Roads (2019) Movie Script

I need to explain myself
to these fuckers?
I'm the only one
who takes responsibility!
Taking care of business!
So that these bitches can eat.
I've seen that RV
at a vintage car market.
I can sell it tomorrow for 40,000.
It's easy as pie, man!
-Where is the dope?
-It's easy, Bodo.
Just come up with a story
for these losers.
Then there'll be 20,000 for you
and 20,000 for me. Basta.
-You don't have the dope?
-No, but the car.
Do you know how sad mama is?
Why have you never tried calling?!
Couldn't you have done that?
Are you out of your mind?
One night he hurt himself
when hiding under a truck.
His leg was broken.
He was in a lot of pain.
Before the accident he was strong.
Always dancing.
Always in a good mood.
But he has changed.
He started drinking and taking drugs.
To endure the pain.
He's not well.
Will you take him home?
Back to Congo?