Robin Robin (2021) Movie Script

[gentle music rising slowly]
[thunder rumbles]
[gentle orchestral music plays]
[female choir vocalizing]
- [thunder claps]
- [yelps]
[choir vocalizing continues]
[frogs croaking]
[thunder claps]
[birds chirping]
[cat purring]
[thunder claps]
[wind blowing]
[thunder rumbling]
[gentle music swells]
[wind blowing]
[thunder claps]
- [child] It's a round hoopy thing.
- [Dad whispers] Come on.
What did you steal?
- I got a sugar cube.
- I got a biscuit crumb.
- [child hums]
- [mice pant, giggle]
- I got a toenail.
- Oops.
- Dad?
- Yes?
On the next sneak,
can we break into the house with the...
What... What's that?
- Huh?
- Hm?
[Dad] Oh, it's a...
- [Dad gasps]
- [thunder claps]
- [mice gasp]
- Inside! Now!
[ominous music plays]
[suspenseful music plays]
- [gentle music plays]
- [all gasp]
It's a... It's...
Funny-looking. Can we eat it?
No! It's a...
- [chick chirps]
- [Dad] Well, it's a robin, I think.
Hi, Robin.
[gasps] Can we keep her?
[Robin chirps]
[chuckles] Well, maybe.
[gentle music continues]
After all, she's only one little...
[mice gasping]
- Wow...
- Ow! Ooh! Ow! Ooh!
- [Robin chirps]
- [mice laugh]
[gentle choral music swelling]
[music crescendos]
[horn plays]
[wind blowing]
[tense music plays]
[mice grunting]
Wait for it.
[gentle woodwind sting]
[mice panting]
Okay, let's go slowly...
- Yes! Yes, yes!
- Hey!
[mice grunting]
- [mice laugh]
- Ow...
We're on our way to break into a house
Might be a bird
But I sneak just like a mouse
[yelps, grunts]
[Robin humming]
[grunting, gasping]
[gentle music plays]
- So, what are you getting tonight?
- I might get a pie crumb?
- Something moldy, I think.
- Well, I'm going to sneak a whole crust.
Well, I'm going to sneak
a whole sandwich.
- Oh, really?
- Yes.
- You can't sneak a whole sandwich.
- How do you sneak a sandwich?
- Um...
- Hm.
- [laughs]
- [Robin] Like this.
- [mice gasp]
- [grunts, yells]
[laughs] Race you to the fence!
[children grunting]
[boy mouse] That's in my eye!
Don't do that.
[mice grunt, laugh]
- Pip, you're up front.
- Yes, Dad.
- Dink, don't drag your tail.
- Okay.
- Flynn, Flin, no showing off.
- All right.
And, Robin...
[Robin grunts, gasps]
Got it, Dad!
I didn't say anything.
[Dad] Ro... Robin?
[bouncy music plays]
[children humming]
[people chat indistinctly]
- [children humming]
- [switch clicking]
The rules of The Sneak are simple
And thus
Follow them close
You could steal a crust
- Or a crumpet rind
- Or a pinch of pie
Or the grease from the tip
Of a soggy french fry
Crumbs and crusts and stale bread
Soggy flakes and bin dregs
Any old leftovers
We'll sneak home with us
First find a secret entrance
Keep your eyes open wide
- For a hole
- Or a crack or a window with a gap
Just enough to squeeze inside
[female choir vocalizing]
Once we're in, we creep around
Tiptoe past without a sound
Keep to the shadows
Don't get heard
Whisper every single word
[music stops]
- [whispers] What?
- Come on.
[chorus hums]
Last, the most important
Remember in the who-man place
They're choosy who's invited
So we must never leave a trace
Crumbs and crusts and stale bread
Soggy flakes and bin dregs
Any old leftovers
We'll sneak home with us
[Robin gasps]
A whole sandwich!
When we're done, we disappear
Nobody knows that we were here
- With crumbs in our hands
- Warmth in our hearts
And the sludge from the tin
Of a moldy jam tart
- Don't make a sound
- Robin!
Don't leave a trace
Keep to the shadows, take what we need
The rules of The Sneak are these
Da-da-doo-da-loo, whoop!
[loud clinking]
[man grunts]
[gasps] Who-mans!
- [footsteps thudding]
- [gasps]
- [door creaking]
- [gasping]
[all gasp]
- [grunting]
- [door continues creaking]
[gasping, panting]
- [woman screams]
- [music crescendos]
[Dad] Well, let's not go back there again.
They'll be setting out traps or,
maybe even getting a...[gulps]
- ...kitten.
- [kids groan] Kittens!
[whispers] Don't listen to them.
- [sighs] Nice one, Robin.
- What?
Well, the spoon, and the sandwich, and...
Pip, enough of that.
Come on. We've still got plenty to eat.
There's the bag of Earl Grey.
I'm sick of Earl Grey!
[Pip snorting]
[Dad clears his throat] All right.
Well, come on now. Off to bed.
- [Robin sighs]
- [sad music plays]
It's okay, Robin.
We'll figure this out together.
Yeah. I mean, next time, I'll just...
stay away from... spoons. Yeah.
[gentle whistling tune playing]
[mice snoring]
[Dink sniffs]
All that mold!
[mice snoring]
S-s-sandwich. Mm...
[Dad snoring softly]
[whimsical music playing]
[bell chime]
[Robin humming]
[Robin] "Oh! Hi, Robin. What's all this?"
"Crumbs? For the whole family?"
"Yeah. It was easy.
Just got them from a who-man house."
"Oh, wow, Robin!
You're the most amazing sneak ever!"
Huh? Hm.
Can't wait to see the look on Pip's face
when I come back
with a crumb the size of his head.
[Robin laughs]
[female choir vocalizing]
No. No. No. No.
[Robin] Oh, uh, excuse me.
- Do you know where the...
- No! No. No...
[Robin] Oh. Okay. Thanks anyway.
- [music builds]
- [Robin gasps]
[Robin] The who-man house.
Doodloo-doodloo, ba-dum-bum
Doodloo-doodloo, da-dum-dum
[Robin hums a crescendo]
[Robin] Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize this was a...
[Robin yelps]
[gasps] house!
[Robin gasping]
No. No.
Now, that's a yes!
[Robin] Cat! [panting]
[Cat meows]
Oh, dear.
- [yelps]
- [Cat growls]
Silly bird, fly!
What? Wait!
[birds yelping, panting]
[suspenseful music plays]
[birds gasping]
- Why aren't you flying?
- [Robin] Oof!
[gasping] I can't fly.
[birds panting, grunting]
Why aren't you flying?
- Well, I've got a broken wing!
- Oh, no. How did that happen?
[Robin yelps]
[Robin] Magpie? Wait for me!
[intense music playing]
- Let's get you safe indoors, hey?
- [gasps] Thanks. Is the cat still...
Poor little thing.
[grunts, gasps]
[somber music plays]
Oh, awful!
Out there all by yourself...
[gasps] Oh! Oh.
- Oh. Uh...
- [Robin gasping]
- Are we safe in here?
- Ah. Yes. We're safe.
The thorns keep unwanted visitors out.
Oh, good.
Is this your house?
It's very...
[sound echoes]
Oh. Why, thank you.
I suppose it is rather, um...
[gasps] Perfect.
Well... [chuckles]
- A who-man house.
- [bottle caps clink]
[Robin] Bet they've got loads
of crumbs in there.
Oh. Them. Yes.
They've got loads of everything.
[both sigh]
And all because of that
magic shiny wishing star, eh?
[Robin] Yeah.
- The magic shiny...
- Mm.
Wait. Sorry, what?
The star.
You don't...
Okay. It must be here somewhere.
[magpie clears throat]
Once a year, the who-mans
take the spikiest tree in the woods,
cover it in tin-soil and boo-bells,
until their tree
is all twinkling and beautiful.
Just like mine.
[creaking, snapping]
Then, they put a shiny magic star on top,
make a wish, and in the morning,
they get anything they want.
Like crumbs.
[stammers] Crumbs?
[scoffs] Don't be absurd.
Well, what could be better than crumbs?
[scoffs] "What could be better than..."
[music crescendos]
Things, they make you happy
Things won't fly away
Things will stick... Ow.
...with you till the end
Oh, yes, on things you can depend
See my bathtub? It's designer
Finest china! Well, kinda
Simply must have the latest bottle top
I love it so, I'll never stop
This chair? Hedgehog hair
Pamperclips? I've got the pair
This is a limited edition
Piece of string
I was a bird who couldn't fly
Felt tiny while they flew up high
[bugs gasp]
Surrounded myself
With things so gorgeous
Felt enormous!
So afraid and alone
Things turn a hovel to a home
Got no personality?
I let my lampshade speak for me
Hollow inside? You're not enough?
Just stuff that hole with lovely stuff
Things are things that make you happy
Who needs friends? I've got a shoe chair
No one there for you to care for?
Polish up your silverware for?
There's no better company
Than one penny
[magpie and bugs sustain last note]
[magpie gasps]
Look, my point is,
wish for something far better than crumbs.
[bugs gasp]
Oh. Right.
[church bells ring]
[Robin] Better than crumbs?
[gentle melodic music plays]
[Robin gasps]
Like a... Like a whole sandwich!
[groans] Never mind.
Okay, then.
I'll do it.
- Do what?
- I'll go get the star.
Impossible! It's inside the who-man house.
[Robin] Tsk.
Maybe I forgot to mention?
I was raised by mice.
Explains the ears.
And if there's one thing
us mice are good at,
it's sneaking.
[music crescendos]
Sorry, what?
Oh, like, into houses.
To get stuff. Like, stealing it.
[sighs] Right.
[gasps] Right!
Show me.
[muffled grunting]
[Robin yelps, grunts]
- [Okay. I'm in.
- grunting]
[magpie yelps, gasps]
What are you doing?
- You're supposed to wait outside.
- I thought that we were...
- Who-mans!
- [footsteps thudding]
[footsteps thunder away]
[Robin sighs]
[door creaks]
[both gasping]
[ethereal music crescendos]
[Robin] Okay.
We're going to have to be
the sneakiest mice...
- [magpie scoffs]
- ...we've ever been.
- Ba-dum-bum-bum
- I'm not a mouse.
Just do exactly what I do.
[Robin sighs]
[grunts] Da!
[grunts] Doh!
[clears throat]
[muffled singing]
[grunts, gasps]
[hums cheerfully]
- Shh!
- [Magpie yelps]
[whispers] What are you doing?
You'll wake the who-mans!
I'm... I'm being a sneaky mouse.
That's not sneaking.
The whole point of being a mouse
is you don't draw attention to yourself.
[Robin sighs, grunts]
[electrical humming, tinkling]
[melodic music plays]
[Robin] Careful.
[Robin grunts] Care... ful.
- Ow!
- [Robin grunts]
- Got it! Oh.
- [Magpie gasps]
[clinking loudly]
- [thud]
- [gasps] Who-mans!
[suspenseful music plays]
[Magpie grunts]
Hah! Not bad for a couple
of flightless fools, eh?
- [grunts]
- [wood creaks]
Why is it you don't fly?
Oh. I just never learned.
I mean, mice don't fly!
[Robin screams]
Well, it's easy! You just flap!
No, thanks. I'll just...
[Robin screams, gasps]
All right!
[Robin grunts, yelps, gasps]
Oh, you're a natural!
- [frantic music plays]
- [Robin screams, grunts]
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!
- [Robin screaming]
- [bells jingling]
- [Robin] Whoa!
- Woo-hoo!
[uplifting music soaring]
[Robin quavering]
[gasps] Oh!
[Robin groans]
[music stops]
Oh, dear.
[gasping, quivering]
[gasps] The star!
[suspenseful music plays]
[Robin sighs]
[cat purring]
[ominous music plays]
[Robin quavers]
- Hello.
- Ahh!
[Robin panting]
[Cat] What's this?
An unexpected visitor.
- [Robin gasps]
- Hm.
[Robin pants, grunts]'s the little bird who
sneaks about on the floor like a...
[Robin panting]
And who are you trying to fool
with those... funny things?
- My family are mice, so...
- Mice? Oh.
- Oh, and the ears are...
- [Robin gasps]
- [star tinkles]
- [Cat] Oh.
[laughs] Oh, I see.
[gasps] So tragic. So sad.
Trying to fit in.
[Robin gasps]
You know you'll never be a real mouse.
Oh, no, I...
You see,
you're a misfit.
You're an oddball.
You're a freak.
No, I'm not.
Micey ears atop a birdy beak
Well, yeah.
But I've never seen a bird
So peculiar, so absurd
How about we play a game
Of hide-and-seek, if you can?
As a mouse, to me
You seem to be just terrible
Fitting in is more
Than dress-up and pretend
If it's fitting in you're desperate for
Come down, search no more
I know the perfect place
For you, my friend
For you, I've the perfect place
Not picky, stick with me
What's in a name?
A robin or a mouse?
After all, under the skin
You're all the same
It's what's inside that counts
Fitting in could be a breeze
[Robin grunts]
Just a squash and a squeeze
Brush out those ears
Come along with me
[Robin grunts]
Quick as a glug
You could be sitting snug, perfectly
You don't fit in
But you'd fit into my belly
For you, I've the perfect place
For you, I've the perfect place
- [Robin gasps]
- [Cat sighs]
You really are a terrible mouse
with nowhere left to sneak.
- [gasping]
- [wood creaking]
Robin! And the star!
- And the...
- [hissing]
This is bad.
Ge-ge... Get back!
[all gasp]
Oh. That's made it worse.
- [birds] Ahh!
- [Cat meows]
[intense music plays]
[birds panting]
[Robin yelping]
[music crescendos]
[birds panting]
We did it! Everlasting happiness awaits!
Told you us mice are good at... sneaking.
- [gasps] Sneaking?
- [fireworks explode]
[Magpie] You know,
I think we make very bad mice.
- Yes. Quite terrible.
- [people exclaim]
- But who cares? We got the star!
- Terrible?
[sirens wail]
I'm not a terrible mouse.
[somber music plays]
Am I?
[fireworks hissing, banging]
[emergency sirens wailing]
[Magpie grunts] Ah!
[cheery music playing]
This goes here.
Oh, oh, oh!
There we go.
[gasps] Isn't this wonderful?
[sighs] Suppose so.
[scoffs] Well, I hope you thought
of something better to wish for
than a soggy old sandwich.
You know, like a hubcap.
Or a shiny fork. Or a pencil sharpener.
Or... a thimble.
[yawns] Or how about a safety pin...
- [Magpie snores]
- Hmm. Yeah.
[delicate music playing]
Well, I... I wish I wasn't a bird.
I wish I was a mouse.
A real one.
[delicate music continues]
[female choir vocalizing]
[Robin] Magpie?
[Magpie speaks indistinctly]
- Robin?
- [Robin sniffles]
[sniffles] It didn't work.
Did it?
[Robin crying, sniffling]
[sighs] Come now.
It was always a bit of a long shot, eh?
Stars and wishes. Hmm.
A fool's dream...
[sighs] ...was what it was.
A mad...
[gentle, hopeful music builds]
[gentle music rising]
[whimsical music playing]
It... It... It works!
- Huh?
- Robin! The star!
It works!
[whimsical music continues]
[Robin] A real one.
What's that? For me?
A lovely, shiny...
[gasps] Wonderful!
[grunts] What the...
[mice panting, grunting]
- Robin!
- [children] Robin!
- [Dad] Robin!
- Huh?
Uh... Dad?
Oh! We've been looking everywhere for you!
- Robin?
- Sorry, I...
I went to sneak us some crumbs, but,
it all went wrong.
Because, well,
I think I'm a
terrible mouse.
[sighs deeply]
[Magpie sighs]
I couldn't have said it better myself.
[tense music plays]
Oh! In! In!
A kitten!
[Cat growling]
[hissing, growling]
- [all gasp]
- It's all right.
[suspenseful music plays]
[thundering footsteps]
Don't worry.
There's no way she could fit through the...
[all scream]
[all gasp]
[Cat] Oh, look.
It's the whole family.
[all gasping]
[tense music builds]
[music crescendos]
[Robin vocalizing]
[Cat] What are you doing?
[continues vocalizing]
Huh? [scoffs, snarls]
- [gasps] Robin!
- What is she doing?
She's being a terrible mouse.
[whimsical music plays]
[Robin grunts]
[gasps] Oh! Ooh! Ugh!
- [snarls]
- [Robin pants]
The rules of The Sneak are these
[Robin] And that! And this! And that!
[music swells]
[grunts] Hah!
- [creaking]
- [yowls]
- [sings]
- [metal crashing]
[ominous music plays]
[metal clanging]
[panting] You
are a terrible,
terrible, terrible
...with nowhere left to sneak.
[Robin] Wait.
I don't... I don't need to sneak.
I'm a... I'm a bir...
[Robin yelps]
[suspenseful music plays]
Robin! [gasping]
[all gasp]
[uplifting music soars]
[grunts, yowls]
[all] Woo-hoo!
- Oof!
- [all] Ooh. Ouch.
[Robin grunts]
- [gasps] Robin!
- [Robin] Dad!
- [sighs]
- [mice laugh]
[mice] Robin!
That was the most un-sneaky...
- And stupid...
- And brilliant...
Birdy-mousy thing we've ever seen!
Robin, you were marvelous.
[chuckles] Thanks, Dad.
Robin, you're... you're not a mouse.
But of course,
you're a mouse.
[kids] Huh?
- Sorry, is that confusing?
- Yeah, what? She's a bird.
Exactly. She is a bird,
and that's wonderful.
And what I mean is,
we're the Mouse family.
All of us.
[Robin laughs]
- Is the cat one of the family?
- [Dad] No, Dink. The cat tried to eat us.
Because she loves us?
[Dad] No. Because she's a predator.
So, you fly now?
Well, yeah. I guess so.
But we're all still hungry,
and you've ruined Magpie's house.
[gasps] That's okay. They're only things.
Yeah, and I'm bad at sneaking.
If anything,
I just draw attention to myself.
[melodic music crescendos]
[all grunting]
[gasps] Mm.
- [grunts]
- [Magpie chuckles]
[gentle music playing]
- [grunts]
- [banging]
Hey! Over here!
A song for your ear
[person mutters]
While we keep to the shadows
Don't get heard
Whisper every single word
Look at me fly
Catching your eye
[Magpie sings gibberish]
With crumbs in our arms
And a raisin or two
And a coin from the middle
Of this sticky brown poo
Look at me
And you won't see my sneaky family
- Don't make a sound
- Do make a sound
- Don't leave a trace
- Do leave a trace
- Keep to the shadows
- And the light
- What we need
- This is more than we need.
- Magpie!
- Thank you!
The rules of The Sneak are these
[Robin grunts, yelps]
[music crescendos]
[gentle music playing]
[Magpie gasps]
- [kids] Wow!
- Well.
[chuckles] Hmm.
It's a sandwich!
[all laugh]
[whimsical music playing]