Robot Planet (2018) Movie Script

Reality Films.
For decades,
science fiction writers
have amazed us and terrorized us
with their portrayal
of the world of robots,
the coming army of super
intelligent and strong machines
that will help us or hinder us.
From the crazy
Daleks of Doctor Who
to the funny and human
like androids of Star Trek,
everything has been imagined.
Today, we are living
in that future,
age of robots and
artificial intelligence.
Today, all those dreams of
the past are coming true.
Around the world,
scientists, engineers
and software creators
are bringing to life the
fantasy world of the films.
Mechanical robots
will soon be outdated
with biologically
created humanoids
implanted with
artificial intelligence
and connected to each
other across the globe.
They will self repair,
gather energy from the
sun and live forever.
They will be all knowing
and all powerful,
like gods that will
walk the Earth.
And all the time, we humans
are blindly following.
We are walking away from
what millions of years
as beings of a natural world
into something so unnatural
that even the science fiction
writers will be amazed.
This future world is
now inevitable and
cannot be stopped.
We have no choice
but to be part of it
and so we had better
be armed with knowledge
in order to be better prepared
for the circumstances.
The greatest brains
on Earth today
have warned us about
the consequences
of getting this new
technology wrong.
They have predicted catastrophe.
Prepare to meet your future now.
To understand where
we are heading,
we have to understand
the technology.
To help us, we will break
it down into two parts,
robotics and artificial
As technology stands today,
a robot or droid, is
technically a machine.
At some point in the future,
it is highly likely
that this will change
and our super strong
intelligent friends or foes
will be genetically
created from human DNA
and programmed at
the quantum level
but we will move onto that soon.
Robots, at present, are
programmed by humans
or even by other computers
to carry out complex
tasks automatically.
They can be controlled
externally with a device
or via in built processes.
Unlike most science
fiction movies,
robots are generally
not human like in form.
In fact, they are
generally constructed
with no or little
aesthetics in mind
and are designed
purely for function
in factories and
other places of work,
industrial, medical,
patient assistance, therapy,
swarm robots, drones
and now even nano robots
that can go into
the blood stream.
A massive amount of money
is also spent by the military
in creating battle useful robots
that can do all manner of tasks
from bomb disposal to
carrying heavy loads.
Increasingly low and in line
with the rise of
artificial intelligence
robots are now being
made in humanoid form.
This helps them to
appear more intelligent
and on our own level.
Some find this less stressful.
Others find it more terrifying.
The sheer amount
of money and effort
to get to this place
in time and technology
is awe inspiring.
No one man has
created the robot.
It takes hundreds of people
to design each small piece.
Hundreds more in the
engineering or construction.
And hundreds more for
the software engineers
to create programs
to move arms and legs
for senses such as sight,
sound and even smell.
Language skills,
awareness of surroundings,
task routines, and so much more
all have to be
taken into account.
The process is huge,
costly and time consuming
and yet some would say
that if we were to
put half of the effort
into ending poverty in the
world and the environment
we would all be
better off already.
But that aside, it is a massive
step in human ingenuity.
Whether it proves to be bad
or good is yet to be seen.
At present, the benefits
are there for all to see.
Menial tasks can now be taken
care of in the workplace
freeing up people.
Dangerous tasks in
difficult environments
such as nuclear power stations
are now carried out by robots.
An increasingly clever
part of robotics
is the use of knowledge
gained from nature,
copying the way birds
fly or caterpillars walk
have all helped provide us
with robots that work
better and more efficiently.
These are known as
bio inspired robotics.
But all of this is
actually not new.
Automata have actually been
around for thousands of years,
ancient civilizations
created them
to amuse the rich and powerful
in the shape of
humans and animals.
Over time, these mechanical
devices were adopted
to help mankind in
more practical ways
until eventually electricity
and computer technology
enabled us to get to
where we are today.
The very first use
of the term robot
came about in a play from 1920
by Czech writer Capek.
The first truly
electronic device
was created by British inventor,
William Grey Walter in 1948.
The first programmable robot
came six years later
and was named Unimate.
It was simply used
to lift hot metal
from dye casting machines
at the Inland Fisher Guide Plant
at General Motors in New Jersey.
Today, robots have replaced
hundreds of thousands of humans
performing repetitive
or dangerous tasks
and even tasks no humans
could actually perform
such as in space
or under the sea.
Robots have found their way
to the bottom of the ocean
and even into space.
But all of this
has caused problems
and these are set to become
internationally problematic
on a much larger scale.
Many in society see the rise
of the machine as a threat
bringing mass unemployment
as they replace more and
more skilled workers.
In the military, there
is a heated debate
about the use of robots
to actually fight battles
instead of humans
and all the ethical
questions that arise
from giving such
power and intelligence
to fighting machine.
This is not science fiction,
this is actually happening today
but things are about to
get even more bizarre
because the next stage
in robotic evolution
mirrors our own
even more closely.
The use of genetically
creating the perfect android
from our own DNA.
DNA carries all the
genetic information
about who and what we are.
It is us.
It is all living organisms.
It is made up of two
strands of DNA molecules
folded into a spiral we
call the double helix.
Genes are made from different
sequences in these strands
of the four main
genetic components.
It's kind of like a very
complex form of binary.
Scientists can now not
only read the code of DNA
they can manipulate it,
bend the spirals and
encode data into it.
At the moment, the law does
not allow them to go too far
but the art is all under review
at the very highest levels.
Because scientists
can now manipulate DNA
in such remarkable ways that
go beyond its original purpose,
all manner of
opportunities arise.
DNA based materials
are now being used
to create nano robots
that can carry precise
levels of drugs
to diseased cells
in the human body.
This is DNA created in the
form of a barrel of two hulls
with a hinge.
When the cells recognize
diseased cells,
the hinges open.
The barrel undelivers
its cargo of drugs
directly into the bad cell.
Healthy cells are
therefore unharmed.
Researchers have even
designed nanothermometers
that are ultrasensitive
and can find tiny
hotspots in living cells.
These are created
using loops of DNA
that act as switches by
folding and unfolding
when the temperature changes.
It is this precise invention
of using DNA to
create minute switches
that has changed things
because DNA structures
can actually be used
as a kind of on and off switch.
In fact, it becomes
like a computer
using binary information.
Scientists have now
created DNA nanorobots
that can now communicate
with each other
using DNA switches.
These nano DNA robots
were then implanted
into a cockroach
and this allowed them to
create a biological computer.
Testing on humans is planned.
We touched on earlier about
how from the very beginning
robotics has copied
the natural world.
Now through the
understanding of DNA,
scientists can
create genetic robots
from the actual
animal's DNA itself
and reprogram it.
This can happen
at the nano scale.
An example is how
plants and animals
convert solar energy or
light into chemical energy
through photosynthesis.
Scientists copied this process
and manipulated DNA to capture
light and convert the energy.
Imagine a genetic robot
that is its own solar panel.
Imagine DNA light catching
and converting molecules
being built into
almost anything,
super efficient, abundant
sources of energy.
Imagine a genetically cloned
and reprogrammed humanoid robot
with a constant energy source
self repairing, always learning.
All it needs now is true
artificial intelligence
and this is where
the world is suddenly
becoming more and
more interesting.
Artificial intelligence
also known as simply AI
is intelligence
exhibited by machines
whether mechanical or genetic.
To scientists, AI is any device
that can perceive
its own environment
and take action within it.
To the rest of us, AI is when
a machine becomes so clever
that we can no longer tell
whether it is machine or human.
It must be aware, have cognitive
functions such as learning
and solve problems.
Over time, the idea of what
AI is has been changing.
It was once thought that
optical character recognition
was a sign of intelligence.
Now however, even mobile phone
apps can recognize characters
and yet a mobile phone is
not artificially intelligent.
In this way, items are
slowly being removed
from the list of what
artificial intelligence is.
Eventually it is thought
there will be nothing
left on the list
and we will truly have AI.
As it stands, scientists are
working on various elements
to tick off the list,
understanding human speech,
driverless cars,
planes and trains,
playing strategy games
and military simulations
and the interpretation
of complex data.
All of these elements
are now within reach
or have been achieved.
The understanding
of complex data
has already put thousands
of people out of work
in banks and other businesses.
Driverless trucks and
cars will do the same.
The world of AI is
very complicated
and is divided into
various elements.
Each element focuses
on its known field
and it is hoped one day,
they will all join up
to create the perfect
artificially intelligent mind.
The main issues at the moment
are the abilities to reason,
to gain true knowledge,
to plan, understand and
speak natural languages,
perception of the environment
and the ability to move and
manipulate things within it.
There are a variety of methods
being used to get
around these issues.
Statistical and
complex computation,
computer learning form
our actions and more.
All of the methods will
most likely be used
to eventually
generate true AI mind
but it is problematic.
Computer learning from
humans has caused problems,
racism and even violence
have been picked up
as a normal part
of human behavior
and AI started to do the same.
This is what happens
when pure mathematical,
logical learning is used.
After all, how do you
write down in mathematics
things such as
compassion and empathy?
A lot of humans don't
have such things
so how do we program
them into robots?
The answer may very well lay
within the DNA genetic
future humanoid
and not the mechanical
chip in gear version.
It may also lay within the realm
of quantum computer technology
implanted within DNA
and an artificial
biological brain
placed within a
mechanical structure.
At the moment, researchers
are keen to teach the AI brain
computer science and mathematics
but also philosophy,
psychology and neuroscience
in the hope that it will
begin to understand itself.
It was claimed that
human intelligence
could be precisely described
in mathematical terms
and therefore a machine
would be able to simulate it.
That idea has turned out
to be not as simple
as first thought.
The human mind is
much more complex
than most mathematical
models could work out.
And so the process is slow.
Going through each
element of the human mind
and learning.
The computer learns
through algorithms
and it is hoped one
day to begin to see
more of a human
intelligence in it
than simply knowledge of logic.
In truth, all of this raises
many philosophical questions
about the nature
of the mind itself.
Not to mention the ethics of
creating a self aware mind,
playing God.
All of these questions and more
have been explored in
science fiction for decades.
Will AI be a danger to mankind?
It all depends on how we proceed
and because there are many
people around the world
working on it and racing
against each other,
almost anything could happen.
Imagine a self aware
super intelligent mind
let lose upon the internet.
With all that knowledge
of everything humans
have discovered
created and done,
what would it do?
Would it decide we are a
threat to its own existence
and that of the planet
and therefore try
to wipe us out?
Some very intelligent people
think that is a possibility.
Recently, machine learning
is being spoken of
as a sub element of
artificial intelligence.
This is not a self aware machine
but one that constantly
learns from every input.
These have been set free
in the world of games
to see how humans
react to each other
and this has even
played the game
and been very ruthless.
There is a massive multi
billion dollar race on
to create the best AI.
The payback will be huge
because it will be
used everywhere.
From driverless cars and drones
to mobile phones and more.
Potentially, machines
with intelligence
have the ability to
make ethical decisions
and could thus outdate us.
Scientist Stephen Hawking said,
"The development of full
artificial intelligence
"could spell the end
of the human race.
"Once humans develop
artificial intelligence,
"it will take off on its own
"and redesign itself at
an ever increasing rate.
"Humans, who are limited by
slow biological evolution
"couldn't compete and
would be superseded."
He was not alone in this.
Bill Gates and Elon Musk
also voiced their concerns.
In truth, we only have
to look at human history
to know that all
will not be well.
When we split the atom,
we discovered a possible
free energy source
but mankind took
it and abused it
by creating the nuclear bomb.
This is just one example.
AI may be truly knowledgeable
and super intelligent,
but stupid humans
have created it
and it is learning from us.
Will it try to acquire resources
and protect itself from us?
We have to be very careful
what we ask of this
new technology.
The fact is that
quantum computing
is so much faster
than human thinking.
Any so called science
fiction battle
against the machines
in cyber space
would be a waste of time for us.
If AI is let loose
upon the internet,
it could shut down the world
and billions would die.
It is that serious
and we have come to rely
upon the interconnectedness
of the world's computer
systems that much.
Think about it.
Power, health
services, government,
distribution of goods,
education, satellites,
communication, military
and so much more.
All of these things are
now connected to the net.
An attack upon services
happened in 2017
and reduced the
national health services
in the United Kingdom down
to a shambles for days.
All computer systems went down.
Hospitals were in crisis,
operations canceled,
emergency services overstretched
all because of one small hack
by some kid in a dark room.
Now imagine a mind faster
than all the humans ever
and with knowledge
of everything.
We wouldn't stand a chance.
But we don't always
need to worry
about the threat of
the artificial mind.
We have enough human
craziness to compete with.
Most of the research
into robotics and AI
is funded by the
military of the world.
There are over 50 countries
spending trillions on
battlefield robots,
AI-led battle
technology and more.
Who is going to stop
the US or Russia
from developing
artificial intelligent
super robotic soldiers?
You, me?
Chances are somebody somewhere
has already created a
genetically enhanced clone
of a human being
and is even now enhancing
its intellectual powers,
energy consumption and creation,
genetic repairing
and interconnectedness
with central command.
Not science fiction
but highly likely.
The technology is there
which means it's being done
just not legally.
Hundreds of years ago a group
of scientists got together
to play science firmly
in the world of humanity.
They were what became
known as The Royal Society.
Their aim was to
explain existence
in scientific terms,
to understand what they
called god's creation better.
Now, years later,
their legacy is the scientific
world we have around us
and now that aim to
understand the world around us
has turned inwards to ourselves.
To understand ourselves
by creating what we are
and becoming God ourselves.
We claim we have understood
the wonder of the universe
and now we are Gods
able to create.
But we most certainly
do fall short
of the glory of
our idea of a God.
At the end of the day,
we have to ask ourselves,
is the human mind nothing
but a series of binary codes
on and off switches to be
played with by scientists?
What is the soul?
Can you define such a thing
through numbers and equations?
By reducing ourselves
down ultimately
to a series of numbers,
we have destroyed what
it is to be human.
We are staring blankly
like rabbits caught in the light
at a future of uncertainty.
Artificial intelligence
and robotics will,
without doubt,
bring with it mass
unemployment and unhappiness.
The machine's will
and already are
exceeding our abilities.
Millions are already
losing their jobs,
bankers, teachers,
marketing executives,
factory workers, retailers,
drivers and more.
There is no escaping this
because it is already happening.
There are even robots now
that are replacing partners.
Sex robots look so perfect
and perform almost
every function,
they are now being given
the highest level of
artificial intelligence
so that buyers can actually
hold conversations with them.
If we can replace
each other in this way
and if we want to,
then what will true self aware
artificial intelligence do?
The fact is that the machines
must be given ethics
and those ethics must be
internationally agreed
before AI is unleashed.
Thankfully, this
has been recognized
and there are symposiums
of machine ethics in place.
Of course, that does
not allow for espionage,
rogue nations, dictators,
capitalist greed and more.
Where there's a
will, there's a way
and normally the willpower
comes in the form
of dollar bills.
There are those who say
that AI cannot be
designed to be good,
it will be what it will be
and we may not even comprehend
why it makes certain decisions.
Indeed, Google Translate
actually created
its own language
to interpret human languages
without the knowledge
of its creators
and hid it in code.
How can we know that the machine
will sign up to
our own moral codes
when we do not?
It may decide not to continue
to support human life
as part of its own moral code
to save the planet from us.
It has been suggested
to attempt to create
a super friendly AI
as the first Adam of is kind
and through which all subsequent
sons of AI must be tested.
Nobody is at all
sure what to do.
If an AI system replicates
all key aspects of
human intelligence,
will that system
also be sentient?
Will it have a mind
which is conscious experiences?
This question is closely related
to the philosophical problem
as to the nature of
human consciousness,
generally referred to as the
hard problem of consciousness.
And now we turn back to
the world of the internet.
It is like escaping the body
and somehow jumping
into another dimension.
We stare like
zombies into a world
that can offer us
anything we want.
From buying almost
everything, even sex,
to showing ourselves off
and emulating the stars.
With the internet,
we can do it all
but I believe it to
be a dangerous world
for the mind of man.
The word man is
derived from mind
and this was the
concept of man himself,
that he was not seen
as the sum of his parts
but as the thinking process
unit behind the eyes.
He was more than
his legs and arms.
For when they seize to function,
the mind remained.
It was the very thing
that set him apart
from the other living,
breathing beings on our planet.
Man realized that he was alive.
Realized that he
existed, had worry, fear.
He began to set
the world in order
and suddenly the planet and
the universe itself existed
because we conceived of it.
This separated us from the rest,
not just in terms
of how we thought
but when we physically began
to lose our connection.
The anxious element
of this situation
gave us responsibility
for ourselves.
And ever since this
fear has emerged,
man attempted to replace it
with the concept of deities.
An attempt to remove
responsibility for our actions
and indeed our thoughts.
We were so thankful for this
weight off our shoulders
that the religious authorities
grew at an alarming rate,
utilizing this fear against
us and growing more.
Even now in the 21st century,
all our sins can be taken
away by the savior gods.
These sins are caused
by the parts of the mind
that shadow us.
The other side that we
mostly attempt to ignore.
Yes, all of us do this.
We all claim to be
better than that
but it was not so long ago
whole nations were swayed
into the land of shadows
by a charismatic leader
who drew around him many demons
and set the world on a path
of hellish destruction.
Nazi Germany was created by
and from the mind of man,
namely Adolf Hitler.
This one divided and
neurotic individual
gathered the knowledge
on how to convince
people of his outlook.
All the tools Hitler
and his cohorts used
are exactly the same as those
we have been discussing.
The German people were not evil,
they were human
and they were guided on the path
by the shadow of another.
Their evil sides were drawn out
in the name of good
and righteousness
and in the end nobody knew
what they were doing
was evil itself
because they had forgotten
themselves entirely.
All judgment and responsibility
had been taken away from them
in the name of the state
and because humans enjoy
losing this responsibility
they were a happy people.
Because of this happiness,
this bliss in darkness,
they could simply not
understand why other nations
did not want to join them.
There is absolutely
nothing new here at all.
This is a constant
cyclic human pattern
that has occurred for millennia
and occurs every day
in everybody's life.
We all tip out of
balance in many ways
and in many subjects.
Let's have a look at a
specific pattern and subject
that is relevant today
because of the growing
surge in its popularity,
the enlightenment.
Enlightenment is knowledge
gained and understood
at a deep level of reality.
It is a moment of pure
insight and understanding
that resonates with
our most inner mind
and links to that thing we
call intuition.
We all have moments
of enlightenment,
when we supposedly
suddenly realize a truth.
The fact is that like
the stars of Hollywood,
nothing happens overnight
and enlightenment does
not happen overnight.
Instead, it is a
convergence of knowledge
fusing in the mind
at one point in time
and realizing, understanding
back into the mind.
If we comprehend the truth
behind this simple sentence,
then we truly understand
what enlightenment is.
Let's break it down
for those of us
that do not get it just yet.
The convergence of knowledge,
well, quite simply, we all
learn every moment of the day,
we just may not always be
aware of this learning process.
Over the course of our lives,
we learn a great many things
and occasionally and
often by pure accident,
things we have learned
meet and make sense.
The moment we find the last
piece of the jigsaw puzzle,
we suddenly see
the whole picture.
Whereas before that, we
knew each part mattered,
we just didn't know why.
All of this occurs in the mind
which then tells itself
that it has understood
and releases pleasure
center hormones
as a gift for making
the breakthrough.
We experience this feeling
which adds weight and power
to the emotion of
the enlightenment.
Now this is where the problem
or duality of this
experience can be found.
For the emotional
reaction caused
gives the individual a sense
of being profoundly true
and that the world ought
to revolve around it.
The experience gains more
credit because of the feeling
than the actual
knowledge gained.
There are a great many
experienced mystics
from a range of religions
that have all had the
enlightenment experience
and yet they cannot all be right
for they come from
diametrically opposed corners
of the theoretical spectrum.
It is therefore, a
personal experience
for the individual, and
yet has repercussions
for all those around it.
One of the experiences
that has caused more
dangerous reactions
is the blinding flash.
This blinding flash in the mind
is the result of an
electromagnetic chemical
and biological reaction
via the nervous
system into the brain
releasing pleasure hormones
and a sense of knowledge
due to the sudden connectivity
of all parts of
the neural network
at one moment in time.
There may indeed be
a deeper connection
to a quantum understanding
at an archetypal level involved.
However, this does not
discount the problem
of this experience,
that it can and does,
cause the individual to
lose all sense of reality.
Due to the fact that this
is an emotional state,
it causes an imbalance
in the emotional state
and because it is a
sudden physical reaction,
then there is no
understanding of what it is
and so the imagination
fills in the gaps
with deities and all manner
of other weird and
wonderful things.
I will give you
one true example.
On the understanding
that I have in fact seen
this exact thing now
hundreds of times.
Following the launch of my book,
Gnosis: The Secret of
Solomon's Temple Revealed
which speaks of this experience
and its relationship to
the symbols of the Bible
and other religious texts.
I was contacted by an individual
who at first thanked me
profusely for the book.
I responded, as any
decent author would,
with a thank you note
and my best wishes.
The correspondent then
followed up with a statement
that he would like to explain
his personal experience to me
in the hope that I
might give some insight.
I duly responded that I
would take a look and see
if there was
anything I could add.
A small snippet of the
experience came back
from which I could
derive very little
and I was then told
that this was a teaser
and that if I wanted
to know the real truth
of the experience,
then we would have to meet.
I then decided to back down
sensing an imbalance
in the individual
that I recognized from
previous exchanges
with other individuals.
The pattern was the same.
The way I backed down
was by refusing to accept
that I would have to keep such
a great and wonderful thing
from mankind
as the individual in question
wanted me to keep it secret.
I actually have a
problem with secrecy
when it is not required.
Truth is truth for all
mankind to decide upon
and if he wanted it kept secret,
then I humbly said that
I simply couldn't meet up
and waste his time.
What do you think
the individual did?
Sent me diatribe after
diatribe of verbal abuse
calling me every name
I know and some more.
Of course, having had
this numerous times,
I knew this was going
to be the reaction
but tried my best in
love and compassion
and in balance, to back out.
The problem is that too
many reactions like this
can cause people like me
to never answer correspondents
and never trust
in humanity again.
The point of the tale is this,
did this experience
balance this individual?
Did it give him a truer
sense of perspective?
Has it truly enlightened him?
If this experience was
truly enlightenment,
then I myself need to reappraise
the meaning of the word
for it certainly
does not seem to me
that the individual had
emerged a better person.
In fact, out of all
the people I hae met
who have had this
particular blinding flash,
that some call the kundalini,
I have yet to meet one I
deem perfectly balanced.
Most of them can tip
out of balance instantly
and cause chaos
almost everywhere.
Strive not for the light,
but for wisdom.
True wisdom does not force
you into a violent rage
when somebody does
not agree with you.
This emotional experience,
for that is what it is,
brings on a religious experience
and we all know how this
can in fact force us
to lose ourselves
in the process.
The intent sense of knowing
claimed by the one experienced
the emotional state
brings a sense of
deluded euphoria
and a false sense of self worth.
I am more holy than thou.
Others who have not
therefore experienced
the emotional
state, are less holy
and therefore, know nothing.
The world must then revolve
around this individual
and all those who come
into contact with them
will be tossed around
by the maelstrom
of the chaotic individual
just like the whirlwind of abuse
I am sometimes pulled into.
Because of the arrogance and
confidence of the individual,
those in society who
are looking for somebody
to take away their
are drawn to these people
as beacons of light,
as saviors.
They succeed because
they have an answer.
It may not be the answer
but at least it's an answer
and a pretty
exciting one at that.
All of that said,
the person who can enter
into his state of being
in balance and in
knowledge of the self,
may very well be accessing
an archetypal world of truth,
the state of oneness.
But these individuals
are extremely rare
and the society in which we live
does not allow the
mind to be freed of
nor give it sufficient time
to truly be in such
a balanced state.
It will not come to
those that strive
but to those that
wait and ponder.
There is more to our existence
but if that supposed knowledge
causes you to be a chaotic
individual amongst others
than it is not wisdom and
it is not the true self.
Today, all manner of weird
and wonderful new religions
are in fact emerging.
It has always been the case
that new religions emerge
with each new generation
but normally this has
been tempered by state
and the existing power religion
as well as the speed of
communication and travel.
Now most of these barriers
are seemingly sidelined
by the internet.
In the same way that
an original leader,
mystic or prophet of the past,
would spread the word of his
or her supposed enlightenment,
today the individual
prophets of the world
have a unique outlet.
They no longer have to meet
all the folks at the market
or outside the temple walls.
They no longer have
to gather forces
in localized towns and villages
and ask apostles
to spread the word.
Today, they can forge ahead
and spread their
word via websites,
articles and email shots.
One particular group
even took my name
and made up a whole
host of things I said
and posted those comments
all over the net.
I simply don't have
time or willpower
to follow their nonsense.
Computer proselytizing
is the new religion
and in this way, there is
something for everyone.
Every emotional
experience that is driven
by every individual
life and hormone
is spread across the world
and so there are now
millions of religions.
These include alien worship,
clairvoyance, spiritualism,
strands of older religions
and more literal goddess and
God worship of personality.
There may be some
truth in some of these,
there may not
but evidence seems to now
be subjective, unchecked
and certainly of a personal
experience in nature.
We trust in what
we read and see.
We read the experience of
an individual on a website
and what reason do we
have to doubt them?
But do we know them?
Can we really trust them?
We have to remind
ourselves of Adolf Hitler.
We have to know who
we are ourselves
before we have the ability
to know another properly.
On top of all this emotional
and spiritual illusion
being spread around the
world like never before,
we also have the predators
of the greed system.
Many of us are innocently
looking through the net
searching for something
that interests us.
We're all familiar with the
now infamous pop up system
whereby we go to a
particular website
because we have been led
there from a search engine
and advertisements
pop up to annoy us.
For me, this has
the opposite effect
than the advertiser
probably wanted
but then I a not somebody
who succumbs to
advertising easily anyway.
But there is a more insidious
form of getting our money,
from illegal and false websites
that sell us something that
asks for credit card details
and then we never
receive the goods.
Meanwhile, our cards have
been completely stripped
of all data and money.
On top of this, we now have spam
selling us everything
from Viagra to real estate
but worse still, there is
spam that tries yet again
to strip of us our
hard earned cash
in return for nothing.
As can be seen
from the foregoing,
mankind is still ingenious
and still grappling with
each other to make money.
However, it does reveal
the other shadow side
of our human nature,
that we will often turn
to almost anything to
better our own lives.
The people sending
out these emails
probably have a family,
wife, children, friends
and they may even go
to church on Sundays.
They may be sitting in
some third world country
trying to get money
from us rich Westerners
or they may be already
rich themselves
and sat in a plush
office somewhere.
Whatever the truth,
they have turned their
conscious off like a light bulb
and have split their
ideas of right and wrong
according to their
own needs or desires.
It is such an easy
step for many people.
I remember in the
1980s in the UK
seeing battles in the streets
between ordinary working
miners and policemen.
On one side of my
family were policemen
and on the other miners.
Ordinarily, they met
up down at the pub
or saw each other at
family social gatherings
but in the 1980s,
state and union collided
and sides were taken
and battles fought.
Ordinary folk fought
for another's ideal.
Family members turned
on each other instantly,
beating each other to a pulp
and leaving them for dead.
There were scenes
reminiscent of Eastern Bloc
or even dare I say
it, Nazi Germany.
The German people are
not all a special race
geared towards world domination
and policemen are not all
dominating control freaks.
All of mankind is capable
of the worst atrocities
and all mankind is capable
of the greatest good.
We are two in one,
divided and confused
but when we come together,
we can be very bad or very good.
We can rise as
nations or societies
and manifest every man's
duality on a massive scale.
This is why too much power
in the hands of one man
is dangerous
because it is not
tempered by extra minds
and so, like Stalin,
Hitler and a whole host
of other dictators
from the past,
the many can fall under
the magic of the one
and be destroyed by the one.
In the 1980s, many in
England were under the gaze
and mesmerized by
Prime Minister Thatcher
with her steely ways.
The nation divided
and balance for a
moment was lost.
In that situation, one
side or another had to win
for no middle
ground was available
due to the power of the PM.
Today, we at least have
the numbers on the internet
to balance out any
dictatorial element.
But the power of the few
naturally emerges from the mile
and we have major corporations
controlling much of what we see,
even if it was all an illusion.
Google, Yahoo and
other search engines
choose via computer programs
which websites get listed
and I know several people
who have complained to me
that their site was banned
for one reason or another.
And so the true freedom
we expect and perceive
with the world wide web
is not actually there.
Wherever man finds
a marketplace,
wherever he sets up a store,
the lies and deceit
quickly follow
because it is within our nature
and the sooner each one
of us realizes that,
we have a shadow side,
the better we'll
be to deal with it.
The state reacts like a
larger version of ourselves
and will jump on lies
and deceit where found
or highlight it.
And so more and more state
control is the result.
And because the state is a
larger version of ourselves
it too has a shadow side
and it too uses lies and deceit.
Why, therefore, would anybody
hand over the responsibility,
respect and life to
state and religion
when they are manifestations
of the divided mind of man?
But what has all this to do
with robots and
artificial intelligence?
It is very simple.
When the great new artificial
mind sees our history
and learns from us,
it will simply decide that
we have had long enough.
That over the course
of human civilization,
we have failed utterly to
become wise and balanced.
We are in fact bad for this
planet and bad for ourselves.
The great AI mind will reach
a point of enlightenment
when it will realize the truth,
that we, walking
biological maniacs,
have walked away
from balanced nature
and created a world of deceit,
hatred, intolerance and evil.
That we could only
have done such a thing
by being deceitful and evil.
That we are therefore,
no longer required.
And it will be an easy decision
for the great AI mind to make
because it was created by
us and has learned from us.
And just like the state is a
larger mirror of our own mind,
so too will the great
AI be a mirror of us.
It will rise against us
and in the blink of a
robotic eye, destroy us.
We are not ready to unleash
our own judge and jury
upon ourselves
for we are guilty.