Road Trip Romance (2022) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.
Megan Miller.
Are you in Denver?
Oh, hello, Mrs. Evans.
Not for three more days.
Yes, I'm in Denver.
On my way to
the client as we speak,
but I'm so excited
about tonight.
Me too.
Is Mom? Is she staying sane?
Well, she volunteered
to coordinate corsages
for the wedding party. So...
How hard could that be?
Thank you.
Do you know how many flowers
are in bloom right now?
I mean, she's obsessing.
She just wants
everything to be perfect.
Yeah. I do, too.
And it will
be better than perfect.
It will be real
and full of heart.
Just like the bride.
I'm marrying Jack.
I still can't quite believe it.
I know he is
one heck of a catch.
After all, he is
the luckiest guy in the world.
Yeah, he kind of is.
Alright. Showtime. I gotta buzz.
I'll see you at 7:00.
Okay, but don't be late.
Neither snow
nor rain nor gloom of the night
will keep this
maid of honor from being at
her sister's bachelorette party.
I'll see you later.
Mom: Blair! Blair!
We've had a breakthrough!
Uh, I'll be down in a few, Mom.
May I help you?
Hi, I'm Megan Miller.
I have a 10:00 o'clock
appointment with Mrs. O'Reilly.
Fun For All.
She's still with
her 9:00 o'clock,
but it shouldn't be too long.
Would you like a water?
Um, no, that's okay. Thanks.
Okay. I'll just go...
I'll sit over there. Thanks.
For the bridesmaids I was
thinking roses or carnations,
because, I mean, naturally
that's what you do, right?
But then I thought,
where's the fun in that?
If we keep to a color scheme,
we could do a parade
of different flowers.
Roses, carnations,
daisies, lisianthis,
whatever all nestled
in baby's breath.
I mean you can never go wrong
with baby's breath, right?
Uh, yeah.
The eye will be drawn in
and pow, the dresses will pop.
Whatever you want mom.
No, it's whatever you want.
It's your day.
Well, I want you to pick,
because whatever
you choose will be amazing.
Hi, Mrs. M.
Hi, Della.
Oh! Sorry.
- Is it 10:30 already?
- Just about.
We'll see how the flowers
look on the girls.
Okay. Want to bring them up?
Excuse me.
Did Mrs. O'Riley mention
how much longer she's gonna be?
I'm sorry. No.
Oh. Well, that 9:00
must be going real well.
Probably just got
Ms. O'Riley talking.
When she starts
she could go all day.
Well, that's good to know. Thanks.
Do you have another
appointment to get to?
This is my only stop in Denver.
I just...
I have a flight to
catch this afternoon.
Oh, that shouldn't be a problem.
Sure I can't get you a water?
You know what?
I will get that water.
I love the colors.
Yeah, it turned out great.
Yes! Like I said, amazing.
I never did get
the hang of these.
You look fabulous.
You know,
I hear it's a beautiful stadium.
Mrs. O'Riley:
It is! It's a real gem.
Next time I'm in town I'll have
to try and catch a game.
Let me know.
We have excellent box seats.
I'll set you up.
That'd be amazing.
Alden Brown.
Megan Miller?
Both: What are you doing here?
Novelties R Us?
Fun For All?
You must be my 10:00 o'clock.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Novelties R Us is your company.
And Fun For All is yours.
Thank you for stopping in, Alden.
We'll be in touch.
Yes, and if you
have any questions,
just give me a call
or shoot me an email.
Of course.
I have kept you waiting
long enough, Miss...
Megan is totally fine.
Oh, I'm Leanne.
Nice to meet you.
So, you and Alden
know each other?
Yeah, we grew up together.
We went to rival high schools.
Oh! Small world.
Yeah, sure is. Too small.
That's adorable.
Yeah, and as you can see
from our promotional materials,
we have a dynamic product line
with a ton of variety.
I gotta admit, the hand-sewn
whoopee cushion made me smile,
but these guys...
The perfect poster toy for
what Fun For All is all about.
See all our toys are
traditional mechanics.
So, no electronics.
Oh, my kids would love these.
And our packaging doubles as
eye-catching store displays.
So, the entire product line
is really going to stand out
in your department stores.
If we decide to
carry vintage toys.
No, you must.
People nowadays,
especially children,
they're turning off technology.
They're oversaturated.
The market for old-fashioned
toys is exploding.
Well, it must be if two sharp
Millennials like you and Alden
have started
competing companies.
Competition in name only.
My product line is the best.
You're really passionate
about what you do.
Fun For All has been
a dream of mine since...
Since I can remember.
I like that.
But the thing is, Megan,
Mountain State Consolidated
has gotten to where it is,
the largest most profitable
chain of family-owned
department stores in the region,
because we always
expand prudently.
Respecting verities.
That's what Fun For All
is all about.
Let me walk you through
the Mountain State story.
Show you how we got here.
Well, it all started with
Great Grandpa O'Riley,
a man of vision.
In the spring of 1890,
he stowed away in
the hold of a freighter.
Blair, you will never guess who
I just ran into! Alden brown!
The guy from Central High?
You saw him where?
We were pitching
to the same client.
Apparently, he has his own
vintage toy business.
Wow. What are the chances?
I wish I had a trigger warning.
Seeing him brought back so many
high school horror stories.
Yeah. I bet.
Debates, the pep club showdowns.
We competed then
and we're competing now,
but this time
he is not going to win.
You go, girl.
I am on my way to the airport.
I will see you soon.
Megan, you did
remember to bring...
That super something
special borrowed to go with
your old, new, and blue?
Uh-huh. Of course, I did.
Why did I even ask?
Oh, no.
The Denver Airport is closed.
What? Why?
Wildcat baggage handler strike?
You're still coming tonight,
Got to go. Bye.
It's a regional strike.
So, Colorado Springs
is still open.
There's a flight leaving to
Wichita in about three hours.
So, I was thinking
that I could rent a car...
Blair, I'm going to
call you back. Bye.
Excuse me.
I really need to rent
a car like five minutes ago.
Oh, okay.
I'll ask all the other
people in line to step aside
so you can go first.
Really? Oh, thank you so much.
Yeah, everybody needs to run
a car like 10 minutes ago.
The thing is, it's an emergency.
It's not like I'm having a baby
or a heart attack
or I need a car
to save the world,
but my sister is getting married
and her bachelorette party
is tonight.
Wow, a bachelorette party.
That does sound important.
Yeah. No, it's not.
I'm really sorry, Stella.
You must be having
a really stressful day
and I'm being a total jerk.
It's just
I'm the maid of honor and...
I'm hosting the party,
and it's for my little sister,
and I've always
been there for her
and I never let her down and...
the thought of me
letting her down
and not being there for her,
it just...
I'm sorry.
Sorry, Stella.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
Have a nice day.
I would do anything
for my little sister
Follow me.
Megan, hey! Did you get a car!?
- Can't talk, Alden.
- Where are you headed?
Colorado Springs, I'm catching
a flight to Wichita.
I need to get the Wichita.
Well, good luck with that.
Let me come with you.
No, thank you.
I'll pay for gas,
I'll pay for the rental fee.
I will buy you
a first class upgrade.
Are you pleading with me?
Megan, please.
It's an emergency.
An emergency? Are you having
a baby? A heart attack?
Have you been tasked
to save the world?
It's my dad.
It's his retirement party.
The entire family's
going to be there.
Everyone's flying in.
I've never missed
a really important family event,
and I've never not been
there for my dad, not ever.
How can I say no to that?
Let me grab my stuff.
I call shotgun.
Hey, I noticed
you don't have a suitcase.
Yeah, I checked it
through to Wichita
when I left from
Seattle this morning.
Wait, you live In Seattle, too?
This day keeps on
getting better and better.
I live in Belltown.
Where do you live?
That's great. We're neighbors.
I'm feeling a bit of
a chill over here, Megatron.
Don't call me that.
My friends only call me that
and you are definitely
not one of them.
Well, high school was ages ago.
So, maybe we could
be friends now.
Not until you give me
that trophy stole for me back.
What trophy?
Regional debate champ.
Senior year.
Uh, I won that fair and square.
Oh, no, you did not.
Oh, no.
Well, I guess we're not the only
ones with a bright idea.
Colorado Springs to Wichita,
sold out.
I guess you're going
to be flying without me.
I never got a flight.
I thought I could just buy
a plane ticket at the airport.
It's okay. It's totally okay.
When's the next flight?
Not until tomorrow.
Okay. What are we gonna do?
Go back to Denver?
Maybe there's a bus
that'll take us to Wichita.
No, that's going
to take forever.
- Why don't we just drive there?
- Let's just drive there.
- Can't be that far.
- 78 hours tops.
We'd be there by midnight.
I'll miss
the bachelorette party.
And my dad's barbecue
isn't until Sunday.
But I'll make it
in time for the wedding.
Cousins, I can hang out
with them on Saturday.
And the rehearsal dinner.
Seven to eight hours in the car.
For my sister.
For my dad.
I still want that trophy.
I'm not even sure
if I still have it.
Yes, you are and yes, you do.
Top shelf in the family room,
right next to my
Student of the Year award.
That's gonna look
so perfect next to mine.
Oh, no!
I know, I'm so bummed.
There's no way at all
that you can get here on time?
No, and I wrote
a killer toast, too.
Why don't you email it to me?
I'll read it to everyone.
No, you can't read it!
It has to be read to you.
You'll see. I know!
Okay. Why don't you
call me back when it's time
and I'll read the toast
over the phone?
Perfect. Hey, I gotta jump off.
Jack's here, but keep me
posted on your progress.
- I will.
- Bye.
Hi, handsome.
Sorry. I only let
my fiance call me that.
What brings you here?
Baby's breath.
For your mom.
Ah, yes, the wedding party look.
We have a ton of
baby's breath in our garden.
It's over-flowering with it.
So, Megan's not going to be able
to make the bachelorette party.
- Why not?
- She can't get a flight.
She's driving in
from Denver instead.
I thought she was
hosting the party.
I'll enlist Della to do it.
Ah, you'll Della-gate her.
Three more days, Jack,
and then that's it.
No more puns. You promised.
I know. I'm just trying
to get it out of my system
so we can enjoy
our pun-free-moon.
You know, you get better mileage
if you use cruise control.
I'm not really worried
about the mileage.
You're paying for the gas.
Okay if I put the radio on?
No, no music.
I find it very distracting.
How about talk radio?
No. Why don't you just listen
to something on your phone?
I can't, earbuds in a moving
vehicle making me nauseous.
Okay, then read something.
That's even worse.
Why don't we play a game?
20 Questions?
No, thank you.
- Alphabet.
- You'd cheat.
I would not cheat.
A leopard cannot
change his stripes.
This is about that debate,
isn't it?
For starters.
You actually think
that I cheated.
No, I know that you did.
Really? How?
Resolved cafeteria food
fails to meet RDA guidelines?
You presented totally
bogus data to show that it does.
And were you able to
prove that the data was...
- Data were.
- Bogus in rebuttal?
I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
I was having internet problems.
I didn't have
time to research it.
Ah, see, I was in
the same auditorium
using the same internet
and funny, I didn't have any
trouble rebutting your claims.
Oh, yeah, with bogus data.
Robert's Rules of Order
clearly state
that it is the burden
of the rebutter...
I do know! I know, I know,
I know the rules.
Case closed. Case closed.
Sore loser.
Well, you're going to be
a sore loser this time around,
because that Consolidated
account is mine.
You haven't seen
my product line.
Oh, I have, I always
research the competition.
Really? Well, so have I.
I've seen your stuff.
I know and it rocks.
It's not bad.
You are going to hate
the taste of my dust.
We'll see about that.
Of course, if you want to give
me a hard time about that debate
I could say the same thing about
the school spirit
film competition.
Oh, give me a break, that movie,
if you can even call it that,
was totally amateurish.
As it should be in
a film made by amateurs.
And what is your point?
Charles Garvey.
Charles? Okay.
What about Charles?
Award-winning documentarian.
Oh, and the father of your
classmate Toby Garvey.
The director of your film.
Who clearly inherited
his father's talents.
Not to mention his
state-of-the-art camera,
sound, and lighting equipment,
and his participation.
He was only a consultant
on the movie.
- Like ducks.
- "Like ducks."
Who says like ducks?
But I'm not going to give
you a hard time about it.
You know why?
No, but I'm sure
you're going to tell me.
Because it was a competition
and people compete to win.
You have a genius
for stating the obvious.
Come to think of it.
I may have been the best thing
that ever happened
to you in high school.
I gave you someone
to compete against.
But like you said, we're not
in high school anymore.
Yet here we are,
still competing.
"Best thing to happen
to me in high school?"
I know you are annoying,
but I did not think
you were delusional.
You know I'm right.
Where's the car?
Did we park it somewhere else?
No, no. We parked
in front of the window
with the caramel corn sign.
That's why I bought some.
It was smart ad placement.
Someone stole our car?
- My luggage is in there!
- My sample suitcase, my phone!
My something borrowed.
I really appreciate
all your help with this all.
Are you sure there's
nothing else I can do?
What did he say?
Well, he issued an APB.
Well, if they're tracking
your cell, we'll find
my phone, though, right?
You didn't
activate that feature?
I don't like that thing.
I don't like that someone
can track me down.
I find it very creepy,
Besides, it doesn't matter
if they don't find the phone.
I'm not the owner of it.
They have to send it
back to the car rental place,
which can't send us a new one,
because the airport strike,
they're all booked up.
Mm-hm. Well, I contacted Uber
and Lyft and every ride company
that you've never heard of.
No one is going to take us
because they all need
a fair back to Wichita,
which I guess makes sense.
Making sense does not
get us to Wichita.
No, but I have
something that does.
He wanted $5,000 for it,
but I sweet-talked him down to
four and a half,
and a free tank of gas.
You bought this?
Yeah, put it on my card.
Well, how do you
even know it runs?
That's really reassuring,
like everything printed
on a dot matrix is.
Okay, have a little faith,
The guy's in mechanic,
said the engines cherry.
Wow, if I had known
that you were this gullible
in high school,
I would have never lost to you.
If you got a better idea
on how to get us to Wichita,
I'd love to hear it.
Must be your sister.
Blair, hi.
Hey, I just got your message.
The car was stolen?
Yeah, I know,
but we landed another one.
Oh, good.
Okay, I need to call
back on this phone
when it's time
for the toast, okay?
And whose phone is this?
Alden Brown.
I know. I know.
I'll tell you about it
when I see you next, okay?
I'll talk to you later.
Alright, let's get this
dog and pony show on the road.
Oh, that door doesn't open.
Gotta use the driver door.
My darling,
take my word for it
You've come too far
to let me down
Oh, sorry.
My shoe!
Oh, we're going to have to...
figure out
how to get this off.
You're aching
for an easy answer
Don't be taking more
than you can count...
You okay?
Not really.
Look, I'm trying
not to be annoying.
Not everything is about you.
And apparently I'm failing.
It's my something borrowed.
Yeah. What is that about anyway?
It's tradition.
The bride. She always
wears something old,
something new, something...
Something borrowed,
something blue.
- Yeah.
- Got it.
So, Blair's something borrowed
she was borrowing from me.
It was this beautiful
vintage shawl I found at
a Good Will in high school,
and I actually wore it...
To senior prom.
How do you know that?
I was there, remember?
The time I was dating...
Katie MacDougall, I remember.
Yeah, right.
It was a beautiful shawl.
Guys aren't supposed
to notice stuff like that.
Well, I did.
Well, Blair,
she thought it was beautiful too
and she designed her whole
wedding dress around it,
but now it's gone.
I had it in my sample suitcase.
You know, in case
the airlines lost my luggage.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I'm just turning out to be
the worst maid of honor ever.
Your sister won't mind.
Yeah, but I do.
You know,
I remember your sister.
She was one heck
of a cheerleader.
Yeah, she is. Allstate.
Who's she marrying?
Anybody I know?
Jack Evans. He went to Central.
She's marrying Greenback Jack?
Oh, yeah. She is.
That guy was money in the bank.
Letter for every sports team.
The Debate Club
even looked up to him.
What's he doing now?
He is teaching at a high school.
That's how he and Blair met.
They're both teachers together.
Oh, P.E.?
Special Ed.
Right. Of course,
not just a great athlete.
Great guy.
And he was very picky.
Your sister must
really be something.
Yeah, she is.
He did pun non-stop though.
Oh, I know. I know, she's trying
to wean him off of that,
but I think she might have
to state an intervention.
- Good luck.
- Uh-oh.
There's road work ahead,
but it says we're still
on the fastest route,
but we won't be
if the traffic backs up.
Let's just take this exit here.
No, I think we should
stick with the GPS.
No, as soon as we turn off
it's going to recalculate,
and I don't want to
get in a traffic jam.
This exit.
I mean,
a bachelorette pep rally?
Who's idea was that?
She put all this together,
with a little help from me.
It seems like a lot of help.
Well, she wasn't here. I was.
Well, she should
be calling soon.
So, I can't wait.
It's not recalculating.
Try a different app.
I did, but I'm going
to try another one.
So, we have no idea
where we are.
- We're fine, Alden.
- No, we're not fine.
- We're lost.
- Don't overreact. Okay?
Look, maybe this app right here.
No nothing. Uh-oh. Okay.
I knew I should have
never let you convince me
to get off the highway.
Since when have I ever talked
you into doing anything?
I knew it was a bad idea.
How was I supposed to know
there'd be a dead zone?
It said we were on
the fastest route.
Well, sometimes GPS, they lie.
Yeah, and sometimes
they don't work!
Are you okay? Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm fine.
It just came out of nowhere.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, no.
Come on!
Well, at least
we have our signal back.
Is AAA on the way?
Looks like it.
How much longer?
It's hard to say,
and I'm going to
shut my phone off soon.
It's practically dead.
Too much hopping around
to find a decent GPS.
Alden, I said, I was sorry,
and, no, you cannot
turn that thing off,
because I have to
call in my toast.
Uh, there's like
2% battery life left.
If it was up to me,
we'd always be together
I remember I was
at the top of the pyramid...
You almost fell!
No, no. It was fine.
I had a ball.
Is Megan ready for her toast?
Oh, no!
No, she can't.
Their phone's about to die.
So, no toast?
Well, she grabbed it
from the cloud
and sent it as an attachment,
but someone else is
going to have to read it.
I'm giving a toast at
the rehearsal dinner tomorrow.
No, I mean, I couldn't.
I'm terrible at stuff like this.
Della, please.
Come on. You're my bestie.
La la la la
Hey, ev...
Excuse me.
Sometimes the world
ain't always fair
Hey. Can everyone gather?
Um, okay.
So, Megan,
was supposed to give the toast,
but she's not here.
So, I'm going to give it.
Go, Della!
"Blair, we are so pumped
to be here with you tonight."
We love you as
a daughter, a sister,
a niece, a cousin, a friend,
but above all as the most
legendary cheerleader
"this town has ever seen."
"This is for you, girl.
Hope we do you justice."
Okay, ladies, grab your pom-poms
and get ready to shake.
"Play link."
Oh. Play link, okay.
Play link.
Oh, my God.
Old and new
and blue and borrowed
you're getting wed tomorrow
Is this what
you really want?
Is your Jack a true Galant?
Because if he's not,
we've got your back
We'll tar and feather
Mr. Jack
But if your mind
is set on this
We hope you live
in wedded bliss
Yeah, if your heart
is too far gone.
You better get
some practice on
Yeah, when I say "I,"
you say "do"
- I. I.
- Do. Do.
- I.
- Do!
Ladies, give it up
for your bride to be!
I love you.
So, how's it look?
Oh, this engine's cherry,
but you knocked a few
things out of whack
when you went off the road.
Well, can you fix it?
Oh, good.
But not here.
I got to take it
back to the garage.
Oh, a Renaissance Fair.
Now, that's really cool.
October 8th?
Isn't that tomorrow?
Yeah, it's a huge event.
People are coming from all over.
So, how long do you think it's
going to take to repair our van?
Oh, that won't take long.
Is there a diner
or a restaurant we can eat at
while we're waiting, or?
Well, I'm not gonna
patch it up tonight.
No, no.
I'm off the mechanic's clock.
It's strictly emergency
road service stuff.
I guess we just spend the night.
Yeah, that's going
to be a problem.
- A problem?
- What?
Well, like I said,
it's a big event,
and all the motels,
the two that we have in town,
they're booked.
Okay, I guess
we sleep in the car?
Well, that sounds uncomfortable.
Tell you what?
Why don't you come
stay with Zadie and me.
We're empty-nesters now.
Oh, no, no. We really
don't want to impose.
Oh, it's not an imposition.
It's an invitation.
- Zadie.
- Hi!
Hi, come meet
Mr. And Mrs. Stranded.
Oh, no, no, no,
we're not married.
- Yeah. Just...
- Sharing a ride.
Well, whatever you are
they've had a heck of a day.
Charlie told me all about it
when he called, you poor things.
So listen, I got you some
pajamas and warm socks.
Charlie said that you and he
were about the same size.
Well, give or take a few inches.
And, oh,
our Sarah is a slip of a gal
just like you.
Oh, thank you so much.
This is very, very nice.
Now. Listen, I laid out
some snacks and drinks
for once they get
all settled, okay?
I hope you like fritters
and sarsaparilla.
I don't know.
I've never had fritters
and sarsaparilla.
Me neither.
Oh, then you are in for a treat.
Isn't that right, Charlie?
Well, come on.
Let's get you settled.
We're sleeping in a tent.
A tent? This is a real beauty.
Overflow from
the Renaissance Fair.
It's got plenty of room,
you'll see.
We thought that you...
Were empty nesters.
We are. Zadie commandeered
Sarah's room for
a crafting studio,
and I'm using Seth's
to store my LPs.
Vinyl's made a comeback.
Come on.
Let's get this puppy up.
I've never put
a tent together before.
It's easy.
How do you know?
Girl scouts. Ambassador gold.
No idea what that means.
It's scouting highest honor.
I don't want to brag.
Well, that'd be a first.
Hey, Alden, grab a corner.
Morning, sweetheart.
Morning, Mom.
Oh, what time did Megan
get in last night?
I didn't hear come in.
She didn't. Car trouble.
Oh, no.
They spent the night in
a town called Mackenzie.
Where's that?
According to GPS,
the middle of nowhere.
What kind of car trouble?
I don't know,
but the mechanic said it
would be easy to fix.
So, she'll be here in time
for the rehearsal tonight.
I'm sure she will.
Good morrow, gentlefolk.
How sleepest thou?
To middling.
Oh, no.
Was the tent uncomfortable?
No, the tank was great.
It just turns out
somebody snores.
- Everybody snores.
- I don't snore.
- Oh, yeah, you do.
- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
- Are you hungry?
Thank you, Zadie.
Oh, this looks so delicious.
Thank you so much.
It's Renaissance Day.
So we try to eat as they did.
Oh. Great outfits.
Oh, Mackenzie.
It's a Scottish
Renaissance Fair.
Well-observed, Milady.
Oh, can I borrow
a phone charger?
Phones almost out of juice.
Not today, milord.
We're off the grid.
Oh, is there a power outage?
Oh, no, Milady. It's voluntary.
We don't just
dresseth as they did,
we liveth as they did.
- No electronics.
- No.
- No cell phones. Nope.
- No.
Woo, that seems like
a very interesting challenge.
So, I guess I'll just
charge it when we get to town
while you're fixing our car.
Nay, milord, the whole town is
offeth the grideth today.
And thy carriage will
not be fixeth 'til tomorrow.
Wait, what?
Did you just say tomorrow?
There being
no motorized carriages
in what is our Renaissance
one can't very well fixeth one.
Didn't think to
mention that last night?
Well, we did not want
to disturbeth your sleep.
This is a disaster,
an absolute disaster.
The nearest town is
about 20 miles away.
We can walk there.
We'll find another car.
I can't walk 20 miles in
a pair of heels or slippers.
I need more comfortable shoes.
Did they have comfortable
shoes in the Renaissance.
Only I don't know how
we're going to buy a new car,
because I maxed out
my credit card on the SUV
and you lost her phone
and your purse.
Please do not remind me.
Wait, maybe we could
hire someone there
to drive us to Wichita.
Maybe, but again, no money.
Why does this
keep on happening to us?
Me thinketh the universe
is aligned against us.
Or maybe...
Or maybe what?
They're trying to
tell us something.
The stars?
Okay, laugh at me all you want
and I know you will
but Fun For All is not
just a business for me.
It is my passion.
So is Novelties R Us for me.
Yeah, but, Alden, I really
believe in what I'm doing.
Providing the world
with whoopee cushions
and exploding fountain pens.
Actually, yeah.
And don't get me wrong,
I love that thing, I really do,
but in about five minutes
it's gonna lose juice,
and I'm going to feel
completely untethered.
And that is my point.
That we're too wired in.
That people don't take
the time to slow down anymore.
We're always looking forward,
which of course you have to do,
but sometimes...
you got to look back.
And Novelties R Us
and Fun For All
gives people
the chance to do that.
To feel like kids again.
Kids in a simpler,
less frenetic time.
When people appreciated...
The verities.
Okay, I'm not laughing.
Alden, think about it.
This whole crazy trip
is putting us to the test,
giving us a chance
to walk our walk
and talk our talk.
So, why don't we give into it
and spend the day?
Yeah, Charlie said we'd be out
of here first thing tomorrow.
So, that gives me plenty of
time to get back to Wichita,
to be the maid of honor,
an unrehearsed one,
but how hard can that be?
Besides, by the time
we get to the next town,
assuming we can even get a car,
I'm going to miss
the rehearsal anyway.
And I could be there today
to help my mom and my brother
and my cousins prep
for the big barbecue,
but do they really
need me for that?
I don't know,
it could be kind of...
So, what do you say?
I say...
a very good day to thee. Renaissance.
No, I don't think they did
that five hundred years ago.
- Probably right.
- Okay.
I need to use that phone,
I have to call home,
and let them know what is up.
So do I.
Damsels in distress first.
Wait, who said
that I'm a damsel?
Fine, I'm making my call first.
That's okay. Thank you.
Just give me like five minutes.
Five minutes?
These boots are
amazingly comfortable.
So's the kilt.
No wonder you guys
wear these things.
We call it a skirt.
Wow, this is amazing.
Check out the band.
Somebody has an admirer.
Whatever dost thou mean?
Thou art shameless.
Oh, don't you two
looketh right at home!
Thank you for the clothing.
You are crushing that kilt.
Crushing, Charles?
I faileth to understand.
Who are your new friends, Mayor?
You're the mayor?
Ceremonial title,
a few responsibilities.
Co-equal remuneration.
Don't you believe it.
He rules us down
with an iron hand.
Megan, Alden.
This is Franklin.
Franklin, we very much
enjoyeth you're fiddling.
Why, thank you, Milady.
Franklin's troupe...
The Mackenzie Minstrels.
They're going to be playing
at the dance later on tonight.
Which I now regreteth.
Oh, how so, dear sir?
Well, if I playeth,
I do not dance it with thee.
Nice to meet you, Franklin.
Arts and Crafts?
We should go check that out.
Anon! Come playeth our games.
Archery, quoits.
How do you know that?
Races? Kickball?
So, no jousting?
Doth thou joust?
I think that sounds fun.
If thou enjoyeth
a little friendly competition.
Oh, we enjoyeth competition.
Friendly or otherwise.
Most wondrous.
Well, I'll see thee thither.
Ah, huzzah,
the McDaniel's are here!
Both: Anon!
That was a little nervy.
What was?
The fiddler,
pitching woo like that.
"Pitching woo,"
is that what we're calling it?
You didn't seem to
mind it one bit.
I guess I didn't.
For all he knew
we could have been a couple.
You, me, a couple? Please.
It's really pretty.
Is that...
Yup, that's Will.
The best man.
I know. Big-time wow.
I'm happy you're here, though.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Still no Megan?
No. She's not going to
make it until tomorrow.
But Della is going
to fill in for now.
Will, meet your
maid of honor for the day.
Pleasure to meet you, Della.
You, too.
Looks like she means it, Will.
In fact, she looks
downright Dell-lighted.
That's good, right?
- Jack.
- Babe.
This is really cool.
I know not what thoust
mean by "cool," Milady,
but thank you.
You made this?
Yeah, I carve them
and I do the mechanics
and Zadie paints them.
I have a business
that sells toys like these.
So, do I.
It's not the same as these.
These are really special.
If you're ever interested
in selling to a wider market...
Both: My company would be
the perfect partner for you.
I know not of that.
I enjoyeth making them
for family and friends.
Yet we sell at them to any
old anybody who's interested.
So maybe we would like
to hear about your company.
Both: Companies.
Companies. Submiteth your proposals
and we'll see
who's we like better.
Don't worry.
We shalleth.
May the best proposal winneth.
Fantastic. Whoa.
Should bring some of
this home to my dad.
He loves apple cider.
Tell me about your dad.
You said he's retiring.
Yeah, he's a typesetter,
he's an artist.
Loves his work.
So why is he retiring?
Because he loves golf and tennis
and rock climbing more.
Your dad is a jock?
Yeah, when it comes
to my brothers and me,
not an athlete in the bunch.
I tried Little League,
the only position I was
suited for was left out.
Although I will say
when I was eight years old,
I killed in ballroom dancing.
How about you?
What's your dad like?
He passed away
about two years ago.
I'm so sorry.
Thanks. Just makes
Blair's wedding
all that more important.
It's the first big family event
since we lost him.
Very athletic.
Yeah, I don't see a debate
platform or chess tournament.
I think we're in trouble.
We? Captain of
the volleyball and track team.
Of course you were.
How would your boyfriend in
Seattle feel if he knew you were
making eyes at
a Mackenzie Minstrel?
I am not making eyes,
and no, there's no boyfriend.
So, the minstrel has a chance.
Well, I haven't met Will yet.
Who's Will?
Jack's best man.
Apparently we're perfect
for each other.
Art thou in pain, good sir?
Yes, used muscles
I didn't know I had.
Aye, in a Renaissance,
we worketh hard
and we playeth it hard.
Clearly I'm not equipeth
for these times.
Well, uh,
I doth not knoweth that.
While the real men
huntereth and gathereth,
I prefereth to stayeth
at home and readeth.
Much like our beloved
William Shakespeare.
He was also a brilliant actor,
successful entrepreneur,
and a formidable wrestler.
I did a report on him
when I was in seventh grade.
But tis his intelligence
that attracteth the damsels.
Megan claimeth
to not be a damsel.
Be that as it may,
even in these times,
a lady knoweth how to, well,
whet a man's interest by paying
attention to someone else.
Are we having
a teachable moment here, guys?
"Teachable moment?"
Why, whatever dost thou meaneth?
Excuse me.
I'm sorry about your foot.
I just got to face it.
Renaissance is not my jam.
Ah, what a grand day,
fellow Mackenzians.
It's an honor to be in Mackenzie
and to stand in the same
place that my forebears did
when they founded this town.
Sixth generation.
And they would have
loved this annual fair
and they'd want to thank ye
all for coming from near and far
including our
very special guests.
Yes, it's a grand day, indeed,
but all grand days must end,
and the Mackenzie Minstrels will
help us bid the past goodbye
with a lovely
16th century waltz.
Valorous night, good townfolk.
Walketh home safely.
Did he say... The waltz!
I can do that!
Second grade ballroom dancing.
Listen, I don't know
how to waltz. I don't...
It's okay.
Just, uh, follow my lead.
Put your hand on my shoulder.
Like that.
I think so.
One, two three. That's okay.
There you go.
As far as rehearsal dinners go,
I'd say that was
a darn good one.
It was the best one
of mine I've ever been to.
Somebody's hitting it off.
Will told me
he's completely smitten.
Yeah, as well he should be.
I mean, she's a doll.
I always thought so.
But I don't think she has.
I love seeing
her shine like this.
Insightful, empathetic, kind.
I mean, I could really
go for a guy like you.
I'm getting married tomorrow.
She's a very lucky woman.
Not as lucky as I am.
Okay, buster. That's it.
You're not seeing me again until
you're on that altar tomorrow.
Not true. I'll be seeing you
constantly right here.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Sorry, I'd stay
and "punnel" you with yolks,
but, alas, I must make
like autumn and leaf.
That's my guy.
Excuse me!
Ah, enough. Enough.
Oh, I thought
you were enjoying it.
No, I was I'm just so exhausted.
Ah, right.
Because winning race after race
makes you really drained, right?
Don't forget quoits.
How could I?
Surprised they didn't
throw me in the pillory
for attempted assault
with a deadly weapon.
I had a lot of fun today.
I'm glad we stayed.
Yeah, me too.
No, you did not.
Not until the waltz.
I mean,
you were completely miserable.
You lost every game.
Okay, fine.
Yeah, I was miserable,
but not because you beat me
at every single game.
Like ducks it wasn't.
Who says "like ducks?"
Hey, where are you going?
Charlie and Zadie's
place is this way noted.
- No, it isn't.
- Yes, it is.
- Nope.
- Yes.
Fine, suit yourself,
but I'm going to go this way.
A man who admits he's lost.
How refreshing.
Okay, say it.
Say what?
I told you so.
What kind of
a person would say that?
An olden kind of person?
Megan Miller,
you don't know me at all.
Let's get an aerial view.
What? Not inspired to climb?
I'm wearing a very long skirt.
I'm wearing a kilt.
Come on.
Are you ready for tomorrow?
Scooch over.
Sometimes I think
I've been ready for tomorrow
my whole life.
I remember
my wedding day so vividly.
It was the happiest day
of my life,
until I held Megan in my arms,
then you.
What was your secret, Mom?
You and Dad, you guys,
you made happy seem so easy.
Oh, it was all
smoke and mirrors.
No, it wasn't.
Well, I don't know. I...
I really don't only that
every day I'd wake up
and tell myself
to make this day
the best one yet.
No matter what came at me.
Your dad did the same.
Still can't believe that he's
not going to be there tomorrow.
Oh, sweetheart. He will.
Megan is going to look so
pretty in that dress tomorrow.
If she gets here.
She will.
Maybe it's a mirage.
Maybe the whole town is.
Like Brigadoon.
It only appears
every hundred years.
And then dissolves
into the mist again.
Or maybe we're just
good and lost.
I'll put my money on that one.
It's a darn nice
place to be lost in.
Copy that.
What did you mean earlier
when you said that it wasn't me
beating you that
made you miserable?
You need me to say it?
I was jealous.
Of you and Franklin.
I kind of thought
that's what it was.
Okay, but tell me something.
Was there not a part
of you that was...
trying to make me jealous?
I guess I was.
What's that all about?
Is that a serious question?
Megan, come on.
In high school...
I had a huge crush on you.
You did?
Yeah, every debate,
every prep squad rally.
Every time our schools
were facing off, I, uh...
I hoped you'd be there.
How come you never
asked me out then?
Like you would have said yes.
I think I would have.
Yeah. I mean,
you were only annoying,
because you were good at
absolutely everything,
I always thought you were
kinda cool.
But that was in high school.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Right, right.
So, why would I try and make you
jealous now?
Yeah, why would you?
But you were.
And I was.
Guess we slept here.
Oh, I was gonna surprise you
with it when we got to Wichita,
but... it got a little cold
last night.
- Where did you get it?
- The fair.
One of the craft tables.
It's not as perfect as the one
you wore to the prom,
but... I figure, it's yours now,
and Blair can borrow it.
Oh, thank you.
Guess what.
We couldn't see it in the dark.
The lights were off,
they were off the grid.
So, direction-wise, I was right.
You usually are.
Shall we?
We shall.
There you are.
Good morning.
I was just about to come
wake you up.
I washed and dried your clothes.
Oh, Zadie.
So, why don't you have some
nice breakfast,
and then you can go
and freshen up.
Charlie is in the garage,
working on your car.
Thank you so much.
You guys are the best.
And I will be in touch real soon
with a proposal for those toys.
- So will I.
- Mmm.
Well, uh, we got a wee problem.
Oh no.
I got everything on that, uh,
car, patched up just fine,
and then I went to replace
the busted serpentine belt,
and um... well,
I don't have the right size.
Clean out of stock.
I don't know what
a serpentine belt is.
- Neither do I.
- Do we need one.
Well if you wanna drive
the car, you do.
How soon can you get one?
Ooh. Tomorrow?
Alden and Megan's Reverie in
Renaissanceville ends now!
Charlie, we are going
to Wichita,
and if that car is not
gonna get us there,
you better help find
a vehicle that will.
Like, immediately.
Uh... Ah...
Well, I suppose you could take
the tow truck.
It's kinda pokey.
It's just a little pokey, though.
Okay, in 20 miles,
there's a turn-off
that'll take us to
the interstate.
Oh, this thing makes that van
feel like a Ferrari.
Oh, what?
You have got to be kidding me.
What? Are we being pulled over
because we're driving too slow?
Whatever we did,
let's hope they write tickets
around here fast.
Fat chance.
Here he comes.
- Franklin?
- Is this your vehicle, Miss?
Uh, no.
It's Charlie's.
And where are you headed today?
Are you travelin' there
with her, sir?
What's this all about, Franklin?
Stay in the vehicle, both of
you. Hands where I can see them.
- What did we do?
- I don't know.
- Did you know he was a cop?
- No, I had no idea.
- Well, he seems pretty upset.
- Very upset.
He's coming. Okay, okay.
Couple of jugs
of Mackenzie's cider.
I hear you like it.
I had you pretty scared,
didn't I?
Uh, yeah, you did.
I just fiddle for fun.
This is my day job.
Ah, well,
you're pretty good at it.
Thank you.
And you may be the single most
uncoordinated human being
I have ever met...
until you waltz,
then you're magic, dude.
Thank you... both of you,
for helping to make yesterday
one of my best days ever.
Oh, well, it was one of
our best days too.
Well, I'll let you off with
a warning this time.
And I hope to see you back here
next year.
Won't be the same fair
without ya.
Thanks, Franklin.
- Brigadoon.
- Oh, yes! Definitely.
You sure you don't wanna disappear
into the mist with him?
Oh, I'm tempted,
but I think I'm good.
All right.
Let's get out of here.
Ugh! No!
Come on, you've got to be
kidding me.
- Come on.
- Come on, pokey!
Quick, before He changes
His mind.
They've just hit
the city limits,
but there's a lot of traffic.
So... what do you want
to do?
Let's give her another...
20 minutes.
And then come be my maid
of honor.
Oh, Blair. I can't...
I will love having you
beside me,
and so will Will.
Oh, sweetheart.
You look glorious.
Mom, you're crying already!
Oh, I'll be crying all day.
Get used to it.
Let's do this.
Oh, great.
We're boxed in.
- Ah!
- Ah!
- We made it!
- It is a miracle.
So, I was thinking, when
we're back in Seattle...
Yeah, let's maybe, uh, get
together sometime.
Yeah, hang out, or something.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, I... I should be
getting in there.
Right, yes. Go.
Uh, have a great wedding.
Thanks, you too.
Have a great party.
Don't forget the cider.
- Yeah, yeah. Oh, thanks.
- There you go.
And thank you again.
Okay, bye.
Oh! Ah, Della.
Uh, Megan.
Look at that dress.
You look fantastic.
Are you on your way over there?
Uh, yeah, they left your mom's
car for you,
but I... I can wait.
Oh, no, no, no, that's okay.
You can just go over there,
let them know I am on my way.
I have no cellphone.
Oh, right.
I'll see you over there.
Oh, um, oh...
I left the invitation
in my luggage.
What church is it at?
First Consecrational.
Right. Okay.
Thank you, Della.
I'm such a bad person.
I... I did such a bad thing.
Della, what are you talking
These past few days,
I've felt so captivating and...
attractive and... fun,
and... guys don't go for me,
you know they don't.
But Will did, and I know
the minute he sees you
and walks down
the aisle with you,
he's gonna forget all about me,
and who can blame him?
You're so fabulous.
So, I... I don't know
what came over me.
I think I lost my mind for
a minute. And...
So, you sent me to
the wrong church?
It's okay, Della.
Let's get us to the right one.
Come on, I'll follow you.
They're getting a bit antsy
in there.
Well, I suppose I could get
married with no maid of honor.
Oh, no, no, sweetheart.
They're here.
You waited!
Thank you!
- Megan!
- Blair!
You look transcendent.
Hi, Mom.
Wait, why are you wearing...
I'll tell you about it later.
Ah, Will. I'm Megan.
So nice to meet you.
Best man and maid of honor they
go behind the bridesmaids
- and groomsmen, right?
- Uh...
Uh, no, Megan.
You're the maid of honor.
No time to change it.
Plus, you rehearsed it.
So, what number bridesmaid
are you?
Number one.
And who am I walking with?
Oh, just one moment!
Here you go, sweetheart.
- Thanks, Mom.
- And for you.
- Thanks, Mom.
- All right.
Let's get this girl married!
Wait, hold that thought.
I don't know.
Oh, Megan.
Now you're ready to get married.
Thank you.
Oh, Mom!
Are you ready?
The proverbial "they" say
true love
can overcome any obstacle.
Although, I think snoring comes
pretty close
to being a deal breaker,
if you ask me.
Jack and Blair, I don't know
what obstacles
you had to overcome
for the sake of your love.
You ever hear this guy pun?
Oh, right. Right, yeah.
There's that.
There's that. You do that.
Well, okay, one thing, but let's
hope that's it,
now and forever.
However, not all love
is romantic.
The love between two sisters
is a pretty powerful one too.
It is.
Ugh! And let me tell you,
the obstacles I had to get
through to get to this sister!
Okay, here I go.
Um, an airport strike...
a stolen car, stolen luggage,
stolen phone!
Which was the cruelest
of them all.
Oh, right, a van in a ditch...
um, a day without electricity
or internet...
Which is not as gnarly
as you think.
An undersized serpentine belt...
Which, I still don't know that
that is.
A tow truck going at the speed
of snail,
and a trip to the wrong church!
Don't worry about it.
Now, I could have
just stayed home,
and watched
the countless uploads
you guys are all gonna post
of this wedding...
And don't tell me
you're not going to.
But not be there...
for my sister's biggest day?
I can't imagine anything sadder,
because this sister
has been
the brightest star in my sky
since as long as I can remember.
Blair, to see you so beautiful...
with the rightest guy in
the world for you,
there is no obstacle that would
have stopped me
from being here today.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
So, please raise your glass in
helping me toast
to the couple of this hour,
and every hour,
Jack and Blair Evans.
I needed that after my day...
but thanks for all being here. a Sunday
Feels like I'm many miles
from Monday...
I think that's probably
the cutest thing I've ever seen.
That was really sweet of you.
What you did at the church.
Today's all about love.
How can I get in the way
of that?
Oh, they've only known each
other for a day.
Oh, come on, Blair,
think positive.
Mmm, by the way, you neglected
to mention
the biggest obstacle
to you getting here.
Forty-eight hours joined at
the hip with Alden Brown.
I mean, he must
have driven you crazy.
Actually, he didn't.
- No?
- No.
He wasn't as bad
as I thought he was.
Oh. Well, I'm glad
to hear that.
What is he doing here?
You better go find out.
Megan, go.
You broke into my life and
stole my heart...
I know that guy.
We went to Central together.
Yeah. It's Alden Brown.
Right. Great guy. Hands down
the smartest kid in class.
- Let's go say hi.
- Uh...
why don't we go talk to my mom?
The last thing on my mind was
you, baby
Wait, how did you know...
Social media.
Half the people here
are live-updating this.
I knew it.
So, why aren't you at your dad's
party then?
I'm just taking a break.
They probably don't even know
I'm gone.
Thing is, I was right,
they didn't need me there.
I needed me to be there and...
I needed you to have this.
Top shelf of the family room
just like I thought.
Oh, wow. You did not need to
bring me this!
Uh, I have it on good authority
that I did.
And I also don't have
your number
or your address in Seattle.
Well, you know Fun For All does
have a Contact Me link.
About that.
See, I was thinking, you could
submit your proposal
to Zadie and Charlie,
and I could submit mine.
Would they be any different?
No, probably not, no.
So, I was thinking, what if we
just submitted...
- One proposal.
- Right.
- And then we could...
- Share the business.
Right. And then we'll do
the same thing with...
With Consolidated. We can stop
chopping up the market.
And then we'll just work together.
Yeah. Why fight to crowd each
other out of the space...
That we love when we can just...
Join forces. We could...
Own it together.
Fun Time Novelties.
Novelties R Fun.
Oh, whatever.
Look, the bottom line is...
I don't wanna just maybe
call you
when we get to Seattle
and maybe, sort of hang out.
I want to see you
as soon as I can,
as soon as you're back,
properly, like over dinner?
Are you asking me out,
Alden Brown?
I think I am, Megan Miller.
Well, took you long enough.
What can I say, girls mature
faster than boys.
I think we debated
that proposal.
Uh, yeah, we did, and I won,
but the data were bogus.
No doubt.
Okay, so just to be clear here.
We don't hate each other
I'm pretty sure that we don't.
I guess I should go back
to my dad's party.
Oh. Come on.
One more dance?
I could ask the DJ if he could
play a waltz.
I don't know.
I mean, I don't want to steal
Jack and Blair's thunder.
I think after
all we've been through,
we deserve to steal
a little bit of it.
Don't you think?