Robo-Dog (2015) Movie Script

My name is Tyler Austin,
And this is my dog...
his name is... Dog
I know that may seem like
a weird name, but...
when I was little,
that's what I used to call him.
So, my Mom and Dad
started calling him Dog too
Dog's been around
since as long as I can remember.
We love doing everything together.
He also likes to play fetch,
chase cars, dig holes in the yard:
oh, and he can do
some pretty cool tricks.
I've heard that dogs
are man's best friend.
Well, Dog is not
only my best friend.
He is the greatest friend
I could ever have
and nothing can in the world
ever replace him
Happy Birthday
to the Greatest dog in the world.
Aw, man.
I spelled Birthday wrong.
Where were you on that one?
All done... Time for bed.
Twelve oh seven.
You know what that means?
It's officially your Birthday
I can give you this now.
Come on Dog.
Come on. Come on.
Happy birthday Buddy.
I love you.
Good morning, Dog
I know what Want.
You wanna go outside,
don't you boy?
Well let's wake up mommy, huh?
Hey, Mommy?
- Good morning.
- Morning we have a visitor.
Good morning Dog!
- It's his Birthday Today.
- Oh, that's right.
- It is his birthday today.
- Gimme kiss. Kiss.
Go take Dog outside
sso he can do his business.
- C'mon, I'm gonna get breakfast ready.
- Oh, it's early isn't it?
It's early.
Rise and shine honey.
Let's get that fixed this week.
Yes, dear.
Hey Tom can you put that stuff away,
please? Breakfast is almost ready.
I'm on the verge of figuring
this thing out.
Put it away.
Later, please.
Oh. Hey, dog.
Thanks, for the paper buddy.
I'll tell you what sweetheart
This one is gonna make you proud.
We're talking front page news.
I'm proud
of my super genius husband
- Is Tyler up yet?
- Newsflash. No.
Dog, go get Tyler?
Just give me a more minutes.
Here, go play with squeaks.
Ok. Ok, I'm up.
Not at the table.
Please let me eat with you. I love you all
so much, and besides, it's my birthday.
- Oh, listen to your mother.
- Sorry, boy, down.
What's going on with that
super-secret project of yours?
- It's going pretty well.
- So, what's the surprise?
- It's a surprise.
- Very cute.
It's a video I made.
Hey, I want to show it tonight.
Can I borrow your projector?
I want it big.
Course you can It's up in the attic.
I have to get to the office.
- You don't want to be late for work.
- I won't
- And you don't be late for school.
- I won't.
May I be excused?
- Can I have soda with my lunch?
- Sure you can.
- Can I skip school today?
- Sure.
Wise guy!
Go get ready for school!
Fine, come on boy.
Come on.
I'm looking in the attic.
Trying to find your projector.
- C'mon, we're gonna be late.
- Okay.
Can you please be quiet?
I can't concentrate.
Here you are.
C'mon dog. C'mon.
Tyler, c'mon.
- Yes, Dad. Coming.
- There you are.
Did you find it?
- Yes.
- Great.
- Did you put the ladder away?
- Yup.
Way to go son, we're off.
What'ya working on?
- Can you keep a secret?
- No.
It's a high end power source that
continually charges itself using kinetic energy
it's a recharging super battery.
Oh, yeah. I... I knew that.
Hey I've been working
on solar powered scissors.
Oh? Yeah.
So, instead of using your hands,
they'repowered by the sun?
Well, uh, you still need your hands,
but... you know the motor helps you.
- Hey, what's this?
- Hey!
That is a robot.
And, if my calculations are correct,
once install the
self-charging super battery...
like so.
It should never run out of power.
- In theory.
- Okay. Let's give it a go.
Brandish your safety goggles.
Oh... That's pretty bright.
- That's pretty bright.
- Yes.
Uh oh.
Uh oh.
Uh oh.
- Is it supposed to do that?
- Okay. No!
- Do something Tom!
- Would you give me my arm back.
Think I'm gonna stick to my scissors.
Jiminy jumper nuts.
It'd work perfectly if it would stop
making stuff blow up.
Mr. Willis. Get back to work.
- Well, if it isn't...
- Tom Austin.
- Yes, Tom, how are you?
- I'm, I'm great Mr. Willis,
what brings you down here?
Well, I'm just doing my monthly check in
to see what all my money's paying for.
- Do you have anything good?
- Solar powered scissors.
- What?
- Barry Melch.
- Yes I know Belch.
- Melch.
- What are you yapping about?
- I just wanted to show you these.
Solar powered scissors.
Solar powered scissors?
Seriously Belch? It's called Epic Industries,
not as seen on TV Industries.
- Well, I think if you'd...
- Get back to work. Go clean something...
- that's what lab assistants do, isn't it?
- Yes sir.
So, what do you have for me, Tom?
And don't tell me a solar powered spatula.
Stop that.
I told you to stop.
It's creepy.
It's nothing like that sir.
- Actually, what it is...
- He's working on a...
- Self charging super battery.
- Belch!
Is Belch, right?
Self charging super battery?
Actually, that is correct sir.
I knew you were a genius!
Hiring you was the best decision
I made for this company.
Now, is it done?
Almost, there's just a few minor
over heating issues.
I have an investor from Japan
that's coming on Monday
I'm gonna bring him by
for a demonstration.
- Monday?
- Don't mess this up.
I'll see you on Monday.
Jiminy jumper nuts.
Hey guys!
Hey, Bill!
How you doing?
Hey, Tyler.
Hey, Chloe.
Getting ready for Dog's
big party tonight?
Yes, sir, Mr. Johnson.
Hey, Tyler, you.
You wanna put this stuff away,
- and let dog out
- Sure
- So you guys stopping buy tonight?
- Of course we are. We're excited.
You know who else is excited?
- Who?
- Dog.
He was really barking up
a storm earlier today.
Strange. See you later.
Ready for your party dog?
Here boy.
Dog, you ready
for your birthday part...
- Hi
- Hey.
Honey, it's awful.
- How is he?
- He's up in the crawlspace,
I tried to get him down, but,
it's like a hundred degrees in there.
Okay. I'll get him.
Ah, buddy. Tyler.
Tyler, I know it hurts, buddy.
Come down stairs,
let's talk about it, okay?
He came up here for squeeks
I don't know what happened.
I closed the steps, I promise.
I know you did son.
I... closed the steps.
I promise you.
Tyler, you have to understand.
That this is just an accident.
It's a horrible accident,
but it's not your fault.
Can't leave dog here.
I'm gonna take care of him
for you.
Come here, Come on.
I am so sorry.
Come on.
Come on buddy.
Come on big guy.
Oh no! Sweetheart!
- Sweetheart, I over-slept!
- What?
I overslept!
My presentation's today.
It's eight twenty seven?
What happened?
Dog. Usually wakes us up!
Where's my...
- I guess we need to start setting an alarm.
- Yeah.
- Wish me luck.
- I love you honey, good luck.
Hey, that's my purse.
Thank you.
You gonna be fine.
Jiminy jumper nuts!
So did ya get it working?
Does it look like it's working,
It's still over-heating.
- Donut?
- Thanks.
- I didn't eat breakfast this morning.
- Oh, you shouldn't do that.
It's the most important donut
of the day.
Yeah, I didn't sleep much last night.
Our family dog passed away
this weekend.
That's so sad,
how long did you have it?
- Eleven years.
- I had a pet goldfish once
I accidentally flushed it down
the toilet.
Luckily, my parents got a new one
so I wouldn't notice
until right now.
That's a strange story, Barry.
I'm gonna get back to work now.
- Thanks, for the donut.
- Hey, no problem.
I just have to this
- a couple more times before Mr. Willis...
- Tom!
Mr. Willis you're early.
Yes, I just couldn't wait to show off
my main man to my main man from Japan.
This is Mr. Sato.
Bon jour.
So. Show us something.
May I speak to you in private
for just one second?
I'm not quite sure that it's ready.
Not sure it's ready?
Or it isn't ready?
Those are two very different things.
- Very different.
- Right.
I just think that maybe we could do
a few more tests before we demonstrate.
Well, you had plenty of time
to run your tests over the weekend.
- Jerome, how time is that?
- Three days.
Three days, that's plenty of time.
I understand Mr. Willis.
And this is not a valid excuse,
My family dog died on Friday.
Alright, that's enough.
I understand.
You do?
Yes, I understand that you want me to look
like a fool in front of my business colleagues.
And if there's one thing I hate:
- it's being made to look like a fool.
- Hates it!
Jerome, could you please go over
and stand with Belch?
Yes sir.
The last I want to do
is make you look like a fool.
The last thing you want to do
is to not succeed.
So, is ready?
In theory
Then in theory you still have a job.
Turn it on.
Yes sir.
Sorry Mr. Sato,
just a little pep talk.
Okay, gentlemen:
What you are about to see
is a power source that has the energy
of twenty five car batteries
With the ability to recharge it-self
just by the nature of it's own motion.
Please: brand-your safety goggles.
Here goes nothing.
I give you the super battery.
Is it a...
Is it working?
Yeah, actually, I think it is.
I'm gonna give it some more juice.
Whoa! Tom! You're a genius.
Do you see that?
Crank it up.
- We're at thirty five percent, now.
- Okay, crank it up more.
Mr. Willis I think we should play it
safe for now.
Do I pay you to think?
Epic Industries needs epic results.
I'll save you Mr.Willis.
Stop, drop and...
Do something!
Sorry, about that guys.
I told you it could use
a few more tests
But all things considering,
I think it was...
pretty success...
That one epic hairdo.
Get out! Get out!
Am I fired?
You are the most fired person
in the history of people get-ting fired!
I never want to see you again.
I'll just get my stuff.
No! I will have it sent to you!
Now get out of here before I call security.
Bye Tom.
Bye, Barry
- Mr. Sato, I am so sorry.
- If I could just get my phone.
Get me security.
Wanna take a look
at my solar powered scissors?
- Oh... Hi!
- Hi! You're home kinda early?
Yes... funny story.
- Did you get fired?
- Yes! I got fired!
And it doesn't sound as funny
when I say it out loud.
I'm sorry babe. Are you okay?
Yeah. I mean my boss was
being epic-ly ridiculous. So...
Now I can work on my world changing
inventions right here from home.
And I can help you
with the house-work.
Oh, we'll be fine. I'm doing really well
at the office right now.
That's important.
I'm gonna get dinner ready!
Nope, I've already taken care of it.
- You have?
- Yes.
- Is that the smoke detector?
- Dinner's ready.
So, anything exciting
at school today?
Tyler? Earth to Tyler?
Your dad just asked you a question,
how was school today?
Oh, uh, yeah. It... it.. it was fine.
May I be excused, please?
Sure, honey.
Let me know if get hungry later, okay?
You all right?
I guess.
You know, if you're ready
and only if you're ready.
We could go and look
for a new dog this week.
New dog?
I don't ever want a new dog!
Nothing will ever replace him,
I miss him so much.
I know buddy we all do.
I want him back.
Please, can I have him back?
That is the one thing, Tyler,
I wish I could do.
- But, I can't.
- It hurts so much!
Well, come here.
Nothing wrong
with letting it out okay?
Let me see.
You know I've been there too.
And it's tough,
but you can get through it.
Hey, you feel a little better?
Come on, let's go to bed.
That, is not a bad idea Mr. Austin.
Where's dad?
He's in the garage.
I've come for your toaster.
What is he working on?
I don't know.
As long as he's not cooking.
I heard that.
And, I may or may not have
used portions of your bicycle.
What? Mom! He just... Dad!
Hey, Dad?
You okay in there?
Hey, Tyler?
Is your mother out there?
- I'm right here
- Oh, hi honey!
Wait right here because
boy have I got a surprise for you.
- Hi!
- Hi!
What's goin on here?
What's going on with the car?
- I needed some parts.
- What for?
All will be answered momentarily.
Let me present to you my latest
and greatest invention...
The RK-9
What is it?
R stands for Robot,
k9 stands for dog. You get it?
It's a robotic dog.
Check this out
Nice invention Dad.
Well, I'm having
some Power source issues. But...
with a robot this advanced,
it takes a lot of power.
I think it's great, Honey
I'm gonna um...
I'm I'm gonna let
you clean up your creation
and I'm gonna go into the house
and fix dinner.
- I could cook dinner.
- No. Please.
Yes, dear.
Somethin' wrong with your car?
You want me to take a look at it?
I took an online class once.
Didn't pass.
Oh, no... no... that's... that's fine.
What are you doing here Barry?
Well, Mr. Willis wanted me
to box up all your stuff and...
deliver it to you.
So, uh, here you go.
Oh, thank you.
Wait a minute.
You got the battery back?
Yeah, I also brought some uh...
staplers and your..
No, Barry, you don't understand
this is the answer to all my problems.
Oh, yeah? What is it
that you're workin on here?
It's my latest invention.
A robotic dog.
Oh, yeah!
Doesn't do all that much.
Well, you should have seen it
about an hour ago.
Cuz it was working perfectly
I've just had
some power issues but...
this is the answer
to all my problems
Before you electrocute me again.
Oh, but I do want to give you this.
It's a gift.
Uh, it's my solar powered scissors.
I figured you could use them.
Barry, I mean honestly,
thank you so much.
No sweat.
And, good luck with your Robo Dog.
Yeah... Robo Dog.
Now, what I need to do
is reflect back the heat of the output
and take that energy back
the main processor
but, how am I going to do that?
Unless I have a...
solar panel?
you may be...
a genius.
Temperature is steady.
Power refueling...
I think I did it.
Oh, yeah! I did it!
Grandma's mink?
Sorry Grandma.
I miss you buddy.
Dog, dog it's you!
I love you!
I love you, too Tyler.
Do ya like him?
Are you okay? DOG!
- Not technical
- Hello, Miranda.
What did you do?
Family, may I introduce you.
- Robo-dog?
- I am Robo-Dog
Uh, how did you this?
Well, it was actually rather easy
once I figured out how to harness
the incredible energy
from the super battery
without burning the house down
Why, does he look like Dog?
Because, you said
that you wanted him back.
And I don't know if you know this
but bringing a dog back to life
is virtually impossible.
Unless, your old man builds
you a robotic version.
He's got some of the personality
traits of Dog,
yet he doesn't eat, he doesn't sleep,
he doesn't chew on things,
and Ma he doesn't poop or pee
in the house!
- I like that, that's good.
- I thought you might like that.
Isn't he the coolest?
I am the coolest.
I guess.
Well... I'm gonna let you two
get acquainted.
Good Champ.
You too Tyler.
- Get some sleep, honey.
- Yeah.
You know he's doing this to
cheer you up.
I know but it's just weird...
Yeah, well sweetie, just make effort.
I mean, who knows?
You guys may end up
being the best of friends.
- That would be swell.
- I... seriously doubt it.
- Goodnight honey.
- Goodnight mom.
- I love you.
- Love you.
- I love you, too Miranda.
- Okay maybe this is a little weird.
Just to let you know...
I don't care what they say.
We will never be friends... ever.
Why won't we be friends?
Well, number one...
You won't stop staring at me.
Why don't you blink?
What is blink?
Blink. This is blink.
Like this?
What is number two?
Number two is that you aren't
a real dog.
That is correct.
- You don't even act like a real dog.
- You can teach me.
Why not?
- Because, why?
- Because it's weird.
Tyler, I do not want to be weird.
I would really like to be more a real dog.
Please assist.
Maybe. We can talk about it tomorrow.
I'm tired.
I don't wanna think.
- What is that?
- They are my eyes.
- Are they flashlights?
- Affirmative.
Why do you have flashlights
in your eyes?
I use them to illuminate the night.
Can you shut them off please?
Real dogs don't have flashlights in their eye.
- Sorry.
- Okay. Thanks. Good night.
Good night, Tyler.
So, how's it going
with your new friend?
Mom, I told you,
he's not my friend.
Excuse me.
What are you guys doing today?
Well, I'm teaching him
how to be a dog.
Today's lesson is how to stay.
Watch this.
Robo-Dog, Stay.
- Wow!
- Isn't that cool?
He won't move at all until I say.
Come on.
Now, watch this.
Robo-dog up.
Now, stay.
Isn't that funny?
Betcha he'll stay that way all day.
Tyler, if you're not going to be nice to him,
you can do something productive, like,
clean your room.
Okay I'll play with him.
Perfect, after you clean your room.
Can I help?
I don't know,
can you clean all this for me?
Vacuuming the rug Vacuuming the rug.
Do do do do doo.
What're you doing?
Playing video games.
I asked you to clean your room
not Robo-dog.
What's the difference.
Well, the difference is
is that your Dad made you a dog,
not a maid that you can use
to clean your room
Then why did he install
a vacuum in his butt?
I have no idea what goes on inside
your father's head sometimes.
- Hey. I just got to level fifty.
- I really don't care.
Because what I need you to do right now
is take Robo-dog outside
and teach him how to be a real dog
like you promised.
- Let's go!
- Fine.
C'mon Robo-Dumb
It's Robo-Dog. It's Robo-Dog.
Okay. First things first.
Let's see what you know.
Pretty good.
Something, still isn't right.
Oh, I know do this.
- Real dogs do that all the time.
- Like this?
Right. Now, lie down.
Good. Now, let's do something
a little bit harder.
- Whoa! What was that?
- It is my fifth arm.
What other gadgets
do you have hidden in there?
I have over 42 different techniques
and upgrades.
Including night vision,
Heat sensors
Rosetta stone,
a vacuum, and GPS.
Okay, I got it.
SBack to dog stuff.
This is a ball.
We use this to play fetch.
So, when I throw it, you're supposed
to run after it and bring it back to me.
Cuz, that's what dogs do.
I guess.
- So, are you ready?
- Affirmative.
Like that?
What are you doing?
You're supposed to run
after it and give it back to me.
Because, it's fun.
Now, let's try that again."
Well, that was a a little fast,
but it's a start.
Now, you are being ridiculous.
What? You're to keep fetching it
over and over.
I thought you said this was fun?
Forget it.
Let's try something else.
Oh, I know!
Okay take one side.
With your mouth.
Now what?
You have to try to get it out
of my hand.
You can't get it out...
That was fun.
Again, again!
NO... No thank you.
I think we need to do something that's
a little more safe... for me.
Like what?
Hey, I... I know
You can chase cars.
You want to be more like
a real dog, right?
- Affirmative.
- There's a car right now.
What the heck's goin' on
for crying out loud.
Robo-dog put the car down.
That was fun!
C'mon, I know a place we can go.
What is this place?
It's a dog park.
It's where you learn to become a dog.
What do I do?
One thing you can't do is talk.
So, I guess just go around
and watch the other real dogs.
See what they do.
What is he doing?
Sniffing your butt.
Actually, I don't know.
A bunch of dogs do that because,
I guess that's a way to get to know you.
Wow. Looks like a lot of dogs
want to get to know you.
Not as awkward
as someone hearing you talk!
Go fetch!
I got it!
One small step for dog kind.
Wow, it's getting late.
We should get home.
I think I'm getting the hang of this!
Initiating GPS.
Continue straight
for 30 and turn left
I know where I'm going.
- In 295 feet, turn left.
- Okay, that's really annoying.
In 290 turn left
- It's Chloe!
- Who is Chloe?
- She's a girl I like.
- Have you sniffed her butt yet?
- No.
- Do you want to sniff her butt?
- No! That's gross.
- But...
- Just, please be quiet.
- Hey, Tyler.
Hi! Chloe!
Oh, did you get a new dog?
Uh... sort of.
It looks just like dog.
- What's his name?
- Robo-dog.
No, really, what's his name?
He's a robot dog
my dad made for me.
That's... cool.
- You don't believe me?
- No...
Here watch.
Say something Robo-dog?
- That's a cute trick.
- It's not a trick.
So, what are you doing now?
Just headin home.
Oh, is it okay if I walk with you?
- I mean, sure.
- Okay.
- Thanks for walking me home.
- No problem.
So, what're you doing tomorrow?
Just teaching a new dog old tricks.
Well, I'm going downtown,
maybe I'll see you and Robo-dog there.
Uh... Sure.
Okay. See ya!
Here that, boy?
Chloe just asked us to hang out
with her tomorrow.
Chloe just asked me on a date!
That's so great.
She asked me on a date.
She asked me on on a date.
She asked me on a date.
Don't look at me like I'm weird,
you're the robot dog.
Hey! You look happy!
Did you guys have a good day?
It was okay.
And, what about you, Robo-dog?
Did you have a good day?
What wrong with his audio?
I don't know.
He stopped talking for no reason.
That's weird.
This is really odd.
There's no reason for him
to be silent.
Everything seems to be in order.
I don't know what else to do
to make him unmute.
Stop barking!!
I don't understand why would
he need to bark that loud?
I didn't mean for him to bark that loud,
sweetheart I just happened to find some car
speakers up in the attic.
Okay. Watch your ears.
I command the to bark!
So, Robo-dog
what did you guys do today?
Today, Tyler taught me
how to be like a dog.
He did?
And how did he do that?
show dad that you like him.
Jiminy Jumpernuts
Tyler, you tell him to stop
that right now
- Okay, cut it out Robo-dog.
- Did I do something wrong?
Robo-dog, that's not how you show
affection to humans.
How do they?
Like this...
- Shake.
- Oh! Yes. Affirmative
See what I've I've had to deal with?
Oh come on,
we can work with that.
Let's see what else?
Robo-Dog, ummmm
- Like my face
- You want me to lick your face?
Yeah, that's how dogs show their
masters that they love them.
- Affirmative.
- Okay, here we go.
That was like going down a waterslide
a hundred miles an hour with out any water.
Leave a mark?
- It's just okay, it's not anything.
- SNo... its fine... no really.
I'm telling you, you're going
to love Epic's next big thing.
It is simply...
What is it Jerome?
The Japanese investor?
He just pulled out.
He did what?
He said his faith in your product
is unfavorable.
He would like to work with you
on something like the super battery.
The super battery! That would solve
everything. Where's Belch?
I'm right here, sir.
Belch, I need that battery.
Oh... I gave it to Tom.
What do you mean,
you gave it to him?
Oh, well, you said to return all
his stuff or I'd be fired. So...
I don't care what I said.
We are on the verge of bankruptcy here.
Go and get the battery
or your really fired.
No problem.
Sounds like you guys
could use a lozenge.
What are you doing?
I told you go and get that battery.
Oh, you mean now.
Okay, you got it.
No problem.
How have you lived so long
without hurting yourself.
What do ya mean?
I'm okay. I'm okay.
Hey Dad, watch this.
All right! Come here,
let me check his battery.
Oh, well would you look at that!
No heat emissions. No leakage.
Everything seems to be working perfectly.
The battery.
Wanna get some lunch?
- Meeting a friend, downtown.
- Oh, a friend, huh?
- Need some money?
- Oh, no thank you.
I got my allowance.
Well, why don't you take
some money anyway
get Chloe an ice cream
or something.
Who is this Chloe
that you speak of?
Your mother and I
were young once too.
There isn't anything that you've gone through
that we haven't gone through as well.
Except for maybe the robotic dog.
Have fun on your date, son.
- I wouldn't really call it a date. I mean...
- Well, whatever you want to call it..
Chip off the old block!
- Ah, man! The chain's missing.
- I believe it is now part of my drive unit.
How're we gonna get downtown?
Allow me.
Grab on!
Mr. Willis is gonna want to see this.
Are you ready?
Yeah. Wait. Ready for what?
Gotta get that dog.
Did you like that?
was awesome!
Thank you
Hey, no more talking
while we're in town.
We don't want attract
any attention.
- Hey, Tyler
- Hey, Chloe.
Hi, Robo-dog.
I see he still isn't talking.
Oh, I told him not to talk
while we were downtown
so he could act like a normal dog.
Say something Robo-dog.
No, seriously, say something.
He's so funny.
Isn't he?
Wanna go get some cupcakes?
Yeah, sure.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Okay Stay Robo-dog.
- Is he okay here all by himself?
- Yeah, here, watch this.
How'd you train him to do that?
I told you, he's a robot.
Hey, there poochie.
Hey there boy.
I'm just going to need you
to come with me. Okay?
So, why don't you
just follow Uncle Barry
Okay. I see you like to play.
All right. Doggie toy!
Come on.
Here you go!
Giddy up.
Giddy up, little doggie.
Listen, the thing is, here, uh, pooch...
you just need to come take a ride in my car.
It'll be quick.
No one ever wants
to come in my car.
I see you chose the hard way.
The hard way you shall get.
What, what could I do?
I'm leveling with you here,
I need your help with this.
Lemme just take a look here.
Battery's gotta be in here
What is that man doing to that dog?
Nothin' to see here.
All right, pooch.
I'm gonna give you one last chance.
Are you coming with me?
All right be that way.
It's your funeral.
There he is officer, that's the man.
Get back here.
- Thanks for the cupcake.
- No problem.
Come here Robo-dog.
So, anything exciting happen
while we were gone?
You can talk now!
Let's go into the pet store!
I don't wanna hurt you.
I just need that battery.
Hey! What are you doing
with my dog?
Well... I'm a dog catcher
and this dog doesn't have the right tags.
So, he's coming with me.
You don't look like a dog catcher.
Oh... I'm undercover.
So, if you want your dog back
you come down with your papers
and then you can have your dog.
Where are your papers?
- Come again?
- Your papers?
Your ID? To know that your
a real dog catcher?
You want proof?
Yeah, well, I have papers...
Robo-dog stay!
Oh, getting heavy.
All right.
No more Mr. Nice Guy.
Sorry, kid, I'm taking this dog.
Robo-dog volume max.
Now BARK!!
I'm gonna get you,
and your little Robo-dog too!
Are you okay?
Robo-dog volume down.
- Are you okay?
- HUH?
You ready to go?
Uh..yeah... yeah... come on boy.
- That was fun.
- Yeah! We should do it again some time.
Yeah, that'd be great, see ya.
Oh, I forgot.
I got something for you, Robo-dog.
There, now it's official.
Tell Chloe thank you!
Thank you!
See told you.
Chloe, dinner's ready.
I gotta go. Bye!
C'mon boy.
She squeezed us.
Does that mean she likes us?
I think she likes me.
I think she likes me more.
Why do you say that?
She got me a collar
with my name on it.
What in the Sam Hill
happened to you?
- Robo-dog.
- I'm sorry, Robo-dog?
What the heck is a Robo-dog?
He's a robot dog.
I don't have time for this Belch.
Did you get my battery?
Well, I was out looking
for your super battery and Tom,
he made this robot dog
called Robo-dog... I helped name it.
Anyway, he's got super powers like
running fast and not moving.
The long and the short of it is...
he barked off my clothes
and I don't have your battery.
You're telling me,
that Austin made that robotic dog
and he's using the super battery
to power it?
- You got it.
- That means he he got it working!
And, if he can use the battery
to power that robotic dog,
we can use it to power
even more marvelous things
We are talking a power source
capable of powering the whole city!
And that battery going to be mine!
I miss you buddy.
Was that a TV show?
It was a video I made to show
how much I loved Dog.
Is this another way
to show affection?
I guess.
Can I watch it again?
My name is Tyler Austin.
And this is my dog.
His name is dog.
Someone's calling you.
Who is calling you
at this time of night?
Mr. Willis.
Mr. Willis.
- This is Tom.
- Tommy boy!
Uh... how can I help you at this hour?
I'm calling with some good news.
I want to pay you a substantial sum
of money to come back and work for me.
Well... I really
appreciate the offer, Mr. Willis
but, since you let me go,
I've come appreciate how much
I didn't like working for you
and working on my own
personal projects.
I understand.
So, how about I pay you for some of your
personal projects you know, like
super battery you were working on.
Mr. Willis. You know that the
super battery is far from complete
I'm sure you've had time
to improve upon it.
And, I'd like you to sell it to me.
I don't understand?
What don't you understand?
I pay you, you give me the battery.
A... you know Mr. Willis...
I'm gonna have to turn you down.
And... I'm really sorry.
You will be sorry.
Excuse me?
I said, goodnight.
I'm sure we'll be seeing
each other again, real soon.
- What was that all about?
- He wanted to buy the super battery
- that's powering Robo-dog.
- Why would he wanna do that?
I don't know.
- How did it go?
- That no good rotton so and so.
I'm gonna have to play hard ball
with him.
Is that anything like baseball?
It means I'll have to use other ways
to get that battery.
It seems like the technology would be yours
since he worked for you when he made it.
What was that?
Well, he was working for you
when he made it so,
- you funded the technology...
- Belch, you're a genius.
I always thought so.
One quick phone call to my lawyer,
and that battery's as good as mine!
This is so awesome!
Not as awesome as this!
Get ready for the thunder punch!
I win!
Tyler, dinner's ready!
Okay mom.
Wait did dad cook it?
I heard that.
And no.
All right.
Well... looks like I gotta head out.
See you later.
Excuse me, I would like to show you
all a movie I made of Tyler.
A what?
I made a movie about you using the
video content stored in my data base.
- I didn't know he could do that.
- Neither did I.
I made it to show
how much I love him.
- Would you like to see it?
- Yeah, sure. I'd love too.
This is Tyler.
He is my best friend.
Robo-dog, pick a card.
He does a lot of fun things.
- play with me.
- No! Don't say it out loud!
Robo-dog, catch!
Now throw it back,
hard as you can!
He likes to sing.
He really likes to dance.
I really think, he likes Chloe.
And may one day sniff her butt.
Turn it off!
- It is not finished.
- I don't care, shut it off.
I can't believe you.
Tyler is something wrong?
- I... I... gotta go.
- Okay see ya.
- Tyler, what's wrong?
- Stupid Robo-dog that's what's wrong.
Are you upset
with something I've done?
Upset? No. I'm furious!
You embarrassed me
in front of Chloe!
Did I?
- No, you didn't. It was cute.
- Yeah, Tyler she seemed to enjoy it.
Enjoy it?
She was laughing at me.
Why would you show her
that stuff anyways?
To show her we are great friends.
Great friends?
No. We are not great friends.
You're but a bunch of spare parts
my dad took from the garage.
Wrapped you up into fur, fooling people
into thinking you're a dog.
Well, guess what?
You're not.
You never will be.
- So stop trying so hard.
- Hey, Tyler...
- You're going to hurt his feelings.
- Well, he hurt mine.
Besides, just a robot...
he doesn't have any feelings.
Tyler, go to your room right now,
I'm serious!
Right now.
- Fine.
- Now.
He doesn't mean it,
Robo-dog He's upset.
Why don't you come inside, okay?
Is that Mr. Willis?
What's he doing here?
I told you on the phone
s I'm not interested in selling.
Who said anything about selling?
I'm taking.
I beg your pardon?
I have a contract signed by you
when you started working for me
that anything you did while on my payroll
belongs to Epic Industries.
So that baby belongs to me!
Well, I'm sorry because
Robo-dog belongs to my son.
And your not taking him.
I don't want your son's mangy mutt.
I want the battery inside.
Can you believe this?
So... you can give it to me now, or,
I'll sue you for everything you've got
and I'll take it anyway!
Well, then, I'll see you in court.
And for now you can take the contract
And get off my driveway!
You're gonna be sorry
you said that Mr.Austin.
Mr. Willis?
Please don't hurt my family.
Is this what you want?
Take it.
It is for the best...
Robo-dog wake up!
- Robo-dog!
- Sorry about your dog.
Nothing personal.
Just business.
You'll understand someday.
Drive, Belch.
Hey, Tom.
What're you doing here?
I came to say I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry for what I did.
I feel real bad.
Yeah, well...
You got a lot nerve showing up here.
Just, that, Mr. Willis was yelling
and calling me names. And...
I just never knew I'd feel so bad
about helping him.
Yeah, well, I figured as much.
You need some help?
Not unless you got twenty-five
car batteries in your pocket.
Well, uh... no... I do have this!
Is that what I think it is?
I don't know
do you think it's the super battery?
- Yes, I do!
- Oh.
Sorry, it's in pieces.
Mr. Willis and a scientist took it a part.
That's okay. That's okay.
Because I can fix this.
But, you my friend are forgiven.
Well, hey! Let's get to work.
- Barry!
- Sorry, should not have that.
My bad.
I... AM... ROBO-DOG!
- Did you fix him?
- We fixed him.
- Barry brought the battery.
- Who's Barry?
Hey, weren't that guy?
Who tried to steal Robo-dog
a couple days ago?
Yeah! You dressed up like
a dog catcher!
That may have been me.
Dad, this guy is bad news.
You need to get him out of here.
Tyler, Barry has made some mistakes,
but he's sorry.
And he's our friend.
Yeah, I'm a Tyler.
I'm... really sorry.
Hello, Tyler!
- You're alive!
- Not technically Tyler.
I am just a bunch of spare parts,
like you said before.
Yeah, sorry about that.
You know what?
You're the best bunch of spare parts
a boy could ask for,
I didn't know that before.
I love you, buddy.
I love you, too. Tyler.
I want to thank you
for bringing the battery.
No problem.
I mean, how did you get it
from Mr. Willis?
Well, he didn't now
that he's got one of his own.
What do you mean,
he's got one of his own?
Yeah, he and that guy from Japan.
They made a... gigantic version
of your super battery
and they're gonna unveil it
for town this afternoon.
The mayor's gonna be there
and everything.
- A gigantic version?
- Yeah.
- Oh no.
- What?
Oh no, they... there's no way
that they would have known
to incorporate the solar panels.
That the battery could overheat
and it could explode. How big is this thing?
Oh... I'd say it's about
the size of a... bus.
A battery that big
could blow up half this town.
I gotta call Mr. Willis
right now.
Mr. Willis's phone,
Jerome speaking.
Jerome, this is Tom Austin.
I demand to speak
with Mr. Willis, right now.
He's a little busy, right now and I'm
pretty sure he doesn't want to talk to you.
If you don't put him
on the I'm gonna tell him
that you like to take his clothes
and dress up in them
when you pick up his dry cleaning.
- You wouldn't.
- Oh, you bet I would.
Mr. Willis. Phone's for you.
- Who is it?
- Tom Austin.
Tom, what can I do for you?
Barry told me what you're planning...
Where is that pain in my side?
He's stading right here.
- Give him the phone.
- He wants to talk to you
This is Barry.
Belch, you're fired.
Now, hand the phone back to Tom.
Yes sir.
This is Tom.
Tell me what want,
I have an event to run.
You cannot go through the unveiling.
The battery's too dangerous,
you don't understand.
What are you talking about?
It worked perfectly fine
in your robot dog.
That's because I altered that battery...
Altered it.
Industrial sabotage.
Industrial sabotage?
Let me guess,
you want me to pay you to fix it.
What? No...
You can forget about blackmailing me.
I've got my top guys on this project.
It is going to be fine.
- You don't understand how dangerous...
- Goodbye Tom.
Yes sir.
Make sure security doesn't let Austin
or Belch anywhere near the unveiling.
Yes sir.
- He's going to go through with it.
- Oh no.
He could hurt a lot of people.
We've got to stop him.
You in?
Of course.
- You in?
- I don't have a job, anyway.
- Robo-dog What about you?
- Affirmative.
Let's save the town.
It's a beautiful right here out-side
Epic Industries for this...
Mr. Willis. Mr. Willis!
Can you give us a little hint of
what this big announcement may be?
Epic announcement.
Okay right.
All right, could you please tell us
some hint of what this
big announcement may be?
Well... You'll find out soon enough!
Mr. Willis, can you please
comment on theatrics...
are here to cover up the lack
of an Epic announcement.
Well, my comment is they're
gonna be eating those words
because I speculate.
I speculate.
That this is gonna be
the best news that you..
And anyone else here
has ever heard.
And I'm going to go in
and meet the mayor.
Big words
from an even bigger ego.
We'll keep you live right here
from Epic Industries.
How we gonna get in?
I don't know.
We need some kind of distraction.
- Barry, what are you doing?
- I'm making a distraction.
- Why is he taking his cloths off?
- Because he's a strange man son.
- Hey! Look at me! Look at me!
- Hey, stop.
Who also, happens to be a genius.
Let's go.
I think they spotted us.
Don't worry Dad.
You can go we got this
You sure?
Good luck, Tom.
Thanks, son.
Was that you?
Get over here!
Why're you running away from me?
What's your problem?
What are you and your little dog doing?
Tyler, duck.
Come on, Robo-dog, Come on.
Come pick me up they got me.
I'm at the security gate.
Where are you going?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
if you make your way to main stage.
Epic Industries main presentation
will begin momentarily.
Thank you.
- Sorry boss.
- Get him!
Hey, you, kid. Come back here.
- I said get back here.
- Robo-dog stay!
We're gonna get him.
My back!
- Ladies and gentlemen...
- C'mon boy, it's starting
it is my honor...
no... a visionary.
Who has single handedly changed the lives
of so many including my own.
His business charm and savvy
are unmatched by anybody
I have ever known...
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you for that...
that... humbling speech Jerome.
- You're welcome sir.
- Go sit down.
Ladies and gentlemen.
When I was a child,
I had dreams...
much like all you in the audience had
had a dream to be something
greater than anyone else.
I dream to create something that
would make people wonder
how they ever survived without it.
A dream to create
something truly Epic.
But, today, I don't present
to you words of a dream.
Today, I present to you a reality.
Today, I present to you a technology
that truly embodies everything
that Epic Industries stands for...
- Jerome!
- Sorry.
With the Epic Super Battery
you don't need to rely on traditional
forms of energy ever again.
Mr. Mayor
Will you have the honor
of turning it on please?
Yes, of course.
Don't do it Mr. Mayor.
- Well, what's the meaning of this?
- Ignore him.
He's a disgruntled employee.
I fired... a disgruntled employee
I fired for stealing.
Seriously, Mr. Mayor
if you turn that thing on,
you risk blowing up half the town.
Please, listen to my dad.
He created it.
He did?
I assure you everyone.
This is completely safe.
It's been checked out by my top scientist.
Right... bud?
Willis, I don't know
this all sounds very dangerous.
Perhaps we should postpone
until we know it's safe.
I already told you it was safe.
Watch this!
Isn't it magnificent?
Well, maybe he did fix it.
Everybody, don't panic.
Stay calm.
That thing's gonna blow!
Panic and run.
Grab Robo-dog and get as many people
as you can to a safe distance.
- What about you?
- I'm gonna try and shut this thing down.
Be careful.
Okay, folks
I need all of you to go back to cars.
- Shut it off, Willis.
- I can't.
Well, why not?
I don't know how.
What about the emergency
shut-off switch?
Oh, I took out the emergency
shut-off to save money!
Well that was of you.
Why would you do something like that?
- Why would I ever need to shut it off?
- Maybe for a situation just like this?
Look, I don't understand.
It worked perfectly in your machine.
Why doesn't it work in mine?
It's exactly the same.
Wait a minute
exactly like mine?
Well, except
for the emergency shut-off.
Oh, boy.
If we can remove these in time,
hopefully we can lower
the output rate.
Mr. Soto, I assure this
is only a minor set back.
Mr. Willis, you are a fool!
This is not minor setback.
This is major castasrophe!
I can't get the last two fuses.
Hopefully the explosion
will be contained!
DAD! Robo-dog, help my dad.
I'll take care of the people.
I'm on it.
Look at this! It's beautiful!
My greatest invention ever!
Mr. Willis,
will stop laughing and run.
Tom, get out of there!
- Dad? Dad? Are you Okay?
- Yeah, son. Are okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Where's Robo-dog?
Oh no.
I'm sorry.
It's ok.
He sacrificed himself to save you
He's definitely a hero.
And my friend.
Mr. Willis.
Is he dead?
Robo-dog give him a zap.
What happened?
- Robo-dog saved you, Mr. Willis.
- He did?
Whoa, so he did.
Thanks, Robo-dog
Oh, Tom. I owe you
and your family an apology
I was blinded by fame
and money and
I forgot I was hurting people
on the way.
Will you all ever be able
to forgive me?
Of course we will Mr. Willis.
I think I'm gonna be in trouble
with the mayor.
Yeah, you think you're gonna be in trouble.
I'm gonna be in trouble with my wife.
- call mom...
- Calling mom.
You really need to teach me
all the things that he can do.
So... that was our adventure.
After the incident.
Mr. Willis had to do some community
service for almost blowing up the town
But, when it was done he saved
Epic Industries with his latest creation.
Toy versions of Robo-dog
They were a huge hit at Christmas
coming in second
to the solar powered spatula,
invented by our very own,
Barry Melch.
With the solar powered spatula,
you do the cooking right in the spatula!"
After word got out
about the super battery.
My dad was recognized for his work
and received top rewards
in the field of energy and robotics.
As for me, I learned it's okay
to open my heart to a new friend.
And that friend is Robo-Dog.
The greatest robot dog
a kid could ask for.
Happy Birthday, Robo-Dog!
Great work kid.
I especially liked
the section about me.
It was good.
Loved it Tyler!
- Okay. You guys ready to eat?
- Chloe licked your face?
I think she likes you.
Yeah, I think you're right.
And I owe it all to you.
- Oh.. hey...
- You're my best friend.
Happy Birthday buddy.
Thanks, Tyler.
Oh, Wanna play catch?
Sure come on. Come on, boy