Robin Hood (2018) Movie Script

So, I would tell you
what year it was,
but I can't actually remember.
I could bore you
with the history,
but you wouldn't listen.
What I can tell you is that
this is the story of a thief.
But it doesn't begin
with the thief you know.
Just gonna
clean out the stables.
So, what were you doing?
None of your business.
It is, if you're
stealing that horse.
They have a break
coming in a minute,
so if you're hoping
to make a clean getaway,
I'd give it a second.
Break time.
I'm Rob.
I'm busy.
A thief's work is never done.
A man lives next door to me.
His horse died.
If he can't plow,
he can't feed his family.
I figured whatever
spoiled toff lives
in this manor
wouldn't miss one of his.
Then you would be absolutely
right, he wouldn't.
Lords that are born
with everything,
want for nothing...
They make me sick.
You don't work in the mines.
Hands too soft for a tradesman.
Who are you?
I'm the spoiled
toff who lives in this manor.
And you are
completely beautiful.
What about my horse?
He's yours,
if you tell me your name.
You can call me Marian.
Robin and Marian.
Seasons passed,
their romance blossomed.
They were young, in love,
and that was
all that mattered...
the cold hand of fate
reached out for them.
He stole from the rich
and gave to the poor.
It became a bedtime story.
But listen, forget history.
Forget what you've seen before.
Forget what you think you know.
This is no bedtime story.
If stealing a few coins
was all he did, all he was,
Robin of Loxley
would never have become...
Robin Hood.
I knew him
when he was just another
lord of the manor.
A good life, an easy one.
Born with everything,
want for nothing.
Go away!
Come back never!
What he didn't know was...
what we are born into...
What's this?
Isn't always who we are.
Look alive, ladies.
We don't want
these bloody savages
knowing we're coming, do we?
Sooner we win this war,
sooner Loxley there
gets what he wants most.
Back home to his sweetheart.
Take cover!
Can't see him!
He's reloading.
Listen up.
Two volunteers for a back slang.
Clayton! You up for a run?
- You ready? Okay. Let's go.
- Yeah.
Stay close.
Give me a hand.
Don't go anywhere.
I've got this one, okay?
You stay here,
- watch our backs, okay?
- Okay.
Be back in a minute.
Come on, Loxley.
Five, six.
Move, move.
Where's Clayton?
Where is he?
They've taken him.
Stay with the unit, Loxley.
He's still alive.
I can hear him.
If he's not dead,
he wishes he were.
Leave him to it.
Rob! Rob!
Loxley, leave him.
- Clayton!
- Rob!
Signal the Stone Throwers, now!
Yes, sir.
Loxley, the stones are coming!
Fall back!
That's an order!
Loxley, leave him!
You'll get us all killed, lad!
He's still alive.
We can't just leave him!
Not your call, it's an order!
They're coming
like bloody locusts!
Come on! See why you should
follow orders, Your Lordship?
We're pulling back
to the encampment.
Oi, I want information.
Intelligence, garrison,
troop movements.
Get on your knees, you pig.
Come on, move, move!
I said,
"Don't look at me!"
On your knees.
- I'm begging you.
- Say it!
I'm begging you.
Do it.
What are you doing?
My duty, Loxley.
We have new orders from above.
Like it or not, soldier,
we're all powerless here.
But they're unarmed.
Then, why don't you run along
and say a prayer for them?
- Mutton.
- Sir?
- Bring another one out.
- Gladly.
Come here.
Come here.
Saleem! Saleem!
- On your knees.
- Let him live.
Stay down!
Let him live.
He's my son.
He's just a boy.
He's my son.
Let him live, I'll tell you what I know.
He knows nothing.
Me for him!
I've been killing
Crusaders all my life.
My every breath is an
insult to your God. Please!
Yeah, you're right, Moor.
So, if you want to save
your son, give me something.
- Give me something!
- Baba, save me!
A thousand soldiers.
To the East.
Our forces routed Tadmur
the day before last.
Something else.
I don't have anything else!
He's my son.
I'm just trying to save my son.
Well, if it's any consolation...
- Baba, save me!
- You can't.
Sal! Sal!
- Saleem!
- Save me!
Rob! Calm down, Rob!
Calm down, Rob!
Stand down, Loxley!
Remember your place.
Kill the boy!
Saleem, Saleem.
Hold him!
Hold him!
- I'll kill you!
- Put him down! Put him down!
If you weren't a lord,
I'd have you hung for treason.
Flick this worthless toff
on a hospital boat
back to England.
I got you something.
Key to your manor?
It's our home now.
I want to know you're there
while I'm gone.
I love you.
Stay alive.
And come back.
I promise you...
I'm coming back.
Nottingham off the starboard.
Drop the anchor, gangway.
What would you confess, my son?
Tuck, where is Marian?
Robin, you're not dead?
No, not for want of trying.
But your name was read out
from the list
of fallen soldiers.
- What?
- Two years ago.
We were told you were dead.
Marian had a memorial for you.
It was lovely.
I wrote you
a very moving eulogy.
It's a pity you missed it.
Well, I'm thrilled
you missed it,
'cause it would have been
completely inappropriate,
given you are not dead.
- Tuck!
- Yes?
Who read my name from
the list of fallen soldiers?
The Sheriff, but, Robin...
Where is Marian?
Look, things have
taken rather a turn
since you've been gone, Robin.
After you died,
the Sheriff seized Loxley Manor
as collateral for his war tax
and threw Marian out.
And it's not just her.
He's crushing us all
with his war effort.
Tolls, collections.
Rob, he's driven
most of the commoners
out of Nottingham proper.
To where?
To the mines.
She's there now?
Yes, but, Rob, Marian's...
This is not going to end well.
You grab him!
Sheriff's orders.
Bring them up this way.
Tastes worse.
What the hell
are you doing here?
We've got unfinished business.
No, no business,
you tried to kill...
I stowed away for three
months on your ship.
I could have killed you
there if I wanted to.
Not why I'm here.
I've seen your woman, English.
She is beautiful.
She's not mine anymore,
not since the sheriff...
Shipped you off to war.
You should have killed me.
Everyone thinks I'm dead,
so this must be hell.
You want to know what hell is?
I lost my hand in this war.
My people were in chains.
My land was pillaged.
And my son was murdered.
I'm sorry I couldn't save him.
But you tried to.
In all my years of war,
I've never seen
anything like it.
That's why I chose you.
Chose me? What for?
This war, all wars,
and everything happening
here, it's as old as time.
Rich men getting richer.
Men of power taking more power
from the blood of innocents.
Yours, mine,
and my son's.
And I want to stop it.
But I cannot do it alone.
We're just two men.
What can we do?
You're only powerless
if you believe you're powerless.
Follow me, English.
Good day, good people!
Today, we face a threat
from these barbarians in Arabia.
They hate us...
Our freedom,
our culture, our religion.
But today,
they face The Near Enemy,
which is our Crusaders,
in the desert.
Let's start here.
But tomorrow, and make
no mistake about this,
they regard us,
here, in Nottingham
as the Far Enemy,
and they will come here.
They will infiltrate,
they will proliferate,
they will choke our courts
and strangle our church,
our children,
with their fanatical dogma.
They'll burn your houses.
They'll burn your lands!
That's why
my War Tax Bill
is so vital.
Nottingham isn't just a city.
It's the bank
and beating heart
of our great church
and its glorious Crusade.
And for every one of you
who shirks his duty
by not paying his fair share,
an archer goes without arrows
and a Christian soldier starves.
Sheriff, my people
have already given
everything that they have.
I move we send my
tax bill to the vote.
I second.
The people of Nottingham
are dying.
We're beyond the breaking point.
Young lady, you have no idea
what a breaking point is
until you've seen combat.
So, how would you know?
Finance Minister,
do we have a decision?
- We do.
- Uh, sir?
Uh, sir? Sheriff?
The Loxley vote
hasn't been counted.
Robin of Loxley?
What, are we giving
votes to ghosts now?
Yes. Uh, no, he's alive.
Sir, so I hear.
He was seen today,
home from war.
Who saw him?
I'm sorry, sir, that falls
under the Seal
of the Confessional.
So, you saw him?
No, I didn't say...
It could have been
anyone saw him.
Oh, dear.
Well, then the vote
must be delayed
until the Loxley
vote's been counted.
You okay?
This council meeting
- is adjourned.
- Yeah.
Strangle our children,
burn our lands.
He acts like you lot
are swarming the bloody
walls of Nottingham already,
the lying bastard.
Do you want to get angry
or do you want to get even?
I want to take the sheriff down.
I want to hit him
where it hurts.
One thing keeps him in power.
He's got the whole church
behind him.
He's got an army of...
The money.
What, you mean what he takes
from the commoners
for the war effort?
We steal it.
You heard him.
Nottingham is the bank
and the beating heart
of the Crusades.
And I want to put
a knife through it.
Vengeance for you
and justice for my son.
I'm Robin.
Yahya ibn Umar.
Please, no more.
In your language, it's John...
Son of Umar.
John it is.
By night, you'll be hitting
the sheriff's couriers,
toll takers, tax collectors.
And by day?
You'll be playing Lord Loxley,
back to your old self.
Drinking and dining with
some of the most
obnoxious people on Earth.
- The rich.
- And why will I be doing that?
Because if you want to know
where the war money
is really going,
you will have to charm your way
into the belly of the beast.
Find out who is
pulling the strings.
I knew she'd come.
Whatever it is she wants,
she cannot know
- what we're doing.
- Rob?
It's too dangerous
for her and us.
If we get caught,
they will kill us all.
No matter how much you want
to, you cannot go down there.
If you love her,
stick to the plan.
I didn't cross an ocean to
watch you crawl into a bottle.
Maybe she will love
you again, I nshallah,
when she finds out the
truth of what we're doing.
But not before then.
Well, then,
let's get on with it.
You're slow
as the Second Coming.
Yeah, well, I spent four years
of my life killing your people.
Well, you missed me.
Yeah, well, nobody's perfect.
You must be.
I can fire two arrows a second.
Yeah, you could fire
two arrows a second.
You think you're faster?
Shoot me.
- Beg your pardon?
- You've killed hundreds of us!
What's one more?
Please. I said shoot me.
Too slow.
Fast as you can!
Again, come on, English!
Too slow.
This war will be
fought up close.
You'll need a street weapon.
Give me that relic,
it's firewood.
Relax your grip.
Allow the bow
to rest in your palm.
Now try.
Try again.
Only this time,
try the other side.
It will save you a second
on the reload.
Yes. Come on!
Yes, English, faster!
You were a lord,
but now, you get to be a thief.
And I'm going to show you how.
This won't be like
any war you're used to.
Right! Left!
To the right.
Faster. Stronger!
Faster, English!
What are you doing to my coat?
It's too long.
It's slowing you down.
When do I actually get
to, you know, steal?
Really liked this coat.
Well, now, it's a jacket.
Turn your hand into a quiver.
The more arrows you can hold,
the more arrows you can fire.
Shut up, you're not making
it easier, you know?
Yes! Yes!
Fight with stealth,
strike from the shadows.
By the time they return fire,
you're gone.
What else you got?
You've been digging
through my old laundry, John.
You cannot go see the
sheriff in those rags.
You must donate
to his war effort
and you will get in
good with him.
Get in good with him?
He'll be lucky if I
don't take his head off.
We pull the tail,
you see who bites.
- So...
- So, to follow the money,
you must gain
the trust of the sheriff.
And what am I going to donate?
It's not exactly like we're
rolling in coin, is it?
Tonight, you take down
the toll bridge.
Now you're talking, John.
I'm glad you approve, English.
What is this?
That was my son's.
Thank you.
You wanted to steal?
Now's your time.
Take that load
off to the treasury.
You, come on.
By the order
of the Sheriff of Nottingham,
you need to pay the toll.
Stop the cart!
You have to pay
the sheriff's toll.
- Didn't used to have to pay.
- Check this bag.
Come on, what you got
in the back?
We have no more money!
Come on, old man, cough it up!
Get up!
Where is he?
Where did he go?
- Where the hell are they?
- I can't see him. Where is he?
Too slow.
Lord Loxley.
All of Nottingham rejoices
that the tragic rumors
of your death are unfounded.
I'd like to thank you
personally for your service.
You sent me off
for a just cause.
It was my honor, sir.
Ah, I do hope
you're not going to
hold my seizing
of your manor against me.
It's a pity it's a fog of war.
Don't give it a second thought.
I'm fixing it up already.
You did what you had to do, sir.
And here's my fair share
for the war effort.
But you've already
given so much.
No, our troops need it.
I should know.
I was there.
Well, I hope,
now that you're back,
I get to see a lot more of you.
As much as you'll allow, sir.
I hope to earn your favor.
You put the rest of us to shame
with your generosity, Loxley.
I'd like to be able
to count on an invitation
the next time
the lords meet, sir.
But it's your right.
It would be my pleasure.
After all, the youth vote
could use a voice in chambers.
You flatter me
with your confidence, sir.
Yes, I know.
The other day, at the manor,
I came by.
I needed to see you.
Anything else?
Why are you making this so hard?
Do you really expect me
to make it easy?
Marian, you promised me
that you would wait for me.
They told me you were dead.
Lord Loxley.
Lord Loxley.
Look, sorry, I've got to go.
I don't trust you around her.
What? I played my part.
If you need some motivation,
if she finds out
what we're up to,
it's her head on the chopping
block, the same as ours.
Really inspiring.
Seems Lord Loxley's inspired
an embarrassment
of riches today?
Shall I count to ten
before I raise the alarm?
Make it 20.
Who is it?
I don't know.
Sir. There's been
another robbery.
He's not gonna like that.
Sir, there's been an occurrence,
which on first observation,
might be classified
as non-ideal, fiscally.
Oh, God, give me strength.
Sir, sir, there's been
another minor incident.
The good news is neither of
the guards was badly killed.
The collection box,
from right under our noses
at Sunday service.
Oh, and the toll road
last night,
so a bit of a pickle.
Pembroke! Get those
documents under lock and key.
Who else knows about this?
I came straight to you.
But I suppose the archdeacon
should be told.
Shh. No, no, no, no, no.
We don't want him gossiping
to the cardinal.
But, sir, surely the church...
It's a law and order issue.
I'm the law and order here.
Tighten the security.
All tax collections now go
directly to the count room,
and double the guard
at the treasury.
As you say, sir.
I can't afford to lose
another penny.
Sir, it's been a bit
since your last confession.
Would you care to unburden
yourself to your friar?
My conscience is clear.
Is yours?
Try as I might, mine's
always a bit of a muddle.
Well, be that as it may,
keep your ears open
in your little booth.
Any talk of the thief,
bring it to me.
But, sir, with respect,
the Seal of the
Confessional is sacred.
Nothing's sacred till
I've caught that thief
and drowned him in a cage.
You're up late.
Just making my rounds,
found myself craving
a little sustenance.
I wanted to tell you that the
sheriff's coming down hard
in response to the robberies.
It complicates our plans.
How are you getting on?
Best I can.
Had some help.
Bag of coins left at my door.
By the Hood?
That's what I call him now.
It's got a nice ring to it,
don't you think?
Don't know why
he's giving the money to me.
Guess I'm flattered.
You should be.
But I wish he would
give it to the people instead.
Quick! Grab the money!
With respect, sheriff,
this thief is making you
look like a damn fool.
If I may...
I propose a bounty.
Surely you don't expect us
to finance it.
No. I will
stake it personally.
Should we say a thousand
a week to begin with?
Then I'll double it
every week, thereafter,
until he's either caught
or killed.
Right. The rest of you, out.
Those lords.
Days like this that I just wanna
stick my thumb
into their windpipes.
You really hate them.
Oh, well,
you know, their daddies were
the Guardians
of the Foundling House,
where I spent my youth.
And they would come around
at night to discipline us.
With the archdeacon
and his clergy in tow.
And all of them drunk,
breath stinking of boiled beef.
And they would've
sent us out to buy
the canes which they
were gonna beat us with.
You could tell how long
the last beating was
because the color of the welts
would go from red
to blue, to yellow.
Finally, they would go to pink,
and the skin would harden.
And by that time, Loxley,
you had to make a choice.
You're gonna let them
beat the strength out of you
or they're gonna
beat it into you.
When they used the broomsticks
on the little boys,
and they would scream.
Then, they'd pour some brandy
down their throats as a mercy.
Now, I never screamed, but...
I hate the taste of brandy.
Shall we hang a few of them?
Those lords?
Just to see them
shit their silks?
Why don't we
just hang one of them?
'Cause I suspect the rest
would soon fall into line.
I am not after crumbs.
I want a seat at the big table.
Well then,
you'll keep my favor, Loxley.
It's Rob, right?
You're Will.
Welcome home.
Must've been hell
for you over there.
I fought the war,
I don't need to talk about it.
Look, I get it.
I really do.
It must be overwhelming
coming home, Marian...
She's her own woman.
Well, that's right. So you
don't have to be okay with me.
Good. Because I'm not.
I heard you.
During the sheriff's speech.
Voice of the people.
They need one.
What about the Hood?
The Hood.
He means nothing to me.
He'll be caught, and forgotten.
And what I, Marian, and the rest
of the commoners
are fighting for
is much bigger
than some petty thief
turning over a few couriers
and collection boxes.
Still, I wouldn't
bet against him.
I reckon
he's just getting started.
John! I've had
a thought. Hear me out.
I wanna go big.
Forget couriers
and collection boxes.
I wanna hit the treasury itself.
Hard target.
Pull the tail, see who bites!
How would you do it?
Easy, governor.
- Move! Move!
- Help a hungry veteran.
Get out of the way.
Men, get this filth
out of the way!
Lost me hand in the war.
Be a pal and spare some change.
God. This is a nice ass on this horse.
Please, sir.
Get out of the way! Get out!
Change of protocol,
as per the sheriff.
All collections are no longer
to be stored in the vault.
They go straight
to the count room
for immediate processing.
Guards! Guards!
Guards! Guards!
Shit! Shit!
Come on, come on!
Come on, come on! Come on!
There he is!
They're coming, John!
Ye of little faith!
It's the Hood!
That's how you go big!
We didn't get a single coin!
We wanted
to get their attention.
And we have it now.
Our cardinal has asked me to
convey to you his disquiet,
at your so-far defensive
response to this thief.
It's nothing I can't handle.
You can tell His Eminence
he needn't lose any sleep.
Reassure him yourself in due time.
He's coming here.
From Rome?
Over a petty thief?
The church does not consider
the raiding
of its treasury petty.
Ah, he barely escaped,
and he got away with nothing.
But what's dangerous is
the audacity of his crimes.
He's got our commoners
looking up, seeing hope.
We want their backs bent
and heads bowed.
There's been whispers of revolt.
Unchecked, those whispers
will build into a roar.
It's treason.
Punishable by death.
Treason's a very
strong word, sir.
Isn't the Christian thing
to turn the other cheek?
How do you love a God
that gives you that face?
Given our shared interest
in the outcome of the war,
it's essential
this thief is caught
and his rhetoric suffocated.
I'll restore the order.
You keep the faith, Your Grace.
the church can make a man,
or break him.
For your allegiance,
we offer you the world.
But in failure,
we can also take it away.
Remember that. Hmm?
Let's make the cardinal
feel welcome, sheriff.
If you ever defy me again
in front of the church...
I'm sorry, sir. I was only
speaking for the Gospels.
Oh, the Gospels. Well,
never, never forget, Tuck,
God's up there.
I'm down here.
Now, I've taken the measure
of hiring some special deputies.
Some of our most
trusted crusaders.
They're just back from Arabia.
Here they are to receive
the archdeacon's blessing
before they begin
their good, good works.
Commander Gisbourne.
They look very eager
to do God's work.
Yes. With the devil's pride.
One, two, three, four, five.
We've done it!
We've done it.
The cardinal is coming
all the way from Rome.
The sheriff is
throwing him a party,
and guess who's invited?
- It's my day off.
- No days off, English.
You'll rest when you're dead.
He's coming because of the Hood.
Our plan is working!
That's very easy to say
from where you're standing.
The cardinal is one of the most
powerful people in the world.
Whatever he's come to tell
the sheriff, we must hear it.
I think what you mean
is I must hear it.
It will be an orgy of excess.
A flamboyant costume party,
the perfect place to put the
Loxley charm to the test.
We pulled the tail.
Now we see who bites.
Come, come, come in.
Or catch your death.
It's good you came.
I, uh, thought you might.
Will and I got an invite
to the cardinal's party.
Was that your doing?
I may have put a word
into the sheriff's ear
as to the political astuteness
of tossing commoners a few
crumbs from the guest list.
I may never get into
the palace again.
This is our shot.
And we must take it.
And Will?
He can't know what we're doing.
He wouldn't approve.
Rob will be there, surely.
Marian, what we are
doing is very dangerous.
We cannot risk letting our
emotions compromise it.
- You and Rob...
- Tuck, I know.
You sure you're up for this?
Here, you're Lord Loxley.
Play your part.
Drink. Don't get drunk.
But above all, you must get
an audience with the cardinal.
John. I've got this.
I was born to be here.
Lord Loxley. Hmm?
Nothing more than just
a lapdog to the rich.
So did you run out
of prisoners
to execute in the desert?
Got old and boring.
My new employer has me
hunting more elusive prey now.
Enjoy the party.
Come on, seven!
Stealing from
the rich to give to the poor?
He's taking the piss out
of the whole damn natural order.
Oh, you flatter him.
He's a smash and grabber,
nothing more.
And hideously ugly,
hence that ridiculous hood.
I wonder if he isn't a veteran.
Of the Crusades?
Clearly, he's well-trained.
He's audacious.
Adaptable under fire.
Living on luck there, sir.
You'll get him eventually.
The elites
shouldn't be surprised
by the thief's revolution.
You created
the conditions for it.
Your beauty
leaves me speechless.
Sheriff, I take it
you know Marian.
Oh, yes. The sweet scourge
of many a town hall speech.
So, Marian.
Who do you think the thief is?
He's all of us.
That's what counts.
So you're an admirer.
He has his qualities.
Marian, there you are.
Shouldn't wander off
too far, my love.
We appreciate you having us here, sir.
We really do.
I have ambitions.
And we both know the poor
need strong leaders. Like us.
Or else they get seduced
by criminals like the Hood.
- Bloody hell!
- Oh, I'm so sorry, my Lord!
What have I done there?
I've got juice all over
your thing there.
- Let me wipe...
- Get off me!
- Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
- Get off!
- Tuck!
- Yes, sir?
- You're an idiot.
- My apologies.
Apologies. Halt and lame.
That's me, sir.
Halt and lame.
I have no doubt
you'll have the Hood.
Takes a thief to catch a thief.
Your Eminence.
Get off your knees.
Time is short.
Hood's robberies
threaten our plans for the war.
You want my reassurance?
You are afraid.
You should be.
Do you know why?
Why don't you enlighten
me, Your Eminence?
Fear is the greatest weapon
in God's arsenal.
It is why
the church created hell.
How long have you known me?
Since you were a boy.
And you trust me?
With my life.
This piece of scum is a thief!
He stole Lord Pembroke's keys.
I don't know
what he's talking about.
You can search me.
I don't have any keys.
Loxley's right.
They're gone.
Take a guard, find the key,
check every room they open.
You, come with me.
Explain yourself, Friar.
I didn't steal anything.
Well, then you must
know who did. Huh?
Just kill him.
The commoners love this worm.
And I think he wants to die.
I think he wants
to be their martyr.
So let's give him a fate
worse than death.
Revoke his church.
Defrock him!
And throw him to the streets.
That should cut him a little
deeper than any blade could.
Don't! You can't!
Your Grace, please!
Oh, I can and I do.
For the crime of falsehood
under canon law,
get this disgrace
out of my sight!
Who is this young man?
This is Robin of Loxley.
- And I trust him.
- Hmm.
You are the grace and good work
of the Lord made flesh,
Your Eminence.
The young are God's gift
to the church.
The arrows in our quiver.
No, no, stay.
Welcome to
the big table, Loxley.
Now whatever
this Hood has done...
I will have him.
If we are to continue
funding the Arabs
and defeat the English army
so that you and I can take
control from the king,
the money we owe them
must sail in four days.
Do that
and we will have bought
absolute power.
And if I need more time
to raise the money?
You had your time, sheriff.
Satisfy me that you can
do what must be done!
You want to see fear?
I'll send my men
to raid the mines tonight.
when that's done,
I'll take the commoners
for everything they've got,
from their pisspots
to their pocket coins.
And when that is done,
I will burn their
shit slums to the ground.
Just to remind them
they're not the people,
they're my subjects.
Will that satisfy you, priest?
Go with God, sheriff.
Talk to me.
We've got to get to the mines.
Let's start with
where did you even get this?
That doesn't matter.
Oh, it matters, Marian.
This is in Arabic
with the sheriff's
signature underneath.
Which could mean anything.
Or nothing.
What is plain is that
however you came by these,
it wasn't honestly.
Don't do that.
What? I'm talking to you.
Like a child!
Don't handle me.
Okay, I'm gonna
take these to the sheriff
to give him a chance
to explain for himself.
I'll take them.
To someone I know I can trust.
When did I lose your trust?
Your way.
All your politics.
It's not changing anything.
Please see that.
Have you even spared a second
to think about
what you could cost me?
This could ruin
my political future.
Will! I'm talking
about action.
I have worked too hard
for too long,
Devil knows, for years.
Swallowing the lords' insults,
them laughing behind my back,
so that I can pull myself
up from the gutter
and get the life I deserve.
And no one is gonna
bollocks me on this.
Not even you.
You're scared.
You think that
if the commoners do rise up,
if they fight,
you'll lose them.
They'll follow the Hood.
All right, men!
You know what to do.
As of right now
these mines are declared
part of Nottingham.
On whose authority?
Everybody will pay what they owe
for the war effort.
Refusal will be counted
as treason.
No! Please!
No, no! Please!
I've done nothing wrong!
Stay back!
Call yourself a man?
Oh, I'm gonna
have fun with you later.
We're too late.
There are too many of them.
What? For you and me?
There's not enough.
They've got Marian!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
You take the front,
I've got the back.
Wait. How you gonna...
Oh, that is clever.
Hyah. Hyah.
There's the one I want.
It's Gisbourne!
Turn! Turn!
Ah! Hold on!
I want him alive!
Hold on!
Let me out!
Get me out!
- Get me out of here!
- Keep it steady!
John, keep it steady!
How did you know it was me?
You call that a disguise?
Well, it fooled everybody else.
- I'm not everyone else!
- Watch out!
Why didn't you tell me?
Are we really
going to do this now?
Get down!
We've got trouble!
After them!
Hold it!
Follow me!
There he is!
Go slow!
Shoot his horse!
Are you okay?
You and Marian.
Finish it.
No, John! Wait!
- Go! Get out of here!
- John, wait!
- We have to go! Now!
- No, John, wait, John!
- John, no!
- We have to go now!
You okay?
I'm done.
We're finished.
It's not lost unless
you walk away now.
It's all John. He's the one
who dragged me into this.
He chose you for a reason.
- What reason?
- Find him.
I want him alive!
All I wanted
was to get you back.
Maybe that's how it started,
but it's bigger than that now.
I'm not who you think I am.
The Hood's just a disguise.
I know you.
Loxley is the disguise.
In the mines, there's a
thing called a firedamp,
when a single spark
sets the air on fire.
That's what you are
for the people.
If not you, who?
If not now, when?
The sheriff,
he and the cardinal,
they're in league
with the Arabians somehow.
Yeah. I might have proof.
If the people knew...
If the people knew,
they'd fight.
With the right leader.
If you want me
to give up the thief,
at least give me
the respect and try
and beat it out of me.
You'd just die on me
out of spite.
Humans are the only species
that fear death.
Not just the threat of it,
but its finality.
That's what separates us from
the insects and the dogs.
The Arab, however,
doesn't fear death at all
because your false prophet
promised you the garden.
A man without faith.
Without judgment, no sin.
We stare death in the face
with courage and honor.
Because I was told
that your boy begged
for his life
right up until the moment
that we took his head
from his neck.
Decapitation's a funny thing
because the eyes keep seeing.
The mind goes on
trying to deny death.
Even if it's just
for a few more moments.
But I wonder what your
son might have been
thinking in those final seconds.
I imagine it to be
something like, "Father."
"Why have you
brought me to this place?"
"Father, I'm scared."
"Father, why
don't you save me?"
If you don't give me
the thief's name,
I will gorge you
with pig's blood
and I will burn you
and you will never see paradise.
But if you do give me his name,
I'll martyr you
quickly, cleanly.
You will join your boy.
Oh, I'm glad
your faith is so strong.
It's gonna make breaking it
so much sweeter.
I'm a killer.
I was born into this war.
But I've never met a man
who had his killing
coming as much as you do.
You're gonna wanna
believe in a god.
You're gonna
want to see His face
and think that something
can save you.
But you'll see my face.
And that's
the last thing you'll see.
Mr. Tillman.
Everyone's ready.
Thanks, Penny.
What's happening?
We're leaving the mines.
What happened last night
will happen again and again,
they will keep on coming.
I know these people.
Let 'em come back and kill
us all, I am not running!
Listen, I hear you, but we
cannot plan when we panic.
She's right, Will.
We should stay and fight.
With what?
Picks and shovels?
The city is in lockdown.
It is martial law.
Look, we can die as prisoners
or we can fall back and live.
You've got another choice.
We can make our own choices.
All your thievery has done
is drive the sheriff
to declare war on us.
You have no voice here.
Then I'll show you my face.
Are we supposed to be impressed?
The good Lord of Loxley
has come down from on high
to tell us, the peasants,
what to do?
Well, let me tell you something.
This is not your manor.
Let him talk.
Four years ago,
I marched off to fight
for a liar's cause.
Left my heart,
came home an heir to nothing.
The question is
what would you do
to get back what's yours?
I'm guessing you'd be up for
a little redistribution
of wealth?
Well, the sheriff has already
rinsed us
for everything we have.
The sheriff and the cardinal are
plotting against England
with the enemy.
Now, I don't know
what their scheme is,
but I'm willing to bet that
it's your money bankrolling it.
Money which is due
to set sail to Arabia
in three days.
But not if we stop them.
Some say I rob from the
rich and give to the poor.
But if the rich
are stealing from you,
who's really the thief?
I was Robin of Loxley,
a Crusader under the flag
of the King of England.
Then I was the Hood.
Now, I really don't care
what you call me, thief or lord.
All I know is I'm nothing
without your help.
This is our crusade!
And each and every one of us
has to stand up
or we all go under.
I say we go with him!
Look, people,
listen. People!
We need to be
thinking practically.
Where are we going to eat?
How can we find shelter?
I couldn't say this
to you before,
but I know what you've
done for these people.
I know why they look up to you.
What happens next
doesn't happen at all
without you, Will.
Tuck! Back at the party,
I couldn't think of another way
to get you out of there.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Tuck! I got you defrocked.
Yes, you did.
You set me free.
Now, come, come. We have
the devil's work to undo.
10,000 gold nobles
paid to an Arabic general
authorized by
the Sheriff of Nottingham...
20,000, 40... These payments
go back years and years.
And if they get that
money, we're all finished.
Not if we stop them.
Here it was me thinking
you were just
the humble friar, Tuck.
Yeah, well...
After the money
leaves the treasury,
it's going to stop at
the cathedral to be blessed
before it's handed over
to the cardinal's men.
Well, then,
that's where we hit it.
The sheriff will have all
his Crossmen on that convoy.
A legion of them, no doubt.
Elite killers
armed to the teeth,
and the city streets
on lockdown,
so you can forget about
the element of surprise.
We'll be lambs
to the slaughter. This is...
Suicide, yeah, we get it.
What do you say to that,
then, soldier?
Set up a meeting
at Loxley Manor.
Everyone who's with us.
Everyone's here.
Here's the plan.
Three more on that side!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Careful with it.
One more hood. Hood.
- Two hoods coming up.
- Here!
Who else needs a hood?
As long as he is uncaught,
my money's not safe!
Now did you leave your balls
for this kind of work
in the desert, did you?
I want his blood flooding
the streets of Nottingham...
I want the rats swimming in it.
I want the dogs licking it
from the streets.
My life rides on that wagon.
Ready for this, Will?
A thousand pounds for
the man who brings me Hood!
One of these bastards
knows who he is!
This is it!
Throw it, Will!
Throw it!
Where is he?
Where is the Hood?
Get me through
that goddamned fire!
Was that supposed to happen?
Yeah, of course.
You, form up!
They're taking my money!
- Kill them!
- Marian!
Look away.
Get down there!
Get down there now!
Gisbourne. Down there!
Lord Loxley.
We don't have to do this.
- Kill me. Kill me, Loxley.
- I'm not gonna kill you.
You saved my life
back in the desert.
I'm not gonna take yours now.
I am God's true soldier, Loxley.
I deserve a...
He had it coming.
- Give me a hand there.
- Get it to the forest.
- Be safe.
- Aye.
Go, guys! Move, move, move!
Come on! Let's go!
Where's Will?
He should be here by now.
He knows the plan.
We need to go.
I'm going back for him.
You go with them.
You're the most wanted man
in Nottingham.
Going back is suicide.
Either we all make it
or none of us do.
Tuck! Tuck!
Tuck, have you seen Will?
He was meant to be
on the boat with you.
It's okay.
I know!
I saw!
He can have you.
Get out of my sight!
I'll get him back to the manor.
Get everyone out of here.
- What about you?
- Just go!
Stop! Stop fighting!
The man you're
hunting for is me!
No more running.
No more hiding.
And if sacrificing myself
stops this madness,
here I am!
Get off me!
My city is under siege.
Is there literally nothing
else you could be doing?
You've put me
to a lot of trouble, boy.
Oh, your troubles have
only just begun, sheriff!
Everyone will know of your
treason and the cardinal's.
What do you think
the crown will do
when it finds out
you're a traitor?
Do you think they'll
just take off your head?
Or will they give you
the broomstick first?
Now I'm going to boil you
in your own piss,
and then I'm going
to send Marian off
to be bred by savages in Arabia
again, and again, and again.
Look at me!
Look in my eyes!
Please, God.
God isn't here, it's just me!
You bastard,
I'm the Sheriff of Nottingham!
Not anymore.
You are a hard man
to kill, John.
And I thank God for it.
Daylight. Daylight ahead.
Okay, everybody...
I know you're tired,
but let's keep moving...
I wanna get us
under cover by nightfall.
I'll see you in Sherwood.
I'll see you there.
And this does make us outlaws,
so if anybody wants out,
well, it's probably too late.
Here, let me help you with that.
Get going.
I'm actually quite giddy
to find myself an outlaw.
It's the most exciting thing
that's happened to me since,
well, come to think of it, ever.
You know, when I was
back in the desert,
all I thought about was coming
back here and being with you.
Sitting in our manor,
eating and drinking
and not doing very much.
And now we're fugitives,
and me the leader
of a revolution.
Didn't see it coming.
I did.
It's a nice forest.
We haven't officially met.
I'm Tuck, by the way.
Yahya ibn Umar.
Would you mind
if I just translate it?
Call you John?
Feels like
a perfect ending, doesn't it?
But it's not.
Fate plays its part.
And it's the way of things
that as one story ends...
another begins.
I am very glad
to have found you.
You have sacrificed so much,
but your people need you
to lead them out of this
dark time and into the light.
I am offering you an appointment
to the highest office
in Nottingham.
If you accept,
you will have the church's
eternal gratitude.
And mine.
My city, my people,
in the day since the thief
and his partners and raiders
have been hunted into hiding,
we have laid to rest
our good sheriff.
Yet Nottingham still smolders
from the fires of their revolt.
My baptism was one of fire,
but I am grateful for its cause.
For it has turned me
toward my true calling.
Serving the cause of peace
as the Sheriff of Nottingham.
And this has only one ending.
With me standing over
the corpse of the Hood.
Welcome to
the big table, sheriff.