RoboCop 3 (1993) Movie Script

Imagine an end to crime,
an end to poverty.
Imagine two million good jobs
waiting to be filled.
Sounds like a dream,
doesn't it?
sometimes dreams come true.
Delta City.
For Our Children.
This is Media Break.
You give us three minutes
and we'll give you the world.
Good evening, I'm Casey Wong.
Our top story tonight,
Motor City goes Japanese
as the Omni Consumer
Products Corporation
ended months
of speculation today
by announcing its takeover by the
multinational Kanemitsu Corporation.
Come on, honey. Hurry up with your
calculus. It's almost time for bed.
Mom, I'm watching Media Break.
As the first
private corporation...
Come on, honey. completely own
and operate a major city.
Company spokesmen
expressed special interest
in the delicate issues
of urban resettlement
and a crime wave in Detroit
that many citizens
are calling a war zone.
But, as usual,
OCP has an answer.
Meet the Rehabs,
urban rehabilitation officers.
From the blazing fields
of the Amazon War,
comes state-of-the-art
urban pacification.
We're here to help
the people,
to augment
the police force,
and deal with
the gang problem.
What about reports
you're actually rousting people
from their homes to make way
for construction of Delta City.
Nikko, you heard
your mom. Go on.
Oh, man.
What about the homeless?
What a gyp.
A lot of buildings have
to come down before Delta can go up.
So, I won't deny we're serving
an eviction notice or two,
but most of these people have
already taken their urine tests
and placement exams,
they've got new jobs
waiting for them,
we're just helping them make
the transition. That's all.
We're cops, nothing more.
Nothing more?
Well, we're not robots,
if that's what you mean.
Hey, Dad?
You're supposed
to be asleep.
Is it true
what the TV said?
That it's a war zone outside?
Don't listen
to what the TV says.
This is your home.
You hear me?
And you're safe here.
I'll buy that for a dollar.
Get out! Get out!
Get out! Get out!
neighborhood is the property
of Omni Consumer Products.
All residents are requested
to vacate the area.
For God's sake, help us!
That's what we're
here for, ma'am.
Just get on the bus.
Where are they taking us, Dad?
What's happening?
Don't believe 'em!
They'll throw us in the
streets to die like rats!
Nazi sons of bitches!
Shoot her if you have to,
but get her out of here.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Come on.
I think it's going rather
well, don't you, Seltz?
Yes, sir.
Come on!
I said, move!
Manhandle an old lady,
would you?
Shut up!
Move it!
Move it!
Get up there!
I said get up!
What are you doing down
there, you piece of slime?
Didn't you hear me?
I said get up,
you drunken cow!
Get back!
The crane's gonna blow!
Come on!
Come on, move it!
Move it!
Listen to me, people!
These buses are going nowhere!
Stay here!
Fight for your homes!
There is no silver lining,
only corporate scumbags,
who wanna line
their pockets!
Stay here!
Nikko! Nikko!
Mom! Dad!
No! Not my baby!
Nikko! Nikko!
Dad! Dad!
Mom! Dad!
You! Stay where you are!
neighborhood is the property
of Omni Consumer Products.
All residents are requested... to assist you.
Repeat. The rehabilitation
officers are here to assist you.
Personal possessions
are limited to carry-on size.
No furniture...
Hush. It's okay.
It's okay.
You're with us now.
Is he gone?
Are we clear?
Okay, let's do it!
Okay, Moreno,
cover your ears.
Rock 'n' roll.
All clear. Let's go.
Whoa! Jesus!
Ed 209!
He wasn't in the recon photo!
You are trespassing
on police property.
Please surrender
your weapons.
What the hell?
What is she...
What is she crazy?
You have 20 seconds
to comply.
Hey kid,
come back here!
You're gonna
get us all killed!
What the hell
is she doing?
You are in direct violation
of Penal Code 114, Section 3.
I am authorized
to use physical force.
You now have
10 seconds to comply.
You won't believe this.
He'll be loyal as a puppy.
You have five seconds,
four seconds,
three seconds.
You have one second
to comply.
I am now authorized to...
Be loyal as a puppy.
Will it work?
Stole it off
a dead cop.
Holy shit!
That's the police armory!
Come on, come on.
They must have deleted
the access signature.
Let's get out of here!
No, they'll be
a few more minutes.
All we gotta do is figure
out how to get that door open!
Are you kiddin' me?
- Yeah!
- Wow!
One-stop shopping.
Let's go!
Gotta get out of here!
All right,
all right, all right!
What are you,
pickin' out drapes? Come on!
I'm comin'!
Get that.
It looks expensive.
Come on! Come on!
Let's go!
Drop your weapons! Now!
Do it! Drop 'em!
Freeze. You are trespassing
on police property.
Eat lead, suckers.
Nikko, get in! Come on!
Here comes Santa Claus
Here comes Santa Claus
Right down
Santa Claus lane
Vixen and Blitzen
and all his reindeer
What can I do
for you, pal?
Nobody move!
Everything in the register! Now! Do it!
Here comes Santa Claus
Here comes Santa Claus
Right down
Santa Claus lane
What's it like being
a rocket scientist?
All units,
we have a confirmed B and E
involving police property.
Please respond.
Repeat. All units,
we have a confirmed...
Hey, Donnelly,
it's your turn.
No way, man. No.
We went last time.
No, it's Lewis's turn.
Okay, okay, okay!
Lewis, you're up!
Lewis, Lewis, Lewis.
Lewis, Lewis, Lewis.
Hey! Isn't anybody going
to arrest me, or what?
Hey, Lewis, where's your
friend Murphy, anyway?
He's not real big
on donuts.
"He's not big on donuts."
I knew that.
All units, repeat.
That is a battered
yellow van, no plates.
Sig tracking
shows southbound...
Hey, that's
a battered, yellow van.
No shit, Sherlock.
Hey, Moreno,
company's comin'!
Hold on. Here we go!
Unit 477 in pursuit
eastbound Esposito.
Watch it,
watch it, watch it.
I'm watchin' it,
I'm watchin' it.
Jeez, ahhh!
Hey, Moreno,
they're still on our tail.
Hey, don't sweat it.
Here, watch this.
Hold the champagne.
You stopped in the middle
of the damned street.
What the hell is going on? That
was my light! I had the light!
You idiot!
Is everybody okay?
Okay? What are you, a comedian?
I traded in a brand-new SUX
for this Classic.
Now, look at it. It's garbage.
It's going to the junkyard.
What the hell is this,
fellas, huh?
You give a broad a badge, and
she gets delusions of gander, huh?
It's grandeur,
dumb shit.
This new guy
is making me nervous.
I don't think this is
exactly a guy, Moreno.
You think it's him?
Unit 477 to Dispatch.
This is 477 to Dispatch.
Come in, Dispatch.
We could use some
backup out here.
Hello, Dispatch? Come
in. This is 477, Dispatch.
Wait a second!
Wait a second!
What do you need
the shotgun for?
Ah, shit,
we're all going to die!
Sit tight, people.
Backup's coming.
Sit tight?
Hey, if it wasn't for you, I
wouldn't even be here, you dumb broad.
I'll make you a deal,
tough guy.
You want to eat the tie,
keep it up.
Take it easy.
My brother's a cop.
477 to Dispatch.
We have a Code 3.
We're low on ammo and need
immediate backup. Right now.
Sergeant Reed,
I've got Murphy's cruiser on the
grid, sir. He just turned around.
He what?
Murphy, this is Reed!
I have three other vehicles
en route to Lewis!
Murphy, continue pursuit!
That is a direct order!
Do I make myself clear?
Murphy, are you listening?
Police officer.
No loitering.
You called for backup?
Thanks for dropping by,
Are they gone?
I'm still scanning three.
Make that two.
Clock it, Jack!
Make us our own invention!
Pop a tranq, hypo-head.
Splatterville is ours.
Shoot him in the mouth,
Cyborg eats
bullets, Jack!
Not tonight, he don't.
Shoot him in the mouth!
Do it! Do it!
Shut up! Shut up!
Do it! Do it!
Shut up!
Come on, shoot him
in the mouth!
- Do it!
- Shut up!
- Shut up!
- Shoot him!
Nice try, creeps.
Give me it!
You have the right
to remain silent.
Down there.
Jesus, Murphy,
are you okay?
I'm fine, Ann.
Thank you for asking.
Come on,
come on, get on.
I want this
area cleaned up.
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go!
Everything will be all right.
I have to ask you
to move with me.
Come on!
Get your damn hands off...
Stupid kid.
come here. Come on.
Would you forget
the stupid kid already!
Come on, in here.
Kanemitsu-san, please.
I realize we've had certain
setbacks, but you've got my word.
We've done everything
humanly possible
to get Delta City
back on schedule.
please, that's not necessary.
You are now looking
at a company in transition.
Needless to say,
this has resulted in the
implementation of certain, uh, well...
Oh, let's call them cutbacks.
Ah, but who can
put a price tag on a dream?
Our esteemed former
chairman had a dream.
He called it Delta City.
Knock it off, Johnson.
The great city
of Detroit
represents an important
precedent, gentlemen.
There's only
one small problem.
It's turning into
a war zone!
Sir, it's just a small
resistance group.
And there's no reason to believe
they pose a significant threat.
Well, I'd consider
a deficit of $350 million
a significant threat,
wouldn't you, Johnson?
- Fleck!
- Sir.
You're in charge
of Security Concepts.
Where's that Robocop
we spent so much money on?
The police had a little
problem with the unit, sir.
I'm dealing with it
You do that. You get
him to the Rehab team,
and maybe we won't have to worry
about a small resistance group.
Get the hell out of here!
All of you!
Oh, you take your time.
And for God's sakes, Fleck,
try to get the police
on our side.
What if I don't want
a robot on my team?
You've got four days,
If Cadillac Heights isn't cleared
for demolition by Friday midnight,
our loans
will be called in.
OCP will be ruined.
We made a deal,
didn't we, chum?
Oh, by the way,
if you're just now
figuring out
the line between
big business and war
is a little blurry,
then you're further over the
hill than they say you are.
This is entrapment.
My client was visiting close
personal friends in that motel.
Hey, buddy, your client's
close personal friends
were a non-union video crew
and a German shepherd.
That's prejudicial. Did the arresting
officer ask to see their union cards?
Yeah, yeah!
Cecil, come
get this crap.
Will somebody please
answer the damn phone?
Metro West. No, ma'am,
we're not on strike.
You could've fooled me. I'll
deal with them looters myself,
get me a baseball bat
with some nails in it.
How're you feeling, Murphy?
I've been better.
Well, I'll be
honest with you,
it looks like you just made
friends with a Mack truck.
I don't have many
Captain gave me
the same speech.
Yeah, well,
I heard it before.
How many times does that make "before"?
Dr. Lazarus?
You want to tell me
what happened.
Well, Atlanta beat
the Pistons last night.
That's cute.
I meant with, uh, glory boy.
Oh, him.
He got shot to hell
and, uh, set on fire.
You know what I'm talking about.
He disobeyed a direct order.
I want to know why.
My real opinion?
No, lie. Make up a story.
Well, Mr. Fleck,
offhand, I'd say
the only reason
he'd disobey an order
is if he didn't
agree with it.
Excuse me?
Well, he made a decision.
His friend was in trouble
and he made a judgment call.
Cops do that, you know.
It's in the manual.
Human cops do that. What do you mean,
his friend? This thing's a machine.
Look, if OCP just wanted a
robot, why the hell did they
put Murphy in there
in the first place?
Murphy's dead, sweetheart.
That's on record.
Mr. Fleck, this is Murphy.
What's left of his face, portions
of the cerebrum, the cerebellum,
it's human tissue
that's still alive.
How can you interface human
components with a machine
and then complain when the
human part makes a decision?
So, not only
did we get Murphy's
years of training
and his law enforcement
skills, we also inherited his...
His memories, his feelings,
his emotional baggage?
Well, I'd call it
his humanity,
but I don't think
you know that word.
I see, well...
Tell you what, Doctor, you talked me
into it. His emotions, get rid of 'em.
Find out where they're
located and erase them.
If that means wiping out
his memory, that's too bad.
Um, we could cut out
the appropriate circuits
by, uh, implanting
a micro neuro-barrier.
Do it.
'Cause I got news for you, babe, I
don't give a shit how smart you are.
OCP owns the cops.
That means they own him.
It means they own
your cute little ass.
Nobody owns me.
We want him
on the Rehab team.
That means you
make him predictable,
or you look for a new job, sweet cheeks.
I think I'm in love.
What's going through
your head, Murphy?
That's his family.
Do you want me to install
that neuro-barrier, Doctor?
No. I can do it.
I think I'd like to be alone
with him, if it's all right?
Alex, I thought
you'd never get home.
Do not let the fact that these
people are homeless sway you.
They are terrorists,
pure and simple.
On the screens are
suspected rebel locations.
If any of these locations
appear on your regular beat,
check it out.
Make sure you report
any unusual findings...
Hey, Lewis.
Did you hear what
they did to Murphy?
...and a brief description
of the suspicious...
Hey, Lewis,
you want your body armor?
What? No.
I'm off duty.
What's up, anyway?
Do you have family?
Yeah. I have a brother
in Pittsburgh.
The one who doesn't call.
You know that.
Robo, are you okay?
I'm fine.
And call me Murphy.
Step out of the building.
Stay right there.
We're police officers.
We don't want you.
We have reason to believe there
are squatters in that structure.
Now, step away
from the door.
They're civilians inside.
They're just trying to stay warm.
Those people belong in the
nearest rehabilitation center.
Some of them are
armed terrorists.
Now step away
from the door,
or you'll be cited
for obstructing justice.
Look, I'm not going to
ask politely next time.
Now step away
from the door.
This is your
final warning.
You are making a mistake.
Back off,
or there will be trouble.
Now you're talking, Murphy.
We're not budging.
If you want to get in there, you
gonna have to shoot through us.
I don't have a huge
problem with that.
Cease fire!
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come with us!
Cover me.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Some tough cop I am,
huh, partner?
I'm scared.
Don't be.
It won't hurt long.
Get them for me.
Promise me.
I promise.
Officer down.
Just move it!
Come on!
Come on, people,
we don't have much time.
Nikko, let's go!
Come on.
Come with us.
What, is she crazy? He's
a cop! He's one of them.
He's on our side now.
She's right.
Oh, you saw what he did.
What are you gonna let some
stupid kid make our decisions now?
We're at war,
Coontz. We could use his help.
Are you kiddin' me?
Look at him!
He's totaled, man!
People, come on! We don't
have time for this shit!
He's right.
We should go.
Five meter spread!
Search the perimeter.
Let's go!
Move it!
Over there!
We're tracking him, sir.
He's moving.
That's impossible.
The building's surrounded.
He's gone underground.
Find a manhole.
We got a little held up.
One or two.
Go on through.
Hey, are you okay?
I'm fine.
You guys!
No, man!
I told you it was
a mistake to bring him.
Bet he weighs a ton.
This is Rebel 2 to Base Op.
- Come in, Base Op.
- Watch your step.
All right.
We've got wounded over here.
Clear the way, people,
come on. Get out of the way.
Hold up your side.
He don't look too good.
Well, you wouldn't look so good either
if you took a grenade in your chest.
- Beacon.
- Tracking?
Tracking beacon?
What did I tell you? He's
gonna lead them right to us.
Oh, shut up, Coontz.
Nikko, what's he
talking about?
Did he booby trap
the 8th Street entrance?
Better get
mobilized, folks.
They got a little too close
to home that time.
It's not worth it, man.
It is not worth this shit!
You better take a real deep
breath right now, Coontz.
Because if you don't
think it's worth it,
then you're nothing
but excess baggage.
Do you hear me?
You get it together,
Cadillac Heights may not
be much, but it's our homes.
It's all we got.
Now if you don't think
our homes is worth it,
then you tell me
what the hell is?
This is Bertha to Base Op.
We're comin' in.
Set an extra place.
We're bringing in a friend.
Incoming caller.
What do you want?
Nice work, doll face.
What're you talking about?
You haven't heard?
You might wanna
turn on Media Break.
TV on. Channel 378.
to the tragic shooting,
was Rehab commander,
Paul McDaggett.
Well, uh,
all I can say is,
it's a terrible loss of a
fine fine public servant.
It's hard to believe she was
gunned down by her own partner.
An OCP spokesperson has confirmed
that Robocop has joined
the terrorist rebel forces.
He is heavily armed and should
be considered extremely dangerous.
- On the...
- TV off.
sweet cheeks. Now listen up.
I want your legendary ass
and your corporate ID card
in my office
by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow.
And maybe you won't be
brought up on charges.
Meantime, you might want to
decide who's side you're on.
Sleep tight.
Call complete.
He what?
He opened fire
on the Rehabs.
They're saying
he's gone underground.
Oh, there goes
our P.R. budget.
It's too big
to put a lid on.
Company line
is he's gone renegade.
How'd the CEO take it?
How do you think
the CEO took it?
Between me and you,
I think the CEO
is starting to lose it.
I mean, take a look
around, will you?
It's the fall of Rome
around here.
It's Darwin time.
You know what I'm saying?
Survival of the
least expendable.
the Old Man, Jeff.
Everyone's expendable.
It can't be that bad.
Honey, can you hear me?
Are you there?
Every corporation goes
through this sort of thing.
Oh, my god.
What happened?
Oh, my god.
What happened?
Hey, Wilson,
what's happening?
Arnott just went
out the window.
That's the fourth one
this month.
Chicken shit!
I'd eat a bullet myself.
Less showy.
I'll tell you, Johnson,
the writing was on the wall
the minute we hopped
in the sack with
that piece of shit
Kanemitsu Corporation.
As I was saying,
we have a warrant out
for the arrest of Robocop.
If we eliminate him,
then we'll find
that the squatters are more,
well, let's say, easily persuaded.
a word with you, son.
I'm sorry
for the intrusion, sir.
Is there anything
Security Concepts can do?
Security Concepts
can kiss my freckled butt.
You're fired.
You heard me, Fleck! You're
fired! Get out of here.
Three days till disaster.
What the hell will I tell
my shareholders, Johnson?
What about more Rehabs, sir?
We could recruit them out of
the existing police department.
It will be cheaper
than hiring mercenaries.
And we could use the Metro West
facilities as a staging area.
Give them a nominal raise
for an incentive.
You're a good man, Johnson.
I knew there was some reason
I made you a vice president.
Thank you, sir.
I really...
Yo, yo, heads up,
heads up.
Come on, let's go.
We're gonna be late.
Well? Can you fix him?
This isn't a valve job
on a Chevy.
I never worked on
a damn Robocop before.
I can do the body work,
Look, all we gotta do is hold onto
the Heights for three more days.
He can hold out
till then, can't he?
Bertha, are you
listenin' to me?
Huh? He is messed up.
We don't have
the equipment.
Well, who the hell does?
Find Doctor
Who are you?
I'm friends with Robocop.
Oh. Well, he's not here. I'm sorry.
You don't believe me.
To tell you the truth, I don't
know what to believe anymore.
He... He had
a message for you.
He said to thank you
for not taking
his memories away.
Well, well, well.
Afraid you're
a little late, pal.
You must be one
of Kanemitsu's boys.
I'm impressed.
Trouble is...
Your boss.
He kind of owns OCP.
And OCP is kind of on our
shit list with a bullet.
So you wanna know
where the rebels are?
You can tell your bosses
to kiss my ass.
A vehicle is approaching.
How're you doing, Murphy?
I've been better.
Give me a status scan.
Organics intact.
System's efficiency, 23%.
It looks like a direct hit to the heart.
I may have to recalibrate
the pneumatic systems as well.
Is he gonna die?
Not if I can help it.
Let's get everything
hooked up to the generator.
We've got work to do.
Now, listen.
I'm gonna unplug you
for a little while, cowboy.
Don't worry. Everything's
going to be okay.
Here you go.
I got that heart you wanted.
I said a Nissan.
That's a Kanemitsu.
Oh, Jesus!
Jeez! Hey, Zack, we
need that sealant pack.
Marie! Marie, look!
Oh, shit.
Hey, bring that
chest plate over here.
Time for the
chest plate.
Huh? Hey!
You wait, man.
You are gonna be
so cherry.
Hey, Moreno, watch out
for the, uh...
What the hell
are you doing, man?
Well, I didn't know
that thing was there.
What are you trying to do?
It's behind the...
Don't yell at me.
Well, don't do it.
It's you.
Alex, I thought
you'd never get home.
Welcome home, Murphy.
I couldn't sleep.
How are you feeling?
My efficiency rate is 93%.
Anything above 90
is considered normal.
Um, I heard Marie
call you Murphy.
Is that your real name?
It was.
Before what?
So, um...
Now that you're better,
will you stay?
Will you help us?
You know what Bertha says?
She says if we hold back the
Rehabs for just two more days,
they won't be able
to make us move.
And they'll have to
let my parents go.
And we'll all be together
like family again.
Your parents?
Murphy, you okay?
Your parents,
you miss them?
But you remember them.
Because if you remember them,
they're never really gone.
Hey, Murphy,
I'm glad your
new heart works.
I heard voices.
She should be in bed.
Could you leave her
just a moment?
Of course.
Won't be the same, dear
If you're not here with me
Hey, you gotta pay for that.
What are you, deaf?
Son of a...
That's not what we said
we were going to do.
That is, too, what we were gonna do.
That's not what we said
we were going to do.
That's where
the Heights is.
Right there.
Right there.
Hey, Bertha, you told us
to relocate the weapons,
but where do you
want this thing?
Oh, my God.
How did you get this?
We stole it from
the police depot. Why?
You know this looks like the
exhaust system from an F-27.
No. It's the prototype
for Robo's flight pack.
The funding ran out before
we got a chance to test it.
How do you know
so much about it?
Oh, I designed it.
Well, it looks like the odds
on the home team just went up.
Okay, now what I've done is
programmed the command system
to take its cues
from your hard drive.
I've also rigged it to work
as an auxiliary power unit.
So, if you ever have a power
drain like you did yesterday,
just interface
with the flight pack
and recharge
whether you fly or not.
And, Nikko, you see those
resistors over there by the ratchet?
Get them for me,
will you?
Get them for me, will you?
Get them for me.
Get them for me.
Promise me.
Get them for me.
Promise me.
What's goin' on?
Excuse me.
Hey, man,
where you goin'?
Unfinished business.
It's okay.
He'll be back.
He needs us, too.
Where's he going?
To keep a promise.
Sarge, you got a
Robocop. You got an alien cop?
Huh? You got
ghost cop?
Leon, I told you,
I don't have time for this.
You got a vampire cop?
Good evening,
Sergeant Reed.
Do you know there's a
warrant out for your arrest?
I was just checkin'.
What can I do for you?
Please direct me
to the Rehab staging area.
Oh, well, it's just down
the hall. You can't miss it.
Thank you.
You may want to call
the fire department.
fourth grade are clear.
All central units are to
remain on Class-4 alert
until 2200 hours.
- Hey, you got a light?
- Sure, man.
Allow me, scum.
Look out!
Oh, shit.
Where's McDaggett?
He's coming out tonight
That does
not look like a police station.
You're damn right,
I'm not at the police station.
If my spy hadn't warned
me, I'd be dead now.
I thought your damn ninja was supposed
to take care of Robocop for me.
That's the deal.
I clear the area,
he keeps the robot
off my back.
You have the device
I had sent you?
It hasn't come to that yet,
and it won't. Relax.
It is difficult for me to
continue our business relationship
when I do not know
your methods.
You don't need
to know my methods.
I said I'll clear the area,
and I'll clear it.
Just get the robot cop
off my back.
I understand you're
willing to pay good money
to know where
the rebel Base Op is.
Yes, well, um...
The money's good,
if the tip's good.
Well, uh...
The last tip saved
your ass, didn't it?
Hey, hey,
hey, hey!
What do we have
here, huh?
What's the matter? You don't
like a man in uniform, huh?
Look, my dad lost his job. I
just need some money. That's all.
Oh, we got lots
of money, honey.
Don't! No!
She said, "no"!
Maybe you have
a hearing problem.
Go home, young lady.
You are in violation
of curfew.
Where's McDaggett?
Room 212.
Thank you.
I hope you are insured.
Elevator door sticks.
I have a message
from Officer Lewis.
I said drive.
Goddammit, drive!
...I want my time, my money.
I told you once. And I'm
not going to tell you again.
You understand?
I must commandeer your
vehicle for police use.
What is your
problem, sucker?
I mean, Officer.
Cover me!
Hey, what's the
deal, Robo was shot?
Where the hell
is Robocop?
We could drive around
and listen for explosions.
Hey, are you
doing that?
I got tired
of splicing wires,
so I put in a pulse tach decoder.
A telemetric?
- No.
- Smart ass.
I know you are,
but what am I?
Here, let me try it.
Thanks for the
heart attack, Coontz.
Maybe I will go
and send out a recon team.
I got a better idea.
Why don't we just
all have a seat
and relax?
It'll all be over
in a few minutes.
You son of a bitch.
Hey, watch the language.
There's children
present, remember?
Drop it, Coontz.
I'm not gonna ask twice.
What did you mean about it all
being over in a few minutes?
Get the kids
out of here! Now!
- Where are we going?
- Just follow me.
Oh! No.
Got to get her.
Come on, let's go.
Come on!
Okay, come on.
Come on! Get in!
Come on!
Come on.
Keep going.
Okay. Now go!
Go on!
No! It's happening again.
Don't let them
take you away.
I said go!
Get out of here!
Where is he?
Go to hell.
Take her to headquarters.
I promise my men
won't leave a mark on you.
Let's go.
We got 'em all.
Sir, what about
our friend Coontz?
Well, if we'd let him live,
we'd have to have paid him.
This building
is now under OCP jurisdiction.
We are talking about hundreds of
thousands of dollars in damage.
So Murphy can be
rough on properties.
Good, well,
every cent of it will be
coming out of your salaries.
Hey, you built him.
Sergeant, we're taking
Cadillac Heights.
I'll need 50 of your men armed
and in full-body armor in one hour.
Mr. Johnson, you can tell
the CEO the demolition crews
will have total access at
0600 hours tomorrow morning.
Hey, we don't do
that kind of work.
That was a direct order,
Driving people out of their
homes is no work for a cop!
Now, Sergeant,
15 years on the force
is quite an investment.
Your job, your pension.
Maybe instead of worrying
about these squatter people,
you might think
about your own family.
I am.
I'm thinking I have
to go home and face them.
You can't do this!
Look, you are employees
of OCP. Now remember that!
You're jeopardizing
your retirement benefits.
Stop that man.
How would you and your friends
like to make some money, chum?
- It's...
- Johnny...
- Rehab!
- Hooray.
Johnny Rehab.
Action figures, parts and
accessories all sold separately.
Three nuns and five
clergy are dead today
in what is believed to be the latest
atrocity by the killer cyborg, Robocop.
OCP officials claim
the former police unit
is responsible
for a spree of terrorism
in the Cadillac Heights
section of old Detroit.
I'm sorry.
I can't even read this.
Come on, this is bullshit.
Are you buying this?
I mean, are you
kidding me, Robocop?
You lousy sons of bitches!
OCP bastards!
Nobody is listening
to you, sweetheart.
This is Big Stick to all
teams. You have a green.
Arm up and proceed
to strike zone.
All teams, we have a green.
All teams, we have a green.
Hey, take it easy.
Hey, wait up!
Come on!
Come on!
So, what now?
What now?
Game's over, Moreno.
Just shut up.
What about
Bertha's plan?
Dammit, Bertha's dead!
I'm sorry. I'm...
Folks, in about 45 minutes,
the Rehabs are coming to blow
you out of your neighborhood.
I want you
to take your kids
and anybody who shouldn't
be fighting to the basement.
The rest of you
are hereby deputized
by the Detroit
Police Department.
It's time to show
how real cops kick ass.
Detroit Police.
Identify yourself.
You are under arrest
for assaulting an officer.
And destruction
of police property.
Quiet! Quiet!
Hold your fire until
absolutely necessary!
Detroit Police
are out there, sir.
They're fighting
against us.
So? We have
a schedule to keep.
We don't fire
on police officers!
You're out of line,
I'm still in charge here.
I'm pulling the plug!
Sit down.
What, you've gone
war wacky?
I said, sit down.
Good idea.
How are we getting
out of here anyway?
How did you get...
No, never mind. Did you see
a transmission dish outside?
Yeah, and I was just watching
the Media Break guy pick his nose.
Okay, do you have your
computer with you?
People of Detroit,
this is an illegal
It may be cut off at any
time, so listen to me.
OCP is lying to you.
They're destroying people's
lives for big business.
Those Rehabs
you see on TV,
they're mercenaries
hired by OCP
to throw people out of their
homes and into the streets!
You've got to believe me.
I'm speaking
for all the homeless
and jobless citizens
of this city
and every city like it run by
the heartless, capitalist scumbags
who want you to think their way and
do whatever will make them more money.
See those commercials for Delta City
where the future has a silver lining?
Well, only silver
is lining their pockets.
OCP doesn't care
about the people.
OCP cares about
rich people.
Right now, as I speak, the
people of Cadillac Heights
are being forced out of
their very own neighborhood.
Your neighborhood's next
unless you fight back now!
Time is running out.
OCP is the enemy...
I repeat,
time is running out.
OCP is the enemy.
Help us.
Innocent people are dying.
Need more ammo.
Ammo! Ammo!
Zack's hit!
They're winning,
aren't they, Sergeant?
What in the name of...
Splatter that,
you sons of bitches.
All right, Mr. Robocop,
come and get me.
Get away
from the door!
Think it over!
Oh, my God, Johnson. Our
stock has dropped to nothing.
We're ruined.
How may I help you,
By resisting arrest.
Don't count on it, chum.
what's the charge?
The murder of Ann Lewis.
Dead or alive,
you're coming with me.
McDaggett, you can have
OCP. It's all yours.
Where are you going?
You're gonna miss all the fun!
No flashy bravery,
tin man,
or the two cuties
say "bye-bye".
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Stop them! Stop them!
Stupid fools!
Don't you know
what you've done to us?
Those androids are programmed
with a thermal fail-safe device.
They're made
to self-destruct.
In 15 seconds,
everything within 20 yards
of where we're standing
will be atomized.
We're dead,
you stupid slag!
Don't count on it, chum.
Hang on.
Come on.
Let me give you a hand.
I... I realize
that it looks bad,
but maybe our plans
were over ambitious.
Let's start
a sukoshi bit smaller.
Let's gentrify
this neighborhood,
build strip malls,
fast food chains,
lots of popular entertainment.
What do you think?
What did he say?
He said you're fired.
Well, I got to
hand it to you.
What do they call you?
Murphy, is it?
My friends
call me Murphy.
You call me