Robin Hood The Rebellion (2018) Movie Script

- Get in here before they come,
I can hear them.
I can hear them.
- Take my sword.
You must keep moving.
- Robin!
- What, what's happened?
- I'm fine, but...
- What have you done to my son?
You wouldn't listen would you?
- Who was searching?
Mary, fetch some water.
- Go.
- What happened?
- Robin's impatience has led to this!
- What, what's happened?
- He saved us!
- He put you in danger in
the first place, child!
Robin you are reckless!
- I was teaching them to hunt for food
when we were set upon
by the sheriff's men!
I did not put them in harm's way!
Do not assume the blame
always lies with me!
- You're scaring the children.
- He saved us.
- Quiet child, stop defending him!
That's, that's my son!
- John stop.
He needs you right now, be with him.
They all look to you, Robin.
- Will, please be on lookout.
The bravest warrior I've ever seen.
He'll live to fight another day.
- His scar in battle, I'm jealous.
- Come, let's give them space.
Perhaps teaching them so young is an
indulgence you can not yet afford.
- An indulgence?
They must learn how to
fend for themselves.
Our numbers increase by the day
and they've all become targets.
- Your feud with the sheriff should
not be everyone's feud.
- We weren't trespassing,
it was an open forest.
- What we're doing is dangerous.
We anger those that do not
share the same point of view.
- Those that anger at us for what we take
up too much to begin with.
- But they still anger.
And they want to reclaim
what was once theirs.
You cannot deny the truth in what I say.
John fears you cannot control yourself.
And that things will only get worse.
I fear what the future holds.
- We must take a stand
against the sheriff.
We must fight.
- I know.
But these people are not warriors, Robin.
You must have patience with them.
- A little bird tells
me you've been supplying
Robin Hood with grain.
Could this be true?
- No.
It's not.
It's not true.
- You're quite fond of mead, I hear.
Helps free up the tongue.
- You drunken fool!
- You never know who may be listening.
I'll ask again.
- Yes, yes!
- Yes it's true.
- Lead me to him
and I won't gut your wife.
- I don't know where he is!
- Huh.
- It's Mari.
- Mm.
- Lady Marian and some
children collect the grain.
- Robin Hood will stop you.
- I can't see him coming to rescue you.
Do you?
Let me tell you about my new taxes
so that you may continue to provide
for me and my people
without too many disruptions.
This is your crop.
These are mine.
And this is for you.
But if you don't tell me where I can
find the Lady Marian,
well then...
At least you can save
your children's lives.
Because if you don't tell me,
they're next.
- Mary described how
they fought yesterday.
How Robin saved them.
- She's brave.
But lucky too.
- When do I get to fight?
- Fetch some more pails Much.
- I tried.
- And you lost.
- I came to join your fight.
I'm sorry I was foolish.
- Go go!
- I fear, I fear I've led
the enemy right to you.
I thought I'd lost them in the marshes
as they entered the forest
but they must have picked up on my tracks.
You must tell Robin Hood
this place is no longer safe.
- How many?
- We have orders to keep you alive!
- Then you're at a disadvantage.
- There's no doubt in my
mind, he did save his life.
- He's a reckless thief
who will get us all killed.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing?
- I need Robin's help.
- Whatever it is, I can deal with it.
What's happened?
- I think it was the sheriff's men.
I was set upon.
It's not mine.
I ran as fast as I could to
get away from the carnage.
I killed one of them.
Should we get some help?
- No, no, no, no.
There's more chance of being spotted.
Come on lad, quickly, show me.
Come on!
- Stop this!
You we must keep alive,
but as for the boy, we
have no such instruction!
- I'm sorry Marian!
- How far?
- Who is this?
- You know my name.
- I think I see an outlaw.
- Turncoat.
- Where's Robin Hood?
- I couldn't get to him.
- Well let's have some fun
with his friend instead then.
Soon enough others will
come looking for him.
On your knees.
On your knees!
Look at me.
Look at me.
Do you see how easy it
is for us to find you?
Not too clever are you?
I know what I would do
if another man invaded my home.
- We're under attack!
- Take those that cannot
fight into the lower caves.
- It's done.
- Go with the others
- I can fight.
- Your brother needs you and
your father wouldn't approve.
Please Mary, go, go!
- Are you gonna take me
to Robin Hood or not?
- How could you?
Blood on your hands.
Think on that.
- Tracks.
- Well he can't think
very much of you, can he?
Where is he?
Even your own men are abandon you,
so what chance do any of you have?
The best thing that you could do
is lead me to Robin Hood now!
- Think.
- I am growing impatient!
So take the hideout.
Butcher the children.
Then their loyalty will falter.
And Robin Hood will be found soon enough.
- Stop!
- Robin!
I've been sent here to negotiate
the Lady Marian and the worm boy Much
are in our possession.
Now the terms of their release,
her hand in marriage
and your head on a spike.
- Will!
I thought you were one of us, Brom.
Are you loyal to the sheriff now?
- I wanted protection.
- Protection from what, outlaws?
- Yes.
- Like us?
The ones who cared for you?
- I chose the sheriff over you, Robin.
There's nothing you can do that scares me.
I have a newborn son.
I thought the stronghold
the only true safe haven,
I only did what I thought was right.
- Robin, no.
Please, Robin!
Robin, no, no!
- Will you help me?
For your son?
You've betrayed us, Brom,
but I'm gonna give you
the chance to make amends.
Start talking.
- Beyond those trees, their horses.
- How did they find us?
- I didn't tell them.
They knew exactly where to look.
They murdered a farmer.
- Robin.
This has to stop.
Innocent people are dying!
- The forest can no
longer protect us, John.
Brom left 'cause he no longer felt safe.
And now the sheriff is
using our allies against us.
The time to fight back is now.
Our enemies have Marian and Much.
And I intend to get them back.
- We're outnumbered, it's impossible.
You'll die!
- I have to do something.
- You'll get yourself killed!
- If I go alone then that will be true.
Yesterday you learned that these men
don't care who they hurt.
Your own son, John.
And your daughter.
Your children are brave,
much like their father.
They're not as reckless as you believe.
- Is there no other way?
- The peace is shattered.
- It may make things worse.
- If we fail, that may be true.
I came home,
we came home to a land
plagued with injustice,
and I intend to confront that cause
and not hide from it in the trees.
The sheriff has forced our hand.
If we cannot protect the people we love
then what good are we?
- I am with you, Robin.
- I'm not a soldier like you two.
I'm just a simple farmer.
- Never seen a better
fighter than you, John.
- Whether we like it or
not, this is happening.
Now you may not like my methods
but I intend to take
the fight to the enemy.
This is not life.
- I want nothing more than
to protect my family, Robin,
you know that.
- Then take up arms.
Tell me.
What was the plan?
- We were to capture you or kill you
and then report back to the sheriff.
- And the report would
proclaim Robin Hood a coward.
He heard the terms and
decided to go into hiding.
- You've killed the sheriff's cousin.
He was to make the report.
- There were four men who rode out.
- Then four will return.
I'm coming with you.
- Darkness will be our ally.
Tell the others what's happened.
Go into hiding into the caves.
If we are not back by sunset tomorrow
then we're likely not back at all.
And then you need to find new shelter.
Be brave.
Remember your son, Brom.
- Open the gate!
Today's gate word.
- If this doesn't work, then what?
- Then we all die, John.
- Oh.
- Lead the way, Brom.
Stay close to the shadows.
- So now perhaps you'll see what happens
when people take things from me.
Robin Hood must watch while
others round him suffer and die.
If my cousin has done his job,
then they'll be here soon.
If he failed, we can't expect the savage
not to retaliate now, can we?
To mount a rescue attempt?
I will chop him up into pieces
and parade his disembodied
parts for all to see.
Here is what the man was made of.
- You are gutless.
- And you slum with the feral.
A woman of your stature
reduced to living with the animals,
giving up stone and noble
providence for debt.
I'm curious as to why you
would do such a thing.
For love, perhaps.
A stupid notion but one I can use.
You're not afraid, woman.
I think you underestimate my cruelty.
- I will rip you apart.
- Hmm.
Marry me.
Save the people, save
yourself, save this mongrel.
You see this is your weakness
and it is not physical.
Well come on.
Bring me bad.
When you become agreeable,
I'll take your hand in
marriage, but if you don't,
the first thing I will
take will be your hands.
If they move, hurt them.
- Report to the sheriff.
- In time, good sir.
Let us warm our hands by
the fire after a long ride.
- Weapons.
- Brom, do you know where
the prisoners are secured?
- I'm sorry, I don't.
Access to many parts of the
stronghold are forbidden.
- We'll have to find our own way, then.
- We cannot defend
ourselves without weapons.
- This is given to new soldiers.
A route to the only accessible armoury.
A weaponry within for practise only.
Not for the rigours of battle.
- It'll have to do.
Goodbye, Brom.
Take care.
- What now?
- Make haste.
The longer we linger
the greater the chance
of us being discovered.
- Robin, where are we?
- That doorway should lead to the armoury.
- Well?
- There's a big man guarding the door.
- He is a big man.
This is folly!
- What should we do, John?
Should we turn back?
Should I hand myself in?
Would either of those solve our problem?
- This is not brave, this is stupid!
- I tell you--
- Shh!
- I know there is truth
in what John would say.
What choice do we have?
There is no other way.
- You should do what you
think is right, Robin.
I will follow you.
- There is no turning back.
My good man.
We need access to the armoury.
I shall say it again, we
need access to the armoury.
Are you deaf or stupid or both?
- Only instruction from
the sheriff or his cousin
will have me open the gates.
You should know that.
- Then I shall go and fetch Guy.
The sheriff will be angry at the delay.
Robin Hood has infiltrated the stronghold.
We need those weapons now!
- Nice and subtle Robin, well done!
- Thank you.
- Robin!
- So, you're Robin Hood.
- John, little bit of help might be nice.
That's a shame he's not on our side.
Search him.
- There's no keys.
- What?
Got to be something.
How long has she been there?
The evening froth didn't agree with him.
He's delicate.
- Get that door open quick.
Are you not an expert thief?
- Give me your belt.
- Praise your all this is useless
unless Will is successful.
- We have yet to be discovered, John.
- Let me in!
- Turn around,
friend, before it's too late.
- Do you not recognise me?
- Should I?
- I'm Guy of Gisborne!
Throw down a torch and
I'll show you my face!
Now open the gate!
- Hurry up!
- Very helpful.
- Should we not search elsewhere?
- What can we do without weapons, John?
- We have but one broadsword between us.
We get weapons, we get Marian, we get out.
- A sword against an arrow
is not a good match from distance.
- What are you saying?
- Hurry up.
- Dead end.
Couldn't catch her in time.
- She will surely send word
of our arrival soon enough.
- John.
- Other routes?
- None that I saw.
- Get that door open or we're all dead.
- Much.
Wake up.
Come on.
We need to get out of this.
- There's no way out of this.
- There's always a way.
Come on, think!
- Sire, you're hurt, sire!
- Oh, out of my way!
You, with me.
Where's my cousin?
- I believe he's in his chamber, sire.
And not to be disturbed.
- Okay.
You go to my quarters,
you get me some clothes,
you meet me in my cousin's chamber, go.
- Yes sire.
- Give me the sword.
- It's our only means
of defending ourselves.
- But we'll get this door open.
Give me the sword.
- We're gonna die because the famous thief
couldn't unlock a door.
- We are not to be disturbed!
Did I not give explicit instructions?
- It's me, Guy!
I've got news of Robin Hood!
I was bettered in combat, cousin.
- I told you not to
underestimate the savages.
- My men are dead.
And they took our uniforms.
- So Robin Hood is here.
- Sire, sire!
- Let me guess.
- Three men sire are trying
to access the lower armoury.
Wearing our uni--
- Gather some men.
- Let me take care of this.
Let me correct my mistake.
- I'll fetch his whore
and then I'll make her
watch while I gut him.
If you're still here when I return,
I'll feed your eyes to the pigs.
- Much, come here!
Much, listen to me.
I know you're tired.
I know you're hurt, but this is it.
We will die here.
- I'm sorry Marian
you're only here with me.
- It's not your fault.
I know you're scared,
even Robin gets scared.
We all do.
Be brave.
And hit these chains as hard as you can,
give it everything you've got!
- Here they come.
- Done.
Get him!
- Where are my bowmen?
- Offering your services
to the sheriff now, Green?
- A man has to eat.
- Well the sheriff takes all our food.
We'll bolt the door.
- Well.
This is going well so far.
- I thought you were better than this!
- You two know each other?
- That's Green.
He's a good man.
Fearless in battle.
- Oh, oh that's Green.
Well it looks like he wants to kill us.
- Battering ram, now.
- Will.
- Guard, the boy is gone!
- I bear you no ill will, Robin.
I'm simply following orders.
- The man who gives you orders is a coward
who puts innocents in harms way.
- Heave!
- Stop!
Robin Hood.
- Oh, these wooden swords
will be great in battle.
- Better than nothing.
- If you would but surrender to my cousin
I am sure that he would see reason.
As would I.
You steal what is not yours to take.
- Isn't that the point of stealing?
- He's simple.
Even failed at dying.
- And now you're trespassing.
And there is no way out.
- How can this be?
Am I dreaming?
I'm looking at a dead man.
- Just another one of
your failures, Robin Hood.
My cousin wants to unite the people
and take Lady Marian's
hand in marriage whereas
I'd prefer to watch her beg for death.
Don't believe me?
Let me show you.
Green come here.
- Yes sir, sire.
- What?
- I would not underestimate Robin Hood.
I've fought alongside him many times.
- I know that these men respect you,
and that's useful to me.
Do as you're told.
Or I'll cut your pregnant wife's throat.
Don't forget why you're here.
Send word to my cousin.
Tell him I have Robin Hood cornered.
He's about to release
the whore, go quickly.
- Wait.
I'll go.
The air down here is foul.
- As you wish, sire.
- Is this a joke?
Find them.
Get the extra men if you have to.
- Robin Hood has been cornered.
Guy has him locked in the upper armoury.
- Well I guess that's something at least.
Get Brimstone.
He'll not fail me.
- Brimstone?
- I think we need a man that will
obey every command without question.
Whilst we're busy with Robin Hood,
I think we need someone
capable of taking care of
this little hiccup!
That useless woman won't get far.
Tell Brimstone if he kills the Lady Marian
he won't get any food for a week.
I want her alive.
- What?
- The sheriff has a request.
- Heave!
- It seems my threats
have fallen on deaf ears.
Oh I'm shot!
- Robin!
May God be with you if these
flames send you to him.
Now quench your swords to stay in hell.
- Burn you bastards, burn!
Now we just wait, we hold.
You can be the first one in to
identify the charred corpse.
- Little girl, don't be afraid.
Put the sword down, come with me.
The sheriff wants to see you.
That's enough now!
Come on, she's childish!
- Come on Much!
- Green has given us knowledge.
- Do you trust him?
- He's no friend of the sheriff's.
- Yet he fights his battles.
- Under duress, John.
He said quench your sword to stay in hell.
He wants us to survive.
- How?
- He's helped me made a narrow escape
when we were fighting on the same side.
This is our way out.
- Die, die!
- Go on!
- I'm sorry, Robin.
I should never have doubted you.
All this time.
I thought you craved the battlefield
and were leading us into oblivion.
- That was never my intention, John.
- You two share a bond created only
by surviving the Crusades,
fighting a holy war.
I see these men.
Bent on killing for killing's sake.
This is all new to me.
Why should such a purpose exist?
Why such darkness?
- A tyrant has warped their belief.
And now we all must suffer.
Until he is stopped.
- If those who can fight, don't fight,
we really have lost, haven't we?
- Where's Marian?
Good question.
Something sharp?
- Ah, no no no no no no
no no no no don't cousin!
Please, please, please leave
this to me, this to me.
To me.
To me, Robin Hood is dead.
Burnt him alive.
- Would you stake your life on it?
Have you seen the corpse yet?
Should you present any
more false news to me,
I'll slit your throat myself.
Get those injuries seen to.
I don't want you bleeding
on me any longer.
- Arabella?
- What is it?
- It's Robin Hood.
- Keep dreaming.
Even he would not be
stupid enough to come here.
- If you were right and I were not here,
then she would be showing
the first signs of madness
and perhaps a scullion
could not even be trusted
with the smallest of knives.
- Ah ah ah.
- Let go!
- No need to run.
- Nothing but thieves, marauders!
Get off me, get off me!
- Calm yourself, woman!
- Can you help us?
- Don't trust them, Millicent.
Help, help!
- Keep your voice down.
- Sorry.
We need access to the dungeons.
- I can take you there.
- Can we trust anyone here, Robin?
- My friend has a point.
How do we know that we can trust you?
- Your men saved my family.
They gave them grain
when they were starving.
- Some say that I'm just a thief
who thought only for himself.
That only beggars and outlaws
benefit from our crimes
and our actions put all others in danger.
- I believe that they would be dead
were it not for you, Robin.
I'll take you via the west wing armoury
and direct you from there.
Should I be caught, the
sheriff will kill me.
- We will maintain that
you did this under duress.
Be not alarmed.
Lead the way.
- Nobody here.
Send word to the sheriff.
Robin Hood is still alive.
- Wait.
Come with me.
I need someone to tend
to this wound properly.
- Where are they?
- Did you not pass Lady Marian?
- Obviously not, you moron.
If Hood is alive he'll
be looking for the cells.
If we wait for them there
this will be over soon enough.
- Is there no peaceful
solution to this situation?
- I wish that were the case.
- We take from the sheriff
only what he takes from others.
- His only desire is power
and his actions are not
for the good of the people.
- But what about
the souls caught in the middle?
- They must fight.
- How did he die?
My David, he was with you this morning.
- Robin Hood stabbed him
in the back like a coward
and gutted him.
- No.
- Oh, really, shh, shh, shh.
I'm sorry about David.
Savages haven't pushed us out, no way.
There's no escape.
I'm resilient.
He was a good man.
- He was a good man.
- Obviously, if he'd been a better man
he'd still be alive.
And he'd still have a beating heart.
- Yes.
- Maybe what you need
is a man more like me.
- Much!
- Ah!
Stay where you are.
Shouldn't you be with my cousin by now?
- Loosen your grip or he'll suffocate.
- It's no more than the boy deserves.
Should have been drowned at birth.
- I will kill you.
- Your thief couldn't,
so what makes you think
that you could succeed
where he failed, hmm?
I killed him in the armoury.
- I don't believe you.
- An ill-fated rescue
attempt gone badly wrong.
Burnt to a cinder.
See my cousin, he likes to play games.
But he underestimates your will.
Will to survive.
He's shown you mercy.
Because of his misguided
desire to marry you.
But I won't make the same mistake.
- You and your cousin are cowards.
You send good men to die.
To fight battles while you bark orders.
Treating people like slaves.
- We should stay and fight!
- If Robin is here we need to find him!
Come on!
- Stop.
How well do you know this layout?
- The stronghold is built
on top of the old caverns
which now make up the dungeons and cells.
Water flowing through the
lowest chambers feeds the moat.
I used to explore as a child
but we were warned of the
dangers of loose rocks.
Main cells are that way, but
there are more routes here
so we must be careful.
- We'll cover this passageway.
- Better we stay together.
- No.
We may cover more ground this way.
We'll meet back here shortly.
Millicent with me.
Take this.
- I cannot fight.
- You are one of us now.
The rebellion takes
the fight to the enemy.
They will without a thought
kill anyone who stands by me.
So take up arms or be defenceless.
- I choose not to fight, Robin.
- The sheriff will show you no mercy.
- Robin.
- She was innocent!
- I did not put her in this position.
You did.
Get close.
Just in time.
- Will!
- Did you hear something?
- Maybe Robin's found her.
- Maybe not.
- Put down your weapons now.
Or you're both dead.
On your knees.
You're next.
- You think in your arrogance
you can invade my stronghold
and take all my best?
You're just a selfish thief.
I pity any who believe you
can think beyond yourself.
What can you do to save them, Robin?
- Ah ah ah ah ah.
- I guard the republic!
Your friends can't help you, Robin.
If Lady Marian doesn't agree to my terms,
I'll simply slit her throat.
Good riddance.
Take them.
We'll find out just how many
rebels choose to oppose me.
- You should have been there by now.
Come on, get a move on!
- That way, Much, come on.
- Okay Marian, let's go.
- I've just seen the outlaws.
I want you to go tell the steward
they're headed for the barbican.
Go, now!
- Die, Robin Hood.
The Lady Marian is ours.
And you, Robin Hood, have no way back.
- If you believe what you say,
if what you say is true about my friends,
then you have given me nothing to lose.
You are all blinded!
By greed and glory.
That's death.
- Coward.
- Robin Hood is dead.
It's just a matter of time
before your beloved Marian
and her rat boy are recaptured.
The rebellion is over.
- Sire, sire.
- Do tell.
- We found the Lady Marian.
They made it to the barbican.
- The barbican.
- Yes sire.
- Cousin.
- Cousin.
- No one is to touch
these two until I return.
Do I make myself clear?
Gather some other guards.
- Stop.
- What is it?
- Robin's here.
He'll be looking for us.
We can't go back the way we came.
God's head.
There's too many.
- I can't go any further, I need to rest.
- If we had a rope we could
climb down to the next level.
And go back from there.
We passed another doorway back there.
Wait here.
- Don't move.
You people have done enough.
- Please.
- Please what?
Please don't stop you?
- I mean you no harm.
- Then you should have
stayed in the dungeon
and met with your punishment.
- I just need this rope!
- It's not yours to take!
- Step out of my way.
Those within the stronghold walls
do not understand the rule of
fear and terror beyond them.
The sheriff is your enemy, not me.
- He simply tries to bring
order to the savagery,
chaos caused by people like you.
- People like me stand up to him.
Fight for what we believe in.
- He's a good man who provides
for all within these walls.
- You let him rule those you care for.
Send them to die for a
fight that's not their own.
- Are you willing to die for your fight?
- Yes.
- The sheriff's
men will be here any minute.
- Not a moment to lose, then.
- No hide and seek.
Just to be sure.
I've lost my patience.
We've captured your little band of rebels.
I'm not going to kill you.
I'm just going to humiliate you.
Killing is easy.
I've killed your Robin Hood.
But now we're free to take the bonds
of holy matrimony without complication.
- Come on!
- What's down there?
Looking for your dignity?
We have business to attend to.
- Belief.
- Who goes there?
- This is belief.
- Show yourself.
- Correct, Robin Hood.
- How did you know it was me?
- The lord has chosen to take my sight,
but not my wits, Robin.
I overheard your quarrel with the brute.
I believe his exact words
were "Die, Robin Hood."
- Indeed they were.
- You see what these men do?
Serving what they believe?
Your belief became strength
in your darkest hour.
Believed that you had nothing
to lose and all was lost.
But you defeated the devil.
- He was not the devil, just a man.
- Not a man, Robin Hood.
Your fear is the devil's work.
Now you must show him
you do not fight for hate
or vengeance.
- I fight to survive.
- Fight now not just for
yourself, but for others
and a greater cause.
- My friends are all dead now, Friar.
- You don't know that, Robin.
And I suspect you don't believe it.
No one dare venture here.
I often come here to collect my thoughts.
It seems that a blind old friar
is nothing to bother about
so I roam free.
- You are not to be underestimated.
- That we have in common.
This is a very good place
for hiding things of value,
things that would be
wasted in the wrong hands,
including my best mead.
You will make better use of
this than I will, take it.
Picture the ones you love.
See them in your mind's eye,
and fight for them, fight for something
greater than yourself.
And you will be unstoppable.
- Thank you, Friar.
- Godspeed, godspeed.
I'll explain the way out.
When you ascend the ladder,
this is what you must do.
Our father, who art in
heaven, hallowed by thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those that
trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil,
for thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the glory,
forever and ever.
- What's happening?
- Robin Hood, the lower levels.
- Impossible.
You stay here, make sure
nobody touches them.
I have to be the one to tell my cousin,
I wanna see the look on his face
when he realises he's failed.
- Sire.
Robin Hood is cunning.
Should you encounter him on the way,
then considering your injuries
I should perhaps accompany you.
If only to see you
deliver the coup de gras
he so richly deserves.
- My good man.
- What?
- John!
- Come, we must find Marian.
I'm fine, by the way.
- There is a way to end this.
No one else has to die.
We can unite the people.
Robin Hood is dead.
I've done what I set out to do.
I've brought you here, I've trapped
and conquered my enemy.
And next, I'm going to hunt down and kill
every single one of your outlaws.
So I ask you again,
save the people.
Marry me.
- No.
- Cousin.
Robin Hood lives.
- Get off!
- Will you watch me kill him?
- How we gonna find her now?
- That's how.
- Where are they now, Hood?
Go and get the other
guards immediately, go now!
Kill them all!
He's mine!
This is the end.
Do you think yourself immortal,
or blind?
Those archers will kill on command.
- They will release on
command but they may miss.
Their arm's already tired.
Their grip loose.
- The will to survive.
- Fire!
- Robin!
Watch out!
- Green.
Should I be pleased to see you this time?
Tell your men the sheriff is
dead, the rebellion is over.
They answer to you now.
- You survive once again, Robin.
- Thanks in part to you, old friend.
- You look a mess.
- Thanks.
- I told them
not to underestimate you.
- Well it seems they
didn't take your advice.
- What now?
- Well now we return to mourn
the loss of our young friend.
And to recover.
But we shall return.
We must give back all that
the sheriff has taken.
- The king will hear of this.
- As well he should.
I only answer to the true king.
Should he ever return.
- I'll send word if he does.
- Why Much?
- He fought and died
for what he believed in.
And we should be celebrating his life
and now dwelling on his death.
- To live on in our memory.
- Robin, there are still
many things to attend to.
Perhaps our work can wait.
- Let us rest until our
energy returns, do you mind?
Thank you.
- Don't thank me.
We would have left you there.