Robot Overlords (2014) Movie Script

Citizens of the Robot Empire,
today is day 1,264
of your planet's occupation.
When our study of humanity
is complete,
we will leave your planet
and never return.
We mean you no harm.
However, we have one rule
which you must obey:
stay indoors.
- You call this living?
- Dad!
That isn't a home!
It's a prison!
Daddy, I'm begging you!
Dad! Please come back!
- No!
- Please!
Citizen, return to your home
You killed her!
You took her from me!
Please, come, Dad!
You have 10 seconds
to return to your home.
This is your final warning.
You're gonna kill us all anyway!
Five, four...
You might as well take me now!
- ...three, two, one.
- Dad!!!
This hasn't happened!
This hasn't... happened!
Go back inside!
Citizen, return
to your home immediately.
Get back inside, kid, come on!
Connor, get inside!
- This is your final warning.
- No, come off the street!
- Five, four, three, two, one...
- Stand down!
Authorization code 97ZCRS.
Request half-hour amnesty.
Reason: citizen intends
to return home.
Authorization confirmed.
Past your bedtime,
isn't it, son?
Please let me take him in.
I've got the spare room.
I got you these.
Thanks, Robin.
He'd be well looked after.
You're an angel, Kate,
but, you know, you don't need
to shoulder the burden.
We have homes
for orphaned children,
good homes, good people.
Couldn't you put him in
with one of the...
What's the...?
Put him in with
the collaborat...
Collaborate is a word
with all sorts
of nasty connotations, son.
The Volunteer Corps
put food on your table,
keep your lights on, put this
nice roof over your head.
I'd appreciate a modicum of
respect for myself and my team.
Robin, he didn't know
what he was saying.
I'm sorry.
It's not you, Kate.
You were a wonderful teacher.
I've no doubt
you're a wonderful mother.
And Sean's a good lad.
But these two...
What about us two?
I can look after my brother,
Mr. Smythe.
Can you, child?
Look at the state of you.
- Child?
- It's high time
we found you somewhere to live
with proper adult supervision.
I'm 16. I'm an adult.
Have you heard anything
about my dad?
- I've checked the records, son.
- He's not dead, Mr. Smythe.
I know he's not.
I'm sorry, Kate.
Be strong.
You can take the boy in,
of course you can.
Citizen, you have five minutes
to return to your home.
Are you sure
this is a good idea?
The boy's just lost
his dad, Sean.
No, what I meant to say is
can you cope?
Citizen, return to your home
I said essentials, Connor!
- Citizen, return to your home.
- Forget the toys!
- 15 seconds.
- Just hang on a minute.
Connor, get up!
- I need all these!
- This is your final warning.
Connor, now!
Five, four,
three, two, one.
You're gonna look like a Viking
for the next four years.
Speaking of Vikings,
did you know that they used
to give their swords names?
Head Biter was one.
Skull Smasher.
That's really interesting.
My name is Mediator 452.
I have been purpose built
to liaise
between the Robot Empire
and the humans in this zone.
Our intention is to study
all sentient thought
in the universe.
When our study is complete,
we will leave your planet
and never return.
- Bullshit.
- Alex, mouth.
What are you gonna do,
ground me?
Everything we have told you
is the truth.
Robots never lie.
Your tea, Mom.
Come on.
It's ridiculous, isn't it?
- Sorry?
- This. I mean, look.
Go to hell, you filthy traitor.
I mean, no one talks like that
in real life, do they?
Heroes do, son.
Not like him.
Hit it! Hit it!
Gee, what's he angry about?
I really hope you find
your dad, Sean.
Thanks, bud.
Please don't die, PlayStation.
I love you.
Connor, turn the power off.
I wish he'd stop perving on her.
- Thanks for stopping by.
- Anytime.
Nothing's changed.
He was a perv
when he was head of year 10.
Can't blame him.
He's looking for a new wife,
and Kate is well fit.
This is my mum
you're talking about, yeah?
Why does Smythe need a new wife?
Morse Code Martin told us
that Mr. Smythe caught
Mrs. Smythe
doing the dirty
with another bloke.
His son was selling things
on the black market
at the same time, which
didn't help the situation.
And now, pfft! Gone.
Both of them vanished,
and no one knows where.
Dead, probably.
- Turn the power on, Connor.
- Okay.
What do you mean
by doing the dirty?
You'll find out once
you've grown a few pubes.
Bit left field, innit? No way
to talk to your little sister.
I'm not his sister.
I'm a boy. I'll prove it.
Keep your trousers up,
that's fine.
- Turn the power off.
- Come on, enough, Nathan.
The older sister's
getting involved as well.
It's like Thelma and Louise
in here.
Nate! You okay, Nate?
I'm sorry!
I'm really sorry.
Connor, you dozy little tit!
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Man, my gums are numb.
This can't be right.
You flew, mate.
You actually flew
across the room.
Look at his implant.
- It's dead.
- What?
The shock must have
turned it off.
- It's dead.
- When he got zapped...
But that means...
We can go outside.
- Yes!
- We can go outside!
Who's next?
- Sean. Sean.
- Hey.
This battery...
it's too heavy.
It's hurting my back.
Grow a pair of balls, Nate.
Well, it was your idea to
take it out in the first place.
I don't know why
you're not carrying it anyway.
You guys know
what this means, don't you?
I mean, this is just
the beginning.
Imagine what we can do
with this.
We should just go home
before we get caught.
No, we shouldn't do that.
I was thinking
we start a resistance.
Really kick some robot arse.
Look, my uncle,
he was in the SAS.
Taught me some guerrilla warfare
that can come in handy
in this kind of situation.
Same uncle who showed you how
to kill a man with one punch?
That's the one.
Yeah. You don't believe me?
Alright, that's fine.
Connor, get up.
I wanna show Sean something.
I found this in the alleyway.
Sean, what's it say? Sean?
Danny was captured
after the fighting.
All RAF prisoners
were put on to ration duty.
He was a nice man.
He said how much he missed you.
After a few weeks,
they were moved on,
I don't know where.
The zone chief keeps files
at the school,
if you know anyone
who works there.
Good luck. A friend.
I'm going to the school,
see if I can find Dad's files.
Okay, you should all go home.
This is my risk.
It's crawling with robots.
Dad always said
being frightened of something's
the best reason to do it.
I'm not frightened.
I'm not. I'm just not stupid.
Nate, if it was our dad,
Sean would do the same for us.
Look, if we're not back
in an hour, get yourself home.
Otherwise, you stay here,
no matter what.
- Okay.
- Not no matter what, alright?
Just... If someone comes,
stay in the corner.
It might be dangerous inside.
You're safer out here.
Yeah, I told you, didn't I?
Alright, leave it
with Shortarse the Viking.
You look after
the battery for us, okay?
We'll be back super soon,
I promise.
I promise.
What the hell is that?
Did you see what he had
in his hands?
Come on. Come on.
Oi, what do
the red crosses mean?
I think it means
they're dead, Nate.
Smythe's wife and kid.
Nate, Morse Code Martin
was right.
Smythe did kill his wife.
He's alive, I knew it.
I bloody knew it.
Region 632-7560.
Where's that?
Got him. The hotel.
Nate, your implant,
it's flashing.
- Okay, where's the battery?
- I left it with Connor.
You don't wanna leave it
with Connor!
You told me to leave it there
with Connor!
- Why'd you leave it?
- Shut up.
Sean, the implants are flashing
and we really need to go.
- Connor?
- Connor!
Why'd he take it with him?
Who's gonna...
Calm down, Nate.
I just don't know
where he's gone.
Sean! Run!
Citizen, surrender immediately.
This is your final warning.
I'm surrendering.
Look at me, I'm surrendering.
Stand down.
Authorization code 97ZCRS.
You lying shitbag.
My dad's alive.
I meant no malice, lad.
No harm.
But if you were one
happy family,
I wouldn't have a reason
to see Kate again, would I?
Now, how did you turn off
your implants?
Look, we're not talking,
Five syllables.
That's a big word, boy,
coming from you.
Since I very much doubt
you heard it
from Kate, it set me wondering.
- He didn't do anything!
- I beg to differ.
We've been monitoring
the torchlight messages
from his loft window
for some time now.
- Leave him alone!
- Let him go!
Sending subversive
on an unauthorized channel.
A deep scan is what you get
when you break the rules.
- You let him go, Smythe.
- Save your breath, son.
This bastard collaborator's
been looking for an excuse
to do me in.
If you hurt him...
Smythe, if you hurt him,
I swear to God, I will kill you.
I'll kill you!
Right, begin the deep scan.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Hey, Smythe, go to hell,
you filthy, filthy traitor.
Do not be concerned.
His pain will be brief.
Please, no!
But his data will last
for eternity.
- What was the point of that?
- Why?
- He didn't do anything wrong.
- You killed him.
You actually killed him!
He isn't dead.
Not yet.
The subject experiences
every thought they've ever had
in a very short space of time.
The process leaves the donor
incapable of feeding himself.
He will die of natural causes...
For what it's worth...
I'll make sure
your mother's cared for.
All I want is for her
to be happy.
You leave her alone!
Poor Kate's going to need
a shoulder to cry on.
He's connected to the network.
We will search his memories
for new ideas.
We will know everything
there is to know.
In this very hall, right,
I had pupils,
well, monkeys like his lot,
calling me the C word.
If I were to take them outside,
teach them some manners,
suddenly, whoo, I'm the villain.
Make it stop!
Play by the rules,
it's not a bad life.
Kick up a fuss,
this is where it gets you.
Did your wife and son
play by the rules, Mr. Smythe?
Is that why you betrayed them?
'Cause you're more loyal
to robots
than to your own family?
You know nothing about...
Everyone in the zone knows.
Martin told us all.
You killed your son
'cause he was a crook.
And you killed your wife...
Silence! Be quiet!
'Cause she was shagging
half the blokes in town.
We've all been laughing at you
behind your back.
You dirty little...
- Come on, quick.
- Come on, hurry!
Nathan, come on, leave that!
The robots are coming!
We don't have time!
Nate, we don't have
time for this!
- Alright, keep your hair on.
- Come on, get a move on!
- Come on, let's go.
- Come on, Connor! Connor!
Alex, how often
do we have to do this thing?
They reboot after 13 hours.
I miss my mum and my dad so bad.
We'd have died
if it wasn't for you.
You saved our lives.
Take it easy.
Let's find Dad.
He'll know what to do.
- What about Kate?
- What about her?
She's gonna be fine 'cause
Smythe wants to bang her.
- I just sicked up a little.
- Come on, shut up, Nathan.
Me shut up?
Look, mate, you can shut up.
Listen, I'm sick of you!
Martin's dead 'cause of you!
And who's next, alright?
Connor? Alex?
Nate, get off him!
We all had our chance
to go home, Nate, all of us.
There's no turning back now.
I can't do it alone, mate.
What do you say?
Come on, then, donut.
Mr. Smythe.
Guys, I know
this isn't the right time,
but I really need a wee.
There, there, that's it,
the hotel.
What's he doing?
What's that?
What is that?
- Hit him!
- Come on!
That's it! Kill him!
Balls! Go for the...!
He's going down!
Get those little worms!
What we got here, then?
School outing?
Oi, pipe down, the lot of you!
You heard!
I'm looking for my dad.
He's a pilot.
He was moved here.
Look at this one.
It's black, like a robot's.
Get him upstairs to Monique now.
Please, sir, can I go
to the loo? I'm bursting.
I've been holding it in
for ages.
Moni, you'll never guess
what I've just seen.
Bunch of kids
just walked in off the street
and I think they've had
their implants switched off.
- Bollocks.
- Straight up.
- Show me.
- Come here.
- How'd you do that?
- It's pretty easy...
- Zip it, Connor.
- Easy, is it?
You kids won't be so tough
once you've had
a few fingers broken.
Moni, Moni, please, love.
They're only kids.
I'm looking for this man.
It's my dad.
Let's do a deal.
You bloody geniuses.
There is a God.
We reckon it's something to do
with the specific voltage
created by the battery
and the dodgy adapter.
If only we had something
to compare it with,
like a Taser or...
Schtum, okay? Look, alright...
We've shown you ours,
now you show us yours.
No, look, you know what I mean.
There's someone you should meet.
Swanny, love,
got someone to see you.
Swanny here knew your dad.
Thick as thieves, they were.
And then last spring,
they were gone.
Swanny, love...
You've got some visitors.
It goes in a long way,
doesn't it?
Get away, you little bollocks.
- How'd he do it?
- The watchmaker.
Tiny little fingers.
Glass eyes.
- Watchmaker?
- Tell 'em, Swanny.
Tell 'em about the stones.
The stones...
Slaughter stone.
It shows the way.
The silver lake, that's where...
that's where the watchmaker,
the watchmaker, the watchmaker,
tick tock, tick tock...
Monique! Where are you?
I need... I need you.
I need you now, darling.
At the end of the summer,
Swanny came back to find me.
He got lost in the woods.
Heat stroke
like you wouldn't believe.
Follow the river!
Find the secret lake!
Find the secret lake!
That was a load of bollocks,
wasn't it?
What lake did he mean?
There's no lakes round here.
And what the hell
is a slaughter stone?
It's where the druids make
sacrifices. Like Stonehenge.
There are some standing stones
on the edge of Duncombe Wood,
Then we head there.
No, we don't head there,
Look, Swanny's clearly
a mentalist.
He's like Rain Man
if Rain Man was stupid.
Monique stitched us up.
Got any better ideas?
Yeah, here's one:
we don't go in the forest,
get lost and get sunstroke.
I'm not ending up like him.
Citizens, curfew
is temporarily suspended.
Assemble outside
for zone chief address.
Citizens, curfew
is temporarily suspended.
Assemble outside
for zone chief address.
This way, my dear.
Citizens, curfew
is temporarily suspended.
- Sean! Sean!
- Oi, oi, oi!
Bloody hell.
Does your mate ever look
before he leaps?
Citizens of Marine Parade,
I'm looking for this boy.
Anyone here seen this young man?
This lad here.
He was involved in a terrorist
incident at Fairfield Bay High.
This lad's name is Sean Flynn.
Does anyone here know
where he is?
Sean's mother's very concerned.
I've been so worried.
I just wanna know you're okay.
If you can hear me, Sean...
Easy. Easy, now.
Back off. He's mine.
Hey, Mr. Smythe!
I've got...
Anyone says a word,
I'll cut their liver out
and feed it to the cats.
Do I make myself clear?
Try me.
Sean's mother will be safe
with me at the castle,
the new zone HQ.
- I need to get to the castle.
- Okay.
Get yourself to the back
of the hotel
and I'll let your mates know
you're gonna meet them there,
okay? Now, go, sharpish. Move.
Think twice before
you put your lives at risk.
Curfew will resume in 2 minutes.
Curfew will resume in 2 minutes.
I'm gonna try and rescue Mum.
And then we head for the
standing stones and find Dad.
- Come on, let's do this.
- We're in.
And Auntie Moni made you
some sandwiches, little man.
Thank you.
Make sure you share 'em out.
Monique said she's gonna see
you good to the edge of town.
Be safe.
Best of British?
Just wanna say as well,
you know,
thanks for helping us out,
Any time, winkle.
And... godspeed.
Did he say winkle?
Straight up that street.
Get down behind them skips.
Down, down!
What's a clanker?
Get down, get down.
- Hey...
- Good luck, kids.
Been a pleasure
doing business with you.
It's payback time.
Why don't we start
with that toe-rag Smythe?
Don't wait up, Mon.
The Mediator gave it to me.
All the zone chiefs get one.
It contains a promise.
A pledge from the robots.
Earth to be.
Unsullied by overpopulation
and pollution.
Brave new world.
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.
I've been allocated
100 square miles.
It's quiet, isolated, fecund.
I'd very much like it
if you'd join me there.
With Sean?
With Sean.
He's a great kid.
I'd be honoured
to be his guardian.
I'm not a monster, Kate.
I have qualities
that you may learn to like.
Love, even.
You're coming with me, Kate.
When I tell you the truth
about why the robots are here,
what they want
and how they'll take it...
you'll beg me.
Look, there's too many
and they're too close together.
Then we'll have to be fast.
- Go, go, go!
- Hurry!
You have 10 seconds
to return to your home.
This is your final warning.
Five, four, three,
two, one.
Look at their implants.
They're in synch.
It's like they're connected.
What does that mean?
I think I'm controlling it.
Right, Sean, seriously...
make it scratch its balls.
And then... and then give it
like some of this.
- Okay...
- I nearly shat myself.
I'm sorry.
I lost concentration.
- We've gotta get out of here.
- Wait.
I've got an idea.
Steven Mayhew?
Is that you?
Yes, miss.
You were such a nice boy
in school.
Why'd you join the VC?
I got claustrophobia, miss.
You can put those keys
on the tray.
- You're a prisoner.
- Ha! That's ridiculous!
What, did Robin, Mr. Smythe,
tell you that?
Go on.
I'm not sure I can
give it to you, Mrs. Flynn.
Steven Mayhew, you will
give me those keys right now!
Thank you.
- I should tell Mr. Smythe.
- Yes, tell him immediately!
Tell him I wanna talk to him!
I'm very cross! Now!
You should have
kept running, son.
You're in the lion's den now.
No. Stand down, stand down.
Authorization code 97ZCRS.
Drop your weapons now!
What's up, fools?
How are you doing this, Sean?
Incredible. You've become
something wonderful.
Bring my mother here.
Of course. Kate Flynn!
Fetch her immediately!
I was like you at your age, son,
always rushing into things.
- What?
- The gun, Nate.
- The gun?
- Yeah.
- You want the gun?
- Yes.
Reckon you can handle the gun?
You want it? There you go.
He thought he was gonna
have it then, didn't he?
Please, Nate, come on!
- Maybe later.
- But I want the gun now.
You can't handle it.
You'd fly back.
- Everyone stay calm.
- Mum!
It's me, Sean! Mum!
Come on! Come on! Sean!
- Sean!
- Sean, where are you?
Right. Alright, watch this.
Death to robots!
We're out of ammo!
That's weird.
How cool.
Death to robots?
Come on, cheer up.
We're getting to run round,
shoot things and blow shit up.
It's well sick.
Come on, Nate, my turn.
Sorry, mate.
Unfinished business.
Go on, run, you coward!
Now, now, Nathan...
This is for Morse Code Martin.
- Come on, move your arse.
- If I let go and this thing
wakes up again, we're smoked.
Try using your link.
What is that thing?
Its battery... I think.
Mum, it's me, Sean!
My God!
I'm glad you're okay.
Let me look at you,
my handsome boy.
I thought you were gone,
Hello. You alright?
Hi. We're alright.
- No.
- Drones.
They're headed for the castle.
Kate, is it alright
if you drive?
'Cause I keep crashing a bit.
The boy's interaction with our
network is without precedent.
He will be examined.
We must capture him alive,
Zone Chief Smythe.
- Can't you just lock him out?
- To reconfigure the system
would entail taking
each and every robot offline.
It's impossible.
But you can track his mother,
Let me know where she is
and I'll...
The boy's mother
is not a priority.
But if we have her,
we'll have him, can't you see?
Everybody in this zone is now
scheduled for a deep scan.
A sky ship carrying 4,096
deep scanners is en route.
It will arrive in 15 hours
and 42 minutes approximately.
What, just like that?
The operation will commence
at noon tomorrow.
If the boy is still at large,
the first deep scan
will be you, Zone Chief Smythe.
- You find anything?
- Nothing.
It's all just names
and initials...
What if a lot of this was done
before everything happened?
None of it makes any sense.
I'm noticing how bad
a lot of this is.
Whose tag is Bubbles?
I mean, it's not very good,
is it?
It's not about it being art, Nate,
it's about finding a code that works.
- Just not looking hard enough.
- I'm looking at rocks, mate.
Come on, we're running
out of time!
What is it,
like Stone Age Scrabble,
you move all the stones around
and it makes word or something?
Not exactly making it easy,
are they?
Told you it was bullshit.
No, no, no. Really? Really?
Just looking
at the stones, mate.
Yeah, that's my sister.
My sister.
Practically your sister.
So a bit disgusting.
- Just looking at the stones.
- No, have a walk.
Have a walk,
think about it, alright?
You're practically family.
I'm looking at the stones!
This is...
Guys! Guys, come see this!
"Cross river three times
to safety."
Hold on...
If we head straight to the river
and cross here...
here and... here...
Stannum Valley.
We end up in the middle
of nowhere.
This is good.
Stannum. I think I've heard
that name somewhere.
I think it's...
Probably something boring
to do with Vikings.
No, it wasn't something boring
to do with Vikings,
and Vikings are
very interesting.
It's Romans, I think, Romans.
Yeah, Romans.
Stannum is Latin for tin,
tin's a silver metal,
and there's
a tin mine in Stannum Valley.
- Yes, there is.
- And there's a lake there.
Swanny's silver lake.
- High five.
- That's where I'd be,
if I was in the resistance.
Underground, off the radar.
Where now?
Eenie meenie miny moe...
Straight on.
Keep heading east.
I don't wanna worry anyone,
but Connor is starting
to look like lunch.
And when we do resort
to cannibalism,
I'm bagsying his legs.
Shh! Look!
Guys, quickly! Look!
Wait! Wait!
We don't wanna hurt you!
Where is he?
We've lost him.
Where did he go?
What is that?
Is this a Spitfire?
Yeah, man.
A Spitfire?
- Amazing.
- Do you wanna look
in the cockpit?
Whoa! Look at that!
This is a double bubble!
- What's a double bubble?
- There's like a few of them
in the world.
They're like two seats.
I think they were used
for training.
It's fully refurbished alright.
She is a beauty.
This is ready to fly.
The curves on this.
She's gorgeous.
Guys, come here.
We just wanna talk.
We just wanna talk to you.
We saw your writing
on the stones.
Swanny told us.
Remember Swanny?
I'm looking for my dad.
His name's Danny Flynn.
He's a pilot.
My God.
I knew you were out there.
There was no way
I was ever gonna believe
anything Smythe said.
And I just...
kept going back to the place
where our street used to be.
There was nothing there,
just a hole in the ground,
a crater.
I kept going back.
They rehoused us
to Fleetwood Street.
This is our home now.
It's not bad?
It's amazing.
So you're not the resistance?
No, that's over.
Yeah, but that's
your Spitfire, isn't it?
Yeah, I was assigned it
before the surrender,
hung onto it in case the war
kicked off again.
It seems a long time ago now.
Well, look, you know,
I've logged over 300 hours now
on a flight simulator, and my granddad,
he actually kind of spearheaded
the Battle of Britain.
So if you need anyone, you know,
to help you, I'm your guy.
Okay, so you were an air cadet?
Um... not really.
It's Flight Sim X for the PC,
but it's, you know, similar.
- Right, right, yeah.
- Same kind of flavour.
Drone! Drone!
- How often does it happen?
- So often you'd hardly notice.
On the tenth day of the war,
they finally figured it out.
I was given orders to commandeer
the Spitfire, but...
A Spitfire, against drones?
Mechanical flight system.
No electronics
for the bots to control.
You see, they can access
anything electronic,
anything with a chip.
We stood a chance.
And then we were told
to surrender.
I hid the Spit,
turned myself in.
And that's when I met
Donald here.
Incitement to riot.
Breaking curfew.
Attacking volunteers.
It's the game I'm in,
it's what I do.
And I enjoyed
every minute of it.
You know, it's people
like you, your kind,
that made this town such
a misery before the robots came.
You know what chav
stands for? C-H-A-V?
Council housed and violent.
That's you, isn't it...
What kind of a cowboy
name's that?
Always wondered why
you hated people so much.
It's alright, those wonderful
kids explained it all to me.
Bet your old lady got the shock
of her life, didn't she,
the day you decided
to grow a pair?
But killing your kid too,
your own flesh and blood...
Even Saddam Hussein looked out
for his kids, you rat!
Now, the robots want to look
inside your tiny
little brain, cowboy.
It won't take long,
but I need to be sure
the boy's headed for the camp
at Stannum Valley, Silver Lake.
Come on!
You really think the robots
haven't seen
the fires at night,
the washing lines?
They think they're safe
and sound,
but their time
will come soon enough.
And your time is now, cowboy.
Goodbye, Wayne.
I'll see you in hell, Smythe.
The scan puts you into a coma.
You're dead
within a couple of days.
It's what they did to Martin,
what they were going
to do to me.
It's how they punish criminals.
It's not just criminals,
It's everybody.
Everybody in the world.
One by one, they're going
to trawl through our brains,
looking for new ideas,
whatever that means.
Smythe said it'll take them
a year
to process a billion people.
They can't do us all at once.
That's why they're
keeping us inside.
And Smythe knew all this.
Apparently, the collaborators
won't be scanned.
That's what the robots
told them, anyway.
Robots never lie.
We're safe here.
Well under the radar.
Wait until you see
what Sean can do, alright?
No, you don't understand.
The fighting is done.
It's over.
so you've got air speed.
- Okay.
- RPM boost, oil pressure...
Could I...
could I press the trigger?
Is that alright?
- Yeah, alright, just once.
- Yeah? Alright.
What is it, what is it?
This isn't good.
Good morning, everyone.
I've come to give you
a chance to save yourselves.
Hand over the boy, Sean Flynn,
or you'll all be killed.
- Sean Flynn?
- That's Danny's kid!
I knew they'd be trouble!
I know where he is!
Get up!
Back off!
Get up!
Where is he?
Hey! Come here!
Come here! Come and get me!
Come on, then!
Okay, Sean, come on, mate.
Come on.
Here he is. Come on.
- He's not here!
- What?
- He's gone!
- Zone Chief Smythe,
you guaranteed
that we would have the boy.
This is a costly use
of our resources.
She's lying, Mediator.
Kate, I promise you,
if you and Sean join me,
you won't be harmed.
Robin Smythe!
I'd rather die
than spend another second
in your company!
You're not getting me or my son!
The mother is not the priority.
We must have the boy.
Very well, Mediator.
Please remove Kate Flynn
from the immunity list.
She is now a viable target.
The cube will drill into
the ground beneath your feet.
Its thermal bore
slices through rock
like a hot knife through butter.
The ground you stand on
will turn to molten lava.
You're going to die, Kate.
Your husband, your son...
Everyone here.
Because of your selfishness.
Hand Sean over now!
People do the right thing
when they're motivated by fear.
You'll see.
Hand Sean over now!
300 hours on a simulator, right?
No... You're not thinking
what I think you're thinking?
What about your granddad,
in the Battle of Britain?
What would he say?
Look, okay,
my lot were Irish and
we didn't even fight in the war.
Sorry, mate,
I can't do this without you.
Okay, alright, alright, stop!
I'm full of shit.
Alright? I admit it.
Hand Sean over now!
Hey, it's okay, Connor.
It's alright.
It's okay.
Listen to me.
You wanna know
why I'm not frightened?
- Yes.
- I'm not sad?
It's because you're here,
and Alex is here.
And all of us, you, me,
all of us,
we got to be a family,
didn't we?
We're a family.
Why won't Mr. Smythe
believe us? Sean's not here!
His control is sublime,
Sean Flynn, you are
a fascinating phenomenon.
We wish to study the connection
you have made with us.
Our simulations
cannot replicate it.
We offer you and your family
a home of your choice,
freedom to roam
wherever you want.
Defy us and we will order
an immediate air strike.
There is a 94.6% probability
that the collision
will kill you.
- You reckon?
- You are perspiring
and your heart is beating
174 times per minute.
We know you are frightened.
Yeah, well,
being frightened of something's
the best reason to do it.
Your decision is foolish.
Goodbye, Sean Flynn.
Mediator! Mediator!
- Wait here.
- Don't leave us alone!
It'll be okay.
I'll be right back, I promise.
It's me he's after, not Sean.
- Kate, Kate, you're gonna die.
- Please. You're gonna die.
Kate, they're gonna kill you!
Kate, come here now, please!
You idiots...
You idiots!
Stay on the boy!
My God! He's doing it!
He's doing it!
He's actually controlling it!
I told you!
He's as mental as you are!
My God! Whoohoo!
They're all leaving.
It worked!
My God!
Smythe, that's for you!
Where... where are you going?
Take me with you!
Citizen, return to your home
Authorization code 97ZCRS.
Help me, please!
The local cube
has malfunctioned.
Unable to authorize.
return to your home.
Now, just wait a moment!
Let me explain!
I'm Zone Chief Smythe!
Citizen, return to your home
For... Can you see
any houses round here?
How am I supposed to...
Citizen, return to your home
15 seconds.
Stand down!
I order you to stand down!
You have 10 seconds
to return to your home.
This is your final warning.
- I am Zone Chief Robin Smythe!
- Five, four, three,
two, one.
A loyal subject of the Robot...
You must desist from
interfacing with our network,
Sean Flynn.
Hold him still.
Are you sure we can mess
around with him?
I mean, he's a mediator.
We'll probably get nuked.
This one's different. It's
like I could see the network.
You must desist.
You must desist.
You must desist.
Come on, Sean, I believe in you.
- You okay, Sean?
- He's okay.
- Sean, mate... Sean?
- Nate. Nate, look.
Yes, Sean! Come on!
This is not the end.
Robots never, never...
You might wanna try
giving him mouth to mouth.
Yeah, well, I'm not doing it.
That is not mouth to mouth.
- What happened?
- Look.
Hey. Hey, son.
Our intention is to study
all sentient thought
in the universe.
When our study is complete,
we will leave your planet
and never return.
Don't be alarmed.
We wish you no harm.
Everything we've told you
is the truth.
Robots never lie.
You are perspiring.
And your heart is beating
174 times per minute.
Robots never lie.
Robots never lie.
You are ordered
to surrender immediately.
Surrender immediately.
You must desist from interfacing
with our network.
You must desist.
You must desist.
You must desist.
You must desist.
You... must... desist.
You... must... desist...
This is not the end.
Robots never...
never... never...
never... never...
Our intention is to study
all sentient thought
in the universe.
When our study is complete,
we will leave your planet
and never return.
Don't be alarmed.
We wish you no harm.
Everything we've told you
is the truth.
Robots never lie.
You are perspiring.
And your heart is beating
174 times per minute.
Robots never lie.
Robots never lie.
You are ordered
to surrender immediately.
Surrender immediately.
You must desist from interfacing
with our network.
You must desist.
You must desist.
You must desist.
You must desist.
You... must... desist.
You... must... desist...
This is not the end...
Robots never...
never... never...