Roadracers (1994) Movie Script

You are late.
I'm working, I assure you.
It is you who adores
this music, not me.
The sergeant stung me
for excess speed.
Look in front of you !
Did you like it or what?
I dunno.
It's nice, but it's mouthing.
what are we doing
beautiful tonight?
I thought that was there.
There is always something else to do.
My parents will charge me
if I do not come home on time.
We fuck them!
I did you the cleaning.
I explain to you.
You give me 2 places,
you close your jar,
and we make a movie.
I do not like science fiction.
You swallow yourself completely.
It's a realistic movie.
I do not like that.
I do not love you either.
But if.
No !
Be nice, otherwise I do not invite you.
I do not want to go out with you!
I have to go.
It's the Niqueur.
Support a little.
He will catch us!
Where are your things?
- I almost got it.
- She would have got you.
Just below the navel.
I let everything flow
in my boots.
There is a movie ... We have to listen to it?
We are happy to have
of his news.
Those guys who get out of space
steal the souls of humans.
A girl and a guy are trying
to prevent everyone.
So ?
The girl falls asleep ...
and she too becomes a monster!
He stays with her?
Yes. I said to the guy:
"Balance the chick!"
We do not bother a girl
when we want to save
the rest of the world.
Hold on...
And if the boy loved him, if
she represents everything for him?
If it represents everything
for him, he does not drop it.
Bullshit, all right.
We had to walk around.
In your opinion, what do we do?
Well, come on, terminus, Niqueur.
H , Dude ...
Look a little bit down.
But, it's Dude, the king of the sales pitch!
We let you out
without your nurses?
Did you see the girl?
You are good
in fraud from Mexico?
Tell me about me.
I wets my panties!
You are jealous
because I speak 2 languages.
You speak no known language. The puta!
You are beautiful tonight, on T r sa.
I have a cudgel that even you,
it would be hard to swallow!
You talk to my sister.
Do you want me to kill you?
Well, come on, let's go.
Stop, she has hair on fire!
She has hair on fire!
Where do we go?
It's madly romantic.
Ramne me.
How did you take it?
Shit !
You missed the girls on the way!
Shit !
I'm going to do it, this Dude.
Go away.
The big skate of farewell?
- Between one second.
- And your parents ?
It's a graveyard inside!
There are resurrects!
Always on time.
It was for you to have
the newspaper earlier.
I would have done better
to kiss you outside.
It is not serious.
- Did you have the welcoming committee?
- With the fanfare!
You see how she has
well wrapped the dough around?
Looks like there are
small veins inside.
If you want my personal opinion,
it's partly due
sausage fat
and partly to the touch
angular of his hands. My mother makes me like a
She says to me: "Guards
always one in the pocket. "
I always have one for
to go back when needed.
Hold on !
We must first feel it.
The eyes, the ears, it's
good looking but not that a.
All my new colleagues
have the right...
This little lesson.
In the field,
everyone will tell you:
if you know where you are,
you know where you are going
Tap the bell.
This woman has golden hands!
Put it in your pocket.
I'll tell you something ...
Young people are not like before.
You know what caused all this?
This music has changed young people
in a band of wolves
who drink like holes
and fuck like crazy.
- It's Dude!
- Shit !
Why are you running after me?
You love Me ?
You made us
a sacred number last night.
Should be more careful.
Otherwise, there will be an accident.
Do not play smart with me.
What does he have? His mother makes them express
for him, shabby.
With shit?
Get off the car.
Hands on the door.
These relaxes are wandering
with knives.
You would not have a knife on the ground?
- Or a p'tard?
- You have to check.
Search his pockets.
Searching well, Junior.
I have dog biscuits
of his mother.
His mother prepared them with love.
You know what ?
One of these days,
I'll make you dive.
Do it right away.
It will save time.
I'll sting you
for something
which will be worth the trip.
That day,
Dude will lose his smile.
You're so close to lowering your pants
that I already smell
when you pee in it.
Will have a pair of balloons
to succeed.
I have the means to tie you
when I will be pleased.
The jail is too good
for a guy like you.
Here, I am at home.
I do not allow anyone to do
the law on my territory.
So watch your feathers,
my canary.
He looks like your Uncle Charlie but it's not him.
Half of the inhabitants
are creatures.
The other half will become it.
Zombies ...
who lead their lives without
Feel the slightest emotion.
What he is talking about ?
"The Invasion of the Defiler."
It's a movie, JT.
Take care of your eggs
and let us talk about cinoche!
Shut up !
Or I spit in your hamburger.
Do not worry ...
It would give him at least some taste.
What time is the film?
Speak to me more like this.
9 hours.
9:10 with all the session before.
Anyway, it's that
movie. It's not true.
Must see it!
JT, send another coffee.
You do not have a rag?
I'm fifty.
Pass me 49!
It's disgusting.
Do you dream of a coffee?
I want it.
Put two.
The farm !
You screwed up the fire
to the hair of my mouse.
She had to put herself
a damn wig.
It looks like my mother.
I thought it was your mother!
Do you know what we are going to do?
You bring the girl
and I spit on the skull
to shine. You kill each other if you have fun,
but not at home, understood?
Repack your crap.
Otherwise, there will be hash
Parmentier on the menu tonight.
Come back and sit down.
Excuse me, JT.
at the well of hell.
- 9 hours.
- The fruit of hell?
It can be dangerous if ...
Shut up !
Give me my heart
go roller skating.
I do not care !
You promised. To make him
forget that she has more teeth!
Roller skate, huh Teddy?
Watch out that your skirt
not too long.
We'll meet again, Dude.
Count on it.
Hi, Donna.
Leave it alone.
Excuse me for last night. I should have
to doubt me that they would wait for me.
They want you to come to dinner.
They want to give
their version of the facts.
Go away !
When will we see each other again ?
If we would do
roller skates?
You take me skating?
Why not ?
You would not be trying
to play me a trick?
No, I swear to you. There is nothing too much for my Donna.
Pick me up at 8 o'clock.
Say 9 am.
Okay. Ciao.
Holy shit!
Hold it by hand!
Y days
where you piss on both sides at once
and you're aiming for the chiotte
you miss the target every time!
Watch out.
Add a little chocolate!
I have already put some.
It relieved.
It's not so bad,
Whatever !
Maybe not so good that a ...
Julie is here.
Yes, with Teddy.
Nothing can be done.
Chance, huh?
I beg your pardon.
I thought we were coming
skate tonight.
What do we do ?
It's time for couples dancing
with, for starters,
a song dediated to Julie
from Niqueur.
"I'd like to hang your head
on the wall "by Hasil Adkins.
Excuse me, Donna.
I send you the firemen.
Go get fucked!
- Are you happy with yourself?
- Watch out, it's slipping.
I did not express.
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you? He had me by surprise.
You have a problem.
If you want to be a man,
you'd better take charge of yourself.
Do not count on me.
I will settle that.
At the exit, you always have
the air of a poor con.
I'm never
passed for a con.
Never !
You're going to harass me this fuck.
When he drops the guard,
you take the opportunity to finish it!
You did not learn anything?
If you have the misfortune to redo a,
it will remain for me more than to stab you!
I will not hesitate for a second,
including ?
I do not want my son
the risk of everyone!
Lead as a man.
I'll show you
which is the risk.
Never anything good on the radio!
I have an idea.
Play something.
You do not like the music I play.
Play me something.
A group, would not you like it?
No group likes me.
Do not you have an idol?
No, nobody.
There is one.
Not even one.
Link Wray is cool.
- He is known ?
- Not at all.
It's cool for him. If he was so good that a,
he would be known, right?
What are you doing ?
If a guy is good
because he is known,
it's shit!
You would not have an idea
behind the head?
Play me a romantic thing.
That's what I do !
Say, he plays well.
It's like throwing the toilet.
If your father saw you there ...
You hit me.
When I hit you,
you will remember.
You think you're a joker.
He plays the comedy, Sergeant.
It seems that you love
the sausages.
Here, eat mine.
I would not answer like that,
In your place.
Donna's mother
may be going to learn
what his daughter was doing
last night.
I have nothing to hide.
- It is true ?
- Nothing at all.
Look at that.
If you have nothing to hide,
why did you scratch
your last name ?
It's forbidden.
I do not have the name I had.
Give me your handkerchief.
I feel like I'm going to cry.
- It was you who wanted it.
- You deny your dad?
He did not always offer you
tenderness and affection? The police are not sensitive
to difficulties
of today's youth?
We are. Me first.
But your case is desperate
whatever we do there.
Like your father's.
He had his ideas on how
to lead things in this world
and I shot it from here,
the tail between the legs.
I will continue the tradition.
Have a good day, Mr. Delaney.
That's for the ab parem bumper.
I'll tell you, Johnny:
we will never get there
without a guitarist.
- Who will be on the guitar?
- I will tell you.
You already play sax.
Nothing prevents me from doubling.
Do not you sit down?
He has picol .
- You're there ?
- When you want.
Let's go.
Keep the tempo.
- Leave me alone.
- We play.
Nibbler tells me squarely:
"In my arms.
You will not regret it !"
He misses a box.
He comes every night to cin ma
hoping for a free entry!
You would not be a little too far north?
Where is your partner?
It's nice between chicks. A chihuahua and a giraffe.
I will stop there,
to console you.
You're Mexican ...
yet mom and dad are white.
Your mother got blown up
by a mexicon?
Enfoir !
I am madly in love
Shit ! Tommy
what do you advise?
I am a drummer.
It sucks.
I do not know how we will do.
We take back.
That's it,
your business with the blonde?
I fell at the end of the month.
In these cases, dip.
What's this ?
You do yo-yo
pulling the end of the string.
I have to tell you something.
Show him.
- Are we making a painting tonight?
- I have to revise.
Forget all that bullshit.
Come to the cinema.
Go with Niqueur.
He loves that.
I need to talk to you.
Here's Teddy coming back.
What does he want ?
I appreciated
our little walk, Donna.
I wanted to tell you...
He hurt you?
I have an idea.
Promise me to keep you alone.
What did he do ?
We have a binge. What did he do ?
Donna will serve as pi ata / i.
He rolled me a shovel.
Like this, everyone will be entitled to it.
I hope you did not take
your toy.
Do not do anything you regret.
He makes you a bluff.
If you do something silly,
I am leaving.
See you later, okay?
Come on, Dude ...
There are enough
for everyone.
What's wrong ?
Do you like it more?
Forget my recommendations.
Do not you want to gorge on milkshake?
Good evening, JT.
Good evening, Sergeant.
How much I owe you ?
Thank you, JT.
JT ...
No preferential treatment
with this paum .
You hold a trade.
Do your job.
Otherwise, hygiene services
will do a descent.
Doing food is my job.
Law enforcement,
it's yours.
Everyone his business, huh?
That's talking.
You shut up.
Do you have a minute?
Yes why ?
It may be unexpected ...
but I wanted to tell you ...
I like your music.
Thank you.
How did you do ? I did what ?
How do you ...
Do things differently,
This is frowned upon.
I started ...
and I stood there.
And then here it is.
You smoke ?
Look, JT.
From this end to the eternity,
it was before my birth.
And on the other end
until ternity ...
it's after my death.
This fries,
that's the time I have left
to do what I have to do.
You did not do anything.
You will spend the rest of your life
in this city.
Then one day, you will die
taking one of my burgers.
And that's all.
I'm happy overall.
There are good and bad plans.
A record company
we propose a tour.
And what is the good plan?
Ben, the tour.
What is the wrong plan?
Our guitarist has gone.
Why ?
He pretended not to follow him,
that kind of bullshit.
You play, you told me?
If you can help us,
pass and we try.
If everything sticks well,
you do the touring.
And it brought in some money. Enough for a couple to live?
I think you'll do it because
what you hear pisses you off.
I'm tired of these cons
who play crap.
I want to play...
a music that fucks
scares the public.
This train is here
long ago. I missed it.
This time,
I will not miss it.
We are engaged here
until the day after tomorrow.
Pass before 9 pm
if you want to give it a try.
Okay. Thank you.
Contract with a label.
And hi the company!
I will never fall
on such an occasion.
Girls ... women ...
and fortune.
Do not say anything, Donna.
You fear that she is bad luck.
No, I would not like
that she is racing
and that it falls to the water.
If you need a manager ...
someone who looks after you ...
And if by chance
I have nothing better to do ...
I will not let you down.
We go to the cinema?
I am sorry.
Are you going out with Donna?
You really want to
to attend a boy like Dude?
Yes. His father has abandoned his family.
I'm afraid he does the same thing.
They say that for your future.
Good parents do it all.
Since he has no one to guide him,
we are not sure he will know
watch over you as a husband.
I know a lot of things about Dude
that your informants do not know.
Like what ?
That he is a very talented musician.
He will play in a group
under contract,
and it can bring in millions.
You will have our blessing
if it happens.
- I suspected it.
- If that is not the case ...
it would be good to plan
another solution.
This little set suits you perfectly.
I love it.
I hope to bring it back to you before Christmas.
Your thing does not stop jumping.
It's a great idea
but she jumped like a kid.
what are we doing
beautiful tonight?
All that will make you happy.
I owe you this.
I wish we were going ...
in cinema.
With me ?
Nothing too much for my Dude!
What do you want to see ?
Thank you, Donna. How many times have you seen this movie?
During your sleep,
they absorb your thoughts,
and you are reborn
in a peaceful world.
Everyone is alike.
What world!
But after, we'll fall asleep.
But no.
I fell asleep and it happened.
A moment of sleep
and the woman I loved
had become an inhuman enemy.
You are in danger!
You do not see?
They are chasing us!
They are already there!
You are on the list!
You are the next ones
on the list!
Why did you ever tell me
that your father had gone?
I do not know anything about you
All you need to know about me
I told you a thousand times.
Tell me about your father.
He left me only one thing
in inheritance.
What's this ?
You would not like to know it.
Playground tonight, 9 pm
Get your shovel and bucket?
You will be there.
I would like to make p t s but I have an appointment.
Put it back another day.
I'll put you in the mouth,
but another day.
Who prevents you from coming?
It's not even this cod
that sticks to your feet.
Mexican slut.
Here we go again.
You like music.
The cucaracha ...
It means cockroach
in espingouin, no?
- You're sleeping with a cockroach!
- Do not talk about her.
Why ? You did it
the faces of my bitch!
You will not get away with it like that.
Get out.
9 hours.
9 hours.
You'll be there, I know it.
You go a little hard, right?
Why he came, this emmanch ?
A species of challenge.
I thought he was a cop.
Yes. But no-one
can not be trusted
The whole city was invaded.
How do you want it to happen?
to know where is the truth?
Shit !
Even less with his mouse.
How he knew
that she was one of them?
When he kissed her!
It's often like that
that we are fixed.
Too late. It's their thing.
I know girls.
Listen to me, guys.
I've been here for a long time.
Cooking for assholes like
you, that was not my dream.
You have to know what you intend
to do.
What you need to know
The essential,
it is to choose the right moment.
If you do not react in time,
like in your movie,
you arrive too late!
A small question :
What is it when everyone
think the son of the sergeant
is the last of the cons?
I will tell you.
People say they do not
have nothing to shake the authority.
From my authority.
All because you are incapable
to take care of a dirty thug.
- I told you I'll do it.
- How?
I offered him
a clash tonight.
I would have the friends in support
if he does not play the regular game.
The whole city knows
that he's a thug.
It would piss me off
that my son is having himself.
listen to me.
Everything has nothing to do with
your confusion with his father. Okay ?
I will eliminate Dude
for my own reasons.
If I had a cent each time
that you find an excuse,
you would at least
one million dollars.
You slipped him in the hand
when it will be eliminated.
Who knows
what the devil has niched
in the heart of the man?
Only the shadow knows it!
- What are you doing here?
- I have to talk to you.
- What is happening ?
- Take a seat.
Your favorite group
looking for a new guitarist.
I heard about it.
We are lucky!
How is that?
They signed with
a record company.
And they do not play
romantic stuff!
I need to talk to my mother about it.
If you wanted me to go with you,
you would ask me to leave
my parents.
It's different.
It's not your real parents.
No blood relationship.
Do not go to this confrontation.
Come to the club.
Show them a demonstration.
It's worth a try.
We will not have any luck
as extraordinary.
Please. Promise me to find myself tonight.
I promise.
Ready to die?
Teddy went too far.
I told you about the club.
I'm talking about the confrontation.
You have nothing retained
what did JT tell us?
It's really deep
what he said.
Drop the fight.
We have a chance to get out of here
and you fuck her in the air for this cunt.
My old man has never faced
anything in his life.
He just fled.
I will not run away.
Whether Teddy,
or his father or whoever you want.
Did you bring your velvet glove?
Do you think he will come?
It will be the foot
if he comes with his girlfriend.
You know what I'll do with it!
He is for me.
You have not broken much
You want
that I prove you the opposite?
He made you go
for a real lope.
He got lucky.
Do not forget the hair of my sister.
I hope you'll
turn him into a mouth
in rare hamburger.
And it will be just a beginning. I am not always
at the head of the pack
but I have no trouble.
Everyone does not care about you.
That's all I ask.
Like that, I do not have them on my back.
I tell you something.
They force me to go through.
Balance me one.
You would not even catch a pumpkin.
Excuse me...
It's nothing.
Do not touch !
The cow !
That's huge!
We look like poor idiots.
He will not come!
Where are you going?
Since he is deflating,
let's go get it.
I love when you're bar
in all directions.
It is 10:45.
You've destroyed this city.
You've tainted Teddy.
I'm like you.
But you love your music.
So fight for what you love,
not for what you test.
Did you make your decision?
I will go to the club.
And that's going to light up!
Do you enjoy the trip?
There is a disc that passes behind!
Cows, they pretend!
They play shit.
Music is everything.
It was not a reason
to do that. You screwed everything up,
as usual.
You are go ste.
You do not care about my dreams.
These are my dreams, not yours.
You are going in the direction of the wind.
Your daddy is going to spin you a sacr
kick in the ass!
No, Teddy!
The veil!
Washcloths like you,
I'm shitting it!
Before that goes wrong ...
Let's start with the head-teaser.
Fuck her in the ass, your blowgun!
You think I should
to bring him sweets?
It tends to swell.
The p tunias will suffice.
- Or...
- Some mustard ?
With mustard or nothing?
Put it in a ton.
The sergeant adores a.
Get in the car !
You have to stop.
But you wanted ...
We are leaving !
Move on, damn fuck!
Where are you going?
I'm looking for Donna.
There was trouble.
Teddy is dead.
Take me with you, Dude.
You have to carve the road alone.
What am I going to do ?
If you're not here to fuck
brothel, I will become cingl . It's funny for you watching,
but it is less so for me.
So, what are you going to do?
I'm going to settle in a
alley in the middle of garbage cans.
People throw cool stuff.
Fucking hell.
What are you doing now ?
Let's say we will not do
roller skates.
I want to help you.
There is nothing more to do.
I have never believed
ask as many problems.
I can not follow you.
You'll be better off without me.
What am I going to become ?
A silhouette that disappears
in the mirror.
Faster !
Rattrape me this manure!
This time, I'll get you!
We will see who orders.
Everything has already been too hard!
I should have never
sabotage this hood!
I do not know if you do not tell me!
Push your hair back.
No, you have a lump on the forehead.
Sometimes we look more con
a suitcase without a handle.
You come ?
I stay a little longer.
As you wish.
Rest well.
- Did you like?
- What?
Did you like the movie? I just love it.
I come every night.
You saw him ?
Yes, kind of.
We harden our hearts.
Like granite.
It's when you have to
fight to stay human
that we appreciate
the happiness of being.
To fight to stay human.
That's what it's about?
I do not know.
I do not know you.
You did not tell me your name.
If you want to know it, it's ...
Thank you, Miles ...
Video subtitling: C.M.C.