old man.
How are you?
I wanted some garlic, OK?
Some loose heads?
2 for 10.
That's a bit expensive.
A whole string is only 25.
3 for 10?
- Deal.
- All right.
May I?
Do you have any others?
There are some good ones on the truck.
Show him.
Excuse me.
Do you have any beef ones?
My partner doesn't eat pork.
He doesn't drink alcohol.
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
- Calm down.
- I'm fine.
- What do we do now?
- We wait.
Is that your plan?
To wait?
What if we call the dog
and ask him to bite at the ropes?
You watch too much TV.
Too much TV.
Come here!
Come here kiddo, come.
Listen to me, beauty.
Look at me.
Bite the rope.
Bite the rope.
Mubarak, you little fuck,
listen to me very carefully.
Help me get loose,
and I swear to God
we'll take your friend along
for the rest of the trip.
Mubarak, come back!
Fuck you!
Why did you choose me?
I had a dream.
And in it, I saw that you were
the right person.
I want to pee. Fuck.
I already did, twice.
- Did you pee your pants?
- Yes.
I can't believe that...
Do you want me to call Mubarak
and ask him to unzip you?
I also had a dream, before the trip.
Actually, I've had it since I was 8.
I'm not sure how it starts...
But suddenly I'm driving a 404
which was my old man's car.
The first car he had.
I'm a boy in the dream.
So I struggle to reach the pedals.
It's raining, a lot...
Then suddenly, I don't know...
it's as though the road ends and...
There's a cliff,
coming at me really fast.
I realize I have to speed up to jump.
Right when I hit the gas my dad appears
in front of the car and I run him over.
I try to remove the seatbelt
but I can't.
I can't get out of the car.
The brakes aren't working...
So I fall.
Is that normal?
What does it mean?
Have you ever told it to anybody?
What's your name?
Maxi, can you call your dad?
Did you know I have a magical necklace?
Can I see it?
It's in the car, hanging
from the mirror.
Can you bring it?
Bring it here!
We'll stop at the first place I see.
Good evening.
A room please.
With jacuzzi?
For one hour?
For the night.
It's very bright.
I don't have any money.
We were robbed. Please, I beg you!
Give her my chess set.
This is my CD collection.
There's a complete collection
of Vox Dei inside.
It's amazing and original
and there're more.
We were robbed, seriously,
This man has a fever. Please.
- Do you want to come in?
- No, I'll pass.
Come on.
It's warm.
It's too weird.
Come on, don't be childish.
You're wearing undies, aren't you?
Excuse me.
What are we going to do
without the machine?
I'll be OK for tonight.
Tomorrow at a hospital in Salta,
I'll receive dialysis.
And the trip?
For you the trip is over, Sebas.
They took everything I had.
I don't have anything to pay you.
Leave me in Salta and go back.
Won't that make you feel worse?
You don't have children, do you?
No, Habiba had uterine cancer.
She had surgery.
Jalil, you can't go on
with this trip.
For Allah is the intention that counts,
and the purity of one's heart.
If I'd died two blocks from home,
my pilgrimage would've been complete.
I need you to deposit some
more money into my account.
I changed the light,
there's gas and the hotel.
I'll have to see how Jalil is.
Maybe I'll stay one more night.
How do you feel, Mr. Asman?
Like shit.
Yes... You have a high fever.
You probably have an infection
in a vascular access.
In a couple of minutes Dr. Mousa
will come with your studies.
I'll prepare your room.
When I come back,
we'll fill out your admission forms.
Yes I'll ask, I'll ask.
Honey, I have to hang up.
They've released you?
It was just an oil change.
And the fever?
I'm better.
It's gone.
We have to buy some medicine
at the drugstore, just in case.
Here's some tea, Jalil.
- Thanks.
- It's nothing.
Ok. It leaves soon.
Once I reach La Paz, I'll call Habiba.
So when you get home she can pay
you back what you lent me.
Don't worry about it, please.
Put this on,
or the air conditioning will kill you.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Why don't you wait a little
before leaving?
Listen, I'm staying 2 days in Salta.
You recover a bit, I'll take you.
Mecca isn't going anywhere.
My brother is waiting.
It must be this way.
All right.
I bought this for you.
A cheese and tomato sandwich.
They'll serve breakfast
and dinner on the bus.
Thank you.
I want to give you a gift.
But if you accept you can't return it.
You don't have money...
Both dogs are mine now.
What will you give me, Garlic?
I offer you the gift of being a Muslim.
To continue on a way that you have
already started without knowing it.
I don't see myself praying
with that white hat.
It's much more simple than you imagine.
Can I become a Muslim here, now?
Just like that?
It takes two Muslim witnesses.
In this case we can make an exception.
All right.
You have to repeat what I say.
I'm sorry, Jalil. But I...
I don't want to fool you.
But I can't.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
You have a high fever, Jalil.
Where are we?
Close to the border, to Villazn.
Maybe it's the altitude.
Why are you taking me?
Are you carrying plants, vegetables,
fruits or other food?
Just a moment.
- Thanks.
- Chew these. It will help a lot.
Don't swallow them.
- Take this with plenty of water.
- OK.
- That's everything.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- All right, thanks a lot.
"From Tupiza, Bolivia.
Radio Tupiza changes your life."
How far to La Paz?
5 hours. 6 with the trucks,
I'm not sure. Want to stop for a coffee?
Can you go on?
You're burning up with fever.
Please, let's stop and find a doctor.
My brother lives in the
Yapacani Nursing Home.
413 Oruro street.
Do you know the place?
I do.
- What happened, pal?
- There was an accident.
- Should I go this way?
- Yes.
Oh God.
God, God, God...
Fucking shit...
We'll get through.
Come on, little one.
Come on. Come on.
Come on...
Come on, come on.
Come on. Fuck, no!
Fucking shit!
I don't know.
I might sleep here tonight.
Or at a hotel.
I'm not sure.
Four days maybe.
It's not an easy road.
Kiss. Bye.
No, really, I'm fine.
Yes. Bye.
How do you feel?
Brand new.
- And you? How are you?
- I feel like shit.
- Did you call the insurance company?
- Yes, don't worry.
It'll be all right.
You never told me
what you thought of my dream.
Do you have time for a story?
A short one, I'm falling asleep.
Help me raise myself up.
Like this?
- Are you Ok?
- That's fine.
There was a mountain climber.
One day he decided to
climb a very high mountain.
So he climbed.
And he climbed, and he climbed...
Then night fell.
When he was just
100 meters from the summit,
he slipped.
Since he was a pro,
he was wearing a safety harness.
But then suddenly...
The rope jerked tight,
and he was hanging in midair.
Complete darkness.
Wind and snow.
The man, desperate, started yelling:
"My God, my God, help me!"
"Save me, please!"
Then suddenly, a voice.
A voice that filled the whole mountain.
It told him:
"Do you want me to save you, my son?"
- "Yes my Lord!"
- "Do you have faith in me?"
"Yes, my Lord. Save me!"
So God told him:
"Take your knife and cut
the rope that holds you."
The man...
He took the knife.
But he didn't cut the rope.
On the contrary.
He held on tight so he wouldn't fall.
The next day,
the rescue team found him, dead.
Dangling from the rope, frozen.
He was two meters off the ground.
You won't have
that dream again, Sebastin.
You've already cut your rope.
Let's go! Up, up!
Get up!