Robin: Watch for Wishes (2018) Movie Script

[driving music]
Robin Hood.
The king of thieves,
his eyes disguised
as king of beasts
whose lion heart beats
is tracking prize
parking his ride under
a no-parking-sign.
Never mind the fine,
Didn't I say that guy was brave?
Today's the day he makes his way
into the cave
right through the front gate.
Like "What's up, mate?"
Ain't no Maid Marian Marriage gonna be happ'ning today.
There's business to do,
savings to save.
His palms start to sweat,
he takes a deep breath
and beneath his mask
his heart races so fast
he'd rather start an IRA
than do the task at hand.
But since bank rates are
rather bad for outcasts
and bow and arrow
outdated, from past
he flings out his blaster like
"Hands up, you bastards!"
[outraged voices]
Says "Hip hip-hooray!" today's payday.
Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally,
golly what a day.
When you're the namesake -
for Christ's sake of Batman's
spreadin' heartache
to them snakes
that the banks make
is your yardstick
[police sirens]
[screeching tyres]
Then you're no lunatic
you're taking the straight way
and steal for the poor's sake.
[police sirens]
It's for the sake of the needy that you take from the greedy.
what is the robbing of a
bank compared to the founding of
a bank?
No need to thank the king,
robbin' the rich
is just his thing
his wish,
[Robin laughing]
His dream!
And his dreams
he will chase
'til this lion's
heartbeat fades.
But 'til then he'll be yelling:
Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally,
golly what a day. [applauding audience]
Majestic! What a slam!
He isn't rusty at all,
he still got it!
Ladies and gentlemen,
our titleholder,
John Gerber!
Let's check the score!
Wow! That's a 9.6!
Okay everybody!
Hey, great job, man!
Congrats, John!
[tense music]
Robin Hood, huh?
[John panting]
Search the building again!
[outraged crowd]
No comment at the moment. No comment!
No comment!
John, I'm Alicia!
I have a blog dedicated
to your work.
It's called "Whiterabbit".
Do you have a short
statement for your fans?
Yeah, John, do you?
I guess not. Step out of
the way please, ma'am.
Or would you like
to come with us?
It's called Whiterabbit!
Google me! Google it!
Where is your son?
He wasn't at the show. Where is he?
I made it to the semi-finals.
Congrats, John.
Where is Robin?
Is your son still alive?
I have to do the semi-finals.
[dramatic music]
I've got an ID.
[talking with a polish accent]
Have you seen the new guy?
A child's killer they said.
How can he be playing
basketball right now?
Not sure I'd call that
playing basketball.
Mrs. Gerber, I should tell you
that we have a therapist we can refer you to -
You're not getting rid of me
til you've found my son.
Fair enough.
So, there was a bank
robbery last week.
Apparently, the perpetrators
wore lion masks -
like in John's poem.
Are you telling me my son robbed
a bank, Officer Rosenbaum?
It's better than that:
The bank is in Cape
Town, South Africa.
They're still looking for
the "heroes" who did it.
I need to speak to John! We're wasting time here.
Calling Officer Rosenbaum's
methods a waste of time
is a little harsh,
don't you think?
Officer Fischer.
Mrs. Gerber.
You were right.
I don't know how you missed
this in the first place
but he booked two flights
out of Czech Republic.
Prague Airport.
They just confirmed the ID.
- What?
- When?
A week ago.
They were already flying when you reported Robin missing.
To South Africa?
I just informed the
South African Police.
Provide them with the intel we
have to support their search.
Especially on how he could
show up on the stage
out of nowhere.
Any reason you could think of,
why your husband
would take your son
to South Africa?
I need to talk to him.
[energetic music]
[laughing and cheering children]
Rob! Rob! We gotta go!
Next basket wins, yeah?
[engine sounds]
What are you writing?
Something about basketball.
You and your basketball.
it is my list, dad.
Dinner's ready, dad.
What rhymes with "legend"?
What are you writing?
Something for mom.
She already has a thousand poems
from you, dad.
Mom likes my poems.
That's how I -
you "won her over back then",
I know. You okay?
Yeah, I just choked.
Take your time, big guy.
So, do you think
mom is gonna come?
I don't know. Maybe.
I guess,
I kind of miss her a little bit.
I miss mom too.
That's why I'm writing.
When I miss someone
I write.
When I'm sad I write.
It helps.
Then maybe I'll write her
my own poem.
Can I tell her where we are?
Tell her, but ehm... in a secret code.
Make sure only she
can understand the code.
Oh, what did you write
about basketball?
Wow, hey!
You write yours and
I write mine, okay?
"Dreamland" sort of
rhymes with "legend".
Dreamland... That's good.
[Johns voice]
The legends they wander
on beaches of fine sand,
along their lone dreamland...
for wonders to see where
there's no one to see them. Their faith and their fate
they search for their freedom.
Legends never fade.
The art of hoping
isn't hard to master
hands ban days past
letter for letter
gonna live forever.
Not stopping ever.
Everything's better
than waiting.
John! Stop!
The heart is still strong, if
claws are in form, then.
Dreams are not torn
venom in veins... Where is Robin?
When you find the way...
Where is our son?
I hope
he's not
in vain.
Is he alive?
I have to do the semi-finals.
[lashing at the window]
Where's our son, John?
You better tell me right now
what the hell you've done
with my son.
Please follow me and
please sit down, okay?
You better hope
they gonna keep you in here forever!
[radio voice]
The arrest of
poetry slam champion.
John Gerber, who is the only
suspect in the
kidnapping of his son,
twelve-year-old Robin Gerber.
Robin has been missing
for one week...
[radio voice turned off]
[emotional music]
[cool music]
Good evening, Mrs. Gerber.
Always in training, huh?
Tell me there's news?!
Well, eh...
do you have any plans tomorrow night?
I'm going to see John
at the semi-finals.
I'll get us two backstage
passes if you like.
You should be trying
to find my son,
not satisfying John's demands!
You have to grill
him night and day!
May I?
Excuse me?
[clapping her hands]
You should see my dunk.
The thing is,
I'm not as good at
this as you are, the pro.
But I don't give you advice
in your area of expertise.
I'd appreciate you extending me
the same courtesy.
I could "grill"
John night and day
but he's not gonna
tell me anything.
Legends in dreamland
that tells me something.
He's telling us a
story, Mrs. Gerber.
In code.
So let's go there right now.
To South Africa?
This is just part of the story. The next part could take us
somewhere else completely.
So we're supposed to just
stand here and wait?
We're supposed to listen.
He's going to lead us
to Robin, Mrs. Gerber.
I promise.
His poems have always
been his world.
Who rides there so late through
the night dark and drear?
The father it is,
with his infant so dear;
He holdeth the child tightly
clasp'd in his arms,
he holdeth him tight, he keepeth him warm.
[talking with a polish accent]
You don't look like
a child killer.
You're too weak.
Mr. Poetry Champion!
Who rides there so late
through the night
dark and drear?
The father it is
with his infant so dear.
He holdeth the child tightly
clasp'd in his arms...
You think, because I'm Polish
I don't know Erlking? Or Goethe?
You throw crap, you know. Come on.
Come on.
See? Crap.
Not everyone's a natural born
basketball player.
You sound like a pussy.
[Prisoner: Laughing]
Aaaaaaah! Slow down!
Dad, stop!
Drive in the middle of the road!
Come on, let me drive!
Look at the road when
you're driving, man!
Eyes front!
Eyes closed!
Noo! Look ahead!
Slow down!
[throwing up] Rob? Rob! Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. Sorry.
No, it's alright...
everything's fine.
Driving a car - check!
Barfing on the
ground afterwards -
Can we go again?
Nonono. Let's take
a break, okay?
I'm still on the verge of
having a heart attack.
Good thing mom didn't see that.
She would have freaked out. Is that your poem for mom?
Woah, stop it!
I'm not finished yet!
Looks good.
Maybe you can perform it
in front of an audience one day!
Wait, wait, really?
Are you serious?
I'll take you on to
the finals some day!
That would be so cool!
Wait. You're writing that down?
For when we get back.
Mom wants me to be optimistic.
Alright. What do you say we get
back to adventuring?
Only if I can drive!
Three billion beats.
The cadence of your heart.
The countdown of a lifetime.
Countless beats
decrease this period
this one-time experience
piece by piece by piece.
Three billion beats.
The cadence of your heart.
A metronome setting a start and end
but until then,
the tone, the tune,
is yours to choose
you alone compose the flow
you conduct the highs and lows.
The biographic symphony
[adventurous music]
your heartbeat clock
our days are numbered
be unencumbered
do not go gentle into
that good night.
Time's hunting you
like cats mice do
so make your walk of life a run! Shake your fate, pave it with
the things you've done...
So listen to your heart
start treating those
fleeting days
as chapters in a book
each one repeating a dream
from the list you're completing.
Smell the salt in the air
[sounds of seagulls]
Make sure you take care
to hear
the cadence...
Inhale the fragrance of
what it's like to be
[roaring lion]
King among kings. You have no fear.
Your heart may skip,
your heart may burst
it may even stand still
but 'til then remember first
it started with a roadtrip
to Madiba's Abode.
[twittering birds]
You're growing, you're big
enough to slay a giant
you're flying
you ain't crying
how susceptible you are
to doubt and dread
scepter in hands,
you're the king of king's head
[cry of joy] Do not go gentle
it is time to fight.
The list may be long
the hours tight
so get to it
pursue it
I know you can do it.
your hearbeat clock.
[heart monitor peeping]
Time is playing cat-and-mouse
all the same
you're a lion in
this game, untamed
predator, not prey
[constant peep]
Not afraid of pain nor of dying.
Not tired of life nor of the fight your fighting.
against the dying of the light.
When the heartbeat
clock strikes.
Three billion beats
minus X.
[muffled sound of the continuous
tone from the heart monitor]
[muffled sound of
applauding people]
The champ.
John Gerber!
Congratulations, John!
Looks like you'll be
competing at the finals! But now, we all wanna
know one thing...
are you gonna be bringing
your groupies again?
[laughing crowd]
Okay, okay, I'm teasing...
Alright, poetry lovers,
we shall meet at the
championship finals!
Can I go to the bathroom?
Sure, just make it fast.
[Robin laughing in his mind]
I'm on the first plane
to Cape Town tomorrow.
Because of a poem?
Because of all the clues he just left all over the stage!
And since when have you become
a poetry professor?
This whole show
is just bullshit.
Tomorrow you get Gerber to talk
and then find that boy.
Low profile.
[outraged press and crowd]
Mrs. Gerber,
can I ask you some questions?
No, thanks.
It's for my blog, "Whiterabbit".
I said no.
Are John's texts based
on actual events?
Please stop. Are these slams true?
It's enough!
Well, what do you feel
when you listen to him?
Do you think that-hey!
[dropping the phone
into a wash bucket]
Sounds like John's describing
a journey a boy might like?
It's not a journey,
it's a goddamn kidnapping!
Maybe we should take him
to the zoo again.
He didn't draw bars...
in the zoo, there are bars.
He didn't draw bars.
That's what you call artistic freedom.
No, it's what you call freedom.
Maybe we should take him
to the slam next week?
Or to a match?
We have to get him out of there.
That's what I'm saying.
We have to get him
out of the clinic.
If anyone can cure his cancer,
it's these people.
And these people just told us
that no one can cure his cancer!
You're giving up on him!
It's terminal.
The doctor said so today. Any day could be his last day.
This day could be in a month.
Or a year, John.
But he needs the next chemo -
For years we've been putting
our faith in the "next chemo"
and the next chemo!
These pills make him suffer!
We are not going to
play with his life!
That's exactly it!
It's his life. And his time!
And it's our
responsibility, John!
He needs the meds.
He doesn't want the meds!
He doesn't even want the heart monitor, he...
an ending in this clinic is not
what he wants.
Stop talking about endings!
Can you live with the idea
of our son never leaving that
room again?
I could not live with that.
But I know he can
get through this!
And you should too.
[sound of the heart monitor]
Hey, dad.
Hi, Rob.
I was just having a great dream.
I could fly!
Wow. Sounds like a great dream.
Until someone had the great idea
to wake me up.
Where is this guy?
[both laughing]
How are you feeling?
Well... if I didn't know any
better... I'd say great.
At least it's friday.
They have chocolate chips in
the pudding on friday.
Highlight of my week...
every week.
Someone is feeling a
little grumpy today?
Let's play a game. "Rhyme-time"?
I ll go first: Friday.
Drawing. Artist.
Wish list.
Sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Okay, you win.
Wanna see something?
What's this?
I wanna see real lions, dad.
When I get out of here.
I wanna do everything
that's on this list!
Oh, wait!
[voice breaking]
Flying! That sounds cool.
Wait. Where's mom? Is she coming?
Nah, this is gonna be a
father-son adventure.
Alright, so we've
got: Robin Hood.
And you are Little John!
Driving a car?
You wanna drive a car?
So we've got driving,
Robin Hood,
seeing real lions,
what was the other thing?
Oh, ehm, nothing...
Come on, you can tell me. No it's... it's stupid...
Dude! Try me.
What was it?
Okay. Ehm.
I heard you and mom talking...
She said you've lost hope.
I'm going to find it for you.
[phone ringing]
[throwing the phone
out of the window]
[John: Laughing]
Let's go find hope.
[phone ringing]
[sound of an electric shaver]
Officer Rosenbaum
wants to see you.
Hey! I'd like to visit John Gerber.
And I would like to
visit Donald Trump.
Give him a piece of my mind.
But I'd have to observe
the visiting hours.
And ours are in...
already seven hours!
Please, have a seat.
[John Gerber s voice
out of the computer]
It started with a roadtrip
to Madiba's Abode.
You're growing, you're big
enough to slay a giant
you're flying, you ain't crying how susceptible you are
to doubt and dread
scepter in hands
you're the king of king's head.
"King" is lion, right?
So "King's Head" is
Lion's Head, right?
In Cape Town.
Is he still there?
Tick, tock, John!
Time is running!
Is your son still alive?
Is his heart still beating?
You need to tell us
where he is, John!
What is the matter with you?!
You need an audience in order to talk?
I can bring some people in.
Is the spotlight not
bright enough for you?
I have an interview
appointment with John Gerber.
I cleared it with
Officer Rosenbaum.
Then I'll send Mr. Gerber
right into the make-up room.
New plan:
You have an interview
with me. Now.
And lose my spot in line?
No way!
Come on!
Bye, Steve! Bye, Steve!
Thanks for all the help!
[kissing sound]
Hurry up. I gotta
get to the airport.
Jump in.
You think I'm that easy, huh?
Well, I had a look at
your "Whiterabbit" blog.
And you've got quite the archive
of his work, haven't you?
All his new stuff, yeah.
The old performances are
only partly online.
You're flying to South Africa?
I need all of your videos.
What do I get in return? How about I don't arrest you
for your obstructing my
Your bark ist bigger
than your bite.
My daughter had a rabbit,
that was eaten by a dog.
So tell me, are you planning on
streaming the finals
live on your blog?
A new fan?
How sweet.
We're searching for his kid.
Looking for evidence in poems.
That must hurt.
They're about Robin.
Yeah. All of John's poems
are about Robin!
Guess it helped him cope with
the disease and all that.
Send me the videos.
Are you bribing me, Officer?
Don't flatter yourself.
It's for your ride home.
You're kidding.
Just send me the videos.
As soon as you can.
[honking cars]
Thank you.
[applausing crowd]
Officer Malango?
Please call me Ayanda.
Ayanda. Officer Rosenbaum. A pleasure to finally
meet you in person.
Yes, you too.
I see you brought a lady?
I guess we're heading
in the same direction.
What are you doing here?!
I'm finding my son.
And you are not
going to stop me.
I wouldn't dare.
So what have you found
in his poem, Ayanda?
Welcome to Dreamland.
Hey! I think I got something.
Rob's chemo meds!
Hey! The landlord
remembers a red pick up, just like the getaway car
from the bank robbery.
Over a week ago, Mrs. Gerber.
Ayanda, I have something here
that I'd like you to listen to.
It's a recording of
John from last night.
Hang on one second.
Yo. White man can rap, eh!
Rewind, rewind.
"It started with a roadtrip
from Madiba's Abode" -
Madiba's Abode!
That's a home for sick children.
Where is that? Khayelitsha Township.
[driving music]
Hello guys!
Hello! Hello!
Thank you, Jabula.
Robin drew this the day
before he went missing.
Are you sure?
Excuse me.
Are you sure you don't remember
the boy who drew this picture?
He would've been
with his father.
I don't remember.
We have many foreign volunteers
coming to the centre to help.
Would you mind showing me the backrooms, please?
(talking Zulu)
She's asking if you
want to play with her.
Play with her.
Children might know.
[playing children]
Did you know my son Robin?
He was here last week.
Have you seen him?
Hey Robin, Robin!
Who rides there so late through
the night dark and drear?
The father it is,
with his infant so dear;
He holdeth the boy tightly clasp'd in his arms,
he holdeth him safely,
he keepeth him - hey!
Ahh, you're getting better!
Pussy has some balls now?
Hey, some break.
You want to beat your
mom at baketball?
Must be an old lady, huh?
Put that down.
That's why you train like crazy?
That is mine.
Oh some more pussy poetry...
Is it the list from
your son, John?
Who rides there so late through
the night dark and drear? The pussy it is, with his -
[muffled sound]
Not my fault.
It's cool man! Fine!
Fine, fine, fine!
Stop it!
Gerber! Iwanow! Enough!
[Prisoner: Screaming]
Pussy started! Pussy!
Shut up! Shut up!
Everyone knows, how the Goethe
poem ends, John! Everyone knows!
[cell doors get closed ]
Are you listening, John?
[Prisonars voice]
The father now gallops, with terror half wild,
he grasps in his arms the poor
shuddering child;
He reaches his courtyard
with toil and with dread,
the child in his arms
finds he motionless,
[John: Panting]
Top floor. Panorama terrace.
Wait, we're already at the top?
What do you mean "already"?
I hate it.
Hey, come on!
Come on, you know what mom would say.
Is this your poem for mom?
Is it okay if I read it?
"The king of the clouds."
"This king is scared of gravity.
He has four legs, and claws,
Robin! Robin! Rob! Stop, stop!
Come on.
Don't be afraid.
[Epic music]
Wooooh! Yeaaah!
[both laughing and cheering]
I shouldn't have
brought you here.
No... I brought you here, dad. We have to go home, Rob.
What - no! No no no no no!
There are four more
things on that list!
You promised that
we do everything!
Beating mom in basketball
is going to be very
difficult from down here.
There's no poetry
slam that I know of
that I can just get you into...
And we already flew down here,
so you can scratch that
off your list, okay?
No! No, I don't mean that kind of flying and you know that!
I mean like all by myself.
Like in my dream!
We'll complete the list
when we're home, okay?
When you're better.
I know
that you don't believe
that yourself.
I heard you talking to mom.
But I don't want to
die in the hospital.
You are too sick, Rob.
I know!
I want to keep adventuring.
But how can I have a
without my dad? Okay.
Let's fly.
I understand. Yes.
I hear you are a
basketball champion?
[both laughing]
And quite a show-off!
Fischer's just ordered
me to come back.
John just attacked
another inmate.
They've tightened
his conditions.
No more lenience; No more final.
But we need his last poem!
Why can't you just refuse? I have to obey the rules.
Screw the rules!
It's about finding my son!
Orders are orders,
Do whatever you want
but I will stay here.
Why am I not surprised?
I would appreciate
your help, Miriam.
You know your husband
better than anyone else.
But we need John's last text.
I'll talk to Fischer
and I will make sure that John
is on that stage!
Mr. Gerber is now isolated from other inmates.
We're gonna keep you updated
about further developments.
Any questions?
What about the final?
Have you heard from
Officer Rosenbaum?
Is it true that Miriam Gerber
traveled to Africa to
search for their son?
I don't have any information
on that matter.
Do you think she has
a better chance
of finding Robin?
Because she understands
John's texts?
Guesswork. What are the chances the
boy is still alive?
Come on, guys.
Don't you think John Gerber
was only trying to help his son?
That's the way he
puts it in his poems.
Officer Rosenbaum! Any
news from South Africa?
Ehm... we're close.
We're just missing
on final piece.
To answer your very
first question.
Mr. Gerber will not be permitted
to perform at tonight's final.
This press conference is over. Thanks.
[outraged press people]
Officer Fischer.
Gerber has to perform tonight!
I told you on the phone:
Not gonna happen!
I'm not gonna be
his groupie again!
It's our last chance!
The press is going crazy
about this case!
And I won't lose my face
for another Gerber show.
Your face, you're gonna
loose your balls!
Do you like your job, Rosenbaum? With all due respect, Sir.
This poem completes the puzzle.
Trust me!
This completes the puzzle.
What's this?
It's John's.
He lost it in the fight.
Forget your poems, Rosenbaum.
Fly... climb...
Do your work and find that boy.
It's a To Do-list, Ayanda!
Search lion parks and zoos.
Check last week's bookings
at every skydiving
company in the region... Yes, also paragliding!
Anywhere you can fly.
Call me when you have something!
Welcome, poetry lovers!
At tonight's final!
As will many have heard
instead of John Gerber
please welcome our
local talent Dennis,
competing at the final.
[cheering people]
[sound of an electric shaver]
You need to take your pill.
Okay buddy, let's make a deal.
You take your pill...
and I'll let you shave my head. Seriously.
Okay. Let's go for it.
[pushing broken glass]
Rough day, huh?
[walking through broken glass]
I'm ehh...
I'm not here to ask
you where Robin is.
All I'm asking is.
How can I hold this in my hand
if he's still alive?
I need to perform.
Yeah, I know you do.
It's written on the list and
hasn't been checked off yet.
I can't do anything
about that now! I'm under strict orders.
You screwed that up
all on your own.
Where's the other half?
Excuse me.
We found his booking.
Cape of Good Hope Skydiving.
Yes, last week!
So this is the part you're gonna
connect to your father.
Now... eh... when you're up
there try not to wiggle.
Oh and remember
to pull your head
backwards before you jump.
All you alright, boy? Oh... eh... yeah.
Yeah. Just a little nervous.
When last were you at the DZ?
The drop zone?
When was your last jump, bro?
Oh! The "drop zone"...
Three weeks ago.
How're you guys feeling?
Like crap, thanks for asking.
We're great.
This is a lot of money
for one jump, bro.
Just take it.
You want a video of the jump?
No. No video.
[starting aircraft engine] Find what?
What have you found?
And eh.. basketball?
With your wife?
I may be wrong but
I don't think she's
gonna like that.
Miriam needs to
understand that...
What Miriam needs is for you to
tell us where Robin is.
John, you..
You took away her only son!
Because you wanted to take him
on some nice little adventure
while she was fighting
for his life! And she's still fighting!
At least she deserves
to know the truth.
fear of gravity.
Sounds like your boy was
obsessed with flying.
What happened at
the skydive, John?
You tell me in
rhymes if you want.
Hey. What's up, guys?
How can I help?
Hey! We're looking
for my son Robin.
He was here last week,
with his father. John Gerber?
Yeah... ehhh.
You know where he is?
No. I'm sorry.
Thanks, officer.
I'll take it from here.
What's your name?
My colleague is talking with
the pilot right now!
And I don't think he's
gonna cover for you.
So if you confess,
I might be able to knock
some time off your sentence.
Take me to the slam.
Life is not a wish list, John!
I can't get you there. Last chance!
[knocking on the door]
[Officer Rosenbaum
leaving the room]
[sound of the aircraft engine]
You guys ready to fly?
Thirty seconds!
Ready to fly?
The pilot says they both jumped
but never brought back
their parachutes!
And he says, he doesn't even
know where they landed.
Pilot doesn't even know where they landed.
Open the cell door again.
I said open the cell door again.
[applausing crowd]
Okay folks!
Now let's hear it for
our local talent.
Come on!
Miriam needs to hear this.
You give me the
rest of the story.
I promise she will.
Ready to fly?
Wait! Wait!
I have an idea for mom's poem! What a surprise everybody!
John Gerber!
Did you break out, bad boy? Huh?
Ehm, so... tell us.
Did you have time
to prepare at all
Were you too busy knotting
bedsheets together?
I hope you're listening.
(talking Zulu)
It's an African saying.
Turn your face towards the sun
and your shadows will fall
behind you.
This one's from Robin. "For mom."
The king of clouds.
This king
is scared of gravity.
He has four legs.
And claws?
And with his wings,
he has a pair,
the lion flies high
up in the air.
And the journey makes him worry.
But he has goals and no regrets.
He knows
this keeps him
safe from threats.
[Robins voice]
He looks not down,
not back but ahead.
The fear of gravity
has left and fled.
So... uhm.
Now I'd like to
read one of my own.
Police! Police!
Stay seated please!
Everybody be calm.
Stay in your seats please!
[mumbling crowd]
Everything's fine.
Get him off that stage!
I said trust me!
You're done.
[press asking questions]
[Johns voice]
A chase study:
Newton says a stone falls down
with the same speed, every time.
Einstein says if you fall with
enough speed, time slows down.
So if you fall fast
enough, do you float?
Do you fly?
If you fall like that
and alike that fall
every moment spands a
lifetime never ending.
Neverland. The
kingdom of clouds.
Your lion heart's racing
your lion's blood pacing
vains laced with adrenalin
gone as the pain within and you hear the cadence
You're weightless, wingless,
fearless, tearless.
Each day a dream,
each beat a win.
To fight the venom,
adrenaline's your medicine.
Beneath you
land and sea
seconds of eternity.
Free from freefall
not falling,
[Robin: Cry of joy]
You soar over a coast of hope. Over beach sands
and dreamlands
in your hands
a list
full of colossal demands.
But that's not ballast.
Doesn't pull you down.
Because you're a legend.
[parachute opens up]
The king
of the clouds.
Maybe I was wrong
trying to free you.
Maybe I'm not strong
maybe no hero.
It's a thin line of course.
There's no guarantee.
But day after day my actions are judged
by the toughest of courts
The gavel it falls
day after day
and you fall
and you fly
time after time.
Tick after tock
my heart beats on.
Not the only one
who'll always love you,
[sound of the sea]
We're calling of the search.
We've done the whole coast area.
He's long gone by now.
I'm sorry. Is this the phantom sketch?
From the pilot?
Yes, Sir.
Color of hair?
Robin didn't have any hair
because of the chemo.
The pills.
Now we can't find his body.
Why is the pilot lying to us?
How come the nurse
doesn't remember a
bald-headed boy?
How come John's been
leading us to all those places?
Everywhere except to Robin! How can I have this
list in my hand
which should be out there
at the bottom of the
ocean with Robin.
According to John's last text.
It's a story.
It's all a story!
Can you live with the idea
of our son
never leaving that room again?
I could not live with that.
The legend of the
king of the clouds!
So are you saying he's not here?
Oh he's here in a way. "Find hope."
That's what it says.
Why would he do that?
Make all of this up?
His wife told me
that poems were John's world.
But they're her world, too.
Does that mean
he made this whole legend up
for the sake of Miriam?
For her.
For himself.
For Robin.
is a keeper.
It keeps us alive.
Hope is the name for
trust in a life. Where a spark becomes a flame,
becomes a fire.
Where the course, the tune
the path you choose,
will never ever not come true.
Treat the days of your life
like lions their prize.
If you fall
don't just rise up
but fly.
Beyond hope.
Beyond the coast.
Beyond the dreams.
Your list
is a commitment
to this life.
And as long as there's
an open box not me
nor you
nor she are gonna stop.
'Cause nothing
nothing on this great
earth is stronger
than true love.
And so we play on
one beat at a time.
No dream in vain
no wrong
no right.
This is your game.
Your legend.
Your life.
[Macklemore and
Ryan Lewis - Wings]