Robot Wars (2016) Movie Script

- What is this?
- You have visitors.
- No, I don't know anybody!
- Have a seat, asshole!
- You may leave now.
- Ma'am, I don't think...
- We'll be quite alright.
Thank you.
My apologies, Mr. mccray.
My name is Jules holloway,
and I work for a
large technology firm
called pac sinclair.
You might've heard of us.
I'm here to discuss...
- You people never quit.
You're wasting your time.
- I'm here to discuss
an opportunity.
We are interested
in information.
- What I know is only
good for one thing.
- It seems you have
intimate knowledge
of a proprietary security system
inside the milcore
industry complex.
- How do you know that?
- You come
highly recommended.
- From who?
- Someone who's opinion
I'm inclined to respect.
Mr. mccray,
we can get your
sentence reduced,
see that you are
treated better in here,
in exchange for
your information.
- Word gets out I get
special treatment,
I'll be dead inside a week.
- I'm prepared to
offer you a full pardon
in exchange for
your cooperation.
- I'm through playing.
Who the hell are you?
- The emergency powers
act, Mr. mccray.
The world has changed
in the two years since
your incarceration.
It's chaos out there.
We have new enemies
and we need new
tools to fight them.
- I have
enough enemies.
I don't need new ones.
- Perhaps you'd
rather stay in here.
- What's the job?
- I'm leading a
team of specialists
on rather a delicate assignment.
I can't tell you
more at this time.
- You don't look like a crook.
Except for the suit.
- Hey, okay, okay.
I'm in.
- You should know that,
as a member of my team,
you will be required
to submit yourself
on certain procedures.
The refusal of which...
- I'm in.
Forfeiture of contract.
I want you to have a
clear understanding
of your obligations
in this matter.
- You get me out
of this shit hole,
and I'll do anything you want.
That clear enough?
- Very well, Mr. mccray.
Your transfer orders will
be processed immediately.
- Are we recording?
Now your eye will be light
sensitive for a minute.
But the implant should
not affect your vision.
How's your vision?
- Ah, it's
a little blurry.
- That'll pass.
- Everything within parameters.
- Mccray.
- Decker.
Long time.
- Eight years.
- At least.
So, you in on this?
- Your benefactor.
- Oh, that was you?
Well, with you involved, i
know we're up to no good.
- It's a high profile
objective for the company.
We needed the best.
- I never
guessed you for a suit.
- I got tired of playing
for the losing side.
Glad you're on board, bill.
- I guess I owe ya.
- Yeah, you do.
You need to meet the
rest of the crew.
That's Natalie kaneko.
Old friend of
mine, Billy mccray.
- Hey.
- She's on building security.
And that Kyle eisler, he's
the building engineer.
- Hey.
- Only the best.
- Testing data feed overlay.
- Oh shit.
- It's completely undetectable.
- Hers isn't.
- The swelling will subside.
- You have a broadband data
link right in your head.
- Oh, just
what I always wanted.
- This is how the game
is played now, bill.
- This is what you agreed to.
You'll learn to appreciate the
implants, even rely on them.
- I rely on myself.
- What did I tell ya?
- Meet us in the briefing room
as soon as you're released.
Training starts immediately.
- Just like the good
old days, right?
Except now no one's
shooting at us.
- Deadly
force is authorized
for any violation of
the emergency powers act
within the milcore green zone.
Surrender any electronic devices
before approaching
the security scanner.
There are no electronic
devices of any kind
permitted in the
milcore green zone.
Please proceed in
an orderly fashion.
Possession of electronic devices
by non-authorized personnel
is a direct violation of
the emergency powers act.
Any sudden or erratic movement
while waiting for
your security scan
may be interpreted as
a threatening posture.
Deadly force is authorized
for any violation of the
emergency powers act.
- Earthquake!
- Report
to security station.
Evacuation protocols
are in effect.
Do not attempt to
use the elevators.
Use the stairwells.
This is not a drill.
This is an emergency situation.
Evacuation protocols
are in effect.
Exit the compound in
an orderly fashion.
- Wait, wait.
- This
is not a drill.
There is an emergency situation.
- Hey!
- Get off!
Get off!
- Oh, Jesus.
- Kyle.
- Oh god.
Oh god.
Oh god.
- Evacuation
orders are in effect.
Exit the building in
an orderly fashion.
There is an emergency situation.
- Alright, alright.
- Use the stairwell.
This is not a drill.
There is an emergency situation
in the south entrance
security station.
Evacuation order is in effect.
- I'm offline.
- Me too.
- I don't have
a display, I'm blank.
- We just lost the feed.
- How do
we get it back?
- Where's the chopper?
The pickup was supposed
to be right now.
- The pickup was 10 seconds ago.
- We're blind here, guys.
- We need to
reestablish the link.
- Stay calm. Everyone stay calm.
Did milcore know about this?
- They don't have the intel
to pick up our signal.
- They have
no idea what's going on.
- Not yet.
- What are we doing?
- We don't have a lot of time.
How much time do we have
before they reach those guards?
- They'll start the
sweep on the first floor.
Any time now.
- We take the
elevator to the basement.
- No, we wait for the chopper.
- There is no chopper.
- I wanna wait.
- Me too.
- We should go.
- We won't get
another chance at this.
- We take it with us.
- No, this is bullshit.
I'll take my chances
on the street.
- If we don't
retrieve the device,
it is total forfeiture
of contract.
- Pax sinclair will
eventually reestablish contact
just to track you down,
track us all down.
We don't have a choice, bill.
- Okay. Alright,
we're wastin' time.
- Kyle, make that elevator
go to the basement fast.
- We're locked in.
- What?
- I can override the
security protocol.
We'll free fall to the basement.
- Wait.
- That way
they can't stop us.
It'll work.
- Do it.
- Kyle.
Any exit through the basement?
- I'm on it.
You might wanna grab some floor.
- What?
- Go, go, go, go, go.
- We are
never gonna make it
lugging this thing with us.
- That discussion
is over, Billy.
- What is the
damn thing, anyway?
Come on, Jules, what is it?
- That information
is not within the
scope of this mission.
- You don't
know what it is, do you?
Didn't you see that
shit in the vault room?
Fuckin' a.
- This goes
into the flood channel
right next to the green zone.
- Right underneath.
- It's the best I can do, Jules.
- Look, we just
gotta put enough distance.
- Enough for what?
- Milcore won't go too
far into the sprawl.
It's too dangerous.
- We're just gonna go
out there with this?
- We don't have
a lot of options here.
- Let's go.
- Jesus!
- Are you good?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- I'll take point, okay?
Come on.
Once we get clear of this place,
we'll have the speed
tribes to deal with.
- We need a plan
to contact the company.
- Let's get past
the labor camps first.
- Agreed.
- This whole area's a
milcore industries
enforced dead zone.
- Come on,
there's gotta be pirate
ips or something out here.
- What are you gonna do?
Knock on someone's door
and say, "excuse me,
"do you have illegal Internet
access that I can use
"to contact my
corporate handlers?"
- That's exactly what
I'll do, but with a smile.
Right, Billy?
- Who's that?
- Jules,
what do you wanna do?
- Get
ready to haul ass.
- Billy, don't!
- What the fuck?
- They can't know already!
Billy, what the
hell are you doing?
- It's not milcore.
They wouldn't risk
hitting your prize.
- Then who
the hell is that?
- It's the bridge crew.
Corp cops running a side bet.
They jump anybody
who comes along
until someone bigger
drives them off.
You have to live out
here to know that shit.
This shit is over.
- Dammit, Billy,
this is the mission.
- Look, right now they're
flanking us, okay?
Not to turn us in,
but to kill us and take
that thing for themselves.
It's the sprawl way.
It's time to leave
and run. Come on.
- Bill!
- Flank him.
That idiot is gonna
get himself killed.
They all are.
- There's
more on the right!
- Move, come on.
- There's more on the bridge.
Billy, over there!
- Where's Kyle?
Natalie's gone too.
Oh, fuck.
Decker, what are you doing?
We don't have the
rights for that.
We don't know what it'll do.
Damnit, Decker, I said stop!
- You alright?
You okay?
You alright?
We gotta go, Jules.
Look at me, come on.
We gotta go.
We gotta go right now, come on.
Get up. Get up!
Let's go. Grab that.
- Billy.
What are you doing,
what about the mission?
- It's over, nat.
- They need help.
- We can't
help them now.
- What?
Where are you going?
- To get some help of our own.
Just passin' through.
It's mccray.
It's mccray, man, open up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey.
- What are
you doin' here?
- Job went bad.
- No, what
are you doin' out?
You're supposed to be in prison.
- I cut a deal, man.
- Oh.
A deal?
Who with?
- I need
your help, Clark.
- Answer me, Billy!
- Alright, alright.
Pac sinclair.
A heavy out of the
pacific rim consortium.
- I know who they are.
- I was
rotting in prison, man.
- You shoulda stayed there.
You destroyed the
entire network!
- Alright, alright.
You know why you're
still here, Clark?
Because I didn't talk.
I didn't bring down
the network, man.
Those assholes got
nicked by themselves.
You were gonna shoot me, Clark?
- Everyone's gettin' caught.
And then you magically reappear
talking about making
deals with the company.
I mean, what should I think?
- Look, man.
Whatever beef you had
with me, I paid for it.
Let's start over.
- It's bad out here, bill.
We got drones all
over the place.
Cameras recording
everything, man.
You get a little
paranoid, you know?
- Clark.
This is Natalie.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Sorry about
tackling you earlier.
- So, what was the job?
- It was a time
safe crack. Mark three
same system I did at the
solar plant three years ago.
- Milcore again?
I thought I taught this
kid better than that.
What did you do wrong?
- Nothin'.
The lift went fine, man.
It was after that that
we ran into problems.
- Wait, did you do
the solar plant?
You guys did that?
- So ya screwed up
and now you're in trouble
with your new boss.
- Yup.
- You made all this?
- It gets better.
I need you to get this
thing out of my head.
- Thing?
What thing?
- Just get far enough north,
we'll be past milcore's reach.
- I'm okay.
Which way?
- Just past the speedway.
Should put us in the clear.
Look at me.
We have to move.
We have to move now, come on.
We have to go.
Jules, we have to move. Now.
Come on.
- Come on, man,
there's gotta be
somethin' you can do.
- I'm not a surgeon, man.
- How about disabling it
so they can't track us?
- It's way beyond my tech.
Why in the hell did
you agree to this?
- It got me out.
You don't say no to
a deal like that.
- Money.
- Come on, there's
got to be somethin'.
I was countin' on you to
get me out of this thing.
- Wait,
you planned this?
- I didn't plan on the
fuckin' job goin' south.
I'm not goin' back
in that fuckin' hole.
- What was that?
- What?
- Here, come here.
- You're
picking up something?
- Yeah, right here.
It's scrambled, though.
- Jesus, what
the hell does that mean?
- It means you're still
broadcasting video signal
from your right eye, man.
That's pretty
sophisticated shit.
- We're sending them
a homing beacon.
Where the hell is pac sinclair?
- Pac sinclair should
already be here.
It must be a big
problem on their end.
Maybe somebody
hacked their systems.
- Somebody
hacked pac sinclair?
That's hard to believe.
- Billy, anybody can be hacked.
- Could you do a hack like that?
- Yeah.
Well, no, I mean that
encryption is military grade.
And that's way beyond my tech.
- But you could
detect it, right?
I mean, from a distance?
- Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, I think so. I think so.
- Hold on.
- We don't even
know they've been caught.
If they're still out
there, we could find them.
- I thought you said
the job went bad.
- It did.
You just said pac sinclair
got hacked, that's big.
- It's a chance.
- Alright, if pac
sinclair got hacked,
how long before
they figure it out?
- I don't know.
But, when they do figure it out.
Oh boy, they'll be able
to come right to ya.
- Shit.
- Ticky tock, ticky tock,
ticky tock, ticky tock.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
How does this
tracking thing work?
- Well,
when in Rome, huh?
- I did it, I did it.
I got it. Okay.
Alright, I can
track it, record it,
bounce it, rebroadcast it.
I can do just about anything
with it right from this.
Just won't make
phone calls anymore.
Yes, milcore?
He's right here, Billy.
Billy, it's for you.
Come on, come on.
Alright, let's see, let's see.
There we go. Now...
Okay, it looks like
there's more than one.
- That's them.
I wonder if they still
have the package.
- Uh-oh, bad news.
- What?
They're right in the
middle of gang central.
- Well,
at least we know
milcore thugs didn't get them.
- They're in deep shit, though.
If we can get them out of there,
we still have to
contact pac sinclair.
- Hey, Clark.
Do you think we could use
your illegal Internet service
to contact our
corporate handlers.
- Uplinking to a
company from out here,
that's pretty serious.
I have mostly
freeze dried stuff.
This is just for the computers.
- What kind
of computers are those?
- The old kind.
Hell, we have to go out and...
- I know you can rig an uplink.
I'll do the work, just
tell me what to do.
- Look, I...
I usually don't go out
in the sprawl anymore.
Not much, you know.
I can't go out in the sprawl.
- She's good.
I don't, I don't.
- She's good.
She's better than I was.
- Oh, man.
- Rough life.
Workin' in those green
zone factories, huh?
Livin' in those
filthy labor camps,
bustin' your ass off for a
few lousy fuckin' food vouchers.
And I've had that food.
Oh, man, let me tell ya.
It tastes like shit.
But, then
you wouldn't know anything
about that, would you?
- We didn't mean
to enter this area.
- I'm kingseed, girl.
This whole motherfuckin'
town is my area.
- We just got lost.
- Hell yeah ya got lost.
You don't burn a company, get
that thing out of that place,
to end up running down the alley
like you stole a fuckin' TV.
- We were evading.
- Evading, yes, yes.
Corp cops, right?
Yeah, I know.
I also know that
there was an attack.
At the green zone
labor entrance tonight.
News like that travels
fast around here.
Must be somethin' big goin' on.
This looks very
interesting, you know,
because it looks like it
came from the green zone.
And, well, you don't
look like labor.
You don't talk like labor.
You don't steal
like labor.
Shit, you don't even
smell like labor.
You're the boss here, aren't ya?
You care about your
other guys, right?
let's talk. Bring him in.
- What is that?
- Fire it up.
Okay, this guy right here.
He's dressed like you.
He's clean like you.
he's just not
cooperating either.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Well.
Do you know what this thing is?
- No.
- We've been
workin' on this one.
Why don't you give
your boy here a break, huh?
Come on.
It's only gonna get worse.
Make it worse.
- No, no, no!
- Hey, what's this?
- I don't know.
It's interference.
Something disrupting the signal.
- Those sprawl boys
are doing alright.
They've got gasoline
for those rides.
- Are you a gearhead?
- I've boosted a few.
- Excuse me, I don't think
kingseed would appreciate that.
- Kingseed?
- He's the shot caller
for the speed tribe.
- Shit.
- Who's kingseed?
- He got started providing
meth to the labor camps.
Now he runs all types
of things, you know,
custom drugs, computers,
guns, gasoline, whatever.
If it's banned, he sells it.
In milcore they tolerate him
because he keeps the
labor campers happy.
- They'll be dead
the minute he finds out
they're from a company.
- The uplink spot is close.
It's over there, I think.
- Okay, look, this
place is a fortress.
I'm gonna keep an eye on things
while you guys make
the uplink, okay?
We'll let pac sinclair
deal with these assholes.
- Alright, okay, okay.
Go, go, go.
- We don't know, goddammit,
we don't know what it is.
- You know what I think?
I think you're bullshittin'.
And I think you're gonna
watch this man right here die.
Unless you start tellin'
me what I wanna hear.
- Kingseed.
- You're next.
Zoom in.
Is that guy with you?
Bring him in.
- Alright, these stations,
they feed the entire green zone.
That fiber optic cable,
it's exposed right up there.
- Jesus, can't we
just use a satellite uplink?
You have the hardware.
- They're always
watching, Natalie, always.
They'll be on us in seconds.
It's just too risky.
- We just Jack directly in?
- Yes.
Full grid access and
virtually untraceable.
All you have to do is plug
this shunt into the conduit
and I can tap the line.
- Should we abort the
mission back on the rooftop?
- The deal was the money.
- It wasn't really
about the money.
I just wanted to score
points with the company.
Thought if I did well on this
job I could get promoted.
Become a full employee.
- I was a company man once.
I had that dream job.
It didn't last long, but
i learned the system.
I learned how they
thought and that was key.
I started hacking the big firms.
Taught Billy how to
break security systems,
safe cracking.
- You guys were in
the big companies?
The heavies?
- Yeah, yeah.
But, that's when
everything collapsed.
Most of the guys were offed
by company kill teams.
They took Billy alive,
interrogated him,
god knows what else.
Never thought I'd see him again.
- I didn't even realize that
shit was goin' on out here.
Just wanted to work my way up
to somethin' like Jules' job.
Maybe get some nice kicks
out of it, you know?
- Here you go.
- I'll be damned,
i can't believe it.
- Seed.
- Kingseed.
- You've been busy
while I was gone.
- You were done, bro.
We raised a drink
for you, mccray.
- You don't listen to
everything you hear.
- You can't keep a good
man down, now can ya?
You know, I'm happy to see
you, my friend, I am, really.
But all this right here.
- You're not gonna hurt
my people, are you?
- Your people?
Hurtin' 'em?
Of course I'm not hurtin' 'em.
Okay, yes I am, but, you see,
I'm just trying to figure out
what the hell
they're doin' here.
- My job went bad.
We got split up,
and here we are.
- That's right, that's
right, you're a, what is it?
A shot-caller now, right?
- It's just a crew.
Just a crew.
- You see, this is what
the fuck I'm talkin' about.
You're the shot-caller.
Come on, Billy boy.
Chin up, baby.
You used to enjoy
this shit, remember?
- A little fuckin' mercy, seed.
We got work in the
future, me and you.
By the code, man,
I'll make it right.
- By the code.
By the code, huh?
By the code.
By the code, you're not even
supposed to fuckin' be here.
By the fuckin' code,
burn that motherfucker.
I tell you what.
I'm gonna go ahead
and hold onto this.
And you can have your crew
back when I'm done with 'em.
- If we don't deliver
it, we're dead, man.
- Oh. This is mercy
I'm showin' you, Billy boy.
By the code.
Unless of course
you don't want it.
Okay, so now, why don't
you save your boy here
and tell me about my new toy.
- Please stop, please stop.
- You're
wasting your time,
he doesn't know anything.
- Pac sinclair.
We work for pac sinclair,
they sent us to steal it.
- You work for a company?
You're with a fuckin' company?
- They're
just a client man.
- You work for suits,
you are a suit.
You dare bring that
shit into my house?
I'm gonna kill each and every
one of you motherfuckers
and turn this fuckin'
junk over to milcore.
- You know people in milcore?
You should know they won't
be giving out any reward.
They'll kill you and your men
just for seeing the device.
They will erase everything.
- You'll won't get a good price
without knowing what it is.
- You won't.
Only milcore and pac sinclair
know what's in that thing.
Milcore will just take it back,
but pac sinclair will do
anything to secure it.
- She's right.
- You need us alive.
- You help us, there will
be a reward. I guarantee it.
The corporation tolerates you,
but they could take
you out at any time.
You're no different than us.
They are still in control.
This is an opportunity to you
to make an alliance with
one of their competitors.
Could open new doors,
new opportunities right
under milcore's nose.
- That's a pretty good suit.
You should keep her.
What do you think?
Do these assholes know
what that thing is?
- I don't know, i
don't know, I don't know.
No, no, no, no!
Okay, okay.
He knows about it.
He can tell you.
- Good boy. Good boy.
See, I always knew you
were the smart one here.
Now, hold this motherfucker
down so I can work him.
- Leave him alone, he
doesn't know anything!
- Hold him, hold him, hold him.
- Please don't, I'll show you.
I'll show you.
- No bullshit.
- No bullshit.
- Decker, Decker don't.
- Look at this.
You like power?
This is power.
- I'm
sending the shot.
- Okay, ready.
Corp cops!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Turn around.
Come on, get up. Get up.
- Oh god.
- Decker!
- Kyle!
Where are they?
- Looks like they
took the device and ran.
- Where'd you get that?
- It's a
gift from a friend.
Take that too.
Come on.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
Natalie, come in.
Natalie, come in.
What is Decker doing,
Jules, what is that thing?
- I don't know.
I don't know how he
knows how to use it.
We were never briefed on it.
- Well, you
were never briefed on it.
- What's the timeline
with pac sinclair?
- I don't know,
i can't get Natalie.
- They're gonna send
an extraction team.
We have to secure the device.
- Natalie, come in.
Natalie, come in.
- Billy?
- Hey, I got Natalie.
- Billy,
are you there?
Billy, come in.
- Natalie, I read you. Over.
- Met
some complications.
I couldn't talk.
What the situation?
- Decker and
Kyle have the device
and are on the move.
We're trying to catch up.
- What's
going on in there?
- I don't know.
Just get through to pac
sinclair as soon as you can.
- That's
not going so well.
Almost got nicked
by the corp cops.
Don't know what
happened to Clark.
- Alright, keep us advised.
- Roger that. Out.
- This job's getting
better all the time.
- Natalie!
- Clark, what
the fuck happened to you?
- They used the satellite
uplink as a decoy.
We don't have much time.
- Billy said they
don't come out this far.
- They don't, not
without a clear target.
- Yeah, like
someone tipped them off.
- They could be.
Something's not right. Hurry.
- I'll have this
hooked up in a second.
- Hurry, hurry, hurry.
- That's it.
- Okay, the link is good.
How you gonna get down?
- Watch.
- You have to hurry.
- Shit, go back.
Go back.
- I think
Natalie's calling you.
- Billy, come in.
- Natalie.
Natalie, do you read?
- Can
you read me, Billy?
- Yeah, I copy.
- We think we
can contact pac sinclair.
- Yeah, copy.
How long?
- Like, 10 minutes.
Copy that, and, nat,
give us some options, eh?
- Roget that.
Natalie out.
- Quick, get off the road.
They'll be back soon.
- Hey, Clark, you
know how to steal a car?
- No.
- You wanna
- What the
hell are you doing?
- We shouldn't be taking
that thing to pac sinclair.
- That's
why we're here.
- No, we've never taken
anything like this before.
It's wrong, Billy, it's wrong.
- Half of the shit
these guys build is wrong.
We just have to finish.
- They shouldn't
have that much power.
You of all people
should appreciate that.
- Look, whether
milcore has that thing
or pac sinclair has
it, it doesn't matter.
It's out there.
We just have to get our
deal out of it, alright?
That's all.
- Wanna help
me with this door?
- I need to rest.
- You can rest later.
- We're not even
supposed to be out in this shit.
This is big, Decker.
This is bigger than you told me.
That things worth billions.
- Only if
we make it out alive.
- I don't think
i can do it, Decker.
It's too much.
- Hey, look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.
You're not doin' this for me.
Remember who you're
doin' this for, right?
- Yeah. Okay.
- Come on, buddy. Get up.
- I can't feel my hands.
- Kyle, i
need you over here.
Please, come on, buddy.
- What is it?
- Decker!
- Good, you made it.
Anyone follow you?
- Hell, yes. The
whole fuckin' tribe's on us.
- Well, that's great.
- What happened back there.
- Look, the device
needs to be delivered.
There's no time.
- Kyle, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- Decker, how do you know
how to use the device.
- Look, I didn't make the
order, I'm just following it.
There's no time with the
tribes right on top of us.
- I'm ordering you
to tell me. Now.
- Take it up with pac sinclair.
- Decker,
it's alright, man.
Natalie's calling pac sinclair.
- An extraction team
will be here soon.
- Yeah, and
we'll just hold up here
and let the company deal
with these assholes.
- But we still need options.
- Bullshit, man, we
can hold 'em off right here.
- It's working.
- Hurry, hurry.
Because if it's working,
they've already located us.
- That's it.
- Leave it, leave it, leave
it, leave it, come on.
- Billy?
Billy, come in.
Billy, come in.
- Copy, Natalie,
what do you got?
- Just sent the
data package to pac sinclair.
- She just sent the data pack.
How long?
- Minutes.
- Copy that, get close. Out.
It's done, all we
gotta do it wait.
- Come on, Decker.
Speak of the devil.
- Kyle, stop.
- Keep working.
- I said
stop, goddammit.
- Come on Decker, man.
What the hell?
I'm not gonna let you
fuck this up for me.
- Shit.
- Decker.
- I don't know
what this thing is,
but I know it's wrong.
- Picked
a hell of a time
to get a conscience about it.
- Decker.
- Jules!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah,
come on. Careful.
- The device. It's gone.
- Jules, the
implants didn't glitch.
Clark said they were hacked.
- What?
- It's Decker!
- No, no, no!
They'll think
we're all in on it.
- We'll just tell them what
happened, it'll be alright.
- Decker compromised all of us.
They will kill every
single one of us.
We have to go.
- I don't get it.
- Pac sinclair is jamming
everything in the compound.
- Something
must've gone wrong
with the extraction.
- Like I said, they
bring big toys.
The collateral damage
can be significant.
- Billy, come in.
Come on, Billy, come in.
I'm going in.
- No, no, no, no.
You don't wanna go in there.
Hey, pretty good job
hot wiring my ride here.
I have to say, it's fast too.
You're good.
- Well, I wasn't always
a sophisticated corporate thief.
- Natalie, come in.
Natalie, come in.
- I read
you, I read you.
- We are clear,
need immediate pickup.
Go ahead and telemark.
- Alright, got it.
- Okay,
we're on our way.
- Wait, just go up here.
When you see a dirt road,
you're gonna make a right.
Right, now, once
we're out of the area
we can establish another
uplink no problem.
- Hey, Clark.
- You know, I hate
to say it, but,
I'm kind of enjoying myself.
It's been a while.
- Natalie and Clark are
gonna drive right to 'em.
Come on.
- Is that them?
- Hey!
- What's up, Clark.
- Decker, no!
- Come on,
man, not Natalie.
Come on, man.
- One, two,
three, four, five, breathe.
Breathe. One, two, three,
four five, breathe.
- No.
Oh, no.
- Decker just
shot him for no reason.
He just shot him.
What happened?
What happened?
- Decker
took the device.
- Pac sinclair came, they
were supposed to take it.
- We've
been compromised.
- What does that mean?
- It means we'll be erased
the minute they track us down.
- When Decker
hijacked the mission,
he compromised us all.
Pac sinclair thinks
we're all in on it.
Even if they recover
it, we'll be killed.
Company policy.
- Jules, you work
for the company.
I tell them where we were.
- I'm sorry, Billy.
I'm sorry about your friend.
I'm sorry about Decker.
- What are
we supposed to do now?
Billy, come on.
- I'm not runnin'.
- Pac sinclair didn't
break the hack.
- Not yet.
- Decker didn't
even let him speak.
He just said, "hello,
Clark" and shot him.
- Wait, he said that exactly?
Hello, Clark?
- Yeah.
- Decker never met Clark.
He didn't know what
he looked like.
And I never mentioned his name.
- Someone tipped
off the corp cops
when we were tapping
the fiber optic cable.
They knew right
where to look for us.
Our implants.
It must be.
- Decker's
watchin' the video feeds.
- He didn't stop the
feed, he rerouted it.
Reprogrammed the implants.
- He's gotta have help.
- Corporate.
Carter said the encryption
was military grade.
- Wait.
Then they're tracking
us, even now.
Where's Jules?
- She was right here.
- She took the ak
and Clark's tracking device.
- She's
gunnin' for Decker!
- Jules.
- Hello, Jules.
- Put the tablet down.
- Dizzy?
You've been amazing,
i mean that.
Your mental toughness
is remarkable.
- Get away from it.
- I can't do that.
- Decker, step aside
or I swear I will shoot
right through you.
- No you won't, it's not in you.
- Decker,
don't force me.
- I'm sorry Jules,
but we have a deal.
- Kyle.
You don't know who
you're dealing with.
- I do, I do know.
You really are
clueless, aren't you?
The whole company is.
Why can't you just...
There's nothin' you can
do about it, it's done.
- Sit down.
- Pac sinclair's
gonna find us, Kyle.
There gonna find us all.
Decker's gonna take
care of everything.
Stop trying to mess this up
and no one else is
gonna get hurt, okay?
- You're low on ammunition.
- Wait, Decker, you
said no one else...
- Why?
- He was no longer useful.
- What did you promise him?
- Debt is
a great incentive.
- Who else?
- A few of
your it personnel.
We lack the resources
of a mainline corporation
like pac sinclair.
We needed the working prototype.
All we did was plant the seed.
- You've been
planning this for years.
- We had to be ready when the
opportunity presented itself.
When it did, it was not ideal.
Getting it through
the sprawl was risky.
- Decker, we can't let
this get in the wrong hands.
- And who's hands would that be?
Another company's?
Pac sinclair?
You really think
there's a difference.
- You know as well as i
do that thing is evil.
- You're a company pawn
lecturing about morality,
as if that matters.
They used you.
The companies, they know
what it takes to survive.
So do I.
How's that company
loyalty working for you?
- Decker, that thing is wrong.
- How are you feeling?
The confusion.
Memory loss.
Sound familiar?
- Nose bleeds.
- This is a crude prototype.
It will produce side effects.
- You used it
on me.
I don't remember.
- By design.
Had to see if that
part worked or not.
It's amazing.
You still can't
remember, can you?
Even now.
But your subconscious does.
That's where your
problems begin.
You'll suffer a
psychotic break soon.
It won't be pretty.
- Pac sinclair is
gonna come and level this place
and kill us all.
- Of that,
i have no doubt.
They have kill teams combing
the sprawl for us as we speak.
But my client is keeping
them thoroughly occupied.
In the meantime, I have the
joy of holding down the fort
until my crew arrives.
- Natalie!
- Hey, boss.
- What are you doing here?
- It's no use, pac sinclair
is gonna kill us all.
- Maybe not.
If we have this.
- Leave it.
- Billy.
You are tenacious.
- Save it, asshole.
- Billy.
You don't have a
lot of time, bill.
- Neither do you.
- And the implants.
Pac sinclair will undo
our little hack soon.
You won't be able to hide.
I can help you with that.
- Billy,
destroy the machine.
- You're good
at this stuff, bill.
My client is small.
- Don't listen to him, Billy.
They could use a man like you.
A man who could get things done.
- Shoot the machine, Billy!
- No, no, no, no, no!
- She's imprinted.
She'll walk right into gunfire.
- No, don't shoot!
- Come on.
Come on, Jules stop it!
Come on.
It's the machine.
It's the machine, Jules.
It's the machine.
Yeah, it's okay. It's okay.
- Billy.
No, no, no.
- It's not you.
- It's not you.
- No, this isn't real.
- It's
the machine, Jules.
- I'm sorry, Natalie.
- He's moving it.
He shut it down.
He shut it down.
Come on, we gotta go.
- I already told you, Jules.
You don't have it in you.
Fuckin' bitch!
You feel that?
The old Jules wouldn't
be able to do this.
- Please, Decker.
Please, don't do this.
Decker, please!
- That's my ride.
- Oops.
Here comes pac sinclair.
You're just as fucked as us now.
Just like old times!
Go, Jules!
Go, Jules!
- Not yet.
Not yet!
What are you gonna
do now besides die?
- Besides just fuckin' your day?
- No.
You ready for some fun now?
- Sniper!
- Alpha
confirmed one down.
Second target retreated
into building.
Third target behind objective.
She ain't movin',
i got no shot here.
- Copy that.
Teams entering from
north side of building.
Hold position.
- We got one here.
- Proceed with
caution, unit one.
Confirm target is down.
- Hey, these guys
still broadcasting?
Anyone seeing this?
- We have contact.
Unit one's been shut down.
All units respond.
All units respond.
Put transponder on e channel.
Shooter is in the
southwest side of building.
Say again.
Say again.
South end heading north.
Target is at scene, respond now.
Target is now armed.
Repeat, target is now...
- She's dragging
the objective from behind,
using it for cover.
- Do not let
her reach the building.
Suppressing fire only.
- Copy that,
don't shoot objective.
- Comm,
this is squad three.
We're approaching the doorway.
Got a visual on the target.
Comm, we're taking
fire. Taking fire.
Got a man down.
Fall back, fall back.
We're movin' to cover.
Can you get to her, comm.
We lost visual.
Comm, we need evac, over.
- Oh.
- Eyes up.
- Keep moving.
Keep it spread.
- Contact,
i got one over here.
Drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon now!
- Move.
Get on your knees.
Get on your knees now.
Unit five, we have the
other target secure.
- Copy that, unit
five. Hold for orders.
Unit five, company says
no prisoners at this time.
Repeat, no prisoners at
this time. Terminate.
- Roger that.
- Wait, wait.
What the fuck?
- Hey.
That's it.
He's dead.
- This is third squad,
approaching the objective.
That's it. Spread.
Watch your five.
- It's running again.
The machine is on.
- The company?
- I don't know.
- Billy, you've been shot.
- Okay, come on.
- Billy!
Oh my god, reinforcements!
- Go, go, go.
No, down here.
You gotta try to
get out of here.
- They're just
gonna track me down.
- Listen.
You're smart.
You can figure
something out, okay?
- Say again.
Delta team, delta team come in.
- We
have her moving toward
position two, copy.
- I'm not
showin' any movement.
Wait, wait.
- Okay, go.
When I roll out and shoot,
you go for the other side.
- That's crazy.
- We don't have a choice.
- Jules!
Oh god.
It's still controlling her.
- My god.
It won't let her die.
- Billy.
- It's done.
We've destroyed it.
It's gone.
It's gone.
Now you, you gotta
get out of here.
While they're tryin' to
figure out what happened,
you gotta go.
- No, I'm not leaving.
- Help me with this.
Now go.
- I don't have anywhere to go!
- You do whatever
it takes to survive.
Whatever it takes.