Robert Reborn (2019) Movie Script

[intense dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[Brahms' "Lullaby"]
Please stop drinking!
It's an affront to God!
Don't you start with that
God shit again, Alberta!
You're destroying us
with your blasphemy!
[Elias] What about
you, you fucking bitch?
[dramatic music]
You are never here, I
raise our son on my own!
[Elias] Up, up in that church
flirting with those men!
You're a fucking hypocrite!
I do no such thing!
But I tell you this,
the men who go to church
and give themselves to God
are more man than
you'll ever be!
[Elias] Robert?
[tense music]
The devil has blinded
the mind of my husband.
Please Lord, let the light of
the glorious gospel of Christ,
who is the image of
God, shine upon him.
[dramatic music]
Let me talk to you!
Why did you hit my mother?
I, I, I didn't mean it.
It was an accident.
[dramatic music]
Don't lie, you do
it all the time!
I'll, I'll stop it
now, I promise you.
Everything's gonna be all right.
[dramatic music]
Forgive his soul
for he is a sinner, my Lord.
And forgive the soul of my son
for he is an innocent
in all of this.
Come inside.
I hate you, I wish
you were dead!
[dramatic music]
[crying] Oh Jesus, no, my baby!
[Alberta V.O.] Help Robert
to remain faithful
until death, and allow
his soul to be reborn.
[Elias crying]
[Elias] Oh Jesus.
I'm so sorry.
[dramatic music]
["Row Row Row Your Boat"
playing slowly]
[merges with dramatic music]
I name you...
[dramatic music]
[Troops sing the National Anthem
of the Soviet Union]
I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Which is?
I believe the
condition is terminal.
How long?
I've seen some miracles
over the years--
Forget the miracles.
How long?
Three months,
[groaning] Stoichkov.
[Soviet anthem continues on
radio in background]
Thank you, Doctor.
The Czar appreciates
your candor.
But as I'm sure
you can appreciate,
he would like to
be left alone now.
Of course.
[gun fires]
[body thuds on ground]
Why did you do that?
The Czar wants a second opinion.
[ordering in Russian]
[patrons chatting in background]
[dramatic music]
What the fuck is this?
This is...
This is your jugular vein.
And if I cut it,
you will be dead in
a matter of minutes.
hand me over that gun.
You see that chair over there?
Take a seat.
Are you going to kill me?
If I was going to kill you,
I would have killed you already.
Now, please do not
let me ask you again.
Take a seat.
[tense music]
Put your hands behind your back.
Now tell me,
what is your name?
[chuckles] Vladimir.
What's so funny?
Well, I have lived in the
Soviet Union now for a decade,
and this is the first time
I've met a man called Vladimir
who has a German accent.
Given your German accent,
I'm sure you would know.
Yes, you have to forgive me now.
Because of my age, my mind is
not quite what it used to be.
Tell me.
Do I know you?
I don't think so.
What is your name?
No, you're right,
I do not know you.
But it is becoming
apparent you do know me.
What do you know, tell me?
In Germany during the war,
you were a wanted man.
We diverted considerable
resources into finding you.
It was considered one of our
most embarrassing failures.
And do you know how and
why I became a wanted man?
You stole a book which
gives life to the inanimate.
Absolutely incorrect.
I did not steal the book.
It came into my
possession by chance.
And the soldiers you killed,
was that by chance too?
They were by no means soldiers.
They were dirty,
evil nasty bastards.
So, what's your next
move here, kill me?
I think it's time you and
I played a little game.
Do you know Russian Roulette?
Very good.
[tense music]
Then you will know
that I will fire this
pistol at you three times.
And if, by chance, you manage
to avoid a single bullet
in the barrel
on all three occasions,
I will simply let you go.
How can I trust
you'll keep your word?
Now, you trust me to let you go,
and I trust you to leave me be.
But we can't forget, you
are a Nazi war criminal,
and the authorities
would much rather you
apprehended than me.
So, what is it to be?
I will.
You will?
So, let the games begin.
Why is this necessary?
I've already said
I'd leave you alone.
Now, just let me go!
Now where would be
the fun in that?
[Adler] Stop this and let me go!
[gun clicks]
[dramatic music]
[gun clicks]
This is the final
roll of the dice.
Now open your mouth.
Open your mouth!
[dramatic music]
[gun clicks]
lucky, lucky, lucky boy!
Now let me go!
Well, yes.
I did promise you
that, didn't I?
[Adler] Yes!
But the trouble is, you see,
made no such promise.
Who the hell is Robert?
[intense dramatic music]
[flesh squelches]
[mellow music]
Why do you still have
dolls in your room?
Aren't you a little
old for that?
When I, uh,
was growing up,
these, uh, dolls,
they were the only
friends I had.
Anyway. [sighs]
I would like you to take a
flight to Kaliningrad tomorrow.
The Baltic Region?
Why do I need to go there?
I want you to pay a
visit to Ivan Troitsky.
What's he said now?
He's talking to an
English newspaper, huh.
Used words like
"suppression of democracy."
I want you to take care of it.
Why me?
He has a weakness
for beautiful women.
If he is alerted
to your presence,
you could charm him
far easier than I.
I see.
You leave tomorrow afternoon.
[jet engine roaring]
[Schubert's "Ave Maria"]
[toy train whistle]
[gun fires]
["Ave Maria" continues playing]
[gun fires repeatedly]
[dramatic music]
Ahh. [chuckles]
Good evening, ladies
and gentlemen.
I'm so very, very grateful
for you to make it to
make it to tonight's show.
Now, it is my greatest pleasure
to welcome on stage
The Enchanted Dolls:
Miss Cyclops,
and Kalashnikov. [laughing]
[audience applauds]
[creepy piano music]
[audience applauds]
[piano music continues]
[echoes of woman crying]
[audience applauds]
[woman crying]
[guns firing]
[audience applauds]
[Toymaker] Yes?
Mr. Meyerhold?
[Toymaker] Yes, one
minute, one minute.
What is it?
Good evening, my name is Olga.
I've always had a great
interest in dolls.
Your show is amazing.
Why thank you very much.
I really do appreciate that.
I don't want to disturb you.
I just have one question.
Of course.
How do you get your
dolls to move so freely?
I did not see any
strings or rods.
[chuckling] My darling,
you would never ask a magician
to reveal his tricks now,
would you?
I suppose not.
I really am very tired
after tonight's show.
I should be getting home now.
But I thank you for coming, and
I really am very glad
you enjoyed the show.
Thank you for speaking with me.
Good night.
Good night, Olga.
We do not hold greed
as his template.
We are in this
house and we share.
all those people outside,
they may think and call us
many, many, many things.
But your papa never
taught you to be greedy.
We share our food, our toys,
and most of all...
our love.
Papa's not that
angry at the moment,
but he can get ferocious.
Robert, get Papa a cup of tea.
And a biscuit.
[metal scraping]
How was the trip?
And Troitsky?
He won't be talking
to anyone anymore.
Very good.
I notice you returned a
day later than planned.
Any particular reason?
Yes, I decided to
watch a theater show,
at my own expense of course.
I suppose the need to relax
after business is
You don't understand, Stoichkov.
This was no ordinary show.
How do you mean?
The show was called
"The Enchanted Dolls."
You and your dolls again, huh?
These were very different.
They moved independently,
no puppetry.
I think maybe you had
too much wine, Olga.
I was stone cold sober.
This show was hosted by a man
called Sergey Meyerhold.
I tried to speak to
him at the theater,
but he was not receptive.
I followed him home,
and I saw him interact
with the dolls.
They moved as if they
were living beings.
Sounds outlandish.
Why are you telling me this?
If he can get dolls to life,
perhaps he can use his powers
to help The Czar avoid death.
If it works on
inanimate objects,
surely it could work
on human beings too?
You must understand,
I am very skeptical.
It could simply have been
a form of magic trick
or an illusion.
I know what I saw,
and it was no illusion.
And you say the man's
name was Meyerhold?
Interestingly, though, he had
a German accent.
A Soviet name with
a German accent?
Look into it,
and let me know what you find.
[Brahms' "Lullaby"]
Right, my lovely children.
It is time we said goodnight.
[Brahms' "Lullaby" continues]
[dramatic music]
Comrade Herzog.
Do you have the money?
No time for formalities I see.
We agreed on 50,000 rubles.
[dramatic music]
Not until you give
us what we want.
I want the money first.
You're in no position
to give orders, Herzog.
Escaped Nazis usually aren't
treated with such generosity.
I am sure you'll
consider what I tell you
to be of great value.
We'll be the judge of that.
Where would you like to begin?
The man living in Kaliningrad
under the name Sergey Meyerhold.
Your men said that you
know his real identity.
Amos Blackwood.
He is a...
toymaker from the German
region of Bavaria.
In 1939, one of my
superior officers
acquired a book from
Joseph Von Hammersmark.
The book contains
a collection of
spells and mystical teachings.
In 1941, the book was stolen
from Nazi headquarters by a
turncoat with a vendetta
against the Fuhrer.
Somehow, Amos Blackwood came
into possession of the book.
This book, what is
so special about it?
For one thing,
there are spells within it
which can bring inanimate
objects to life.
That many of the
spells in the book
deal with the
resurrection of the dead.
Some say the recipient
of certain spells
will be granted eternal life.
So, what you are saying is
that a book can bring
someone back from the dead?
Or even allow someone
to live forever?
That is right.
[jet engine roaring]
[Stoichkov V.O.] I want you to
travel to Kaliningrad tomorrow
and visit the Toymaker.
First, offer him
the 50,000 rubles
to come to Moscow
and work with us.
If he's not receptive,
just kill him and take the book.
Good afternoon, Mr. Meyerhold.
You gave me a fright
there, my dear. [chuckling]
How can I help you?
I didn't mean to frighten you.
I'm Olga, remember?
We met a week ago.
How can I help you?
I work for Josef Stalin.
The Czar, he is very
sick at the moment,
and we believe that you
can aid in his recovery.
The Czar?
Tell me how I can help, my dear.
With the power of your book.
The book?
There is no need to play
games, Mr. Blackwood.
We know who you are.
We know what that book can do.
All we are seeking to do
is to make a business
deal with you.
I have
50,000 rubles I can offer.
All you have to do is come
back to Moscow with me
and use the power of
that book on the Czar.
50,000 rubles.
That is a lot of money.
So, you will accept?
Absolutely not.
I must say, I do
admire your...honesty.
This show is long finished.
[gun cocks]
That leaves me only one option.
[dramatic music]
Where is the book?
I do not know what
you're talking about.
I do have your home address.
Perhaps I will find it there.
Say goodbye, Blackwood.
[gun fires]
[guns cocking]
[chuckling] What are you
going to do, little man?
I'm afraid your
blanks won't hurt me.
[guns firing]
[grunting and whimpering]
[Toymaker grunting]
[Toymaker] Scheisse.
But, you're...
You're dead.
I killed you!
Everything about
the book you heard,
it was true. [cackling]
[suspenseful music]
[knocking on door]
Come in.
-Yes sir.
We have a problem.
Olga is currently
deployed in Kaliningrad
seeking a high-risk target.
She was scheduled to call
in more than five hours ago
and has failed to do so.
As you know, this is
unprecedented for her.
Indeed, it is, sir.
We will fly to
Kaliningrad immediately.
Olga shared
information concerning
two locations the high-risk
target frequented.
If she needs support,
then we will provide it.
Yes, sir.
You are dismissed.
[dramatic music]
[jet engine roaring]
Take the stairs,
I will check down here.
-Yes sir.
-Yes sir.
[dramatic music]
[speaking foreign language]
[dramatic music]
Go to the second address.
I want that fucking
Toymaker captured!
Understood, sir.
Okay, my children,
it is time to go,
and I know this is not your
preferred method of travel,
but you just have to be good,
be quiet, and stay still.
Shh, quiet now.
[suspenseful music]
Either you come
with us willingly,
or we'll drag your
corpse out of here.
Make your choice.
Yes, of course, gentlemen.
Of course, I will come
with you willingly.
But please tell me,
where is it we're going?
We'll be boarding a
private flight to Moscow.
Now where is the book?
The book?
It's foolish of you to pretend
you don't know what
I'm talking about.
That book is the only
thing keeping you alive.
It's in the safe over there.
Petrov, try it.
The numbers to the lock.
Tell me.
Stalling will get you nowhere.
If you don't give
us the numbers,
we'll simply kill you
and crack safe ourselves.
The way I see it, gentlemen,
as soon as you have the book,
you will kill me anyway.
We have orders to bring
you along with the book.
Contrary to what you believe,
we want to work with
you, not against you.
Of course.
That's exactly what
the Nazis said.
Stop wasting our
time you old fuck!
Just remember,
I've forgotten more
about inflicting pain
than you'll ever know!
Yes, of course.
23 to the left.
Four to the right.
Three to the left.
Now, Mr. Toymaker, are you
going to travel quietly,
or do we have to tie you up
and put you in the bagazhnik?
No need for that,
gentlemen, no need at all.
I will come with
you fine and dandy.
But please, let me
ask you one thing.
What's that?
If I'm going to be away
from home for a long time,
I need a fresh set of clothes.
Please, gentlemen, they're
just upstairs in the bedroom.
We don't have time for that.
Please, the suitcase
is already packed.
That's all I have
to do is pick it up.
Petrov, get his suitcase.
Thank you very much.
[dramatic music]
This is not a hotel.
You carry your own
fucking luggage.
-Are we leaving?
But one thing before we do.
[Toymaker] Ow!
Was that really necessary?
He's about 100 years old.
What the hell is he going to do?
Why take a chance?
Help me carry this piece
of shit to the car.
[dramatic music]
I heard you didn't
come willingly?
It took a little coercion, sir.
Quiet Romanov.
This old man can
speak for himself.
So, tell me Mr. Blackwood,
you want to be a
citizen of this country,
yet you do not support
our esteemed leader?
I will do whatever
you want me to do
so long as it avoids bloodshed.
You weren't so interested
in avoiding bloodshed
at the theater.
I saw what you did
to my colleague.
Every man has a right
to defend himself.
Let me tell you something,
you musty old fuck!
If you didn't have something
of value to the Czar,
I would kill you right here!
Maybe one day
you might get your chance.
Where is the book?
Now, sit there and shut up.
-Yes, sir?
Go to the cockpit.
-Tell the pilot we're ready.
-Yes, sir.
[aircraft radio chatter]
Hey, wake up!
You drunken fuck!
Can you even fly
this plane today?
Of course, of course.
What are you doing?
Sobering you up.
I hope it worked,
because if there's any
problems with this flight,
I'm going to throw you into
one of these turbine engines.
You got that?
All right, all right.
Not so loud.
I got headache.
Yeah, you'll have more
than a fucking headache
if you don't get us to Moscow!
Now let's go!
[jet engine roaring]
[mellow music]
Where the hell is the food?
We're starving back there!
-10 minutes.
-You said that an hour ago!
Cooker's slow.
I think it's you who's too slow.
I'm going to take a shit now.
When I'm back, that
shit better be ready.
Yeah, yeah.
[dramatic music]
Don't mess with chef, my friend.
[mellow music]
I was told this book can
provide the gift of immortality.
It looks like voodoo
rubbish to me.
How do I know this is going
to benefit the Czar for sure?
I suppose that is
a risk you take.
I'm not a man who
likes to take risks.
We should test it.
And how do you
propose we do that?
Yes, sir?
All right.
If this book is so powerful,
show me.
I will show you.
What are you doing?
The reader of this spell
needs to physically
connect with the recipient.
Do you want this, or not?
But no tricks,
or you won't be coming
back from the dead.
[speaking foreign language]
[dramatic music]
What now?
We wait.
[intense dramatic music]
What the fuck?
I guess it works.
[dramatic music]
What the fuck?
[gun cocks]
[guns firing]
You shot me.
I did it to test the
power of the book.
You expect me to
present this to Stalin
without evidence
it actually works?
What if it didn't work?
But it did.
So, you gambled with my life?
I gave you a direct order.
Go and check the
rest of the plane.
In a situation like this,
I wipe my ass with
your feelings!
obey the order,
before I do some damage
you won't come back from.
[suspenseful music]
Your man up there,
he's been gone for an
awful long time, now.
You know Mr. Blackwood,
you seem to know
something I don't.
I know nothing.
Information I received
said you used this book
to animate several
dolls you created.
Any truth in that?
You shouldn't listen to rumors.
They can be very misleading.
But not in this case,
Your dolls.
They are on board
this plane, yes?
[dramatic music]
Very good, Mr. Blackwood.
It seems like the dolls have
gotten the better of my men.
So, what happens now?
They kill me?
That is entirely up to you.
I could kill you right now.
But you've had this
book for some time,
and I suspect you have used
it to gain immortality.
Am I correct?
You could say that
is a safe assumption.
You are still flesh and bone.
You may be able to live forever,
but if I mess up your face,
and cut off your hands and
limbs, would you really want to?
You'd have to be
very, very quick.
My children, they would kill you
before you made the first cut.
So, what next?
Must I accept the
predictable conclusion?
Or is there a twist
in the tale?
[dramatic music]
How about this for a twist?
I never intended to take you
to the Czar in the first place.
I always intended to use
this book for my own benefit.
I one day plan to
lead this country.
So, immortality is
rather appealing.
Let's make a deal.
I'm listening.
Upon our arrival in Moscow,
I will personally
authorize a payment to you
of 62 million rubles.
And, um,
what is it you'd
expect in return?
The book for one.
And for the duration
of this flight,
guidance and advice on its use.
Then, when you have received
your money in Moscow,
you leave the country.
What if we just
kill you instead?
Then what will you be left with?
With the money I'm offering you,
you could start a new life
anywhere in the world.
Kill me now,
and you're left with a
very uncertain future.
I don't want money.
I want freedom.
You see, Major,
I have been running for a
very, very long time now.
I'm not going to run anymore.
[dramatic music]
[intense dramatic music]
[Romanov yells foreign language]
[intense dramatic music]
Romanov, take them!
Come my lovelies.
I need to find the spell
for the reversal of
the resurrection!
What the fuck are you doing?
You gambled with my
life, now I end yours.
[dramatic music]
Here it is!
Come on, you old fuck!
Let's see how you
and those dollies do
against a man who
can't be killed!
[speaking foreign language]
[intense dramatic music]
We've done it!
We've done it together
my lovelies. [laughs]
And what did we
learn today together?
Together, we can
overcome our evils
by being
[chuckles] Yes.
Now, let's go with haste
and speed, let's go!
Fuck me, this shit is good.
[Toymaker] Re-route this plane.
Whose orders are these?
This plane is now
under new management.
We're no longer going to Moscow.
Where are we going?
A Soviet plane can't
enter their airspace!
They will shoot us down!
That is for me to worry about.
Now, re-route this plane.
And what if I do not?
Then you can say hello
to my little friend.
You kill me and there'll
be nobody to fly the plane!
You'll crash and die!
You just let me
worry about that.
We can concentrate
on you for a second.
Now listen to me carefully.
If you re-route this plane,
there is much chance
you will survive,
but if not, there is
greater chance you will die.
What is it going to be?
If I take the chance,
what is in it for
me if I do survive?
[chuckles] You know,
in all my years, there's
something I've noticed
in common with the people,
no matter what age,
race, or nationality.
What is that?
This flight could
cost me my life!
It could,
but if you survive,
that could be the
greatest gift ever.
Now, what is it going to be?
keep the eyes on
this naughty boy.
[dramatic music]
[Wagner's "Ride of the
[RADAR beeping]
[Pilot] Target acquired.
[guns firing]
[Pilot] Say bye-bye.
[somber music]
What have we got?
It's strange.
Pretty much everything on
that flight was destroyed,
but look at these.
That book and these dolls.
Completely untouched,
no damage whatsoever.
Unusual, but not impossible.
Perhaps they were securely
packed in the cargo area.
No, everything in that section
was completely destroyed,
but look at these.
Not even a scratch.
Have you looked
through that book?
-What's in it?
Very bloody witchy to be honest,
lots of spells, lots of symbols.
-Where are the bodies?
-In the morgue downstairs.
That's the other thing
I wanted to mention.
We've got a similar
situation down there.
What do you mean?
Five bodies recovered.
Most of them are mangled,
some completely torn apart.
But there's one body
down there, some old man.
Barely a bruise.
He's dead, yes?
Well yes, of course
he is, Peters.
He's in the morgue, old chap.
I understand that, it's just
the way you were talking,
it sounded like you
were going to say he
miraculously survived.
No, he's very much dead.
But, in a crash
of that severity,
where the plane has
suffered both fire damage
and water submersion,
it's intriguing.
So, what do you think it means?
I don't know.
I'd like to read that
book for starters,
and find out exactly what
these people are all about.
All right.
Well make a start on that.
I'll go down to the morgue,
check out that body.
[creepy, disjointed music]
[speaking foreign language]
Creepy voodoo shit.
[dramatic music]
[guns firing]
[dramatic music]
It's true.
There are no
abrasions on the body.
He was hardly a young man;
looks rather weak and fragile.
Indeed, he is of advanced years.
But that's not
what interests me.
You see, earlier this evening,
I made an incision in
the chest of the corpse.
[dramatic music]
Where did you make the incision?
[Coroner] Right here, around
the subclavicle muscle.
[Peters] There's
nothing there now.
[Coroner] Precisely.
Are you saying this
body has some kind of,
I don't know,
self-healing ability?
It appears so.
I mean, I've never
seen anything like it.
His vital signs indicate death.
Yet his body is still seems
capable of healing from a wound.
If his body can heal, why does
he still look so decrepit?
I've no idea.
The body can heal
from the wound,
but it can't reverse
the aging process.
I agree.
I've sent blood samples
from the cadaver
and sent them to the lab.
-Should be interesting.
-Let me know when they arrive.
-I will.
[tense music]
[flesh squelching]
[blood splattering]
Why do you consider this
such an urgency, sir?
We've been looking for
Amos Blackwood for 10 years
in connection with a
remarkable piece of literature
which is of great importance
to our government.
In 1941, we sent a German
double agent to intercept him
on a train heading
for Nuremberg.
Unfortunately, the
agent was killed.
Sounds like Blackwood ended
up in the Soviet Union.
Not that it matters now
considering he's dead,
but it's imperative
we retrieve that book
before someone else discovers
the true value of it.
[tense music]
Have you missed Papa as
much as he's missed you?
Come, let's get out
of here quickly.
Oh, Papa feels good. [laughs]
[air raid sirens blaring]
[dramatic music]
Um, sir, what the hell
happened in there?
Amos Blackwood is still alive.
But the agents
claimed he was dead.
They were wrong.
Bloody incompetent!
So, what now, sir?
We must inform all the
intelligence agencies
that we have a
fugitive on the move.
But sir, you said you sought
to protect him back in '41.
That's right.
Then why make him our enemy?
Because he's strong
enough to take it.
He's not the hero anymore,
but he could be again one day.
A hero is someone
who understands
the responsibility that
comes with his freedom.
But of course, freedom
can only benefit those
who know how to use it.
[dramatic music]
Your move,
Mr. Blackwood.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]