Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie (2012) Movie Script

We will not be able to go anywhere
There is no route from here.
This journey was hopeless.
We can only go this far.
Let's give up.
There is a way.
Let's believe in it.
We will surely be able to find it.
But, Princess...
Don't give up!
Princess Fuun!
You bastards will not be able | to go any further than this.
You bastrad!
Don't tell me that you're the one who caused this storm!
Watch out, Princess Fuun!
You should give up.
You should beg for forgiveness, Princess Fuun.
I will never give up.
As long as I live,
I will turn everything that I have into strength,
and I will show that I can cut a way open!
The princess is...
The seven color chakra is burning.
Let's go! We shall also burn our chakra!
That's the way, well done, Princess Fuun!
As I thought, justice will always triumph!
Hey! What are you doing up there?!
Ow ow ow ow ow! Geez!
What do you want all of a sudden?
What do you mean what do I want?
Sneaking in and watching the movie | for free is completely unethical.
No, it's not like that.
We weren't just watching the movie, | we were training at the same time.
Our tickets are right here.
Are you guys Konoha ninja?
Heh, that's right!
I will one day be the super ninja to claim the | Hokage name, Uzumaki Naruto-sama!
I am...
You're noisy!
Be considerate!
Shut up!
Well then, let's go...
... beyond that rainbow!
NARUTO | The Big Mission to Rescue the Snow Princess!
(On poster: The Adventures of Princess Fuun)
Kakashi-sensei sure is late.
It's always like this.
Geez, that movie was so good.
I was so overwhelmed by it.
What are you saying?!
Because you created such an uproar, | we didn't get to watch the end.
(On door: Entrance Prohibited)
Oh well, I should have atched Michi-sama, the | guy who played Tsukuyaku, more carefully.
Ah, but of course, you're number one, Sasuke-kun.
Sakura-chan has bad taste in men, as always.
What did you say?!
No, nothing really.
Oh really?
I wonder if there are any princesses like Princess Fuun around here.
Any ninja would be satisfied to fight for a princess like that.
What nonsense.
It's just a story from a movie.
But then, I wonder why Kakashi-sensei told | us to watch this movie before the mission.
No way! Princess Fuun!
Follow her!
Don't let her get way!
I will protect Princess Fuun!
We finally caught you.
Who are you, bastard?
Oh my, my.
What are you guys doing?
Just wasting time.
I'm sorry.
This person is the client for this mission.
Are you hurt, Princess?
Oh wow, you really are Princess Fuun!
You know, when I watched your movie, I was so moved!
"Don't give up."
I was about to cry until I couldn't stop.
When I saw your movie, I was motivated.
I won't ever give up.
I will try harder, and I'll become Hokage.
Ah, by the way, the Hokage is the ninja in the village of Konoha.
You're really good at riding.
As expected from the Fire Country's most famous actress!
Hey, miss, you're going a bit too fast!
Watch out!
It's Princess Fuun!
Wow! Great!
It's really Princess Fuun!
I am not Princess Fuun.
I know, you are the actress Fujikaze Yukie.
I'm a fan of yours!
Please sign!
Me too!
I don't give autographs or anything like that.
Please don't say that, please?
Please sign.
Me too! Give me an autograph!
Since you're an actress, please at least give me an autograph!
Cut it out!
What's so fun about getting my autograph?
Sooner or later, you will put it away somewhere | and then it will collect dust.
It doesn't serve a purpose and it's useless.
It's so stupid.
That's so rude of her.
Oh my, that's so disappointing.
Just because she's making it big doesn't | mean that she can be bitchy.
This time, our mission is to protect the actress | that plays Princess Fuun, Fukikaze Yukie.
Well, protect may not be the right word. | It's better to say we're her escorts.
This will be the first time that The Unlucky | Princess will be filmed overseas.
But Fujikaze Yukie plays the most critical role.
I am really sorry...
As one would expect from Konoha ninja...
...the bodyguards that were hired as stuntmen,
and even our master guards were easily beaten.
Thank you very much for you compliment.
Wow, what beautiful cliffs.
Those are the Snow Country's rainbow glaciers.
You're Kin-chan, the actor who played Brit!
This time, the last scene of the movie will be fimed there.
And you're Hideo-san, the actor who played Shishimaru!
We sure are going far if we're going to the Snow Country.
That was the manager, Sandayuu-san's, recommendation.
It is said that in Spring the rainbow glaciers glow with seven colors.
But that is nothing more than a myth.
In the real Snow Country, there is no such thing as Spring.
No Spring?
Does that mean that it's always winter?
That's what it mean.
Kakashi, was it?
I heard that you'd been to the Snow Country before.
It was long ago.
And it is said that the Snow Country is a poor nation.
It-It's the henchman, Michi-sama!
Didn't their economy collapse because the previous feudal | lord got too involved with his mechanical puppets?
And that's how they went bankrupt, or something like that?
Hey, I hope that they have a heater at least.
I don't really like to go to cold places.
So, do you wanna run away, just like Yukie?
Hey, give me a break!
Is Yukie-san, erm... always like that?
Well, yes.
She doesn't know the meaning of words like "motivation" or "ambition",
and she is really quite helpless, that Yukie-chan...
But she doesn't slack off when it comes to work.
I don't care about an actor's private life.
As long as she gives a great performance when | the camera is on, I'm not going to complain.
She was born to be an actress.
Thinking about it, she started running away when she | was told that she was going to the Snow Country.
Okay, I give up.
Your name is?
Uzumaki Naruto!
Yeah, yeah... Uzumaki Naruto-san, right?
Miss, you smell nice.
What was that?!
Pervert repellent.
How stupid.
Quit joking around.
Who would want to go to the Snow Country?
I finally found you, Princess Fuun!
I told you already, I'm not Princess Fuun.
I understand that!
How dare you break a boy's pure heart?!
It doesn't matter how great of an actress | you are, I will never forgive you!
How stupid.
Being an actress is the worst job ever.
It's a job for the worst people.
You have to follow other people's scripts, | act, and live in a world packed with lies.
Truly stupid.
Lady, are you drunk?
You're annoying, hurry up and disappear!
The ship to the Snow Country is departing soon!
We'd better hurry, or else...
It's okay.
I am not going to board.
Eh? What?!
What are you saying?!
It'll be alright.
It happens all the time.
Something goes wrong, the main character | gets replaced, the director gets replaced...
Be quiet!
The part of Princess Fuun can only be played by you!
And if you aren't going to come, you are not going | to be able to work in this business again.
It's alright, it doesn't matter.
I guess it can't be helped.
I see. So she has the hexagonal crystal.
The actress Fujikaze Yukie is undoubtedly Kazahana Koyuki.
Ten years of searching is finally paying off.
If it was just the girl, it would be too easy.
But Koyuki seems o have an escort, Hatake Kakashi.
Hatake Kakashi?
Eh? That sounds interesting.
Sounds like fate has spurred this confrontation.
Father, were are you?
Come here.
Yes, stand right there.
What can you see there?
Father and me.
Look carefully.
You will be able to see your future.
Are you awake, Yukie-san?
Sandaiyuu, can you bring me water?
My head feels like it's spinning.
I think I may be hallucinating, but it feels like I'm swaying.
No, it's not your imagination.
What the hell is this?!
I don't like that lady.
What are you saying, Naruto?
Whatever happens, we have to protect her.
This is an important mission. | (On book: Come Come Paradise)
That's right, it's an A-Rank mission.
A-Rank mission?
I don't think it will be that hard just to protect a single actress.
That's not true, Sasuke.
That's because famous people always get targeted.
And we don't know who the enemies are, | so don't let your guard down.
Lights okay, mic okay.
Cameras okay.
Put in your best effort!
Start it from the test!
Alright, scene 23, cut 6, take 1, action!
Shishimaru, hang in there!
Your Highness... I'm sorry to be of no use...
What are you saying?
Because of you, and the courage you gave us...
Your Highness...
I wanted to see the other side of the rainbow together with you...
What great drama...
That's entirely different from how she acts in real life...
That is Yukie-sama.
As soon as the camera starts rolling, there | isn't anyone who can act like her!
Okay, stop.
What is it?!
Sandaiyuu, I need the eye drops.
The eye drops.
Yes, yes, yes.
Good enough?
It is going to overflow!
Hurry up and get the film rolling!
Geez, we don't have a choice.
Hey, we are going to take it right away.
Alright, scene 23, cut 6-2. Action!
We're in trouble!
This is...
When I woke up this morning, the route was blocked!
What should we do?
We can do it here!
You fool!
Can't you see that this is the ideal location?
How can we afford not to film in such a place?!
This is what you call it when the "God of Movies" arrives.
Everyone get ready to land!
We will be filming, so please stand by.
Okay, scene 36, cut 22. Action!
So you have come all the way here!
Princess Fuun!
You are Mao!
Your Highness, please stay back!
We will deal with him!
Whatever your numbers, you are no match for me.
What is the meaning of this?
What are you doing?!
Everyone, get back!
Welcome to the Snow Country.
You are...
I welcome you, Princess Koyuki.
Did you bring the hexagonal crystal?
Princess Koyuki?!
As expected of Hatake Kakashi.
I can't get any closer to you than here.
Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura,
You guys go and protect Yokie-san.
Everyone go and return to the ship!
Fubuki, Mizore, get Princess Koyuki.
Oh well, oh well.
It's been a while, Kakashi.
You're not going to run away this time?
Like last time?
Rouga Nadare.
I don't know exactly what's going on, | but it seems just like the movies!
Princess Fuun! I will protect you!
Hyouton Tsubame Fubuki! | (Ice Element, Swallow Attack)
Katon, Goukakyuu no Jutsu!
Everyone hurry up and return to the ship!
Your Highness!
Hyouro no Jutsu! | (Ice Prison Technique)
Suiton, Suiryuudan no Jutsu! | (Water Element, Water Dragon Blast Technique)
Sacrifice your lives and keep on shooting!
Show pride in our work!
there's something weird about that armor!
That is the Snow Country's armor designed especially for ninja.
It's chakra armor.
Chakra armor?
They are more powerful than before.
You remembered?
This armor increases my chakra and strengthens my techniques.
It creates a wall of chakra around the body.
And it even nullifies your chakra and reflects it back to you.
It doesn't matter what kind of ninjutsu | or genjutsu you use, they won't work.
Hyouton, Haryuu Muuko! | (Ice Element, Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger)
Suiton, Suiryuudan! | (Ice Element, Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger)
Get out of the way, little girl!
You brat!
What is this chakra?!
Yukie-san, hurry!
Hurry up and return to the ship!
Your Highness!
What are you doing?!
Hurry up and go!
Your Highness, let's hurry back to the ship.
We must hurry, or your life will be...
I don't care if I die!
I'm not going!
I'm not going to the Snow Country!
Quit being so selfish!
Get lost!
Your highness!
I told you that you are my opponent!
Hyouton, Itsukaku Hakuegei! | (Ice Element, One Horned Whale)
I see, that's quite a powerful jutsu.
Well then, I'll get serious.
Naruto! Gather everyone and run!
Hyouton, Itsukaku Hakusei!
As usual, you copied it.
You can't beat me with the same jutsu.
Beat you?
I'm sorry, but I won't meet your expectations.
Wow, we just filmed a great movie...
It has been ten years since that time...
We've reached the harbor.
Sandayuu-san, you knew about this, right?
You must have know how she would | react if she were to return here.
This is the only way that I could bring | the princess back to this country.
Old man Sandayuu!
Princess Fuun is just someone in the movie, | she isn't a real princess.
She is a real princess.
Fujikaze Yukie is a fake name.
She is really Kazahana Koyoki, the heiress of the Snow Country.
The last time I was with her, she was very young. |
It's not surprising that she does not remember me.
Sandayuu-san, you're also from the Snow Country?
Yes, that's right.
I used to serve at the side of this country's | previous king, Kazahana Sousetsu-sama.
The Snow Country was a small, but peaceful country.
(On Wall: Snow Mountain)
Sousetsu-sama loved the princess very much | and they lived a very peaceful life.
But ten years ago, that incident...
Sousetsu-sama's younger brother Dotou,
hired some ninja, revolted, and took over this country.
He burnt the beautiful Kazahana Castle, and | we thought that we'd lost the princess.
Don't expose your face! The enemy will find us!
I couldn't win against them at that time. I had to run away.
I had no choice but to run away...
I found the princess when she was on stage.
I was overjoyed... how she... how she managed to survive...
It would have been better if I had died that day.
Please don't say that.
To us, that fact that you are still alive is our hope!
Even if I am still alive, my heart is already dead.
Ever since that incident, my tears have dried up.
After the incident, I somehow managed | to become Fujikaze Yukie's manager.
And I waited until I finally got the chance | to bring the princess back to this country.
Eh? So all this time, you were using us?
No. Well... I apologize for fooling all of | you, but this is for the Snow Country.
Princess Koyuki!
You must overthrow Dotou, and be our new Queen!
I, Sandayuu, will protect you with my life!
So please fight with us!
Don't joke with me.
But the people of the Snow Country...
That's none of my business.
I refuse.
Your Highness...
Give it up already!
Are you stupid?
No matter how hard you try, | there is no way you can defeat Dotou!
Don't say the words "give up" that easily!
This old man is risking his life to make that dream come true.
If you make fun of him, I'll never forgive you!
Naruto-dono... | (Note:-dono is an honorific used to address samurai)
(Note:-dono is an honorific used to address samurai)
Because you wou,dn't give up, you'll be able to see a dream.
Because you're able to see a dream, the future will come.
This is nice. What a perfect theme for the | final chapter of The Unlucky Princess.
D-Director... don't tell me that you are going to continue filming...
I told you that this movie is changing...
No way!
Think about it.
Using a real princess and making it a movie.
It's something that happens once in a lifetime.
Oh, I see. It's going to be a great success, and | we can film the movie and earn big bucks.
If we do this, it is going to be a real hit!
Wait a second!
Unfortunately, there is only one option left.
There isn't a place where you can hide, | now that Dotou has discovered you.
To fight is the only way for you to live.
Okay! The mission will continue!
Princess Fuun will go on to the Snow Country | and defeat the evil commander!
Don't fool around!
Reality is different from the movie.
There is no such thing as a happy ending anywhere in this world!
If you put in the effort, you will be able to pull through!
For such a mission, we should return | to the village and get more people.
That would be a waste of time.
We are enough for this mission.
You all...
So it's decided.
The filming will continue!
Let's make it a movie with a happy ending!
At the other side of this large cave, there is | a village where our comrades are gathered.
After we finish filming here, | we are planning to make a formal visit.
Everyone is waiting for the princess' arrival, | more than tou can possibly know.
I can't see the exit.
Long ago, this place used to be a railway.
Right now, it's covered by ice, but | really the tracks are underneath.
Alright! We'll start the filming!
D-Director! Big problem!
What is it this time?
Yukie ran away again!
Don't fool around...
Don't fool around with me!
We will split up from here to search for her.
If you find her, make contact by radio!
Look carefully, you should be able to see your future.
I can't see anything.
You will.
That's right. When Spring comes, you'll be able to see it.
Father, you liar.
There is no Spring in this country.
Geez, how many times do you have to | run away before you're satisfied?
Everyone is waiting.
Why is it always you who finds me?
Because it's my mission.
Even if you don't like it, I will chase you wherever you go.
I just know... by your smell.
Go back.
I will just act in front of the camera.
I'm not going to do anything else.
What is it?
It's chakra.
There is a small amount of chakra flowing | through the rail, and it's melting the ice.
They're coming.
Everyone! Hurry up and run away!
We'll be in be in trouble if we get caught!
Where are you planning to go?
Train? What's a train?
That thing?!
We'll be run over!
We will not!
It's impossible!
I will not give up!
It's definitely impossible!
Shut up and be quiet!
Even if you do this, it's pointless!
It's over!
I will not let it end!
I will never give up!
If you say that you are going to give up, | I will try harder and never give up!
Why you, why you...
It's been a while, Koyuki.
Kazahana Dotou.
So, it's been ten years?
Now, let me see your face.
Everyone! Our Princess Koyuki is watching.
Victory will be ours!
Kazahana Dotou!
Do you know how long we have waited for this day?
I am Asabasan Sandayuu, a representative of the 50th Brigade.
Now, we will avenge the death of Kazahana | Sousetsu-sama from a decade ago.
And we will take it out on you!
There are still people like that around?
My deepest apologies.
I will go now and deal with them.
They need to experience something that is absolutely hopeless.
Wait, Sasuke, don't follow them any further.
This is so cruel.
That is the result of their persistence.
If they hadn't gone up against Dotou, they | wouldn't have ended up like this.
Your Highness...
I am very sorry... get tou involved in this.
I, and everyone else...
Because you were around, we didn't lose our hope.
Ever since you were young, and even | now, you were always our princess.
That's what I, Sandayuu, believe that you are...
Please believe in yourself...
You are our hope.
Your Highness...
Please... don't cry...
You really are stupid, Sandayuu.
I cannot cry because you have the eye drops.
You should be satisfied.
Let's go home.
If we stay in this country any longer, | you won't be able to return safely.
We're heading back.
What are you going back to?
Your home country is right here, isn't it?
If you really want to go back, then defeat | Dotou and go back to your home!
You don't know anything.
There is no Spring in this country.
It's a place where your tears freeze | and your heart will turn to stone!
But you're able to change that, right?
At least... I think Sandayuu-san believed in that.
Stop talking nonsense!
Hey, wait!
Leave me alone!
Oh shit!
Sakura, where is Naruto?
No way, don't tell me...
Do you think I will let you go so easily?
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!
You have become beautiful, Koyuki.
Do you have the hexagonal crystal?
That's good.
Because that's the only thing that connects | the Kazahana family as a whole.
And it's also the key to the treasure.
The key to the treasure?
When I took over this country from your father,
there was nothing left of the Kazahana family.
Sousetsu surely must have kept the treasure elsewhere.
I looked for it, and I finally found it.
It's a massive weapon hidden in the Rainbow Glaciers.
And I have found a keyhole that fits the hexagonal crystal.
It I get hold of the Kazahana's weapon,
our country will have the power to overcome | the five other shinobi nations!
I will never let that happen!
You bastard!
How did you get in here?
Don't underestimate a ninja.
My deepest apologies.
That kid was quite troublesome.
Oh, so he can use Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu? | (Mass Shadow Clone Technique)
I don't understand it well, but this kid...
It seems that he has an enormous amount of chakra.
Just in case anything happens, should we attach the device?
Yes, we have an interesting guinea pig.
It is a chakra control device.
The ultimate technique for sucking out chakra.
And it creates an impenetrable wall around him.
He won't be able to pull it off nor will he be able to destroy it.
There's no way.
My power... is fading...
You're not a real ninja.
Just a little brat.
Damn it...
Now then, will you hand over the hexagonal crystal?
This is...
Don't fool around with me! This is just a fake!
That's not possible...
Hatake Kakashi...
I see.
He'd be able to switch it easily.
We will bring Kakashi right away.
There is no need for that.
They will soon come here.
And I shall wait until then.
Damn it...
My power doesn't even kick in...
Damn it. If I had known something like this was gonna happen, | I would have trained more in Nawanuke no Jutsu. | (Escape Techniques)
(Escape Techniques)
Even if I am not able to use my chakra, being able to do | something in such circumstances makes me a real ninja.
Well deserved.
You too.
I guess so.
There is no Spring... What does that mean?
"When it is Spring, you will be able to see."
That's what my father said.
Father, what is Spring?
I see. You haven't seen Spring before, right?
Koyuki, close your eyes.
Imagine a flower garden.
Isn't it beautiful?
And then imagine yourself running around in that place.
How does it feel?
Doesn't it feel warm and make you happy?
That is what you call Spring.
Don't give up, and believe in the future.
Some day, Spring will definitely come.
But there is no Spring in this country.
My father died, I ran away from this country, | and I decided to stop believing.
I keep on running and running away, and | I keep on telling lies. I even lie to myself.
So I act like other people.
I can only be an actress, there is nothing else for me.
Even if you do that, nothing is going to change.
You have to give up in the end.
If you give up, I'm sure it'll be quite a relief.
No one will bother you,
or even pay attention to you.
It was alright, but it was still really painful.
I felt there was no place for me in this world.
But... I have good friends now.
And when I tried my best and | didn't give up, good things happened!
If you give up, your dreams, and | everything else, will end right here!
Stop it!
Your dad, old man Sandayuu...
I will prove...
...that they weren't wrong!
I'll save you right now...
It's an enemy raid!
That Kakashi. So he planned a night assault, eh?
It's going according to plan.
Hey since when...?
I said not to underestimate a ninja.
Damn it!
Wait, wait, Naruto!
It's me!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I am glad to see the princess is well.
You switched the hexagonal crystal for a fake one, didn't you?
I'm Sorry.
I figured that those guys were after it.
Just for this...
We can't hold that area any longer.
Down here!
Well done, Koyuki.
Don't tell me...
Everyone seems to have forgotten,
that I am an actress.
It's true.
Koyuki acted the whole scene.
Yes, the whole thing is an act.
That's why I said...
I am an actress!
Damn you!
I knew about this, Naruto.
When I returned here was when I would die.
That's why at least...
Stop it! Princess!
Naruto... it was all thanks to you...
Until the very, very end... I kept running away...
What you are doing right now is the same as running away!
You can't die!
I am not going to die from this toy-like katana.
That's right!
This is the new advanced model of chakra armor!
Don't touch her with your dirty hands!
It's pointless.
Your chakra is completely sealed!
Well, let's go Koyuki. To the place beyond the rainbow.
Damn it.
Damn it...
I will never give up...
Even if you don't like it, | I will follow you wherever you go.
Damn it!
Hop on!
So I ended up here after all...
Sakura, now?
Just a little bit more!
I get it!
After five seconds, turn twenty degrees | left and run thirty meters ahead!
That's where the tree branch is!
Whatever you do will be useless!
I told you that it's useless!
Sakura Fubuki no Jutsu! | (Sakura Blizzard Technique)
As if.
We Snow ninja aren't that weak!
Shishi Rendan! | (Lion Combo)
What happened?
I'm not sure...
...but maybe...
Do you have any chance of winning?
After all, you ran away last time.
It can't be helped.
I'll show you something original.
Raikiri! | (Lighting Edge)
Hyouton! Rouga Nadare no Jutsu! | (Ice Element, Rouga Nadare's Technique)
That was so close.
Even if ninjutsu and genjutsu don't work | on you, a shinobi still has taijutsu!
You've depended too much on that armor!
Where is the treasure?
Where is the treasure?!
It's getting warm... This is...
A generator?!
Is this what you call Kazahana's treasure?!
Hyoton, kokuryuu Boufuusetsu! | (Ice Element Black Dragon Blizzard)
What's wrong?
It's not affecting me at all...
Naruto, stop it!
This time, you will really die!
Believe in me!
If you believe in me,
I will definitely...
...not lose!
No way... Don't tell me that his chakra is leaking out...
Take this!
As if that level of jutsu would work against me!
Naruto... I made a crack...
You handle the rest...
Hey, Demon Fox, stop lying there doing nothing!
Show me your stuff!
What is that?
I will pay back what you did to me...
...with compound interest!
What big words!
Souryuu Boufuusetsu!
It's all over.
From now on, everything is over!
I told you, it's not over yet.
If you say something is over, it means | that justice prevails and evil loses!
It's obvious that the story will have a happy ending!
I will believe in you! This Unlucky Princess | has accepted you as the greatest ninja!
...I already know!
The seven color chakra,
just like in the movie.
Take this! Rasengan!
Don't tell me!
Is this some kind of alternate world?!
Believe in the future.
If you do, Spring will come.
Koyuki, what would you like to do when Spring comes?
I'll become a princess.
Hm, what kind of princess?
Hm... A kind, strong one.
A princess who believes in justice!
That's going to be very hard work.
I did say that before...
But if you don't give up and keep on believing in your dreams,
one day, for sure, you will become one.
Can you see...
...that a very beautiful princess is standing here?
But I am not quite decided yet.
There is one more thing that I want to become.
What is it?
An actress!
And this is one happy ending.
I fire from walking | the raindrops hit my face.
Out here chasing an uncatchable rabbit.
I can see deep into your eyes,
like the bubbling water in the depths of a dark sea.
You're calling out to me, to me...
I'm right here.
Where, where should I go... satisfy these desires?
Let's head home, and then tomorrow,
will you smile and say, "Everything is all right"?
I call out your name, your name...
I'll give you a warm embrace.
Just close your eyes and remember our childhood days.
You make up for the areas that I am lacking.
I've forgotten all about the sad times,
so I'm not scared at all.
Now I've lied, and I feel remorse...
Somehow, I managed to grow up.
Now I feel ashamed, and I nervously sweat...
But even still, I've found a reason to continue the dance.
I scorch my soul, scorch my soul... | I'm yelling out to the heavens!
If I just open that door, that door, | I'll be saved.
Let's head home, and then,
let's meet that white rabbit | on the dark side of the moon.
Let's head home, and then tomorrow,
we'll laughing in our bare feet.
You're calling out to me, to me...
I'll give you a warm embrace.
Just close your eyes and remember our childhood days.
After all, the device was incomplete.
So it's going to be Winter again?
No, not at all. We will use that device | and study it, and if we refine it,
then some day the Snow Country | will be called the Spring Country.
But you know, it's going to be a waste.
You're so popular, and now you're going to quit acting.
Who said that I will stop acting?
As the monarchy and the actress of the Snow | Country, I will show that I can do both.
It's stupid to give up,isn't it? | (On Movie Script: Come Come Paradise)
Well then, see ya!
I can see deep into your eyes,
like the bubbling water in the depths of a dark sea.
Please sign here!
Please give me your autograph!
Yes, yes.
I call out your name, your name...
I'm right here.
Now if I can just tell this to my heart, my heart,
these desires will be satisfied.
I should have gotten her autograph...
If you are talking about the autograph, I've got it.
Uzumaki Naruto-sama Never give up on becoming Hokage | Fujikaze Yukie
I wish that she had taken a better picture of me.
Alright, cut!
Well done!
Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
Thank you! Thank you!