Roadkill (2024) Movie Script

You little shit.
You little shit.
You think I got money to stuff
your face with people food?
Get out of this house.
Get out.
That's going to cost you, boy.
That's going to cost you.
Now you don't have to fight
over the dog food no more.
Do you live here?
I was just going to see
if they had some water.
Just passing through.
You're just walking?
Lost my job and they
took my car, so.
Um, I'm just really
lost on these back roads.
You know how far to Abbeville?
That's where I'm going.
Been trying to get
there before tomorrow.
My mom, it's her birthday.
It's pretty far.
No, wait.
Maybe we can help each other?
You're not a maniac
or anything, are you?
This music bother you?
I don't know if you're
into it or anything.
It's fine.
It's kind of embarrassing.
Girls and directions,
am I right?
I usually know right
where I'm going.
Pretty tough about
what happened.
You know, your situation.
I hope things get worked out.
It's nice though.
You thinking of your
mother like that.
So what have you
got in Abbeville?
Well, it's kind of personal.
Been on the run a while, huh?
You've been on the road a while?
Yeah, it's been a long day.
My fish is bigger than yours.
No, it's really not.
It's really not.
You're clearly blind.
Let's measure them when we get
home, and we'll see about that.
OK, I think you're
wrong, but, OK, we can.
Dude. Go.
Go. Go.
You know how far
to the next station?
Not really sure,
but it's a ways.
Better fill up.
Don't you think?
You need anything?
I'll probably hit the restroom.
You open?
You've been there long?
I was asking for someone.
I can't hear a
damn thing anymore.
I'll be with you
in just a minute.
I got to check on something
out back right quick.
You're a pretty little
thing, aren't you?
You can't leave
the pump unattended.
It's County ordinance.
You may not know if you're
not from around here,
but we're just all about safety.
That's a fine looking car.
You, uh, you just
passing through?
Where you headed?
What's your name?
What's yours?
Trying to be smart with me, boy?
No, sir.
I mean, we're just
having a conversation.
You trying to turn this
into something else?
Possible signal
three, mile marker 14.
Sheriff, you on the air?
Go ahead.
Just off the main
highway about a half a mile.
South, coroners en route.
Respect for authority
make the rest of your stay
a whole lot easier.
On my way.
You have a nice day.
Don't let the county line hit
you in the ass on the way out.
Yeah, about time.
Not too friendly around here.
County to Sheriff.
What do you got?
Media's on the line.
Can we send them to the scene?
I don't even know
what we got yet.
You tell them we'll make
a call when it's clear.
What the hell?
What happened?
We almost hit it.
What are you talking about?
Hit what?
You ran yourself off the
road, risking both our lives,
for a damn turtle.
I saw it at the last second.
Like I said, you
ran yourself off the...
It wouldn't have hurt the car.
You could just run it over.
Now don't be like that.
It was in a hopeless situation.
Could have happened to anyone.
What if it happened to you?
Well, it didn't take him
long to get back at it
again, whoever it is, I mean.
How long?
Ah, 24 hours.
I'll get my paperwork.
Corey, you in the area?
Heading to the call.
Hey, well, we need help.
Be there in a few.
I'm getting waved down by
somebody, might be a crash.
Y'all all right?
Just a little stuck.
Do you think you could
help pull us out?
What, you didn't
crash into nothing?
Kind of ran off the road.
A turtle.
A little turtle.
I don't have AAA.
I might have something
I can pull you out with.
I got to hurry though.
I got a serious call
I got to get to.
Where would you tie it off to?
I'll find a spot on the frame
just like a wrecker would.
This might work.
Here, hold that.
Where are you all headed?
Back to Buxton.
Well, that's not far.
I think we can get
you on your way.
Well, a couple of them are
already talking Highway Hunter.
I don't think so.
Well, you'd know better
than anyone, even me.
Like I said, looks similar.
It'd be the first
one in over a year.
That we know of.
Now, most of the other victims
were drifters or homeless,
prostitutes no one cared about.
They got local ties,
but other than that,
the MO looks the same.
Just get me some
prints or something.
Yes, sir.
Got to go.
Y'all be safe on your trip.
Corey, where are you at?
I'm on my way.
Ma'am, look out
for them turtles.
I'm starving.
Got some jerky in my pack.
I was thinking more like
a sandwich or something.
It's on me.
That'll have to do.
A six letter word for lazy.
Slothful, avoids
work at all costs.
You got that one there?
How many times I got to tell
you my name is seven letters.
A-L-L-I-S-O-N. You
should try one of these.
Might help with your ignorance.
Yeah, yeah.
You're such an ass.
Come on, up.
You can sit anywhere you like.
Hello, there.
Can I get you all
something to drink?
Do you have a sandwich?
Just like a club sandwich?
Yeah, sure.
Do you want fries
or chips with that?
Nothing fried.
For you, sir?
The same.
How about some
homemade lemonade?
Yeah, sure.
We're just kind of in a hurry.
It won't be but a minute.
three times two.
Signal three at Lester's.
Is that verified?
Caller on scene.
They say confirm but we
got rescue on its way.
I'm right there.
I'm coming up on it now.
So that's all you saw?
OK, I got you.
Thanks, Quentin.
I appreciate you.
Well, we didn't see anyone,
so they walked through
and found them in the back.
Lester and that girl
that works for him.
They're both gone.
County, get a BOLO
out on a red Nova
heading North on the main line
with a white, male driver.
By the back door and outside.
Tastes like sugary pond water.
So what was that business
back there about Buxton?
You are heading to
Abbeville, right?
Because... because you
said otherwise to the cop.
He asked where we were
heading and you said Buxton.
There you go.
Here y'all go.
Let me know if I can get
you anything else, OK?
So what about it?
Aren't you hungry?
I don't know, I just
thought you'd be hungry.
I get by OK.
Just a little bad
luck is all lately.
I'm not trying to get all
in your business or anything
but what's a girl
like you doing out
here in the middle of nowhere?
Is that what this is,
the middle of nowhere?
Pretty much.
And this ain't exactly
the easiest way
to get to Abbeville.
Or Buxton anyway.
Interstates are overrated.
Besides, I like
a good road trip.
Not the safest way to travel.
Never been the cautious type.
Yeah, I see that, like
picking up strangers.
I don't usually do that.
You were actually my first.
Oh, I was your first.
I'm honored.
Usually, if I need
to stop for directions,
I'll just pull over and ask,
but now I don't have to.
No, the witness didn't see
anything or anyone around.
They just found them like this.
Listen, I was just up there.
Did you get the BOLO?
What BOLO?
The one I just put out.
The red Nova.
Red Nova?
I might have just saw it.
Well, it had to be the
one I stopped out with.
You got to be shitting
me, the one that wrecked?
They ran off into a ditch.
A guy and a girl.
I knew they were acting funny.
And you didn't do
nothing about it?
Where the hell are they now?
Well, I pulled them out.
And they just drove off?
They weren't locals, Corey.
She said that she
was from Buxton.
You didn't even run them?
I... I was in a hurry.
I had to get up to your scene.
We had a God damn murder
investigation going.
You get out that right
now, and you find them.
I'm leaving here to
come up to your scene.
The coroner already left.
They can be anywhere by now.
Don't worry about that.
You get on the road and
run to the state line.
He may have that girl
against her will.
On my way.
I will be in the
little girls' room.
We interrupt our program
for this Special Report.
Authorities are responding to a
wooded area off of County Road
12, where the bodies of an
unidentified man and woman
were found today
by two young boys.
The community wonders has
the Highway Hunter returned?
Join us at 5:00 for details
and a special report
on the four year
history of the killings,
as well as the Sheriff,
who has claimed
to have ended the terror.
We've really got to get going.
Y'all have a good day.
What the hell, Doc?
Well, it was quick.
They each took and would have
put them down right away.
Whoever it was was in
a great, big hurry.
Not random either, I suppose.
Definitely not same MO
of your hunter, if that's
what you're looking for.
Now, the girl she took
a blade or something
similar to her temple.
Cutting her throat
was an afterthought.
Well, Lester here, he
might have walked up on it.
I don't know.
Got hit in the head
with a solid object.
Like what?
I'm not sure.
Lots of solid objects around.
We're still looking.
Just what we need, another
headline for the paper.
I'll be goddamned.
I think it's the same guy.
Uh, you want to, you know?
What are you doing?
Son of a bitch.
I got a runner headed northbound
on the main stretch, tag
reading 456 Lima, Bravo, Quebec.
10-4 Sheriff, copy?
Corey, what do you got?
It's that car.
It's the one.
It ain't stopping.
County, get a hold of
North Lake for assistance.
Try the state too.
- I'm heading out.
You let me know if there's
anybody else close.
What the hell?
What are you worried about?
I'm the one driving.
I just
I can't be stopped.
I kind of don't have a license.
Oh, that's great.
I'm out.
Vehicle damage.
Suspect last seen
headed northbound
on Old Mill Road near Tanner.
County, give me the status
of those roadblocks.
Not bad.
I can't believe I just did that.
Me either.
You are such a bad influence.
Where'd you learn to
drive like that anyway?
I'm not exactly
sure where we're at,
but you should probably find
a spot to lay low till they
think we're long gone.
I can't stop.
Not now.
They're going to be everywhere.
You think so?
I'm telling you.
Well, don't you know
another way, like a back road?
I've only been through
here a couple of times
before, but maybe.
Keep going.
We'll look for a
sign or something.
Frank, what are you
sick or something?
Oh, man.
Hey, everything's done.
You said I could leave early.
You did not leave me
here by myself again.
It's the last route I can think
of this side of the county.
It's like they got
them all covered.
You must've really
pissed them off.
Like I said, we got to hide
out till they call it off.
Maybe even change cars.
I'm not leaving my car.
All right.
You think they never had a
car run from them before.
It probably wasn't the
smartest idea, was it?
Well, now, it's done.
You can get out of this.
Just got to be smart about it.
Come on.
I think I know a place you can
back into the woods real good,
but we're going to
have to double back.
Almost where you
first picked me up.
I don't...
Just go straight across
here, take the first left
and head South.
And be careful.
You're sure?
Yeah, trust me.
Signal three
reported at Frank's Diner
off the main highway.
God damn it.
Any unit available?
Corey, you in that spare yet?
I'm on it.
I need some air.
You OK?
Just starting to
feel a little trapped.
I've never been in a
situation like this before.
I mean, you seem to know what
you're doing with all this.
I'm just a little more
objective right now is all.
You're the one in the hot seat.
And what's your name anyway?
How about I tell you when
we get to where we're going?
You're one strange girl.
We're not going to make it
to Abbeville tonight, are we?
Stranger and stranger.
You don't smoke?
Not that stuff, not regular.
I just need to relax.
Seriously, it's
really good stuff.
You'll like it.
Go ahead.
Oh, no.
Excuse my language.
That is just my luck.
I probably should
have tossed that too.
Well, you were right.
It was pretty good.
Glad you think so.
At least one of us can relax.
It's got lights.
Ready to do this
again if we have to?
I don't know.
What's wrong?
What was that shit?
What, do you mean the J?
There's something in that.
I told you it was good.
What is it?
Sleep tight.
You in that spare unit yet?
Back in business.
Meet me down at the
end of Bright Springs.
The fishing hole?
I checked it once,
but now that it's dark,
I want another look.
Welcome back.
What'd you give me?
I told you I like
a good road trip.
Where are we?
Headed South again.
I think.
How long?
We might have passed that
area I was talking about.
I told you we needed to pull
off the road for a while.
I don't think we should stop.
I thought about it.
You don't even know
where you're going.
I stopped for some directions.
Nowhere public.
Just a little place
had a light on.
I get the feeling,
no matter what happens,
I don't think I'm going to
get where I'm going with you.
Don't worry about it,
the paranoia is temporary.
Oh, that wasn't normal stuff.
What was that shit?
Don't get upset.
Some people just have
a weak constitution.
I don't have a weak anything.
What's funny?
Nothing's funny.
Are you messing with me or what?
What's your deal?
Chill out.
Why are you going all hostile?
You think this is hostile?
Hostile is giving me shit
that knocks me on my ass.
Stop yelling.
Hostile is laughing in my face.
Why are you being such a freak?
What did you call me?
This ride is so over.
Oh, no you don't.
Oh, God, no.
That's it.
That's it.
On the wheel.
Freak, huh?
I knew it.
You know, I tried.
I've been trying.
Thought I was finished,
thought I could move on.
I actually thought
for once, for once,
I found someone I could talk to.
Someone I could trust.
But you're all the same.
I said on the wheel.
Why'd you have to be like this?
Way wrong move.
It's OK.
My road.
Get away from me.
Drop the knife.
You OK?
I don't know.
You drop that knife, boy.
You got about two seconds.
I got help coming.
You go with that other officer.
Well, well, sure thought better
than to come into this county
looking for trouble.
We got some business
to talk about.
Got a first aid
kit at the station.
We'll get your leg dressed,
and you can get cleaned up.
You have any family
that we can call?
It's all right.
We're not far.
Thought you had
another one, didn't you?
Pretty young girl,
innocent, and alone.
Where'd you pick her up?
She picked me up.
Well, your chapter
is over, friend.
I don't see any
light in your future.
But, I'll give you a
chance to tell me a story.
Who knows, I might like it,
Go ahead and get started,
if you haven't already.
You know where we'll be.
Yes, sir.
Fix you right up.
Be right back.
Make yourself at home.
Can you at least
take these off now?
I'm going to need
to get at that cut.
Finding that necessary?
Just, uh, making our
guest more comfortable.
Bring back any memories?
Should it?
I warned you about
that smart mouth.
You charging me with something?
How about assault
with a deadly weapon?
Look, she's the one
who picked me up, OK?
What about this, huh?
I ain't got a right
to defend myself?
Defend yourself.
Yeah, we got into it, sure.
I don't know what
her problem was.
You know how women can be.
You expecting me
to believe that?
Pretty young girl
like that with no ties
to the community picking
up a dirtbag drifter.
Come on.
She drugged me.
You look better.
You look like you
feel better, I mean.
We got some coffee,
if you want it?
I don't drink it.
Why don't you start
from the beginning?
When did you first come
in contact with this guy?
Let me explain something to you.
I've been cleaning up
bodies along these roads
for four long years.
Never found a fingerprint or any
other real evidence in a one.
But with some of them,
recently, there was a pattern.
An MO.
You know what I'm talking about?
A blade.
Like a big old hunting
knife wreaking havoc.
And now I got the weapon sitting
right on my desk in there
dropped from your worthless,
wandering, trash hand.
You've got all this wrong.
That knife doesn't
mean anything.
We just processed
all the evidence.
Those scenes are fresh,
only a few hours old.
I might not can prove
what you've done before,
but I can prove what
you've done tonight.
I knew you'd make a
mistake at some point.
Too reckless.
Too sloppy.
Amateur from day one.
This is ridiculous.
I'm not going to be
railroaded into this bullshit.
I need my phone call.
Now, who the hell
are you going to call?
Yeah, you've been real busy
these last couple of days.
I got a feeling we
won't get any more calls
now that we got you chained up.
I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.
You damn sure know
what I'm talking about.
How about the one at the diner?
You must have been really
pissed at that old boy
with the beating he took.
Crushed his windpipe,
like it was nothing.
This is crazy.
What about the
ones in your trunk?
You put your ass in that chair,
or I'll blast your vagrant
brains all over that wall.
I done told you, you picked
the wrong county, boy.
I guess it wasn't the
smartest move I could have made.
Didn't your daddy tell you
to never pick up strangers?
If you could look this over, let
me know if I missed anything.
My daddy taught
me a lot of things.
He was a truck driver.
He used to take me
with him on every trip.
We met a lot of people.
Yeah, he taught me good.
And then his friends
taught me, and then,
strangers, over and over again.
Ooh, those wheels are spinning.
What is this?
This is the end of the line.
Hands out.
Hands out now.
Get them out.
You try any sit like
that, if you try anything,
I'll skin you alive
before I give it to you.
You hear me?
I'd like to file a complaint.
I've never had one
fight like you before.
You like that, huh?
These are your victims.
Not all of them.
Besides, they'll all be
yours when we're done here.
You don't go hunting in
another man's territory.
Now we got no record
of you anywhere.
That makes it all the easier.
No record of your
girlfriend either.
You picked a good one.
That's right.
We're going to erase you and no
one will ever know different.
One less piece of garbage
for society to smell.
Best part about it,
I get to close all
my open cases with your name.
Now don't get all
riled up just yet.
We'll finish with her first.
Come out, girl.
Your daddy didn't leave
you here for no reason.
You're not going
to waste my time.
Not again.
You sit tight.
I was wrong about
him, weren't I?
It was you handling
all them people.
Do it.
Oh, I will.
But first, we're going to dance.
Now turn around.
Turn around or I'll put
a bullet in each knee
and one some place special.
Yeah, I know who you are, and,
darling, I don't know what else
you've been through in this
life to bring you to this,
but I guarantee
after tonight you
never have to worry about it.
Now get on the ground.
Ga, ga, ga, ga.
I was ready.
I had him.
You had shit.
He was mine.
I knew there was
something about you.
From the beginning, I knew.
And I know you saw
the same thing in me,
or else I'd probably
already be dead now.
But none of that
matters much now.
We got to get on the road.
Look, I've done some
bad things, but I
never did anybody didn't have
it coming in one way or another.
You probably thought
like me you'd never end
up on the other side of this.
I get it.
Make them pay.
Pay for the hurt.
You don't know pain.
I know we're going to
be in the deepest of shit
unless we get the
hell on our way now.
We have to move quick if we
want to get out of this tonight.
Need to clean up some
and make it look like...
The little ones had
to sleep after suffering
with the monster in that house,
but not that whore of a mother.
She went just like the rest.
Because lying with
pigs makes you a pig,
and pigs are bred for slaughter.
What the fuck?
Harmless drifter down on
his luck with a sad story.
Was I wrong.
My father kept a little
book, an address book,
with tiny shorthand notes.
And I knew what the notes meant.
They were my last stop
before the ones in Abbeville.
You bought them a few hours.
Listen, we can still
get out of this.
I know the road.
You think I don't?
There are pigs all over
watching, luring, preying.
You were dead the second
you pulled that knife on me.
My road.
My car.
Oh, god.
Psycho bitch.
No. No.
You have made the worst mistake
of your miserable, little life.
You think you can hurt me?
You're wrong.
No one can hurt me.
Never again.
I have the road now.
And there's only
room enough for one.
You're gonna
finally feel my blade.
Make a wish.
An unidentified
homeless drifter,
himself found deceased,
was picked up by police
for questioning in the
infamous Highway Hunter
killings, which have
terrorized the community
over the past few years.
The man's attempted escape
foiled by a confrontation
with armed officers, also led
to the loss of our local law
enforcement heroes, as well as
the unfortunate disappearance
of one more innocent victim,
an unidentified young woman
who was last seen
with the killer
and whose whereabouts
are at this time unknown.
A search is currently
underway to ensure her safety,
and anyone with
information regarding
the woman in this
artist's rendering
is urged to call state police.
Authorities tell us it appears
that, although yesterday's
and last night's events
are horrendous and tragic,
they can officially close the
file on the Highway Hunter.
Healing can begin
for those affected
and for all the
citizens of this county.
Spring has sprung.
Summer is here, and, baby,
it may be hot outside,
but the values are even hotter
inside at Venus Waterbeds.
Because we've cleared
our warehouse and stacked
the savings ceiling high
in all our showrooms.