Road Wars: Max Fury (2024) Movie Script

30 years from now,
after ecological disasters
caused the food chain
to collapse and subsequent
global warfare
over vanishing resources,
the human population dwindles
to a fraction of
its 21st century peak.
With the rules of
society fracturing,
the few survivors band together
in small groups
to forge a future
in the Wasteland.
This is the story of
one group's survival.
Shane McIntosh, you have been
found guilty
of crimes against humanity:
sedition, torture and collective
punishment against the innocent.
Your sentence is removal as
your title as head of militia,
loss of all positions and
claim to lands within the clan.
And finally, formal
banishment from the territory.
From this day forward,
if you step foot in our
territory or on our land,
punishment is death.
The tribunal has spoken.
Do you have any final
words for the record?
Not even for the slaughter
of the Liberty townsfolk?
You needed water.
You asked me to get it
and I got it.
Everything I did was to help us,
to help the tribe,
the clan.
Because I got you that water,
you'll survive through
another summer.
And that is the truth.
The price was too high.
For what, Doc?
For survival?
We're a people of laws.
And when it doesn't work,
you asked me to fix it for you.
And I did.
You owe me.
Which is why
you're not being hung.
you're going to leave
me out here...
to die.
You should die for what you did.
If it were up to me,
I'd do to you what you did
to those people.
I'll remember that.
That's enough.
Our work is done.
Come on.
That trash will
finish him off.
I hope you get
everything you deserve.
And so will you.
I sincerely hope that
your two beautiful girls
survive the summer
and that they don't end up
the way your lovely wife did.
-He's not worth it!
-Come on.
-Come on.
Let's go.
We should have hanged him.
The nomads will get him.
You can't trust any of them.
How long before we get
to Salvation?
A couple of hours.
Sarah, give it a rest.
No, I'm not gonna rest.
We didn't kill him.
For the rest of our lives,
we'll be looking over
our shoulders.
He steps foot in Salvation,
it'll be the last thing--
James! James!
If I don't make it,
my daughters...
Naomi and Greta...
won't have anyone.
Just take care of them.
I will.
James! James!
Sarah, he's gone.
Oh, yes, come to papa.
Move out!
They're nothing without him.
You have a problem.
How many times do I need to tell
you, you need to pay attention?
Girls, girls.
Greta won't give me
any of her arrows.
Because she still hasn't
found the ones
she lost while practicing.
Is that true?
I will pick them all up
after practice tomorrow.
You know we can't leave
them out there.
That's right.
We don't leave footprints
and we don't leave arrows.
That's what I was trying
to tell her.
How did you know she
left them out there?
I counted them when
she came back last night.
And you guys both didn't go
back out and collect them?
All right, let's all go then.
We need to get them before
somebody else does.
But I...
You girls go south
with your mom.
I'll circle around to the north.
Keep an eye out for problems.
Get back to the house.
Get the rifles and meet
me at the hideaway.
-Just go.
Egon, Egon, Egon!
-Hey, hey.
Get up. Get up.
Get up, I am not leaving you.
Get up.
Hang on.
Hang on.
I got you. I got you.
All right...
We're almost there.
Let's go.
Hang on... shh.
Come on, get up, get up!
We shouldn't have left them.
We stay here.
Mom told us to stay
and wait for her.
We have to follow the rules.
Where are they?
They should be back by now.
They told us to wait.
We wait.
Keep it out of the light.
They'll see you.
Hang on, hang on.
This way.
You shouldn't have stopped me.
You would have missed.
Then what?
No, I wouldn't have.
I'm going to go help them.
Come back.
Damn it. Naomi!
Any luck?
No keys.
Behind you!
Get up!
Come on!
-Oh my God, Egon!
Did you see any more up there?
Oh my God.
Hey, get Egon back
to the house. Go!
Let's go on.
Get him on the couch.
Go get the medical kit now.
Hey, hey, hey.
Lay back.
All right.
All right, okay.
All right, we have to get
him some antibiotics
or this could get bad fast.
Girls, you're going to
have to move the truck.
There can't be any signs.
If anybody comes looking...
so remove the distributor cap.
Hey, the bodies.
They've got to get buried.
You can do that.
We got it.
I'm going to fix him up and
then I'll meet you out there.
Just go. Now.
You're okay.
Hang on, hang on.
All right, all right.
You're fine.
Calm down.
Give me the rifle.
I've got it.
One of ours?
I'll handle it.
You're too slow.
I had it.
You should have
given me the rifle.
Well, it's too late
for that now.
Girls! What happened?
One got away in their truck.
She's taking the South Trail.
We can cut her off
in the canyon.
Give me the rifle.
Take this.
Get back to the house.
I'll go with you.
No. Take care of Egon.
If they took the South Trail,
I can cut him off before
they get out of the canyon.
You shouldn't be doing
anything right now.
Do as I say.
Got go get to her!
We got to...
We need to dress his wound.
Get some antiseptic.
Stay with him.
-What happened?
-Let's get you back.
-I know, I'm sorry.
Let's get you home.
You've got to be kidding me.
You idiot!
Where are the other ones?
Where are the other ones?
Damn it!
Damn it!
She's lost a lot of blood.
Does he feel warm?
Like he has a fever?
He's pretty warm.
Let's get this cleaned up.
Any change?
Sarah and Egon are
still knocked out.
I don't think they're
getting any better.
We need to figure something out.
Sarah said Egon
needs antibiotics,
but we don't have antibiotics.
Maybe there's something
out there we can use,
a plant, a mushroom...
something, a bark, a weed.
Sarah taught you that stuff.
She taught you, too.
You just weren't listening.
There's desert milkweed...
and maybe some yarrow.
A combination of those
might be enough to help,
at least buy us time
until we figure out
where the real medication is.
Do you remember what either
of those look like?
You get some water boiling.
I'll see what I can find.
I found the truck.
Hondo's dead.
I don't know where
the rest of them went.
Where was?
Up a no name canyon
half day ride from here.
What in the hell
were they doing up there?
I don't know.
They said there could be some
homesteaders up that way,
but I've never seen them.
Look, I want you to get
all of our lookouts
and you tell them that
they keep their eyes open.
And I don't care what it is.
If it's a bloody bird
flying across this land,
I want to know about it.
And if any of them
turn up alive or dead,
then you bring them to me
because I'll kill
the fuckers myself.
You tell my whole team
here that nobody,
nobody goes marauding
unless I say so.
You got that?
Yes, sir.
Trucks yours.
Thank you, boss.
I'll take over from here.
You get started on Sarah.
What did she say?
I don't know.
I didn't understand
what she was saying.
-Maybe they were antibiotics?
-Which ones?
I don't know.
I think they started
with an S.
God damn it!
You are so worthless!
How many times do we
have to tell you
that you need to pay attention?
I don't... I wasn't expecting...
That's exactly why you have
to be prepared for anything!
I am doing everything and
you get to walk around
just sliding by
knowing the bare minimum.
And you are so
lucky to be alive.
I don't understand how
you go through every day
and you're just...
Doc, Doc...
Come in.
Radio check. Salvation.
Doc? Are you there?
Come in.
This is T-Bird.
Come in.
Salvation? Doc?
Doc? Anybody?
This is T-Bird.
Come in.
Sarah, is that you?
This is Doc Nelson.
No, but this is Naomi.
Oh my God, Naomi.
You sound just
like your mother.
It's been so long.
Is everyone okay?
Sarah and Egon are badly hurt
and they need
strong antibiotics.
Do you have something
that could help?
Can you use Cipro?
Cipro. Cipro! Yes!
Cipro will be perfect.
Can you do a pickup?
A pickup?
We can't come to you.
Can you do a pickup?
I guess.
Look, what's your location?
We're by the Roseberry Forest
near Barton Canyon.
We can give you coordinates.
You can make
the transfer part way.
It's half the distance.
Get a pencil
and write this down.
Yeah, one sec.
The coordinates are
35 degrees north.
117.9 degrees west.
I repeat, 35 degrees north.
117.9 degrees west.
You got that? Over.
The transfer will be
unmanned via the coordinates.
You will find the box
under the headstone
Arch Stanton.
The code to the box is 725.
Okay, Arch Stanton, 725.
Got it.
Thank you.
For payment...
We don't have much, but...
Don't worry about it.
If you need anything, anything
at all, come back to me.
You got it.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
That Decker?
The food supply is
running late by one day.
They ran out of fuel.
Will you want me
to contact the warden?
He's in a bad mood already.
We can pick up the meds.
I can drive.
Who have you been ta--
No. Not happening.
I just talked to the doc.
I found the radio frequency
for Salvation.
She has Cipro.
The medicine mom needs.
So she can't come here,
but we can pick it up halfway.
It's too dangerous.
And that could have been
anyone on the radio.
She knew--
You have to think before
you do these things, Naomi.
She knew about Sarah,
and me, and you, and Egon.
Asked for her by name.
And if this is the only
way to save them,
I'm going with or without you.
-It's too dangerous.
-I'm not letting them die.
It's my fault they were out
there in the first place.
I have to make things right.
What are you doing?
I'm getting the medicine.
If I leave now, I'll be
back before nightfall.
That's what they would want.
No, they wouldn't.
You really think Sarah and Egon
want you to risk
your life for theirs?
Move over.
I'm going with you.
No, stay with Sarah.
We're doing this together,
and we're coming back together.
But you better be right
about the location.
And I am.
Did you pack
the weapons and ammo?
Of course.
Do you want to navigate?
You remember how, don't you?
Yes, I think Mom spent
at least a year
teaching us map reading.
Look, I know my way
out of the valley,
but once we make it
past the mountains
and into the plains,
we're going to
need your skillset.
I've never been
beyond the canyons.
I've been to the other valley
and beyond the river,
but that's it.
Listen, if we run
into anything bad,
you've got to listen
to what I say.
Okay, no running off
like you did yesterday.
If I say stay put,
you've got to do it.
Can you agree to that?
Okay, but you also have
to listen to me.
Hear what I say.
I will, but...
My decision goes.
Promise me.
What are you doing?
What are you looking for?
Signs of life.
Leftover camp gear.
Areas too big and unprotected.
And the car isn't
exactly camouflaged.
If we get ambushed,
we're screwed.
Hey, we have to
cross the valley
and the mountain
on the far side.
Let's go.
"Took the car.
Doc agreed to meet us halfway.
Be back soon."
You want some?
No thanks.
Need to hydrate out here.
I got this.
Oh, no you don't.
You see that?
Let's keep going.
Maybe there's something
we can use.
Like what?
We have enough to make it back.
Maybe there's something
else we can salvage.
We're not stopping.
You know, just because you're
older doesn't mean you're right.
I never said that.
I feel like my whole life,
you resented me.
Like, you had to follow
all the rules
and were just mad
that I didn't.
That's not the case.
You do what you want
without thinking of others.
Rules are there for a reason.
But if you're too rigid,
then you also have problems.
I will break a rule
if I have to.
I don't blindly follow them.
We should have stopped
at that vehicle.
I said no.
What kind of car was it?
Vintage Thunderbird.
Are you sure of that?
Positive. 100%.
Where were they headed?
Down the valley.
Should I pursue?
Pursue and catch them
if you can.
But do not kill them.
They are mine.
What is it?
Seems that some of our
boys have seen a ghost.
So, what?
The owner of that car
has been dead
a long, long time.
And now whoever owns it,
if it's who I think it is,
then they are in for
a whole world of hurt.
Do you think this was Dad's?
I vaguely remember
him playing it.
You don't like it?
I don't think it's a good idea
to be playing out loud.
Come on, live a little.
It's not a good idea.
Okay, I don't even think
this is real music anyways.
That was definitely
Dad's music.
But don't play it loud.
I don't think we should be
blasting it everywhere.
What was that?
-What are we going to do?
-Hold on.
We're almost there.
We just need to get
to the mountains.
One eye. Come in.
Damn it.
-One eye.
-Go ahead.
Things have changed.
Let 'em go.
But don't take
your eyes off 'em.
You got it. They're not
getting out of my sight.
Over and out.
Hello, Doc.
Grab the rifle.
Back seat.
What's the name
we're looking for?
Arch Stanton.
There it is!
Oh my God.
-What's the combination?
-Are you sure?
That's what I wrote down.
Well, it's wrong.
You must have wrote
it down wrong.
That's what she said.
I tried that.
I tried 275.
527. None of it works.
Well, maybe it's not my fault
that it's a rusted
ass busted lock.
It doesn't matter.
We have to get it open still.
It's not going to be easy.
We're going to need to
pick it or something.
What are you doing?
Be careful.
You want it open, right?
Be careful. That's how we're
going to save Sarah and Egon.
That was fun.
They didn't ask for payment?
Doc just said,
you're all good.
That's it.
I'll be right back.
We have to leave something.
That's how it works out here.
I got it open.
You bury it.
They're heading back.
Stay with them,
but don't be seen.
Got it, boss.
We have eyes on them.
I know it's their car.
You don't know that.
That car has been etched
into my brain
ever since the four of you
tried to kill me.
It's not them.
It's not Sarah and Egon.
Then who is it?
Who is it you're
trying to help? Huh?
Who is it that's driving the car
that you drove five years ago?
I don't know.
This is your last chance, Doc.
Tell me where I'll find
Sarah and Egon.
I will never tell.
Yeah, I believe you.
Take her away.
You're lucky
you're a doc, Doc.
Change of plans.
Take out that car.
You got it, boss.
What is that?
Three o'clock!
Think you can hit it?
I don't know.
Don't fire until it's close.
Give it to me.
Take the wheel.
We got it!
We got it!
Take the rifle, take the rifle,
I got the wheel.
Okay, nice.
Load this for me.
Come on, let's go!
No, Greta!
Greta, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
We need the medicine!
-We need the medicine!
-Now, go!
Get up.
Well, well, well.
What do we have here?
I got some questions
for you two.
Where did you get the vehicle?
What's it to you?
Won in a contest.
Won it in a contest?
What kind of contest
would that be?
Shooting contest.
And I guess this is where
we give you a firearm
and you show us
just what you can do.
If you want proof.
And you, what do you do?
Nothing that interests you.
I'm talking to her,
not to you.
Give me a knife
and I'll show you.
Ah, you two are
gutsy, aren't you?
But you're also very stupid.
So where are you from?
You know, if somebody asked
me where I was from,
I'd tell them
I'm from everywhere.
Been here, been there,
You know, you get people
around you,
you treat them right.
You do everything for them.
Anything they want, you do.
And then they betray you.
They betray you...
everything you've done.
Well, you've probably wondering
why I'm chatting
on like that.
You kind of are rambling.
Well, what are you doing here?
If we tell you,
will you let us go?
Yeah, if you tell the truth.
How will you know?
Why are you two driving
across my land?
-Medical supplies.
-Medical supplies.
And I guess you got
them from Doc.
And in your car.
-How do you know the Doc?
Oh, we've known each
other for a long time.
We're old friends.
Something like, I don't know,
maybe 20 years or so.
So, exactly what supplies
do you need?
Heavy duty antibiotics.
What's this?
This... It's nothing.
Cut them loose.
Get the pickup and the medkit.
My car?
I said, get the pickup
and the medkit.
I only say it once.
You're going to help us.
Not everybody is a bad guy,
as they say.
And you are doing something
that's quite humanitarian,
I guess.
So, I'm going to help you.
We don't have any antibiotics.
However, you may be
able to find something in here
that you can use.
I'm Greta.
We're sisters.
I'm Shane.
Shane McIntosh.
I think that maybe you
guys should move out.
Good luck.
It's a shame they had to
barbecue your screaming Mimi.
I want you to follow them.
Find out exactly where they go.
Do not lose them.
Yes, boss.
We trained them well, Egon.
Just hang on a
little bit longer.
They'll be back.
They'll be back.
Why are we stopping?
I need to think.
Let's go home.
The medicine that they gave us.
Let's see what's in it.
It doesn't matter.
Let's go home.
He said there
wasn't antibiotics in it.
There might be
something that can help us.
-There has to be something.
-It doesn't matter.
What do you mean it
doesn't matter?
We lost the medicine.
I knew we should have
checked before we left.
And pissed Shane off?
We don't have a radio.
We can't call for more.
We've lost everything.
Let's go home.
We shouldn't be here after dark.
How can we go home when we
didn't get what we came for?
What's wrong with you?
Why can't you see?
We have to find some way
to help Mom and Egon.
Why don't you get that?
What are we supposed to
take home? Band-Aids?
We lost the medicine.
We lost everything.
No, we didn't.
When you went into that car
to get the bourbon,
I went into the case.
I thought if something happened
and we got separated...
it would be a good idea
to have some on me.
Just in case.
I didn't think you
would go along with it,
so I didn't say anything.
I don't know what to say, but...
I'm glad you did that.
You're welcome.
Now let's go home.
Be careful.
She's still breathing.
Mom, can you hear me?
We got that medicine
you asked for.
I'm sorry there was not more,
but Naomi managed to save it.
Oh, you girls.
We're worried about you.
Shouldn't have left.
Egon, Egon,
give it to him.
-Take the medicine.
-Egon, give it to him.
Sit up if you can.
Give it to him.
How are you feeling?
Now that you two are home.
The medicine is working,
but it takes a while.
You need to rest, Mom.
So, tell me about the truck.
We made an agreement with
the man who attacked us.
He said his name was Shane.
Shane McIntosh.
What did you tell him?
Nothing. Just that
we're sisters and our names.
He saw this.
That's why he helped us,
because of you.
Who is he?
He's the man
who killed your father.
This necklace...
Did Shane give it to you?
Your father did.
But Shane knows it.
And now we are all in danger.
We need to go.
We need to get our stuff
together and get out of here.
We need to be gone by nightfall.
Greta, what happened?
I feel so stupid.
I knew we shouldn't
have trusted him.
He's probably tracking
us or something.
It's all my fault.
We had no choice.
We got caught.
It was either this
and we get killed,
or Sarah and Egon don't
get their medicine.
So we can prepare
and we can fight,
but we can't feel
sorry for ourselves.
We don't have time for that.
When did you get so smart?
I learned from the best.
Listen, I just need a minute.
You go back inside.
I won't be long.
How's your sister?
She'll be okay.
Let's take a look
at those wounds.
Not a word or a muscle.
You're coming with me.
You know where my mom
and sister are?
What's left for them,
at least, yeah.
Take me to them.
-Easy, easy.
Ah, driver's side.
Get behind the wheel.
Throw the knife
out of the window.
Cuff yourself.
I said, cuff yourself.
Take this off.
I never thought this would
happen, but here we are.
I bet you wish that
you had had me killed
when you had the chance.
If you had just
followed your dream,
you wouldn't be sitting
there today, and I'd be dead.
You have to follow all
the rules, don't you?
Which begs one question...
What type of sentence can
I give you to make up for that?
Shane, please.
-You have--
-Ah, ah.
Don't speak.
I know what I'm going to do.
I just wanted to make
it a little easier
on the both of you.
I just couldn't bear
to think of
what would happen if
I just turned you loose.
Go ahead.
Turn me loose.
You'll see what'll
happen to you.
Oh, there she is.
There she is.
That's the girl I used to know.
Oh, you've still
got it, Sarah.
But you know what?
This world that you're trying
so hard to save has died.
And people like
you have all died.
You're nothing but shadows.
This world is meant now
for people like me.
You've only lasted this long
because you've been hiding out.
But guess what?
That is finished now.
You're wrong.
You can do whatever you want
to me, but you are wrong.
People like us, we're going
to save the world.
People like you,
you're dead already.
If you're going to kill me,
go ahead and do it,
but Shane...
Please let my daughter go.
I'm going to kill you.
Oh, yes, I am going to kill you.
There's only one
thing to decide.
Which one of you two...
...goes first?
Easy, easy.
Well, well, well,
look what we got here.
The whole family.
Yes, we do.
So what do you want to do?
Some kind of trade
or something?
Something like that.
Greta, what are you doing?
Get out of here.
Which one do you want?
Stepmother or your sister?
Let them both go or die.
I guess we all have to die...
Greta, what
were you thinking?
Let's get out of here.
Look out!
Look out!
Come on!
Underneath the seat.
Oh, you little bitch.
What the?
You said everybody has to die.
God damn!
Nice shot.
What if Shane's men come back?
This is our home.
If they come, we defend it.
I need to be able
to shoot like Greta.
Will you teach me?
Greta can teach you.
Will you?
But you have to listen to me
and do everything I say.
I will.